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Thermador corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
5551 Mcfadden Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
United States

Phone: 714-901-6600
Fax: 714-901-5980

Thermador Corporate Office Comments

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We have all the appliances and too, are very disappointed in the service.
First of all the wine cooler is not cold enough, but mostly the freezer is a piece of you no what. Service man has Ben here three times, with very late calls or no calls of communication.
I think we need a group law suit to wake up corporate office. What do you think.

Patty Cakes 6/13/14 4:51PM

Talk about disappointment - what a let down by a very high-end brand name appliance. We had two appliance installed in the wall-cabinet. A Microwave and an Oven. The trim for the Microwave was over $250. The Microwave has not functioned well since we had it installed in December 2011 and the Microwave was manufactured in June 2011. For the first year the Appliance Store sent a Technician to repair the Microwave. In March of 2014 the Microwave "packed-in" Would not heat the food and the time-counter would not complete. A service all was booked via Thermodor. The appointment was a week later. The technician was on time however he was in the house for three minutes and told me that he has to order the part and that the service centre will setup another appointment for the install. Four days later I did not get a call so decided to call Thermodor and they had no update by the technician and I was told that they would have to do "investigate" into the matter and will get back to me. Still waiting...........


Kericho 4/1/14 10:09AM

I have to say we are totally disappointed in the service of this product!!! We just put in all thermador products just 6 months ago . Our refrigerator starting leaking 2 weeks ago and we have yet to get it fixed!!! I guess we thought with as much as we paid for these products the service would be a lot better!!! Also the product would not be in need of service with in just 6 months!!!! We r in the constrution buisness and we WILL NOT RECOMMENED these products to ANY of out future customers . So very disappointed!!!

Chrissy 3/29/14 8:19AM

Lesson learned the hard way! Put in the time to research products and service BEFORE buying as once you have purchased, to late.
We built a high end custom home with a fantastic builder in the area about 2.5 yrs ago. Unfortunately when it came time to purchasing all the appliances, we didn't listen to our builder. Instead, we listened to the salesman about how great the Thermador products were and their reliability, etc. Well, after delivery/replacement of 4- 48" refrigerators, a couple of service visits on our double ovens, the dishwasher all within 5-19 months, our microwave just went out ! Again, we upgraded and paid for what we thought were top of the line, reliable Bosch/Thermador appliances when in fact the standard builder quality appliances that he uses and the majority of our neighbors went with, are all working perfectly over the last 2.5 years with no issues. Imagine that, the cheaper standard products are providing a lot more reliability and service than the top end German/ Bosch made items we were talked into. And to put more salt into the wound, noticed on the microwave label, it was made in CHINA! Let me get this straight, we paid up for what we thought were high end German appliances from Bosch (must say historically, we tried to always purchase German made products given their superb engineering and reliability from cars to household appliances/electronics) humm, whats wrong with this picture?
In any case, when I contacted Thermador service about the microwave, they told me it would not be covered under warranty (in fairness, all the other repairs were under warranty but still had the hassles of dealing with
scheduling windows, etc). They told me it sounds like a couple of major parts which would cost approx $575.00 including their service fee, parts and labor. So I called for the price of a new one installed. Even with my builders discount, it would be $750.00 which is ridiculous but again, I am held hostage as the custom cabinets and their trim pc will only accommodate this microwave. So if I wanted to change it out, I would have to add more money for a refit, staining, etc.
I have sent a couple of emails to corporate headquarters across the Globe and spoke with a few folks in the service group but nothing.
So in summary, I would strongly recommend that you take the time to do your research and check out the details behind the products so that you can avoid paying top dollars for something that honestly, the guts of the unit(s) is probably the same as the cheaper brands. Again, for the final blow, I called around to another repair company to get their idea as to what it would cost to repair and he told me that actually you can use Panasonic parts to repair as they are the same and you don't have to pay for the Bosch/Thermador name, which actually was about $230.00 cheaper!!
Extremely disappointed and looking forward to my next home move for sure and avoid my sleepless nights as to what next!!!

