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PETCO corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the PETCO corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the PETCO corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
PETCO Animal Supplies, Inc.
9125 Rehco Road
San Diego, CA 92121
United States

Phone: 858-453-7845

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Sorry to vent, but I am at my wit's end! What I am trying to do should be very simple. Just swap out the 30 and 5 pound bags of Canidae life stages regular on my recurring delivery for Canidae life stages lamb and rice. It seems impossible, for me AND your reps to complete this task.

I spent a ridiculously long time on the phone trying to do this, and the rep ending up telling me that he would have to cancel my existing recurring delivery and set up a new one. Whatever. That's fine. Seems utterly redundant, but if that is the only way to do it, so be it.

I received confirmation of the cancellation, as well as confirmation of my new recurring delivery with the correct items on it. Great - amazing really given the complete language barrier between me and the rep. Then, I receive my tracking numbers today. Six packages. WTF? Really. There are only FOUR items in my order. I am so over this. The last thing I want to do is call Petco. In fact, I dread calling Petco now.

Is there anyone there from the USA that can understand English? I am not joking. Trying to articulate the simplest order to any of the three reps I have dealt with in the past month is near impossible. There is obviously a serious communication breakdown here. Whatever monies Mr. Myers feels he is saving Petco by outsourcing, believe me, he will lose ten-fold.

I am so fed up, I would rather drive to a competitor and pick up the dog food rather than deal with the incompetence I have experienced at Petco - from day one.

This is no exaggeration. Please forward this to someone who can address my issue and understand English.

cindy 7/7/14 5:46PM

To Whom it may concern,

I have been a Petco customer for many years. I frequent your location in Bloomingdale, IL often buying items for my dog and using the grooming facility. My last visit was not so pleasant and I felt the need to voice my concern.

My dog Pennylane is an 11 1/2 year old Golden Retriever and I made an appointment to have her groomed at the Bloomingdale location. When I made the appointment I asked how long the grooming would take and she said around 2-3 hours. In the past, it has taken around 1 1/2-2 hours so I really didn't have any concerns. Pennylane just gets washed, nails clipped, and her teeth brushed so I didn't think it would take too long. When I arrived, I went over everything with the young lady there and she said she would call me when Pennylane was done.

After two hours, I called to check in and she said that Pennylane wouldn't be done for another two hours. I told her that didn't work with me and I didn't want my dog in a cage for another two hours and I was coming to pick her up and take her somewhere else. She apologized and said that they are very busy and only have one groomer, but she would do Pennylane now and I can come and pick her up. The young lady was very nice when I arrived and Pennylane was cleaned beautifully.

I understand that it takes time to groom a dog, but my dog's appointment was at 3:00 and I should pick her up at 7:00??? Four hours for a bath and clipped nails seems a bit excessive. When I make a hair appointment for myself I receive a cut, color, wash, and style which usually takes 2-3 hours. How could my dog who is just getting a bath and clipped nails take longer than that? I feel it is wrong to make an appointment for a dog to get groomed and make them sit in a cage for four hours while they wait their turn. I think it is important to have more staff available or not over book the clients.

The young lady who helped me was very nice and accommodating and I don't think this is her fault at all. As soon as I said I was picking up Pennylane and going somewhere else she immediately took care of my dog which I truly appreciate. My question is, why couldn't they do that to begin with? Pennylane was done less then a hour after I called.

I'm hoping you could help this situation by either hiring more staff or not over booking your clients. Having animals wait in cages for four hours while they wait their turn to be groomed is very cruel. We as humans don't do that, why should we expect that for our animals.


Shelly Cook

Shelly 6/12/14 5:32PM

I use to shop at petco on westnedge in portage MI all the time. I had gotten my first rat there and she was such a sweety but has recently passed. When I got her she already had a upper respiratory infection and they had told me she might die in the next 30 days and that I could bring the body back and get a new one. Well she lived for almost a year before she passed. An I went back the other day just to look at the rats again and there tails were coated in filth! An the tanks were over croweded an the whole store smelled of pee. There was hardly any bedding in the rat tanks. An the costumer service is horrible and most of them smell of weed. Plus their not following their police of needing A GED to work there because of the employees is still in highschool

Anonymous 4/15/14 5:51AM

I attempted to buy a dog crate on line Monday evening, 3 Feb. It was advertised for $179.99 as a online special (I have a printed copy). When we attempted to check out price was over $300. Spoke with Melody (name give) and she agreed it was posted for $179.99. also stated we should get it at that price. My wife ask if it could be consider false advertisement and she responded yes. We were told we would be contacted the following day. Needless to say, no return call. Supervisor's name given was Angelic

Called last night, Tuesday 4 Feb and were told they discovered a error and it was corrected. The only reason it was discovered is because I was trying to buy one. This has been the price for sometime as I've been researching and comparing. Also was told that on the home page, there is a disclaimer. I asked if there was another number I could call and was told no, they were cooperate. Only disclaimer is below:
"We work hard to save you money every day, and we do our best to provide you with the best value whether at your local Petco store or online at However, because our online store is national in scope you may find that our product assortment, prices, or promotions differ from your local store. We try to minimize the impacts of these differences in order to provide you with the best possible shopping experience."

Called Wednesday afternoon, 5 Feb. Name given was Dawn. She took all the information and she asked me to read the Advertising Practices from the PETC Code of Ethics to her as she entered it into the computer. I was then told a manager from another department would come to work at 4 PM and she would talk to them. Then she told me they would call me to inform me what could be done. Again, no return call. Below are from PETCO Code of Ethics:

Our Advertising Practices - 2006
PETCO's advertising practices show the ways that our products and services strengthen the bonds between people and animals.
Advertising practices may include packaging, product press releases, brochures, and most other forms of product communication in addition to television, print, and radio advertising. All statements of fact included in advertisements must be true and must be substantiated. Advertisements must be clear and cannot be misleading, even if literally true. Any additional information that may be required to ensure that an advertisement is not misleading (e.g., disclaimer) must be communicated clearly and conspicuously.
All associates who create advertising, marketing, and related materials must comply with PETCO policies, including prior approval from the Advertising Department at the NSC.

