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Please find details for the State Farm corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the State Farm corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
State Farm Insurance
1 State Farm Plaza
Bloomington, IL 61710
United States

Phone: 309-766-2311
Fax: 309-766-3621

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hello, my name is Ben Edwards, from Bad Axe Mi. I own and operate a used car and auto salvage business. I have purchased ins. salvage autos from state farm for over 20 yrs.It has become almost impossible for me to buy your autos since the local ins. salvage auction is now owned by ''Copart Auto Auction''. I can no longer go to the ins. salvage lot to view the upcoming sale autos, I used to buy at least half of my cars by actually going to the ins. sale to view the auctions. Copart now has this sale conducted completely on-line, via the home computer. Every other ins. auto dealer I have spoken with about this agrees ,as do I , that we will try to buy cars elsewhere. I'm sure this has to affect the price your company would receive for It's salvaged autos. I strongly suggest you look into how your salvage units are being sold. I hope to conduct business with your company in the future, but in the meantime I will continue buying my autos elsewhere

Ben Edwards Used Cars 2/25/14 6:00PM

I would like to know what kind of people you have training your future state farm agents? Your training is such a joke. You don't have instructors, you have robots and not people how want to help. Your instructors don't give a dam about family or there future agents. It doesn't stop there. The individuals you have placed in upper management don't have a glue what they are doing. Nor do they want to help there future team mates. Your training center is going to cost you a great person and a good agent. if it wasn't for being 8 hours away from your training center I would drive over there and treat them like they treat there students. Your people are truly unprofessional. I don't have State Farm Insurance nor will myself or any other family member of ours ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

United States Navy 2/20/14 6:31PM

My name is Tawanda Dennis. On November 20 I was in a car accident with one of your customers. Your customer ran a red light and hit on the passenger side of the hood where my 16 year daughter was sitting. Your insurance only offered $10,910.99. The kelly book value of my car is $11,000. I asked $13,500.00 so could pay the car off and make a down payment on another car. Your representative, Sandra A. Brennan of Georgia was so rude and talk to me like I was nobody. She stated that my car is not worth that much. My car had 84,820 miles. I just had my transmission repaired so my car was good for another 100,000 miles. the body of my car was in excellent condition and I have pictures to prove. After looking at the pictures of the car wrecked, so many people have told me that we are so blessed as to not have gotten seriously hurt. We did have some bruises, check and neck pains. My daughter and I did not go to the doctor that night of the accident but we did go later. I have not asked to pay any medical bills. My 16 year daughter is traumitized because she thinks everytime we get to a traffic light..a car is going to hit us. To date the claim has not been settled. A new representative, Margerett Morris, is over the case since I got a lawyer to represent me. She is not willing to give any more money than what has been offered. She stated that she does not have the authority. I am so tired of this issue. I am a single parent. I have to rent and borrow cars waiting on my case to be settled. Please be assured that I will be contacting FOX 6 news (six on your side) to tell my story.

disappointed 1/22/14 2:45PM

I had state farm auto insurance for over 10yrs and my son turn sixteen n got his license. He does not have a vehicle.So state farm cancelled my insurance on my vehicles without written notice or a phone call. I had also signed an exclusion letter to let them know he did not drive any of my vehicles. The next month they cancelled my car insurance without notice. I called the office and they said it was because underwriting and were very rude.The is the marilynnn scullion agent in battle creek mi.

