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Magnavox corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
3000 Minuteman Road
Andover, MD 01810
United States

Magnavox Corporate Office Comments

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to whom it may concern. I bought an hdd, dvr, dvd recorder
with 500 gb of memory with a digital tuner. the unit will
no longer accept format a blank dvd nor will I play a dvd.
in the past two days I have been trying to get some one to help me resolve my problem. the dvd recorder, player is broken. I have spoken to several of your customer service agents and in their questions it has been suggested that I have no idea what I am talking about. I am using defective disc or disc that can not be used in my area. I guess your customer service agents serve only the company and not the customer. I was tempted to buy a new unit but since it would be another Magnavox product I will pass. when they say you have to pay for life experiences I guess this is one of them. there was one person that tried to help. her name is Victoria. I can not word my remarks any stronger. it will not be a surprise if I do not hear from you. goodby.

Anonymous 4/29/14 3:16PM

Just wanted to say thanks for a awesome product. My wife and I have been married for 25 years on march 4. Our first thing we purchased was a magnavox 19 inch tv. To this day, 25 years later,it still works, and we still watch it everyday, and it
One thing we still have since we got married. So thanks for a great tv.

duker727 2/27/14 6:45PM

I came upon this site,and i'm amazed that so many people have the same exact story! It appears the Maxnavox is very aware the they have a problem with their flatscreen Tv's. And to pour salt on a wound,they want you to spend more of your money,rather than to step up to the plate and admit there's a problem. The outcome of this is too boyott Magnavox,contact friends via facebook,instgram,tweets. Dont allow this too contiune to happen.

Anonymous 1/27/14 7:34AM

I purchased a 32 inch magnavox tv for my daughter on 1/27/2013. Brought it home and set it up and it did not work. This was pretty upsetting and disappointing. One would think this is a NEW tv how can this be. So packed it up and back to the store we go. This was a couple days later. (02/01/2013)They exchanged it without a problem. Home we go,set it up and it worked. WOW right....that is the positve side of this story.One might think why did she buy another Magnavox? As of today I ask the same thing?? On dec 12th the unit just blanked out. We did all of the trouble shooting we could but nothing worked. Called Magnavox. They said that it could be fixed for $70...I said WHAT, needless to say i will never buy another Magnavox tv or any of their products again. Advising you as well.

pam 12/19/13 9:24AM

I just wanted to let you know that I have an old console style televison that i bought at least twenty five years ago. It was a display store model that has made at least 4 moves, one cross country. It has been in storage twice in non climate controlled invironment for 7 years. My big screen tv went out a few days ago so I brought it in, cleaned it up & plugged it in hoping that it would work & it did! The picture is still crisp & clear, sound it excellent and I'm amazed at the longevity of this tv. I've never written to a company about their product but I really thought you should know what an exceptional televison you created. I even posted pics of it on facebook. I would like to replace my big screen at some point & I will definetly be looking at your product line. Thankyou,

EdieY 11/17/13 6:32PM

YOU REALLY need a Customer phone number to call to get a live operator. Not a web site..if you intend to keep baby boomers in the loop and we are millions strong. We don't like internet connections to customer care centers where there is NO person but texting back and forth online. Forget that stuff.

Call and lets get the word out that you are customer friendly.


Phoenix Az.

jimbob 11/14/13 3:07PM

Fist, I am on SSI and I had to drop my Drict-tv services due to the hiht bills and then the tv I had quite working so a frind gave his Magnavox and stated he could find the remote so I tried to hook my dvd up to the tv and getting nothing but snow. I was told that I needed a code so I got on the computer and found a tv repairman whould answer or give me info on what to do, but he wanted from $14.00 to $48.00. I then searched for Magnavox headquarters when I started reading the complaints about magnavox so I did not get the phone number because there is two things I hate more then anyhing and they are being put on hold and get the run around because no one can or will you answers to help. All I wanted to know is, if I needed a code and howto get my dvd to work on the tv without the code since I don't have the remote? Maybe, just maybe Magnavox needs a code to run the company and no one in the company knows the code. Magnavox, if you want to know what your code is to run your company, well I will tell you. The code is kindness.

jessejames 6/20/13 11:57PM

so I bought this brand new Magnavox TV with money that I received for Christmas Dec. 2012..
3 weeks after the 90 day warranty the TV just stopped working, I called Sam's Club and ask them what do I do they said if it's within the 90 days simply return it to the store will give you a credit or give you new TV when they check the receipt on their records they said you're past the 90 day. You need to contact the manufacturer. so I contacted manufacture the manufacturer is now saying that I have to pay to have my TV fixed. this TV what brand new in the box this is wrong I mean I paid $275 for my TV and at $275 was Christmas money and now I have to pay more and this sucks it freakin sucks I don't make that much money to begin with and now I don't have a TV it really does suck and I don't know what else to say but Magnavox TVs a crappy I've read many reports on the blog site and other ports where all I see is Magnavox TVs suck brought a TV home open it up come to find out it was using did not work bought a brand new Magnavox TV 6 weeks after we purchase the TV TV stopped working now we're fighting just to get a brand new one un freaking believable and now I'm stuck with the TV that I can't use I hate you Magnavox I think all the people who had Magnavox TVs that the TV is is going bad on them and they're just getting screwed around. I think we should all contact a lawyer all get together and file a class action lawsuit against Magnavox.

magnavox hater 4/20/13 10:59PM

I agree with all the complaints. Magnavox is the worst. Yesterday, in the snow, I went and purchased a brand new Magnavox TV, I thought, only to have opened the box and found a used TV set which did not work. When I called Magnavox I got some twit named Bree who very disinterestedly said I can't help you unless you find the SN. OK where is that on the set I asked, I don't know go look. Rude,useless Twit. I am returning the TV and never buying a Magnavox or Philips product again as Philips owns Magnavox.

