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Tracfone corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Tracfone corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Tracfone corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
TracFone Wireless, Inc.

América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V
9700 Nw 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
United States

Phone: 305-640-2000
Fax: 305-640-2070

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straight talk customer service jerked me around for over three hours this morning (8/18/14). I just wanted to activate a phone. old one broke. I was hung up on 4 times before talking to a barely english-speaking rep. very dissastified. Was told no refund could be given. i am definitely leaving tracphone as soon as my time runs out or they decide to cut service. tracphone customer service that i talked to was unprofessional and downright pathetic. I could probably... definitely get more service by calling a payphone in the sahara!

Anonymous 8/18/14 3:44PM

Iam having similar issues with a defective ZTE. I am filing a complaint with BBB. Wonder why others are not? They have an A rating and I can't figure out how.

ARRGH!! 8/12/14 12:43PM

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, midmorning, I attempted to add minutes while I was on vacation in another state. This is the result of my bad experience. First, when I attempted to dial the number, I was only able to dial 1 800 516 875_, no last 5. Instantly I was listening to a message about a vacation spot in I don't remember since this was so unlike the great service I had received since I began with Tracfone. A red flag should have gone up. I hung up and then proceeded to dial the 800 number listed on the bottom of my IDT card that was purchased originally from Costco. In the past, I had used a credit card and things were handled efficiently then. The 2nd 800 # for customer service was 800 672 4597. I proceeded to add my usual $20.83 to my credit card and another red flag should have gone up, the foreign operator is humming a semi classical tune and kept me on the phone. Of course they asked for my last 4 numbers but not a security code. I thought, all is well. Not like in the past because the whole episode was so strange. I checked the minutes I had added to my existing balance and it seemed right. But here is the insult to injury......the next morning I attempted to call my relatives and it did not go thru. I looked closer and on the screen it showed, 0.00 minutes. Deader than a doornail as the old saying goes. I waited until I was home using my land phone and talked to an operator and they said they had no record of this. I mentioned, I believe your tracfone company was hacked and I am up the creek and what are you guys going to do about it?????? I then requested respectfully, may I speak to your supervisor? They said NO! No? I said in shock! I then said where is your corporate office located? I will turn you in to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! So here I am, a widow, 90 years old and no telling how much more I am out of financially. Another incidence of our jobs going out of the country, wide open for dishonest companies to take advantage of us TRUSTING HARDWORKING AGED AMERICANS TO BE SHAFTED!WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY AND STAND UP AGAINST THIS CONSTANT ABUSE OF OUR BELOVED UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEING SOLD DOWN THE RIVER BY OUR POLITICIANS AND BIG COMPANIES ALWAYS LOOKING TO INCREASE THEIR WEALTH.....TAKING ADVANTAGE OF US.....THE NAME OF THE GAME FOR THEM IS GREED AND HOW MUCH MORE THEY CAN STEAL OUR HARDWORKING $$$$$. This money bubble will break soon and we better wake up or we will be in the bread line just like the 1929 DEPRESSION I grew up in. It was no fun. Granny J, an oldtimer. Child of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS that helped to build up our country. Not on the take as it is today. Those days, if you needed help, you were given the help, but had to pay it back. That was when we had honesty, values and morality!!! LOTS of LUCK Guys.

Granny 8/6/14 6:31AM

I've been a Tracfone customer for about 10 years and finally decided to change phones. What a nightmare that turned out to be. I ordered my phone from Tracfone and tried to port the time an minutes. It didn't work, hours on the phone with customer non-service, who finally decided my phone was 'broken.' They would send me another - fully set up. A week later, I received the wrong phone and had to call back. Got a different person who said my original new phone was not broken - they just sent me a phone with an incorrect sim card.

Waited another week for a new sim card (that was considered expedited service!). Called to activate it and spent literally hours on the phone before they got it to work. It worked precisely one day before some genius at Tracfone decided on their own to port that sim card to my OLD phone, so my new phone was disabled another week while they expedited a new sim card to me.

I tried to call the Corporate Office number listed here to complain, but they transferred me to a call center in the Philippines - at least it wasn't India, but it wasn't much better. Now I know why my late husband got so angry when he had to deal with Tracfone issues.

I will probably look for another provider once my time and minutes are used up. I know Tracfone won't care because there are plenty of other suckers in the world to take my place.

UnhappyTracfoneUser 8/5/14 10:59AM

August 1, 2014! Beware all of you who buy Tracfone Androids, you can transfer minutes from a regular cell to an Android but not back to a regular cell, its all Tracfone, can anyone explain this one?? Tracfone says its their policy but no one seems to know about this policy not even the merchants selling their product. I bought another Flip phone to get me through this & they put the airtime card on the Android instead of the Flip phone & would not correct it, their policy "CAN'T TRANSFER MINUTES FROM AN ANDROID TO A REGULAR CELL" I have been with Tracfone for 10+ years & never had a problem but guess what, got it, NO MORE TRACFONE. I was on the phone for 10+ hours with no results & press 1 for English, who's country is this? Can't understand most of the so called service people & most of them are rude, where did customer service go?? No longer!

Anonymous 8/3/14 12:37AM

They Are The Freaking Worst Company Ever....i Hate Them Already...they Have Given Me False Information And I Hate It...still Waiting On A Phone They Were Suppose To Send Me Since July 22, 2014 And It's July 24th Thats Bull...i Will Be Reporting These Bastards

NICOLEE 7/24/14 9:37AM

Im on the phone with a trac phone rep and they keep putting me in hold hung up on me and told me that I received minutes on my phone for the mintth of july I haven't and the supervisor by the name of ms latoya id # 1097 gave me the wrong number

trudy leach 7/24/14 7:55AM

Bought a new tracfone yesterday. Had the service switched over. No problem. I'm with safe link that's 250 minutes and 1,000 texts per month. Had used less than 200 texts and the rest disappeared. Called for tec support and they kept me on hold until all the minutes were gone too. Why do we have to pay to get help? Now, I have no minutes or texts. I had to borrow a friends phone to call back and after an hour of repeating myself, I'm still screwed over. My husband us in bad health physically and mentally. He gets lost in his head sometimes, what if he wanders off...I would have no way to get help quickly. He is also a diabetic ( three shots and two pills a day) things can go bad fast. Anything happens to him, I will be a rich woman thanks to tracfone! I hope this comment makes it's wY to the presidents office. We need to make a stand!

Pissed off in Georgia 7/19/14 7:56PM

After reading several of the comments and having been caught on a technicality, I'm out a credit card purchase of $21.81 of time plus all the time I had on the phone, I've decided to find another company. Without getting into all of the details, I asked what would have happen if I purchased a $100 worth of time. Answer I would have lost that due to the terms and conditions. That's highway robbery. I hope the 21.81 they stole from me pays for the hours of trying to track the problem. I'm almost 70, who's going to pay for the time I had to hang on the phone and waste my life trying to talk to people that have English as a second language.

Stressed Out 7/18/14 2:59PM

Accidentally, my son jumped in the pool with his father's cell phone in his pocket. The phone was no good anymore, so we purchased a new phone. Called tracfone to activate the new phone and transfer the time and minutes from the old phone. The customer service attempted to activate the phone, said it could take hours. After a day it finally activated, but no service. So back to customer service, they said they had to send me a new sim card, 3-5 days. So after waiting the card came and back to customer service. Finally, I thought, but no. My husband had 900 minutes left on his old phone, but they said their computer only shown 238. We tried reasoning with them explaining to them that their computer must be wrong. It wasn't even half of what my husband had on his phone. We asked for a supervisor, she checked and said that there was nothing she could do except give us 30 minutes. We tried to explain that we paid for the minutes and didn't think it was fair that they were not going to give us what we paid for. She just kept repeating that she couldn't help us, even though we had be customers for 10 years and there were 3 of us in the house with tracfones. I was shocked that they didn't care to lose us as customers. I told her that I will be shopping for a new phone carrier, she just kept repeating herself. They are thieves. They stole my minutes and actually think that we are stupid enough to just pay for more. Not me. I will also make it a mission to spread the word. I will share my story with everyone. I will contact the BBB. I will also contact Walmart to let them know that they are doing business with thieves. They really should care about their customers, without them they have no business. These people crooks! I do not recommend Tracfone, unless you like being aggravated and having your pockets picked!

Anonymous 7/17/14 4:42PM

I have a net 10 ,same as tracfone and walmarts pay as you go phone. I also have had a problem with communicating with the people who work there . My service was set up with a rolling automatic pay so I would not have to deal with buying more minutes monthly but twice now it has been shut off and I have had to endure a 3 hour miserable phone conversation to get it resolved. After reading a number of these complaints I have come to the conclusion that this company is just like most of those doing business in this country. They don't give a shick about anything but the money ! The days of good service and ' the customer is always right' are gone and unresolved issues are the norm. Face it, your screwed !

woody 7/11/14 5:56PM

Tracfone thinks that I am going to forget about this....but guess again. I will not stop until it gets resolved. I know of ways to get my minutes back and I will use them. You may be able to brush other people off but not me. I will make ur company look bad, I will not stop the pressure.

RainBowzSki49 7/6/14 1:12PM

Purchased a replacement Tracfone for my father on 6/5/14. finally received it On 6/12 (so much for the 3-5 day promise). Once we received the phone we could not activate it. Finally after long phone call to tech support the phone was activated. HOWEVER, there is NO SERVICE!! After yet another 48 minute phone call to tech support was advised needed a new SIMS card, one will be receive in 3-5 days. Here it is 11 days later and still no card. After yet another phone call, this time to shipping I learn that the order was cancelled because they could not successfully deliver it to the courier (FED EX). Well, let's see how this story ends, waiting for another 3-5 day delivery for the second SIMS card. This is a most unfavorable experience.

Mad daughter 7/1/14 2:33PM

Very upset! Got a $45 min card when to put it on my phone and they tell me someone else has used my pin!! So there goes $50 of my hard working money!! Anybody wants to get a lawyer and do something I'm in!!

jenn 6/24/14 7:13PM

I, too, have had tech. problems, but when I've emailed w/ detailed & clear description of problem they have always come through. It is frustrating, but the emails seem to be most effective. I've searched plans and searched plans and can't find any site that is as good. Our son lives in Taiwan - we appreciate the international calls w/o a special plan. If complainants make sure the problem is clear I feel certain Tracfone will help. They ARE in business after all.

satisfied customer 6/21/14 5:24AM

This is most aggravated I have ever been in my life, I've been dealing with these people now for two months and still haven't got any results.

Anonymous 6/19/14 8:20PM

This company is the absolute worst company its so unfortunate that they supply our elderly man and women who made this country so good this company does not care at all about the people who try to support it by using their services and they have the worst customer service I've ever seen I have never posted a complaint against a company in the past but this company deserves to not be in business

cleo 6/18/14 1:58PM

Read the cNet reviews on TracFone!!! Worst company ever with no redeeming qualities.

Derry 6/17/14 1:40PM

received a new tracfone to replace an older one I had 2400 minutes and 173 days to transfer to the new fone, the rep was ridiculous and totally messed everything up a supervisor said he had transferred my minutes to my new fone and after 1 month my fone was suddenly deactivated and I could not be reached or make a call. Supervisor said I would be without a fone for 3 to 5 days and would have to take a new number, no refund could be given and I will not be able to trust this company ever again. I am a widow and often drive alone if I had gotten stranded I would not have been able to call for help, there was no notice that my phone was being deactivated. I will lose the money that I paid for the 24 minutes that I had already paid for do not buy a tracfone, their customer service is a joke and the people are foreign and do not know what to do
the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will let everyone know just how bad it is and the better business bureau also.

sdulaney 6/9/14 7:50PM

I've been with tracfone for about 7 years, I tried to buy a year's worth of minutes for $99.99 on my computer this didn't work so I did it by using my tracfone then instead of getting one years worth of minutes for $99.99 I got 3 months for $89 I tried to get this straightened out by paying $10 more for a whole year.which I was told they could not do so after my 3 months is up I am done with tracfone dissatisfied customer.

Brian 6/6/14 5:40PM

Do Not Use Tracfone Customer Service Is Nasty And Executive Office Is No Help Either. Double Charged Me Would Not Refund Money . Repeat Do Not Use Tracfone. Thieves

RNHENR 6/4/14 9:45AM

I rarely cuss ... but trying to speak to someone in customer service via telephone is HELL!

Basically Tracfone & Net10 get millions and millions of federal money for Safelink program.

None of the federal money goes to pay for customer service.

99% of all of their customer service employees are from OTHER Countries! WHY?

Because Net10 and Tracfone, can pay internationals 50% less than they must pay Americans.

Although, most of my experiences with the international customer service representatives has been positive.

However, they have little training. Plus, it has repeatedly taken me 1 hour, 1 hour 1/1, and sometimes more to receive help from the international CSR.

Then, after alll that time waiting and waiting, the International CSR, tells me that they have no control over this issue or matter!

This is one of the reasons why our country is in the condition it is. Big companies.

The stock holders of Tracfone & Net10 receive more money, and more money and more money.

Instead of sharing some of that wealth by hiring USA Americans in the USA to be customer service rep.

They need to pay their American USA CSR $10 an hour starting. They will attract better educated and more committed to their jobs.

These 2 companies DO NOT, DO NOT want to help the customer.
They just want the money from selling your minutes and then
don't call use, we will call you.

That is why the automated system you receive when you call the help number, was designed by computer engineers, to be ALMOST impossible to get through.

It IS NO NO NO mistake,that it is almost impossible
to receive help from Net10 person or Tracfone. I believe that Net10 and Tracfone are the same company.

Anonymous 6/2/14 11:58AM

I purchased a faulty sim and they would not refund my my 50 dollars. I think it's disgusting, and day light robbery that you would not received the service that you pay for. The call centre were beyond rude, and had no idea what the official line was. I will never buy anything from this company again

rozana 5/28/14 4:08PM

I'm a first time user. When I called to have my phone set up customers service enter my serial number wrong then enter the airtime number. Then told me there was nothing they could do because the serial number belongs to another number. I feel like I should be given the $50 credit to my new phone. As it stands right now I can not use the phone.

trhouse 5/28/14 8:01AM

Dear Sir: Recently I bought ZTE smart phone only used it for few months. It went out off order as my record left over minutes 1288 from smart phone should be carry over to my big easy Alcatel A382G.Now I found out 1288 minutes can not carry over to my big easy phone. C/S did not tell me about this issue. I have told her twice about 1288 minutes carry over

marg1848 5/25/14 12:09PM

Tracfone customer service is horrible. It took me two hours straighten out a ten dollar refund. I spoke to four different individuals and was hung up on once. The president of the company is F. J. Pollak Please call and complain.

Anonymous 5/20/14 11:51AM

I have been a Tracfone customer for years. I love the system as it takes care of my needs perfectly. However, whenever I have had a question or problem I get someone who can barely speak English. I believe they try to provide good service but if you cannot understand what is being said it makes no difference; the service is bad.

Frustrated 5/16/14 10:46AM

worst customer service ever

Anonymous 5/13/14 11:26AM

I too am so very angry with Tracfone customer service. I have spent 6 hours total on the phone trying to get minutes tripled as per the phone I purchased. Still hasn't happened. It's frustrating and not acceptable!

Judy 5/7/14 1:54PM

Well, If I Thought The Customer Service Was A Picnic After 153 Minutes On The Phone - You Should Try Cotacting The Corporate Office - I Have Been Passed To Voice Mail After Voice Mail - You Can't Get A Human - Wonder Why, Couldn't Be Because They Have Too Many Complaints - This Is The Worst I Have Ever Dealt With - This Is How They Get Away With It Or So They Think You Will Get Discouage And Go Away - Well I Will Not - I Will Keep Try Until This Is Resolved - They Will Not Credit The 4,119 Back To Her Phone - This Is Money In Their Pockets - How Could They Treat People Like This! Count Me In On Any Law Suites - I Really Do Not Like The Way I Was Treated At All!!! Do Not - I Repeat - Do Not Purchase From Tracfone!!!!!

