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Net10 corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Net10 corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Net10 corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
NET10 Wireless, LLC

América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V
9700 Nw 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
United States

Phone: 305-640-2000
Fax: 305-640-2070

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For Sandy/Manager:
Today I was pleased to talk to an individual, Earl,through ""'s provided phone no/corporate address for Net10 (not provided at Net10's web site and I was told one time I called that there was no other number to call). He was extremely helpful though ultimately my situation was left for Sandy to resolve by calling me.I haven't heard from her yet, but hope to provide a follow-up to this msg with a positive result. Recently, I even provided a positive recommendation for TracFones that are purchased through QVC--I have another now that has minutes included.
The problem is that I have been charged monthly for $16.16 through my bank account for 1 year now, even though I cancelled the phone that was associated with my old account.I have been e-msging both Net10 and TracFone for at least 9 months now, but nothing is ever resolved.What I have been told is that I cannot receive more than 90 days/3 months of a refund which is not fair given that I cancelled the account a year ago. Again, I hope to talk to Sandy very soon so that this issue can be finally resolved. Thank you.

Barbara Rolph 8/15/14 4:43PM

I purchased a net10 phone, minutes to activate it, and found out that it cannot be used in my area. It was explained to me that I don't have a tower to get a good reception here. I contacted net10 and they said I needed a new sims card and one would be mailed to me and I should receive it by Monday. Monday I did not receive it so I called again. They again said I should be receiving it any time. Wednesday, I still didn't have it and called again. I was told that the sims card couldn't be changed in the phone I purchased. There was nothing they could do for me. My sister, whom I live with, and her boyfriend both have net10 and have wonderful reception, that is why I purchased it. I took the phone back where I bought it and they said all they could do was refund my money on the phone but not for the minutes I purchased. I asked if there was a way to upgrade so I would have a sims card for the price I paid for this one since I'd had so much trouble. They said net10 would have to do that. I called net10 again and they said I was pretty much out of luck for anything. They said to purchase another phone at my cost and they'd add the minutes on. Since I'm on a fixed income, I don't have the extra money this month to purchase another phone till next month. I am new to this area and don't know the phone providers so I took a chance with y'all. I know that you will do nothing, but I wanted you to know that I don't appreciate you selling phones in areas that can't be used, sell airtime that is useless, and not help in any way except to find ways to get more money. I am upset, and I don't mean to be a horrible person, I'm just hurt and I've tried for three weeks to get this phone fixed, meaning I am 100% frustrate. Thanks for letting me vent.

Septwind 8/15/14 9:45AM

Net10 cut my phone off while doing a number transfer and wasted my whole service by not sending me my Sim card that was pose to come in the mail but wantme to pay for service.

mia 8/12/14 3:12PM

I have been with Net10 for 3 years and recently has to upgrade my phone to get the apps I need for my business. Since I bought the $129.99 phone I only can use my data when I am connected to wifi which means my apps done work when I an at customers houses or somewhere that I can't hook into wifi. Talk about losing money in staff of making money. I have jumped through every hoop they have thrown at me. They refuse to send me a new phone or fix the problem. They say it's because I an on a TMobile network and need to be on an AT&T network.

Renice 8/9/14 12:05PM

I agree with everbody that says that this is BY FAR the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had to switch sim card numerous of times, in which I ended up going with out phone service for days EACH TIME. I am trying to put minutes on my phone right now at this moment in which I had to talk to to a rep who stated that I could not put minutes on my phone due to my phone being transferred to a different carrier. WHICH I DID NOT REQUEST. These people are so unprofessional!!!! EVEN THE SUPERVISORS!!!!! I would NOT!!!! Recommend this service to ANYONE!! Ur only adding more stress to your life doing so becasue dealing with this people is like dealing with small children who have no clue. THEY HAE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!! DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE....YOU WILL BE GREATLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

Melinda 8/4/14 7:12AM

If this company does not transfer my number along with my minutes and the amount of time I accumulated I WILL START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY. I will need everyone to contact me once I start this. If they can`t get Americans to handle our problems THEY NEED TO FAIL HERE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!

Lenny Marks 7/25/14 12:40PM

Absolutely the WORST service ever! People do not speak English. They they that is FUNNY! They laugh! The hang up! Can't reach corporate office in Miami.

Requesting someone in corporate office in Miami, AND WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH,

Anonymous 7/3/14 1:27PM

I purchased the international calling plan pckg for $65 and can't call internationally. I purchased this plan a month ago and I've spoken to 5 people at NET10. the last person , after talking to them for an hour, said he had it figured out and that I would be able to make calls to canada within a couple hours. Nope! I emailed NEt10 and told them I want a refund and was NOT calling again since I'm not getting anywhere with anyone at customer service. What did they email back? I need to call the 800 number. WTF! I am so frustrated. when I commented on their facebook page they said to chat with someone on NET10. i did that already without any help. So flippin' wrong. They took my money and I didn't get the service I paid for. My husband said they stole from us. Yes, they appear to be stealing from many people. Can we get someone to do a news story on this? Perhaps I need to call 20/20 or 60 minutes.

coffeedrinker 7/2/14 7:57PM

Yep, like the other comments have said, Net10 customer service is the worst on the planet. I had to spend over 100-minutes (spread out over 3 phone calls) trying to get them to fix charges and minutes on my account. (1) Customer service reps have such heavy accents everything has to be repeated several times. (2) Customer service reps are poorly trained and/or incompetent. Nearly everything they do the first time, has to be redone a second time by someone that is a little less incompetent. (3) Lousy computers. She constantly complained about how slow the computer was, and had to reboot THREE times. All the while she insisted that I had to remain on the phone because if I hung up, I'd have to start again from the beginning. (4) The love to burn up customer's minutes. Most the time they should handle these problems by e-mail or by calling the customer back when the issue is resolved. They do neither.

Nate 6/30/14 3:35PM

I've had net10 for almost 6 years. In that time I've had to have service restored, new phones, etc. I HATE THIS COMPANY!!!!. I am in no way racist, as I'm in a bi-racial relationship..however just once would I like to have a .cs rep that could clearly speak. ENGLISH!!!! . JUST last night I was on the phone with net10 for 366.70 min over their issue. I'm self phone is my pay, I've lost a week worth of pay and now they wAnt to send my phone back? Then they they'll send me a new pen. Are u kidding me. That's almost 2 weeks and now2000 gone. Screw this, I'm filing suit

.tk Hughes 6/24/14 7:40PM

this is the worst cell company!!! I have a net 10 phone and it ran out of time so I have spent the last week and a half trying to have it reactivated and my time put back on it. I have called the customer care line and was basically told that my phone didn't can my phone not exist.... so I called there corporate office and had my phone reset twice by corporates office and still cant get this issue resolved!!?? So I am waiting for a call back in 24-48 hours to retry to get my service back... what horrible customer service this is. The worst cell company and customer service I have ever used and will never use again.. Net10 wireless should go out of business and someone turns them into the BBB for what they are doing..

big dipper45 6/24/14 12:01PM

This is the second month in a row you people disconnected my phone after i paid my bill. Real convenient how you cant reach customer service once you have disconnected the phone. It tells me i have no air time and only has options to buy more. So if someone has already paid and you morons turn the phone off anyways it is impossible to get a hold of CS with your phone. Net10 is the sorriest phone company i have ever been with. Last month when you disconnected my phone you changed the number i had for over 10 years and it took me hours on the phone to correct. This time sense you idiots didn't apply my payment i can't even reach you all to fix it cause i don't have the air time i purchased. This will be the last month i will be with net10 and I will inform any and everyone i know how your stinking rotten company is. Seems to be common practice for wireless companies to screw people in any way they can. From what i have read of your other customer reviews this is common practice with NET10 as well. Bunch of thieves only out to fatten your own pockets. If i hadn't already paid for this month i would leave your sorry ass company right now.

Anonymous 6/10/14 8:20AM

I'm trying to get my data that i payed for yesterday from a customer service that told me if I payed 35.00 dollars I will get unlimited everything in it was a lie.they want me to payed more money in I shouldn't have to payed for that it was her fault so why should I payed for what she told me l trying to work this out with another customer service but no lucky there so I trying to talk with someone else that tell him what to do he didn't help me either so in not happy with this services so y'all want get anymore money from me anymore so thank you

Tkrazy 6/8/14 5:43PM

Absolutely agree with everyone here. I have had net ten for a couple months now. a phone for me and one for my son. Whenever I call customer service they say 'i'm looking into it. one more minute." a couple minutes pass and they repeat that line and then again and again. I added international calling plan to my phone a couple hours ago but can't make international calls. the first rep i talked to said that it's all set up and I should be able to call. she told me to use an 800 number instead of the 404 number that i was given when I signed up online for the plan. the 800 number didn't work either. i called back. that call got disconnected. i called back again. that rep said everything looked fine on my account, that i have international calling. i tried to call canada and again the automated system told me i have to have the international calling plan (which i have!!!!). so frustrated. so i'm out $65. they won't transfer that money to my other phone (my son's). so now what? i paid for international calling but don't get that service. Why isn't anyone at net10 reading these reviews and doing something about their crappy service?????

coffeedrinker 6/8/14 10:49AM

Net 10 is a ripe off I was trying to become a customer be can't get the help i need have spent the last 3days on the phone and online with their customer service dept.and nothing has been fixed been told that i will have to wait 24 to 36 hours for the issue to be fixed and still has not been fixed. One issue I can't get into my account and the other is can't get my phone to activate on my end.

bs6465 6/6/14 4:20PM

This is the worst company on earth! They have ripped me off and basically stolen my money. I paid for a phone and an airtime card nearly two weeks ago and haven't had service. The CSRs are programmed, extremely rude, insensitive, unknowledgeable and liars. Every rep has lied and been COMPLETELY clueless. I've literally been on the phone EVERYDAY with over 20 reps and they all lie and say different things. They've sent me sim card after sim card and even had me go out and buy a "Bring your own phone" kit only to be told that they can't use it and they would send me ANOTHER sim card. I just want my money back but I've been told flat out, by a rep that I'm not going to be refunded. My next step will be BBB or whomever I need to reach out to in order to shine light on this corruption

RippedOffRob 6/6/14 4:09PM

Steal money from peoples accounts causing them to overdraft and refuse to refund all payments to straighten out account and now one month of minutes cost me 327.00 and 55.13. Pathetic I am going to the Better Business Burrow and tell them what they are doing dont use this commpany. Run away they steal and lie and rob you run run run.

ashuatt 6/6/14 2:23PM

THIS COMPANY SHOULD GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a customer with this company going on over a year, and aside from today, I've never had a problem with adding minutes or resolving a problem, but as of today 06/05/2014!!!! I been on the phone going on over 3 days with this company, first call, I provided my phone number and air time card pin and was told that my services would be restored with 10 minutes and to turn my phone off and back on, make a call and if i should encounter any problems to call them back and the matter would be resolved quick, well my service wasn't restored in 10 minutes matter of fact, its now 3 days later and i still don't have service. But back to the incident, so i call the customer service agents back and was told that I lived in a area were they no longer offer service to! REALLY!!!!!! but to hold on because it could just be a computer glitch, i was given an ticket number and was told to call back in 24 hours and the matter should be resolved. 24 HOURS LATER, i call back and was told that the customer service agent that helped me on yesterday had put my phone minutes on someone else phone and there is nothing that i can do about it but purchase another UNLIMITED airtime pin card. So when i asked about how was i gonna get my money or minutes back they informed me that that was not gonna happen because they can't transfer minutes from one phone to another phone and the only thing that i will be able to do is just purchase another phone card. When i asked to be connected to a representative in the U.S they told me that ALL the agents was busy assisting other callers. I am really upset and disappointed in this company and their employees. I feel they should be boycotted and made to go out of business.

Highly Upset Customer 6/5/14 3:24PM

I just had the worst experience with trying to purchase airtime for my sons phone! It took over 30 minutes to make this purchase. The rep kept spelling things wrong, asked for my debit card number over 6 times. By the end of the call I had a major headache! I have referred a lot of people to this company and after this call, I'm going to sway them away from this mess of a company!

Anonymous 5/26/14 8:42PM

I had to call the corporate office to get my situation handled the corperate office handled the situation and got the minutes on my sons account in less then ten minutes.
I recommend if you need to accomplish anything that you just call the corporate office.

Anonymous 5/7/14 1:51PM

very very bad customer service. I was charged for my child's phone minutes they were not added to the phone I was then informed that I could not add minutes with a Montana number and a Texas address. they also informed me that I could not add minutes to his phone. it took two hours on the phone to get the minutes finally added. they re charged my account and told me there was nothing that could be done about the extra charge and to bad. I asked twelve different times to speak to some one in charge and was never transferred.

Anonymous 5/7/14 1:26PM

You are the absolute worst in customer care!! You have no business having a company at all. I have been out of service for 2 weeks with no help at all from your so called customer service reps. I've tried activating my new and was told I needed a new sim card. Why the hell does it take almost 2 weeks to get a new sim card???!!!! Just called back check what the issue was and was told that Fedex returned the package to them b/c there was no address listed...WOW!!! Can you guys be anymore STUPID?!!! I will be reporting you to the BBB. Not sure how far that will get me but at least having an actual reputable company listen to me is better than dealing with you

Summer 5/5/14 2:17PM

I have also experienced nothing but headaches from these supposed customer service people. All I wanted to do was transfer my number from a broken net 10 phone to a new one and these guys can't even handle that! They are rude, hard to understand and unprofessional! I am so frustrated and angry, I have been a loyal customer for several years and my husband and father also are customers because of me, we have spent so much money with them and cannot get reliable customer service, I will be calling and writing corporate immediately. I am shocked and appalled at the utter lack of competency in this company.

Sunshine 5/2/14 7:40PM

I am a new customer and everything I have read is what I have experienced. The reps are rude,not fluent in English or patience, short and incompetent. I am contacting headquarters asap! All this to activate a simple cell phone Ive never been so offended and frustrated in my life and I am a former Sprint customer. Even Sprint customer reps had better skills and manners.

CNJ77060 4/23/14 6:02PM

For all of you people that are really having problems w/Net 10, we called the Corporate Office in Miami, & spoke with Michelle. she rectified our situation w/in 10 minutes! We were on hold 55 minutes w/the customer service number AND GOT NO WHERE! Since we live in Florida, I looked up the Corporate Office & it is in Miami...PROBLEM RESOLVED!! Good Luck!

Anonymous 4/23/14 1:50PM

All we wanted to do was to exchange numbers from one NET10 phone to another and vice versa. It took four times to find out we had to change SIM cards, reenroll in payment plans, lose all of our minutes we paid for, and lose our numbers we have had for years. Customer service is available in name only - there isn't any. When we finally got through on a direct line for assistance, they stole 6,400 minutes we had already paid for, transferred one number but lost the other, and killed one of the phones! We will never use them again nor recommend them to anyone.

darzbox 4/21/14 11:56AM

I totally agree with markehrman. We should all look into filing a class action law suit against these people. I am also writing the CEO Frederick Pollak a letter today to tell him, not ask him, but tell him that I want my money back that was debited out of my bank account. I was charged $50 on 4-6-14 and after breaking my phone and being fed up with the non English speaking and extremely poor customer service,on 4-9-14 I switch to another carrier. I feel that I am due at least a prorated refund and I was told that all they could do is reactivate my old phone (which is broken) with a new number as if this is suppose to make up for them keeping the whole one month fee for only 3 days of service. I will also complain until they no longer exist.

