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Subaru corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Subaru corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Subaru corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Subaru of America, Inc.

Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Subaru Plaza 2235 Route 70 West
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
United States

Phone: 856-488-8500
Fax: 856-488-3196

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Any word yet on release date for Gen 2 eyesight system on 2015 forester touring model ready to purchace as soon you release it

johnnyparas 8/7/14 7:14AM

I have not had a recall with any of my previous Subaru's. So I don't know the procedure for the new recall announced on July 3, 2014 regarding the possibility of the brake linings rusting in my state of NY. I have a 2013 Forester so will I be contacted to have my car looked at or do I contact my dealer. Are all Foresters affected or just some. Thank you for your time, Mary Cain

Mary Cain 7/3/14 1:49PM

In Southern California
I went onto Subaru website to get "INTERNET QUOTE" on a new Legacy Premium. Ontario, CA dealership responded with a quote that was MORE THAN $3,000.00 than they had advertised on the website.
They think EVERYONE is STUPID. I love the "CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY" from Chairman Tonomi Nakamurai. Just oozes sincerity.

I needed my boots for this!

YAFKM 7/2/14 4:15PM

I purchased a Subaru in April 2013 and had to have the catalylic converter replaced which was done approximately February 2014.

I called Freehold Subaru located in New Jersey to make an appointment and indicated to the sales department that ever since I had the catalylic converter replaced, the nosie coming from the heat shield is deafing. (could be something as simple as a loose screw)

I asked if Subaru has loaner cars, which they do, but only if you purchased a vehicle from them. Its okay to charge me double the price on a part and/or labor, but its not okay for them to supply a loaner vehicle for 24 hours so I do not miss a day's pay from work even if I did not buy the vehicle from Freehold Subaru. Really?

Shame, shame on you Subaru!!!!

Anonymous 6/25/14 10:42AM

I purchased a new 2013 Subaru Outback in Nov. 2012 and went in for my first oil change on May 23rd which wasn't even due yet only had 6,045 miles. However, I was planning a trip to Idaho so I thought would get my oil change early. When driving home I kept getting these funny smells but thought they were from other vehichle exhaust. So this morning I opened the hood and found that the person who had changed my oil had not put on the oil filler cap and that oil had sprayed all over the engine compartment and that was what I was smelling. Inexcusable.

Pissed 5/25/14 4:10PM

I know putting these commits on here dont really help but this write up is about Napleton's in Rockford IL
When I bought my 2013 Crosstrek Limited I was happy with my purchase, I bought the extended warranty to 100,000 miles and I was talked into a maintenance warranty. This warranty would cover everything under the hood. The salesmen told us for the $900 for the warranty would pay off. Well I guess I was wrong. When we took the car in to Napleton in Rockford we are always treated well. But my wife had to bring it in I guess that opened the eye of the service department having a women in there. They told her they had to rotate the tires for $21 ok I am good with that, they then came back and said that the air filter was dirty well she asked what the cost was they stated $61. Ok I am ok with that but when she asked the question like can it wait. They stated if it does not get done it may void the factory warranty. Well then she gave in and said ok. Then she received the bill and was charged $79 dollars for labor for doing both. The service department stated a price to my wife is that because she is women she will just sit quit in the corner. I don't think so you give a price say the whole thing do not just add more fees on the butt end. Next question part of my maintenance agreement that I was talked into buying because at 15,000 miles if I didn't have it there was so many things I needed done. Were they done no the turning of my brake pads, the changing of belts if needed, ect.. What is the maintenance plan a joke you don't stand buy it. Well so far I love the car but it will be the last Subaru I will ever I mean ever buy. I know this will not stay posted on your page but you have a lot of learning to do.

Brad 5/1/14 9:38AM

You speak to safety - here is a challenge. Subaru-s have the child car seat hooks. Isn't there a way to install an alarm to that hook so if a child seat is attached an alarm will sound to remind drivers that there is a child present? This would be a huge feature for parents who share child care drops offs. Every year we hear the horror stories of parents forgetting it was there day and leaving a child in the car when they get to work.

LKB 4/25/14 9:24AM

The current ad campaign "they lived" is insensitive and appalling. My son Jake and his fiancée Stephanie were killed in a horrific head-on crash by a guy, drunk and on meds, who was driving a Subaru Impreza. The guy's car flipped and caught fire. He was killed also. Why would anyone deign to assume that this ad campaign will inspire customers to buy their vehicles? For every person who lived, there are countless others who died driving these vehicles or who died because someone else was driving one of these vehicles. Shame on you, Subaru. The pain your commercials cause grieving families is relentless. How your ad execs can sleep at night is beyond me. Your insensitivity is egregious.

