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Toyota corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Toyota corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Toyota corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.

Toyota Motor Corporation
9 W. 57th Street
Suite 4900
New York, NY 10019
United States

Phone: 212-223-0303
Fax: 212-759-7670

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I am letting everyone know about an incident that happened to me yesterday on my way to work in my 2000 Toyota Tundra. The tires completely detached from the rusted out frame & I lost control of the truck & almost died!! I contacted corp office & was told there is a recall BXD on this truck!! I paid over $30000 for this truck b/c of the "reliability" that was promised to me!!

dlave 7/12/14 3:28PM

I have a 2013 Tundra Crew Max Rock Warrior edition. I took it in for its 25k final check and oil change. This was Saturday. On Sunday my husband and I went out of town. I noticed a horrible rattle in the front in. When I returned home, I took a look. To my absolute amazement and disgust, my front skid plate was not attached on the drivers side. MIND YOU- I took it to a TOYOTA DEALER. THE SAME PLACE I BOUGHT IT FROM!!! My skid plates were never put on. They took off my tow hooks. They at least are back on, but on wrong! They checked my tires, the caps on the valve stems all loose, lost 2 and had two left, they are the metal chrome caps! Not cheap!
Tomorrow I will be heading in to raise hell!!!
I thought my front shock broke, that's how bad it sounded!
I pulled over on an interstate and looked it was fine, so we kept driving, and the sound was still there.
Like I said when I got home, least to say, it took 4 hours to cool down. Damn people think women are stupid when it comes to trucks and what's under them!

DelaSangre 7/6/14 7:50PM

I'm having problems with transmission slippage in my 2013 Tundra. Extremely aggravating. Mostly when it's cold but sometiomes when it's up or down shifting. Had it test driven by the dealer Service Mgr. and, naturally, nothing happened but some minor symptoms, which the Mgr said was normal. I'm 85 and, needless to say, have owned several vehicals and have never had a problem like this. I think it's the computer, but who am I to say. Have you had a problem history like this? Thanks.

Anonymous 6/30/14 8:30PM

I've owned at 4 Toyota's and was pleased with the reliability of my 1976 Celica, 1999 Camry LE, 1986 Toyota truck and well I thought when I purchased my 2001 RAV4 I'd have the same experience.Sadly the recall for ECM and transmission hesitation goes 10 years or 150K in miles. Toyota you should be ashamed of the service your corporate office today. I have 132K miles on my 2001 RAV4. You say it doesn't qualify any longer??????I asked for a form of assistance and discount in repairs. You didn't even step up to the plate. Long time loyal customer shouldn't not have to cover over $5k in repairs for your faulty hardware!!!!!!! You wouldn't meet me in the middle and refer me to the Toyota dealership. The dealership referred me to you to extend the warranty. How can anyone say this is customer service!!!! I've only had one car that wasn't a Toyota. I planned on helping my daughter with her first car t be a Toyota. Not any longer. I will not stand by to be treated so poorly. Don't you think it is reasonable to cover some of the costs? Now I have a RAV4 I can't get any money for when two weeks ago it was worth $6K. You've left me in a horrible position. You've showed no concern for your customers. Check out national safety complaints for other loyal. I'd like you to try to assist. Step up to the plate and please offer to help to extend warranty or make an effort to keep me a customer. 132K and my RAV4 existence is over. I expect that from other companies Toyota thought you might show some compassion and integrity for those who've stood by you. Sincerely disappointed....

Anonymous 5/15/14 6:31PM

When will Toyota issue a recall for the premium JBL stereo in the new Avalon Hybrid? The sub woofers in the front doors cause a rattle and the sub woofers sound suffer as well. My Toyota dealer admitted to the problem yet he says nothing can be done until Toyota addresses the problem. The remarkable thing is this excerpt from the review by CNET:
"The 2013 Avalon's dashboard features capacitive controls flanking a large touch screen. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

The Avalon is also available with a few different audio rigs. At the top is an 11-speaker JBL Synthesis system that uses an external amplifier and a pair of powered subwoofers. This system sounded pretty good during my road testing, but I noticed a rattling coming from the door panels in our test car. I'm not sure if that's a problem limited to my specific vehicle or if it's a preproduction issue that that will be fixed in the production car before launch."

How is it possible for Toyota to ignore this problem on its flagship vehicle.

Toyota Loyalist forever 3/24/14 7:56AM

I am writing you this letter in hopes that you will address my issues. I bought a brand new Lexus IS 250 in 2008. For the last three years it has been a nightmare owning this car. For the last three years I have had the same issue with my car whereby the VSC light, battery light, ABS light and check engine light comes on when I'm driving and the car sputters and eventually cuts out. Last year (February 2013) I took my car to Lexus of Rockville Centre and left it there for almost 45 days so they could diagnose and fix the problem. They told me the problem was the piston, so I paid for the labor and they replaced it. After I got the car back, I was still having the issue so I took it back and they told me the problem was the battery, I paid for them to replace it. When I got the car back I heard a screeching noise, so I took the car back, they told me the issue was a belt, and it needed to be replace, I didn't have to pay for the labor but I did have to pay for the part, which I did. I thought that the problem was finally after several months fixed. I was wrong!

Today, February 24th 2014, the same thing happened yet again to the car. I had to pay for the car to be towed to Lexus of Rockville Centre. I sat there for more than 3 hours and they couldn't give me an answer as to what the problem was. After 5 hours of diagnostics, they now say that it can be several issues, but I need to leave the car overnight at the dealership and they will contact me to let me know what the real problem is. They didn't have a loner car so I had to be dropped of to my house. For the last 4 years I have been continuously inconvenienced by Lexus of Rockville Centre and with the car as a whole. I have paid tons of money to fix a reoccurring problem that is still not fixed!

