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Pizza Hut corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Pizza Hut corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Pizza Hut corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Pizza Hut, Inc.

Yum! Brands
14841 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75254
United States

Phone: 972-338-7700
Fax: 972-338-6869

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I had horrible experience at Chesterton, IN Pizza Hut and mailed a letter to the corporate office, they returned it marked not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward however was the address listed as corporate office on their website. Obviously, they only want on-line comments that they can sensor before it gets to corporate. They can keep their pizza, too many other places that make pizza!

Josey 7/7/14 7:30AM

I ordered from johns island, s.c pizza hut and was told my pizza will be delivered a hr and 30 minutes and the exact time it should be here is 9.25 it is now 9.56 my kids are hungry this is poor im sorry I think I deserve a refund what do you think?

Anonymous 5/17/14 6:59PM

My daughter has worked as a waitress for the Greenville, MI Pizza Hut for almost three years. She has had not vacation, she gets no breaks or lunches on any day or night she works. The store manager does NOT work around her collage schedule, but schedules her to work the days she has class. Yes, she spent two hours writing her whole schedule down four weeks before classes started and wrote down ALL sixteen weeks for him in the books. But, still he would make it her problem when he didn't look at his own books when scheduling. If she didn't find a replacement she would be fired, because of his mistake. She requested a weekend of for her sisters prom two month's in advance and did not get it. Yet another employee got it off instead who asked a day before just because they wanted to have it off. At one point she had taken our extra vacuum in to work so the floors could be vacuumed at night. The one that was there had broken wheels and would not push across the floor. when the regional manager found this out he was corrected and bought a vacuum for the store. For her going above a beyond to help herself and co-works, she got a yelled at by the store manager in front of myself and customers. Told to get the vacuum out of his store.

Also, just today he made here come into work when she was throwing up, and running a fever. When she left today she had a temp. of 101. I believe that, that is against health code. But, he told her if she did not come in she would be fired. she is at work right know thrown up in the bathroom in between waiting on customer's. I don't believe that this is what you want your employee's or your customer's to have to endure.

We as a family used to all eat at our Greenville, MI Pizza hut. But know they have NO meat on the salad bar, always out of one or all pizza's but thin crust, when we call in. Know if we want peperoni's on our salad we have to pay $1.00 for about 10 pieces. I don't believe that is fair to the customer, when you advertise a full salad bar and many different types of pizza's.

I hope that something can be done. My daughter is a great worker and loves to waitress, but is ready to leave your pizza hut after being there for three year. I, would like the pizza hut back that I grew up with back. Please help your employee's and customer's by changing the acts of the store manager. I am calling the health department also.

Anonymous 5/7/14 1:45PM

I ordered from the Pizza Hut store in Crystal Lake, IL. I will never order from this store again. The delivery person did not have all of the items I order. Then she dropped one of the items on the ground. I get a call from the general manager of the store. He tells me that the delivery person told him that I dropped the item on the ground. I don't appreciate being accused of something that I did not do. I will not order from this store again, and will be contacting corporate.

upset customer 4/25/14 5:28PM

I need ti make a big complaint about your Pizza Hut in Kermit Tx 79745!!! To start off service is really slow and never have enough workers (i wonder why)!! Next the tables and booths are really disgusting, they are dirty and sticky it is really gross, and the plates are stained what kind of restaurant serves food on a stained plate!! Ridiculous!! Also the silverware is never wrapped with its napkin! What kind of lazy manager is running this place, i will take this much further if nothing is done about this restaurant what kind of lazy manager runs this place! It is nasty dirty and slow service! If it werent for my kids love for pizza i would not step foot in such a dirty bad service place! And might i add the salad bar is always low on food and they never have cheesesticks/breadsticks!!

Veronica 4/25/14 9:16AM

I went to order pizza at Pizza Hut in Forestville, MD and the person making the pizza was not wearing gloves they say they do not wear gloves; they wash their hands. I think that is unsanitary.

Donita 3/7/14 4:54PM

Wanted to pass along my congrats for stepping up to the plate and awarding young man who made basketball shots with the award prize after the original sponsor used a small technicality to not award. Very noble and civic minded. Good job Pizza Hut!!

Gary 2/19/14 7:39AM

Can you please put the prices of your items on the web site for people to see, without having to go through the ordering process????

Thank you

Darlene 2/16/14 4:45PM

I just ordered a pizza and when in to pick up and it supposed to be ready at 3:51 and it was not ready until 3:59. Asked the manager for a discount and she said she would not be able to help me any price reduction.

jonathan 2/16/14 2:07PM

I ordered a pizza tonight online around 5:30pm, was informed that the delivery would be around 7:16pm. At 7:25pm I called to see when it would be delivered was told no delivery. Why would you not call someone earlier so as they could get something from somewhere else. They did not show concern. This was the 2nd time in a row that delivery was not made, but at least the 1st time they called to offer a small discount for us to pick it up. I will never order from Pizza Hut again. I have already shared my anger on facebook and I will tell everyone I can to not bother ordering from this restaurant.