Anonymous 3/11/14 10:21AM

I recently saw a Subaru commerical on TV that I found disturbing. It appears that a teen age girl is changing the tire on her Subaru by herself in the rain. Actually her father is teaching her how. I my opinion, there are several safety rules being violated in this commercial. First, the car has been jacked up before the lug nuts have been loosened. The lug nuts should be loosened about one turn before the car is jacked up. Second, the girl is struggling to loosen the lug nuts, finally kicking the wrench. Using these techniques, she could easily push the car off the jack, potentialy injuring herself and damaging the car. Third, the girl is trying to push down on the lug wrench with her arms. She should be trying to pull up on the wrench thus using her legs that are much stronger than her arms.

Stan 2/21/14 12:56PM

I own a 2002 Subaru WRX that's having transmission problems. This is the second tranny for the same issue. Im finding out that its a continuous problem with the transmission the car was built with..So many people complaining about the tranny..I love my car and don't want to get rid of it..Iv promised the car to my son who is a US marine when he is done with his term.But now I don't want to give it to him with this problem..I don't have the money to fix it..WHY ISNT THIS PROBLEM A RE CALL? WHY? It should be. Im so upset about this but I have to drive the car the way it is till I can manage to get something else..being on disability im sure that's niot going to happen..

Denise 2/19/14 7:47PM

I lost my son in a car accident several years ago. I struggle every day wondering if I had bought him a different car maybe he could have survived. Then I see your repulsive arrogant ads bragging that "they survived!" Because they were driving the right car. I can't even find the words, especially because of your "no profanity" rule, to tell you how offensive I find your ads. I would walk before I would drive one of your cars.

Danny's mom 2/17/14 7:07PM

I just recently saw the newest Subaru commercial marketing the safety of the vehicles with the image of an extremely mangled vehicle on the back of a flat bed truck. I lost my son 1 1/2 years ago in a tragic accident and I find this commercial very insensitive to people who have lost loved ones to this type of tragedy. Sadly, not even a Subaru would have saved his life. I re-live the events of this horrific day every time I see or hear this commercial. I understand your marketing strategy. However I do believe there are more positive ways to market the safety features of your vehicles and I hope that the marketing executives will re-consider their current strategy.

Jackie 2/14/14 5:57AM

How come I see one complaint after another about the Tribeca headlights going out, but there has never been a recall? Even service departments don't understand the problem. I have spent so much money on having bulbs replaced and have even been pulled over three times. Subaru should be ashamed! On a bright note... when I had my car towed to Subaru after it died on me one morning, they did replace my "Puddle" lights because there was a recall for those (we all know the importance of 'puddle" lights over headlights).

mbrownkaaj 2/5/14 1:56PM

I was looking for the Subaru Corporate Office information and found many comments on the vehicles. In 2013 I purchased a 2011 Outback and so far it is fine. I thought they replaced the battery but when I opened the hood to my vehicle today it was all corroded so I am sure it was not new. It worries me considerably to see so many negative comments on Subaru. My son encouraged me to buy on because they are dependable. Now I don't know what to believe. My dealership is Boardman Subaru in Boardman, Ohio. They seemed to assure me that their customer service department would handle anything under the continued warranty for the rest of the three years. I sure hope I can TRUST them to keep their word. I have some wonderful ideas for Subaru to make things comfortable and yet continue to be safe, however, if indeed they are not dependable, I would rather show these ideas to Ford for a Taurus or Buick.
Do you think Subaru Corporate reads these comments? If they are indeed interested in producing a GOOD product and gain the respect of their customers, I hope they will give the comments due diligence.

I will continue to monitor the comments, then I will decide if I will once again purchase their product. If the dealership will abide by their contract, which some do at their own expense to keep a customer, I will probably invest in another Subaru, if not, probably a Buick. My father drove Buicks for many years and NEVER had a problem. Of course at that time, vehicles were made with PRIDE, a word that seems to be lost in much of our society
not just with vehicles......Seems like N. Jersey has the most negative comments. Don't you have a state regulatory office that is supposed to be watching these things? GOOD LUCK to all of you and I am crossing my fingers.

