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QVC corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the QVC corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the QVC corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Liberty Interactive
1200 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
United States

Phone: 484-701-1000
Fax: 484-701-8170

QVC Corporate Office Comments

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QVC is one of the biggest farces in corporate history..I have bought and returned over a period of time, then they closed my account and said it was because of "FRAUD". this from a customer service rep. I asked them to explain where and when this happened and they said some one from "CORP" would call, I have been waiting for 6-7 months now and no one called. They also said they were unable to reach me, I am a wildlife photographer, don't sit in the house waiting for QVC to call, I am out working. I do have a cell phone, never called. Still waiting for the call, called them a few times, same old answer and no call. Well QVC, as far as "FRAUD goes either put up or shut up, and put your tail between your leggs and go away.

FGYZ 5/29/14 7:58AM

I think QVC is a joke, all they do is lie to the customer just to make that god almighty dollar sale, I hope the CEO gets this message, as she is doing a bad job running her company, and all customer service does is lie to the customer to keep the sales up. I order a lot from QVC but will go back to HSN. Qvc can't handle the truth.

ethan411 4/30/14 8:41AM

I have been a customer of QVC for many years and have bought many items over the years, having sent back very few. I received an e-mail asking me to update my CC on an order only to find out my Account was Suspended. When I called the representative advise it was because GE Capital told QVC to close my account. This is totally unacceptable. With the size of QVC, I find it hard to believe that you would allow a Bank such as GE Capital to dictate who you do business with. I use a number of account to place my orders and feel QVC should make their own decisions. One of the representatives did send an e-mail to Corporate and I left a voicemail message, but have not had a reply yet.

Anonymous 1/27/14 1:31PM

I had been a QVC customer for years, I lost my job in 2008 and did work for 3 years. I filed bankruptcy in 2011 and QVC was part of that. My Uncle opened up a account and used it more than he did. Being a man he forget, and open other account under his name, I call in one day and spoke to Customer Service and never had a problem before, but this time I get a lady and had words. She putted up my old records, with my name, ask why did use my name. It was for any special reason, just used his, I paid for the item by Debit or checks. The next thing the account under my uncle name had been suspend, I called to ask why, I was told it was because I had a balance with QVC on a Credit Cards. Now that account had been closed since 2011 and part of the Bankruptcy so it was not balance due. The account was closed and now my Uncle can't use the other account he open because of me. None of this do I understand, I never owe money on my uncle account non, did he have anything to do with my old account which had been closed 2011 under Fair Law account QVC can't hold the bankruptcy, and not allow me shop. For over 20 years I used QVC, because I upset a customer service person, she suspend my account because of some BS. I need someone help with this matter.

Unhappy 11/25/13 9:00AM

I have been with QVC from the beginning.I still have my dolphin earings I bought back then.1986 my first child was born he is now 27.I have been to Qvc as an audience member with the owners of Boyds Bear 2 times.Ive been their for doll shows flower shows.In the last 2 years I have ordered and canceled and sent back items.But to suspend my acct for this.I have spent 1000 and 1000 of dollars with you.Maybe sometime in the future you will let me purchase from you again

Anonymous 11/10/13 2:48PM

My wonderful husband bought me a Dell Laptop in 8/13 for my birthday because mine just died. We didn't have the money to spend or I would have gone thru a store & bought it there. He saw this computer got approved for the q card. They said I would get 24/7 customer support for life, Hulu Plus for a month trial & several other things. I got the laptop nice, but when I called for support the 3 days after I got the computer they said they can't help me, what!!!!!!, I called Customer Service & they said they will have someone would call me back, never heard anything, called corporate office a few days later & learned that I was to get another packet in the mail with all the pass codes & everything in them. I got the packet and I called the 24/7 PC support for life and they advise they can't help me they want to do it by remote access thru my computer ahhhh NO, I want someone over the phone to be able to do it, not remote access. I called customer service and they said "you can send it back" WHAT that is the only response you have. Shame on you QVC you have awful Customer Service, Technical Support. I will never buy anything from you again, EVER

Anonymous 10/3/13 5:42PM

Be sure to never hit hard times and think QVC will work anything out with you. I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy, and at first, was not going to include QVC in that bankruptcy. My attorney, however, did my credit report and included everyone. Ok, so my next step was to listen to my attorney and not contact any creditor until after my 341 hearing. I surely then would contact QVC, and reaffirm my account and pay it off. I was loyal and believed whole-heartedly in their products. After my 341, I contacted QVC, and was told I was no longer able to shop with QVC, AT ALL. Not even using my own money instead of my QCard. I was willing to pay off my QCard and do what was necessary to continue my account, but no, I was no longer welcome to shop with QVC. Shame on you, QVC. People hit hard times. I was willing to make it right with you, but it's ok, I can move on. And I will never recommend you to anyone, for anything.

Tammy 8/9/13 7:25AM

I've been a very loyal customer of QVC for over the past 16 years & purchased thousands upon thousands of dollars in items... I've turned countless numbers of family, friends & co-workers your way to purchases their needs, especially when short of cash & easy pay is available... I only state these FACTS to show the gravity of my past loyalty, but your current actions of cancelling my furniture order without notification and rude CS personnel (I've spoken to a total of six) who are dismissive is totally unacceptable!!! I too work in the field of CS, but the difference is I ALWAYS TAKE OWNERSHIP of my customer's issues to the point of resolution and make sure to ALWAYS return calls... Now my loyalty has reversed and just as I once praised QVC to family and friends, well you know what reverse mean!!!

Anonymous 7/18/13 7:11PM

I just recently open an account with qvc and all of a sudden they close my account cause they say they couldn't get in contact with me when I know I gave them my number so now my account is close what kind of bull crap is that so pissed off.....