kstone 1/14/14 3:42PM

I have Never been so jerked around by any company as I have been by State Farm! Their commercials are nice, but their actions aren't worth squat. I took my truck to Dan's Body & Paint, here in Tucson, and they wanted ME to buy the tires and wheels for it, since they couldn't find a match or "Comps." I called my office in PHX, and was told that I could do that, but they could only reimburse me $759.00. K, so I found a set of the same tires and wheels, only these had a smaller wheel, but a larger tire, either way they would work. I laid out the money, and get the tires to the shop because I was told that they were "waiting for them." I had a friend help me take them over, and then I found that the truck wasn't ready, they just needed them to move it around! Now, I call the Phx office back, and I am told that, sure, they will get a check in the mail, and that was the best that they could do. I waited for a week, then started calling again and find that nobody has done anything! Now, I am tossed into the middle again, trying to do what the adjuster is supposed to do with the shop manager, and visa versa. I am STIL nowhere closer to being reimbursed than I was in December, 2013. I have been jerked back and forth too many times, and having to do their jobs for them because they refuse to talk to each other and come to a reasonable resolution. I find that both of them have "Policies" that restrict them from helping their customers. I HATE GEIKO commercials, but if they treat their customers even an ounce better than this, they will have a customer for life! I will NEVER recommend State Farm, or Dan's Paint & Body to ANYBODY! I will discourage everybody I know or meet to do so! I am going to take this crap to facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of other social sites and spread the word about how they are so willing to take my money and then buy a bigger machine to screw me with! I'm Through! I'm Through! I'm Through! No MORE, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

Tucson, AZ 1/10/14 4:48PM

I have had my auto/home with SF forever. The 2 women at my agents office handled my account with such grace and efficiency so I stayed because I had so much trust in them. I never dealt with the agent. When my agent retired and the women went to work at another agents office, SF would not let me go there so I was transferred to Andrew Broombaugh. My rates went up even though I had not changed anything. The office of Andrew Broombaugh and his office people are the worst. Unprofessional, incompetent and extremely frustrating. All of them. I lowered my levels of insurance drastically and they are still more than full coverage than my new insurance company, AAA. Goodbye to State Farm and good riddance.

Anonymous 1/9/14 12:51PM

On Saturday I had a City Sewer back up into my lower level. There was 3 to 5 inches of Feces floating in my basement. I was told by Chiquita on Saturday night that claims was open M-F 7AM to 7PM. I was left on my own to call a mitigation company and find my own lodging for my family of 7, including an 8 week old baby. One week and one day later I finally see the adjuster. The house now only smells like mildew or mold. The boiling sewer smell has gone. The lower level, where 3 people live is a disaster and has not even been sanitized. John Spangler, 317-402-9980 walked through, determined there was little damage and with Zero scientific criteria determined the house was habitable. They are cutting off my hotel benefits tomorrow. John told me although it would be uncomfortable that all 7 of us could live in the upstairs. Again without any sanitary testing. I should have read up on State Farm before buying their policies years ago.

John Stackouse 12/29/13 10:47AM

I,ve had state farm for almost ten years. I moved 4 months ago .I just got a bill stating my insurance policy changes my policy when up from $56.85 to $64.10 a month then they charge me $13.86 just to change my aDRESS policy.Well as of Jan 5th I,m no longer with State Farm .I will be with USAA .I,ll be paying $56.03 and have better insurance. Thank god for the greed of My agent Eric Blair Of Grand Rapids Michigan , BECAUSE OF HIS GREED I NOW HAVE BETTER insurance AND I,M SAVING MONEY. AN TO THINK IT WAS ALL OVER THE $13.86 FOR CHANGEING MY ADDRESS Dallas Martindale

Dallas 12/23/13 7:32PM

We were in an wreck our car was only 6 days old with under 450 miles on it. Completely new my kids had not even spilled anything yet. We were completely found not liable we are working with state farm to repair our car however we have a special needs child and there are concerns about the air bag dust and his preexisting respiratory conditions when we brought this up to the agent she informed us that our child does not matter to state farm they do not care what his conditions are that we just need to get our car fixed and they keep saying that our car will be restored to pre loss conditions but have authorized used parts to be put on our brand new 6 day old car which we also have proven before the wreck was worth $38,000 after its only worth $22,000 and the dealiers wont even buy it back cause its a wrecked 2014 competing with new 2014 so we have a car that is a potential health risk to our child and no way to fix the situation all because a state farm insured driver hit us. All the customer service agents we have delt with have been rude and come on the line defensive and hateful we have been as nice as possible but my childs health comes first and that should matter.

amessen1 12/4/13 9:54AM

Just received a letter about changing to the mutual automobile ins. company. They promised cheaper rates. That is not my issue. My issue is THEY DID NOT ASK/OFFER AND DID NOT GIVE ME ALL THE INFORMATION. I spoke to several people. One disconnected my call because she did not like my tone of voice. I did file an internal complaint with a supervisor, but she did not want to read then reread the complaint to my satifaction. I had to have her change wordage because it did not reflect the issue. Personally, I am happy with what I have. They do not need to bother me with something, especially when the call centers or my agent does not have the information yet.