Fancygirl 4/20/14 7:30PM

I've had terrible experiences with NET 10 after having been a customer for past ten years and attempting to upgrade to Android phone in my area was told that my area is not serviced by NET10. I'm out 60 bucks for a phone and for an activation card. I think the best course of action for all of us is to report this company to our respective state attorneys general offices for engaging in fraudulent business practices (selling phones and services that they knowingly do not support) and to investigate the possibility of filing a class action lawsuit against the corporation for damages. I'm composing my letter to my state attorney general's office today.

markehrman 4/17/14 1:29PM

I have been trying to activate a new phone under Net 10 and transfer my number,info etc..from approximately 6 P.M. on April 16,2014 until the present time on April 17,2014. ( it s now 11 a.m.) All I get is a taped message that says to try again in 15 minutes.
Really?? Must this go on for this long. When I did this years ago,I had no problem. I must have my phone and right now neither the old one or the new is active. Please correct this ASAP.

Anonymous 4/17/14 8:06AM

My daughter has been a net10 customer for over 3 years, they were never able to switch the name on the phone to hers, and now she bought a new phone, as they advertise to "bring your own phone" and it is not a net10, customer service told her they could not help her. These people do not understand english and if you have a problem that is not on their script, they have no idea how to help. I am sending a letter to the CEO Frederick Pollak. This company is a joke and I will continue to complain about them until they are out of business

Anonymous 4/9/14 6:56PM

From what I can read, besides my own complaint about them, Their customer service department is a terrible waste of time and money. Their suposed supervisors should not have their job. They really need to fire everyone in the customer service department and get some people in there who are trained to properly take care of customers because having a supervisor tell you that she doesn't care to help me because today is her last day is just a glimps of what their customer service department is like....

Nicole 3/28/14 9:42AM

I've never been treated so badly in my life. The customer service representatives are hateful and even the corporate office operator has an attitude. What is wrong with these people?

Nicole 3/28/14 9:17AM

Do not waste your time with net10 because their customer service is really, really bad .All companies that have started using other countries for their customer service have went to the bottom of the barrel and it shows .

Madder 3/16/14 5:01PM

On March 10 2014 I purchased a 25 dollar card to put on my daughter phone...I call service to add the money to the phone, he went behind my back and add it for 16 days of unlimited and by the 26 of march 2014 I need to purchased another 25 dollar card....I ask to speak with the manager and he hang up on me...I tried to call back 10 time and customer service block my call.....I am so Darn mad and upset that they are rejecting my calls...I need my money back!!!!! I will never use net 10 service again... you people is a bunch of rip people think I flicking pick up money to buy a phone the hell can u people a have those non speaking english people be a customer service representative and better yet block my number whenever I call!!!!!

Rachael 3/11/14 4:47AM

They said they ran my chase card and the bank has no record of this so called transaction as if they wouldnt know if my card was ran. Net 10 says that my card was declined when there is money in my account and now my phone is off and the customer service reps can not tell me what or when and match it up with what my bank says. To top this off they said I was on a family plan come to find out they put both of my phones on different accounts and Ive been paying more then what they had offered to me in the first place. Why are they cheating me and will they right this wrong?

jdenney097 3/10/14 9:10PM

how do you get phone number of real person

bob 3/8/14 8:25AM

Net 10 needs to close every customer service center in other parts of the world. I called got someone in South America, Net10 failed to send me an airtime card when they sent my new phone. When I contacted them the service rep could not add the airtime card, would not transfer me to the corporate office in Miami so I did a search on the Internet and found it and called them myself. In just a few moments my airtime card was added to my phone and all was done. NET10 PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARMENTS IN SOUTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

KELLYNESMITH3 2/21/14 7:09AM

I hate net10 nothing on my phone works I can't shut it off or use the dialer and no other services I have been calling them about this for 2 months I have owned my phone for 3 months February 20 1914 h.

Anonymous 2/20/14 11:28PM

I hate Net 10. Been a customer for years, NO MORE! I am leaving and do not want to hear the name: NET 10.
The service used to be great, with all the non-speaking English customer service, it is rotten. I will never, ever recommend Net-10 to anyone. In fact, I will tell them about your terrible service, how its gone from good to bad, now rotten.

Jose 2/15/14 8:26AM

Net 10 refuses to provide customer service to Deaf customers. We are denied access to tech support, basic customer service, assistance of any kind. Do not support bigotry. Do not support Net 10.

Fed up 2/12/14 11:44AM

I honestly can not believe you guys solicite your selves as a reputable phone company..i am CONSTANTLY losing my number in your system, the internet is terribly slow, NONE of the customer service representatives speaks English well enough to have a conversation with someone, let alone solve a technical problem. I realize it's a cheap phone service, but money is money. I was out a full month of service, due to lack of competency in your service, and the supervisors compensation was 4 DAYS of service put back on the account. What kind of business do you run? I was teaching your representatives how to do their job, and I'm 21 years old.

Unsatisfactory 2/2/14 1:47PM

I am very unsatisfied with net10, I bought my son a phone for christmas, by the 30th of december the phone screen locked up and will not show a menu to make calls or do anything. I called customer service and was told I would receive a replacement phone within 5 to 7 days. By January the 14th still no phone was received. I called customer service and was told replacement phone shipment was still pending. I called back today to check the status of this replacement phone and was told that shipment was no longer pending, that the replacement phone was not being sent, the ticket order was closed. When asked for details why or how this happend, no one had an answer and could not assist me. When I asked to speak to a supervisor was told that a supervisor was not available at this time! Now after repeating the same info several times, the replacement phone...I was told will be received within 5 tp 7 days. I will not recommend net10 phone services to anyone! Matter of fact I feel like they are a scam and need to either do better or close up shop. Not a good way to do business. I will not continue to be a customer. I just want my money back!

shayenaye 1/17/14 1:46PM

I have never had Net10 but was advised by a family that their service was really good. I attempted to use the BYOP program but for some reason my phone could not be connected. I tried to talk to so many people in customer service and was told several different thing. I requested my money back because I could not use the service and Ive been given the run around, disconnected on chat and no one from the corporate number will respond. I think that net 10 has the worse customer servicer ever!

Net 10 hot mess 1/13/14 7:39AM

Have had Net10 service since 2007. No problems until in the last few months. Moved from Tennessee to South Carolina and that's when my problems really began. Yesterday I spent over four hours either on line or on voice calls trying to get an overcharge corrected. To get to the problem last month I signed up for auto refil supposedly at a cost of $45 dollars. Yes, I understand that 911 charges and taxes would be added to that amount. No one would expect to pay over Fifty Six dollars for this service. When you call customer service you get some individual who cannot speak or understand the English language enough to have any semblance of a conversation. The people manning these phones and keep asking the same questions over and over and trying to tell you that they can help you. To sum this up it is pure BS, and if you don't know what that is let me be a little plainer. Net10 insisted that I remove! My concern is that that I was charged more than I had been paying when I called each month. I am considering forwarding my conversation I had online to the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the State of South Carolina. Since they have supposedly have been taxing me at my previous home address rate and paying them (?) to Tennessee. I believe this would be considered fraud. Maybe I can get a reply and from an English speaking person. I think that is at least deserved.

bd3232 1/9/14 11:48AM

these so call customer agents should learn english they are lousy agents they ,ve put me on hold transfer me to so called team players or supervisors bring the jobs back here to the united states I'LL bet we customers will get better service we need the jobs here not south america they can get there there own jobs themselves Ill never deal with net10 again

doc 1/7/14 12:25PM

I honestly hate the fact that I switched to this company. They have tellers who hardly speak properly. I notice that there is always a system shut down as there is currently at this moment. I can never receive good customer service and the manager by the name of Victor is fraudulence and gave false pretenses and still hung the phone up on me which is very disrespectful. I do not believe I will stay with them, its a get rich quick scheme of a company and they do not care about customers needs, even in times of emergencies

Unsatisfied 1/3/14 1:54PM

I purchased a net 10 phone through the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in April of 2012. The phone worked great until October of 2013. It keeps saying searching for service even though I am in the same location that the phone was shipped to. I called in numerous times and finally was told that I needed to purchase a new phone. Then I was told the zip code is not correct and there is no coverage. The zip code that is on the account is in northwest Iowa. I have never lived in northwest Iowa. Net 10 falsified my account with the zip code to get coverage (the coverage map also shows that the is coverage which is false) Net 10 gets my auto payment then my phone shows searching for service. I am still on hold after 30 minutes waiting to speak to a manager. HSN should investigate this rip off company and not be affiliated with it. I have referred several people to Net 10 and when people ask me now I tell them to look elsewhere. This is a short listing of the service reps that I have dealt with: 1/3/14 Easter 5 and countless others until I started asking for id numbers. Extremely disappointed with this company, and yet the get payment every month on time which is automatically deducted. Once again HSN and the Better Business Bureau needs to look into this after reading some of the complaints (false advertising, poor customer service) I wss told that I would be on hold for 3 minutes waiting for a Manager and its now been 45 minutes!!!

Anonymous 1/3/14 8:43AM

I got my Net10 about three months ago. The first time I had the store activate my phone. The next month I called in and gave them my credit card information over the phone.. Big MISTAKE. The following month I bought an air card.. On December the 18th their was a charge of 43.98 on my credit card. I called in spoke with a rep who had to transfer me to (Jelladel 44217) only to be told that there was several phones to connected to me and she hung up.. Never to call back. I called back again spoke with a rep who transferred me (Yolanda 59043) only to be told that they can not find my CC and that they can not refund me. Then she transferred me (Girlie 50688) only to argue the fact that I could not verify the other phone number attached to my cc. I finally told her that this is my cc and I did not care if I could not verify that it was their problem. I had to repeat the cc number several times before credit was issued supposedly. Still waiting for that to happen. I went through five people in order to get this far. I asked what are they going to do for my inconvenience and was told nothing. I asked again to speak with another manager only to hold on this line, with no check backs. The agent laid down the phone. I am a manager of a call center and this would not be allowed. Outside of poor customer service, call avoidance, just to name a few violations of good customer service. This type of customer service should not be tolerated. When you work for a company you should represent it not destroy it.

Michlelle71 12/22/13 1:07PM

I got a replacement phone from net ten.It took 8 different sim cards to make my phone work,with my correct phone number.The phone they gave me is all ready messed up.They told me now i need another replacement phone now.My phone keeps saying blocking code era. I speak to a supervisor who is very rude, and would not connect me to his supervisor. He told me me he was the only supervisor,i could not speak to anyone else.I have been a customer since 2007. The company is the worst it has been since i have been a customer.

eric 12/18/13 10:21AM

Net10 are you taking notes, about what your customers are saying. Every month I endure the same problem. I call net10 customer services pay with credit card the $50.00 unlimited plain get comformation number that they have process the require information and they still cut my phone off.Wanted to go on the plain that Net10 is to take the money out of my bank account every month, how can you trust a company to draft the money to pay your phone bill when the service rep don't know what they are during.What a drag if you paid your gas bill the day before the bill is due and the gas company cut your gas off the next day.Net10 you can do much better than what is given to those who pay for the service.Before you get a Net10 phone do your research the best thing to do is not to buy a Net10 phone. A word to remember this company has other phones on the market as well, check to see who own the phone company before you buy,it will save you the disappointment.

Disappointed Customer 12/13/13 11:22AM

Our family has been with net 10 for many yrs. I work for the Sheriffs Dept. in Tx. I bought a net 10 family plan unlimited for 4 lines. I paid 170.00 and only 1 of the 4 codes were activated. I spent 3 hrs on the phone at the store where I purchased the card with net 10, now the I will say the store manager was awesome, she hung in there with me to see if it would get corrected, Thank you Sherry. Now I am on day 4 with net 10 and lost track of how many hrs, but I guess I am out 130.00 for the other 3 lines. I get the run around big time from different dept. and NO ONE knows what they are doing. I was even accused of stealing the card not once but twice, I explained that 1 code was active on the card so it had to be scanned at the register for this to happen, RIGHT. well this is BULLLLLL.... so not only am I out the 130.00 now I am also a thief....lawsuit ring a bell. It may cost me money but now its based on principle and honesty. I keep reading these post and they must see they can't do this to honest people. Times are hard and no one needs to be cheated, well let me say it stolen from. Net 10 you need to get your morals back and be fair with your customers. Also your dept. need to come together and help the customers because going from one dept to another is like going to one country to another, no one knows what the other is doing.....

sherwarner 12/13/13 10:20AM

I think this service is horrible. I was told I could purchase an android phone and use any minute card. So I buy a 25 dollar minute card and of course it doesn't work because it needs a 50 card. Now the 25 dollar card is non refundable. Very upset. I lost 25 dollars and a new phone. What a scam.

Jay 12/8/13 5:34PM

I have loved my net10 phone since 2006! On November 8 Th I tried to add minuted to my phone that never came. I have tried for a total of five hours to get those minutes. I was told they we in reserve and they would the minutes to me in as little as 15 minutes. Well they didn't come so I kept calling and to this day 11-22-13 I have yet to get my minutes, that's $75.00 wasted.

Salisbury_28146 11/22/13 3:55PM

I was a satisfied Net10 customer for about 5 or 6 years before this October when my latst phone quit sending or receiveing sound. I was about 100 miles away from my home area watching my daughter's children during her emergency hospitalization. It was important that I have phone service, so I began my endless journey toward a solution. Calls to Net10 assured me:
1.My phone was now working. (not).
2.My phone would work in 24Hrs. (not).
3.Towers in that area were down but undergoing repair.
Phone would work in 24 Hrs. (not).
4.Returned to my home where I was told towers were down but
were undergoing repair. Phone wouuld work in....24Hrs.
5.Called several friends who use Net10. Their phones were
6.Marveled at the thought that Net10 must have given me a
designated tower, then tossed that idea out as being a
7.Continued my efforts to seek a resolution via Net 10
customer service-support, the Net 10 Forum,(which remains
an impenetrable maze to me),back to Net10 service-support,
where I spent approximately 50 hours repeating my phone #,
Serial #, name,address,Zip-code, Case#'s, ticket #'s,
reference#'s etc., endlessly. I had no way of knowing the
last all meant the same thing. I became unsure of ever
getting anywhere and nearly quit trying but I've always
been patient and perserverent. My patience was growing
thin but I kept at it and finally got to someone who ag-
greed to ship me a new phone I asked to keep my exist-
ing number and was told that would not be a problem. I
also asked for 400 minutes of air time as that was about
what was one my phone when it failed( I had used more
than half of that in the "restoration process"). Again,
no problem.
8.Phone arrived in 3 days via FedEx. I attempted to ac-
tivate it and was asked if I had an airtime card to in-
stall in my phone to complete the process. I nearly lost
it! I was not pleasant, but didn't become profane when I
explained that I wasn't about to go out and buy a card
when I had minutes/days on my account. The "Tech" put
200/30 on the phone,then asked me to make a call. If it
was successfull we were done! (not).
9.On activation, the phone had a new number. Not good! I
run a small business with the phone. Existing accounts,
as well as prospective clients, that I solicit thru fly-
ers, mailings,etc. would now be unable to reach me. All-
most as bad, when they try they'll get an out-of-service
message, creating distrust at the least and making all of
my printed material worthless.
10. At this point, my journey along the Net10 customer ser-
vice freeway gets sort of hazy. Not sure if this is due to
early onset dementia or the brain-numbing aspects of the
trip. I remember humbling myself, giving up, begging and
pleading, even apologizing at one point. When that didn't
work, I went back to persistance and demands. Everything
failed. I think I slipped a cog. I finally sent the phones
back in the mailing packet intended for the return of my
Defective one. I'm afraid my recent brush with the Dark
Side (Net10) left me a little forgetfull I didn't stamp
the package "Hand Cancel". Now I'm fearing it might suf-
fer damage in transit!
Here's the good news. I've found a new provider and it's half the cost of Net 10!!!!! I might even get to keep my old number so I may be able to use all my old flyers and stuff!

