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Corporate Office Address:
The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack
3111 W. Allegheny Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19132
United States

Phone: 215-430-9000
Fax: 215-227-7513

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April 24, 2014:



I showed store manager, Dwayne Edgerton the "advertised" price on Pepboys website of $139.00 per axle for brakes, he mumbled a fake excuse for NOT HONORING IT.

He tried to RIP-ME-OFF for $190. an axle!

He lied & told me my right rear whl cylinder was frozen = a Lie! I went & looked at it, it is NOT frozen!

(*) I was a Brake-mechanic for Firestone 30 yrs ago in L.A., I know how employees are 'taught to lie" to falsely 'build up the quote".


Josh in Orlando, FL.

Ripped-Off Customer! 4/25/14 8:20AM

Took car simple tune-up, afterwards was told it would cut off, in which it never did prior. Also said the car needed a 1000 dollar harness. Suddenly now the car told by Pep Boys it would cut off. Hogwash, how sad a commentary, to cause a problem for extra profits.

Anonymous 4/14/14 7:29PM

On 2/26/14 I took my car into Pep Boys in Niceville, Florida for a oil change and tire rotation. I drive a newer model mazda 3 and this was only my second oil change due for my car. I went in at 3pm and waited for my car to be done. At 5:40 my car was finally done and i was happy with the price because of having a coupon. I had overheard one of the mechanics tell another lady that had a newer car also, that her coupon would not work with that oil change because her car took syntheic oil.
Turns out that we have the same car and bought from the same dealership. She declined the oil change because of the price and the mechanic said i have a 10.00 off coupon you can use for the syntheic oil. I was not given the same regard as this lady. Probably because my shirt wasent as low as hers was. They ended up putting conventional oil in my car. When i asked why they did that i was told " your coupon only covered conventional oil". I asked why they didnt tell me that my coupon didnt cover synthetic oil, I got no response. Didnt recieve an apology or how can we fix this and keep a happy customer coming back.
Called my dealership and took my car into them and had it drained and the correct oil put in. Of course at my expense. What poor customer service and what idiots are working there.
I will NEVER go back there again. And i will make sure i tell everyone i can about their incompetence. I also posted on facebook about my experience there and got many of similiar responses. Pep Boys did not offer to correct the problem or pay for the correct oil to be put in. DO NOT TRUST these people with your vechile!!

flagirl 3/6/14 7:41AM

On Tuesday 2/11/14 I took my car to have four tires put on, and oil change and a transmission flush. My appointment was at 12 noon. I left my car and returned to work. I received a call from the store around 2PM stating that the power steering hose had a hole in it and that the gasket valve was faulty. I allowed them to make the repairs because I was informed that it could be done in a timely fashion. When I arrived at the store at 5:30PM, I was told that the car was still being worked on. I waited patiently for an additional 3 hours only to be told that they could not fix my car and suggest I take a cab home. No explanation, no customer service. I don't live in area where I took my car, I only work near the store. I live aprox. 22 miles from the store. And at 9pm at night, that was not an option. When I told the rep. that I did not have cash on me, he simply stated, "Go to the ATM or the BANK!" Wait...WHAT?!? And you don't offer a number? I mean its least you can do? They wold not give me a straight answer as to what the issue was, finally within a 5 min. span, I got the following answer(s):"They sent us the wrong part, and we didn't know that it was the wrong part until we took your car apart and tried to fix it back". Then I got, "We are going to use the KIA plugs..." Wait...Plugs?? for what?" To which he responded.."Spark Plugs!" what do spark plugs have to do with the power steering hose and the gasket valve? How are you giving me a tune-up and you cant fix the initial problem? Then they said they are trying to fix the manifold. I was in the store until 10:15PM and they close at 9pm. I had to have my co-worker, who lives in a town nearby leave his wife to take me home 22 MILES away!!!! I was told that car would be fixed the next morning. At 3pm on Wednesday 2/12/14, I received a call from them stating that they could not fix the car. ONLY after once again getting upset, was I offered some remedy. I received a call from Corporate informing me that they had arranged for a rental FREE OF CHARGE! Until I got the rental place and they put a hold on my car for $250.00. On Tuesday-a whole week later--I received a call stating that they had to order another part from the DEALER- a lift- and that my car would be ready, maybe Wednesday. Well today is Thursday, 2/20/14, still no car and no communication. What I didn't mention was that The week of this very upsetting experience, I was having surgery (which they knew.) Upon my return to work today, the rental facility call (on 2/19/14) to let me know that Corporate will NOT PAY for the rental past 2/21/14. As of this comment at 10:18am on 2/20/14 PB has not called and is giving my husband the run-around. STAY TUNED!