Linda 2/14/14 5:51PM

I am sending this to complain about pizza huts cooperate office taking the servers tips out of their check it is wrong for them to work hard for a good tip to have it taken away there for I have boycotted pizza hut in my house until this is fixed

Anonymous 2/9/14 1:32AM

Every time I go to Pizza Hut in Dayton Tennessee , I order a large supreme pizza with bread or cheese sticks and request getting the sticks before the pizza ! They bring them about 2 minutes before.the pizza or at the same time. Aren't the sticks considered an appetizer and should be brought before the pizza ? Sort of makes me not want to order them anymore !

diederen 1/25/14 1:41PM

I applied for a job at Pizza Hut & they rejected me! what? I applied to deliver pizzas yeh, deliver pizzas. my dogs could do this job! I guess you have to be a moron, smoking dude to work for Pizza Hut. obviously, they don't want bright minded people working for them. weird!!

boscoco 1/23/14 7:37PM

Last night ordered on line and did not eat only feed my kids and later in the nite fixed me some wich was wings and pizza and some of the wings was bleeding in the middle it really pissed me off cause my kids eat them there baby's 4 and 5 and I called the next day and the manager was so rude about it not wanting to give me his name cause as I was told that's to much information but also hung up in my face making me have to call back ridicules the rudeness is not called for I understand mistakes can happen but I'm done with pizza hut

Anonymous 1/9/14 3:19PM

Firing of store manager is just any great example of corporate greed that has run amuck. It does not matter if this was on Franchise level or corporate level, it still amounts to nothing but greed. Top management in all company's have forgotten that the little people is the reason the big chief are there. I am adding Pizza Hut to my boycott list.

Anonymous 11/28/13 4:22PM

I live in Columbia missourri. I called the pizza hut on Clark lane.The manager was rude to me. I explained to him that I worked for watlow and we wanted to place a big order. He then told me he was given our company one more chance. He was very rude.I then contacted Scott,he told me he would take care of us and he had spoke to the manager,I was told he wI don't feel like this was handled properly. They only took 20$ off of a 200 dollar order after saying they would take care of us. Had I known only 20$ they could have kept their rude people and I would have taken business else where.Next time we will go somewhere else.

Anonymous 11/28/13 10:05AM

I am disgusted that you felt you needed to fire your manager because he was going to allow his workers to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving. I love eating at Pizza Hut, but my family and I (four kids and a husband) will not longer be eating at your place.

Christine 11/28/13 9:28AM

I have an idea. Seeing the "workers" keep your Corporation going, why don't you have your upper management work the stores on Thanksgiving and whatever Holiday/s you remain open. That would show how much you appreciate them. Or is it possible you want to be with your families on Holidays?

Why has Corporate America forgotten if it were not for the would not have a Corporation?

I have started a book of places never to do business at again. You are now on the list.

You must have missed the TV ad about Fleet Farm. Goes something like....our families our important and because of that we are closing Thanksgiving. What a wonderful, wonderful company.

Disgusted 11/27/13 8:47PM

I just had probably the worst meal ever. I just left the Pizza Hut outside of pocomoke and they were literally out of everything including pizza the service was horrible the manager john was rude and the salad bar had barely nothing left on it. Then when we asked for more cheese and john the manager said it was too hot in the building to put the cheese out but hello!! The salad Bar is refrigerated !!! We waited over 15 to have someone come to our table to take our order and 45 min for our food to come and then some of it was forgotten or over cooked!! What a huge disappointment ! My family and I will never return to another Pizza Hut again!

One upset momma 11/27/13 6:38PM

If the news story about the firing of your Pizza Hut manager in Indiana turns out to be true, you have lost a loyal customer. Therecare now options other than Pizza Hut. Even mybchildren are upset!

Family is more important than any profits that could have been earned. How many corporate executives were behnd the counter this Thankgiving?

Shame on whomever caused this unnecessary pr disaster.

What happens on Christmas and Easter?

Family in Wisconsin 11/27/13 2:27PM

Very disappointed that Pizza Hut fired Pizza Hut store Manager Tony Rohr in Elkhart, Ind., for his intent to close his store on Thanksgiving Day (Thurs., Nov. 28, 2013) and give his employees the holiday with their families. According to my on-line news source, Mr. Rohr states that this is the first time in 10 years he's been asked (or told) to open on Thanksgiving.

As a result of this action, I will never again buy or order from Pizza Hut - unless, of course, I learn that this action has been reversed.