Anonymous 11/25/13 7:35AM

Agent Stan Clerkely's office is the very unresponsive and unprofessional. I have contacted them numerous times to discuss my insurance only to get a "I will call you back" and a week later I call them back only to get another "I will call you back." I know another long time customer that just switched to Allstate because she could never get a question answered. Also, my home insurance went up almost 1000 dollars for an additional 5000 in coverage that I did not request. Also, when you call corporate office you can here chatter and laughter in background. Very distracting and rude.

Leaving 11/7/13 8:53AM

I cancelled my car insurance, because I junked my car, and it has Taken State Farm almost a month, so far, to send me a refund check. First of all, why not refund it back into my debit account, where they take it from each month, and second, why does it take so long to mail a check? So quick to take your money, but very slow giving you that refund. And for some reason, want to continue taking $55/month from my account even though I cancelled? For what???? What is wrong with these people? Back To Geico I go, where they charged me half of what state farm charged!

pissed 10/29/13 1:29PM

State Farm Can Kiss It! I Am Sick Of Them Always Raising Rates. The One In Valdosta, Georgia On Bemiss Road Is Horrible! No Customer Service Whatsoever! I Sent Them A Letter Cancelling My Homeowners Insurance And Come To Find Out They Did Not Cancel It Until I "called" Them. So I Called And They Said "has To Be In Writing".. Go Figure. They Just Wanted To Get Those Extra Days Of My Premium. Goodbye State Farm! Hello Allstate! Saving Me 200.00 Per Month.

FRUSTRATED 10/23/13 12:04PM

Your company is a piece of crap and I can't wait to dump you as soon as my mother's house sells!!!!!
(Columbus, Oh - Agent Buddy White)

My 92 yr old mother has been with State Farm for almost 60 yrs and has never had a claim againt her house until now, due to a roof leak...
I tried calling many times asking for Buddy White to return my calls and/or email, and I've still never heard from him. How rude and unprofessional!!!

I spoke with a lady in the office and asked about discounting or waving the deductable since she has been a long time customers... Hell no! Just take her money and forget about her loyalty!!!!

Just like most big companies like yourself, you have lost sight of those who help put your company on the map...your customers!!!!!
You're also lost the capacity and compassion to even care about your customers who have been loyal to you...
What comes around , goes around...and I hope you get your someday big time....

JoJo 10/3/13 8:19AM

Mr. Edward Rust, your board needs to address the serious problems a homeowner of over 19 years paying over $50,000 faces when they have a claim and each person at State Farm claim service you talk with gives you a different answer and tells you that the check is in the mail, yet it never arrives, because in this case the adjuster from Florida who is presently in Indianapolis is stopping all checks, but says he doesn't know what I am talking about. We meet on Oct 16th,to discuss less than $5,000 to make the repairs from the storm a year ago. I have sent him photos of the completed work, but he would not let the checks be sent so I had to pay the builder Mark Rivera, the adjuster has received photos of the completed work, but says he has to see what has been done with his own eyes, and I have sent samples. Mark Rivera says he has the decision power over my agent that we like very much, however we will have to find another company for the home, umbrella policy, and the two cars, since this has really been a nightmare. We will have to retain the services of a lawyer and take it to small claims court! I have written the State of Indiana Insurance Consumer s

Riley 10/1/13 12:12PM

Some good neighbor! Rates just keep going up and up and up, every 6 months! And some customer service! Please note, I have been in the Customer Service routine for over 30 years and State Farm does NOT have ANY idea of what Customer Service is or means! Situation at hand:
1) 2 cars covered, rates go up $25 - $30 every 6 months, even though there have been no claims, no policy changes and been with the company for over 30 years.

2) When asked about the increase, agent said corporate sets rates, she has no say in matter (unless I want to add more services).

