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Nordstrom corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Nordstrom corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Nordstrom corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Nordstrom, Inc.
1617 6th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101
United States

Phone: 206-628-2111
Fax: 206-628-1795

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Just a note to make you aware that the new flooring on the 2nd floor of the Columbia Maryland store looks horrible, unfinished, and does not give the impression of Nordstrom's quality. My wife and I get a negative feeling each time we look at the floor.

Anonymous 7/18/14 12:58PM

Hi Blake -

So, what's the deal about no employee handbook to answer basic questions when dealing with customer returns, orders, etc. in an efficient an sane manner? The lack of training with new employees is painfully apparent, and not the fault of the employee. No handbook, no "cheat sheet" at the complicated register, ands lots of disgruntled customers with returns, orders, etc. and no help in sight. Don't you think that this is a big waste of time and poor customer service? What's the secrecy about in the stores (all of them) when it comes to moving the sale or return along efficiently and speedily?

Anonymous 6/26/14 4:07PM

This is a late complaint But it needs to be told.About a week ago!!! My family and I have been a very loyal Customer of Nordstrom for Years we drive about 45 minutes to Nordstrom at South Park mall at Charlotte NC just to feel like Home Nordstrom is like Family I feel very Happy and comfert the minute I step into Nordstrom.We spend a good amount of money every time we go to Nordstrom we just love the store and I never thought that I would have the worst Experience of my life Thanks to Jorge the sales associate at the Salon Shoes Dept. I've never been treated so poorly in my life.The sale associate gave me the worst poor Customer Services Jorge was very rude I felt like he didn't want to help me I ask him a Questions about a shoes a wanted to purchase and not one time was he was actually nice to me he was very rude and very unpleasant I drop everything I had on my Hands and Drove back 45 minutes back home crying and very up set the worst Expirences of my life I was a truley Loyal Customer and Never had this bad expirence I Refuse to go back to Nordstrom Refuse to spend another Penney on that store ever again if Nordstrom Continue to Hire The Worst and poor sale associate they will loose a great amount of Loyal Customers and Business. I will rather shop at a Different Dept. Store from Now on!!! Nordstrom has been a very good store to me until now very disappointed. Nordstrom needs to Re Hire New Sales Associates I will never go back until my complaint has been heard and action as taken place.And strore manager needs to be told about his sales associate thank you.

loord 5/31/14 9:49PM

Last year ..I forgot,to comment..but we went for lunch at the bristo cafe in nordstrom naples there was a singing waiter doing a birthday song ! I thought it was wonderful!...thank you for just been different it made my family very happy...

raul 5/27/14 6:46AM

I have shopped at South Coast Plaza Nordstrom since they've opened and have never had this poor of customer service, especially from the store manager too! I had looked online and found of pair of shoes that I fell in love with, online said they had them in the store, I went to the store and was told no, we don't have them. So I went back to work and ordered them online for instore pick up, received the email shortly thereafter that my shoes were ready. I go to customer service and they bring out the shoes, well, it was the right box, totally wrong shoe inside the box. I couldn't believe that whoever pulled the order didn't check to make sure that the correct shoe was inside the box. Then the customer service girl seemed annoyed that I didn't want the shoe. They were ugly and not what I ordered. So I returned them. As she was returning the shoes, I'm listening to her co-worker on the phone talking to a customer that called in and he had no clue what products were carried in the store and when he asked her she said I don't know, I actually told him that yes, that is a cosmetic line and no you don't carry it. As CSR they should be very well versed in all of the departments products and what they store carries. So at this point, I've wasted over a half an hour of my time and gas driving back and for to the mall. So I decided to call the store manager, well, she acted like she was doing me a favor in saying she'll order the shoes for me, expedited shipping so I would have them the next day. I told her I'd think about it and that I would call her back. I called her back and decided to get the shoes. Let's just say it's been 24 hours and I still don't have my shoes!!!! I have been talking to CSR online and they have been wonderful and super helpful. The store manager at South Coast failed to put my unit number on my address, so we will see if I even get the shoes, and don't promise that I will have them the next day and fail to fulfill your promise. I still don't have any sort of tracking information for the shoes at this point! I'm super disappointed in this store. Nordies is known for their customer service and yet they have epically failed at this point. I think I'll stick to shopping at the Fashion Island store from now on!

suzie92663 5/15/14 1:41PM

The Nordie's people at the "way top" are wonderful, caring and decent folks. I suspect Blake and Co. don't know really know what's going on at the lowest store (read that The Rack) level. I believe they would also be appalled at the hiring and promotion practices in these stores. From my experience as a customer for years and an employee since 2009, competence and skill are NOT prerequisites for management and moving up the corporate ladder. It's about "looking the part." Not intending to generalize but just reacting to what I have seen...if you are young, female and from a visibly ethnic group, your internal growth rate matches the speed of the space shuttle. There is unprovable discrimination toward age, non-visibly ethnic and religious minorities, over 40 Jewish man need not apply...not due to blatant discrimination but because of the ignorance and pre-conceived ideas of store and department management as well as the lack of flexibility in decision-making that separates inexperienced youth from the mature worldly vision of slightly older folks with some life experience.
And let's not forget what a title and feeling of power can do...think Lord of the Flies! Oh, Blake, please visit your stores and talk to the them a coffee and cut to the'll be surprised how a great company can be even greater. Remember, happy employees make for happy customers who stay longer and spend more!

ochorios 5/1/14 11:53AM

My wife drove 45 miles today for a second job interview with the Nordstrom Rack Store manager in Henderson, Nevada. Yesterday the store changed timing of her appointment which was no problem. She took a day off from her current job for this second interview. When she arrived at the store the manager rudely said that the position was filled. She did not have the decency to inform my wife prior to the long drive over and taking time off at our expense. Bottom line...beware of the unprofessional manager running the Henderson store.

unhappy hubby 4/18/14 2:17PM

Loved to eat lunch at 6th and Pine. Great things on the menu. Went to lunch there today and was so disappointed with the new menu. All my favorites are gone. I will not be back. 4/8/14 1:48PM

I would like to compliment David, Adam and Joe -- the wonderful workers at the Nordstrom Cafe in Chicago. I accidentally left a laptop on my chair and did not realize it for about 10 minutes. I returned to the Cafe (panicked!), and they said they had already brought it to lost & found at customer service. Sure enough, it was there. I will be a loyal Nordstrom (and Nordstrom Cafe) customer for life!

NordstromCafeNo.1fan 3/20/14 8:08PM

I have been a very loyal customer of Nordstrom since 1985. I live an hour north so I don't make it down here (Corte Madera Store) very often. Last year during the construction I purchased a bra and when I returned home I realized I had been given someone else's Nordstrom card by the sales associate--after a long back and forth I was issued a new card--I did not receive any compensation from Nordstrom for this.
So this past weekend I was in the Corte Madera Store.
During the purchase of an Eileen Fisher tunic "Mariam" who was very sweet and helpful to me mentioned to me I had a $200 Nordstrom credit. I found this hard to believe until she actually turned the computer screen towards me and there it was--"Nordstrom $200.00 credit"--and I would have 'credit left over'.
She told me my purchase would therefore be free.
When I got home, I checked my receipt and saw that I had been charged for the item and the other items I had purchased afterwards.
I called and spoke with the STORE MANAGER who listened and said she did not see that I had a $200. credit--she agreed I had been given misinformation and she also noticed that I had a $40.00 Nordstrom Note on my account--I said I had just used it the day before at the San Francisco Nordstrom--she said she saw this but this was an additional note--she said she could not give me the number of the note but if I ordered something online.
After a day I received two more calls from the STORE MANAGER and THE CREDIT DEPARTMENT saying 1) there was no $200.00 credit; but thanks for being a loyal customer and 2) there is no additional $40.00 Nordstrom Note but thanks for being a loyal customer
I called back again and spoke to "Diane" who said she would shoot an email back to the STORE MANAGER as I feel as if I should be compensated for being given TWO pieces of misinformation by Nordstrom--she asked me what I thought would be reasonable and I said: 1) two 40.00 Nordstrom Notes (please keep in mind this past weekend I spent over $900.00 in both of the stores--and I AM a loyal customer)
Message back from STORE MANAGER: Sorry we can't give you this--looks like you do have a $20.00 Nordstrom Note coming and thanks for being a loyal Nordstrom Customer
I do not feel my request is unreasonable