Our advertising practices - 2012
Our advertising activities should always be true and accurate. Advertisements should be clear and cannot be deceptive or misleading. Petco advertising should comply with the law in areas including, but not limited to, product information, pricing, comparative pricing, product availability and warranty statements.

All I want is someone to respond to me and explain why PETCO refuses to honor what they advertise.

Ed Foerstel 2/6/14 9:28AM

The Payroll department is totally incompetent. I can't login to my account using my correct information. The person on the phone (who speaks limited English) cannot help me. I've spent over two hours on the phone to get my payroll information and it's not available. I've worked at Petco for a number of years and this is pretty standard - no help - we're expected to do the job of three employees and our store suffers because there is no one available to help our loyal customers when they need assistance. Also, I'll bet that the employees at corporate have hot water in their washrooms, unlike store employees.

Anonymous 1/24/14 4:39PM

I am saddend to hear that my groomer at the Petco in Plantation, Florida has had to put her two weeks notice in because the store/district manager will not allow her to go part-time due to the fact that she is pregnant. Jackie is extremly kind and is the only groomer I have found that grooms my one-year old yorkie the way I want her groomed. I never am disappointed when I pick her up from Jackie because I know she is going to look the way I expect her to. Jackie gives Brook-Lynn the special attention she deserves and is always ready for her when I drop her off and is very accommodating to have her ready as soon as she can. Brook-Lynn doesn't have to spend the entire day away from me in order for her to get a bath and haircut. It is a shame that your company is going to lose a valuable emplpoyee because it cannot honor her request to go part-time. After all she is going to have her first child and I would think that it would be benificial for Petco to honor her request to continue on a part-time basis. It is difficult to find groomers that understand and do a great job with our "children". Jackie is the ONE reason I recommend Petco to other pet parents. I did speak to one of the store managers last Sunday letting him know how happy I am with the serivces Jackie provides and he seemed to listen and understand how appreciative I am. Apparently that is not the case because I just heard that Jackie had to give her two week notice because the manager will not allow her to become part-time. And from the other posts on this site it appears that employees are not valued within the Petco company. There were several posts where dogs were injured and have died after being groomed at Petco!!!! This is very upsetting to read. Therefore I cannot understand why you wouldn't work with an individual that would never let that happen to a pet while under her care. Jackie has the knowledge and training needed to perform her duties professionally. It will be Petco's loss of it does not review and honor her request. Not only will you lose a highly competent employee but you will lose me as a customer as well. And I will let all my friends know how you treat your employees and encourage them to shop elsewhere. After all it is our choice where to spend our money.

Anonymous 1/17/14 9:28AM

I am reporting filthy and badly over crowded cages in your Austin, Texas Lakeline store. The rats are always sick and scrathing. This last time blatant ringworm. This time I saw no water, probably leaked all over and soiled food. For a Company who "prides themselves" on great animal care this is NOT acceptable. Other times I have entered the store and I could smell the animals as I entered there area. Also, I have seen dead animals in the cages. I know things happen but the animal care employee is supposed to pull all dead in the AM when they feed, water and "clean". No creature however small deserves to live in filth. And why would someone buy your rats or other small animals when they see how they live!! You need to plan an unscheduled visit to this store. Either the Manager doesn't care, the Animal Care person doesn't care or both. I will no longer reccommend Petco to any of my friends or shop there again!! Thankfully you never see this at the Petco on Great Hills Trail, their animals are always clean and well cared for, I will choose to shop here and send my friends to this location.

Anonymous 1/14/14 10:37AM

santa monica california store: incompetent manager, lazy staff, so called "certified dog trainer" has no common sense and is not qualified to be called a dog trainer. the manager of this store, ron, is part clueless and part doesn't care. I rarely shop at Petco because of these issues. I stopped in their the other day for something quickly and just about saved a 6 weeek old pup who was allowed to run around the store, no collar, no leash by the irresponsible young owner, the "dog trainer" and the manager. the pup was about to run out into the parking lot and into the street. Stupid, stupid people. Strictly a 3rate operation and I won't be shopping at petco from now on. Also, if you want to call corporate office to make a complaint, you may see a San Diego phone number but you'll be reaching someone in the Phillipines! A useless company

Anonymous 1/8/14 6:22PM

Dericka Bielecki-Prichard, the manager at the Franklin, Ohio store exceeded my expectations along with over 4,000 people that have read my comments on PAWS Adoption Facebook page. The entire staff goes out of there way to accommodate everyone that shops at that store. You are very lucky to have employees like them and I just wanted you to know. I went in the store to purchase an exercise pen which they did not have, however, said they could get from another store and I could get it in a couple of days. Then an hour later I receive a call from Derrick and she driving to another store to get it so that I could have it the same day. That is customer service. I will always shop there. She also has in the past made sure she had a special treat that my dog can only have.

Anonymous 1/6/14 6:55PM

I shop at Petco on a regular basis, but have never had the experience I had at the Warrenton store in Oregon. I fully realize that this is the Holiday season, but there is no excuse for the way this store treats it's customers. I was on vacation in seaside and wanted to do some shopping for my pets. I found that there was a store in Warrenton and was excited to visit it. To my dismay this was the most poorly unorganized, unprofessional store I have ever visited. It is very sad when you observe managers talking down to customers and traeting them like they are dirt. I hope this company realizes the situation that poor customer service has on return customers. I will never visit this store again and I fully hope the parent company steps in and does some major changes in management at this store. It is one thing to be busy, yet it is not appropriate for anyone to belittle another person in front of others. I hope the management of this store can either change their attitudes toward customers or find employment elsewhere.


Jennifer Edwards a dissatisfied customer

Jennifer 12/27/13 11:03AM

Petco SUCKS ! How do you not have a call center based in the US? All of the call centers are in the Phillippines??????? That's crazy and stupid. I do NOT support companies who do not have call centers or customer service reps located within the US. Don't try to give me "well we our main office is located in San Diego". JOKE!!!!! Oh and my rewards points should NOT expire! I spend $1,000's a year on my show dog. I will take my business elsewhere.

shop_US_based_companies 12/19/13 7:15AM

Your grooming operator at the N. Nevada Colorado Springs is a great person but her and I had to wait until your store manager showed up to open the doors this morning late. So maybe you should rethink your who has keys to your stores. Oh by the way it was cold standing out at in front of the store waiting on her.

