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Corporate Office Address:
Mazda Motor of America, Inc.

Mazda Motor Corporation
7755 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92623
United States

Phone: 949-727-1990
Fax: 949-727-6101

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Mall of Ga mazda sold me a brand new speed 3 in may of 2013. Second day of driving i hear a poping in my front end. I take it in and wasnt able to duplicate the noise. At that point they said they would enter it in there system so if i could duplicate it in future that it would be under the defect warranty. So in future it gets so bad i can duplicate the noise on command. After the first failed repair they come to the conculsion its the clip on the back of my brake pad that is broke. Then tells me they cant fix it because its due to normal wear and tear even tho the car was sold to me like this.
So i call corporate to explain the status of the defect warrant and that its on file of being this way since i bought it. This point Ann from corporate told me there is nothing they can do about it.
So bacisly Mazda stands behind them selling defective cars with safety issues concerning brakes. At this point im thinking wow they rather have me in one of there cars with defective brakes putting my life in danger rather than just putting a new safe pairs of brakes pads (max $100).
I can not stress to you all anymore that this car was sold to me like this. This is all on records at Mall of Ga Mazda and now corporate. Would you feel safe driving a mazda? You think you will get better service?

Pace 8/19/14 7:04AM

I went to Mazda dealer lancaster ca to replace key less entry remote batterie after ten minutes i been told they cant do it they where unable to opened shame. and i done t my self replacing the batterie .

chris 8/4/14 7:55PM

To who this may concern.

I Purchased a used 2011 Ford Fusion on May 15, 2014 from Mazda of South Charlotte on 2501 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217 on May 15, 2014. On May 23 exactly 8days after purchase the check engine light came on. I called Mazda on May 24 to inform them of the issues and spoke with Ryan Shaffer (Service Mgr.) around 2:15pm. He asked if I could bring the car in before 3pm cause it was a Saturday & they close at 3pm. I told him being I lived almost 30 mins away that would probably be impossible. So he suggested I take the car to Advance auto or similar place to get a free dynastic & let him know what the codes are before 3pm. So I did & the code giving at the time from Advance Auto was code#PO455. I called Mazda back at 2:50PM & was told that Ryan had left for the day but they will leave him a message to call me back. On May 25 the "Gas fill Inlet light" came on as I was picking my son up from work around midnight. while on the highway I was pulled over by the police only mins after noticing the gas fill inlet light. The police informed me that my right headlight was out, he would let me go on a warning that I get the light fixed in the morning. At that point I realized they sold me a car will issues from a blown headlight, to check engine problems and the gas fill inlet problems. I then remembered when I purchased this vehicle we had never went thru a check list of any problems/issues/concerns. On Monday May 26 during my lunch time, 11:30am I called Mazda to speak with Ryan & was told Ryan had stepped away. So I asked that they give him a message to call me back about the previous issues & now the new issues. I got off of work around 7pm that night & decided to drive to Mazda being I wasn't getting a call back. When I got there I was told he had left for the day so I asked to speak with the general Mgr. & was directed to Chris from Finance & Moe. I told them the issues I was having & was told to bring the car back in on May 27 & don't worry about calling again before I come just come in. While in a meeting at work on May 27 I received numerous calls from Mazda. So I called back thinking it was to resolve the issues I've been having only to find out they failed to inform me upon signing my vehicle financial agreement they never told me I needed to call the bank for a final phone interview to finalize the contract agreement. So Chris in finance told me I needed to complete that part ASAP. I told him I was disappointed that no one called me back about my initial issues after only having the ford fusion less than 2weeks but you guys can harassed me with multiple calls for this because you all need to get paid. So Chris insisted that I come in immediately to resolve my issues & have me do the phone interview with the bank. Again during my lunch break on May 27 around 11:30am I went to Mazda and they took my car to the service dept. At that point I received several calls from a Mick or Nick from the bank: Flagship Credit Acceptance Financing but I was Adamant about not calling them back until my car was fixed. Approx. 7 mins later they bring my car out telling me they had fixed the issues and needed me to call the bank ASAP. So I asked how could they fix all those issues in under 10mins & was told not to worry the car is fixed I can leave & only if the sensor lights come back on should I worry & just bring the car back. So I was very frustrated & asked if they had just preformed a mass reset to get rid of the sensor lights from lighting up. SO I asked to speak with the service reps that worked on my car. They were very apprehensive about letting me speak to someone. So asked if they were lying to me & try to deceive me cause I'm a female & they think I don't know any better. They just giggled and kindly dismissed me off. I've wasted a lot of time, energy & missed work, gas cost, loss of pay going back & forth. So out of frustration & disbelief I left & received numerous harassing calls & text messages from Mazda to call the bank. Then the bank continued calling me as well. On May 29 I was headed to pick my son up from work again & noticed the right headlight was out AGAIN & mins after that the check engine light & gas fill inlet light also came on again. Very frustrated, pissed, stressed, disappointed & emotionally drained I didn't know what to do or where to turn, I've only had this car in my possession just about two weeks. So I took the car back to Mazda and they told me this is my absolute last day I can make the bank wait. I needed to do the phone interview NOW. I was feeling very corned in & pressured. I asked would my car be fixed & Chris said he will make sure they take care of the issue & not brush me off anymore. At this point I really just wanted to cancel my contract & walk but I had just went thru an ordeal with the last car I had which landed me in this situation to begin with. I had a 2006 KIA Spectra which died on my way to work and was told it would cost over $7000 to fix just two weeks prior & left me without a car for 2 weeks, this is what led me to buy the 2011 Ford Fusion. So I'm extremely emotionally drained from everything. I was stressed out & feeling pressured to move forward with calling the bank from Chris in Finance at Mazda so I did and they took the car to the service department once again. I received the banks approval on May 29th 2014 & the service department comes back & tells me the car is ok to drive so they will reset the sensors again and schedule me an appointment. I told them that was unacceptable& they need to take care of this matter now. I have already went thru with the bank process so now they are trying to wash their hands with the repair issues. I told them I was tired of the run around & will take the car to the Ford dealership to find out exactly what the issues are if they will not help me. Ford said there's not much they can do once the sensors are reset. They will need to see the car when the sensor lights are on in order to read them...However they noticed when driving the car that I had CV joint issues that will need to be fixed or replaced soon and wanted to know how long I've had the car because that will cost me close to $2000. Pissed off and frustrated I called the Bank, Flagship credit Acceptance Financing to see if they would cancel the contract being it was only 24hrs since I've called for approval and was told no so I asked to speak to a manager was put on the phone with a Bobby (did not want to give his last name)& was told the contract is finalized & they will not brake the contract. I should just pay to have the repairs done cause I'm officially responsible for any repairs and service. So I told them I will see if I can drop the car off at the dealership for a refund and was told that's on me and they will expect payment when due. So I continued calling Mazda in order to speak with the general manager & kept being told someone will call me back. Days passed and never received a call back so I decided to go to Mazda of south Charlotte on June 3rd 2014 & was told I need to schedule an appointment. I told them with all that I have been thru I will not schedule an appointment they needed to take care of these issues now. So I asked to speak with Ryan Shaffer the service manager...this was around 12noon. Ryan invites me into his office and kept the door open, there was two service techs standing around outside his office as if they were trying to ease drop in on the conversation. So Ryan starts off with: Ok the only thing I'm willing to do for you is schedule you an appointment. You need to understand you are no more important than my other customers. I'm sorry you have been going thru all of this but you need to understand these are the problems we all face with used cars. So I asked how isn't you guys problems when I only had the car just over 2 weeks now with no help coming back and forth for almost the entire time I've had the car with no assistance or even a courtesy call back.. You guys are very unprofessional. So obviously these issues were known about and should've been fixed before selling the car. So Ryan states: I'm going to stop you there, you are here for my help remember that! I don't have to do anything to help you at all. I can send you on your way to take your car elsewhere and pay to get your car serviced. We do the minimum required to pass inspection and the rest is your responsibility. I'm trying to do you a favor so if you're going to come into my office & accuse us of being unprofessional I've give you what you want! (You can hear the service techs laughing in the background). I said are you serious right now, this is how you as a manager speak to your customers. Seems like you are taking this personally! You are correct you do not have to help me at all I will contact my attorney and the News to get this resolved if Mazda will not correct this issue and you can tell the general manager and/or owner to cancel my contract. Ryan says: Oh you come in here trying to threaten us with law suits and the News. You can either leave my office and go elsewhere or apologize to me and let me schedule you an appointment for later date. I'm trying to help you but it will not be on you terms. At this time pissed to the max and frustrated I swallowed my pride in order to try and get this situation resolved. I told Ryan I will not apologize to you however if scheduling an appointment is the only way to get this situated at this point I guess I have to do it. then Ryan goes into how they already knew about the headlight problems I that the ford fusion they sold me already had faulty indicator problems & the entire front end of the vehicle needs to be taken apart in order to fix & replace. I ask how long have they known about this issue & was it even legal to sell the car like that. Ryan never answered to question and said well we are willing to fix the problem but you will be out of a car for a few days. So said I will need a loaner car until the repairs are made. Ryan said: I will give you a loaner vehicle...however you will pay for the loaner since we had to go thru all of this. So I was like: I'm tired of this, I will go inside the office and speak with the general manager. So I was able to speak with a Jamie Schirey and he said if I ever have any issues/problems/concerns, I need to always speak to one of two people. That would be him or Ryan the service manager. I said that's my biggest problem right now besides the issues with the car. After telling him the complaint with Ryan he went to the service dept. to speak with Ryan and upon returning he told me to come back later that evening because they didn't have any avail loaner cars at the moment....after being there almost 4hrs when I was already supposed to be at work I went back around 7:30pm to pick up the loaner car a 2012 Mazda 3. I asked will I be charged for the loaner car & Jamie said no they will waive the cost. This was only discussed verbally.
Now today is June 13th 2014 I have not heard anything about my car as of yet. However my first car payment is due next week on June 15th. I initially left my house keys and mailbox key on the ford fusion key ring. I've been calling for the last three days to pick up my keys and been told they don't want me to come all the way down there without the speaking with Ryan cause they don't know where they are keeping the car keys. I said this is three days & no one have gotten back to me yet and the service dept. is less than 70 feet from the office/dealership and no one can find out where my keys are or leave them up from for me.

