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Meijer corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Meijer, Inc.
2929 Walker Ave. Nw
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
United States

Phone: 616-453-6711
Fax: 616-791-2572

Meijer Corporate Office Comments

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Meijer Store at 13 Mile & Little Mack. I have been shopping at that store for so many years & I can't tell you how many. The fact is that my wife & I were in there today Saturday 1-11-14 for quite a few things as always and trust me. I will never shop that store ever again. I thought the store was in rough shape at X/Mas do to the influx of a lot traffic and all, But come on. This particular day had to be the worse of the worse. I worked in this business for 45 years and I know what goes on around the holidays and before major storms and what not. To me this store is a disgrace. A lot of other customers were in total ahh as well. You need a new store director in that store.......

Anonymous 1/11/14 6:08PM

I work at the store in Niles, Il. I am physically I'll and threw up in the bathroom. Store manager said that counted as my break because I took too long making her do my job for 5 minutes

dcarrasq 1/10/14 2:04PM

My comment is regarding the greeters at your stores.
These older folks have to stand all day long as they greet your customers. Why can't you provide them with a stool?
I ask one of them and was told "if you can't stand all day, you lose your job". This seems quite unkind and unnecessary. Please review your policy.

Comet 10/4/13 8:08AM

The main issue is about the absence of discounted food at the end of the day. I've emailed you about this concern before. At about 7pm, my husband and I used to frequent Meijer to purchase the discounted chicken and deli items. Sadly this has stopped for some odd reason and all the left over food is now thrown out. I'm for certain we are all struggling to make ends meet for our families and many people, like me depended on that cost-reduced food. Even if it is not sold to customers, think like Panera Cares and donate that food to local organizations that feed hungry individuals. Please reconsider your decisions of what to do with the left over food.

M&M 6/24/13 8:44PM

I have been a long time buyer of Meijer bran flakes but your new package
with the product made in Poland is of very poor quality and taste like cardboard. Was the bottom line more important than your customers?
Shame on you !!!!!

DAVID BLIGHT 6/8/13 5:43PM

I shop at Meijer regularly. The store in Midland MI #108 cannot seem to keep their shelves stocked. They have been out of Real Lemon lemon juice for 2 weeks now. Seems they are forcing us to buy your brands. It is forcing me to shop at Wall Mart.

Anonymous 6/5/13 11:24AM

I have been a loyal customer, gas and grocery. Being retired we strived to use our Meijer credit card for every thing to get the rewards coupon. Because of a Sam's Club mistake, they put our purchase on their card instead of Meijer's card so we missed the last 20% reward. I am disapointed to find we were 25 points short of the 2000 points needed,even though I made purchases on the closing date. I have already spent over $650.00 at Meijers since then but I am considering not shopping there again after the unfair treatment.

Anonymous 5/30/13 3:32PM

I have been at Meijer in Rochester since 9/2011 (and worked there before from 11/88 to 6/96) . On 2/11/13, I saw a contracted floor maintenance company worker take something off a shelf (with me being the only one in the aisle with him and me having previous encounters with him) and walk into the back room with it so I reported it to a "new" night store manager. Well he didn't take proper procedure and report it to security instead he confronted the guy with me standing right there...(he yelled at him loudly "DID YOU JUST TAKE SOMETHING?"). Later that evening I passed the floor maintenance crew and the guy accused said something loudly in spanish and when I turned to look he was pointing at me to the other 2 people of the crew. Needless to say I will NOT go back to work there. I called my store director ( Mr LaRock) and told him the story and he said I had to take care of this through the new manager..I have tried and he has been rude and the last time I talked to him he said I would have to resign or something to free up his schedule of my hours OR wanted me to go to a store that was 20 miles from my home.

I have tried for a transfer to the Washington store which is right behind my home..when I went in to see the store director there (Dave Marsico) said he had no openings..then I saw they had a Job Fair on 3/5/ I called him this morning (3/7/13) to ask why I wasn't considered for any of the openings and he went off on me...telling me he didn't appreciate my inquisition and used my lack of availability for an excuse (In January of 2012 my hours were cut from 32-40 hours a week to 15 hours so I went and found a side job to make up the difference that is pretty flexible with hours except for Saturdays because I am self supporting) I have offered Wednesdays Thursdays I can't quit my other job because how am I to pay my bills when they decide to take my hours away again...I was PROMISED when I first started working there that I would get no less than 32 hours....yes this is the way your managers and store directors have been treating this employee..

I go in and I work hard .You can ask my managers Willie Baker or Robert Bennet at store 57...and I have tried to restore the camaraderie in that store where there are so many disgruntled employees back to the way it use to be where everyone worked together as a team..I always had a good attitude...and tried to restore team where's the respect for my loyalty to this company? I'm still not back to work...and now that they are all upset with me how am I going to be able to work at any of them after this?? They're rudeness over this whole matter is overwhelming..I feel I am being punished for doing the right thing...what happened to securing my safety??

I NEEDED that job...there's not a big market out there for 63 year old matter how hard they work....any suggestions???

Anonymous 3/7/13 10:55AM

I live in Jenison and I usually go to the Meijer gas station to get my gas. They have not had a sign with gas prices on it for like 4 months now. You guys are losing alot of busines because of that. I personally have been going elsewhere simply because I can't see any prices. Also, half the pumps are always out of service. What gives?

Anonymous 3/6/13 1:39PM

I live in Newark Ohio and just found out the our local Meijers store was closing. Many people in my community are upset by this decision. Our local Meijers store have saved my community many times as a result of major power outages and severe snow. They were the only ones open to help my community with supplies. Our local Meijer store is much more user friendly especially for the elderly in my community.I just feel that the people in our community were not considered.

Anonymous 2/28/13 4:56AM

Meijer in White Lake, MI has the worst setup I have ever seen. Its like working in high school all over again. Favortism to no end, the person setting up the shifts has her pets and is able to get away with it blows my mind its a terrible place to work. No one should be treated this way. I have complained numerous times about certain individuals (to no good nothing gets done) I have asked for transfer after transfer and her response I only will transer a select few and your not it POWER TRIP

Dont need it 2/20/13 5:34PM

I worked for Meijer for three months. I did everything to receive educational leave but my paper works gets "lost". This is ridiculous. No one told me that everything wasn't turned in. When it was. So now I'm jobless. Meijer needs to rethink their leadership at the store. Between the leadership and other employees you guys need to evaluate the staff seriously.

Anonymous 12/10/12 2:02PM

I have an alternative energy system that will last as long as the host structure and save hundreds of millions of dollars and cut carbon emissions in half. The "Solar Furnace" was tested at NASA and Certified. They (5,000) have been functioning in OH, IN and MI for 31 winters this winter. Compared to other forms of AE that have 10 to 15% efficiency and "5 year" warranties ours is 94% efficient. Engineering and test data is available upon request.

Manufactured in Michigan and installed by licensed MI contractors. Calculating nat gas + 3% inflation and maintenance for 30 years is what you will pay, plus carbon taxes. The number is staggering. We can cut that number in half...or perhaps more. Subject to our "free" engineered audit of a typical sructure and a written proposal. Further there is NO CAPITAL outlay and the Fed Energy Tax Act will pay the entire costs. I'm certain you know this tax opportunity is expiring. Timing is of the essence.

North American Solar Furnaces 11/14/12 9:56AM

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