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Suddenlink corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Suddenlink corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Suddenlink corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Suddenlink Communications

Cequel Communications Holdings I, LLC
12444 Powerscourt Drive
Suite 450
Saint Louis, MO 63131
United States

Phone: 314-315-9500

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Had same problem out of sudden crap hasn't worked since got service same gave them three years to fix and haven't fixed tired of paying for that don't work I'm terminating service I'm fed up drops al the time and when you have money on line for your job it disconnects and yo
u lose tons of I'm osi
ng my houseAnd and every thing because they can't get their right you sudden crap

Christopher 7/30/14 4:28PM

suddenlink which I call sudden stink has proven to be a vast wasteland of incompetence.

after 2 years of service with never a late payment I was issued a refund upon termination of services.

one year later, suddenlink has turned this refund amount over to collections when I was never notified that the refund was not due and owing to me.

I have not used services that were not paid for I did not ask for them to refund me any money and now I have to pay for their mistake when they never even sent me a letter saying they had refunded me this amount IN AN ERROR on their part.

can they lawfully attach a refund they made to a collection debt?

on the phone now for 2 hours trying to get a number for corporate as their website has a number that is not working


SUDDENSTINK 7/10/14 12:31PM

Too many problems with Suddenlink Communications and they do not have a Technical Support in reality. Their idea of Technical Support is mostly to listen and do nothing. I have been a "Loyal" customer of SuddenLink Communications now for about 2 years and they have not been very good on several issues. The problem most frequently is someone getting my phone number and using it as a Emma Harper. The second issue is what has been happening now for several years and it is a dual complaint because it is about VIPRE Internet Security's shortcomings as much as that of SuddenLink Communications: This problem has evidently been an issue of Pfising [I believe that is the correct spelling] where a Huge Internet Nuisance Hacker style organization piggy-backs on other companies signals to get into your computer and deny you what you are trying to do while bombarding you with Nuisance and very unwanted Advertisements. Plus, I supect many of the companies getting their ad's displayed in this fashion are also part of this PFISING Problem in the first place and no company like SuddenLink Communications or its owners, Cequel Communications Holdings 1.LLC wants to do anything about. They want the customers using SuddenLink to keep paying for their Phone, Internet, and TV Services but they do not have sufficient respect for their own customers to remedy this Media Abomination. Essentially they just tell their customer, "You pay to have it removed from your computer; we are not going to use our Technical People to fix this problem. What they are telling you is "how little they VALUE YOU as a customer. And, these are the list of companies thrown at your face related to the Pfising Problem Nuisance:, VideoStripe-MozillaFirefox, Progressive Insurance, esurance, SuddenLink Communications, ABC, WIRED, TIME, MSNBC, USA Today, and CNN. All of these companies share some blame in this Supper Aggravation Nuisance. This all began as I had been trying to download Mozilla Firefox Browser because I am F-E-D UP with the MASSIVE DATA COLLECTION on us by the likes of Google and others like Google, Facebook, twitter,, etc. etc. and the list is much to long and has nothing to do with National Security, its just about selling mine and your data information to whoever wants to buy it.


Raptor.1 7/3/14 7:02AM

This number does not exist.........poor service, excellent billing history and timely!
Service nOT......................isn't there a way we can ask for ad obtain a NEW company is our areas that have such bad, I mean, poor costomer service. Can't FCC do something?
In California it is bad and now we can't even call customer service on corporate level--NOT THERE what are we to do?

Cables but no service 2/13/14 4:52AM

Not a good company when the Corporate Office phone number says it has changed or no longer in service. Your having problems with (not your local office) but the next office in line because they won't help you and won't call you back (person is either gone or on phone a long time just so they won't have to talk with you so he tells his person that is handling the call to tell me). Sorry company when the corporate office won't make their employees treat customers right.

NO NAME 2/4/14 1:40PM

If there were another choice in our area for TV service I would change in a minute. We don't trust them for Computer Internet or Phone. We tried them and they couldn't seem to fix anything when it was down. We have no other choice for our TV. Every other month they go up on our rates. We are now paying 80.00 dollars a month for cable and when they go up on us ther is no explanaation no communication, just the bill going up. I can't wait to get ATT Uverse when it is available in our area.

not happy 1/5/14 2:09PM

Suddenlinks Corporate office phone number that is on a bunch of websites as 1-314-315-9500 is wrong. It is misinformation put out there by suddenlink so no one can call the corporate office lol. The real corporate office phone number Everybody should make a note of this phone number for future issues and problems.