TanyaMcCullough 6/13/14 7:21PM

I REALLY liked the look of the 2014 Mazda3-Hatch so a couple of weeks ago we went to the Spokane Valley-Auto Nation to look at them and we spoke with 2 reps about buying one. Unfortunately they didn't have the one I wanted in stock, so they said there was one that was being shipped to a Mazda dealership in Idaho, they would simply call them, and arrange to have the car shipped to Spokane and "the car was mine." We filled out all paperwork, and because of our excellent credit we were immediately approved for purchase. THAT was 2 weeks ago, I myself have called Mazda 3 times since then, only to be told they're still trying to find the car, and would be in touch with me the next day. After not hearing from them again, I called and spoke with a manager who said they couldn't get ahold of anyone at the other dealership, so would order me one and would get back to me by the end of the day. Again, no calls, nothing. I called the corporate office in CA., and spoke with someone who said she called the dealership and they advised her the general manager would be calling me. That was 2 days ago, still nothing.

It's so nice to know that the Mazda dealership in Spokane Valley is doing so well, that they don't worry about selling a car or losing a customer. I have NEVER had such a hard time buying a car in my life and to think my main purpose of going to this dealership was because I shop local to keep the community afloat.. Mistake.

cgalle58 6/4/14 5:23PM

After owning 3 mazda automobiles, I have finally given up on this company.

I recently took my 18 month 36,400 miles mazda 3 to the dealer because the door latch was broken. I was told that the repair was not covered and the damage was probably due to the cold waether (Really!!! I think its more to do with inferior material)

The final straw was the engine overheated on my CX7, mechanic said most likely the head is warped or a blown head gasket, the car is almost 5 years old and about to make my last payment.

Well Mazda can keep their cars, I will give my money to someone else.

salp 5/31/14 4:42PM

I love my Mazda3 but if you ask customer support a question you same old generic anwer,contact your dealer! I don't even believe it's a real person, DAN.

Jimmy 5/21/14 6:22PM

everytime i call mazda i get a busy signal or the phone hangs up my call. ive never been able to talk to anyone i guess thats how they avoid dealing with us when we have a problem with our cars. i will never get a mazda again. they have the worst customer service and their mazda dealers are even worse they dont know anything. mazdas are good for nothing never get one. they never honor their warranties and these cars are cheaply made!

hatemazda 4/23/14 7:15AM

GM's problems may come back to haunt you. Make it right with 2007 mazda cx-7's engine problems. You've known about the problems for years and yet refuse to do the right thing. Have you heard this before, you should if you've been watching the news about GM.

Ray Daughtrey 4/1/14 3:13PM

With GM's new problems, this would be a good time to be a responsible company for the 2007 cx-7 . I spent $1600.00 at 62000 miles for a known defect. The engine locked up at 90000 miles. I paid $27,000.00 for a car that I ended up selling for $1,500.00. We may be a small number in your scheme of things. But bad publicity will cost you more.

Ray Daughtrey 3/31/14 3:48PM

I have a mazda CX7, would like to know if anyone having trounle with unattended acceleration, while your foot is on the brakes. This seem to happen more offten while at a stand still fir example in a drive thru. Almost nearly running into the back of another car. I thought maybe its was something I was doing after explaing the problem to my husband. Until he drove the car and it happened to him.

Tonya 3/29/14 6:57AM

Bought 2013 mazdaspeed3 in may. Went in for my oil change at 15k miles and found out that all 4 tires on the very inside corner is worn down pass the steel belts. 2 different mazda dealers told me that is what happens on them and there is no fix for it. So basically they are saying after 10k miles I'll h ave to buy new tires. So every 6-10 months I'll have to buy new tires at $290-$310 a piece. I've never in my life heard of any car doing this. Both dealers said I just have to deal with it. Conclusions is I'll never suggest or buy another mazda.

pace 3/19/14 1:54PM

Bought an 2004 rx8 a few years ago and from the first week that I got it until now and has it been a living nightmare. The car barely had 50,000 miles on it and the engine already gave out. It was 2 months out of the warrantyand I was told theres nothing they can do about it. I love the car but I do not love the customer service. So I'm paying for a lawn ornament that is sitting in my driveway

nothappyrx8 3/19/14 3:54AM

I was looking at buying a new Mazda 5. They were telling me about the discounts and military discount. The salesman asked me if i was a verteran. I said yes and then he ask me when. I told him from 1974-1978 in the Marines. He said too bad it was only if you were activity now. Seems like no body cares about the one's that went to a war that was not ours to begin with. I never went to war but they were forgot. They came back hated cause out country made them. I have the most respect for the verteans of today. But nobody gives a crap about the verterans from the 1960's and early 1970's.

