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Sanyo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Sanyo corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Sanyo corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
SANYO North America Corporation

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
2055 Sanyo Avenue
San Diego, CA 92154
United States

Phone: 619-661-1134
Fax: 619-661-6795

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SIX MONTHS AGO y'all told me to send my tv to the repair shop. Everyone has been so nice but I'm still not getting results. The story today is that the part is coming from Mexico. I have three brain diseases and I am losing my vision. I couldn't afford a 55inch but my husband worked a lot of extra hours just to be able to get me a TV I could see. SIX MONTHS LATER and I am still without my tv. Please pleaseeeee do something !! I can't see the TV I borrowed from my son and the strain on my eyes is making things worse for me. I knowwwww you don't care about my stupid health problems ... But I'm begging you to look into my situation and help me get it resolved ASAP. Thanks so much

Mary Kay Simpson 4/9/14 11:43AM

I have contacted my Lawyer and looks like i will be filling a lawsuit because sent tv to their referred repair shop and told me couple days and has been almost 3 weeks and no one will work with me and had tv 4 months only so they wont help me but once a lawyer contacts them they change their minds fast.

anomonyous 3/20/14 9:11AM

I have a 50inch and I have only had it 3 years.I'm having problems with the picture goes out on half if the TV. I will never buy from this company again.

dookie77 2/27/14 7:27PM

I purchased a 42 inch tv and the internet does not work at all.. they told me to return the tv so i did and guess what same issue.. I have talked to 4 seperate supervisors and all they can say is that they will esc it to corporate offices... I know this is a shocker but i have never heard back from anyone... just called now and asked the supervisor if i can talk to his boss and the answer is no but he will esc it... This is the worst corporation i have ever dealt with EVER... I want to work on there service desk.. something broken bring it back have a nice day

mike 1/6/14 12:07PM

Here's our complaint about Sanyo. We bought our 42 inch tv 5 years ago but only use it for 5 months a year in our winter home. The picture just went black & the price to repair would be more than a new tv. Needless to say we will NOT be buying any Sanyo product. We have informed our many friends to NOT buy any Sanyo products.

very dissatisfied 1/6/14 11:44AM

i am hearing a lot of the same things i am experiencing.. i purchased a 58" lcd tv. almost 1000 june of this year in the first four months i started experiencing trouble with the video\audio\power..the place i purchased it said after the 30 limited store warranty was up so TOO bad..strike 1. and now i am trying to deal with sanyo within the year limited manfg warranty time frame,and they appear to be dragging their feet. the first time i talked to a so called customer service rep. i got a repair shop within 50 miles one way of my location. this was not acceptable to me and the person said we will call you back in 72 hrs with another repair shop. well 4 days went by. i had to call to get the first alternate reapir shop.. finally got the contact info for the 2nd repair shop.. which by the way was not accredited with the BBB. and the listings in the comments were" you will even be lucky to get your still broken electronics back from this dealer." and tried in spite of that to deal with this repair shop as it was close to my home. did this for two weeks trying to get the "paperwork" to the new repair shop. i called back yet a third time to request a different repair shop due to the lack of customer service and honesty of the prior repair shop. ok we will contact you in 72 hrs with yet another repair shop.. i wait 72 hrs. then goes to day 4. and YET again i have to contact them to get this yes i say THIRD repair shop contact information... as i speak to the unexperienced customer svc rep. he asks me if i have already taken my tv to the repair shop. i asked how was i supposed to do that i was not contacted with the new information. that is why i am calling you now. At this point i am beyond furious!!!! and i ask for the supervisor i am informed that the ONLY supervisor for the ENTIRE call center is unavailable.. NOT POSSIBLE..!!! and he will return your call in 72 hours.. omfg.. please STOP with the 72 hr thing..... It just appears you are putting off issues 72 hours at a time.. anyway.. i take yet the third repaishop information down and attempt to contact them.. THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS.. So immediately i call back to the customer service dept and demmand to speak to someone that can help me.. i get the 72 hr runnaround again.. and finally i speak supposedly to a corperate logistics rep. and he says that he will take care of this and get a new tv on the way to us.and the order to the warehouse would be ther within 5 days. . this was on or about the 15 of november.. i have to yet hear from ups or the corperate person letting me know what is going on.. so i hope this grabs some attn. or i will be forced to take my story further..

goofer 11/29/13 9:46AM

I will NEVER buy another Sanyo product with the customer service experience I have had!!! My family has a 47 in. internet ready Sanyo tv...purchased brand new only 2 years ago...Since we got the tv, it occasionally shut itself off and turned back on, until a couple weeks ago it shut itself off and has never came on since...Research shows and proves this is actually a very common and known problem with my tv model...after battling just to get a response for over a week, I get one just to be told they would do a 'parts warranty' but i have to cover labor out of pocket, which come to find out is a cost nearly half the tv value in itself!!! Customer service is absolutely no help, corporate conveiniently isnt responding to any emails, and I am apparently stuck out a ton of money with a dead tv that I can do nothing with and cant afford to repair which leads to the big question...Why did they continue selling known junk tv's to customers to begin with???? Someone needs to contact the Better Business Bureau on these people

Dmmarlar 11/22/13 11:19AM

Don't buy a Sanyo product. Have lines going thru my 55 inch tv. Customer service and am always told we will contact you in 72 hours this has been going on over 2 weeks.

