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Starbucks corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Starbucks corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Starbucks corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Starbucks Corporation
2401 Utah Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98134
United States

Phone: 206-447-1575
Fax: 206-447-0828

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is Starbucks ever going to make a reusable filter for the VERISMO and if so when are they going to be out.

jim@tim 1/24/14 6:59PM

A special thanks to two of your staff members in Wuhan, China. While there for 2 months we got to know your staff, and , especially the manager quite well as we visited the shop daily. The manager whose English name is "Simi" couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. She greeted us every day with a huge smile and always inquired about our well being and could she help us in any way. Besides the very welcoming cup of coffee, she was the other reason we visited the shop each day.
The other experience we had was at your shop in the Chicony department store building. While visiting it one day I used the restroom and had my back pack with me. Unbeknownst to me the backpack was not completely zipped up and a small, black container which included my laser/remote and USB stick fell out. Not noticing it I returned to our apartment. That evening I had to review some power points for the next day's lecture and discovered the black container was no longer in the backbpack. THinking I had left it my office I decided I could review my lecture the next morning. When I reached my office and discovered the loss, I was panic stricken because the stick contained my "life." While I had a duplicate containing most of what I needed, the original stick contained lectured I had not pasted on the dupe.
Realizing the last time I saw the black container was at Starbuicks I made a hasty trip back to Chicony. I asked for the manager and a staff member said "wait a minute." She came back with the manager and asked me what was in the black pouch and when I told her the contents she also said "wait a minute." When she returned with the container I told her I was so excited that I could hug her, she said it wasn't necessary. She said the real thanks should go to the customer who returned it but I said regardless of who to thanks, I want to thank you. I believe these kinds of experiences make Starbucks the success it is around the world. Thanks

Grateful 11/3/13 3:23PM

Would be really great if Starbucks would start using Almond milk for use folks that can't have soy or milk!!

Anonymous 10/30/13 11:24AM

Starbucks is supposed to be kinda a green company well it is unfortunate that the use of air conditioners in the stores is out of control. The only stores I can point out in this are a couple in the No. San Diego County specifically store # 10314. I went in and the store very busy fine temperature but I noticed as the sun went down the temperature in store, guessing dropped to below 59 degrees and this is an every day occurrence. You go in and like last night people had jackets and head caps to stay warm. There is no care to regulate the temperature.

Frozen 10/3/13 7:09PM

I purchased through DiscoverCard Starbucks kcups with a promotional price. I just received this order yesterday and now you to honor special price. Starbucks, your customer service department has much to be desired. You tell me to contact DiscoverCard. I contact DiscoverCard who tells me to contact Starbucks. Neither company will take responsibility! ! Starbucks, its not like you're loosing money! Fix this PLEASE! !

Ltscruz1 9/24/13 12:20PM

Starbucks: Being a health fanatic I have just been delivered a shocking blow by one of your nice counter people. I have been a loyal customer for over 10yrs and have bought many Latte's and Fraps. I always ask for non-fat milk and that it be sugar free. Well! I was just informed by your employee that even If I order a non-fat Latte or sugar free Frap all the milk has sugar in it. I said what!?? even your Non-fat milk and the young lady said yes. Are you aware that Cane sugar is a poison and feeds disease?? It appears you have not done your research or you would choose alturnitive sweeteners like Agave, Maple Syrup or Honey.

Sure, these are a sugar in a sense but not refined and poison like Cane Sugar that has no food value and poisons the body. Most people do no know this and are addicted to sugar and we wonder why American is the most over fed over weight undernourished people in the world.

Take breakfast cereals for instance, can you find one that does not have white cane sugar in it. You have to go to whole foods or another health food store to find it.

You would think that food producers would leave out sugar and allow people freedom of choice to sweeten or not to sweeten their cereal.

But no! they add sugar indiscriminately and w/o any conscience because it's all about money and making the package weight more by adding sugar. In good conscience How can you buy or add Cane sugar to milk??

