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Norwegian Cruise Line corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Norwegian Cruise Line corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Norwegian Cruise Line corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, FL 33126
United States

Phone: 305-436-4000

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So happy with our cruise on the Norwegian Getaway just last week. At the very last minute I had realized that I had not made arrangements for my daughter's Gluten Allergy. She can work around most menus but i can begin to express my gratitude for the EXCELLENT service that she received in every aspect to her allergy. We had a wonderful trip and the staff was outstanding from the Maitre D to our cabin steward Diego. What a pleasure. Our extended family(All 14 of us) are planning on the same trip next August.

Anonymous 8/21/14 4:22PM

Cancelled a trip on Norweigan breakaway due to a couple of reasons one being my wife's pregnancy and the other being that the Rep for Norweigan charged almost $200 extra than the advertised price per person . now Norweigan cruiseline are sending me surveys to ask how I liked the cruise I didn't go on ,they have no accountability ,or customer service and they are still trying to charge me for the cruise I cancelled

Mark 3/31/14 9:10PM

took a trip on the breakaway on dec 22-29 well it was the worst trip ever, I will never step foot on a ship again, my husband got sick on day two of the trip, so sick that we had t get off the ship in fl and find are own way back home, no one would help us and we had to pay 600 to get off the ship, it is all germs on this ship people running around like cattle from place to place, I have been trying to get in touch with Norwegian to try and get some of are money back that we had to pay to get home, we payed for activies and never got a cent back from that as well as we did not use it do to him being sick and haven to get off the ship, it has been months and still no one has even called or helped us. this was are Christmas trip and we spent it trying to get home in a hotel and my husband sick. I am so sorry I did not listen to the reviews I was the one that told my husband we should try it for are selfs, never again will we do a Cruise. book a trip and fly there and have everything..

Anonymous 3/19/14 1:28PM

I have just returned from a 10 day cruise aboard the NCL Spirit and want to say how very pleased I was with all aspects of the holiday. The food (I ate mainly in Windows) was of good quality and well presented and the staff were courteous and helpful at all times. I ate at around 6.30 p.m, there were no queues and service was prompt and efficient. I also ate in Raffles for breakfast, which was usually busy but I had nothing to complain about. My cabin was kept clean and well serviced. In particular I must thank Carmen Martinez and Yahira Atiles for their unfailing courtesy and helpfulness throughout the entire voyage and my thanks to all NCL staff who made my holiday very enjoyable.

Anonymous 3/3/14 1:02PM

DO NOT TRAVEL NORWEGIAN TOTALLY NOT CAREING AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!I have taken several cruise's on many different lines and Norwegian has been the least for me in fact i was on the gem on jan1 and will never set foot on that one again.... i am done with norwegian... i was screwed with the ship that was out of new york the day of Sandy when my sister lost her house and you only worried about the money we paid and you did not want to return!!..... your customer service is non existant!!!!!! it totally stinks... on the cruise we were forced to take in order not to lose our money our room was flooded, we were changed to another room and they put a cot at the end of the two bunks to accomodate the 3rd person.... we were expected to climb over that cot in order to get into and out of our room.. totally unacceptable so the moved a fold out chair in the room and one of us had to sleep on that which was not comfortable at all..... and then foolishly we booked a cruise because we wanted a particular port... leavin NY on Jan1

on that cruise i fell in garden cafe on a slippery floor and in the area were two officers in white uniforms who did not even acknowledge me as two passengers helped me up.. our room steward was non existant the only thing we saw of him were the towel animals he left on the bed and finaly when they took our luggage down to be takenoff the ship one of my pieces were seperated from the rest.. when i got to the terminal i found all but one piece when i wuestioned the security person down there she said look in the other lines which i did and then the car came and everyone wanted to leave and she said they would send it to me.. she never offered me a form or took any information from me.... when i called i was told because i did not have this form filled out i had to pat $40handeling fee and $55 shipping to get the bag back with much back and forth and no assistance i forwarded the bank draft to the forwarding company in the amound of $95 it is January 30 today and I still do not havae my bag...It was your error,and NOrwegian would not take any responsibility horrible customer service!!!! i promise to tell everyone i know about your policies and i also promise the i and the others in my party will never use Norwegian again...and will tell everyone who will listen to go on another line! I work in a Hospital and we are over 7000 employees so i will have a great oportunity and have a family member in Holland send them to (by the way there is no comparison to your customer service and thiers...)I know this is a waste of time because you DO NOT CARE!!! BUT FOR EVER IT IS WORTH YOU HAVE LOST RESPECT AND CUSTOMERS BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE DO NOT CARE!!!!! SIGNED,VERY DIS-SATISFIED AND DISCUSTED == RESERVATION

Anonymous 1/31/14 8:55AM

Just returned to NYC from breakaway. All in all a great trip. However, perhaps it was our particular steward, but this was he was rarely seen. Only five turndown days out of the twelve nights. Perhaps the boat was understaffed as the wait staff were also much slower than in the past.

