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Please find details for the McDonalds corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the McDonalds corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
McDonald's Corporation
1 Mcdonald's Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523
United States

Phone: 630-623-3000
Fax: 630-623-5004

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The store here in Mt Pleasant on North Jefferson,does not take pride in preparing their food.I got a southwest salad there tonight and it had so much hard lettuce in it what wasn't wrinkled up nasty tasting I couldn't eat it.I through it in the trash.I called and told them about it.their reply was Mam we don't make them salads all day they make them of a morning so its not fresh really,you charge over $6.00 for a salad thats not fresh.I think so of them needs an attitude adjustment as well...

Yo Momma 7/11/14 6:16PM

3443 so carrolton ave new Orleans every time I go there my order mess up the be using dope in the bathroom the store manger very rude and the store stay filth people always begging

Anonymous 5/29/14 4:11PM

Iam a employee of McDonald in new Orleans the service is bad because the store is bad from bad management if u haven't givennot one employee a raise in three years how can u expect them to be happy you took our vacation time from us and u hired a store manger who everyone know got fired for stealing u have all these bums hanging in the store in the daytime and terry Scott the owner see them in there and don't say nothing your wife come in there at lunch drunk all the time how can we work in that surrounding if u in new Orleans don't visit the store on carrolton ave u be sorry

sad store 4/29/14 5:55AM

Very sad store in new Orleans on carrolton ave.own by Scott management service is bad bum always in there begging the mangers are very rude the employee be smelling like weed I ask no drug test the worst McDonald I every seen I seen a store manger went to her car got a gun for a employee talk about the wild west

nobody 4/29/14 5:31AM

On Sunday April 20, 2014, I stopped at the McDonald located at around 7:45 p.m. and ordered an ice cream cone and two chocolate chip cookies. I waited at the counter thinking that I would receive my small request, instead of serving me the Hispanic cashier took the Hispanic male order of two meals and drinks, went and fixed his order and gave him his order. I addressed this poor customer service and stated since when do you have to wait too receive 2 cookies and a cone which was both located very near. I requested that I get a refund. The manager was contacted and he arrived and insulted me in Spanish, my daughter was with me and translated his statement of " She is doing all that for $2.15". Yes I requested a refund because since when do anyone have to wait for two cookies at the register and an ice cream cone ? The manager was a male Hispanic about mid twenties who opened the register and threw my money on the counter. I will not patronize this restaurant anymore. There was two black females working and several Hispanic female standing around doing nothing.

JBean 4/20/14 7:10PM

On Feb,28,14. Around 4:00 am i went to Speedway gas station and then Mcdonalds. At 04:28 i orderd,
2 Sausage Mcmuffin 2.00
2 Egg Mcmuffins 5.58
2 Sausage Burrito 2.00
1 2 hashbrown 1,50 = 3

Subtotal 11.08
Tax 1.00

Take out total 12.08
I paid with my Chase credit card. I then pulled forward and had another car in front of me. Waited for 6 minutes and was able to move forward. As i move forward i noticed an employ run to restroom. I waited for another 8 minutes and opened drive true window and yelled out " Hello , anyone here". No answer for a minute or two. Then a gental man on grill lean over and said i am trying. I am making sure i dont burn your food. I apologized. Its been around 14 minutes now no food. I sat back in car and waited. After more time has pasted i finally seen him putting food in bag. I recived the bag of food and headed home 2 blocks away. I get in side offer my girlfriend food and open bag only to find a human hair touching food. I sad i am sorry but this food is no good. I grab my iphone snd took a picture of hair place in a nice fasion on top of food.
I then contacted Mcdonalds and explain at this point give me my money back. This was aggreed and money was returned.
The next day comes and i get a text from an employ. "Friend" the next time there is a problem come to me and i will address my Boss. And he said he is sorry for what happened. Question. I think we know what happened. And why address an employ that was not at work at this time.

I am calling tomorrow. Not happy

Joker 3/2/14 6:26PM

Went to our Mc Donalds on Mount Juliet Tn. at 5:30 Sunday 2/23/2014. As I was entering the drive thru I notice the fish sandwich 2 for $4.oo so as I ordered and was told my total would be $7.19. When I arrived at the pay window I informed the cashier the amount was incorrect! I said but theres a huge banner hanging on the front of the store that reads 2 for $4.00! Oh she said that doesn't start until 2/24/2014, so I pulled my car around to read the sign and it read exactly as I read it the first time. That's when I went in to speak to a manager,and she was not at all apologetic about this and walked away!I worked retail for years and this was not the way we treated our customers.I have been a huge fan of McDonalds and had all my childrens birthday parties there,so very disappointing McDonalds!!