This is a complete rip off. I bought a Lexus because I always read articles that Toyota considered itself the most reliable and customer friendly car company. That they were the best Luxury brand in the world, topping BMW and Mercedes, I am really disappointed to learn that it is a false claim. After doing some research I realized that I was not the only individual that has experienced this same problem but that there are countless amounts of individuals with the same issue. Many individuals complained of the same problem that the VSC light came on and the car needed to be taken to the dealership, and that they were outraged that the dealership could not give them a straight answer as to what the real problem was. But it was odd that in every article I read, the customers were all told that something different was the reason for the VSC light coming on.If Toyota knows that there is an ongoing issue and complaint about a "VSC" issue then it should be addressed. I strongly believe that if Toyota truly cares about it's customers and their satisfaction then there should be a recall for this issue or Toyota should replace the parts for free. One would think that all the bad publicity Toyota has gotten in recent years about not fixing "known" problems and endangering people's lives would have taught the company a lesson to do the right thing. However, it looks like Toyota is just a company that believes in misleading innocent Citizens into believing that they are a good company, and that their cars are reliable. In my eyes Toyota/Lexus is an unethical company that only preys upon innocent people. I have always believed in the saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I will not buy or support Toyota again. As a matter of fact, 've been contacted by Lexus several times to upgrade to a new car but I told the sales reps I would never buy a Lexus again because of their service. I just bought my wife a new BMW 5 series because I think BMW will offer her a better car with better service than Lexus. It is truly a shame because I do like the design of Lexus's cars and would have loved to be a life long customer, but after what I have had to deal it, Lexus doesn't deserve my business. I will also let my friends and family and the millions that listen to my radio program know about my disappointment with Toyota/Lexus. If Toyota truly believes in what it preaches then I would urge someone to please contact me so we can discuss my situation. I can be reached at I want Toyota to prove to me that they care about having long term satisfied customers instead of being like every other company out there that just cares about getting a quick buck and pulling a fast one on its customers!

RRam 2/27/14 5:37PM

I had a recent 5K service completed at Alamo Toyota, San Antonio, Texas. Mileage of my 2007 Toyota Tundra Crew Max was 70,200. Since purchasing the vehicle new I've religiously ensured all services are completed in a timely manner. A service representive telephoned to inform me my "water pump was leaking badly" for which I asked "How much?" When he told me $971.00 I told him to hold off. When picking up the vehicle the service rep repeated the water pump had serious leaks. As a rule of thumb if a repair is over $500 I obtain a second opinion. As I have three ASE certified mechanics working for me I asked two of them (separately) to inspect the water pump. Both of them reported absolutely no leaks, no staining, no sweet smell, nothing! For the next week I checked it daily, absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I posted a complaint and was contacted via email by Alamo Toyota's Service Rep, Mr. Jeremy Sims, who after multiple attempts did not return my call nor was there any evidence of he attempting to contact me. As a loyal Toyota customer I am thoroughly disappointed. IF it is Toyota's policy to inform an owner it is "recommended" to change the water pump at 70K tell the owner vice mislead them with a non-truth. Toyota is a proud company and deserves better.

MANBYK 2/6/14 2:07PM

We turned our lease in early, with no intention of doing so on the day we ended up turning it in, and ultimately buying another car from Cramer Toyota of Venice, Florida. No one told us of the additional fees that we were going to be seeing 3 and 1/2 weeks later. We did not have our lease papers with us and they never disclosed the info from the lease papers. Hard to remember what I read almost 3 years ago. Also, car was turned in Jan. 2,2014, not inspected until Jan. 20,2014. Cramer claimed the rear door had a dent (of which it did not), and that there was excessive wear on the car. I feel I should have been called back to be with the inspectors as they looked over my car...and that it not be 3 weeks of sitting in their crowded lot all that time. I have already spoken to someone in Corporate Toyota about this and have a case number, and sent a copy of the letter I sent to Cramer Toyota expressing my disappointment in their failure to disclose additional expenses. I have purchased Toyotas my whole life, and have become very disillusioned by what I have witnessed in the past 2 weeks.

Teacher41 1/29/14 1:59PM

I have a 2007 Rav 4 very good car. I put some remote start on my car. Took it to Nostrand Ave Plaza Toyota for services for the first time on Saturday. Well my first time is the last time. My car has two recalls and i also needed an inspection. The car was left there from 9am. I was call to pick up the car and was told nothing was done to my car. When i went to pick up my car at 3pm I saw my car was on a ramp i had to ask someone to get my car off so i could leave. Drove home park my car never use it the Sunday. Monday morning found out my alarm is not working. How did that happen when they have done nothing on my car. shady business !!

Never again 1/20/14 5:59PM

i bought a toyota camry in 2012 brand new at miles the transmission failed three times it was replaced twice. toyota did nothing for me but try to fix the car three times and failed. i tried the lemon law didnt get any results the lawyer for toyota began the metting by saying your not getting the car for free your going to wright a check. Instead of saying sorry for the problem. i didnt think i was getting the car for free i just wanted toyota to do the right thing after paying for a car that cost $29.000 and you only get 30.000 miles out of it. this was my first toyota i bought and my last.

ed forte 1/15/14 4:02PM

I put down a $500 deposit on an SUV at Toyota of Fort Worth and they had me sign a paper that stated it was non-refundable. Two days later Vandergriff Toyota made me another offer, but when I told them I couldn't take it because I put a non-refundable deposit down at another dealership, they said I could get my money back and that Toyota of Ft. Worth couldn't keep my money. So I bought the car from Vandergriff. Toyota of Ft. Worth refuses to give my deposit back. I called Toyota Corp. and they took my compliant and said a customer relations person from Toyota of Ft. Worth would be contacting me within two days. That call was on Jan.6th, it is now the 15th. I never saw or drove or took possession of the SUV from Toyota of Ft. Worth. I don't care which dealership it comes from, but someone owes me $500.

cheated in arlington 1/15/14 9:26AM

This Was The Worst Customer Service And Experience Buying A Used Car That I Have Ever Vwent Threw.the General Manger Customer Service Skills Were Not Very Good At All.i Feltlike I Was Bullyed And Taken Advantage Of At This Point.i Have No Owners Manuel,before I Got To 35,000 Miles The Oil Change Light Came On, Which Means The Vehicle Wasnt Serviced.also Was Not Financed, They Raised My Intrest Rate And Carnote Twice,mine You This Was Supposed To Be In A Not Happy At This Time About What Took Place And This Was My Birthday Present.

Anonymous 1/10/14 6:26AM

I bought a certified used 2013 Toyota camry on Nov. 23rd from Treasure Coast Toyota in Stuart FL. that was owned by them as a fleet car. It has been the worst experience ever. It has been over a month and I still have not received my registration but that is just the latest of my troubles with them. They used fraudulent internst advertising and even after contacting Toyota Motor corporation I still do not have the advertised accessory package. They have all been lying to cover for each other at this business. I have not received the free carfax or been able to get the cars service records. The charges for the taxes are incorrect and I have not been able to get copies of that paper work either. Complaints don't seem to help. I have since learned that the BBB has given them an F rating. Toyota Motor Corp should be investigating this franchise for their unprofessional and fraudulent practices. There was one salesgirl who tried to hell but didn't have a chance with the the other crooks working there.

cmontrone 12/27/13 8:58AM

I purchased a new 2014 Tacoma from Maplewood Toyota.
I told the salesperson that I wanted a frost plug heater installed. He laughed at me said the new vehicles do not need a heater. I told him I wanted one anyway. We set up the appointment, I waited for 2 1/2 hours, and the service tech came out and told me that the design of the engine does not allow for the installation of a heater. My truck is not garaged. The temperature got down to 0 degrees last night. The truck almost didn't start. AND.... there is no cold weather starting procedure in the owners manual.