Pahrock 1/19/14 4:34AM

I'm concern my husband and I went on Norwegian to Honolulu and we were promised a full tour of Honolulu and the surrounding islands, did not happened, also we did not have hot water to bath, for two days we did not have hot water, we wanted to bath because we had to sleep at the airport so we were tired and wanted to take a shower and was not able to, please what is your company going to do for our stress and anxiety we went through, we are not young folk we are up in our late 60 my husband and my self, we will be talking to channel 5 in Atlanta Ga and let them know how your company treat your customers I mean the the trip was not cheap.

Very upset customer 1/1/14 6:16PM

my husband and I went on our 1st and last ncl we have been on 15 other cruises no problem we had prepaid for 2 cruises called and canceled the 2nd one on dec 3 2013 we were to take it in march 2014. ask for a refund was told the 3rd time I called about it that it was sent back to our bank on dec 6th still don't have it bank does not have it. call again dec 30th they said it was sent dec 6th nothing they can do my bank is filling a fraud case against them. wondering is ncl broke or maybe going under it was only $742.69 what is the problem?

jkbanks 12/30/13 2:25PM

I have taken NCL cruises in the past and this is my 25 cruise. I was very happy on my last cruise with the GEM

I came across the following on the radio and on the computer about the virus happening in St. Martin on the French side. I am books JAn 1 on the Gem and would like to know if you are still planning on stopping there. We are very concerned.

CDC issues travel advisory for St. Martin

By : The Associated Press

ATLANTA - U.S. health officials have issued a travel advisory for the Caribbean island of St. Martin because of a mosquito-borne disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's closely following reports of the chikungunya virus among residents of the French side of St. Martin.

The World Health Organization has reported 10 confirmed cases on the island. The CDC says it's the first time the disease has been reported among non-travelers in the Western Hemisphere. It has not been spotted in Puerto Rico or other Caribbean islands.

The virus can cause fever, joint pains, a rash, muscle aches and headaches. Travelers to St. Martin are advised to avoid mosquito bites by using insect repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and to use air conditioning and window and door screens to keep mosquitoes out.

Thank you

Dancezee 12/18/13 10:53PM

Just back from first ever Norwegian Lines trip. Norwegian Star LA to Miami via Panama Canal. It was generally fantastic - food (best stake in long time and endless damon done to perfection), entertainment (first night it was just too good to be true and then came the second etc. I was very impressed by the caliber of the talent and it just kept coming . By the last night I expected a let down but surprise, surprise, it was every bit a "GRAND FINALE" complete with unbelievable stage effects including snow and gals on swings out there over the audience. On a ship. WOW! Hats off to Candie the entertainment gal. Every night these people were at the top of their game.

Also, my thanks to our Tour Guide Mr. Olman who not only gave us a very professional, educational and entertaining tour but also retrieved thirty dollars in coffee beans from the overhead compartment on our bus where I left them after our Crocodile River Adventure. Mr. Olman took the time to returned my coffee to The Norwegian Star Lost and found where your front desk person retrieved it for me. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to be reunited with this great coffee. I was sure I would never see it again.

