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Subway corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Subway corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Subway corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Doctor's Associates Inc.
325 Bic Drive Milford
Milford, CT 06460
United States

Phone: 203-877-4281

Subway Corporate Office Comments

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i used to work at subway and i would like to say that that has to be the worst job known to mankind i have worked in dunken donuts, dangelo's, McDonald's, and burger king and have not had as many problems with managers or co-workers! except for subway. i was sexually harassed. the manager knew about it and did nothing but laugh and joke about it. i had a work related injury and they did not pay for the hospital bill when i went there and i had to pay the hospital bill myself! and i was moved from store, to store, to store sometimes with out asking me and i was expected to know i was working in these stores! and i don't know if its illegal or not but my tips have been held in the store for almost a month now cause the money was off in the cash register and i don't even work there any more! and when i went to to tell the district manager about all this she never had time for anything i had to say, or it was to busy because the district manager under staffs all the stores i have worked in! but because the stores she works in its always slow she doesn't think different towns are are going to be busy at all and she expects everyone to be extremely fast, when shes been working for subway for almost 15 years and i was faster then her and worked for subway for 3 1/2 years. she has a limp leg that she uses as an excuse for why she doesn't work on the line and rarely deals with customers and wonders why we get costumer complaints!

really upset 8/13/14 6:20AM

Our school was given a $40 Subway gift card as a reward from HP. We would like to pay $5 and exchange the card for 3 $15 cards. (We use gift cards as incentives.) Local stores will not do this and the corporate office told me I should have bought $15 cards and they won't exchange the card either. I think this is poor customer service.

Gladstone High School 1/28/14 11:22AM

I think Subway is a great place to eat. Every Subway we eat at is super clean the employees are very friendly. I love the gluten free bread. My grandson can only have gluten free bread and Subway is the only gluten free bread that he likes and believe I have tried every kind I can find. Keep up the good work Subway

Marilynn 7/7/13 4:21PM

The Subway in Wichita Falls Texas on Southwest Parkway Sucks! The FAT guy making my sandwich that works as an employee and should know how to make sandwhiches on the menu there! He put the wrong Meats on my sandwich and I hated it! Didnt even eat but a bite! A WASTE of my Money!!! I asked what ALL meats he put on there and he said that he did'nt even know! Like WTF! Fire him. & train your future employees way better.

.... 4/28/13 10:11PM

They Need To Serve Gluten Free Bread And Also Suguar Free Bread Not Just What They Do Because Some People Would Like To Eat There And Can Not

LULU 1/30/13 9:33PM

i work at the subway store in loudonville ohio. sorry i couldnt provide the actual store number but no one seems to know what that number is. i reported to work at 6pm on 12/14/12 and was there for three and a half hours when i became violently ill. i was running to the bathroom every few minutes to vomit. i then approached the acting manager and explained to her that i was vomitting profusely and that i needed to be excused for the remainder of my shift which was over at 11pm. she then told me that i could go home but needed to see a doctor. unfortunately there are no doctors offices open on the weekends around here so i couldnt do as directed by said manager. the following day my conditions had not improved so i called misty northrup,general manager, and explained the situation to her. at that time she also stated that i needed to see a doctor to come back to work if i called off sick. i explained to her also that there are no doctors offices open on the weekends. she then stated that i go to an emergency room. the closest emergency room is nearly 30 miles from loudonville therefor, i couldnt go there either due to gas restraints. (not having enough gas to get there.) i also have a three and a half year old daughter whom i cannot or will not take into an emergency room waiting room around god knows what and subject her to any illnesses. the final result was that i have to go to work today(12/15/12) or lose my job. apparently it is this companies policy to order employees to attend work even if they are ill and vomiting. im sure your customers dont want me handling their food nor do the other employees want the risk of catching this ailment by contact, interaction or touching the same computer screen that i do. what to do?! i dont want to lose my job as i enjoy it, but nor do i want to vomit all over some ones food. please give me some advice on this matter. obviously you wont respond to this inquiry today (sat.12/15/12) as your offices are also probably closed on the weekends. how do i keep my job and not infect everyone around me because some 22year old manager says i have to come to work or get a doctors excuse?