Anonymous 3/17/14 12:25PM

I own a 1998 Mazda Protege, and without a doubt it is the greatest car I have ever owned. I travel quite a bit for work, and have just over 193,000 miles. Other than regular maintenance such as oil changes, ( which I do myself), and brake shoes, I have had no problems with my car. Unfortunately, due to my increased travel schedule, it has begun leaking oil and smoking excessively and I fear it will cost more to fix than the Blue Book value. Since I'm not wealthy, I will be looking for a used car, but I assure you it will be a Mazda, as you have won a customer for life.

Carl H 3/9/14 7:21AM

I have a 2011 MAZDA 3 MPS - I am fed up to say the least! I live in SOUTH AFRICA and bought the car from LAZARUS MAZDA. The car was an upgrade to the previous MPS and love both cars -except my current car has an ENGINE LIGHT that re-appears every now and again and this is going on for months and months now without resolve. The staff at LAZARUS have tried but I dont think they know whats wrong. I travel a lot and this makes me worry! I want MAZDA CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE to do something about this - you may have to RECALL my car! I expect better from MAZDA and I am not going to leave this here.

MAZDA 3 MPS 2/23/14 11:48AM

My Mazda 3 2012 has a problem with the lights dimming while turning the steering wheel all the way to the right and all the way to the left. Plus, while the cars heater/ Ac is on any setting 1 thru 4, the fan motor will power up and down. The Dealers explanation is all Skyactive cars will do this in order to save power for less fuel consumption, hence more miles per gallon? I believe something is wrong electrically in this vehicle.Using the electric windows as well will dim the lights. This is a safety issue.Hoping Mazda will contact me to help correct this problem

Anonymous 2/14/14 6:59AM

I have been a loyal customer of Mazda for the past 6 years, so I'm extremely disappointed that the recent lease of a 2014 Mazda 6 has given me so many issues. I havent even owned the vehicle for a month!! Two defected tires within 72 hours and the dealership in Lodi, NJ has the nerve to tell me it isnt covered under warranty and theres nothing they can do but sell me new tires. Really?? As a government employee who always spoke highly of my vehicle I'm beyond disgusted with the poor quality of these "low profile tires". I reassure your company I will NOT lease nor purchase another Mazda again. I'll make it very clear to friends & family how my tires shredded with huge holes in less than 30 days!!!

TheresaJ 2/13/14 8:18AM

Her new 2014 Mazda CX-5 was the second Mazda purchased by Michelle, my daughter, replacing her Mazda Protege 5 she bought new in 2003. Now only 5 months after purchase of the CX-5 she paid the dealer $1074.00 for a repair not covered by warranty. The repair involved replacing the air conditioner condenser which had a pea sized dent allowing the freon to leak out. The dealer told us it was the result of gravel bouncing up from the road into the condenser. After seeing the condenser which is very light weight and its mounting place, I do understand how gravel or other road debris would be directed to strike and ruin this fragile part. Michelle is now afraid to drive her new car fearing this will happen again I ask that you consider sharing the cost of this repair. I also hope that you might alleviate her fears and offer a solution to this issue. Michelle told me she felt now that she made a mistake choosing this vehicle. What would you think? Michelle has all paperwork associated with this problem. My Email is Please contact us with any help you can provide. Thank you for you time and effort. Roy Knight

Silvrsurf3 2/10/14 12:54PM

I bought a used 2001 Mazda Tribute from Foothills Mazda here in Spokane,Washington
I had the vehicle for 6 months and all they said was its a used car what do you expect they are supposed to do a complete inspection of the electrical and other stuff but they dont bother do inspections on used cars and they dont mark them as certified used cars which is complete utterly crap i will never buy from them again i want mazda to do something about this situation im completely pissed off foothills Mazda is a complete joke of a car dealership

PJ 1/29/14 9:08PM

I'm among the ones who have a complaint - about customer service in particular. Specifically the employees who answer the phone in the service department at the Northtown Mazda dealership on Sheridan Drive in Amherst, New York. Apparently, they don't know how to handle customer relations. You DO NOT let a customer sit on hold for a total of 16 minutes (8 minutes each time) without getting back to them and letting them know what's going on. After the first 8 minutes I called back, told the girl that I've been waiting for 8 minutes without being contacted, she apologized and proceeded to do the exact same thing! After that second 8 minutes I called and spoke with the general manager, Eric Nelson, who said he was going over there immediately to "look into it". He called me back, said he was going to have a talk with the department employees. Another time I called to find out what was going on with my car. Over the course of almost 6 hours I called 4 times trying to contact my "service advisor". Three times, three different women who answered the phone told me he was busy with a customer and would call me when he was available. The fourth time I called a male answered and said my service advisor WASN'T EVEN IN THAT DAY and he doesn't know why someone would tell me he WAS and that he was with a customer. These are just a couple of instances that make for bad customer relations. I've been going to them for service since I bought my car new from them over 7 years ago. I could have saved a lot of money by NOT taking my car there for service, but I chose not to. After treatment like I've had the past 6 months or so, I highly doubt I will buy another car from them due, mostly, to their poor customer service* A customer should NOT be on hold for more than 2 minutes before someone gets back to them to let them know what's going on. More than 2 minutes and that person's job is in jeopardy. Mazda has made a whole lot of money on me over these past 7 years, and to lose a customer like me due to poor/incomprehensible treatment by ANY employee speaks ill of them, their training (or lack thereof) and just basic common sense of the people they hire. These two instances, combined with others over the years, is just the last straw. And I'm not even including the problems over the years with repair problems. Some of those can be reasoned out, some not, but it's the infuriating dismissiveness of being put on hold for an eternity that starts the blood to boil and things go downhill from there.

* secondarily, the fact that NONE of their new cars have the excellent type of vent that I have in my car, and that's the round type, which you can configure in ANY position to pinpoint accuracy, as opposed to the up/down/left/right rectangles most cars have. LOVE those round vents. Hate the rectangles. Design is another story. They need more women (AVERAGE women) designing cars............

Livid 1/20/14 3:02PM

Just a quick comment: The Mazda dealership that I had my car service always called out to follow up with the service (the survey call), but when there is a complaint, it is usually hard to get them listened. Is it that they just want to hear the good things from the customer's mouth, but not the negative side... I missed their "survey" (or follow up or whatever it is) call from the service manager and his assistance, but when I emailed him back, twice, he never responded.