VERY ANGRY 5/6/14 1:08PM

I Just Spent 153 Minutes On The Phone With Tracfone To Try And Get An Issue Resolved - My Disabled Sister De-activated Her Phone Number While Trying To Upgrade To A New Phone - She Accidently Deactived Her Number - She Had 4,119 Minutes That Were Lost And Not To Mention They Would Not Re-activate Her Phone Number - All Her Doctor Have That Number - One Mistake On The Computer And It Is All Gone - The Customer Service Rep Was The Abosolute Worst I Have Ever Dealt With - Totally Rude - I Would Not Recommend Tracfone To Anyone - They Are A Rip-off

VERY ANGRY 5/6/14 12:46PM

The customer service @ net10 is the worst ive ever encountered. Anytime you have to call them exspect to be onn the phone for @ least an hour. Ive been wwith this company approx. 3years & it has been rough ever since. Everytime i call them something else goes wrong. Case in point: The first of April i couldnt take the problems i was experiencing with the phone i bought from net 10 back in July,last year.So i bought another phone. I had them activate it. After 3 calls it was finally up & going. Last week i got an e-mail stating my time was running out.I wasnt to angry cause this is typical net10. I called to ask them why i wasnt enrolled in autopay as i had asked. Long story short called back yesterday re-enrplled in autopay. Took an hour Im moving today, woke up 4am , calleed my bank wanted to call the movers. My phone was disconnected. Had to wait til 8am before i could do anything. Finally i spoke with a supervisor to tell him what occured yesterday. He was as incompotent as the reps.He told me after being on the phone for almost an hour.My credit card was invalid. I hung up called back & had a rep do the transaction. THEN Spoke with a manager to report all that occcured only to find out my nuber was changed without my permission &
now i have to wait maybe 2days to get my no. back. I wasnt even informed i was given a new number. I wonder if the better business bureauknow of all the complaints with this companny. If they dont they will cause this is unexceptiblle.

Anonymous 5/2/14 7:20AM

30 days went into store to purchase card to add minutes to my net10, 30 day plan. Rep. at net10 said card was invalid so took card back, talked to mgr who said nothing was wrong with card. Net 10 rep finally got it added, but could not access browser. Since then I have called 13 times, 2 major service tickets, no call backs, poor customer service. It was almost if someone has been blocking me from access and to get my emails. I am very dissatisfied with service and am thinking about going to another company. Then to top it off now my minutes have expired without my phone being fixed and net 10 wanting me to add another 30 day card to activate the phone. I told them I feel they should do this since I have not the service I paid for originally. I would not tell my friends to buy net10-tracphone again.

serviceast22 4/29/14 7:19AM

I have been a customer of TracFone for many years, but have just spent the last 1.5 hours on the phone with several of your people in FOREIGN COUNTRIES trying to buy time for my phone, remaining time will expire in 3 DAYS. I want to use a different credit card, but your people are saying it's being rejected!! My card company says that's ridiculous. Also, your website is the WORST I've ever seen!! Now, can you fix this problem, or do I throw my phone in the trash can and put a VERY BAD recommendation on the internet?

Chas 4/28/14 8:38AM

I wish I had read this comment page before buying the ZTE android. 17 calls to the service department. All I have to show for 10 days of service calls, is an android phone that doesn't work, it never did activate and lost all of my minutes. From reading the other comments I doubt corporate will do anything about it. Instead I will contact BEST BUYS and let them know they should pull the phone from their shelves.
We have been loyal tracfone customers since 2003, and always happy with our products. This is the first time there has ever been a problem. Very disappointed in Tracfone.

Unhappy in Indiana 4/27/14 3:47PM

JOKE, WORTHLESS, INCOMPETENT.. The absolute worst customer service in the world. They do not care about their customers one bit. Ive been with out a phone for 3 and 1/2 months because this company cant get their crap together.
I sent them a galaxy s2 and they send me a garbage zte solar that doesnt even have the same technology. They sent me the solar without even telling me their warehouse doesnt carry galaxy s2 anymore. the new phone they sent to me crashed after only 2 days of service and it took them a MONTH to replace it. now with my third phone they lost my phone number and expect me to wait another 7 days for a new simcard with the correct phone number but while i wait I get no service.


F.U.STRAIGHT TALK 4/18/14 10:50AM

THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. Can not change any information of the account from their website, it keeps referring you to call Customer Service. Their Customer Service is a JOKE!!! No One wants to help. The receptionist kept transferring me back to customer service. Customer service refuses to give you a corporate phone number, address, etc. The man who said he was the Operations Manager of the call center, would not give his bosses name, I advised him that I needed to speak to him and he said he was the last person that I could talk to. I reminded him that his boss and his bosses boss have phone's on their desk. It's time that we demand better customer service from companies that are located in the US. They outsource because it's all about the bottom line. We should stop helping their bottom line by boycotting them.

Anonymous 4/15/14 2:09PM

This Is The Worst Company I Have Ever Delt With They Are Horrible
I Have Enrolled On A Plan Yet Have Not Been Given That Plan In One Year. The Customer Service People Sent Me To 5 Different Phone Numbers In One Hour. You Cant Understand The People Even The Supervisors Do Not Know What The Hell They Are Doing. I Will Never Ever Refer Anyone To This Company

BONNIE 4/15/14 6:12AM

This Tracfone service is HOPELESS! And, there are no REAL US citizens to speak with on the helpline to resolve phone service issues. The helpline people in a foreign country, (Belize) and they read from a script. They cannot help anyone with a problem outside their normal 'one-size-fits-all diagnostics' script. And to add insult to have to go to another phone for them to give you instructions on what to try to do on your phone to potential troubleshoot and resolve issues. They cannot give instructions via email or instant messaging.

The phone itself, seems to work and outgoing calls work...but the airtime service is unreliable for incoming calls. Some calls go straight to voicemail, instead of ringing. Then, the next incoming call might be O.K. and will ring. Some incoming calls, tell the caller that the number is no longer in service. When I was speaking on an incoming call today, the phone just stopped receiving the call. I have had this intermittent problem over the last 2 months, with no resolution from Tracfone. They said that sometime the cell towers get overloaded. I have filed 4 service problem tickets to Tracfone's tech center on their website internet form. They say they have not received the last 2...yet I have an email confirmation on the most recent submission, which tells me to call the helpline in Belize, Mexico. The Helpline representative says they cannot help, unless I can call from another phone. I am out in nowhere-land, with no other easy phone access. I rely on incoming business calls and only get some. I have family with medical conditions and they need to have a reliable means of getting in touch with me for emergency situations.

I told the tech helpline rep that if they cannot help to send me a refund from all the outstanding airtime I have purchased, so that I can go purchase a phone and airtime service from a reliable provider. The Tracfone rep. said they are unable to do so and could not refer me to someone in management who could resolve this service breach of warranty with me.

This company has no REAL people behind it, to help customers and is one big website for taking money and giving general instructions for potential problems for the phone only. But there are no instructions to resolve airtime issues for incoming calls encumbered by overloaded cell towers.

No one at corporate has responded to my email for help.

I am not impressed with this service and recommend others look for a company who has a good service warranty and real, in-country people, to help resolve issues.

Unsatisfied 2-year Tracfone Customer

Unsatisfied 2-yearTracfone Custo 4/4/14 8:14AM

Help 6 Call And Still No Service , Minute Taken Away, And Each Person I Talk Too Says Something Difference If The Andorid Phone Doesn,t Work Don,t Sell It We Trust Your Ads. They Are Not What They Are Advertise We Just Want The Service That You Say We Will Git Not The Run Around

Anonymous 3/29/14 6:56AM

I am on a value plan that gives me triple minutes every month which is deducted from my checking account. They took the money out of my account and after 2 days never added the minutes to my phone, I call today to have someone add the minutes, he put 125 minutes on the phone and that was all, they keep saying that it shows that minutes were added to my phone. YES, but not my minutes which I already paid for. Where are my minutes.:(

merlg1953 3/26/14 1:01PM

Had a problem with adding airtime on a "triple minute" phone that I recently purchased. problem stems from purchasing a tracfone card that gave me "double minutes" Although the corporation should place information on card that states it will not work for a "triple' minutes card ,a tech, was very helpful in resolving the situation to my satisfaction. Tracfone should none the less correct this flaw to avoid further customer problems. Thanks again Ian.

Anonymous 3/25/14 12:25PM

These clueless clowns at Tracfone messed up my order for a replacement phone by shipping the package to return my phone to a FedEx distribution center 1,500 miles from my address. I'm guessing somehow they sent it from the Indianapolis warehouse to themselves instead of to me since it ended up in Miami instead of Upstate NY (kidding). When the equally clueless clowns at FedEx saw an address near Albany, NY in their Miami distribution facility, instead of re-routing it to NY, they returned the package as "Undeliverable". Since them I've called, e-mailed, chatted on-line & the clueless clowns at Tracfone keep promising me that my replacement phone order will get done & nothing happens. Well, now I don't care because I've already got a new phone from a competitor at about the same price per year & they have a store in the mall, so I won't get stuck on the phone in a futile attempt to resolve any problem that may arise. I'd like to get a check for the defective phone & the 1,800 +_minutes that I can no longer use but since they are so dishonest I figure the $250 I lost spent & for the new phone & this year's service is worth it just to get away from these crooks.
If you don't have a Tracfone, run, don't walk, from any offer you see by these crooked clueless clowns.
I see a lot of Anonymous posters. We'll there's no need for me to be anonymous, I want them to know that I think they suck.

Harvey Lipsky 3/20/14 4:27PM

I'm waiting for a reply via email from corporate. I added minutes using a tracfone card and received an email confirmation that the minutes had been added. Well, the minutes were not added in time and tracfone disconnected the service. I want my new minutes and the left over minutes returned to my phone and, of course, service restored. I'm not asking for anything I didn't pay for and I HAVE A CONFIRMATION!!!!

Jinxed 3/11/14 4:57PM

I have a tracfone and only had it 3 months and it will not keep a charge. I called and the person I talked to said I will receive a replacement phone and I will have 30 days to return the phone, however the replacement phone was never sent, just a empty box to send back the defective phone. I can not send my phone back until I get my new telephone because of emergency reasons. I wish something could be done with this company because this is not right.

sandradee 3/11/14 1:09PM

I Hate this company now because for one, when I call customer service, the reps are in another COUNTRY!!!!! I want to speak to a US Citizen that can a really help me. I have used tracfone for years and have 4 phones with you.

Secondly, I paid over $100 for a new android Galaxy Century phone +$159 for 1000 minutes. All the $$$$$$$ I am and have spent at this company and they won't send me out a replacement phone until I send out the Defective one that I just got. I can't be without a pho e for 3-5 days or the true time it will take which is more like 2 weeks. This is CRAP!!!!!

I am so very angry. I am a paraleagal and I will be launching an ivestgation and filing a LAWSUIT with Tracfone. Unless these issues can be Resolved IMMEDIATLY. Home. Since my phone is dead now anyway

Anonymous 3/8/14 1:59PM

old phone screen went out (lg505c)they sent a cheap samsung and not only is it cheap but they can not port my number in violation of fcc req.I have filed a complaint with again after 4 hours they still can not get it right.Do Not Buy this crap.

warmachine 3/2/14 1:09PM

After purchasing a new tracfone I called on Feb. 17, 2014 to transfer my over 500 units and my old number to my new tracfone. Wish I would have read all the complaints before purchasing another tracfone. Had my old one for almost 8 years and never a problem. But, now it has been 6 days and after a lot of e-mails from me (finally one from them yesterday were they tell me what to do, which of course does not work and they give me a number to call if I have any questions!???) I have called a LOT of times (of course never got to talk to a live person!), telling me, after I put in my phone number, that it is being processed. Shortly after talking to someone on Feb. 17, all the units I had left on my old cell, dissapeared! Now It is called inactive!! unless, I guess I BUY more minutes (and I am sure that is what they want), I am without a cellphone. I dont think I have EVER been this frustrated and like some of the other people have mentioned, this Company does NOT CARE! I have put in a complaint to the BBB, but nothing has happened yet and I am now sure (after reading all the other complaints), that nothing is going to happen.

Anonymous 2/22/14 3:11PM

I have used Tracfone services for a long time without any problems.I bought a new phone, and tried to transfer my old phone number to my new phone. simple task, don't you think?
So far, after 3 weeks, talked to many different people I am in the same place as day one. I believe these people who work for tracfone (Central America) get pay by the minutes, they try to keep you on the phone line tens of minutes or even hours, or maybe they do not have computers,and they used note pads.
What ever...Now, the new service provided by Tracfone sucks.
The people in charged of Corporate Head Quarters are a bunch of idiots or simply a bunch of "MORONS"

Happy 2/17/14 11:48AM

I bought a $500 Samsung Galaxy S3 in July from day 1 I have had problems with the phone. The phone was purchased in July and I called tech support within a couple days of having the phone due to no reception and dropped calls. After they had me do a few tests to my phone they said they did not know what was wrong with it. I've called serveral times with problems each time they can't help me and when you ask for a manager they all say they are the manager. What kind of circus is straight talk. They said my phone must be defective but they wont even fix it. Seriously I have had problems from day 1 and this company has literally blown me off and screwed me over. I'm sure there is some type of lemon law on this. Especially when I got proof of every phone call with straight talk.There is nothing straight about straightalk it's bent as hell.

Anonymous 2/14/14 5:23PM

This is one of the worse phone services I have ever had. One no one speaks clear or proper English so you can't understand a word that is being said. Two they never listen to what you are saying they speak and speak and never resolve a thing. Three your minuets magically disappear. Four you seem to share your money by sharing your minuets with who ever else account yours is messed up with. Five you call tech support( Tech Hell) and waste more time getting no where and hang up with same problem. It is going on twelve hours of nothing but pure hell trying to get minuets I already paid for added to my phone...Please be smart and DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. KILLING YOURSELF WOULD BE A WISER CHOICE. THIS IA THE WORSE COMPANY TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH. ITS A NO BRAINER, THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN BY THE BETTER BUISNESS. THEY COULDN'T GIVE ME ENOUGH FREE MINUETS TO EVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN.I WAS A ATT&T CUSTOMER FOR 8 YRS. VERIZON 12 AND CRICKET 5, THIS COMPANY SIX MONTHS AND WILL NEVER USE RECOMEND OR SAY A GOOD THING ABOUT THEM...EVER. THERE TECH SUPPORT IS ONE OF THIER WORSE SERVICES..

HOPE 2/13/14 2:43PM

For 7 times in 7 months it was necessary to call tech support because phone would not autofill. they led me through long code entry numbers, then it would update days and minutes. each time they would advise me next month it would update, but it did not. they advised it may be because memory was full, I do not text and number of stored calls are few. this time I called corporate office in Miami FL after first talking to standard tech support in the Philippians. if it does not autofill I will comment next month.

Rz 2/12/14 2:05PM

On December 9 I called to have my husband's tracfone units of 6408 transferred to my tracfone. Customer service tech of course he could do it. He only transferred 1800 units and told me to call back for remaining units to be transferred then hung up. I called back and was told that only 1800 units were on my husband's tracfone to be transferred. Did customer service tech put the remaining 4608 of my husband's units on his phone? You see we got the tracfones because I have Parkinson's Disease and I carry it in case I need help. On February 7, 2013 while on vacation in Costa Rica my husband and soul mate of 47 years died very suddenly and now I must go through life alone. This poor widow got screwed by this BIG BAD Company.

upsetinPA 2/12/14 9:17AM

hi I bought the 10 $ bring your own phone sim card pack. so then you have to buy bring your own minutes card with it. basically they said they could hook up a good Motorola razor. service goes well beyond that. Should be no prob, clean esn and basic att phone
1st attempt jumped all hoops read the operator sim number, but dosent even ask for esn number for phone. Sir I think you got a bad sim card. If you get another call back tom and it will work. Same dog and pony show next night and didn't work. So I ell this operator that how are you selling this crap and its not working. I want my money back they had there 3 chances to hook up a motorola razor flip phone. You company cant hook up a phone without the phones esn # hex # etc. So, ceo I hope you here me coming, You will give me my money back and second you people are going to be exposed publicly till you stop false advertising, telling you operators not to hook phones up, and to lie and say they are managers. You will be getting a personal visit from all of us and its going public because some people have uncles who are very capable of shutting you business down for many violations of the better business laws. Net 10 is you sister company and I have them on tape and im going to call everyday and ask for the situation to be made right , which your company refused. Now its time for you desk hounds to get off your ass and give me what I paid for, or head to dc to tell it to congress. Its not about the money its the principle. Listen to my phone call on you tube Ill call you and you can deicide if your going to give my money back or be accessories to fraud, and many violations of the American Better business Bureau. People that have been ripped off listen, call bbb everyday file a complaint and thir company will suffer cause that effects their credit reporting just like an individuals. Talk to you in the morning ceo.

eastwood57 2/10/14 10:11PM

Cannot make calls to Canada,cutomer service is a huge joke. I've called 7 times...spent over 6 hrs. with these useless people, and still cannot make long distance calls! They are great for putting you on hold, giving you a ticket number, having your call back...then handing you some BS that they are still working on it.Incompentance on a large scale!!!! I would NEVER recommend this company!