Richard 12/13/13 8:20AM

ok here goes. I am a customer of suddenlink. I have been having problems with my service for at least 4 months.first they claimed it was my wireless router. well it wasn't I had them bring a wireless router from them and guess what? still the same problem. I mention maybe they should replace the drop from the pole( I live in az and it gets extreamly hot here) because the drop was like 9 years old. well I was told " WE DONT JUST REPLACE DROPS BECAUSE CUSTOMERS WANT A NEW ONE". well I finally had all the cable wires replaced in my house. I had all the equipment replaced also. well the problem still persist. I payhed my bill in September even with my intermediate service.well I finally had a installer request a new drop. since the drop was across my yard and the city wont let me put my pool up with it there I requested it be underground. well they wanted to charge me $25 a hour x2 for the techs to dig the ditch. ok I dug it my self al the way from the pole in the easement behind my house all the way to the service inlet on the back of my house. well they didn't even fill in the ditch with the cable drop. it is still open and exposed today.not to mention they didn't even remove the arial drop. IT IS STILL GOING ACROSS MY YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I called in the past about a bill adjustment they could only give me a few days here a few days there. they said if nthe proble is still happening we cant adjust your bill anymore than that. they said I would have to call back when the problem is completely fixed. this whole time I am requesting a superviser to call me to speak about the problem. NO SUPERVISER HAS CALLED ME THIS WHOLE TIME AT LEAST 4 MONTHS AND STILL NO CALL FROM ONE. the last couple of days I have called every day and have been told NO SUPERVISERS ARE HERE RIGHT NOW. really the whole place is being run with no supervisers??????????? well they tried to tell me all I am entitled to is 1 months service credit. when I tell them I think it should be more they say" WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE STILL PAYED YOUR BILL. I have all 3 services with them. just recently we ordered the phone service. well they didn't show up twice to hook up the phone modem. when I called to complain(well I kinda screamed and yelled because of all the problems) so the tech shows up and says" DISPACTH DIDNT CALL YOU AND TELL YOU WE COULDNT MAKE IT TODAY?" REALLY YOU DUMMY I HAVE NO PHONE YOU HAVNT HOOKED IT UP. I was told a superviser would call me in 24 to 48 hours. that was on November 6th. then again on the 8th then again on the 12th then again on the 15th. still no call. today when I call they tell me my account is past due and service is going to be interrupted if payment is not made. I asked for TIM SHULTS to call me(he is one of the main supervisers in my area.) well I was told that a message will be sent but he probly wont call back because a credit has already been applied. today I call and they tell me A SUPERVISER WILL CONTACT YOU IN 24 TO 48 HOURS. I AM TIRED OF HEARINMG THAT. I HEAR THE SME LINE EVERYTIME I CALL. I am trying to get corporate office number and no where I can find it. the only number I found is no longer in service. I have requested for tim shults to come to my house and see for himself what I am talking about. I wish I was close to corporate office I would be in the office everyday

Anonymous 11/18/13 12:54PM

I am a former customer of Suddenlink. Not only does Suddenlink supply the worst internet service, they are also thieves. I have a 18.00 credit that is owed to me since May 15 of this year and they will send me my refund. They claim that I still have modems in my possession, which I returned when I cancelled my service. I have placed numerous calls to Suddenlink supervisor's in the Billing and Payments department. They tell me that they will research the problem and get back to me which they NEVER do. This company should be shut down for fraud. My suggestion to anyone needing internet service is to find another company and do not do business with Suddenlink.

Fraudulent company 11/1/13 5:50AM

The Problems With The Reps Is So True. They Are Rude And They Do Say To Look Elsewhere For Service When They Don't Like Your Questions, Complaints Or Comments. I Have Called For Answers When The Service Is Messed Up. The Phone Went Out, When The Service Was Reconnected I Called Them About It. There Response Was - Well Its Working Now So There Is Not A Problem.

O-m-g You Have Got To Be Kidding. This Is The Type Of Answers They Always Come Back With

corporate needs to get involved 10/17/13 2:52AM

Suddenlink is the worst cable company. IF I had a choice at my vacation condo, it certainly would not be Suddenlink. They sent a sub-contractor to hook up HD with a HD box. I knew more about hooking up HD than he did. Not only did he give me a box that was not working, he did the hook-up with a cable that had three color nodes on it (white, red, yellow). That is not an HDMI cable. I told him so. He said it was. Then he placed my new HD TV on top of the "HD Box" with the heat emanating. I told him you can not do that. He said yes I can and left. I took the entire job apart and used only the co-axil cable. I returned all equipement to
Suddenlink. They still charge me for the HD box. I was livid.