MA D-C 2/28/14 10:47AM

My 90 year old mom and I visited your store at Barton Creek Square in Austin, Texas today. We were so impressed with all of your staff in this store with their helpfulness and quality. I actually bought a pair of shoes because of Kevin Tseng's help and suggestions.
We may not be your typical customers, but so appreciated all of your employees in this store. We visited your shoe department, your restaurant and perfumes. I know that your staffing of high quailty personal costs your store lots in our payroll department, and it shows.
I wish you luck for the days and times going forward. Thank you so much of an exceptional day of customer service.
Sincerely, Rebecca Hester

dont know 2/14/14 7:59PM

To Whom it may concrn,

My mother and our family have been Nordstrom customers since your
store at Lloyd Center opened and you were Nordstrom Best. I am saddened to hear that you are closing the Vancouver Mall Store.
There are many people who happen to be dedciated to that location especially senior who might not be able to drive to Portland to shop. I understand your financial reason to close.
However many people will loose jobs. Shoppers will be very disappointed in your decision. I am just a customer who is expressing the feelings of many friends and family. Sincerely,
Diana Ridabock

Anonymous 2/11/14 9:59PM

I agree with the aforementioned comment. We live north of Vancouver and having a Clark County Nordstrom has truly been a pleasure - the classiest establishment at the Westfield Shopping Center - small, easy to shop.
We are devastated to hear the news - the thought of driving all the way to Clackamas is not a very pleasant thought as downtown driving is a nightmare for me. There is now an hour of free parking in downtown, but sometimes I spend way more than an hour at Nordstrom!

Is there any possibility of staying or opening a Rack - some connection here in Clark County?!

ann 2/11/14 11:07AM

So disappointed you have announced the pending closure of the Vancouver That closure may be justified by the expense of remodeling, but the cost to our community and your customers will devastate the shopping experience in Vancouver....unless your plans are to open a Nordstrom Rack, I feel your customers will find other merchants to patronize. Maybe a second look for this store is appropriate. With traffic and distance, there will be no convenient Nordstrom for Southwest Washington. I will personally not make the Portland Beaverton Clackamas Downtown trip to " pop into Nordstrom". Sorry but it's not worth the effort. We were previous stockholders in Nordstrom stock and enjoyed watching it's success until we sold our stock to start our own family business in downtown Vancouver with 9 employees. ...5 of which are family. We are 100 percent invested in Clark County. What is good for us is good for Nordstrom....please review your customers and commitment to Clark County.

Anonymous 2/9/14 7:06PM

The Lloyd Center store is underperforming due to the lack of high fashion merchandise. Lloyd Center Mall is near my home but it does not have the best choice of merchandise compared to the downtown store. I've been told many times that we don't carry that brand here - you need to go downtown.
I am disappointed that this location is closing and it's Nordstrom's fault - your management did not understand that the eastside of Portland needs the same merchandise as downtown. There are professional/educated people here.

Amelia 2/7/14 6:04PM

Dear Nordstrom Management,

I would like to take a moment to convey my gratitude to you for the remarkable customer service I have been receiving from one of your employees at the "Santa Anita Mall" located at Arcadia, California.

The employee's name is Maria and she works at the Women's Fragrance counter of this store.

I have known Maria for quite a few years. I am really impressed with the caring and thoughtful service she provides to all customers. I usually do not have the time to shop at Nordstrom often, as I do not live close to the store.
Over the years, Maria has made my shopping experience at Nordstrom a real pleasure by taking and charging my orders over the phone and setting it aside for me, for as long as it takes me to make a trip to the store to pick it up. She has always taken the time to keep me updated and informed of any upcoming special events, not just in fragrances but also cosmetics and any other items I may be interested in buying. She always takes the time to call me in the timely manner when a limited/economical sizes or supply of my favorite perfume/deodorant would be available during your special anniversary sales.
Maria has given me the peace of mind that even if I do not get time to rush over to the store before the limited supply runs out, I can always call her and be sure that the item will be there for me to pick up . She has also done the research on any specific item for me on your website and would order it to arrive at my home.

Maria is courteous, professional, caring and hardworking. She has excellent customer service skills. She has made me feel like a family member of Nordstrom with her thoughtfulness. Maria is really an asset to Nordstrom and a gift to the residents of all the communities located near this store.

Please convey my best wishes to Maria for a continued advancement in her career. I wish her a promotion and advancement she deserves.

Once again, Thank you for having Maria as one of your sales persons at Santa Anita Nordstrom.

Add your comment 1/24/14 4:25PM

We thought your Corte Madera, Ca location was closed the past few years, there was construction hanging out during the day all the time. It was'nt Nordstroms, it was Grandpappy and Grandma the New York Jew from Macy's and Bloomingdales and thier human resource list and inventory but your name Nordstrom was still up. What's up with that? Can we expect that all over or only in some places or you are completely unaware of it? 1/21/14 6:28PM

I've shopped at Nordstrom for many many years. Long enough to miss the piano music. I was delighted that a new N rack was moving in close to our

home. A short drive to Concord CA. What a complete disappointment.

While the store looks neat enough, the maintenance of sizes and general order is a disaster. I left the store with one purchase from the men's dept. which is ordered much better than the women's. While there are size dividers they are

meaningless. The sales personnel on an early Saturday morning seemed more

interested in chatting with one another than keeping order or helping.

Though there were few people in the store there was a long line to checkout.

The music was loud and intended for a teenage audience.

I almost had look back when I left to be sure the sign was Nordstrom.

Usually I carry armloads of things out of other racks like my daughter's in MD

but frankly I just grew weary of looking for sizes that were not where they should have been. Really sad for me and you.

Elizabeth Fisher

Anonymous 1/12/14 2:45PM

the nordstrom rack in westbury long island,ny the STORE MANAGER there sucks she is bias and im a white woman and she is as well i shop their often myself and my professional african american friend same situation with our returns and she turns her down and accepts me i dont condone this..she is very rude how you have customers and we dont even know who the store manager is because she doesnt speak..i feel so bad for the employees their that ive come to,to help me shop...

jessyt 1/3/14 12:56PM

I am grateful to Nordstrom for the opportunity given me. But my experience at Stonestown, San Francisco, had much to be desired. My first day on the floor was without a manager to shadow, but I did well and was asked to join the Stylist group within 4 months of hire. I did not receive the benefit of a 45 day review and my first APR was given by an individual just weeks in her management position and minutes before her transfer. Most of what I learned in orientation was specious, and I would have been better served by advice indicating that to get ahead at Nordstrom, one MUST be obsequious. Even though I was a top seller (4) I tried to transfer but was denied. What a disappointment. :(

dtylice 12/7/13 11:48AM

I advise all Canadian customers to avoid online shopping at Nordstrom. Although clearly advertised on the home page, there is no free shipping to Canada. So expect to pay twenty dollars on top of duty tax. And also expect your package to arrive partially opened. Despite several emails, the company would not offer a refund despite this clearly being their mistake.

Anonymous 12/1/13 10:18AM

I have been a loyal customer to Nordstrom for many many years now, of always recommended the shopping at Norstrom even if the prices were a little more expensive than other department stores he because the customer service was so wonderful however I've had two bad experiences in the last few months, twice now when I was in the store and try to order something it took much longer than was told I ordered something for my daughter children's department I was told was not not available but she can ship it to me. It took several weeks ! Then when I went into the shoe department to order shoes they got the address wrong and was sent to the wrong address it was supposed to be corrected and was sent back to the store! Norstrom definitely has gone way down hill and I will no longer recommend the store to friends and family it's really sad that Nordstrom has change so dramatically! I have spoken to several other people have told me the same thing that they've had bad experiences now with Norstrom department store. I never thought I would say how disappointed I am with Nordstrom I will be avoiding going to Nordstrom for now. I was the one that would always have on my car rather be shopping at nordstrom no longer do I feel that way!

Iris 11/26/13 8:26PM

Thank you for your stand on keeping stores closed on Thanksgiving since 1901. You are to be commended. By this, hopefully you realize what it is all about. Giving thanks to God for whom the holiday was started in the first place. It's like Christmas. Without Christ we wouldn't have CHRISTmas. Thanks again.