Eagle 1 11/27/13 2:19PM

I think that the former manager of the
Elkhart, Indiana store should be the President of the
Company. He has more sense than all of your supervisors
put together. You and all of these greedy .... are
going to have to stand before the Great White Throne
to answer for your behavior. Pizza Hut no more!

windspirit 11/27/13 1:33PM

Your firing of the General Manager in the Elkhart, Ind store is the WORST display of the meaning of the "Holiday Season", a time for Family and Friends to share in each others company. Tony Rohr has the true meaning of the season. Just how many Pizza's were you planning on selling... on "THANKSGIVING"... at his store?...What is there a new promo now.. "Turkey Pizza" Trust me, Pizza Hut will not be on my list of options when placing my next order

Patrick 11/27/13 11:27AM

Pizza Hut is a dollar worth that much that you would take family time from employees? I spent 22 years in the military and during that time I had numerous deployments numerous holidays and special occasions. I know the value of family time. On those special holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving) I do not patronize any stores. Chasing the dollar, is Pizza hut hurting that bad or is just greed? Do you need donations? I will not be patronizing Pizza Hut anymore.

Jessrm80 11/26/13 6:09AM

I am disappointed that you fired Your general manager in Ekart. He sounds like a good manager and human being. You who have fired him are just as inhumane as Walmart Poorly treated workers that cannot get decent days off make poorly made pizzas. Poorly made pizzas don't sell. It seems Pizza hut staying open on Thenks giving is an indication that you are not doing well profit wise and must stay open on This holiday to make ends meet. If that is the case, your pizzas are poorly made by low paid stressed out poorly treated employees that can't even take Christmas or thanks giving day off. Shame on you Walmart Pizza hut.

dahoopty2 11/25/13 7:14PM

On 11/15/2013, we ordered the dinner box to be picked up. Our pizza was cold and the dough undercooked (raw), I called to let them know Cody answered the phone and was very rude, asking me what do you want for free! So I ask to speak with his manager Joanne, also very rude,she asked us how much pizza was left in our box..all but 3 total piece were left, all but 1 bread stick, and all of the cinnamon sticks. I asked that we vet a replaced pizza delivered..she said she would not do that if we wanted one we could come and get it! I said I would be in to bring the pizza including what we didn't eat from our plates and to get a refund. I have never been treated so rudely. This was the chillicothe oh western ave pizza hut

debd 11/18/13 1:01PM

I like Pizza Hut pizzas, but the employees at Pizza Hut in Tallassee are so unprofessional that I hardly ever go there. Tonight, for instance, I called and ordered three pizzas. Employee repeated the order to me and said it would take 30-35 min. When I got to Pizza Hut, not only were the pizzas not ready, they had no record of my order. Even after explaining what my order was, verified I called the right place, and repeated what they told me, the employee still insisted she couldn't help me because they had no record of my order. Whatever happened to 'The customer is always right'? It was obvious I had placed an order, so at least try to make it right. The problem: The employee who took my order failed to turn it in and was out on a delivery. It was very frustrating......once again.

Anonymous 11/15/13 9:23PM

Order of wings ordered 22 ,got 14 we picked up , called and complained they said OK come back , went back waited 20 min treated like crap and wings were deleivered cause they said they deliverered the first order , NOT we picked them up. What about my time and fuel ? BS spread the word!!!

corly 11/15/13 6:44PM

I just ordered a pizza at 1:46 on line and it got here very quick I said I'd pay cash. All I had was a 100 the driver said I don't have change use your card I said I didn't have on then he said then go to the bank. It first state anywhere that you will not accept a large bill on line. So he left and I called the store and was told not there fault and nothing was done! Horrible customer service!

Anonymous 11/5/13 1:19PM

I Just Called At 7:30 Tonight To Order A Pizza And Was On Hold For 16 Min Then Someone Answered But Didnt Say Nothing I Stayed On Line To See If Thay Would Say Something When I Did I Herd Two People A Giri And A Guy Laughing And Cutting Up Saying Take The Food In The Bathroom Before Deliver It I Then Hung Up And Call Back When A Girl Answered I Tolded Her I Was Listing To Them And She Told Me To Prove It And I Asked For A Manager She Said Good Luck Finding Them.i Was So P.o I Hope Thay Record There Phone Calls And Im Going As High As Possible Because That Is Nasty???the Store ( I Will Never Order Anything Again From Any Pizza Hut). P.s All My Family And Friends Will Know.

ll 10/29/13 5:41PM

City Hights Store San Diego Ca. The worst pizza ever. When I complained manager said I had never ordered before? Absolute Lie. Ordered Pizza from my home phone for over 4 years. Toppings were non existent. It was a cheese pizza. and when I complained store manager said I had never ordered before. Absolute Lie. I am done with Pizza Hut!!!!

