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Toys R Us corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Toys ''R'' Us, Inc.
1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ 07470
United States

Phone: 973-617-3500
Fax: 973-617-4006

Toys R Us Corporate Office Comments

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Today I visited the Toys R Us store in Newark DE with my 4 year old grandson. While there we encountered an associate named Chad. Chad was so friendly and helpful! We encountered him several times during our two hour plus visit to that store. Chad always spoke and inquired if we needed assistance-- he could not have been nicer or more helpful. It was the first time in a long time that I was impressed with the service I received from a sales associate at any store. I was so impressed that I felt compelled to write. I surely hope that his efforts will be recognized by the corporate office and his supervisors!

Anonymous 2/22/14 2:04PM

This is the first bad review I have ever posted on line. Toys R US is the most unorganized full of chaos store and on line order service I have EVER experienced. I ordered an item and was told by the online service by numerous customer service reps and supervisors, that item would be delivered by 10 business days.10 days will be on December 24th, but the local store does not get a truck but once a week. However the online service says they are not privy to that information. How can an online serve promise delivery if they do not have accurate information. I have been given a different answer by 5 different customer service people to include supervisors and 6 store/asst managers about this order. When the last supervisor was to transfer me to corporate I was disconnected. Which does not suprise me in the least. I have held on for numerous hours for customers service to be disconnected numerous times by customer service reps. Had the online service been honest (which no one there seems to be know how to be)I would have gone to another store to purchase my item while they were still in stock, but due to the constant wrong information I have been told, can no longer find the item anywhere. To make matters worse, I could have gotten the item at my local store on Monday December 16th, because an assistant store manager had told me my order was in and had incorrectly given me the item with someone else's name on it and I was honest and told them I could not dissapoint another child when that was not my name. I have constantly been told that my item is reserved, but it can't be mailed or picked up at the warehouse; and then been told it could be sent ot my home and picked up at the warehouse. Told the problem would be esclated only to hear the next day someone forgot to push the right key to esclate it. The last store manager that returned my call was very rude. This season is suppose to be about giving and being kind to one another, too bad no one at Toys R US seems to know how!!!!!!

Very Disapoointed 12/19/13 12:08PM

I need help. I made a credit card purchase almost two weeks (10/05/13) ago, which is my largest purchase yet, and have yet to receive my rewards points. I opened a credit card and used my coupon for the remaining items on my registry. The receipt lists my rewards number, but the points do not show on my account. I called Toys R Us three times on the phone for a total of 2 hours, and still no resolution. Last week I was on the phone for a half an hour, given a corporate reference number, and was told someone would contact me in 5 days. No one called me. Yesterday I spoke to two people for a total of an hour, and again, neither rep could help me. Today I spoke to another rep, and no one could help, so I went to the store. At the store, the rep helped as much as he could. He called the corporate office, and still no one could help. Where do I go from here to get my rewards points? I'm completed frustrated!!

Completely Frustrated 10/17/13 7:50PM

I do a lot of holiday shopping @ Toys R Us. This past Christmas was the worst experience thus far. I have been fighting for 7 months to get back money due me. I made a purchase 1/5/2013 at Riverhead NY location. I realized as soon as we walked out of store that one of the products we bought needed additional items we did not have so I walked right back in to return. The cashier working there was RUDE to start with. Being that I do not work in retail I did not realize her mistake would cause me months of aggravation. When my 9 year old son and I made our purchase(containing gifts for him) we used gift cards he had received as well as cash. When she did the refund she put the total price on a $50 gift card(even though she had only taken off $45) I left and when I tried to use this same GC the next day it was declined. I was then informed that it was locked because it was a $50 GC and because there as now $70 o n it I could not use it until Toysrus corrected the error by taking the money back and only putting on the $45 and giving me the rest in cash or a toysrus GC. It is now August 7,2013 and after many, many phone calls I still haven't gotten my money!!!!!!!!!

AngryMom 8/7/13 6:10AM

Worst shopping trip in 10 years. Spent almost 3 hours trying to locate remaining items on a family member's baby registry over 3 pages long. Instead of helping me find the items there was no help offered until almost closing where I encountered a very abrasive employee in a big hurry push me to the check out. I would think twice about shopping there again. Like going on a very expensive and frustrating EASTER EGG HUNT.

Anonymous 7/12/13 9:51PM

I was in the Toys R Us in Robinson township Pittsburgh Pa. I usually don't complain because I also work in retail and I understand dealing with some people is difficult. I had a wonderful and friendly cashier, but after I walked away I realized some of my items rang up incorrect. I went over to the Customer Service deck and the clerk was very rude and acted like I did something wrong or got the wrong products. She said very rudely "are you sure that's what the tag said?" She did not want to go out and check so I checked myself and it said it should have been on sale for $20.99 and it scanned $29.99. She finally went out and checked the tag and came back and said it was outdated!!!!! I think in this circumstance she should have apologized for MY inconvenience and could have been professional about it. Her name was Kristi and I will be sure not to go there again...

Anonymous 10/24/12 12:57PM

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