Ken 12/6/13 12:00PM

I Recently Bought A Used Toyota From Another State My Temp Plates Have Expired And I Am Still Waiting. I Have Been Sitting On This Car For The Last Two Weeks Un Able To Drive It. Newton Toyota Keeps Telling Me Wait Wait Wait, Thanksgiving Is Thursday And My Mother Is In A Nursing Home An Hour Away From Me. How Am I Going To Get There? They Wont Even Issue Temp Plates!

ANGRY 11/25/13 4:40PM

I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I bought a Toyota Corolla in January of this year and from the first day I drove it I felt a pull on the left front of the vehicle. Since then I have returned many times to the dealer with no resolution to the problem. At first they said it was the alignment but when this did not solve the problem they began blaming the tire pressure, which was a joke to me, because I check the tires on a very regular basis and they have never lost any significant amount of pressure. In addition after the first service I began to experience problems with the brakes, where after driving for a period of time, say an hour or so, the brakes begin to get high and hard and barely hold. I also have experienced similar problems on down slopes, and there have been times when the brakes become very low and I have to reach further down with the pedal before I get any hold. The Service Manager has made many promises to solve the problem but he has reneged on all of them. The people at the front desk are of no use at all. Their only response when I complain is to keep monitoring. The Managing Director, to whom I have complained directly, via e-mail, is another waste of time. One of these days the brakes are not going to hold and I will most likely crash. All I can say is that the level of service in Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Limited is the absolute worst. The only recourse left for me now is to demand a replacement vehicle or a refund.

Sato 11/24/13 6:47PM

i don't know how many toyotas you have to buy to become a "good" customer. i recently received a letter in the mail from toyota of tri-cities where i have purchased 3 cars. they seemed to know every detail about my camry and invited me to come in that with my equity and low miles i should be able to get a new car for a lesser payment. HA! when i arrived, they wanted $5000, my car, and 5 more points on the interest rate for their cheapest IQ. i was humiliated and will never go back, buy another toyota, and i am telling everyone i work with to NEVER go there!

MADASHELL 11/11/13 7:06PM

I purchased a 2009 and 2010 Toyota corolla S model and each car had a defect in the radio where the screen is distorted. I have taken it three times and each time the radio was replaced. I have seen complaints about the same radio on the Internet. As a consumer at what point will Toyota look into the problem or should I chalk this up to another sad story for a former Toyota owner. I am sure its the latter

Anonymous 11/7/13 3:34PM

Hello my name is najwah fairweather I'm a 26 yr old single mother of 5 small children I went to cityworld role toyota in the Bronx because 4 members of my family went there and had a great experience however when I went there first of all the special finance manager wouldn't even directly see me. He first tried to offer me a 2010 toyota corolla when I clearly told him I need ed a minivan , than when he realized I wasn't interested than he offered me a 2005 toyota sienna which I was totally fine with it was 8,500 dollar car 80,000 miles and the monthly payment was cool I put money down got insurance for the car and when it was time to sign the contract I noticed the rate was extremely high by the time taxes and everything I would've ended up paying 28,00 for the car. When I brought it to the finance managers attention he stated to me n my mom " we'll you know I really don't care if you get the car or not , I'm still gonna sell cars regardless and hung up the phone . Him name is EDie and for a special finance manager not only was he rude but very inprofessional so now am I not getting the vehicle all of the people that I referred to that dealership will be getting an email of my experience which was horrible. I have worked in customer service for over 10 yrs and have never treated a customer in that manner. I work for Home Depot and we strive total ways please the customer

LQVX 10/22/13 5:09PM

I'm currently sitting in the waiting room of your Toyota 6324 Baltimore national pike location wondering what kind of service I'm going to get but since this is my first time to this location I'm already feeing and know its not the service I was expecting to get. My wife was quoted a price of 265.62 for a 120000 service and when I checked in today prices were not even close to the quote . I gave the person I talked to and they informed me that the individual doesn't usually do that position and he was incorrect . That I as a customer should know better than that.... I have never claimed to be a mechanic or had a background in services , much less pricing but am aware of integrity and character and most importantly Customer service. If lack of training with all team members should not impact the customer at the end of the day and situations like this should be seen as a learning opportunities to avoid this happening again to other customers in the future. Thank you for reading this email and I hope that communication is given from corporate about providing correct information to customers so they get the service that they expect and don't feel cheated in their experiences when they represent the Toyota name and brand. Have a great safe day.

- David H

Anonymous 9/28/13 6:33AM

Hello My name Is Jeannette Lozano and i had bought my 02 toyota to the body shop to have some work done well lets just say it was not done right. well i sent the body shop ast mg a e mail let him know that it was not done and i was not happen with the work. well he told me to bring the car back and i did well they fixed the work but he told me to bring the car back again to fix the drive door for me becouse of the hassle and and time that it couse me well that didnt happen today and he wanted me to pay for the Renter car to drive it for 3 days no thats not right and i feel as a coustmer and having all the hassle they should of had paid for the renter well lets just say im not a happy coustmer the asst mgr started yelling and telling me to go custmer service and talk the them about the matterand he was saying that he has all the paper work thats not the point here . the point here is don't tell me your going to fix my drive door for all the hassle i had with the car . fix the problem

Thank you Jeannette Lozano name of the dealership

Jeannette1969 9/23/13 3:47PM

I would like to know why your new commercial for the Toyota Corolla is driven by African American people only and there are not Hispanic people, Asian, Indian and a few other races in the commercial. I think you need to rethink your concept for the commercial.

cbrown1573 9/18/13 9:19AM

my 2009 toyota prius began having problems last month. The car was making funny noises and the tires heating up to the point you could not touch them. After replacing many parts, we found out the brake line had collapsed due to a clip that was placed by manufacturer to hold it up under the car had rusted through the line. That was last week...then the gas light will not go off. I added more gas with the same result. 3 days later (today) my car is stranded 1 hour away and will not start. the lights go on but no gas engine???

