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Priceline corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Priceline corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Priceline corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address: Incorporated
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854
United States

Phone: 203-299-8000
Fax: 203-299-8948

Priceline Corporate Office Comments

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Terrible service. Charged my credit card a higher price than quoted and refused to refund or adjust my reservation! That is fraud! I did not agree to pay that price! Do not deal with this company! You will be sorry!

Anonymous 5/22/14 7:25PM

Im very furious with priceline will make vlog on YOUTUBE to tell the world to see all this comment down below from customers and including myself that PRICELINE is rip off and horrible customer service avoid to take your calls and refer you to computer recording that is it and end of it. I lost $200.00 and still need get a ticket because for my daughter to come to see my family from other state ..I had to buy again. The reason I cancelled it because I want morning flight not night flight but they put my daughter in night flight !!!! I did choose morning flight and did not give me that !!!! DONT GO TO PRICELINE THEY ARE AWFUL IT WAS MY FIRST TIME USER ON PRICELINE AND WILL NOT GIVE ME FIRST TIME WAIVE OR EXCEPTIONS AT ALL ...JUST LOOSE YOUR MONEY PERIOD THEY MAKE MONEY FROM YOU ALL !!!!! THEY ARE SCAMERS......BEAWARE OF THEM !!! WILL CRATE ON YOUTUBE AND TELL THE WORLD AND ALSO WILL CONTACT ABCNEWS ABOUT PRICELINE FOR SURE....I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH HOTWIRE IN THE PAST SO WILL GO BACK TO HOTWIRE AND ACCEPT MY LOST 200 DOLLARS FROM PRICELINE AND WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN

MYCAMMIE 3/4/14 3:40PM

I just booked round trip flights for 4 from Abe to Salt Lake City. Upon finalizing the purchase, it takes you to a rental car option. I read the "Fine Print", which says nothing about cancellations, only non refund/transfer/changeable. I purchased the rental and within five minutes got an answer from my boss that we didn't need a rental. Contacted priceline through their online chat and was told there was nothing that could be done. DID I MENTION THIS NO MORE THAN TEN MINUTES AFTER THE PURCHASE!!!! No wonder priceline does so well. They're allowed to steal with no penalty. This is ridiculous. $595 is in someone's pocket and they know I don't need the vehicle. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2/23/14 9:01PM

I reserved two nights through, never had used them before I bought two nights at Days Inn in Shreveport, Lousiana 4 I checked in and quickly checked out. I called priceline before exiting the room to tell them I could not believe they would have such a hotel on there program. And that I was checking out and at 2.30 am was going else where to find a clean room. I spoke to customer service on 10/25/2013 to resolve my refund when they could speak to the hotel managment. and then told me they could only refund one night back. This is unexcepable both the Hotel and the actions of price line I will never use priceline again.This motel was a nightmare,and should not have Days Inn Name on it.

LaDonna Reed 10/24/13 11:13AM

I had an extremely stressful experience on We felt mislead as to what we were purchasing. We searched specifically for a flight I had seen earlier and it came up. Then right above the itinerary we desired was a option, "this flight + rental car" It turned out to be for something completely different. We were given the run around about no changes, no refunds no exchanges. I told them I felt very misled and I was going to dispute with my credit card company and contact my attorney. I am appalled at the way they do business. This was my first experience with Priceline. They eventually refunded the tickets we did not want with a $150 a ticket refundable cancellation fee as long as we turned around and bought the tickets we wanted, which we did. I will probably never use Priceline again unless they make and give instructions much more clearly and obvious. I don't like the idea of you just getting what you get. This is terrible. Consumers apparently drew the short stick when it comes to

sportsmgr 8/30/13 12:25PM

I made reservation on Priceline .com in south Lake Tahoe for July 26.,after I payed the priceline,they show the hotel,I was so shocked that they send me to the hotel that cause my trauma ,when we are in that place there is a big fight in that area .to make the story short I don't want to put my family in disaster ,I want them soon as I learn about the hotel I called ,and tell them that I don't mind them to atleast giving me another hotel but please not to the same hotel.,but priceline are deaf ,they don't care about people. I hope that the administration will see this comment ,I would appreciate if they can do anything about this.

Rosemarie 8/15/13 8:25PM

Dear Priceline:

I have been using your services for several years now. My husband and I use Priceline often to make hotel and flight reservations. My husband I are considering not using Priceline anymore due to their inability to accommodate us. A few weeks ago I made an airline reservation with Priceline, but I had to cancel it right afterwards because my husband gave me the WRONG times. My husband who is a neuropsychologist has to attend a seminar in San Diego, CA in October. The reason I had to try to cancel the reservation is because my husband cannot take the time off of work on the 16th to attend the conference. I needed to either cancel of change the departure time of the reservation for after 5 PM. When I made the reservation I made a bid but had no idea once Priceline accepted the bid that they would set up the times. Had I know this I NEVER would have purchased the tickets that way. So I called Priceline and explained my situation asking if they could just change the departure time. My husband and I even offered to pay more money! but Priceline was very unaccommodating and offered no help what so ever. They said they made NO exceptions. Gee thanks. SO let me see my husband and I spend all of our hard earned money on Priceline and they offer no help. I called Priceline several times and asked if they would change the departure time but each time my words fell on DEAF ears. I kept getting this stupid vague answer and absolutely NO help. So because of this my husband will lose $300 for a day's work and also put himself in jeopardy of losing his job just because Priceline won't change the departure date. Then a few days ago I made a reservation for a hotel in Atlanta Georgia on the 27th of July until the 28th of July. I woke up the morning of the 27th because something told me to check my email even though I was in a hurry, so I checked it and lo and behold Priceline Canceled our hotel reservation at the very last minute!!! I didn't even know that Priceline could do that! Priceline also booked us at another hotel WITHOUT our permission! I had no idea that Priceline could that. What if I didn't check my email? Can you just imagine what could have happened? My husband and I could have driven all the way to Atlanta and then we would have had to drive all the way back home because of Priceline's stupidity and failure to have the decency to CALL instead of email as to avoid a disaster! Then we would have been really screwed. Priceline you some really stupid policies. So we had to waste our precious time looking around for another hotel. After we found a hotel on Priceline we booked the reservation. However when I called the hotel directly they told me that they could give me a discounted rate on a room because of all the trouble I went through with Priceline, so I thought to myself "Wow how nice! this hotel had more compassion on us then Priceline did." Then I called Priceline and explained why I wanted to cancel the hotel reservation and they said that I could NOT cancel and those they offered no expectations. Great so I had to pay MORE through Priceline...What a terrible waste of money. My husband and I got a bad deal all the way around. My husband and I have decided that if someone at Priceline does not so something to compensate us then we will have no choice but to start using another travel company like Expedia or Orbitz and believe me we have NO problem spending our money on someother company that is more accomadating. You may not care now Priceline but you will because my husband and I go on a lot of vacations every year and your company will lose THOUSANDS of dollars. If you don't remedy this situation I will also also report you to the BBB. All we ask for is that you can change the departure date for our flight on October 16th. I don't think that's much too ask for conserving what you have put us through and all the stress you have put my husband and I through.

Susan 7/29/13 7:41AM

My name is Deborah Vrba and my husband is Stanley Vrba and we live at My phone numbers where I can be reached are: . On, July 12, while on vacation, my family used the Best Western Global reservation line to book a room for us to stay for that same night. We called and an Asian speaking lady answered our call. We asked her to book us a room for Marion, Illinois. She didn't understand us and we constantly had to keep giving her our spelling of our name and our information over and over. She finally asked us for our credit card number and expiration date but then she asked for our 3 digit pin (which we thought was strange) and assured us that she had booked us a room and that we would receive an email with our confirmation information. The email never came, and four hour later when we arrived at the Best Western hotel in Marion, Il we did not have a reservation in our name or even in anything close to the spelling of our name. I checked for an email again at the hotel. They also did not have a room for us and the hotel person called next door to the Quality Inn and got us a room for the night. The next morning I checked my bank and found that we had been charged $123.19 for a room that we had not stayed in but we had nothing to show where that reservation was located. We had been charged as a "no show" and were now out for lodging for two hotels for the same night...the one at a Best Western (?somewhere) and also the Quality Inn, which we did stay at. On July 15, we began calling to try to locate information about the booking and after spending all day Monday July 15, and July 16, we finally found that it had been booked in Carbondale, Illinois and we had indeed been booked as a no-show but the name and information was wrong. We were assured by both hotels that we would be credited back our money but as of today that has not happened and the corporate offices of Best Western informed us that they book their own reservations and do not use priceline for their bookings and we would not be credited but would have to contact someone with priceline. I called just to see what and who I would get and recalled the Best Western Global reservation line last night and spoke to a person named Lorraine and she said that she was booking for Best Western via priceline. She gave me the following customer number 800-250-3149 which I have called and been placed on hold now for 30 minutes waiting to be assisted and speak to someone. All I hear is a piano playing and no recording at all. I went online to look up the customer service information for Priceline and I called that number listed 203-299-8000 and the same recording asking for a booking number that I do not have. I can not speak to a person and the call hung up on me. I am sending this email in hopes that I will get a person at your business who will call me back and who will assist me with this problem and help me get my money back for a room that I had no way of locating and was charged for as a "no show" when I didn't have any way of being able to arrive at it due to a wrong booking by a booking representative. I hope that priceline cares about its customers and understands that mix ups and mistakes do happen but that when they do, someone does care to do what is right and just. My husband worked at the West Fertilizer plant that blew up on April 17, of this year and we are trying to put our lives back together and we just wanted to go on a vacation to visit our daughter who lives in Illinois and this cost us money that is difficult on us right now. We really seem to have taken losses already this year and was hoping we could just have a nice vacation without causing us more loss. While $123.19 is not much money to some, for us it is a lot that we need and can't afford to lose. Please have the honesty to have a person give me a call at the numbers listed above. Help me to get my money back and correct a mistake that occurred. Show that priceline does care about it's customers and are willing to do what is honest and fair. Thank you! Deborah Vrba

dlvrba31 7/23/13 8:21AM

The worst customer service that I have ever experienced. You can never get a person to talk to. They advertise a big discount for a rent a car. I will never try to use thwem again, and won't recomment to anyone else.