3) I call corporate to find out why they are charging me ( almost double what I can get elsewhere for the same coverage, I found out)so much. The person in customer service and their supervisor both tell me they have no complete access to my policy and can not tell me why, that they would have to have my agent call me to explain. AND. if you can believe this, the number listed as their CORPORATE OFFICE, is NOT the CORPORATE OFFICE, but a Customer Service call center (GOD knows where, because they wouldn't tell me).

3) I asked for the Regional State Office number and am told, they have a Regional State Office, but THEY DON'T HAVE THE NUMBER!!??? Can we say DUH???? All they do, is take a complaint and send it back to the agent, who said she couldn't help me in the first place! What a runaround !!! Corporate has no problem taking our money, but have a concern or problem, and they are no where to be found. They insulate themselves from the problem. Seems they should change their motto to: "Got money? We'll take it! Got a problem? Take it to Helen Waite"
4) I am so done with this company. If I had a claim earlier and had found this out, I would have left years ago! They didn't use to be like this. Used to be, you could get information and negotiate based on your past relationship with them, but apparently, not anymore. Guess they figure, if they lose you, no big deal, they will just get someone else to take your place ( until that person learns the hard way). I hope enough people learn about them and their "Customer Service (NOT)" and steer clear of them until it reaches a point that they start listening and caring about people and put people in customer service that can actually do something other than take messages and send them back to an agent or give their agents the power to make adjustments made on individual situations.


rslaser 8/22/13 4:15PM

I have been with State Farm approximately 45 years. Last year the wind tore the TV dish from my roof and I could see the sky from inside my house as a result when it rained, it also rained in my house. The adjuster said it the roof wasn't weather damage and it was not covered. I disagreed with him because I did not tear the dish it was the wind and I felt it was weather damage. This year I had water damage in my kitchen and need a new floor, cabinets and the back wall. Again I was told it wasn't covered. I paid approximately $2,000 to remove the floor, mold, and damaged cabinets. Now I need to replace the cabinets, remove the sink to repair the wall and floor. Again 45 years and I had one claim but I've paid State Farm all those years and I feel that I am being treated unfairly, so I think I will look for another insurance company.

Susie Williams 6/30/13 9:16AM

Well Like a GOOD NEIGHBOR... State Farm's NOT THERE! OK, freak storm, 60 foot 2 1/2' in diameter tree falls through my yard. Takes out my fence (did I mention the four dogs who are holding their knees together so they can go back out!), part of a wonderful 100 year old oak tree in my yard and STATE FARM is NOT THERE!. I am told it's my responsibility, my deductable and I must get quotes from tree companies and fence people OH, I work (like most of you!) full time as my wife does to make ends meet! So, I must pay the $1000 deductable, I have to find the companies and set this up and the wonderful claims agent team member said, "ALL WE DO IS PAY THE BILLS!) This is total crap. for 20 years I have been giving you mu business and all you do now is dump this on me and my wife to handle and say you'll tryto go after theneighbor to recoup my deductable! Thanks no summer vacation this year, well wasn't sure there would be one, good by the little saving we have oh, and it's about timeto repay my preminum again! GOOD BYE STATE FARM! Hope someone in your office reads this and has the intestinal fortitude to call and help us! No wonder my friends in NJ are going crazy if this is how you treat people who need help (Like your commercials say you'll give!) and depend on what they think insurance is for. 10 years ago the agent would have been at my house, offered help, local companies to contact not agent is out of town like they always are when you need them...oh and his secratury is just lame enough to say the same thing over and over when you call! I am not only dissapointed I am angry that I believed in your company and your supposed reputation! Oh, my cell is ..want to be a GOOD NEIGHBOR?? I doubt it!

DrARTGUY 6/28/13 5:27AM

We have 2 homes and 3 auto's with State Farm in El Campo Texas and Mary Johnson is our agent. In th past several weeks my son had some water damage to his truck and we filed our first claim ever with the company. State Farm only gave us part of the money and we are $900 short therefore my son's truck sits in our drive way waiting to be repaired as soon as we come up with the rest of the money. Note we went out and got 3 fair quotes and took the lowest quote but yet State Farm will not even meet that number. No they had someone called BoBo's Auto that could do it even cheaper about 150 miles away from where we live. Our agent Mary Johnson should not be receiving commissions on people she does not help. Now we are stuck with a truck that does not run and having to call Dallas Texas State Farm offices ourselves trying to get more money out of these cheap skates. Very Very Sad we as American pay our premiums and then when we need help we get screwed.