So far So good...... 1/4/14 8:34PM

Please offer the Forester Premium model with Eyesight and Automatic Braking to make it affordable. The insurance should give a discount with this option. Will this be available in 2015's ?

Robert 1/3/14 5:56AM

So Many People With Complaints About Subaru. I To Have Had Abad Time With Them. I Bought My 2013 Impeza From Edwards Subaru Was7:00 Pm And Dark Out So I Did Not See The Hail Damage On The Roof And It Is Hard To See It But Im Surethey Newit Was There.i Had It For A Few Weeks Before I Even Notice It, And Then Because It Sets So Low I Can Not Get It Down My Driveway Becaue It Scaps The Under Side To Bad. Icall And Ask If They Could Put On 17" Tires To Raise It Up.they Told Me No.they Do Not Want Due Anything Becaue I Drove It Away Now It Is My Problem.all Who Readthis Please Cpy And Post On Face Book , Twitter And Any Others . The World Needs To Know Just How Bad Subaru Is Taking Care Of Thier Customers. And I No Longer Have Subaru Service My Car

BUMMIE3 12/21/13 10:58AM

The new wry, despite its disappearance from wrc, looked promising. Then I read you took out the port injection and just left direct. Why would you do that why everyone all over the place is experiencing carbon buildup? Your car will be no different, despite what "technologies" you've invented. The hybrid of port and direct are even ideal for performance applications seeing as port performs well at low rpms. I am turned off from your car because of one reason....the new gti uses both. Thanks but you lost a fan.

somuchforwrc 12/17/13 5:04PM

Lets See How Subaru Handles What I Think Should Have Been A Recall Instead They Took The Service Bulletin Route As Not To Spend Any Money 2003 Subaru Baja Ongoing Gas Smell Issue Fo Years

WACKO 12/16/13 2:39AM

I have recieved horrible customer service through the customer service center. When trying to get resolutuion for my '09 legacy issues I am given the "runaround". Subaru will not honor the required customer service agreement by taking complaints, nor will the local dealer. The customer service center is closed fridays when it should be open. There is no recourse because no one answers any phone calls or e-mail inquires. When a customer service rep. states that I should make an appointment which, I have already done and then they will not honor my extended warranty. Also when the dealer states that the customer service rep. never contacted them then this is how they will loose buisness. There is no way of leaving a voice message either. I think Subaru will loose buisness with these practices and they deserve to loose any and all buisness when they treat customers badly. I wish thier customer service was one tenth of what thier advertising says it is, but it is far, far less.

very dissatisfied customer 12/6/13 2:46PM

Your new ad campain is brilliant! I hope your customer follow thu will be to.

George L Banton 12/4/13 1:22PM

Hi I am writing to complain I have gone to get the same thing 4-5 times each time the Price at the pompano dealership goes up and each time the problem isn't fixed. I don't like being ripped
off ..No my warranty has expired but If you all had fixed this issue the firs time I wouldn't have had to go the other 4 times now my car is their and the gentleman says it will cost me 550 to get the same issue where a year ago cost me from 223-278 now is 550 for an issue at the time was their fault.. The engine light and cruise control going on at the same time which they can't seem to fix and now they say I have this leak.. I will never buy a car from this company again...
Thnx Happy Holidays

sp 12/4/13 9:35AM

i have had a subaru for almost 20 years. i now own a 2014 outback
the back up lights are horrible you can see NOTHING we have gone repeatedly to subaru and all they say is there is no way to help us. it is VERY dangerous. and i advise everyone NOT to buy this car.maybe next year they will do a better job

Anonymous 11/15/13 3:16PM

Evanston Subaru in Skokie, Illinois accused me of writing that offensive comment card. I DID NOT WRITE IT.

sad and angry 10/30/13 8:09PM

I have never filled out a comment card after receiving service on my 2013 Subaru Forester. But I was accused by my Subaru dealer in Illinois of writing an offensive comment card. Someone else filled out that card. Since it was coded to my car, they assumed that I did it. I denied it. The dealer and his service coordinator treated like a criminal. I was told that I could never bring my car there again for service. I wish I had never bought this car.

sad and angry 10/22/13 5:51PM

I have never owned anything but a Subaru. This is my sixth vehicle, but the first new car that I have bought. I have had nothing but problems with the radio and Bluetooth. A dealership near Novato, Ca has given me nothing but problems with this car. All I want is for my radio to stop cutting out, and my phone to work.

