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Macy's corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Macy's corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Macy's corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Macy's, Inc.
7 West 7th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
United States

Phone: 513-579-7000
Fax: 513-579-7555

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I had left my wallet at a Mac counter at Macy's in November and didn't realize until I was back home in Ontario. Called the store's Lost and Found department in New York not expecting it to be turned in but it had been. I was pleasantly surprised but that is where it ended. I could only speak to one lady to have it returned and she was sick for two weeks. I called everyday asking for Alba Finally Milly took over and took my information to have the wallet mailed back. I followed up with either Alba or Milly every 10 days when I still hadn't received my wallet. They were always pleasant and sometimes would call back. However they sent my wallet to a department to be mailed back and do not know what has happen to it. I call every week and get the run around It is now the end of January. I can't get a name or number of a manager to find out if it is truly lost. I never expected my money to be return I just wanted my ID I canceled all my credit and bank cards But wanted my OHIP Card back as it is a lengthy process to be issued a new card. I always thought Americans were known for good service but I haven't found that to be the case especially at Macy's.

Hold on to your wallet 1/30/14 12:34PM

How disappointing that Macy's is giving in to financial pressure & putting profits before family by opening on Thanksgiving Day. We Christmas shopped at Macy's because they did NOT violate this holiday by enticing folks to part with their $ & go shopping thus disrupting what should be a celebration of thanks--all day long. This is sad not only for families that put shopping into their family tradition but for employees that must work. Shame on you & may no profits result from this intrusion on what used to be a family day. What happened to taking the high road?

Laura 11/10/13 7:21PM

I am appalled at the music that was chosen at last night's fireworks display in NY. Please bring back next year the traditional music that has made this event so popular! I know PC is popular now but if you want to keep customers you will go back to traditional values!

Anonymous 7/6/13 2:29PM

May 16, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing you to let you know how deceiving you ad was in the new Macy's ad "American Icons". On the very last page is a picture of bedding from, Tommy Hilfiger Americana. I went in to Macy's to buy the exact bedding and was told that I had to purchase two comfort sets to get the look. The plaid pillow shams belong to another bedding set and I have to purchase the bedding to get the shams. I was very upset to learn that I could not purchase the American flag bedding with the plaid pillow shams separate, without having to buy another comforter. I am posting this on face book and letting others know that you mislead the public with this advertisement. I hope that you will look into your mistake and try not to do it again. ONE UNHAPPY MACYS SHOPPER!

sstraughn 5/16/13 6:38PM

Having been a loyal customer of Macy's I was seriously disappointed when your customer service department representative was extremely rude and would not be of assistance to me. March 19th I paid the amount due on my bill that was the due date for same. I paid this at Macy's online payment address.

The following week I noticed that the $70 I had paid had not been deducted from my checking account. I subsequently called customer service to ascertain that the payment had been credited. The rep. I spoke with informed me that it had not and that I had to pay $189 IMMEDIATELY.
That amount was the following month charge plus $35 late fee. I diligently tried to explain that I had made the payment and did not know why it had not been credited. She would not stop talking and would not listen to me as I tried to explain that I was calling in good faith to see why the amount had not been deducted fro9m bank account. She was increasingly rude and accused me of lying. How ridiculous is this when I was simply calling to be of service to Macys to be certain that my payment was credited.

I have since been advised that this online payment service of Macys is done by a third party. Is it not possible that there was a problem with one of the computer systems?
Why should I be penalized when I was, as previously stated, calling in good faith and as a good customer?

I have not yet paid recently received bill indicating $189 which includes the $35 late fee as I do not believe I should have to pay this fee. I do not believe I made any error in my 3/19 payment and feel that this amount (35) should not be charged. My current payment is due 4/17.