Anonymous 11/20/13 12:42PM

we are going through the same thing as others, bought a 42 inch tv a line going through it, they told us to get it repaired took it 50 miles away, they burned it trying to repair, now we are calling everyday for 2 months and everyone says the same thing , someone will call you tomorrow...They said a new one was sent 1 month ago from Mexico, we are in Tn. nothing..Do not know what to do..

[email protected] 10/9/13 9:18AM

Customer service is poor!!!! I will never buy another Sanyo product again point blank period!!

Anonymous 9/30/13 7:13PM

we have talked to sayno 3 times about our 46in that I got in 2011. I bought the extended warnt. everytime we call they say they have no record of me or my husband calling them. and they will talk to their supervisor and call us back in 72 hours and it never happens. I even threatened the guy with my attorney and he hung up on me. im going to call corporate tomorrow.

really mad 9/24/13 6:40PM

I am also one of those customers who brought a 50inch Sanyo television for 828.00 at Wal-Mart, after less than four years the TV has gone out, I've been on the phone calling almost daily since Aug 28, 2013 trying to get my TV repaired or some kind of compensation. I have never had a TV to go out, with the advance technology these days this is very rare. I've been getting the round around since I begin calling with no success, I wish I had checked these reviews prior to purchasing anything my this company. Sanyo is now own by Panasonic so remember DO NOT BUY ANY products made by either of these companies, this is ridiculous. I've tried to call customer service these people are indeed a joke some of them don't speak English and most of the are just nasty and could care less about our problem. I call just yesterday and was placed on hold literally for 45mins only to be told that they couldn't asset me, I am now in the process of writing a letter to Corporate and voicing my complaint. I am also listing the names of the people that I've talked to and I will also let corporate know how ruled these people and could care less about the customer.

DEF 9/10/13 12:27PM

I purchased a 50inch flatscreen Sanyo tv on Jan. 7th, 2013 at Walmart, Manahawkin, N.J. Just past the 6 month store return policy the tv died at the end of July. Walmart called Sanyo and they gave us a number to call for repair. It was 50 miles away. They sais they would pick it up until they realized the distance. We called Sanyo and asked for closer repair as there are two 15 miles away by the Walmart. Never called back after said check with supervisor. Called back for a week and got a recording. Lugged tv to a small shop in a strip mall. They order parts from Sanyo as needed. No stock. Well, called today and got a recording. Last week said it could take up to a month for Sanyo to mail the part. It is now five weeks. The shop is opened sporatically or choose not to answer. Said they receive many complaints. How great is it that we purchased a two year warranty on top of this. If the tv was older we would take the loss but still paying the $800. My next step is calling headquarters and then warning others on facebook and consumer reports. Wish I would have checked this site before purchasing the dud. In the future I will before a large purchase.

longet14 9/9/13 12:19PM

I purchased a Sanyo television 6 months ago from Walmart Store. The tv begin to develope lines across the

screen. I contacted Walmart Store and explained to the person on the phone , what the tv was doing andi was told to contact Sanyo manufacturing Co. I contacted sanyo was on hold For. 20 to 30 minutes. Talk to someone in customer service and explained the problem with the tv. I was told someone in customer service would call me back. No one called me back, this happen 4 different tlmes. Finally I called back and was told to email a picture of. the tv screen to this address: . This matter is to be tooken care of with honesty and sincerity. I say that because I spend a lot of hard earded money on this tv.

Sanyo 9/4/13 11:29AM

I agree with all those comment's I waited for more than a month to get my television repair. I also received bad customer service ,all they gave me was the run around... never again will purchase a product from Sanyo.

Mrs Montiel 8/23/13 10:54AM

I have been trying to get customer service from Sanyo for over a month. All I get is the round around and lies. If Sanyo actually wants to give customer service contact me at the information provided below.

Anonymous 8/8/13 5:53AM

I bought a small refrigrator back in July of 1968 While stationed in Viet-Nam. I'ts 45 years old Abd still Keeps my soda and beer ice cold .

joker 7/11/13 7:57AM

I purchased a Sanyo LCD television just under 6 months ago and it does not work. I have made a total of 8 phone calls to customer service and have gotten no where. I was provided a variety of different information all incorrect. I finally spoke with supervisor who said he would send out the work order. I would not reccommend any of their products from what I am reading and the experience I encountered with customer service I am not impressed. I wish I would have researched before buying their product.

Shea 7/9/13 8:03AM

We purchased a Sanyo 45' FVM4512, the picture is out of focus, we tried to return at Sam Club we said to call the manufacture, they couldn't do anything us. WE are very disappointed. Something needs to be done, about this ! !