Anonymous 10/14/13 7:26AM

Suddenstink is the worst cable service in the world, Guatemala has better service. The techs are misinformed and really have no real technical experience what so ever. The management lies and makes promises they will not keep. The billing for our park is wrong every month. I have pedestals that have been broken for years with no success getting them replaced. Suddenlink should not be allowed to be in business. John Thomas Riverview Park Earp Ca.

jrt7277 10/9/13 1:21PM

Suddenlink has the worlds worst customer service. I've been having voice chopping on my cable connection and internet shutdown for weeks now. They came out and put in a new line. No help! the next tech said the terminal box in the neighbors yard was "dead" and needed to be replace. He would put in the work order for the next day. That was a week ago. They will not show up to replace the terminal or tell me when it will be replaced. I went to the local office on Monday. Still nothing has been done. I am a "VIP" customer supposedly. How can they treat customers like this and not expect us to find another supplier of the services. Kiss this customer good-bye!

tri5chevy 9/26/13 7:40PM

Wow! sudden link and I see I'm not the only one!!!! Here I was schedule for an installation today after I've been trying to get Internet from sudden link for a month now!!!! I was given a 2 hour window between 4-6! I called around 12 to inform sudden link to have the tech give me a call when he arrived and was told numerous times that they couldn't guarantee that the tech would call me then he later on and said that it was against policy to give me a call because it was a first time installation.... What kind of service is that!!!! After 15 minutes of I got of the phone and had left work early just to get here for my installation 4-6 after 2 hours pass the tech is no where to be found and my phone never rang so I called sudden link back and they were quick to tell me the tech left after 5 minutes and that he tried calling me... I never got a missed call or a voice message and if the window is 2 hrs why the f#%* would the tech leave after 5 minutes!!!! And with out calling me or or even trying to get a hold of me!!!! They were rude inconsiderate and they made me waste my time! I complained and they said the only thing they could do is reschedule and they just kept feeding me b#%^*$!+*!!! This is terrible costumer service and f#%* sudden link again! They just lost another costumer and I'll just live off all the free WiFi around for example Sheetz. Chick fil a Starebucks, anywhere but sudden link I'll keep my money! They really need to go out of business or they need to change the way they do business.

F#%* Sudden link 9/17/13 3:31PM

I had a surge over a month ago in which caused damage to only anything that was connected to cable. Since this date I have had two electricians come out who have determined it is due to improper grounding. On the 31st we had a tech come out this would be the second tech who came out because of the issue fron surge, at which time he contacted his superiors who was to come the day after labor day which would have been Sept 2 we have yet to see are hear anything from suddenlink, our electrician has placed a communication box on our meter pan so that you will can stop the ground through our electrical and the span in which our cable is ran is well over the maximum limit. I would like to know who intends on replacing all my equipment and if failure to commit to customers well being and saftey is a normal business practice for SUDDENLINK? I have had absolutely no luck with answer nor results with your call center I hope this will get results answers and communication.

amandamd 9/12/13 11:41AM

I am going to leave Sudden link now that I have all the other comments I see that Sudden link does not care about what the customers have to say about there bad service and rude, lying employees I am in Oklahoma and I am going to call corporate first. I don't see it doing any good what so ever!!!!!! I have never been treated this badly from any company ever!!!!!! All I needed was a 100' peace of underground RG-6 cable to be replaced & buried!!!!!! I use to be a cable installer!!!!!! I will not answer a e-mail from Sudden link because I have to put in a temp. line to get internet service. The last time I left it on there it got cut into a bunch of pieces so I had to go buy more. I was thinking about bundling my phone, TV, Internet and maybe a sincerity system but now I am going to DIRECTV!!!!!!

Hugh 8/25/13 8:26PM

SUPERIOR SERVICE in Heber Springs, AR 72543
Very punctual, very knowledgeable, very courteous. I have written a letter that I hope reaches someone in management.

Anonymous 8/24/13 10:56AM

I have Suddenlink services for more than 2 years, and in the last 2 months the services for the telephone and internet has been disrupted from more than 3 hrs. each time.