JC in CO 11/21/13 7:56AM

I applaud your position to stay closed for Thanksgiving and to not decorate your stores until then. Stores have been decorated since Labor Day (very dissapointing) it ruins the season. I will continue to shop at Norstrom's.

nancy burton 11/20/13 11:20AM

Wow, after 24 years the customer service is gone. Shoes not in stock so placed order for delivery to mothers home while visiting. Address incorrectly entered for billing, these shoes will never ship. I have been told the item shipped in e mail, not true. Spoke by phone with customer service and told item would ship today, after told they shipped Friday, not true. Spoke with CC company charge never processed when told all was fine. This is the worst service I have yet to receive at Nordstrom. Customers should not have to communicate five times for information. I could have ordered these from Zappos last Monday and had them by Thursday with free shipping. I plan to do this as soon as I can get this so called charge cancelled on Nordstrom end and will never give them a CC again. Say hello to my good friend Saks.

SG 11/11/13 8:32PM

We live in Columbus Ohio, and look forward to Breakfast with Santa with our grandchildren and children. Today I was told by the management at Easton Towne Centre they will not be having the breakfast this year. It seems the management feels this is the trend for retailers. I never thought Norstrom was a "follower" company, but set the standards for other retailers. I remember a movie about Macy's Setting the Trend many years ago, not following Gimbels!
Our family looks forward to this tradition each year and there ten of us that attend it yearly. It is one of the things we have all come to look forward to. I think retailers need to encourage family not discourage it. Cookie decorating in the children's department is just not good enough.
I am afraid my family will be taking our business else where.

Carolynn 11/11/13 4:05PM

I ordered a dress online with the pick-up option at the DT seattle store. I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper since 1982. This latest experience was a real disappointment. I got an email that the dress was available to pick up. when I arrived at customer service on the 4th floor the gal could not locate it. I showed her the email and gave her the confirmation #. I waited 20 minutes at the counter while she went hunting for it. Finally she appeared with the dress, in tissue (no hanger). She then asked if I would like a bag: for 5 cents. REALLY? The dress costs over $250. Isn't a bag given? How about a hanger? I walked out with the dress in my patagonia bag. So much for advertizing Nordstrom on the street. I am sure the Nordstrom family would be unhappy with that result. I was. Nickel & diming is not the Nordstrom way! Or is it now?

mpse 11/11/13 1:38PM

In the 1970's, Nordstrom stopped selling furs. Now they sell them because, as one customer service rep said, "Customers ask for it." I used to think free enterprise and capitalism were the keys to world peace, but I now see how companies taint themselves in the revulsion factor. Intuitively a person understands that anyone who makes money from the ghastly horror or fur farms cannot be healthy. There is a line and Nordstrom can choose, no matter what, no to besmear its good name form any reason - not with the negative energy that goes into the fur trade. Any trafficking of animals for money is dipped in practices going against nature, cruel and sadistic, but above all, the fur trade. It all grieves the heart. Nordstrom decision makers on the matter need to be required to visit a fur farm and see the atrocities and causes to break the heart first hand.

Nordstrom - just say no, and when asked, tell the reason:It's an industry you don't want to associate your happy, HEALTHY name and rep with.

Sana 11/7/13 7:11PM

How excited I was to received my in-house order of two pairs of shoes! I opened the box of Vince Camuto-Eliana Black Vintage Goat and to my surprise the shoes looked like it had been worn, I checked it over again... it didnt look like it had been worn , they had been worn!!!!!. It had a obvious toe print on the inside of the shoes, heal cushion was coming apart,the of sole the shoe showed wear,and tear coming apart. I have never been so insulted in my life.These shoes are disgusting whoever send these out should be terminated. This is not what I expect as a valued customer at Nordstroms.I ordered two pairs of shoes, I am returning the other one as well, since now I'm questioning their sevice and committment to customer service. Nordstrom you LET ME DOWN!!!

cubana 10/31/13 8:41PM

I will never shop at the Nordstrom in Durham Nc!!!
The manager of the children's shoe department is horrible
Her attitude is nasty not only to customers but to het co workers.

dogsrule 10/28/13 7:01AM

Regardless of whether we receive any feedback, which would surprise me, I want just want to say to everyone who reads these that I am exceedingly disappointed on how you treat dedicated customers, from what I have read, I am certainly not alone. I have been a customer of Nordstrom's for as long as I can remember. I have been a credit customer for well over four or five years. Never, never once, have I EVER had a problem paying my bill...ON TIME, always. I have always over paid the minimum payment. Nordstrom has extended credit to me whenever I wanted it. Sunday I went in to buy a few thing at the Mac counter. It wasn't much, but I told the sales lady she would need to call to get an approval because I was over my small limit. She called, and I was rudely told that my credit score had changed and I could not be extended because of it. I said I just bought a brand new car and didn't have a problem one. He said he would not extend. Now this wasn't for $30,000, not even $300.00. It was for $31.00.

I have come to the conclusion that Nordstrom finds a piece of paper much more important than a dedicated, long term customer. In this day and age, when a company has a long, term, dedicated buying and paying customer, you would think keeping them would be first priority? It is obvious Nordstrom's has a different priority. I am not able to pay off the entire bill at this time with the holidays coming, but come the end of February it will be paid. My time as a customer of Nordstrom has abruptly come to an end.

Faith 10/21/13 11:50AM

Exactly what good does leaving a comment do if you receive no feedback?

Faith 10/21/13 11:04AM

I am saddened and disgusted to see NORDSTROM carrying fur and fur trimmed coats and other apparel in stores and catalogues. Really, we have to have this discussion in 2013? NORDSTROM, we expected better of you. Animals are trapped, tortured, and killed so you can make money off their fur. I am just disgusted. I used to feel good about shopping at your stores but not anymore. Shame on NORDSTROM, your buyers and your management for not using faux fur exclusively. You had to sink to this level. Again, just disgusting.

bernicebellamy 10/10/13 8:05AM

Today I'm very disappointed in my Nordstrom experience. Last Tuesday, a week ago today, I went to the Nordstrom store in Scottsdale, AZ. My birthday was coming up the next Monday. A relative had given me a gift of money and I picked out a beautiful John Hardy sterling bracelet for over $500. The sales associate, a lovely young lady, was very nice to me, however the bracelet was not in stock, she said it could be ordered. I asked how long, she said 3 to 5 business days. OK, I thought, surely it would come before my birthday. A full week later I'm still waiting on it. After calling the store yesterday I was told it was scheduled for delivery today. At 5:00 this afternoon I'm still waiting on it. I'm wondering why Macy's can get ANYTHING you order from them at your door in 2 business days and Nordstrom's can't? A $500 bracelet should have some kind of priority mail which shouldn't take over 2 to 3 days for delivery at most! I sell on ebay. Last week I sold a handbag, we live in Mesa, AZ, mailed it on Monday, the woman had it delivered TO HER HOME on Wednesday in Delaware and I did not ship it anything else than regular mail. I don't get it? At this point, I've lost my interest in the bracelet, if I ever get it, I'll return it.

Alex 10/8/13 5:30PM

I am not one to go on the Internet and write negative reviews or tattle on sales associates but I was so disgusted by the condescending attitude I received from a sales associate. I received a gift (sweater)from my boyfriends aunt (who I don't really know)at my graduation party and did not like it. So before I went to the store I called and asked if I could exchange the item for store credit and a lovely young lady on the phone said yes as long as the tag was attached.

So I went all the way to Nordstrom on Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois and when I tried to exchange the woman at the counter was extremely rude to me and said she could not do it without a receipt or the full name of the person who gave it to me, strange huh? Anyway when I told her I did not know she rolled her eyes at me and said that the item looked like it was not purchased (insinuating that it was stolen) because she couldn't find a code or something. Then another employee notices that she is asking me inappropriate questions like "how do you know the person who gave it to you!?" and "when was it given to you!?". So he approaches her and basically tells her that all tags are attached the sweater is clearly unworn and to just put the amount of the sweater on the gift card so she finally does and just tosses the card on the counter. I say thank you and she completely ignores me and walks off. Mind you I never yelled, cursed or disrespected her in any way I must have said a total of 8 words. I'm just very upset by the way I was treated and the associates snobby attitude. And although corporate has no control over how associates act towards their customers they are still a reflection of the brand and people like her are what damage the reputation of the store.