Anonymous 6/5/13 8:58PM

I purchased a 42 inch in November 2012 and it's gone bad. I've been getting the run around by customer service and e-mails from so called corporate telling me it is my responsibility to take this TV on a 294 mile round trip for service - I am appalled!! I told them I had surgeries on both of my thumbs, and have tennis elbow and I requested in home service. Was told that the TV model I purchased does not warrant home service. I've been e-mailing with
Jerry Jayroe
Field Service Representative
800 877 5036 Ext.1712
Fax. 1 870 630 422
and he won't answer my e-mails nor answer his phone. I am fed up and will let all of my friends know not to ever purchase a Sanyo TV again due to poor customer service. I've been dealing with this for a month now and still don't have a TV. Not happy at all!!!

Fed Up!!! 5/10/13 10:36AM

Sir, Madam;
With all of the negative's coming from purchasers who've experienced somewhat the same situation I am experiencing with your firm, have you thought about going undercover to see just what and how the customers are being treated by your customer service department and what can be done to fix it? I'm sure you'd like to see at least one positive come from this humongous amount of negatives come out of this, then maybe you can reassure your consumers that they will recieve the necessary help they need in a way that will give your customers an air of feeling that they are being considered your first priority when it comes to customer care and a reasurring feeling that your company is at the top of their willingness to take care of them. Remember you must stand behind your warranty as you would any other company would and handle it in a responsible and carismatic way profoundly to your customer. Know that their purchases creates job stability for your company and customer care enables customers belief in your product. I have also gone through some of the same situation that some of your comments have stated and I for the first time experienced it on April 26th, 2013, and I still don't know if my problem will be solved but I suggest again that someone in corporate should come in to your branch offices and find out how your customers are being treated. I was put on hold for 45min. and that's sickening. I did call back and finally spoke to the supervisor in the San Diego office. I will be writing a letter to the corporate office to let someone in office know and it will be facebook, blogged, and tweeted if I don't get some form of appoligy from someone soon. Please send me a report on what is being done to solve these problems if there are any put in force ! ! ! My email is in the box below.

Tired of the run around by Sanyo 4/28/13 7:39AM

I purchased a Sanyo 42" flatscreen TV with my DISABILITY MONEY in August 2011.Only haD it for about 5 month before it stopped working, was the HDMI Port 1 so used HDMI Port2. Shortly after it had stopped working completely. I called n and to CSV and set up for a warranty repair, would be 3-5 Busn Days, I called to check on and Kimberly said it hadn't even been sent out, so she did it.was sent to San Marcos Electronics in San Marcos,TX(TOTALLY DISGUSTED) for approximantly a MONTH said it was the DIGITAL MODULE.I received TV back with screws not even screwed in,screws way to tight,6 dents in the back, looks like croners had been pryed with something,the screw that attaches tv to stand was old rusted,about a week after reiceving back from San Marcos Electronic it stopped again it had half of it turn green and other half was pink.etc..SERVICE IS HORRIABLE.Sent EMAILSSS, DESCRIPTION AND PHOTOS.NOTHING has bn done & it's bn almost a YEAR.SO I JUS NEED MY TOTAL REFUND so I can buy me a NEW TV to watch. That is ALL I want.

Anonymous 1/7/13 10:15PM

I bought a Sanyo 42 inch tv 3 yrs ago. It is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned and I owned GM cars in the eighties ! The first month I owned it the sound went out. 6 weeks later the service tech changed the main board and it fixed the problem for a couple of months. Then the sound went out again. Different shop changed the main board again. Fixed the problem for almost a year. Then the picture went out while the sound stayed on. Tech (different) shop couldn't find the problem so it went to the shop. 2 months later I got the tv back to find out they changed the main board AGAIN . Fixed THAT problem and now the sound comes and goes at will. Needless to say, there has Been no resolution to fix this POC permanently. When I move into my new house in February , I will delight in letting my relatives sight in their rifles on it because it SURE isn't going in my new house.

Hotvw 12/12/12 6:10AM

I've been fighting with Walmart for months over a digital camera I bought for my daughter last Christmas. She never got to take a picture on it and it hasn't worked since day one. I've tried contacting Walmarts corporate office and they finally referred me to Sanyo. I am so tired of this run around, you can see the camera was never used, nor was the cd that's still in the plastic that came with it. I just wish that someone would help me with this issue.

lindacrompton 11/25/12 1:25PM

I probably haven't had a worse experience trying to get help on a warranty issue than when I've called Sanyo, Canada. Bounced around to 7 or 8 different lines, each time having to listen to their "privacy policy" recording first - and no answers as to why they won't stand behind a $3,000 projector when it breaks down in the first year.

Quite upset 11/15/12 9:28AM

Hi my name is Steve Montes, I have a xga projector model #plc-xw200 and all i get when i turn it on is a red blinking light even after i have replaced the bulb with a new one,Can u email me and let me know what is going on.

AGIT 11/8/12 1:21PM

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