Anonymous 9/5/13 8:46AM

I bought a 2013 Toyota Highlander in March of 2013 in Texas after about two months it began to hesitate when after slowing down and making a right turn then accelerating again. I have taken it back to the service department where I purchased the car and was told that the computer shoed no problems. In August we moved to California. I have had this same problem happen several times since. I took the car to the local Toyota dealership only to have the same thing told to me. Because the problem is not being detected by the computer does not mean that there isn't a problem. I even called Toyota customer care number only to be told that "That's the way the car is designed" REALLY...I even called the "Lemon Law Hotline" only to be told that there has not been any other complaints like mine and there was nothing that could be done. Well there is something that can and will be done..after 26 years of being a Toyota customer I will take look elsewhere and make sure everyone I know and who cares will know how Toyota treats its customers!

Unhappy owner 8/29/13 8:05AM

All I hope is a dealership in Brandon, Ms called grey Daniels Toyota makes good on where they changed the oil in my 2011 Rav 4 and broke the oil seal on the canister cursing my engine to run almost dry of oil. The car has less than 50,000 miles and they have been changing my oil regularly every 5,000 miles. Now I feel they have shortened the life cycle of my vehicle that I planned to put over 500,000 miles on.

Frank 8/27/13 11:11PM

I recently purchased a 2013 Camry and Tacoma Truck, and both vehicles has a serious flat spot or hesitation when leavening from a stop sign and entering a intersection. I fear my wife is going to be hit or prodsided by a oncoming vehicle. I called the dealer I bought the cars from and he said the reason they did that was a safety factor. I think it's a safety hazerd. Dealer claims nothing can be done. Can't believe there isn't a major recall about this. Someone going to get killed, then Toyota is going to have lawsuits to deal with. Not a happy Camper.

Sarge 7/31/13 12:19PM

I own a 2005 tundra as I was rotating my tires, then remounting them two of the lug nut threads broke off on the rear right. And on the left rear one broke off. Could this be a safty issue if these were to break off while the vehicle is being driven?

Anonymous 7/28/13 10:12AM

I bought a 2005 Toyota Prius, my first Toyota..becuase they got such great reviews. at 140,000 miles I had to replace the hybride batteries..almost $3000!!!!!!!!!
Help me!!!!!! cliff roberts, Tampa, Fl.

cliff 7/27/13 4:07AM

Toyota of Lakewood NJ is where we purchased a Sequoia. This dealership is a Embarrassment to Toyota!!! Our vehicle was missing parts, the financial agent Jamison was extremely rude and disrespectful. Service was very bad. Never will shop there again! This is my 3rd Toyota.

I had to go to Gateway Toyota of Toms River to get everything straightened out! The parts that were missing, I had to pay for !!! Because Lakewood Toyota would not! The entire staff at Lakewood Toyota is a JOKE!

Enrico 7/13/13 8:13AM

The bad customer service my whole family has a Toyota prius u call in to a dealerships in Atlanta and try to get a quote on how much it cost for two tires and all u got was rude people and they say they won'T honor my warranty or platinum service membership in the southeast if this the case then i will trade in for a huydai hybrid and i expect a phone call and apologies from the ceo

officer.Konopka 7/12/13 6:48PM

I submitted a survey recently about how disgusted I was with Thousand Oaks Toyota.....I wanted to add that today was my 3rd visit in 2 weeks. The service manager was a doll and had me on my way in 2 minutes.....

I had been upset when I brought the car in for service and 4 days later I had a dead battery and was stuck for 2 hours waiting for AAA and then another hour at Toyota.....I was scheduled for hospital tests that day, which I missed....

Then when I took my Scion for new tires, I was told by the tire dealership that my air filter and air cabin were filthy, and that my new windshield wipers had not been properly installed....They turned out being incorrect about the windshield wipers.....

Anonymous 7/5/13 9:07AM

I previously owned a 2010 rav4. I began having problems with the steering wheel locking up. Of course it never locked up when I took it to them. They thought I was crazy. They ended up replacing the ignition switch. I picked it up made a stop on my way home and it locked up again. I had already told them that we had to continue moving the stick shift in order to get it unlocked. Next, they replaced something in the transmission. After dealing with this incident I traded the vehicle. I did enjoy the Rav4 while it was working correctly. The only other complaint is that it did not have rear air. Why would a vehicle in Florida not have rear air ? I am very disappointed with Toyota. I have purchased a total of 4 vehicles from Toyota. I do not understand why Toyota will create a vehicle and charge the customer to DEATH for Ammenities. Hyundai on the other hand the price you pay for the vehicle includes the Ammenities. It also guarantees the trade in value. I have always loved Toyota vehicles minus being charged Ammenities. I'm seriously thinking Toyota has taken advantage of its loyal customers. I will be looking for a new vehicle next year. I'm thinking it may be time to go with another brand. I'm tired of paying high prices for a basic model then payin even more to get the items I want. Step it up Toyota. We want great gas mileage for an awesome loaded SUV. I can't believe your prices.

Wake up Toyota 7/3/13 8:58PM

I am disgusted by your new Prius commercial with the pedifile and the teenage girl with glasses and a pink backpack. U should be ashamed , you should know better , you should apologize to society for putting that on tv and you should immediately remove it from television. Disgusting!!

Carla 6/7/13 8:15PM

This is a praise report concerning my 2000 Toyota Tacoma. I bought it new in 2000 where it had only 15 miles on it. As of this writing, 6/6/2013, the truck now has 398,597 and within this month I expect it to reach 400,000!! It is a Prerunner extended cab and 2.7L engine.
I use it every day as a driver training vehicle, so I crank on the miles fast. It has the original engine and has not needed any engine repairs! I keep the oil changed religiously every 3000 to 5000 miles depending on the oil I use (lateley it has been synthetic).
Other than being rear ended (hit and run, by the way)2 months ago, (he was doing 85 +- and I was doing 65), the truck has no other body damage. The bed got tweeked when I hit the guard rail then I spun over to the other side (didn't flip!. I even finished the three students scheduled that day. The aleignment was still right on. Being 71 I counted my blessings that day!
I'v gone through two sets of seat belts, 2 alternators, one starter, 1 oxygen sensor, many brake pads, a few brake rotors, front upper and lower ball joints, steering bushings, numerous tires, and maaaany oil changes. The engine still gets 20 +- mpg and still sounds strong.
This has been by far the best vehicle investment for the driving school I've ever made. Because of the model the teens like to drive it too.
I don't intend to retire it or me any time soon. Maybe we'll see 500,000!!!
Hay, Toyota, I'd be glad to put your decal on the truck. What kind of a deal can we make for another one?

Anonymous 6/6/13 2:30PM

I have purches Toyota Camry model 2004.

