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Nissan corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Nissan corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Nissan corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Nissan North America, Inc.

Nissan Motor Company Ltd
1 Nissan Way
Franklin, TN 37067
United States

Phone: 615-725-1000
Fax: 6153725-3343

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my husband has a 1998 nissan rock it has over 500,000 maybe 600,000 morning original intent best car we ever still drive like itdid when we first got it only thing we've ever done is made basic maintenance oil change tires maybe a muffler things like that

kim 6/20/14 1:33PM

i have been a Nissan own for about 30 years i love Nissan i have several i my family i brought all of my daughter Nissan there grown know and i have 2 year old disabled twin sons whom i purchased an quest mini van for to hold all of there medical equipment and last week while sitting at a red light got hit from behind by someone doing 65mph my sons are alive thank god but suffered injury's on top of the physical problems they already have. we had insurance the van was totaled and the insurance company only wants to give use 9200 for the van which was the baby's only means of transportation and now they want me to return the rental car they gave use to use. i am searching high and low but being an single parent between work and doctors appointment i can only do so much but i love Nissan and i wouldn't by anything else. thank you

andrea johnson 5/14/14 5:33PM

We have been loyal Nissan customers since 1976 . 3 trucks , 3 Pathfinders , 2 Altima's and 1 Maxima . Our son even bought a Titan the same year we did in 2004 because we had always been very happy with Nissan's. Our Titan only had 40,000 miles on it after 6 years , and very easy miles at that , before it started smoking when starting, our sons did the same thing . He fought with the dealership with no resolution or even a consideration that this truck may have an issue since both trucks were doing the same thing . I now have a 2010 Altima with 40000 miles and it's past the warranty . I have had to replace 3 wheel bearings on it now , replaced the power window switch and brakes . I have always kept my cars at least 10 years and lots of miles and never have had to replace bearings or power window switches. I have also had to replace the break light harness costing several hundred dollars when it wouldn't let me start the car and had me stranded out of town for several hours ,and once it did start I had no lights at all on the back . Don't know what is going on with Nissan but after this there will not be another Nissan in my sons or my driveway . Very disappointed in the quality of this modern day Nissan .

Anonymous 4/1/14 9:35AM

I am very dissappointed with the customer service I received on my recent issue with the Nissan Murano moon roof. This vehicle was out of warranty last June, however only has 26,000 miles on it. The cost of the repair is estimated at $5,700 not including labor! After 2 inspections by a Nissan dealership the cause of the malfunction was due to a manufacture defect. Nissan has offerred to pay half of these charges, but due to the significant cost and this due to a manufacture defect I feel they should cover more. I am giving Nissan another chance to re-evaluate and improve this agreement before I communicate this unfortunate situation to anyone who will listen via. social media and other sources. Nissan definitely does not consider customer satisfaction as a factor when dealing with complaints.

$5,700 manufacture defect 3/14/14 9:46AM

Here it is a month later and still trying to get the 2014 Rogue with dark interior and sun roof. I am so unhappy with this situation. I was all so ready to purchase. Hawkinson did find one, but wanted me to pay $1,000 to go and get it. There should be a big discout when this car arrives. Unbelievable!!!!!!

totototo 3/3/14 9:35AM

I bought a 2014 Rogue brought it home Jan.30th. Victor the Sales person said he would add the door moldings when we picked up the plates and we would get a call as to when the electric start would be installed. Dragon called and said when we picked up the plates he would go over all the features at that time. Never heard from him. That was 1 wk. ago. Got a call for the electric start to be installed today 2/24 guess what service was unaware sales never told service and also never told service of the moldings, no molding available at this time for the 2014 Rogue.

Anonymous 2/24/14 10:11AM

I have been going back and forth with Hawkinson nissan. I wanted to purchase a 2014 Rogue in Gold. They had one, but did not have a sunroof. One had light colored interior. Since I could not get what I wanted in that color. I drove there to look at the red 2014 awd rogue. Guess what?? They did not have one. Why are they advertising these new 2014's and they don't have any in stock.

totototo 2/15/14 2:05PM

Me and my girlfriend bought a nissan titan and were promised we would have a few thing fixed on the vehicle apon signing. They did not fix anything and now we are stuck with a vehicle for thirty thousand with alot of problems we are very dissatisfied with the purchase and all the headache from the sales team who keeps putting us off. They also offered us the "diamond package" that we never got. This is a poorly run business and needs to be dealt with.....we are very angry buyers and will never give nissan our business again.

pissed off buyer 1/29/14 6:06AM

My wife and I recently purchased a 2013 Nissan Sentra in Morrow, Ga. I heard about a good special that the dealership was having for consumers with credit issues. So we went to the dealership purchased the vehicle, during the sale she was asked who referred you, my wife told them my husband. Two weeks later, the dealership calls my wife and asks her who referred you, she tells them my husband, then gives the person my name and address. The young lady tells my wife that the referral check will come from corporate. This was two weeks before Christmas, we have yet to receive the check. On January 6, 2014, we called the dealership and spoke with the salesperson(Olivia)she tells us that the call about the referral was in error due a $3,800 loss that the Nissan South in Morrow, Ga took on the sale. Then she states that there was no referral on the purchase of the vehicle even though she specifically asked during the purchase transaction. We went to the dealership on yesterday to speak with the General Manager(Chris White) in which he was in a managers meeting. I left my contact information with the receptionist, he has yet to give a return call. I hope that someone responds to this letter, it would be greatly appreciated.

aggitated customer 1/7/14 12:31PM

Ma name is Pedro
I, usually never complain but I think it is time to do something about it.
I purchased a Nissan Versa 2007 Bren new I trade in my explorer 1995 the dealer only give me $1000 Dollar for it witch I did'n't mine .
The Nissan versa I purchase at the dealer I never , never ,get even a car wash for free I did had oil change for a few months I even purchase extended warranty up to 100000 thousand miles but the car is only 6 years old but know I have a big problem because the catalytic converted is gone the check engine came up I had a mechanic that I always take my car to it . And always takes care of it and when the light came up I went to him and before I took to the dealer my mechanic told me that the problem was the catalytic when I called the Nissan corporation they also told me that I was suppose to take it to the dealer for the diagnostic test even when I told them the the problem was the catalytic it cost me 130.00 dollars that I had to paid any way .it was done .now the corporation said that the cost of the catalytic converter will cost $2455.00 a ridicules cost I asked the corporation for help the lady was helping me kine of laugh and told me that because I was over by miles on the car the warranty do not cover for it and the cost was on me can you believe it .how would you feel about this so I will post complained about Nissan in different Webs I will tell my friend no to purchase Nissan cars because the company do not help bayer with issues on the cars

cabroncitoyo 12/13/13 7:35PM

I think Nissan was very foolish not to make their customers aware of the noise problem with the 2013 Altima 2.5 and even more guilty of neglect for not correcting this problem when it became apparent. I traded in a 2005 3.5 Altima with which I was well pleased but I will never buy another Nissan or recommend their products to anyone. I will continue to determine if this problem is covered by the California Lemon Law.