?????????????????? 12/13/13 8:51AM

Your managers are cruel and have no common decency. they discriminate against their employees and no one will assist. Never go to work for the one in League city Tx

maggie 12/12/13 2:43AM

Kaylee is a dog trainer for Petco in Warrenton Oregon. It is a shame that the store there does not appreciate their associates. They made it impossible for her to get any business as a trainer after she transferred hundreds of miles to be at their store. They cut her hours to 8 a week and made it impossible for her to sell classes. She was a top performer at her previous store in Idaho, but this store does not put any value on its associates. Instead they are top heavy in management and have the I don't care attitude. It is a shame to see such a dedicated employee leave this company. I personally will spread the word of the injustice that has taken part in this store and make sure I never visit it again. How can a company put up with this kind of policy? How can this company spend money to train someone, then force them out? Shame on you!!

Joan 12/6/13 6:38AM

The Huntington Beach location is using one of
Their male employees. Any time I'm in that store
Kyle goes out of his way to help me any many others
In the store. Then all of a sudden he was gone I asked
What happened to him, to be honest he's the only
Reason I continue to go to that location. I learned he was
Transferred to another store temporarily thank the heavens
Above. I was so happy to see him tonight went I
To get my cat and dog food, only to over hear him on the
Phone out by what I'm assuming is his car it was black
Expressing how hurt and sad he is that the company
Over looked him again when he gives 110% of his self
And is told he had to go to the other stores etc.
That tore me up this young man has always been nice
To me and all others in the store when I'm shopping
And to think that he's unhappy due to the company
Is wrong. Maybe he should be lazy like the manager
A real big guy and a few others there maybe then
He will get recognition it will be a shame to lose
Such a great young man should he throw in the
Towel, I know I will stop shopping at your store
And get others to come with.

Taking a stand for what's right 12/4/13 7:07PM

Waiting to hear from you first before I write to the Atty. Gen.'s office.
How do you get away with what you do?
You sell something for fifteen dollars and you put it on sale for ten dollars then you charge tax on fifteen dollars then take five dollars off. Who else but you guys do this? You are making me pay part of your tax's on something I didn't pay for.

Michael Freitas 12/2/13 7:13PM

I just learned that the PETCO store in Edison, NJ on Route 1 is forcing out Animal Rescue Force (ARF), from the small section they occupy in the store on Saturday and Sundays. They are a wonderful volunteer group that works tirelessly to adopt out dogs and cats to new owners. They attract a lot of customers and business to this particular PETCO store and have been successful in hundreds of dog and cat adoptions. ARF was just given notice that some idiot in corporate headquarters at PETCO decided to force out the small space that ARF occupies on the weekends in the store close to the pet grooming area. This group actually attracts customers to this PETCO store where customers come in to purchase food and other pet items. Where are these people to go now? What a stupid and cold hearted decision. I will no longer buy pet food and accessories at this store and will no longer be a customer of PETCO. You need to change your decision allow Animal Rescue Force to continue to occupy the tiny space they use in the store only on the weekends.

Anonymous 11/24/13 9:48PM

i would never tell someone to get a job at petco in rutland as the management and staff r treating there new people like crap a manager changes someones time to be at work and then does not tell that person so that person misses work or is late and they get them points or fires them it s wrong
arron should be the one to get let go

Anonymous 10/28/13 9:45AM

Disappointed with Petco's attitude towards the disabled.
My son has worked for Petco for over a year. Recently Petco has demanded all it's workers participate in telemarketing. Because of my son's (documented) disability, he could not perform the telmarketing task. The manager of this Petco store demanded my son put in his resignation.
My son was bathing dogs and was supposed to start training as a groomer in a few weeks. Now he is without a job (he loved) because Petco would not make an exception based on his disability.

Disappointe in SC 10/20/13 6:58AM

I was not going to complain but now I'm really mad and should. I brought my dog to the groomers about 4 weeks ago-My dog is 14 and I purchased the zoom groom because she's so old. She has alot of lumps and bumps on her body- (mostly visible) and I've been taking my dogs here for 8 years. The lady that groomed her actually cut off all of her moles with the sheers. She needed medical attention-I tried to wait to see if they would heal but they kept bleeding. I called the manager and was told to get her to the vet and they would pay my vet bill within 48 hours. I asked "are you sure" because I just paid for 2 funerals and am broke. My vet worked with me-and we waited for them to call me- Still no payment or phone calls I had to pay the vet bill and go and buy her a 18.00 cone to keep her away from the stitches and the 7 moles that had to be cauterized._I was supposed to paid according to the manager by Thurs Oct 10th and here it is the 15th and haven't heard a word from them! They didn't even offer to pay for the cone-now she's late on her other medications I need to get from the vet-and I can't afford them from their mistake. Just be careful who your groomer is in these places-They aren't master groomers and not sure if they are real groomers. To kick it off she cut my other dogs back paw that day saying her nail was too long-I had them cut one month earlier by my vet. This store is in Las Vegas Eastern and Serene

Desertbreeze 10/15/13 9:39PM

I've had ich in my tank several times because of purchasing fish at the Wallingford ct 06492 store. Currently treating my tank for ich again as we speak because I purchased fish there!!! They don't take care of the fish. I always see dead fish in the tanks on a constant basis. Service is horrible.... Not many people know much about animals there. If you can't do your job find a new one! Really debating on signing up at allpets club. Little more expensive but better service and clean fish tanks!!!!

Disappointed customer 10/14/13 8:36PM

I have purchased several iguana light bulbs from Petco in the past 30 days. In total I have purchased 5 that's one per week. I understand you don't make the bulbs however you should stand behind your products. They keep blowing out and its the only one they carry that meets my iguanas needs. This is completely unacceptable that I have to keep buying them (they are not cheap) also to come home from work to find out my iguanas well being has been jeapordized not being in the right tempature for him. It is to the point I have to replace them so much I have to tell the employees where they are located when they can't find them. They keep them stored under the register. They are quick to tell me they are sold out until I have them check the other registers. Not only am I being sold crap I have to get them to find bulbs for me that they were quick to say they didn't have. Also my iguana requires small crickets which they are also always out of. I'm done shopping here for my pets needs. Thanks for nothing.