Chunk 10/17/13 9:40PM

I just brought a 2013 3.6R Outback. I noticed the front windshield pillar covers have gaps between the cover and the headliner. I've been in contact with the customer service dept. as well as the dealer. I might as well have tried to fix the problem myself. The dealer (Prestige of Turnersville, NJ) replaced the covers with new ones. Unfortunately, they did not get to the root of the problem and the covers fit exactly like the old ones. Imagine that. In addition, the headliner has frayed ends where the windshield meets the frame. The dealers response to this was "it came from the factory that way." I do not believe I will own this car for very long. Thank you Subaru, you've made a difficult decision easy.

Disappointed 8/5/13 11:29AM

My Impreza has 13,000 and just over a year old. Recently I apparently hit a nail that positioned itself in a spot that could not be repaired. I think it is terrible that you have to purchase ALL NEW TIRES....because if the treads are not even, all wheel drive would be thrown out or not work correctly. Something about depth: 11 on 3 tires and 7 on nail tire...I believe that is what I understood. I thought tires lasted several years depending on use of vehicle...had to take 3 off...for that 1. Besides spending a lot of money I did not expect to. Stats: Such a new car- slightly over one year...and buying ALL NEW TIRES......that is not a good record. Makes me reconsider another AWD Subarau even if this is my 3rd. You should be able to buy what you want.

upset 7/28/13 12:59PM

I just had to write and tell you how much I love your Subaru ads. I'm on my second Subaru Outback; had one for 10 years and now drive a 2009. Have never ever had a problem with either one. And, in another six years I'll probably get another one.

Pamela 6/26/13 1:30PM

I received a promotion card in the mail
Here in Plano Tx. Me and a friend went in
Yesterday morning to see what I won . I called
The 1-800 number on the card and was told I
Was a big winner .
The man that was doing the promotion
was a Chuck Hernandez sales director .
He told me and my friend I won 3 solid gold
Coins .!!!! Told us to wait .... We waited a few
And he comes back to tell me I' ll have to come
Back again because the manager has to go
To the bank to get them .!!!!!
I went back this morning and Mr Hernandez
Tried to hand me a $5.00 walmart gift card !!!!
I was so upset that this is the way Subaru
Handles a situation like this ! Lies lies and more
Lies .... I was in sales for many years and this
Man is aloud to make a liar out of your company !
I will tell all my family members and friends
Just how this crap works and the lies that goes
With it ! This puts a bad taste in my mouth that
This company is based on dishonesty and lies !
It cost me more than the 5.00 gift card to go
2 different times and both times to be lied to .

6-19-2013 and 6-20-2013

Anonymous 6/20/13 8:35AM

This Is Not A Wonderful Story About Subaru, This Is A Story
Of Dealerships Outsoursing Their Hr Work To Auto Max To Save
The Cost Of Hiring People, And Stealing Fron The Eldery And
Underemployed Who Are Desperate To Make A Living To Support Their Families.

If You Responded To An Ad Similar To This And Did Not Get The Job.......your Smarter Than Anyone Who Bought Into This Job Lottery That Robs People Of Their Dignity, Money And The Time For A One Maybe Two Out Of Ten Chance To Win A Job For 500 Dollars.(people That Showed Up Were Not Rich, Spent Their Money Getting There And Missed Hourly Work From Their Existing Job),

I Went To This Scam To See How It Would Be Played Out,

The People In The "class" Were From All Walks Of Life, They All Wanted To Make Big Money At Newton Nj Toyota, And Newton Nj Subaru. Looking Around The Room I Only Saw One Person Who Might Make The " Cut" (not Me). I Asked How Many People Showed
Up For The Open House Interviews (75)....then I Said " We Are All Very Lucky To Have This Opportunity.....the "trainer" Was Very Happy With That The End Of Training On The First Day The Instructor "i Need 500 Dollars For The Training On Friday.

How Can Large Corporations (toyota And Subaru) Allow Such Practices To Be Conducted At Their Franchises To Save Money.

The Dealerships Will Say They Are Not Involved...really ? , The Scam Happened At Their Facility, This Is The Worst Kind Of Out-sourcing. To Prey On People's Vanity And Stealing Their Hard Earned Money.

This Scam Is Being Run By A Company Called Automax( Check Automax Scams On Web)in Concert With Various Dealrships.

I Will Sell My Present Vehicle, And Spread The Word On How
Much You Have Damaged Your Brand, Reputation And Public Trust.