Frustrated 2/8/14 8:49AM

I have made several attempts to deal with Tracfone Customer No Service I finally contacted the FCC about all the write ups on their service. May I suggest everyone go to this website and file a complaint so companies like Tracfone will discontinue treating their customers no respect.

USABob 2/6/14 12:07PM

if u r continuing to have problems with Tracfone Customer Service, I suggest calling their corporate office in Miami Yesterday our 9000+ minutes and data disappeared and I was getting no where with Tracfone's customer service number to a call center in Guatemala. I just got off the phone with the corporate office and my minutes and data were restored before I hung up.

uscruisers 2/6/14 11:23AM

I am contacting them because we had over 9000 minutes, text and data on our phone this morning and now we have none. We just purchased another year of service on 1/24/14 and had over 7900 minutes before that purchase. We rec'd 400 minutes tripled (1200) because we have triple minutes for life and just bought the new phone in the last few months. Now we have bought a more expensive android phone, paid for service for a year and all our minutes and data have disappeared. Just wonderful. Dealing with call center in Guatemala City was totally useless.

uscruisers 2/5/14 5:35PM

my tracfone voicemail got invaded by AT&T and i want my voice mail back the way it was before!!!!!!!!!!! i like it when tracfone operated it !!!!!! At&t is a bad company they messedd up my ability to talk to loves ones bout my dad passing away like almost 11 mths ago. and i want my voicemail back to tracfone Please help me a tracfone user...

newgranny55 2/4/14 9:16PM

I would encourage anyone has a complaint to contact who you bought your phone from to contact them and complain.

Silent Majority 1/31/14 1:45PM

Bait and Switch. You call to order minutes, And they give you what they want not what you order.
Then tell you can not do nothing about it. I just called and told Home Shopping Network about them. And I called my Credit Card company. You are better off buying a brand new one than trying to order minutes. We do not have to take this.

silent majority 1/28/14 11:51AM

ive called tracfone 11 times trying to get a phone repaired.on 1/1/14 rafiel their rep said phone was have a new one in 3 to 5 days on 1/11/14 moreena told me the same thing,on 1/17/14 dasheena said she would see that it was taken care of another 3 to 5 1/27/14 jermaine said was no ticket tracking number issued,he didnt know why or when the phone was going to be shipped..seems they have people who cant or wont do their jobs..ive wasted 200 minutes calling them,,my phone wont work 50% of the time its an lg840g dont buy this phone...they gave me a number for corporate after i asked but its not the one listed here..there is over 5000 complaints against tracfone,,maybe they should get together and start a class action law suite against tracfone for wasted minutes and faulty products..i was given a ticket number and its not worth a anything because tracfone wont ship out the phone...

claton54 1/27/14 7:53AM

I purchased an android tracfone in Dec 2013. It worked for 2 weeks after which is froze on the emergency call screen. I contacted tracfone and was on the phone 1 hr with a rep who was unable to fix the problem. He said they would send me an envelop to return the phone. I returned the phone on 1/8/14 and it was received at tracfone on 1/11/14. The rep I talked to said I would receive a replacement phone in 3-5 days. Instead, I received a box with ANOTHER return envelop but no phone. I called again and explained the situation. After speaking to several levels of reps, I was told that it was a mistake that I received the 2nd return envelop. And again that I would receive the replacement in 3-5 days. That was appx 3 days ago. Today I received a box which contained yet another envelope to return a phone in .... NO PHONE! I called tracfone again and went through different levels of reps. The last one put me on hold while he "talked to corporate". As I was holding, a busy signal started blaring in my ear and the phone cut off. I am thoroughly disgusted with tracfone!

Anonymous 1/25/14 1:36PM

Bought a new tracfone called costumer service to have same number switched to new phone....5 days later its still not working!!!Call support and get a message wait 15 minutes and it should be on can not speak to a live person!!!Message on my new phone says unregistered sim card.what is going on???

ilovepugs 1/20/14 9:59PM

I live in Charlotte, NC and traveled to Virginia for a family emergency. Tracfone left in Charlotte and the service days had expired when I returned home. I tried for 25 minutes, 01/15, to contact someone that actually spoke ENGLISH and could complete a simple transaction of ADDING MINUTES. The second woman wanted to change my SIMS # (because she did not type in the correct numbers)...same telephone number, same Tracfone for over 2 years, only needed to add minutes! Corp. offices in FLorida....HIRE AMERICANS THAT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!

Anonymous 1/15/14 8:20AM

I Hate Having To Call Someone That Can't Speak English When You Press The #1 For English That Is What You Should Get ? These People You Talk To Do Not Understand Crap ! I Can't Get Anyone On The Phone After I Follow The Menu Really I Want To Reactive The Phone, This Could Take The Rest Of My Life To Do So. They Can't Seem To Get It Right , They Say You Can Do It Online , But You Can't. They Need Better Customer Service.

I SPEAK ENGILSH 1/12/14 10:12AM

I have a tracphone sent to me to place the one the batteries that go dead all the time. So they sent me a new phone that was made in 2006 and said; here use it but the ownly trouble I have on it when I call some one I can not hear them. An the phone is turned up all the way. But sense am low income there was nothing they could do. But buy a phone and this is under a US Government program for low income people. Gee can they not send a phone I can hear people talking to me. With out having to buy a piece of there junk phones. oh customer services is out of the philphines and they can do thing to get the voice up. oh buy a new phone is all I get. Dam mad as of 2014/01/11

mike ahlswede 1/11/14 12:35PM

Trying to activate a phone is not so simple. It failed to activate. Customer service's systems are not responding to resolve the issue. I was advised to call back in 2 hours instead of customer service fixing the problem and calling me back. Customer service refused to call me back when the problem was fixed. This is not customer service but people just on the telephone. I have 2 tracfones in
the house for 10 years...and maybe there should be none

Swaggy101 1/7/14 9:04AM

I Just Purchased A Phone For Xmas And Its No Good For Where I Live.and I Purchased A 50.00 Calling Card Also. There Are Signs Up At The Store Where I Bought It Saying There No Good For Marion County Wv. This Is Wrong I Threw Away The Package It Came In The Store Will Not Take It Back Now I Have A 50.00 Calling Card I Cant Use .trac Phone Should Give All My Money Back Had A Lot Of Problems Trying To Get Any Thing Done About This. You Should Stand Behind Your Products You Sell.and Where You Sell Them At

[email protected] 1/6/14 6:30PM

On 1/2/2014 called tracfone to activate new Samsung Galaxy & transfer 5840.70 minutes from LG420G. Samsung phone is my fifth tracfone & these minutes had accumulated over 9-10 years by rarely using the previous 4 phones. Tracfone transferred 2450 minutes & claim that is all I had, all I possibly could have had according to their server. Their server claimed I had only purchased 2 airtime cards on my fourth phone but that was proven inaccurate when I provided them with the dates of the 3 purchases. Their customer service is deplorable, rude & arrogant & I've wasted 3 days trying to reason with them. These minutes were bought & paid for (minutes accompany service time activation) & would probably now be used since the Samsung is an android phone. Their own web site has a forum with 6 pages of complaints of customers losing minutes when transferring them to this Samsung phone. I had never been to this web site before because the previous 4 phones indicated minutes accrued & service end date when you opened the phone but with the Samsung you need to visit the web site for this info. I am writing this due to my frustration & to expose the fraudulent, systemic business practices. I also intend to write to FJ Pollak, Pres & CEO of tracfone

Barbara 1/5/14 12:07PM

I've had a Tracfone for years and ordered a new one. Tracfone put an incorrect shipping label on the package and UPS won't deliver it to me. I've just spent over 3 hours trying to straighten this out. Tracfone now tells me my address is not valid! I've gotten my mail and packages here for almost 20 years. That's valid! I've been told to go pick up the phone! The nearest location is a hour away. I've been told to go to Walmart and buy one! I thought buying online would be convenient. What kind of customer service is this?

Anonymous 1/2/14 6:08PM

I just wanted to say how mad I was for you guys rippen me off of 40 mins I have been a customer for a lot of years It just makes me mad that I could not even talk to a manager oh wellI guess

roberto 1/2/14 12:07PM

Tracfone has since gotten a hold of me and rectified the issue that I was having.
Thank You so Much for taking the time to help me.
I really Appreciate it.

Anonymous 12/30/13 12:24PM

I have a Tracfone from you . I am very upset with this service I am getting from you . My phone is defective and they told me they were sending a replacement phone. Now they are not because it is an android phone. Here is my ticket . I am hopping some one will call me back and fix this problem . I am on disability and need to have a working cell phone. Here is my home phone

Please help me with this issue !!

Anonymous 12/30/13 9:18AM

What is the point of out sourcing your customer service? If it was saving you money then hey...... a dollar saved is a dollar earned right? But thats not your case tracfone.... Its NOT!

They LOVEEEEEEE to kick back and transfer you to another department
They LOVEEEEEEE to place you on hold but really put you on MUTE and take there time.
They LOVEEEEEEE to give you a generic answer which really isnt the answer.
They LOVEEEEEEE to piss you off.
They LOVEEEEEEE to hang up on You.

Just DONT OUTSOURCE Your call centers!

Topnotchwireless 12/29/13 1:40PM

After over 8 years as a happy tracfone customer, I am ready to switch to another company. It all started 10 days ago when I damaged my phone. Since then I have spent over 4 hours on the phone, called 8 separate times, waited for new SIM cards 3 times, and I STILL DO NOT HAVE SERVICE! The reps are all very nice, but they changed the serial number on my account, changed my phone number, and is isn't fixed yet.

Janet 12/25/13 5:08PM

Absolutely TERRIBLE support. I received a new phone on December 23d, activated it in Zip Code 45324 which is area code 937. The phone was programmed to area code 304 (West Virginia). After SEVERAL calls to tech support to get it right the number was changed and each time came back in the wrong area code and all I got from tech support (that title used loosely here) was that the number is "system generated" and there's nothing they can do about it. I went as high as a senior manager and was totally blown off by him. This is the absolute worst service that I've ever encountered and when I asked for a refund I was told that they "don't do refunds" and when I asked them to make it right they told me that I'd need to buy more airtime since the number had met the maximum number changes.

Highly Dissatisfied 12/25/13 11:42AM

I have spent HOURS now on CHAT trying to get a simple question answered. "Accessing my account" has (so far) taken 23 minutes of my time.
This company is a mess. Further, it appears to be dishonest

Anonymous 12/24/13 2:09PM

Without a doubt the worst phone service in the world. Please do not purchase a Tracfone, they have the a track record of poor service. Just read the comments on there Crop site and you will understand. I have written to them and they do not respond. There attitude is we got your money so what.

Willy_tell 12/23/13 6:56AM

Short story:
I sent for a phone upgrade on Thanksgiving. They killed my old phone sim the same day.
The new phone did not work...they sent a sim card.
It worked with a very weak signal but when you called my number is said no longer in service.
My old phone has worked fine for 3 years. Never dropped a call. Service bars 4. I gave up and asked if I could get my old phone turned on. They sent a sim card and killed my new phone the same day.
I get the new phone and ask to have my time transferred. I told them the phone number and they said it was not the one they have on file. I was told I could not have my number and would have to use the one I now have. This started a week long battle.
I was told by many people that they cannot activate a none active phone number. In time I finally got someone to get my phone number back. I guess this must have been a mirical.
Now my old phone is activated with my old number and the time and due date have been changed but there is no service.
They said they were going to check on it and it would take 24 to 48 hours.
I am now trying to figure out what is going on but the chat people will no longer try to help. They just close the chat.
I have done absolute everything on chat that the on line people can do. So that stupid we can't help you and call service is a sham!
I have had at least 25 chats of 1 to 4 hours in length and 5 calls to service. No one is willing to help.
I was happy. I just wanted an upgrade. Now 25 days later I still don't have a phone. I have 4 sim cards and two phones but they do not work.
I have saved the last chats if anyone wants to see them. It is sad that your service people are so poorly trained. They have the power to fix most anything but flat refuse to. The last two chats would not send so I don't know if they can control that or not. I have been saving employee numbers and the chats.
I would have to write a book about everything that has happened with this. I now see that the facebook page has the comment button gone so no one can comment any more. All it was was complaint after complaint.

sk1951 12/20/13 1:22PM

I advised each Tracfone rep immediately that I have a hearing impairment. I was unsuccessful in getting resolution to my concerns. I called the corp and the receptionist was rude, unhelpful, and redirected me to the 800 # AFTER I informed her I couldn't hear on it (international calls). I asked for her supervisor and after 9 minutes on hold, was directed to a voice mail. I'm not holding my breath for a reply. The receptionist INTERRUPTED perpetually, and in my opinion, abused the power Tracfone has entrusted her with. I did agree to take the survey when I called the 800 number and I just got my call back from it. I had the opportunity to state my dissatisfaction with the 800 # static, noise on the line, etc. as well as my utter disappointment with the corporate receptionist.

The topper? I let them know that I will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Indiana and Florida Attorney General's Office, and the Americans with Disabilities office. Formal complaints are more effective than a forum if the company will not address an issue.

It's sad that Tracfone can offer such a great concept, but they execute it with such poor service.


Anonymous 12/18/13 12:59PM

dear sir
did not get my minutes added automatic this month
called the lady was hard to understand her she did not understand what i told her to do need to get who knows what to do
robt weitzel thank you

robert weitzel 12/16/13 11:42AM

Have used tracfone for many years. Now just spent 2 frustrating days trying to buy minutes. The charge was put on my credit card, but no minutes and year of service ever registered. Hours on the phone - no one wants to help, or can't. Finally was told the minutes went to a similar phone number?????? After hours of frustrating conversation, the minutes came. Promised the year of service would also, but never has. Now in 16 days the phone will be dead and $110. wasted as the phone will go dead. No one cares that I have been able to reach. How does this company stay in business?

Anonymous 12/14/13 9:30AM

I bought a new Tracfone so I could text - called and had them transfer my minutes and old number to the new phone - at least I thought they did. they gave me a new phone number and after about 10 hours of phone calls trying to get my old number back they told me it was blocked and that I could not have it back - after using that number for 10 years I really didn't understand that. One person actually sent me a new SIM card since it was bad for my old phone and I could reactivate it online but would have to add new minutes then I could transfer the old number to the new phone. When I got the new SIM card I also bout more minutes and added them on only to find out that the phone doesn't work - after almost 2 hours on the phone today with a very rude representative I was told that there was nothing I could do to get number and minutes back. Now the new phone is having problems saying "no service". I am about $50 for trying just to get a new phone. I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and if I could find a name of someone to send a letter to I would do it. After almost 10 years with them you would think they would know how to handle people.

Blondemama 12/12/13 7:11PM

I have a track phone and had put 100$ in mins so all in all I had 928 mins on this phone..The phone then up dated the days I had to use the phone 325 this was in April the 28th OF 2013 in Nov the 13 2013 the phone would not work, I called track phone let them know it was not working, was on the phone with them for 2 hrs before they tell me I need a new sim card... I got a sim 3 DAYS later....I put it in and called them to start up the phone they did it and all my mins where gone they took them all.. I called they gave me some codes and told me it should up date in 24 hrs... It did not then I called them back they told me I had used all my mins and the time had run out.. This was a clear lie, I got this after being on the phone with them for 4 hrs with some one in philippines.... asked to speak to CEO who is in FL USA they did not know their own CEO...but got a Corp Rep Jonathan with no last name ID 41668, who was clearly not fluent in English who informed me that he dose get money from the USA Gov for this program so my tax dollars are paying him...Once I told him this he told me he could not comment on Gov Monies they get from the USA... So not only do I pay them for mins I dont get I pay for the philippines workers also with my tax dollars and all of them are just as worthless as this phone.. They have taken money away from me and I live on a fixed income. This was a Gov program to help people in the USA not rape us of are money. They taken money from me and are Gov and all of us who pay Taxes!!!