HYUNDAI2004 2/20/14 8:20AM

On january 2, 2014I brought my vehicle into the shop because the heat was not working (including defrost systems). My car was serviced and returned. At that time it was returned there was warm air blowing from the vents and i was told it would warm up more as ii drive. By the time I reached my designation twenty minutes later it was blowing cold air. I called the store and was informed that they were closing early due to the snow storm that day. I was forced to leave my car at work and get a ride in the following morning because I could not drive in the storm without defrosters. The next day the store was open but the shop was closed. I was told that i could bring it back in the following day and they would correct the problem. The following day it was 10 degrees and to cold to drive because the defrosters were not working. When I arrived at the shop today I was told that I had to wait for a minimum of 40 minutes before anyone would even look at my car. I asked to speak to the manager who proceeded to tell me in front of all of the customers who were in the waiting area that I could not jump in front of the other customers. I stated I have already paid for a service which I have not received and as of yet no one has even so much as taken my information in an attempt to rectify the problem. The manager, who would not give me her name stated "sweetheart you have to wait your turn like everybody else" and walked away. Some time later one of the young men looked at my receipt and told me someone would look at the car. As I write this complaint I have been waiting for almost an hour and no one as yet has spoken to me. I a very upset about the lack of customer service at this store and the unwillingness of the management to uphold your company's service policy. I am also filing a complaint with the NYC department of consumer complaints.

Connie 1/5/14 10:56AM

I am a single mom.

on Monday 12/9/2013 I was driving to work in the morning and my car was driving very weird. I had my car towed to pep boys that morning. They told me they needed to put my car on the diagnostic to find out exactly what is going on. They called me back that same day and said i needed an oil change and an engine coil that would fix the major issue and the other things that needed to be done the dealership would need to do. but they reassured me what they were fixing would take care of my issue driving weird. I picked up my car the next day on Tuesday. On Sunday 12/16/2013 my car would not even start. I had my car towed back up to pep boys Sunday evening he said when the main tech comes in on Monday he will look at it and call me back. I called PB Monday @ 9am they said they were looking at the car. I called back at 1 they still were looking at the car. I called back at 3:40 the guy said the manager is at lunch and he will call me back with a list of things and pricing. So basicly they LIED and took my money and what they said they were going to fix was the issue was actually not the issue and they expect me to pay them money???. I called the so called corporate office number for them to only take my complaint and tell me i would have to wait 48 hrs to hear back.


FATIMA 12/16/13 2:15PM

I went to pep boys in west berlin, nj, asked for a tune up quote, the guy said $40 plus the cost of plugs. I got my bill back and it was 111.41. not only that, but they put a dent in my hood when the guy put the coils on my engine block and the hood came down on them. now I have to get my car fixed, and be without a car for 3 days. the hassle dealing with the company is infuriating. they did nothing to apologize for the inconvenience, nothing to reimburse me for the misquote on the tune up, and absolutely are unaccommodating in regards to paying for transportation for the three days I wont have my vehicle. I will never go to pepboys again, and have told everyone I know about my experience. I will never recommend them and will convince ppl to avoid their company where ever I go.