Segundo 12/5/13 3:42PM

On October 19 I supposedly finance a car at Corona Nissan I ask who is doing the finance no answer to my question, but the car was hand over to me saying that I qualify for the car.

2 weeks later I receive a call that I need to take the car right away and 2 hours later I got a call that I had that I got a letter at home about repo coming for the car. Immediately I went into a nervous breakdown, I respond to a text that from Silvia who say they were sending repo I say bring my van now am waiting at one hour pass by no one came, then I got another text saying that you want me to go by Sunday to drop off the car I say no come now, she dint respond I sat there for 4 hours in chock until someone came to pick me up

Never in my life I had I taught to be so embarrassed by Corona Nissan how dare you make me take home a car that you had no intention for me to keep.

I haven't stop crying since Friday and why dint you ring the bell when I drop off the car it shortly would have make a difference so that could wipe my tears off but instead you slap on the face and kick my ass undercover style. Then you try to blame it on me that I dint want to refinance with my credit union when you know that no offer was done to them and that I refuse the offer and I was not happy with car. Just because you dint like the answer in the survey you take away the car and wanted to sign a document that say voluntary give up the car. No Mr. Clue it was involuntary. This is what knows that you promise to finance the car but dint want give the 1500 rebate. This should never happen to no one I pay out of packet insurance, Gas and all the pain and suffering that you inflicted.

I will make sure that this does not happen to no one else by spreading this like horrific experience to family, friends and media. Cause this is a story to tell. So that no one ever go thru hell at Corona Nissan.

From my heart am asking you to never do this to no one never again, let it be first and the last

A very unhappy customer

unhappy Customer 11/4/13 1:53PM

I was recently in a head-on collision involving my 2007 frontier. The air bags deployed and my truck was a total loss. However, even with the severe force of the impact, the firewall was not comprimised and the windshield didn't even crack. Fortunately, my wife and I were able to walk away from the scence without serious injury thanks to the quality safety features of the vehicle. I was so impressed I just replaced my old frontier with a new 2013 one. If ever you need a spokesperson for your products, you've got one in me. Thanks Nissan.

Vincent Bradley

hoop 10/30/13 7:35PM

My name is Larry Burrell I drive a 2012 Nissan an The Dealership that sold Me This Nissan Name Is Star Nissan Well to make a long story short I when for a oil change an tire rotation Well they did neathre As a Natter of Fact all they Did was Wash it Who do I take This Matter up with ,Because now I am wander if I should change my oil my self. Now so who do I talk with ,

Just Larry 10/23/13 4:56PM

To whom it may concern I had the worst experience ever at the dealership call leglue in alexandria, la. The sales person Tina Murphy gave us false expectations. She lied about the rebates and wrote it on the paper but put the base number on it when I was suppose to get the special edition.
The manager Tyrone wouldn't honor the deal and became very rude and hostile with my husband and I . Tina didn't tell us about needed a deposit to locate the truck . She told me I didn't need to put anything down for the location and then she turn around and say I need a hundred and then I need 500. I would never shop for any nissan cars and my area because I don't wont to them with them

Rhonda 10/18/13 2:35PM

I purchase a new 2013 Nissan Altima in July 2013 for my wife. On Octocber 16, 2013, my wife was operating the vehicle from our home to a local grocery store when the vehicle suddenly cease to operate. My brand new Nissan slowed down, on its own, to about five (5) miles an hour then speed up on its own to a speed of about 40 miles an hour, began to shake violently in which the engine cease to operate. I turn the ignition on put it in gear, as a result the engine cease to operate. All types of warning signals begin to flicker on the dash board. I attemped to start the engine again, the vehicle begin to jerk, shake and cease to operate. It was towed to Hall Nissan on Western Branch Blvd. in Suffolk, Va. The technician could'nt find out what the problem was and stated they would get back with me. Today is Octocber 18, 2013. I still don't have the vehicle. Mind you, the Nissan has only a total of 438 miles on the odometer. The vehicle is dangerous I no longer want this vehicle. Therefore I want a new Nissan Altima, same color, same features in its place. My wife and I travel quite a bit. If this vehicle acted suddenly on the highway in the passing lane or any lane of the highway, this could cause a severe accident or even a fatality. I DON'T WANT THIS VEHICLE BACK EVEN IF NISSAN REPAIRS IT!!!! Corporate you need to respond!!!

Rawls 10/17/13 8:24PM

I have been a Nissan customer for the past 29 years. I took my car in for service at the Buena Park, California dealership last Saturday. A simple oil change took over two hours even with an appointment. Other customers came in without an appointment, and were taken care off within 30 minutes. I had to go inquire as to why it was taking so long, but did not get a explanation. In the end, I did not even get an apololgy from the service clerk, and after I said I would report this, he told me to go ahead.Just to let you know, there was another lady there before me with battery problem. Both of us are African Americans, but the Hispanics were taken care off right away. Is Nissan of Buena Park saying they cater to only the Hispanic polulation. I strongly think there is discrimination going on there, and something needs to be done.A look around the dealership confirms this.

Manny4321 10/2/13 9:20AM

I've not had the best experience with your service department in the past (long annoying story already told to someone at your facility), but last weeks visit just reinforced my general opinion of Nissan. We've bought Nissan cars for the past 20 years, and use Continental service because we bought the "Gold Plan" coverage for both our cars. It was more than disappointing to find out that if your service department can't diagnose the intermittent problem of my wife's car failing to start, you don't cover the rental car she had to use for the day. It doesn't matter that she couldn't start it, the tow driver couldn't start it, and at your facility your tech couldn't start it. After getting a rental, the service department couldn't find the problem... and then it started. The idea that your "Gold Service Plan" doesn't cover a rental if you can't diagnose a problem is completely absurd. I'm sure this is some standard company policy that has nothing to do with the service department, but it makes Nissan look like a cheap sheister company.

