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Sam's Club corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Sam's Club corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Sam's Club corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Sam's Club
2101 S. E. Simple Savings Drive
Bentonville, AR 72716
United States

Phone: 479-277-7000
Fax: 479-277-1830

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On July 20,2014 I purchased a security camera bundle with a square trade warranty. I did not know that much about these systems, but I did enough to find out I wanted a DVR with an RS connection for a PTZ camera, and a remote would come in handy.
I found one on Sam's with an RS connection, a remote, and 12 cameras and a 16 channel camera capacity, as per the spec. sheet listed below the item for sale. So I put in my order, and it came in a few days.
I began testing the cameras and wires. Everything worked as stated and I was pleased. (The only thing that does not work correctly in the date is off one day and will not reset.) I installed all 12 cameras over about a 10 day period, and then ordered three additional cameras to bring the total up to 15.
My system did not come with a remote, but I was busy installing cameras. My last camera was the PTZ and because they are a bit pricy, I spent several weeks looking for the features I wanted, at a price I could afford.
I learned a lot more details and exactly what an RS connection looks like and the fact that the DVR I was sent did not have one. There are a boat full of connections on the back of my DVR, but it turns out none of the 22 is a RS connection.
This is where my phone calls talking to over a dozen people started. The first two where to Sam's Then they referred me to a link at Q-See which ended after three calls to the makers.
Q-See finally said they would do nothing and referred me back to Sam's Club. The first Sam's Club supervisor told me they were sending me the right DVR. I looked at my email and sure enough they were sending me the same system again, which will not have a RS connection or a remote.
After more phone calls with Sam's Club; they got Q-See on the line and their where trying to figure it out. I told them both that was for them to work out, and not on my time, so I hung up and called the cooperate office. Now another person is working on the case, it being the 10th phone call and no small amount of my time.

So, will Sam's stand behind what they sell? It has been two weeks since I told them the 16 channel system with the 12 cameras and the and spec. sheet on their website do not match, and it has not been corrected as of 8-21-2014, which means more people will be running into the same problem.

Anonymous 8/21/14 10:58AM

On 8/3 we went to the South Jordan, Utah Sam's to have our tires rotated since we purchased them there. I wasted over an hour wandering around, I could see my truck sitting in the bay so I finally went and asked them if it was done. I was told No Mrs Walke, we do not have any wheel weights so we cant do it. I was irritated but went to the Murray, Utah location thinking it would be a quick in and out. There was no one else in the bay so I was the only one there. After 2 1/2 hour the guy comes out and says "I have only pulled 1 wheel and I cant get it to balance so I dont know what to tell you" AFTER 2 1/2 HOURS!!!! I was very irritated and spoke with the Manager that got someone back there that I hope knew what they were doing, at this point we told them just fix that 1 tire and let us get out of there... She said it would only be a few minutes to finish the remaining 3 tires... Well after another 4 1/2 hours we finally left... So all in all we spent 5 1/2 hours between the 2 stores! After that encounter I was not convinced my tires are safe and plan on taking it elsewhere. I was so angry that I wasted my whole Sunday just to rotate 4 tires!! As I left the warehouse I handed my card to your associate and told her I would never again spend another dime in your store. I joined Costco the next day and I will never darken your doors again.

over5hoursforrotation 8/15/14 2:08PM

I received a new Sam's Club charge card through MasterCard. Prior to the MC I had a discover card. The MC they issued doesn't work, it has a new chip to prevent theft. Prevents theft alright, I was declined 6 times, each time they sent me back to re-try. Finally rec'd a new card. Well, the new card doesn't work either. I spoke to Customer Service and a Supervisor and they said they are working on it, not good enough. I called Sam's club to let them know this is happening, and they don't care either all they want to do is refer me back to the bank who issued the card. I suggested they issue temp cards without the chip, they will pass on the information. They are the ones losing money and don't care, guess I'll go to Costco!

Carol 8/14/14 1:55PM

I have visit the Sams Club location in O'Fallon Illinois, multiple times. And boy I tell you... One of the supervisor/manager that wears a green vest is very rude,he do not care about the customer's needs at all, Do & does not show no customer service,& is very rude each & everytime I have visit that location to shop, he have been very rude. On one occasion while visiting the store location, I couldn't find the isle that the tote bags where on... So, I stop & ask the guy in the green vest, if he knew where they would be at... He replied... Sir, right now I am in the middle of something but, if u would just walk down the isles & look up at the signs it should be able to tell you what isle it is on. I mean the guy is very very rude. I thought that perhaps he was having a bad day. But, it seems as though, he is rude like this every time I have visit that location. He is a tall black African American, with glasses & has a shaved bald head, & looks alot like Al Roper..

Damion 8/14/14 7:00AM

Baton Rouge, N.Mall Drive this location is HORRIBLE and their customer service is NON-EXISTANT! Let me explain why I HATE that I'm even a Sam's club member: when I buy something, I get a receipt showing what I bought. Why are MEMBERS who PAY for a MEMBERSHIP treated like common thieves whenever they exit your store? This is Bull! The employees treat every customer like common thieves like we as PAYING MEMBERS AND PAYING CUSTOMERS are trying to steal things! I thought that we are paying for a membership for a reason? why in the HELL do we have to pay for a membership only to be ILLEGALLY SEARCHED upon exit??? you can bet your bottom dollar that I WILL NOT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP NEXT YEAR!

Anonymous 8/10/14 1:51PM

I am writing a review on the new Sams in Burleson, tx. I have now shopped in that store 5 times. I have been to several of the other Sams and they have been nice and cool in the summer. This new one is extremely uncomfortable.I have complained twice at member services and was told they have no control over AC.that it is controlled from Arkansas. You see people walking around fanning themselves. You don't seem to have enough employees to help with anything. I waited at the bakery counter for fifteen minutes. No one in sight to help me. You don't stock the same items you had at the campus location. The members of my church have the same complaints about how hot the store is. We will take our business elsewhere. It isn't worth saving a few dollars yo be uncomfortable. When you go into a store to shop people will stay longer and possibly dpend more if it is a plesant place to shop. Please do something about this issue.

Anonymous 8/5/14 3:58PM

Placed an order online, tried to cancel, order shipped anyway. Tried to return item at Sam's club #4721. Manager stated that online orders are not accepted in the stores. Called member services, they called the store and the manager said she didn't know how to do returns for online. REALLY!!! So, after talking to 4+ people...I still have my items. And, I'm still trying to return them. All I can say is Courtney (supposedly supervisor) you need some customer services skills. If it wasn't for customers you wouldn't have a JOB!! How dare hang up on me!!!Sam's Club customer service is just HORRIBLE!!! I am cutting up my card and sending it back to them along with these items. WARNING!!! IF YOU SHOP AT SAM'S ONLINE AND NEED TO MAKE A RETURN..BEWARE Corp office you need to look into these issues!!!

Janice 8/5/14 2:21PM

My wife of 29 years passed away suddenly in late June, 2014. Prior to that we had both shopped at Sam's Club monthly. She had a Sam's Club Discover Card. It has only been six weeks since her death and I have provided Sam's Club with copy of her death certificate and requested that the account be closed. However, Sam's Club has a routine that is implemented when someone dies; they turn the account over to a collections agency (known as Ascention Services). Consequently, I have started to receive letters addressed to my deceased wife from Sam's Club announcing that she should activate her new Sam's Club Master Card. When one calls the number, one is given several options to choose from, none of which make any sense to one who is simply trying to stop the mailings to one's deceased spouse. If you call the Sam's club number, you are also offered several options, none of which lead to speaking directly with a person. In any event, Sam's Club and its Financial Services providers are horribly insensitive to the survivors of Sam's Club deceased members. They will try to sell the survivor a new membership, or they will inform you that the call is being recorded in an attempt to recover funds (all comments will be used toward that purpose). Hence Sam's Club presents itself as being insensitive and untrustworthy that anyone would be responsible for paying the bills of a deceased relative. If one attempts to resolve the concern in person at one's local store, they too will attempt to sell the survivor a new membership. And they will explain that the "system" automatically mails out letters to all members (deceased, or living) promoting that they should call a number to activate a new account. From my perspective Sam's system is not attentive to deceased person's family, in fact they are offensive with their sales and promotions materials. It would be more appropriate for Corporate Headquarters to mail out a sympathy letter to family, offering condolences and the telephone number to the Decedent Office so that Sam's Club representatives could assist the survivors through the process of paying, or not paying the bills of the decedent.

DeadWrongSamsServices 8/5/14 1:08PM

Baton Rouge,LA N Mall Dr location everytime I come there are only 2 or 3 lanes open. There are crazy long lines. Are you that understaffed or is management that stupid??? I'm so over this place !

Anonymous 8/4/14 5:10PM

I have had the same BAD experience as some others here. I ordered a 9 piece counter height dining set. After 3 weeks past the expected delivery date 6 of the 9 pieces finally arrived (6 chairs but no table). When I called to find out what happened to the other part of my order I received a run-around. I was on hold waiting for a supervisor for over 20 minutes. Finally I had to hang up since I've been calling for weeks with the same results. I am hoping the corporate office can do something. In the meantime, I will call my credit card company and have them reverse the charge until I receive the rest of my order. DO NOT SHOP SAM'S CLUB ON-LINE. The customer support is deplorable. I will not even be renewing my membership after this awful experience. There are plenty of other places to spend good money. I do not need to have this type of aggravation again.

Very Unsatisfied Customer 8/4/14 7:50AM

I personally do not know how you choose locations wear to build your Sam Clubs,however I have spoke to many in northern Michigan and we are in great need of two locations the first being in the Big Rapids Area which is in northern central Michigan,surrounded by several colleges and country folks and is growing in many different ways ,yet no discount warehouse wear the community can by in bulk. Next is a need for One in the U.P. Michigan the closes for these folks is Green Bay wisconsin or Traverse city Michigan,I was the one chosen to write this thru the spirit of God and I Know God is never wrong.Many people talk about the needs of these stores but few our willing to step up to the plate and confront the needs we so desperately need.

Anonymous 8/3/14 8:43AM

Dr Sam's Club Corporate Office, I am writing to describe my recent experience with Sam's club customer service. I am hoping you will take the feedback seriously and improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

This is the first time I joined sam's club and ordered something from Sam's club online. I was notified that my order has shipped but the tracking # provided was not working. So after 3 days, I called sam's club customer service, they could not provide information as the item was shipped from a vendor. She also could not provide information if the item requires signature for delivery. When I asked if Sam's Club could follow up with the vendor, she indicated that that could take 1-5 days and could not narrow the time window down due to department to department transfers, etc.

The customer service phone system is confusing. It took me a while to figure out which option to select if I have questions regarding my order or if I want to talk to customer service representative. Googling online many people have the same issue and I learned by keeping pressing 0 I will be transferred to a live person (so after ~ 10 times of pressing 0, finally I was able to talk the representative).

Overall bad experience. Things we take for granted from Amazon,com or other places are not the same at Sam's Club.

S. Zhang

S. Zhang 8/2/14 1:08PM

Dear Sir I am calling to complain about an issue I had today with your Monroeville store Store I asked for a pocket to be put into 2 Flank steaks which cost around 40.00 and was told we can't do that due to cross contamination so i put them back as a consumer I have a rite to purchase what I need for my family. You use to have real butchers, and realbakers this has since gone to the wayside. If I wanted a pre packaged meat product I would go to bottom dollar. You stores are becoming a faketore front. It took 15 Min. To check out in the self check outline we were told that the scanners and registers are not capable of keeping up with the demand of use during busy times it was packed I think you need to look at this store as well as other stores because Sam's Club seems to be not caring as is your sister company Walmart. I'm not sure if I will renew my business membership again. Because the price goes up and the services get worse. I spent only 26.00 instead of 200.00 as I usually do because of not being able to buy what I wanted.


Debbie 8/1/14 2:37PM

I can't believe the Sam's policy regarding trying on clothing in the store. If you want to try something on, you have to buy it first, then take it to the restroom to try it on. If it doesn't fit, you go back to the customer service desk and wait in line to return it. Each time you want to just exchange for size, you have to go through this whole goat rope. If you're going to sell clothes, you need to provide a place to try them on! This whole buy it, return it, buy it, return it system is RIDICULOUS!!!!I spoke to the Manager about it, but he insisted he couldn't do anything about it because it was Sam's policy...well, it's really time to change the policy if you're going to continue selling clothing in the store!! VERY unhappy with Sam's right now!!!!

Anonymous 7/26/14 12:26PM

Navigating your websites are painstaking
Email links keep going to your App download

On July 23, 2014, I was shopping at 7100 arroyo crossing pkwy, LV NV.
My hand was cut by one of your shopping carts.

After finally finding a site and filling out your form, it would not accept it.

So I posted pictures on Facebook. Also requested a reply.
You need to fix the carts before some one gets seriously hurt

Anonymous 7/24/14 5:11PM

I have worked for SAMs club for three years I
Went from one club to the next. I finally resides
At the club in Stafford, Texas. This club is the worst
Ever they have fire more people then they have hired.
The sad thing is I have called my marketing manager
And corporate three times already nothing has been done
So I got advice to reach out to the news station about
How poorly this company treats their employees and lets not
Talk about how rude management is to their members and the
Employees. I have documented every incident that have occurred
Since I been there this club will pay for the disrespect and humiliation
They have caused. Sorry so long but I'm just pissed.

Disappointed at SAMs 7/23/14 10:51PM

I Work for Sams club in Mankato MN and it is the WORST place I have EVER worked. I am Currently looking for other employment. This place is NOT family oriented at all they do not care at all about what's going on with health problems in your family. My friend also works at the same store as me and She had to take her son to the emergency room and the MIT answered the phone when she called in to see if she could come in a little late. the MIT told her that if she comes in late it would still be marked as a tardy and that they need people who are going to show up to their shifts. This is a bunch of crap and I would NOT recommend anyone who has a life to work at SAMS. ALSO it is so disgusting how they make you push upgrades and credit cards on the members. When I talk to a member about it and they say no thanks not interested I say ok maybe some other time, where the COS's make you push further if they say NO then the COS continues to Push the member and you can see they are irritated. If you don't make any credit or upgrades in a shift they talk to you every time. PEOPLE are gunna do what they want to do and you can not force them to do something else. I am so STRESSED out working for this place my SON and MY family come first and this is just not a friendly place. NO WONDER THE TURNOVER RATE IS SO HIGH AND THEY ARE ALWAYS HIRING. I am Beyond disappointed in my job and CAN NOT WAIT TO GET OUT.

Anonymous 7/23/14 8:54AM

I went to a SAMs club to get gas used a debit card pump stated invalid card but charged my card 300.00 put hold on funds have yo wait for credit back not a happy customer

Anonymous 7/20/14 6:45PM

I am a Cart Attendant for Sam's Club in Ypsilanti MI, this has to be the worst Club in Michigan. The management is terrible. I have been there a year now and let me tell you that winter was terrible, My fellow lot tech and I was working in -30 degrease and we came in the store to get warm. The store manager told us we couldn't do that and we had to go back outside. There has been so many more incidents we have them all recorded. Our management is terrible, the manager does not know how to run the store. If corporate is to come back out to my job, I will tell them. I have so many employees that feel the same way. I love working with the other associates and interacting with members. But the manger and the management has to be the worst!

Anonymous 7/15/14 10:01PM

We had severe weather yesterday here in Ohio. We were at the Sams Club in Oakwood Ohio, tornado sirens going off, winds and rain, as soon as we got to the main entrance, they locked the doors. We could not get in. We had to run back to the car, and we were not parked close either. We thought we would be safer in the store than in our car. Went there to do some shopping for food, thinking twice about that now. If thats your policy, that sure is a scary policy to lock someone out like that during that bad of a storm. Thanks Sams Club.

Anonymous 7/9/14 5:21AM

i am a overnight stocker at sams club in laredo texas..or at least i still am..from day 1 that i started i felt that i was a target there considering that im the only white person in the whole store..everyone else is mexican and 2 black managers..sounds racists to me there for the first week i was there i had the night manager down my throat about moving faster in the club..i was giving no TRAINING on what to do in my job was to be a night receiver not to be a merchandiser..there for john hinjosa threated the night get that he was gonna coach everyone if they didnt get there job done in time and that they must not care about there jobs..there for i work in hardlines as a lift driver and had to drop and put away for 4 other departments..and then zone hardlines at the same time..i had the department by myself for a month till they brought someone that didnt speak a word of english(no help)..there for now john tells me that he wasnt my badge and for me to leave the store because i wasnt improving in my job and didnt zone right..and that i didnt ask him what do i need to dio to improve..with this in mine im not a lead and its not my fault that the other guy didnt do his job right and where i got blamed and might have lose my this,i got in 20 min early everyday i work and 90% of the time im the last 1 to leave..never got a coach or write up..this store if a poor escuse..corporate needs to visit them again..they miss treat there employees

jody 6/2/14 7:34AM

When I ordered an item at Sams Club and the incorrect address was given by mistake I tried at least 7 times to correct or cancel the order no one would help the request went on deaf ears 3 days later they shipped and charge my account this order could have been fix by contacting fed x but they would not do it. The item is going to an address that is not valid and they do not care all they want is to ship it and charge the customer. Now we are out of 127.18 and no merchandise. Customer Service would not do anything to help after one week of trying. Sams Club is a big box store you would think they would have qualified employees. Lorraine Long

Lorrie 6/1/14 3:17PM

Thursday night I won an auction for a new tv about 11PM,within 5 minutes of notification of the win I went and verified my payment setting to make sure they were up to date. I needed to update my CC and did so as well as add a back up.I was notified by email the was a problem about 10 minutes after closing and to contact customer service about this. I called the next morning around 10am and after talking to the agent and answering all his questions I was informed he was passing the contact info to the "Auction" department and someone there would contact me in a few days because he was unable to correct "auction" problems(yet there is no way for me to contact them) and they would need to contact me to resolve. This is Monday,almost 2pm and not a word one from "Sam's Auction". I don't want the TV now if they are going to leave me hanging like this. THIS IS NOT SERVICE !! I don't think Sam's Club even cares anymore nor do they even read these post from people, all they care about if the "Numbers". We are probably only a small percent of the total sales per day and instead of fixing problems to progress,they are settling for what they have. VERY POOR !! Not Customer Relations at All.

jaclthr 5/26/14 11:49AM

Sams club Gainsville Florida was the worst work experience I've ever had.. I worked as an overnight stocker and feel like my departure from that hell hole/ slave market was truly a blessing. Dedicate employees.. I say dedicated because every night you can count on at 3 employees to call in.. dedicated employees are under valued. PARTIMERS and full timers work the same hrs minus the benefits vacations and health insurance. I signed on as a stocker and was never trained to operate a fork lift. Instead I was given a pilot jack and told to stock 50 pallets a night. The guys with the most mouth like manager Mike ride around on fork lifts and play all night. HE'LL THROW YOU UNDER THE BUS IN A HEART BEAT WHEN HIS SUPERVISOR ASKS HIM WHAT HES BEEN DOING ALL NIGHT..that place is a joke. And they put damaged groceries on the shelf for sale.. they claim your suppose to put up 50 pallets a night but your lucky if the fork lift driver drops 20 pallets.. the store is a joke.. and the gm Aaron missed his calling he should of been an actor and casted for the movie roots.. I wish I could say I'm an disgruntled ex employee but I'm not. I'm actually happy that I'm no longer with them. My body no longer aches from nine hours shifts of hand hauling a pallet jack loaded with whatever.. While my superiors get paid for looking busy riding around on a fork lift . adiós Sams club.. looking forward to watching karma kick you in the behind..

Anonymous 5/15/14 7:47AM

Sam's club should be ashamed of not following up with OSHA laws. Everytime I go to check out of sams, they make their cashiers, who are mostly women, lift everything on the belts then the carts themselves. Whatever happened to only lifting up to 50lbs, and for that matter, what about people who purchase bags of the items that weight over that. Shame on them. Largest employer and employee abuser.

Glad to not be a Sams employee 5/13/14 11:11AM

I've had my membership at Sam's since the mid 80's but I've never been so mad at any store as I was at Sam'' in Topeka Kansas last night. I use cash because they don't take VISA but the new self-serve checkout lanes won't take cash. There were at least a dozen empty self-serve checkout lanes last evening but the only open lane that would take cash had 15 people standing in line! I was so mad I left my cart with items there and walked out. On the way out the manager ask what the problem was and he said he would open another lane, but why didn't he do it sooner? Sam' used to have really good customer service.

disappointed 4/23/14 7:50AM


Food court can not have a water cup available for customer use.San Bernardino Sam's Club. Please correct this situation ASAP. LET ME KNOW YOUR

Results. SO I don't take this matter further. THANKS

Barbara 4/16/14 11:30AM

I Am A Concerned Parent Of A Daughter Who Worked For Sam's Club In Fridley, Mn. My Daughter Was Fired Because They Said She Was Missing $750 From Her Tilt(ie From Register) I've Been In Charge Of Handling Cashiers And Tie-outs Making Sure All Tilts Balanced At The End Of Cashier's Day. How In The Heck Could One Individual Be Missing $750 For The Week, My Question Is Why Wait Until The End Of The Work Week (sunday) To Notify Employee That They Were Short For The Week In That Amount. If That Was In Fact The Case, Employee Should Have Been Fired The Same Day. Why Would They Continue To Let Her Run A Register. In This Case She Played Two Roles One As A Cashier And The Other As A Door Greeter, So What's Happening To Her Tilt, Whose Minding Her Tilt And Why She Couldn't Get The Same Tilt When She Returned Back To Cashiering For The Store In Fridley...i Think The Process In Which They Handled This Situation Was Unfair And Documentation Was Presented To My Daughter But They Told Her That She Would Have A Gross Misdemeanor On Her Files, First Off You Can Not Tell Someone That She Has A Gross Misdemeanor On Her Files Without Getting The Police Involved. I Believe It Was An Inside Job To Setup My Daughter And They Used Her As Their Scape Goat...i Need Someone From Corporate To Investigate The Practices At The Fridley Location In Minnesota...

UNHAPPY MOM 4/7/14 7:38AM

I am a employee of sams club .iI have never had a job that was so unorganized.i work in the cafe and i hardly ever get breaks and hardly get a lunch.They desperatly need help.when i try talking to the coaches and cos they seem to not care.I feel as tho the cafe shouldnt even be a part of the club.I usually jave to work by myself with lines almost out the door. I really dony want to quit but i am overwhelmed and very tired when i come home. I have tended to take it out onmy children and its not their fault at all. They really need help and also the managers are very rude to their employees. Please please help..

Heather 4/3/14 10:46AM

The Sams Club located at 1250 Airport Blvd. in Pensacola Florida has been notified that placing shopping carts in the handicap parking access isles is in violation of the Americans with Disability Act. The continued practice will result in filing a complaint with the Department of Justice. Pleae respond to this complaint within two weeks. Thanks for your assistance.

