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NetSpend corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the NetSpend corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the NetSpend corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
NetSpend Corporation

701 Brazos St.
Suite 1200
Austin, TX 78701
United States

Phone: 512-532-8200

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so what is netspend management or corporate doing about these complaints? I'm seriously thinking about closing my account after reading all these negative comments.

xxxx 7/12/14 9:53PM

My Name is Gabino Arizola, my first complaint is about the Record keeping at Netspend. I first became a member on 4/23/2005 with a Card purchased at Ace Check Cashing! Then signed up with my Social Security Direct Deposit through them the same Month Not only do they not show any reference as to the longevity of my Account. Let alone give you the Respect you feel you should Get as a Long time customer. Now I am a Premier Card Holder which I became in 2010 that's the only information that shown as to my existence with this company. My Account now has a hold on it because of fraudulent and imposters posing to be Netspend have now accessed there system and are calling the Customers and getting information needed to access your account! Ive as per the CS Agent emailed the corporate office without even a phone call just an automated response of thanks for contacting customer service. Now My personalized Card(For security reasons) was cancelled and a new one was to be sent as of last week. Today again I recieve a text message that something is wrong with my account and to contact Netspend CS. When I call I realize it's a fraudulent call yet it's to late your information has already been entered. So in Contacting the Real Customer Service they Lovk down my Account and even though I told them I didn't give my card # just SS# and Pin! Cancelled the backup card I had now leaving me without access to my Account! So in Closing I have to Wait now 7-10 days for a replacement since the card that was supposed to have been sent wasn't even ordered so I was lied to and now have No access to my Account whatsoever! And Very Disappointed with the service that Ive recieved with This Customer Service in this situation as well with to Way the Corporate Office Hides to avoid any contact with its Customers by posting a Phone Number yet Nobody answers the phone except an automated answering service! Or Answering Message service! What kind of Business Does this? Stand Behind Your Product if Your legitimate and proud of Your Product! Don't treat us your customers like we don't matter if it wasn't for us You wouldn't be able to be doing the Business that you are! This is getting very nauseating and Disturbing when You put your Trust into a financial institution and they treat you with such disrespect and make You feel as if they don't care whether you keep you're business here or not! That's including the Sorry Customer Service and Corporate Office Combined! I Really hope that I have really touched a Nerve Today. Because I know I don't just speak for Myself, I Just have the Heart to Speak the Truth as it Should Be and Dont Fear what consequences can come from Speaking The Truth! When You are entrusted with Monies especially mine that's Disability And All I Have and get! You better Believe I will fight for what belongs to Me and Good Always Will Triumph over any Wrong No Matter Where it's Ciming From! Sincerely, Mr. Gabino Arizola

g.arizola 6/23/14 12:10PM

Hello -

My name is David Ruffin and I have been a loyal netspend customer for quite some time now. I am writing you to discuss how displeased I am about a situation that I have incurred with netspend and it's employees that now has me at a loss with $163.95. To make a very long story short I had a dispute with a merchant QVC that resulted in me winning the dispute per mastercards guidelines. I disputed this transaction back in April and the dispute was won June 2nd. The representative that I spoke with back in April did not include the 2nd charge for the exact same dollar and the same merchant amount in the dispute. With this being the error of the netspend rep that u spoke to I called netspend back once I learned of the error and I was informed by several representatives that it was to late for me to dispute the transaction that was not included in February because it exceeded 120 days. I kindly explained to rep that it should have been included by the netspend agent when I called to dispute the first transaction in April - meaning that in April the same dispute should have included the transaction of $163.95 from QVC from both February and April making the transaction in February within the dispute time limits. To date, it has been new that two weeks that I have been dealing with this issue with countless lies being told from both customer service reps and supervisors from netspend. I was told daily that the dispute team would call or email me and that never happened. This issue was escalated several times by customer service reps and supervisors and the usury has still not been resolved and I have yet to be contacted from the dispute department or anyone else from netspend. I am on a very fixed income and $163.95 may not be a lot to some but it's the world of difference to me. It decides whether or not I eat on a daily basis. I would like for this issue to be resolved as soon as possible and I would like for someone to contact me as soon as possible as well. My contact details are below.