VR 2/23/14 5:58PM

I went through the drive through on january27 2014 at 3:22 am.

The fries i recieved were what seamed to be re-cooked . They were dark, hard and tasted


After spending $17.45, i was very disappointed.

Anonymous 1/27/14 5:19AM

I am an employee at a McDonalds in Akron, Ohio. I have been employed there since June 20,2013. The way the supervisors treat their employees is terrible. They talk to them like they are dirt under their feet. I worked in a job for 30 yrs and I'm retired and never in my career was I ever talked to like that. I believe that there is a right way to talk to people and believe in treating a person like I want to be treated. I feel that you get a lot more out of them in doing so.
Yesterday I worked a 6 hour shift and never was given a break. I worked from 7-1 in the afternoon and at 11:00 the manager came to me and asked me if I had my break yet. She then told me that my break was scheduled from 10-10:30, not knowing that we even had scheduled breaks. She told me that I had missed my break to keep working that I was putting a pretty good dent in what I was doing. (Doing dishes). I feel that if she was going to start scheduling breaks that it needed to be told to all employees so that they knew.
I am looking for something else and will be staying at McDonalds until I do find something then I will be quitting. Was going to put my notice in to quit on Monday but have decided against doing so at this time.

Very Dissatisfied Employee 10/12/13 10:53AM

Just wanted to voice my concerns of a situation that took place at McDonalds off Carrier Parkway in Grand Praire. Me and my kids went through McDonald's drive thru and purchased two milkshakes that had pieces of metal in them. I didn't recognize that it was metal until I had consumed most all of my shake. Thought it was just hard pieces of ice but it was coated metal that I found in the ice when it melted in my fingers. My young son on the other hand drink about half of his and complained of pieces of ice in his that were to hard and hurt his throat.
We turned around and went back to McDonald's and asked to see a Manager on 08/23/13. S/w Ms. Crew I showed her the pieces of metal that had settled in the bottom on the half frozen now Milkshake. Took small out wiped it on a napkin and she saw it and asked if she could take the cup back to show her manager. I told her yes, but make sure she bring my cup back because I wanted to keep it. She said ok and went in the back and stayed a good while. She came back out with an incident form. I asked her where was the milkshake she said she would get it after we completed the incident report. We completed the form and I asked her if I could have a copy of it. She went back int he back of the restaurant and came back with me a copy of the form. I asked her where was my milkshake she said it she threw it out. I asked her to go get it. She said it was not back there anymore. I told her it had to be you didn't leave the store so go get my milkshake that I paid for that you threw away. She just kept saying it's not back there. I asked her to go get whoever she was talking too so I can s/w them. Her manager came out and I told her the situation and after repeating it to them both Ms. Crew then goes back and brings me a empty cup back. I asked her what happen to the Milkshake that was in the cup that you said was not back there. She said it spilled out. I told her it could not have spilled out lid was still on it and now it's empty. I then asked her to fix me another one she then said I can't I unplugged the machine. Her manager looked at her as to why. Her manager then says she will refund my money. Ms. Crew never bothered to apologize for her wrong and I told her that she was wrong to do that considering she's someone that handles customers food on a daily basis. her manager refunded me the money and said sorry that happened but she thinks Ms. Crew was just nervous about the situation. She was wrong to not so compassion, lie about the where abouts of the cup, turning the milkshake machine off, throwing away my milkshake that I bought without my permission and then arguing with me in front of customers when I was right and never apologize or show concern. My son was terrified that he was going to die because he ate metal and thought his belly was going to bleed and his throat since they both were hurting him. He was terrified to go to the doctor and was crying uncontrollable until he almost had an asthma attack.

I took the two cups home and when it completed melted the bottom of the cups are both gray with small pieces of metal in them. So they were selling milkshakes to customers from this machine until I came in with a complaint.

Thank you,

Ms. Brown

Ms 9/4/13 7:12AM

I went today to McDonald's at Ayden. I went inside, than I had some Monopoly coupons' I also ordered from the $-menu, when I arrived home I missed 2 items. I called back and got Jessica (one of the supervisors) on the phone. She apologized and told me I get a free menu when I come back. I told her I need the food today, because my son needs to eat too. I went back and I was not happy, do I suppose to remind her at her promise... So I got the 2 missing items and a lukewarm I am sorry and I had to drive 6 extra miles to get the food I paid for. So do not offer things on the phone, if you do not deliver.... its not the first time I had to go back for my paid food, the last time I stopped going for 6 month, there are other options for me to buy food, if you do not want my business.

Anonymous 8/9/13 5:18PM

Went through the Drive- Thru last night at approx.1 A.M. girl working at the window was letting a group of 7 to 10 teenage boys place orders and get food like it was a walkup window. Had I not seen them standing there I could easily have ran one over. Also turned into a whole altercation because she would not ask these boys to move so we could pick up our food.