One very upset customer

It's alo 10/1/13 3:25AM

Hi,I want to let you know that I went to Nordstrom store to shop but unfortunately the nordstrom doesn't have FitFlop that I was looking for.So I asked the sales men to help me to put my order.I left knowing everything will be fine just waiting for my order couple days to arrive.Its been more that a week order didn't came.So I called the snordstrom and connect me to shoe Department.A lady answer so I told about my situation.Sales lady asked me who help me so I told her his name Then the lady told to call the following day to talk to the person that help me.But didn't call back anymore cos I recieve a email from nordstrom saying my order didnt go throught cos didnt put my account.So disapointed cos I was gonna use it for my vacation.This happenened twise already.Thank you!

Cristina 9/28/13 11:24PM

What is it about your representatives who can't make an address adjustment?
We are shredding our acct with you because we have contacted you 7 times to tell you that the bill has not arrived. Your stupid answer is that our post office is returning the bill to you! If that's true, then pay the damn thing! We are tired of your calls and our time answering. This will go on facebook and whatever social network available. BTW , we are well known in our small community and there is no way that our "Nordstrom" mail is being returned.
We do not need your middle class store when we can deal with others who respond to the customers with knowledge. Get rid of the damn robots.

Nick Salvatore

nick 9/27/13 1:48PM

I was shopping in Nordstrom in Durham NC when I over hear an employee talking to another employee calling her retarded....this all happened in the kids shoe department. I asked the name of the employee who said it and was shocked to learn she is the department manager! I'm appalled to here this is there leadership. I will never shop in that department again along with many of my friends...I may just stay away from Nordstrom all together.

lovemykk 9/26/13 8:02AM

I find all the Nordstrom stores I have visited very unfriendly to people with mobility disabilities. There are no electric carts in the stores, even though you have huge floor space and often multiple levels. There is usually no where to sit inside the store except perhaps around the escalator on the main floor. As someone who cannot walk more than 200 feet without resting, Nordstrom is an unfriendly store. I cannot shop in your store I cannot bring my power chair into your store and the maneuver between clothing displays because you don't have the required 36 to 42 inch path of travel. Because I do not shop online you are losing customer of 35 years because of your insensitivity toward disabilities.

Nan 9/11/13 2:41PM

I returned a pair of shoes to the Nordstrom Galleria at South Bay on 8/25 after I discovered that they had been worn before my purchase on 8/3. On the inside toe section there were blood stains and an obvious circle of blood in the shape of a "corn" bandage. Also one of the salesman noticed that the heels indicated that the shoes had been worn. Unknowingly I bought these shoes that had been worn and returned. THE BLOOD TOOK IT TO A NEW LEVEL!!! The shoes should have been inspected before they were sold. THIS IS NOW A HEALTH DEPARTMENT ISSUE. The salesmen were as shocked and disgusted as I was. One of the salesmen even asked if I disinfected my foot after discovering the BLOOD. However, I was told that they could only send me a new pair at no shipping cost but on reflection the way this was mishandled is unacceptable. I have been a loyal customer for over 40 years but when the new shoes arrive I will return them and I will no longer do business with this store. adrienne

Adrienne Skrumbis 8/29/13 4:00PM

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


By now you'd think they'd stop putting tails on all dress shirts. For a long time now, men have opted to wearing their shirts out apposed to loosing that extra weight around the middle. If you don't want to get rid of them all together do this; give us a choice; tails or no tails. And at the same time put some pockets on the right side of the shirts and buttons on the left for the left handies; inventory 85% for righties and 15% for lefties. Square some of the shirts off. Butts are in and need to be shown where bellies are not.

The square dress shirt is the new sport shirt. Loose the tail only, and I mean only; so as to allow them to still be tucked in if desired. We could use the same style shirt for dress and/or sport. Don't sell them on a hanger keep them folded like dress shirts have always been displayed; That packaging makes you want to unwrap it and put it on. Have you ever looked at dress shorts hanging on a rack? They look like their waiting to be ironed and cleaning before putting them on. Have someone in the stores become familiar with repackaging the shirts that have been opened by customers; making them look like they ready to go right into your suitcase. Label the Dress/Sport shirts WITH TAILS...WITHOUT TAILS

Patrick Stewart

P.S. I have a defibrillator implant installed in my left upper breast under my skin just above my pockets. Before the implant I carried my cell phone in that pocket; making it easer for me to hear it ring. The reason I can no longer use this pocket is because the batteries in my cell can't be within 8 inches of the batteries in my implant. I can't hear the phone in my pants. Even though I'm right handed I'd wear a left-handed shirt. Just for the pocket being on the right side.

Thanks for listening. Patrick

Patrick Stewart 8/28/13 9:43AM

On July 26, 2013 my husband and I were shopping at Nordstrom Paseo Nuevo store in Santa Barbara. Trying again, unsuccessfully, to buy shoes for my husband. While we were in the store I noticed a Nodstrom catalog for a current sale, Although I have had a Nordstrom account since 1984 I do not receive any catalogs or corresponce from Norstrom. I went to the store office to check on why I do not receive catalogues in the mail. (I have been to this store & offce several times to clear up this same problem.)I spoke with an employee who was not helpful telling me that she could not access my account to check on the "problem" even though I gave her my credit card. She was working alone in the office so I asked that she have the store manager call me and gave her my phone number. Eight days passed with no phone call (not surprised) so I finally called the store and asked for the store manager's name and extension. I was told he was out to lunch so I left a message for Michael Gentry to please return my call that afternoon. I received a phone call back that afternoon but not from the manager, Michael Gentry, but from an employee named Denny or Deni (female). I explained that I called Mr. Gentry and asked HIM to call me regarding the problem with my account--not receiving catalogues--and if he did not wish to respond that was his decision. The next day, Sunday, I received a call from Auriella Clark. This was the employee that I was told would contact me when I was in the store on July 26th. She called back 9 days after I asked your employee to have someone from store management contact me. I chose not to take her call. Too little too late. I really don't think I need to explain how this treatment does not correspond with the hype of Nordstrom quality customer service. So after nearly 30 years of looking forward to finding treasures at Nordstrom and enjoying shopping and dining at your cafe--you know the old school elegant shopping experience--I will no longer shop nor have anything thing to do with your organization. So sad but I now see my frustration and negative experience is systemic.

MaggysGirl 8/6/13 2:11PM

purchased some shoes online for my son he wears an 2 1/2 in little kids i paid for two day shipping when i received the shoes checked the box to make sure i received what i ordered one of the shoes was an 2 1/2 in little kids and the other shoe was an 13 1/2 in toddlers i got my phone and called customer service and let them knowed what had happen as i was heading to the post office to send them right back cause i was just that pissed about it,since then i have been calling customer service and i've been getting the run around from these people don't think i will ever order from them again they still took my money out of my account when they say they was gonna credit my money back to my account and didn't now my account is in overdraft cause of these people and there lies...................pissed to the maxx

Anonymous 7/29/13 7:12PM

Dear Sir,i am writing to you to let you know somewhere you for got what women need and want,Your anniversary sale book offered nothing exciting and if you want women to spend money they need a reason.I have been in retail for 30 years ,running my own business, buying ,merchandising and listening to my cutomers. If you think you have good buyers think about replacing them.Your store has become boring and not everyone is a size 4.Rethink your strategy and find new talent.

Phoebenis 7/23/13 12:13PM

I started shopping at the Nordstrom store located at the Park Meadows Mall, Lone Tree Co. when you first opened. Now I shop there very infrequently. I went to look over the Anniversary Sale items and was very disappointed with what you have to offer. Found the same problems last year, nothing worthwhile. In the past I would purchase 3-4 pairs of shoes, maybe an outfit or two, but I am not happy with the merchandise that is in the store. I agree with others that the store is trying to reach out to the young, which we don't see shopping there. The brands I always purchased are no longer available. I wear women's size 16-18 and was always pleased with that department until the past year. I have told the sales staff I will be going to Macy's or Dillards to purchase Ralph Lauren, Jones of New York and Calvin Klein.
At one time our Nordstrom store was busy, now, very quiet, with nothing worth purchasing. I have not bought anything in the woman's dept for almost a year and a half. My husband purchsed three pair of Nordstrom brand slacks last fall and returned them, they did not hold up and the quality was below par. Even the fine jewelry is not what it was before.
It is time to take a good look at what is going on with the Nordstrom Department stores and go back to what you were known for, good quality and start listening to your customers.