Angela 10/8/13 3:41PM

I took the love of my life "Hali" a lab/shep to be groomed, when I picked her up she acted a little strange, I noticed a little blook in the corners of her eyes and they cut her nails too short! I know she was in pain from that, as I have asked them not to cut them to the quick. I put her in the car, she layed down, when I got her home she start throwing up, I called Pet co and asked if Hali got soap in her mouth, they said no. Hali threw up 3 more times then barely made it in the room with me, I was trying to find doctors. I wrapped her in a towel and put her in the car to rush her to the hospital, they did xrays, etc. Im in the lobby waiting. The doctor comes out and says "there is nothing we can do!!" I was frozen! I stayed with her until they told me it was time to let her go! Petco had to rough her up a bit or jerk her to stand still while those nails were being cut because Hali hated her nails to be clipped. Petco knew this because I have been taking her there for 8 years, they had a new groomer and I went over everything with her. Now my Hali is gone, and why..Dr. said maybe she had a blunt trauma to her stomach. When Petco called me to see how Hali was, I told them she passed.

diamondlass 9/14/13 12:39AM

I have been in PetCo a few times, I usually shop at PetSmart. It's so irritating to try and get help at Petco, their employees are on the cell phones and not helping customers. I never see the employees using the phones in most retail stores on the sales floor. I won't go back to Petco as I waited 10 minutes for help while this employee was on his cell phone laughing.

Sally 8/20/13 10:51AM

I recently took my cat to petco to get groomed. ( in Baltimore I stated I wanted her to get her washed, and I wanted her trimmed. I picked her up and she was bald, the hair on her face is longer on the LEFT, and her right paw paw was bleeding. I feel like they did a poor job and they charged me 98.00 I am very disatisfied, and Will never come back? My cat was traumatized, hurt and I paid the full price. The groomer was not skilled and he hurt my cat. I got no apology and poor service.

Victoria morris 7/13/13 9:14AM

are you kidding me, had 1pm appt for my dog to be groomed, when I arrived she said 2 dogs before mine, then why have me bring him in to sit in a cage for 2 hours, they said he wld be ready around 4pm, showed up then, and was told another hr, had to go home come back in a storm, still had to wait, my poor dog was hungry, stressed out, mgr had no comment, never going back there

nettie 6/30/13 1:58PM

Another bad grooming by petco. The first time was 2 months ago. I was the first appointment of the day. After 5 hours I called to find out when my dog would be done. They said oh he was done 2 hours ago we must have forgotten to call you. I tried one more time yesterday. And again another bad time. This time they did not even clean his ears. The department is fill with kids running it. So my question is where is the supervision of that department. Wont be going back.

jpj0988 6/18/13 8:07AM

We sent our two dogs to PetCo today, June 17. Dropped them off at 10am and did not get them back until 3:30pm. My small dog's but was bleeding and I called back the Manager in Palmdale, Michelle, she was not apologetic at all and heard her laugh when we told her that his but is bleeding. i took my dog to the vet and went back to PETCO and told that manager that it was caused by stress and his anus was bleeding because it mayhave been squizzed too hard. I called the manager and told her that i would like to have the money for grooming refunded. she said she can't i have to deal with it with their corporate office. I will never take nor buy anything from this PETCO...EVER!

sycamore 6/17/13 7:15PM

I'm very pissed. I have been a pals card holder since 1998. I went online to check my food status for my free bag and a window popped up asking if I would like to up grade my pals card to earn rewards. No where did it mention that if i did I would no longer be eligible to participate in the buy 10 bags get one free. The manager at my Petco tried to get my card converted back but was told they where unable to do so. You have just lost a good customer. There is a new Kahoots near. I guess they just got themselves a new customer. Very deceitful on Petco part. Shame on you. I will be sending this same message out to friends, relatives and a few news stations.

ccnelson 6/17/13 4:38PM

I will never go to Petco again in my entire life!!! My dog was scheduled for grooming and I told the groomer not to bald my Cocker Spaniel..guess what, she did. I spoke to the manager and she said that she will make notes for the next time. What makes you think there would be a next time!!!They did not make any effort to refund my money and my dog's ears were still wet. The groomers and store managers should be trained to care about the customer and their pets as if was their own experience...NEVER GO TO PETCO..warning!

mad 6/17/13 8:06AM

My first time to PetCo, My last time. on 6-12-13 I had an appointment to take my dog in for grooming at the Santa Fe, NM location. I arrived ontime at 10:00 a.m. At that time I was informed that it would be 4 hours before I could pick up my dog, this was NOT told to me at the time of making the appointment. I ran some errands, had lunch and came back 4 hours later. At that time I was told it would be another hour "or so". I waited in the store, after another hour I checked, I was told she would be right out, finally, right?? WRONG. The groomer was waving for me to come inside and get my dog, Honey is her name. I walk in to my surprise, NOT my dog, this was Lady. OK, I've had enough by now, I asked how much longer...Another hour, are you kidding me. One of the groomers told me I should have gone home and waited for them to call me, I live 40 miles away from Santa Fe, so really I'm going to drive 160 miles, I don't think so. Then she really became insulting to me and started acting like this was MY fault that they messed up. So 5 hours and nothing done, my dog has been sitting in a kennel with no water for absolutly nothing to be done. When I got her out of the store she was so thirsty, lucky I did bring water for her. PetCo's grooming practice is cruel to animals. Either schedule appointments like a real grooming salon or stop the grooming. No animal deserves to be forced into a cage for that many hours. Folks beware, avoid PetCo, they do not take good care of the animals after you drop them off. I'm sure this like all comments that aren't warm and fuzzy are just ignored by PetCo.

Susan G 6/13/13 2:13PM

Petco SUCKS! General Manager of the Berlin, MD lies about job openings, job locations, and said "We don't hire Foreign workers!". I then contacted the Regional Manager, Barbara Buchannan. She lied also, she was going to get with the General Manager "Robbie", discuss the issues, then call me back about getting my daughter in there for a job interview. LIE, LIE...It's been over 2-months ago and no calls from ANYONE! You can't reach ANYONE at the Corporate Offices in San Diego, CA, all you every get is someone in the Philippines, or Jamaica or India. Petco SUCKS! and they have lost at least a $200.00 a month customer....but on the brighter side they are getting a hell of a lot of BAD WORD OF MOUTH from me to EVREYONE I know or run into, and you are reading this too.