P.S. A last segment to the Saga. In the last two days FedEx has
dropped packages with SIM CARDS in them. They come without notice. Anyone have any practical uses for SIM CARDS/

Bulldog 10 11/12/13 6:27PM

i had over 7000 minutes stolen off my phone by net 10 when i was renewing my new minutes when i called i was told i only had a little over 1000 it took almost a week of fighting with the stupid people to even get that .they have trouble with english and HONESTy the company is thieves and will be reported to the attorney general of florida

grannysu 11/7/13 7:48AM

I have tried Net 10 since the 15th of September and have had to contact the resolution department since the phone I purchased quit working after the second week.I was extended service and had to purchase a new Galaxy Centura phone last week and it is worse than the first one.I have called and called to try to get someone to return my phone calls but they just call and are from the customer service department just doing a survey.I have to say that the best service I had was with Tracfone and I haven't had good service since.We live in the country and I get no reception out here with this Galaxy phone and I am not in a position to keep spending money for new phones when I can't use the prepaid service.I am ready to notify someone in the Federal Communications Corporation if Net 10 doesn't call me back today.I have called and sent them a text message and there response was call us to activate your phone.Duh!Where are these people and how do they run a business like this.?I am on a fixed income and am disabled and my health won't allow me to continue without a means of communication.Can someone help me PLEASE?

Cindyshort1959 11/5/13 11:53AM

I was pleased with my Net 10 service until this month.
After 2 reboots on my phone to fix it. It did the same thing for the third time. So, I decided to use another
phone. After talking with someone, they said it would be fine, but I needed to buy minutes on the phone that wasn't working, and to get a sim card for the other phone.
I did. They had to send me a sim card, which was the wrong one twice. The third time it was right, then I was told they needed the sim card from my old phone an Android. I never had a sim card in it! So, I'm about to lose my minutes for this month that I never got to use.It cost $50.00, which was basically thrown away!

Poppy 10/30/13 11:31AM

We had a outage in Texas due to ATT, they fixed it after 4 or 5 days and
it worked for 3 days and now it is out again. Verizon is much more
dependable, this outage is getting too regular for my satisfaction.
Net 10 has always been dependable and the service is going downhill.

disappointed in Texas 10/28/13 5:31PM

It is going on 4 days now without service on my Net 10 phone due to
what the customer service reps claim is a outage of AT&T network system.
They said they was told by AT&T to not turn in a ticket on the outage, makes
no sense to me. Veizon has the most coverage and most dependable in
my part of the state. I hope the corporate people read this e-mail and if
they loose enough business they will tell AT&T to provide better service or
loose their business to Verizon. The language barrier is also another area
that needs improvement, the people in other countries have a hard time
understanding us and we can't understand them. I finally found a number
for the corporate office and the lady there was very nice. I understand you
own straight talk and wonder if it is any better?

disappointed in Texas 10/25/13 5:13AM

I am 61 years and this is the worst service i have encountered in my life. I

have been a customer of Net 10 for 6 years and very disappointed with

Ronnie in customer service. I haven't had service in 4 days and i keep

getting the runaround to check back in 24 hours. I told Ronnie this morning there was a network outage in my area and asked if she would check to see

if it was restored. I prepaid for service and at least they could be honest

on my downtime. The customer service lady Ronnie or Rhonda also said

i might not be reimbursed for the days without service. At this point i don't

know if the savings are worth the extra headaches dealing with these

people. If you loose enough customers you will put a stop to this kind

of service. ticket

disappointed in Texas 10/24/13 9:29AM

My husband and I have had our Net 10 phones for over 5 years.
The coverage is great and the plans are great for people like us that use them less.
The PROBLEM is the customer service, you rarely get a Rep who understands the English language fluently, and the training is poor. Some of the reps are great ,but you rarely get to talk to the well trained.
This is the second time we have bought new phones, we are just now getting out of the flip phones.
The time before when we bought new phones we could not keep our numbers and the Rep did not add our old minutes and days to the phones, and would not send us to someone who could so, we lost our minutes we had already paid for.
This week when the new phones arrived ,the Rep could not switch the number to the new phone and lost my 5,130 minutes. It took a few days but, my husband was finally transferred to a wonderful gentleman who knew exactly what he was doing, and after 1and 1/2 hours they had mine working great.
My husband needed a new sim card for his phone it arrived today 10-22-2012. The person working with him managed to loose his 8,551 minutes and his old number. She said this could not be fixed and he now has 2 working phones and lost his 8,551 minutes.
The lady my husband was working with refused to send him to someone else and said it was impossible to retrieve his minutes, which is not true because all of the above was done for my phone. My husband lost his money he paid for the minutes because it can't be refunded ,but he can't use the either. The problem with Net10 is not the phones or the service, The problem is untrained people!
I would not be on this site if the rep had transferred him to someone who could help him and who could retrieve the minutes he paid for.
We don't want to change service, want to keep what we paid for and speak to people who can really help.

Frustrated in Tennessee 10/22/13 4:42PM

I am on social security and did switch my service back In august 2013. Due to net ten tech.'s . Anyways found out Net Ten has been deleting my U.S. Government S,S. card at for the last 2 yes two months @ 49.70 per month with equals to $ 99.40= money I don't have. So Net Ten You own ME $99.40 plus bringing on numerous aniexty attacks Due On their End. Beware of Net dipping into YOUR savings.

Harold 10/22/13 12:09PM

Dear Mr. Cox

I am a net10 customer and want to offer feedback on the service I have received. I upgraded my phone to "bring your own phone" unlimited service, it is a great deal. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my micro SIM card. I have spent hours in phone waiting the extremely slow computer system your employees are using or it is possible that the customer service representatives just do not know what they are doing. I have been sent two regular SIM cards so far, they do not fit into micro SIM card slot and the third attempt resulted in no shipment whatsoever. Right now I am listening to music in net10 line once more. I am completely speechless with this service, it cannot really call it service, I feel like I am in candid camera.

I was advertising net10 to my friends and family but now I am telling them to stay away from net10 at all cost. I cannot believe this is accidental poor service but some sort of bizarre customer service strategy where you try to wear out unhappy customers. My next step is to figure out other company that offers bring your own phone deals. Respectfully,

Kari Terho

Kari 10/19/13 12:17PM

So i called to get mu number changed from a regular net 10 phone to my Iphone... WELLLLL where do I start...The lady that was suppose to do the transfering refrained from telling me that i would need a 50 unlimited plan before i could transfer my number so she canceled my sim card on the net 10 phone BEFORE telling me about the need for the unlimited plan and so no not only am i not able to go online to purchase the unlimited plan I have to go to the store to buy a card... The only problem with this is i work at a hospital NO WHERE NEAR a retailer for the cards but I am stuck here 12hrs without a phone... no service no nothin... so she transfers me to her superviser TOM who has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE skills what so ever... instead of appologizing for the situation he makes me aware that Its MY FAULT.... really dude... are you serious... you have got to be kidding me right... WOW.. so needless to say when this month is over I WILL NO LONGER BE A NET10 customer... Thanks but no thanks... Sincerly HAVE A NICE DAY.

MAD BLACK WOMAN 10/10/13 6:30AM

If Service Were Dynamite, Then Ya'll Wouldn't Have Enough To Blow Your Much Trouble Does It Really Take To Put Sevice On To A Previously Used Net 10 Phone....

(team Of Monkeys Working Around The Clock?)

Feel Free To Email Me When You Get A Clue.....

Anonymous 10/9/13 5:08PM

I have been with Net10 for several years. approximately 4 months ago I purchased a new Huawei Ascend M865C. they told me I'd have no problems transferring the number over. Took several days and several phone calls. Finally it transfer over. YAY! shortly thereafter my phone starts acting funky. I've had to factory reset it 4 times now - losing all of my conversations and apps. I have currently been without service for 3 days. THEY say it is because of the towers. They are not provisioning the phone right. My options? simply to wait. No ETA. I asked them about switching out phones since this one hasn't worked right since I got it. They said they only swap out defective phones, this issue is with the tower and not the phone so they will not do anything to help me get connected again.
He told me my options are to wait an undetermined amount of time or buy a new phone. When I asked him if he had as many issues with the phones and service as I have had would he pay the company more money for a different phone or would he pay a different company money for a new phone. He said that was personal information that he was not allowed to release. sounds to me like the 'customer service MANAGERS' are not sold on their own product. Moving over to Cricket - who's with me?

Done 10/3/13 2:22PM

The worst customer services this people dont know what customer service means

Miguel 10/3/13 4:56AM

Ugh!! I am not happy at all. Custumer service needs lots of help. Every 2 days they sent me a new sim card trying to get it right and still no working phone. Three new SIM cards later and they still cant transfer my number and I am going days without a phone. My old provider turned my phone off because they already relesed my number to net10. Can't someone get it right?!? Guess I should go elsewhere for service and a phone.

cfgjm 10/1/13 3:23PM

I have been a Net10 customer for 7 years. Have been mostly happy with service until now. Website booted me out this morning as I was completing transaction. Waited a few minutes and tried again. It not only added those minutes but the previous transaction as well. Called customer service to get refund which put me on hold for 10 of my precious minutes. The system then hung up on me. After several attempts to call in and getting disconnected (more minutes) I finally got through. This time I waited for 15 minutes. As the gal was making excuses for the poor customer service while telling me they would refund my money the system disconnected again. Surely this company is making enough money off of us poor people to provide better trained more willing to help employees! I have worked in the customer service industry for over 30 years and these people suck at it!

dzwick 10/1/13 11:22AM

My wife and I each have NET-10 phones. Yesterday we went into the local RadioShack for have minutes as we do every 2 months. We usually get 300 minutes for 2 months at a cost of $30. Yesterday the salesperson in RadioShack told us a better deal was 750 for 2 months for $25 and added the 750 to each phone. When the phones were returned to us I noted the carryover minutes were deleted and the new minutes were for 30 days not 60 days. The salesperson called NET-10 and got the run around. He was told we could no longer carryover our unused minutes. I had 899 carryover minutes on my phone and 3085 on my wife's phone. The arrangement we had allowed us to carry over unused minutes.
The total cost of the unused 3085 is $300 and the total cost of the unused 899 is $90. This means Net-10 is fleecing us for $390. I will go to the Department of Consumer Protection with this complaint and the Attorney General for the state of Florida, the location of the corporate offices.

Anonymous 9/24/13 5:26PM

Originally things with NET10 went ok. Good coverage and reasonable price. I paid on the internet every month...not the easiest thing to do at time. Then I went to auto pay just to avoid the monthly heartburn. Last month they didn't take the payment out of my bank account...I was in the hospital and didn't know. They shut off my phone and it took 5 hours, yes 5, and three days to get my old phone number back. So, I went to monthly pay again and when I did this past week it took 3days before it hit my bank account and they double charged me. M phone still says that I have no time left and I presume that they will shut me down again despite the fact that they double charged. I am going to have to see if I can switch my number to a different matter what I do NET10 manages to screw me over. Oh, and forget about trying to contact them and if you do pray you get someone who speaks English.

Mary 9/13/13 11:05AM

I have always purchase an UNLIMITED talk, text and data. My email stopped working on mu net 10 phone.It said my password was incorrect so I tried it a few times, and got a reset password message, that didn't work After days of being told I needed to troubleshoot my phone, I drove to another city where this computer is to do that. After trying to fix email password myself and was unable, I hired Microsoft tech, cost $99.99 to repair my email. Then my email still on phone no good, said password not working. Your techs said my UNLIMITED was limited and email and internet has stopped. I asked for a manager who tried to help but couldn't my sd card broke in the meantime and now she said my phone is broken as well. This is a mess and I have lost business not accessing emails. I Paid for unlimited, now Net 10 has made a big mess and cost me over $99 for email repair and now my phone not working. plus days of coming to town to try to fix.

[email protected] 9/11/13 1:36PM

An assertion or manifestation by words or conduct that is not in accord with the facts.

Misrepresentation is a tort, or a civil wrong. This means that a misrepresentation can create civil liability if it results in a pecuniary loss. For example, assume that a real estate speculator owns swampland but advertises it as valuable commercially zoned land. This is a misrepresentation. If someone buys the land relying on the speculator's statement that it is commercially valuable, the buyer may sue the speculator for monetary losses resulting from the purchase.

To create liability for the maker of the statement, a misrepresentation must be relied on by the listener or reader. Also, the speaker must know that the listener is relying on the factual correctness of the statement. Finally, the listener's reliance on the statement must have been reasonable and justified, and the misrepresentation must have resulted in a pecuniary loss to the listener.

A misrepresentation need not be intentionally false to create liability. A statement made with conscious ignorance or a reckless disregard for the truth can create liability. Nondisclosure of material or important facts by a fiduciary or an expert, such as a doctor, lawyer, or accountant, can result in liability. If the speaker is engaged in the business of selling products, any statement, no matter how innocent, may create liability if the statement concerns the character or quality of a product and the statement is not true. In such a case, the statement must be one of fact. This does not include so-called puffing, or the glowing opinions of a seller in the course of a sales pitch (such statements as "you'll love this car," or "it's a great deal").

A misrepresentation in a contract can give a party the right to rescind the contract. A Rescission of a contract returns the parties to the positions they held before the contract was made. A party can rescind a contract for misrepresentation only if the statement was material, or critical, to the agreement.
Saw ad Called and talked to a Net10 representative he took my order for the Huawaii Ascend II (refurbished)for $29.99 with free overnight shipping. Ad says 99.6% nation wide coverage. I already have a Net10 cell phone which my area covers. I have had service over 4 years with Net10 and bought the new phone as a replacement.
The representative, I spoke with took my order and I paid with a debit card. The ad said free overnight shipping. It took 3 days. After receiving the phone I went to transfer my phone number to the new phone only to be told that the new phone or android would not work in my area. I spent 2 hours on the phone and 5 reps. only to be told to ship back the phone. My complaint is their ad is misrepresenting. They sold me a phone, took my money, never said the phone wouldn't work in my area, and if I want a phone compatible with the one they sent I'll have to pay more, plus I will have to send back the phone I ordered and pay shipping. Talked with Al (login 50008)at corporate office. He's going to ship me an address label so I won't have to pay shipping back. WOW!!!!


Biggest bunch of crooks! don't transfer your phone over with these people, I try'd and it didn't work, so I went with another carrier, but what's this Net10 charged my Bank acct 2X!!! yeah and just moments ago they are nice enough to give me a refund for only 1 of them! Yeah I did mention that they are crooks right?

mad ass hell 9/10/13 11:51AM

Net 10 is the most terrible phone company it is. When Net10 began it was great. Now that it has alot of customer their service is crappy. I called to reactivate my phone bc it turned off at midnight and the operators stated they could not reactivate my phone due to my sims card had expired. How? My phone was just on. So she stated it would be 7-10 days. This is my only way of communication. I have three asthmatic kids and this is how I am notified. What made the matter even worst was the operators Morel 50661 id and Maria ID 57343. Their attitudes was the worst I have every seen in Customer Service History. Net 10 you are losing a lot of customers you need to get it together and make things good for your customers. Don't turn out like Boost Mobile. It better to make a couple of customers happy than to lose 1million customer.