df 10/1/13 5:43PM

I bought a 2010 370Z Roadster Convertible in May 2011 off the showroom floor. I have enjoyed this car immensely and have had only two problems with the vehicle. When I first bought it the door lock button would not lock and unlock the car. Five Star Nissan in Warner Robins, Ga. had to call in a Nissan Rep. to ascertain what the problem was. It took a few days and they finally determined that it was a electrical plug in that was not connected. A week after I had the car I could hear wind noise coming from the passenger side door. They worked on it and gave it back to me only for me to find that the problem still existed. I have taken the car back to them 4 or 5 times just for this once problem and it has still not been fixed. Today I was told that they have done everything they could think of to stop the wind noise and that it was most likely normal since the car is a convertible. The driver side door is perfect and there is no wind noise. I feel as though they are dodging the issue now since the car is a 2010 model year bought in 2011. The car has been exceptional and fun to drive except for this one problem. I told them that if the wind noise was normal I would believe them if it was a 1957 or later model car but, since this was 2013 surely they have developed the car enough after all these years for there to be no wind noise. I called the Corporate Office and reported this problem and they suggested I go to another Nissan dealership and get a second opinion as to whether the problem can be fixed or not. I suppose I will do this one day soon just to have a second opinion. I also would like to hear from any other owners of a 370Z Roadster Convertible if they have this problem. I can be reached at and would appreciate any feedback. This is the first new car or sports car that I've purchased and was so happy with it even with me paying $40,000 cash money for my dream car. I could never do that again in my lifetime because I am not rich by no means. So if anyone wants to comment feel free to do so. I'm beginning to think I have made a Nissan mistake!

jkchd07 8/16/13 1:13PM

Aug/16/13 WOW Nassan got problems after reading those letters. I'll just add mine. Short and sweet I was told by the SA after bringing in my car fully loaded 2007 altima for a oil change that there was a problem and for me to come with him. The car was up on the rack with the machanic waiting for me. He and the SA took me under the car to show me that my head casket was leaking fluid and I should not be driving this car on the road. Get it fix now. He told me to go back to the showroom and he will find out what it will cost to have the work done. $4100.00 plus not including tax. I was shocked and with only 38,000 miles, how could that be correct. Got home very upset and decided to take it to our local machanic. He check it,presured the coolant system and showed me there was no leak and I was being ripped off(his words) the bolts are colored coated and that was the color for the head caskets. Called SA and Hoosman Owner of Nissan of Signal Hill and what I got was I"m sorry and I will look into it and find out why this happened. $4100.00 How many more times did this happen???? I have purchased 5 cars fron this company cars there won't be a 6th. Next on my list the BBB.

Art Eh 8/15/13 4:46PM

This ia a formal complaint regarding the lack of quality service that I am receiving from the Nissan Dealer in Bossier City Louisiana.My husband and I purchased our vehicles in 2011 and were pleased with our vehicles.I always have my vehicle serviced at this dealership. On July 1,2013 my vehicle was suppose to get serviced but instead one of the Nissan service worker crashed into my vehicle with another vehicle.At this time I was trying to be very understanding and I was told I would receive compensations and how deeply sorry they were. At this time the young lady also informed me about the insurance at this dealership and how they really didn't want to report this accident on the insurance and how she would make sure this matter will be resolved and how I would be well taking care of. A month went by and still my damages on my vehicle wasn't fixed and every time I called about the matter they acted as though they forgot about what happened and continued to give me the run around about everything and still a damaged vehicle. The youngman that hit my vehicle could of damaged my frame or anything as well, my car hasn't been the same since and I really trusted this dealership but shame on me they took my kindness for weakness and the current service manager was very heartless about this matter as well. The young lady that promised me this matter will be well taking care of and the higher ups just sweep this under the rug.Shame on me for trusting the Nissan Dealership in Bossier City Louisiana. And the last service manager didnt't have anything to do with this he has been terminated from this dealership and the young lady tried to put everything on him...These people have violated me in a major way and they try to blame the under paid workers and thats not right.This was handled in a very very unprofessional way.

Alyssia 8/14/13 5:53AM

My husband and I purchased 2 2011 nissen jukes the awd Al's in June 11th 2013 my nissen juke broke down it need to be towed . I had it towed to berretta nissen in Auburn Ma I was informed a week later that the timing chain broke which caused major engine damage I only have 38,500 miles in it They requested oil change receipt which I supplied all of them on June 21st they got approval for the repairs which are under warnety I kept in contact with the dealership weekly in June 24 th I received a loner vechile which was a frontier after calling many times for an update u was told waiting for parts I finally received my vechile on aug 8th nearly 2 and half months later when I did pick up my vechile the manager was down right rude stating it took up his bay etc what more do u want from me was what he said how rude he was my concern is about the timing chain many people are having this problem and my husbands juke is getting close to the same mileage should he be ready for this to happen too !!! I don't understand why it took so long and why this vechile has so many issues

Mary 8/12/13 11:06AM

I have had bad dealings with east tenn Nissan .they have owed me a small amout over the pay off on my chev trk.the service dept over the frt end was something else.I like my trk but due to these problems.I don't think my wifes new car will be a Nissan.

jbt 8/5/13 6:04AM

very unsatisfied customer!!!!! Nissan in Webster ny sold me a Hyundai for the same price I could of gotten a new Nissan. sent me a letter regarding an event they are having this weekend. a private sale for customers who recently purchased a car. I purchased my car 5 months ago. the letter even stated the year, make and model of car I purchased. it said I could trade in my car for a new Nissan and that my financing for older car would be paid off and lower my monthly payments. NOT TRUE!! when I called excited about the letter I received they said it was a MISTAKE!!!! and that I had just purchased my car 5 months ago and I didn't qualify. really upset how easy they say its a MISTAKE!!!

Anonymous 7/26/13 8:48AM

Good morning my name is Donald Castro on July 15, 2013 I was looking at 2013 new Altimas @ Midway Nissan located on Bell rd in Phx, Az. My sales rep was Benton Goding very nice person and helped me make the deal, the credie manger was Mat Ptrosky well we went round and round and they let me take the car home over night a tactic which some dealers use that's ok,in the morning I told them I was ready to purchase the vehicle 500.00 a month and 3000 down as was out side when Mat said they made a mistake and it would be 520 a month well I am 60yrs young and have bought quite a lot of new cars in phx az and are a native of the state.Well I said no and told I was going to Ford, by the time I got to ford your co. bet up my credit score 20 points in 45 minutes so to make another purchase all most impossible on the percent rate.I purchased a 2013 Mustang GT coup from Don Sanderson ford my dream car for 540 a month and only 2000 down took the 1000 went to sandiego ca
I went to a 20,000 car to a 40,000 car all over 20 dollarsI know the finance mgr. He went out of his way and called the credit union and explained what had happened .He got me the same rate at 2.99 % as I had on my trade in with the same credit union with gap extened warrenty all because of 20 dollars.This is not the first time my family had had a very bad experience at the same dealer.My son and I purchased new vehicles there we took them home for about week and they call us back to sign the paper work and wanted 1000 more on the down payment due you guys send your deal ships associates to a special school to learn these tactics well I am glad I did not make the purchase which worked out fantastic got my car of my dreams stay American I say. PS I am looking for making a special presentation on face book and twitter I will never recommend a Nissan vehicle to family or friends

don 7/18/13 10:52AM

I would like to mention that the service I received at the Gurnee Nissan dealership, by Terry the Mgr. & Andrew Freeman in sales, was outstanding. I was treated like family with all requests addressed. Will buy my next car from them.
Julie Steiner