Anonymous 4/9/13 1:17PM

I have been macy's customer for sometime. I have never ever been late on payments to Macy's. One week ago, Macy's collection agent kept giving me harassing calls about some past due amount. I called back and spoke to macy's customers service at least 10 times. Many of these agents were rude and very unhelpful. I called again and spoke to supervisor and advised them to look in to this. The agent told me payments were never late or missed and everything is ok. But I found out that Macy's still reported me to credit bureau by lying about some past due amount. My credit is already ruined because of this illegal past due reporting by macy's and my score is down by 50 points. I had to waste lots of my time and energy calling macy's and dealing with credit bureau.
never will I even again use their cards to shop at their store. even the corporate office rep were unapologetic for macy's illegal behavior

kt 3/19/13 10:03AM

Macy's get a grip. I have been a customer since 1984 and your customer service and collection tactics are by far the worst. my payment is due on the 18th of each month which is 3 days from the time I received a call today. First from an off shore agent who said they were from CL Technologies, and that it was a business call for Josephine or Robert. I asked what it was in reference to, a private business matter. I have been around long enough and I have been in the collection game to know this was regarding a collection. I called the number that came up 513-673-8031 and was connected to an offshore operator who told me they did collections for Macy's. so why did the operator calling try to say he was with a tech compamy. DECEPTIVE PRACTICES!!!!!!. Further, when I called back the woman on the other line had no clue, just kept repeating the same line over and over blinders on. I understand this is an issues with offshore agents. However, those of us who pay our bills and are long time cutomers are at the very least offended by the way the agents approach us, I feel I'm handled in the same manner they would a person who is 30,60, or 90 days delinquesnt. There is no distintion in the agents approach based on being a long time customer in good standing. SHAME ON YOU MACY'S for not providing that level of training. A VERY OFFENDED CUSTOMER

Anonymous 2/21/13 9:42AM

I have now been on Cusotmer Serivce phone hold for over 30 minutes-have set a stop watch. This is about an order that was messed up 12/29. Macy's website says it was shipped 12/30. UPS says it was shipped 1/3/13, and has been to 4 differnet locations already. Macy's says it will be delivierd 1/7/13. (I am still on hold). I will now all forms of social media, the web etc to balt my Macy's experience. THis store sems to be experiencing death throws!

Mad In Beantown 1/4/13 3:52PM

I am a customer of Macy's Ingram in San Antonio. I was shopping in December and a witnessed a Manager humiliate and embarrass a Sales Clerk in the Men's Fragrances in front of customers. I felt embarrassed for her. I did not report this incident at the time as I went out of town for the Christmas Hollidays and just returned back into town. I shared this incident with my family as to how a Manager would lack training and respect for others and we discussed this issue and felt it should be reported. If it was a Manager, she has red hair, however, all I remember is the sales associate as being very attractive girl with dark hair. I do not know whether this will help be of any value but Macy's should be aware of unprofessinal Managers that lack sufficient training in how to communicate to their sales associates. She was out of line and should have taken this young girl to the side or to her office to address the issues at hand. This is not even a training method to that associate only humiliation and embarrassement. This manager should be reprimanded or sent back to training with psychology. I can not imagine how this young lady felt and continues to feel. I would hope that she reported this to Human Resources.

NONE 1/3/13 3:58PM

I was so sad to hear about the terrible experience my brother had at Macy's in Rockford, Il. His wife had purchased some very expensive make-up while she was going through cancer. It was NEVER opened, still in the bag with the receipt. She passed away Nov. 1st. He came across the make-up that she had bought 2 months earlier and decided to return it. The clerk at the make-up counter was terrible to him and he asked to talk to the manager, which was also rude to him and even made him show them his wife's obituary!! After much time had passed they did give him gift cards, even though he had asked for cash instead, they said no!!My main complaint is WHY would people who work there treat someone who had just lost their wife so RUDE!!! I tell everyone I know about the way he was treated, having to show his wife's obituary was so wrong!! I would never step foot in a Macy's store nor would anyone I have told this story to, and I know my brother feels the same. Sincerely, Pam Taunis

Anonymous 1/3/13 12:00PM

I am a resident of DeKalb County GA, I will like to say that the Macy's at stone crest mall needs to re-train the majority of their staff from manager right down on customer services. Within the jewelery department who are manger. Also the cooperate office do not treat their customers as customers.They also do not respect their customers hard earn money they treat you like you are a thief or wants to get over on them and you used their store card two days ago and had your receipt. Call the co-operator office and they also don't satisfy customers either. Per the President assistant that I cannot speak to him and if I send a letter to him she will be the one reading it, and that will be a waste of time. I do hope that it get to him.