The service rendered by DSK toyota/DSK moters is not to our satisfaction.

The vehile is lying seens last 1 year. I expect proper guidance.

Aditya Kulkarni 4/15/13 8:31AM

Wow! Your new ad about going places touched me to travel more again. I love the views of the different places. I'm getting old and I have many memories of trips I have taken and your commercial has renewed my wander lust. Thanks.

Anonymous 4/1/13 6:35PM

Anyone have advice??
On 3/11 I shifted my 2010 Rav4 w/ 13K miles into drive and TOOK OFF! Accelerator went full bore until my car came to rest after TOTALING my car and damaging my neighbor's parked car.

Physically I am hurting as I'm already SSDI status but mainly I am concerned about losing $8,000 out of pocket to replace with my "was like new" 2010 Rav4 as you CAN'T find a used car like mine here on Maui. Bought a new car from Oahu.
Since I DIDN'T even provide contributary neglegence to the wreck, it's my hope Toyota will help out with my loss.
Am I asking for snow on the the beach? Thanks.

Out 8KinMaui 3/31/13 4:28PM

After shoveling for for approximately 3 hours in two days without being able to get out of the driveway, I decided to have a truck with a snow plow, rubber, carpet and a blanket in between the blade and my car, push me out. Still got some damage, a couple of creases in my trunk. Got an estimate from Toyota in Bemidji yesterday, $690.00. Prior to purchasing my Avalon, I was trying to decide on whether to buy that or an All Wheel Drive Chrysler 300. Needless to say, I wish I would have bought the 300. Pass this email along to someone that can advise the designers to add tow hooks on future vehicles that are sold in states that get snow in the winter, I'm sure anyone in those states would greatly appreciate it!!! It only makes sense!!! In my opinion, not having at least the option of adding tow hooks to a vehicle, is both idiotic and ignorant. I can't believe there isn't anyone that works for Toyota that is smart enough to know that. Until that is realized, I will advise everyone I know, and anyone that asks me how I like my Avalon, not to buy one!!! Also, when I get time, I will get on as many conversation, question/boards, threads that I can and give my opinion.

Jim Olson

jimo1120 3/10/13 7:04PM

I want to thank Toyota for sponsoring closed captioning services for some of our favorite programs like Law & Order. My husband is a hard- of-hreaing, disabled Air Force veteran and without closed captioning we would not be able to enjoy our programs. Tank you from the bottom of our hearts

Lauraleejane 3/10/13 6:03PM

Love the 2013 Avalon, but wanted in the red that is on the 2013 Camry. Ask dealership if I could have the manufacturer pull a full loaded Avalon into the Camry paint both and paint it that color red. Being a painter of the past, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to do that. But, then I was told it would cost $2800 extra to do that. I about hit the ceiling. One of your own stock paints and no rush on my part & $2800? A couple hundred maybe, but not that. Customer satisfaction my butt. What gives?

Anonymous 3/6/13 3:20PM

I have a 2005 Toyota 4Runner. I am extremely disappointed in my vehicle and my confidence in Toyota is gone. I just had to have my head gasket replaced. I have been excellent with the maintenance on my vehicle. I have done extensive research regarding this matter. This unfortunately is a common occurrence with these vehicles along with many other makes and models. I spoke to the service department as well as doing research on the internet. The service department at two different locations stated that unfortunately they are seeing this problem around 120k-130k miles in their vehicles. The reason I bought a Toyota was to have a dependable car that I could have for many years. This was not the first problem I have had with this vehicle. The other problem is with the catalytic converter giving off a rotten egg smell. I had it replaced when the vehicle was under warranty and the same problem quickly returned. This is also another common problem that I have seen customers complaining about. Shame on you Toyota. I have been a loyal Toyota customer and have had previous Toyota vehicles. It seems the reliability and quality that Toyota once had is gone. I will never buy a Toyota again. Especially knowing that Toyota has knowledge of these problems and fails to do anything about them.

Anonymous 3/2/13 11:04AM

Please pass a copy of this to your CEO James Lentz III

Because for the past 8 months i have tried to log in each month to pay my statement and your web site won't let me log in, and each month i have to go to your web site on the phone and explain the issue each month and we go through the same series of questions each month and finally after agruing they will reset my pass word to a temporary pass word and then i can log in and then i change the pass word and after i make my payment i log out and then i can't get back in again. "Believe me this is a "LIVE SITUATION" I have to contend with each month and then you computer tech say they will elevate the case and then somebody calls and won't leave a message when they call because i can't answer my cell phone at work and then we go around the mullberry bush again. this month i call your computer tech line and i held for approximately 48 minutes (when the recording said it would only be 5 minutes) and I finally hung up because this was very absurd when your recording says 5 minutes and then you go on and on and so therefore i had to make my payment over the phone and they charge me $10.00 through no fault of my own, and your customer rep "says" while your in utah and we have to charge you. He didn't want to hear anything about a waiver, so I request that $10.00 charge be reverse and you credit back my account;. Also I request that somebody from your tech support contact me via e This is very, very ridiculous that I have to go through this every month and nothing is never done about it., and the fact that I have to explain the same thing to your tech support each month that i call in. "Something needs to be done to correct this situation. I want action or I am going to your CEO of Toyota.

jfrede3382 3/2/13 7:37AM

Dear president, Vice President:

I have been perusing your company website and sincerely believe the company cares for the honest, hardworking American citizen. However, after several attempts at Longo and Montclair to upgrade our current Camry, no deal could be made.

My husband, a retired viet nam veteran, and me are both retired. And just trying to buy what would be our 7th Toyota. Our credit is great and there would be no other obstacles financially.

We have been very good and loyal customers and would have hoped for better customer satisfaction.

At this time, we are seriously considering looking elsewhere. Unless by a sheer miracle someone could intervene on our behalf.

Thank you in advance for all your attention and support and looking forward to your reply.

We remain hopeful.

Maria Perez

Anonymous 3/1/13 8:49AM

I own a 2008 Camry...I adore this car, Ive been the owner for 2 years now. However 3 weeks ago I got stuck in a snow drift and just by spinning, (and not all that extreme spinning) my transmission went out...$2700.00 unexpected expense out of my pocket, and my car only has 72,000 miles on it!!!! Does anyone know if those transmissions are defective? I could use a little finicial help on this as i am a single mom who was not prepsred for this big of expense! Please call or txt me with any info

busywoman7 2/24/13 9:48AM

My car purchase from Toyota of Bowie MD was a nightmare. I was sold a demo car which had scratches and bumps. When i contacted Toyota of Bowie to fix them, They simply denied it and reacted with a horrible actitude, rude and arrogant customer service. However with the involvement of Maryland consumer dept they fixed the problems but it was not a pleasant experience.