costingtoomuchmoney 11/26/13 12:51PM

I went to pep boys in Wake Forest, NC. I was extremely unsatisfied with the service I received. I purchased 2 tires and wanted them on the front. They put them on the back of the car without my knowledge. When I returned to the shop to pick up my car I was told I had no choice but to have them on the back and that they must have been put on the back due to policy. I was not told this when I left the car with them. How does that make any sense? I also asked for an alignment but they failed to do that as well. I was not charged for one but I asked for it do be done and they did not. So 2 months later I ran over a nail and I went back to the same shop to get it fixed through my rewards card and they refused saying that I needed a new tire not because of the nail but because I drove on it with little air. How does that make any sense when my car tells me when my tire pressure is low and it never indicated it. My tire went flat because of the nail not because it was just low on its on. They refused to fix the nail because something else was wrong with the tire.I feel I was treated this way because I was a woman with little knowledge of motor vehicles. I am not looking for a refund or any money or service. I am writing to tell you I will never be going back and I will also encourage everyone else not too as well.

Anonymous 10/11/13 8:52AM

I was treated with arrogance and given a runaround during visits and conversations. I will never go to the Ontario, Ohio store again. Until the young man Tyler Reece is gone!! So rude !! Leaving for Advance Auto Parts now. And telling friends & family !!

Pepper 9/25/13 4:39PM

I went into a Pep Boys in Matthews, NC and had a terrible experience. They were not able to repair my tire, which was fine, but then broke the valve stem to my spare tire to force me to buy a replacement tire from them. I have contacted the corp office three different times and each time they tell me that the area director will contact me. It has been two weeks and still no word from Pep Boys. They have terrible customer service and do not value there customers. Please be aware of this if you choose to visit any of their locations.

Anonymous 9/20/13 12:01PM

Sept,10 13 I went into pep boys to have my 1999 hondacivic serviced for a simple repair that was to replace some brake pads./the special they had was 99 dollars plus a thiry dollar rebate. well they said I needed an oil change,which i just had done less then a 1000 miles ago./then they said I needed new hoses for my radiator and a new radiator. Well it just happens that I had all my hoses replaced and complete check on my radiator along with a complete flusing at a other place of busness. Then as i left the pep boys I notice that my temp.gage was way over the red line. Then I had a independent notice that the cap was losen and two scews where off,allowing the fluids to flow out. I called for the last 3 days now and been going on a merry go round. I also learned that the meck. gets some commision on there work along with there base pay. I have waited for there phone call since I brought the car in. and have no response yet. I must say that the inside help are the best and helpful people that I have met. Being in a vocation that deals with the public they do a inpeckable job. My hats off to them. But now I have neve been so upset with the rep. that you so call GREAT.

Anonymous 9/13/13 11:11AM

I am an ex employee, and first off I'd like to say they do screw customers almost as bad as employees! I was a mechanic and was screwed out of thousands of dollars of commission pay simply because they put it in someone elses name that was paid lower commission rates. The manager also lied about me getting hurt on the job after not filing a workers comp claim. I have seen tire techs doing mechanic work simply because they don't want to pay a mechanic to do it right. I turned down jobs simply because the shop wasn't equipped to do such work and the lifts weren't even safe enough to actually use since they were never really maintained correctly! I would advise to NEVER go to Pep Boys! The integrity and professionalism that once was from the famous company is no more! They are only worried about lining their own pockets and screwing people out of money, customers as well as employees! I have also personally been asked to rig a vehicle that was inoperable to at least make it run long enough to get off the premises, I was even told I would lose my job if I didn't, I didn't touch the vehicle and they had to tow it somewhere else. Again I would advise to NEVER shop or bring your vehicle in for service at ANY PEP BOYS! I have contacted human resource of Pep Boys and they put me on hold for 30 mins then transfer me through 20 people before they finally hang up on me!