I sincerely wish there was nothing else to say about this marvelous cruse. It was marvelous (technically nothing during the cruse detracted) but then came the disastrous hours after clearing customs and before we got to the Miami Airport. Sorry to carry such a message but here it is:
It began when we exited the terminal building after clearing customs. My wife has a knee problem so we came out the handicapped exit at the left end of the building and then it began - We expected to find someone directing us to the bus. The bus transportation we had paid Norwegian in advance for the bus that was to take us and a couple hundred others to Miami International Airport. Nowhere was there any evidence anyone had made any attempt to provide any sinage of any kind to direct this flow of passengers and neither was there ANY person or help of any king to direct this massive outpouring of humanity exiting with us and now milling about asking "Where is The Miami Airport bus?" There we were with two large suitcases and two carry ons standing in the blistering sun - it really was blazing hot - with NO sign or direction of any kind. After scouting out a seat for my wife and purging her and our luggage there on one of the f o u r* benches against the building and out of the sun, I located a young man who was scurrying back and forth between departing shuttles and busses and the then returning to the head of one of one of the very long lines where I caught him. "Where is the Miami Airport Bus? I asked. The end of the line is back there he said pointing to the other end of the line which was about 100 yards away. In view of my wife's condition and that of the three other handicapped persons pitched with her I considered taking a cab or anything else that was available to get out of this chaos. When will the net bus arrive I asked. "Soon." (soon turned out to mean 55 minutes for us) was the reply. I made my way to the end of the line which at that point was curving left into the walk way at the extreme right end of the building where a steady stream of non handicapped but very confused passengers were trying to exit in search of - busses to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the various Auto Rental Company Shuttles. Unfortunately for us all there was NOBODY directing them as they exited the doors. One uniformed Norwegian person was standing in the area but he would only speak if spoke to and thus only those who directly asked him which way to go to get to this bus or that shuttle was getting any help. As a direct result of this there developed a serious "log jam" of confused and more and more obviously agitated and not much later VERY agitated customers piling up outside and consequently inside this exit door from the Immigration building. Myself and one other passenger with the help of one of the Porters managed to bark out orders that moved the tail end of our line out of the exit egress way and parallel with the building so exiting passengers could get out of the building. We then instructed the uniformed (and obviously untrained) Norwegian Cruse line person to go inside the exit opening and announce - DIRECTIONS - to ALL passengers (without being asked) "Airport Busses to the left, The line for Miami is there, The line for Fort Lauderdale is," "Rental Car Shuttle pull in here" etc., etc.

In the midst of this I observed a elderly man struggling to get out of line and into the shade while pushing a relatively small, scooter wheeled suitcase.
There was a slight up grade under his feet and he was struggling and it seemed he was about to faint so I ran over and held him as he crumpled to the ground. His wife later said he had cerebral palsy and had been standing in the line a long time and was too weakened to get himself out of the blazing sun - He head was against a baggage cart full of luggage, he indicated it was hurting him so we moved the wheeled cart to allow this head to stop pressing against it. The police and first aid people showed up quickly and after what seemed like a long time medics got him onto a stretcher and then into a wheel chair and took him inside. As much as I hate to say it - This was a direct result of the gross disorganization that was so obvious in your organizing the transportation that day and it underlines the need to correct this problem. I trust you will since everything else about your operation is very impressive.

Busses finally began to arrive and we got to the airport about two hours later.

An aside - Later at the Airport I happened to see the wife of this handicapped man (with cerebral palsy) and she seemed upset. I asked if she was okay and she explained that "no" she was not - why? - because when she and her husband arrived at American Airlines terminal door (she was when I spoke with her on her way back to the door) An American representative made her leave her husband outside -in need of a wheel chair - because it was policy that until she checked in she could not get a wheel chair for her husband who was as we spoke waiting for here at the door to the terminal. He had to wait until his wife went inside, waited in line, checked in and returned to him before he could get a wheel chair. All in all one hell of a day for your passenger. Maybe someone at Norwegian could consider Norwegian might use their influence with American to see how your passengers could be spared similar experiences in the future. Also, I should in all honesty add that I feel that by comparison yours was the lesser of the two failures.

Don Fadden

Don Fadden 12/15/13 4:15PM

I just came back from a 7 days cruise on the breakaway. The services for the handicap was not the greatest. I had to wait for 30 to 45 minutes to get the use on elevator. I am a gold latitude member. My husband lost his legs but continue enjoy cruise. I think it would be better if one elevator is designeted for the handicap. The space on the ship that is dedignated for the handicap is not enforced by the staffs. My husband had a miserable time.

cbenja4533 12/1/13 6:21PM

Mail we have send to a crew member on the Star is always being "returned to sender"...apparently, you do not deliver the mail to the crew members?? That is very disappointing. What is the right address to make sure that a member of the crew on the Star receives this very important mail (documents?) Please, be kind to answer me. Also, your customer complaint phone number is a joke!! Nobody ever answers the phone...ever !!! What a poor management !!

tontita 11/26/13 1:37PM

Doesn't anyone in the corporate office, read their correspondence. I mailed a letter of complaint 3 weeks ago to the CEO, & still haven't heard from them.