Recently, when i called Toyota of Bowie service department I was told that my two years Total care program was going to expire 2 months earlier than the date on my Invoice( warranty plan). Toyota of Bowie reported an invalid selling date to their financial and service departments. Upon follow up with Toyota franchise, i was told that Toyota of Bowie has invalid sell date records. It was stunning. i was put on hold for a long time and I was told that a claim will be submitted to correct he information. however, no guarantees has been provided to me

So far, in my experience i found Toyota of Bowie with
Bad customer service (Including senior management, even their vice president was an arrogant person)
No customer value
Providing false information on their inventories.
Having documented false records/information

I would Not recommend Toyota of Bowie to any one, it is the most horrible dealership in Bowie MD. There are there just to steal money out of your pocket and sell you junk

viliz 2/13/13 2:17PM

We had an accident on the 12th December 2012 with our 6week old Toyota Fortuner. The only air-bags that deployed were the passenger side curtain airbags. Through Gods mercy we all survived! I contacted Toyota South Africa customer care and requested for an investigation,as to why the other air-bags did not deploy. I was asked to forward certain documentation and pictures of the damaged vehicle,to the case manager, handling my case. All relevant documentation was e-mailed. I was told that it could take upto 3months for an investigation but nevertheless, I was patient. Last week I get a call from the case manager stating that Toyota South Africa has finally concluded the case. He stated that based on the pictures I e-mailed(please note that NO actual vehicle inspection was done),they have concluded that there wasnt enough impact for all the air-bags to deploy! What kind of investigation is that? My four kidz were in the car that traumatic day! How a company like Toyota South Africa, based their investigation, by looking at pictures only, is mind boggling! Out of all the vehicles available on the market we chose a Toyota Fortuner. Surely Toyota South Africa could show a little sympathy and empathy towards their loyal customers. All I requested was for a FAIR and HONEST investigation into the matter but Toyota South Africa never fails to disappoint

ameera 2/12/13 12:38PM

Dear HR,

Toyota in Watertown Mass. is very unfair in their practice regarding the employees. A young dedicated employee was let go due to an incident that was never investigated by HR, the employee did not have any written warnings or strikes against them and they have been with the company for the past 7-8 months. It is very sad that the HR department couldn't see that in order to come to a fair decision you must listen to both sides of the story and not one if they were trying to be objective.

4040 2/1/13 11:01AM

I live on Saturday 1/5/2013 the worse experience I ever had in y live Gerry Fuller Sales Consultant at the Roseville Toyota Automall at California treat me very bad (raciest) and un respectfully, the most important thing is to offer an excellent customer service not making people feel bad and intimate by been from another culture fortunately not all people from Toyota are like that.

isra 1/7/13 6:04PM

Received a recall notice from Toyota re: master window switch and called for apt at Kingston, MA dealer. When I arrived, they told me work had already been done two months prior. Wasted my time. And then I received an automated call the next day that I missed my apt. 1) Service desk should have had information on recall work when I made my apt. 2) Dealer should have notified Toyota National when work was completed in November. 3) Dealer should have updated system so I didn't receive missed apt call. Update your information systems and have them talk to each other. Good customer service starts with not wasting our time.

Dissatisfied 1/5/13 6:37AM

I am the owner toyota rav4 2008 model. total mileage of 78,000 km. For the second year in a steering knocks, clicks, clicks. car for $ 36,000 should not have similar sounds and noises. repair kit is $ 1200, it is not wise

artcheluater Mclaren 12/8/12 11:30PM

just bought a used 2006 lexus glx 470 on nov 18, 2012 at the toyota auto mall dealer in elk grove, california. without realizing after having it for 3 days, it didn't have an owner's manual and a spare key. the salesman did not informed us about it and now we are being told that they can't do anything about it. we talked to the manager and all he said was, "whatever we got, we supplied it to you". had we known beforehand, we would not have bought the car. when we were looking at the vehicle tht sunday (nov 18th) they were kissing our asses. and now that they got our money, they don't know us anymore. the manager can't even compliment us with a spare key and an owner's manual? is there anything you can do about this? i wouuld appreciate it if you could get a hold of the manager (don't even know his name)at the toyota dealer in elk grove, ca and tell him to get on the ball and give us a spare key and an owner's manual. thank you.

Anonymous 11/27/12 10:03PM

I hope that someone at Toyota, besides customer service, will read this and make a sincere effort to provide real customer service. We own two Toyota's that were bought new, a 2008 Camry and a 2006 Scion xB. The Scion does not have cruise control. I cannot drive it on longer trips without cruise control because of physical problems.
I inquired about having cruise control installed either after-market or official Toyota made equipment. Customer service in Torrance, Calif. responded with a curt reply essentially saying "forget it," it won't happen. The dire warnings against having a universal unit installed included possible vehicle malfunction, violation of laws, and I guess maybe even death. When I then inquired about Toyota products, the answer was, again, essentially "forget it."
I refuse to believe that a cruise control cannot be installed on the Scion that will function adequately. How about one that is installed on the newer Scion xB's? Why wouldn't that work? The email response from Calif. ended with something like, "if we can be of further service don't hesitate to contact us." Well, what good would that do? Customer service is supposed to help solve problems, not "blow somebody off."
As much as I like Toyota's, they are not the only quality vehicle available. Of course with such a big company "collateral damage" of losing a customer is of no concern, just part of the business.

Alan 10/30/12 9:10AM

i have already have one comment. the vehicle id number is .that didn't show up before. please give me any solution to heip with this problem. If you can't find my other e-mail, please let me know and i will do it again.

gloria willis 10/28/12 12:43PM

have a 2011 Toyota Avalon. The telescope lever that holds the steering wheel in place will intermittently becomes loose and as a result, the steering wheel will drop dowmnward by itselfs. It was taken to the dealership at 4,669 miles and a again at 8,888 miles and they are unable to find the problem. It will do this while you are driving. It is still doing this and i am getting ready to carry it back again for it is still doing it. I feel this is safety problem and that it could cause a wreck and someone could get seriously hurt or even killed become of this. The manufacturer has been called and no one can give me a answer. The vehicle i.d. no. is

Gloria Willis 10/21/12 2:41PM

To Toyota Corporate

My husband and I have owned top of the line mini-vans for over a decade. � The last one we purchased was a 2008 LTD Sienna. In the latter part of August we searched for a 2012 Limited Sienna, as we loved our previous van better then any of the previous T&C's we owned. � We loved the color (light blue), but not only did you not make that color but the only Limited available in our area was a "Pearl White" ... the one color with an up charge. � Although it not a color we really liked, it was the only one with most of the accessories we wanted, so we broke down and bought it.