Mara 12/12/13 11:46AM

I bought two, (2) Tracfones thru QVC with 1,450 minutes on each on Oct., 2013. Since that time I have had numerous VERY ANNOYING ROBO CALLS from TracFone trying to sell me extra minutes. We still have over 1,300 minutes on each. This morning at 5:30AM my wife's phone was going off. I don't know how many times it rang before that.
It is EXTREMLY ANNOYING to get any kind of calls, messages, especially in the middle of the night.
After complaining to TracFone numerous times to TracFone, the calls stop and then start up again.
If you don't mind your phone ringing in the middle of the night to sell you minutes you don't need, go for it.

Anonymous 12/12/13 4:27AM

I bought a new tracfone to replace and old one - big mistake!
I went through all the computer steps, even got my minutes to transfer over to the new phone - thought I was lucky. Surprise I can't use my phone it says 'Activation Required'.
I called customer service they had me do code entry, battery removal, sim card removal - nothing.
Transferred me to another tech, same thing, again nothing. 4 hours later nothing! They don't seem to care about the customer.
I emailed customer service. Got an email with a telepone number and a pin number. I was hopeful but alas same tech and same result - I guess you get what you pay for. Going out to AT&T and getting a cell phone that works, it will cost alittle more but it will work.

Trachatter 12/8/13 7:22PM

Worst service I have ever had. Been trying to get my # ported over, it's been over 1 week and I STILL do not have a working tracfone!!!! I asked to speak with an American. they flat out refused!!! I have been to south American, central American, Philippines..etc, but not the good old USA. Something needs to charge in "OUR" Country!! We need to start to keep our services in our COUNTRY!!! The wages maybe the issue, but there are many people on WELFARE, that can be part of the "work force" and the money would help to "OUR ECONOMY", as these type of people and others could spend to make US STRONG & STRONGER without farming these jobs out to #rd World Countries, that do not "CARE" about "HELPING" their fellow AMERICAN with great customer service & great "JOB" satisfaction, which WILL give a person the "PRIDE" of going to a "JOB" & doing "GOOD" at it!!!!! I still do not have my phone working. Need HELP, NOW!!! DO not know what more to do, Been on the phone with there people some 4-5 hour just today and no working phone.... SAD

816-699-7305, the # I have had since 2005, was requested to be transferred to my new TraceFone. It has been several "DAYS" and nothing???? I transferred that # to a Government Phone Company - Reach -out Wireless from T-Mobile, that was a BIG MISTAKE!!! That was last year and that did not take this LONG!!!! I am a Service Connected Disabled Veteran and rec' Govt assistance. The last straw was at the time I purchase this NEW TraceFone..My Home phone was out and I was ill, I went to call for help and they had cut off "MY" #!! I was forced into purchasing this tracefone in order to have a phone there for me in "ALL" "TIMES" of "NEED"!!! I rec'd a call today, a family member passed. I am going back to Kansas City this upcoming Monday, Dec 9, 2013; I do not wish to be in limbo. PLEASE, PLEASE, let get this completed in a timely matter, like today.

Probe 12/5/13 10:08PM

I have been trying to help out a older woman for weeks now
I have faxed her paperwork 8 times, I have spoke to Albert. Wright, Charles Newton & Darren Banks. They all read a script call back in few days. Its the worst customer service I gave ever ddealt with. This company should be shut down concerning elderly people. I am appealed. I am not done. I am going to get to the bottom of this. I will be contacting corporate until I find aconcerned person.

E 12/4/13 2:31PM

Your customer service sucks big time. 6 hours and my minutes have not been added to my phone. I asked the first and only personal rep to cancel transaction. She kept saying she couldn't. Then After that I couldn't reach a real live person. I WANT A REFUND TO MY CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY. It really stinks that you can't get a real person to talk to. I am contacting BBB, Attorney General and my lawyer first thing Wednesday morning 11/27/03 if I don't have my minutes or a refund posted.

croussin 11/26/13 6:17PM

Good luck getting a refund on anything from tracfone when there product DO NOT WORK!

Tired 11/20/13 3:38PM

DO NOT USE TRACFONE!!!!! Tracfone customer service is the worse of any company I've ever dealt with. I used Tracfone for 2 years. My phone was damaged. I purchased the same exact model new phone directly from Tracfone to replace it. I discovered within 2 weeks the new phone was inadvertently dropping signal and I was missing calls / texts. After 2 attempts with Tracfone technical support to fix the new phone, they failed and still would not authorize the phone to be replaced. While trying to get my service and minutes changed to another used Tracfone model, they somehow screwed up and cancelled my service and number. They admitted the problem was on Tracfone's side, however, they would not re-instate my number and service unless I purchased a 1 year card at the cost of $106. I refuse since it was not my fault. I will now investigate legal action through small claims court to retrieve my $40 for the phone and the $30 paid for the service minutes and time. AGAIN...DO NOT USE TRACFONE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Anonymous 11/13/13 6:14PM

Tracfone services are horrible. When asked who I could talk to about a complaint, I was told I was screwed, there was no one to deal with complaints. I have been trying to get a working phone for more than 3 weeks, after purchasing the phone and minutes. I have been sent sim cards more than once and I still do not have a working phone. I have lost money on the phone and I can not get the money back for the minutes purchased. What I have realalized is that the reps are right I am screwed and not one at tracfone cares enough to try and remedy the problem. My advise, especially if you are looking for a phone for the elderly, DO NOT USE TRACFONE

Concerned for Elderly 11/9/13 4:04PM

I have been trying to get my phone activated since Nov.6th. Today is Nov.7th. I have spoke with I think 4 service representatives. They all tell me the same thing. I want an answer and my problem resolved. I am really disgusted with the way trac phone does business anymore. I guess I am going to have to go to a different company because I have had it. This is ridiculous. My phone still isn't working. They should have had my phone connected after my first phone call to them.

Anonymous 11/7/13 11:44AM

the customer service is a joke, they have been rude and unhelpful, it seems that all the complaints are the same. no one there seems to fell that customer service is a priority.totally will never reccommd to any one.

peggy 10/31/13 7:57AM

I have been trying for a week to get a new Tracfone turned on with the correct number on it.
I have purchased two new Tracfones in 5 days and it still has the wrong number on it.
I bought the second one to speed up the prosess after they screwed up the first one and wanted to send me a new SIM card to fix the mess they made. Now they screwed up the seconed NEW Tracfone. Took over two days each to activate.
And now they are sending me a new SIM card that takes 3-5 days to get, in the USA.

MAD AS AN OLD WET HEN 10/12/13 6:17PM

It is a monumental headache to get assistance with the new tracfone smart phone purchased from HSN. Tracfone representatives seem not to know anything about the promotion, how to ad the 600 tripple minutes, meaning 600 text, 600 talk, and 600 data minutes. Since 9/27/13 I have been dealing with these issues. Also the battery does not hold more than a 4 hour charge. I called in about that last night, and all I got from someone who said his name was Lorenzo Trinidad saying, "Oh it is a smartphone and it is telling you that it needs a charge." Yes it needs a charge but why does it need a charge after being off the charger for 3 hours? When I took it off the charger it had an 100% charge. His response again was, you just need to charge your phone? Really!

Anonymous 10/10/13 9:09AM

my friend justcalled tracphone to try to get his number and minutes and service transferred to a new phone from his old phone the support rep told him that he needed to buy an air card to do this this is wrong i myself did it once without it. and i was planning to purchase an upgraded tracfone but after this i doubt if i will i might go to sprint instead. now he has to get a new phone number so much for keeping in touch with friends and relatives

Verbuda 10/9/13 5:09PM

You know, people, this site is just for venting. Corporate doesn't read them and doesn't care about your problems. On the submit comments page it says "are moderated only other users."

BarbiGene 10/4/13 3:02PM

I have used a Tracfone for years. I inadvertently for the first time let my time run out. Called to reactivate. Was told I couldn't reactivate until I bought more minutes, but she could not sell me more minutes. However, I could not buy more minutes until I reactivated my phone. (?!) I tried to reactivate and buy online, but it wouldn't let me. She told me to buy an airtime card. So if I do that, and still nothing happens, then I am out that money. Asked for someone to call me who could help me. Told me that no one could call me. I asked for a number to call. She wouldn't give me one. She told me she'd transfer me a department if I would tell her what department I wanted. I asked for the names of departments and she wouldn't tell me. She finally transferred me to a "supervisor" probably another phone person, who told me the same things. I'm going to Verizon tomorrow. They have a prepaid plan that I think will work better for me. Only problem is that I'm losing my 319 minutes on Tracfone.

BarbiGene 10/4/13 3:00PM

I have had a tracfone for many years. I had got a hsn phone from hsn a wk ago . I had emailed called no response . I got no min no phone number .I had got it for a gift

Bev 10/4/13 8:37AM

I have been a client with net.10 for over 3 yrs.And everything was great with them until we switched over to the save money plan which initally was for any of their plans, then it switched to 50.00 a month plans only. The auto-mated 30 day plan started out on the 2nd of the month which has gradually switched to payment being taken out on the 29th of the month and this is costing us more due to xtra charges from the bank which is hurting us in the long run. I know others need to be aware of this. And the customer service people do NOT care.
Tracphone, net10 or whatever used to be a good company they were reliable in every way, would bend over bkwards to help a customer. They NO longer do this. We had a phone stolen we got it back it was broken, stolen is not our fault.Broken was not either. A old phone that we had for 3 yrs got replaced the stolen, broken phone will not be. It drops calls, they refuse to update the towers here etc....

midnteagl1961 9/30/13 9:02AM

Tracfone is YE OLDE TYME CELL PHONE COMPANY. It's dependent upon having a 2nd phone for customer service. They charge airtime for buying airtime and for calling customer service.
They must SNAIL MAIL a new serial number to reactivate an older phone not used for a while.

MOLLY 9/29/13 3:13AM

I have been trying for almost 24 hours on the phone to transfer 2 numbers from Verizon to Tracfone, and unfortunately have not been able to do it. The folks in wherever try to be helpful, but they just don't get it. Why is this so difficult? I have been sent 3 separate SIMM cards to no avail. I want to purchase 2 Tracfones, and when they send me a SIMM card they can't tell me which phone it goes in? What are you hiring.....idiots? There have been a couple of women who have tried to help, but they even fall short. What is so difficult?

wildgoose 9/24/13 3:32PM

I have tried for months to order my minutes online without success. After researching this on the internet, I found others who have run into the same problem. I have sent emails and gotten no response. What is wrong with your internet site? Why won't you fix it? If I didn't have a lot of minutes, I would change companies!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 9/23/13 9:15AM

I have called for support 3 times on my Tracfone, as I am unable to make calls out, though I can receive them. Each time I talk to them, they say there is a service interruption in my area and to call back in 24 hours. This problem has been going on for weeks. I talked with the manager Carol Ramos in the Honduras, and she said the same thing about an interruption in service in my area. I live in Indiana. I have over 1200 units on my phone and cannot make calls. I can receive calls. Can you please help me?? This is very frustrating.

Anonymous 9/19/13 1:21PM

I Have Had A Tracfone For Many Years And Have Never Had Any Problems. I Bought A New Phone As Mine Was Wearing Out And Thought I Would Upgrade , But What A Nightmare It Turned Into !! When My New Phone Was Activated It Kept Going In And Out Of Service And I Have Never Had That Problem Before. After Dealing With 3 Or 4 Of Your Techs They Decided To Send Me A New Sims Card That Took 5 Days To Get To Me. When Activating The New Sims Card The Girl Ask If I Wanted To Change My # And Of Course I Said No Ihave Had This # For Years. Later When Calling A Friend He Ask Why I Had A New # And Thats When I Found Out That Tracphone Had Changed My # After Dealing With 5 Or Six More Techs Who Were Trying To Blame Me For The # Change With A Different Reason From All Of Them, I Still Did Not Get My Old # Back. So Being Very Frustrated And Angry I Decided That When My Minutes Are Up I Will Go To A Difeerent Company To Get The Five Phones I Pay For. I Will Never Give Tracphone Anymore Of My Money So You Can Pay Those Stupid Dumbasses You Have Working In Customer Service !!! Sincerly Rick Boswell , Disapointed X- Customer !!!

RICK BOSWELL 9/9/13 5:58PM

I have been on line to your services, several times. I have never gotten any one that seems to under stand what I want.

There are a lot of Mexicans that return to Mexico from the US.
Have you ever thought of moving your call service there and use
persons returning from the US in your call center. I'm sure they will understand English, much better. If you do, hurry.

faroutusa 9/6/13 4:10PM

I have been with you forever, since you first started selling the phones. I paid 120.00for double minutes for both my son and my phone. The manager, I'm sorry I didn't get his name, hung up on me because I said stupid twice. They kept me on the phone forever and all I wanted to put my old number on a new phone, and ask about the double minutes from my old phone. That it isn't right to have loyal customers, when new customers. I am taking my over 10 years of purchasing products from you and going to another company

Sherry Spurlock 9/6/13 10:18AM

On 9-5-13 I purchased the value plan of 50 minutes which my phone never received. My phone has triple the minutes so when I nomally purchase the 30 min I will receive 90 min. This is the first time that I used the value plan and I didn't receive any min. I called twice the customer support and they told me that I must have used my min while I was sleeping. They can't give me any more min or a refund. There is something wrong with your value plan because I received 00 min. I also purchase 30min for my husbands phone and he received his min. instantly. I don't know if it has something to do with, that I usually purchase the 30min and this time I purchased the value plan. I also called Corp. to talk to someone and both times I was transferred their voice mail. This is poor customer service. We have been using tracphone for about 3 years and this is the first time that we have had a problem. Your customer service for your company sucks. I also tried to add my husbands phone to a family plan and the website wouldn't allow it. Just refund my money and I'll purchase the 30min so I can instantly receive my min.

Anonymous 9/6/13 9:11AM

I had to purchase a new phone because I lost my original phone working in the field and we had a rain storm. When I couldn't find my phone I went to Walmart and bought a new phone. The sales person called in and had it set up for me. She & I were told phone would be working in 45 minutes. Note: I was keeping the same phone number. I waited in the store an hour and the phone did not come on. The next day the phone still had not come on. I called using the number from inside the tracfone box. When I called and went thru the explanation I was told I was calling the wrong company and they could not help me. The company was (Straight Talk). I was given the correct number to call and I called Tracfone again and went thru the explanation. Was told it should start working in 45min to hr. I waited it still did not come on. Next thing I

know the new phone is activated with a different phone number. I called back and explained again the situation. I was told they could not transfer the old number because I had no minutes. They took all my minutes and placed it on a new phone number.Still no solution.Several hours later I called again and was transferred to another department, I

was told it would take 24hrs. Still no phone service. On the 3rd day-still no phone service, called again was told it would take another

24hrs to fix. I waited. On the 4th day still no phone service, I called was told there was an error and it would take 24 hrs to fix. still no service. I asked to be transferred to customer service supervisor, was told the ticket was closed and they needed to reopen a new one. Again I

have to wait another 24 hours to get service. Was told I can get compensation when the service come on. I don't want compensation- I just want my phone number transferred over to the new phone. I don't understand how so many people could get involved and still not comprehend what was asked of them. I went out of town with no phone working. What would have happened to me if my car had broken down? Or I

had an emergency? But the lack of customer service, compassion, lack of consideration on the agents side is shameful. I only started using tracfone because Paul Harvey use to advertise it. 9 days later and I still don't have a working number now I'm told in 3-5 days I'll have a Sim card shipped to me.

Anonymous 9/5/13 6:44AM

I sell your product. I also recommend it as a good value. but your customer service is so horrendous that I have to warn people about it. Tracphone, Straight Talk, or Net 10 it doesn't matter. I recently spent 1 1/2 hrs (1 hour of that on hold for a supervisor) trying to resolve an issue for a customer only to be told that nothing could be done.
Half of your reps are nearly impossbile to understand, some others pass you around and make you repeat the same thing over and over again, a huge waste of time, mine and my customer's.
You need to improve or lose customers it's just that simple.

dawnefer 9/1/13 9:30AM

After HOURS on the phone with technical support, entering codes, removing the battery with the phone turned on with the phone turned off, etc. etc. I still do not have "No Service" on my phone and after all the time and inconvenience the best the tech. support person could do for me was to tell me to BUY a CDMA phone "they get better reception" he said. Very poor customer service

No Service Bill 9/1/13 8:39AM

Without a doubt Tracfone has the worst customer service in the history of the world. I've been a customer for years. Periodically you cancel my Plan so you can raise the price. Then when I call, you have your crew in Bombay stall until I give up. They don't know ta I am a customer. They do not know how many minutes I should have. They do not know a history of how many minutes I've been credited with. Your people are either incompetent, dishonest or both.