Frank Cherry

Executive Director

Frank 3/25/14 2:24PM

Corporate Office doesn't care anymore than Store Mgt does! "Store Owner's" are given special times to shop....gen public not allowed...they can fax orders and have them pulled and's RUDE and INCONSIDERATE Store Owner's that chose to shop with the gen public....hold up lines....and Mgt says they have no control over them. They sure control the gen public by not leering them in during these hours! We and least 8 others customers waited over an hour in line at the tobacco register while 3 Sam's employees pulled these Store Owner's order. Guess they are too lazy to get up early and shop. This was at the Grand Prairie, TX store. Wake up and put special registers for them only! Complained to Store Mgr and called Corp Office with no satisfaction...Guess Sam's CATERS to them!

Anonymous 3/13/14 4:59PM

I was at Gratiot SAMs Club shopping today with my daughter between, 4:30 to 5:30 pm. I was passing the frozen isle area while my daughter tried the samples which is something she enjoys. There were two female employees in the same isle passing out samples, my daughter picked up two shrimp samples and came back by me as we ate the shrimp the two female employees were staring directly at my legs. The next minute they described me as disgusting and that I need to get clothes on, that I have problems. I am a member of SAMs Club and have been for a few years and I do not feel as though two employees harassing me infront of my daughter is appropriate in any situation. I just had surgery on my legs and my doctor approved that I wear tight black compression pants which are fitting. I honestly do not care what anyone's opinion is of what I am wearing but felt very uncomfortable as two perverted female employees were harassing, tormenting my daughter and I while shopping at SAMs Club!

Kat 2/28/14 9:01PM

Beware of Sam's Club in Tupelo, MS. Arrived here looking for corporate phone number and saw the review below from the woman who visited this store on Jan 15. My wife and I have had terrible experiences at this location. There are good employees there but the rude and clueless management makes it an unpleasant place to shop on occasion. Get a clue HQ, if you care then clean it up.

Anonymous 2/17/14 1:54PM

Would not recommend anyone doing business with Walmart or Sams Club any longer. It is too bad that they no longer have the superior customer service they once had. I received a different and inferior model of tv and they refused to make it right. Cannot say I will never shop at Walmart again but will certainly look for other businesses to support.

Anonymous 2/17/14 1:46PM

we have a membership at sam's and costco, have noticed more organic selections at costco, fresh meats, frozen and fresh veggies, dairy, wish sam's would to.

Anonymous 2/17/14 10:55AM

This is my 4th letter to Sam's Club. You need to put a Sam's Club in the Spokane Washington area. When I lived in Auburn Wa, I shopped at Sam's Club ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I have moved to Spokane, and now the closest Sams Club in back in Auburn which is a 5 hours drive. The next closest Sam's Club is in Boise, an 8 hour drive!!
I enjoy shopping at Sam's Club, because my dollar goes farther than at Costco. I really can't afford Costco anymore. I know a Sam's Club would be a HUGE success here. Please put a Sam' Club in the Spokane Wa area. Or even the Post falls-Coure De Alaine Id area

Thank you....Kathryn

Anonymous 2/16/14 1:00PM

Our Lions Club can't get the Kelloggs 30 count individual
cereals anymore from Sam's in Kokomo,Indiana. We need this for our Backpack program for our Local school. We include
this item each week and the kids count on it.We buy this item every week in big quanities. Hope you can help us.

Anonymous 2/3/14 7:37PM

It is impossible to talk to anyone in the corporate office. They do not want to hear from the customer even though I have been a customer in good staanding with tnem for over 25 years. They use GE CAPITAL for their credit card and they harass a good customer for a past due bill even though I never received a bill in the mail. When will the clubs wise up and accept Visa and Mastercard like the rest of the world does? I NEVER have a problem with these credit card companies.

aggravated 1/29/14 12:07PM

how can anyone be serious of Your company when u got a junior manager in ocala Florida posting his manager job sucks and hates work and his job mean u are cutting people and layoffs and u got people like this that don't respect the job they have or title? u lost a big customer

Anonymous 1/24/14 3:55PM

I have extreme medical conditions, and can only use a particular brand of Calcium Citrate630 + with Vit D3 that was sold in Valdosta. They have been out i fact stop selling it. I am disabled and when I ask about the product everyone is very rude. Even the pharmasist did not know it was not sold there anymore. I have left messages for management to see if I could order from another store, and no one even returns phone calls. How unprofessional. Or they will put the phone down and never get back with you. To me, this is a matter of LIFE or DEATH.

Sandy D. 1/24/14 9:55AM

This email is about the Sams Club at

The people who were working the customer service desk at 4:30 PM on Thursday January 23rd, 2014 are disrespectful, inept, and downright rude. I got in line at the customer service desk behind a woman and waited while two of your associates took care of a customer. Neither of them seemed to know what they were doing but finally, several minutes later, one of them (a young obese girl) walked away and asked to help the woman who was in line in front of me. The older male associate continued with the first customer for several more minutes. In the meantime two more of your associates showed up behind the counter while another customer cut the line. Instead of asking that customer to take his place in line they began to help him leaving me standing there like some red headed stepchild. I said nothing because just then the older associate finished up with the first customer and I stepped up to the counter. Your associate greeted me by saying he is fine. Not good evening sir how can I help you. Not hello, he just said "I am fine". I let that pass too and explained to him that I needed (help at the electronics department). He laughed, walked over to the customer that cut the line (who was already being helped) and began helping him. So now again two of your associates are helping one customer but this time after being disrespectful and rude to me. I stood there for a moment thinking he would come back but he didn't so I walked out of your store angry and will never go back. I will post this in facebook and any other social media site that I happen to come across. I already put a review in Google and I plan to attempt to speak to the store manager on the phone about this incident because he should be ashamed of the way he lets his employees treat members. The people who were "working" the customer service counter today at 4:30 PM should all be fired or at least demoted to a position where they have no contact with the general public and the manager should receive a reprimand for not minding the store. Maybe the manager should be fired too. I am appalled.

Sincerely, Michael J. Morano

Michael Morano 1/23/14 4:47PM

Does not Sam's Club carry the following items
Coffee Cups
Canisters of sugar and cream
Individual packets of sugar and cream

THEN why do you not carry sizzle sticks/coffee stirs?

It makes no sense at all.

Hopefully someone in HQ will be able to answer this ?.

island grocery service 1/17/14 2:36PM

I have been a Sam's club member for many years and before I
retired, I had a business card that I got through the office. It seems that the new manger was not a Sams club member and she didn't see the need to fool with getting the cards for everyone, so therefore, I could no longer be a business card holder. It is sure not my fault because I have kept my membership up for many years and had to go to
the regular card when I could no longer renew mine through the office. Many years ago when Sams came to Memphis, TN my
huband and I purchase what they told us was a lifetime membership. As it turned out, it was not a lifetime membership but we sure thought we had one. Needless, to say the employees in Tupelo, MS would not let me in the door before ten o'clock this morning because my card did not say it was a business card. Well as I have already said it is sure not my fault as I have paid my membership for many years. I am not a happy shopper today since I could not get in Sam's this morning before ten and would
like to ask that my membership be refunded and I will just
go my merry way and leave Sams club along and will not be
bothering them anymore. I have paid lots of money to purchase a can of mixed nuts, a can of pork rinds, some frozen chicken pieces, some frozen fruit, a large jar of
mayonnaise and a large jar of crunchy peanut butter over the years but I am sure I can find it some other place besides Sams.I was appalled at how rude the employees were
that would not let me come into Sams today. You certainly
dodn't employees like that to give your business a bad name. I am a senior citizen and got so upset with them I was livid. I am way too old to be treated the way I was treated today at Sams in Tupelo, MS

Anonymous 1/15/14 10:09AM

I have lodged a complaint about a very rude store employee at sams club in port saint lucie fl. It is apparent that management does not care about treatment of costumers as evidenced by no response from management . I will shop elsewhere. And make sure others know.

Anonymous 1/12/14 7:30PM

I have been going to Sams Club #6544 for years..and I have bought tons of jewelry from there .The only gal I will deal with is Terry. I love the fact she is very informed knowledgeable and very friendly. She goes out of her way to find and item or help find something. I recently found out that her job title was eliminated. I hope the the club arent going the way of costco.. very impersonal. i do hope she stays ,she is great . and if she leaves so will I.I know I'm a guppy in a shark tank but its the prince able.

debbie demassy 1/9/14 10:23AM

I recently went in to purchase a wedding band for my husband. I spoke w/ the girl I always do (Terri) and she gave me the information I needed.Told me the ring when ordered would take 3 weeks . she is always very nice,informative and goes out of her way to help me. I went back to order the ring and she was off. but the girl that waited on me was very rude and told me it would take 6 weeks. i told her that I was told by (Terri) it would only be 3 weeks . her informed me that(Terri) always tells remembers that. to me seemed it was personal thing. she was putting her down saying she dont know what shes doing and tells people whatever they want to hear. I have been dealing with Terri for years and I trust her . I spoke w a manger but she blew me off. i wasnt upset about the 3week thing was the fact that the employee was putting Terri down and it was wrong.

Anonymous 1/9/14 9:55AM

I returned products to the Daytona Beach Sam's Club (1/8/14, midday) and received gift card as credit. Shopped in store and spent less than half the credit amount. Went to cashier who somehow screwed up the numbers and told me I owed them about $8. She argued with me when i told her she was wrong. I insisted on a manager.

Assistant manager comes over, doesn't speak to me but accuses me of using the card previously (I had just got the card and I would be on their video machines as proof I wasn't pulling one over on them). This was said in front of other customers who were also shocked at the treatment I received (i.e. cashier rolling eyes, etc.) I insist on talking to someone higher than her. She then fools around with the register and gives me a credit showing more than I should have been given. I start to leave go back and tell her she's wrong again, and over and over she's rude to me. I keep telling her "you're now giving me too much money back". I simply want this correct, but I'm being given an awful time *in front of other customers*. I insist on someone else and the "real manager" appears (big tall guy) and immediately he's unfriendly and rude when I tell him I just want to give them their money back, that this is wrong. It's really simple, I said. He then says the assistant was right yet I have the proof (receipts) and I am sending copies of the receipts by snail mail to Sam's corporate headquarters, all the corporate team. I am shocked to be mistreated (it's on video) since there is a new BJ'S up the street. Maybe I wouldn't be abused there. Sam's manager did eventually correct the amount owed to me and reprinted a correct receipt but not without a lousy attitude, no apology, and offensive to me. I can't believe the ugly attitude presented to me, an innocent customer spending money in their store. Shame on this's store's treatment of a completely innocent, honest, mature long term customer. Register receipts and surveillance video don't lie!!!

ShockedAtManagement 1/8/14 1:45PM

Every Month, I am charged a $25.00 late fee and I am not late and every time, I call the customer service, I get someone in the Philapines, the workers can not speak good english and they sure can not ad, when I ask for some one in the United States that I am calling about a billing problem in the US and Not in the Philapines, they just hang up on me. If Sams Club is a American Company, they should have American Workers and not out souce to another country. This is wrong and I will be glad when I do pay off this account and I will NOT ever go there again and help a company that can not even hire American workers and they out source to the Philapines. Yesterday, I called many times and when I would ask for some one that can speak correct english they just hang up on me. They are so rude and do not know what they are doing. This is so so wrong.

No one will read this I am sure, that is how Sam Walton got so wealthy, buy out source to Another country and when he does hire americans, they only get part time work.

James Staley

James Staley 1/8/14 5:10AM

The managers at sams club in Chesapeake Virginia off of battlefield blvd talk horribly to their employees they talk to them like they are better than them and like the employees are their children ...also during the holidays the cashiers have to close the store by helping the floor partners get everything together for the next day which is understandable but if the cashiers are scheduled to get off at 845 or "last member" they shouldn't still be staying past their shifts especially until 11pm or later ..the cashiers have scheduled shifts for a reason and once that shift is over and their part is done on the front end they should be and to go home they have other responsibilities outside of sams club and shouldn't be told they can't go home after completing the shift they were given ..this is a major problem and someone needs to fix it

Anonymous 1/6/14 4:13AM

Horrible Customer Service at the Sterling VA store. Bought a mattress and tried to coordinate for delivery. The customer non-service desk made ME call their delivery service - they said it was the delivery service they use but the delivery and payment arrangements are between me and their service. The delivery service - Install, Inc. - could not call up their available delivery dates and said they had to contact their "technician" to determine delivery dates, and that they would call me. Stupidly, I paid them, expecting a call within the hour. It is now four days later and in spite of related calls to the service, they still cannot get their "technician" to provide a delivery date. After reading all the reviews here and on Yelp, I am horrified that I gave my money to Sams Club, and have to suffer through the continuing ordeal of arranging delivery or trying to cancel the order, which I am sure will be extremely difficult. I will never go to Sams Club again. Sam Walton would be ashamed.

ceburg 1/1/14 7:49AM

I am a police officer in Tampa fl.i was shopping in the sams club in Brandon Florida and observed a individual place approx. 15 DVD;s under his shirt and walk out I told the woman at the door about it and she asked the man to step back inside at which time he refused until I asked him to come back inside which he did .she called the manager on duty over who pulled me to the side and stated he could not do anything because YOU have a 4 step plan the offender has to do before you take any action, I advised him of Florida law pertaining to this theft and he said there was nothing he could do???? so he let him go. This is why we pay higher prices for goods .from now on I will go to COSCO which is right down the road. What a disgrace that was. The gentleman actually laughed as he walked out.i then said can you at least take his card and he said done with sams club..

ralph oconnor 12/31/13 1:17PM

does this writing comment goes anywhere and if it does i want sams club rochester mn change they treated the employer so bad those manger pay so cheap i quit sams work at other job pay more they treat me way better than sams i dont like sams i hate shopping there now i rather shop at costco

Q 12/28/13 2:15PM

Sam's club at rochester minnesota manger are so damn stupid i don't understand the corporte hired all these dumb ass manger walking around dont know shite treating there employer so bad the schedule is mess up paying employer is so cheap but paying those cower dumb and stupid manger just walking around so hight we problem but cant go up to talk to the manger i swear if i do the next day the manger fired me stupid manger doesnt do anything it pissed me off going there working but never happy if u read this please made a change at sams club at rochester Mn to get more work done hired more people work together and undertanding eachother in order for to business

reay 12/28/13 2:05PM

I am quite unhappy with the LACK of customer service from bothering with on line
complaints vie emails! Zip, zip response!! Same bad service bad management and lack of quality, reasonable products that the COMPETITOR offers consistently!!
The Site at 2901 Clairmont Rd, Atlanta, ga has so many issues:
..non legible receipts...never change the tapes..
....most, most items in frozen, deli, prepared food are WITHOUT price labels.
makes choices very difficult or impossible.
.....the receipts have NO addresses, only phone numbers
..... reasonable price items are OFTEN replaced by expensive brands!!
There needs to be an overhaul of management and personnel soon at this site

"Sick and tired" 12/27/13 6:34PM

Trying to return a defective queen size cannot find anyone to help us take it back. No company associated with sams will pick it up. I do not own a truck. I am old, willing to pay to have someone pick it up. No one will touch it, how is that, Sam Walton's family? Sams may have lost our business. I know no one cares, but I am going to vote with my feet And move over to costco when our membership expires.

Behm2647 12/26/13 3:37PM

I placed an order with Sam's Club 12-2 and as of 12-23 I am still begging for delivery of the item. They took my money, gave me delivery dates (wasted my time waiting on delivery those days, changed the dates again and again, and could care less about getting the item to me. Sam's Club uses Pilot Freight Service who could care less about when they deliver the items or Sam's Club.

Anonymous 12/23/13 10:08AM

today I just walk out again from sams club because of their horrible customer service. I have been with sams from last 4 year they just down the street from me. every year I give them a 35 to 40 thousand dollars business and today I went to open my new account to cosco which they are 10 miles away from me. the general manager was as unprofessional as regular lazy people who work there. they got my reward point card and I throw that away. from today no walmart and no sams. for me

manojsolanki 12/19/13 10:14PM

My biggest complaint about Sam's Club is they get selling a product people enjoy and then stop selling it, namely Herr's Pretzel Nuggets and many other products that I previously purchased but no long can do so.

That is my complaint for what it is worth.

A unhappy Customer 12/18/13 7:13AM

I am having trouble with an online order. It is stuck in the processing stage. I have called repeatedly and no one have called me back to help. The customer service people don't really seem to care. I'm tired of the waiting game... They told me I couldn't cancel my order... That is just wrong if you are not doing your part and not letting me cancel. Its a Christmas gift and I need to get another one. I will never purchase a big item from Sam's again!!!!

Kim RN 12/9/13 5:36PM

I am writing about the gas pumps at the Sam's Club in Northlake, IL. For years we have purchased gas at Sam's Club without an problems until recently when for safety reasons there is one way into the gas pumps and one way out. And if you should go in the wrong way, then the gas dragon will not so nicely tell you to pull out and go in the gas lanes the correct way. I understand the safety issue when the service bay is open, but there is no reason that their needs to be cones up when the service bay is closed. This new system makes you wait, when they are spots open. But due to the fact that the ones open, may not be on the right side for your gas tank. Sam's needs to consider installing long hoses that will work on either side of the car. I get so frustrated, that I am considering not renewing my membership, as the main reason I shop at Sam's is for the gas.

R2 12/5/13 4:10PM

I have been a member for years. This year decided to order a wooden swingset. Couldn't get my password to work. I called and they tried several things. They couldn't fix it. I had to wait on someone with IT to fix my password. I went 2 hours to McKinney Tx and stopped at Sam's Club and was going to have them order one and ship it. No...They couldn't do that. Over a weeks time I talked to 7 or 8 people and no one could get it fixed. Well once they got it where I logged in then it wouldn't save my address change and kicked me back out and they haven't fixed it since. I ordered a playset from another company. This was the most flustrating thing ever. I think you should be able to go and have them order at the store for gosh sake. This has ruined my idea on how Sam's runs their business. I won't attemp to ever order anything again.

Anonymous 12/5/13 12:31PM

I have been a member of Sam's Club for many years and when I wnent in to my lacal store tonight to buy Christmas giveaways for my customers, and tried to put it on a Visa Credit Card, I was told that you do not accept Visa. This is a company card and the only way that I have to charge on my expense account. Oh well, that three hundred dollar sale will now be purchased elsewhere. Why take Mastercard and NOT Visa?

Anonymous 12/2/13 7:53PM

I am no longer a customer at sams club i find it to be a horrible shopping experience when the economy got bad sams club did not work with me on making a resonable payment to my account they continurd to put late fees on my acvount which i could no longer aford because i had to satisfy living expensees so greedy corporate ceos continue to take money from what was once for the people in the community to satisfy there own desires. SHAM ON YOU!!!!!!!!
Come join me as we gather to pick it the local fishkill sams club so Ceos can have a great holiday season.

merry christmas 12/2/13 10:03AM

After going on line and reading all the complaints about
Sam's Club, I realize I'm doing nothing but wasting my time,
but want you to know about my experience at the Colonial
Heights, Virginia store. I had time to spare on Saturday and
was told I could get a one day pass with my Discover Card, but
there would be an upcharge if I made a purchase. This I understand. The young man behind the counter said there were
NO more one time passes so we opted to join for 1 year $45.
The young man could not understand I did not want to upgrade
my card to the $60 membership. He would not accept that fact
I wanted the $45 membership. I could not make him understand
that was the membership I wanted. Needless to say my husband
and I walked out of the store (without joining) and without
making a purchase. This young man appeared unqualifed for the
position he had accepted. Thank you for your time! WILL I RECEIVE A REPLY CONFIRMING RECEIPT?

Anonymous 12/2/13 8:16AM

I went to Sam's Club in Flint MI. on Corunna on Black Friday. I was there at 7am to purchase a phone. I did not leave until after noon. The computers to sign up for new phones went down from 8am to 12 pm. It's pretty bad when you have managers that will not give you the time of day. Not once did a manager address either one of us. The two guys and the lady that was working was very apologetic. How ever you management is something to be desired. I spend a lot of money at Sam's Club and this is one of the worst shopping experiences I have ever had. Then when I had to go back on Saturday because the service was not transferred right and that's another problem. Today is Sunday and the phone service is still not transferred. I am very angry and my time is just as valuable as your companies. Now I have to go back for the third time. This is a total waste of my time, I do not live in Flint and it's 32 miles round trip.

Darlene 12/1/13 2:38PM

I've forgotten how many years I've been a member of Sam's Club. Until today I was a happy customer but seeing Sam's refusing purchases and good money has caused me to take a second look. Normally I have my check book, but do not have but one credit card (for security reasons). I was unexpectedly near Sam's and thought to do some shopping - a small amount as Sam's purchase go -- say around $200 (there's only the two of us at home). I realized I did not have my check book with me because had been inserting new checks and left it at home. I do not have a WalMart's charge card. I approached the greeter and asked if I could use my regular VISA card for some shopping but it appears you are still in the Stone Age of credit and only accept your charge card, cash or checks. Therefore today I went home from Sam's more than a little miffed. We have only the one store in this area (that I'm aware of) and this one is across town from my residence.

Therefore, when is Sam's going to come out of the credit stone age and let would be customers use their other credit cards?

Mona 11/30/13 1:21PM

My wife has worked for your company 18 yrs,she is currently filling in for someone at another club,she has been home maybe once a week for the past 2 months to see her 2 kids an myself.She takes one day off and it just so happens a boss does a walkthru and she is home crying her eyes out fearing for her job. This is BS .If this is how the company represents itself and its employees its an absolute disgrace. Not even her place of business and shes been cleaning up the mess of others working everyday 2-3 hrs away from home living in a hotel,not taking lunches etc. If you ask me this needs to be addressed and looked into.

Anonymous 11/30/13 12:44PM

I have been a member of Sam's since 1991. My Sam's Membership Number is 3410263093379. I have always felt I was treated very fairly at Sam's and when I had problem it was always handled with positive results. On November 15, 2013 I purchased a Nikon D3200 camera for $679.00. I'm very satisfied with the camera. After reviewing the Black Friday Ads I noticed the same camera was priced at $599.00. I called the Dover, Delaware Sam's Club which is the location I purchased to ask for a price match for the difference. I was told no I couldn't get the reduced price. I would like the price match for the camera. I don't intend to return the camera as some people have done and buy the lower price camera. I don't play that game. If there is anything you can do I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous 11/29/13 6:38AM

I wrote this a day or so ago. I do not care how this is addressed, but did expect a reply.