disgruntled 8/4/13 12:08PM

i am sick of pep boys i really thought they were very good service folks, yet it turns out that spending just a few months getting repairs i have spent much over a thousand bucks, i went in with my air conditioning running well by the time they got a hold of the vehicle again for what they say is another repair, it was recommending to check freon, no a/c coolant system error..i entrusted them it has taken since april 4 till today still another problem freon leaking, now... they expect me to pay more money, they are completely ripping people off, and the money i have spent since april proves that they do, i will not ever step foot for vehicle service i still have the problem..this should have been fixed when they were paid the the first 500 bucks.for freon service...your at your own risks dealing with pep hungry service...ripping people off ,,,this is my experience..

cyn 7/15/13 1:03PM

Bo at the newly opened Pep Boys Store in Riverview is completely incompetent. Do you not provide any training for store mangers or hire some that have some common sense and will fix a car correctly even if it means less money to the store Shouldn't treat people like they are stupid when he doesn't have a clue how to correct an automotive issue. I won't ever take my vehicle back there and be disrespected again!! Also yelling and screaming at employees in front of customers is just not called for.

Shorty 7/11/13 10:37AM

Went to Pep Boys in Weslaco Texas to buy 2 tires. Service desk employee told me to buy them at Parts Dept. Parts Dept. employee told me to buy them at Service Desk. I told parts desk employee that the service desk had sent me to parts. Finally, after threatening to e-mail corporate offices the parts dept. sold me the tires. Price on line was 49.99. Price at store for same tire was 55.99. I won't be pep boys customer from now on. I e-mailed customer care at Pep Boys about the incident and someone called back when I was not home and told my wife that I had issues. Pep Boys is the one with issues.

boss12350 6/13/13 3:47AM

I have an old suburban and had new tires put on how ever pep boys messed up the mileage on there report. I confronted with the manager that they would change it . I looked at the suburbans car fax and it showed I have over 250k miles . This truck doesn't even have 130k miles , so there mistake devalued my vehicle. They didn't care about me and the value of my vehicle.

Ray 6/2/13 8:58PM

pep boys orlando 8805 w colonial. service personel bobby has a personality of a burnt out match. not at all helpfull

moby dick 4/21/13 9:49AM

My experience at the huntington park pep boys was the worst experience I I have ever had in my life.. . The prices are high and the v customer service was a 1 out of 10.
Now I took my car in for what they said would be a routine bearing removal and installation... they quoted me 400 $... now this is after I got a quotevover the phone for 350$ so if that wasnt bad enough.... I tell the gentleman ..he gets it down to 350 $ im thinking this is already bad. I tell him he needs to get it down to 300$ again after chatting he tells me he can do it. I asked how long it would take ..he tells me 3 hours I figured I they had more cars in front of me. So I agree. Ivdidnt want to drive like that. Now I return 3 hours later and find my car not ready I patiently wait another hou r when he fina

stevensong39 2/27/13 1:18AM

This was my Yelp! review, and sums it up...

It is crazy to think in today's economy and so many options out there, that a major corporation has such poor customer service, and an inability to reach anyone at a level higher than the store or Regional Director to discuss. Here is my story...

On the way home from picking up my car at Pep Boys for an unrelated issue, my car died. Pep Boys towed it back to the shop. Upon inspection, I was told I needed a new fuel pump ($750). Within 2 days my fuel gauge was not working. I brought it back to PB and they replaced the fuel pump again, thinking this was the issue. However, it did not address the problem. I was then told the two were not related (fuel pump and fuel gauge). It was explained I needed to take my car to the dealer for a diagnostic, and if they said the two were related, PB would pick up the bill. The dealer identified the two were in fact related, and PB said they would fix the issue. The dealer had explained tto PB the issue was not the fuel pump, but the sending unit, and had noted this in their diagnostic.