MK 11/11/13 4:10PM

Just finishing calling corporate number to speak ti a customer relations office and sit was stay on the line and we will be with you shortly. on hold for over 13 minutes

misty 11/5/13 8:08AM

Just returned on Nov 3 2013, on the Breakaway. This was suppopse to be a Casino Cruise and at the time of booking the agent from NCL did not alert me that this was a KIDS FREE week. There were about 2000 kids running and screaming all over the ship and into casino at 12 midnite. The service was appalling. The staff was rude and aloof. It took me two days to make an appointment with Hugo-the Director of operations whom I never did see and saw Earl instead. He reported that I would love NCl bfore I left -WHAT A JOKE! I guess he thought a cheap bottle of wine, a bottle of water and a free drink woulkd be satisfiying. The main dinning room was closed on three occasions and when I went to an altrnate for breakfast and arrived 11:08 am 8 minutes late I was refused service. The Garden buffet was a disaster especially on lobster night. that by the way is also the pool area which was constantly wet and I nearly slipped several times. The specialty dinning was awful. except for the steakhouse that was adequate. but the itailian restaurant the food was served cold and the french restaurant the lamb chops were tough.The cruise advertised three stop and th captain did not make the second stop because he said it was too dangerous evn though a royal carribean was tendering their passngers back and forth and another NCL ship was just pulling out. I had to request to get my shopre excursion refunded. Then onto Naussau- Dolphin Cay Excursion which I paid $100for- The NCL Tour guide gave us tickets for 11"15 am and told us to be outside a half hour early then made us stand in the hot sun fro 30 minutes moving us twenty feet only to stand in the hot sun another 30 minutes before boarding the bus. A woman asked if there was a shuttle to Dolphin Cay and the tour guide said we would have to walk uphill for over a mile and there was insdeed a shuttle avialable. Then came the pictures. Atlantis decided to have a trainee wait on people and I was the very enxt person inline and after standing there 45 minutes I began to leave and the manger said oh I will find your pictures which took another 20 minutes and he never did find them I left to go on this excursion at 10:45 am and the actual time it was scheduled for was 1:20pm (lasting nly 20-25 minutes and I was not able to to return to the casino at Atlantis until 4:15 at which time it gave me 15 mintues before I had to board the bus to go back to the ship. What a rip off!Also there asre no makeup mirrors or hairdryers on the breakaway and only two outlets for four people on a vanity. The balconies are a ridiculous size and the mini suite cannot accomodate more than two people except we had three. There is no storage and the4y don't even provide a bar of soap. Really? I have another NCL voucher, but they won't be seeing me ever again all Ican say about NCL is YUUK!!!!!!

Misty 11/5/13 7:54AM

I sent a personal message to Corporate office and never heard back.....
As latitude member and a loyal customer you would think someone would read the letter or even respond to it.
Very unhappy.
As a traveling family of five and always booked off shore excursions and spent quite a few dollars it would mean just a tad bit to a Cruise Line.
I will be changing itinerary, Celebrity here we come!!!!!!

Anonymous 9/25/13 9:42AM

The Norweigian Epic is a cruise ship only for someone who likes a lot of crowds a swell as rambunctious children. I had an incident when I was talking to an acquaintanceand before I knew it, a crazy kid ran down the hall at top speed and bowled me over and I injured my wrist. I certainly did not deserve this! The kids would lie on the floor of the elevator and push every button.
If you like scavenger hunts, then this cruise is for you. Try to find an empty table at the Garden Cafe. Also it was hard to find the butter for my waffles at breakfast. This cruise line is adept at nickle and diming you to death. yes, the gym is good, but why charge $3.50 when the water fountain is inadequate? Whys are there signs to hold on to the stair railings and no disinfectant once you get to the next deck. Check in procedure and while they are not your direct employees, they are suppose to represent you. I also had to complain about dirty linen,
I can see why NCL got bad ratings from JD Powers. I have been on three previous enjoyable cruises and would never think about going on another NCL cruise.

TRVL Guy 8/30/13 3:55AM

well, gosh! I'm sorry to read these negative comments re NCL services.
we just returned from a 7 day cruise on the Pearl, from Seattle to Skagway and back and we have nothing of note to complain about.
The service was good to excellent, the food was plentiful, varied, and tasty, the room was clean and kept well by the steward.
We didn't care for most of the entertainment provided, but we're picky about that so I don't fault NCL.
The spray disinfectant made my hands a little itchy, but hand lotion solved that.
The only thing I would change is the port call at Juneau. I wouldn't mind if NCL skipped that one and stayed overnight at Skagway or made an alternate stop at Sitka instead.
Other than that, we're very happy with our first cruise and will recommend NCL to anyone who's looking at cruising.