Ms.loalty customer 12/26/12 11:23AM

I was in the Crossgates Mall, NY store (049) today and had an associate help me with handbags. She unlocked a MICHAEL Michael Kors bag and we proceeded to the register. The item rang up full retail of $398.00 even though the rack stated they were 25% off...then she also informed me that I was unable to use my coupon on this item....I was informed that there was nothing she could do about this....I have been a long time customer and have spent thousands in their establishment. If this isn't corrected, I will cancel my account and take my business elsewhere. I have never been treated this way at their stores and am EXTREMELY disappointed. With the current economy, I know there are stores who would like to have my business and loyality.

M. Staley 12/9/12 6:34PM

I am single mother of 5 and grandmother of three I lost my job of six and a half years 6 months ago and have been looking for jobs since then. I applied for a sales associate position with one of your stores in the New York City area last week and got an automated phone call just as recent as Monday, Nov.26,2012, and was told that they wanted to interview me for a position and to check my email for all the information that I would need in regards to the interview but when I checked I have no such information or any contact from Macys's at all. I have been checking for the past three days, and have not been able to find such an email. I tried contacting the store's HR department but have not been successful in getting any response. I'm dissapointed in the fact that you contact people about jobs but dont give them the information that they need in order to interview for them. I suggest going back to having actual people call and set up interviews with potential eployees rather than having a voice animated system to do the calling because it is misleading to people looking for jobs.

Dissapionted 11/28/12 9:29AM

At Macy's Union Square San Francisco - I purchased Calvin Klein men's gift set which comes with a bag at $88.97. While the associate (Jilla) was serving me - a grey haired man with a goatee and wearing coat tails was hovering around talking to some guy who I believe was security. I paid for my purchase, put my stuff in the bag and while doing so, the man walked over to the associate and asked her why she gave me the bag. This was within earshot. I heard her explain to him that it was part of the package. He then walked back to the man he was talking to and I looked up at him and said to him "all this is legit". I was really furious because because it seems as if he thought the associate gave it to me free or something stupid. I would appreciate if you could investigate this man before I get my lawyers on to this matter as I believe this was racial and if it wasn't for the color of my skin he wouldn't have been concerned.

Anonymous 11/19/12 4:26PM

I am a 30 year loyal Macy's customer. I hold a black Macy's American Express credit card.
Now that I have established how much I've enjoyed shopping at Macy's, I would like to express my utter dismay upon learning about your relationship with the Donald Trump brand. It is now time that you re-think your support for this man and sever ties with him as soon as possible, or I might have to re-think my relationship with Macy's.
I will be monitoring this situation as it unfolds, and so will my friends and family.
Do the right thing!!!

Anonymous 11/15/12 9:31AM

Macy's should drop Donald Trump as he is a reflection of who Macy's stands for. I have always respected Mr. Trump until he and Rosie O'Donnell got into a tiff which was childish and improper for a person of his stature. His past and present comments regarding our President has shown his true character which now represents Macy's. Until Macy's drops Mr. Trump I will no longer set foot into your stores.