When I call to report the problem using my cell phone the computer voice advices you THERE IS A TECHINICAL PROBLEM IN YOU AREA WHICH WILL BE SOLVED VERY SOON"
I called today asking for a discount in my account, the supervisor Mrs BRANO refused to come to talk with me ,and relating the message thru ANGIE for me to go the local office and make my claim there. I asked Angie to tell MRS. BRANO HOW UNPROFESSIONAL, LACK OF ETHICS, LACK OF RESPECT FOR A CUSTOMER SHE HAS NOT TO come to the telephone and deal with the situation, instead passing the ball to someone else.
I'm in the process to call the President of Suddenlink letting him know my feeling, and follow up a letter and eventually cancel my telephone and internet services with Sudenlink on the account of MRS. BRANO attitute.

Little Elm

Anonymous 8/8/13 9:50AM

Could one of your Rep's. check on the Disconnect internet service in Pflugerville, Texas. Seem our Internet gets disconnected often,it is no longer something that is done by weather or Suddenlink. It seems to be more of a control issue living here, since this is the only choice of providers. When we call Suddenlink regarding outage, their are none reported. Most times after the calls it comes back up immediately,how many calls must we make? Service is interupted especially during emailing. On the phone at this time, but of course no one will put up

Anonymous 6/3/13 3:44PM

I live in NC and have several questions regarding my service and tech support. I tried 2 times during last week and the wait time was over 30 min. to get an agent. I tried again on Sunday (I know, short staff) but I stayed on the line just to see how long it would talk to get an agent. IT WAS 1HR. AND 16MIN. THAT IS COMPLETELY RIDUCULOUS. Your support service has definitely gone way down hill in the last couple of years. If you have a problem, who wants to wait that long for help? I wanted corporate to know.

Anonymous 3/18/13 5:59PM

I have been a customer for over 9 years and have worked through the growing pains of having cable service installed in our small town, here in Big Sandy Texas. For the past several years, the high speed internet service ( 1-3 Mbps ) has been installed with higher digital internet service being talked about. Unfortunately the internet service I am paying for works about 40% of the time. In other words for about 60% of the time my internet speed Download speed is well under 200kbps, yes that is 200kbps. While the upload speed hovers around 30-100kbps. The service is really unacceptable but I am always promised that this will get better. It seems to for about a month and then back to the same old calling and having to go through the 'troubleshooting' at the entry level of my call with people who know nothing about technical things, but read from a script. I can pretty much quote what steps I need to do before being passed on to the next level 2 or even level 3. YOUR SERVICE IS VERY BAD, not to mention the QUALITY of your internet service I am paying for but not receiving. As soon as I can secure a better alternative Suddenlink will no longer be getting over $100 per month. For a company that promotes service and quality, you may want to actually hear what your customers are saying. Thank you for the opportunity to let you know how I feel.

Disgrunted Big Sandy 3/13/13 8:03PM

I have been with Suddenlink for the past 9 years I believe before you all were even known. Your service has become horrible. I was forced to get your alarm service because your installers set mine on fire almost caused my house to burn thank God for my dog catching it in time. You had to install your alarm system because the other was burnt out. You had a sales people come to my home offering better products at lower rates which wasn't true which caused my bill to rise and could have left it just as it was. Then here recently my bill has risen the last three months and I explain to them I can not have it to go any higher. The jerk rep spoke to rudely and acted as if he didn't care if I left. I asked for a supervisor the supervisor was the same way. Loyalty means nothing to you all I see becuase you are growing. I asked if I were to remove cable how much would my bill be they took it off and didn't add my original packaging back so this bill is more than the last three. enough is enough I need someone help or I will just shut it off everything completely ut will help me save money. I had rep today name Brian very Rude and put me on hold for 15 minutes just to send me back into the que to get another rep. He never assisted me at all. He don't need his job other who are homeless or laid off like myself could do better. This company customer service as always been zero and it has never improved through the years and I could never understand why. I finally got through a Maureen is was nice and looked into what was going on and kept me updated but she then stated she had to call me back as well like the sup I had on Feb 12 did but never got a call back. I pray she calls but she sound like she will but God only knows. Im sure you may train your reps to do better than they do but if they are tired let them go and fill the spots with people who want to work. If this is not corrected I want back or my paid time calling in trying to get my bill fix this is not fair to someone who has NEVER been late or been turned off I pay in ADVANCE this is unfair treatment. Learning that the supervisor just said that they could not add what I had back after he told me he could. I use to work for a telecommunication company and you can add anything back manually I'm not crazy at all. Let's get it right or take service out of my home.