I am talking about the service at Mazda of Orange, in City of Orange, California with Bob Bynon as a service manager. 1/17/14 4:40PM

Wow a lot of bad comments about Madza, well heres another one. My wifes Madza Cx7 has loced her out the car. We cannot get in the drivers side door, the lock broke with the door closed. Took to dealership and they said that they had to take out both front seats center consol and break the door panel to replace the door lock....what the hell.....this is going to cost a $1000 to fix a simple lock that is a manufactor defect.

llcoolj 1/10/14 6:47PM

On 1/5/2014 I was driving to work in Florida at 6.10 am. I am a nurse who works a twelve hour shift so I need a reliable vehicle. I have a Mazda 2013 cx5. Suddenly the car loses traction and the TCS light came on. The vehicle shut down totally. I call Mazda roadside and they sent a tow truck. The tow truck finally reached me at 7.23am. Needless to say I had to call in at my job. My car was towed to Lou Bachrodt Chev/Mazda . I received a call from the driver in about ten minutes saying the dealership was closed (Sunday) and he will have to store the vehicle, but would drop it off first thing in the morning. I called Mazda towing to verify and thought ok, the next day being Monday, it will be dealt with. I obtain a ride back home and secured one to work on Monday. I was scheduled to work for the next three days. Comes Monday, I started from 7.38am calling Mazda to ascertain that my car was "dropped off first thing in the morning." Needless to say, until 10.17a.m all the personnel I could get ahold of was the operator who kept apologizing and sending me to various extension including Rebecca's (service personnel), Harris, service manager and Michelle Service relations manager. In between taking care of my patients and getting a run around..inclusive of calling the tow company,Mazda roadside, I finally had to resort to Mazda's Head office/ customer experience at I was told my situation would be looked into and Ben would get back to me. I never got a verification about my car being there until 1.34pm that day. Next I was told by Harris that they are going to diagnose the car. My next communication with them was at 2.27pm when I had to call back to find out what was going on. Needless to say Ben from corporate called back to say he spoke with Rebecca and was assured that my car was being diagnosed and someone from Lou Bachrodt would call as soon as this was done. This was at 4.58pm. At 5.10pm I received a call from Rebecca telling me the same thing. She also explained that it was beginning to look like it was a transmission problem and it does take long to diagnose. Also that being a new model with this kind of a problem, Mazda Head/engineering has to get involved. I was told too by Rebecca, that at that time of the day, the person from Mazda engineering who supposedly signs off on this kind of work was not in office and it would be tomorrow/Tuesday. I got a ride home this day and secured a ride to work for Tuesday. Meanwhile, I am a single mom. My daughter catches her bus at 5.10am two blocks from our house. On Tuesday, in Florida the temperature was 49 degrees. I had to walk her to the bus stop, then walk back home. Tuesday began with the same scenario. The constant back and forth, calls...meaning I am the one calling to make inquiries. I went through a bag of frustrations and no answers again on Tuesday, until I again went back to Mazda's corp. Ben told me the only thing he could do was to authorize a rental. OK. When I spoke with Mazda Lou Bachrodt, I was told they could come and pick me up at work, get me a rental. However, Rebecca could not guarantee what time the driver could pick me up as he has another pick up. I reminded her that I would need to have a specific time in order to have another nurse cover my patient. I would use this time as my lunch hour, as I do not leave work until 7.15pm. The mazda dealership closes at 6pm. I was told again no guarantee, and "what else do you want me to do, I am trying to help you." This from Rebecca. Then of course she told me, It was my responsibility to get to the dealership, and also to pay the down payment on the rental along with the coverage for insurance per day, if my car insurance does not cover it. At this point I am past frustrated and I am furious. I had a new car because I needed something reliable. I don't see why I should incur more expenses having a new car with a transmission problem, and no one taking responsibility. Needless to say Wednesday came, and it was the same crap. I pretty much give up on Mazda by now, cause I was pretty much told am on my own. They acted like they were doing me a favor to get me into a rental which I will end up spending money for. On Wednesday Rebecca told me the parts were ordered, and my car might be at the dealership from a week to two. Again, I inquired "and what do I do for transport." She again "reassured" me that she can do me the favor of getting me in a rental where I will be responsible for down payment etc. So again, I secured a ride to and from work. Today, Thursday, I still do not have a concrete time as to when I can expect to have my car back. I called Ben at head office. Of course I am quite angry. Who would not, with the runaround I have been getting?! Meanwhile this morning, I called again, spoke with Rebecca who told me, that my car was being worked on. I asked the question, when? She said before 5pm. Hello, so there is another maybe. At 2.39pm today, I received a call from Rebecca telling me it does not look like it is going to be completed today. There was a particular part needed, and was not in, then. What! Meanwhile back to Ben at ext 1141. He put me on hold then hang up because I had the nerve to be very angry that since Sunday until Thursday, I have been stranded without my car, which is "NEW." I have no rights to expect great customer service, therefore I should be grateful for the handouts...that was the gist of what I was being told from Rebecca and Corp. Rebecca again, "sorry, I can't help you further." and Ben, "You are responsible to get yourself to the Mazda, and pay accordingly to the rental company's rule. This is the last time am going to talk to you to have you curse at me." He then put me on hold, then hang up. At 5.07pm am stuck at home, no car, no means of transport, not a word on what or when to expect some positive news about my vehicle. This has been by far the worst service from anywhere or anyone that I ever had to face and I only wished I never had to deal, see or have anything to do with the name MAZDA ever again. At this point, I don't even want to hear the name. My vehicle is still there, and I resigned myself to getting back a patched up car. If this is the service given to a life person, what kind is going to be given to a machine. My faith in anything Mazda, people or product has been killed.

Too frustrated to care anymore 1/9/14 3:23PM

my wife made an appointment for her Mazda 3 speed at our only local Mazda dealership (30 miles away). The complaint was a road noise from the rear wheels and brake noise. When she arrived the dealership said that she did not have a appointment, and they would have to squeeze her in!The service department said that they had 8 people that had not made appointments and she would have to wait. After waiting four hours the service department said that her rear tires were worn and should be replaced. After she got home I took the car to the local tire shop, where they discovered that the front tires were separating and were completely finished the air pressure was set at 50 lbs and not the required 32lbs. The local tire shop alerted me to the fact that TCS/DSC indicator light was on indicating a malfunction with the traction control. My wife said she had noticed the light for several months and had mentioned it to the dealership.These items are very serious and could cause catastrophic failure in the operation of a car. This is the second time we have had similar dealing with this dealership, we now are going to sell our Mazda 3 speed and never deal with this dealership again.

Burlington 12/14/13 2:16PM

This is my second Mazda, a Mazda 3. Nice car, SAVED MY LIFE AND MY FAMILIES LIFE!!! It happened 3 months after I bought the car. The car was towed to Hennessey Mazda in Morrow Georgia for repair. I received the car back infested with fire ants and was not told till we were bitten alive driving down the interstate. The car was not repaired properly either. I had to take the car back to my home state to find out what else was going on. Come to find out I have a broken motor mount which I just found out was repaired under the warranty of the car not filed through my insurance. Something fishy about that because 1 year later, same motor mount has broken again, headlight doesn't work properly but Hiley Cars, Huntsville AL, the second dealership says the headlight is within specs even though you can't see 2 feet in front of the car. Now Mazda wont even answer my questions about the car and the car is cupping tires after 5000 miles and no one knows what is wrong with it. The car is not safe to drive and Mazda is blaming the insurance company. At this point, the insurance company has done everything asked of them. Mazda makes some great cars!!!! Be prepared to have to find your own mechanic though, Mazda service is unprofessional and unreliable at best!!!!

Anonymous 11/15/13 9:30AM

I have a 2007 Mazda CX7 timing belt broke messed up some pistons estimated cost to repair $7,000!!!! I owe less than that. My car is not old enough for the timing belt to break. A six year old car unheard of. And not covered by warranty really?!!! I love my car but I am highly disappointed.