Why don't you just leave it alone and allow people the freedom of choice to add their own sweetener. I am anxiously awaiting your response if you have the courage because I caught you unprepared for this complaint which is serious to me.

Complaint 9/13/13 10:56AM

I am writing you in regards to your completely unacceptable actions to one of your barristas in a seattle downtown store!!!! (see below exerpt from internet news report) It is unacceptable that , in a world where you advertise & sell fair trade items, to keep the rest of the worlds economically disavantaged fed, that you would fire an employee that is equally disadvantaged & had no $$ to eat with while working a 7 hr shift. Why could he not of received a warning if what he did was sooo wrong (by your standards) I understand the reason as you do not want employees marking down items just to consume them, but why could these not be made available to you people for a limited time (1 hr or so after being removed from stock) The poor & unfed are no longer in third world countries anymore, they are our neighbors and employees. Wake up & take the correct action! Rehire this young man & be responsible for the solution & not be part of the problem of the pervasive greed & disregard for their workers, of many large companies.

If you expect our family to continue to use Starbucks,
as we daily do, I will expect a reply to this e mail not to be disregarded. To us this is a very important issue please regard is as such. fjaco2

Last Monday, 21-year-old barista Coulson Loptmann says he was fired from a downtown Seattle Starbucks where he'd worked for more than a year. The reason? He ate a sandwich that had been thrown away. Really. Like most cafes, the coffee giant gets rid of food that has expired; they donate what they can and toss the more perishable items.

Loptmann, who says he couldn't get enough hours to pay his bills and survives partly on his food stamps, explains, "I hadn't eaten all day and I was on a seven-hour shift." A coworker had just marked some breakfast sandwiches out of stock, and he figured no one would mind if he grabbed one of the plastic-wrapped sausage sandwiches out of the trash can.

But Starbucks did mind. According to Loptmann, his manager sat him down a week later and told him she'd found out about the sandwich and contacted HR, "and they consider it stealing, and it's against policy. So I'm sorry, but I have to terminate you." She fired him on the spot.

fjaco2 9/1/13 5:50PM

I go to the West Paces Ferry (Atlanta, Ga) store quite often. Moore and more, there is a "homeless" issue at this location. This morning, a homeless woman was stopping all of us in the parking lot. (I went inside and pointed "her" out to the employee. She didn't seem to react)). A minute later, the "panderer" came into the store and went table-to-table... STILL, no reaction from your employees.
((When the pandering person approached me a second time, I snapped at her.).

Please understand that this individual is an on-going thorn at this location. She is extremely aggressive in demeanor.

I do not mean to sound cold and cruel, but I was flabbergasted (along with other patrons) that nobody in your store reacted or cared. (I contacted the police and will contact the Management company).

Apparently, ths Manager takes no responsibility... And, frankly, needs to be replaced promptly.

Ken Wolf 9/1/13 4:35PM

I would just like to let you know that store number 08712 did a very good job today servicing a tour bus PLUS drive through with only three employees.
Jessica, Kemi, and Linda did an awesome job.
You are very lucky to have such great employees.
I very seriously hope they get the accolades they deserve.
Thank you for listening and serving our great community of Livinston, Ca.

Anonymous 8/18/13 9:37AM

Can't you have separate seating for wifi users and the rest of us? All the Starbucks in our area have changed their tables to hold four people with only a couple of small tables and pairs of seats. People come in with their laptops etc and take up a space meant for four. My spouse and I have been enjoying the Starbucks experience for years. We like to go in, get our drink and maybe a pastry and sit a short while and relax. But it's getting worse and worse. We go in and find NO places to sit so most of the time we just leave. We live in New Albany, IN and for years have gone to Louisville. Our local Starbucks are in Target and Kroger till recently we just got a full Starbucks. We were thrilled until we went in and found four seater rectangle benches occupied by ONE person on a laptop. REALLY?!

