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Reader's Digest corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Reader's Digest corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Reader's Digest corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Reader's Digest Association, Inc.
750 3rd Ave.
New York, NY 10017
United States

Phone: 646-293-6000

Reader's Digest Corporate Office Comments

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In my opinion,Reader's Digest Singapore Sweepstakes chaired by Ms A. Maddock is using high pressure sales tactics and misleading advertisments to persuade its customers in Singapore to buy many direct sales products throughout the year just that they COULD be the Elite Winner of the $250,000 sweepstakes. So you go on spending money to buy their products and hope to win something. Instead of buying RD products, I realised that it is better for me to use my money to buy Spore Pools Toto or Big Sweep Lottery where I could win 1 to $2 million dollars instead of being assured by Readers Digest Sweestakes Chairman and I could win $250,000. Sometimes common sense is not so common!

Anonymous 7/24/14 2:15AM

Hello at Reader's Digest.

My wife and I are avid readers of Readers Digest Magazine; we also have over time purchased many, many Book and DVD's and CD's.
This is not an idol email.
We were excited to read the offer NEW ZEALAND from ABOVE, however I have noticed a mistake. The bottom picture on the inside full spread page, READS Lake Wakaitipu, Queentowns, SHOULD READ - QUEENSTOWN.
Now, for sharing this little error, on such a fabulous document, ia surely worth a copy of the DVD. I'll leave it to your generosity. By the way, this is shared between you and me in confidence. Very best regards Douglas Hamilton Australia.
Address: 'Lulworth Cottage', 17 Pile Street, EXETER NSW 2579 AUSTRALIA

Anonymous 2/27/14 8:56PM

I did order a book in Sept. and paid for it in Sept. I sent RD a copy of the cancelled check, which did not impress the billing dept. I just received another bill. What gives??????????

Petra 1/23/14 1:01PM

readers digest got my credit card # I have 10 charges for 24.95 for a mag I did not order. since when does readers digest cost $250. a year even if I did order it which I did not , I have issues with them in the past . I tried to order large print never got it after many phone calls the last one showed up in large print since than I have sworn off credit card takes off the charges,then they add this is criminal.

tamchan 7/6/13 3:55AM

I am going to contact the attorney general about this problem, as I see by the blog, that other people are experiencing the same thing. Books being sent that were not ordered, magazines that were paid for getting canceled, no phone # to contact the delivery of these unwanted unsolicited items, and the corporate phone # mailbox is full! I advise everyone that is unhappy with them, to do likewise, as well as the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Donna 6/24/13 9:18AM

I returned a book to Readers Digest and am now being billed for it. They have sent me three different letters asking for payment and I have answered each one with no response to me except to send another bill. They want me to pay $30.93 for this ONE book WHICH I RETURNED. I am asking and wondering about their record keeping and handling of returns.

wanda h black 4/30/13 8:04AM

My mother recieved CD's last year and paid for them --again this year they tried to do the same thing and she didn't order them --we sent them back--they keep sending mailings to her and we are stock piling the mailings---when in April she sent a letter asking them to take her off their mailing list and that she no longer wants any mailings and does not want to renew her subscription or any of the free ones---they keep sending her a bill and now has recieved a mag for Jan. of 2013---she is almost 92 years old and has a very har time reading anything anymore---she no longer takes care of her $$ either----should I return all the mailings I have stock piled and the mag------she will not pay for any billings you may send her-----what poor management-----her name: Lillian Worthington---I am her daughter---and I use to get a free script----I no longer want mine and my relatives have died that got the other two free scripts----- Please see to it that this is taken care of--------I don't need this headache either---

Anonymous 12/16/12 9:52AM

I thought Reader's Digest was an professional company but it is not. I received a e-mail bill for an order I did not request. I clicked on their sweepstake entry only link and this is what happened. Then it is like the act of Congress to try and reach them. I feel we should see if those treated in this unethical manner should see if we can do a class action suit against them.

This is unacceptable and it has to be stopped.

sparkles 12/6/12 10:34PM

I am going through a simular situation but I recieved a year long subscription never opening a single book because I didn't order it. When the bill came I called and explained to them that I did not order the magazine, PAID the invoice and was assured the account would be cancelled, but the magazines started coming again, again I called and told them this time I was not paying for them so stop the magazines from coming, again told it would be cancelled, low and behold I check the mail today and there is yet another magazine in the mailbox.

BPlummer 10/15/12 2:54PM

This is the second time that I have received from the Readers Digest a book that I didn't order.
On the previous occasion, I complained, but got no help from your "Customer Service" people. Just the claim that I had ordered it. Which I had not. However, rather than go through a long, drawn out and disappointing series of telephone conversations, I simply paid the invoice, and asked that, I be shown something that might have been a purchase order. No evidence was proferred,
The RDA will not be paid for the "book that was not ordered": Nor do I intend to pay for return postage. The one expense that I may pay is the expense of my attorney

Nor do I intend to pay for return postage

Anonymous 10/1/12 11:22AM

I have sent a note in August 2012 to readers digest and told them I didn't want any more Puzzel Books. I received one yesterday Sept.27,2012 with no bill, no phone number etc. So I am going to try and call Customer Service and tell them. I will NOT PAY FOR THIS BOOK!!!!
You al need to get your acts together.
Another upset customer

another upset customer 9/28/12 6:35AM

Dear Readers Digest, I need to make changes, 10 minute hold is riduculous, then i find out I don't need to renew anything my subscription is good till 2014. This is a deceptive practice. Stop trying to get money from unsuspecting senior citizens!

Mad Customer 7/17/12 9:43AM

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