Anonymous 6/11/13 10:47AM

I went to a Petco in Arizona, off 54th street in Awhtukee. The manager was being made fun of and I realize why. He is a big dufus, I asked him to order me and hold aside a case of dog food months ago. Each time I go back to see if it is there he laughs it off like a big dufus.

Mary 6/6/13 6:32PM

I went to your petco in Ewa Beach, Hawaii yesterday. I asked the first associate that I saw for help with blades that I needed for my clippers to groom my dog, he pointed another man out to me. I waited for that other man who came and helped me. I showed him my clippers and he gave me a blade and said it would fit my clipper. I went home and wasn't able to put it on my clippers. I then went back to the store to ask that associate for help putting it on being that he was the one who said that was the replacement blade. He helped me for less than 2 minutes and left me there with another sales associate (Angeleen).
The first person I spoke to was Don (dog trainer/cashier.
(Rude, rude & rude) The person that gave me the replacement blade was one of your store manager's his name is Joe. Again (Rude, rude & rude)The sales associate Angeleen was wonderful she tried to help me and man the register as well. She asked Don if he could help with the register while she helped me, he blew her off also. I have never seen so much unprofessionalism ever in front of customers, wow. At that moment I felt so belittled by these two gentlemen. I know I wasn't dressed and looked like I was working in the yard and I actually was, but didn't deserve to be treated that way. As for Angeleen she went the extra mile and then some to try to help me (for at least 30 mim). She deserves to be the supervisor, she knows what customer service is whether I look rich or poor she went that extra mile. The other two gentlmen they need to go to classes that teaches customer service. Poor service, poor atitudes.

Tina88 5/29/13 9:44AM

I have been taking my dog to Petco for years. For many years I have recieved good service and friendly faces. Over the past two months I have noticed a very dissapointing decline in service from the Petco in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Uninterested and disengaged associates have tarnished the experience. The last straw was when I called today for grooming service. A man answered the phone and placed me on hold. He returned to the line and abruptly said since there were no scheduled appointments, that nobody was in the gooming services then hung up. No apology, no option to schedule my dog, no service. Wow! I was a loyal Petco client that spent between $350.00 to $500.00 a month in the store. Very spoiled dogs will run up a bill that high. I'm dissapointed and sad to be taking my future business somewhere else due to this associates terrible service and the overall decline in service over the past two months. I really hope that the corporate offices read these concerns and do something to improve cutomer service and the client experience. Thank you for your attention. 5-21-13

DVigil 5/21/13 9:16AM

This is the silliest waste of time I have ever encountered over a very easy request. All I want is a new key card since mine is old and falling apart. I have spoken to the store manager, who told me to call the toll free number, which is outsourced in the Phillipnes, hard to understand with their accents. No one, including a superviser was able to give me any resolution. Why is this so hard?

Joan 5/13/13 11:17AM

I'm so upset and crying right now. I went on 5/6/13 to adopt a little cat. We saw her, went home, talked about it and decided to get her. Come to my surprise I needed to spend another 8$ which was way over my budget. She was 254 to adopt and we were going to spend about another 11$ for her litter. We had a box in the car to transport her and they would not let me take her home! I'm pissed! I was so happy to adopt this little cat and so excited, but I could not get her. The thing that I am very upset about is that I called the store to ask questions about her adoption, and the first thing that they should of informed me about was if I did not have a proper carrying device to transport her in, then I could not take her home. There I am at the store filling out all the paper work, ready to take her home. I'm so upset that the Store on pats ranch rd. Eastvale, Ca. 91752 did not inform me. Words cannot describe how upset I am. I feel so bad not bringing her home and the manager, did not even care when I left the store. I felt helpless and feel lifeless right now. Could there not have been another way to handle this? I left without my cat. Adoption of pets is very hard anyway on poor animals. I wanted this cat. I can't believe that there was not other way, than to make me feel I had to purchase this carrying case. Or maybe make it a little easier for me to buy this item. It is really not all that, u might be thinking well, if you can't buy it, well so be it. I was adopting this animal already, and paying a fee to do so. All I can say is my heart is broken at this time, and this store is the worst! I've lost so much trust in what a positive situation should have been. If you can please help to let me adopt this little cat, it would mean the world to me, and the happy situation I wanted this to be for myself and my husband. Thank you, Sincerely Leah L. Olivas PS if there is anything you can do, it would mean so much. Again, thank you.

Anonymous 5/6/13 7:22PM

I had bought Pet Organics No Scratch cat repellent to gaurd my brand new couch and loveseat..which didnt phase my two cats whatsoever..still scratching, I have owned cats my whole life so Im pretty sure that because of thir hgeightened senses would or instantaniously effeted..they still sleep on the couch every day and when I told the rep I spoke to when I called Nala Labs guy tried saying" well they all have differant personalities" Ok NO I am not going to play nieve and allow some guy that is wrong in assuming that my cats need a few more what my $2000 couches could be ruined bc some $8 spray didnt work....well yes because Im really tryin to hustle someone for less than $10...brilliant and very wrong...I had that stuff one day and no receipt Petco wouldnt even exchange it which because why would I use so much of the bottle on an entire living room ( thats what was pointed out to me when I tried to return it...."well the issue I have is half the bottle is gone" ( because really couches are small and I must have a small living room...and the funny thing about that is aside from being shocked that they WOULDNT exchange my product my partner and I were about to buy an aquarium and all of the supplies there but NOW WE WILL DEFINATELY going to the competitors!!! PETTY AND BAD BUISNESS ETHIC

Anonymous 5/3/13 6:28AM

I have observed the laziest managers in your Waukesha, wisconsin store. The employees are busting their behinds while the management are either outside smoking, sitting around talking or making sarcastic comments to those working hard. Welcome to more entitlement mentality.

DVD 4/28/13 7:24PM

Santa Fe NM Petco is a nice place to shop but the people that work ther are are not very nice and would rather be on there cell phones then try and solve a matter that is important. The grooming department is a total joke. NOt even one dog in there and thery still say they cannot do the work. The groomer gets fired and the Manager has no problem saying how the groomer embezaled money. Instead of fixing the problem it is much easier to give excused about something that doesn't even make sence to me. I would never pay at the grooming place, it was always at the cashier where i payed so how could that guy steal money. Real unprofesional to discuss work related matters with a customer and creat excuses for there bad service.