Now comes the part we are not pleased about. � First let me say, AGAIN...we have had about a half a dozen mini-vans. � And, we have carried lots of golf clubs, luggage, made 3 moves (moving boxes, furniture/etc), and not once did we have happened to this new Pearl white van happen to any of our other vans. And it happened...within less than 3 weeks!

Please refer to the picture I have included. You will see that the back bumper edge has lost paint. � Why..why...why ??? �  With all of the years of LOTS OF USE transporting and moving items in and out of the back of our other vans, why within a short time (3-4 weeks) does this one NOT HOLD UP AT ALL?

We went into the dealer, after sending a email with the picture of the bumper. � Our salesman took us to their collision shop service person who looked at the bumper. � All he could say ways that it was scratches, and he would be glad to charge us to repair. � I asked why this happened and why it did not happened to any other van we owned after all our usage..was it possible that the paint might be flawed or not as good as should be or that the design should put some thing to protect the bumper as Toyota does with all it's other SUV's????� 

We are writing this for several reasons.� 

1. To go on record that we believe that this should not happened.

2. To ask that Toyota address what we feel is a design flaw...whether paint, or that a protective shield needs to be added to the edge of the bumper( as you do for your other vehicles.

3. � We want to further report how we were horrified with the way we were treated at the dealership. � The collision sevice agent pretty much told us we must have recklessly used the van (which we do not believe was the case). Then, when we said we had numerous other vans and that this never happened to any of them, and why....he had the audacity to say that "HE HAS HAD HUNDREDS OF VANS" in which he has had to fix that area of the bumper..going further to say he would gladly show me some right now....and when I said that if that was the case, wouldn't he feel there might be a design flaw or � does he not feel he has some responsibility to Toyota to put in a suggestion that there JUST MIGHT BE A DESIGN FLAW... Where upon he said no it was not. � So, what I get out of is he is pretty happy to have such � flaws as he is able to get more COLLISION REPAIR's obvious it is something he wants more of....

4. � Lastly....When a client pays $45,000+ for a vehicle even few years, why would you treat them this way?� 

We appreciate your looking into this issue. � 

By the way not only did we buy a 2012 Limited but we paid for two extended warranties (pricey ones - extended warranty and hazard tire protection - another $4,000)

Do we need to start looking to another brand?

BTW, while searching for the email address at Toyota to send our complaint when you go to Toyota website to get the email address for support and help contacts, the web site page does not work it just keeps bouncing you back to the same page with out an address, they obviously don't want you to send anything. Here is the link that does not work.

To send an email - visit the Contact Us page on

Shugey 10/11/12 6:10AM

you should be as HAPPY AS I AM with TOYOTA IN FORT PIERCE FLORIDA. AMAZING STAFF, CUSTOMER SERVICE Etc. People should take lessons.

Anonymous 9/22/12 6:14AM

Please inform me if I am misguided. Where in this world is there not a mouse? In June 2012 we purchased a brand new not yet out of the shipping plastic FJ Cruiser. Having had one prior to this one and noooooo mouse invasion, we decided to treat ourselves to a brand new FJ...of course we were excited to receive this brand new FJ. Well less than 3 months later, guess what mice began entering our brand new vehicle. At first I began blaming myself feeling that I had left a door ajar or what ever, however when more mice kept invading the vehicle, I became very suspicious. Stopped blaming myself that is for sure. As well I set 5 mouse traps inside the vehicle and had mouse bait bars tucked in side engine and bumper to hopefully eliminate this mouse invasion. Well to no reduction of invasion I called Rainbow Toyota in NOrth Battleford Sk. "bring in this vehicle immediately and a wire mesh screen in heater air intake will be installed to replace the
existing and to my understanding completely useless cloth?? screen that is in all new FJ's". Today I have the vehicle back. Of course more dead mice (I guess) were found inside vehicle and the entire vehicle was ''sanitized''. Perhaps the dead mice were taken out , however the vehicle still reaks of mouse poop, dead mice, and mice urine.....
And to top it off we as the consumer of this vehicle had to pay the full cost of allllll of this mouse invasion cleanup.
Now tell me please; Wouldn't it be easier to have these ''wire mouse proof'' screeens installed as a mandatory installation as the vehicle is being manufactured? I prosed this question to Rainbow and it is to my understanding Rainbow Toyota is doing this installation when the vehicles are brought in AFTER THE FACT OF A MOUSE come this isn't done prior tooo purchasing of vehicle? Or even upon purchasing the vehicle. Where We live IT IS MOUSE COUNTRY, AND NOT ONLY FARMERS AND AGRICULTURE FOLK EXPERIENCE MICE as I am informed the reason why we have such mouse invasion-give me a break. Yes, I am somewhat or should I say very disappointed in the Toyota Company as a the fact of complete negligence or perhaps just plain laziness that the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY 'WIRE SCREENS' are an after thought or NOT EVEN CONSIDERED AT TIME OF MANUFACTURING. Now we have a practically only 4 month old vehicle that reaks of mouse crap and no compensation from Toyota Head Company is even offered to us. When one pays a very healthy dollar to drive a vehicle they love, and a vehicle that is all terrain, (duh mouse country vehicle), wouldn't Toyota Manufacturing Company have the forsight to do better in this area? Funny thing is, I owned a Ford Bronco for 14 years and never once did i have a mouse invasion and YES I WORKED AT A CATTLE YARD OF 100,000 HEAD . GO FIGURE. Good thing I am not there today or the FJ would have been just a beautiful new home for all mice to be partying in.
Has anyone else had this challenge with any of Toyota's vehicles?