Anonymous 10/22/13 9:10PM

I ordered my pizza at 12:47 did not receive it to 3:04 my pizza was Hard and look like it been setting out all day

Maya, store manger 9/22/13 1:07PM

Please bring on a gluten free crust pizza!!
The "Red Brick Pizza" in Florida and Alabama offer a gluten free pizza, why can't pizza hut???

nanabuyer 9/18/13 10:55AM

I went to your store on tues. Nite at mt. Herman road , salisbury md. On 17th. For your tues .pasta special and your store said they didn, t have any pasta and they person who was at the desk was looking at messages on his cell ph.and we had to ask him to take our order and he said he didn, t think they ordered pasta for today we are very disappointed in your store signed donald and our family.

donjones 9/17/13 5:39PM

The cash register area at store in Brandon Fl on Lumston is very dirty. When ask the last time the area was cleaned was told it was just dust. It was in the same condition. I would think a bussness would want the area around the cash reguester to clean.

meueton 9/8/13 3:30PM

I went to pizza hut in new Iberia la. on admiral doyle.i sw roches in the bathroom I hate to see how many are there in the food room. I was grose out. I cancel my order & told them I seen roaches in the bathroom. will not go back there again

phillip trahan 9/7/13 11:04AM

I don't know what the hours of operation are for the Pizza Hut in CLayton, NM, but I would think it would be later than 9 pm on a Saturday night. Walked in a minute before 9 and they were closing. They told me to go down the street to a Love's because they have pizza. Not impressed with response or hours. Do you have corporate rules for hours of operation?

Anonymous 8/26/13 12:07PM

I live in Auburn, AL. I have NEVER seen a business run so inefficiently. I live less than a half a mile from Pizza Hut and I called tonight yet they said they didn't deliver to my area. Yet, when I have lived six miles away they have no problem delivering there. That's okay though....I work for the school Superintendent's office and do they have a clue how often I professionally order pizzas. Well, guess what? Dominoe's just won my business. I was ordering from my brother's area and I guess they don't feel that his neighborhood isn't worth as much as my own address.

What was REALLY sad was when my eleven year-old nephew wanted to know why they wanted to know why they would deliver to my house but not his. He cried for a solid hour. I would encourage everyone in the state to boycott Pizza Hut and all affiliates.

I will be running a full page editorial about the tears running down my nephews face wanting to know why they would deliver to my house but not his. He doesn't understand that there are companies who could care less about his business because they may not THINK someone has money but if they do they are willing to sleep with the devil.

Sara Hardegree 7/28/13 7:57PM

I went to work for Pizza hut recently and ever since they hired me in Anna,IL Both the managers would disrespect me and mimic me, make fun of me, and prank call me pretending to be a real costumer. They say they gave me 2 weeks of training but I was really only trained for 4 days. They expected me to know everything right away. Other people have quit their jobs because of the way these Managers have treated them. They also have old rotten milk sitting on display that has been there for about 3 years from what I was told and they do not throw it away. It is also in reach of anyone to go and grab it off the counter display.

Anonymous 7/11/13 9:55PM

Pizza Hut corporate office must have a rule for thier restaurants to treat thier customers like that! I went to work for a pizza hut (and I purposely do not captilize thier business name for the simple fact that I have no respect for the their employess are allowed to act. I was looking for their corporate headquarters to file a complaint for the way I was treated on my first day at work at a pizza hut in El RenoOklahoma when I came across this comment about the customer calling and the pizza hut employee picking up the phone and laying it down without saying anything and he could hear the people in tbe background and he was in total different area than I am. Well the one day I worked at this Pizza Hut in Oklahoma, the phone was ringing and the TOTALLY Rude, obnoxious, and in my opinion "ignorant acting" man (?) that was "supposed" to be training me told me the next time the phone rang to go pick up the one in the back and lay it down on the counter and leave it. I wonder if that is in their employee handbook!

peppibud2000 6/29/13 3:22AM

Ordered a pizza from the Pizza Hut in Weslaco, West Hwy 83. The Pizza was late so I called and someone picked up the phone and put it on the counter. Did not say anything. I could hear the workers in the back. I hung up and called back and it was busy and stayed busy.

Anonymous 6/9/13 6:41PM

I placed an order online on 4/30/13 and the delivery was to be at my address at 6:38pm central time but it didn't arrive until after 6:45pm. I opened the box to serve dinner and the pizza and cheesesticks was not only LATE but both was DRY and COLD. The cheesesticks didn't look like cheesesticks at all. I called 3 approximately 3 after driver left to advise them of this so they can come back and pickup this order and to get a credit back on my credit card. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes to speak with a supervisor to handle this issue. I explained the issue to her and she stated that a credit will be issue and she informed my local Pizza Hut location to come back and pickup the order.