Anonymous 1/13/14 7:47AM

We purchased a kitchen full of Thermador appliances including A refrigerator, induction cook top, micro/convection oven, oven and warming tray. Our salesman said that he thought there would be a griddle style tappanyakis included as a gift based on the amount on pieces we purchased and on a conversation he had with Jim Brantley who is your local rep. We would not have purchased any Thermador products if it were not for the salesman who at that time was managing BWA appliances. My wife on two previous visits to BWA never had anyone come up to her and ask if they could help her so she said she would never go back to BWA. We went back on a strong referral from our kitchen designer and were very pleased with the knowledge our salesman had of the Thermador products so consequently we bought the items listed and have been very pleased with your products. When we contacted your rep we never received a response until the second or third contact which was very disappointing. The bottom line is that we did not receive the griddle as we understood we should have and it was hard for us to believe how poorly your rep responded to us. As much as we have enjoyed your products so far it is sad to say that we would not recommend doing business with BWA to our friends and we would not hesitate to tell them how unresponsive your rep was to our concern. When the time comes to replace our appliances we will only continue to use Thermador so long as we do not have to deal with BWA.

I have vented my concerns and if Thermador is interested enough I would be happy to discuss this in more detail which actually worsens what actually happened.

. Customer service is so important and we were so surprised and disappointed at the lack of service we received from your rep.


John Howard

Anonymous 12/6/13 5:20PM

i agree with all of the negatives. Paid a lot of money because we thought we would have great stuff and great service. I am not so disappointed in the products as I am the service. --or lack thereof.

anonymous 12/6/13 8:48AM

terrible. The company no longer has the parts but sends out service people and bills you instead of telling you ahead of time that the item cant be repaired. They basically steal your money.

Anonymous 10/4/13 10:25AM

Customer Service is disgraceful. I took a day off work to be called at 9 in the morning to be informed the repair man was sick and had to reschedule. I contacted Cathy at Customer Service, (which is recorded) and was told to bad and I could use another provider if I was not happy. I informed her that I had a wedding on the saturday and needed my appointment as scheduled. Cathy informed me that it was not Thermadors fault their employees call in sick. After paying top dollar for these appliances you would think you would get top quality customer Service. I requested to talk to her manager and she informed me that the problem stops here and no need to forward to a manager. I think the public should be aware of this disgraceful customer Service.

Disappointed in Thermador 7/26/13 8:42AM

After only 8 years, my refrigerator has a leak in the sealed unit. The service people sent to repair it were disgraceful. Two of them had no idea of what was wrong, and I had to pay a service charge each time -- for total incompetence.

Now a third repair guy is scheduled for next week - wonder what surprises are in store for me.

I am appalled because I purchased my range (which still is not accurate), dishwasher (which is horrible)and refrigerator from Karl's appliance store (they only sell high end appliances). I want to sue them - they should never carry appliances that have such a bad reputation. My hard earned money went down the drain -- in a new kitchen!

PMac 6/26/13 2:43PM

Invested in high end appliances expecting them wo work well and have good service, but instead, have spent more time trying to get a return phone call. The part I need is discontuned, I was promised a new oven, but cannot get a return call or a date of delivery.

Thermador products are not worth the money and the lack of customer service is even more fustrating than the oven not working.

Spend your money wisely and do not buy Thermador

Fustrated customer 1/15/13 3:46PM

my thermador oven is 7 years old and i am having to replace the relay board for the second time in 4 years!!

mbarnett 11/16/12 2:19PM

good looking but problems galore with my convection oven

Chef 8/17/12 2:19PM

Don't take a chance on Thermador cook tops. after just 9 years of great service, a burner electronic valve burnt out, no replacement anywhere in world,,
$1,200 Cook Top shot... Thermador sucks.
I was told to suck it up, that is life.

Anonymous 7/21/12 10:18AM

Don't take a chance on Thermador cook tops. after just 9 years of great service, a burner electronic valve burnt out, no replacement anywhere in world,,
$1,200 Cook Top shot... Thermador sucks.
I was told to suck it up, that is life.

Anonymous 7/21/12 10:17AM

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