Anonymous 9/1/13 7:30AM

over 4 hour on phone to fix a browser problem, could not fix, send email the next day saying it is fixed but it is not. will not replace the phone.

called back up and want to keep on going overthe same things for hours at a time.

It would be cheaper to send a replacement phone and take the defective one back.

rhonda 8/30/13 7:13AM

I am very disappointed in TracFone's inability to provide customer service and take responsibility for their representatives. Our family has had a family value plan for several years. When one phone required replacement, I had no idea of the frustration and time required to simply replace one phone. When I ordered the new phone, I was not aware that I would have to wait several days for a new sim card in order to retain the original phone number. When I finally received the new sim card, I specifically asked the representative to make sure that the family value plan remained in tact. I was told that everything was set, that the secondary and tertiary phones had been "attached" to the family value plan. When I checked my credit card statement, it was obvious that this had not been done. Since I had been told that everything had been taken care of almost a month ago, I expected TracFone to resolve this issue immediately. I never authorized closing the Family Value Plan, so I did not understand why the secondary and tertiary phones needed to be re-enrolled. I could not believe that there is only a six-day window where this can be accomplished. This should have been scheduled when the phone was activated. I was not informed of this at the time. In fact, i was told that everything had been taken care of, and that the secondary and tertiary phones had been attached to the Family Value Plan. If TracFone customer service management spent some additional time training representatives, and providing them with written checklists to make sure customers are informed of exactly what is required and when, it would result in a much more pleasant experience for the consumer, as well as the customer service representatives. Had I been told at the initial time of purchase that I would have go through all of this, I would have expected it, and I can tell you that I would have added the secondary and tertiary phones during the appropriate window, and hopefully avoided the frustration and anger that increased with every minute I was asked to hold on for an answer. Instead, I was told that everything had been taken care of almost a month ago. I am very disappointed, and feel sorry for the representatives who are (according to the other comments in this forum) continually subjected to irate customers who have been ill or misinformed.

Anonymous 8/28/13 10:14AM

total frustration and anger over the non-customer service in trying to activate a phone...replacement SIM card, replacement phone, waste of about 300 minutes that I had to purchase and never reimbursed.....lies, will not recommend this service to anyone anytime.....

richard 8/26/13 9:22AM

On 08/12/2013 I purchased your phone at Best Buy, the salesperson checked her computer and told me there was service in my area. I also purchased an additional 60 min for $19.99. The phone was activated at Best Buy and instructed to wait an hour to obtain my phone number. I was not able to get a phone number so I called your customer service who activated my phone and (again) advised me to wait an hour for the phone number. I noticed that I was only getting one bar. The customer service rep. advised me to go outside for better signal. I was not able to get more than one signal and the phone was not activated. I returned your phone to Best Buy but was told I could not receive refund on phone card because it is your policy. I called your customer service and told I could use the card on another phone. Hello, you have no service in my area. Best Buy advised me that they check for service area based on the information you put in the computer. Florida You are ripping California people off, thank God I did not purchase the $100.00 card. My next step the Better Business Bureau.

Anonymous 8/23/13 11:37AM

currently on line with cust svc, asked to speak to a supervisor 3 times, each time the original rep came back and said he could resolve issue. i am now waiting to see if i get tfr, get hung up on or put on perma hold.

Anonymous 8/23/13 8:52AM

I Have Been On The Line With Your Support System For 60 Minutes This Time. I've Been Trying To Get My Phone Number Changed To Trac Phone For The Last Week And I Still Can't Use My Phone. It Is Very Frustrating I Am Angry!!!!! I Don't Know How To Do This Any More Maybe You Should Get A Place Where Your Customers Can Get The Help They Need.i Don't Know If You Will Read This Message.right About Now I Don't Care

DEASTEPH 8/21/13 9:22AM

I called to upgrade my phone 814/2013. It took 4 people and almost three hours. At the end they told me they could not transfer my text messages to my new phone because I had asked to have my minutes and number transfered to my new phone first. I told the manager they should have told me that if I did that my old phone would have no minutes or service to transfer the messages. This was of course after two people who either could not understand me or I could not understand them. basically I said they were the professionals who should have guided me in the right direction and they should send me a card for new service and minutes for my old phone so I can transfer my messages. They would not do it for me. I am starting my complaint process here but will continue my fight. Please do not buy one of these phones as it has become a nightmare to use.

Anonymous 8/15/13 10:07AM

After a lengthy, totally unsatisfactory experience with your various 611 customer service departments, your corporate customer service, especially with Heather, has been outstanding. She has tried her very best to solve Tracfone international calling difficulties, and I do mean DIFFICULTIES. She's gone over and above the call of duty. The problem has still not been resolved but no longer matters as I will not be making calls to Germany from my Tracfone because German Telecom charges its customers for receiving cell phone calls. I don't expect my family there
to have to pay for my phone calls. I very much thank her for her

Anonymous 8/14/13 7:11AM

Call Customer Service For Tech Support. And I Get A Person In South Africa. Who Cannot Speak English well And Has Never Been To School For English Tried to figure out why my phone asked for security code after i entered promo code for mins. first problem we cant get in the system to check your account we are having technical issues second problem we are in south Africa asked me for my social security number for safe link don't have safe link. but why did he ask for my social if you couldn't get in the system good ? i think he was gonna steal my identity. call to make a complaint at coporate office no one answered the phone had to leave a message for call this is bs get someone to do there jobs

TracPhoneSucksNeverBuyAgain 8/12/13 11:49AM

Major scam organization. Ripoff city! Charged my bank account but did not give me the minutes. Also deducted 54 minutes from my airtime while calling their "so-called" 1-800 customer CARE line on a TRACFONE about a problem with THEIR online purchasing system. When calling to lodge a complaint, you are transferred to an answering service and no one returns your call.

John Doe 8/12/13 9:16AM

Worst Phone Ever Nothing But A Scam And No Cust Serv In America. So. Amer, Phillipines, Others Didn't Ask But Couldn;t Understand Them When Your Having A Problem They Just Keep Transfering You So They Don't Have To Help. I Had A Smart Phone $119.00 Told Me It Didnt Work In My Area. I Purchased 2 Other Phones That Worked. They Sent Me Another Phone Value 20.00 In Stores And Wanted My Phone Sent To Them When I Got The New Phone. What A Scam. Sent Back To Hsn And If Trac Phone Wants The Cheap Phone Back They Can Sent Me Postage. I Will Never Ever Buy Another Tracphone. When I'm In A Store And See Someone Looking At The Trac Phone I Tell Them Of My Experience And I Watch Them Put The Phone Down A Grab A Different Phone.. Compamy Is A Scam And Has No Reguard For A Customer Once They Get Your Money. Beware And Remember This. To Activate Takes A Long Rtime. It Takes 1hr 7 15 Min Ti Trans Minutes. If You Have A Problem Forget It. They Really Don't Listen And Will Play A Transfer Game. The Last Time I Called I Was Trans 5 Times And Finnally Hung Up. You Have Been Warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Guess Corporte Never Listens To The So Called Recorded Calls I Think If They Did Or If They Tried Calling Cust Serv Themselfs As A Cus Lets See How They Would Like The Aggravation. Poor Management.


Switch from major carrier to straight talk, thinking we were getting more for our money WRONG!!! They advertise unlimited minutes,texts data which is false. Added new card end of July and in the second week of Aug. they cut off wife's data said she went over her data, how can you go over you data when it says unlimited, that's false advertisement.

madisonsconstruc. 8/6/13 3:10PM

So.. 5th phone call...been on the phone for 2 HOURS! I originally bought the phone about 3 yrs ago since, when I go home to visit, there is practically no coverage for any other phone service unless you want to pay copious amounts of money from making international calls. Anyways, TracFone has been great in the past, especially for the locals, since its cheap and reception is a little better. People rely on TracFone around here! All I wanted to do was to have a few minutes of phone time on the road in case I ran into car trouble or a moose...that's all I wanted.., but it's costing me 30$ of minutes I can't use and wasting a good 5 hours of my life. TracFone, what's the dealio! This will NOT go unnoticed.

rallytobanTracFone! 7/30/13 11:59AM

Soo sorry I did not read the comments on this website before purchasing two cell phones 48 hrs. ago on Saturday, July 27 (one for me and one for my husband), I certainly would not have changes cell phone providers. Thought I would be saving money, but 48 hrs. later and many-----------hours of phone time, only one phone is working. Seems the SIM card is not working and they have shipped a new one. However, one customer service person told me there was nothing wrong with the SIM card. We are ready to return the phone and the minute cards to Walmart (where we purchased them) and tell everyone who approaches that department "DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE" - YOU THINK YOU WILL SAVE MONEY, BUT THE AGGRAVATION WILL CAUSE YOU TO INCUR ADDITIONAL DOCTOR BILLS.

What a terrible disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!

Would be shocked to get a response - and besides just saying won't do. Apparently all these terrible reviews haven't change anything.

Anonymous 7/29/13 1:08PM

Yes all the customer service people that can barelly speak English and then when you try to tell them you can not understand them they act like you can not here them so they speak louder in the same mumble jumbled accent then we you say I fan hear you fine i can not understand what your saying due to your accent then they just get a attitude and no one cares to help fix any problems they are very short with their answers if they answer your questions at all and they just say anything just to get you off the phone and yes even the people at coorperate. Do the same thing very vague with their answers and they act like they do not want to be talking to you much less help with any problems this is a very poor run company I would have to tell anyone do /not buy from them because of what I andmany others have said negative about them but also they may not be around for very much longer the way they treat their customers will bring the demise to their company

red 7/4/13 4:47PM

2 1/2 days ago I called to activate a new tracfone and to transfer my days and minutes, and was told it would take two hours. I've spend a frustrating afternoon calling the same number, being told to keep my phone on and call back in 15 minutes, wrote to the website with no reply. I now have NO minutes on my old phone, and the new one is not activated. All I can do is call FCC...Obviously tracfone is not interested in activating my phone.

Molly 7/3/13 3:02PM

First my phone stops working late in the evening on May 12th 2013 so I called straight talk on may 13th for a replacement. I received the return packaging on May 20th and returned the phone the same day. Straight talk received the phone the very next day! They had a refurbished phone sent out on May 22nd which I received on May 24th. Upon receiving the phone it would not power on at the point I called straight talk again and informed them that the phone would not power on at that point the phone was troubled shooted and I was advised that I would receive the return packaging via email. I allowed the 24 to 48 hours for the email and never received it so I called back on May 28th and was advised that i would receive the return packaging via email again. once again I allowed the 24-48 hours and the email was not received so I called back I was them told that it was sent regular mail so needless to say I finally received the packaging on June 4th and returned the replacement on that day and they received it on 6/6/13. They advised that I would receive the next phone in 3-5 business days from the day the receive the damaged phone. When I finally received the second replacement phone it was June 15th, but while waiting on the second phone I called the corporate office and received no help from them. once the second refurbished replacement phone was received it also didn't work so I called again and got a rep who had it escalated to the corporate office where I spoke to a latonya smith who advised me that I would be getting a new phone and the the new phone has shipped and it has been received as of June 27th. which means I went a whole 45 days without a phone. During the time I was inconvinced I was advised by every rep that I spoke with that I would be allowed the time back to my phone that I went without a phone so I called on the 27th of June and had the phone activated and was advised by the rep that I had the 45 days of service added and that my service end date was approximately Aug 11th. Needless to say it is now June 29th and my phone has been deactivated. I guessing the services was deactivated and the end of the night on the 28th. which means i can not call customer service until tomorrow the 29th. With all that being said every rep that I spoke with during this time including those from corporate excluding Ms Latonya smith has been rude and not willing to help solve the issue and where just trying tell me whatever just to make me get off there phone!!!!!! I have never been so mistreated by a company in my life. This company does not know how to appreciate there customers !!!!! Signing off Ms Angry!!!!

Ms Angry 6/29/13 11:05AM

I have had Tracfone for several years and have referred their services/phones for several years to MANY people....UNTIL TODAY!

Have always had Sprint for main phone and a Tracfone in my car as a backup, in the event Sprint phone not charged or was forgotten at home.

My two-year Sprint phone contract finally ended and did not want to commit to another two-years, so I got a new 840g Tracfone as my main phone and still use old Trac as backup. Well, advised I only wanted minutes (3000+) from old phone transferred to new phone and tech support guaranteed me old phone number would not be deactivated, but erroneously failed to tell me zero minutes would deactivate the phone because end service date also gets transferred to new phone.

Well, one hour later I had purchased a Trac phone card to have low minutes added on backup phone and THEY DID DEACTIVATE OLD PHONE AFTERALL. NOW, THEY TELL ME I ONLY HAVE A 50/50 CHANCE TO GET MY OLD PHONE NUMBER BACK, THE NUMBER I HAVE HAD FOR ALMOST EIGHT YEARS. They say I now need a new SIM card and must wait 3-5 days for its arrival, due to the deactivation (that I did not authorize).

My old phone had one day left on service day; I did not authorize deactivation; and I did not "RELEASE" my old phone number to them. ISN'T THIS PRACTICE AGAINST THE LAW?

So, best the floor supervisor claimed he could do was put a note in the transaction order for new SIM card and when I call back for re-activation of old phone with new SIM card is to reiterate my position and ask for old phone number.

I am extremely disappointed in Tracfone after all these years of being a satisfied customer.

Will update with comments after I see if I get my old number back.

I am a single grandmother raising two young grandchildren, and they know this old number by heart and know if they can't get me on my main phone I will always answer the old number. I hand-selected it almost eight years ago because they were able to remember it in five minutes!!

We3 6/26/13 7:09PM

I have used straight talk for a very long time. On June 23,2013 I was suddenly unable to use many apps and most of my data. Also, a lot of my phone calls didn't go through. I finally called their customer service and the first person didn't explain anything to me she just transfered me to an automated service for data over-use. Then I called two more people...they did the same.By the time I reached my fourth inept customer service individual. I was livid! They where very hard to understand. And showed no concern. They told me my only option is to wait untill my service expires in two weeks and buy a new card. The funny thing is... I didn't use my phone any more or less this half of a month than any other month that I have in the past three or more years that I have been with there company.And why didn't strait talk/Tracfone e-mail or send a text message alerting me of over-usage of data? They send a text message reminding me when my service with them expires and reminding me to refill. It really wouldn't be rocket science to solve this issue, people!!!! I want corporate to get in touch with me, please. I have a lot to say.....Oh,yeah, if you want to get in touch with me you might need to wait till I turn my service back on in 2 weeks.If I turn it back on.And I was going to get the IPHONE with you guys. NOT NOW...

KCHAVES 6/25/13 11:11AM

I have had a tracfone for a while now. The service is good but there refund policy sucks . I somehow ordered459 min when I meant to order 60. I called customer service and was tagged teamed by two arrogant customer service reps who refused me a refund. I am going to complain to corprate and if I still don't get a refund I will cancel my account. If your company puts this kind of value on it's customers you don't deserve my or anyone elses' buisness.

J.Outlander 6/25/13 5:42AM

I bought a tracfone and had it activated by Wal Mart. Part of this effort was to enter my home zip code. The phone does work locally, but as soon as I get away from my home area the phone does not work. It will not pick up any network. This is in the middle of a city where cell service is strong with every carrier. I have spent hours on the phone with your people who are in the Phillipines. Half of the time I could not understand their poor English. When I asked to repeat what was said, they were insulting to me, angry, and hostile. I spoke to several supervisors, the last two were Cabe and Michelle although they are very reluctant to give out their names. All they will say is that the phone works at my home so it must work everywhere. They say that I must have been somewhere without cell coverage. That is not true and it makes me angry that they would say this. I told them time and time again that I was in the middle of a city with two other people who had Tracfones and they both worked very well. The packaging of your product says that it works Nationwide. This one does not. I want a refund. Why are your employees so negative and unhelpfiul? And why is your corporate policy not to give refunds when your product does not work. SHAME ON YOU!