After an hour, no one had shown up to get the COLD FOOD so I called Pizza Hut back to see where the driver was and to make sure a credit would be issued to the card because the supervisor that I spoke with was very unprofessional and had a I Don't Care Atttitude. I spoke with another CSR and she was very helpful. There was no call to my local Pizza Hut to return to my residence to pickup the order. She sent a ticket to have someone pickp up the order and she requested a refund. After another hour, no one had shown up so I called again and was placed on a long to speak with another supervisor to see where the driver was. I spoke with another young lady was rude and raising her voice. I calmed her down quick advising her that she was not going to speak to me in that tone or she can get another supervisor to handle this call. I explained my situation and needed to know when e driver would arrived. She said didn't know, a credit would issued to my card and to trash the food. I advised her that I would not trash the food and asked that she cll my local Pizza Hut to see if they were on the way. She p,ces me on hold and stated that someone was on their way. I asked for the Corporate Office number and her tone chanced immediately. She was all of a sudden professional and nice. The number that was provided was 901-373-0163 Steven Smith. I don't know if this number is correct but I found this website and a number for the dallas office.

I will be contacting both numbers because this is ridiculous and unacceptable. I can't believe the supervisors are so unprofessional and have no people skills at all when they answer the phone or when speaking with a customer. I will not be ordering com Pizza Hut again if I have to deal with u professional people that represent your company.

Please respond to this message with a contact number to reach you.


Unhappy Customer

Disappointed 4/30/13 7:30PM

I live in Stone Mountain Georgia on South Harrison married and and the Pizza Hut is located directly across the street from me and I ordered a pizza at 8 and was told that it would take 1 and 20 minutes my pizza did not get to me until 10pm. I called twice and they told me it was with the driver . There the driver got here and said ma'am they just gave me this order. 20 minutes later. Then I call the location and the manager gave me attitude like I did something wrong and got was the 1 late on the pizza. So pizza hut will get bad reviews for me and I order pizza all the time

Anonymous 3/13/13 7:20PM

Pizza Hut in Newport News, Va is the worst! I keep giving them chance after chance but tonight was it. Kids fell a sleep hungry after 2 hours waiting for a delivery. They are rude, clueless and I hope they just go out of business. I say stop dealing with them to everyone and make them close there doors! Don't eat there

Dallas 2/23/13 9:28PM

Dear Pizza Hut
I am tired of ordering pizzas in Lubbock,Texas and getting robbed of ingredients. I ordered a meat lovers pizza on Friday, February 15th. The meat lovers pizza was a joke. Where's the meat to love? Every time we order Aizawl in Lubbock they scrimp on the ingredients. There is little bits of meat, cheese and sauce on it but the we pay a lot for it. We have given you more chances than you deserve. We will not be ordering pizza in Lubbock from Pizza Hut anymore. And the sauce was a little salty. But on a positive side, when we order fromPizza Hut in Dallas, it's very good.mthe ingredients are there, meats, cheeses , sauce and crust.

doncat25 2/17/13 6:42PM

My town has many pizza locations to choose from but last night having a bad experience every time from my Grove City, Ohio location topped the worst experience ever. Ordered a 1 Pepperoni P'Zone® Pizza 1 8 Piece - Garlic Parmesan - Bone-Out Wings 1 8 Piece - Buffalo Burnin' Hot - Crispy Bone-In Wings
1 8 Piece - Buffalo Burnin' Hot - Bone-Out Wings. They arrived late. all the chicken was cold and I said my p'zone is warm but then shocked said great it is not just pepperoni but has sausage and beef ad ham in it. I hate sausage. so I called the store where a male voice "WILL" answers is lost for words and I hear phone ring and he says can you hold on a sec and just puts me on hold without my response. 7 minutes go by, I tell my daughter call the number while I am on hold and see if they answer, yep they did after the first ring, daughter tells them they need to pick up the line they just put on hold 7 minutes ago. A girl gets on line with me named "Taylor" she to lost for words I said, can I speak to the manager she states she is the manager. she needs better training in customer satisfaction for sure. she says she will make the order herself and would deliver it I said, no were hungry you make the order and we will be over to get it. Send kids to pick it up and the order was not even made she forgot that quick. Then makes the wings BBQ and thinks that by making them 16 piece instead of the 8 ordered that makes it right. I will say this will be my last time ever ordering from Pizza Hut.

Dona9442 2/14/13 9:34AM

I Richard m. green was done wrong at one of your work sites,i used to love to come to work,and be a team player,until oct.18,2012,when i was let go because i did nt get to the phone in time.Truth be told i was not even given a chance to walk two steps to the phone,when i was told to clock out.I did what i was told and got fired.Keep in mind that i was a cook,and would help anyone of my workers.Right is right,and wrong is wrong,and if i must,i will get an attorney

Ric 2/13/13 12:52PM

i had not ordered from Pizza Hut for several years as the quality was poor in comparison to others. So, last month I gave in and tried again and I could not believe it. this was the BEST pizza I ever had. I order again a few days ago and couldn't wait to dig in and..........what a terrible pizza. flat tasting, minimal no flavor sauce, pepperoni tasteless....a real bomb. We each ate part of a slice an threw it out. it was not worth traveling back to show my unhappiness. So off to PaPa Murphy's..........Again! Never to return tp PH

mac 2/9/13 4:56AM

I worked at pizza hut for about a month last summer. I only worked there for a month because the managers harassed me, treated me bad, and intimnidated me all the time. I just had so much anxiety just to go to work, that I couldn't do it anymore.