David Ruffin

Thank you in advance or your prompt attention to this matter.

David 6/23/14 8:32AM

They stole about 7000 from me and they closed my account with out notcie sayin it had suspicious activity the only suspicious activity is yoru company stealing my money and letting people use my account. my whole money was gone and i am still fighting them till this day! its crazy. ive been with them since 2009

mzeve824 6/18/14 11:03AM

Does anyone have the Netspend corporate phone number, and any info about the class action lawsuit? Someone has gotten my card info and using my card. This card has been blocked, but someone is still able to use it. Any info would be appreciated as the customer service dept has done nothing to help me.

tannymarie 5/30/14 4:54AM

If there's a class action lawsuit im in too. Netspend has about 2 weeks dealing with a dispute and they claim they don't have means to contact the dispute department. Corporate is a joke.. all the time i talk to them they promised it should not take more than a hour to get my funds back.. and surprise surprise it been 5 days and no funds available.

jb8 5/14/14 10:18AM

this company is a scam they take your money and send u on a runaround!!!

annoymous 5/13/14 3:51PM

Iam another pissed off person fed the freak up with net spend .I will also be hiring a lawyer immediately. Been dealing with this for 3 months blocked my card.I want my money

Rena haynes 4/29/14 10:17PM

I was not aware with there is a transaction fee for everytime i swipe my card or online purchase. when i called to investigate on the charges the CSR tells me i can enroll in there advantage plan for $5 a month. i ask can it be back dated so i can have a refund. the rep told me that we would have to have enrollmemt for month of April. i agree to have them take out fee every 22nd starting in April. they took there $5 when i called about the previous fee. the supervisor herself tells me we are not a credit card company we can not credit.

valery 4/25/14 11:09AM

This is Miss class action I would love to be a part of a class action suit considering thatmy money was drawn off of my card fraudulently in Mexico of all places and I have no idea how they got my information or pin number. I filed a claim with NetSpend and to my surprise they kept partial the money because they said that my pin was you used. Well I know that people's information is compromise all the time I have no idea how they got my pin number and how do you decide to keep some of my money after someone's already stolen money from me yes please contact me back my name is LaShawn my email address isplease Email me like I said I would love to be part of your suit.

miss class action 4/22/14 6:12PM

This company is horrible. These idiots closed much account never debts replacement card, lied and said one was mailed may 10th. I've been waiting no access to my funds, called and come to fInd out that was a damn lie. The horrible customer service can't tell 2013 from 2014. So the pitiful service Rep said she would mail out card and would taken ten more days in addition to the ten I've already waited based on a lie. This happened at worse time in my life as I was just hit by drunk driver and car was totalled I needed card torrent car. I will now be closing my account. This was the finally straw

pissedoff 4/18/14 9:20AM

This company is terrible and does not have customer service at all. I have sent over several times ACH stop form and then they let it go through anyhow and then they hold your money forever. A dispute should never take that long to get your money back and they should believe you the customer but they dont. I would not recomment this company to anyone.

Mad 4/16/14 6:15AM

I am done with this company as well my employer gave me a refund on my card they blocked my card and would not unblock my card because of some merchants aagreement some excuse. Gave them all my info and they still didnt do it. What I am reporting as well and soon I get my monies im done. Was with them for years. Pisst. My bills and things that this cost me will they find me somewhere to stay with my kids. No

Anonymous 4/10/14 12:23PM

Im so fricken Mad !! I rented a truck on 3-18 2014 ,Gave a deposit 0f 288.00 .When done with the truck i paid cash ,Only had the truck about 5 hrs. The company i rented from said the money would be back in my account in 3-4 days . What day is it today 04-7-2014 .The rental company sent Net Spin FOUR Letters Just the way they ask and every time they said its incomplete .I HAVE THE LETTER THEY REQUESTED AND NOTHING IS MISSING, the last time i talk to net spin ,everything was comlete ,Now they said its NOT I still dont have my MONEY ,What they think they can keep it

LegendaryMike 4/7/14 6:03PM

this company have poor customer service spoke with a lady name taren then also spoke with the supervisor name chria that was no help at all hung up the phone in my face was in the phone with then.for one hour and they never solve the issue this companya is a bad company. the people here can barely speak english

Anonymous 4/3/14 8:12PM

I will never deal with this company again they have with held my money for days hold, Iv called many time to dispute and still waiting on my money to be put back on my card this will be reported to the better business bureau and never will I deal with this company again and will let every one else know on all of my social media about how bad this company is..!!!!!