Robert 6/19/13 5:28PM

I am a Viet-nam veteran, disabled, and I use your service for medical and other emergencies. On June 18,2013 at about I recieved notification that I needed to re verify my account. When I tried I was told I was notified by your company that I recieved this notification some months ago despite my repeated statement that I did not recieve any notification via any manner. I have attempted to resolve this matter as quickly and politely as possible but was stonewalled and treated rather rudely with not real offer of remedy by your service. Is this the way your company treats disabled vets?? Great multi-media coverage here, Espwcially when your company recieves Government Grant to assist you. My Number is 9086721895. I am really tired of dealing with the written retoric of your personel.

Bill Ehrie 6/18/13 5:30PM

Without going into details, I've been through enough BS and am about to go to court!! Tracfone wants to play games with peoples hard earned $$$...I DON'T PLAY!!! TRACFONE, SEE YA IN COURT!!!

Peter O 6/13/13 10:11AM

My husband has called over a week everyday , and been on the phone up to 2 hrs at a time with reps, mngrs, WHOEVER, and NO ONE seems to be able to fix the problem..We use this phone for emergency's all day long for BOTH of us are disabled and our grandson has to contact us with this phone as well. The CORP OFFICE won't even answer the phone, and we sit and listen to music for the entire time with no results...Now, we have had this service for over 15 yrs, NOW no one wants to help . ALL we here is,"The next rep will help" and NO one ever comes on line. This is going on to long and something can be done. ONE of the reps had keyed in wrong sims card. Then one says they couldn't do it, then one manually tried to do the job, NOW, the phone isn't working at all...WHAT DO WE DO, other than change business to service us

Zelphia Rene Beheler 6/13/13 7:38AM

I changed from an old tracfone to a new one on 6/1/13. I asked for the number that I have had for 3 years. No problem. On 6/9/13, a friend called me and we discussed some things for Monday but he never called back. My phone has not rung for 4 days and that is unusual. I had a friend call me, my phone did not ring, it went straight to voice mail and would not let you leave a message. So he called his phone from my phone and the number that showed up was a different number. I talked to 4 different people and all I got was I am sorry, that number is no longer in use, the number has expired and this number was assigned to me. Not my old number. After 3 years with the same number they will not give it back to me because it is not available anymore. It was available on 6/1 and I used it until approximately 6/9. How can they change my number and not even notify me? If I had no t been told to empty my mailbox I don't know when I would have found out. I read some of the other comments so you know how much time you are no the phone with these people only to accomplish nothing.

Want to help me run them out of business for all these delays and malfunctions that they cannot clear up?

pamoore46 6/12/13 4:12PM

what does it take to get someone to help me solve a simple

problem. over an hour on the phone only to tell me a new

phone i purchased I can not use the "blue tooth" for what I

bought it for. Al Tyson
(I taking odds I do not hear from you people?????)

Anonymous 6/11/13 1:16PM

I have spent eight hours on the phone and still have two phone that do not work. Sent two new SIM cards one was wrong for the area I live in. There is no over night shipping so I am waiting another 3-5 days for another card. The other phone is activated but has a phone number out of our area. tried to make a call but then got a message could not connect. I am ready to dump them in the garbage but have to much time invested. HELP!!!

Mad 6/10/13 10:50AM

I have years using tracfone services and at this time I have a situation that I have not been solve.I am buying minutes online and I am not receiving on my phone.

emeefe14 6/8/13 9:14AM

I have a phone that has been on "hold" for the corporate office since approximately *a;00 this morning. It is now 11:36 and the same message has played the whole time and NO ANSWER. Same number called on Thursday for over 11/2 hours without an answer.

I have been lied to so many times since Thursday - it is now Wednesday of the following week.

Ironically, I have had the "highest up" that Straight Talk allows and coincidently they are two different people. Imagine that? And, neither \knew who the President or VP of Track Phone or Straight even was - yet they work in Corporate? Yet, another lie. When I spoke with "corporate" I was given the same number that has been on hold. NOT A GOOD NUMBER for those of you who are calling you will stay on hold and nobody will ever answer - this is not just a complaint, this is a true comment. The email they give you will NOT get a response either. - I sent one last week Thursday and one early this morning. Not once, with all the people I have spoken with, has said, let me check to see if we can find the email. That is the normal response with most companies. - So I know my emails are not going to be responded to either.

I was also told that the President was Fredrick Pollack - & The VP was Mark Mayhan - after they had to look it up which took about 5 minutes. This was just a test to see if they were actually in Corporate. They also must NOT trust "supervisors" or corporate with Emil or phones to call people back. That is not an option according to them. The President or VP and everyone else must not believe in one person handling a complaint when it gets escalated and has taken a week - by the way, both phones are still tied up. Waiting for a "supervisor" on one, and the other is waiting for Corporate to answer.

I was told neither the Fredrick nor Mark, Nor their secretaries were taking calls at this time.

I said I would happily go into their voicemail, couldn't do that either. Shows how much they care about ANY customer complaint, not just mine. The "supervisors" and "Corporate" both told me that without leaving me on hold. Did the President and VP put out a memo and emailed it to all the offices or how would everyone know that off the top of their head?

BTW, it is now 11:58 and still on hold from 8:00 AM.

I have not called yet, but I have another number and fax for "corporate"

I supposedly had a ticket - but then nobody could find it. I had to wait on line while a "glitch in the system" found me, tying up two cell phones so I could not do business, only to be told there was not a ticket to begin with. I was then told, Straight Talk had to CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER That has been my business number for over 10 years!!!!!! They will not know for sure if they have to change it for TWO more days.

The original call that is tying up my second line is where I am speaking with people between holds and that call started approximately 7:30 AM - It was after given the Toll Free corporate numbers in my first paragraph that we decided to see just how long this would take for "corporate" to answer.

Oh and BTW, my case is supposedly escalated - it is not 12:09 and still no answer to the corporate toll-free number and I am still on hold waiting for another person to speak with from the call that started at 7:30 AM.

nicpi1 6/5/13 10:11AM

I bought my smart phone from wal mart I also bought the straight talk pre pay card tax included it 50 bucks this was on the 17 of this mounth they cut my phone off while I was in walmart , I called strait talk they said I was using my phone to much in other words the pc I have a home pc whitch I on now straight talk said they coulden turn my pc part back on until I bought a new card my service dosen run out till 16 of next mounth, I like to know I talked to a guy in the phillipines I ask if they had a office in California he answered noso I went to him to teck support wher they would hang up I very dissoponted in the service I getting I checked complaint on straight talk cards ther a bunch of dis say coustomers enough to put forth a suite ,class action suit would aloe pople to be refunded for phone card an pain an anguist plus the loss of incomeif ther job was related t

grady mitchell 5/30/13 10:53PM

Never had rude customer service agents. Being on hold for an hour then getting a rep only for them to be sarcastic and then put my in a loop, ridiculous.

Anonymous 5/14/13 6:30PM

I Had A Tracfone And On 4-21-2013 I Purchased A Better Tracfone Than The One I Had And I Have Been Going Through A Living Nightmare Since That Day. I Purchased The Phone Came Home Opened It Put The Battery In And Charged It Then Called To Activate The New Phone And Have My Old Number Transfered To My New Phone And That Is When The Hell Began!! The New Phone Was Activated And I Was Told That When My Old Phone Stopped Working My New Phone And Old Phone Number Would Be All Ready To Go. No, When I Went To Use My New Phone The Number Had Not Been Transferred And My New Phone Said Unregistered Sim Card. I Started Calling The Company To Find Out What Was Going On Because My New Phone Had Worked For Two Days But My Old Number Was Not Transferred. The Person I Spoke To All But Implied I Had Switched The Sim Card. Are You Kidding Me Right Now. First Off I Really Knew Nothing About Sim Cards And The One In My Brand New Phone Was The One They Put In It When They Packaged The Phone And Sent It To The Stores To Be Purchased!! Three People Since Last Wednesday Have Told Me They Cleared Up The Mess And My New Sim Card With My Old Number Would Arrive On Friday. Nothing. Called On Saturday Again This Person Had No Information On All That Went On On Wednesday So He Did It All Over. Your New Sim Card Will Be Delivered On Monday. Today Is Tuesday Nothing. I Call Today Again No Information No Tracking Numbers For Any Sim Cards Being Fed Exed To Me. The Ticket Number The Guy Gave Me On Sat Can Not Be Found Along With Any Info. So Today I Ask For A Coporate Number To Contact Someone Else And They Give Me The Customer Service Number. I Have Reached The End With These People. I Will Not Walk Away And Let Them Have My Money. I Also Purchased An Airtime Card For My New Phone. No Records Of My Airtime Can Be Found. So My Old Phone Is Shut Off Thanks To Them And My Airtime I Had On It Lost! I Have Not Been Able To Use Either Phone All Week And Now I Am Going On Day Number 10 With Nothing Solved. All I Wanted Was, I Purchased A Better Tracfone Purchased An Airtime Card And Simply Wanted My Old Tracfone Number Transferred To My New Phone And To This Day 4-30-2013 I Am Still Without A Phone And Nothing Solved!! My Next Call Is To The Local Tv News Station To Let Them In On What This Company Is Doing To Me!!

charenescott39 4/30/13 5:33PM

Non of them are American, or have an education past pre kindergarten. Let everyone you know to keep as far away from this company as possible. in addition tracfone has a parent phone being sold by Walmart

Anonymous 4/24/13 2:34PM

I am so pissed right now!!! I purchased a tracfone yesterday, 04.20.13. I also purchased a net10 airtime card (25.00 for 750 mins) by mistake. When I got home and realized I had the wrong card, I called and asked could this still be used for tracfone, since they are the same company. The rep told me, "no problem, as a one time courtesy, we will convert the card for you.". After we hung up, 100 minutes were added. So I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supv told me that when the mins were converted, it was converted by what tracfone would provide for 25.00. The rep should have informed me that was going to happen. There is NO WAY I would agree to lose 650 mins. So the guy, supposedly a supervisor, said he was going to put me on hold, but he actually didn't. I could hear his conversation. WHat pissed me off was a comment he made. "Well, he won't be happy about this, and he's black". So I asked him, what does me being black have to do with anything? He got real quite, i'm sure because he didnt know how I heard him. His response was, "there's allot of conversations going on here.". So, I asked for the phone number of corprate. When I called corprate, I asked for a supervisor right off the bat. They kept me on hold for 2 hours!!! The the supervisor that came on continuously interrupted me, talked over me, and was plain rude. Then af ter I was finally able to tell here what happend, she says, "well, i'm not going to do anything for you. So, I asked her, what is going to be done about the racial comment that was made be the other rep? She told me, "I wouldn't worry about that.". This is a supervisor?? Really?? So, I then called the next day, Sunday and talked to a rep and asked for a supv, he told me I could talk to the same supv I spoke with the previous day. No thank you!! So the guy said I can add 100 mins, that's all I can do. I told him, go ahead and add the mins and I want the number or email for headquarters. I have recorded every conversation and have enough proof of HORRIBLE "customer service", that some thing will be done. I couldnt include everything that was said, but they lied over and over. I had asked the supv from the previous day to add mins and she told me that cant be done. But a rep, not a supv, just did it. Then, I asked for a specific rep to call me back, the guy said ok and then I asked him, you are you requesting to call me back? He couldn't tell me a name or employee id. I had all that information, I just wanted to see if he had the right person, but he lied, because after I asked him who he was emailing to call me back, then he asked me for the name and id. They are ALL LIARS. WORST COMPANY EVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH. ALL THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED HAD THEY JUST INFORMED ME THAT I WOULD LOOSE 650 MINS. SO NOW I WILL BE CONTACTING HEADQUARTERS ON MONDAY, AND AN ATTORNEY ABOUT THE RACIAL COMMENT. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CLOWNS!!!!

Pissed of in MN 4/21/13 2:44PM

I've been on the phone with your customer service for more then 12 hours over the last week. Putting it mildly I'm very upset, trac phone has been a nightmare to deal with. I bought a new trac phone, had to wait for a new SIM card, to transfer my number from my old trac phone. Used my phone for 2 weeks and bought a 120 min card, when I tried to add it to my phone it came up with invalid pin. Thats when the nightmare began. 8 days later and 7 calls to customer service more then 12 hours for these calls. My phone is not working and my SIM card is unregistered.
I really hope they have not given my number away.
I've been told that corporate was going to call me on 3 different occasions. That haven't happened. Now I'm waiting on a new SIM card , they are supposed to ship it overnight. If your corporate office can't make a phone call to a customer, my SIM card is probably on a slow boat from the other side of the world.
With every phone call I've made to your customer service department, I've been told a new reason why my phone is not working.

Margaret 4/15/13 7:04PM

Have had Straigt talk phone since june of 2012....ZTE Merit. no problems until i received a Samsung Gaxlay II in December. Had auto refill setup and an online account but since March 12, they charged my auto refill, then 5 days later shut my phone off. my online account was gone, used credit card this time and 3 days later phone was off again. went to walmart and bought service card. 4 days later phone off again. sim card was bad, they sent new one and tried to install would not work. when i called back on my wife's staight talk phone they shut hers off put her number on my phone. after she called them i had to put the new sim card in her phone and they sent me another one. put the new one in just now, and still nothing......About had enough of this....400.00 phone and it don't work....Looks like there needs to be some legal action probably in a Class action suit after reading all the problems and no corrections...

Zute 4/5/13 2:55PM

The entire network is down today, April 4, 2013. I only found out because I googled their corporate offices and got a live person who actually tried to help me but can't get online! You cannot transaction any business either on the website or by telephone. I'm ditching this phone tonight.

furious 4/4/13 12:08PM

I've been a longtime Tracfone user, and have been satisfied with the actual phone service. But this is my second customer service fiasco.
Only 1 1/2 months after buying my NEW phone, the email stopped working. On my 2nd call to Tracfone the rep actually wiped out my Browser access, too. I've been promised 3 times that I would get another NEW phone in the mail (after I insisted) and I now have 4!! re-conditioned phones sitting in my kitchen. One cust. rep even argued with me that re-conditioned phones are NEW! I am losing jobs due to my lack of email on this phone. After 8 calls to cust. "service", talking to supposedly higher-up managers, 5 1/2 hours on the phone, and now 2 1/2 months of this nonsense, my problem still is not solved. Aaaaahhhhhhh!!

Fed up with Tracfone 4/4/13 10:07AM

I purchase two Tracfone from HSN and received them. Called to get them activated well activation went pretty good the gentlemen that I spoke with, with getting the activation done was very nice but had deep accent but did a very good job. Now the problem that I have is a new phone from HSN and no ring tone. I spoke with several rep. about the problem and the service was horrible and they did not have a clue as to what I was talking about. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they put me on hold and stated the supervisor said they would send me a new phone mind you I never reached a supervisor I just could not beleive that there could be alot wrong with a new phone so I call back and asked for telephone number to the corporate office and they said that they didi not have it and was not allowed to give it out. I went on line and obtained the number for the corporate office and lucky I reached someone that was nice and listen to what I had to say and worked with about my problem. Her name was Janie and she rendered really good service. Nevertheless there is something wrong with the phone and she is sending me out another phone. In the past I had problem with Tracfone and they sent me out another phone and it was refurbished and I paid for a new phone I just got tired and continue to use the phone until I purchased this new phone thru HSN. However I stated if you are sending a another phone of the same kind I would not accept a refurbished phone. I think this works both ways HSN need to stop avertising and selling these phone that has to be actived with Tracfone and carry people thru what they have to go thru and if you have a problem with the Tracfone the communications should be between HSN and Tracfone. If I get up and running this time I will not deal with purchasing another Phone thru HSN and have to deal with Tracfone because it is so unfair.

AEPX 4/3/13 9:51AM

I have had similar problems as below, hours on the phone trying to resolve, promises of being able to return product for refund and then being denied because over 30 days. originally bought 2 phoines and they gave each phone the same number!!!!! THE ABSOULUTE WORST, INCOMPETERNT AND DISHONEST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH...


bARRYG 3/28/13 8:25AM

Is there a phone number which you can speak to someone who is here in the USA as that is who you sell to????!

Mobie 3/26/13 7:11PM

I have a tracfone with 140 mins and it was just cut off for no reason.when I called your customer service to find out why I was told because I had over used my mins?!F I have no mins My phone would not work?? They could not give me any reason just told me to buy a new phone and a new card????You have got to be kidding me,you have customer service reps who read from scripts and don''t speak English and can not answer any questions that are not on there script....You sell to Americans but don't care about them once they have spent their money and pass them off on people who can't even speak English....shame on you..