Yesterday, November 23rd, late afternoon, I visited your Myrtle Beach location to grab some last minute Christmas items. I probably should have forgone this, as I am having my knee replaced in December. When we arrived, pulled up and asked a young man to get me a riding cart as I did not believe I could walk. As is always the scenario, your employee serviced me in a courteous, warm, businesslike manner. Went in got a few items, needed to use your facilities. Parked at the entrance, and was able to utilize walls and open doors to get to a stall. Coming out I asked a Sam's club employee, Mary, to please give me a hand to the opposite wall. Mary looked at me like I was crazy, and started to walk off. I asked for her name, and she became extremely hostile. Another member helped me to the wall, I went out the door, got on the riding cart, and my friend was there. Mary made sure to come up, and tell my friend that she could not "UNDERSTAND A WORD I SAID." She had other things to say, but I rode off. My friend told me not to hassle with letting management know. I told her that I was a member, and had never before been treated that way. I am still shocked that someone employed at Sam's spoke to me, about me in such a disrespectful manner, As well as involved themselves enough to address my friend. I really do not care how this is addressed. One bad experience is not going to change my membership status. This is just so heinous, unwarranted, and base I feel you need to be informed of it. I remain,

Yours truly,

Victoria Joy Stevens

joyhul 11/26/13 1:42PM

VIP Event should mean just what it says on the invite, "by invitation only." Clearly the new Raymore, Missouri store did not close and follow the rules and let everybody in to shop. Of course the deals were gone before 7-9 p.m. I asked for an empty gift bag for a fragrance gift purchased the day before at the same jewelry counter and was not allowed to have one! Was told I should have gotten it when I made the purchase. All the sampler bags were already handed out, which a customer told me were only 35 total. This store is quite a bit further than the Grandview, MO store that closed so this was a waste of my time on a very cold night! It seems that making sales are more important than having members. I will not ever go to any more of these so-called VIP Events.

Anonymous 11/25/13 2:41PM

To whom I may concern. I received the Holiday VIP Event indentation which was held today November 21,2013. Prior to arriving to the store located as 1350 Leah Ave, San Marcos · (512) 392-1963. Upon calling and asking a store representative how the event would be organized. I was told that the store would close at 6:00 PM and reopen at 7:00. She also stated the event would only have a limited quantity of items and it would first come first served.

I arrived to the store at 6:00PM, to find that the entry door was closed and customers were exiting. Another customer came up and ask if this is where the line was forming. I responded by showing that customers were still in the store and we are waiting in the cold and rain to get a TV. The gentleman said he had dropped his wife off an he was waiting to confirm where the line the was starting. He then received a call from his wife stating the line was inside starting in the tire department. As I stated this is at 6:00PM. We proceeded inside to the tire Dept. to find a line of about 60 people. As a store representative ask to scan our member cards the gentleman that was waiting outside with me earlier was leaving. as he walked be he said that the store had given out claim tickets for the 70" VIZIO. This I didn't understand as it is now 6:20PM. I then went to the store associate and ask if this was true. She stated that all 12 claim tickets had been handed out. I made a statement that the store never closed and the event states that it would start at 7:00. she stated that customers were allowed to start forming a line at 2:00PM.

Why was this called a VIP event when it appears to a lets get the customers pissed off because we can Event.

VIP Event without 11/24/13 9:22PM

My wife spends $300 to $600 everyday at Sams for her catering company. I am trying to buy new tires for her vehicle and can't even speak to anyone about what is in stock and if we can drop off the SUV. Have spent about 45 minutes on the phone and keep getting dropped. Will consider the new Costco down the street.

sbrewer 11/22/13 4:42PM

Sam,s Club here in Kcks off of Parallel PWK. The optical dept has one employee (dont know her name). She is the worst costumer service rep i have ever dealt with rude and smart mouth. I have complained to the store manager Megan. One thing she forgets that ppl that shop thier PAY for a membership. Thier NO REASON for her being like that. I sure hope Megan does somthing about it. Someone like that dont need to working with the public. She is SOMTHING ELES. Its not only happen once but twice with this person.

Lorna 11/19/13 1:25PM

Dear Sir:
My Sam's store that I'm referring to is located at:
13331 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77082
This is a new store opened about 3 months ago. I have been trying to be patient, but I'm almost forced to take my business elsewhere. I have tried to contact manager, but noone will let me through to speak to him. They take my complaints, but nothing happens.
This week on my click'n pull, there are 6 items that aren't available. This happens every week, so it causes me to make trips elsewhere to get items I need for my business. Most of these are listed online, but when I get to store, they don't have them. Some are basic things, like pretzels, Pam, Ranch dressing, etc.
I have been so excited about this opening,as it is around the corner from my business, but I think 3 months is time enough to get the store up to speed. I keep telling them, most people won't be this patient, and will go elsewhere after one bad visit.
Discouraged longtime customer,
Darlene Cummings

Anonymous 11/18/13 8:01AM

i had a bad experience on 11/10/13 with a slow tire leak.i left after 2 hours not happy.the shop employee could not find the leak.went to a tire shop on 11/11/13.they found the a new tire put on.i went back to the niles store on 11/15/13.i asked if i could get another tire pro rated and have it put on the suv so that i would have two older tires and two newer tires. the store manager i think his name was bill said do it.the tire shop manager (chris) said that he was sorry that it was not handled better from the start.i was very happy the way it all turned out. excellent staff.thankyou!

djsekerak 11/15/13 2:29PM

I purchased a mattress and box spring. I was given a number
to call for delivery.Had to prepay.Waited for delivery for which I had to take time off from my job.The delivery truck
broke down .They made me wait 2 more days and still it finally
arrived 3 hours late. It was very unprofessional.Sams club should have given the delivery to another service so I was not
inconvenienced without a bed for several days. I will never purchase another item from there that requires delivery.

judy 11/15/13 4:34AM

I have had the worse customer service experience ever. I pre-ordered an xbox one for my son for xmas on oct.2 2013, and on nov 2 I was told that the experation date had expired on my card. I called in to member services to rectify the problem and was told a supervisor would need to call me back. After 4 days of waiting I called back and demanded to speak to a supervisor who took my information to only tell me that she accidentally canceled my order in error. I was promised that sams would make it right since it was there error by a manager named savatrie. Needless to say I've called her emailed her and never heard anything back from her or sams. I've decided to cancel my membership and will advise to never shop or order from samsclub or again. This is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

sherdale 11/12/13 11:22AM

I'm a veteran who saw an advertisment running for 3 days before 11/11/13, that veterans who needs a cane could get one through Sam's Club. Went to 3 of them and was told the same! They had got e-mails saying they were not going to have the canes this year! I showed then the ad, and they could not explain! I can explain.....Sam's don't treat their Vets right! They want you in to give them your money; otherwise, screw off!!!!!! I am sadly disappointed and will not re-new mt card. I will also sprend the word about this as well.

Corky R. 11/12/13 8:21AM

On Oct 25, I bought a camera outfit from Sam's Club in Athens, Georgia.
The idea was to use it to back up the cameras I already own, 2 Nikon D200's. That night I studied the info on the outside of the box and decided it was too different to use it. Controls different, memory cards, batteries to name a couple.
I decided to return the outfit (camera body with 2 lenses, battery, charger and carrying bag) without opening the box.

I returned it Sunday Oct 27, two days later, never opening the box.

The electronics guy came to verify everything was in the package. Well, what do you know, the camera body and one lens were missing.
The box was brought out to me from a locked cage, at least they said it was, I never saw the cage.

Now, I know I should have opened the box before I left the cashiers desk, but who would have thought the box was nearly empty, it being under lock and key. I will inspect all boxes from now on, regardless of where I buy something.

Sam's club club informed me today that they were not going to credit (refund) my card.

WILLIE 11/4/13 8:56PM

i am a long time member we were in sams nov 3 and as we check out we were told we couldn't use our debit/ credit for credit we have not had any problem in the past using it. i am not going too give my pin number because in walmart some body got our pin mumber and we had to get a new need to rethink our debit/credit card because i don't ever use my pin any more. and u need more space for wheel chairs people over at ur deli i couldn't order over there because there was no space for me and my wheelchair

patricia 11/4/13 1:48PM

Hi, Im a candy vendor and purchase all my products from Sams stores since 2003, bout a week ago I went to Sams online and found no vending supplies online.. I called and was told to try buying from Costco or to a online vending supplier.. unreal.. asked to talk with a supervisor and was put on hold,waited for 15 minutes and no one came,had to hang up.. now the products are back on the stores site,tried to find coconut water today on the stores site and everytime I click summit it changes for grocery items to all items and list nothing on the page other than water purifiers.. with all the money Sams has,how is it possible for the site to be broken a lot and the live service blow off the customers needing info on products and not knowledgeable to answer customers questions??

boatmoter 11/3/13 7:40AM

Just a brief concern regarding Sam club Montrose, Ohio.

I am a long time member and a stockholder via our retirement plan.

Last week I purchased a Toshiba external hard drive. This week it is discounted $8.00.

I went to customer service and was told I would have to produce a receipt to get a credit for the amount. I am a plus member and when I could not find the receipt I was told in so many works .

This did not sit well with me and I worry about Walmart/Sam future. It is not the $8.00 that concerns me. It is the attitude of the customer service person.

This this happened on October 30, at around 2:25. I know this because I purchased some lettuce at 14:31 on terminal

Why can you not look up my purchase last week? I feel is not the money,

It is how I feel.

Thanks for your time


Fairlawn, Ohio

Anonymous 10/31/13 10:54AM

Why is it that you always seem to get rid of products that several people like. The 4 pack of Lysol touch ups and the starlight mints and the simply right mucus relief tablets in the 200 count tablets. I have to take this every 4hrs because of COPD. My insurance will not cover it. Can't afford to buy the smaller packages. I would also like to see the starlight mints come back as I am not the only one that was sad to see them go.

Thank you

gremky1997 10/30/13 8:02PM

Tonight at your Sams Club in Wilkes-Barre PA, I attempted to purchase a case of 12 ounce cups for my business. When I asked the stock person if there were anymore, he replied that they were out of stock. I searched the next asile and found two pallets up on the high shelves. I got the female manager to help, and she called the fork lift and walked away. If this is the way you run your stores, then I will gladly find a new supplier for my needs.

Gary 10/26/13 5:12PM

We ordered a Rubbermaid closet system on Sept. 9, 2013. After waiting and never receiving the product we check with shipping company and discover that it was damaged in shipping and never delivered. I have been calling for 3 weeks and spoke to 4 people and the item has still not been re-shipped even though the website shows they are still available. Kaelin, Tracy, Eric and now Courtney have all told me that they would put in an order to be re-sent and it STILL HAS NOT BEEN SHIPPED TO US! ERIC and COURTNEY for the record are supposed to be managers and COURTNEY is by far the rudest person I have talked to yet. We need this item for a job my husband is working on.CMWZ

Dawn 10/23/13 4:02PM

My Wife And I Recently Purchased New Glasses For Both Of Us From Your Being Loyal Sam's Club Members For Many Years We Were Shocked And Disappointed In The People That Work The Eyeglass Section Of This Store. The Manager Is Dee Luevano And I Have Never Met A More Unfriendly And Indifferent Dept. Manager In My Entire Life. We Had Some Problems With The Fit Of My Wife's Glasses And She Was Really Put Out That She Had To Order A Different Frame For My Wife And Make The Necessary Adjustments. The Entire Staff In The Optical Dept. At This Branch Are Just Unfriendly And Cold People And Will Never Be Of Any Eye Glass Service To Us In The Future. Management Needs To Take A Close Look At This Group That Runs This Department And Either Send Them To Classes On How To Treat Customers Or Fire The Entire Lot And Start Over With A Fresh Crew. Every One Of Them Seemed To Be Miserable In Their Job Duties And Wishing They Were Not There. I Cannot Imagine How Many Customers They Have Driven Away With Their Terrible Attitudes. We Are Not Difficult People To Work With But The Kind Of Rudeness We Were Shown On Our Visits Was So Much Of A Turn Off, We Shall Never Return. They Need To Attend Classes At Costco To Learn How To Treat Customers With Care And Understanding. None Of Them In This Group Have Any Vague Idea As To How To Treat Customers. Your Company Needs To Address This Matter Soon.

Anonymous 10/23/13 9:06AM

Our Sams club is in Temple Texas. The store is great, but have been wondering why they don't offer decaf/K-cup coffee, breakfast blend or donut house. Also, we need more frozen fish that is not breaded, bring back the Gingerbread biscotti and the rice pudding cups.

Anonymous 10/22/13 4:06PM

I went to Sam's Club on Serene St in Henderson, Nv on Thursday Oct. 17, 2013. My granddaughter was with me and we stopped to get a bite to eat at your eatery at about 1:00 pm. My Grand daughter was waiting for her Pizza and cinnamon pretzel. She asked for extra cinnamon and the guy didn't hear her so she picked up the shaker and sprinkled it on her pretzel. A very large girl was behind her and yelled at her that she was being rude and said let's go to the parking lot so that she could kick her ass. My granddaughter was shocked and she said to her why do you care, you don't work here. The big girl said that she was an employee and wouldn't give my Granddaughter her name. My granddaughter went up to a Manager and he said the employee was out of line. When I left I did see the girl behind the counter. She was big like a Samoan(Hawaiian). It is really sad you employ people who threaten violence to customers. Now I am afraid to go in there and eat because she might spit in our food. You should really terminate an employee that gives Sam's Club a bad name. Your Employees do represent your Company.

Anonymous 10/18/13 6:33PM

Lufkin Sam's Club pharmacists practice medicine without a license and are completely incompetent. I am filing a Petition for Child Engangerment as they refused to fill my son's ADHD and ODD medications.

Anonymous 10/18/13 6:20AM

Sam's Club has some real customer service issues. I am the accounting manager for a company that is owned by my boss who is practicing medical physician.

I bid on and won a pc on the Sam's Club Auction site. However, I made a mistake and used the wrong credit card as the form of payment.

I receive 2 emails asking me to call as that credit card was no longer valid. I contacted member services and explained the situation and refer to the information contained in the emails I received from MSERVE. The member service representative ask for veifying information on my boss's credit card which should have been used. She confirmed that credit card was in the payment profile on the membership. She then advised that the order would be processed.

About 1 1/2 hours later I get a call from Sam's Clubs auction team. They advised that I cannot use that credit card because it is not in my name and that they must speak to my boss. When I explain that he is a doctor and that I will have to call back with him on the line, I am informed that I cannot call directly into the Auction Member Services Department.

When I further explain that it would be next to impossible for my boss as a physician who is seeing patients all day to be available for an incoming call, I was abruptly told that... "Well this is how we do it and if he can't come the phone then the order will be cancelled."

I ask for and am transferred to a Supervisor, when I try to explain the situation I am continually interrupted and when I complain that I am being interrupted, I am told "Well I am talking and you need to listen to me." I repeatedly try to ask if there is any way to call in and am continually interrupted. When I complain about being interrupted I am told "No it is you who are interrupting me."

These are the most unprofessional and rude alleged "SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES" I have ever dealt with.

I ask for the Supervisor's Supervisor hoping to find someone who will at least work with me. I am told she is not available and if I will give the a telephone number (reminding you that they called me) then the Supervisor's Supervisor would call me back with 30 minutes to an hour. It has now been 2 hours and 10 minutes and nothing.

I asked who was in charge of the Member Services Auction team in the corporate office and was given the name of Rosalyn Brewer.

I called Sam's Clubs corporate office and asked for Ms. Brewer 5 different times and in each instance was transferred back to general Member Services. I called yet again and was told all executives were out to lunch, not just Ms. Brewer but ALL. I waited for a reasonable time to call back allowing for ALL the executives to return from lunch. I explained my situation and the repeated calls I had made and guess what, was transferred back to general Member Services. When I asked for a Supervisor and explained what was happening, she told me that the operators are instructed not to allow any Sam's Club member to reach the executive offices and in all instances to transfer the call to general Member Services.

So I call back to the main number again and ask for a supervisor and am told "I will transfer you to priority to reach an Supervisor. Immediately the call was terminated. This happened 3 more times. Then I called yet again and in each instance my call was answered by an automated attendant and transferred without human intervention to general Member Services.

So then I call from my cell phone and complain to the operator that I reached and I was told "When you call too many times then we block your number."




TONY IN DALLAS 10/17/13 10:56AM

I have worked for sams club for over a year now. I am very unsatisfied with our new managers at this club. Erika has made me late to work 3 times now by not opening the frint door. I get to work 20 minutes early and stood out there for 30. Need to management

Anonymous 10/15/13 6:48AM

I visited the new Sam's in Edmond on I 35 Friday.
I noticed above the entrance door there was a Oklahoma flag United States glad and an OSU flag. I ask a sales associate where the OU flag was, his reasoning was he did not know so he sent me to the manager of that store which was a little blonde about 5 foot tall very nice.
I was appalled at the answer she gave me!!! She replied this is OSU
country not OU!! I told her I did not understand that statement when you were actually selling OU coolers seats shirts and everything else, but that couldn't hang a OU FLAG!!!!
There is a lot of of OU fans that live and Edmond and I definitely will not go back in that store if there's not an OU flag hung up there with the OSU flag.
What a reply to give a paying customer and many others that will probably see this same thing I did I would suggest Sam's club HANG a OU flag also!
I would appreciate an answer back to why this is happened in your stores.

Adelina 10/7/13 5:02PM

I called Sams club customer service and it seem all my Question had to be ran by a supervisor if that's the case why not let me talk to them instead I was on hold 3 different times then I ask to talk to a supervisor and again I WAS PUT ON HOLD THAT MY BATTERY ON MY PHONE WAS RUNNING DOWN.i STILL DON'T KNOW IF WHAT i WANTED WAS ACCOMPLISHED

Anonymous 10/7/13 1:29PM

I went to Lafayette Louisiana Sam's Club to pay our Yearly $351 membership fee. I was disrespected by a person name of JOYCE in customer relations. I had to park a good ways from store and left my Drivers licensee in car. She would not except a company check without my licensee to pay for membership. first of all membership is not due till end of October so they had time to run check. Second I guess she doesn't like white people because like I said she treated me a customer since Sams came to Lafayette like S++T.I paid the membership after going out an getting my licensee only because other people are on membership but I will never go to Sams again and next year I will not renew Company membership. Will not buy office supplies or anything at Sams. I think the best job for JOYCE is shelf floor sweeper.

pissed off Cajun 10/6/13 4:40AM

I am so upset you want to charge me $100.00 a year to be a member of Sams!!!! I have shopped for many years with you and I will never go again until you lower rates!!!!! Our country has its goverment shut down, We have been at War for years and years. Most American's are laid off, poor and need help with groceries. You want to charge me alot of money to walk in and be treated rude by your employees RIGHT? I am so offended I am telling everyone I know and post and post and post on facebook!!!!! I am OFFENDED. Also you can't talk to a human!!! when we call!!!! I am sure that is on purpose also.

Barbara 10/3/13 6:40PM

Obviously, you cannot get in touch with anyone at the corporate level. It must be a big secret. Great customer service!! I have NEVER had such incredibly horrible service. I ordered a table & chairs from Sam'.com.on Sept.13, 2013, with a delivery date of 9-17 to 9-24. It is now Oct.2, 2013. No table,chairs or help from any of the so called HELP NUMBERS. EXCUSES ONLY. WHAT A WAY TO RUN A COMPANY! I, of course will never again order anything from Sams or affiliates. In case anyone cares, the order number is 2234068995. The total cost was $749.00. I want a refund of the $99 charged for shipping. The agreement was for a certain arrival time, which did not happen. Still no table. No one seems to know why or care.

keeny 10/2/13 8:46PM

I Am Very Disapointed In The Mishawaka In Sams Club Because I Went There With My Mom And My Mom Wanted To Use My Card And That She Was Going To Pay For Her Purcshes And They Told Me That They Could Not Do That It Is The Store Policyc And I Have Doing That For Several Years Because I Does Not Pay For My Mom To Get A Membership Because She Is By Herself And I Do It At The Other Stores And They Have Not Said It Before. And I Dont Like Having Them Push A Credit Card On Me And I Told Them No Several Times In Just The Same Transaction. This Was On Lane 12 At 2:46 On The September 28,2013. Iam Thinking Of Canceling Our Membership Because Of This. The Cashier Was Very Grumpy.


Could you please re-stock Red Diamond Merlot in your Rochester, MN Sam's liquor store. I buy this wine by the case and am very disappointed you decided to discontinue this great wine.

Anonymous 9/27/13 10:58AM

To whom this may concern,
I am very proud to say I worked for SAMs club for almost 7years, I worked very hard and worked my way up to being a lead. I did everything from wrapping bread, to decorating cakes, to wracking chickens, to working in cafe, to become a deli lead then a bakery lead. I can honestly say that everyday I worked there I tried my hardest and any person I worked with can back me up on that. I feel that as a lead I lead by example and never asked someone to do something that I would not do. I cleaned drains, I washed dishHe's, I decorated cakes, I made hms meals and still found time to make sure everything was taken care of. About a year ago I decided to change career opportunities, it was very painful to leave but the other job I was getting was offering a better pay and quite frankly after working at SAMs for almost 7years and working my way up to a level 7 lead and only making $13 I had to chose the other job. I left in very good terms and continued to shop at SAMs. In my most recent job I would often brag about their cakes and wonderful member service, I still continuously go shopping there I can frankly say I buy at least 2 cakes a month among with my other household items. Well a few months ago i ordered a babyshower cake, this cake was supposed to be ready at 12 i got there at 130 and it was not ready, i understood it was graduation season and they were busy, i left came back at 330 and i still was not ready. i waited another hour and finally was able to get my cake i understand they were busy so i didnt complain i just paid for the cake and left. a month after thatsince I decorate cakes I decided to go buy a bucket of frosting, the decorator informed me she would love to sell it to me but she was not allowed to that they didn't have enough and they needed to special order it, I was Not pleased but of course I understood. The next week I go in to buy groceries since it was my day ff I decided to take some of my old coworkers coffee as I stood by the bakery the bakery lead (may I add very rude and unprofessional) walked up behind us and started yelling at one of the decorators. She walked away and came back and then started yelling at one of the bread wrappers, I heard several members mutter how unprofessional she was being but no one said anything. I noticed the decorator was very upset and embarrassed by the way she was treated. Still I felt I was not in my place to say anything. A few days later I went to order 2 cakes and one of the bakery workers said that they had had a meeting where they discussed that myself and 2 other previous employees were not Allowed to speak to them while they are working nor take them coffee on their lunches. Now I understand about distractions and agree that when people are at work they should be left to work but as a member have the right to get service from any department and not be excluded because I used to work there. The lead mentioned I could not take them coffee because it was considered as a gift but what is the difference from someone bringing an employee lunch, I am sorry but it is the same thing. It did not stop there, I have never been rude to anybody, I like to consider myself a lady and do not like to stoop low. When I went to go pick up the cakes I ordered on Saturday I got nothing but dirty looks from the lead, I patiently waited to get my cakes and asked one of the decorators if I can order a cake for Sunday all I needed was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, something very plain and simple, the decorator responded and said I would love to make it for u however we are running out of chocolate buttercream, I will try and see if I can have some left over for you tomorrow, I go in on Sunday and they did not have any. I told them I really needed a cake so I decided to buy a plain uniced chocolate cake and would decorate it at home. When the decorator handed it to me. Manager very rudely asked me if I had ordered the cake, I was already in an upset mood and did not want to lose my cool so I responded I tried but u guys were out of frosting I got the cake paid full price for it and left. Now about a week later I go in to order another cake and they said they were out of whip cream frosting and out of ink to put a picture on a cake. I am sorry but what type of business are you guys running here. I still did not lose my cool I settled for a basic cake. However now every time I go in there I am constantly being watched and starred down I feel discriminated and the only fault I had was working there before. I swear on everything I love I was never rude and never asked for anything special but I feel I am being targeted for no apparent reason I would appreciate someone contacting store 6235 before I take matter into my own hands and get a lawyer involved. What finally made me write this comment was the fact that i went in there yesterday and was about to buy a box of cupcakes, they were red white and blue and one of the bakery employees stopped me, said that those cupcakes were made on labor day and were already expired but they simply did not want to throw them away now i am sorry but you are dealing with peoples health and i believe as a multibillion dollar company throwing a pallett of cupcakes away is a lot better then making someone sick. i am no one to say how employees should be treated or the new rules and policies you may implement but putting my family health at risk is beyond unexceptable.

thank you a very dissatisfied member

Anonymous 9/21/13 11:25PM

I am 49yrs old but suffer from Multiple Sclerosis with Secondary Parkinson's disease. I was at Sams club, East Market Street, York PA. I found already done meals packed by sams club and in oven ready container. I bought one, took it home and heated my oven placed it on a sheet and in the oven it went. Approx 15 min later, my smoke detectors went off, I opened the oven door and all of these little black pieces came out and landed all over my floor and inside the oven, the container had melted over the side of the sheet and was on my element and somehow put a hole in the bottom of my oven. Now this happened in May 2013 and I haven't had an oven since. I had just recently paid this one off. So I contacted Sams, they told me if I would send the container in they would take care of this. Well I did just that trusting that they would do the right thing. All I got was rude, ignorant answers, one saying I didn't follow instructions? One saying that I didn't take off the plastic top? treating me like just because I am disabled that I am a moron. I still have no oven and can't even find anyone to call that could help me. I was going to get an attorney but he wants a retainer fee and I'm on disability and can't afford it. Has anyone found anyone to help. I just want my stove and floor replaced that Sams club product ruined. My email address is if anyone here has gotten any further than me..Thanks and God Bless.

ruger901 9/20/13 6:02AM

To whom it may concern:

On 9/15/10, my elderly parent fell in a handicapped parking space and broke their hip at Club 8186 in Scarborough Maine. Instead of the Associates calling 911, they pulled my parent up by lifting my parent under the shoulders and dragged my parent off the ground and permanently paralyzed my parent's right shoulder. My elderly parent has only social security to live on. My parent cannot have surgery to fix their shoulder, because the surgery is so dangerous at their age, that it would kill my parent.