Anonymous 3/31/14 10:20AM

This is the worst company service I have ever had to endure.I have had an account with a little money in it for 2 years and now that I put a large amount 4,000 in the account they froze my account and said after 2 years they need my I D. Well I sent it to them and now they want this and that and want me to do their work for them, they refused to let me speak to a supervisor and when you call the Corporation office you can only get recordings. I am An American Disabled War Veteran and this is how this companies treating me. I will tell everyone that I meet how they stole my money and now say that they can't do anything.I have no access to my money and can't live the rest of the month!!! Thats how netspend treats Veterans, steals their money and I go hungry because of their greed. Do not, do not do business with these people, they are dihinest to the core.

dkmiller01 3/20/14 7:25AM

I've been disputing with them March 5,2014 the first gave me the wrong reference number then when they finally gave me the right one it took them 5 days to receive them then I still have to wait I WAS IN ANOTHER TOWN WHEN THIS TRANSACTION HAPPENED IT WAS FOR 202.00$ THIS MONEY WAS FUNDED THRU A FUND RAISER FOR MY SISTERS OVARIAN CANCER LODGING FOR HERE TREATMENT YES WE TOLD THEM THAT THERE CUSTOMERS IS REALLY UNFAMILIAR WITH THERE OWN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AMD POLICY WHEN I CALL HEADQUARTERS LEAVE A MESSAGE TO ALMOST EVERY EVERY ext. AMD let them know what the funds for they never return the call. Now we're stuck starting another fund raiser because this company does not care about consumers or health this really sucks she could have been there getting her treat ,emu already

JoseRayo 3/18/14 6:30PM

I stayed in a hotel out of town for a total of 10 days. My charges for that time came to $747. The hotel charged me an additional $586 which was unauthorized. After reading these complaints, I'm incline to believe the hotel manager when he told me that Netspend is the one that added those additional charges to your card. I was told to fax over my receipt for my stay and my money will be added back to my card within 48 hours. To know avail has this happened. I have called back a total of 8 times and each time I'm being told something different by another representative. Not to include the call that I'm on now, in which I've been holding for at least 30 minutes as we speak. I'm not satisfied at all with the kind of customer service that these people have. I have never experienced any problems with this company until now. And unfortunately for us Americans, due to the fact that this company outsourced there jobs so that they can pay less to people outside the country, these are the kinds of issues that we have to deal with. Once I get this situation resolved, I will know longer be a customer of this company.

easyEgirl 3/17/14 4:01PM

I also file a dispute on February 11th. And first they didn't have it and then they did it for me omitting a 75.00 charge that was part of the dispute. I'm still fighting with them. Have sent atleast 10 emails and atleast that many calls. Again filled out the form and today again they don't have it. They are idiots!!!

Karyl711 3/11/14 12:34PM

This is the worst company ever it takes forever to get through to customer service and when you get through they are no help. I have filed a claim of two unauthorized transactions totaling $1200 I was told to wait ten days and my funds would be returned. When I call back to check on status I am told they denied my claim even after I proved I did not make the transfers and even after a pice report against the individual. I have been on hold a total of 5 hours and was hung up on. I requested to speak to somebody of more authority and there was no one and on top of that all of the so called customer service reps could really speak English I am tired of hearing "I'm sorry this happened to you but the person who pretended to be you knew your information so we allowed them to transfer the money" . Are you kidding me when the imposter called in did she sound like me no I hate the whole company I hope it goes belly up and the corporate heads get charge with fraud, conspiracy, embezzlement, grand larceny, tax evasion, treason, and anything else that has these thieves never see the light of day.