Bad Timing 11/13/13 6:30PM

My daughter bought a Mazda 3 from Berge Mazda in Tempe and they also lied to her. They said they ran carfax and only 1 minor ding. Now she tried trading it in and finds they lied and there are many hits. She is now paying for a car that is worth nothing, needs work & cannot get anything for it. I am also forwarding written letter.

Anonymous 11/8/13 4:32PM

Just browsed through some of the terrible experiences folks have had with their Mazda vehicles. I bought my 2011 CX7 in Dec of 2011, so the dealership really gave me a good deal!(Lou Bachrodt, Coconut Creek, Fl) End of month, end of year etc... I LOVE this car. I take good care of it, have major dingaphobia so always park in the "back 40" everywhere I go. My car looks and runs like the day I drove it off the lot! It even still smells new. I have the plain Jane model, with only one regret. I wish had the back up camera...the old neck doesn't like turning all around the way it once could! I am so happy with my husband is considering getting one, too!

Anonymous 11/3/13 5:55AM

I went to buy a used Mazda at Madza 112 in Medford Long Idland. Kevin is my salesman. After being lied to for four days from him and his twin look alike manager I realized the scam they were trying. They told me I was going to get 14,800 on a trade in which would wipe out the taxes on the used car I was buying. They did not give me a written contract for the updates on a trade in vehicle. I asked repeatedly for a new contract to be told we will get to that. When I walked into the finance office of this mess sitting behind the desk, he askes for 1300.00 more then was agreed on and says your 14,800 includes a tax cradit from the new car of 1300.00. So they wipe out the tax on the car they are selling but added it to the trade in price so the real trade is only 13,500. I can only imagine how many people fall for this crap. I didnt because my Ex works for a car dealership for years and we know the sneaky stuff they do. I have contacted the Suffolk County district attorney office and will be filing a charges. GET EVERYTHING in WRITING and record your full conversation on your phone. Thank goodness when my ex came to the dealership she did on her phone.

Notsuckered 10/24/13 7:45AM

My Mazda CX-7, has been in the shop for FIVE weeks, so they can replace a faulty transmission, with one from a wrecked vehicle. This is the second major problem we've had with this vehicle. When we'd had it just a year, the air conditioning compressor went out, and two motor mounts broke. I'd heard that Mazdas were great cars, but I'll NEVER own another one. We've had major problems with this one. I realize you don't care, but I'm voicing my frustration, just the same.

Anonymous 10/17/13 7:41AM

This letter is to express my disappointment about a bad service I recently received from a Mazda dealer at 915 Boston Post Rd, Milford, Ct 06460-35
On September 24 2013, 16;36 pm, my car, a Mazda cx-9 year 2007 bin N. jm3tb38c970118685
had to be repaired because while driving on the highway it started to vibrate and ran rough like it was running on only 2 cylinders and the engine light came on.
As my attached documents show the MISC found misfire code for coils found : Coils melted, No signal from PCM. Once repaired I was charged for the amount of $2637.43 . ( All the details are showed on the attached document. This amount also included a PERFORM FULL CIRCLE INSPECTION which stated a green state of the car on September 27 2013 at 17:09 and confirmed that everything passed and there were no problems.
Unfortunately, your Mazda dealer service has NOT performed well. In fact, the day after I had my car back, after just few miles, on 28 September 2013, the engine light came on again. Because it was Saturday afternoon, I had to wait until Monday morning 30 September 2013, to bring my car in once again. I was very disappointed when they stated that as consequence of the previous problem, perhaps, some fluid was exposed to the catalytic converter. According to them, this has to be changed. For this new issue, they asked me an amount of roughly $1300.
I believe that the service was not performed correctly, while, less than 24 hours before, a full Circle inspection was performed stating everything was OK with the car and there were No problem with the car.
I would appreciate your interest in resolving my problem and have my car repaired with No further charges.
I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and I will wait one week, before seeking help from a consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the above e-mail address or by phone
Attached are copies of my records

Eric 10/2/13 6:45AM

I GOT SCAMMED BY GARDEN CIY MAZDA, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK. What a bunch of liars. Bought a car there which included the pay-off of my leased car with Toyota. Not only did they renege and not buy the car from Toyota, they returned it a month later leaving me owing an extra $3,000. Don't buy a car there unless your ready for small claims court

ddgolfer 9/24/13 4:42PM

my name is tony angeloni...i own a 02 mazda protege 5...purchased vehicle in 03 with less than 30,000 miles on of 09/13/13 this vehicle has 365,659 miles on's a wonderful automobile..also still have the oe exhaust...altenator...starter..and fuel pump! i have been using valvoline max life on this vehicle since i have owned it and this vehicle has no engine oil leaks!..regular maintenance is done including timing belt and waterpump every 60'000 miles..along with regular fluid changes..will this vehicle hit 500,000....stay tuned..great car.

Anonymous 9/13/13 4:51AM

As reported on Yelp;

NO STARS !!! RUDEST & MOST UNPROFESSIONAL PERSON I HAVE EVER MEET ! MIKE in Service Department ! MIKE WAS SO RUDE in the phone while I was trying to set up an appointment for service and see why my check engine light was on. Mike Called me, "sarcastic, rude and over exaggerating." and later saying to me, As I asked how far is local considered to be for their service shuttle pick up & drop off ( I live about 2-3 miles away) "I don't think your behavior and sarcasm is going to be "conducive to us doing business together." When I told him I found him through an ad mailed to me, and I learned they were close and new, he said, "We are not new here at all. I don't know where you got that." I asked how long they had been in business. He said, "About 3 months." I said, "Well 3 months is pretty new in the business world."

IS THIS WHAT SOUTHBAY MAZDA IS ALL ABOUT?? RUDE & UNPROFESSIONAL SERVICE !! Then I will go anywhere else but to Southbay Mazda !!!! Simply Unbelievable !!!!!

SB In Torrance

S B 8/31/13 2:40PM

Hello i just purchased a 2005 mazda 6 i am so heartbroken i had the car less than a month having so many problems 140000 miles the engine light been on im having to put oil n the car every other day. The transmission slipping, along with other issues. Pls help me been without a car almost 5 yrs. Wanted a car to be able to take my mother to her appts. Dont have money to put into a car i just purchased!!!!! Heartbroken !!!!! Pls Help me.