My elderly parent is in chronic pain 24 hours a day. The only alleviation from the pain is taking tylenol. My elderly parent has used their social security to pay for Doctor's to look at it. Even though my parent has Medicare, Medicare only pays a portion of the Doctor's visits, then my elderly parent must pay the difference. My elderly parent has to choose between paying for a Doctor to look at their shoulder or paying for heat. THIS IS A DISGRACE.

When I filed an Insurance Claim with Claims Management Insurance, Walmart's Insurance Company, they refused to process any Claim, because they said my elderly parent should have told the Associates to CAll 911. It was not the obligation of the Associates to CALL 911. I told the Insurance Adjuster David Sloane, how can my elderly parent tell an Associate to call 911 when they were in so much pain they could not talk.

Ms. Walton is one of the richest women in the world and they don't want to pay an Insurance Claim because their Associates were too ignorant to call 911. What is Sam's Club? It is a barbaric

store that takes advantage of Senior Citizens and when a handicapped Senior Citizen falls in a handicapped parking space and breaks their hip, they are dragged by the Associates and put in a Wheelchair cart and pushed into the store to buy. IS that how desperate Ms. Walton is to get money from the handicapped Senior Citizens?

Due to the Sam's Club staff and Claims Management Insurance Company cruel indifference to human suffering, I am filing a complaint with the Justice Department indicating that you MS. Brewer (President) and the General Counsel who obviously do not know the ADA Compliance Laws. Since you are in direct violation of the American with Disabilities Act, my complaint will be against Sam's Club for failure to have Emergency Procedures in place when Elderly Handicapped people fall and break their hip.

Furthermore, I want to know why you cannot resubmit my Insurance Claim with Claims Management Inc. and ask them to reevaluate this Claim. My elderly parent is shoulder is permanently paralyzed and will never be free of pain. THIS IS DESPICABLE!!!!

How can you sleep at night knowing SAM's Club that you are the CEO does this to elderly handicapped people?

If you want to contact me, you may send an email to my

email address.

C. Wells 9/17/13 12:49PM

Sams club reported to credit bureuas as me being two months past due. when I contacted sams club they said I had a histiry of making my payments late and this report was for the whole year. I had them look at my payment history and no where on the page showed two months delinquencies. I informed them I did miss one payment, but was not 30 days behind and they were fraudulenty reporting my account incorrectly. I then informed them I would file a dispute and contact consumer affairs about the illegal report.

s 9/15/13 7:43PM

Sams club reportedvto credit bureuas as ne bei.g two mo.ths past due. when I contacted sams club they said I had a histiry of making myvpaymentsclatecand this report was for the whole year. I had them look at my payment history and no where on the page showed two months delinquencies. I informed them I did miss one payment, but was not 30 days behind and they were fraudulenty reporting my account incorrectly. I then informed them I would file a dispute and contact consumer affairs about the illegal report.

s 9/15/13 7:41PM

Why fix something that is not broke? We were just at our local Sam's Club, which we visit three times a week. We took our cans from pop and beer to the front counter. The people who work there informed us that they have a new system. We had to walk to the back of the store with our cans and found a can return system. This system did not work. We had to put each can in three or four times before the machine would take them. After being very frustrated with the store new rules and the staff that was courteous, but was slow to respond, we were told that we could take them up front. Again another long line. We wash our cans before we return them. Please go back to the old system of returning cans. This system does not work.

Anonymous 9/6/13 12:29PM

I have worked at Sam's club from Oct 2012 to Aug 2013. I could not even finish a full year at this place! For the last two weeks of my employment at Sam's Club, I was harassed my ex boyfriends cousin. I was called names, talked crap on, I was threatened. It got to a point, where the day before I quit I was screamed at in the parking lot by this individual for about five minutes. I brought to all of my Cos's attention and a few managers knew of the situation. After i was verbally harassed in the parking lot, I proceeded to go straight to a manager to finally make this stop. I was told that if I was to bring up harassment again I was going to be fired. Granted the individual doing the harassing was also threatened to be fired, I found it completely unnecessary to threaten me on being fired just because i wanted this all to end! I am very disappointed on how I was treated at this situation and I would never ever recommend a friend to work there! At the moment, I am looking for a lawyer and taking this very seriously because I find it very wrong that I had to be scared to go to work everyday for two weeks because I was afraid something was going to happen to me.

One pissed off ex employee 9/6/13 10:35AM

Last night my husband and I went to our local Sam's club to look at your fine Jewlery. I lost my wedding rings this year and was looking to replace them. We found something that we liked and wanted to look at it. There was no sales person behinde the counter so I went to the help desk to ask for a sales person. We waited 15 min. And then I went up again and had them again call. We waited 5 more mins. And then left. We got in our car and called the store and asked for the person in charge and explained to them that we wanted to purchase a ring that was 2000.00 and there was know one to help us. They said they where sorry to hear that and they would look into it. Needless to say we are going some where else. And that when it is time to renew our club membership we are not going to do that. But considering the response to our complaint with the person in charge $2000.00 is not a that big of a sale and you would not miss our business. We r going to spend Saturday going to Cosco's to look at what they have to offer. It is a little out of our way but I here that there service is much better.

Irish 9/5/13 5:50PM

When to Sam's Club in Fort Worth Texas off of Bryant Irvin. I collected what I need and walked right up to be checked out. One person was in front of me and he was nearly finished, or so I thought. I put my things on the belt and I began to wait and wait. Everyone was just standing around and I thought "What is the problem?" I stood there 30 minutes. come to find out he customer in front of me had forgot to buy toilet paper so they were sending someone after it . I finally had to move my things to another cashier. They both should have be fired right then and there. I will not go back!!!

srfarmers 9/5/13 11:48AM

I have been working on getting the product that I ordered online since 8/31. I ordered a kitchen aid mixer in white, it came to me in red. I called immediately and was told someone would schedule a time to come out to my house to do the exchange. I waited a few days but never heard from anyone. I called back on aug. 2nd, and was told nobody would be coming to my house. Long story short, I have had over 10 correspondences with people from customer service, including a supervisor, Shannon Thomas. She is now ignoring my emails. I have spent over 3 hours on the phone. In fact, as I am typing, I have been on hold for 24 minutes now. After today, it will probably be closer to 4 hours. I have gotten 3 different reference numbers regarding this issue. I have sent back the red mixer and have not received the white one nor have I received any reimbursement. At this point I am compiling all this information to bring to a lawyer. All I want is the product that I ordered and paid for and in a timely manner. I don't think I'm asking too much.

Beyond frustrated 9/4/13 4:38PM

We have called the Sams club # several time about a complaint we had filed on 8/19-8/26-8/30 and 9/3. The reference #14750900, we were told that a market manager was suppose to call. I was told this on the 8/26, we still have not heard a word. I would like a response to our complaint.

bonv 9/3/13 10:37AM

while searching craigslist.or (Santa Fe, New Mexico) I came across a VERY disturbing "ad" shall I say. Looking for someone, anyone in Sam's Corporate high in the sky offices to take a look - read it - absorb it. again: in Santa Fe, New Mexico under retail/wholesale ads. I am a business owner & would be absolutely , positively horrified. I do believe I will be closing my Sam'a account a.s.a.p.

concerned 8/30/13 12:40PM

I am claim # 9797?

I purchased a Chicken Enchilada dinner in an oven safe container back in May 2013. The container melted when my smoke detector went off, I opened the oven and little black pieces came out and landed on my floor and melted it. It also ruined my stove (the element had melted container on it and somehow it burned a whole in my oven on the bottom. I have been without an oven and had a burned floor ever since. I complied with every request that has been asked of me (sent the container, etc), I am still without a stove and last week had to have a family members wake catered because I don't have an oven to cook in. I am disabled (I have Multiple Sclerosis with secondary Parkinson's disease) so I can't just run out and buy a new oven and floor, even if I did it is Sams Club product that caused the damage and they should replaced my damaged oven and floor. I have talked to my attorney and he has strongly suggested that I give your company no more time and has the paperwork for the law suit ready to be signed. I have told them I would give them till Sept 1, 2013 and I won't go back on my word. Anyone else been treated like crap by Sams Club? This is so wrong..I just want my property replaced.

ruger901 8/28/13 1:50PM

I returned my computer to Sam's Club and got no help with getting a new one. They were quick to get rid of you then help you. I missed my seminars and online class due to bad, nasty customer service. Whar happened to quality customer service. You call the customer service number then they redirect you to the store so you can get the run around from the supervisors and managers. Tell me something, is it my fault the computer broke before 90days. Not one manager try to find me a computer. I will go further on this matter.....

Ashu 8/28/13 7:10AM

I was at a Sam's in St Louis today and have decided that I will be taking my corporate business elsewhere after 20 plus years. When I go I buy a lot of stuff and use a flat bed cart. I put all items on the cart so the cashier can scan the items. Now they are required to go and get another flat bed cart and unload everything to the other cart. Really you are more concerned to the safety of your bottom line than the safety of your employees. High risk of an injury will cost more than an error in missing an item. Have faith in your employees. I would question the employee who came up with this idea. It's ok I cannot be a party to this and will move my business to Costco.

jackake 8/27/13 3:27PM

This morning I was in sams club (store #6650) in the golden ring shopping center in baltimore maryland. I stopped by the tire shop just for a price quote, and I was helped by the best customer service I have ever experienced. A young gentleman named Justin. He was the most professional and most understanding associate I have ever met. He knew exactly what he was talking about and did not try to force a sale. He gave me all the options that were currently in stock and even gave me a dozen more options which could be ordered. He walked me to the tires and showed me the difference between them. When I asked him which tires he preferred, surprisingly he did not mention the most expensive tire. Just overall he was so polite, respectful and professional. I just want a manager or associate from a high level to acknowledge and credit Justin for his outstanding customer service and professionalism.

Bryson 8/27/13 3:02PM

This afternoon about 2:12pm I went to sam' club #8287 jonesboro road morrow georgia to purchase gas for my car.

There were some cones lined up with a car width space left open.

So I drove into the pump, my gas tank was on the left side,

The attendant approached me very rudely--hey you don't know how to read, you should not drive through the cones. I told him that there is no sign that shows "No Entry".So, I said to him what can you do about it: "He said I will have the Manager cancel your membership."

I called the club and made a complaint.

Someone by Jeanette answered, she apologised for the attendant behaviour and attitude and will inform the Manager on duty.

I am asking Corporate to call me.

Thank you.

rex 8/27/13 12:49PM

Went to Sams club Lafayette ,La Wed Aug 21 6:30 PM had to wait in line 45 min to check out when you complained to employees they would would make a comment like there is no one available and walk off.There were only 2 check outs open and both line had 12 to 15 carts and every one was complaining no very happy

ehebert 8/23/13 8:07AM

On a mid afternoon I took my car to have a tire rotation at your Elk Grove CA (Sacramento) location. Your tech (Rocky) said he won't be able to rotate my tire due to liability purposes (Tire was a little worn out) Your tech said just drive it until I need new tires. I went to another location (Roseville CA) and yet they rotated my tires. I took two hours but I got my tires rotated even though I was the first customer at 7:00am

Not 8/19/13 2:51PM

I enjoy going to your store unfortunately I have to travel
4 1/2 hours to Albuquerque or 5 hours to Phoenix.
Live in a rural area in Northern AZ. Which we had a closer
one as we live in White MT. of AZ.
Want to get the price of Lawry's Perfect Blend -24 oz.
Title on label is: Perfect Blend Seasoning and rub
Chicken /& Poultry.
How much does it cost?
Thank you enjoy using your store when I can get to any of these town.

Anonymous 8/19/13 11:39AM

I think more training is needed with your checkout people. Today when we were leaving the two woman at the door were chatting with each other...never said a word to us..checked our receipt and handed it back..still not a word. I said "Thank You"...still I said "Your Welcome"..nothing. This is not the first time people that should be paying attention to a customer were just paying attention to each other.

Gene Millett

Sams Club Manager S. Brisentine

Port Saint Lucie Florida

Gene 8/19/13 9:16AM

In May I bought a oven ready meal from Sam's Club, East Market Street in York PA. I brought it home preheated the oven and put the Chicken Enchiladas in, about 15min later my smoke detectors went off. I went to kitchen opened the oven and all these little black pieces of container were flying out of my oven and landing and burning my floor, my oven ruined. I have only had my oven for about 2 yrs and just paid the credit card off not real long ago. I am on Social Security so I don't have a lot of money, but I will do whatever I have to do for Sam's Club to make this RIGHT.. I am filing a complaint with BBB, Consumer Report and anyone else that I have to to make greedy companies that wont even do right by their customers. I have had to cancel family gathering and had a death in the family a few days ago and am trying to figure out how to have a wake when I don't have an oven to cook in? I not only have pictures but also had a friend that has done testing on the container, I worked at this company for 15yrs and had to medically retire but still have access to testing. I have given my estimates for replaced stove and flooring and if I don't get some kind of effort to do the right thing and not try to make an ass out of a consumer. The estimate for stove and floor is $4,999.

Tracy 8/15/13 9:34AM

I have been trying to get 200 pack of laminating paper for over 3 weeks. Do you stop carrying certain merchandise? And I have been on the phone with the Hendersonville, TN store for 15 minutes and still have not gotten any answers as to if the paper has even come in yet. I own a business and understand customer service. Do you??

Susan Brown 8/12/13 9:48AM

I call the local Sam's Club in Harrisburg Pa and informed them
that asking for the date of when one graduated from High School on it employment online site is illegal in the state of PA.

I was told that Pa is only one of the many sites that Sam has clubs and if other states allow it, the chance of having it revision to read "Did you complete high school or do you have a GED" might mean to a change will not occur.

I attempt to contact the corp. office; however, I got no where - recordings are one way and only serve to annoy the caller.

Walmart/Sam have numberous legal personnel; Why and how did this error occur?

I like to know if it is goint to be corrected.

Jordon 8/9/13 9:58AM

I am a current consumer with Straight Talk and I have a no contract 30 day plan for $45.00 and am signed up for your auto pay wherein you get paid every month on the 14th, no questions asked!

Recently, specifically on August 2, 2013, my phone was not working. I could not receive text messages, check e-mail or browse the web. At first I thought there was something wrong with my phone so I contacted your "customer service" and your "corporate office". I spoke to several different representatives unknown name (couldn't understand to no avail. They told me that I exceed my data package "limit" and they could not reinstate my data package until my renewal date - August 14th.

I am extremely upset about this since I have read and re-read your "contract" and "plan" numerous times and there is no "limit" on any thing whether it be talk, text, data and 411. It's UNLIMITED which means just that UNLIMITED.

I have already contacted Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, one of your major distributors and have filed a complaint with them. I will also be contacting the Attorney General's office, Better Business Bureau and anyone else that I can think of that will cause you to cease your fraudulent behavior or have you live up to the terms of your "contract" which is UNLIMITED. Your actions represent consumer fraud wherein you promise unlimited but have hidden limits and also false advertisement. I take this very seriously since there are many companies out there that state there are limits and do not state "unlimited" wherein your company states "unlimited" which is a fabrication since your plan is "limited" wherein a consumer can only use 2 giga bytes of data. If I knew this was the case, I may have thought twice about using your company for my cell phone provider.

Since you apparently are not going to cease this fraudulent practice, I will do everything in my power to have you stop.

If I experience any problems with my phone after you have received this e-mail, or it stops working or I have other issues regarding your service, I will be contacting a private attorney and start legal proceedings against you. I will also place an advertisement in the paper to find other plaintiffs to start a class action suit.


Marina Hedden

marina 8/7/13 3:29PM

I bought a patio set in may and last week the 4 aluminum bars spapped and went flying backwards which slammed my head and neck into the deck, I went to the hospital and I'm on painkillers and muscle relaxers along with traction,and when I went to the Eagan store to show Jen my med infor for what happened she didn't ask how my back was or even say sorry, I just wanted them to pay for my er bill, but I got the feeling that she didn't care at all just thinking I'm some lawsuit person, which is so far from that...........Just very disapointed in the non caring !!!

Dburke 8/5/13 3:41PM

I went to the Sam's Club on Mansell Road in Alpharetta, Ga to get my tires rotated and they refused to do it unless I bought a new tire. Needless to say, I didn't need a new one. I don't apprecite them trying to take advantage of me because I am a hispanic woman. I made them aware of this, and then - to my surprise - they offered to rotate my tires...NO WAY AM I GOING TO LET THEM NEAR MY CAR! SHAME ON YOU, SAMS CLUB FOR HIRING SUCH DISHONEST, SEXIST, AND STUPID MECHANICS! I will not be renewing my membership again. COSTCO, here I come!

Martha Watson 8/5/13 2:13PM

have bin a member for years. The last couple of times shopping at the Hbg. location we wanted to get FAT FREE MILK. It seems they never have FAT FREE MILK . Yes they have it but it IS SHORT DATED AND THE SELL Date is only about 3 days left. Other milk has konger dates. I think you need to look foe another supplier or get the company to keep them with good milk. Went to members services and they said the new supplier was not keeping up with it and they have had many complaints about the new co. If this is the way they are going to be then I can buy my milk else ware. Never had this problem in the past , only in the past several times .

maycows 8/2/13 5:12PM

I would wish this message be forwarded to Rosalind Brewer, Pres & CEO, it seems that no one else at Sam's follows her beliefs on running the business at hand, And beginning to wonder about that.

I've sent several emails each time trying to get some one to handle the situation which is not a real tough one for the normal person in the process of doing his/her job.

Each time I sent email and plus the phone calls I've also made on this at least two or three times I was promised a call back in less than two hours, which never happened I suppose they were chuckling after hanging up. I recall two of the occasions; 7/16 spoke to Erich, he was not at all interested in my problem said I would get a call and hung up!

The second one I spoke to Zenzenia (that's what she said, have my concerns as to the name) again I explained everything and again I was told I would get a call back in less than 2 hours from a person named "Vaughn" I waited and never got any call just another snafu situation.

I will just one more time repeat the ticket no's I was given you can look them up and try to answer, but at this point I don't have very much faith in you people. Should clean house and put some people in that really care!! I've been a member for 22 years, but this is the end!!!

Now for god sake, get off your butt and do something!

alnpat 7/30/13 10:17AM

Location: Cortana Mall Baton Rouge, LA----I went to go get gas at your gas pumps today when I came upon your worker blocking the way with a woman he was talking to. Her maroon van was blocking the way, her door was open, and she was standing outside her door talking to him. It took me 10 minutes to get to a pump and then I pumped my gas, left having to zigzag to get around them then I went across the street to call your store there to report the complaint. He stood there talking to her for a total of 37 minutes while they were in my view. I then sat in Cortana Mall parking lot waiting for your store manager to come to the phone , decided to go home to Denham Springs, got home, watched some tv, and waited for a manager to answer the phone. Someone came on the phone and told me about Ozark water and I told her I had been waiting on the phone for an hour for a manager. Finally Brittany (the manager) came to the phone 1:10:16 later. She asked me to describe him and I did-about 6', 220#, African American, stocky build. Then she said she would go take care of it. It was not bad enough I had to wait to get gas but then to be put on hold for over an hour. Cortana Mall Sam's REALLY needs some new management. I know I am only one small person spending over $20,000 a year in your store and service station and you most probably won't do anything about it, but I had to let you know how your customers are being treated since Sam died. He would not have put up with this.

lakjnqueen 7/30/13 9:01AM

I have had a Sams card for over 14 years now. I usually shop at the Sams club in Franklin Wisc. I was there today ,while waiting in line to pay some employees at a podium by the check out lanes had music blasting. It was annoying but I was ok with it. Then a song played that had bad language and was about "bring all them whites down " or something like that . It was the racists song towards the white race i have ever heard. Another women in line looked at me like she could not believe what she was hearing. I asked for a manager she agreed how inappropriate it was to be playing such a song any place not to mention in the store. I saw her go over and speak to the girls standing there . She then walked away and they found it amusing but did not switch it. I am appalled and feel I was discriminated against in your store .