Pissed and robbed 2/21/14 8:28PM

I am in the same boat as everybody else it had been over 2 weeks no card my 4000 tax refund gone i emailed every major news station in the dfw i have contacted the bbb and will not stop until something is done about this fradulent company, i was told they were expediting me a card through ups however nobody can provide me the tracking number, I'm providing all this to a attorney!!

keke 2/20/14 7:50PM

I am so tired of messing with this company about my money...I will decently make sure my tax refund does not go to them anymore..I have been waiting for two weeks for my card so I ccan access my money and still have not received it..I can't even get my money transfered to another account...this company is a rip off and a horrible business....DO NOT USE if u want access to your money

sweetv 2/18/14 9:16AM

i've been jacking with netspend since feb 3 2014. which was when my card was supposedly mailed to me. my almost $9,000 tax refund is at netspend & i still haven't received my damn card. as a matter of fact i'm on hold with the incompetent fools right now. why u ask??? because the idiots sent me a text & email (btw yesterday they said my email wasn't showing up) saying that my card had been sent back to them reporting it stolen. WTH??? 1st of all i never got the damn card to begin with. they said it wasn't able 2 be delivered due to the fact that noone was atmy home to receive it. well that's a load od bullcrap. why u ask?? because last wk my fiancee received a netspend card in the mail that she never requested & wasn't home to receive it. U know what else?? she got another a cpl days ago. same scenerio. It's fing bs & I am in process of hiring me an attorney to file a lawsuit against them. i'm also emailing the BBB when i get finished here. if any1 would be interested in being part of filing a class action lawsuit against NetSpend please let me know. i have read thousands of comments from people who like myself are being screwed by net's bs that the big corporations are continually allowed to f over the consumers & are not held accountable. f this crap. fing done & over being screwed by this idiots.i'm not stopping there because of using the services of turbo tax i have been put in this situation. sure i cld've waited 6-8 wks for them to mail me a paper check but i opted to go through netspend because i was laid off for a month & am playing catchup on my bills & my freaking truck plates & insurace is up for renewal tomorrow Feb. 14, 2014

jasbury 2/13/14 10:47AM

My account was blocked for unusual activity ivr never used the card then i call they tell me send n proof of idenity i did and the blovk still there i called the rep placed me on hold then hung up netspend im starting a potition close yall scam artist

Anonymous 2/12/14 1:03PM

Netspend Is The Worst Company I Ever Delt With,they Are A Scam Taker. Stealling Money From Client Who Use There Cards.they Are Nasty And Rud On The Not Giving Up On Geten My Money Back Am Going To Bbb And The Us Fraud Dept. And The Ceo Of This Company Knowns What Going And Know They Are Ripping People Off Am Not Giving Up I Am A Fighter To The Not Deal With Them They Are A Rip Off For Stealing.

MAD AS HELL 2/4/14 4:20AM

Do Not Get A Card From This Company They Are Scam Artist Not Only Did They Refuse To Credit Back A Fraudulent Transaction But Charged Me 45 In Overdrafte Fees And Would Not Refund Them Even Thouggh They Clearly Stated It Was Not My Fault

Mzchiladi 1/13/14 8:10AM

Hello your customer service reps are very rude and you can't understand a word they say .Then they put you on hold for 2and 3 hours and you will never get a hold of no one at all

a.crawford 1/3/14 3:31PM

I have been a valued customer of Netspend (SCAMSPEND) for many of years and have also referred friends to use this company. Recently I wanted to start back using my netspend account for my payroll deposit so I called the WORLDS WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE to see how to do so. Well upon speaking with the (so called) customer service reps who could barely speak English, I was informed that I had a negative balance on two of the previous cards I had with netspend (SCAMSPEND). I said there was no way and those were fraudulent charges on my account and asked what I needed to do to dispute them. I advised her I had called numerous times before as my purse was stolen at the end of February but received no help as they needed the last four digits of the cards I had, which I was not able to provide nor were they willing to look up any other information on my account. The HORRIBLE rep told me not to worry and even said I did not need to file a dispute. She said "the best thing to do" is to go to the branch, open a new account, she would block out the old accounts and then I would be able to start using the new card with no problem. I repeatedly asked her was she sure, because I was not going to pay for charges on my account that were fraudulent and not to mention I was out of state when the charges were charged to the account. She again, in a rushing and frustrated way to get off of the line, stated not to worry, she would block out the accounts and I would be fine. She never once mentioned once I put the money on the new card with the new account at the branch like she told me to, that they would take the last funds I had to my name. I did exactly what she told me to do and when I called the WORLDS WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE again to activate the new account I was then told the funds I had just deposited where used to pay for the negative balances on the other cards. Imagine my confusion. This is day three and I have spoken to 15 different reps who have either given me false information, assured me the funds would be returned to me or have hung up on me. I will not stop until I am returned the funds that are rightfully mine. This is the WORST Company on the entire planet. I have lots of family and friends in high places who I have spoken to about my situation and they are actively working on helping me get my money back. This complaint is not so much about the money but more about the company, its employees and the way I have been SCAMED out of my cash. Trust me when I say many people will be hearing about this.