When I brought my car back to PB for the 4th time (not including the trip to the dealer), I was told they were going to replace the fuel pump AGAIN. I explained how I didn't understand why I needed to waste my time and inconvenience or why they needed to waste their money and labor time attempting to fix something that was not the identified issue. There was such arrogance with regard to the issue, regarless of the fact the dealer told them the pump wasn't the issue. This was the step I was forced to accept. That trip required my car for 8.5 hours with no communication in between to discuss what what happening. When I picked up the car, guess what? Replacing the fuel pump didn't fix the problem with the fuel gauge...go figure?!?!?!? I was told I might need to take my car to a master technician in Escondido to fix the problem. Mind you, this is over 30 miles away, and they do not offer a shuttle service of any kind. It was also explained that they needed to watch their costs, and is why someone within the company may have to take care of the problem vs. them paying the dealership. I was told if the expense was too high that I may need to pay the bill and submit for reimbursement. Their problem over and over again, though I was supposed to be inconvenienced AGAIN. Have I mentioned I am a single mom with a 7 & 9 year old??

Throughout out the entire experience I have been treated with such a lack of concern with an attitude of arrogance. Never has there even been an apology, or any kind of consideration for the number of times I have gone out of my way for their issues. In fact, instead I was told "Sorry this isn't going the way you wanted." I hope the fact that I am a woman they didn't feel they could continue to treat me with such a lack of respect, and as if I had no clue as to what I was saying or doing. Not the case.

Now let's discuss the customer service team at 800PEPBOYS. All very helpful...thank you. HOWEVER, no one has been able to get me to anyone further than a store level. The day I opened a case, I was told I needed to wait 48 hours to escalate the case. I explained that I had already given the store ample opportunity to rectify this problem, and I needed to speak with someone at a higher level. I was told an email was sent to the Regional Director separately from me opening a claim with the request to contact me. In a response email, even the RD stated he instructed the store level how to handle it. Sorry, but you cannot just sweep issues under the carpet. Customer service had documented all of the issues, therefore the RD would have seen the service I had received to date, yet there was no concern.

When I have attempted to call to speak with someone at the corporate office, it requires you to have an actual name of someone vs. being able to speak with an operator who might be able to direct you to the proper person. Pep Boys has a system that blocks the customer to deal with anyone higher than the store level or a customer service representive office with the highest person being a customer service supervisor who is not even at the corporate level.

Athough many issues have arisen from the beginning of this process, that have gone unmentioned, I want everyone out there to know the type of service I received from Pep Boys.

1. I was lied to numerous times by the service manager, and the communication has been horrible every step of the way

2. I was treated with arrogance and given a runaround during visits and conversations

3. Pep Boys has a system that blocks you from talking with anyone at a level higher than the store

4. The Regional Director, knowing all of the issues, has not responded to my requests in 5 days now

It is crazy to think there is no one available to discuss these issues with higher than the people who created the problem or someone who does not have any type of authority to rectify the issue. HORRIBLE!!

srnc 1/23/13 3:14PM

Pepboys is horrible. Sold me a bad starter and now whats me to absore more costs to have taken and and put in. My truc is broken down due to Pepboys. There parts ar of poor quality. Called numerous times to speak to a regional manger and no reply. Cutomer services is rude and there mechanics do not know what they are doing. Buyer beware and do not patranize Pepboys as Pepboys does not stand by its products that it sells.

Paul 1/4/13 11:19AM

We were starving when my husband worked there.They pay them crap pay-about minimum--he was very weak one day--faint and ate a candy bar and he was leaving work and weak-he needed oil in his klunker to get home-he took a quart and meant to pay for it from his next pay check-well they fired him and took the money from his last pay check and then they are also suing him for 200 dollars and if he don't pay it fast then they try and take him to court and guess what--after all this the boss there got him another job to help him and the human resource person admitted they really got rid of him because the place is dead.DON'T WORK THERE OR GO THERE.HE HAS 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE AS A MECHANIC AND WE WERE STARVING.HE USED TO MAKE 21 AN HOUR AT MARK DODGE ON GOVERNMENT--THERE HE WAS MAKING ABOUT 8 AN HOUR--NO WORK--TOO MANY WORKERS--NOT ENOUGH WORK TO GO AROUND SO THEY GET PAID NOTHING.IT'S NOT HOURLY RATE THERE.HE NEVER CALLED OFF SICK ONCE.THEY SCREWED HIM OVER.BEWARE OF THIS BAD PLACE.