Tresa 7/25/13 5:42PM

I bought an ottoman at the Sam's Club in Owensboro, Ky. I paid for it and because I drive a Mini Cooper I told the associate that I would have to find someone with a truck to pick it up. They said "no problem" since I have bought other big items and they knew me so it was rolled up front to the click and pull area with the copy of the receipt attached. A friend of mine takes my original receipt and goes to pick it up, only it's not there....they had sold it to another customer !!! As if this isn't bad enough, it's a discontinued item that I wanted and looked for along time. I asked if they had another one in another store. I was told that there were two display models in other stores but because they are displays they can't have it shipped to me...why was my next question. The manager of the Owensboro, Ky. store said that is their policy as not to send display items. She then had the gall to offer my money back on a gift card...I PAID CASH. She then insulted me more by saying "sorry, how about I give you a 25 dollar gift card for your troubles" ? Are you kidding me? This has got to be the worst experience in customer service I have ever had in all my years of shopping at ANY store. They re-sell my item then insult me by not giving my money back but a gift card instead and then add more salt to the wound by saying 25 dollars should make me happy about this situation. I am contacting a lawyer for fraud and will pursue this until I'm satisfied they realize what a horrible mistake they made by selling something that was already sold. I have posted on Sam's Club on Facebook and they keep deleting my questions....this is a company that needs to re-think their customer relations....badly !!!!

rockportrita 7/24/13 7:51AM

No accountability in America... including SAMS CLUB ERIE. Is it a wonder we are failing!

Me and my partner (not husband because that is not recognized in PA) drove to SAMS Erie for tires on our Cadillac. The decision was made. We stood in the aisle for over 20 minutes while 5 tire employees chatted with each other (there were no cars in the work bays and no customers being served). I eventually went up to the counter and each of the employees stopped talking and looked at us with a blank stare. I then told them I would like to buy tires. They continued to be silent and stare. So I replied " Well if anyone would like to help me I would appreciate it" Not a word from any one of them.

We went back to the tires and eventually a young man came to us without saying a word and stared at us in front of the tires we were interested in. I began to tell him what we wanted and he said... "oh, you will have to go to the counter." At this point we went back to the counter and again the Hungarian American woman, African american man, and three other non desrcript human beings all just stared at us like we were aliens. They all must be on really good mind drugs.... huh?

We walked out... but before that I spoke to the manager who listened and gave me no signs that my concern would be addressed. She didnt even know who I was... didnt care. I have spent thousands of dollars with this corporation over the past decade. Later I phoned to express my concern but no one wanted to give last names... it was a corporate mind game to protect each other. I couldnt even get the manager on the phone.

We will not return...

Butchyrettig 7/23/13 4:14PM

My elderly Mother, Angelica Chavez, was killed in the Las Cruces, New Mexico Sam's Club parking lot on July 16, 2013 due to a heart attack caused by oncoming, speeding traffic on the lot, as she was wheeled out of the store in a wheel chair. The fear of being hit brought on the heart attack, causing her to drop her tiny foot which the front tire of the chair caught and hurled her face forward into the asphalt. She bled profusely, choking in her own blood with fractures and lacerations to her forehead, nose and jaw, until paramedics arrived, commenced CPR and rushed her to a local hospital where she drowned in her own blood and bodily fluids caused by the fall. Now her burial insurance policy has failed to pay for her funeral; and due to exorbitant medical expenses she incurred as a result, her family is unable to bury her in a dignified manner. Her family have asked Sam's Club to help raise funds or help, but have been turned away in a very calloused and indifferent manner. A web site has been donated in her honor at: in a desperate attempt to raise funds for the frail victim of a horrible death. Her photos on the web site depict her as she lived to the end - she loved to live, and lived to love. Does the Sam's Club corporate office have compassion for its members?

Anonymous 7/20/13 8:00PM

I believe when calling Sam's club membership number and talking to representative and manager they are single minded to getting as much information from you so they can sell your information to other companies. They tend to ask for address; social security number; telephone number; drivers license number; birth date and member number. Knowing up front they weren't talking to primary card holder my wife. after getting all my information they said they could only give information to my wife. They knew I was not the primary card holder before they asked for all the information. I feel disappointed in myself that I gave them the information because of so much identity theft. I feel like seeing an attorney.

Dave 7/20/13 9:51AM

I was in Fridley,Mn 6310 and the teamlead was rude!! Before me the customer was using someone else card the cashier did see it called the teamlead on it he said go head and you can charge on it has well, and she said wy that's not one of the rule's and he said I'm the teamlead nobody can touch me!!! I'm not going to get fired of this and if you ask me again Ill write you up!! And was just yelling at her for it !!! Now I even know you can do that!! And to get wrtten up for asking and allowing that person to use and charge on it what hell ? I did get the teamead name Krishna now how come he can get away with crap? and to treat cashier so badly? So I'm staning up fr this cashier so she wont get written up for saying something that just wrong has well I won't be back Krishna theteamlead just cost you money Mr you can't touch me they can't fire me!!! He jut cost you a customer and money I won't be back!!!

Daisey 7/19/13 7:41AM

I purchased a camera/tablet bundle on 7/8/2013. I had a death in the family and today (7/15) just got back into town. I open my box and there is NO tablet, charger, or software. I call the location on Eubank/I-40 since it is closer to my house, I am told that I can go in and they can exchange or refund. Go into that location and pretty much told that there is nothing that can be done since I did not buy it there which is crazy since I called them and they said it would not be a problem. Then I drive to the other side of town to club #4938. It took a long time just for the "manager" Corrine to come to the front after the clerk called for a manager at least 4 times. I am then told that they have to watch the video and wait till the person in photo comes in tomorrow at 6:30 pm before they can do anything. I was then told that she (Corrine) would call me. She made me feel like she was calling me a "liar" and had the nerve to say with attitude, "I AM NOT JUST GOING TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER ONE". I am sorry but if I spend $700 in one transaction and my camera/tablet bundle is over $500 and for it to not have all the items is bogus! And then the product is $130 cheaper than what I paid for it. I have a business plus membership and I am treated like this makes me want to just let our membership expire and go to Costco and who knows if "Corrine" is even going to contact me...might have to just go to Corporate and let everyone know about my horrible experience as being a "member" of your company.

angry customer 7/15/13 6:09PM

The club in Murfreesboro does not have enough handicap carts to
use. My Sister and I both can hardly walk and have a lot of trouble standing up and we could not find a riding cart anywhere.
A store as big as yours should have several handicap carts for us
older people with disabilities.

Anonymous 7/10/13 2:26PM

My mom and i, where at sam's club today around 7:20 pm 7/9/2013 (tuesday... we were walking down the isle where they have the cokes, monsters and all the kitchen pots/pans utensils.. suddenly my mom slips on something that was on the floor... some kind of brown looking liquid.... turns out it was coke and it was all the way towards the end of the isle and a bit further out... mom was lying on the floor in pain crying... i ran to get some one to help me pick her up... i thought she had broken her arm and leg.. one of the young employees helped me pick her up and called in a manager... it took a manager 15mins to take the call and go see what was going on. two other hispanic employees working in the produce isle came to see if they could help mom and we were still waiting for the manager... after he showed up all he said was let me see your id and club membership. took some information down and said our insurance will get back to you if they feel it is necessary. anymore questions.... the lack of caring and the incompetence of this manager ticked me off. he didn't even care nor paid attention when she was trying to explain to him what happened and just told his employees to wipe the floor down. and went about his way.... But that was not the worst part, when i was about to check out mom and i went to ask him for his name manager# and the corporate# when the store manager butted in..... he was talking to the other manager when we approached him and he started questioning mom and i... Mom tried to show him her arm and told him where she had hit her self when she fell down and he was like i don't see anything. that looks like nothing to me....and turned around to question me in an angry/aggressive way... what happened? ohhh really? do you have any witnesses? did any one other than you guys see the liquid? what was it? even though the manager and the other 3 employees saw everything. he basically was calling mom a liar... and than turns around and asks the other manager did you see the liquid and he said yes, it was coke and he goes did any one else see it? i said yes your employees that cleaned it up. and the other manager agreed with me and he(George TurosiK) told Thomas Martin, you got them involved and mr martin said yes they where the ones who helped pick her up and cleaned up the spill. Mr. Turosik was being very nasty towards us.... he wanted to intimidate us both.... He showed no sympathy/ or any feeling of caring towards my mother.... why is this person in charge of a store if he fails to have/show any sort of feelings....customer service????? please.

mi_chispita 7/9/13 7:44PM

purchase of Brother printer and toner cartridge at Sam's Club at Pearland,tx off 288s. Have attempted to contact manger randy Yarbrough in 3 different attempts. I have been left on hold for over 8 minutes each time.

I have called corporate support and have been left on hold for over 5 minutes.

This make matters worse - just feel no concern about customers - My issue is that the promotion item of slim fast none on shelf

77584 7/9/13 1:02PM

We attempted to buy an auto battery from our local club store and was told sure we will sell you one but not install it for it was a PT Cruiser. Well if we could do it ourselves we would have but ARE not able too. We spend a lot of money every month at your stores and feel very un happy about this incident.

dixienanna2 7/6/13 7:55AM

Sam is runing special offer through 7/21/13, but start very beginning days of the special, the special item already out of the stock. Most of all, the manager does not know when the item will be available and you have to call the store every day to verify whether the item is restocked or not.

Anonymous 7/3/13 1:26PM

I went into Sam's Club in Denham Springs Louisiana and I was unhappy when the manager of produce was screaming at a employee right in front of customers. She doesn't need to be working in this line of business. It made me not to want to go back there and shop. She had no feelings for the customers in the store. Very concerned customer

Anonymous 7/2/13 7:59PM

I think is if pretty poor for a company not to have a customer service number. I have not been able to get anyone to return calls from my local Sam's Club. I wanted to register a complaint but I have nobody to talk to. How do you know that your staff is doing the job unless you have a means to recieve suggestions and complaints. Please have a manager call me at I am a loyal customer ready to become your best critic. I am about ready to tell everyone I know how BIG Sam's uses people. Prove me wrong.

Anonymous 7/1/13 4:58PM

I have a retail store and i sent one of my workers to Bloomington In. to pick up produces I had on a list as I had done many times before . she was treaded very rude ,she is a older lady and liked by everyone in are small town ,the women she was dealing with got very loud and people around looked and stared as she made a butt of herself. I wish I knew her name but all my enploee wanted to do is get out of there.don't know if I will renew my membership or not ,myself im treated good when I go there, Im so unhappy that it had to happen to her George

grvarietyhardware 6/30/13 9:28PM

I was hired on at the new Sam's club in Glen Carbon, Il, along with others I was let go before I even had an opportunity to start my new position in the bakery. The new store hadn't opened yet and they had us all 'blitzing'. Out selling memeberships, and based upon how we did there would determine if they 'liked' us well enough to keep us. Sam's treats their employees poorly and unfair. A man approached me while I was out blitzing and said he won't shop there because of that reason. He shops Cosco. Now I totally understand. They have let good workers go based upon their sales training, if your not a sales person like myself, as I was not hired to be a sales person, I was let go. I was there 2 months and got 4 days training the a bakery. The rest was selling memberships. I wasn't given a fair chance in the club to do my job. As well as others. The boss there, Josh, has a terrible attitude. Never smiles and always on people about the wrong their doing along with threats of having to re-take sales training classes for not selling the 'appropraite' amount of memebership DAILY! Something needs to be done about this situation. I will NEVER shop at Sam's again and I'm letting the whole world know! Rock on Cosco!

GKD1234 6/29/13 12:58PM

I was very disappointed when I shopped today at Sam�s only to find out that you a back requiring
all the items to be picked up and put on the register table. When you only have two or three large
heavy items and have to pick them up and put them on the table instead of just scanning with the
hand scanner is not only time consuming put completely ridiculous. When I asked someone in
authority why are you going back to this dracoian method. It seems that store was short about

Well it doesn�t take a rocket scientist to know the Self Check out is most likely where you are
being shorted. Not the registered that beeps every time its scanned and the receipt checked at the
door. It is my opinion as a certified Risk Manager, you could be open for both liability and workers
compensation claims, if you keep checking out with this method.

Anonymous 6/28/13 11:02AM

I believe your team leaders, managers, CO's.(however you address them) have no compassion or respect for the employees. One person doing a job that should take at least three to do effectively to meet the needs of the customers. What kind of plan or rotation plan do you have set in the summer and winter months when it is so hot or extremely cold outside to releive employees. Heat exhaustion, dehydration and cold can affect the employee's abilities to work effectively, it can also cause health issues and put the customer at risk.

I shop at Sam's club often and see this happening every time. For the rate of pay you are paying such employee's, it sure doesn't seem right to me. Kill them rather than give them the help that is needed to keep customers satisfied. Sure doesn't help morale either.

I'm thinking of pulling my membership. I myself work with the public. Good moral comes from respect and compassion and the proper help to do a good job. If you don't have good morale you won't get complete customer satisfaction.

Thank you for letting me comment.

suzie 6/26/13 12:16PM

Please remove all printed materials from your stores that feature Paula Deen as she is offensive to most of your customers.

Joanne4284 6/23/13 8:10AM

Why is Sam's Club now wanting their team leads to spend money in dressing up to be able to keep a job. I've been a team lead for about five years and never have work under any pressure an till now wondering if I'll have a job tomorrow.

Manuel 6/20/13 1:49AM

Do not buy electronics or especially,, TV's from SAMs Club. Bought a Vizio TV and bought a warranty from SAMs at the time of purchase. TV went bad right after the 90 return time. Vizio refuses to look at the TV and SAMs Club refuses to honor their warranty. They said I have to wait till the TV is one year old. So call them back when the TV becomes a year old. This place is a JOKE. BEWARE

Kris 6/18/13 3:03PM

I would like to file a discrimination lawsuit against store#

pissed off members 6/18/13 11:40AM

Dr.Frank's Auto Repair & Hauling :Hello world ; I've been a Sams Club shopper since the early 90's and never humiliated so deeply before today... My Fiancé & I from Regional Home Health were the top buyers in SAMs Club on Airline Highway Baton Rouge , La. in the 90's : we purchased everything from A-Z they had to offer for the business & we never got disrespected !!! Today June 13th 2013 @ approximately 1400 - 1500 hours I returned a bottle of liquid Cascade too the new SAMs Club over @ the CORTANA MALL area . I was so belittled by the customer service return employee & Publicly Embarrassed : Why I have never in all of my days !! She in turn called the I do believe floor shift Supervisor who in turn to add insult too injury suggested I had watered down the product or added water to it (a bottle of liquid cascade gel)I believe we're her words that cut so deep to me!! I was so hurt let me tell you I was as angry as the Hornet & yet Our Lord God Jehovah The Prince Of Peace kept me near . I say this too each & everyone of you : No child of God should be confronted @ anytime with such deep humiliation as I were...... Therefore I demand a public apology for the scrutiny I adhered while @ the hands of two of SAMs Club Employees : sincerely a 60 year old senior citizen of East Baton Rouge Parish from Dr. Franks Auto & Hauling Mr. Frank

Dr.Frank's Auto Repair & Hauling 6/13/13 4:47PM

Now I can see why Sam's never gets the business that Costco does. I belong to both and mainly use Costco. I recently went to Sam's to get an Michael Angelo's Shrimp Scampi and they were out of it. No one could tell me when it was due or IF it was due. Today I called to check again. I waited on hold for 5 minutes, thinking she forgot about me I called back. The auto answer came on and then tried to ring the front desk. The phone rang 20 times before someone in receiving answered. She checked but did not know any more about when or even if the item was coming in. SO I tried to call corporate to voice my disappointment and now I can see why all of Sam's has problems. Corporate is no better, they go through a list of options and then say stay on the line for the operator, BUT guess what, the original recording starts again with the list of options and then. Stay on the ling for the operator. I hung up. I am ready to simply cancel my membership and request Costco to get the item I am looking for.

azegger 6/12/13 12:09PM

I went to Sam's Club Vacaville, Ca. today. I just came back. I do not live in Vacaville. I wanted to buy the last set of sofas (display) but Chris the Front Supervisor do not let me pay today and pick it up tomorrow morning. He said Sam's Club is a warehouse not a "storage place" I explained to him that I do not live in town and I do not have a truck at that moment. He was very uncooperative and reluctant to talk to me. I called my husband who was in Sacramento working and he recommended me to talk with a Manager. Dennise who was at the Customer Service counter don't even look at me. She said "Chris is right we can't hold nothing." I am very disappointed about your Customer Service.
I wanted to pay $1,000.00 for a set of sofas today. The last ones of that type. and Pick them up tomorrow morning and they couldn't help me? Sorry but I do not understand why not.

Anonymous 6/11/13 6:07PM

I purchased a desk from Sam's. Upon delivery the 3 boxes where dumped in my office. I called Sam's and under no curcumstances would they assemble the desk. My husband and I open the first box and the desk was chipped. When I called Sam's they said the process to return my money would be a month. I will not shop at Sam's ever again.

Sorry Sam's 6/7/13 11:38AM

I was embarrassed at SAMs club in Hobart ,Ind by an employee checking receipts at the door she accused me of trying to steal a $2.18 pack of rolls by saying that she did not see rolls on my receipt and my husband who had proceed beforehand in a wheel chair had rolls i his basket. I then informed her that they were hamburger and hotdog buns and they are listed by this time a line had formed and this lady ran out the door and proceeded to go through my husbands basket. I ask for the managerd his reply was less than satisfactory as he proceeds to tell me that he has had a lot of theft in his store mind you we just spent $500.00 and we could afford to buy a $2.18 cent pack of rolls and did,nt needy steal. The manager whose name was Ruben then proceeded to say that he had long lines and did not have time to address the problem at this could I wait a minute and would come back I then left the store. My husband has been on the advisory board of SAMs club and has been a member for 20 years plus he would allow Sams representatives to come on his premise and solicit members as a long time member I think he deserves better treatment.

Bill Gilmore 6/2/13 8:29PM

I just found out demos are by crosmark? I have coyped the below to send to them also.

roy 6/1/13 11:55AM

OMG, I went to the Sam's in Johnson City, TN the other day and was very suprised to see Deb Fal(?) back in demos. I asked demo person Charlie how she got her job back and found out she is now a TEAM LEAD! I was in Sam's last fall and she was VERY loudly telling anyone she could about being walked out.. I guess she lost her job. There some Sam's managers trying to get her out the door. I will NEVER tast anything again from that Sams. Deb was nothing but nasty when serving and trying to get me to give her my cell phone to program something... shopping email??. Way to pushy and never changed gloves after handling cell phones. No wonder your demo people are so unpro. I guess if you work at Sams, you can get fired than rehired with a promotion. You can bet I'll be taking pics. the next time I see her nasty, fat ass in that store. They will go to the health dept. with a copy to Sams. Their is also a guy that blows into is gloves tp put them on than changes the trash with out changing gloves. Where do you find these people? Don't they have any training in safe food?

roy 6/1/13 11:46AM

As a Sam's Club member, I thought this would be a nice place to work. I applied for a position within the company, and was hired in membership services. To say that this was a horrible experience, is saying the least. From the moment I was hired, I was treated terribly. This is the Sam's Club in Streamwood, Il that I am referring. The lady who hired me, April,was rude and condescending. The first day I worked, I got sent home for not punching out for my break. Then they scheduled me for a week, but then took me off that whole week saying that they did not need the coverage. The store manager was rude and condescending, and he would reprimand employees in front of customers and other staff. The other women in my department were nothing but rude and condescending. I never received my check either. And when I went in to turn in my vest, because I did end up leaving the company due to the poor treatment that I received. They told me they had my check in the office, and that if they had to mail it they would have to send it certified. Like, why would that be my problem? Anyways, to sum it up, I am no longer a member of Sam's club, and this was such a disappointment to see the company as I saw it. They should be ashamed of how they treat their employees. And they also need to be aware that not only are they employees, but they are also potential customers

lisa 6/1/13 7:51AM

I purchased a phone from sams club from sprint three weeks ago the sales person ask me if i wanted sams insurance or sprint insurance i told him sprint insurance. it was clear that I had insurance on my phone between me and the salesmen. Well three weeks later my car was stolen with my phone in it I call sprint because I know I had the sprint insurance. Sprint tells me the insurance was not added and that It will be 600 for the phone or go back to SAMs and let them fix the problem. I go to SAMs and the lady at the counter tells me she just been there for three weeks and would feel comfortable with a manager handling the situation. The manager tells me well we wasn't here when he was hooking up your phone so we don't know if that's what really happened or not we deal with 100's of customers everyday there's no way we would know who's fault this was. I've had sprint for 6 years never went without insurance so why in the hell would I go three weeks without insurance on my phone. As I spoke to the manager and the sales women they both realized who set up the account and knew he didn't know what he was doing for he was fairly new himself but at the end the manager told me it was still nothing they could do I will have to pay 600 dollars for SAMs hiring someone who wasn't qualified for that position. I trust these people to do there job and It has to cost me the customer. This is unacceptable store 6646 in atlanta ga and SAMs club y'all have to do better.

Anonymous 5/30/13 6:11PM

I have just recently bought a Sam's Club Membership and I am very disturbed with the phone contact with your organization at store #1275 very poor service will eventually hurt your business if enough people are allowed to be treated in such a poor manner
We lived in Omaha Nebraska I never encountered any difficulties what so ever. I don't really expect any thing to be done because no one seems to know anything about these things happening when questioned

GM 5/30/13 12:37PM

I have been a long purchaser of Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (2 cartons per month) for my personal use. Today I purchased my 2 cartons and was I ever surprised when I sat down to lunch at home. This is not the same chicken salad I am accustomed to purchasing at my Sam's Club. The difference was noticed when I opened the container and I was shocked at the taste. This new Cranberry chicken salad is inferior to what I have been purchasing at the Club. I phoned the meat department to inquire if this is a new brand and was told "it is from a new supplier."

Sam's you all had a good thing going previously with the Cranberry Chicken Salad.

