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Ryobi corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Ryobi corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Ryobi corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Ryobi Limited

Techtronic Industries Company Limited
762, Mesaki-Cho
Fuchu, Hiroshima 726-8628

Phone: +81 847-41-1111
Fax: +81 847-43-6111

Ryobi Corporate Office Comments

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I bought a leaf blower backpack for my husband not even a year old stopped working sent it in thinking I have a warranty they will stand by there product well I was completely wrong they blamed my husband said he mixed the gas wrong which is not true.... Can't believe the poor customer service very disappointed... WILL NEVER buy a ryobi again and will be sure to tell's one thing if you get a Lemmon but stand by your product with good customer service. Wish I read these reviews before throwing away $200. Dollars.....

Dail 7/9/14 4:24AM

I bought a Ryobi weed wackier powerhead because first won wouldn't start had it less than two years same thing hard starting and finally when starts if you give it gas it dies very unhappy service center wants $35 to look at it and then $65hour to fix it total$100 it only cost $79 might as well throw it out poor quality never buy one again anf tell everybody I can not to buy one GARBAGE.horrible lawn tool my number is maybe someone can tell me why your tools break so easy

Anonymous 2/17/14 10:09AM

Purchased a 2 cycle weed eater from home depot. Burnt a piston on 10th use. Figured maybe I did something wrong. Purchased a second one and the muffler screws snapped in half, half way through season. Can't get the stubs out. What is it with your products?

complaint 1/7/14 10:28AM

I would like to know why your batteries go dead after they sit for a day. Thanks Don .

Anonymous 12/22/13 2:49PM

Ryobi is the worst company ever. Our weed eater was leaking oil and ryobi said they wouldn't cover it because we dropped it or something. We had only used it 3-4 times and never dropped it! So, I tell the service center that I do not want it fixed, to put it back together and I will pick it up. I go to pick up the weed eater and the guy throws it in the back of my truck. When I got home, I realized that they didn't even put the motor back together. I call the Ryobi service center and they said they couldn't and wouldn't do anything about it because I called and said not to fix it! The warranty is fraud and I will never buy Ryobi again!

Cristina 7/25/13 7:40PM

Ryobi uses rubber hoses on their equipment that ethanol gas eats through. This is why many of you including myself after one season of use the equipment fails. i bought the 99 dollar two cycle blower and the ethanol ate through the hoses is the gas tank the tank replacement was 1778 plus 12 dollars in shipping. Making it one third the costs of a new unit. Ryobi has been made aware of this issue on more than one occassion and will not provide replacement costs to their customers! Stay away from this company!

Ryobi technician 5/17/13 7:03AM

The people at Home Depot sold me a RY40100A cordless lawn mower without a battery and charger and then they told me Ryobi doesn't have the battery have a new cordless mower without a battery or charger.

klj 5/1/13 8:41PM

I purchased a Ryobi blower/vacuum model RY09053 in Oct 2011, I used the blower for one season and it would not start anymore. I took it to an authorized dealer and I was told that the carb was shot and it would cost $100.00 to fix. I only spent $99.00 for the product. The company advertises a 3 year warranty but only covers the carb for 90 days. I took it to my neighborhood Garden Center and they would not even touch it. I am telling everyone I know not to purchase this product. I called customer service who were of no help. Remember to Buy American, terrible product, the warranty is a Fraud.

JJS 4/22/13 12:01PM

I have a 26cc Ryobi weed eater taht is the worst piece of lawn equipment I have ever owned.I had an old 31cc that I used for years until it wore out.I was told that the old one was made by MTD and the new one is made by Ryobi.Both have the add on attachments.I won't buy another Ryobi product due to the service I have gotten out of this last one.

Jim 2/18/13 2:42PM

I was really disappointed with Ryobi customer service this week.I got a new RP 4200 camera as a gift several weeks ago and it had no sim card in it,I took it back where it was purchased,but of course that wouldnt help.I called Ryobi customer service and was told that I could purchase one for 35 dollars plus shipping.All of my tools are Ryobi but No-More.

Bob The Builder 1/31/13 1:00AM

Michael Donnelly go figure Ryobi !!!! would stand up to there products, at least you would think so. right? Well they DO NOT they are selling garbage and making a boat load of cash. I had bought a HPL 50 Hand Plainer 4 years ago used it once the first time I bought it just to see if I would like the tool. Well I did so I put it away to keep it for another day. I finally had a use for the tool and went to put it to use. Well with in 20 minutes the belt broke. So I went to home Depot ( a store that sells there tool) and found out that they do not carry drive belts for it , so they gave me a number where I can get one, no thats not even possible because the model has been discontinued and there is no place to get one. Ryobi head quarters even gave me the brush off. I also had bought there other tools and now that Ryobi HQ and the other tech, customer service of Ryobi were not able to stand up to the tools they sell I will not buy Ryobi ever again. Saying that I just want to say THANK YOU RYOBI FOR BEING UNPROFESSIONAL IN YOUR COSTUMER SERVICE. IF CORPORATE TREATS THERE CUSTOMERS BAD THEN SO WILL CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SO ON. This tool has only has 35 minutes on it. Meaning it is NEW yes NEW and now its just a New peace of - - - -.

bad rep 1/30/13 3:46PM

I am sorry to say that my contact with Ryobi Technologies (UK)Ltd has left me with no trust or goodwill regarding your company.Mr Akira Urakami in his management message mentions that
evey effort to ensure that its customers find their association with Ryobi to be a rewarding experience
I have been treated in a second class manner by your staff I have contacted 01628 894400 on several ocassions and have still to resolve my problem.
I purchased a Ryobi Strimmer which after normal garden usage stopped operating and eventually smoke appeared from the lower part of the equipment. I contacted the above office on the number quoted and the operator told me the faulty equipment will be uplifted by a delivery van on Thursday 2nd August between 9am to 5pm. No one appeared and I phoned at 16 40 pm only to be told that the van had been held up in traffic and would be at my home at 5 30 again no one appeared.I phoned 01628 894400 at 9am this morning 3rd August to register a complaint and was told the manager was not available but would call me back it is now 11 35 am and no one has contacted me.
I have lost 60 pounds earnings, endured a wasted day waiting for my broken strimmer to be uplifted and I find Mr Akira Urakami "A message from Management" has not filtered dowm to all of Ryobi's staff. I have spent over �£600.00 in Ryobi products in the last six months and I am at this present moment sorry I ever purchased the first one

Michael Donnelly
01505 341 615

Michael Donnelly 8/3/12 3:37AM

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