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NetZero corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the NetZero corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the NetZero corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

United Online, Inc.
21301 Burbank Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
United States

Phone: 818-287-3000
Fax: 818-287-3001

NetZero Corporate Office Comments

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I recently got netzero what was told to me on the phone is not what happened this company is horrible and the most shocking thing for me is that they did not call me on the number I gave them they call me on the number I called them from they're trying to convince me if I give them back their modem they will refund all my money after looking at the comments and I was just reading it's also funny that they that they gave me an address that was the similar as an address they gave someone else the difference was the address number and a state it was in I think we should ban together and to sue netzero I took the liberty of recording a conversation that I had with one of their operators these people will lie to get your money. Feel free to contact me at

be honest don't trick 8/15/14 10:39AM

I recieved $69.90 credit and I thank you. However I was told by Netzero cust. service that I was not going to be credited the $49.95 that was taken from my credit card without my permission on 4-21-14.This is no way to conduct buisness stealing from your customers and will not be tolerated.I will be relentless until I recieve my due credit!!

panzer1 7/15/14 3:07PM

I recently moved from St. Loius to Godfrey Il...I had 4G service in St. Louis and was very pleased with my Netzero service. After moving I accessed the internet and I could't log on. I phoned Netzero Tech support and was informed 4G service is not available in the area which I had moved to and was told that 3G service is all that was available. The tech. person said they will send me a 3G device at no cost if I return the 4G device. I agreed as the 4G device was useless to me. I waited for over 3 weeks for new 3G device and I phoned tech. support to ask where it was only to dicover it was sent to MY OLD ADDRESS!!!! The tech rep. said they were sorry and they will get the 3G device to my new address as soon as possible. I recieved the device 2 weeks later only to discover it was ANOTHER 4G DEVICE that was charged on my debit card

I phoned cust. service [which is a boileroom somewhere in India] and was told I would recieve an e-mail where to send the 2 4G devices and would recieve credit.. I finally recieved the 3G device after weeks of waiting. I sent 2 4G devices to the address recieved in the e-mail which was.....NETZERO RETURNS ARVATO DIGITAL SERVICES 29011 COMMERCE CENTER VALENCIA,CA 91355. I assumed the $49.95 would be credited to my account only to discover that an additional $69.95 had been charged to my account on 6-10-14 for the second 4G device that I couldn't use. I phoned cust. service several times and spent literaly hours with these people trying to explain that I sent both 4G deices to the e-mail address given to me....I am sure that they lost them or misplaced them as I have never encountered such breathtaking incompetence as my whole experience with Netzero. Netzero has STOLEN a total of $119.85 from my account and I will get that money back SO HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

panzer1 6/26/14 9:23AM

This company is horrible I want my money and I am going to get it .One way or another believe that.

Tiffany 5/21/14 5:22PM

be aware of net zero they will make an agreement then change it after and try to plunder your accont ,and try to take ut anotherize money,they are a fake phony fraud.

Anonymous 2/20/14 9:23AM

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. No one wants to give the corporate phone number or help they charge you. Right away and tell you that refunds take 5 days 2 weeks later can't get anyone to respond. I want their CEO to know how their customers are treated. Deplurable.

Wendy 1/3/14 5:09PM

Horrible, horrible company. I will never recommend anyone to NetZero unless you want your money taken from you and experience a crappy customer service, have supervisors hang up on you. I do not recommend NetZero at all.

MP 11/22/13 10:24AM

This is the most ridiculous service I have ever had! I received the hot spot on a Wednesday. They billed me for service starting the Friday before I received it. Once I connected it, I was unable to get online and finally got online and it dropped every 20 seconds. There is no service in my area. When I called to tell them they told me I would still be billing for the service even though I can not use it and if I wanted to cancel they would charge me a cancellation fee. I have not even been able to use it for the 5 days that I have had it and you want to charge me more money!!!!! For nothing!!!! I need a refund for everything because I never used your service and the outsourced staff are terrible with customer service.

NONETZERO 5/28/13 12:20PM

Someone from corporate office named Amanda called my home in reference to taking monies from account after cancelling. She left a number that was not clear I did hear her say that I must fill out form 050.0

islahsadiyah 5/24/13 11:01AM

Your customer service is horrible. The customer gets passed off to numerous agents with NO SATISFACTION.

Anonymous 3/29/13 5:36AM

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