Quue 12/11/13 8:55AM

My name is Alicia Smallwood and I have been a valued customer of Netspend for the past 6 years. I have had fraudulent charges added to my account a few times and the issue was never resolved. Today 12/10/11 my account has been compromised again and I refuse to allow this again. All the representatives are telling me I need to wait for the merchant to collect their funds but there is no company name, no phone number, or address. It just states that the transaction is for payroll services in which I didn't sign up for. The location of the company states Reno, California. There is no such place as Reno, CA.

Zaynah 12/10/13 8:43AM

Hi, my name is Randy, I cannot believe how I am treated simply because I forgot the password to the online account system. My card was frozen, the information about my email account was changed without my consent and the debit card has been blocked from usage all because I phoned netspend to acquire assistance with a forgotten password. The system is not totally user friendly when generating passwords you may have to re create a password several different times before the online system will take the generated password into acceptance. This I tried explaining to the "Ms. Sheldon, supervisor" to the Netspend Corporation.

Randy 12/2/13 3:03PM

Do NOT get involved with this company. They have the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. PLEASE save yourself a lot of aggravation and frustration and get a card from a reputable banking institution.

Anonymous 11/15/13 6:00PM

I filled a dispute with netspend on October 28 2013 for a transaction the dispute department in error disputed the amount that had already been posted to my account and after ten days of waiting told me I had already got a. Refund issued i told them I had called them daily and that I had disputed the other amount they informed me that I have to open another dispute and wait ten more days

Anonymous 11/15/13 1:05PM

This bs company needs to be out of business they are holding my paycheck hostage all cause of a fucn security question then stated they have no main office these mfrs needs to be out of business asap

nunniee 11/14/13 12:36PM

just saw this post,,,
Keneisha Washington I work for the netspend Company and whatever you load on a netspend reloadpack card from walgreens, or cvs, or 711... I can add a zero say if you put $350 I can make dat $3500and all I ask for is 300 off each 1000you keep the remaining funds.. and there's a bonus when u do 200 or more so hmu if you interested.

Anonymous 11/12/13 2:55PM

HORRIABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I think this company needs to go out of business. They can not activate my card for over a month. I sent in all the required B.S they wanted and still I can NOT get my card activated. It only has 50 dollars on it. It's not a million but I see how this company can really screw over the people they are suppose ot help.

Battlevixen 11/8/13 11:45AM

Do Not Get A Card From These FOOLS!!!!!!!!!! They Pay You Early Only To Take Your Money. Ive Called Them For 5 Days To Find Out What The Problem Is, No One Answers The Phone There Is A 30 Minute Hold And The Phone Hangs Up!!! This Must Be Stopped. I Am In Pursuit Of Them And Will Not Stop Until I Am Paid Back. This The Second Time Money Has Been Missing From My Account With Absolutely No Help From Netspend Nor Any Way They Even Plan To Rectify The Problem. I Will Get My Money Though, I Won't Stop Until I Do!!!!