2 Texians 5/28/13 3:29PM

June 1,2013 to the Bahamas will be my 4th cruise with Norwegian. I will be traveling with 11 members of my family. I cannot for the life of me understand why they no longer provide luggage tags. What does a person do if they do not have a computer or printer or if they are elderly and cannot operate a computer. My party has been waiting for Our travel book and luggage tickets and when I called the travel agency I was then informed of this. I realize this this costs the cruise line money but let's face it whoever thought of this cost saving method is down right stupid. There had to be some other way to save money. I'm glad this is not my first cruise because those people will not have a clue or luggage on the ship. Really a dumb idea not thought out at all.

Diane 5/16/13 11:36AM

Booked a 12 day cruise, which showed 2 days at sea. As we went to plan our in-port activities, found out that one in-port day was actually totally at sea, meaning 3 at sea days. When I called them to discuss this misleading (and possibly fraudulent) listing, which cheats us out of a day we had planned to use in-port, they were rude and said we could not read. As I consider myself literate, this was insensitive and defensive. They reasoned that since the ship left port after midnight, they did not have to list it at sea, all that mattered was where they were at the stoke of midnight. Really? If that were the case, all the days when they list in-port but arrive in early dawn, why don't they show where they were at the stoke of midnight. More troubling then this was their attitude. Nobody apologized fro there behavior. No one I spoke to apologized for this, instead they apologized for my lack of reading skill. Gosh, imagine that, with several graduate degrees and having authored several books, but it took NCL to determine that I must be illiterate.

Disgruntled traveler 3/26/13 11:13AM

2-24 Ship Dawn Cabin 8155 Silver Latitude Member Very .iam A Un Happy Sailor And Here Is Why . Arrived At Tampa Terminal 11:30 Told By Ncl Reps Port Was Closed Due To Fog Not Able To Check In. General Area Was A Scene Of Choas , Stairs To Checkin Roped Off , Large Groups Of People Waiting In The Road Way Stood In Line 2 Hrs For A Bus To Take Us To The Mall Walked Around In A Long Line Again For A Bus Back Tothe Terminal . Finally After More Long Lines To Process In By 7:30 Then A Fire Drill At 10 Pm. Booked The Cruise Directly With Ncl Paid Full Fare Given A Gty Stateroom And Questioned This Told Not Having An Assigned Rststeroom Would Result In Us Having An Up Grade When We Joined The Ship . Our Cabin 8155 Was Very Very Disappointing Cramped , Thin Walls Could Hear Sounds Voices Form Both Sides And Loud Music Late At Nite .. And What Was Terrible At About 3am Every Morning Diesel Oil Fumes And Sewer Fumes Came Thru The Vents ... Went To The Service Desk , Was Told The Ship Was Full To Capacity . Dorothy Nestok

DOROTHY 3/6/13 12:36PM


I am writing this letter regarding an eastern Caribbean cruise that my wife and I took two weeks ago on the Norwegian Epic.

The purpose of the cruise was to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

We had planned and saved for this event for some time, with great anticipation and excitement.

Unfortunately, the trip was spoiled, due to an incident on board in which my wife became ill for essentially the entire trip.

Here is a summary of the incident.

On the second night of the cruise, we entered the buffet area (fore deck 15) for dinner.

An employee was standing at the entrance with a bottle of spray disinfectant, spraying the hands of passengers.

By accident, the employee sprayed my wife in the face with the disinfectant.

The immediate effect of this event was that it brought on a severe asthmatic attack (difficulty with breathing).

She was finally able to control the attack by using a prescribed inhaler.

Later on, she experienced secondary symptoms of fever and shortness of breath.

The next day, she went to the ship medical facility, since the symptoms were getting worse.

The ship's doctor gave her a nebulizer treatment and prescription antibiotics. The cost for services and medication prescribed were added to our charge card.

The diagnosis given was severe bronchitis.

My wife continued to experience severe congestion and coughing throughout the duration of the trip.

Although we had booked several excursions throughout the week, it was necessary to cancel all of them, due to my wife's condition.

We never left the ship the entire trip and my wife spent much of the time resting in our cabin.

As of this writing, her health is improving, though some congestion still remains.

We feel this incident was an unnecessary occurrence. The use of spray bottles is redundant, since "spray balls" of disinfectant are located at many areas around the ship (including the buffet area).

This practice needs to be rectified, so that a similar occurrence does not happen to other passengers.