Heartbroken 8/28/13 10:16PM

i own a mazda5 first comment and responded with the mazda respond #INTR:499818.follow the time im still have the same issue.hope you find it in your file the the number i state above on your record.another issue id like to address is the TOYO tire that come w/the try to get some help from theme no problem is the tire are getting worn only inside edge at both rear tire.the jeff hass mazda said need after only 15K mile.i start hearing loud noise from the back we have it done 4 wheel alignment and balance.the tire.still wearingout in the the is noise ride and a bit vibrate.i only enjoy the smooth ride 0 to 15k mile and my shock are making sqeaky noise coming from the back.and read a lot same issue i have on customer review on my Mazda5 2012 T

[email protected] 8/26/13 2:02PM

Bought a Mazda3 3 weeks ago at Planet Mazda ( the one in Sahara, Las Vegas). We agreed to pay $395/month. Waited in the lobby for almost 4 hours just to sign the contract. When we were about to sign the contract, Luiz the finance guy summarized the said contract so we can sign it right away coz it was almost 10pm. My mistake...I didnt double check it coz i was confident that he was telling the truth. A wk later, I called Santander and realized that it was $418.25 and not the $395. I complained about it and change the contract.We went there this pm and talked to Luis, Luis(finance guy) is more concern about the survey that i made about him rather than helping us coz he made a mistake. Of course it was a bad survery(luis)coz he's not doing his job. No customer service in this delearship. I talked to the Gen Manager Tim Donnelly, and he was not approachable. He gave me an attitude instead of helping the customer. No wonder, the employees who are working at Planet Mazda (Sahara, Las Vegas) are not approachble and no customer service because their own boss TIM DONNELLY is rude, he's not a good listener, not a good boss, and no customer service. I will not recommend madza to my friends who are looking for a good car. You'll not be happy if you're not happy and satified with the service. PLANET MAZDA IN WEST SAHARA, LAS VEGAS IS HORRIBLE.IM TELLING YOU...THEY DONT HAVE A WORD OF HONOR. WORD OF HONOR IS VERY IMPORTANT in the business.

unsatisfied customer 8/16/13 6:01PM

Bought a Mazda in Florida. Moved to Illinois 2 years later and realized there is not front license plate bracket. Called the local Mazda dealer and was told I needed to pay for it. Duh, in The interest of customer satisfaction, I bet he could have absorbed the cost and counted on my return business. But, calling the 800 number of Mazda they offered to pay for it! Way to go Mazda and shame on that dealer!

Anonymous 8/15/13 5:02PM

I understand people have issues with their mazdas but I love my 2008 Mazda 5 it's what I use to get my wife to work and my terminally ill 17 mth old son to children's hospital of Philadelphia for his drs visits but people its only a car piece of metal that can be replaced don't get me wrong I do understand all your frustrations but if someone like me sees all the complaining about a car knowing that I have a child that will die at a very young age because of his disease it just pi$$es me off I'm sure 95% of you have healthy child/children and the car can be replaced my son can't and if my Mazda 5 dies on me yeah ill be mad but ill get over it it's only a car but ill be screwed cuz I won't be able to get my son to his appointments because I don't have the money to fix or replace it so please step back and look at other people's situations like mine because you really only have a minor inconvence dealing with your car

Anonymous 7/19/13 9:28AM

On your TV advertising involving Thomas Edison ,You insinuate that Thomas Edison was responsible for the lighting of America. You are WRONG It was Nikola Tesla that invented ALTERNATING CURRENT,thus lighting AMERICA through Westinghouse.Edison tried to push direct current on America but it was not feasible.Please give credit where credit is due. Teach your advertising staff some history before they put something like this on TV. Thank You, Dr. Joseph LeClair

Romeo 6/30/13 11:07AM

Was Just Told By Mazda That They Have Denied Warrenty Work On My 2011 Cx-7. I Have The All To Familier Turbo And Vvt Problem,26,000. Their Excuse, Sludge,which From My Research Is Their Way Of Avoiding This Known Problem. I Thought The Vehicle Was Being Repaired And 10 Days Later I Get A Call That They Have Denied It And I Am Now Looking At A $3000 Repair Just To Get It Running Again (turbo Only) Plus The Cost Of The Rental They Provided But Are Now Denying. Was Even Told By A Service Manager From A Mazda Dealership That This Is A Known Problem With The Cx-7.

Anonymous 6/6/13 7:35AM

I made an appointment at the Cool Springs Mazda dealership in Franklin, Tn for an oil change,rotate and balance. My appointment was for 7am today - Saturday. I drove 30 mins for my appointment. The appointment was the only time available according to the service manager Tim. I scheduled the appointment the previous Wednesday.
So here I go -- up early on this Saturday morning for my appointment. I arrive at the dealership. Guess What!!!!!

PCORLEW 5/18/13 5:15PM

I own a 1999 Mazda Millenia , I was going to buy a new Mazda this year. But I will not consider it any longer! I can not purchase a retaining clip from anyone or anywhere that is a small piece of paper clip wire type that holds my front headlight socket in place. I am being told I have to purchase the entire headlight assembly ( over $400.00). All I needed was new light bulbs! & when I purchased the new bulbs the clips got broken. I can not drive my car at night for 6 months because I can not buy the part anywhere. Can you help me? aFTER RESEARCHING FOR 6 MONTHS , EVERYONE HAS THIS SAME PROBLEM WITH THEIR MAZDA HEADLIGHTS.

jali38 5/13/13 4:37PM

Yesterday I went to get x rays & then had a flat tire so took the car to the closest Mazda dealer--D. Dahle Mazda in Murray, Ut. They said the tire was ruined--Not repairable and that all the tires needed replacing as well as the tran fluid since it was cloudy and a few other things. They gave me a printout of all they said. I told them no and left. I left their service dept and went to the other Mazda dealer, whom I know & Trust, 30 miles away. Their service dept. patched the tire and checked tran fluid.( tran fluid was clear!) Tires were all OK !!
What crooks the Murray Mazda service dept are!!!!!

------------I love my Mazda -- This service dept tried to take advantage -- Not good-- take note Mazda Corp ------

Anonymous 5/8/13 4:05PM

JusT Wanted All Of You There At Mazda To What AN Awesome Vehicle YouProduce. I Have Owned Two ( A Small Truck And Now A 1993 mx6) . The MX 6 IDrive HaS Over 409,000 Thousand Miles And Driven 100 Mile A Day AnD Going Strong(BoughT At 60,000). Hope To Break

Russ 5/8/13 12:57PM

Dear Mazda Co
This is Fahad Al-Battal, one of your customers in the KSA. I have bought a CX-9 (2013) about 70 days ago and after 30 days of received the car, suddenly I have heard that the company announced for an offer around 15% (4600 US dollar) on the original car price.
I was extremely shocked because I work so hard to save money and I contact the company here in the KSA but they did not provide me with a satisfying solution.
I am really hoping that you can handle this problem and provide me with a fair solution.
Thank you,,

albattal 5/8/13 4:53AM

Customer Service
I recently purchased a used under warentee 2006 mazda 3 at your dealership in Dartmouth NS. Within three months I hadto take it back witha noise in the back end, and on inspection it was found to have a broken back spring. On further investication it was found that the other spring was cracked. Even with the vehice was under warentee, they said that they had to contact head office for approval to replace the two units. We were back recently looking to purchase a new mazda2 and was not happy with the service we received. I own a new Tribube from Harris mazda in BC and the difference between the two dealers was like nite & day.I'm going back to NS in june and if I don't get better service, I'll look at purchasing a new Honda.