Anonymous 10/29/13 8:24AM

I need my money it s mine from the irs it is not right for yall to block my card I went and bought a new card like the cs said to do they sent 1000.00 over to new card and now both cards the old one and new one are blocked that is my irs taxes my refund your keeping.

marsha27 10/24/13 10:14AM

On 10/12, when my social security check was posted I looked online and was SHOCKED to see that I was a target for fraud by someone in Great Britain!! Now, how did they
know what day that my check would be posted and how did they get my card number. This is the only income that I have. They took $986.08 and left me with $22.17! How did they know when my check would posted and how did they get my card?? I called the 800# and filed a dispute and was assured that I would get my money back. Yeah right. I called on Mon. and again today and was told that they would have to investigate! I need my MONEY NOW!! I have a mortgage to pay TODAY!! Still no help. So, I called my local police dept and filed a fraud claim.Now it is the hands of the authorities to do what they deem necessary!!

f.paschal 10/15/13 11:04AM

on 8/27 my Netspend card was used in a completley other state in excess of $1200. I have sent in more than enough proof to these morans and then continue to say that I made the errors. My employer sent them a letter because I was at work while half of the charges occurred and made purchases within minutes of several others in a state that is 8 hours away. So how the hell am I responsible for these charges. I have waited over a month and have not received MY money back. I have contacted BBB and also a lawyer. I would not recommend this company to anyone and I hope they go out of business. Their customer service is horrific at best. I spoke to non-English speaking people over 20 times who just piss me off with everyone phone call. I will see those idiots in court. I will also be calling this corporate number tomorrow and hopefully someone can help me but I highly doubt it.

Ihatenetspend 10/6/13 8:53AM

On approx. 7-9-13, I purchased a Netspend Visa Prepaid Debit Card in the amount of $250.00, for the purpose of online shopping and bill pay. I also chose to use a prepaid debit card for the purpose of concealing my identification. Prior to purchasing the card, I read the printed information ('Getting Started with Your Card') located on the back of the packaging. Step 2 list the needed information in order to activate the card. According to the printed info in step 2, 'for U.S. citizens, your Social Security or Tax ID number' was listed as acceptable means of ID. I attempted to activate this card only to learn that I could not use my tax id, but that I could only use my social security #.

I called Netspend on 7-11-13 and requested that the card be cancelled due to mis-representation of required documents. The customer service rep (csr) told me to return it to the store where I purchased it from after putting me on hold for numerous lengthy times. I called Netspend (NS) again and was told that a refund of $244.05 would be sent-and that I should receive it in 20 business days.

I called NS on 8-8-13 regarding the refund. After verifying the address, it was discovered that the wrong address was on file. I was told that the refund check was sent on 7-23-13 to the address originally on file. I gave them the correct address. After updating my address (so I thought), I was told that an email would be sent to the correspondent, and that it would take 3-4 business days to update my records.

On 8-18-13, I called NS regarding the status of my account. A csr named Mark told me that a replacement check was sent. Mark also said that the email was sent to the correspondent on 8-10-13, requesting the check to be sent to the updated address. Mark stated that another email was sent to the correspondent to determine if the first check had been returned. I was told that if a check had been rec'd, a replacement check would be sent within 4-5 business days.

On 8-26-13, I called NS re: the refund status. I spoke with a csr named Hazel. Per Hazel, the check was sent on 8-20-13 to the address on file. I verified the address. Hazel told me that she would send an email to the correspondent re: address change.

On 9-1-13, I called NS re: the refund status. The fist time I called, the csr pretended to have a bad connection and disconnected the call. I called back. The csr told me that a refund check was sent on 8-16-13, to the address on file. After verifying my address AGAIN, I was placed on hold for .30 minutes to talk to the correspondent office. The csr told me the phone was constantly ringing and verified my address. She even confirmed the change in address to be the #'s only. Before connecting the call, she told me that the check was sent at 5:03 via USPS and put the call on hold. Another csr came on th line and confirmed that the check was sent to the updated address on 8-16-13.

On 9-6-13, I called NS re: the refund status. A csr told me that the check was sent on 8-20-13. He then changed his statement and said that the check was in process. He said that it will take 20 business days to receive it. He counted the calendar days and told me what day to expect it to arrive.

On 9-8-13 I called NS re: the refund status. The csr told me that the check was sent to the address on file. She verified my address. I told her that I was not in understanding of what was going on. She put me on hold and transferred me to the correspondent csr. Per Tyler the corr. csr, the account had not been updated until 9-1-13. Tyler told me that the check was sent on 9-6-13 because the address was just updated. Tyler also stated that this would be the last check that would be sent. Since I had spoken to csr's located in the Philipines, I asked Tyler who could I talk to re: the call center in the Phillipines. She told me there was no call center in the Phillipines-only in TX.