Not Happy 9/5/13 8:33PM

Net10 sucks!I have had a horrible experience with Net10. As soon as I can I will be leaving them. I called to have a phone activated and the csr activated it in the wrong zip code therefore I could not get a local number. They said they needed to send a new sim card. I waited 10 days and nothing so I called. They had no order for a sim card, so they said they would send one right away. 6 more days later I still had no card. Called again and again there was no order for one. Here I am calling for the 3rd time and all they can do is send another one. How do I know I am even gonna get it this time! The is completely unacceptable!

Hating Net10 8/24/13 1:47PM

i called net10 to buy unlimited airtime. i tell the csr that actually spoke english i do not want auto deduct i want one tme payment. the csr rep takes my card number and does exactly what i did not want! i dont want anyone doing auto deduct from anywhere i try to ask her why she did that when i specified twice before giving info that wanted 1x payment. i felt like the lady screwed me and literally did not care what my request was. i had to spell my name 3 times and the person still was spelling wrong i was agitated and told that rep enough i will hang up and hope to speak to someone that understands english names. very upset because i asked about my card info the rep says i dont see anything saved u wanna make payment? then again put back through auto system! i hang up and get another rep who states info was saved but the amount the first and last rep was two diff amounts. never been so irked with net10.... feel like being done with this company!!!!

frustrated customer 8/21/13 4:51PM

Net ten needs to be sued ...First,false advertising.The phones in the store are labeled Verizon.Wrong, there att. Which supports not my area. So,then when you call omg...I asked for someone that speaks English...Well, I'm in Georgia, and he kept saying Norway!!!.45 minute s to add air time,,,ive tried to explain the phone service and that was another three hours.I just gave up.

j 8/17/13 10:39AM

I have a phone card for 30 days 750 minutes with UNLIMITED CARRYOVER of days and minutes. Your representatives are not honoring the CARRYOVER - this is fraud. I have offered to email both my old and new cards to your company so you can verify what is written clearly on the card. No one seems to want to see the card, all your reps keep saying is the card should not have been sold. This is NOT my problem. It is our problem with your vendor.

BULLSH*T 8/12/13 4:50PM

I am on phone right now trying to add phone and go to the family plan. I have been on the phone for 5 hours trying to make sense of what CS is telling me.
I tried to add phone yesterday then called today and they said can not add phone to my account unless it was activated.
After 2 hours, I hung up and did the damn thing myself in less than 10 minutes online.
Then another 3 hours trying to get the family plan.
WAKE UP NET10..................

pisssedinnashville 8/5/13 8:28PM

I looked over unlimited plans and decided to take my family to Net10. I bought my son a phone and the first month card. I went online and enrolled in auto pay so I would get the $5 discount and received a confirmation email. When the first month ended his phone was deactivated and while the service center admitted it was their system that failed the only answer I got was to buy a new 30 day card at full price. I corresponded with them via email and found that they refused to correct the issue and that they would not unlock the phone I bought my son. So now we will move to another plan and I am out a considerable amount of money.

legpt 7/19/13 9:29AM

no doubt Net10 customer service needs an overhaul. we have 4 phones in the household and over the past few years each of us have spent hours on the phones with customer service. we've had phones not working for days and the apologies from customer service don't seem sincere. never have we been able to get back lot minutes or anything even at a reduced rate.

I guess to put it plan and simple if it were not for the lower cost of Net10 I'd be back with our old large phone company.

I am now in the process of trying to get my call records. I sent out all of the requited paperwork on July 2nd and yesterday after another 30 minutes on the phone found out that Net10 gave me the wrong address to mail my documents to.

once my sons are out of college and working and get their own phones I'll be switching companies. this company is horrible to the point that the government needs to get involved because net10 just does not care

if you can afford it go with a large service provider with a name that starts with the letter V.

Mike 7/19/13 4:12AM

my husband and i have been net10 customers for several years w/o any problems. recently we decided to purchase another phone, omg, the phone we bought broke ...the charger plug popped out. no warranty, replaced the phone... no problem , again omg, since that day ive been told the phone was defective sent it back after getting new sim for the first phone and then having it replaced. then the replacement phone needed to have my old number on it, easy right? no their automated service tried to change the number to a completely different number and by the time i got live operator i needed new sim card, of course. so i wait another week, losing service days along the way. new sim doesnt come for 16 days so i call back, the rep never sent it out, i am now again waiting for a sim card. now all of this may sound like power for the cousre but not when you take into consideration 5 separate calls regarding 1 phone now 6 calls all from my spouses net10 phone burning up his minsto a grand total of 14 1/2 hours on hold being asked the same questions over and over and over, waiting in complete silence for up to 15 mins at a time while they check their system, not one from the states, all sound like theyve got a mouth full of marbles and i am still unable to use my phone...dont even have a phone number at all now. im contacting the corporate office in florida and this will be resolved and i will be compensated or i will be back for a follow up on this site as well as discouraging people via facebook and twitter not to waste their money and time on net10. guess we will see soon enough. L. OBrien Iowa 7-16-2013

lobrien 7/16/13 11:27AM

I have been a customer for over 8 yrs. My phone began to take minutes off of my phone w/o me even using it family members and I watched it decrease steadily until there were no minutes and no service days. I called the headquarters stayed on the phone for 30mins. no response. I called back that same night stayed on the phone with someone for 1hr and 30mins. as she kept telling me to hold for 2mins. while she tried to get the technical dept. Finally they gave me back 300 mins. I thought the problem was resolved. The phone started to act up the very next morning. So I called back again the first associate told me it was the phone and it wasn't under warranty and there was nothing he could do but switch the phone. I told him I'm not worried about the phone I'm worried about my mins. running out on my 7yr olds birthday and I couldn't give directions to people coming to his party because the mins. we falling off fast with each call. I told him I would be satisfied if they would at least give me unlimited mins. so that I would not miss any calls. I was told that was not going to happen. So I then asked to speak to someone over him he put me on the phone with a Joanne who proceeded to tell me she could only give me 200 mins. which just doing all of the code entry mode screens took off 50mins. each time. I told her let me speak to her mgr. Mr. Marvin told me he would only give me 60 mins. At this point from being on the phone for another hr and 30 mins.,I was extremely upset with the fact that YOUR network and phone was defective but yet I was being given the cold shoulder and told it was my problem to fix by going to buy a new phone. I was a strong advocate for Net10 told all family and friends you guys were great. This experience that would have been resolved with a $50 unlimited installation of mins. onto my phone has turned into a fierce hate and aggressive search for a new cell phone company. I will extend my distrust and dislike of this company to EVERYONE I have lured to this horrible company. Net10 does not take in account that I have been with you all and spending anywhere from 2400-4800 dollars with your company, and that accommodating a long time customer with assurance that no phone call would be missed on an important family event. This one time $50 expense would have shown me that you stand by your products. But yet it has definitely proven to me that my money is not important to Net10. Happily saying goodbye to Net10,and hello to a more customer friendly wireless family.
-Rachel Hill

Rachel Hill 7/15/13 5:50PM

I have been a customer for net 10 several years. I bought airtime and added it to my phone, it always goes to reserve. This time it wiped out
12 days of service and over 600 minutes. I called net 10 and got a service
center in Beleize, they couldnt find my cell number and i had to tell them
3 times what the serial number was. Very poor service, it is real apparent
they dont care. Will look for another provider, i am too old to put up
with this kind of service.

CWC 7/14/13 6:49PM

This is in concerning with my phone internet not working for over 5 days. called in was routed over 6 times, finally Glenn the Supervisor of Technical Dept assured me that he will contact me n that he will take care of issue i have i provide him my home # as well as my cell # never heard from him nor my phone internet is still not working. each time i pay my bill or have on prepaid enrollment something gets shut down on my phone.

It has been very frustrated for me to get one Tech to help me. today alone only ive been on the phone for over hour n half n been routed over 11 times no one is able to help me but to put me on hold. even ur Tech couldn't get the supervisor on the line. still on hold.

unacceptable service should be comp for my time and 5 days of no internet service. or refund my full money

Anonymous 7/12/13 4:38PM

This Company Is Full My Phone Got Stolen And I Turned It Off Net 10 Reps Allowed It To Be Turned On Not Once But Twice By The Person Who Stole It. Its Been One Month And No Phone Although I Got Another One And Purchased A Sim Card To Bring Your Phone Over. The Reps Lie About Who You Are Talking To . I Am All For These People Having A Class Action Law Suit The Are The Worst. Cynthia/weekleen

cynthia 7/10/13 2:54PM

STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I am filing suit for breach of contract. I will be asking the courts to certify as class action. This thing with not restoring our data after taking our money is down right THEFT! I have read horror stories of people waiting 2 months and no service, yet they continue to take your money.

ctibby 7/9/13 1:53PM

This is the most screwed up company I have ever seen. No body knows ANYTHING there. The unlimited plan is a lie. They said I used 50,000 minutes in 14 days and if you do the math that is not even possible. Net 10 steals from you and then does not have a valid reason for doing it and yet somehow they get away with it. Customer service can never help you and you get the run around from eveyone including managment. Customer service is a joke and not a very funny one. They do not have the knowledge to operate their own computers let alone the phones they sell. If you are looking for a cell phone company keep looking do not get Net 10 unless you want to spend all your time on the phone talking to idiots that have no clue how to help you. At the end of evey conversation they say is there anything else I can help you with and I always have to say when are you gonna help me at all? Thinking about getting a lawyer to take a look at this company. Join my facebook page for un-happy net 10 customers and feel free to leave your comments.

Sherri 7/8/13 11:32AM

I have been with net 10 for some years know. last month their was an issue with my service and my phone was deactivated due to a glitch with the att network, when I called I was told that their was something wrong with my settings on my phone. I was on the phone for about three hours with different reps. When it was all said and done I was told that their was nothing they could due until att fixed their issue. so I was with out a phone. I was told by three different reps that they were going to compensate me 30 days of airtime and that it was going to be noted on my account. Needless to say I am not getting only but 7 days of extended service for a hassle of being told that their was nothing they could do and I was going to be without service for up to 24 hours. My phone is my source for work emails and other things for work. I have been told that I either accept the 7 days or get nothing after I WAS TOLD I WAS GETTING 30. UR SERVICES BLOW.

MARY 7/7/13 2:09PM

I have been with NET10 for years. I found that using the auto renewal on the 30 day unlimited plan the best way. No calls to renew, cards to purchase, or online payments. The unlimited plan does have a limit of 50,000 minutes but I have yet to use that amount. I got the unlimited because I had left my browser open several time when on a limited use plan. I have been able to upgrade twice to a new phone on Net10 since there is no contract to renew which makes upgrading affordable. I never upgraded because of the phone not getting a signal or not working properly just wanted to get newer technology since it advances faster then I can wear out a phone. My son who use to text 1000's of messages to his girlfriend never had any issues. He is in the Army now and still uses Net10. It has an international plan that is affordable so we can stay in touch. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in about the company. I've had a good experience which seems that people don't post about those as much.

silvergirl 7/4/13 7:15AM

Just talked to the corporate office as the tech support does not
reply as some message keeps coming up about me calling and having to have them add minutes as i could not do it. My problem
is the messaging for the last two weeks my messages have not
worked properly. some times it works,but most the time no. takes
my minutes and than does not go through, try again it takes more minutes. this is not acceptable. want my minutes refunded and the problem fixed, please!. have had my phone for 6 yrs? what is happening with your customer service. God forbid you could talk to a person

wynetta 7/1/13 12:15PM

I need my phone fixed. You guys never cease to screw up things. Now I can't make call at all. I called and spoke with Renae. He was suppose to call me back. Do you guys know what the hell you are doing?

8888 7/1/13 10:53AM

A yr ago they had some of the best service but over the yr.there help center has went to hell in a hand bag.i mean come on who has ever heard of there workers not haveing contact info for the corp.headquaters.

paulette 6/26/13 9:46AM

Good day. New phone chance number over five(so call manager) later, enroll in auto pay. As of email today auto pay I was enneroll thank you very much.I will find a new form.
Corporate need to train (so call managers)
This shows me that Corp. has a larger a problem!!
Thanh you.

net10 corporate offic 6/24/13 12:27PM

I had tried to pay online with Net10 and it was difficult to find how to do it. Then when I finally found out how to it was a disaster and still is. I used a debit and it rejected my debit card but thinking it was human error I resubmitted the number and was rejected again. I knew there was plenty of money in the account. Later checked my account and found that Net10 place two holds on my account for the two transactions but never turned my service back on. So not I am out over $100 and called customer half a** service and go no results. They continued to tell me that they didn't do that but my bank says otherwise. My bank also said they have the hold for two weeks. Who does this. They customer service is so inadequate and this problem is not resolved yet so now I am broke and they I have to wait on them to do what they want to with MY money. I placed a block on the account for those charges just in case they are slick and want to take the money. I do not suggest that you stay with Net10. Deal with another company that is proud of customer service and works with the customer to fix these situations. I reported them to the BBB

Blankman 6/21/13 6:48AM

I bought a phone from net10 couple days ago added the unlimited plan and and tried to activate but I found out that there is no service but i bought it a store in my town there should be service in all I already spent 150 any suggestions on what I should do?

anonymous 6/20/13 9:03PM

i had posted prior... and stand by that post. i made contact with corporate in miami, through my own actions. i was never contacted by them.
however after approximately another hour on the phone, my net10/phone issues were successfully resolved.
though very frustrating and time consuming....

Anonymous 6/20/13 8:39AM

Mailed my phone and SIM card in to be replaced on Mothers Day. Have yet to get my replacement phone. Can not get through to net10 by phone. Every time I try I'm told due to the high number of calls to try again later. Been trying for a week now. Want the hundred and thirty dollars I paid for the phone back seeing how my replacement phone isn't being sent to me.

tm 6/18/13 5:49AM

absolutely useless....
Customer support does not have the tools to support your phone problems.
Spent 12 hours on the phone over two days to:
1) transfer my Net10 number that was registered to my Samsung Net10 phone...
Without success since the Android phone was faulty.
After talking to customer support for approximately 90 minutes and discussing the faulty equipment they had deactivated my original phone.
2) Spent another 8 hrs attempting to transfer withouut success to another new, never activated personal standby Samsung Net10 phone while being assisted by their customer support center in Guatemala........
May you be so fortunate that you NEVER need their support.

Anonymous 6/15/13 6:34PM

This is by far the worst communications company ever. They DO NOT have their own towers and they piggy back of ATT and TMOBILE. There is no transparency in the use of data or minutes. This company makes false promises with their unlimited plans and they have all this undisclosed clauses that they will pull out of their magic bag when att tells them the the customer has almost reach their data limit. Until today I cannot get a answer a straight answer as per what "Almost" is. I requested a very simple thing which tmobile provides to me as soon as I log in to my account which is data usage but is seems that is a mystery for net10. After speaking to corporate for over 2 hours (which by the way getting the corporate number was another 2 day battle 800-836-2368) they couldn't provide to me with such information. I recorded the call which I will soon post on youtube for people to hear what kind of company this is. Every month they disconnected my data and they will take over 2 weeks to reactivated to ensure that I wouldn't "Almost" reach my data limit, on the other hand isn't the service supposed to be unlimited???? This company is as bogus as they get. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY. They want for all of their users to switch over to the tmobile simm card because I would have to assume that ATT does not want any part on this. The truth behind their data plan is 500 mb of high speed not higher than 5 mbps (if you are lucky to live near an ATT headquarters building which I do) after your speed will reduce to 1x which is 0.2 mbps, 2 gb data cap if you are lucky. On my last refill they told me I only qualified for unlimited minutes and text (no pictures of course) and 32 mb of data for $50.