Anonymous 3/11/13 3:10PM

I got a call from a telemarker for suddenlink promising me home phone sevice for 10.oo a month forever. also she said I would get a upgrade for the 15 megs I already have to 30 for the price of my 15 megs forever and some extra tv channels if I sign up for home phone service. wow this sound like a awesome deal so I said yes. later that night I called suddenlink to veriflied my order. first off they said they didn't offer srvices for home phone for 10.00 a month and they had no clue about the other stuff I was offered. I told them the company who called me and they listen to the recorded conversion and found out I was right but they had to cancel this order. fine don't live up to prpmises. then today I get a email for a order I did not authorize for phone service. I called suddenlink back again .they cancel it again because I didn't authorize this since they cancel the one they promise me the first time. I"am just upset about being lied to and people ordering without my conset. The agent I called made notes of this on my account. MAKE it right suddenlink.. check out my account and listen to the recorded order and you will see I am right.

tymx50 2/26/13 9:44PM

To Whom It May Concern:

As a 7 year customer to Suddenlink I have always enjoyed doing business with the company until the last couple of months. I have had the worst experience in the last 45 days that I hope to have with any company.

I started to voice my concerns/complaints on Facebook to only notice Suddenlink doesn't allow you to leave comments. As a communication provider I would think communication would be what you specialize in. I find it funny that you have a Facebook page but you don't allow customers to write on your wall. The only way I'm able to comment is through a post Suddenlink sent. As a communication provider I would think your number one goal would be to communicate with your customers and hear what they have to say unless you know there's a problem and are unwilling to fix the issue or try to better your business from your listening to your customers. As a local business owner I invite customer's opinion, complaints or comments on how we are doing whether we are doing a great job or need some improvement. I have been a customer since 2006 on my home services and a business customer since 2011. I know a lot of friends, neighbors and even my employees have said how bad suddenlinks customer service is and how they changed providers because of it. I always had great service and never had any complaints about suddenlink. Yes, there would be increases on the bill however I understand that nothing will remain at the same cost.

I noticed first hand last December what other previous Suddenlink customers were telling me about. Our business was moving locations and I set up a transfer to be completed mid-December. I was told at that time that a service rep. would contact me to let me know when the tech would be at our office to complete the transfer. Needless to say I waited 3 days and never heard from anyone. I was told they were working on it but that they still couldn't provide a date. I waited another couple of days and still no phone, no email, nothing. I called back again and got the same answer that they were working on it. Unfortunately, as you know a move doesn't just consist of cable (phone & Internet). At this point I'm getting frustrated because over a week has passed nobody can tell me a date that the transfer will be completed and yet I have already planned a date for the movers to come, sent a letter to all of my clients letting them know we would be moving, and notified my landlord we would be out of the location. I figured by giving Suddenlink 2 weeks' notice that it would be ample time to set up a transfer. Needless to say on the day the schedule was set to be complete I still hadn't heard from Suddenlink. My father works next door to the local Suddenlink office and said he would go over and speak to them in person to find out what's going on since the local offices don't have an incoming phone number anymore. The sales lady was nice and told my father she was sorry but they had lost my order. I was in shock because how do you lose a work order for a customer that has been calling every day for the past week? If the ticket was truly lost how come for the last week when I called into the Tyler office to check on the status all the reps told me they were working on it?? I'm still waiting on the call (Jan 31) I was suppose to get from the rep that originally took my call and set the transfer up to be completed to let me know the date of the transfer since she said she would contact me. I didn't know it was the customer's responsibility to call every day to see if a date had been scheduled (POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE). Needless to say the transfer didn't get completed the day it was suppose to even though I gave a 2 week notice. Because of the schedule not being completed it caused me to have to reschedule the move, our IT gentlemen from coming out (he came the day the transfer was suppose to be completed and charged me for the service call since he couldn't complete his work without the internet), and have to notify all my clients again that we would not be moving on the day we originally notified them of, and had to contact my landlord to see if they had rented out our office space yet. Luckily our office space hadn't been rented out and they allowed me to rent by the day ( Costs I attained that were not needed and were caused by Suddenlink loosing my order and not completing it on the day the transfer was requested even though they had a 2 week notice).