FJ 9/20/12 2:08PM

In February 2008, my husband and I bought a used 2007 Sienna from Wilde Toyota in West Allis, Wisconsin. Of note, the car had previously been a rental vehicle at this dealership. After the purchase, I was called and told the vehicle was ready for us to pick up. I was disappointed to find the car had not been cleaned or portered, but took the car home anyway. At home, as I was looking in the glove compartment for the owners' manual, I found the rental agreement document from the last person the dealership rented the car to. This document had the renters full name, full birthdate, social security number, address and phone number on it!! I immediately called the Wilde Toyota dealership to tell them what I'd found. They sounded a little bemused, like, "ooh, darn; woops!", and didn't really know what to tell me. I told them they were very lucky they sold this vehicle to an honest person, because I had shredded the document as soon as I could. The poor man who had last rented that car could have had his identity stolen!! The incident left a bad taste in my mouth for such a potentially disastrous situation that this dealership just kind of laughed off.
Well, fast-forward to Sept 12, 2012. The "air bag off" light was showing on the dashboard of my 2007 Sienna. I took the car to my trusted mechanic who told me it was a sensor that he could not fix & that I would have to take it to the dealership. I called Wilde Toyota in West Allis, Wisconsin, to arrange to bring the car in to have it checked out. Ultimately, they told my husband and I that after many hours trying to diagnose the problem, they finally located the trouble. Some wires to ECU unit were corroded and frayed. They told me they could order a new harness for this unit for around $1600. I told them we could not afford that. We were informed that the cost, up to that point for the man-hours, time and diagnostic work already into the vehicle, was around $350. When I told them we could not afford a new harness, the service man I was dealing with told me they could just repair the wiring, which would cost around another $650-ish dollars. My husband, who is an Avionics Electrician, went into the dealership because he wanted to see exactly where the problem was. As he wires electronics for million-dollar jets for a living, he said he could take the car to work and do the repairs himself.
Upon hearing that, the service person told us "Well, wait a minute, let me see if we can do something for you." When he returned, he asked us if the entire cost for the diagnostics, man-hours and wiring repair was around $450 plus tax, would we have the repair done there. We agreed. I was amazed that the cost magically went from around $1000 to $450 dollars! What if I didn't know any better? I would have been screwed for a thousand dollars! However, that is not the end of the story. Upon picking up the vehicle after repairs were completed, I noticed a very large scratch/gash on my passenger-side door. I went back in to the service department to bring it to their attention, I got the "what do you want us to do about it? attitude. I told them since that gash had not been there when I dropped the car off, I expected them to fix it. They told me they were "trying to find a manager to come and talk to me about it". Pardon my disbelief, but I'm sure they knew where the managers were. I stool there for approximately 15minutes waiting, making me late for work. I informed the service person that I had to leave to get to work, so he came out and took pictures of the gash. I also recorded photos on my cell phone. They told me a manager would be contacting me. This was on Friday, Sept 14th. As of Monday, Sept 17th, I had not received a call from the dealership. When I contacted them on Monday Sept 17th morning, I spoke with a service manager who told me he would look at the photos his service person took and get back to me. I'm not sure what he had to do that he couldn't tell me whether or not they were going to repair the gash, but as or 2:00 p.m. CST, I had not heard back from them.
This is the WORST dealership I have ever encountered and I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere when I need to bring my car to a dealership. Thankfully I have a very trusted mechanic I can take the vehicle to for problems or issues not requiring a dealership.

kmkitzke 9/17/12 11:39AM

I just wanted to let toyota know that my 2007 tundra is passing 200k miles
soon and i love my truck. I use it to drive to washington dc everyday
And this is a great truck.

Anonymous 9/11/12 8:57PM

Went to Plaza Toyota to pick up a new car I had purchased on 8/1 /12. I did not buy the car because it had 127 miles. My credit card was charged for the original deposit $500 on 7/30/12. It is now five and a half weeks later and my card has not been credited. I dealt with a person named mohammed, who when I have spoken to him has been rude, and on other occasions has hung up on me. Just want to let Corporate in on what's going on at Plaza Toyota.

Anonymous 9/7/12 6:08AM

I have had a terrible experience when I exchanged my 2010 Corolla for a new 2012 Corolla. After the exchange, I WAS CHARGED 431.14 for excess wear. I disputed the charge and also sent a picture. I was told there was a gouge way underneith the front bumper. I have paid 401.53 which I BELIEVE TO BE EXCESSIVE. i have leased at least 5 or 6 Corollas and was never charged a penny for excess wear. I will not lease any more Toyota products. Thank you for listening. Robert E Tobin - 02 0372 FH266

Anonymous 7/29/12 1:58PM

U might want to call us concerning tony Nguyen at orange coast Toyota in costa Mesa Ca. Too long and graphic to text. Corporate only please
Unbelievable horrific behavior by Tony Nguyen Had he not been one of the top salesman would have and should have been fired sued ,,,,, cell 714 8655566 Dustin Conrad. (worst comment after reporting he stole$2000 from us in contract told my husband while he was picking up our $2000 at desk. (why don't you go suck a black mans dick). And then some.

Dusty 7/26/12 11:13AM

Can you top this? I took my 2002 Rav 4 to a toyota dealer to have the ECM/ECU replaced on 7-20-2012 was told I could pick up my car on7-21 the next day. Drive the car 2 blocks engine light on same problem. I am furious, I was called on 7-24 an told they never replace the ECM. Its on order. How do you release a car that was not worked on? Can i get a refund?

mhypolmvm 7/24/12 3:15PM

Can you top this? I took my 2002 Rav 4 to a toyota dealer to have the ECM/ECU replaced on 7-20-2012 was told I could pick up my car on7-21 the next day. Drive the car 2 blocks engine light on same problem. I am furious, I was called on 7-24 an told they never replace the ECM. Its on order. How do you release a car that was not worked on? Can i get a refund?

mhypolmvm 7/24/12 1:53PM

Well, it looks like I have a similar condition. I have an '06 Tacoma with 45k miles. On my last service visit ( several days ago ) I was told that my power steering pump was leaking
( defective ??)
It could be replaced for $600 as it had passed the warranty by a MERE 6k miles!!It appears that these vehicles start to disintegrate at about this millage!!Heaven help me if something major were to " break " I had thought by buying a high quality product I would be saved from all these expenses.
for at least 70k miles.... but not so!!
Well, I guess USA still produces the best P/U

FORD MAN 7/23/12 2:50PM

I have a 1998 Tacoma. Best investment I have ever made! Tawanda has 187,000 plus miles. I have driven from Mass. To Tn. At least 15 times bin the last 5 years. I have had breaks, 1 clutch and several oil changes. I thank god everyday for Tawanda! Single mom bringing up 2 children and having a vehicle that is reliable means so much. Thank you for being part of the No Stress part of my life!

bronsonsue 7/22/12 5:19PM

I'm the original owner of a 2005 Tacoma Pre-runner Double Cab. My AC Compressor went suddenly last Sunday without and warning or previous problems. As per the dealer the system is fully charged and there are no leaks. However the estimate to repair my compressor is $2300.00. The truck only has 41,600 miles on it. Does Toyata offer any help in these matters? In my case the AC is a medical necessity due to cardiac and lung issues. Without AC I'm house bound.

Nunzio 7/15/12 9:44AM

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