Anonymous 7/17/13 9:56AM

Oh so priceline does this kind of thing all the time I guess you charged me 22.00 dollars for insurance on a car that i did not rent because the company Enterprise would not accept a debit card something which I disclosed upon rentimng car youy people reall do suck

Anonymous 7/16/13 8:03AM

Priceline consumer service is completely useless a hotel canceled my reservation on the day I was suppose to check in a priceline rep called me and said it had been canceled because the hotel was over booked. The rep stated I would get a refund within 10 days. Needless to say I have called back several times and each time I got a different response on whether or not the credit had been processed. I called today 6/24/13 exactly 30 days later and the customer service rep started out by saying I canceled the reservation. I then requested to speak to a supervisor and she transferred me to another rep and we started all over again, I again requested a supervisor to which the rep again referred me to my bank for the 50 thousand time and I said the bank had not received the refund. Bottom line you will not be able to speak to a Customer service supervisor if you have a problem or make a request to speak to one absolutely TERRIBLE customer service.

Anonymous 6/24/13 4:34PM

No service whatsoever. Every attempt to speak with a person is redirected to a computer that tells you all the tired policy things you probably already know.

Road master 5/29/13 7:13AM

I needed to make emergency plans for the pastor of my church to attend a funeral in Louisville, KY. I made his hotel reservation through and, upon receiving my confirmation email, I was given the option of adding a car rental to the reservation, which I did. I was then given the option of adding insurance to the rental, which I did. Knowing that my pastor's flight was not due to arrive in Louisville until just after midnight, I called to verify that the hotel rental and the car rental would be concurrent and held until after midnight. I was assured that both would be held. WRONG! The car rental was listed for 12PM and not for 12AM so, upon arrival, the car rental agreement had been cancelled and my pastor had to pay for another car rental out of his own pocket. The money that I spent to rent the car through was NOT refunded and your customer service representative claimed that there was NO WAY to issue a refund to my credit card. This debacle made an already difficult trip all the more difficult. I will not use ever again.

principal 5/14/13 11:02AM

I did a "Name Your Price" on Priceline and I was given a hotel that was being charged way less on their site. They charged me more for what was suppose to be a deal.

I spoke to the Supervisor and he would not let me cancel or change my reservation for a crappy hotel they charged me more for on the site. I will never use them again and have told all my coworkers, friends and family.

Anonymous 4/10/13 5:22PM

I was checking prices for a flight and did not receive the confirmation via email until I purchased the second ticket and realized the name on the ticket was incorrect. I got 1 ticket for the price of two thru priceline. I could have went straight to the carrier to book a ticket for that price. I rechecked before accepting, so I know that the name was correct. The itenary shows the incorrect last name. I tried getting them to change it and cancel the first request being that the itenary was not emailed to me prompting me to complete a second search for a ticket in which I purchased. They charged for canceling $150. I know they going to sell the same seat making additional money. Both tickets were for the same day, same destination different planes. Customer servicer courtesy should alone allow for credit. To add insult to injury, Supervisors for customer service are for "Admisinstrative purposes only, they do not answer the phone." Why I ask is there anything else you can help me with! I requested a supervisor and you refused. I always to purchased tickets from Priceline. I work hard for that money now I'm out $150 96% of the cost of my ticket and I have to pay for checked luggage. I'm not a SATISFIED CUSTOMER! Now I have to write a letter in hopes of refund. I requested a refund from Customer Servicer; it took me three hours between the purchase and speaking to a representative to find out they will not refund the money. I didn't get the confirmation on the first request. I read itenary information off of the priceline website that I had up when I called. I'm hoping for a positive resolution. J

J 3/30/13 6:37AM

Being charged for room I will not be staying in. Cancelled on Jan 4, 2013 because of health issues. Hotel won't cancel without a number from Priceline. Priceline wants my Dr. name and number before crediting my card. My health isn't there business. Who does this company think there are?

Anonymous 2/4/13 4:36PM

I tried to book a res using a particular credit card. You refused that card for incorrect security code. Since it was a renewal of a card I have used many times before, I called the card company. They told me that they approved that charge 2 times and you rejected it. Then you forced me to use another card. That was an Amex card versus visa. The rez went thru, but I want to Know why you rejected my visa card.Do you save more money by using AMEX?

joelay44 1/4/13 9:15AM


Within 60 days of statement, dispute the charge.
Amex and most CC companies will remove and investigate.

Anonymous 1/1/13 4:34PM


PEGGYFIOR 12/3/12 7:47AM

Trying to speak to a person in about a charge to my American Express card that I did not make or authorize. I think we have a case of identity theft here. Details I have been able to secure thus far are as follows:

Date:11-10-2012 posted 11-11-2012

Charge: $45.97


Also: AR

Can you provide more details on this charge in terms of:

Name & location of Hotel booked. It maybe in the Greensboro, NC area which is where I am located.

Anonymous 11/30/12 2:32PM

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