There were several other negative situations that occurred on the trip, as well:

1) Music/ noise late at night.

There was significant noise at night in our cabin, originating from live music below our cabin (cabin # 8167).

The noise was loud enough to be felt in our bed and to vibrate objects on shelves within the cabin.

This made sleeping difficult, especially since my wife was ill.

This occurred almost every night, well past midnight on most nights.

We called the customer service desk to complain and were told the music volume would be turned down.

The noise was not reduced at all!

After further calls to customer service, we were told there were no other rooms available in our category.

As compensation for many nights of noise, we were given a ticket for a complementary dinner.

We were able to use the ticket on the last night of the cruise.

Ironically however, when we returned to our cabin after dinner, the noise was louder than ever!

This should never occur! Sound volumes of live music should be measured and controlled.

2) Cigarette smell on balcony area.

We booked a room with a balcony, in order to take advantage of the beautiful views outside our cabin.

However, many times we were driven from the balcony, due to strong odors of cigarette smoking from neighboring balconies.

In addition, there were odors in many of the cabin hallways.

Smoking should be banned not only from cabins, but also from balconies! Let the smokers go down to the casino, where it already stinks from cigarette smoke.

As you can imagine, we will not be cruising on Norwegian again for quite some time.

I have copied the travel agency we used to book our cruise, so that they can warn other potential cruisers of the issues noted above.

We will also let friends who ask for recommendations know about the issues.

I would appreciate a management level response to this letter. I sent this letter to the NCL customer service department over a week ago and have not received any replies.

As I mentioned above, my wife is still recovering from the incident.


Mike Walters

Anonymous 1/3/13 12:49PM


[email protected] 12/27/12 9:25PM

I just returned home from your cruiseship the Epic. Never before have I been so disappointed. I was lead to beleive it was fot children. My grandchildren watched alot of uglyiness go on your ship. The shows were the same over and over. YOu paid to see them and then there was nothing to do. I watched people fight, same sex partners kiss, fondel each other in the cafe's, dance floors. They needed to take to there room. My small grandchildren did not need to be subjected to such nasty scenes.
Well this is the last time I will cruise with your line.
Mr Sheeham: I hope you read these post. Everyone I meet and talked with felt the same way as I. Its sad to see some many people be unhappy after spending good hard earned money these days.

lilbit 11/19/12 8:25AM

I also have an issue with NCL's lack of understanding and support. In this case I found a wallet on the train from St. Peter's Basilica on our return to Citavecchia. The gentleman's wallet contained his ID from his ship (Celebrity) plus driver's license, SS card, Medicare card and numerous credit cards. I went to Guest Services to ask that someone return it to him (his ship was docked behind the Epic). First I was told that they had departed and then that they do not contact other ship lines. (I checked from the top deck and they were still in port.) Then I looked for a ship's officer to help and he kindly directed me to an officer at the Guest Services desk. After explaining the situation, that this poor man needed most of what was contained in his wallet to continue his cruise, as well as the difficulty it would be to replace all of his ID, I was asked to fill out a report and the wallet was taken from me and locked up somewhere. When I asked that I be notified when he received his wallet, I was told that it would be sent to NCL's lost and found office in Miami! Unfortunately, I neglected to copy his information, but called Celebrity when I returned home because I remembered his last name and the ship on which he was a passenger. He was still on his cruise and Celebrity planned to contact him and let him know his ID's had been found. The lack of understanding and effort on NCL's part absolutely astounded me! I will no longer travel on NCL--their lack of caring for a fellow human has put me off completely.

In addition, their new policy of offering excellent fare prices and then charging EXORBITANT RATES for EVERYTHING has changed my perception of what a good cruise line NCL is. Many of my fellow passengers complained about this as well as the lack of food variety, etc. Goodbye NCL!

caruama 10/24/12 8:57AM

My daughter and her husband who is in the military booked a cruise for October of this year. Her husband's leave was cancelled due to special military circumstances. My daughter has sent a letter and a letter from her husbands unit commander asking for a booking at a different time or a refund. Both were denied by Norwegian. For that reason I will never book a cruise with Norwegian nor will I encourage others to do so as Norwegian does not support the US Military and their special needs or circumstances. I will take my business to other cruise lines and will encourage others I know to do so as well. Social media is a very powerful tool, I will inform others I know through social media how Norwegian was not supportive of one of our US Military members. I find the lack of care and understanding for those who put their life on the line for the US completely scandalous.

Anonymous 10/6/12 2:51PM

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