I Suggest If You Own A Subaru, Have It Serviced By Another
Dealer That Does Not Take Part In Pay For Employment Lotteries. If They Are So Desperate For Money, To Rob From The Under-employed,elderly And Young.

What Are They Doing To You?

If Your Vehicle Warranty Has Expired I Suggest Not Using Subaru For Any Type Of Service.

SNAKE OIL 5/24/13 10:20AM

I'm having an awful time reaching anyone @ Subaru Corp who can help me with a serious issue re: my 2008 Subaru Tribeca. I had a lot of lights come on my dashboard and called my local dealership (Prestige Subaru in Asheville, NC), where I bought the car new in 2008. They told me I'd have to bring it in so that they could analyze it and gave me an appointment for two days later. In the meantime it was approaching time for an oil change (which is something we've been very careful to do every 3,000 miles, my husband being huge on preventative maintenance), so I took it to our local garage that afternoon for the oil change. When I mentioned the flashing lights, they offered to put it on their analyzer (free of charge) and told me that it showed a problem with with the cam shaft sensor, and to be sure to keep my appointment, which I did. When I took the car to Prestige two days later I told the service person what my garage had said and he replied "We'll see what we come up with." I was later told that the problem was the catalytic converter and it would cost $2,000 to fix. I asked what about the cam shaft issue, to which he replied "Not to knock your garage, but our technicians are Subaru trained, and they aren't." He then told me that, if it were him, he'd just take my car to be inspected on a day when the lights weren't all flashing and then "worry about the catalytic converter later, when you have the money." I again asked why their analyzer didn't pick up on the cam shaft issue when my garage did- how could they explain that?- and told him that I didn't know a lot about cars, but learned from my father years ago that the cam shaft was a major big deal and involved the engine, and told him that I was concerned about why Prestige's analyzer hadn't picked up on the problem. I was again assured that there was no problem with the engine, only the catalytic converter, and told "I know it's annoying to deal with all the flashing lights on the dash and loss of your cruise control on the days that this happens, but there is no issue with the engine- just ignore the lights and get the converter replaced when you have the money- that's what I'd do." So that's what I continued to do for the next two months- half the time there were no flashing lights, the other half of the time there were and I had no cruise. I had the oil changed 3,000 miles later as usual- then my car broke down on my way to work one morning @ 5 a.m.. Now Prestige tells me that I need a new engine- the cam shaft is gone!!! I have contacted Consumer Relations- I'm told there's nothing that will be done. This has been going on for almost a month- my car has been at Prestige since the day I broke down. Since it is such a new model, they cannot find a rebuilt engine- a new one will be at least $5,000!!! And, still, nobody has explained to me how this cam shaft sensor problem was picked up by my local garage, yet Prestige did not pick it up two days later. Or why they blew me off, twice, when I voiced my concerns after they analyzed my car!!! Rather than going back and rechecking the problem, they told me to continue driving my car as the 'engine is fine', ignore the flashing lights, and just pull in to get it inspected on a day when the lights weren't flashing!!! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I took my car to my Subaru dealership to have a problem diagnosed, and fixed. Instead, they missed the problem, blew me off, and told me to keep driving it- and now I need a new engine??? They need to step up and accept responsibility for their failure to provide proper customer service and misguiding a customer.

Anonymous 5/2/13 5:49PM

I love my Forester but the quality of service at our local dealership, is less than desired. If anyone knows who to contact at the corporate office who can address our concerns, it would be greatly appreciated to receive this. I have left 2 voicemails with the general manager, and he has not returned my calls. Again, I love my Forester. But our experiences with the dealership in Chattanooga, TN, would be a factor in purchasing a vehicle from them again.

Ginger 4/12/13 6:14PM

I just have to say, that the commercial with the little girl going to school
for the first time is one of my favorite commercials.
It touches my heart, she is a cutie I talk about it all the time, and every-
one agrees. Continue doing what your doing,you guys make great
Thank You
Kathy 3/30/13; 9:11p.m

kitkat 3/30/13 8:15PM

Recently bought a Subaru and realized later that they had charged me three thousand dollars more than sticker price. Complained to Subaru corporate customer service and was told they could do nothing about it. The problem is I wasn't informed of the difference in price. And whenever I purchased a new car I was given the sticker. Not so this time it was nowhere to be found. I would never go to the dealership Subaru 46 in Hackettstown New Jersey.

