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UPS corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the UPS corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the UPS corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
United Parcel Service, Inc.
55 Glenlake Pkwy. Ne
Atlanta, GA 30328
United States

Phone: 404-828-6000

UPS Corporate Office Comments

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UPS obviously hires morans who are incapable to read house numbers. I rec'd a text that a package was delivered to my front door on 2/17/14 @ 7:07 PM. There was NO package and I immediately called UPS and asked that a manager call me and was told a manager would call me the next morning by 10 AM. NO CALL. So, I called back and was connected to a moran superviser, James, in the Charlotte NC office and he was over talked me and couldn't speak English. All this moran would repeat is they are "working on it" and I asked him FIVE TIMES what that meant and James the moran said I'm not working on it so I don't know. I have never in my life talked to so many idiots at one company. The customer service people were extremely nice but the driver that was supposed to deliver my package and James the supervisor need to be fired!!!

J 2/18/14 9:19AM

I was expecting a delivery on Thursday, December 19th about 12 pm. I had received anything by 2pm; suspecting holiday deliveries, I got on the website to track my package. It stated at 12:16 the package was undeliverable due to a "correct receiver name is needed for delivery." So, I called the local office in Palatine, Illinois. I spoke with a Carol who stated to me that due to questionable deliveries to my address, the driver needed a signature. I told that I expected that and that was the reason I stayed home; to sign for my delivery. She then proceeded to ask if I lived in a house with a "bunch of mexicans." I told that I did not and delivery was made to wrong house. Carol insisted that the house was correct and package was not addressed correctly. Then was told that delivery could not be made that day. So, I verified address and myself again. Told her if any problems to call me back and left my number again. Checked tracking again at 9pm and still read that verification was needed, so I called the 800-pick-ups and re-verified myself and address once more. Checked tracking again at 3am when I woke, still read verification was needed. I called the Palatine office again and got a busy signal. Then, I called the 800 number and re-re-verified delivery information again. Ask agent to have the Palatine office call me if any question was needed to be answered. Asked that they call me by 6am BEFORE leaving for deliveries. No phone call until 935am. Giving UPS benefit of doubt, I was surprised to find out my package wasn't going to be deliveried this morning. As I was speaking to Joann, she asked bout other deliveries made to my address. I questioned that validity of her reasoning pertaining to the delivery of my package. I notified her of Carol's racist statement of the "mexicans". Joann stated that she would talk to Carol when she arrived at noon, also that Mike, a supervisor, had taken my package out of the office without the intent of delivery. When I questioned her about the the information given; Joann "had to go and she has other security matters to handle" and hung up. I called the 800 number to complain. Finally got through to an agent and gave an overview of the situation; to which. the said that she would place me on hold but she hung up on me. I called back and spoke to a HELPFUL agent. While on the phone with the agent, Maria from the Palatine office called me. Maria told me that she had the package in front of her and that I could come to pick it up or have it deliveried POSSIBILY this afternoon, but couldn't guarantee cause of the weather. She was obtuse and stated that everything was in the past and if I wanted my package.....then we had to discuss arrangements for delivery. She wouldn't address the fact that Joann lied to me about Mike having the package. Nor that I had to re-affirm my address several times. Nor the fact that the prior delivery was made to the wrong house: reason being that she stated an address Maria proceeded to state that she was done with conversation and had to attend other business. She hung up on me. This is the first time I've had UPS deliver a package.....UPS and its service eats ass. The customer service is no service at all. USPS or FEDEX for me next time.

Tony Mann 12/20/13 10:43AM

i mailed a package on thr was to be delivered on the went to texas.the other went to idaho.same distance.but the one that went to texas didnt get delivered.i called three times they said because of weather.but ive been watching the weather and my daughter does not live far from the dallas hub.then it was to be delivered on the 17th.nope.then the 18th it says its in belton,about 5 miles from where my daughtwer lives..its 4pm on the 19th.not delivered yet.the stuff inside is no longer any good.i live in wyo.the ups ran through very horrible weather..i cant find a direct email to post a complaint.there to turning this in to the consumer complaint and the out over 100..

trish 12/18/13 3:40PM

How do I get UPS to deliver pkgs to the front porch instead of leaving them beside the road in front of the house? My husband and I work from home and have business forms,etc. delivered by UPS. For all we know they could be stolen and some have been damaged by rain.

Marilie 11/25/13 10:53AM

Today 10/31/2013 My Daughters, Chrissy Williams, Dog (neco) Ran Into The Ups Truck On 74th Ave. Starke Fla. The Driver Took Time To Stop Even Thou It Was Clearly Not His Fault. We Only Know Him As Brian But We Thank Him Sooo Much For His Concern. We Are Truly Blessed To Have Such A Wonderful Ups Driver. Thank You Brian. The Dog Required Stitches But Will Be Fine. The Dog Is A Part Of Our Family And Grateful He Is Alive. Brian Was So Very Considerate.