Disappointed 5/29/13 1:43PM

Date: May 24,2013
Statement submitted by request to:
Sam's Club and other parties involved
1421 Renaissance
Albuquerque NM 87107

Dear [Recipient]:
At the insistent request of a store representative "Julie Gill" the acting liaison/ASSET PROTECTION MANAGER and representative for the Sam's Club store I Gene Sanchez son of Eddie and Jennie Sanchez am formally giving of a statement strongly recommend/by the Asset Protection Manager instructed at the directive of the Club Manager "David Villa". I might add that when I respectfully requested the same courtesy be reciprocated from Sam's Club. {The Statements From Sam's Technicians} The Asset Protection Manager adamantly denied my request. The Club in question is from store #04938 located at 1421 Renaissance, to what was witnessed and the nature of a statement involving the sole source of transportation / vehicle within my parents household that can securely, reliably and safely transport my elderly mother and father. I might ad the fact that my mother is not only elderly, but also severely handicapped and have very limited mobility and debilitating health. My Father Eddie Sanchez, contacted myself Gene Sanchez to inform me that he has been given a serious situation that he is in need of assistance. Bottom line is he visited Sam's Club on Friday May 24, 2013 with the best of intentions. They intended to have tires installed and replaced by the trained professionals at this particular Sam's Club so as to insure that my mother and father can depend on their vehicle. Prior to me arriving at Sam's Club, my father stated that the situation involved their Lincoln Town Car and that they were informed by the Sam's Club Technicians that the vehicle after the tires were installed is now inoperable due to its load leveling suspension and is now completely in failure status and is currently stuck on top of their vehicle lift. When I arrived at Sam's Club I witnessed and did take photo's of the vehicle trunk open and the rear of the vehicle was completely grounded on top of the rear tires with literally no clearance to safely remove and drive vehicle at any distance without causing further significant damage. Sadly my parents were left to their own resources as the stores technicians verbally denied any responsibility for the current condition of the Lincoln Town Car. I asked the Sam's Club ASSET PROTECTION MANAGER whom the technicians that performed the service in question. Three technicians claimed that they were the technicians whom performed the complete installation. I hope and believe that Sam's Club has properly trained the technicians as to vehicles with load leveling suspension. If you open the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car there is a Air-Suspension Switch that is clearly labeled and highlighted: This switch is used when the car is in for service. "Always turn off the switch before lifting the car, because the sensor will think the car is rising and keep the air bag valves open, ruining the rear air suspension." As I and my parents can not say with any certainty that this procedure was followed since none of us were witness to the vehicle being serviced and not to mention we are not the experts we shall reserve any opinions to be concluded by the professionals and parties involved in determining root cause of Air Suspension Failure. Upon myself Gene Sanchez seeing how my parents have been left to their own resources. I called for an honorable licensed Towing company i.e.: Galvan's Towing Services. Did assist in the removal and transportation of my parents Lincoln Town Car, from the lift it was stuck on. Prior to the loading process I Gene Sanchez, was informed by the Tow Vehicle driver/operator that he needed me to observe witness something he has noticed in the process of hooking up the cable to the undercarriage of the vehicle. He showed me what he see's as a potentially severe problem that he does not wish to assume any responsibility for visual damage to an Air Suspension line impaired by unknown facts. I then knelt down to visually witness the nature of his valid concerns. I looked and seen a line that is now detached and hanging very low with retaining clips attached. I had informed the Technician as well as the loss prevention representing Sam's Club position and policies. They both knelt down and visually witnessed the condition of the vehicle. I had requested that Galvan's Towing transport the Lincoln Town Car to CJ's auto repair, as this is a business we highly recommend and trust. I might add that because of my parents being left to their own resources on a very hot sunny day without any suitable means of transporting my mother we had to arrange for a suitable alternative to getting my mother and father home. Unfortunately in addition due to the situation my parents have been presented with they were left with no alternatives, but to obtain a rental vehicle until their vehicle has been repaired and returned in a safe reliable condition. I am submitting/digitally attaching a couple photos of the vehicle associated with this case in point. Overall I am taken back by the protocol and ethical treatment of my parents or for that matter all senior citizens in general.


onebadcowboy 5/29/13 6:45AM

I bought a Magnavox 42 in. TV at #6420 Sam's Club store. It seems that the 90 day return to store run out 12 days before returning. So the warranty that came with it for 1 yr. Will not cover it either. It seems that Magnavox and Phillips split up and neither one will honer that warranty. I had bought the 2 yr extended warranty too.nothing from that either. I spent 2 1/2 hrs at your store #6420 with an ass manger to try to get this straightened out. The ass.Manager that helped went above and be on to help me out. Didn't get a badge number. But her name was Mechell. I think she should be awarded in some way for her faithful work for Sam's club even though I still haven't got anything done to get TV straightened out. I guess these warranty's are for taking your money. Guy

GUY 5/27/13 9:44AM

I bought a Ipad from store Store manager. It had little crack on the screen while playing Soccer game it cracked. Went to return the worker had problem. I didn't,t argu due to limited time . It not even one month yet.

Ajmalmehdi 5/23/13 6:32PM

Good Evening; I have been a Sam's customer for many years; practically ever since Sam's Club (formerly Sam's Wholesale) came to the Atlanta area. I usually visit a Sam's club at least three to four times weekly. On today (May 22, 2013), I visited the Sam's Club, located in Lithonia, Georgia. The lines were "backed up" practically to the rear of the store and there were very few cashiers. I asked to speak with the store manager; however, she was not at the store as usual. In fact, a couple of store personnel informed me that she is rarely ever at the store. Consequently, the opportunity did not present itself for me to speak with anyone, which was ridiculous. One associate informed me that the manager scheduled cashiers for only 12 hours this week (really?). This is very POOR management, especially with an upcoming major holiday rapidly approaching. Who does this? This situation must improve immediately or I will cease to be a customer in the future and will encourage my friends and associates to do likewise.

lsmithsr 5/22/13 8:33PM

Hello name is . Here in abilene ,texas. Want to know why can't there be 2 locations here? Like there is 2 walmart stores. We need 2 locations here. A store on each side of town. And I stay in walking distance from this location. Some of my co-workiers the State school live by here also. It would help us a lot too keep it open. Thanks to whom it may concern. Hope somebody is listening.

1jelpaso 5/19/13 4:54PM

This afternoon I went to the Sam's Club in Cockeysville, MD and experienced a series of negative customer service moments.
1. No carts in the entrance, nor did the welcomer mention that we needed to go to the far reaches of the parking lot to find some carts.
2. Going around the back corner to purchase paper products, I was confronted by an employee pushing a tall cart of eggs. He yelled at me, "this is closed off". I looked around for the signage and could not find any so I said, "How would I know?" He responded, "You wouldn't".
3. Trying to buy coffee, the kind I wanted was not on the lower shelf. I lifted my grandson to reach some and an employee simply said, you can't climb that." I said there was no coffee down below. He didn't respond.

In general, the store seemed understaffed, the service surly and I wonder, why do I pay a yearly fee? Sam would not be proud. Costco is looking good right now.

Anonymous 5/18/13 2:28PM

I have been a faithful customer for many years. I went into the 1421 N Renaissance Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM Club on Wednesday May 15th to get a new camera. I was so excited that the Canon T3i was $798.00 because I got the book for $100 off. So my husband said I could buy it. Then I went to pay and the computer wouldn't take the $100 off. So the lady called a manager and she said there was some retration and the $100 was already off but the sign didn't say it.
I do not appreciate the fact that Sams messed up and I am the one confused and dissatisfied.

Upset 5/17/13 1:48PM

I want to compliment you on one of your employees. Carmen worked in Customer Service, went to Bakery and is now back in Customer Service. She is one of the nicest, professional, hard working and sincere Associate's we have ever had the great fortune to meet. It is because of her that we signed up for E-Values. It is also because of her sincerity and expertise that we signed up for a Sam's Discover card. We use it almost exclusively whenever we make charges anywhere and each month we write a huge check to Sam's. We just thought you might like to know what a fantastic person and Associate she is. Thank you.

Grateful in Wisconsin 5/16/13 1:16PM

The a/c temperature setting at the Sams Club in Beaumont Texas
is not cool enough to keep me from perspiring. The quality of the air is not cool and it isn't dry or crisp as it should be.
A store associate told me the temp. was controlled from a state somewhere up North...not in Texas.
Well the temp. setting might suffice in a climate that does not have the kind of humidity we have here on the Gulf Coast but here where we have sultry sticky humidity the A/C should be set to a temp that can keep the atmosphere inside the store crisp and dry.
It simply is uncomfortable to shop here at Sam's Club at the temperature setting they have it on now.

Anonymous 5/15/13 4:10PM

I feel Sams Club is loosing alot of money when you have large familys that come thru our registers the patron who is the primary card holder passes their card to the next person, I have seen one card passed as many as four times. Why can't the company see that that is a loss of money. Check this IDEA out. A card with a device made in the card when swiped twice a code shows up on computer, this would stop excess use of one card, yes a customer may need to go back and get something else, then the cashier can put a certain number in pertaining to the customer justed it. there is always a con around the door. Guest with a Sams Club Member should register, this would also help prevent shrink, by registering they'd be scared they'd get caught.

illigetmate of Elvis Presley 5/15/13 10:55AM

Trying to figure out the irony I have experienced at my local Sam's. This is a membership based company in which you have to be affiliated with a business. This is where the irony comes in. Why do they accept EBT cards? Are these "members" paying the same fees? If you have an EBT card you are assumed not to have a job so how are you affiliated with a business. I have witnessed some questionable sightings that are straight up stealing. I infuriates me to see a buggy filled to the brim with top of the line meat and other products and paid for with FOOD STAMPS! I have tried calling the local store and sit on hold forever. Will some one please explain this to me.

FED UP! 5/14/13 11:13AM

what happened to your corpus christi store? why do you stock 1000 bags of potting soil and not one bag of yeast rolls? i run my small food service business through your store and when the new manager named stephanie calderone took over the store has gone to hell in a hand basket. yesterday i ordered yeast rolls since there were none on the shelf, told i could pick them up today. bakery staff saw me and ran to back of bakery sending some poor new girl to tell me they were out of stock for the weekend. really? maybe i can serve the 145 people some potting soil instead of rolls. be advised, i am not the only one who is being lied to by sams corpus christi. an old kitchen saying is the fish always stinks from the head. sure hope someone up there cares how crappy ypur corpus store is being run. but then again, my guess is you already do.

disappointed again 5/11/13 8:37AM

I shop at Boardman, Oh. Sam's Club .I would like for you to Stock some Low Salt Canned Diced Tomatoes ,Green Beans and other Vegetables . I also would like to have some Wheat bread and 6" Buns stocked and other health full supplies . Us older Folks try to eat healthy when we can find the food while saving money .
Thank You.

Anonymous 5/6/13 5:46PM

Help!!! I have been dealing with a problem for the past 8 months. I ordered several pieces for my patio in August 2012. When they called to give methe deoivery day and time I asked if they would be setting it up because i am handicappaed and live alone. I was told that they would. But when it was delivered they told me they could not put it together. So I refused delivery. Nothing was removed from the truck,I signed a paper refusing delivery. Unfortunately the delivery men didn't speak much English and I had difficulty understanding them they did not give me a copy of the form and left before I could get one. The I started getting bills for this merchandice. I've called, written letters, called, written letters all to no avail. I still keep getting bills for items I do not have. I've asked for an itemized statement for the whatever it isI'm supposed to have. I've been dealing with discovercard with no success. I am going to have to get a lawyer so this matter can be resolved.It has been dragging on too long.I hope to hear from someone before I get my lawyer.

Anonymous 5/3/13 6:43AM

Sam's Club has stores all over the country and are quite profitable. Please explain why stores are given a limit of 250.00 a month for charitable donations? As cheap as that is, you also want a request a month ahead of time so a "committee" can decide who in the community deserves your pitiful donation. All other businesses work with their community. I spend 250.00 every 2 weeks there, when I requested a donation for a community event for the American Cancer Society, I was given a lecture by management on how many requests they get. Stop complaining and DO YOUR JOB! Shame on SAMs Club for being cheap and insensitive to the people who keep them in business...specifically Kingston, New York!

Anonymous 5/1/13 8:36PM

The service at Sam's is very poor. April 25th went to get tire service store opens at 7:00am no one at tire center had to call for help. The employee in tire dept was the only one there and he stated (he could not work by himself as per SAM'S)called manager again he (stated I don;t have time to sit back here)next employed is coming in at 9:00am.Soo much for service and dues keep increasing

Anonymous 4/26/13 8:14AM

I have been a paying member of Sams Club for six years and overall have been very happy with services. I have only one complaint and that is the stop at the door on the way out. I understand the need for security but we are all paying members and should be treated as such. I will not be renewing my membership. If you don't trust me enough to let me out the door without searching me and the merchandise that I have already paid for then you no longer need my business.

Anonymous 4/24/13 4:48AM

On 16 April 2013 about 0905 I went to Sam's locate in Columbus, GA to have my tires balanced and rotated. I walked to the door and was taking out my Sam's card for the lady at the door. As I was about to show the card to the lady, she snatched it out of my hand. I asked her if there was something wrong with it. She stated that she wanted to make sure I had the right card coming in there that time of morning. So, I walked to the tire center and watched to see if this was some kind of a new policy. She did not do any other customer that way. I was in my ACU military fatigue uniform. I did not appreciate her conduct at all.

Anonymous 4/18/13 8:50AM

I want to file a complaint against your Midland, Tx SAMs club. I saw your sales brochure in the newspaper this morning so I went to the store during my lunch hour to get the Roxio VHS to DVD3 software which was $10 off. When I went to check out, the item rang up at regular price. When I told the checkout person about the advertisement in the newspaper, she knew nothing about it. Since people were waiting, I paid for the product and went directly to the customer service desk. I told them about the advertisement in the newspaper and THEY knew nothing about it, which really surprised me. I asked the clerk if anyone there had a newspaper with the advertisement so she made an announcement over the loud speaker to the whole store. I am sure she did that to try and embarrass me but what got me even more was that no one in the whole store knew anything about what I was talking about: not clerks, not store managers, not stockers, no one. In fact, I called the store after work to talk to a someone in charge but was told that no managers were on duty in the evening. The person I talked to still did not know about the advertisement. I was told that Corporate will put out sales and many times will not let the stores know about the sales. If this is the case, not only are the people in Midland terribly incompetent but so is the corporate office if they don't communicate these things to the stores. Bottomline, my thoughts if SAMs Club corporation as a whole are not very good. I doubt that anything will come from this, that all SAMs club stores/corporation will continue to operate poorly and make money in spite of it.

Anonymous 4/17/13 5:40PM

My comment is relative to a letter I received today from IMMUNETECH. We waited for quite some time to complete the tests on March 9, 2013. Now we are told that their was insuficient blood to allow the lab to check for allergies.

How could this happen? And, what is Sam's club going to do about it?

jgbech 4/15/13 1:05PM

I was in Sam's Club this a.m to buy a cell phone. Aprox. 9:20am in Indianapolis 96th St. I was told that the Electronics wouldn't be open until 10am. I explained that I just needed someone to open a drawer and get the phone I wanted to purchase. I had no questions. I just needed the phone. I was traveling and my phone was malfunctioning. I couldn't even get someone, not even a manager to open the door. You lost a $200+ sale from someone that spends at least $200-$300 dollars of business money every time I'm there. I will be going back to talk to the GM today. But from what I'm seeing on the comment site, it sounds like some customer service training is in need for all the stores.

Anonymous 4/15/13 12:46PM

I was on the phone for 30 min. exactly to find out if you had an item in stock. thats just part of it . Please tell me all calls are recorded. Please listen to a call at 8:58 or so, to Sams club on 135th overland park ks, Please listen to the entire 30 min of total incompetence so your head can explode like mine did. Some people are phone answerers, some are stock clerks. P.S. sounds like you might need to upgrade your computers or internet. My phone is better and faster than this stores system.

Anonymous 4/15/13 7:36AM

I recently receive a promotional Email for IPAD.The 11th, I went to Sam's in Bentonville to look them over. I left my store at 6pm and went straight to Sam's. I tried for 30 minutes to get up to the counter but there were 4 or 5 children 4 to 8 years old playing with them I barely could glimpse the prices display as one child looked at me like what did I think I was doing. Here was $5000 or more of merchandise that was being played with by children that the buyer couldn't even look at let alone purchase. The employees in that area were standing talking to one another when I told them I had come into check the Ipad and probably purchase one but couldn't get to the counter they wanted to know why I couldn't. Quite an expensive child care area don't you think?

Anonymous 4/14/13 6:56PM

I am about ready to get an attorney over an apoproximately $163 dollars that needs to be refunded to my credit card. I have talked to online reps at least 8 different times in the past month and had many many reference numbers. I had 2 ottomans and each were returned, different was not built right and was sent back via the truck. The other was sent Fed Ex. Both were done some time ago. I can't get my refund. As a result of the call today, I just now get a fed ex email to schedule a pickup. THESE ITEMS HAVE BEEN RETURNED. You have the dumbest staff I have ever encountered. PLEASE HELP. My last reference number from a contact with you April 11 is 13610467. Please please quit making me make Sams Club calls where I spend at least 1/2 hour on the phone with you. If this isn't straightened out within a week, I will make a decision as to contact my credit card company or seeing an attorney.

Anonymous 4/12/13 6:10PM

After reading these comments I think I live in a great place.
Appleton, Wisconsin Sam's Club must be special!

After cashing a check for over 100.00 my husband placed the cash in his coat pocket. He stopped at Sam's to pick up some items for me. He paid with his Sam's card and did not miss the cash until a call from 1st State Bank in New London Wi came the next day. Did you lose some cash. A check of the coat pocket said yes! A Sam's club employee found the cash in the bank envelope in a cart on the premises.He turned it in, they in turn contacted the New London 1st Bank, its phone and address on the sleeve. A teller there checked bank records to see who might have cashed a check for the amount that day. Yes! my husbands name came up thus the call.He picked up his cash later in the day. Asked to give the finder some reward, no they didn't have his name and company policy dictates he could not receive a reward for the good deed. A thank you was all they would receive. Wouldn't that knock your socks off in this day and age? Sam's Club here serves us well. After all the CEO once worked for Kimberly Clark a well known Co in these parts. Proud to be from the Mid-West. Thank you Sam's

js 4/12/13 12:52PM

I have been shopping at the new Sam's club in Wentzville, Mo. The guy who checks your receipt as you are leaving. Well he is way to friendly has to hug me good by tell how gorgeous I am, how fine I look, when you coming back to see me? I have called the store two times and complained. Move that old perve to the stock room he does not need to be up front with people.I will quit shopping there I swear! All he has to say is thank you have a good night.

Annoyed 4/9/13 4:40PM

I am a disabled person with my left leg amputated below the knee. I joined the Sam's Club at the corner of Hwy 34 & Fisher Rd. in Newnan Ga. Their fuel island attendants are lacking in work ethics and compassion. They just don't care is probably more of a description that best fits their attitude. I have rolled down my window and asked for assistance and the female employee just ignored me. I blew my horn just to have her turn her back to me. Today I used pump #4 directly in front of the booth window and had to hop out to pump my gas while the employee sat in the booth and literally watch me. The biggest reason why I joined Sam's was for the assistance pumping my gas. If I knew of a full service gas station close by I would not and might not anyway, return to Sam's. There IS a difference between earning a check and just collecting one. Which one are you doing?

Better work ethics with one leg 4/7/13 12:39PM

PurcHased outdoor patio set on 3/24. Transaction no. 2817. Set up delivery for 4/5 between hours 8-noon. Took a day off work. Made numerous calls to delivery service and Matteson store when noon hour passed. Was told it is not coming at 5:00 p.m. And to make another delivery appt. no one cared at either the store or delivery service. Very disappointed and frustrated. Now we have to take another day off for delivery on 4/8, same hours. We got no consideration at all. Was told to come in and money will be refunded if we choose.

Tom Zasada 4/6/13 7:48AM

While checking out at Brandon, FL store, my 85 year old hearing impared parents were tricked into a Sam's Club Personal Credit account. The cashier would not accept my mothers check for payment for her purchases. Mom went to "Customer Service" where she was told that she had to contact GE Catial Retail Bank to cancel the account. My father suffers from dementia. You do not give a person with dementia a credit card. It is not real money to them. They will purchase whatever they desire with no thought of payment. The magic card paid for everything. I resent the fact that this happened. I resent the fact that Sam's Club can sign a person up for the credit card but can not cancel the account. I resent the total lack of care or concern from Reaona, one of the "managers", at the Brandon store. Last, I resent that I now have to jump through loops to undo what Sam's Club employees did that should never had happened. I will be closing my corporate account and taking my business to Costco!

maggie 4/5/13 9:35AM

I would like to know how we can get a Sam's Club in Sevier County, Tennessee?

Anonymous 4/5/13 7:01AM

I 'm not sure if they are doing this in all Sam's clubs, but the Wilkes-Barre PA store pushing the plus membership is harassment. I'm asked every single week and the answer is NO!!! Mark our card or membership that we do not want it and do not ask again! If it continues I am giving up my membership. Oh how I wish we had a BJ's!!

Anonymous 3/29/13 11:08AM

we purchased a tv and wall mount at sams club in brooksville, fl. last week and scheduled an installation of wallmount thru sams club brochure said sams club tech service. the cost was 199 dollars . the tech did not come when scheduled and we could not wait any longer due to prior commitment. we called and rescheduled for mon 1 to 4 pm. the tech came 10 am. the prior time scheduled that he was a no show. he put the tv on the wall and then said the cord was not long enough. he sent my husband to radio shack to get one. meanwhile, he said he couldnt wait any longer and left. he didnt finish the job described in the folder. company says it
was our fault for not having correct size cord. they sold it to us. we are not techs they are. we are supposed to know there job not us. its what we paying them for. my husband completed the job with the help of direct tv co. they were kind enough to walk him thru it. we asked for a partial refund. we were denied they claim their tech did the job. he only did part of it and his supervisor pulled him away to another job.

Anonymous 3/25/13 2:02PM

On Feb 18th I ordered a Mattress thru of which I was told it would be delivered between Feb 26th to Mar 8th, when Mar 8th came and I still had not heard anything I check on it ad was given the run around Sam's saying that it was Serta's error and Serta blaming Sam's, no one was willing to help with the issue. After finally cancelling the order today Mar 19th did we find out that the Mattress had been sent and was damage and a new one was on its way, now if someone would have let us know what was going on we would have been ok, but customer service was terrible. We will never order from again.

krae9 3/19/13 10:27AM

I was n Sam's club on 3/18/13 to purchase three mattresses went to the service desk after searching for a worker for thirty minutes to get help I was told someone will meet me by the mattress section I waited for a hour to get help and no one never helped me....That's very poor customer service for the simple fact u have to buy a membership to spend money there and can't get no help it seem as though the team in pleasantville nj need to b evaluated

Anonymous 3/18/13 7:18PM

Tried to order a cake today at Waukesha and West Allis WI Sam's clubs. I needed the cake by 1pm Tueday. I was told I couldn't have it before 2:30 on Tuesday because it required 24 hours notice. Really I'm giving you 23 hours! I needed a sheet cake for a 92 year old neighbor who probably won't see 93. She is currently in a rehab facility.
Yes it's last minute but we just found out it was her birthday and she doesn't have a lot of family. Her son was killed in Vietnam as a Medic serving others. It's the least we could do is honor her. Both stores didn't even give me a chance to explain the situation. I got we are busy and need 24 hours. I plan to tell every person how Sam's can't give a 60 minutes allowance to someone who gave her son. Never will walk into a Sam's club again. Both store gave terrible service. Called Metro Market in Brookfield and they will make it extra beautiful for her and I can have it before noon. Fabulous! Metro market service. She had compassion.

good neighbor 3/18/13 1:22PM

I recently bought tires at the calumet city, Illinois center. I noticed that my low tire indicator was on. Upon checking my tires I noticed the driver side rear was low on pressure. I took it back to Sam's club where the technician said he could not find anything wrong. He noted that the valve stem was bad. But upon taking the vehicle home I took the tire off myself and noticed a piece of plastic embedded in my tire. This is an indication that my vehicle was not checked as stated nor was it dipped in a tire tub as he stated. So I was lied to or they have very poor tire technicians at that store. So I was so discussed that I took my car to a different tire outlet and had it repaired. But it cost me 30 dollars. I would like to be reimbursed. And of course no more tire purchases from Sam's club!