After a 3 ½ week nightmare our services were finally completed but not without more issues that I won't even go into(Staff members not trained and having to have 2 people to complete on office transfer because they didn't know what they were doing-Unprofessional)

With the delay of getting the services completed it caused our office to be way behind. The week of Jan28-Jan31 I had been waking up two hours earlier than normal to go into the office to try and get caught up. The morning of Jan 31 I arrived at my office at 6:45am to find that the internet was not working. I restarted all computers unplugged the modem and still no connection. I called suddenlink from my cell phone to notify them. The young lady that took my call advised me that they were doing some system work and the internet was scheduled to be back up in a couple of hours. I asked if it was something that had been scheduled and her response was Yes. I asked if suddenlink would send an email out. She said no but that they call to notify their customers in advance. I asked how come I never received a phone call. She said they didn't have my phone number. 1ST How are you a communication provider and you don't send an email and you tell me I didn't get a call because you don't have my phone number. 2ND I pay Suddenlink every month for 4 phone lines. How can you tell me you don't have my phone number and I just had a transfer done in which they needed my number to supposedly call me to tell me when the transfer would be done. Nobody wants to wake up earlier than what they need to. Finding out I got to the office 2 hours earlier then when the internet would be back up and I was going to be sitting at the office not being productive infuriated me. I don't understand why if it was a scheduled outage why they wouldn't set it to be completed on a Sunday when most businesses are closed? I was told it would be back up at 8:00am. It is now 9:20am and still no internet.

I would call and voice my complaints but Suddenlink discontinued there local office from receiving any inbound calls. Every time I call the Main office (Tyler) it's just a person that takes the call and doesn't care about the issues you are experiencing.

I'm writing you this letter in hopes that your number one concern is your customers. If that is the case I'm hoping you will listen to your customer's issues and will implement change. As a formal Cox customer that was bought out by Suddenlink I have been loyal to Suddenlink for the last 7 years on my personal and business accounts. With what transpired this morning I will probably start looking at a new service provider on all of my accounts. Not only has this caused our office to be further behind on our work but now I'm looking at 3 of my employees siting in our office that I'm paying to do nothing.

In hopes that you care what you customers are saying I have attached my contact information.


Karen Ehlers-Harwell

CC: Debbie Milner

P.S I called into Suddenlink (Tyler Location) and spoke to a Jimmy. I asked him if I could get Jerald L. Kents email address from him and his response was I don't know who that is. My response was you should as he is your boss-CEO. He then gave me another phone number to call. I asked what number that was and he said it was suddenlinks communications department. I called the number and spoke to a Meagan who said it was not Suddenlink it was Cox and she couldn't help me. I feel like I'm a ping pong ball that just gets tossed around.....

Anonymous 1/31/13 11:25AM

FOLLOW UP ! Something your company has failed to do ! I am on the phone trying to find out where the tech is no later than noon. I was a manager for over 20 years & if I conducted my Bus. this way I would have been fired. I just got off the (stop) Just got a phone call from Felix a District Manager who I believe can resolve these issue's. Mr Felix seemed to be very good at his job and said he would get this resolved and work around my schedule. I appreciated his phone call & desire to resolve this.

Thank You
Willis Texas

Anonymous 1/25/13 12:00PM

Terrible Took off work again today no show. Since I've had service "If you can call it that! I HAVE PROBLEMS 3 DVR'S. Suddenlink ripped out the Direct TV wiring & ran their own & now want to charge me to rewire. Poor customer Service I have requested to talk to a manager the last 3 times, a supv. will call & not follow thru. I cannot watch HD without losing the picture & have to call & keep resetting the box if I want to order a movie. I have not been able to watch a full movie for months. I just call the VIP number to see where the Tech was - unknown- will now try the corp. number. I have spent hours & lost work from suddenlink tired of the run around

Anonymous 1/25/13 11:06AM

I spoke to a representative to submit a ticket for serviceability on January 7. They called back on January 9th and stated they would be at my address on January 11th to discuss service and pricing. I waited at home all day Friday and no one ever showed up. At a minimum, someone should have at least called me. I think this is a very poor way to treat potential customers.