Out in the cold 7/31/13 6:02PM

Most of the time I have not much complaint about Starbucks.
However, I found the "service" at the Madison at Franklin locationin Chicago Illinois extremely rude and intolerant!
It was run like a badly run bar!!! At least three of employe
es need to be replaced! !!!!!!!!!!

forgot 5/7/13 8:21AM

In April I bought Ice Grande Caramel Latte Starbucks At 39 an Park Street New York an I got Food Poison. The Person who made the Drink way Either Jimmy Or Iimmy.Please do something about this the next time it may cost some one lives

Anonymous 5/4/13 1:06PM

This is not a comment, but a suggestion. Could you please put a little stir stick in the VIA packages. I use them all the time. Just a little stick the length of the package would be great. Then they truly would be portable. I don't know how many times I have needed something like that when I use that product. Either wood or plastic, it could fit right in the package just how they are.


Edith L. Roden

edith 3/11/13 10:35AM

We live in mt Juliet ,tn. Came from so, ca. Where we had 7 Starbucks. I have 2special needs kids, (older now). Grew-up getting a Starbucks at the end of week if school was completed.when moving to tn it was critical to have a Starbucks close, a requirement! The Starbucks is in a target. What a disappointment, they don't make drinks like a real store, it's dirty, & smells like popcorn. We try it every now &then but usually disappointed. We travel almost weekly 14-30 miles to a REAL Starbucks. So tried of the travel. When are you putting a real Starbucks in mt Juliet tn? After 2 yrs here I'm tired of hearing how bad target is. Please help!!

Anonymous 1/27/13 8:55AM

Bought two coffee mugs with the Starbucks logo, from a Starbucks store. They sin e etched so badly that stains are permanent. Never had this problem with 4 previous cups from SB. Several customer service responses on line and in the store "no receipt, no return". Apparently SB doesn't back up their products, or even care to offer some compensation . A cup of coffee would have been nice..

Sorry in San Marcos 1/25/13 5:41PM

Very disappointment to visit several Starbucks in Maine and was told that Starbucks does not have a cup for Maine. What's up, you have them in Europe but not all states in the US.

Howard, please fix this!!!

Anonymous 1/7/13 2:30PM

To Whom It May Concern:
First of all, I am a Starbucks Company stockholder. As a stockholder, I look to the Company to first of all have take care of it's loyal customer following. Sadly, as someone who literally buys Starbucks coffee almost every day and sometimes twice a day, I have to question the Company's commitment to it's loyal customers. Starbucks came out with their Starbucks Rewards program for customers and after a certain number of purchases on the Starbucks card, the customer was awarded a "gold card". This is all fine and good, HOWEVER, when a customer goes onto their personal My Starbucks account and sees that there are no purchases on the card since 11-15-2012 and the customer knows full well he's been buying every day, I have to question the program and the commitment Starbucks has to the program.

I was an engineering manager for a top auto company for over 30 years so I have some degree of understanding of where the customer fits into a corporate equation. As a stockholder, I am not getting that feeling of commitment from Starbucks. I have repeatedly contacted your Customer Service regarding my account and gotten a different answer regarding my account from over 10 responses. I cannot verify this but I do believe that your customer service people are not located in the continental U.S. because there is a definite communications problem. As a retired engineering manager, I can tell you that had the people you have working for you in Customer Service, worked for me, I'd of terminated every one of them as the Starbucks Customer Service is absolutely PATHETIC! And don't even try calling the 800 number; that is totally useless, so save the stockholders some equity and get rid of the 800 number and Customer Service organization. If the Company isn't committed to Customer Service, then why have an organization.

Howard, there is definite a housecleaning in order at Starbucks within the HR area who I am assuming is responsible for your pathetic Customer Service.

If I had to give a rating of your Customer Service, I couldn't even score it a 1 out of 10.