CSAUL 9/8/13 10:33PM

I put 100.00 on a netspend card on june 20th. my card has yet to be activated after tons of rude, unqualified people that don't speak good English.this is ridiculous. I am in the process of talking to the news station to get some investigation done. im sure im not the only person this is happening to. netspend has no right to keep my 100.00!

elizabeth 8/25/13 7:46AM

I Have Bought Paypal Prepaid Card And Load 115.00 To It
I Try To Activate The Card And Netspend Block My Account And Put My Money On Hold And The Customer Service Is Rude And Not Helpful At All I Want My 115.00 Back Asap

NONETSPEND 8/20/13 9:38PM

My account was blocked because they stated I went over the overdraft amount. Once money was deposited, the account continued to be blocked and no access to account is given. Requested transaction history report for 4 days and still nothing. Horrible customer service!! Do not use this card!! Warning!! do not use this card.

anywhere 8/14/13 2:50PM

Your office in Oakdale Ca, gave me the wrong visa card number to give my accountant and then told me oh well the refund has been spent they can't get it back. I will have to take this corporation to court, so get a lawyer.
You have misrepresented your own company. This will go to all Federal offices with complaints.
Charles Bishop

Anonymous 8/6/13 9:10PM

I File A Dispute On 5-11-13 For A Charge Of $142.43 That I Didn't Authorize First They Told Me I Have To Wait 10 Bus Days...ok Then I Was Told That A Claim Was Open Up With Visa And I Had To Wait 45 Bus-days I Then Did A 3 Way Call With Them And Verizon Where Verizon Told Them They Never Receive The Money The So Call Supervisor Told Me I Should Receive My Refund On 6-3-13 Well Today Is That Day No Refund I Call To Get The Run Around ...they Are The Worst Card Ever To Get ..never Again

BISHOP 6/3/13 8:52AM

The worst customer service ever. The rep I talked to could not answer my question or give me the number of someone that could. They spend as little as possible on services and pray no one calls in for assistance. I actually started laughing when she said we appreciate you. I told that I understood that was her company line when ending a call but when it is painfully obvious that you couldn't care less about the customer you shouldn't say that. If I didn't have money with these people it would almost be funny.

james mccloden 5/16/13 11:05AM

I have used them since 2009. I have had some problems and frustrations but kept using them. I had a problem with the dispute issue and it taking forever for them to give me my money back. Now, they are permenantly disableing my OD protection because of an OBVIOUS glitch on their computer system's part plus the fact they all must cannot do math! I will be bringing this to higher management and this is my last straw with Netspend. I have been a loyal direct deposit customer since Jan 2009 and depending on what happens now will decide if I stay or go.

tcgold 5/10/13 8:53PM

I wish I knew about this page earlier because I just started using this card as well. I cancel a payment because it was the wrong card I used and the merchant won't send out a email so I did a 3 way call with the merchant and netspend on the phone netspend agreed to do a verbal agreement and said my funds will be released to me in 6 to 8 hrs not only have I not received my funds and this is the second day. Everytime I call they are giving me different responses. I am calling my lawyer because this false accusations they are giving me and then they are rude and hanging up the phone on me. I will never use NETSPEND again.

Anonymous 5/10/13 7:54AM

I just started to using this card and I agree this is by far the worse debit card I have come across. I spoke to so many different rep and still nothing. I tried to call the corporate number and nothing. To say this is crazy.