The employee was getting very hostile with me for some reason.

Disgusting customer service atBrooklyn #1096 store.I got shorted on our order by one cheeseburger

Anonymous 8/3/13 5:01PM

went to mcdonalds on glenwood avenue in raleigh, north carolina at 10:45 a.m.. in the middle of the parking lot and drive through was a food truck serving food out the back of the truck to employees. it blocked traffic and gives me the appearance the food inside is not good enough for employees why would i eat there. this is an extreme bad company appearance and should be dealt with.

Anonymous 7/27/13 5:48AM

Horrible service and Horrible Manager who just escalated the matter,i ordered the new Habernero quarter Pounder and they did not give me the second one that was suppose to be free when i asked for it the attendant told the manager and he told him i cant get it i have to drive back around after i was in that line already for a half hour,he then told the attendant to open the next window and leave me there waiting and shut the window on me
I am very upset about the service i received and am about to complain to as much people as i can until i get some kind of satisfaction or responce

jnl 6/21/13 12:17AM

I was in the Ellenville NY McDonalds tonight with my daughter. while we were waiting for our food that we were staying with a coworker was yelling at an employee named Earl telling him to stop talking to the customer at drive thru and listen, meanwhile Earl was adding a sale to the customers order. She was out of line. Then she handed me my order to go. She was obviously too busy to do her job properly. The employee at the window was so well natured that he said he was sorry. I wish I could tell you her name but she didn't even face me as she handed me my food.

jesaja 5/22/13 3:36PM

I have been employed with McDonald's part time for over 10 years
I also have a full-time job that has my time at McDonald's limited. I was recently hurt ar my full-time job and was taken out of work. When I took my doctors note to them, they acted like I was lying! How can I lie with a note! They ask for a note and I still get ridiculed. Then to make matters worse, the owner calls me and yells at me for not coming to work snd then tells me that I'm not that hurt! How dare they do this to me! There are a lot of things that go on in tgat that store and nothing is said, but when I do the right thing I'm treated like dirt! Very unhappy!

disgruntled employee 2/23/13 8:34AM

As a former emplyoee of Mcdonald's many yrs. ago, I find myself disgusted at what was once an oustanding business become a place which I will never frequent again.
Center, TX is the place in which this establishment is located.
After many previious dissappointing visits to this place, I have finally had my fill of this place. Although there are not many restaurants in this small town, I now refuse to go back there until some sort of improvements are made. Mainly the bat attitudes & lack of courtesy from the employees, shift managers included.
There is no urgency to get orders out. There are LOUD discussions going on amongst the employees. It seems to be a place of social gathering rather than a place of "business".
The only time that concern of customer satisfaction is considered is when the stoe manager (Melissa?) is there.
Once again, I once worked at the Center's Mcdonald's years ago when it was owned by Gary Hart, who knew what it meant to have a respectable business. And I know what should be expected of the employees to ensure speedy service & customer satisfaction. And the current group that is working there is far from what McDonald's should want as a representative.

NEVERAGAIN 2/7/13 1:16PM

I live in Charlotte North Carolina and as I read the comments on these pages, I can see it's no different in any other state. The people that work in the McDonald's here, just don't care. I don't care what time or which day it is, if I stop at McDonald's more times than not,I will only get half of what I order, or the order is wrong completely. Most of the time I only order 2 things! Gee whiz! They can't even get 2 things right. But McDonald's is hiring a younger generation who don't give a flip about anything. I only ask that I get what I pay for but that is usually not what happens.They did put some more friendly people here, but the service is still lousy. I have decided to just go to other places to eat. I suggest you check your bag every time you go to a fast food place anyway. Make sure you get what you asked for. The manager will say come back and we will make it good, but I don't want to go back and I don't want to go in.(That's why I go through the drive through). I wanted it to be right when I ordered it. To the lady who had the chicken nugget bitten into, I would NEVER make another trip to that McDonalds. Obviously there is a very immature person working there who thinks that kind of stuff is funny. IT's NOT!!

brave girl 1/22/13 8:39AM

I was astonished when I saw McDonald's most recent commercial which has two children who awake and are told there parents sometimes need alone time and then the parents walk in with McDonald's drinks in hand and then hide them behind there backs.

The commercial should of at least had the parents walk in with food for the kids.

This commercial shows that the kids are not the main focus in these parents life, ridiculous.