Now, it's February 5th, and I still haven't received my w2, which is supposed to be to me by January 31st, a couple days late is understandable, but I have the feeling they won't even send it.

I will NOT call the manager where I worked, as he is the reason as to why I couldn't continue working there.

Also, I heard someone who delivers pizza for pizza hut say that they aren't allowed to wear jackets, in wisconsin, when it's zero degrees outside. That doesn't seem right to me

201488 2/5/13 8:52PM

i ordered a veggie lover large pizza from the lake city location in Clayton county Georgia. the first one was 30 minutes late and cold. i requested a remake and its been two hours and it STILL hasn't arrived. the customer service here is terrible!!! please do something about this! they wont be getting anymore of my money. thumbs DOWN pizza hut.

disappointed pizza hut lover 2/5/13 7:21PM

I would like to start by saying I LOVE PIZZA HUT and always have. My situation is about my daughter. She has been looking for employment for a while now and was very happy when she was asked to an interview at the Rochester New Hampshire Pizza Hut, and even more excited when she was told that she had a job with them.
My daughter went on an interview and met with a manager named Ryan who did the interview with her. He had told her she was hired, he explained that she needed to fill out an I9 online and then come in on Friday to meet with another manager and complete some paper work. She went in on Friday (I know because I TOOK TIME from my job to bring her)Once there she asked to meet with the manager. The person asked her name and went into the back and came back out and said that the manager is busy. She then told my daughter that the manager said that there is something wrong with their computer system and she is having difficulty receiving her I9 and that they will call her. My daughter waited a couple days and received NO phone call. My daughter called and spoke with the manager Sharon who proceeded to tell my daughter that they are having a problem getting her I9. My daughter asked if it was something she did. The manager explained that it was NOT, it was the system and they would contact her as soon as they got it taken care of. My daughter again tried to understand the situation but still tried to keep her hopes high all while wanting so bad to start to work. Again more days went by and no phone call. My daughter again called and got another manager on the phone. She explained who she was and why she was calling. The man on the other end stated " I think she already hired for that position" my daughter responded �yes me�. The man then told her that he would have the manager call her. AGAIN no phone call. My daughter called again and asked to speak to Sharon and stated who she was. The person left the phone for a minute then returned and stated that she was in a meeting and would return her call. NO PHONE CALL WAS RETURNED.. This is very upsetting and disappointing never mind VERY unprofessional of this company. I will NEVER eat at any pizza hut again in my life. The behavior and un professionalism of this company is disturbing. This manager has a position and it is her job which consists of showing strength and professionalism, and if she did not have employment for my daughter she should have stated so instead of ignoring her phone calls and having other employees speak to her. If the manager who hired my daughter had no authority to do so.... well she should probably speak to him as well. As I stated earlier in this letter I will never eat at a pizza hut again and while Im sure this is not a threat to this company, due to me being one person, I will make sure EVERY PERSON I know understands the situation and the incident which happened and I will let them by the judge. Which by the way I have expressed my feelings about this situation to many friends and family already and they too are very upset about this and feel that it is very unfair.

Little story: I work in a office building which consists of many people and we were having a luncheon/party for one of our supervisors. Everyone pitched in and we were to order sandwiches, pizza, soda etc for the luncheon. Pizza Hut was suggested. One of my co-workers who I spoke to about my daughters situation said �NOT PIZZA HUT. We are all set with a company who behaves in that manor, there are plenty of other places we can order from".
So story short I may be one person telling my story and expressing my feelings but it seems that people are listening.

My daughters mother 1/19/13 3:17PM

I heard on the news that a delivery driver was demoted for defending himself against a group of attackers. I will boycott Pizza Hut until I hear he is rewarded for his actions! What a bunch of crap! This country and it's stupid policies are unbelievable!