Anonymous 3/16/13 11:25PM

I have never received such bad service as I receive at the Monroeville,PA store
Tire center, every single time I go there. I refuse to give them my business anymore.

Disgusted customer 3/15/13 3:12PM

The Sam's club in Rochester, Minnesota is awful. The management does not treat the employees very well. I will never go there again.

Anonymous 3/11/13 9:27PM

Shopping for almost 20 years at Sams Club. Went to the Ontario, CA store on Friday 3/8/2013 around 2:30p.m. The attendant bringing in the wagons pushed the carts right into my son. Causing him to bend over in pain and tear up. The attendant did nothing, called the manager on duty. She did nothing, just stated I will watch the video. Did not take down names or numbers. Asked to see another manager at the time of check out. Still she did nothing. All these years we had no problems, everyone has done a great service. This manager did not handle the problem efficiently, correctly and concern. She cares less about the customers. Calling corporate office but getting the run around. Will not stop, they need to teach their personnel how to handle this type of problem at the time, instead of brushing it off.

Anonymous 3/11/13 10:32AM

I am very dissapointed in the Orange Connecticut store I have been a member ever since they have opened the store. There are extremely long lines, more cashiers need to be opened up to provide quality service to the customers. The store definitely needs a serious over haul. My membership is up for renewal. I am considering not renewing my membership, due to decline in service I feel I am not receiving. There are other Club's that would love to have my membership. Dissapointed customer.

Anonymous 3/6/13 8:36PM

I wanted to let you know my vehicle has a problem after putting gas in it last week from your Cincinnati Ridge location. My vehicle now knocks. I took this to a mechanic and it was determined by the ASE certified mechanic it has to be the gas. He checked all other avenues and said the electrical check lights etc. all check out ok. I am looking to hopefully take care of myself or seeking legal advice next. Anyone i warn you in putting gas into your vehicles.

cps1234 2/27/13 9:43PM

Recently i opened a small business and contacted the supervisor of my local sams club, i asked if they offered a discount for small business, i wanted a discount on 7 or 8 pizzas to do a grand opening, they said flat out no, i have a business account with sams and a credit line with them, i figured what an easy way to give back, i would have appreciated a buck off each pizza, so in i've made up my mind ,and im closing up my account with sams, if.they cant help out a small business like myself then i can't help contribute my hard earned money to a billion dollar a year co.

cage 2/27/13 4:07PM

I do not understand why both the Sam's stores in Tampa and Brandon do not have any strawberries, since we live in the strawberry Capitol. There is a surpluss this year, yet Sam's says there is a shortage. Why?

Anonymous 2/24/13 9:07AM

I am writing because SAMs Club opened in Rocky Point ,Mexico about a 3 hr drive from Phoenix.I am surprised and dissapointed to find how expensive it it.,so much more than the States. Also with your high prices SAMs pay their employees so little and a lot of hours to work. Does not make sense to abuse the situation in Mexico, where the people have little choices to work just to barely get by. I do not go there unless its something I cannot find in Rocky Point stores. I know many people who will not even go into the store because of high prices and the treatment of the Mexican people. I want people to know about this situation here.

No name 2/14/13 11:14PM

I recently bought tires at the Billings, Montana Sam's club. Everything was fine until I brought them in for the free rotation and balancing. I mentioned that they would have to clean the mud out of the rims to balance the tires properly(Yes there is mud in Montana, imagine that). All I got was excuses from the employees as how they couldn't clean the mud out because they didn't have the proper tools or they didn't know how to get the mud out of the rims. This is suppose to be a quality tire shop. Yet not one of the employees could figure out how to clean mud out of some tire rims. We finally agreed that between the 2 or 3 employees they would try to figure something out, so I left them to it. I came back half an hour later to find they got some of the mud out by using a hammer. After that they just balanced the tires with the remaining mud in the rims. I asked them what happens when the mud falls of and the tires go out of balance and they said just to bring it in and get the tires balanced again. What a bunch of lazy retards. All they would of had to do is use a screwdriver and some elbow grease. Did I mention that my vehicle was the only one in the shop. I will never buy tires here again after experiencing there follow up service. In the mean time I guess I will be going to Sam's club ounce a week and getting my tires balanced until all the mud is out.

juscorn 2/14/13 7:05PM

before christmas i wrote a check at sams club ib chqttqnooga tenn where i had been a member for 15 years, the lady who checked me out was having trouble with the tele check machine ,it wadded up the check ,she got help and they asked me for another blank check this made 2 times an amount was punched into the machine both were for different amounts the first one wqs declined by my bank because the acct no was missing a number that one was for 51.61
the 2nd for 51.48, about 2 weeks laer i got a very threatining letter from telechek i sent them a money order for 51.61 on 12 31 2012 , on 1-4 2013 telecheck got another 51.61 from my bank account, im 72 years and live on a fixed income, i have since cancelled my sams membership as did my 5 family menbers, i will never do business with another company that uses telecheck and that includes food lion and wal-mart,and i encourage every one who reads this to take heed if they will prey on the seniors of this country,i wany no part of them

Anonymous 2/3/13 11:22AM

I bought a pair of eye glasses in 2011, they cost me close to $400.00. Before the warranty ran out, the spring hinge broke, they repaired it. Last year the spring hinge broke again, I took it in to be fixed they said the warranty just ran out, and they discontinued that style of glasses a week before, and they couldn't repair. So, I said, I paid to much money for the same thing to happen again. I felt like they knew there were a problem and they didn't do anything to let the customers know. I do understand that they change glasses in all the time but, I just wanted my glasses fixed, and all they could tell me, we can sell you another pair. The glasses that I purchased from them were, the one that came with the magnet sunglasses on top, and they had simular pair, but they wanted to charge me for them. I would have paid a little but the price were to high. I have been a loyal customer for years, I will never by glasses from them again.

Loyal 2/1/13 12:56PM

I usually enjoy shopping at the Sams Club in North Seattle. However this past week I bought a sack of lemons only to find almost half of them turn rotten within 2 days at my residence. I tried Walmart in Lynnwood this last Thursday and within a day there were rotten lemons in that sack also. None of them appeared to be bad at the time of purchase. I don't have a receipt anymmore so I'm not going to waste gas trying to get a refund from either store. I just won't buy produce at Sams anymore until I can be guaranteed that it is the quality a customer should expect.

RJ 1/27/13 1:20PM

The Sams Club in Vernon Hills is a nice store however the management team there is horrible. I have been in the store and have witnessed managers yelling ay employees in front of members. I have over heard managers talking about employees and not saying very nice things to other employees.There have been complaints about sexual harrassment from employees because the male managers are trying to date the female workers.
The store manager there which happens to be a female talks about the employees to other employees which is so unprofessional she should lose her job.
I have decided to contact corporate and let them know what goes on there as none of these young adults should be treated the way that they are.

Concerned 1/25/13 6:56PM

On Saturday Jan 19 I visited the Sams Club in Huntsville Al -- They were out of the product I wanted ( Springtime water) but they did have three cases with the packaging damaged -- I ask if the supervisor ( female) would sell these to me at a reduced rate -- her reply was there was nothing wrong with the product other than the packaging when I ask what the plans were if I did not purchase them her reply was - TO THROW THEM AWAY -- I ask her again in front of other customers at the checkout and her reply was the same -- she would not sell the product at a reduced rate but would in her words throw it away. What kind of people are you folks hiring as supervisors -- she needs to be pushing buggies from the parking lot.

Larry 1/25/13 7:09AM

at christmas i made a purchase at sams club in chattanooga tn for
the total of 51.61 that i wrote a check for, the telecheck machine damaged the check and my bank refused it i recd a threating letter from telecheck and sent them a money order for 51.61,today i got my bank statement and found that telecheck had debited my account for 51.61 .i am retired and living on a fixed income, i tried to email this to walmart corporate and they wanted another 25.00 to file the complaint, i will never set foot in sams club again i have already cancelled my subscribtion, im wondering why they are so successful, with
this kind of business, ethics, i dont believe Sam walton had this kind of business practice in mind when he started the business. I have the paper work to prove the above statement

Anonymous 1/24/13 1:32PM

Went to the SAMS Club on Buckner Blvd in Dallas, TX Thursday midday. Attempted to purchase two containers of Planters Mixed Nuts. At the checkout they rang up $.01, yes one penny. The checker told me she could not sell them to me. When I began questionning her, she called a supervisor over. The supervisor said to let me have them, and they would adjust the price after my purchase. The woman from customer service came over, snatched the two containers and said I could not purchase there, they were "recalled". I asked to speak to the manager, and this rude woman kept mumbling, "I don't know why you're getting so upset". Why was I upset? I was not offered a replacement, nor did they offer to go get another brand. I'd already stood in line 25 minutes because the woman in front of me didn't know how to use her WIC card on her items. I waited for the manager to come speak with me, but he didn't come. I walked over to the customer service desk where the rude clerk was talking with him on the phone. I asked her if he was coming to speak with me, and she said NO! All the time I'm standing there she's mumbling loudly about me being so upset over nuts. It's none of her business why I'm upset over nuts. If I hadn't wanted to purchase nuts, I wouldn't have put two containers in my basket. Since when does SAMS allow clerks to be rude to customers? Why wouldn't the manager come and speak to me, rather than relaying a message to a rude clerk? Like others have said before me, I'm going to COSTCO. The stores are nicer, cleaner, and the customer service at COSTCO is stellar. Sams doesn't care if customers leave for a competitor. At one point, they were the only membership club in town, but not any longer. People have choices. I have to wonder, if Sam Walton was still running the company would there be so many complaints about SAMS?

X Sams Member 1/19/13 10:47AM

I Have Been With Sams For Over 20 Years As A Member And Employee...i Have Never,ever Had An Experience With Such Bad Customer Service...i Call The Other Day About The Recall On The Smoked Salmon, Gave All My Info. And Before Deciding To Go To Cosco, I Said I Would Give Sams's A Chance To Some Idiot Calls Me Today And Has No Idea What The Hell She Was Talking About, Let Alone About The Product...tomorrow After A Meeting I Will Be Headed To Costco....i Cannot Believe Your Corporation Doesn't Give A Damn About Their Customers.....shirley M. Payet...murrells Inlet,sc (originally Ny State)our Membership Will Expire Soon And Thought I Would Be Forever With Sam' Wrong I Was...all Because Of An Employee On The Phone That Didn't Know What The Hell She Was Calling Me About.

SHIRLEY 1/14/13 5:30PM

I was in the Fort Collins, CO Sam's Club last night at approximately 5:10 PM -- closing time is 6:00 PM. I was appalled to see the snack bar staff putting perfectly good pizza straight into the trash can!! AND replacing them with new pizzas! With all the starving / homeless people, I cannot believe that there isn't a shelter or food bank that could'nt be called to pick pizza -- I watched the staff throw at least 2 whole pizzas into the trash. I asked a manager and was informed that it was STORE POLICY? ---IT'S A SIN!! Put it into a box and call the shelter for someone to pick it up!!!!! I'm sure there are plenty of people who would have appreciated that pizza.

Anonymous 1/14/13 11:27AM

On Sunday January 6, 2013 I had my tires rotates and balanced at the Sam's club in Johnson City, tn. After leaving in my truck, I stopped to get a haircut where I looked back at my truck and saw the center caps scratched beyond belief. I immediately returned to the store and told the employees in the tire department where one said to go get them replaced at the dealership and i would be reimbursed. The next morning I called the dealership to get a price. The total price was $297.33!!! I decided to call the store manager before paying to ensure they would pay. He ensured me they would. Three days later the caps came in and when I arrived Sam's with my receipt, the employee that scratched them apologized. After he returned to work, the woman at the counter told me they were going to fire him because this mistake!!! (For his honesty) Then the manager came out and told me that I was lying and that the security camera showed him placing them shiny side down on the ground but they did not scratch them and they will not reimburse me... Now I am stuck with a $300 set of center caps that I could not afford. Thanks for nothing SAM'S!!! I have told all of you, all of my family, and sent an email to my entire department at work as well as sent several posts to many online forums. Whatever you do, keep your vehicle far away from that place. This might cost me $300, but I will ensure that they lose in excess of $3,000. If I continue to spread the work to enough people in the next 10 years maybe even $300,000. I would personally like to know that I cost them $3,000,000!!!

Richard 1/11/13 3:24PM

My husband and I have been card holders for 15 years and we moved a little over a year ago to another state, in the move our credits cards were lost or stolen one being sams club. we promptly reported it and were told to go to any sams and would be given another one. we did so a couple of weeks later and got the card and thought no more about it. We used the card several times and we didnt however use it as a credit card as we paid cash. ( dont much like to use credit if I dont have to ) well we retired in November and moved back home to SC. went to sams to get some things and attempted to charge it only to find out we were given for our replacement card a regular membership card not a credit card. manager said no problem lets call GE Capital and get you taken care of. she called and was told that now too much time had passed and we had to apply again even though we werent the ones that made the error. Well we reapplied and the supervisor entered everything and guess what? we were denied. so we paid for our items left and the next week got a letter from GE CApital that said we were denied because we were DECEASED! we called GE immediatley and was told the numbers that the manager entered for our socials were not our and she didnt think they were even socials! we go back to SAms to get it corrected, now we get store manager who says give him a day or two and he will call GE and get it repaired and get our cards. Well it is january we have no cards, have made 3 trips to sams to fix this because now because of that supervisor's imput error, equifax thinks we are dead and all of our creditors put holds on our credits cards awaiting proof from us we are alive! Equifax said it may take months to fix! Went to store manager 3 times and he said "sorry" I can offer you and 20.00 gift card if you upgrade your membership today!!!!! what do i do now?

scooter 1/10/13 12:43PM

on 1/7/2013 travling form Painesville, Ohio I stopped in Mentor Ohio Sams club and noticed the gas price for regular gas was 3.28.9 per gal. , traveling to the west side of cleveland to Elyria, Ohio the sams club had regular gas for 3.09.9 per gallon. Why is there such a big difference in their prices when they get their fuel from the same terminal in Cleveland hank you Larry Sarvis, A long time member

ironmanfinisher 1/7/13 3:19PM

I have been a member since 2004, Dec 17th 2012, my husband purchased a diamond ring to give me for Christmas, the ring fits to big, I went to the store to inquire about resizing, they said it will take 6-8 weeks to get back. i said i didnt want to wait so long so I asked for a refund, We did not have a original reciept, so customer serviced pulled up the order history, and had me take it to the Jewelry dept for full refund. Come to find out that the manager wanted to give me store credit, for not having the original reciept, however he had the proof of purchase in front of him, my purchase history, how clearer can it be. My huaband paid cash, and expect it back, the exact same way. Has anyone gone thru this. Please advise

Alexa 1/6/13 2:10AM

I have been a member for 7 years, in this economy attempted to pay off my account, was informed by supervisor Valerie at 1 pm my time and this phone call being recorded, was not able to apply my cashier's check to pay off my account as I had sent it to a wrong address, that the $700.00 payment had been shredded as your company does not accept a payment unless it could be electronically processed, she could not provide me with any documentation that it had been shredded, yet on this recording, she could confirm from some document that the check had not been returned to me or my bank, it had simply been destroyed. There was no phone call to me or my bank that, this was a standard practice from your company to shred $700.00 payment with no notification, or no documentation that would enable me to get the funds so it could be applied to my account to be paid off. I now have to not only pay additional payments to this account, I must pay for the loan consolidation loan I took out to pay off this creditor. Two other credit card companies, B of A and Discover Card accepted the same form of payment, Cashier's Check, why did your company not accept, and simply shred (destroy) my money with no return, no phone call, no notification at all? I will seek legal help to see that this does not happen to any other consumers.

Lyndalouise054 1/5/13 2:01PM

I am a club meber since 2005 with club card # 404 42 100 350090833.I have purchased visio TV back 2008 and opened up a discovery card on point of sale.i have purchased an extended waranty to. I started having proble with TV starting 2010. i called the califoriniaa store sams club located at beach and imperial blvd and spoke to the store manager. he asked me for receipt i told him i have mis placed it.Then he inform to call credit company i was not successed. call back to the store the manager told me tough luck.i then stop calling the store and leave with my tv whichneed 5to 10 minutes to start we have to hold the on and off for several time beforeit brings any pictures on the screen.THREE WEEKS AGO I RECEIVED A MAIL FROM Sam's club my extended warrty will be expired on 12/09/2012. i was very upset for treatment i received from the store manager knowingly gave me a hell with out further checking the record. the store manager at la habra sam's club at california promisd me he will relpace it for me just to fax him the paper work . i did fax to him and i did not hear from him for two weeks. I then email CEO OF SAM'S CLUB AND WAL MART MRS BREWER. WHICH I DID NOT GET ANY RESPOND.cALL DISTRICT MANAGER MRS BERAND AT SAM'S CLUB LA HABRA CALIFORNIA SHE DID NOT HELP ETHER.I HAD A LEMON ON MY HAND I TRY TO REACH EVERY ONE NO ONE RESPOND TO ME OR CALL ME RESOLVE MY ISSUE.please some one can help me out. i need help despartely.

ETWZ 1/3/13 6:34PM

Manager did not care that I was soaked with gas from a defected pump. The gasket between the hose and nozzle must have broke, I assumed that it was water running off as it was raining. Smelled the gas and screamed at the attendant to come over and she just took her sweet time walking like it was no big deal, when I asked for towels again just took her sweet time as if she did not care. I then took my wife to her doctors appointment and came back and spoke with the manager who cared less that one of his gas pumps was spilling gas all over his customer. This seems to be the mentality of customer service now adays. They just do not give about their customers. Glad I also have a Costco card and will use it even more after this episode.

JRS 1/3/13 6:03PM

married managers messing with married associates. store manager knows and has been told by numerous people. they hold people accountable when in reality they are the ones at fault for not insuring proper training. the meat dept all stink and look filthy. my bet is most fresh areas in sams clubs could get the place shut down. I can go on all day but if managements bad what makes us think their bosses are any better?

Anonymous 1/3/13 12:46AM

Im a very good customer of Sams Club. Probably 6 to 10K a year, i plan to cut back as little as 300 per month. A nice young man named Omar who worked at Sams moving carts, waited at my new car to tell me he had hit my car. My first thought was WOW an honest employee, but when he told me that he said i will be fired, and my reply was because your honest. I looked at him and said its a new car and i have a $1K deductable if it wasnt for that i would not say a word, but his nice young man, said no its my fault we will go in and tell them but i will be fired immediately. We went in and of course told them and i said this young man is an honest employee please do not fire him. Well, to make a long story short i went home , and in my gut i knew they would , and i called back spoke to the manager and yes they had fired him. Now the question is why would i want to do business with a corporation who has no common sense on what an good employee is? Do they want people out there in the parking lot not honest enough to say i hit someone car because it was rainy and cold and i slipped and the cart hit a car? I know they do want any liability on anything so they rather have an employee who would hit a car and not report versus an good honest employee that I would hire in an minute. So corporate america I know you will not give me Omars address or phone number, but it was at the Sams on SW 3rd in OKC, OK. Do you know why i want Omars address is because i would love to give this honest kid a check for a months loss wages because I respect him more than i do corporate america Walmart/Sams. Yesterday i went to Target instead of Walmart or Sams. I hope others will read this post and think twice of spending their hard working money somewhere else.

crazylady 1/2/13 8:34AM

I have torn up my Sam's Club card. I don't care how much you might save (I go to COSCO now to save money) their service is the worse I have EVER encountered. I bought a Dell Laptop on August 24, 2012. Was returned to Sam's on Oct.3rd, 2012. Since that time I have talked to at least 12 Customer Service representatives from Sam's, including one from their Corp. Office. I am still waiting for my complete refund. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB and it was because of this complaint that I received a message from Sam's Club that a refund has been issued and should be credited to my checking account within the next 7 to 10 days, that was almost 3 weeks ago and I am STILL waiting for my refund. We are talking about over $700.00 of hard earned money that I did not have for the holiday gifts I wanted to buy for my family. Now I will have to follow up with the BBB again. I am almost 70 years old and just so tired of having these big companies caring so little about the people who use their services. NO Respect for one another any more. I can only hope that what goes around, comes around. I hate SAM'S, will NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN.

mbaraket 12/26/12 11:22PM

I am also never shopping at Sam's again. I ordered a bed through the online service and still haven't received it - 30 days later. Their telephone staff is inadequately trained and unwilling and/or unable to assist customers when they need it the most. Their local delivery vendor is even worse to deal with than Sam's. Save yourself a lot of grief and shop someplace else!

Unhappy as All Hell! 12/26/12 10:16PM

I am no longer going to all my shopping at Sam's.
I have joined Costco due to the fact you do not have staff on the floor to help when YOU MOVE PRODUCT around every couple of weeks to even help find items.
So if you think that I will be a sheep and "graze" thru your store to find what I buy, you are WRONG!
Today was the last straw...Sugar in THREE places that your employees sent me ..yes, the last place on an endcap was correct, by the coolers.
And lines to check out and to walk out..NO STAFF. Yet there they walk around on cell-phones...even while spotting the forklift driver.
This store is just so sad.
Goodby Evanston #6444

Cadbein 12/26/12 5:34PM

I have purchased broccoli crowns three pound bag green giant brand for years but a few months ago you changed to a different brand that has very small broccoli crowns in the bag that go bad much quicker and cost more per pound due to the bag being only two pounds. Please change back to the green giant bag three pounder and I will once again buy your broccoli crowns.

corporate inquiry 12/23/12 1:59PM

Sad Christmas, I have the same story with a Nikon D5100. They told me the money would be back in my account is 72 hours of not shipping and it's still not there and now I have nothing under the tree and a $600 hold on my checking account. I swear I have wasted at least 6 hours on the phone and have gotten no where. They did re-credit my gift cards ($175). I am about to call again and see what excuse I get this time. Ugh!

G2LVME 12/21/12 6:49AM

Thanks to sams club there will be a very unhappy kid with autism christmas morning. I ordered the one thing my son Want for christmas last week. Had to save money to get it for him. I ordered him a canon rebel camera cost $550 approximate
I received a comformation email saying it all went thought. Yesterday I was wondering y I did not get a email with shipping info so I went on sams club account and seen the cancelled my order no email nothing warning me of this. I call them and talked to a supervisor she said it was a glitch in the system. So I reorderd it again. And the supervisor informed me that it was in stock and the has 59 of them and offered me a 20% discount .So sams club charged my credit card twice that's over $ 1200. I went to my account today and they cancelled it a again I called a again and they said they where out of stock. Wtf and there nothing they can do about. Now I have no camera for my son christmas morning and I cannot go somewhere else to buy it cause it takes time for them to it money back on my credit card. They want to give me a gift card to try to make up for it but won't receive it for 4 to six weeks I don't want gift card I want my sons christmas prsent
Thanks a lt for killing christmas for my son

Sad christmas 12/19/12 11:21AM

Sam's Club is a horrible place to work. They treat their employees like trash and don't even have the heat on for them. And they say that they follow the company rules when they don't even do so! They give away thousands upon thousands of dollars in free money and when the employees try to do their job and foloow the rules, the managers make them look like idiots! And they coach them and fire them for no apparent reason. They change the employees schedules on their days off so they can get in trouble when they get back. It's a horrible place to work. I hope they go out of business.