Laurie 6/11/13 2:22PM

my vehicle was totaled by a state farmer policy holder and the agent that was handling my claim was a bully and she talked to me like i was the lowest form of a human being.Then she stated that the person that hit my vehicle was a excluded driver and that whatever means i had to do to repair my vehicle and it was up to me.well its hell to be poor i lost my job 2yrs ago and i am on a fixed income i used my taxes to buy the car so i could have a way to work now i am back to walking thanks state farm like a good neighboor you were not there

patlove 4/21/13 1:34AM

To Customer Service Rep.

I (Christopher BOBERNICK) policy number have been with State Farm since I married my wife (Sandy BOBERNICK (SLICK) policy number 582 6913-B23-22L in 1992 .I decided at that time to change to my wife insurance company State Farm where we both where put on one auto policy sharing the same agent , about a year or two later something happen to our original agent and State Farm sent me to a new agent (Lisa Rich) without our choice in the matter. Lisa Rich split us up and wrote two polices without our consent and that's the way it's been for 20 years. Is this a normal practice? Did this help her look better in the eyes of the company based on quantity of policies she wrote when she first got started? Did she not know it would have saved me a lot of money over the years if my wife and I where on one policy?

Sometime in the 90's we heard about bundling auto and home could save us some money so my wife and I decided to do it, we wrote a new policy with State Farm on our home. At that time our policy was written up for a 500 deductible and replacement cost on everything else. Sometime between then and now the policy was change without our consent to a 2000 deductible. When was it changed? Why was it changed? I never asked or approved this change! I never contacted State Farm or an agent for this change!

I have only seen Lisa Rich twice and talked too here a few times in 20 years, she has a couple of girls in the office doing most of her leg work. I came in the office twice this month to somehow reduce the cost of my auto and home insurance witch is going up at 9% per year.(based on last year) and Lisa Rich was nowhere to be found, "just great". I will be back in the office Monday to put my wife and I on one policy.

Your own Ceo Edward B. Rust Jr. wrote this: "Definition of good neighbor: someone to be trusted; a courteous, friendly source of help when help is needed; someone you can count on; someone who cares." But that is not the case here.

I looked at all the reviews that your customers have written and I can relate to a lot of them having the same type of problems. Is State Farm making any attempt to address all the issues? Is the management team tracking all the issues till there closed?

Please E-mail the answers to my questions.


Christopher Bobernick

Anonymous 3/10/13 11:51AM

Will someone from corporate please have the claims department contact me ASAP regarding claim No. 75-16C9-856. I've had a $500 duductible HO policy with State Farm since about 1978 and have NEVER had a claim. I've just about exhausted all avenues of getting the claims department to return my calls or to acknowledge my concerns. My water damaged floor, which was originally glued down, requires prepping prior to installation which is more labor intensive and expensive than floating the wood. In the settlement, they have not allowed for the additional cost for the prepping and gluing down, only for floating the wood. I do not want to resort to reporting this to the State of California Insurance Commissioner, or the Department of Consumer Affairs, or going to small claims court but I will use whatever means are available to me to get this resolved. I want to be fair and I want to be treated fairly. I want you to know I have no problem with the local SF agency or the sales agent. But that the SF claims department has not returned my calls to address my concerns, or to acknowledge the invoices that have been submitted is unacceptable. It's as if they don't care. Is this how State Farm says, "Thanks, we really appreciate your business?"

Anonymous 3/7/13 9:24PM

I called the corporate number listed on the website: 309-766-2311 only to hear a message state,"your call can not be completed as dialed" or a busy signal.

Even the listed fax number(309-766-3621) does not connect.

Why is State Farm Corporate unavailable to answer questions when their agents do not have information and do not know where to direct the consumer ?

The question being asked:
How is the 'Customer Rating Index Tier' determined and verified by the policy holder?

Anonymous 2/20/13 1:35PM

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