Anonymous 7/3/13 11:09AM

7/2/13 I went to Fred Anderson Nissan in Fayetteville NC, I always had a very good experience there when it was Stewart Nissan, as I did today, but my complaint is even if I give you my whole key ring with everything on it I expect to get it back the same way. the extra part that was missing will really serve no purpose to anyone else. it was just my rewards cards from various stores. They have no significant value. I just would like things returned the way i give them. Other than that the Customer Service Rep. was Great! And I love my Altima (2005). Great on gas! And I just love the style of it & plan on keeping it as long as I can keep it running.

nissan corporate office 7/2/13 9:01AM

To whom it may concern I just wanted to let the Nissan cars are one of the best ever made I bought my Nissan 1988 and have been driving it ever since and just recenty I had to say good bye to it. I bought it brand new so from 1988 until 2013 just wanted to say thanks. Ronnie C

Gotta go 6/17/13 7:38PM

I am begining to wonder if Nissan really makes a cayenne red Xterra. I have searched the inventory for all dealers within a 150 mile radius and can't seem to find anything other than black, silver or white. How disappointing.

Donna 5/19/13 10:16AM

I went to Security Nissan , all contracts were signed and I left the dealership. I began receiving calls in regards to my paystubs. I explained how the adp system work at my job, they said ok, no problem. I submitted paystub that didn't reflect what they needed to see. I told them that I would go to get another. Mean while they started calling my job and came to my house. This is so unacceptable. Before they started harrassing me, I offered to return the car on numerous occassions until this issue was resolved and they refused. I would never reccomend that anyone purchase from them. I was treated like a common criminal. The reason that I was allowed to take the car before the bank approved was because the salesman told me they really needed a sale. I will be contacting the

Anonymous 4/23/13 2:37PM

This ia a formal complaint regarding the lack of quality service that I am receiving from the Nissan Dealer, in Great Neck New York. My Nissan Maximan has been with them since the beginning of March for repairs. The car is still under warranty. I continue to call in addition to my son and I continue to receive the same response I will call you back. Which at this point continues to be the same repetitive message. When we first leased we were advised that we could come back and have the payments reduced, which we have done several times and still no assistance. I am awaiting a call since I advised them I want to turn in the car, and obtain a least expensive car. I followed up again on April 1, 2013 and received the same response. I am writing a formal complaint to Nissan on my issue. I work for a large firm and if any of our clients were treated this way an immediate response would be provided with successful resolution.

N/A 4/1/13 5:16PM

recently i had an experience with my nissan pathfinder, i had thing happened to me be my wheel shaft rused out and cause damage to my steering assemly, you know the part over my wheel where my strut and the spring has completely rusted out and i figure that should be a recall item on my 2000 nissan pathfinder, i had no control over my vehicle the steering wheel was just spinning and i ran ito the guard rail

Anonymous 3/11/13 5:34AM

Respect Sir/Madam
I, XXX as a dedicated user of your Nissan rouge car consider it my responsibility to inform and complaint about the selling methods used by sales persons to sale cargo liner. I have been almost harassed by your salesmen and manager in their intention to market and sell the product.
I got this car on 14 February, 2013 through XXX company. I worked with this company and this company lease car through XXX leasing company. Your sales person YYY who worked as sales and leasing consultant in Dilawri Nissan show room, Regina Saskatchewan, Canada. He deal with my company and do all document and process. He know about all policy and leasing terms and condition. The time I pick up my car on 14 Feb,2013 he handed me car and document of car and ask me that do you want cargo liner in trunk. So I clearly told him that this is not my car I worked for company so what ever comes in company policy that you can put in car. He told me that I will talk to your leasing company and get it for you. After two days I got call from him on 16 Feb,2013 that he got approval from my leasing company and I can able to get cargo liner. After picked up cargo liner next day I got mail from leasing company and fleet manager that I have to pay for cargo liner because that's not include in company policy so I again went back YYY to returns cargo liner because I didn't use it yet. But that time he said to me that he will talk again to my leasing company about that and gave surety to me that you would not suppose to pay for that I will cover that from your leasing company as I told you. After two days I got mail from my leasing company again that cargo liner is not covers in leasing terms. So YYY and Nissan sales manager ZZZ covered that money from me to pay for this cargo liner which I didn't ask for that even.
Dilawri Manager ZZZ did not inquiry about case and take step against his employee for his fault. He collected this money from me. First off all I didn't ask for anything because this is not my car company gave for job purpose not for entertainment. Your sales person sale this product to make their profit without looking customer need.
Today I paid $160 because I believed and trust your people and company. I am really very disappoint and sad after getting really terrible customer service. I think your people believe in short term business. I like car but I never recommend to anybody to buy form Dilawri dealer, Regina. Because of your sales person I have to answer to my boss and upper management persons. This is my biggest mistake that I trust YYY and Dilawri. When I went back to return cargo liner they refuse to take it back and force me to pay $160. I am not really concern about money but they make me fool and sale the product that I really don't want.
I hope sir that you take required action against him so that it sets an example for other salespersons as well. It is highly unethical to disturb harasser people and speak rudely to customers.
I would be obliged if you pay heed to my request on an immediate basis and revert back with your response to the complaint.
Thanking you

nikhil 3/5/13 11:46PM

I WAS SOLD A LEMON form NISSAN. I have a 2009 Versa Hatchback with 19,930 miles on it and have had nothings but problems with it. This last issue was the last straw since I've could have gotten killed or I could have killed someone else (BROKEN COIL SPRING flattened my tire). I've had to replace the battery, 3 tire stems, 3 tires, spring just broke yesterday and put a hole in my tire. The tire cost $114 (I just had this tire put on in September) and it's going to cost an additional $200.00 to have the spring replaced!!! I've had rodents in the engine a couple of years in a row that cost about $300 to fix the issues that they caused. I've had to constantly put air in the tires over years with. Nissan says they'll fix and pay for the issue that I'm dealing with at the moment but I'm scared to death to get behind the wheel of this car due to safety issues. As you can see by the mileage that I've only driven this car locally and kept up with the appropriate maintenance and then some. I've been without my car for 7 days this time around and will be extremely hesitant to drive it any more than a few miles at a time due to all of it's issues; it's a deathtrap as far as I'm concerned.