FHUY 6/19/13 5:20PM

I have spent many thousands of dollars with QVC ovwee the last 15 years. They have become totally unappreciative of their customers. I have over $300 of merchandise I took to the Post Office in the Atlanta area on 2/20/13, using thier return label. Their tracking info on the QVC website states it picked up 2/22 and taken to their 3rd party shipper's facility, which I believe is Velocity. As of today, 2/27/13 the last entry was on 2/25 stating the merchandise is still sitting in Atlanta. I have had so little assistance with the regular customer service in the last 6 months or so, I called corporate. They said their shipper waits until they have enough packages to send to QVC to semnd them back. QVC allows 17 days before they will even talk to you about the return. As expected, the Corporate compaint office siad too bad, there is nothing we will do for you before 17 days. I promptly hung up and went to the Pennsylvanis Better Business Bureau to see if they had other complaints. They have over 400 complaints that have been closed and QVC has and F on a scale of A-F, F being the worst. No need to file a complaint. just wanted to share my experience and findings. Closing my accoutn as soon as i get my money back. Hope this helps somone else from getting. If enough people quit putting up with QVC's disregard for their customers and close their accounts maybe they will wake up and get real.

Anonymous 2/27/13 12:01PM

All qvc customers!!!!!! Cancel your Qcards!!!! check your interest rate on your qcards!!!! We are a group of 25 who have been with qvc and average of 24 years . We are in our late 40's and early 50's
we have never missed a payment. The interest rates are 24.99%! Although it is nothing new and the company says it the bank that sets the interest, I say shame on QVC for not looking out for their "bread and butter"' the customer. Other major vendors are in the mid to high teens with their interest rate. Step up QVC and protect your customers!!!!!!

Deanna 1/8/13 8:10AM

I Have Been Trying To Talk To Someone For 3 Days. My Ordered Was Cancelled Without Me Even Knowing....i Have Received Several Excuses Saying Corporate Will Call Me In 4 $ Was Pending For 4-5 Days Finally Its Back In My Account Today But My Item Has Not Shipped And It Was A Gift For My Boyfriend. No One Knows Anything And The Csr Treated Me Like I Had Stolen My Own Credit Card!!!!!!they Said I Had 2 Cell #s In The File...what Does That Have To Do With Why U Rejected My Order? I Havent Even Received A Email Saying Order Was Cancelled....when I Call Corporate Office The "leave Msg Greeting Comes On" Not Happy...i Guess They Didnt Want My $500 Order.

MS. FRUSTRATED 1/4/13 10:06AM

This company is a joke, my account was suspended because someone failed to update my number in the system... I see why ppl use HSN instead!! I am still waiting on someone to call me back since Saturday

Jovanwashington 12/31/12 7:47PM

I have been trying to obtain an order that was placed on 11/21 for my grand daughters christmas- After three hours of trying to get a live person on the phone and very poor customer service from the receptionist at the main corporate office, i finally got a live person no answer machine or voice mail- Trying to get an EDD on the order. Was told that Apple placed on back order QVC shared no responsibility in the issue- even though they did not notify me of the shipping delay- I informed them that I receive approximately 3 emails a day from their company trying to sell me products. On 12/21 a different item was ordered as a replacement for the orignal. The supervisor who assisted never told me that this item was also placed on back order. as of today 12/31 still remains on back order and my grand daughter still has not received her christams gift and no one can tell me when or if it will be shipped. They did however say they gave a twenty five dollar credit for the inconvience and that they would put in an IOU link for the payments they approvals they had secured with my credit card. I laughed at that an informed them they could not keep money for an item they never shipped and they agreed it really did not mean anything just BS. This has been the poorest xustomer service I have ever received from a large company that does so much of their business on-line- I will not be ordering anything else from QVC in the future. --It is a joke -as if 25.oo would make up to achild that she did not receive her IPAD .I will go to APPLE and get the IPAD. QVC really screwed this Christmas for a little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shg9813 12/31/12 12:34PM

Problem #1 On October 31 I ordered 3 sunbeam heated throw with 3 heat settings, it was delivered on November 6 and I received only 1 in a box. (cranberry). I did not check it immediately since the box was large and I thought three would be in there. When I opened the box Dec. 20 to wrap them for christmas, there was only 1. So now I don't have them for my daughters. I called customer service and she said they couldn't do anything for me since it has been 45 days. Since I pay all my bills in full every month and already had paid for them, I would like either a refund or order the 2 I never received. I checked my tracking number and they said they were delivered in one box. . Since I am a corporate owner of a very large company, I like to order from QVC because it saves me time. But now, I'm not sure.

Problem #2: I received 3 in 1 box and it stated on line tracking number I received 4 when I only received 3. Again I called customer service and she said it will be delivered in a separate box. I would like to know WHY does QVC label them all together (1 of 1) box even though they are not delivered at the same time. I am hoping I will receive this monster vacumm on Monday, Dec. 24 again for my daughter.

I never had any problems with receiving before but I think you have to label if 3 are in a box then label 3 are shipped not 4, etc or indicated the other part of the order is coming.

Thank you

Sandy 12/21/12 8:07PM

qvc is full of BS and will take your money and will not want to talk to you prolonging the process of getting your money

Anonymous 12/11/12 11:10AM

I am a Very Unhappy customer. I have been trying to speak to someone to resolve this problem for 1 week. It is a shame, a huge company does not have a live person in a higher position to speak with me. QVC takes your money , but takes no responsibility for their actions. I will not be ordering again if this issue is not resolved. And I will return what I have already purchased.

Shambre 10/9/12 3:04PM

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