Anonymous 4/18/13 2:42PM


Allow me to start this by saying......I purchased a used vehicle on 2-28-2013. It came with a "100% parts and labor" warranty.

im continue by saying that the service I was provided by this group is totally unacceptable. Please read the rest of this before realizing what you may be getting into

I found 3 problems with my car, following the purchase. 1st off the power liftgate wasn't working.2nd the Microsoft sync was not responding, I asked about that at the dealership, and was told it probably needed a software update. 3rd the radio/climate controls stops working sometimes. I made multiple calls to the dealership over several days, (10 to be exact) I got no responses. I finally called the guy who sold me the response. the next day I called again. no response. then called the Operations director, I got a response pretty fast from him. at the same time I spoke with the salesman, who then scheduled me a service 6 days later. in that time I decided to take my car to my local Ford dealer and get the 2nd key made, which they refused to have made for me, and get the problems diagnosed. That Ford Dealer advised they could fix it all in about 2 days, no problems. when I took my car in for repair, they had someone look at it and advised they needed to send it out to their preferred Ford dealer for advising them on repairs. so that happened. I drove home a loaner car. I then called every day checking on my car like clock work. every day I was told the same thing, "your car is at University Ford being looked at, and we haven't heard anything yet. " this same thing was told to me every day from March 21st - 28th, when I personally drove after hours to look in their lot, and see if my car was there. GUESS what I FOUND on the night of the 28th????? MY CAR.....that had not been moved since I dropped it off. no mechanic matts in the had appeared to not been touched. I was absolutely angry at that point. I sent an email to the Operations director that night, expressing that I was very unhappy about this. He replied to me the next morning, stating that the service had to be scheduled, and that everything is being done to put me back into my car. Well it did go the day of the 29th, and was returned, unrepaired. for the next week or so, I called everyday, just like clockwork checking on my car. I was told every day the same thing as before. University ford has the car, and they are waiting on the parts, so my car could be repaired. Now.....this has all been a month or so...I finally fed up....started making calls. University ford looked at my car on the 29th of March, and sent it back unrepaired, they had not seen the car since. my car mysteriously shows up on Saturday April 6th after hours at County Ford in Graham NC.. I know most of them there personally. I had already taken the car there before to be diagnosed. Now......if my car is supposed to be at university ford in Chapel Hill......waiting on did it end up there? the service dept found the Keys in the drop box Monday morning so I am told by them. I received a phone call from county ford advising me of the repairs that Sport durst approved and the others they did not approve. I then attempted several times throughout the day in making contact with them in regards to the declines of repairs. No such luck. I received a call when Sport Durst personnel picked up my car, which is only about 2 miles from my home. I jumped in the car and caught up with them on the interstate. I followed them to Sport Durst dealership and waited for the call about my car. I waited only a few minutes and picked up my car with only one of the items repaired. I expressed my HUGE disappointment to the service staff in the office.
After all of this......I have sent out several emails to concerning persons at Sport Durst group, and have heard nothing in return. I even gave them an ample amount of time to authorize County Ford to finish repairing my vehicle under the 100% parts and labor package my vehicle came with. In my emails I made it perfectly clear that I was unhappy with this entire venture, and have heard nothing in return. I could have been happy with just getting my car repaired like it was supposed to be. Like the salesman told me it would be. Like the operations director told me it would be. But now 6 weeks later.....Im a completely unsatisfied customer. So....buyer out for the "rope a dope"......they got me. I know this deal could have gone so much better. I feel like I have been SPIT on by this dealerships service. Maybe I need a lawyer to help me.....THIS CAN CHANGE

leswilloughby 4/10/13 6:03PM

The wife and I went to the Willow Grove Sussman Mazda in March to buy a new Car. They put us in a 2013 Mazda 6, which up to this date, has been a good car. The service on the other hand, left much to be desired. They had us go up there 3 different times just to sign paper work (which they had messed up in the first place), the car at the time had inspection stickers dated 8/13, already 6 months into the inspection, when we bought the car, and from what I understand, the inspection stickers are supposed to match the registration, which it did not. Their policy states, inspection over 3 months old, gets new stickers, but yet we got none. The straw that broke the camel's back is when the finance guy called my wife, and told her they made her first payment, and wants us to pay it back. No paperwork stating that, nothing stating that they paid our first month's payment, and yet we're supposed to pay the dealership for our first month's payment. My wife didn't think that sounded right, so as any concerned consumer, she called the loan company to confirm, and to make a long story short, the Finance guy yelled at us and even threatened to repo the car (even though the dealership no longer owns the car). Needless to say that is the first and the last time that either I or my wife will ever deal with Mazda.

bjonesmcp 4/5/13 4:09PM

I am writing this letter because my daughter had a mazada 3 (I think or it could be a 6 ) she had an accident the car ended up going 18 feet in the air, in a wooded area and spun threw the air took out the tops of trees. It was a mircle that she actually walked away from this accident with only burn marks on her arms, and seat belt marks across her chest, and a bruised ankle. We are so thankful and blessed. Thank God that she was driving your vechile it saved he life.

dg 3/29/13 10:43AM

I bought a 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv in April of 2012. This is my first new car ever. I thought that by buying new, I would have years before dealing with car issues. My car ran awesome for the first 4500 miles. I was getting amazing gas mileage (30 in town, 42-50 highway). Then my check engine light came on, and they had to replace my VVT (timing system). Ever since then, it has lack of power, the tachometer maxes out going down steep hills while the engine makes a horrible noise, and my gas mileage has significantly decreased to 26 and 33. I have taken it in 3 times, and after getting several run arounds, they finally told me there was just nothing they could do; it is running "good enough" in their opinion. I will NEVER buy another Mazda, and I will do my best to encourage others to do the same! I am planning to talk to a lawyer and see if I have any rights. The dealership was not sympathetic at all, and I swear they never even really listened to my complaints.

Laura 3/13/13 4:53PM

Mazda Problem:

I purchased a new RX7 from Gateway Mazda in Aurora, Colorado. Now at only 25,000 miles there is a bothersome click on the front brake shoe. Mazda says it happens a lot and it's not covered under warranty. They say that Mazda is aware if the brake shoe moving and the need for a shim, however because it's not a safety issue, there is no recall and they are not going to fix.

I think it's a problem and the noise does not sound good. If looking for a new car, go with a company that cares about its customers.

Dana Tirado


DT 3/7/13 12:56PM

Feb.28,2013 - 2009 Mazda3i, 137000 miles. Survived head-on when 4-dr truck pulled-out in front of me while cruising at 55mph. Broke arm, toe. Bruised, sore, but alive. Thank you Jesus, thank you Mazda.

Denis 3/6/13 6:08PM

I recently bought a 2013 mazda3 at sports mazda. the customer service was bad they even threaten me. if know what i know now i would have not ever in a million years think twice about buying a mazda.

hj 2/26/13 11:12PM

I have owned FOUR (4) Mazda's. My latest vehicle is a 2012, Mazda 3 - 5 door Grand Touring Skyactiv model. The window sticker boasted a combined city/highway 32 mpg, with highway mileage of 39 mpg. The salesman said I would see an average of 42 mpg highway. Since I have owned this car March 27,2012), the average mpg is 27.5 or less. I cannot tell you the disappointment in the mpg of this car. I also feel the navigation system is so small, it is unreadable and using it as a GPS system is very difficult and not user friendly to say the least. This is my LAST vehicle purchase from Mazda! UNHAPPY customers and deceitful advertising make for a poor image for Mazda. A very sad customer.

M.Gill 2/26/13 9:58AM

I have a 93 Mazda protege dx. I called the dealer And was told the recall for the automatic seatbelts was expired .. Although , I didn't think a SAFETY recall could expire . The dealer quoted me at over 1300 usd.. Which I know the automatic seatbelt assembly and disassembly take about two hours at most .. Let alone, just to do the driver side. I was treated like garbage , and I even went as far as talking to a friend who helped design the automatic seatbelts for Mazda in Japan and to his knowledge, that recall doesn't expire . For a dealer to quote me 1300 for something that costs maybe 200 bucks at most , is ridiculous, even with labor.. It should cost no where near that high .