Anonymous 11/13/12 2:15PM

I love shopping in your Dadeland Mall store and have done so for
years. I have, however, stopped shopping at Macy's due to your
involvement with Donald Trump. I have asked all my friends and
family members to stop shopping at your store until you get rid
of the "Donald"
Thank you
Sue Ann

Sue Ann 11/9/12 5:26PM

I am a high school student. I usually browse through Macy's after school. I purchased two items, then upon leaving the store, I was approached by an official. The officer asked for my identification, then asked if I had merchandise in my bag, I answered no. When he opened he noticed I had school books. He then told me that Macy's had accused me of shoplifting. The next day I returned to Macy's to exchange one of the items because they were too small. The sales clerk told me that the item was not on my receipt. The first item was scanned twice. Then, I found out that the sales clerk name on my receipt, was the same person that accused me shoplifting. She made an error when she scanned the same item twice. When she was done, the dummy removed the secutrity off the item she did not scan, the same item I was returning, the same item I did not pay for. She has some nerve accusing people of shoplifting. Please Macy's teach your sales clerk to scan item, remove any security gadgets, then bag. Also, train to not assume, because you know what you do when you assume, "YOU MAKE ASS OUT OF U NOT ME". Enough said!!!! I need to write a false accusation report towards Macy's at Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Fl.

Danoe 11/3/12 8:07PM

Spent the day shopping with my daugther. While in the Macy's in Wilkes-Barre PA, I was shocked and disgusted by the conditions in the changing rooms! Upon entering the first room the smell was horrific....urine, BO, and dirt. We quickly found another room. Smell not as bad but the filth was incredible! We found yet another set of changing rooms and told a lady that worked at the store. She acted surprised. We then went into the changing rooms she was working to find them filthy as well. I'm not talking about a day or two of dirt here. This place hasn't been vacuumed or cleaned in years!

Anonymous 10/14/12 6:26PM

The Manager of Macy's in the Augusta Mall in Augusta, Georgia is so nasty to his employees. His personality stinks. At least 6 employees have resigned in the last two months and others are looking for jobs some place else. His attitude is terrible. He makes comments to employees that are distastful.
He needs a reality check soon and very soon. The morale in the store is very low. Many hard working, dependable employees dislike him because of the way he treats people. He fronts when his bosses come in for a visit.He is known as Bob. I wish to remain unknown.

Anonymous 10/10/12 4:51PM

I placed an order on and was very happy with the products that I had selected and the price. The sales representative placed the order, charged my Macy's card, and the items were shipped. I received a call on Friday from Macy's informing me that the products were sold to cheap and that the package that was already on it's way was being diverted back to the warehouse and I would receive a full credit. REALLY?? There was clearly a mistake on Macy's part, yet the customer is the one who gets screwed in the end. This was the last order that I will ever place with Macy's. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

wayoung3220 10/8/12 6:54AM

I'm 58 years old and have been out of the job market for six years ...helping my daughter who was a single mother of four..It took all I had to work up my courage to get back out there [at 58 things can be hard] On the internet I saw an add for Beauty department full and part time ...I reply and about two weeks later gone call in for a interview...As of this date September 25 I have had four interview...At first I was told 20 hours a week the end of the four interview it became 12 hours...As I check the internet for jobs I see Macy reposted the same job full and part time...I'm very confuse and this treatment was not right...why put a person though all that and not give them a job..I'm very much in need of a job my husband and I are having it very rough ..I will work any department but I need full time..I'm a hard worker a team player I'm always on time...Your company will never understand what this has done to me...Four interview!!!! And Nothing

lee77 9/25/12 9:14AM

Called at 11:55 AM EST. Phone rang and rang. No answer, no automated queue, no voicemail.

disappointed in macy's 8/22/12 8:58AM

I cannot believe what has happened to your once great store, in particular Roosevelt Field. I was treated poorly there when I attempted to make a credit card purchase today which was promptly rejected. Only last week I made a similar purchase with no problem at your Valley Stream store, which a number of your employees should take a lesson from when it comes to courtesy. I then attempted to use another credit card which was also rejected (I had only used that card earlier the same day in another store without a problem). Apparently you could care less about customer satisfaction. I recall when that Roosevelt Field store was first opened in 1955 and have been a credit and cash customer since 1985. Regretably, this is my last visit to this, or any other, Macy's store!!!

Anonymous 8/12/12 12:59PM

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