Eddie 6/14/13 10:36PM

please dont make my mistake!!!!!! do not get net 10 service it is horrible you cant EVER get a live customer service person and if you do they will lie and tell you anything to get off the phone with you. im contacting attorneys right now!!!!!

dobe1 6/14/13 1:46PM

I'm have problem with my service its is not no i can't dial out with i talk to customer service over 500 times they can't help me with the problems with my phone i bought new air time card they said they would put my airtime on the new phone it is not on there service if you need to call me at asap

Anonymous 6/12/13 12:19PM

I haven't had data in 2 months. I waited OVER 24 hours after renewing my plan and yet I still receive bad customer service. All they wanna do is send my call to an automatic voice machine that tells me to wait 24 hour for my internet service to be restored. This is the worse phone company I've ever had. Even an supervisor couldn't help me with my situation. BTW The reps give out false ID numbers (5 DIGITS NOT 8).

brandonsetsin 6/10/13 9:51AM

Subject: data time

hello my phone has had the $50 unli. data plane added to it on 6-1-2013 at 11:44am. it was cut off do to over us. on 5-29-2013 i was told 48 hours after buying more time data would be turned on. i have called and it was no help. it is now 6-8-13 over one week after buying more time like i was told by a net 10 manager by phone. i would like my data turned on. or my time pushed to march the time going with out data. i got a new air time card in good faite. taking a manager with his word on my data. i wasted $50. and 10 days. i could have had with data with anouther company please. fix this problime now! all setting for network are up to date i just need data internet searching and email for work. so this is upsetting my life and family and work, if i am fired i will take legale action. i recorded all conversations and promises were made for this small task. thank u for ur time.

customer: Raymondo v.m. L.A.P.D.

RAYVM1 6/8/13 2:08AM

I want to speak to Everyone that has had any type of service with Net10wireless or Tracfone and has had trouble with the service or no service or no help with trouble with phone or service. please join me in putting them out of business. Send your Complaints to Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission and the Acc. If we all pull together maybe the company will either go under and stop taking peoples money or they will be forced to restructure.

Dee 6/7/13 10:36AM

My name is Felicianne Frazier
I am trying to make contact with someone who knows what there doing.
I have been cheated out of a weeks service. As I was do on the 13th of the month and they shut my phone off on the 6th. I have set it up so that it's auto pay and last month because they said I was due on the 7th I called it in again to get my phone turned back on. I told them it could not be taken out of my account till the 7th or after. It's bad enough I have lost a weeks service with your company. But again they tried to take it from my account on the 6th. I would like a call from someone in charge.

Felicianne 6/6/13 3:27PM

I Am Living A Nightmare Because Of Your Customer Service In Competence. I Bought A New Phone 2 Days Ago. Your People Didnot Activate It Properly And Did Not Tansfer My Existing Number Over To The New Phone Which Is Crucial To My Business.i Spoke With A Mgr Who Told Me I Would Be Sent A New Sim Card Overnite. It Never Arrived. I Called Back And A Supervisor Told Me Today That It Would Take 3-5 Bus Days To Arrive. I Have No Phone Service At This Time And I Was Given Completely Incorrect Info On Each Occasion In Dealing With Net10. I Can Neither Communicate With Anyone Nor Can They Contact Me At This Time. I Have Been A Loyal Customer Of Net10 For Over 7 Years And This Has Completely Screwed Me Up. It Is Disgusting And No One Seems To Be Able To Help Me And I Have Only Gotten Lies And False Info. Shame On You! Im Sure Compensation Is Not Even A Consideration.


10 hours of wasted time then hung up re transfer of my number from one phone to another re change of phone sameexperience as all of youthen they have audacity to tell me call customer service I am gong to tneed 3 phones numbers to correct his problem.

ddicllc 6/3/13 7:10PM

By far worst cell phone providers in existence. I exceeded the 1.5 gb data limit which they advertise is 'unlimited data' and now I have no data service. The customer service agents are ZERO help. This is the same problem I had with Straight Talk. My data with ST was suspended for 3 months before I gave up with them. Both these companies are absolutely awful and I advise anyone to stay away from them.

Anonymous 6/1/13 4:23PM

My NET10 data service has been suspended for 17 days now, even though my plan renewed and a new month was paid for two weeks ago. My data was suspended three days before the end of my service data for "high data usage" for exceeding the 1.5GB limit imposed on phones with AT&T SIM cards. The recording that NET10's (your) own customer service "high data usage hotline" provides says that "once you add a new service card your data will be restored 24 hours after your service renewal date". I am on the automatic renewal so my plan renewed of course 3 days later, however it has now been TWO FULL WEEKS since my renewal and my data still has not been restored to my plan! I have contacted customer service 5 times regarding this and all they say is that there is nothing they can do and/or that they "will transfer me to the correct department" and only transfer me to that same recording for "high data usage" which lies and says data service will be restored 24 hours after renewal and DOES NOT GIVE AN OPTION TO SPEAK TO A PERSON, it just hangs up on you after the recording.

I AM PAYING FOR DATA on my plan...when I renewed my service that includes another month of data which I am not receiving! I need email for my work and this is more than an inconvenience, it is costing me business and money!
I will continue to circulate negative information about your services online and, if necessary, contact my attorney to file suit for lost wages due to my inability to access my mobile web and email which is vital to my business if you do not restore my data services promptly.

eryan 5/31/13 9:32AM

Like most of your customer, I am so stress out with your customer service, over something so simple as transferring a phone number. I called to transfer an number only not the airtime to a new phone, after spending $50.00/ for the phone/50.00 for airtime. After spending what seemed like an hour with 3 customer services people, I end up with only one phone working.

I have to wait for 5 days for a new slim card before my son can use the old phone.

If I had been informed of the process up front of transferring a number, I would have made another decision.

I am so upset and frustrated with this company.

sc 5/27/13 5:25PM

How can these people tell me to risk my dying childs life to walk 3 miles in the heat to resolve an issue Ive been telling them about for almost half a year now, when my child isnt to be exposed to tempatures higher than 75° and Ive explained this to them?? Being told to walk to the nearest phone to call back regardless of the circumstances or outcome of the circumstances or else to buy a new phone!?!?! How rude and insensitive!!

This company should either resolve this issue, replace the phone with another touchscreen of the same make and model or one of equal value and refund my money spent on services unable to use or rendered as well as the cost of this defective phone.
Tired of playing nice. Noone wanted to help until I threatened to sue and even then its a half bass job done.


Angel 5/27/13 12:07PM

I am sick and tired of dealing with this company. I just had my phone disconnected even though they take 16.09 out of my bank account every month.These companies should hve to disclose where your call will get route to for customer service. It should be illegal to sell phone service in the US if it is handled overseas. Everytime I call I am on the phone for hours with little or no compensation. My calls are routed to people I can not understand in the Phillipines or elsewhere. You repeat the problem over and over and they keep telling you to provide a redit card and they will add min or fix the problem. I kept telling them the problem was they deactivated my phone but took payment for servces every 30 ays. What's so hard to understand. Do they understand FRAUD?

Bemby 5/26/13 1:04PM

Going On 4 Months Of No Data, No Help In Sight. Im Out Almost $250 On Service Cards Alone And Still Not Receiving Services Paid For Not To Mention $129 On This Zte Merit That Trips Out Constantly Shutting Its Self Off And Coming Back On. I Was Promised The System Would Update And Restore My Data Back To No Restrictions Or Reductions Everytime I Add A New Service Card.....yet Nothing And Im Still Waiting. Ive Been A Loyal Customer For Almost 2 1/3 To 3 Years!!!
I Want My Services Repaired, My Money Refunded Or My Phone Unlocked So I Can Carry My Business Else Where. Please Dont Tell Me Net10 Cant Unlock Our Phones As I Know That They Can & This Is Their Way Of Forcing Us To Remain On Their Network!

Hope Your Happy Padding Your Pockets With The Money Of A Single Mothers Money That Could Be Used On Reliable Cellular Service From A Company That Deserves It! Its Hard Enough To Take Care Of A Sick, Dying, Disabled Child As It Is Without Fat Daddy Big Bucks Stealing Our Money For Services Paid For But Not Rendered. Its Almost Half A Year. What Do You People At Net10 Have To Say For Yourselves? Such A Shame You Treat Your Customers With Such Disrespect. And How Bout Hiring Someone Whose Not Rude To Your Clients When We Call For Assistance......someone We Can Actually Understand?? Ive Enough Weight On My Shoulders......really Now!

Angry In Arkansas

angel 5/24/13 11:43AM

This company SUCKS. I have been arguing with the stupid foreign people that don't know crap they cut my data off before my minutes ran out I added another 50 dollar phone card and still a week later they haven't turned it back on and every time I call they send me to a recording and refuse to let me speak to a supervisor they are such liars and they are false advertising a lot of crap I regret ever dealing with this piece of crap company.

JohnMitchum 5/21/13 5:05PM

Suck!! Suck!! Suck!!... Five Days My Husband Toiled With This Nonsense Of A Company Customer Service. Anita, Summer, George All That Claim To Be Managers. He Loaded His 50$ Card. No One Can Answer Why His Data Doesn't Work. He Keeps Getting An Alert Saying It Would Resyart In 24 Hours And Its Been 5 Days. They Keep Pushing Your Call Atound The Office To Do The Same Tactics Over An Over.. One Little Eord For Net 10 (lawyer)!!!!!!!!

worstnightmare 5/20/13 3:38PM

you are lying to the people with the products they offer and this is called fraud even I have a contract that says unlimitado service and is not real this is abuse and fraud very big of you. I hope to resolve this situation as soon as possible!

yomy 5/18/13 9:08PM

Yes i am back again. i have been on the phone with net10 reps for 2 days now trying to get the data part of the unlimited data plan back to working. all they d isend me to the "correct" department which hangs up on you and does not help at all. they refuse to let u speak to a suppervisor and refuse to do give you your money back. note this if my service is not what i purchased then Net10 will be Sued for all the wrong doings and for false advertisment. Unlimited does not mean 1.5 gb of data it means no limite. this is false advertisment.

thank you for all the stress you have put me through.

patti0907 5/18/13 8:38AM

To who this may concern,
Not that it will matter to this upstanding corperation.
your service suck's, from the begining to the end.Yes you will be left on hold foreveeeerrr. Then you will be promptly dissconnected.Oh did I mention they speak amerimex. Oh yea Raymond or romundo is the highest in command NO PHONE FOR YOU!!! Hear Net 10 take your cheap ass phone service and wipe my ass of you.Also the last time I looked I still live in america where english is the prefered language, SO PISS OFF.!!!

BUCK 5/17/13 11:12AM

is ANYBODY going to be calling me to advise the status of case or case seems Ricardo @ ext 6117 was supposed to be in contact with me last week and i STILL HAVE HEARD NOTHING. what's is going on with the way you treat customers? again, my name is Marni Verdoni and i want the $50.00 refund ASAP. please contact me 8:30 - 5 @ or return email @ this refund is now going into 120 days that i have not received it. doesn't sound like good cust. serv practice to me

mverdoni 5/15/13 1:23PM

I purchased a Net10 data smartphone from Dollar General Store on April 12, 2013. I also purchased the $50.00 Unlimited data plan. Now here I am at the end of the first month and I am having probles with my data plan. What was suppose to be UNLIMITED is really very limited. At 1.5GB my data service was cut off and the reps are saying I was abusing the data services. All I have done was download games from the android market and/or programs to download music to my phone. With it being less than 30 days I have asked for a refund on my phone, I was told to go back tothe store that I purchased the phone at well becauseI dd no keep my receipt I can not return the phone to the store. I have spent sevral horson h phone wit net10 reps and I haveeven called he corporate office. After now 30 minutes o being on hold waiting for a suppevisor my battery is about dead and te phone isnt wantig to charge. I a at te point ofputing this all over facebook, Myspace, twitter and any other website I can. Untill this is resolved I will run this company in the ground. Now if you ar willing to resolve this and stand behind your product my number Fix the problem.

Patti0907 5/10/13 11:12AM

2nd complaint entered in 2 days. told today to speak with Ricardo @ 800-876-5753 ext 6117 after 1:00 pm est, when i called, he was now not in the office at all, surprise, surprise!! and all the c/s i spoke could tell me was ANOTHER 30 BUSINESS DAYS FOR REFUND (NOW MOVING INTO 120 DAYS FOR A 30 BUS. DAY REFUND). will now have to wait for Ricardo to call me, (i will not be holding my breath!!!)

marni verdoni 5/9/13 12:52PM

This is a horrible phone company to go through. I have had many problems with the unlimited international calling. The tec support that they have can not resolve my problem and will not refund my money or give me a new phone card to makeup for all the lost time. I will not ever use NET 10 again.

Anonymous 5/8/13 9:31AM

this is the most ridiculous company when dealing with refunds. i have been waiting since FEBRUARY for a refund and all i seem to keep getting is one big run around and LIES from every office that i've contacted and this seems to be ok with all of them. you would think that a company would want to rectify any type of grievance, but that is not the case. i would advise all who would be thinking of using this company to think twice and go with VERIZON!!!! also, this will be going to the BBB!!!

Anonymous 5/7/13 9:12AM

net 10 is the worst service provider ever they are totally a scam is a rip of.

Buxx 5/5/13 8:16AM

I have been dealing with poor customer service and no cell phone for over a month now. It all began with the phone I had stopped working. I sent the phone that stopped working back, and received another one. I put minutes on it, and called customer service to get a new number. For multiple days I sat on hold for a very lengthy amount of time. I would tell them the problem and the only thing they could do is so called troubleshoot the phone. When the unproductive troubleshooting didn't work, I was told to wait 24 hours, one time 4 hours, then 2 hours, really!!? This is not in one day but throughout the whole month. I would ask for another phone and they would say "We have to troubleshoot it before we can authorize another phone to be sent to you". I informed them I had "troubleshot" the phone at least 8 times before; so much so I would tell the representative what to do next before they told me. It is ridiculous I had to get irate and threaten to contact the BBB is when they finally authorized another phone to be sent to me. Now It's over a month later, and I get the second replacement. Hoping it would end there but, now I can't use the phone. It says it's disconnected, but I used it the same day it was sent to me, which was yesterday 4/24/13. I call customer service today but conveniently the system was down, so once again no help!! I was told to call back in two hours. Mind you I was using someone else's phone because have no phone, so how could I have called back. It is irritating that I have to keep wasting my time on the phone for hours sometimes, and hang up with no help. I should get the minutes I paid for and didn't get to use and another free month for my aggravation.
Very upset and agitated customer (That's if I stay a customer)

Very Agitated, irate, and upset 4/25/13 8:26PM

Their websit for adding phone minutes has a glitch when one goes to put in their phone number, but can finally be done with some persistence. They they try to lead you to create an account that is totally unnecessary by hiding the "skip" button at the bottom of the screen.

I burned up about 45 minutes over four phone calls with them, in part because on the third e-mail to them I asked to speak to a supervisor; and again on the fourth e-mail; and again on the fifth e-mail. Maybe that one will be the charm.