Anonymous 7/15/13 4:10PM

I am a long time customer, spending many thousands of dollars at Store #325 since its opening. I just returned from previewing Anniversary Sale items. What a disappointment, low inventory and no quality. Same thing last year.I feel sorry for your excellent sales staff. The store is stocked for the benefit of the very young, and most upscale brands are not carried, and if they are the inventory is so low it is gone immediately. It's embarrassing to tell the sales staff that I will go to Macy's to get my Ralph Laurens, or my Jones of New York. When the store was properly stocked, it was crowded. My personal shopper was so busy that I had to book really early. Your shoppers would return if the merchandise was there. How about carrying a line to replace the (no longer fine) St. John? The nearest Nordstrom that carries upscale clothing is in South Coast Plaza, a difficult heavy traffic drive from this area. Please look into this- so many in this area would return to shopping at #325, but now it's not worth even stopping by.

Jan 7/11/13 2:04PM

I doubt anyone will actually read this, but I need to say something about your store (s). Your customer service, which used to be the reason I went to Nordstrom, has really declined. I have been in your stores in Virginia and California over the last 20 years and have seen a decline in the quality of merchandise as well. In addition, you have started blasting loud, obnoxious music in your stores - at least in the one in Roseville, the last time I went. When I complained I was told to speak to a manager who assured me in an email it was corporate policy and offered me her telephone number. I called twice and she never called me back in a timely manner, so I gave up.

Today I got your sale catalog filled with unwearable clothes and shoes and not featuring a model over 25 - or a hundred pounds. Do you really want to attract only young anorexic people? I realize you are representing the current insane and vulgar trends but do you really need to focus on them to the exclusion of real people or older people? I am disgusted with you. I was so hoping to be a customer of yours until I died but the last time I was in your San Francisco store I couldn't find anything to wear except a pair of black pants.

I really don't feel like trying any more.

1950mary 7/9/13 11:54PM

Don't apply for a job at the Tyson's Corner, Virginia store.
I went for three interviews with a floor manager, then the department manager ( who had an attitude of a duck!) then the so called store manger named "Hellen." She treated me like a fool and ask me the most ignorant questions that had nothing to do with the lousy job I was applying for. I am a man, 63 years old and a retired college professor. This so called manager gets a grade of "F". They should have teken my management classes to learn how to do thier job much better. BTW, I never heard back from them. They did not even have the courtesy to send me a "get lost" letter.

stue50 7/1/13 5:21AM

everyone of the comments although different, similar. Nordstrom needs to get back to the basics that the company was founded on, great customer service, and treat each employee like family. thats not the case however. In order for that to be accomplshed, its needs to start at the store level. It doesnt. Also, when Nordstrom was once in the Forbes elite when it came to bets place to work at, it doesnt anymore. Just last year, Forbes Magazine dropped Nordstrom from 68 to 86 best places to work for? why is that?

nordyban4life 6/22/13 2:22AM

Alderwood Mall (Lynwood Washington), NOPE never again, WOW I had a little problem and was treated like I was stupid and less then them. When I asked to nicely speak to the manager and she came over to me, she was probably even more so rude and unhelpful. (Not even sure she was a manager the way she acted.) Nordstrom workers are not above anyone, let alone someone looking for help. I will tell everyone about my bad experience and ROUGH customer service. WORST time in nordstrom ever, and I go there a lot. (Nordstrom credit card, countless purchases from me alone let alone my family) Don't let your bad day rub off on your customers!!!!

UnhappySailor 5/31/13 12:32PM

I think Store 232 I looked it up on my receipt, I hope that is correct, But im trying to write about the store in West County Mall. I am a african American and I normally shop there with my mom, normally they just give me stares and maybe a smile, but i wanted some shoes for my son and my mom and I went to kids Shoes and was helped by I think her name was Janelle, and she as so nice and she was telling us about other deals they had and I left to go browse around before I made a decision but when I came back with my mom we saw her leaving but we knew we wanted to make sure she received credit and her co worker whome I dont remember her name but she had black curly hair said that she would give her credit for the sale and we was glad to make the purchase then. I thought out of all the african american workers she was the most genuine and I will be back to buy more Tom Boots for my son with her.

Mother daughterduo 5/26/13 6:28AM

Shame on Nordstrom for refusing to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord. For a company that promotes its fair treatment of employees, the refusal is deplorable. Aligning yourself with a company like WalMart that treats employees and suppliers horribly is making me rethink my patronage at your store.

It is also dumb policy. Your store has spent lots of money and decades building goodwill with your customers. It's a shame to wreck that goodwill with one stupid and inhumane decision.

Guess I will have to go somewhere else for all my shoes, etc.

Ann 5/18/13 12:57PM

Store 526 is racist plan and simple. Their security watches all black people who enter the store. Do you see any black management? No. There's no one black who's position is higher than assistant manger job. Truly sad.

Anonymous 5/12/13 11:33PM

I would like to comment on the construction work that is being done at Nordstrom in Oak Brook, IL. First off, I really don't think it was necessary, but it is not my decision. However, the small bar near the shoes that you could grab an ice tea or any beverage has been closed so now we have to go down to the cafe on the 1st floor. When you walk in the hostess directs you to the bar area, where you are completely ignored unless you want an alcoholic beverage and waitress literally walk right by you....after several minutes of being ignored, I walked out Can't believe Nordstrom thinks they need such a high end Cafe at their store! Totally disappointed!

Anonymous 5/11/13 9:55AM

I have an unusual comment. I am wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction. I have a jean design that I actually saw in dream (it sounds crazy, I know). The concept of this design is actually quite remarkable. I did some research and found that many great inventions were actually seen in dreams.

Like most American women, I love fashion, but I have no specific experience in design. I am wondering if someone would be willing to simply look at a sketch or point me in a direction to someone who might be interested in working with me on this concept.

Thank you!

dreaming for fashion! 5/10/13 2:12PM

I want to let you all know about my experience in store #240 in St.Louis Galleria. I recieved a pair of UGGS Sparkle Short for my bday in March 2013 and when I wore them there was something sticking me in my foot. So I have shopped many of times at your store #232 West County location and never had problems. I went in to return the item and I informed the lady Mary B what my situation was and by it being spring they did not have any on display. She instantly kept asking me who when and where did I get the boots from after me explaining to her several times that they were a gift and the person that bought them from Nordstrom. She then kept asking for names and kept looking in the computer saying that she needed more information before she can do my return. When I arrived to the store it was 215pm. She then went into the back for 10 minutes and called a supervisor or manager named Ona or Ana and then she finally came over now by this times 15-20 minutes had went by. Again now she is asking me 50 questions like I was being interragated. After all the questioning to me she then stated that she needed more information before she could do my return. I bought things off line before and it didnt come with the purchase tag on it and I have NEVER been so embarrassed I did not know when and where and how they made the purchase that again they were a gift and they told me that they need more information before they could do the return. I was really upset because I was in the exact store before and seen a customer bring in a pair of shoes without the box and had no information and they did the return without all the questions the customer was caucasion and I am african american they treated me like I had stole the shoes and or that I could not afford the boots. I will NOT be shopping in that store again because I really dont appreciate being treated in that manner. I arrived at 2:15pm and did not leave that store until 3:49pm a whole hour and a half just to do a return that they still did not do they told me they could ONLY do a exchange for the same thing in which I knew even then that was lie because I have been shopping with your stores since the stores first were brought to St. Louis. I will be informing the better business bureau because I feel there is racism in that store.

Anonymous 5/1/13 10:45AM

Just thogt you should know that our family won't be shopping at your stores any more. Tracking us? Are you serious? We are Americans. You are crazy to think this is ok to invade our privacy.