Infuriated_In_WI 12/18/12 11:03AM

U guys don't care about ur employees all u care about is money. U work us to death. U stress about plus and credit which is such a stupid idea. U ruined schedules so parents can't b with thier kids and students can't go to scool. U give such pathetic raises. So many members r fed up with u guys and u don't have a clue.
Costco is so much better.
U guys need to rethink everything.
Also stop coming to SAMs club and bothering us employees and managers bcuz we no w
hat were doing and u don't.
Go Costco

Seymour Skinner 12/17/12 3:32PM

I started work for Sam's Club in VA back in Nov to try and help with the holidays, while I was in training the leads for the cashiers are very rude. They need to learn how to respect their employees and have the right people training... Anyways never went back to work. Was to receive a last check before Thanksgiving and here it is December 14, called on December 4th they still had it, asked for it to be mailed still to this day I don't have it... Called again today they say they don't have it... Well where is it then? Very frustrated

Anonymous 12/14/12 10:36AM






Assume you charge $1,000 at Sams on your card (operated by GE Credit) With roughly 9% tax, you have charged $1,090. Make minimum pmts over the year and one late fee $ 25 and their criminal appx 25% interest, your purchase of $ 1,000 costs you about $ 1,387. It's a club of money makers and we ain't in it.

Idiot Shopper 12/12/12 11:18AM

How can a corporation like Sam's Club not accept Visa? Pay the fee and deal with it... Your company clearly does not care about convenience for their customers. I left $350 worth of goods sitting at your register because all I had on me was my visa credit card and half of the cash. Done with Sams.

AliMaeJ 12/11/12 2:14PM

I'm going to keep short and sweet. I purchased an Asus x53e-BL31 laptop at the South Sacramento store (#6622 at 8250 Power Inn Rd Sacramento, CA) for a normal price (white pricing tag) of $292. It has never, since day 1, worked. It boots up into Windows 7 and within minutes locks up. I tried to replace it at Store #6622 who said they didn't have anymore. The manager arranged for a replacement to be acquired from Store #6623 at 3360 El Camino Ave, Sacramento CA as their inventory showed 3 in stock (1 is the display model). We were going to purchase the laptop at the El Camino store (at the purchase price from store #6622). It ends up that Sam's Clubs don't interact and pricing between stores is not consistent and they do not honor the pricing of other stores. My girlfriend (non-technical) purchased the laptop at store #6623 for the agreed upon price. BUT, according to the manager at #6623, because the DISPLAY MODEL had never left the store, it was a NEW item. So she ended up with the display model, which by Sam's Club Corporate and ASUS is legally NOT new and marketing is as new is deceptive marketing. Now I'm trying to get that laptop replaced with a new one (we have several stores in a 20 mile radius). Only problem is that, Sam's Club stores don't interact and don't recognize pricing at fellow stores. So I have to pay $399 for the replacement laptop or just return the laptop for a refund. ASUS Corporate said this is not how their resellers should be representing their products and that a display model is NOT new. So we have deceptive sales practices, supported by Sam's Corporate. I'm trying to work out an exchange as I need the laptop and it is clearly obvious that there are other stores with the exact model in stock.

As it stands now, either it is replaced with a new same model at the price I purchased it for or Sam's Club will have to answer to the State of California Small Claims Court, The California State Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Attorney General.

BrettG 12/10/12 6:43PM

I have seen numerous work place violations dealing with 1. a hostile work environment at store 944. caused by a person called Lue Dryer. 2. I have seen her deny the cashiers at time the right to use the restroom when they need to go. 3. I have personally seen her pick out one cashier and harass her/him continuously and treating her friends with favoritism. 4. I have ask numerous people about this person and have found out that she has in the past and probably now falsified company documents in order to get people fired. 5. this Lue person has also has violated federal regs, as well as state regs. and the upper management has turned there heads and let it go WHY? 6. This is not the atmosphere Sam Walton wanted for the people that worked for him. I will give your company 10 business days to correct these problems before I seek further ramifications against your company for the miss treatment of your employees. I have red the Federal regulations prior to doing this and if I don't raise the flag to you first I am wrong. You now have the obligation to investigate these charges before I move further on with these violations. I would suggest that you remove this Lue person from the store because she is the center point to 90 % of the violations. The personnel at the store other than Lue Dryer are really nice and very helpful but every time I have been in the store and this Lue person is there I have noticed a very hostile environment. WHY? You should also get ride of the Manager for allowing the Lue person to commit so many violations. I have watched her numerous times have a double standard with the cashiers. This is against the law. OSHA plus State laws. Please take care of this disturbing condition as soon as possible Please. Myself and other are looking at not renewing our memberships because of this.

Anonymous 12/8/12 9:52AM

Silly Sams Clubs in Knoxville have one store with hot dogs at the same price as Costco, but the other Sams store in the same City has the hot dogs marked up 20 cents. What a rip, make the hot dogs and all the prices at both stores in the same city the same.

Else, the customers know where the lower cost are. Yeah Costco.

Anonymous 12/7/12 5:35PM

As a business owner actually like shopping at Sam's Club unfortunately they do not accept American Express along with several other businesses that I know I don't shop at Sam's Club for their big items they go to Costco instead because they accept American Express. Myself along they've lost several thousands of dollars last year not to mention the years before just because they do not accept American Express that's a shame.

Kenpogary 12/7/12 9:06AM

I recently worked for sams club and was treated so rude by the employees. Comments like it doesnt take a rocket sientist to figure that out and called a weirdo, alot of differant insults. Not only me but other employees, it is so sad,I just couldnt go in to work anymore, still hurts.

Anonymous 12/5/12 1:18PM

I sent my 16year old in Sam Club Raleigh NC,on Calvary Dr. To pick up some milk the cashier black exlarge female,told my son to tell his mom to come in and get it her self Im wasnt feeling well that day and asked him to get it for us we have the same last name. My problem is she will let her family steal tv for the back get employee discounts from her card but when It come to a customer mom that pay fee and shop at Sams Club Calvary Dr faithly she turn with a bad attitude and say tell her to get it her self.That is unprofessional and rude.

SAM CLUB RUDEST 12/4/12 3:47AM

The Sam's Club in Charleston WV is HORRIBLE!! There is a manager there that is rude,& acts like she's better than EVERYONE! She's very demanding, & thinks that 1 person should be able to do the work of 5 people. She also allows the team leader in the bakery to chew snuff(like chewing tobacco)in the bakery while handling food. She also knows that the team leader talks bad about other employees in the bakery when sitting in the breakroom with other employees. I don't think that's being very professional! They both have their picks of employees who they like & treat better. If they like you, you can get by with anything. You can take longer breaks, a longer lunch, & you can call in when you want to without getting warned, or wrote up. How fair is that to other employees? I have always been a hard worker with a great work record, & I have NEVER had any trouble at the 2 jobs I have had in the past 20 years. I have been degraded, embarrassed, screamed at & basically told that I'm not good enough by the manager. I wouldn't work for Sam's again if it was the last job left on this earth! The bakery manager, & the team leader have left me feeling worthless,& discriminated against.

Anonymous 11/28/12 7:02PM

Colonial Heights Va - I asked Roy the manager if I could pick up a cake for the soldiers on Ft Lee 1 hour early on Dec 6th for appreciation day this was on the morning of 28 Nov 2012....I was told Sam Club is open but to business customers only from 7 - 10 I explained to them I need the cake to be in the office by 10 am because the ceremony started at 1000 I was told to purchase a business card.....why should I purchase a business card for a one time deal.....I have a customer card already.....I was given a 1800 number to call and Roy told me he will NOT alow me to pick the cake up even 30 minutes thanks manager Roy you appreciate the soldiers protecting YOUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!! POOR customer service I have been on this 1800 line over 25 minutes trying to get permission to get this cake

auditor 11/28/12 6:51AM

I ordered a WII online from Sam's November 22, 2012. I got an order confirmation email and the money was taken from my credit card. I haven't received a shipping email, so i went to check my order status and it shows cancelled. So i call Sam's and they tell me it was cancelled because they are out of stock. REALLY? So they get to pick and choose who's order they can cancel without letting even letting me know, why would my order even go through if they were out. This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. Then she tells me they can give me a call when there are more in stock and i can receive the same price. OK so they cant email or call me to tell me they choose to cancel my order but I am suppose to believe they will call me when they get more and i can have it for the same price? RIGHT.

kesho 11/27/12 1:32PM

On Monday November 27, 2012 I went to the Grand Prairie Sam's Club to pick up some cupcakes I order for my son. I was in the store that past Saturday. I went to check out and the cashier shouted "WHO"S CARD IS THIS!!!!!!! (as she was holding the crd in my face) All I could say was 'Excuse Me' and she replied Shouted again "WHERE DID YOU GET THIS CARD THIS IS A MAN ON THIS CARD!!!!!! I told her to get a supervisor she stormed off getting a supervisor but apparently this one was her friend they stood to the side and I am assuming discussing me. Which I found very unprofessional. The supervisor came over and she was nice nasty and I guss she was doing me a favor by allowing me to purchase my cupcakes. She told me that I can't use my husbands card he has to be with me. REALLY So I told her how rude the cashier was and she blow it off. I then ask to see a real supervisor/manager well they sent this guy whom wasnt much better he was fake and nice nasty as well. He would not give me the cashiers last name told me he did'nt know it like I am boo boo the fool. I did not appreciate being yelled at and questioned like I was a child and the whole situation was handled very carefree. I will tell everybody I know and don't how nasty the employees and managers are in this Sam's.

dissatisfied customer 11/27/12 12:57PM

We purchased a home in Florida and joined Sam's Club in Feb.2012. We returned home to Canada and now have come back to Florida in Nov.2012 and will remain in Florida till April,2013. I am sure we are not the only snowbirds in Florida. So we applied for a Sam's Mastercard at the Store in Vero Beach Florida and gave our Florida address. We received a letter from GE Capital that their was not Credit Report on us as we do not a a Social Security number. Of course not, we have Social Insurance Number in Canada. I am appalled that Sam's Club would have GE Captial handling the credit affairs without being able to access credit reports by Equifax in Canada as well as the USA. My wife is a retired Corporate Credit Manager in Canada, she was able to access Equifax U S credit reports with no problem I even supplied my social insurance number on the application. I was unable to contact GE Capital and speak to the person sent the letter. We called the Sam's we applied at and they said they could not help us at all.
So instead we went to BJ' Club in Port St.Lucie, we were treated like GOLD and as a plus they accept Visa as we have Visa card with RBC Bank USA, so go figure how they can access reports on Canadians and GEcapital cannot. We will no longer shop at Sam's Club. BJ's prices are also the same and on some items lower. We also deal with Costco in Canada and are treated like GOLD there too. I would appreciate a reply or does Customer Service not a priority at Sam's.

Phil 11/20/12 4:40PM

as a 15 yr customer of Sams Club, I was appalled at the attitude on Sunday 11-18-2012 when my husband & I arrived for the VIP 8:00-10:00 shopping experience. I stood in the line for a 1/2 hr. & told my husband (who has a disability) to come to the sideline at 8:00PM. When I finally was allowed to enter Sam's I waved to my husband to enter with me, which immediately was told by some rude security person, that my husband was not allowed to enter with me. He & his woman accomplice argued with my husband.
I was thoroughly disgusted & reported this to the mgr (Eddie) who said he would talk to the individual. I doubt whether that ever happened. I think this rudeness was totally uncalled for and there was no reason for my husband not to be able to enter the bldg with me. My husband is under therapy for his legs, which made no difference to the rude burly guard. I now have a different attitude towards mgement at Sams.

dod1439 11/19/12 9:35AM

Knox Shopper,

It appears a real big box store came to Knoxville, and everyone notices some huge differences. I won't be renewing my Sams card, and Costco gets my future business.

We also noticed that Costco hires people of color and Sams East and West Knoxville appears to have essentially no black persons and looks like a racist oriented group. It appears they have one black asst. manager, and that doesn't cut the mustard. Sams appears to discriminate against blacks.

I think everyone notices a huge difference in the operations for Costco Vs. Sams, and when we see essentially no black employees, the black community is going to take business elsewhere.

Poor service, everyone in horrible moods at Sams, and even with the face lift the place isn't well managed. Plus, everyone found out just how much Sam's prices were inflated, as we saw Sams cutting prices on tons of things to match Costco.

Everyone learned and saw and we are taking business down the street, where the prices are less inflated. Sams prices didn't even match Wall-Marts half the time.

Goodby Sams Club, hello Costco. Where the hire persons of color.

anomymous 11/13/12 7:25PM

Hello Sam's Corporate,

I appears that all the Sam's management is busy at the West Store in Knoxville due to Cosco's grand opening today. Mark Down area has disappeared and many things tuned up, including lowering the cost for the hot dog combo.

Now, the last time I looked going out the door the Manager's name and card was missing from his picture at the exit, and perhaps that essential contact info also. Also, noticed it took some time to get all the stores clocks (meat dept. and Cafe seating area) reset for the new time last week-end that causes some confusion.

Might want to take sure Tony has this card in place at the Exit door, if you really wanna look good.

anonymous 11/9/12 6:40AM

I was shopping in Sam's Club in Asheville North Carolina and after having back surgery two weeks ago, I used the only mobility cart that was available, when it ran out of power one of the Sam's associates pushed me to a plug so I could get the cart charged. After a short charge I continued with my shopping and ran out of power near the Orange Juice so I plugged the cart in again and a young assoicate of Sam's named Jonathan asked if I need help and got the OJ and put it into my care, he asked if I needed to do more shopping and I told him that I would wait for the cart to charge he followed me to check out and pushed the cart when it would not go, pushed me out to my car, loaded and asked it there was anything else he could help me with, I told him no and told him that I appreciate his help....I feel that he is an asset to your Company and wanted to make you aware of this kind jesture.

ssylva 11/8/12 1:17PM

Went to sam's club #8218 in fayetteville nc today. asm disabled

with broken knee (permanent). son went to get a sam's club power

scooter for disabled customers. couldn't get into the scooter

due to not having a swivel seat. suggest that all sam's club and

walmart stores switch to or replace all disabled scooters with

swivel seats and arm rests so people who cannot stand or walk can use the scooters to go shopping in your stores. There are a

lot of disabled veterans in fayetteville nc, this would surely help them tremendously. thank you jonny smith

jonny smith 10/27/12 2:10PM

The sams club east in wichita ks, has the rudest, most unhappy, rude workers. Went to customer service, i encounter her everytime & shes never been even remotely friendly or have a smile on her face. Shes a middle aged, african american woman w/glasses & i cannot believe she gets away w/her attitude & the way she treats customers. Whike shopping, ran into several otger unhappy women workers, who are not friendly or even try to pretend to be nice to customers! Getting ready to quit sams all tigether. My husb went w/me that day & even said to me 1st how many rude, unfriendly, employees they have! Costco, come to wichita, please...or Sams...MAKE yoyr employees accountable for their attitude & behavior towards customers!

momof3 10/24/12 12:55PM

I officially will NEVER shop at a Sam's again. I will be purchasing a membership to Costco if I decide I want to go the club route again, even though, I will probably just stick with the local grocers and Target for my other items. I purchased a camera for my daughter for her birthday. She used it a little outdoors, which was fine, but recently used it indoors, and it is horrible.

We went to take it back, and only wanted a store credit so she could purchase a higher priced item. Well, this is where all hell broke loose. We were told that my membership expired a few days ago, and the only way they could do business with me, was for me to renew my membership! REALLY? Are you kidding me? BULLSH*T! I originally planned on renewing, but the attitude from the staff at the Sam's on Lemay Ferry Road in St. Louis, definitely has made me decide I will NEVER EVER EVER go to Sam's again. Wow, where is the good faith in making a purchase? They will sell you a membership and sell you all kinds of high priced items, but you better be a member on the day you want to return something. Can you spell BULLY? Holy Cow, I couldn't even believe what I was hearing. I would rather throw that camera in the trash than buy another item from this store after the ignorance I had to put up with tonight. Keep your crap Sam's. There are plenty of other business out there, with much better customer service, and good faith than your lovely Cheryl (RUDE), Tammy (DUMB) and Greg, (ARROGANT, RUDE, etc.) Oh, I don't have their last names because they told me they didn't have to give them.


sams club in council bluffs iowa is a dirty,rude and not a happy place to go.I used to like to shpo there ,but can never get any one to help ous. and when we do there so lazy and dont care about it.I got three of your people name, on there name tag finally, usually you can see there name tag .One is name Rhonda,I was told she is a office worker,but the day we talked to her she was on hte floor ,very rude liked she was to good to help you so we did not upgrade our membership.then any was named Mary ,SHe is a asst. manager orsome how in charge,she talks very bad to the people that work for her, and when you ask her where something is she never show you she tells someone to help you Rude and lazy,. And there is a short older gal always sees her out side smoking,she has on black pants and a white shirt she wears,very loud and rude to people know it all kind of person I ask and her name is (Cynitha or Cindy) Not at all helpfull,or nice to anyone .I WE fell if thing dont change there were not going to shop there if realy need we will go th the Omaha store,and that if we really need too.Its bad when a few people have to be so mean that even your member need to looked eleswhere. I will not be back untill I hear thing are better,hopefull. thanks for your time and I hope this help with that store,Its not a happy nice place to shop .

me and you 10/18/12 12:44PM

I bought an extended service plan when I bought my laptop from Sam's in 2011. Well, they repaired it but when they shipped it, they sent it UPS and without a signature release. Needless to say I never got my laptop, nor did I get anything but the run around for a month. Today they finally suggested "I" file a police report for my stolen laptop. I suggested they require the service center they contracted to repair my laptop, to pay for a replacement since they had it DROPPED OFF! No one from UPS or Sam's will talk to me since UPS says they dropped it off. For all I know, the delivery guy took it home with him.

Now my son is without his laptop for his junior year of college, and I am out $600. My move to Costco is going to be sweet! I'm taking 5 more Sam's customers with me. I know this won't hurt their bottom line, but I am going to put this all over FB, create a BLOG and maybe even contact my local news media's investigative reporters.

Anonymous Memphis 10/12/12 9:13AM

I am new to Florida and I just had the worst experiennce ever at the sams store # 6431 I am very upset I have had the worst experience ever at the sams club located at #6431 where the store manager Carol Rafferty who claim to have been there 10yrs was utterly rude and tried several times to deny me service as well as told me that I should have went to the store I made the purchase at . I have been a customer at sams for many of years and and the service I received today was way out of hand and went to far then for Carol to be a manager she was very unprofessional and there is no way a lady of her character should be a manager at any store that Mr sam walton built at all. I am a business owner and customer service is our number 1 priority no way should she have yelled at me as a customer and call me a kid when I am a grown woman and then to tell me to shut up and let her talk was way too far I will say this they need to retrain that store ASAP because I will be cancelleing my account as well as to let all my clinets know in FL, NY , MO , IL and TX to make sure they set up with Costco and to not go to Target and that Sams nor Walmart know how to treat there customers at all and they go back and forth instead of pulling the customer to the side . I was very upset and then to be told that I am a liar in so many words in my face was over the top. then she called the store manager Willy St louis at his house and then go tell him that i claim to not have received a card for my rings that I purchased. I ask that you please do something about the service that was provided ASAP due to that I came home with a major headachce over the agravation that the store called me.

Anonymous 10/6/12 3:55PM

I believe Sam Walton would roll over in his grave if he knew how I've been handled in trying to communicate a complaint. The switchboard just transferred me to a line that rang about 40 times and then just went silent.

I wanted to report to them that it appears to be impossible to get a credit line for their Discover Card revised upward by GE Capital Retail Bank once it was set on opening an account. I'm a retired person with credit scores of 808 of a possible 850 with Transunion and a previously reported 990 of a possible 990 with Experian. I now have a total of two active credit cards (one is another Discover) that have credit limits of $16,200 and $12,000 and I wanted to drop the other Discover Card and replace it with a Sam's Club Discover Card (my balances are ALWAYS paid in full each month). GE Capital Bank will only grant me a $3,000 credit line and when I try to speak with humans, they say that's the best they can do. I even spoke with a GE Capital Retail Bank supervisor at 866-220-0254 identified to me as Josh ID#28442 and he said it's a business decision that he has no power to adjust?

Sam Walton would have blown his top if he had observed my entire experience because, to top it all off, I don't think anyone at the home office with any clout can be made aware of this crap.

I've always been a loyal and satisfied Sam's Club customer but this makes me wonder how long that can last.

Anonymous 10/5/12 2:59PM

have been a member of sams club since they opened in fay. nc. complaint that i have is there lack of concederation for their handy capped customers. I shop at fay. and lumberton nc and am handycapped cannot walk far. employee at lumberton store told me they were alotted 6 handycapped scooters. went there today to shop and they only had 2 that were serviceable. i go there about twice a month and spend between one and five hundred dollars each trip. there is a b j s comming to fay early next year and i am plannning to see how they handle handicapped people as sams don't care much for them.

george 9/21/12 8:46PM


JUDY 9/19/12 9:30AM

What on earth has happened to Sams Club. I am a business member that orders twice a week from the Sams West Club in Knoxville, TN. The service has gotten to be terrible. I could go on and on about the mistakes, etc. Today was the straw that broke the camels back. NO LARGE CROISSANTS - WAS NOT SENT ANY FROM WHEREVER THEY COME FROM - HIGHER UP I AM SURE. East Knoxville - the same thing. The way the West Knoxville Sams is being run is a shame. Shape up or I am shipping out.

knoxvilletn 9/13/12 2:21PM


TWCREWS 9/4/12 3:07PM

Shopping in Owings mills md Sams on August 30 with a 92 degree day temp. we purchased a snack and drink and was told there was no ice..Sounds like not a big deal except the same thing happened the week before.. What is ironic to the situation is that a few feet away stands an ice cooler ( where bags are ice are sold) and when asked why they didn't use that ice ,the response was we were told we couldn't use it..What happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE?? A hot August Day take care of your customers..pLease!

Anonymous 8/30/12 12:49PM

I live in Boca Raton FL and was shopping at Sam's when a terrible rain storm came through. After completing my purchases and attempting to leave in a downpour I asked if I could exit through the entrance dooor as this would have saved me about 30 feet in a downpour. I was told absolutely no by 2 employees. Whatever happened to common sense by your employees? I had 2 items in my cart and the purchase receipt. I was hardly doing anything illegal. It was evident why I wanted to use this exit and I did explain why despite their objections. How can your employees b this ignorant?

Anonymous 8/18/12 2:22PM

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