Thank you
Leonard DeMoss

ultrarunner 12/12/12 9:20PM

Driving home from a business meeting Thursday night, Nov 29, my watch said 9:25 p.m., Aha, I ll stop at Starbucks, on Sheridan St at TY park in Hollywood, Florida, for coffee and a brownie. I have 35 minutes.
WRONG! I got there at 9:28, got my coffee and brownie. At 9:30, the men s room was locked.
The men s room is closed for the night, the gentleman behind the counter called.
I sat and began enjoying my coffee. We re closing in 25 minutes, the gentleman called. Fine, I thought, I have 25 minutes to enjoy my snack.
At 9:35 he began putting the chairs up on tables all around me, causing a clatter so my good mood vanished. At 9:45 he called again, We close at 10. Okay, already, I muttered.
At 9:50 he called, We re closing. by that time other customers were complaining.
I packed up my laptop and headed for the door. You close at 10? I asked.
That s right, he said.
But you started closing at 9:30. And you created an unhospitable atmosphere.
We have to be out at 10, he said, not at all courteously.
I will not be a regular customer at Starbucks. I had planned to, but my plans have changed.
I managed a tavern for three years when I attended the University of Pennsylvania on the GI Bill. Even in the rough and tumble business of a busy tavern we never treated customers as rudely as that young man treated me and others Thursday night. When you tell people you are open until 10, BE OPEN! Don't start moving furniture around at 9:30, lock the men's room, and giving everybody the bum's rush at 9:45.
Is business so good that you can afford to have your employees treat customers with such bad manners? I doubt it.

Joseph McCaffrey 11/29/12 8:58PM

To whom it may concern,

I would like to express my frustration with Starbucks located at McCarren airport C gate terminal. While I do understand prices being higher in tourist areas, however, when the pricing board is significantly lower (7%) than what I am charged is ludicrous! My order was a small eggnogg latte with an extra shot. Advertised price $4.29 with .99 for extra shot! Charged price $4.59 with .99 for extra shot. Total with tax $6.03!!!!!! LUDICROUS! Needless to say I will no longer support Starbucks!

Former REGULAR customer!

Anonymous 11/24/12 11:38AM

Almost 20 yrs I've been a cust. By cust I mean $2500.00 a yr. not that amount should matter if you were really concerned about your cust. Serv. level (ranking)! I am a cust. Serv professional by trade and I find your company to be very poor on the inside.... I have to watch my Starbucks Gold Card closer than my banking acct. and only difference is I can reach banking cust. Serv. with one phone call in 2 seconds! But your company not!, called many phone#s even resorted to googling the issue and come to find I'm not alone....many people trying to help each other reach a live human at your company, only these suggestions do not work either.... I was able to get through once and what a waste of time it was only to be told sry can't access accts at this time call back?? Really??? While he is telling me this I'm looking at my acct. as we spoke on my I-pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Laurie 11/19/12 10:40AM

I've been drinking your Carmel coffee for a long time. I just bought two more bags of it and noticed it said on the package "more carmel"...

It is undrinkable to me. Horrible! Tastes very acidic. You ruined a good thing... I'm returning both of them to the store.

Anonymous 11/18/12 6:07AM

I wolud like some information about opening license store starbucks ????

ziaur 11/17/12 9:44AM

We need a Starbuck's in Manor, Texas on Highway 290. It leads into Austin, Texas which is 3 miles away.

Seneca 11/13/12 8:48AM

We would like to register our disappointment with your corporate decision to put up Christmas decorations in your stores as of Nov.1. We are especially dismayed that this decision was made at the expense of The Poppy Fund Boxes. Remembrance Day is Nov 11, less that two weeks into Nov. Surely, waiting until after Remembrance Day would not adversely affect your Christmas revenues. We remain regular but disappointed customers of your Southpoint, Surrey BC store.

Anonymous 11/4/12 7:46PM

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