Anonymous 4/29/13 9:28PM

This same Theresa Sagun at the tysons corner store in virginia did the same to me just last night in front of my son saying i bought some burberries from the rack and trying to exchange them at their store and threw my clothes on the floor and called security to kick me out
She was so rude and unprofessional and i don't know why she still works there if she's been reported by so many people
she wasn't even able to find sizes on a shirt and already had an attitude before even coming to the counter
She flat out accused me of buying from the rack when all she had to do was to search first before accusing
I have been shopping from nordstrom forever and this is my very first bad experience from a nordstrom manager
she is going to ruin the store reputation if she's not taken care of asap

webww 4/28/13 8:21AM

I somehow doubt writing Nordstrom's corporate office will result in anyone paying attention, but here goes. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our ancient 70s mall is being given an overhaul at last, and shortly after the initial announcements were made, we were already told not to expect a Nordstrom's. Everybody sighed. In the 28 years I've lived here we've hobbled along first with Foley's and now with Macy's, which seems the same or even worse. Adult women's clothing is hideous in particular. While Nordstrom's may think 'Well, now, see? Such starved shoppers will drive for for shopping opportunities such as ours.' Not so. Nordstroms should mourn the thousands of dollars I might have spent there by now, rather than mere hundreds I have occasionally spent. Shopping retailers in general refuse to believe that Northern Colorado (with its four cities of Fort Collins plus suburbs, Loveland and Greeley) is an entity unto itself with moneyed residents seeking style, especially women ages 35-75 who are sick to death of driving approximately 1 hour each way (2 hours round trip) to Denver or the Boulder area. It is not fun for us and we are busy. Here there is nowhere to shop aside from a boutique or two that 1) usually cater to college girls or 2) carry a limited selection or 3) close due to their limitations all around. Someone on your staff might mention Centerra in Loveland; aha, with another Macy's more sparsely stocked than Fort Collins'! (Yes, there is Coldwater Creek, JJill, and Chicos: okay for an item or two, but lacking in sophistication.) Today, I spent $300 dollars online, shopping for summer clothing, and two days prior, close to that amount for shoes for my husband and myself--again online. (Consider the cost and inconvenience of returning items when necessary, spread over many years.) Next Saturday, I'll drop more money on CAbi, a nationwide in-home clothes shopping venture (like Tupperware, except it's clothing!); the designer left the fashion world to serve left-out women such as ourselves. My other choices besides online or CAbi, besides our outdated, poorly run, understaffed Macy's: Penneys, Sears, yuck, and REI sometimes). Department stores such as Nordstroms are missing an opportunity here in Northern Colorado, or NoCo as some call it. The majority of us are neither ranchers, farmers, nor folks coming down from Wyoming looking for sales on denim shirts or smocked flowery tent dresses to wear with hiking boots. While our new mall will include a Neiman Marcus Call Back (is that the name?), I was hoping for an highly ranked department store; or to rephrase it, I hate piling through racks of stuff and seconds. Doesn't Nordstorms have a smart marketing whiz who sees the writing on the wall and keeps in touch with demographics? Please forward my email on. And thanks for your patience.

Mrs. Relentless 4/17/13 12:41PM

I have had the most horrible shoe buying experience in the women's shoe department in the Aventura Mall Nordstrom. I went to the store on March 08, 2013. They did not have my shoe size, so I ordered the shoes to be shipped to my house. One week later (March 15, 2013) the associate called me to let me know that shoes had not been shipped yet. She offered to send them via 1 business day mail free of charge. I agreed. A little bit over one more week I finally received my shoes. Since they arrived way past the event I wanted to wear them to, they sat in the box for a a couple of days, until finally I put them on and realized that they needed to be streched. I brought them to the Aventura Mall store on Sunday, April 7, 2013. I came to pick them up in the evening on Monday, April 8, 2013, as I was told. They lost my shoes! Several sales associates, including the manager, had been searching for my shoes for at least 30 min with no results. I asked for the money refund, and went and bought the shoes in the Bloomingdales. I would like somebody from the corporate office to contact me via the email. Thank you.

Anacaona 4/9/13 10:48AM

I have been with Nordstroms since the opening in Dallas. I have purchased items online and from the two stores...and I have never had shipping issues from other stores or anywhere than Dallas Galleria. 2 or maybe 3 years ago, I ordered merchandise and they were suppose to ship to me and I never recevied merchandise. Again, recently on March 20th I asked them to ring up 16 items, totaling over $3,000.00 and ship to me. I started calling the following wednesday after a week when I had not received my mercandise...and by the way, we are in the same city,I had however received cosmetics that were rung up 4 days later on the same day. The first person I called was Alex in TBD and she told me they had changes in the warehouse and they have had problems but, she would look into it. Next day I called customer service and asked someone again and she also mentioned they were having issues and changes in warehouse and would get back with me. Again next day, calling customer service, I think I talked to Chelse and we went over all this again and said she would also get back to me but never did...also stating issues in warehouse. So now I'm on Friday, 9 days after my initial purchase and granted same city I call the warehouse mgr or "Loogistics mgr",Louis, and he tells me I would have to talk to the cutomer service mgr-Mario, Mario anwsers and tells me that everything was shipped. He asked me if the box was damaged or anything and told him no, that I still have the box and it was well taped. He then told me it was shipped in one boxed with everything...all 16 garments and it was packaged weighing at 7 lbs...I disputed this and told him that that I only received 8 items and there was no way that all 16 items could fit in a box with the thickness of 5 inches and only weighing 7 lbs. He then rudley told me that they had this issue before with me and I had the product and he would not do this again. I'm now accused of I call the store mgr Vicky next moring, Saturday 3-30 at 10. I'm talking to Vicky and she has Mario/cutomer svc mgr with her in office. She's telling me she has reviewd the security tapes and Mario is confirming that all 16 items were placed in one box and in one wrapping...and agian she said she witnesed it also on recording tape and would contact the police and ups AND she has never in her 23 years experience anything like this in her management. I repeatedly told her something was very wrong, and that I believed they couldn't have all 16 items weighing 7 lbs but she continued that she viewed the video..both her and customer service mgr/Mario said they saw 1 pkg with 16 items totaling 7 lbs. I later called back for Vicky and when she didn't answer then I asked for Mario..I asked him to please pull all 16 garmets, and gave a description of them expressing that this could not only weigh 7 lbs. Not 5 minutes later I got a call from Vicky/mgr that they would not weight again..and her words.. it was weighed on Nordstroms scale and UPS and she was done. AND GUESS WHAT, I GOT MY SHIPPMENT TODAY WITH THE 8 ITEMS WEIGHING ADDITIONAL 6 POUNDS. There are no words to express how HORRIBLE Nordstroms has handled this matter from management up..!!!I WORKED ON THIS OVER 2 WEEKS CHASING MY DELIVERY!!

dmat 4/2/13 9:19PM

WOW! After decades in business, Nordie's is getting wrapped around their bureaucratic procedures and abandoning the superb customer service that made them once successful...
Yesterday, my Dad hand-walked a check payment from me (Mom) for daughter's account (she's away at med school)...The payment bill and the check from me (not a third-party) had the same LAST NAME, same ADDRESS AS STATEMENT, yet, the Nordstrom high-school aged "manager" said she couldn't take it WITHOUT ID?! Well, we've been hand-walking payments in for almost 10 YEARS!!! How is that ANY DIFFERENT IF ANYONE SENDS IN A CHECK PAYMENT THRU THE MAIL? Nordstrom doesn't know who/how/where THAT MAILED CHECK CAME FROM...

I called "Customer Service" this morning (9 am PT) and was read the SAME POLICY, but the fellow "apologized for my inconvenience"....I asked for a manager to call me back (rather than being put on hold) to discuss this.
I'm still waiting for a call back (now, 3 hours later)....

What is really disturbing about this, is that the Nordstrom employees are trained in PROCEDURE, but NOT COMMON SENSE. I know of NO OTHER RETAILER THAT HAS SUCH A REQUIREMENT. As a stockholder and customer, I find this egregious.

Studies report that for every ONE complaint, there at least 20 customers who experience the same problem. If enough customers get treated this way and choose to shop elsewhere, THERE WON'T BE A NEED FOR PROCEDURES, WILL THERE?

Polyanthus 3/22/13 11:01AM

I love Nordstroms. I used to shop at the first one on Mercer island and lived in Alderbrook near the Nordstrom family. It's the best. That said, I've been shopping 'Encore' in Corte Madera, CA for years (a 2 hour round trip for me). You closed encore there. You have lost me as a customer yet I still have an account with you. I'm so sad that you chose to do that in this location. PLEASE bring it back so that I can shop with Nordstroms again. Thank you.

