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Lumber Liquidators corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc.
3000 John Deere Rd.
Toano, VA 23168
United States

Phone: 757-259-4280

Lumber Liquidators Corporate Office Comments

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About Your Exclusive Builder

I would like to bring to your attention problems with your contractor that has been building your stores. SFV, out of Redford, MI., owned by Mitch Rosen and run by Tim Rhode, has been building all your stores across the US. This is to inform you of their business practices.
1. They do not drug test or do background checks, on their contractors, that build your stores. You found this out when 3 of their men, were caught by your manager, doing drugs on the job, in Texas. This is not their first time, with drug and alcohol problems. It's a recurring problem for them.

2. Their contractors are all W-9 employees which means they are not part of SFV. They are hired, as contractors and do not have to follow the same rules, as an employee. They carry no workman's comp. They are not controlled by SFV because they are independent contractors. Each man has to file a W-9 so they can avoid paying workman's comp.

3. They are instructed to inflate bills on change orders. These will be as high as 40%. Their demo workers are hired from craigslist and homeless shelters. They have no workers that do demo. This means you're getting very unskilled labor and a slew of on-site problems, which will affect your company. SFV, is designed to make money. They do not care about the client.

4. Tim Rhode runs the company. Mitch Rosen may own it but does not know what is going on. Tim Rhode's background is a poor one. Owning his own company in Michigan, which he drove into the ground and had to file bankruptcy in 2008. His same attitude and business skills, he has brought with him, to SFV. He continues to thrive at SFV because he makes money. He inflates all billing, brings in the worse workers and cuts all corners. The only reason "Lumber Liquidators" got involved with SFV, was because you're past construction manager, "Rob Morrison," is longtime friends with Mitch Rosen. Now Rob is at "Cannondale Bike". Though SFV, has done some stores for them. They do not get them all. They have another construction manager, which forces them to bid on the projects. This has kept them honest. They do not have exclusive rights, for a reason. They will not let them control their projects. They also know they inflate billing.

5. You could save thousands of dollars by doing the same thing. Put your projects out for bid. Do not give exclusive rights, to building, to one company alone. Trust me, you have lost 10's of thousands, this past year, giving your building to just one company, SFV. This company has built its company around you. They have made all their money off you and you alone. They do not have to be honest here. You already gave them, full run of your company which they have taken advantage of. They will continue to do so as long, as you keep letting them.

I have brought this to your attention, in hopes that this year you can put a stop to companies like this one. That you can continue to grow but save money in doing so. SFV, is ready to take a very large fall. I am hoping, that before they do, "Lumber Liquidators", is far away. Unlike SFV which has built a company in stealing from their clients. You have built a reputation to offer a product, at a fair price. You should also be able to keep continued growth, with cost savings to your stores, as well. This year take hold of your bidding process and save the money you deserve.
Regards, Anonymous.

Anonymous 12/29/13 2:27PM

crooks and scam artist. They care nothing about the customer. Once they have your money, your done.... Pray you dont have a problem, because no one from this company is going to do anything to help.

Anonymous 11/8/13 9:04PM

Been waiting on a refund since September 12th 2013 where they do that at..

Char 10/21/13 9:24AM

never stops sending junkmail. i completed my flooring project years ago and keep getting catalog and flyers. i've called every month or so since then whenever a flyer comes in the mail. they tell me it will take up to 6 weeks to be removed but it's been 18 months and still getting their crap. wrong with you people?

stop sending 10/15/13 3:45PM

We are very pleased, so far, with the service that we have received from Joey, in your Melbourne, Florida store and Robb, the gentleman who came out to take measurements for our new flooring. They were both very professional. We hope, after our flooring is installed next week, that we can say the same thing!

Anonymous 9/2/13 2:15PM

I have an incomplete floor project and cannot get any mor flooring due to discontinueing the product. I originally purchased it in San luis Obispo Ca. The Mgr said he would check and try to find me some. I never got a call back. I called again and the same thing. I am now calling around to stores all over Calif. and cannot find any. I need 240 sq.ft. of product #10021511/10DB-CL/1118. Can you help me locate what i need. I am willing to pay the shipping. Phone 805-7727833 Harry Franklin

Harry Franklin 8/12/13 2:54PM

It's sad that there is not a true Corp office number to make a complaint regarding my hardwood floors that I have being waiting on about 3 months. I have paid for the floor $5,400 and I don't even get phone call telling me my floors still haven't come in. This is not good customer service. When I placed the order for the Bellawood Brazillan Teak cumaru floors 3/8 X 3 I believe, I was told they would be in about 1 month. I am building a house and this is holding me up from closing on my house, costing me money. Is there no way I can get a rush on this? I live in Sherwood Arkansas; I purchased the wood at the Little Rock Arkansas store 6 Freeway Dr. Please HELP me.


cannot find the true corporate phone number. this has been very frustrating. need to work a a problem out but all i get is reps. from india or other outside branches that have no contact with this company. what a mess, just want to correct a credit card issue my bank made a mess of. but can not get hold of anyone in accounting or bookkeeping from this company??

katrinia 2/21/13 2:26PM

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