Jorden23 4/25/13 3:16PM

The Petco in Santa Fe NM has the most rude people working there. I USED to get all my pet supplies and get my dogs hair groomed. But since they hired that man with his ears all streched my expierience there all went to hell. And that Micha lady is just as bad. all everyone there wants to do is sdit around and get payed for not doing nothing. Even when i asked the cashier what positions were open she said " were not hiring, we just have that now hiring sign up because its the law" really rude. No one there is friendly and they all seem to hate customer issues. Unprofesional if i dfo say so myself

angel51 4/25/13 3:00PM

On September 7, 2011, a manager emailed a PETCO corporate manager around 9:30 a.m. about closing the store early. Around 2 p.m., the manager and another employee discovered that a state of emergency was in effect. Another manager saw that a nearby road was already closed and concluded that "the storm was going to be bad."

Then a senior manager decided to close the store at 3:30 p.m. "and send the employees home." At about 4 p.m., officials issued a flood warning for the nearby river and forecast flooding of "RECORD SEVERITY" just upstream of Johnson City.

Just 30 or so minutes later, PETCO bosses locked up the store and drove away. When PETCO managers left all those animals behind that day-helpless in cages from which they had no way to escape-there was an active federal warning that "RAPID FLOODING OF ... CREEKS ...AND POOR DRAINAGE AREAS [WAS] LIKELY." The store, as the employees knew, is near a creek and in a plaza prone to severe flooding.

But no one had evacuated the animals.

Shortly thereafter, a manager discovered an evacuation order for the store and surrounding streets. Hours passed. The animals remained, trapped and alone, in the store.

Around 9:30 p.m., another manager concluded that the store may flood, perhaps because she knew that a store near PETCO flooded in 2006-a flood that officials were saying would be surpassed by what was to come. At 10:05 p.m., officials forecast flooding of record severity just downstream of Johnson City.

Still, no animals were removed.

Another manager knew that PETCO's neighbor had been "flooded out" in 2006-she knew that the 2011 flooding was forecast to be even worse. At about 12:15 a.m. on September 8, 2011, she called the senior manager to say that she was "concerned that the animals might be under water." Was this enough to help the animals? No.

The senior manager "did not seem concerned that the animals were in danger." At least five hours had passed since the store was ordered evacuated. The animals hadn't been moved.

Around 6:40 a.m. on September 8, 2011, the senior manager found the store covered with water. Imagine the terror and suffering that the animals experienced as the water level rose and they drowned, all because this multibillion-dollar company and no less than seven PETCO corporate, senior, and other managers and employees could not be bothered to get them out of harm's way.

It was not until about 2 p.m. on September 9, 2011-more than 45 hours after PETCO managers turned their backs on these animals-that the senior manager and a PETCO corporate manager went into the store and found that ferrets, birds, snakes, rodents, and other animals had drowned. These animals' lives and deaths were apparently so trivial to PETCO that the senior manager couldn't be bothered to count the victims. PETCO corporate representatives just estimated that nearly 100 animals had died.

Isabella 4/25/13 8:54AM

I am writing to see if there is anyone within Petco Corporate who can help with a very unfortunate situation.

We are CCM, Inc. A commercial Floor Care Company in Washington State.

We handled the floor care services (as a subcontractor)for 18-20 local Petco Stores under the national contractor Diversified Maintenance.

When Diversified Maintenance lost the account in several states our area was one that was thrown in the mix. Our stores were in perfect standing and we were picked up by the new national contractor "National Janitors."

Diversified Maintenance has not paid out their final pay to the subcontractors who did the floor work. We are one who has not received final payment of close to $2,500.00 to date for work completed in January 2013 and up to February 15, 2013.

We are told we were one of the best contractors they ever had and there is no reason for them to be holding our final pay. From what we have been told, Petco Corp has paid Diversified Maintenance for our work completed in Jan and Feb 2013. It's April 18, 2013 and we still do not have final payment.

We are looking to file lawsuit against Petco Corp and Diversified Maintenance should we not receive our final pay by April 30, 2013. This is not the avenue we want to take, but are being forced to do so as Diversified will not answer emails or phone calls.

We are a small subcontracting company and this is ridiculous to be taken out more than 60 days on a final payment for services rendered, especially when Petco paid Diversified for our services that were completed before the end of the contract. Diversified Maintenance lost the contract, we did not. We deserve to be paid for services rendered! Please check with the 18 stores that we provided service for. The Store Mgrs. will tell you the type of work we did.

Please, SOMEBODY at Petco Corp. contact us so we can get some help in this matter.

Thank you

Mel and Patricia Fisher

CCM, Inc. 4/18/13 8:24PM

Beware of All orders and customer service complaints have been outsourced to the Phillipines. My order arrived incomplete, packing slip listed an item that was not packed in the box. Four 30 minute phone calls later...I still don't have the item, but they have charged my credit card again! You can't speak to anyone in the United States and all the people at the call center are clueless. I'm so upset by this blatant wasting of my time so they can get cheaper labor in the Philipines. You've lost this customer...I won't shop at Petco again and I will warn anyone that will listen. PETCO WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU...YOU WILL HAVE TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN THE PHILIPINES. IF YOU ASK FOR AN AMERICAN, THEY TRANSFER YOU TO ANOTHER PERSON IN THE PHILIPINES. YOU CAN'T REACH AN AMERICAN BY PHONE OR BY EMAIL.


Anonymous 4/8/13 4:37PM

I have been a customer for several years; I attempted to log in to my account 3 weeks ago and could not. Since then, my account has been locked and I have been trying to unlock it for 3 weeks with no success. I talked to the Philippines again yesterday and was told to write an e-mail. I did so and it bounced back stating the address did not exist. You are denying good people who wish to work for Petco by having potential employees go through such hassles. I need help and kindly ask that someone contact me. I just want to have my account opened, or, cancel it and allow me to create a new one without more hassles. Originally, I just needed to obtain my correct user name and password.
Please help.
If you wish to have my telephone number, please inform.
Thank you.

jan 4/1/13 2:13PM

Someone please check out PETCO in Jefferson City Missouri. Itsfilthy and never anyone available to help you. Also aren't real nice to people or pets. I will not shop there anymore. So sad.

anonymous 3/27/13 6:30PM

Shame on Marcie Whichard, PETCO V.P., who, some say, did NOTHING - absolutely NOTHING -
to save ALL the animals in their Johnson City, New York store, after a hurricane hit last year. They did not move
ANY of the animals & they ALL drowned. And they had ample time to do it. Such caring. Shame on you again !!! That's reason enough for me to stay away from PETCO forever. It's not like you are the only petstore in town.