Anonymous 12/31/12 8:52AM

Hello, I am Mark Taylor from Lebanon TN. On Thanksgiving morning 2012, I went through the drive through at the 705 South Cumberland St. location and ordered 6 sausage and 6 steak biscuits - no cheese or egg (simple right?). We had a house full of guests and we decided upon McDonalds for breakfast. They asked me to drive forward and they would bring them out to me. After waiting 20 minutes, I went inside and picked them up myself. Had I wanted to go in, I wouldn't have gone through the drive through!! Upon returning home I found they bagged 6 sausage and 6 sausage / egg biscuits. I was charged over $18 for steak. Since I was miles away from McDonalds, we decided to go ahead and have breakfast. I called back and spoke to Nicole, the manager. She told me if I would return, she would give me the missing steak buscuits. I returned later in the morning and I spoke with Nicole and she did give me a sack containing the steak buscuits. Before I again drove away, I asked her to double check my order. Upon checking, she found only 5 steak buscuits - can you believe that!!!. She made the order right by adding another. The next time we decide to go for drive through breakfast, I will drive another 200 feet and go to Hardee's instead.

Anonymous 11/22/12 8:34AM

On September 15, 2012 I purchase some food from your store 31747.

A Happy meal was included in that purchase. When I open the Happy meal; to my shock; I found an open tartar or Ranch sauce and a bitten off chicken nugget.

I stared in disbelief and had my husband look at the meal and shown my husband. I took it back to the store and just so happen the manager waited on me. He simply apologized and gave me a coupon and another Happy meal! How does something of this nature happens; at a drive thru; in such a large franchise as McDonald's.

Furthermore; the Happy meal was for me. An adult and not my child this time. But, on September 17th I started getting chills and a sore throat. On September 19th I became ill with a very severe sore throat. I tried to heal myself; because I do not have health insurance at this time; by staying in bed, drinking liquids, taking Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen with Codeine, and Zyrtec D,and staying warm from chills. I was unable to work my commission job the following week because I lost my voice from my throat being too swollen, as well as not having any energy. I did not get better and my husband took me to a minute clinic on September 26th.

I had no sickness or came in contact with anyone ill. My question to you is it possible you have someone sick at this location; that handle my food order on September 19th? As we know; viruses and bacteria can be picked up from objects touched or transferred by an infected person; to the nose or mouth!

I have not reported your store; in this upscale part of North Carolina; to the Food Drug Administration yet, to give you the benefit of the doubt and to see how your corporate office will handled this claim.

You will find documents attached to this email to my claim. I will await a few days for your response via phone or email.

Unsatisfied Customer,

Mrs. Eloise Griffith

Now I understand why they do have an email address. I have to mail the pictures. And I still have not been contacted by the corporation even after submitting this complaint on their website.

egriff 10/3/12 1:03PM

Store 11682 maybe fast, but the food was cold and thrown together. I had to open it and put it on the bread where it should have been. The mustard was too much and the cheese was gross. COLD COLD COLD and nasty!! $4.75!! I will be eating @ sonic and Rallys!! I would rather wait and have a good burger, than eat at Mc Donalds any day. Did I say it was NASTY!!!!!!


My name is Johnny Patterson an associate at Walmart 5851 N W 177th Street
Miami, Fl and I want to file A complaint against One of your store managers
at Store #28901, her name is Erika.
On august 22nd 2012 I was ordering A sandwich and observed Erika cleaning
her nose while placing my order at ther front counter.
I asked was she going to wash her hands afterward and she swiftly walked away speaking spanish.
Since this ordeal Erika has been very hostile towards me when ever she's at work, for I still eat at this facility and I do not appreciate the hostility towards me
by your employee.Any worker should no better than to clean their nose at the
front counter.
Mr J. Patterson

Anonymous 8/26/12 9:13PM

I am writing to register a complaint about the store located at 19051 Telegragph Rd in Brownstown, MI. Without reservation, I can say that it is the worst McDonalds I have EVER encountered.
First of all, I live in a semi-rural area and this is the closest one. My brother is on disability and loves strawberry shakes, so whenever we're out, I stop to get one for him. It has been my experience that their shake machine is 'out of order' more often than not. Last week, the cone machine wasn't working.
The last straw was this morning. At 10:15 am, I stopped to get a strawberry shake and two sausage, egg and cheese biscuits - they were out of biscuits so I changed to Mcmuffins. I got to the pick-up window and 10:28 am (13 mins!) and my order was still not ready. I was asked to pull over to the side and that it would only take a few minutes because they were in the middle of changeover for lunch.
My order - two McMuffins - was finally brought out to the car at 10:37 am. - eight minutes short of a half-hour. Is this really your idea of fast food?
I really believe that these issues are attributable to inadequate/incompetent management and that something desperately needs to be addressed/rectified at this location.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Note: While I was waiting, I watched numerous vehicles just drive by the line and leave because it was so backed up

thejudith 8/15/12 8:35AM

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