Anonymous 3/18/13 3:09PM

Satyrday March 9th,2013,

At the Tyson's location Nordstrom's, I've experience a rude situation from the manager Teresa. I would like to go into detail through email or over the phone this week, please call me as soon as possible. To discuss the embarrassing issue I had to go through, please help. I would like to continue services, at this location. However, customer-services needs to professional when dealing with customers. Know care, nor helpful services given from Teresa. Rude, and would not provide me services, as services was needed. PLEASE-HELP!

thomas 3/12/13 6:42PM

Dear Corporate-Home-Office,

I'm asking if I can recieve feedback from home office. I've encounter the worst experience at the Tyson's location. Teresa one of the manager's who didn't want to communicate to me directly, not until several mins..later.I was with family.I was embarrass when Teresa gave me the horrible experience of my life. I was treated with no- respect, as well as unprofessional. Please call me so I can get into full detail. I ould like to give a full closer with what happen Saturday with the rude experience I had with Teresa, the manager at Nordstrom's, in Tyson's.I would like to disclose more information, so I can give you an idea of what happen to my ou-of-town guest, as well as my daughter. Please call me! 3/11/13 7:31PM

Dear Corporate office for Nordstroms,
I had a horrible experience Saturday in the Tyson's location. I was with family shopping and enjoying a pretty day with the great selections my family and I boughtfrom this store. I needed to get my cash-refund, of which I returned with no problem. However, from customer services I was rejected from 'Yaso'.One of the sales employer from customer services. She had a negative vibe that I can sense, I needed to speak with a manager. After waiting for 33-mins...Teresa the manager was not any help as well. This is the reason why I am asking for corporate-home-office to please, please contact me. So I can give full detail of the disrepectful actions that I encounter at your location in,V.A. I am displease with the services, as well as actions that were towards my family from Ohio, and New-York. I wanted to give my family a great atmosphere, on what it's like shopping where I live. Instead, they were just embarrass as I was, and still am. I'm asking for an email as well as a call to consult my experiences with the employer's at Nordstrom's.

G-Thomas 3/11/13 7:20PM

Nordstrom belive in punishing their employees.
Nordstrom put so much pressure in their customers
for them to get the debit and credit cards from Nordstrom.
The benefits that they offer to their employees are
not true...
Don't ever buy in those stores!!!

Mollies 2/22/13 6:32PM

I would like you to carry a line of leggings. The manufacture of the leggings iPOPRAGOUS. The company is in Los Angeles California. I order online directly from the company. They are the most unique leggings I have seen in years. The designer is beyond talented. Colorful imaginative and unheard of styles. There is a website for the company.
POPRAGOUS.COM Whom ever is reading my e mail I dare you to go on the website and not find yourself placing an order. I am hooked. I am in no way affiliated with this company. I am just addicted
to leggings and Nordstroms is by far my favorite store. In the past you carried a label Jams World. I
could come in your store and look thru the racks and make a purchase. This is what I want to do with the POPRAGOUS brand. Please have your buyers look at the website.

juliafrancois 2/20/13 9:52AM

The recent decision by your Tacoma Mall store manager to eliminate the live piano music and replace it with recorded music was nothing short of stupid. The live piano music was part of the Nordstom experience. Now your store is not better than Kohls, Target. The store manager in Tacoma should be fired.

FormerNordstromShopper 2/11/13 1:28PM

For me, Nordstrom's Customer Service is the best. However, I wish to comment on what I feel is a wasteful practice that hopefully will be corrected. I ordered online a cosmetic a week ago (still haven't received it..a back order) and, as part of the order, I was offered three sample packets of other cosmetics. They were shipped separately, via UPS, in a large box when they could have fit in a small letter-sized envelope. Better still, why not ship them with my order. The cost of the shipping, the time taken to package them in a cardboard carton inapporiate for their size, and the cost of paying someone to do the work infuriates me because of the utter waste. Like our government's spending running amok, the buck must stop with management. This is a small economy that would save a great deal of money. Consumers know, too, that wasteful spending practices always get passed on to them. Come on, Nordstrom's, you're already batting 1000% in my your shipping policies and take measures to cut out the fat. Thank you.

Cut Out Shipping Waste 2/2/13 7:43AM

I am sitting in the Roosevelt field store.
The music is too loud and inappropriate for the customers in the store .
I recorded it .
NO one was able to do anything about it .
I am 58 years and the other shoppers are also complaining .

Anonymous 1/29/13 4:10PM

If you complain to thte store they never so anything so I need to complain somewhere...glad I found this site! Naples, Florida Nordstrom is the WORST in the world. Who ever the buyer is for that store needs to visit some other Nordstroms to see what they sell, and get some style. Alls Naples has is Boutique St John crap. Second They NEVER carry anything I go in there to get. "We dont carry NARS" , "We dont have that shoe style" "We dont have that shoe size".. of course you don't. Lastly what happend to thier "Easy Exchange" ?? I went in to exchage a pair of Tori Burch flats my husband ordered for me Online, "We dont have that size", I asked that they order me a pair for exchange. "We need to credit the old ones and purchase new ones"...Hello! These were a gift, I don have his card! So annoying, worst apperal selections, worst customer service, worst STOCK, and worst PARKING ever. Dont bother visiting their is you ever come to Naples.

Anonymous 1/8/13 11:38AM

I sent the following letter to Nordstroms on December 30, 2012. As of this date, I have not heard back from them. I am extrememly disappointed in the rudeness of the lack of response to their employees actions.

1600 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588

December 30, 2012

Attention: Andrea, Store Manager

On Thursday, December 27, my elderly friend and I made a trip from Fremont to Nordstroms in Pleasanton for the specific purpose of purchasing new bras. My friend is disabled and needs some help shopping so she wanted to go to this particular Nordstroms for bras and new clothes. She is a Nordstrom shopper because of the excellent service and compassion your employees always show her.
We arrived in the bra department and 2 people were there, one a blonde woman who was helping another customer and the other one turned out to be Myrna who was not working with anyone. The department was empty of customers at that time. Myrna took one look at us and evidentally decided we weren't worth her time. My friend uses a walker and Myrna glanced at us and looked the other way. We were nicely dressed, no reason to ignore us. So Cheryl called to her and said "excuse me can you help us" Myrna came over and asked what we needed and Cheryl indicated that she has recently lost weight and was there to buy some bras. Myrna asked what size and Cheryl said she really should be fitted. I then asked her name because at this point she had not introduced herself which is very unusual at Nordstroms. I indicated that I also wanted to purchase bras because I too had a size change and needed to be fitted. She brought us both into a small dressing room along with our 2 walkers so it was very crowded. She measured Cheryl around the band through her clothes and left. She brought back 2 underwire bras. Cheryl does not wear underwire bras but of course Myrna did not know this because she didn't bother to ask or notice what Cheryl was wearing. Cheryl told her she could not wear underwire bras so she brought back 2 more bras no underwires. Then she was done basically with Cheryl. One fit, the other did not.
She then measured me around the band and left, bringing back two bras that did not come close to fitting. I measured 38-40 band size. She left again and brought back about 4 more bras which she helped me get on because I literally could not close the band. Turns out they were all 34 band size. Well obviously they are not going to fit. Once on, the cup fit pretty good but they were so tight I could barely breathe and my back was buldging out over the top and bottom they were so tight. I told her I didn't like that look and they were uncomfortable and she indicated that the reason was because I was "big". Basically she called me fat. I am overweight but that is not how my bras generally fit. I don't buldge over the tops and if I am going to wear something all day long I want to have a good fit. And by the way, I wear a size 16 so I'm not huge. She wasn't willing to bring in anything other than 34's so we were done and she was very obviously done with us. Upon exiting the dressing room I told her the reason we were leaving without a purchase was because nothing she brought us fit and she just dismissed us by walking away.
This woman is definitely not the norm for Nordstroms and I felt it deserved your attention. I probably have also called you by the time you receive this letter to let you know it is coming. When I asked Cheryl if she wanted your phone number she replied "No, I will just never go to that store again". I'm certain that is not what you want.

Anonymous 1/7/13 5:40PM

I just had a rude, disrespectful, and racist experience at Nordstroms, Cerritos CA. I went in to exchange a pair of shoes, I had no receipt but my Nordstrom tag on my box. Angela (shoe supervisor) after looking me up and down told me she couldn't return them, they never carried this shoe, and she didn't know who put the Nordstrom sticker on. I pleaded that this was indeed a Nordstrom product and it was online. She said there is nothing she can do and that she was the manager. I went up the costumer service and Jasmine looked it right up price and all. She then called Angela to get an approval and Angela was butt hurt that Jasmine found it. Even then Angela said she can't help me. I went all the way the the Grove and they made the return no problem. I felt disrespected when Angela said they might be stolen and when she tried to scratch the sticker to see if I just put it on. It was very unprofessional.

mr.wheaton 12/30/12 1:34AM

I just read an article in The Oregonian newspaper that I thought was appalling. The article stated that during the times The Clackamas TownCenter was closed due to the shooting there last week, the employees of Nordstrom would not be getting paid. For a company that has your reputation(?) (which in the past has been excellent), I find this appalling. The shooting was not the fault of the employees and/or the management - at least pay the employees the base. The employees still have to pay their bills on top of being traumatized by the shooting. The company has enough money to pay the employees of The Clackamas TownCenter.