Lynnewah 3/4/13 10:05AM

Hello I've Been An Owner Of A 2008 Nissan Versa With I Bought
Brand New At 3345 Sw 8th St. In Miami Florida 33135. I Still Own The Car , Now It Has Over A Hundred Thousand Miles And It Looks And Runs Like New .this Is Only Because Of The Outstanding Staff And Service Over At My Dealership. My Car Has Always Been Dealer Maintained And It Shows In Quality Parts And Craftsmanship. Everyone Has Always Been Real Nice
And My Every Detailed Concern Was Fixed .i Have Not Visited My Dealer Lately Because My Extended 100,000 Mile Waranty Expired But I Am A Mecahic And Plan To Countinue Servicing My Car Using Original Factory Parts, With Alows Me To Revisit The Wonderfull Staff At My Dealership. Just Wanted To Let Someone Know That The Nissan Experience Really Happens.thanks

CARLOS 2/26/13 10:36PM

I went to Napleton Nissan in Riviera beach, Florida on Monday Feb 18,2013. I test drove a 2010 Nissan Maxima w/24k miles. It drove o.k but it was in need of an alignment. I told salesman Sam Eldabbas that I would get back with him after consulting w/the bank for financing. I looked at my list after I got home and noticed a 2012 Slate color SV Maxima w/no miles. The dealer's adjusted price is $36k(that is too high for a 2012 Maxima i was told by my advisors). However, I offered to purchase it for $25k, would you believe the manager, Kevin, informed us that they will not accept that as it is already discounted $17thousand? REALLY Kevin! I hope Corporate knows this! Another interesting thing was that I had signed up online for them to contact me and was told by Melanie that that particular one may not be in stock. Wow! Was this planned or what!

their loss 2/24/13 2:43PM

I have a 2003 Altima with the 2.5 I4 Engine.VIN . It presently has 150,455 miles on the odometer. Last week it started spewing blue smoke from the tail pipe. Is there any help or advice you can give me. I have been happy with previous experiences with Nissan cars.

Previously, I had a 1989 Maxima(brand new) which had 416,000 miles on the odometer (original engine)when I finally sold it. It was really a great car.

I was told I may need a new engine for the Altima. Really?

Please let me know what else can be done without getting a new engine? Any motor additives? Please help.

Thanking you in advance,

Alex J. Kaplin

Anonymous 2/13/13 12:15PM

Purchased a new 2011 Pathfinder in August 2011. WHAT A MISTAKE. As we have been loyal to the Nissan brand, this is very difficult to swallow. You name it has been replaced, from windshield, third row seat, interior molding, fan blower, clogged air conditioning unit/lines, problematic audio unit, paint issue heck even the battery has already been replaced! Nissan quality has seriously declined since they have started being produced in the US. What a shame. Will be the LAST Nissan we ever buy.

Anonmyous 2/6/13 10:11AM

I would love a call from someone higher up then the Coon Rapids Nissan dealership. My husband and I just bought a brand new truck with no miles paid cash then two weeks later bought yet another used care for our son. We had some major issues with the new truck and even bigger problems with the service dept. When i called to complain no one would hear me out. I'm so over the top mad I canceled my new quest van through this dealership. PLEASE PLEASE have someone call me!! NO ONE should ever be treated the way I did.

amyjojo 2/4/13 1:13PM

My Altima will be 3yrs old this Mar. I have been having trouble with this car killing off batteries. I need a fourth battery in it now. When I bought the car, they put in an automatic starter for me. They thought this might be the problem so they disconnected. I was not happy about this after spending an extra $300. to have this done but I figured okay. Since then, my car battery has continued to die four or five more times. Needless to say how frustrating this is not to be able to depend on my car hoping I don't get stranded somewhere. Anyway, I got it to the dealer yesterday and I was not treated very nice. I was told I wasn't doing something right and that it was my fault. First it was the starter's fault and now it is my fault because I am a stupid women who doesn't know how to drive the car. I think it is funny that it isn't Nissan's fault. I want you to know I have been driving for fifty-seven years and have had about fifteen Brand New cars and none of them had to have a battery replaced four times in less than three years. I am insulted that your representative would even come out and suggest that it might be something I am doing wrong. Your customer service leaves something to be desired. I informed them that I do not want this car back until it is fixed and they have reconnected my automatic starter. Maybe someone in there can finally find out what is wrong. I do hope I get this thing resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you.

[email protected] 2/3/13 1:58PM

I was pre approved from an outside finance company the week of Janury 12 2013. I went to Nissan of Newport News to look at a couple of vehicles. I liked the Nissan Versa hatchback 4 dr, and processed all the paperwork, signed the contract 7 hours later drove off with a new car. Felt like I was done right and happy with my choice. 6 days later I receive a call from the dealer and they stated there was a finance issue and that I needed to contact my finance company. So I did, my finance company saw no issue, they stated I was approved for the Nissan Versa and that they were waiting on the dealer to send the paperwork to be processed. These phone calls went on 4 more times on that same day with the finance company and the finance manager at the delaership along with the saleman I dealt with. Feeling overwhelmed and confused along with upset about the situation, having no clue about what is going on. My finance company is just as confused. On the 7th day I received a call from the dealer that I have to bring the car back due to finance issues????? I have a signed contract with a payment agreement, being a weekend I can not seek legal advice at this time. I was told by the salesman that there are 4 vehicles he can show me but I like the car I thought was mine. I had a trade in as well, almost considering just getting my original car back from this dealer and going elsewhere. I have never been in this stuation buying a car and I am just sick to my stomach over all this. Not sure what is going on and feel like I am getting the short end of the stick. I will write to the corporate office and express my feelings and concerns.