Anonymous 4/16/13 10:43AM

Well I feel I have been royally screwed. My husband bought me a 32" Magnavoox (NEW) for Christmas 2012. 6 weeks later the TV goes out. We spoke to a representative & were told we would get a new replacement TV. That was Super Bowl weekend. 3 weeks later we received a remanufactured TV, I called Maganavox & spoke to a very nice person stating they would send me FedEX mailing labels to return the TV via email & that I should have Mon or Tues. Thursday I called again & spoke to another person who put me on hold she thought she only put me on mute. They spoke about me like I was stupid. I ask for a supervisor who I am sure was not one & he sent me the FedEx labels. We returned the TV. I received a TV from them this last Saturday & it was the same remanufactured TV. I returned it. I guess they thought I was to stupid to have pictures of the TV's they sent. Now I am fighting to get a NEW TV since the original was only 6 weeks OLD. I will never have a Maganox in my house again. They suck!!!!! Irate in Indiana & just begun to fight the Corporate BOYS.

Anonymous 3/11/13 6:43PM

The instructions to ask for a live person by saying agent does not work. The first thing it tells you when you call is a live agent is not available and then does not give you any choices. i will NEVER buy another magnavox appliance!

lin 2/5/13 3:56PM

I purchased a magnavox dvd recorder had to call customer service with a couple of questions (same day of purchase). I never experienced such horrible/rude service. Magnavox if you don't start recording and listening to customer service calls people will stop buying your products. You have two customer service numbers I tried both trying to get help and could not believe the uncaring and rudeness of customer service.

Karen 12/17/12 4:02PM

getting a hold of anyone here is impossible the referal number they gave me was a ticket sales what kind of place would give defective remotes that you cant use and not even have a start button on them it only goes to stand by what good is that then when you try to buy a new remote it is more expensive then the product itself after the governments rebate
both tv and converter are magnavox but i sure would discourage anyone from buying either

mapelt 11/20/12 9:12AM

Bought 2 (MBP5120F)Magnavox Blu-Ray players, nrither will play blu-rays & when called in to tech support, service was very rude, & unhelpful. There is no way anybody would buy 2 blu-ray players from Wal-Mart knowing they would'nt play blu-rays. Support says update the product with software but software is not up to date. Will Magnavox stand behind their product, or keep selling faulty equipment for a unearned profitable gain, without giving the customer the option of replacing it. So much for you Magnavox, your slip is hanging, & you caint get nomore of my money! Oh yeh, your customer service aint about S#@%...

Disappointed & Disgusted 9/25/12 5:38PM

After waiting twenty minutes for a customer support person, a guy got on the line who was clueless about the product and I had to wait three times while he "researched" my problem and finally figured out how to do exactly what I had already done before calling which produced zero results. So he then connected me to the warranty people (?) and after another twenty minute wait the their phone hung up on me. So I have called back and after another twenty minute wait a guy came on, asked my phone number and then promptly put me back to "wait" mode with the music and endless female prompts and am still waiting again fifteen minutes later. Magnavox has the distinction of the worst customer service in the world with the exception of Toshiba. Congratulations.

waiting 9/7/12 1:44PM

your customer service stinks.. omgoodness, if I could only check my Blood Pressure right now it would be off the charts. You really don't want me to send you the message that I typed!!!

Anonymous 9/6/12 7:10AM

Your service stinks and you can be sure I will never buy another Magnavox product. By the way, neither will all my friends who are here trying to watch TV.I cannot get any information, your manual does not answer my question.You expect consumers to buy your product? Those that do will be in for a surprise when something goes wrong.

I am going to buy two more TVs tomorrow and they ain't gonna be Magnvox.

Have a nice day,

Miriam Schottland

Miriam Schottland 8/11/12 1:36PM

Your service stinks and you can be sure I will never buy another Magnavox product. By the way, neither will all my friends who are here trying to watch TV.I cannot get any information, your manual does not answer my question.You expect consumers to buy your product? Those that do will be in for a surprise when something goes wrong.

I am going to buy two more TVs tomorrow and they ain't gonna be Magnvox.

Have a nice day,

Miriam Schottland

Miriam Schottland 8/11/12 1:34PM

I am trying to locate a telephone #, for someone to help me with my magnavox tv.WE lost our close caption on it and are trying to get it back on. We can`t pay to have it fix .As we are on a fix income and are retring people. we needn it bad for my husband is deaf and cant hear the tv like I CAN.I call my verizon co up and they try to help us but,couldn`t.And they said to call you guys and see if you can help us .Im on line and they want us to pay for the help and we can`t.

gladysvera 7/17/12 12:17PM

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