Anonymous 3/28/13 2:28PM

I have recorded the commercial with the little girl and her first day of school, I must watch it 50 times a day. Who is she and how can we see more of her?
Sherri Delaney

Sherri Delaney 3/26/13 7:16PM

Give the marketing department a raise! Subaru is probably the only commercials that I "LOVE" to watch. I agree with all the comments already posted that the dad putting his little girl on the school bus is priceless (content, music and message). The chocalate Lab growing up with the family changes and their Subaru another home run!! By the way I own a 2009 Subaru Tribeca and I love it! If it ever needs to be replaced I am hooked on Subaru.

Nancy 3/25/13 1:49PM

The person who created the ad with the little girl getting on the bus is an GENIUS!!! It makes you want to go out and buy a Subaru. Trust me,I wish can go buy one today. But I can't afford one. Taking care of my parents. Their home of 40 years was foreclosed because my father lost his job at FORD!!! It's an never ending cycle.

Tommy_Gunn 3/23/13 6:41AM

I was a fan of Subaru until I talked my son into buying a needs a new engine that we can't afford.I wrote to corporate and they never acknowledged my letter.I will never recommend subaru to anyone.

Anonymous 3/22/13 6:21PM

I too, want to chime in on the commercial with the dad and little blond girl who gets on the bus....the story, the music, the entire commercial makes me stop and watch and listen everytime, with a smile on my face. THIS commercial should be awarded and a TEMPLATE for other products. Hands down the best one all year and I NEVER get tired of hearing or seeing it. Thank your clever ad team on this one!

debmern 3/22/13 12:47AM

I absolutely think the commercial with the little girl waiting for the bus with her dad is the BEST commercial!!!! I literally cry every time I watch it I rewind and rewind the commercial. Whoever styled the little girl with her hair and clothes, it is perfect. The expression on her face with her little frown is priceless and when she turns to her dad to say goodbye and the turning when she gets on the bus...... I want to cry!!!! Very very creative!! I wish the little girl could be in other commercials or tv shows.

Carolyn 3/20/13 11:28PM

My sister and I just love your commercial with the loving dad putting his little girl on the school bus. If I could buy a new car it would be a Subaru because of that commercial. We never get tired of watching it, how refreshing with all the irritating ads on TV today.

Anonymous 3/20/13 2:57PM

Dear Subaru:
You hit the ball right out of the park with two of your commercials: The little girl getting on the bus for her first day of school; and the one with the brown Labrador puppy that gets older. Those are by far the best commercials on T.V. I could watch those two commercials 24/7.

They're both sooooooooooooo heart-warming. Thank you for that!!

Anonymous 3/17/13 11:21AM

Dear Subaru...this comment is in reference to your latest TV commercial. This commercial about the daddy putting his little girl on the school bus for the first time, is by far...the best commercial I have ever seen, bar none. If I had the money to buy a new would be a Subaru! Just because of that commercial. Sometimes companies don't get recognized for something they do right! Well, you did this one right! YOU ROCK!

grannysoni 3/16/13 7:30PM

Hey Subaru,
I love my 2005 Outback sedan. In my opinion I think this was the best looking year and model you ever made. I cannot believe you stop making this model and went with the Legacy instead. The new Legacy design that you came up with looks like all the other car companies same design trend. To me the 2005 model had more of it's own traditional look and trend. You should have stuck with this grill. It looked more like the front of a BMW with it's own identity. The 2005 Outback sedan is a classic to me and I'm sticking with this car as long as I can. I hear a lot of Subaru lovers think you should bring this car back also. Especially the folks in the snow country.

Frank 3/2/13 1:14PM

The current ad you have on TV with a teenager driving his
mother's Subaru with another kid who is acting stupid and
distracting the driver who is going too fast certainly sends a bad message to teenage drivers and parents alike.
Very bad commercial, danger written all over it.