BILL 10/31/13 10:54AM

Started to leave my house last week to pick my two boy's up from football practice, and to my surprise , at the end of my driveway, next to the county road I live on was my new replacement receiver from dish network. I guess the driver was in to big of a hurry to bring it up my driveway to my door. Boy has UPS' s service went down hill the last few years. Really since they quiet having you sign for packages. Fedex ,sends a automated message letting you know they have a package coming for you if it has been insured, and even if it is not they bring it to your door, and knock!!!!

Oklahoma 8/24/13 1:54PM

I Received A Package Before I Had A Chance To Finish Shoveling My Sidewalk From A Snowstorm Last Night .i Am Older And Was Getting Tired When The Truck Pulled Up With My Package. To My Surprise The Young Driver Gave Me My Package And Finished Shoveling My Sidewalk For Me.what Took Him A Minute Would Have Taken Me A Lot Longer To Do. What A Nice Young Man And What A Nice Gesture. I Think He Deserves A Raise. Kudos To Him Whoever He Is.
Penn Hills, Pa.

Anonymous 3/6/13 10:29AM

Well so much for a Merry Christmas for my 9 year old thanks to UPS. I was told by UPS customer service pick-up in Omaha,NE.that my package was to be delivered to an address which was my place of business and did not need a signature. But customer service on the phone is telling me that it is the drivers discretion whether to leave it or not. If somebody could explain to me how i am suppose to tell my child that he will not be getting his present on Christmas but the day after, please let me know. Thanks UPS!!!

Very Disappointed 12/24/12 2:49PM

**We got physically threatened by a UPS driver in San Francisco mall, TWICE.**

I am working with UPS, FedEx and DHL for the past 6 years and I never had to face such a relentless employee who is rude and aggressive.

Last week, the UPS driver at Westfield mall in San Francisco parked his cart too close to our store, in order to take a personal phone call. He was shouting and screaming on the phone, next to customers, and when my employee politely asked him to move his cart aside, he started shouting at him and physically threaten him. When a mall management representative came the UPS employee said said to him (the mall representative) "I can punch him (my employee) in front of you and none of you can do anything!".

Today he was very aggressive to me as well when I asked him if he has our package. He ignored me at first and when I asked him for his name he came very close to me, waiving his hands, and saying "are you threatening me??" and refused to give me his name. He did not wear a name tag as well. And when I said I will complain about him he started laughing and said "from now, I will refuse service to you". I am the store owner and was polite the whole time.

I am handling this situation with the mall management and if needed, police and any legal actions needed. My employees feel as if he is discriminating them and they physically do not feel save next to him (he is a very big guy).

Obviously, UPS is in charge of this misbehavior by not educating their drivers or screening them from the first place. It is clear that he has no limits and is not afraid to be facing any responsibility for his actions.

Avoid using UPS in the future. A company who has such rude employees does not care about customer service. When I ship a package I pay to the company that pays its employees. So, in other words, I am paying him for being rude and aggressive to my employees. I will instruct all my vendors to ship with FedEx or Post Office instead.

store owner 10/24/12 12:15PM

Your drivers need to get their heads out of the clouds and stay off their cell phones so they can actually pay attention to the directions they are given and actually look for the address instead of constantly talking on their phones and lying and saying they couldn't find it. We are the only house on our street, but they say they can't find us even though we can sit on our porch and see them pull up to one of the businesses across the street and never bother looking over toward our house, because they are to busy talking on their cell phones. Our house numbers are very visible if they just look.

Saphira56 8/27/12 9:59AM

Lucky to be alive! UPS driver just ran a STOP sign in Southport, Ct at 10:27am, corner of Jellif and Center Sts., traveling at a very high speed. Who do I report this to? This is an area with many young children riding bikes and crossing streets to get to the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club. I've never seen anything like this from a UPS employee.

Go UCONN 7/26/12 7:59AM

In March or April of this year Statesville. Prison sent a package ups. I never got it. I called they were to check into it. They did and couldn't figure out where it went. Then they said they needed information on what was in the box so the value of these items would be sent in a check. I nor my son has received a check. I had a conformation number but u can't find it at the moment. I would like to get this issue resolved. My sins name is Timothy McDonald. Be was transferred. From Statesville to Dixon prison. His indoctrinated number is s10506. I'm his mother Paula McDonald. 702 n. Oak St apt. E Bloomington. Illinois 61701 phone number 217-8715035 he had shirt jeans belt shoes and I believe shorts and t shirt. That comes up to $167.00 without adding anything on for shorts and were adidas the shirt was nerdy.I would appreciate someone getting the matter of. Thank you.

Anonymous 7/18/12 12:55PM

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