abaker1va 1/20/13 6:56AM

I purchased a 2011 Nissan Rogue in Nove of 2010. This was the worst mistake of my life as I now realize.
Within 2 months, the auto lights stopped reading daylight and would not shut off (so much for spending extra money for these "intuitive lights"). Within 4 months, I had to have a tow operator jump start car at 2am as the car just died. Shortly thereafter, my ipd (with the new interface in this model) would turn on after the audio had been turned off. (this is sporadic). Then my electronic driver seat, started moving forward when you sat in it.(again sporadic). The car has been brought into Service more than 10 times for these issues. The dealer did replace the sensor for the lights (obviously that was not hte solution) as it is still "DUMB". The issues were never resolved.I filed a complaint to COnsumer Affairs. That is a joke. They never return calls and they close cases at will. I was finally told a master mechanic would be in touch with me to bvring the vehicle in. That was in April of 2012. Never heard from them. (Surprise).
last Saturday, 12-14-12, the settings on my dashboard changed with my engine running and my trunk would not open even though the engine was on. On Sunday morning, my engine was locked and I could not drive the vehicle. The :smartkey" not the regular key would turn the ignition wheel on. It was LOCKED and would not budge, I was out of state and had to have the car towed to a Nissan dealer over 20 miles away. I had to come home - so I had to rent a car to get back to NY where I live. The dealership in Connecticut was very nice , and saw the problem and could duplicate the problem. then without any intervention the egine started by itself wiping out the communication errors the dealer had seen and logged, He was perplexed himself. he checked recalls and bulletins. He finally got hold of an "engineer" who stated that he had seen it many times in the Rogue and that it was the battery, The battery is undersized for the vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with a 575 amp . The engineer told him to replace it with a 700 amp battery and that all my "gremlins" are due to this.
- How can Nissan make a vehicle with an undersized battery and never publish this?
- How can Nissan look consumers in the eye and lie to them over 2 years and never fix my vehice?
- How can Nissan not reply to consumer complaints when lodged swith Nissan Corp.

I don;t know if these issues are resolved, as now I have to rent a car and drive back to Connecticut with another person to pick up my car. I will incur about 200 worht of expenses between tolls, and gas for this return to Connecticut and Nissan feels nor esponsibility for this.
I beg to differ - Nissan - the reason my car broke down was because your service is lousy -0 you do not stand behind you vehicles and you consumer department is as bad if not worse than your service department.,
You can be rest assured, I will make sure your reputation is spilled all over the itnernet, to my congressional representtives here on Long Island and to all my friends and neighbor. Nissan is a hoax.

pattic 12/20/12 7:59PM

Nissan Corporate Office and the Nissan Dealership,in particular, the dealership located in Virginia beach are both unprofessional, one sided, and do not value the loyalty of customers. The performance of work completed is very poor, and Nissan Corporate Office stands behind they dealerships that provide poor performance and poor customer service. Its a waste of time trying to look for help and understanding from either establishment. The Nissan Dealership I had my car serviced at over looked a very important area of my car that is the power source for the engine components that were effected by storm water. Instead of tracking down the source of the outages on my car that was causing my car to not have an acceleration power, they just replace parts based on a few codes that appeared doing the diagnostic testing. Sadly to say, once replacing the parts and fixing what they thought was the problem, the called me the very same day and informed me that my car was ready for pick-up. They didnt even have the professionalism to keep the car for additional testing the next day, knowing that the existing problem was effecting the drivablility of the car and was presenting different erronous effects the next day after the car had sat overnight. The dealership did not take the proper and necessary time to re-test my car or the work performed before releasing the car back to me. I hate that I have to continue to even deal with the Nissan Company for repairs to my car should it be something covered under my warranty because it takes them two and three times to get one job right. I am so disappointed in the Corporate office for standing by such poor performance and customer service. Nissan should not be calling the customer to have the customer call insurance companys to rush autorization for purchasing parts or fixing the vehicle. If anything, that should be handled between Nissan and the insurance company. Nissan dealership should be expediting the follow up with the insurance company to get the necessary authorizations to get the car repair. Advice to all, please dont believe that Nissan has your best interest at heart, because they don't. They are all about finding ways to make money off of people and finding excuses to cover their employees repetation.

ExcusesExcusesExcuses 11/16/12 12:06PM

We bought a Nissan Titan on December 24, 2010. By August 2011,
we put over $7000 in repairs on it. Before the last repair, I contacted
customer service to let them know our issues, paid to fax them all our
receipts and asked for our money back (which we should still be paid for).
The outcome, because it was a used truck, which I know used trucks have
some repairs over time - I even said that to them, but not $7000
in 8-months, and because we used another certified mechanic, instead
of a Nissan dealership for the repairs, we are not due any refunds.
So horrible!! We had to trade it in due to fear if getting another huge repair
cost! I still think we may fight this but the way customer service treated us,
not sure it is worth our time. Never had such a horrible experience in my life!

Anonymous 10/26/12 6:51PM

I own a 2008 Armada LE I also perched a extended warranty the car has 24,000 and sat in the garage for the first 3 years now I'm out working and it was out in the rain it started leeking inside on the roof top the dealer doesn't want to do anything about it they want me to sing a agreement to pay a 500.00 estimate charge to see where the leek could be now today when I brought my Armada in for a speaker and recieved a ride home in the shuttle witch is a 2011 Armada and it had the same water leak on the roof so I called and questioned it they clam oh it has a sun foor that's BS it has a leek and I think there are a lot of Armadas with this same problem please can you look in to this matter? Thank you

Anonymous 10/19/12 5:53PM

On October 10, 2012 the power tilt in the steering column started malfunctioning in my 2009 Nissan Maxima. This is a safety issue. The column has the potential to move while in motion, and in my case would move into the far down position every time I turned on the car. Took car to Priority Nissan in Chesterfield VA. Dealer diagnosed that the power tilt motor had failed. Wyatt Lipscomb informed me there was a service bulletin on this item NTB09094, and suggested I call Nissan Customer Affairs. It cost $100 for the diagnose and est to fix is $495.03, invoice #247997. I called and opened a case #9595487 with Nissan Customer Affairs and informed them of the issue and was told they would look into it. Received a call back on Oct 16 2012. Was told the car was out of warranty and they would not help. I questioned about the service bulletin and was told no was this is final answer and there is nothing I can do to change it. This is a problem many nissan owners are having. Nissan admits there is a problem, but wont do anything to help with the issue. Why has this safety issue not been recalled??? Does Nissan NOT STAND BEHIND its products???