employee id #17 12/15/12 9:42AM

NEVER GO TO SUBWAY WAIMEA KAUAI HAWAII!!! ITS HORRIBLE! while I was there I overheard a couple workers saying how they didn't want to serve customers expired old food. What am I supposed to think when I hear that???!! Every time I go in there(atleast one a week) I hear so much negative comments from workers. Rude manager who flips out and doesn't care who is around! I think this place should be closed down. One worker during lunch rush is outrageous. That business needs tons of help. Dirty, rude, expired food, brown lettuce, rogten spinach. Yeah, I don't think so. I wont be going back. I thought things would change but.over 6 months new faces almost every week nothng has changes. Horrible!!

santa 12/1/12 2:56PM

I sent my son to get 6 footlongs and we paid full price and the football deal was non exestant. The ingredients were so little and skimpy i will never go back your stores suck now they used to be so good but now there a rip off.

Renee 11/10/12 1:31PM

this is in reguards to your current commercial abot certain subs all day sunday are $5.00 and after 4 i think its during the week they are $5.00

well here is the situation
on sunday my hubby myself and grandaughter went to subway which was located off highway 6 in the lukes gas station Luke's 202
151 U.S. 6, Valparaiso, IN
when we asked they said it was only certain stores and THEY couldnt do it
so we ended up paying reg price

now we have a problem because i saw the commercial again and i did not see any exclusions
we feel that this was not right or fair because your commercial advertised it and then we are told no they cant do it




BUNNY 10/8/12 6:00PM

Great job using Bo Deitl as a spokesperson, I assume his racist diatribes on Imus are endorsed by your company. "Katie Couric has oriental eyes, (with the demonstration pulling back his eyes)". The New York Knicks are a bunch of carjackers in shorts. WE have to buy gook stuff from Japan. OJ Simpson is a chicken wing eating thug. Good job guys.

jsttlkintruth 10/7/12 2:19PM

We drive an extra 2 miles to the next Subway due to the TERRIBLE & RUDE service of the manager & cashier!! Store #2980 at 1105 /woodstock Road - Roswell, GA 30075 should be shut down!! Is that possible when they obviously hate their job?? Customer's are the reason they have a business.

I have been to this location several times and they are Rude and don't care if you are satisfied or not. The cashier - same lady every time, is a smart a**. I can't explain how mad I am that they are allowed to do business!! And the male who works there is just as bad. They told my coworker that they don't care if he never comes back because they have other customers. Really!?!? Is this what Subway is all about?

Bestmom2 10/2/12 11:01AM

On 9/27/2012 at 11:45am I went to subway to place a order of a 6inch combo, I went back to my store were I worked at in was enjoying my sandwich in suddenly I look down and seen a bug in my sandwich, quickly I went back to show them quietly with respect that a bug was in my food in with anger in no respect to be a crew manager she stick her left index finger in my food glance at it in slammed it on the counter in said it wasnt no bug on my food.She did not even consider to give me my money back or a new sandwich or anything. My exsperience to that subway was the horrible exsperience I ever had in a resturant.

traceydgls 9/27/12 1:48PM

went to store 40984 Imperial mo. walked in with my son who is 32. we were the only customers in the store. There were 5 people standing around the cash register,and one sitting at a table by the register,drinking a soda.Maybe she hadn't started work or taking a break,I dont know. My son and I were looking at the menu deciding what to get,not even concerned about anything,when the young lady sitting at the table says"is anybody going to wait on them?" Well that was fine still not concerned,B U T..... The store manager yells out HEY!! get out here. A young girl comes out with a pan were she was obvious filling it up.She apologizes to us then takes are order.Thats when I got pissed. How Dare a manager talk to a employee that way.Totally uncalled for and he needs to be retrained in management. I have been a customer service manager for 25yrs and I have never spoke to a employee that way.She took my sons order,then the manager came up and started to take my order. Maybe the man was busy,maybe they were all suppose to be at the register at that time.I dont know. but you do not yell at another employee and embarrass them in front of a customer. I ask my son when we walked out if that pissed him off as much as me and he said yes it did and obviously the girl was doing her job.PS. you can keep the cookie.