This process used to be nice and simple, and then I'm sure that some marketing bozo got involved and muddied it all up with "enhancements" . . . I expect to be getting another carrier in 32 days. They lost a happy customer. Jerks.

PO'd in cleveland 4/25/13 4:50PM

Net 10 Is The Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With. My First Month Of Service I Purchased An Unlimited Talk/text/data With Them And Ran Out Of Data 1.5 Weeks Into My Service. I Was Told I Had To Wait The Remainder Of My Service Cycle Before My Data Would Be Restored. Three Days After Purchasing New Unlimited Airtime, I Still Had No Data So I Called Customer "care", After 2.5 Hours And 13 Barely English Speaking Peaople And About 20 Transfers, I Was Told There Is Nothing That Can Be Done To Fix It, They Have No Idea What To Do. It's Now Been A Week And A Half Since Renewing My "unlimited" Data And They Stil Tell Me "just Keep Waiting, Hopefully It Will Fix Itself". I've Already Paid For Unlimited Data Twice And I Still Have None!! Do Not Use This Company, They Are Scamming And Don't Give A S#it About Their Customers. I Will Never Give This Worthless Company Another Penny!! Please Beware!!!! Do Not Be Fooled And Lose Your Money Like I Did!!!!!!!

Ralphy 4/24/13 10:43AM

I am discussed with some of net 10's workers. They took over a month to send my replacement phone and during the most crucial time in my life. I have Legal matter's going on and Emergency Conditions that require me to have a phone. I can not get reimbursed now for my $20.00 phone card that I purchased. As soon as I finally got my phone, it got ripped off, even before being able to activate it. They have no record of the Sim # or whatever else is necessary to track it. They will not send me another phone.This would not of happened if they would of sent it much sooner. Anyway, I am going to make sure that net 10 goes out of business because I am so upset by this. They messed with the wrong person. People have to end up waiting way too long to talk to a Customer SERVICE Representative too. Rebecca Kennedy

Rebecca Kennedy 4/22/13 4:19PM

customer service Clueless or playing clueless I bought a unlimited plan card and my data was throttled down with just 555mb. used.
l could not get a answer why.
just kept getting transferd to a answering machine that couldn't answer my question
not happy with this company unlimited don't mean unlimited

frustrated customer 4/21/13 5:11PM

I know fat thieves like you will not help anyone i know this because you trained you support staff as your WE WILL KEEP YOU ON HOLD FOR OVER AN HOUR AND THEN HANG UP ON YOU . now if i am wrong and you do care about your dooped customers then i will come back and post an apologe i bought a Unlimited 30 day card for talk text and web it is only the 12th and my internet is not working and your morons say that i am out of minutes or i loaded the card on the wrong day WTF do you people think i and everyone else is stupid i called from my net10cell phone if i was out of minutes how did i call if i added the card wrong how did i call and why did i have internet up until today my number is

Louis Thomas 4/12/13 6:35PM

I agree with everything posted here. The reps are difficult to communicate with, poorly trained and while very apologetic are following management mandates to not issue credits.
Last month I had difficulty retrieving photos with my Samsung T401G. A rep had me enter coding. After a few times, I was getting charged for 2.5 min + an additional 1 min. when retrieving the photo. She would not even issue credit for all the minutes used testing this problem. I transferred to a supervisor, who said that my phone's mms is defective but did issue credit. The phone is barely 2 years old. I emailed Samsung, who passed the buck back to Net 10. I believe it's the coding that's defective, as everything else worked til yesterday.
I purchased new minutes on the 750 plan and tried to do what I always do. Put them in reserve because I had 4 days and 285 minutes left on the phone. I was unable to use the reserve feature. My remaining minutes were wiped out. Net 10 would not restore them but stated that the reserve feature was taken away during upgrade. The reps had complaints about this and apologized but again, no credit. This is AIR TIME PEOPLE. Not going to cost as much to do right by their customers, as to lose them completely. To make it more outrageous, the next day I received an e-mail stating my minutes would be ending soon, with a reminder to put new ones in reserve! Get it together Net10. There are lots of other choices.

iris 4/11/13 3:41PM

Do yourself a favor, don't sign up with these guys. The CEO get a big paycheck and screws the people that sign up and then gets incompetent people to handle problems. The company is FUBR. Its a total rip off. Service is worse than bad and customer service is not helpful at all. Everybody is in a another country and you have to talk to people who can hardly speak English, which in so doing makes money for the CEO to get a bigger paycheck, while outsourcing the work for pennies.
Do yourself a favor and CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCLE. You can get a better deal at T-Mobile or Verizon for the same dollars you spending here and which both have better service, coverage, etc.

Cancel, Cancel, Cancel 4/11/13 2:50PM

Too bad this company doesn't want to work with their customers...A month with cell phone problems...everyone needs to canceal they're service and get this company out of business or report them the The Better Business Budreau or Nothing but problems.......Hope this company see this posting...I doubt if they ready anything about themselves. Will go back to ATT or verison.....

cwet503 4/10/13 9:48AM

I Only Wish I Had Done The Consumer Research Before Switching To Net10! The Customer Service Is Lousy! I Have Spent Hours & Hours On The Phone With Customer Service. Nothing Is Getting Solved. I Am Just Getting The Run Around Every Time. I Have Only Had The Phone Less Than 2 Weeks! I Have No Internet/broswer Service Even Though I Purchased An Unlimted Plan. Total Rip Off. I Will Contact Net10 Corporate Office At In Miami Fl. Tomorrow.


My name is Joe Britzke, last night i was on hold with your company for over 8 hours until I finally went to bed and disconnected the call my phone # is (, I received a new sim card from you after waiting two weeks without internet and picture texts, making me unable to run my business. as of tonight again I was unable to get through to you and your company. My net10 dealer here in Port Charlotte FL is also unable to reach you with over 100 customer complaints.....My phone is( and my phone will be out of service because your company doesn't answer the phone (India)GET IT! since you would not be able to call me at this number as of tomorrow it will be shut off for non payment. So after you look at my ticket number,then check the new T MOBILE sim card you sent me for free- number-- . since you cannot call my phone call my Wifes phone at and let her know when you have activated my new sim card with 6 months of FREE service OR i will email the B.B.B. with copies of my almost 9 hours on hold yesterday and 50 calls to your company with NO connect that includes NET10 Safelink(the goverment phone) straight talk and tracphone ................................ same company! please call AT YOUR convenience as u cant because I am not paying the bill for next month unless ! person who speaks english calls me from my phone and fixes Your Company b.s with the customers who pay your bills!!!!!! u will c this on facebook tomorrow with the 8 hour on hold call ,and I bet Im not the first pay your phone bill so u can answer your customers! call anytime sooner the better Joe Britzke ................since my bill is not getting paid try the alternate number METRO

Anonymous 4/6/13 9:01PM

day two, phone still not working, you better stop stealing from you customer Net 10. Your service sucks, answer you phone, or refund my money, working on having you shut down.

Anonymous 4/5/13 7:27AM

Net 10 is BS don't fall for it. Not what they say they do one thing and say another, Take it from your acct what a joke. This is my real name I'm not ashamed to show it, come on net 10 I'm gone from you and Ashley who played me on the phone for 0ver 30 minutes

Anonymous 4/4/13 12:46PM

If I pay for something, I want it, If my phone is not turned on today, I will go with another company, that gives good service, and answers there phone. I am so mad at Net10 service. Been with them for years

Anonymous 4/3/13 1:30PM

I am so mad at net10, waited for sims card, I have been on hold for 1 hour, still no answer, I will file a suit against them with my lawyer.

Anonymous 4/3/13 1:28PM

Adding another comment. Yesterday I got the package from Net 10. It sould have had my third new phone in it. But guess what, it contained a padded envelope for me to send my phone back. WHAT??? They are ready have my phone. They were suppost to be sending me another phone. Not a box to to send my phone back. This is the third phone. Very incompetent people. Please read the previous comment from me.

hadenoughofnet10 3/29/13 7:57AM

Net 10 Is Terrible Terrible And Terrible, I Bought A New Net 10 Phone I Was On The Phine For 6 Hours They Could Not Activate The New Phone, I Then Demanded That They Re-activite My Old Phone They Had To Give Me A New Number, And Now The Cell Servive Is Terrible.
We Need To Put Them Out Of Business.

WEEEE 3/29/13 2:25AM

I Have Had A Bad Experience With Net 10 As Well-my Mistake-had Operation, Was Very Sick And Trusting That What Was Said Would Be Done. I Didn't Check My Credit Card And Low And Behold They Are Charing Me 48.80 When My Credit Card Should Only Be Charged $30+whatever Tax Is Charged On That. I Have Waited On Hold For Over 2 Hours At Least Once And Didn't Keep Track Of The Second Time Yesterday To Speak To A Supervisor-guess What-no Supervisor-supervisor Was Busy Both Times Talking To Someone Else According To Their Supposed To Be Us Representative-i Asked To Be Transferred To Us As I Have Been Told That Is How You Can Speak To Someone You Can Understand. Yesterday The Young Woman Keep Me On Phone Telling Me She Was Checking On My Account For Who Knows How Long-anyway I Utilized My Hold Time Quite Well As She Told Me Their Coporate Headquarters Are In Miami I Call District Attorney There And They Gave Me Names Of All Agencies To Get In Touch With To Report My Problem With Net 10. They Have Been Charging My Account For $48.80 Without My Permission As I Was Told The Charge Would Not Change When I Called Them After Reporting My Credit Card Being Lost And Net 10 Tried To Charge Me On My Credit Card At That Time So Yes There Was A Lapse In Service-however-when I Spoke To The Net 10 Representative To Let Her Know What Had Happened And Give Her My New Credit Card Number (after Receiving My New Card) She Said I Would Stay Under Same Plan That I Had Had. Guess What That Did Not Happen Instead Net 10 Raised My Charges Without My Knowledge. Yes I Should Have Checked My Credit Card-no I Didn't-but I Should Be Able To Trust The Company I Am Doing Business With

Anonymous 3/26/13 5:01AM

I spent no less than 4 1/2 hours trying to get my phone and internet account set up. finally got the phone , but no internet. I got jacked all over by someone in the Philippines all day long, and they could barely speak the language. i have NEVER encountered such lousy service and such a high level of stupidity .......someone in net10 and trackphone needs to understand, they lose when they hire embeciles

pissed off 3/24/13 7:21PM

Net 10 has been very incompetent to get my phone issues resolved. This started when my wife and I decided to upgrade our phones. The biggest mistake we made. Her phone has no issues. BUT, my phone had several issues to date. First was the battery not charging. It took two days of trial an error to get the phone's battery to charge. These are Samsung Galaxy Precendent phones. I then called Net10 to activate my phone. After it was activated I could not get voice mail. Again, I called Net10 and waited for a service tech to help me. After 30 minutes, one did answer but could not help me. I was passed on to another, of whom issued me a ticket number and said they would replace my phone. Two days later I get a FedEx delivery to send my phone back. I did not get another phone until they got mine. Then! they sent me another phone. This one charged just fine but when I went to activate it, it would not activate. I had to call Net 10 every day to try to activate this phone. After another week and many hours on the phone with tech support, no one could get my phone to work. Finally had to send that phone back. But after 4 days I had not received my third phone. Again! on the phone to tech support. This time they admitted they did not send out my phone. This was on a Thursday evening. The tech support person assured me that I would have the phone on Saturday. I tried to explain to her that FedEx does not deliver to residential places on a Saturday unless they put on the tag "Saturday Delivery". I requested overnight delivery. I was told Net10 can not do overnight deliveries. As I expected, I did not recieve my third phone on Saturday. I called on Saturday evening and asked to speak to the highest person in management. I got passed around like a cheap bottle of wine. I also tried to get Net10 to refund my money for the phones and air time card. NO WAY. Net10 will not refund anyone any money. I bought it and now I am stuck with it. Almost two months I've been jerking around with Net10 and I still don't have a phone to use. It is very obvious to me that Net10 does not care about their customers. Stay away from Net10. I also dislike the fact that tech support is in the Philippines and understanding some of the techs is very difficult. I am working on trying to get a class action suit going if one is not already. Maybe this will wake up Net10, but I doubt it.

hadenoughofnet10 3/24/13 11:26AM

Great service the CSR was very responsive.... i was given the runaround for 3 weeks and corporate solved the problem in less than 10 mins.. ill never leave net10 i love the service T-MOBILE sucks

Anonymous 3/20/13 8:54AM

I purchaced a phone online for my zipcode from them. Only to find out that phone doesn't work in my area. Got some run around of how it should not have been sold to me etc. I told them they have it on website and said it would work. Now got another phone shipped and for 2 days now trying to get in touch with corporate office because the lady wanted to handle personally with me. I reported to BBB and they finally did something. Well almost still waiting. I have been customer with them for 4 yrs and this is why I have not upgraded in 4 yrs. Ridiculous!!!! One person told me one thing the other told me another. Finally got help from corporate. But still waiting to finalize it. Will get same phone # and 30 day plan free for my trouble. Or that is what I am waiting on anyway. Jeez!!

trid123 3/19/13 9:59AM

Please Dont Waste Your Time Folks..net10 Is A Reallll Joke!!!!they Tell You Stuff That Dont Work To Get You Off The Phone And The Supervisors Are Unprofessional!!!!!i Promise You Im Done With This And Have Reported The Company To The Rep Is Investigating This


The Net10 web site did not yield any results for my query. So far, I am very disappointed in my interactions with Net10. I have encountered many levels of miscommunication and incompetence in failing to identify a proper solution as much as maintain consistency in the resolution offered. I am extremely upset, emotionally drained and need to debrief from the most horrible experiences with a number of unhelpful reps, managers and supervisors as well as archaic, counterproductive standard operating procedures (not to mention an ineffective web site and tech support) that have made my life a living Hell. Misinformation is the mainstay of my interactions over the past three days: my situation evolves from bad to worse with each contact I make. DAY 1- Sun/ Mar 11 "No Service," "Check Call Restriction-34" after I turned cell OFF then ON; called NET10 @ 3:34 pm, tried troubleshooting the phone, after 1/2 hr I was told to return to original area of activation- zip code 10003, given tkt # and was informed that I needed to get a new sim card and change my tel# if I wanted to use it in the current area code (this was never a problem before). I arrived to 10003 20 mins later and phone worked for hours but returned to "No service," "Check Call Restriction-34" after I turned it OFF then ON. Day 2- Mon/Mar 12 called Net10 at 11 am, the rep took 1/2 hr to type my case because the system was "slow"; I requested a supervisor who verified that coverage was good in all zip code areas I frequent (even Puerto Rico!) and determined that the sim card or tel was damaged and would send a new sim card in 3-5 days. She tried troubleshooting with no luck warning me that this rarely worked with the error message I was getting and could result in losing saved information and contacts list to which I stated this was out of the question. I was offered a replacement CDMA phone that DID NOT REQUIRE A SIM CARD in 2 days and must return the current one in the free air bill included. I verified that it would be the SAME MODEL (I purchased it in Dec. 2012). I was given a tkt #. An hour later, I was contacted by tech support and advised she would troubleshoot the phone (?). I warned her that I must not lose my phonebook. Guess what- she managed to WIPE OUT MY ENTIRE PHONEBOOK for good, claiming she did not know this would happen because she did not see a message to that effect- I couldn't understand why she instructed me to select "reset to factory settings" which I assumed would delete info and reminded her in advance that I did not want to lose phone list. She simply apologized and said they could arrange to give me additional minutes! Absurd behavior- I am still in awe. She gave me tkt # 1066521877. At night I entered my tkt # on the Net10 web site to double check my case and received an error message routing me to call customer service, I did so after 9:30 pm and the rep placed me hold to speak with a supervisor- no one picked up over 1 ½ hrs and I hung up after 11:15 pm. DAY 3- Mon/Mar 12 I entered tkt # on Net10 website and had to call customer service again. After speaking with a rep, supervisor and manager, I was informed that there was NO SIM CARD OR REPLACEMENT PHONE on the way because my area had good coverage and a ticket was NEVER written for a replacement phone!!!!! My phone still displayed "No service," "Check Call Restriction-34." After much discussion and 45 mins later, a replacement phone was being processed but I would need to wait for 3-5 days- not counting today. About the minutes the tech person offered- no way possible since "Net10 is providing a phone." Hello- I already paid for the phone which does not work through no fault of my doing, my phone list was wiped by a Net10 staff for which I will need to spend many hours to reenter and reconstruct, I have spent over 8 hrs on the phone to address the problem, lived in total stress and aggravation. More significantly, my husband continues to be without the phone which serves as his lifeline. I pray that Net10 will come through and show proper consideration for all I have endured. It's not over...