Soodles 3/24/13 10:23AM

Last night, the cub scouts of PACK 198 in Cheshire, CT were at the PETCO Store #796/Wallingford for an educational session about animals, their habitats and taking care of them. The session was led by Assistant Manager Tim and aided by Store Manager, Andrea.

I speak for our whole den in commending the awesome job done by Tim and Andrea. What was meant to be a 30 minute session, lasted a little over an hour- and our little scouts continued to pose questions. Besides having an in-depth knowledge about the subject, Tim excelled in teaching it- patiently answering each and every question. It was evident that not just scouts and parents, but Tim and Andrea were enjoying every bit of this session.

PETCO professionals have a phenomenal capacity to reach out to the community with its educational programs. I do hope they continue the great job they are doing.

Thanks Tim and Andrea !

PACK 198 3/20/13 4:24PM

Hey PLEASE tell me when you ar ehaving another dollar-a-gallion sale on aquariums please! I thought it be March. Please e-mail me with a date ok?? Thanks! :)

s2minute 3/9/13 12:54PM

I am writing to log a complaint with one of your Petco Grooming Departments. I have been a Petco customer for many years. I live in Toms River New Jersey so I normally shop and have my dogs groomed at the Toms River Petco on Hopper Avenue. This location I highly recommend the grooming department. They treated my 2 dogs extremely well. The Petco I would like to bring to your attention is in Totowa, New Jersey. Because of Super Storm Sandy I was forced to relocate my dogs to my mothers house in Totowa. My appointment was at 12 noon I arrived little early my dogs are large so I didn't go into the small check in area due to fact there were 3 other customers waiting to be taken care of. There was no attendant in the room. The only workers I could see were the groomers and they didn't come out to help anyone. At 12:20 a young man entered the office and began taking care of customers. My appointment was made a week and half in advance I tried calling to confirm my appointment a couple hours before, but no one answered. When I made my appointment I was put on hold for 20 min. I don't know how much longer I will be displaced but I can tell you I will not enter the Totowa store again. The Toms River Store should be used as a teaching store, they are very professional and they can answer any questions you have.

Anonymous 3/2/13 9:15AM

I just had the best shopping experience I have ever had today at your Fairbanks Alaska store! My dog is on a strict diet of fish and potato puppy chow. The new brand we buy him was sold out of the big bags. They were expecting a shipment in later today. But instead of making me come back later, General manager Sean offered to price match the small bags for me. I have always loved the employees at the Fairbanks location, but more so now. I go in a few times a month and will continue to give my loyalty to Petco. Thank you again for providing and awesome shopping experience!!!

Anonymous 2/27/13 3:59PM

Thank you Steve Dulack, from the Davenport, Iowa store, for owning up to your Petco guarantee. Ruby now has medicine to help her feel like a normal ferret again.

Jess Hubbard 2/25/13 10:51AM

On February 23, 2013, I purchased a female ferret at the Moline, Illinois Petco. The sales person seemed nice, and very professional. We ended up naming our new ferre Ruby. She is sweet and playful, and everything we could ask in a new companion for our other ferret, Ash. Since the day we took her Petco, she has been sneezing, coughing, and her nose is running. She has a cold. I located the number on my paperwor and called a sales person to inform them of her sickness. The man said he would leave a note for his GM, John, who would be in on Sunday. Sunday rlled around, and John finally called around 1130. He said he would have to buy "it" back, and the would take "it" to the vet. I said, she has already bonded with our other ferret, and that taking her away from him, could potentially make him go nt another depression. About a year ago, his other companion died from an illness, and we thought we would lose him to. Thankfully, he pulled through. I am so afraid he may experience the same thing if we take her away. The GM, John said it would be weeks before we could have "it" back. I was so tired of hearing him say it, that I informed him SHE had a name. My first and last experience with Petco was sadly lacking. They don't care about the animals. They refer to them as if they don't matter. Yet they advertise it's where the pets want t go? Which is it Petco?????

Jess Hubbard 2/25/13 8:27AM

I went to petco today, bought the same food I had been buying for years. I bought the bag of food think that they were going to proce match it for me because they had done it before. Well the manager on duty would not match the price. I bought it any was because I feed the last of the food this morn. walked out of the store mad and decided that I was going to drive 6 miles down the road and buy the food at the feed store. It was 20.00 dollard cheaper. Then went back to the same petco to return the food I bought and the manger gave me a hard time about it when I had boughten the food less then 20 min ago wont be going back.

Anonymous 2/9/13 11:37AM

I was the cadm at staunton petco store 2862. I went in on a very snowy day to unload the truck, which was driven by a woman that said she had 'never' delivered for petco before & was very upset that the pallets were stacked so heavy and tall.the cashier & her husband arrived before the store opened and came in, the husband ask could he help put pallets in backroom as he seen how we were struggling. only thinking that we were struggling and wanted to get truck unloaded I said yes. Little did I know that I would be terminated for this action. My gm says because he was a non-petco employee and it was a, let me ask, a few months before this, my gm allowed my husband to come in the store and put a shelf over the water fountain & also take the sale stand 'home' and fix it {which is a petco fixture}..isn't that the same thing?? He is not a petco employee, and anything could of happened...I think there needs to be more consistency in the store on following P & P..everyone should be treated equal, including the GM...Maybe this is something that should be looked into. I will be contacting my lawyer on this issue, as unloading the truck is not even 'my' job description.