Anonymous 2/12/13 11:23AM

My comment is regarding your tv comm where two young boys are washing their fathers Subaru. The boys are washing the veh with the windows open and spraying the entire interior with a hose and cleaning the radio with toothpaste. To make it seem sillier, the father comes out and decides to help the boys and also sprays the int with the hose.. Whoever the IDIOT was that thought this was a good cmmercial should e fired..My grandsons saw this comm many times and decided to help their father clean his car in the same way they saw on your comm..Well my son did not think it was funny and the dealer my son took his car to since it had been flooded with water and the electronics in the car shorted out presented him with a very large repair bill...Get this comm off the air so other kids, thinking it is OK will try it..It is a stupid comm and costly for parents to repair a flooded veh..Obviously the idiot who approved it for tv does not have and grandkids and thinks that everything they see on tv is OK to do.Please take it off the air and post one that is approperiate for all viewers..Perhaps someday Subaru may get sued for this ad..I am sure theadvertiseing brains can do a lot better..Think about it if anyone their has grandkids and this happened to them..Perhaps it would not be so funny if the shoe was on the other foot..

Anonymous 1/23/13 12:03PM

I am contacting you over my 30 forrester,....that I bought 9 months ago. While getting an oil change the mechanic pointed out a dangerous situation,...I have rusted thru subrails in the fron by the control arms,.....Need to speak with someone over this!!!

bella 1/16/13 10:32PM

My daughter bought me a Subaru Impreza (2012)last Feb. She lives in NYC and had it transported to Lees Summit Subaru. They were wonderful with me about my car.Offered me free car washes and othe amenitie. Now I have moved to Columbia, Mo. and am very displeased with the dealership here. They are not wanting to take good care of me stating "Not if you didn't buy it from us". I have a problem with my vehicle and asked if I had to have it in the shop, would they offer me a loaner. They said probably not because I didn't purchase it from them. I had planned on getting my yearly check up done there and to service my other needs. I was expecting as friendly a welcome as I had received in KC.....didn't happen.I am very unpleased and will seek another mechanic to service my vehicle. I drove to KC for my first check up.....a little far to go to service my NEW vehicle.

maryplayer 1/5/13 10:04AM

I had a many problems with my brand new 2012 subaru legacy- so after complaining - they finally gave another new legacy. It has been alright so far- until one morning it decided it would not start? Brand new car- I took it to the dealer and they were very unhelpful and I have to say the people that work there are complete idiots! I am totally turned off on Subaru's- they are complete crap and will never buy one again!

anonymous 11/23/12 11:44AM

My Subaru has saved my life...twice!
Three years ago I was hit by a tanker truck while in my Subaru wagon. I walked away with no injuries.
Six weeks ago I was in a single car accident. My car hit the rail on the slow side of the freeway and went end over end hit the fast lane guardrail and slid back across the freeway on the drivers side and tore off both doors. All of the air bags deployed and I was in the midst of them like an yolk in an egg.
I have a slight fracture in my neck and my left wrist was fractured.
When our insurance company saw the photo's they assumed the driver had been killed. The adjuster said she had never seen an accident of this magnitude and seen the driver survive.
Well, here I am sitting in bed with a neck brace on while my little dogs sleep at my side. Out in front is our new Subaru Impressa and I can hardly wait to drive again!
This is my fourth Subaru and that is the only car I will ever drive.
I thank you, my husband thanks you and of course so do my dogs.
PS I am 67 years old...Pretty amazing don't you think??!!

Victoria 11/2/12 1:04PM

After 11 years with my last car I finally decided to buy a new car and am sorry to find that dealers still treat single women unfairly. I decided on a Suburu Forester because I like the design and their dependability. I chose Suburu City in Milwaukee, WI. Because my brother had purchased an Outback from them early this year and he also did the deal for his daughter for an Outback last year. Well I signed a contract with them for a 2013 blue Forester on Oct. 19th and since then have been getting the run around from them saying they can't get it.

Kathy 10/30/12 9:00AM

I was going to purchase a Subaru Outback, but changed my mind. In your tv ad you show a couple of white kids washing a car and then this black guy comes up and they call him "Dad."
What is your agenda?

Anonymous 10/8/12 2:33PM

I always knew the Subura product was well constructed, and I just want to go out of my way to say, "Thank You" as I had a horrendous accident back on July 3, 2012. I believe the 1998 Legacy station wagon played a role in saving my life. I love you SUBURU......., GREAT PRODUCT!

Thank you

Anonymous 10/2/12 12:11PM

The reason is because of my front seat on drivers side. It has been worked on three times and is still not right and now I have been told that they won't do anymore on it. the service manager took pictures of it this last time but have not heard back from him. Told that rep. has not been in yet. Not only is the padding wrong but the back of the seat is showing wear already and with only 24000 miles shouldn't be. Can not believe that Subaru refuses to repair the seat correctly. NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 9/24/12 8:51AM

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