Anonymous 12/29/12 10:57AM

I live approximately 5 mi. from Pizza Hut, 12 US 43, Saraland, AL. I have lived in the same location for seven years and every time I order a pizza from Pizza Hut, they screw up my order. Tonight I used the mobile online service and ordered a pizza, cinnamon roll dessert and a 2 L root beer drink; (because you're too stupid to have Coke products). They sent the wrong drink, and half the dessert. My boyfriend didn't know to check the order when he paid, so I didn't realize we didn't have it all until we were eating. When I called the store to complain, i was told that the dessert was not on the order, so why did they send icing in the pizza? They gave me a credit, but this is an ongoing source of irritation, because over the past 7 yrs, the Pizza Hut located in Saraland, AL, will invariably get the order wrong, or it will be in an hour late or various other problems. Just thought you might want to know how incompetent the employees/management are at this particular store. So I wanted to make it clear that this is been an ongoing problem for quite a number of years and I always swear that I will never order from there again, but I do like Pizza Hut pizzas. I ordered from Domino's pizza , and somehow they delivered it on time and got the order right. Several years ago I had an acquaintance here who had worked at this particular store. She later turned out to be a drug addict, and went into rehab, but before I found out she let me know, that several of the employeeswere abusing drugs; marijuana, cocaine, as well as the manager. the. This was at least two years ago, so I don't know anything about the current employees, but based on past history this store really needs an overhaul.

Jjn 12/21/12 7:39PM

My daughter was a server at Pizza Hut in Bucyrus Oh and was treated very badly by several managers there. They yelled at her in front of customers because they said she didn't answer the phone correctly...even though she answered it the way she was trained. She was blamed for a drawer being short when she only checked out one person with a credit card that night and others were checking people out. She was the only server working one night....they got very busy and she did her best. At the end of the night she was sat down and told everything she did wrong! A manger who helped out with a couple of tables took some of her tips...she makes managers pay..not servers pay! She was then let go because she was leaving work one day and gave a hug good bye to a fellow co-worker she has been friends with her whole life. Rediculous ! We will never go there again!

Beth 12/18/12 9:43PM

I placed an order along with 3 other separate orders, some point during the orders we canceled, the manager did a reverse on the first debt card, the second order was cash and mine was a debt. I was charged for my order, so I gave it some days for pizza hut to refund me, I called a week later and I still hadnt been refunded, I called a few days after that, he gave me the rude answer of "idk when you will be refunded" I explained he refunded the other debt card with no problem, he tells me he submitted my order as cash originally, which made absolutely no sense to me because he ran my card, even after we canceled the orders, plus if I was paying with cash all he had to do was hit cancel. Here we are going on 3Weeks and I STILL havent been refunded. He offered me a free pizza which I declined very nicely and he seemed shocked that I turned it down. I dont want a pizza id like my money back..

liveskate 12/11/12 3:12AM

I would like to know if it is Pizza Hut policy that a franchises substitute thick crust for a pan pizza when a customer specificlly ask for PAN PIZZA? The store at Martin Luther King and Kingsway AV in Mango, FL has taken to such a practice. The first time it happened (take out) I thought it was a mistake but tonight it happened again. If I wanted thick crust I wouls order it!

mfowler 11/30/12 6:21PM

I am an very heavy pizza eater and u am so unhappy with Pizza Hut.. Let me start off by saying that I spend a lot of money on pizza and I like to eat pizza from different pizza chains . The reason I am so mad at Pizza Hut is because I have been informed that there us no Pizza Hut that delivers in my area. Considering that I live downtown RALEIGH and we are surrounded by Pizza Hut chains. I enjoy Pizza Hut pizza just as much as the next family. I am very disturbed that we can't get a Pizza Hut that delivers to our neighbor hood.

Familyof5 11/30/12 4:10PM

We visited Pizza Hut on Nov 29 at around 7pm at 900 Dixie Ave in Elizabethtown KY. After standing there for about 10 minutes before anyone acknowledged me, I was informed that there was a 45 minute wait. At that point I was completely confused due to the fact that the restaurant was almost empty! There were only 2 tables being used in the building. Highly disappointed we left and had my sons birthday dinner someplace else. He was not happy about this. We did not receive any type of explanation or apology for whatever the problem was. Not good business. Also, we were not the only family who left your facility. There were others people who were told the same thing and left as well.

Nancy 11/30/12 7:23AM

I called in an order for pizza and wings. Upon my arrival, my wings had been given to another customer. The cashier then wanted to put my pizza in the warmer while i wait for her to cook more wings. I refused. The manager, Rosillyn, was rude and nasty. I asked her how she would feel had this happened to her. She had no comment. I then asked her if she had anything to say (an apology of some sort) and she (the manager) said NO and walked off. The cashier then said, "ma'am, I apologize on my managers behalf". As an elementary school principal, I order hundreds of dollars in pizza from this PH. After my service tonight, I will be taking my school and personal business elsewhere.