Bravadagirl 12/17/12 3:44PM

I'm a mastectomy-bought 3 bras-clerk only filed on one.I got
paid for 1 but since N/strom's didn't file on 2 I feel you owe
me $96.00. This happened 12/29/2011 and I have tried for a year to have you file it. Told several times it's filed.LIE
Medicare has not received it. And clerks(3 different ones)
never return calls. Someone with authority needs to look into
these kinds of service,not good PR if anyone cares.would love
an email from you and hear that it has been taken care of. LOU

LOU 12/5/12 12:43PM

I agree with Tessyu. Nordstrom isn't even close to what it use to be. I've bought several items from Nordstrom and had several of these items tear after only wearing them three times. I also had a pair of earrings arrive broken. A Krislu necklace chain broke after only wearing it for the third time. I took it back to Nordstrom and they told me to take it to the jewelry repair man. What ever happened to their great return/repair policies? I just wanted someone to fix the chain. Recently, I've had a major issue w/their MOD card.
I spent an hour and half setting up the card with a new Nordstrom employee and her manager. I even handed her my license to set up the account. You can only imagine my surprise when I tried to use the temp card online and they refused to honor it because I couldn't provide them with the name on MY account. After I cancelled it, they refused to honor their agreement to send me the $20 Nordstrom note that I had earned for spending $370 in their store. Surprise, surprise!

Ambassgwf 12/2/12 9:27PM

I have been a Nordstrom customer since 1985, and have always paid my bills. You can imagine my shock I received a call from the morons from Nordstrom bank telling me that they were calling about my account for non payment. Whaaaat? Yes, they want $55.00/month for a balance of
$135.00; I had only paid them $15.00. When I told the gentleman that they could close my account, I have been with them since 1985, he said "OK". A week later, I received another call from a young lady from Nordstrom bank, same scennario. I explained to her that I had been laid off for almost a year, and she says "Oh, congratulations on your new job" in a very condescending voice. On my next bill, I was able to send them $35.00. Today, I received another call from Nordstroms, wanting to know where my payment was. I asked if they received the $35.oo, they told me how mush was applied, but I owed $25.oo for a late charge(???)..

OK, now I have had it! This letter is being sent to the Attorney General, and guess what, Neiman Marcus? Granted, I probably will never get a credit card from them, but I think they'll get a good laugh out of this. If you are that strapped for cash, why don't you try lo lower your prices? You bring in clothing made overseas so that you can save money, so why don't you lower the prices for your customers? Obviously, you are no Neiman Marcus.

Tessyu 11/12/12 6:35PM

I am letting people know that Nordstrom is not what it use to be. I bought several pairs of TOMs from Nordstrom and had a pair fall apart. I never kept my receipt because I never had a problem. I was told by Nordstrom to send them in and they will exchange them.....after waiting a month I receive an email saying since there is no receipt they can't exchange them! I will not be purchasing my shoes or anything there anymore!!! I've decided to go straight to TOMs website and not deal with Nordstrom again. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Long process for nothing!!!!

Brealy01 9/13/12 7:09PM

I had the worst experience going into the Cerritos Mall in California, Several times I have experienced bad customer service. I have gone into several departments and have never experience how this NOrdstrom judge customers on how they look and how they are dressed in order to get service. I sent in my daughter in as I had just gotten off work and I felt that being in sweats anf hair in a pony tail would not be good, but my daughter really needed something so I sent her in. she was also in sweats after coming from the gym but she didn't care how she looked and mention that Nordstrom doesn't judge on how you look. After 30 minutes she came back with nothing and said lets go and was upset. I then asked her what happen and she explain you were right let just go. she mention how she waited 20 minutes before anyone came to see if they can help her, their was plenty of reps and not enough customers, she then explain that someone else walked in really dressed up and three reps went to help her out. she then went to the cashier and asked if she could check something for her, the response was "What do you want" she mention that she just wanted to fine out if the had a current shoe she really wanted in her size and in black. After that respond she walked out. I immediately called the Nordstrom and ask to see if Christine Smith or Rebbeca Martin were working as they have always gone out of their ways to assist me and my husband when ever we needed something. Christine was there so I went in and had her oder them , I then spoke to the night manager and explain the whole thing she then gave a name of the store manager. The store manager then sent me a message after severak days had gone by letting me know that she was going to talk to that department and if I needed to talk tp her a call back number, I called her back never heard from her to this day. As I explain to the night manager that we would more likely not going to shop at that Nordstrom anymore. If anyone is really going to take the time to read this message I feel that the corporate office should know if after the stor said no reason to. I have not been there for a about a month. Thank you if anyone reads this.

Upset Customer 9/11/12 7:57PM

I have received several phone calls from Nordstrom Bank. The phone # if 1-866-491-7864. I have not received any correspondence from the Bank regarding why Nordstrom Bank is phoning. I am current with my bill. I phoned Nordstrom Bank and they wanted my name, last 4 digits of my Social Security. I did not give them any information and hung up as I wondered if this is a fraud. I am requesting that Nordstrom follow up on my complaint and email any information re: this bank and why the phone calls.

Terry 9/10/12 5:20PM

SOOO totally impressed with Nordstrom's at Mall of America that I not only am writing a review, but also called the district manager and left a message. EVERYONE at this store is so incredibly nice. I have been to almost every department and have yet to run into anyone who is rude or even remotely acts like they would rather be somewhere else. The store is crystal clean all the time and it's because of CSR's like Sama at the Bond no 9 counter, that I will never shop anywhere else for my fragrance and or high-end apparel. Thanks for a great store, I guess when they say "Minnesota Nice" they really mean it.

Jody 9/8/12 11:33AM

Worst customer service I've ever encountered. It has taken you a month to fail to fill my order 118881273 (most recently misrouted to Fairbanks). But amazingly enough you managed to bill my credit card the minute I placed the order. I'd like to say "typical lower 48 incompetence", but you have appear to have raised (or is that lowered?) the bar. Never again, Nordstrom. Caveat emptor.

Anonymous 8/8/12 12:57AM

Nordstrom Phipps Plaza allowed someone to attack an employee in their parking lot while I was leaving after shopping. To my surprise, I walked in to buy some annivarsy products from the cosmetic department and I saw this same employee working for the company. I also saw this poor girl who was attacked as well. I am upset and shocked that Nordstrom's claims to be this wonderful company who takes care of their customers as well as their employees, then allows someone who was not only rude to me, but was using obsence language to work there. I am truly scared for this young lady who was a joy to be around and gave me the best customer service I have ever had to have to look at her and be in fear of her life. I thought Nordstrom would of called 911 and taken care of this in a professional manner. I can not allow this and I will be contacting the police. Shame on this company for not protecting someone that is victom of a brutal crime that many other customers wittensed. If she decides to file a lawsuit, I will support her in anyway that I can.

Anonymous 7/18/12 10:41AM

I made a purchase at Nordstroms in Las Vegas. I bought a Longchamp black Roseau shoulder bag. I paid cash .Used it once while in Vegas. And noticed that the ring holding the strap was discolored the silver was chipping. I was dissatisfied with the bag.So I decided to return it.I lived in California at the time. I had a job offer in Washington when I returned from Vegas and had to move rifht away. Needless to say the returning of the bag was put on the back burner.I got settled in my new home in Bellevue got my new ID. I now have some time to return the bag I bought in Las Vegas only to find out Ive lost the receipt. I called Nordstrom explained what happened and was assured that was ok just bring the bag in and I could return it even though I DID NOT have a receipt. Ive never returned anything before. So I took the bag in looked around for about 30 mins.until I found a bag I wanted only to be told I could not exchange it because I did not have a receipt. I paid my hard earned. Cash for a bag I used once that is decaying. I feel for the price I paid for this bag The least Nordstroms could do is exchange it for something I like. I'm a good customer.

Anonymous 7/16/12 4:30PM

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