Proudamerican 3/26/13 6:08PM

I just want to say that the cutomer support services has cheated the paying customer out of their minutes and not very helpful at all. My problem started in January and now its even worse.

Anonymous 3/22/13 4:38PM

I have had a Problem with my Browser & WiFi on my phone from the day I purchased it from HSN in November. I called the out of Country Tracfone support and got different answers. Finally I took the time to get to the bottom of the problem For a week now I have gone round & round with Tracfone support. Five different times I was told something different I Finally called Corporate That's a Joke also. Spoke to a Donavan. Well there answer was to send a Reconditioned Tracfone. Okay Someone else Problem has just been sent to me. Why would they even think that is acceptable. Right into the mail it went. Back it goes. Now since my Browser & WiFi Do Not work How am I supposed to save & send my pictures. Also Once again I have to Manually transfer all my phone numbers. I have had this same phone number for 18 years. I have 5 brothers & 3 sisters Their spouses 26 nieces & nephews that have phones 2 daughters their spouses 4 grandchildren grand nieces & nephews Not to mention Friends Coworkers Business associates. Tracfone is NOT Helpful or worth the aggravation. I made a statement to Donavan I never had this much trouble with Verizon His response was But We Are Cheaper. Yes Tracfone is Cheaper But There NO Quality or Service. And what service you do get is out of country and reading from a book with a stock answer in hopes you will go away. You as a consumer decide for your self Quality of time & money well spent Or Cheapness. I have Learned my lesson You get what you pay for.......

mk 3/22/13 9:41AM

I have had 4 tracfones in less than a year--none work. I can't hear who I call and they can't hear me--that is if the call even connects--I have spent hours on my landline with someone that does not speak English--today i got the message -"they couldn't take my call" the web site is out to lunch--how can they sell this product

2catz2 3/14/13 5:30PM

Spent three weeks fighting with reps, supervisors and Corporate. One rep will say one thing another something else, most I can't understand. I was shipped a new phone and new texts came through immediately that were not known numbers. Come to find out, three other people were assigned my number? You ruin families like that. Called to ask for number to be changed, not done. Called sat on the phone waiting for 2 hours for a rep. Then called today, corporate was rude, does not listen and finally changed the number, then said, is that all? Really? Won't use you ever again!

AlexandraL. 3/13/13 1:28PM

I have spent more time on someone elses phone calling TrackFone Tech support than I have making calls on my own phone. I have spent several hours a month on the phone with them. Now they have screwed up my account to the point that they cannot even recover my phone number, much less the minutes I paid for. I am trying to get my money back. They have been completely unresponsive to that request. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and am considering small claims court.

John-Michael 3/12/13 1:45PM

I just got of the phone with TracFone customer service, after almost 2-1/2 hours on a merry-go-round. The problem started today 3/10/2013 when I tried to use my cell phone and was unable to make any connection. I then noticed that the phone read that the Sim-Card was un-registered.

I telephoned TracFone customer service and reached someone in the Philippines, I explained the problem, and I was told that my phone was disconnected because I reached my end date and didn't put more minutes into my phone so they disconnected my service. Today is March 10, 2013 and my end date is March 22, 2013, so my question is way was my phone disconnected?

They could not provide an answer, and had to transfer me to someone higher up. After a few moments another person came on the phone and asked me for all the same information all over again. After they entered it into their so called computer they said that my sim-card was out of date and that I would need a new one. I asked how that is possible when only purchased that phone (Motorola model TFEX124G) less than a year ago. I have 1219.80 minutes left on my phone because I use it very little and only in mostly emergency situations. They said they would have to send a new sim card to me.

As I questioned their explanation I was transferred to yet another so called manager. Again I had to supply all the same information for them to enter it into their little computer. This time I was informed that there was nothing wrong with my sim card and that they could re-activate my phone, but in order for them to do it I would have to purchase more minutes. MORE MINUTES!!! I have 1219.80 minutes now in the phone and my deadline wasn't until March 22, 2013, so I said just reactivate the phone. They refused to do it without the purchase of more minutes. It's not the money it's the principle of the matter. I had 2 weeks of service time left and I do not like getting cheated. They broke their contract by shutting me down before I reached my end date. I needed my phone so I went online and purchased more minutes and sure enough the sim number was alnowledge and the minutes were added to the phone and it was re-activated.

TracFone is the most un-professional company I have ever done business with and the lies that came from the customer service reps were worst than the talking points given to the American public after the Benghazi incident in Libya that left four Americans dead by Muslim tourists.

Another question I have is why on earth are we giving employment to people in the Philippines, India, and Vienna South America when we have so many Americans unemployed? You would think that TracFone would support the people they are providing phone service to.

I will find another company to do business with, this goes without saying, but not until I use up every single minute of the now 1399 minutes, that's over 23 hours of talk time, I have left on the phone, and it's the principle not the money. So to all my friends if you need to make telephone calls come use my phone please. Thanks.

Vince 3/11/13 10:23AM

I have had a tracfone for several years and on 3/8/13 I tried to use my phone and it said I had no service which was my fault because I let the expiration date slip up on me this is where my story goes down hill to start with when I tried to purchase time and reactivate my phone over the internet I ended up getting charged 3 times and never regained service. Well low and behold when I called and tried to get my money back I got Honduras and people that could not speak English worth 2 cents and that's giving more credit than I should.
Then I finally got to someone who fared better but was told they could only refund 2 of the 3 charges and that I was suppose to like it but I don't. I need refunded for all the money they took and the 2 hours of being on hold and for talking to people WHO can't speak English. I after being a long time tracfone customer never want to see another one and I like the idea of a class action lawsuit mentioned by another person listed here.

Anonymous 3/8/13 10:38PM

My name is Joyce Sweeney, I purchased a tracfone card at our local Walmart in Omak wa. I went thru several attemps to get service, via phone, and internet. cost with tax was $21.50. Every call I tried to make, would show calling, and then it would say no service available. It is time to reinburse funds for this head ache. I think also the better business bureau needs to be contacted. And I need to sit down and write to the attny. general. My home phone is I am not so sure we should not get together and start a class action lawsuit. I would appreciate quick results. And please do not have someone from the phillipeans to respond saying we do not refund...

blessed 3/8/13 12:20PM



On or about 2/13/13 I ordered the trackfone.

once I activated it, I began a serie of problems that are in explainable.

My home land line was disconnected. When I called teck support I was told to call ( 611 ) on my cell . When I did, I got gobbly gook, to speak with anyone that spoke unbroken English , it seems is impossible. You could hear all kinds of back ground noises. and used up a lot of cell phone minutes and I was back to the beginning. ( NO LAND LINE )

I am still with out a land line, What in the world did you do to that phone number?

I have had a bushel of appoligies from ( A T T ).


yankiegirl 2/21/13 9:16AM

I can only repeat what is being said here. I've been a loyal Tracfone customer for years but the "customer service" overseas is HORRIBLE!! After ordering a new phone it has been a circus that has cost me 5 hours of phone time. I'm waiting on the SIM card now that will fix the problem. Hmm, my fingers are crossed. If you have a problem and speak corporate. Don't waste your time with the non-English speaking techs. You won't understand them and they won't understand you.

English speaking and frustrated 2/20/13 12:48PM

I am thoroughly DISGUSTED with what I've gone through trying to get help that actually works. I had to get a new sims card BECAUSE THE NUMBER GIVEN TO ME WHEN i PREVIOUSLY activated it wasn't the correct zip code I needed.tried to have it activated with a new zip code/area code. I was instructed that when the new sims card arrived, I should call, give the new sims card number and my correct phone number would work. It doesn't. I need to speak to someone I can understand better - I had a hard time communicating with her. When I asked for an American to talk to I was not given that option. PLEASE CALL

Linda 2/19/13 5:59PM

I have just spent hours on the phone to find out that my phone was deactivated... I have only had the new phone for 6 weeks. I was told that it was defective also that it is still under warranty but they can not replace it ot refund the phone or the minutes I purchased...Does this make sense to anyone??...The defect was something about the minutes...I could not understand what was said... so I asked for an email explaining the defect...I wonder they will really send it....

RG 2/18/13 10:14AM

I wish I had read these before I ordered a tracfone smartphone from HSN. The phone could not connect to the internet and after two days with their tech support they admitted the phone was defective. They were sending a replacement although I wanted to speak with HSN first. Nonetheless, everyone of the complaints about customer service is valid. They mailed me a replacement phone and never told me they would disconnect the phone I was using (which they did in the middle of a conversation) and programmed the replacement phone which was to be delivered three days later and am still waiting. Their representatives (a new one every time I called to check on the status) told me different stories about every aspect of this problem. I cannot even get into my voice mail from a landline phone. This company is the worst I have dealt with in my life and I'm a grandmother with lots of business experience. I am trying to reach their operations manager but can't seem to get past the "manager" level. I will probably as HSN for a refund since the thought of any problem down the road scares me with the incompetence of their employees as well as inefficient procedures.

WMYB 2/15/13 10:57AM

Have had 4 Trac Phones and I am a supporter of the phone. I tell friends about the phones. Many have purchased them. I bought a phone in jan '13, was defective and was sent a new replacement. I am having a lot of trouble on activating the replacement phone and transferring my existing # 707 489 6198 to my replacement Ph I have been on the phone to try to get my phone activated talking to 4 different people and have had no success. RESPECTFULLY REQUESTING YOUR HELP IN THIS MATTER.
Thanking you in advance for your help.

Lou Fortin 2/7/13 1:03AM

I cannot get into my account. I have been getting into my account for a year. They now tell me my Time Warner email number is not valid because it has . in it. I told them to use my gmail account and the said they would change it and send me an email to change my pass word. That was 7 days ago. I call once a day and i am told the same thing - no emails.
Monday they said they would write a ticket(what ever that is) and I would get and email in 24 hours. 48 hours later I called back they lost the ticket and they have to write another ticket. I hung up I figured no one knows what is going on.

rwilson39 2/6/13 11:08AM

Tonight was really upsetting me and my husband we have been waiting 8 days for our sim card from tracfone only to be imformed tonight they cancelled the order without even contacting us. They had two emails and one extra phone number in which they could contact us however no such thing happened even though they stated the tried to call well how about a message on our email or even our phone answering service. My husband gave all the imformation needed to transfer the number to my old number in which I have had since 2000 which all my family and old friends know by heart. We were told to cancel in 5 days our old phone because we would have our sim card by then. Now customer service stated to my husband it was his fault that they could not get Boost to give them the number because we cancelled it as we were told by the representive to do who assured my husband it would only take 3-5 days. They stated that we should have waited till the sim card was delivered well 8 days later still no follow up on tracfones part which they stateing theycould not reach us earlier. We were simply told to reenstate our old Boost which is a charge to reenstate the number $50.00. Ordinarly the trade from which the representative offered to cover the fee for reenstatment through minutes for the tracfone would be fine if it were payday in our home by payday my phone number will be given to someone else. I felt that since it was not my fault for the mix up that the tracfone company should pay for the reenstatment if Boost would not wave the fee and simply transfer the number. Each representative stated that they would send the notes taken from our conversation to the next representative in which they stated could solve the problem Three representatives later after telling the same story for over an hour we were simply hung up on. We called back only to be told the tracfone call center was closed. Honestly is this the way your business should conduct business and expect to continue to thrive. I will give you the reference number to make good on your part as a company in this competative world. The reference number is given by Charmaine representative #2 on February 5,2013. I have been using my friends phone and I do not think that will be a long period without a problem. Contact number . Number needed under my name Ronda L. Sanchez.

BABES 2/6/13 2:23AM

I've been a tracfone customer for about 10 years and during that time I have recommended the company to several friends but after my experiance of the last week I'll have to inform them to stay away from tracfone. I had two tracfones, I wanted to get rid of one and transfere numbers and minutes to the remaining, simple huh? I've been on the phone with them 3 times for about 45 minutes each call, using a borrowed cell. When I started I had about 3000 minutes on my two phone. After their two hours of "customer service" help my phones no longer work, they can't fix the problem, the last time I spoke to them they told me a "manager" would help me and I waited for another 10 minutes and gave up. I've e-mailed them to no avail.
I think it's time to get rid of tracfone.

bob 2/6/13 1:13AM

You Need To Think Long & Hard On If You Want This Service. When The Chips Are Down All Of A Sudden No One Can Help You. Tracfone Customer Service Is Terrible & Pretty Much No One Speaks English. Pretty Sad Day When Me As An American Cannot Understand Anyone At Tracfone. I Did Finally Ask To Be Transfered To An American & I Got Corporate...."ceevee" Well She Hung Up On Me When She Could Not Answer My Question. My Problem Is That Someone From Tracfone For Whatever Reason Took Off The "triple Minutes For Life Of The Phone" Off My Phone And Could Not Tell Me Why But Couldn't Unerstand Why I Was Sooooooooo Upset. Go Figure!!!!!!!!! This Company Sure Doesn't Care About What Their Own Customer Need.

rap 1/26/13 10:56AM

I bought your straight talk LG android phone, and an unlimited $45 prepaid card Tuesday Jan. 22, 2013. Your product advertises that they work in the area I live. Your company stated that yes this area is covered, but when I activated the phone with your prepaid card, no signal, no service at all. I do live in a more rural area, but there is a cell phone tower 3 miles from my house, AT&T. Your sell reps say your product works off of AT&T towers. After an hour on the phone with your customer service techs, they said "well sorry there is nothing I can do for you, I have to hang the phone up now." The phone does work in Baton Rouge, LA, Plaquemine, LA, but would not work in the 70740 zip code, that I live in. Even though your tech people said yes it is a covered area. Brought the phone back and got my refund for the phone, but I can't get a refund from the store I bought it from, and when I called your customer service line, once i was hung up on. The second time i called they said there is nothing they could do. So you can't refund my money for a prepaid card which i had to have to activate the phone in the first place. In an area that your advertisements, and tech people said yes was a covered area, but I was getting no signal at all on the phone to make or recieve phone calls, and you still cannot refund me my money. That is stealing, and false advertisement. This is a very poor, pathetic way to run a company. What am I to do with a $45 prepaid card that i can't even use. So you get to keep my money and I have to go to a AT&T contract, or AT&T prepaid phone. This really isn't fair to your customers. Why can't anything be done about this?

JJ 1/25/13 6:15PM

Earlier today I called to reactivate the above number and add minutes. The first person I spoke to BARELY spoke English, which is likely part of the cause of the issue I had. After going through the process of entering my name, address, and other info, we chose a rate plan, and I gave him my credit card (actually Visa debit) info. He came back a minute later, and told me the card had been declined. I went to my bank's website to verify the account balance, and learned that instead of a single charge of $42.27 he had entered FOUR charges of $142.27. Not only $100 MORE than agreed, but FOUR times!

After being placed on hold, I finally had (after nearly 15 minutes) the opportunity to speak to William Dubon. After telling me "Don't worry, it's no big deal, I will help you" several times, he finally gave me Confirmation Numbers for each of the incorrect charges. This process took nearly 15 minutes more, so I had now been on the phone for nearly 45 minutes for a relatively simple airtime purchase.

At this point, I told Mr Dubon that I was concerned about possible overdraft charges due to Tracfone's error, since I had already had money transferred automatically to cover the $500+ in excess charges. $142.27 * 4 = $569.08 charged instead of $42.27 is a rather significant amount, and I was legitimately concerned other charges might process before the "credits" were applied, which he told me "could take up to two hours or more for your bank to process". If I incurred overdraft charges due to Tracfone's error, I requested confirmation that Tracfone would accept responsibility and cover them somehow. His reply? "We have already refunded your money, what else do you expect us to do?" in a rather dismissive tone.

Realizing that he was either unwilling or unable to allay my concerns, I asked to speak to his Supervisor. He told me "I don't have one." When I asked him if that meant he had no one to report to, he told me "Yes, I am in charge here." I asked him if that made hime the CEO of Tracfone, if he was in fact without anyone above him, to which he replied "Well, I have a 'Manager', but you asked if I had a 'Supervisor', which I do not have. Semantics, and a deliberate attempt to avoid kicking me up the chain.