Anonymous 3/12/13 9:12PM

Saturday, March 9, 2013 4:45Pm PSTD

First call to the 1877/836-2368

Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 3:15Pm to 4:05PM

Second HANG CALL to 1877/ 836-2368 from 4:45PM to 4:47PM

Dear Net10 Corporate Office:

Just reviewing the first couple of comments, they were all incredibly negative about the customer service you offer. What is the purpose of this comment page, if you aren't upgrading, resolving, and paying attention to the problems you customers are experiencing with your technical service people? They don't appear to be very well trained or knowledgeable with dealing with the intricate nature & problem-solving abilities needed to solve "real world" cell phone issues with REAL PEOPLE.

I have spent, three (3) days of my time, attempting to resolve an internet connection issue with my LG Optimus phone.

I have been on hold for over one and one half hours (1 1/2), over the three days. My second attempt, I informed the Net10 Customer Technical Person, what I had been through earlier today, Saturday, March 9, 2013. She informed me, quite bluntly, that she wasn't interested in what happened to me. I told her it was, and I suddenly realized she had DISCONNECTED me!!!! Unbelievable, more abuse from your supposed NET10 Technical Support Personnel.

I am unaware of Net10's Customer Service Mission Statement, but it appears to me, your people desperately need to be re-trained in support your paying customers with their technical issues. If they can't do the job, just state, "Net10 has no viable Customer Techical Support." It's that easy.

The first call was a fifty (50) minutus, thirty-five (35) minutes of it were spent on hold. The first tech person worked, on & off with me for fifteen (15) minutes. She then transferred me to another tech person. I told her my internet connection problem, she asked me to make a phone call. I did, it connected to the phone number. She then immediately told me, I didn't have any problems with my phone.

Again, I told her, I keep receiving an "Error Internet Connection" message and an "Error 67" code when I attempted to update my PRL Profile. It was like I was "talking to a wall!!!" She kept telling me, she had to bring up the "specs" and data information to deal with this problem. I waited another ten (10) minutes. There sure appeared to be a lot of social conversation- between the tech support personnel in the background. GREAT!! Finally, she informed me she was transferring me to a more educated technical person- SURE!!

I waited, and waited, and waited on hold for twenty-five (25) minutes, then the line just went blank; I was cut-off. To say I was angry, frustrated, and "bent-out-shape," is pretty accurate. I calmed myself down for thirty (30) minutes. I decided that if I did not receive, some real help, I would start looking for a new cell phone company on Sunday, March 10, 2013. Well I am!!! I have been a loyal, paying customer to Net10 for over one and one half (1 1/2) years. I don't get it; you must not need continued consumers.

I am very, very, very disappointed by the technical support I have received from Net10 and it's representatives. I would suggest you start "from scratch" again!" It appears you have a litany and list of customers who are dissatisfied. I plan on posting my comments on YELP, Consumers Reports, and any other Internet Site, which accept consumer comments on cell phone customers. I will also send a hard copy of this letter to your corporate headquarters in Miami, Fla.

Lawrence D. Janssen

lawjanssen 3/9/13 6:26PM

Terrible service & the people they have giving customers information is absolutely ridiculous - even reading the manuals they can't give you the right answers. I asked their rep for my account number - she told me its my cell number - it was my SIM Card No. & then I ported the hell away from Net10!! Get out while you still can. I am going to NOT RECOMMEND THEM to EVERYONE I KNOW!!

blondienotary 3/3/13 5:37PM

warnning!!!! never buy a net10 phone. unless you like spending lots of time on hold. i have spent 4 montbs dealing with net10 customer service trying to get my new phone fixed.

rat 3/3/13 9:20AM

The last time i checked i lived in america and when i call for support i wanna talk to someone i can understand. All i wanted to do is tranfer my number bc my old phone broke and i got a new one. Well i called once and they said it would take a couple days (24-48 hours) for it to transfer, well its been 4 days still nothing and as i speek right now ive been waiting to talk to some1 for an hour!!!

pissedoffAMERICAN 3/2/13 1:10PM

Net10 is doing some shady business, taking my credit card information and listing it under another name with a different address in another state; then refuse to give me the information. How dare Net10 cover-up this vital information, preventing me from filing a complain with authorities about this fraudlent situation.

highspirit 3/1/13 9:33AM

Their customer service is terrible,we received a defective phone. It has taken us over 2 hours with several different peopel and it looks like we are going to have to report the charge as fraudlent to get our money back! What a rip off!

Unhappy on the phone 2/24/13 4:56PM

Net 10 is the WORST cell phone provider out there. Anyone thinking of purshasing a Net 10 phone PLEASE DONT! All customer service operators are foreign. I asked one where she was located she told me the Phillipines.They even have started advertising on TV. The comments that speak favorably about Net 10 are few and probably planted. DO NOT PURSHASE A NET 10 PHONE. RUN RUN RUN.


I have had net 10 for a while and I recently updated my unlimited service and right after I did this the next day I got a text stating that they would be changing my data usage from unlimited to a limited 1.5 GB per month of data usage. This isn't right, you don't change a product after someone has already paid for it. I want to know what net10 is going to do to correct this with people they have riped off with this scam. I liked the phone service so far I think if they want to chang some thing they need to chang their horabel customer service. It was bad enough dealing with their customer service now their doing the bare and switch with their service planes.

WP 2/21/13 11:38AM

Just last week I bougt a brand new phone to tranfer my info from my old phone--Problems!!! The transfer never happened in 24 hrs, called customer service, spent an hr to be told that the SIM card wasnt the right on---On a brand new phone!! So, I wait 2 days,no phone for a new sim card, this doesnt even turn the phone on. So fed up with this I reurned the phone and have decided to mail a letter to their corporate office. Customer service bad!! Produdct defective

HB 2/20/13 5:42PM

The customer service is terrible! I just bought a phone from them and five days later it locks up when a call is made and stops working. I am not stupid I can tell when somthing doesn't work. After an hour on the phone they are going to be "gracious" enough to send me a new phone only after I send their defective one back AND they wouldn't expidite the process so I will be without a phone until they get their act together

Unhappy 2/19/13 2:02PM

We bought our second Net10 phone when we travelled south this winter. Biggest mistake we ever made. After spending $80 for the phone, then another $65/month for international use, we only got 10 international numbers, no texting, no data. We tried the customer service, and after spending 1 hour on a payphone, we were given a "ticket" number. Problem was suppose to be corrected in 24-48 hours. Spent a second 1 hour session with their customer service (which by their accents, was not located in the US), given a second "ticket". Problem never resolved. I will be sending an actual snail-mail letter to their corporate offices. Probably won't help but at least I'll have tried.

Neverbuyinganet10again 2/16/13 2:56PM

After wastin over 5 hours on different "Customer Service" . It took a few minutes to answer but when I asked if this person was in the US and spoke English, I got a "yes", There was still a heavy accent, but she solved my problem in a few minutes time and I got back my old number and service along with 50 minutes for my inconvenience. She did offer me 30 days unlimited, but I seldom use more than a few minutes a month and did not want to jeopardize the 70 days my phone already showed.

cowmama 2/16/13 7:15AM

I'm so embarrased. I gave my sister a Net10 powered phone for Christmas and there has been nothing but trouble both with the billing and the arrogant and inept customer service reps. I have a Net10 phone and have not experienced the same problems (knock wood). Maybe someone from the FCC should step in and check out these people. As a matter of fact, I think I will look into that. May I suggest that everyone else do the same. They ask for your email address but I'll bet you never hear from anyone of them. My sister has emailed them twice with no response and has wasted an approx. total of 6 to 7 hours trying to correct her problems. Disgusting!!

jashu415 2/15/13 8:11PM

OMG I can't believe all these experiences are just like mine. I have had Net 10 and the same number since Sept 2008. My phone broke on a recent trip to Illinois and I purchased a new one. No problem activating it and had my minutes transfereed. 2 1/2 weeks later my phone was deactivated even tho the phone said I had 2700 minutes and 70 days of service left. After 1 1/2 hours (with someone speaking extremely poor english) I was finally told I needed a new SIM card. After 5 days I got it. When the phone was activated, (by another poor English speaker)I had a different number. I demanded a supervisor when I was told that number was no longer available. The rep then said she'd try one more thing, it worked). I got my old number, all my minutes and days back(using my old SIM card. 3 days later, my phone has again been deactivated. I spent 2 more hours on the phone, with 3 different people who I could not understand, one claiming to be a supervisor and another claiming to be a manager, and I still have no service. I am waiting again, for a SIM card.

cowmama 2/15/13 4:10PM

Net10 has been the worst experience I have ever endured. I threw the phone in the TRASH after 1 1/2 hrs with customer service. They told me the phone number I have been using for the past 12 months does not exsist & never did..... These people are MORONS.... Good luck with the english... I Highly recomend everyone stay away from Net10. The phrase rings true - Buy cheap, you get cheap. Stay Away From NET10

hwt.jr259 2/14/13 11:53AM

I want to thank Kalika with Net 10 Wireless for her kindness in helping me today. She was able to resolve the problem with my cell phone in reimbursing minutes lost due to my phone deleting them. I appreciate so much her help. Thank you God for her help.

Anonymous 2/12/13 9:41AM

THIS IS MOST RIDICULOUS THING i'VE EVER DEALT grandaughters phone was off for a few months,so I called before Christmas to ask how to get reactivated ,I was assured by customer service rep.all we needed was a minutes card...what a lie ..she received a card for a gift and her mom called to reactivate the phone on sec.28th after on hold for an hour she was told by rep she'd have to have a new sim card...after asking for an e-mail address the rep tried to hang up..before getting our mailing address she asked for a super..he at least was fluent in english and said a sim cd would be mailed to our address within 2-3 business after several emails and complaints to net 10 customer complanit site ..still no simcard as of SAT fEB 2...36 DAYS LATER ..PLEASE SHE NEEDS HER PHONE AND WE CAN'T AFFORD A NEW ONE ..

mcna24 2/2/13 5:51AM

Worst customer service experience every. I am patient but this has really upset me. Your people can speak or understand the english language. They do not comprehend what you are saying. On unlimited plan no service now for 7 days. You obviously stole my money because you are not trying to fix the problem. I was told by one of your reps that he was not caring about my problem. I know that is the fact due to how I have been treated but he is suppose to be professional. How many people have to say this is a horrible process before your company cares enough to change it.

Sherry 1/31/13 2:18PM

This has been MY WORST cell phone experience. I purchased a NET10 phone for my phone for Christmas and he still hasn't been able to use it. I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy. The first time I called customer service they told my phone would work with 15 min to 4 hours. Well, 96 hours later my phone still didn't work. So then they said they had to send me a new sim card. I called to get it fixed and now they are telling me it will be another 24 hours.....WOW....and still NO PHONE SERVICE after waiting 10 days getting my new SIM card.

Anonymous 1/27/13 1:18PM

This is the worst customer service I've had in my entire life, I can't believe they can'don't know how to resolve small issues like transferring your phone number from previous company...they activated my Sim and gave me a temporary number until they get my number from my old company, they have my number now and they don't seem to get it right...they sent me two Sim, , cards..they were wrong, I called they sent me another one but this time they forgot to pour my number plus the Sim in PUK code lock, I called they are sending me another Sim how difficult can this be! Seriously! Yesterday I check my phone and there's no network connection, no line...I paid for the month and I get 3 Weeks service...this is the worst customer device ever! service is very good...but customer service the worst, they transfer you, hang up on you, keep you on hold for hours and transfer you again....please train your customer representatives to solve issues not to pass them around!

zuziie 1/17/13 1:04PM

hi im purchased a $25 card with 750min for 30 days. it only topped me up for 250min and 1 service day. im still pending an answer from somebody to where the rest of my minutes are???

sergiosalinas 1/16/13 11:10AM

net10 i just don't know. Talk to the computer for 20 min. till you get made and yell let me talk to a real person. then a real person comes on the phone who barley speaks the same language. Ok so now we can fix the problem. A problem that should not be my phone number is no long active. Ok now we give our information not 2 time or 3 time but 6. My phone is not that good my serves is not that good save money yes. save my soul no way. i think a plan or a contract my not be such a bad thing any more.

Anonymous 1/15/13 7:31PM

yet another complaint about net 10, i bought a phone for my husband since he doesnt use it enough to warrant a standard plan,i live in atlanta, ga but have had a massachusetts cell phone number, after speaking with customer reps that excell at transferring you to different departments, i was told i needed a new sim card. 4 sim cards later we finally were able to use the phone for 1 month. I added minutes, used it for 1 day and phone was deactivated. called cust service was told that the phone number we had been using was not associated with the sim card in the phone. Well how the heck were we using it before.TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH NET 10!!!!!

disgruntled cust. 1/12/13 7:26PM

I have never dealt with such terrible service in my life. six.days without data so i call. After an hour the guy says he will send me a new phone and i can start my thirty days back over as soon as i get the new phone. then after that i was to mail my defective phone back. i got a box in the mail yesterday saying i was to send my defective phone back first. i called customer service and told them as a single mother with no other way to contact me i can't go without a phone for what would be two weeks by the end of it. i more irritated that i was told one thing by one person and a complete different thing by a new service rep. then she didn't even listen to me, she just kept repeating the same thing about me sending the defective phone first and going is there anything else. English is my first language so clearly the language gap isn't on my end of the phone, i know i pressed 1. i asked to speak with a manager because at this point I'm getting mad. the manager was rude and short with me and refused to refund my money for the thirty days i was losing out on. these weren't the last of the issues. I had to deal with on that occasion alone! I'm calling corporate and letting them know how terrible their reps are!

munchkickin 1/10/13 9:21AM

still waiting for alomost two hours same excuses she on the phone with another customer now neither of my phones are working.

michellelogan 1/2/13 9:49AM

still waitning to speak with a manger have been waitng 1 hour.exuces excuse all the way.

michellelogan 1/2/13 8:49AM

I bought a new phone from net 10 went i treid to transfer my sevice and phone number over to the new phone something happen at the company. I was told it will take 3-5 business day to get a new sims card. wrong answer. I was htier mistake now i have to pay. I have no phone serive until they get hteir act togethr. This is day number two of trying to get this issue is not yet resolved.

michellelogan 1/2/13 8:45AM

I purchased a net10 android phone for my son as a Christmas gift. I am having so much trouble trying to activate the phone! The costumer service rep that I spoke with stated that I would need to go back to the store where I purchased the phone and have them rescan the bar code, problem is, my son discarded the package that the phone came in so the store was unable to scan the phone. Then I was told by a net10 rep that I would have to make copies of the receipt and the activation card and fax the info to them which I did. I was then told that I would have to wait 72 hours for a response. Well I received my response from net10 today only to be told that they never received my fax and that I would have to send the fax again which I am not! I am so livid and frustrated right now! Then I ask for net10 corporate number only to be given the wrong number. Now that I took it upon myself and search for the number online, I come across all the costumer reviews and the poor service that they have received. Had I known all this I would have never purchased a phone from net10!