Mary 12/5/12 12:05PM

my husband worked there--they are paid about 8 an hour-he has 25 yrs experience in dealerships. they are reated like crap-we were starving when he worked there--don't expect good work-the employees hate it there.

tootsie roll 12/5/12 11:57AM

Pep Boys in Dothan Alabama blew my motor up because they didn't put the total amount of oil needed in my car, it takes five qts. and only about 3 was added (if that) none showing on dip stick but little smear, when I heard very bad noise I checked it, I had driven my car around a month , not knowing this. The store sent a tow truck to get my car from my house , next morn I go in Mgr. smart mouthed me, I did keep my cool and told him because I am a woman I am not stupid and I know how cars work as I have done small mechanicial things on my own for years , He tried to say they took a camera out and the dip stick had oil, I said yeah after you put it in there you took picture, because there was none in it,He said well you probally burn oil , I said no there is no smoke or sign of oil burning at all, well it is leaking, I said no everything is dry under it, even man that towed it , looked and said your car is dry underneath and no leak at all,so I said well I will get a Lawyer, when iw ent out the door , and the manager came out and screamed at me, and said get off the property and take that vehicle off here or I will call Police, I said I am not going anywhere and I am calling cops.Which I did , and I told cops I did not get ughly with this man or loud just told him they ruined my motor and I wanted it fixed, I am wanting it fixed as I have a mecahnic will testify how great the motor was and no problems in it, because he told me to never sell that car as great a motor a was in it.I am going to turn into the better bussiness bureau too. The sticker on window only had mileage on it which I thought was strange,and they never told me I had any problems anywhere they saw or heard, as before I always dealt with Firestone or Wal mart and they always will tell you and give a report as a problem is detected.My mechanic looked at the motor and listened,and he was highly upset because he said you had a really good 2004 low mileage motor and it was so good.
So my question is are you going to help me with this problem, that your company employees did to my car?

Vicki 12/4/12 9:28AM

took my 2005 dodge ram truck to Pep Boys on Airport and Schillenger Rd in Mobile,AL store#1546 for oil pan gasket replacement and had to take it back 3 times because was still leaking oil from the oil pan. 3rd time taking it back the clerk at front desk talked to me like i was an idiot and didnt know what i was talking about. he stated theguy working on my truck was still in training. now i have to bring it back a 4th time for the reasl mechanic to fix it while driving around still leaking oil. stay away from this store if you are in mobile, al.

Anonymous 12/1/12 12:39PM

I brought my car in to the pepboys on Sunrise Blvd in Plantation, FL to due a fuel induction system cleaning. When I turned on the car after they were finished the check engine light was on. I informed the tech and he said that it was probably due to the cleaning and that he would reset the check engine light and that if it came back on to come back. I said ok. Well the next day it came back on. My son took it in for me and they gave him the code and told him to look it up that is was probable a valve that was stuck open. I went back down there and spoke to the manage Dyangelo and he advised me that in order to check out the valve he would have to charge me because it would take several hours. I advised him that the check engine light was not on when I brought it in and I should not have to pay for it and he just said some parts just go.If this is not resolved I am going to the better business.