Paul 1/12/13 3:12PM

I work as a contractor for suddenlink and as for the the services I beloved that the services are the best. Super fast internet speeds, low cost for unlimited phone, always adding more channel's, and home security. But....... I think that business should start with the corporate office and rules and guidelines to be tightened. I work in the west Texas region. I am a male with some African-American in my blood however I look white. One of the owners of the contracting company's is always using the n word. I bit my tongue because I don't want to lose my job and feel there is no one to talk to. A family member wants to open up a Facebook page anti suddenlink but I have asked them not to because i really like my job. Also I have seen a whole contracting company b pushed out of a market because a new supervisor was best friends with another contracting company. So a group of 20 installers that were really some of the best I've seen were out of work. Then I see another contracting company that are the only one in a big town have guys work for them that work 6 days a week and have to drive hours away just to spend one day with there families. I think that the corporate office should look into this because in the end happier employees is better for business contractor or not. Strict racism rules. And maybe there should b two contracting company's pre market unless there are only one contracted employee. By doing so I think it keeps both companies competitive with one another and keeps installers from jumping from one contracting company to another as well as possibly making a better chance for some to be able to spend more time at home.

db1983db 1/8/13 1:13PM

I've been stuck with Suddenlink ever since I moved to TX, 7 years ago.The city I live in must be the only one thats stupid enough to keep this second rate service. I am what they call a "VIP", as all my services are with them. VIP must stand for Victim In Person. My cable box went out on Christmas evening, and they scheduled a service call between 1:00pm and 5:00pm today. When no one showed up, I called at 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 7:00pm. On my last call they said i was scheduled for between *:00am and 12:00pm, tomorrow. Now if you think they will keep that time, your dumber then I am. Direct TV here I come.

Anonymous 12/26/12 6:31PM

When I first decided to sign up with Suddenlink business phone service, the first question I asked was "If I move my business, will I be able to take my phone number with me?" I was told yes as long as there was a suddenlink connection, I asked "are you sure?" and was told yes. So three months later when I moved and called in to transfer, my service, it was not turned when expected, my calls were not returned, I am 2 1/2 weeks without business service of anykind, I was finally told that I couldn't have my phone number, so I was misinformed from the start, of course I had all of my signs made up, at the cost of about $2000.00, I now have to pay extra for a "virtual" number just to be able to be reached by my customers, this has cost me in sales as well. Also they have taken over my internet service and TV to where I have to pay business prices and have more internet than I need that costs twice as much as what I was paying. by the time this mess is straightened out I will be without service for a month.

riodame 12/5/12 8:51AM

I have been a Suddenlink Customer for a litle over a year now and the service has consistently gotten worse. Now, their 24 hour trouble line has evidently been shut down and they do not respond when there is a late night problem. ALL CUSTOMERS SHOULD KNOW: Suddenlink has been sold; they have repeatedly said their services will not change but you all know that just is not so. I am actively looking at other choices now because of recurrent problems I am having plus they began charging me more for speed upgrade a few months ago and I have had no noticable increase in speed handling at all, so I suppose I am paying for hot air. Also, forget the supposed Corporate office in St. louis, MO: That phone number is no longer active because the SALE is effective by the end of December if not already. I have had repeated problems with certain channels, namely Ch.2 [CBS], Ch.9 [Fox] and other's sporatically. They did all the work on the hook up and yet if there is a problem there they want to charge me even though they did the work because I certainly did not do the hook-up.

Buyer Beware is extremely important in Louisiana; a lot of businesses here will screw you in a heartbeat.


raptor.1.robert 12/1/12 11:57PM

I've been a Suddenlink cutomer for almost 7 years. I have the limited basic package which is "limited". When I first started the package was $12 or $13 a month now I'm paying almost $24 a month went in to pay my bill and they informed me that the bill was going up $7 more a month. Geeezzzz I think if you keep raising the rate you could at least add a few more station to the limited basic plan.
And please don't add anymore shopping networks! I would really appreciate if you would consider adding more stations.