Anonymous 5/10/13 7:41AM

I am very upset MySS check was sent back because I could not answer a security question even the person at your office knew me and she also called i trusted you you lied I am telling eveyone I know what happened to me so they will not use you I anm only one person I am a retired Nurse that needs to feed her grandchildren No money to buy food for them myself or my dog. Iwill not get my check untill 5 to 7 days from today, I was put on hold for 40 minutes your mangers are not very helpful nor your supervisors again I am telling everyone I know about this ths willnot help me I still can not feed my grandchildren had to borrow some money for gas I know that you really do not care nor will I hear from you since I am only one person but thsi person is going to the newspaper and who ever will listen to me

Anonymous 4/25/13 3:04AM

I have had Netspend for 3 years and never had an issue until now when an unauthorized charge to my card in the amount of $571.83 was debited. I filled the dispute, was told I would get my provisional credit back on April 12th, (mind you this all started on 03/29/13)and today when I called, nothing! Absolutely nothing! I am so beyond fed up. I only have them so that I may get my check early. I have Wells Fargo and trust me, I will be switching soon. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I have contacted my attorney to start a lawsuit against them. This company wants to be touted as but they do not act as one. In fact they are worse than a bank.

beyondfedup 4/12/13 11:45AM

yes, I agree netspend is by far worse when it come to giving YOUR money back when its YOUR money... I used the ATM 5 time in a week's time when i check it 1300.00 were gone i called on 2/27/13 to file a dispute the fax # given was wrong and it took me 2wks to get the correct fax its been 40+ days they will not give me a temp credit i have 2 children i have no job no unemployeement no goverment assist my bills are due my lights are off we stay at a neigbhors house no food and they tell me i still have to wait 10-14 buss days i have called and have talked to 47 people.... this is the worse i have ever delt with i will be contacting Better Bussiness Bureau the fact that i have nothing and 2 children they could and would not extend the credit and i sent in the atm slips where it said it did not withdrawl it but they did... so Really BS BS BS I will be so done with them when this is over

Really in Texas 4/11/13 6:15AM

i hate net spend thay been takein my money and then when i call to get my money back or ask to speak to a manager thay never put the manager on and put u on hold and never answer back thay are scammers thay need to go out of business

netspend hater 4/3/13 5:54AM

I would not referrl NETSPEND to anyone. NETSPEND is full of mess. Netspend will take your money and when u call and ask them about it they will flat out lie to you about your money. PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GET NETSPEND U WILL REGRET IT AT THE END

Anonymous 3/25/13 7:03AM

I agree with all the comments NetSpend sucks to be honest their a company, they steal people money!!!

pmac 3/22/13 8:25AM

Nets\Spend has been holding our tax return for the last 10 days. They have given us fake fax numbers to fax all our info to. They keep telling us that they cannot read it. All the customer service agents tell us something different every time we talk to them. Not eve the supervisors can get anything done. If you ask me they are only interested in holding our money so they get the interest from it.

Will never use or recommend again, intact, I will advise people never use NetSpend if they ever want to see their money!

Nmontgomery 3/14/13 12:26PM

I Hve Been Waiting On My Netspend Card, Which Was Setup Through My Taxes, I Was Told 7-10 Business Days, I Waited Over 15 Only To Find Out Tht The Card Was Returned. They Resent The Card Bcse My Address Was Exactly The Same, They Informed Me To Go By A Temp Card To Transfer My Money Until My Permanent Card Arrives, I Did Tht, And I Hve Bn Hven Trouble Ever Since. Every Representative Tells You Smethng Differnt, You Ask To Spea,k To A Supervsr, And They Leave You On Hold For Long Periods Of Time, Hoping You Will Hang Up, And Still To No Avail, You Get No Assistance. I Would Just Like To Receive My Card So I Ccan Access My Funds And Be Done Wth Ths Altogether. In The Future, I Will Nvr Use Netspend Again, Nor Will I Reccommend This To Anyone. The Unproffessionlism And Complete Disregard For A Customers Issues And Money Is Unbelieveable To Any Sane Person. I Dnt Knw Hw Ths Could Be Acceptable To Any Companies Standards!

tamikanicole 3/8/13 2:49PM

Netspend has been holding on a direct deposit and will not release the funds I faxed everything to them and I still don't have it they will not give me a corporate number!!!!!!! I am furious I told them to send it back to the IRS so I can receive a check they have not returned it yet.

Anonymous 3/2/13 9:45AM

got my taxes done had them put on net spend card was supposed to get them in seven to ten days it has been a month they tell me my adress does not exist and that they are going to keep my money six thousand dollars how can u do that my address does exist

Anonymous 2/22/13 12:28PM

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