Angry Costumer 12/31/12 12:33PM

No it is ne en...the service is wack and they will never ever getvanothrbdime of my oe seems to know anything and they transfer you a million times...they take your money and give no refunds or service........DO NOT waste your time or money on NET 10

Pissed off customer 12/25/12 5:15PM

We have 2 phones, GL and Nokia. We have been using net 10 phone cards for 8 yrs. Since Yesterday we could not use either phone, even tho we have several minutes on both phone cards. Everytime we tried to call anyone it said no service and hung up on us. I looked on line and seen no one is having this trouble with net 10 and think it maybe the phone company Nokia or GL. We are trying to figure out if someone shut off our service with them, or did net 10 have trouble? please let us know what happened and if there is a problem with net 10 in belford, nj.

[email protected] 12/25/12 2:30PM

Bad and greedy company. They got rid of 411 which was included (free) with the mins already purchased. Then they got their own net10 information where it was a computer- but even worse voice ads every 10 seconds, you can't get anything done with it. The for phone records- they make it impossible. You have to fax a signed request with a physical signature 3 times. Then they tell you to send in a picture of back of the phone. Then after that you have to pump more money in the phone for them to call you- meaning if it was deactivated you have to spend 20-30 bucks just to activate to get the records. They refuse to give you 15 mins just to have this call. They are so greedy. I have spent 40 bucks just for this and still have not gotten the records yet. They keep coming up with things. T mobile has 26 hours for 30 bucks, Net 10 has 13 hours for 25. Which plan is better? Go to T Mobile prepaid. You get the web and everything.

Anonymous 12/25/12 2:22PM

Called Net10 customer service about a purchase I had made to add min and service days to my phone the First Lady tried telling me that I got the service days added to my phone which I clearly did not and the second lady argued with me that you can only get 30 days and I have the automatic enrol me and it clearly reads 31 which by the way the First Lady was wrong I did not get a single day the second one who was supposedly the highest in the company that I could talk to her name was Karin I'd #40976 she was nasty telling me I was wrong she looked on the website and I don't know what I am talking about the max service days you can get is 30. And would not let me talk to someone else if someone from net10 corporate office reads this I would like to talk to you because she said there is no one I can talk to. Not to mention I sat on the phone for 28 min while they tried to fix there own mistake and tell me I can't count and there website does not read 31days for the 500 min auto enrollment when I had 15 min already on my phone and they were trying to say that is the new min tell me how that works.

Anonymous 12/21/12 7:20AM

Since signing up with Net10 over 3 weeks ago I can only make and receive calls when I am approximately a mile or more from my house. Your customer support thinks it's my phone....After receiving a sim card, same problem. I get a replacement phone, same problem. I try a sim card with an older phone, ditto. The older phone was deactivated for no reason at all so I had to go buy a cheap phone to hold me over. Now I wait for my third sim card, but with a new twist. The cheap phone I bought was deactivated this morning and cannot be reactivated with my old number -- and the new replacement sim hasn't even shipped yet! I am dissatisfied in the extreme, I've yet to see any good faith attempt by anyone to escalate this to a quick resolution. The online NTresolution sends useless requests for serial and sim numbers when it is already obvious that it's not a phone issue. And now all I get from your Filipino customer service are scripted apologies and promises for extra minutes, and a big ol' 30 days added to a service that has never worked. I know what I can do. I think I'll cut and paste this post into every complaint forum I come across. Merry Christmas (but please don't attempt to call -- the phone won't work if I'm home)

Tom 12/15/12 10:44PM

Cell phone company want to be. 12/4 started the process to activate replacement phone. Today is 12/12/12 this replacement phone has been deactivated several times, a different phone number is attached to the phone daily. For some reason they cannot program their own replacement phone with my original phone number. Why bad service hold - then past on to others - until you have hours (Avg more than 1hr.) in hold 3 min. again and again and again. Finially real living takes hold and you have to give up / hang up. Oh but because you need the cell phone working properly you find yourself ccalling in again to repeat the same process. Do not get involved with Net10 I higly advise all to pick a different cell phone company.

Anonymous 12/12/12 9:54AM

after reading the comments from other net 10 users i have to agree with the laungage problem but the real problem is their rude and have no idea what their doing i could handle the laungage problem if they just knew what their doing

LEAHWILEY11 12/7/12 7:31PM

I HATE NET 10 CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER OMG I WANT TO CRY EVERYTIME I CALL THEM I'D RATHER GIVE BIRTH IN FRONT 2000 PEOPLE WITH NO PAIN MEDS THAT WOULD BE LESS PAINFUL AND AGGRIVATING THAN HAVING TO DEAL WITH NET 10 CUSTOMER SERVICE MY NUMBER IS 3522050274 I DARE SOMEONE FROM NET 10 TO CALL ME all they do is hang up on you charge you for the 3 days it take sers them to switch a phone over and no one speaks english there they have no idea what their doing i shouldn't be in tears everytime i buy a phone my mother has me call for her because she can't take the stress of net 10 customer service

LEAHWILEY11 12/7/12 7:21PM

I dont like this they turned my internet off and still expect me to pay my bill their hold time is horrible 30 whole mins oh hell no! Im gone get back all my money i but into net10 if i have to fly out to flordia and and tear that place up myself or they give me my money. And the sad part is they didnt offer andy thing compmentery for the wait

Timothy 12/4/12 5:39AM

I have never in my life had such bac customer service.The people I talked to were nice enough but could not understand their language. You ask English or Spanish but your Reps cannot speak English. I have spent two lunch periods on the phone and another extra hour today. They must of put me on hold at least 20 times. All this bother and do you think anyone offered anything for free? Hell no. I will never get another Net10 phone again. All because of the customer service and having to wait two days for my phone to activate. That is stupid. Get it together and do something for your customers that have had nothing but problems.

Merry Christmas haha lol

Anonymous 11/27/12 12:36PM

Net 10 has by far been the worst service provider I have ever encountered. The customer service is extremely poor and I'm surprised your company is able to continue to conduct business based on the level of service and complaints I have seen and share. I have already submitted a formal complaint with the BBB in the US, as well as filed additional complaints and posts on legitimate business sights.
The fact that you would lose a customer for $49 or less in a business world where service goes such a long way, is incredible. The operators seem clueless (don't understand or comprehend the language well at all) and the managers are scripted without the ability to service guests properly or appropriately. The wait time was excruciating, which made matters that much worse. I have nothing positive to say about Net 10.

Wendy 11/25/12 9:21AM

Dear Net10,

This is my first time using your service I have an android and after six days of using it, the screen no longer responds to my touch therefore I cannot use the phone. I called technical support and they told me I had a defective phone and they would send me a new one but THEY DIDNT EVEN ASK FOR WHERE TO sEND IT!!!!!!!!!! THEY GAVE ME A TRACKING NUMBER BUT NEVER GOT AN ADDRESS OF WHERE TO SEND THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! I am highly angry and am concerned on how you guys manage to still have an operating cellphone company. I am calling headquarters tomorrow and I will not stop until I speak to the idiot in charge!!! This is REDICULOUS!! I expected SO much better.

Alexandra 11/13/12 9:39PM

Dear Net 10,

Thank you for welcoming me back, however, I never left, your brilliant team inadvertently deactivated me in error. I sincerely hope this does not happen again as it took an act of congress to get it straightened out.

Willie Mae Allen

wallen 11/12/12 7:04AM

My Net 10 experience has and continues to be absolutely horrid. I have had my sim card unregistered from my phone on at least 5 occasions, 4 replacement phones, promised a "top of the line" new phone to compensate for inconvenience in writing that has never happened, my number changed 2 times without my permission, told that an mircro sd card would stop the insufficient memory read out everytime I tried to access the web which was wrong, there is absolutely no purpose in having a sim card other than to activate the phone as Net 10 pairs it with the phone and then lies that they can't use the sim in another phone, have had ongoing communication with ERD management as informed that they would be able to resolve issues only to be ignored, told to contact individual who had been ignoring my calls/emails when asked to speak to her manager so that she could put me through to her manager. (You have to be kidding, right? Wrong!)Net 10 after uninteresting my sim started to call whatever number I had called to speak to them from repeatedly and the laundry list of errors has continued. Presently, my phone does not have a screen. It intermittently reveals itself. The above mentioned touch upon the poor quality service that I have received. I would never recommend Net 10! No one deserves the incompetent, ongoing, out of all cellular compliance that Net 10 offers. I have come to learn more about what Net 10 can/can not do ~will/will not do depending upon representatives mood and/country. Troubleshooting a phone that does not have a screen is absolutely insane. And the frustration continues until I find a "normal" carrier.

Anonymous 11/4/12 2:37PM

worst customer service ever!!!!!!!! HANDS DOWN.

FU 10/27/12 6:03PM



My experiences have been quite the opposite with Net10 no they are not americans but they work hard and have bent over backwards for me for the past yr. Since I became a customer . I lost my phone a few months ago . They told me I could purchase a new phone and since I had just bought a new card the previous week they would transfer whatever minutes remained on my old phone . For $50 bucks unlimited tex talk & web its the best deal I know of . I'm a recovering A T & T $120 dollars contract user ....glad to have cut ties onLy complaint in my area they don't have a Smart phone . I may at some point go to Boost or Tmobile but for now Net10 meets my needs

Bamaeagle 9/29/12 7:47PM

I am on phone with customer service in Miami. Demanding they reactivate my old phone and add 200 free minutes for the repeated phone calls and hours of on hold trying to transfer my old net10 number to my noew net10 phone. So if they do this, I will have my old number on my old phone and also a new number on my new phone. Goody! I'll have 2 net10 phones!
Have been a reasonable satisfied customer up until last week when I bought the new phone to replace the one that was showing signs of wear.

Apelila 9/20/12 1:26PM

I tried to activate international calling on my phone. The customer service people are completly incompetent. I called more than five times 100 each time I was given a different excuse and was told it would work. I still do not have international calling. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Massachusetts.

Anonymous 9/14/12 5:15AM

I have been trying for two months to get my # transferred over to my new net 10 phone. Hours and hours on the phone struggling to understand various accents. I always was calm and polite, they are just trying to earn a living!Three sim cards later, still no luck. Then I was told I would have to pay a $35.00 fee to have my account "reactivated". I never deactivated,they just took two months to not transfer! 2120 minutes are at stake. Then I found out the new phone I bought was in fact a refurbished one!! It is full of cryptic messages from no one I have ever heard of! Life is too short for this!!!

ticked off 9/5/12 4:24PM

My wife and i are now on our third phones w net 10. 2 in the last two wks. my wife had called them so many times and each time we can barely understand them. they are incompetent to an extreme!! do not ever, i repeat EVER deal with them. i have done customer service for years and i would be embarrassed to work at such a awful company!

addellnsteph 8/31/12 1:35PM

i am on my 5th phone replacement in 5 months...They keep sending me a defective phone time and time again. I have 850 mins saved on my phone which i havent been able to use for the past 5 months. I have been a customer for 8 years, however over this past year the service has gone south. The customer reps are polite but not customer service liable. They seem to be reading a script that doesnt even apply to you. Every call is a minumin 45 minutes to 2 hours. They want to repeat and repeat over and over and always want to put you on hold. I am still waiting for my next phone to be delivered so i can get annoyed again. After i use these 850 mins ( because they wont refund) i am one less customer they can annoy...

unhappy customer 8/30/12 7:42AM

First problem, they give u an opinion of English or Spanish no matter what u choose u get an non English speaking Rep. Annoying! I've had my phone for over two years, when it came time to replace it that's when the big problems begun. Trying yo transfer ur same number net 10 number to a new net 10 phone seems to be 1 step away from impossible! I'm now on my forth Sim card, and that one still doesn't work. Calling customer service is a joke, there all confused. None of them seems to know anything beyond there problem solving book assigned at training. Corporate reps are no better. Big surprise I know!

bothered 8/30/12 1:40AM

i have been trying for 6 days to reactivate my net10 phone with a new number.was told by no less than 12 people that it would be done in an hour.guess what,6 days later still nothing.this is the sorriest phone service i have ever had.sent me a new sim card,they said it was invalid that they would have to send another sim card.i just want my $25.00 back for the 750 minutes i paid for and cannot use.i will be reporting you to the bbbyou should be ashamed to treat customers the way you do at net10.sorry customer service trying to talk with someone who does not speak nor understand english.

steven 8/16/12 7:46PM

I have been trying to fix my cell phone for two weeks now. Six different people that are hard to understand, and four sim cards later it is not fix. After about 6 hours totel on the phone and losing 25.oo dollars, I am not happy. I have been a customer for about 3 years.

Nancy 8/14/12 8:52AM

On 7/20 i bought airtime over the web, it kept giving me an error for my credit card, so i used my husbands, needless to say it charged my card twice, and my husbands once. I spoke to 6 seperate people, on 3 seperate occassions, who did not understand me, and for the majority i was unable understand them. I was told my money would be refunded within 24-48 hours(did not happen), then i was told i would not be refunded because they do not show multiple transactions. I am definitely cutting net10 after the minutes expire. They have poor customer service, and people who are difficult to understand.

Mzp 7/30/12 8:03AM

I am a longstanding Net 10 customer and I buy 750 min. every month and I find it very difficult understanding your customer services reps. The one I spoke to today spoke so fast I couldn't understand a word she said. I had to ask her 4 times to slow down but I still couldn't understand her. This happened to me last month also and has happened many times over the years. Are you an American company? If so please hire Americans to answer your customer service phones for Americans. I am really sick of not being able to understand people that are hired to help you but aren't able to speak well enough to be understood. I am considering changing my phone service due to this problem.

GinnyRhdt 7/12/12 1:56PM

My name is Yolonda Hutchinson, I am a net 10 customer, On July3, 2012 I call into customer service and made a debit transaction with a customer rep name Hosea he made four attempts to get my payment of 56.00 and got an error four times, when he received the 56.00 dollars I call the bank and they said that four payments were pending and Net 10 needed to fax over a statement saying we at Net 10 will not settle pending amounts, my full name the authorization code, amount of pending charges on company letter head and hand written signature. I spoke with a manager name Erwin he said he could not fax and said he would do a escalation and gave me a reference number 1053131657 I call again and spoke with another manger he did the same thing and gave me a reference number 1053187664 and said it will take an additional 24 to 48 hours, now my bank said because they refuse to fax it can take 21 days to receive my money. In the meantime my furniture is going to repossess, my charge cards are going to be late with late charges my cable bill is late and my arrangement with Alabama power will not be made.
I am writing you this comment because Iam going to report Net 10 to the better business bureau, the Attorney General the Federal trade commerce and file a complaint in court for my pain and suffering if this matter is not reconciled by tomorrow the 4th of July. I am on a fix income and this has caused me major problems. My number is 334-652-8704. [email protected]

Anonymous 7/4/12 5:47PM

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