Anonymous 11/28/12 8:46PM

I have been doing business with suddenlink for over a year. I work alot and recently lost my job, and when I had to start logging onto the internet I found out that I was only receiving 75-80% of my connection. so I thought, well maybe ths is just a fluke,I later found out thru my family this is a normal! So Suddenlink has been charging me for 10 MB of service and supplying 7500kb-8000kb instead of 10000kb. So from a consumer perspective, I was only recieving 75-80 cents of service on the dollar. So we contacted them because when I was downloading something It caused lag In the xbox 360 playing MW3, Son got Killed and he would proceed to express how much he injoyed it. With that all said we decide to up grade to cable and to get 20MB "WIRELESS" not saying how they have been ripping off for $10-$15.00 a month for over a year. I figure we should have said something before this and I sure they would have had that same belief. So we scheduled a instalation. Between 8am-noon on 9/18/2012. No Show! ok, call them, Were sorry for the confution, schedule is between 1300-1530! ok, 1525 Tech shows up. The order from us, 2 roomsHD 2 rooms with regular boxes for cable and exsteneded, plus, 20MB wireless internet. The tech shows up starts trying to use the satilite coaxal cable to hook up Suddenlink cable! Wait! I still want satilite! ok, He stops, starts to install correctly, Then he 2 rooms of regular programing, not in order. ok well he put little converter boxes that change digital to analog, I have digital tv's. ok, now the whole purpose of the up grade 10MB to 20MB "WIRELESS" Sorry he says, We have never been able to have 20MB "wireless" we can get 20MB to a modem, But not wireless. Enter "customer service" Rep says well it says its available according to my information. Why don't you just go ooffersut and buy a wirelees router. I reply, Can I speak to your Supervisor, please! While I wait 45 min. for a Supervisor, I state to the Tech, " What you gonna due when GOOGLE moves in and offers the regular speed free so they will able to up grade to there 4g network." His reply, "they can't, where grandfathered in". No Supervisor answers the phone. So, I hang up, call back ask for the Supervisor, they want information, I said why give this information, there Supervisor is just gonna ask for the information again. 5min wait. Supervisor on phone. ok, I want to remind readers of this little story, I been on the phone for over a hour trying to get service that was aggreed on from the get go. For your knoledge "reader" they are able to get over 20MB to a modem in house. It's just not wireless. So what is needed is there wireless modem that they carry at suddenlink, they just don't carry it at the Paola Office in Kansas. But, a shipment that is comming in on Monday 09/24/2012, is going to have that modem. ok, call your warehouse, have them overnite to Paola,KS. deliver it install tomorrow! Problem solved. No thats not what happens. I'm sorry sir, there is noway that a 20MB wireless modem will work in your home we don't have the ability at your location, it would not work! ok, now you think I'm stupid, your trying to tell me that from right now till Monday Suddenlink is going to upgrade your equipment and transfer lines all over Kansas,So you will be able. My reply, Can I speak to your Supervisor? They replyed, "they just went home" now if I wasn't waiting the first 45min. I would have been able to talk to them. Also, its "1650" 450pm, ok, they said by the way your going to have to have your wife call back cause your not on the account. So last night I called my wife, had her call and put me on the account. Good Morning, Call Suddenlink Customer try to serve you, but can't because I don't know how. "Customer Service". Can I speak to your Supervisor, can I get your information, Please, I just have to give it to them. 10min. 1st level of Management is on the phone A Meleny Hogan, and pardon if I don't spell your name correctly, She basically told me the same speal. My reply is Can I speak to your Supervisor, and she refused, I said May I Please speak to your Supervisor? she said, "there is no one that can do any more than I can the answer is no." I said, Maam, There is someone that you report to may please talk to them? This is the third time you asked and the answer is no. Now she is keeping track of how many times she refuses to give me her boss. Maam, I realise you don't have the ability to help me, Can I Please talk to your Supervisor? She replies,"For the forth time I am not going to let you talk to my Supervisor, Can I Help you with anything else." I said, "no I need to talk to your boss" she said, "thanks for calling Suddenlink Customer Service good bye!

Anonymous 9/19/12 1:19PM

Just received my first statement from SuddenLink. It took about a month to get all of my bundled services installed and I was told an adjustment would be made to my account. I called the VIP number and the customer service rep (Dominique) could not answer any of my questions, refused to let me speak to a supervisor, told me I would have to drive to an office (that is over an hour away from me) to get my questions answered, and then hung up on me.

haydondol 8/25/12 2:00PM

For the past three days, we have been having a technical issue with loss of audio in the Kingman, AZ market. I called Suddenlink VIP customer service and spoke with Kim. He put me on hold and came back a few minutes later to say they are aware of the problem and it is with KPHO Channel 5 and did not offer any further information, ie, fix date, etc. He pretty much let me know there was nothing he could do. He probably couldn't, but Corporate could do what I did and that was send an e-mail to Channel 5. I got an almost immediate response from the News Director who explained the situation. I think Suddenlink could at the very least put a notice on their website stating they are aware of the outage, are working on it, or if it is a third party, they are following up with the third party on a regular basis. They could also put a trailer on the bottom of the screen on the channel(s) impacted. It would save a lot of time for the Suddenlink Reps and lessen the annoyed customers!

DanniesJoy 7/12/12 8:57AM

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