evenchimp 10/16/12 7:37PM

I purchased a new Nissan Maxima on September 29, 2012 at Gerald Nissan of Naperville, 1575 West Ogden Ave, Naperville, IL 60540. Going to this dealership came down to one thing they were selling a new 2012 for $24,995 and the Peoria dealership would not match the price. Here is when the issues started. I talked to Paul the internet sales manager and repeatedly asked to see pictures and he continued to say the photoâ??s are all the same, which is completely inaccurate. I was looking for and under the impression this Maxima would have fog lights and a spoiler which it didnâ??t. It was a small issue but definitely irritating when you ask a direction question and get the wrong answer which is why I asked for photos I did not get. Long story short, I drove over 2 hours I bought the vehicle. Here is where the issues started to come into play at. Now again, I told Paul this is a CASH dealâ?¦which is why I came on a Saturday morning so they would be able to call the bank an verify funds so things would not be held up. Here we go.
We drive the car...noticed the features missing but it is a small thing. Once the number have come up in the questions was asked at least 4 timesâ?¦is this the out the door price? YES! The check is written. Once the check is written Mariana R the internet sales associate comes back and says there needs to be an additional check for $500.00. Naturally that made a few sparks because the question was presented several times, is this the out the door priceâ?¦.YESâ?¦now it is not. So the check writer made and the remark of writing a letter to Nissans Corporate Office and letting them know how he is not pleased with the issue. This is where things get interesting. Anthony M, the sales manager comes over and has a conversation and then states, it is not worth him selling us a car if we are going to give him a bad survey and he is refusing to sell the car now over a letter being written.
We finally start to see eye to eye and he goes to verify with Paul G that yes, she did tell me she was going to be doing a cash deal so now Anthony wants to make this situation right as long as we donâ??t give him a poor survey. He starts to compensate for the misunderstanding and sell the protected coating at a discounted price and further states he is selling me the fog lights at COST which is also supposed to be a savings. He then makes me fill out a paper survey and repeatedly states not to give him a bad survey it is not worth it. All seems to be starting to end well, or so I thought. I filled out the survey.
I get home and start to think about the spoiler and how my old car had an auto start on it and my new car does not. I call Mariana and discuss the cost of the auto start and spoiler. She discussed that the spoiler would again be sold to me at cost as well as the auto start and quotes a price of $999.00 for the auto start. I thought the price of the auto start was a bit high so I told her I would get back to her. I wanted to do some research of how much the dealership here would charge for the auto start.
I did just that, contact the Nissan dealership in my area and they didnâ??t know much about auto start but did some research and called me back stating that Nissan does NOT offer a auto start as Mariana had stated and in fact a different Nissan customer had one installed and it malfunctioned several areas on his vehicle and the Nissan warranty would not cover the cost since it was a customer error for putting on the auto start which caused the issuesâ?¦INTERESTINGâ?¦thank him for the information and proceed to ask his cost for a spoiler. Long story short, that entire savings I was supposed to get from Gerald Nissan of Naperville for a misunderstanding in total truly only was $95 instead of what I was told initially.
Naturally this sparked a conversation for me with Mariana and Tony. Mariana referred me to Tony M and understood my feeling of being taken advantage of. I talked to Tony and the first thing out of his mouth was PLEASE DONâ??T FILL OUT THE SURVEY UNTIL HE CAN MAKE THIS RIGHT. He wants to ensure he get a good survey so allow him to fix this. First of all I never threatened to give a bad survey nor mentioned it but agreed I would wait on filling out the survey until after we talked again. I stated worst case he could return the money I spent for services on the fog lights and protective coating and allow for me to take my business somewhere else. Tony called back later in the evening close to almost 9 Pm. By the time our conversation was over this is what Tony had to say after mentioning given a glowing report on the survey multiple times. They would sell me the spoiler for $400 and they would give me a $250 credit towards the cost of the spoiler or send me a check in the mail, which ever I preferred. The catch to all of this was I needed to fill out the survey that was currently in my email giving them a perfect score and that would generate an additional survey. Once the second survey was received showing it gave a glowing report we could proceed. I asked for this in writing and naturally Toney stated he could not put it in writing but he had no intentions of attempting to take advantage of me. But requiring a glowing survey is absolutely taking advantage of me. Now at this time, as I stated to Tony, youâ??re correcting all wrongs so I have no issues with bad service or reason why you would get a bad survey. He continued to state I was going to give a bad survey and I acknowledge that I have never even mentioned the survey he does. I am not making any threats but addressing issues of feeling taken advantage of.
The problem for me is 3 weeks laterâ?¦ the survey still has not arrived and my services are not been completed do to waiting on the return of a survey I have never gotten so I can get all business completed at the same time once they verify I gave a good survey.
I contacted Tony M on October 11 & 12, 2012 and he said he would look into this and see why it is being held up and get back to me. I addressed that I would be in Aurora on Thursday, October 18, 2012 and would like to get all services competed as we had previously discussed on October 12, 2012. Tony said no problem, worst case he will go ahead and order the spoiler and it will be here for services to be completed on Thursday. Fine!
Well I contacted Tony again October 15, 2012 when I had not heard from him. He addressed the survey had not come in that he needed. I addressed how I have been patient and they are starting to run out. I want to get my car issues resolved with them. He said let me give you a call back, he was going to follow up and see what the holdup was because it typically doesnâ??t take this long. I agreed to this.
October 16, 2012, I left several messages with Tony before finally speaking with him. He understood my frustration and stated his boss Nick Smiley stated nothing would be done until the survey was completed and returned confirming a good survey result. I stated that is unacceptable at this point. I have waited patiently for this survey and it hasnâ??t arrive and they are unconvincing me. Tony stated I could talk to Nick and I agreed.
Talked to Nick and the conversation was rude and disrespectful from the beginning. He stated Iâ??m attempting to get over based on what another dealer is promising and deals I made with them. I stated no, these issues started and stand with his dealership. I never asked for a deal on any services with the dealership in my area. I asked the price and they were cheaper and your dealership is the one who stated they were going to reduce price and give a deal that is now being held up by a survey and insurance that you get a glowing report. Nick proceeds to talk and I patiently listened without interruption. I attempted to speak and was interrupted. I stated I allowed him to speak without interrupting but Iâ??m not allowed the same courtesy. He proceeded to talk so I stopped talking and allowed him to finish. I attempted to speak two additional times and was interrupted both times and addressed the issue. Nick became upset and said I was being disrespectful and he was discontinuing the call and hung up.
Now, I never cursed, raised my voice or was disrespectful. I merely continued to address how he was interrupting me while I was attempting to speak which he constituted as disrespect. First and foremost, I am an adult not a child. His entire conversation was rude and condescending as if I was attempting to get something for nothing which could be further from the truth. I am attempting to get services rendered for things I paid for and things I was promised. They want to hold these issues up to ensure they get a glowing report which is prohibiting a personâ??s freedom of speech.
At this point, I donâ??t feel safe, leaving my vehicle in their possession. It just doesnâ??t seem like things will go well. Nissan Please Help.