Very unhappy customer 11/7/12 5:16PM

On August 4, 2012 I took my car 2007 Hyundai Sonata to Pep Boys @ 2176 Route 130 South in Edgewater Park, NJ 08010 to buy two new tires. During the mounting process the mechanic, James Herriott broke off the TPMS sensor on the front, drivers side rim. He called me over to show me what had happened, saying "it just broke off in my hand". He went on to explain to me that whoever mounted the tire on that rim before "used the wrong kind of metal in the air valve stem", and that is what caused the sensor to break off. He and the cashier, Katrina Simon, go on to tell me that they will order the replacement sensor, I will have to pay the $59.99 for the sensor, and they will install the sensor for free. I feel that I should not have to pay anything, because the mechanic, James Herriott is the one who broke it off. I would like to add that two weeks before going to Pep Boys, I bought two new tires from a competitor, the tires were installed without a hitch. (I didn't return to buy the two front tires because I felt their prices were too high) so I went to Pep Boys where the price ended up being the SAME as the competitor. A TPMS light has been lit up on my dash ever since the installation of the two new front tires was done @ Pep Boys, and I am told the light means the tire pressure monitoring system is malfunctioning because the left front tire is missing the sensor that James Herriott broke off. I paid $360.51 for the two new tires, I never thought purchasing the tires @ Pep Boys would cost me an additional $59.99 to replace a part that was absolutely fine before I let a Pep Boys mechanic touch my car. I would like my car repaired, the part replaced, at no cost to me.

Pamzilla 11/7/12 9:32AM

I have to say you are the most uncaring Com. I have ever seen, my son who said I could talk for him had his car towed in Austin Tex. to a store on Research Blvb. Phone No. 512-339-1144 where they broke the Trans SHIFT WIRE 2 months ago the car is still there and my son has been without a car and job for 2 months. His name is Brian Scartocci when I talk to the manager John all he does is lie to me, we can't find the part or the part is coming in. I asked for a rental but was turned down they can't even take care of their customers. I have a discount card but will never use it again, you are asking alot by asking customers not to use profanity, but 2 months without your car, please all I ask is for someone to care. I hope isn't taken care of like in Tex. Poor Manny, Moe and Jack
they would turn over in their graves if they were real. TWO months please someone just care enough to look in to this matter, I worked 30 years at GM in NJ and Baltimore and know what customers mean, but this is out of hand I'm sorry I told my son to go to Pep Boy's in the 1st place. Your consideration would be appreciated.

jogar110 9/25/12 10:25AM

I took my car to the fredericksburg area pep boys, it was over heating and Jason from sales totally rocked. He came outside and looked around the engine, figured out the problem and found the parts and tools I needed. I was out in no time. Thank you

becky 8/23/12 8:16AM

I took my car to the fredericksburg area pep boys, it was over heating and Jason from sales totally rocked. He came outside and looked around the engine, figured out the problem and found the parts and tools I needed. I was out in no time. Thank you

becky 8/23/12 8:15AM

I'm frustrated,I took my car to the Stratford store two Thursdays ago due to overheating, I left the car till the following day, an assessment was done, I was told by phone that it was the cooling system;I gave permission for the work to be completed. I was called told that the car had been found needing i agreed to have the work done. I picked up the car Sat.charged $977.(+) for labor and about $377.00 for parts. I left got about 1 of a mile the car began to overheat this time the engine light came on i added antifreeze as i noticed that it had none. I returned the car to the store and waited for over 4 hours, got the in the car drove off by the time i got to Lawnside the light was on. I called the store and told them i would be taking the car to CH took it there got it back half way home the same thing happened. Took it back this time with a male who was a mechanic. He asked why all that work was done and the car was still running hot? Carlos from the CH store looked at the car and suggested that i take it back to Strat. It was towed from Pennsauken. I was called and told that the head gasket was damaged.My frustration is that if the car had been assessed for having problems with the cooling system, and repaired and i had no pigning or cliging when i sent the car back as many times as i did, why should i now be reimbursed $500.00 for me to fix the engine problem.

Nidia 8/16/12 12:54PM

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