Anonymous 1/18/13 10:45AM

I went to petco today to buy dog food they had on sale.
It was on sale for $25.99, When i checked out I looked at my receipt and they taxed me on the $29.99 price.
When I ask the cashier about it he said that is the way petco does it.
I wonder how much money they have robbed from people by over taxing them?
I tried to call the 888 # only to find that they out source their jobs.
This is what's wrong with america, All these companies that out source jobs.

feddup 1/17/13 2:52PM

I had an experience in Petco on Florida Ave. in Hemet, CA. Its not with Petco but with "Save-a-Pet, Corp." owner who uses this location for adoption purposes. I have a 12+ yr old female mix lab who has enjoyed going to Petco just to sit and watch the cats thru the glass. She does not bark, she does not move, she loves watching them play. She has been doing this for years. This lady who runs save a pet corp on Dec. 24th chased me and my dog away from the cat area "because she was in the way while they were doing adoptions" were her words. I was offended but I kindly left and even had my 2 dogs pictures taken with Santa Claus, which she set up during the christmas holiday. Then on Jan. 5th, Saturday I was walking towards the door to Petco and she was outside walking a dog and she saw me. She straight out said to me "Oh, your dog is here to see the cats? When she comes here your dogs make my dogs bark." I replied with, "Isn't that what dogs do,bark?" And isn't this Petco "where the dogs go"? She then said, "well, the management gets mad at us when our dogs bark." So I said, are you saying that we are not welcome? At this point I said, "because of what you said, I am not going in, I think you're a horrible person to say that." She kept following as I was walking and said "Let me explain". I told her to leave me alone and kept walking and she kept following me making a scene in the parking lot...she wanted to explain why she said that to me and by then I was upset and crying and asked her to leave me alone and walk away, she was making a scene.The next day, Jan. 6th I asked my husband to go with me, I walk my dogs EVERY weekend and pass thru Petco so we always stop, always have for years, and now I feel totally unwelcome. Why, because on Jan 6th when I went back with my husband, I walked my dog to the cat window and that lady right away scooted a chair in front of the cat while another lady removed the cat from the window. Talk about feeling unwelcome...who is this lady? Does she have stock in Petco? Does she have the right to chase people away? Her dogs constantly bark while they are there, why would my dog make her dogs bark? Isn't that what dogs do? She sprays them in their face which is a sign of cruelty to me. I spoke to the General Manager on Saturday, Jan.5th and he said he would talk to her about this, why did she then make us feel unwelcome? She placed ALL her dogs surrounding the cat area as if she was waiting for me. I go there every weekend like clockwork with my dogs, now I feel unwelcome because of her. I really think she needs to understand her limitations in that establishment and count herself lucky that you let her even go there. My dog is getting old and all she enjoys are walks and looking at cats. Now I will never be able to let her walk into Petco without feeling unwelcome as long as that save-a-pet corp runs the whole floor with loud barking dogs and a sour face looking at us. Im not venting, I feel hurt that my dog was the reason she felt compelled to chase us away...because my dog is looking at "her" cats she has for adoption in "Petcos" property. I still like Petco...I still want to keep going there until God takes my dog in due time. What is a person to do? My name is Sylvia Guerrero. If you need to reach me my address is My cell phone is Sorry I do not know that persons name, the general manager knows who she is. my email is

Sylvia Guerrero 1/6/13 3:58PM



Just left petco in kokomo Indiana. I'm so pleased with my experience. I didn't have to ask for help, it was offered. Beth helped me and I felt very confident in my purchase. She was very knowledgeable and kind even with it being so close to Christmas and so busy. I felt I was the only customer there. Thank you, Beth.

Anonymous 12/22/12 1:01PM

I live in Fort Myers Florida. I have had 6(six) shi-tzu's in my life. Today, the groomer at Petco clipped part of my little chi-tzu's tongue off. They said it happens.......what the heck is wrong with those people. My poor little Delilah was crying. I am never going there again. It is not normal and they are not training their groomers and they are hurrying them through so fast, like a cattle farm. Shame on them!!!

Delilah 12/12/12 6:08PM

I'm never going into a petco again. I fell over stuff left on the floor.
The manager had no incident report for me to fill out and wouldn't let me into the office to watch her enter it electronically. She wanted me to leave the store with a banged head and knee with nothing written about the incident. She gave me the wrong ph# for corporate headquarters/customer relations. When I called the store back they gave me a ph# for San Diego which was really the Philippines!! Folks there is no ph# for an English speaking corporate person in the US.
This is a company the we trust our helpless small animals with?? I don't think so!
Stay away from Petco!

SW 12/10/12 3:25PM

I got some tragic news today from a trusted rescue friend. Our local Petco, right around the corner from the animal shelter, has been euthanizing any pocket pet of theirs that isn't perfect. Why? Because if Petco has paperwork from a vet stating that the animal was euthanized, their mill breeders will refund the store the price of the animal.

Four animals lost their lives today over minor, easily treatable medical problems. A guinea pig with hair loss, which could have been from a cagemate overgrooming. Three mice with wet tail, which is typically stress related or from unsanitary living conditions.

To make matters worse, there are local rescues and shelters that are willing to help! But Petco is too busy nickle and dimeing everything to bother with saving a life! Petco maybe will get $10 back for euthanizing those four pets.

4theanimals 12/7/12 8:00AM

Oh ,this is real great!! you can't even lodge a complaint about one of the stores or managers because they are located out of this country. You can't even contact San Diego the real headquarters because it gets transfered out of the USA.
When you get transfered out of the country nobody speaks the English Language.This is one reason why they don't follow up on consumer complaints. What a joke!

james.mcfadden 11/19/12 10:02AM

I LOVE my Petco! Store 1554 in Smyrna, GA. Their expertise and customer service is beyond incredible. I am new to the area and have shopped at a few other pet supply stores but now am definitional committed to this store.

lpatrus 11/14/12 1:50PM

I tried to find out the training and background of the Petco trainers that instruct at the store; and apparently is is "classified" one seems to know but they claim to be able to handle just about anything. I would like to know how they are educated for that job. Can't find that out

Anonymous 11/8/12 2:47PM

This phone number to the Petco Corporate Office is to a service located in the Philippines despite the fact that the address to the corp. office is alleged to be located in San Diego. You can not get anyone on the phone here from America, and there is definitely a problem with communication for both parties. STOP GIVING JOBS TO OUT OF THE COUNTRY SOURCES. HIRE AMERICANS !!!!!

buoysmama 10/25/12 10:55AM

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