DJD 10/16/12 1:52PM

I Just Purchased a 2013 Nissian Altima on July 30th 2012 and I've beed to the dealership twice about my brake light turning on and staying on while I drive. The first time I took it I was upset because the light went off just after 1 month of the purchase and well it seems like they just blew it off. Well 2 months into it the same thing happen now I'm even more worried because the breaks are squeaking. I Took It Back The Light disapper after I shut The Car Off. I was Upset With the One Employee because He Made A Comment that I didn't Like And I told Him That was Poor Customer Service. It Made It Seem as If I was Lying About The SituaTion. He Apologize And Got The Manager Who was Real Nice and They Kept My Car Overnight and gave me A rental.They Called Me Later That Afternoon and told Me They Took Care Of 3 recall Issues and The Back Breaks and Readusted the Rotors but That Was not the cause of the break light coming on. My concern is The reason for me buying a new car was to be maintance free at least for a couple years. I'm worried about my Safety of myself and My family. I just don't wanna have To deal with This Anymore then I already Have...If IT continues To Go On I Just Wanna Get Another Vechile because I feel That It Was A Lemon If I'm Having Problems This Early.
THank YOu
Jeannie Volland

Jeannie 10/3/12 11:56PM

I have a 2004 Nissan Titan truck that has had a NHTSA Safety recall on it due to the engineerinf screw up of the wiring harness, contacted Nissan and was told that they would not repair my Titan, I have since contacted Senator Bob Corker about the NHTSA safety recall and why Nissan will not repair my truck, I was going to try to buy a Nissan Altima, but after the way Nissan has treated me, I will NEVER own another Nissan and I am telling all my friends and have posted the way Nissan replyed on Nissan does not know the first thing about customer service.

Darylmh 9/17/12 4:31PM

I have never in my life experince such harsh treatment in my life when puchasing a vehicle from any Dealship.The service that I received from Nissan in Richardson Texas is one I will never forget. I have tried time and time again to get help and not yet to get it. This is a company that carries the Nissan name and I can't undstand why Nissan Corp would allow this to happen to a customer who put their trust in the product and services. I was gives unsatifactory service and have time and time again talk with someone and yet nothing have been done nor have anyone tried to contact on behalf of the problem. I purchased a vehicle that I was told that was in good condition and all service had been done and after driving the vehicle for a little over a week I began to have problems brakes,steering,tires,and others and it such a hurtful thing to be mistreated for something that you are paying for from the General Manager himself

Need Help 9/17/12 11:38AM

I own a 2005 Nissan Maxima that I purchase in 2006. My tranmission is going bad in this vehicle. This is my 2nd Nissan Maxima my first was a 1998.I just so happen to check and see if anyone else have the same problem. There are so many people with the same issues. I service my vehicle on a regular basis and the dealerships want to charge me $3000-$3500 to repair the transmission. with all the reviews I see on the 05 Maxima's don't you guys see that a problem exist. I know that this might fall on deaf ears. Please try to help in some form or fashion. I want to be a loyal customer to Nissan, but this is totally wrong for a vehicle that is 6 years old with 120,000 miles.I was planning on my daughter caring this vehicle to college. But with $3400 dollars in the hole for a tranmission I believe I have to whole on to this one instead of buying another Nissan product. Toyotas are looking mighty good this day and time. Lol I have to laugh to keep from crying. I just paid the vehicle off and its time for a new one (PLEASE HELP)252-813-0816

Darius Hudgins
1529 West Thomas St
Rocky Mount NC 27804

[email protected] 9/6/12 7:14PM

I own a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder about 3 months ago the transmission went out at 120,000 miles. I have had numerous people, even a couple at a gas station whom i didn't even know with a pathfinder identical to mine, ask me hey have you had to put a transmission in yet? They too had to put a new one in at 120,000 miles. I can't believe the company hasn't recalled these! They have to be aware of the problem. The coolant system in the radiator causes this to happen. I have owned several Nissans, I will never buy another one. And i advise everyone else think before you do, i have heard several complaints!!!!

Tammy 8/21/12 3:24PM



angered 8/12/12 12:37PM

I have called for over a week about a warranty that was stated on my sticker but I did not receive. I am getting the run around from your representatives. I do not have air in the car.I was told the compressor was bad on a car that is a 2009 Nissan Murano I purchased in January. No one at anytime of the purchase offered me an extended warranty. I never spoke to anyone from the Finance Dept. The case number is 8914078. I NEED TO GET A RESOLUTION. I want my air fixed and a warranty that I assumed I had on the automobile. My name is Tuesdi Kelly.

Anonymous 7/18/12 3:48PM

To:Carlos Ghosn, ( President and Chief Executive Officer). Concerning: Stewart Nissan - Fayetteville
929 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Phone:910-323-4400
My Xterra was towed by Stewart Nissan's suggested towing company to the above address. While on their property, my Xterra was broken into. I was called to file a police report and to get in touch with my insurance company. While on Stewart Nissan - Fayetteville's property, my car became in worse repair than when it was taken there, and I am responsible? Something is not right here. When I asked Mr. Mike Green if there were any security camera's that may have captured the incident, I was told, "We have no cameras inside or out." What kind of establishment these days does not have security survelience equipment? I'll answer that, one who doesn't care much about the customer's belongings in their care. Oh, and might I also add that there has not been one, "Oh I'm so sorry that this has happened." Why? Another show of the "we don't care, we're not resposible attitude." I'm appauled by the comments that I see on the Nissan Customer Service website. Wreckless behavior on so many companies' records from citizens who want a dependable automobile service and provider. Step up to the plate Nissan and get some of these highly disgruntled customers taken care of. Get the Nissan name back on track with the American public and abroad. Mr.Carlos Ghosn, what are your highly paid personnel that are suppose to be taking of these matters doing? We take our vehicles, Nissan named vehicles, to companies with the Nissan name (which you claim are the BEST) and our vehicles come out worse than when we took them in and its at OUR EXPENSE!Clean up your businesses before they clean you out Mr. Ghosn! Do one of those "Undercover Boss" episodes and see what your workers are REALLY DOING but first check out some of those complaints on your Nissan Customer Service website. Maybe have some investigations run on a few of these Nissan establishments and allow a few of them to become examples to others that you aren't playing where the Nissan name is displayed. To begin with, if its a Nissan business make sure that customers' belongings are protected when in your care. Get those security systems installed at EVERY dealership and let no one be an exception. Not having a tight security system leads way to more crime within and outside the business because no one can check-up and everybody knows it. Be number one is customer satisfaction-- all things are possible for those who believe! Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks for you time.

kowens 7/17/12 6:26PM

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