d56bell 9/17/12 3:08PM

The manager of the Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Bryan, TX location Paul Jones (979)779-7756 interviewed my 21 year old son Michael and offered him a job at his location. During the interview he asked my son if he was â??handicappedâ?? which is against the law but my son responded that yes, he suffered from mild Cerebral Palsy. Knowing this upfront he offered my son the job and asked that he report on Tuesday, September 3, 2012 to take the online quizzes and pick up his uniforms. Michael did so and was told to come back on Thursday, September 6, 2012 from 2-5p.m. for training on the line. He then got a phone call stating that the manager would not be in on Thursday so to come in on Friday at 11a.m. to start on the line.

Friday, September 7, 2012 was the day before the first ever SEC home football in our college town, Texas A&M University. There were thousands of people in town on Friday getting ready for the football game and Mike was placed on the line without any training. The manager pulled him aside at the end of his shift and told him that the Regional Manager Scott Haynes (979)693-3933 said that due to his physical â??handicapâ?? he would never be able to keep up with the fast pace of this particular store and he was let go.

One shift. No training. Physical Handicap. There has been a huge injustice done here. Paul Jones needs to be required to attend training on Americans with Disabilities and Political Correctness and Sensitivity Training to name a few. People are not referred to nor do they have â??handicapsâ??, limitations or challenges I will accept but not Handicaps. Also, he knew up front because he asked. Mr. Jones needs to be informed that you cannot ask that question, it is against the law. Mike didnâ??t lie or try to hide the fact that he suffers from mild CP. Mike may never be the fastest sandwich maker but how will we ever know. He was canned after just a couple of hours. He was not offered training other than that shift. He was not offered a less fast paced position. He was not offered the opportunity to work at another, slower paced location in town. He wasnâ??t rude, he didnâ??t have a melt-down, or use inappropriate language, he isnâ??t covered in tattoos and/or piercings, his hair is not purple, he was just too slow. To tell you honestly, if you were to put me on the line at lunch hour on one of the busiest days without ANY training, I would be too slow as well as Iâ??m sure a vast majority of people would be, and I do not suffer from any â??Handicaps.â??

I think Paul Jones needs to find other employment. I think Scott Haynes needs to be asked if he actually said to fire Michael or if he even knows this kid exists. I think he was used as a scapegoat in this situation to make sure Mike accepted his being fired without further question.

Mike left the establishment and called me. He didnâ??t argue or cause a scene. His response to me was â??Iâ??m too big a loser to even make sandwiches.â?? This situation has been very traumatic for Mikeâ??s self-esteem. I would like some response to this. I am not an unreasonable person but I do want to see something done here. I think Paul Jones is in the wrong line of work. I think Mike should be offered the training that new employees should receive to succeed in the Subway family. I think Mike deserves the opportunity to prove he CAN make sandwiches.

Anonymous 9/17/12 2:55PM

My son worked this summer at the 15 and Harper Store #2787. This was essentially his first job. My wife and I were told by the manager that our son was a conscientious worker. I was struck by the constant turn over at this store. My son was called in to work many times on his day off, and he almost always came in to help. Our son got a 30 on the A.C.T. He received a full ride scholarship to college. He asked permission to switch with another employee to attend a concert. He was told he could go. Our son Brett worked on his day off, and when the day of the concert came, the person he switched with failed to show up for work. Brett had the next day off, and when he failed to answer his phone on his day off to come in to work, he was terminated. I am very disheartened that our son was wrongfully terminated in this way. It seems this store remained in constant chaos. So many people are being fired. It is wrong to fire someone because you couldn't reach them on their day off. I will be sure to tell all of our friends and neighbors about the unfair treatment.

kfarris 7/19/12 9:02AM

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