After being placed on hold yet again, I was finally granted access to his "Manager", Marisa. After explaining what had transpired to her, she also informed me that "We have refunded your money, what else do you expect?" Well, to be frank, I expected a little more concern over a $500+ mistake, and some form of assurance that I would not suffer financially because of YOUR company's blatant error. And not ONE mistake, but the same one REPEATED FOUR TIMES. In addition, since I now had no money left in my checking account (As I noted above, I was now overdrawn by approximately $60) I asked her to activate the phone anyway, and credit my with the amount of my initial purchase of $42.27 as compensation for my time. Since I had now been on the phone for over an hour, I thought that was reasonable, since I STILL have to call back and have the phone activated.

Marisa reiterated her position that since the money had been refunded (yet still not showing in my real-time online account access) she didn't understand why I was upset, and that there was nothing she could do for me. At this point, I asked her how to spell her last name, so I could refer to her properly when contacting the company directly. After ignoring the question a couple of times, and spontaneously placing me on hold yet again, she cam back and in a HEAVILY accented voice pronounced her name. After asking her to repeat it twice, I finally asked her to spell it for me, which she had to do twice before I learned that it is "Ramirez". In fact, in order to get her to give me her name, I had to SPECIFICALLY ask her twice "Are you refusing to provide me with your last name or any other identifying information that I can use to refer to this call?"

So, here we are. I am still missing $569.08 from my account, I have no service on my phone, and have spent 1.5 hours on the phone, 45 minutes back and forth to my bank, and close to 30 so far on this message. I am thoroughly and completely disappointed in the process, and utterly disgusted with the way I was treated. I challenge you to do something to make this right, although given my experience with both William Dubon and Marisa Ramirez, I hold out little hope I will receive anything more than a form letter. Feel free to prove me wrong. You have my name, address, and contact cell phone number if you have any questions.

For the record, I do NOT answer "blocked" calls. If someone there DOES have the desire to step up and call me, please make sure that I am given a DIRECT number to call back, with an extension. Also, all kidding aside, a decent command of the English language would be helpful too.

Lee 1/10/13 1:01PM

I have had the trac phone for only 6 months and it has been six months of agony. No one on the other end speaks ENGLISH am I speaking to India or what. I had 195 minutes on my phone when I went to charge it they were all gone and the phone completely DEAD!! Called...said I have to wait 10 days for new phone - could be dead by then - what if I had a medical emergency I am a senior citizen who relies on the phone for contacts and HELP. No overnight delivery ???? What kind of company is this - certainly making is enough money to afford Federal Express. What a mess you are.

Anonymous 1/8/13 1:25PM

Have had 2 Tracfones for several years. Have purchased new Tracfone--Would like each 2 phones to have near the same exchanges & numbers as possible. Please let me know if this is possible with Tracfone? ASAP. Thanks;Richard Lamar Wilbanks

Anonymous 1/7/13 5:36PM

I just got a call back from Donovan who would not listen to anything that I had to say, this company has the worst customer service that I have ever delt with. Everyone that I have talked to only tells me what they can not do. Then Donovan was so unprofessional he would not listen to what i was trying to tell him. I lost my temper with him. Not everyone in the world lives by a Radio Shack or a Walmart there is not Radio shack in the area and the nearest Walmart is 100 miles away. I guess Trac just does not care for any of their customers. I will let everyone know about the service that you get from trac and that managers do not return calls when you leave messages for them.

Anonymous 12/27/12 4:23PM

I purchased the Tracphone smartphone thru a home shopping club, because I trust Tracphone. Unfortunatly this did not work out well. I was leaving on a train for 48 hours then driving 8 hours to visit my son for Christmas. The phone worked the first week, but then, the phone now tells me the sim card is unregistered and does not work. They never could get my phone working after 2 hours on the phone with Tracphone technical. They will have to send me a SIM card. I am leaving tomorrow to be on a train for 48 hours, then drive again 8 hours to get home. Now I will be without a phone. I am on the Value Plan for Tracphone, 5.99 a month for service days, great plan, but I think they screwed me, they still have updates for the phone I had disconnected, none for the brand new one I purchased for this trip. I even convinced my husband to get a Tracphone, he has a NET10, your tech support screwed around for an hour, then told him he needed a sim card. Needless to say I had to go purchase another phone. It was a Tracphone too, and I will be holding my breath till they get it right. If not, I am writing to consumer reports, better business and any other company that will benefit by the lousy tech support Tracphone has.

shanifin 12/27/12 4:17PM

just had the worst service in my life, spent 2 hours on the phone for them to do nothing. Talked to 5 people and each time it got worse, all I heard over and over is what they could not do instead of what they could do for me. We bought my parents a updated phone for christmas and I am now regretting it. The second CSR I spoke with deactivate their old phone but never activated the new phone and now they must have a new phone number unless they want hold off their travel plans for another 2 days for them to send a new sim card with the old phone number. They can not overnight the card per corporate office. My line of work is a Quality Auditor for Customer service and they would of all failed if I was their auditor. I would expect that someone from Coporate would want to contact me by the next business day. I have only give you the beginning of what happened during the 2 hours of my life spent with cold and untrained CSR's

Anonymous 12/26/12 6:48PM


I bought this phone to make International calls (Panama 507)

In the time I have had this phone I have not been able to make 1

International call, when I call the number I get someone who is not fluent in English and was not help full at all.

But, I have learned that Tracfone is not for me.

Thank you.

Fred Brosseau

Anonymous 12/20/12 2:49PM

I have spent 2 days trying to take advantage of the special offer you mailed with 1 year 400 mins., 400 double minutes and bonus 250 mins. with the promo code. I have called three different numbers and noone seems to be able to find the code on your brochure. Last year I got a sililar offer and was off the phone in 5 mins. What is going on??? I'm very disappointed with the service I've received. Please address this.

Anonymous 12/20/12 12:12PM

AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I switched from a national carrier. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S2, the most expensive straight talk phone available, brought my number with me from a different provider, and signed up for the $49 unlimited plan. Worked OK for a short amount of time, started having problems accessing the internet. Tried to call customer service. Waited on the phone for over 45 minutes to speak to someone with very poor English. Asked to speak to a supervisor and got someone who could only speak from a script. Asked to speak to someone who spoke English. Got accused of being rude about their culture. Finally was transferred to a call center in Florida and spoke to a woman named Donna, who was extremely rude, CONFRONTATIONAL and degrading. Unfortunately, said she could not help me either. I should have stayed a Verizon customer. At least the customer service representatives are polite and helpful. BEWARE.... STRAIGHT TALK AND TRACFONE HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!

cellular customer from nc 12/19/12 6:51PM

On December 15, 2012, I purchased a Tracfone online that came with two promotions: a $15 gas card, and free overnight FedEx shipping. I immediately received an email confirmation of the order and shortly thereafter, an email stating that my order had shipped but the included a tracking number that was labeled USPS tracking - not FedEx. I clicked on the provided tracking number link and was directed to the USPS tracking page that showed that the order was delivered on November 28, 2012 (17 days before I ordered it) to an address in Dallas, TX. I live in NM.
I called Tracfone and was advised not to worry about the tracking number since they recycle numbers; the order would be updated shortly. This advice was, of course, nonsense: the USPS does not recycle tracking numbers and my order was to be shipped by FedEx overnight, not the USPS. Having not received my order or an updated email with the correct tracking number, I again called Tracfone. I was advised that even though my order had shipped, I would not receive it until Monday because they do not use weekend shipping; and I should not be concerned about the tracking number.
Monday I did not receive the order so I called Tracfone again. After much transferring to "supervisors," it was determined that my order would ship that day (Monday) and I would receive it Tuesday; I should receive a tracking number shortly. Because I had not received the corrected tracking number by Tuesday morning, I called FedEx who did a search under my name and address. FedEx was able to confirm that there were no shipments in their system to my name or address.
I called Tracfone and advised of my findings. I was transferred to two different "supervisors" and finally to a "department manager." The manager first told me that my order was delivered on November 28. I politely asked her to look at the order (I had already given her the order number) where she would note that the order was placed on December 15 and could not have been delivered by November 28. Unable to reconcile the obvious, the manager put me on hold while she checked. For the next 30 minutes, she took me off hold and asked if I would wait on hold for "three more minutes" (i.e., every three minutes for 30 minutes she asked me to hold). Finally, the manager advised that she could not track the order and that I should go to the post office and have them trace the order for me. I politely explained - again - that the tracking number was a USPS number of an order already delivered to another state. Regardless, I asked the manager how could the post office track my FedEx shipment, a shipment she could not locate herself?
Finally, I asked why not just ship me a second order since there is no record of my first order? WHAT A GOOD IDEA. After another 30 minutes of repeatedly verifying all of my mailing and shipping info, the order was placed. However, I would not receive the two promotions: the $15 gas card that essentially knocks $15 off the price of the phone, or the free FedEx overnight shipping - why - because mine was a "replacement" phone and the promotions are no longer in effect. Wait a minute: what do you mean replacement phone? How can you replace something that was never shipped? And, if you were able to determine that my order was never placed, why were the supervisors I talked to on Friday - when the promotion was still in effect - not able to advise me that the order was lost someplace in the ether and place another order for me at that time so I could avail myself of the promotion? Silence ensued.
I'll post back with the corporate response - if I receive one.

Ed 12/18/12 11:03PM

To everyone reading this. My "phone" was through Straight Talk. Writing on the blog does absolutely, positively NOTHING. Want to get action?? write to Wal-Mart, copy and paste this information, the complaints, and send it on. I have read all of the warnings concerning this company BUT I said Naaa, this will not happen to me. Well guess what... Everything that I have read has happened to me and then some. Overcharged, inconsiderate, NEVER once the same answer to a problem twice, LIED TO over service, on the phone for 40 minutes once-recalled and got right through and the list goes on and on. HOW can this company stay in business. I will NEVER recommend this company to ANYONE. When I now go to Wal-Mart and I see someone looking at their phones I will tell them what I experienced. I have turned 3-people away so far. As I said in the beginning I have written to Wal-Mart with my experience and I have cut and paste the complaints I have read and written. HORRIBLE, INEPT, with NO CONSCIENCE what so ever. I am now with one of the BIG companies. I get less coverage, no internet, pay @15.00 a month more BUT the customer service has helped my out unbelievably in 1/20th the time and everything that I was told was right on. They even helped my make smart decisions on my phone. I learned my lesson.

UNHAPPY customer 12/18/12 5:00PM

To everyone reading this. My "phone" was through Straight Talk. Writing on the blog does absolutely, positively NOTHING. Want to get action?? write to Wal-Mart, copy and paste this information, the complaints, and send it on. I have read all of the warnings concerning this company BUT I said Naaa, this will not happen to me. Well guess what... Everything that I have read has happened to me and then some. Overcharged, inconsiderate, NEVER once the same answer to a problem twice, LIED TO over service, on the phone for 40 minutes once-recalled and got right through and the list goes on and on. HOW can this company stay in business. I will NEVER recommend this company to ANYONE. When I now go to Wal-Mart and I see someone looking at their phones I will tell them what I experienced. I have turned 3-people away so far. As I said in the beginning I have written to Wal-Mart with my experience and I have cut and paste the complaints I have read and written. HORRIBLE, INEPT, with NO CONSCIENCE what so ever. I am now with one of the BIG companies. I get less coverage, no internet, pay @15.00 a month more BUT the customer service has helped my out unbelievably in 1/20th the time and everything that I was told was right on. They even helped my make smart decisions on my phone. I learned my lesson.

UNHAPPY customer 12/18/12 4:57PM

I've had nothing but trouble with this company. They repeated the minute purchase 11 times and took more than 400.00 out of my checking account. When I called the customer service rep claimed it was taking him 2 hrs to reverse one transcation. I was on the phone for 8 hours. I had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. Only then did the thieves replace the money.

noname 12/10/12 8:59AM

I just took your servery and didn't find any questions that were to my satisfaction. I have tried to contact Net 10 and Trac-Phone about issues I am having with my phone and have had no satisfaction. Let me say that there service is lousy in my area and when I call the customer service I get someone that doesn't care about the customers needs. They follow a cheat sheet to answer all my questions. They always tell me to give them a call from another phone and 98% of the time I am unable to do it as I only use a cell phone and only when someone else is visiting me can I call from that phone. They then tell me to send my phone in and after receiving it they will send me a replacement phone. I am not satisfied with the service that Trac-Phone gives me and I do intend to replace their service with another service provider. I hope you can give them my e-mail to possibly get higher up the chain of command. I will not take anymore surveys and will not recommend their service to anyone any more.

Sateliteman1 11/24/12 8:23AM

Tracfone does not fulfill the promises made when purchasing minute cards. A promotional code is given but not honored. When calling the number listed on the phone; the superivisor on the other end named Shawn (43034) is unwilling to make right on Tracfone's promises. Misleading promises for bonus minutes are outright lies.

sadder than ever 11/12/12 8:30PM

Tracfone ignores customers, keeps them waiting, challenges their veracity. It's a disgusting operation. Don't buy a tracfone. Put this dishonest company out of business. They don't deserve to have any customers.

dishonestcompany 11/8/12 8:38PM

Tracphone corporate is nonresponsive. They ignore calls, refusing to handle customer inquiry. Appalling. Don't give this company any business. You will regret it.

readthisnow 11/8/12 8:35PM

The worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Within 24 hours I've made multiple calls and asked for multiple supervisor escalations. Can't wait to go buy a new phone with a different Carrier tomorrow! It's not cheap just convenient, but look out if you encounter an issue.
M. Warren

Anonymous 11/8/12 3:11PM

So far I have had nothing put trouble with our 2 phones that have triple minutes. The last 3 months I have been charged for our minutes, but have had trouble receiving them. Spent too much time and several days with customer service on the phone to correct problem. Their service people are very hard to understand, terrible English and not very well trained! Also, don't get very good reception. Verizon was truly the BEST. Might go back to them.

Anonymous 11/7/12 1:51PM

I purchased minutes last night, 11/2/2012 for my Tracfone. I have lifetime double minutes on my plan. My Visa card was charged for these minutes and I am still waiting for them.
Called 4 different Tel. no's been on the phone since 8:30 a.m. this morning 11/3/2012 was told they could not answer at this time and click went the phone. Only answer I received from your customer service is a dial tone. I will dispute the charges with my bank because I paid for services that were not received. I will be contacting the PUC & the FCC with a formal complaint. I am also contacting HSN (Home Shopping Network) through which my phone and plan was purchased. After seeing other postings here on this page, I'm wondering how you are still in business. Gee Brown, California

Gee Brown 11/3/12 11:11AM

I have recently had problems with my track phone. I called the customer service number and was told that the problem was my phone and after being on the phone with their customer servive representative Elmer for almost a half hour that a new phone would be mailed within 5-7 days and that I would be in the service of the Verizon Tower at no charge. When I received the phone I was to call back and transfer minutes, service days etc and return the old phone in the mail. The phone did not come so I called again. This time I was told my phone was out of warrenty and would have to buy a new one by customer service representative Jarvis. I request a supervisor and was informed I would have to buy a new phone and it was my problem not theirs. What a crock! I am 63 and live alone. Is this company just a scam or what?

Anonymous 10/28/12 9:52AM

I bought my son a triple minutes tracphone only to waatch his minutes evaporate right in my hand. He had 360 minutes and within 6 hours he was down to under 100 minutes and had not talked to anyone. He had not received a text. His phone did not ring. I am livid that someone would take advantage. Why even call customer service to talk to a strange voice that asks you the same questions over and over before passing you off to yet aniother person who can solve the problem. In today's economy theft by deception is still theft. Whether it be a cell phone with vanishing minutes or calling to get the run around totally when you have been a loyal customer.

Anonymous 9/22/12 7:09PM

Tracfone has been all right for me, as long as I don't leave the area of my home. My Mom has a Tracfone as well, we got it for her so she could call for help, she's 83. Since she moved to a building about 20 feet from her previous address, the phone has never worked. The tech support people say the company has been doing some work in her area, nearly a year. I continued to add minutes to continue the service, now it's loaded with minutes, saying it was overdue, got lost just after the last addition. Found, still won't work! Won't operate, tried online to contact Tracfone, can't, tried phone call from my landline, over 10 minutes on hold, nobody answered my call. Phooey!!

LazyYankee 9/12/12 11:53AM

I am totally dissatified with the new tracfone I bought. I called a number I had and of course I got someone in some other country that has neaver even heard of Ohio, so here's my problem, my old phone got great reception no complaits at all my newer phone looses reception 25 miles nort of my home, my old phone got reception all over the U.S. why? I will be calling you Monday. Ron

Ron 8/4/12 7:04AM

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