Anonymous 1/31/13 7:43PM

I have a Madza 626 - 1995 - 4-cylinder enginer and I have 400425 miles on my car. I love my Madza. I have a photo of the dashboard when she rolled to 400000!

Geicho4 1/29/13 1:18PM

I'm extremely unhappy with my 2007 Mazda 6. I have had to have the car towed twice now. On one occasion the car simply would not start and I had to have it towed. The only issue was a blown fuse of some sort. During the next "meltdown" the heater stopped working and by the time I was almost to work, I had to pull k ER because white smoke was coming out of the engine. After taking it to Mazda to be looked it, it was determined that the coolant hose broke as well as the water pump. $600.00 later, I had been raped in the face by Mazda. I Hate this car and will never, ever by another Mazda in my life!!!!!!

Nbrandes 12/19/12 7:34PM

Do not buy Mazda !!! I bought a 2012 mazda 5 mini van. My test drive was 20 minutes long and everything was fine. After I bought it I went for a 1 hour drive and my back was killing me. The seats do not have a lumbar adjustment. Apparently Mazda is so arrogant they think they know what adjustment is good for everyone. They do not listen to their customers. Even the cheapest cars on the road have a lumbar adjustment. Now I have to trade this new car in for something else and I know I will lose lots of money. Thanks for nothing mazda. You suck !!!

sore back !!! 12/19/12 8:35AM

so i go to Wilkins Mazda in Elmhurst IL because my head light just went out and me and my husband go to get it fix and we finger while where there why not a tire rotation and half way though the tire rotation the come in to us and tell us that we broke one piece inside the head light (never touched my head light and as soon as it we went to them) was broke and the only way it could break is if someone one was in there well i wasn't so who could it have been? umm his service guy and while he just kept telling me it was me and he couldn't do anything abt it that it was 830$ and it the one piece that's not under warranty bc i broke it i never broke it. he was just very rude and not helpful hes name was john cuevas. i love mazda and thats why we got one never in the 2 years that we have had this car ever have a probable in till we go to this guy he customer service was just horrible he could explain anything all he keep saying is that someone was in there and someone must have done it in stead of helpping us.

smiceli 11/26/12 10:19AM

Hi, I own a Mazda CX7 2007 brought around 2 years ago. Back in June my car just died while driving on the highway lost all power. Being 81/2 months pregnant almost got taken out by a tracker trailer while trying to get to the breakdown line and then being stranded on the highway in a very bad spot was terrible. Apparently there was a known problem by Mazada they sent out a "Service Bulltin" that suggests if you have noice to maybe get it looked at but only people in a certain mileage. I never had any noises or any warning mine just died.Come to find out I needed a whole new engine 7,000.00 dollars later. Mazda refused to help me, lots of shadey reasoning and answers that you know are bull. I never would have brought a Mazda and never will again due to the customer service experience, and the fact I consider my experience to be very dangerous and this is still not yet a RECALL. Come on Mazda your car just shuts down while driving and you know that there is a problem and you won't help anyone out. Very, the WORST Customer Service I've ever had. I will also be looking more into this. This VVT problem has been around yet you don't fix it before engines blow....

Milo22 11/16/12 1:51PM

I have owned only Mazda's since 1975. Previously I have owned Mercedes, Saab, Gm's, Fords and Chryslers. I keep buying Mazda because my dealers are good and the cars are excellent. I never put less than 200,000 miles on them. My current vehicle, the Six, is the only car to give me difficulty...with excessive oil usage. But it is my favorite car of all time, even better than my GTO.

Anonymous 10/25/12 3:32PM

Boycott Mazda - They're quality is not acceptable and their customer service is criminal by blaming everyone else instead acknowledging all the issues wrong with their vehicles. I'm looking to get a class action lawsuit against them for knowingly selling lemons to consumers.

mazdacrap 10/23/12 6:53PM

Having never owned a Mazda before I was cautious to buy one 29 years old. But this B2000 with 160,000 on the clock just seemed to be in need of a good home. In my garage. So as i look it a used vehical I look for things not operating, high beams, brake lights,heater. The choke, alternator, clutch. Interior light,trip meter,door locks. Wipers, come on now something has to be inop. No, everything, every switch, every light worked as it should. Could the beast haul a little driveway gravel?? 1985 and 2035 pounds on two loads. Not bad for a 1/4 ton truck. And after 26 thousand more miles, I admit I did have to replace the alternator, battery, and wiper blades. All I can say is, What a great little beast. After a tune up and a tweek or two I get a solid 35mpg.(with abest of 42.67))Sure hope I can find another when this one wears out..

mmcarter17 10/16/12 10:44AM


Fmazda 10/15/12 5:44PM

I have just recently purchased a 2013 M3 i touring hatchback.
In attempting to replacing the rear license I discovered that behind the license two small rectangular holes exposing what appears to be white styrofoam. I returned to the dealer and was informed that all M3 hatchbacks( but not the sedans)come like that. The holes appear to accommodate some type clip to cover them.Is there? I can't believe that Mazda would consider these ugly holes in an otherwise beautiful car (the M3Hatchback) a finished product

Anonymous 10/3/12 11:35AM

Not impressed with Mazda. You've had known transaxle slippage in your 6's, yet you didn't recall them. There are several websites complaining about this issue. Why are you being dishonest and waiting for warranties to run out before the problem arises? My 2006 has major slippage issues and I'm told from an authorized tech that Mazda won't fix nor give the codes. I can't stand companies who screw their customers. I'll be writing, doing a TV segment and spending time at the dealer until its fixed on your dime. Shame on you for being shady!!

Anonymous 9/17/12 8:17AM

I purchased my Mazda in May 2002. I have 203,039 miles on my vehicle as of now. I wanted to let you know that I have been through trials and tribulations in my life time.But my mazda is still on the go. I work 2 jobs, a single parent of 1 son and 1 grandson. I take my grandson to daycare everyday and used to take my son to school too. I wanted to send you this email to let you know that I love my car. I am doing minor repairs, but nothing major. I call my mazda the blue moon. My car is 10 years old now and if I decide to get another car, IT WILL BE A MAZDA. I appreciate my car very much.

for you cuz 9/14/12 11:30AM

Just a comment on the new Miata (MX-5) that your working on (2013 Model year?). Since you're trying to get back to it's roots with a lighter, smaller form, it would be a great chance to bring back the retractable headlights. It was the favorite item on my '95, and in my opinion, their removal was the beginning of the end for sales. Just my 2 cents worth.


wyojackalope 9/1/12 11:26AM

hey watch ur back with univerisity Mazda in Seattle Washington. FYI u guys r paying 50% of a new engine for a vehicle whose engine got wrecked cuz the driver has the car lowered and ran over something causing the oil pan to crack and in turn blowing the engine. this customer has been turned down on a new engine twice before.

Anonymous 8/16/12 7:13PM

Hi. My name is Brian Gerardi and I have an idea to help improve safety and provide convenience for drivers. The idea is to put the turn signals on the steering wheel. A small arrow-shaped button on both sides of the wheel.

Anonymous 8/8/12 2:46PM

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