Principal 10/26/12 7:01PM

I was babysitting and ordered the Box Special for $19.99, Bone in Wings/Crispy & Bread Sticks. I fed lunch to an 11 yr old approx 12 noon. It wasn't until hrs later, 4:30 or 5, that another person ate a wing & pointed out that the wings were COMPLETELY raw. The chicken appeared to be done and crisp on the outside, like I had ordered and I was hoping that it was just that 1 piece. As I bagged the wings & contacted the branch, I noticed that several pieces of the wings were raw & bloody. I then dug through my trash & retrieved the bones that the child consumed earlier that day & they too were completely bloody. Grossed out and discussed, I relayed this to the branch. They offered to replace the wings, out of the question. I don't think I will ever eat chicken again just from the site of the bloody carcass. I contacted the Poison Control and was informed that because of the time that had passed, there was nothing that we could do, but sit and wait 24 hours to see if she had any symptoms of food poisoning and if so, to rush her to the hospital immediately. Can you imagine the distress!? They sent the driver back with just $24. The refund did not include the TAX or the Delivery Charge. Although this is not about the money and no amount of money would ever be sufficient if this child gets sick, but I need to know what is going to be done to prevent this from reoccurring? Can you imagine telling a mother that you fed their child Raw Meat and that they may or may not be food poison and to "wait and see if the child develops abdominal pain, diarrhea or nausea?" I am totally discussed and embarrassed!

I have pictures!

TL2Sweet81 10/26/12 6:08AM

to whom it may concern Mr. or Mrs. : My name is Lawrence Knox, I live in marrero , Louisiana . Me and my family are wondering if you can shed some light on the possibillity opening a Pizza Hut restaurant in my area anytime in the near future. I would like to ask why has it been so long coming to this area? I can`t understand that ya`ll have a large customer base just here in Marrero,La. Please , I am asking Pizza Hut to return to this area. The other pizza places are ok ,But nothing like ``MEAT LOVERS PIZZA``the best on the menu. I can honestly say when ever my family goes out of town we eat Pizza Hut. We just went to Disney World this summer and we ate Pizza Hut twice that week there. Thats every time on our vacations. Thank You for responding to my concern. Sincerely Yours

larry_knox54 10/24/12 5:05PM

My Wife Likes your Pizza.I have a suggestion to all of your ;How come you dont have a Dessert Pizza??
Like sweet Crust,Vanilla or Chocolate Sauce and Fresh or frozen Fruit Topping.Maybe to much work,maybe not appreciated by Costumer,mayb not your style.It's only a Suggestion.

wlter meil 10/10/12 4:38PM

Tonight i received a coupon via email for 7.99 large pizza. I placed order online total was 8.64. I got to Ppizza Hut on Nacogdoches in San Antonio, Tx and the girl was not friendly. I asked for creamy italian dressing she said it will be .54 cents. She handed me container so i cld get it myself. Not like she was busy. I noticed she had attitude so i asked her for parmesan cheese red peppers napkins and for her to place in a bag. She then took my money. I noticed there were two receipts. Well she had rung my order with addition of dressing so my total changed to 11.35. I told her my order was 8.64 + .54. She said when she added dressing charge the discount was voided so i had to pay as is now. I was baffled. I said no. She went and got Asst Mngr who stated why i was charged more and excusing his employee. I said why am i the customer wrong when she the employee made the mistake. He said she didnt know this wld happen and offerred me a coca cola vs my $2.01. I said no. He said what did i want, i was almost speechless. I said my money. He left the counter i waited he brought a paper for me to fill out with my name and number. Kids nowadays, the gumption. She and Asst Mngr never apologized for the inconvenience. They acted as if they did nothing wrong. The principle of the matter is i was emailed a coupon for being appreciated as a customer and i saw it as a savings but what i encountered sort of defeated the purpose. Unbelievable. I suggest more training on how to offer better service to all customers. Greeting sucked because there was none given to me. Training on handling coupons needed also. Thank you.

Josie 10/6/12 7:20PM

The buffet at Pizza Hut is terrible in Morgantown wv. I have been waiting 20 minutes and not 1 pizza has been put on the bar. 18 people currently waiting. This is the second time this has happened. Store needs new mgmt.

Pizza Hut is a joke 10/5/12 9:29AM

I placed a order over the phone, and when I went to pick it up. The order was not fixed like it was suppose to. When i brought it to her attention, she become offensive and started slinging stuff around and then told me every time I come in there with a attitude. She tried to say that's what ordered and she wasn't even the one that took my order.A young girl that only been working there 2 days took my order.I had a issue with her in the past over some chicken alfredo that so much salt and garlic you couldn't even eat it. Then she told me there was no way because it came prepackaged and it didn't even have garlic in it. And told me kicked me out before and she would do it again, and she didn't have to serve me. i then called Pizza Hut in Harlan and spoke with the manager they called Dotty. The Cumberland manager wouldn't tell me who was in charge of her. To make a long story short, Iwas very shocked that she didn't act the least bit professional. And I have never been so humiliated and embarrased in my life. And someone who deals with the public like that doesn't need to be working with general public like that.

humiliatedpizzagirl 9/3/12 4:43PM

We would love to have pizza hut incorp. Set up a pizza hut in corydon iowa. We the town need employment plus a number one place to eat. Please come and build one here thank you.

Hot pizza 9/2/12 7:59PM

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