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US Airways corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the US Airways corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the US Airways corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
US Airways Group, Inc.
111 W. Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281
United States

Phone: 480-693-0800

US Airways Corporate Office Comments

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I NEVER found a way to talk to a LIVE PERSON. My pocketbook was stolen in the gate waiting area (E7) at CLT. In it was a check to me for $1216, compensation for having been bumped off an over-sold flight to MDT (Jan 25,2014) - not to mention my glasses, cell phone, credit cards, insurance cards.... I've asked, through the compliments/complaints page, that the check be STOPPED and REPLACED and MAILEDto me. NO REPLY other than thank you for your contacting us. AND NO CHECK

Anonymous 2/6/14 9:20AM

This airline should be avoided at all costs. Had a flight, BOS to SDF with a stop in Philadelphia. Got to Phili, maintainence issue, cancelled the flight. Booked on flight for the next day and told =, see you then. No word on how to retrieve my bag, no where to stay since I am under 21. They just do not care at all. Called the rebook number they gave me at the airport and was told to check with a supervisor at the airport. This is why they so deserve the reputation they get. No more US Airways for me--and that will include American due to the merger.

Louisville Bound 1/5/14 10:44AM

Junk fees aplenty were charged (some not even disclosed) for a frequent flyer ticket. I am chasing it now to see how much if any can be refunded. $25.00 "processing" fee; $75.00 "quick ticketing" fee even though the trip is not for another two weeks; plus multiple taxes and otehr junk fees.
Alec Baldwin is right!

Steve D. 9/20/13 11:32AM

I have never flown on an airlines that has no ability to answer to address genuine complaints from their customers.
After reading these reviews I understand more clearly what this is all about. This airline is scary, they took personal information from me on the airlines and I was not ordering anything, for what reason I do not know. They have rude attendants who obviously do not want to be there. I am now trying to deal with all of this and no one, no one, live is there to talk with concerning a security issue that THEY may have breached.

Linda 7/8/13 11:07AM

On the fourth leg of my round trip from HSV to DTW, when I presented my boarding pass given to me in Detroit for my last leg from Charlotte to Huntsville I was told I was on the "NO FLY LIST". It took about 45 minutes to finally get on the plane. When I ask the Corporate office for an explanation, I was told I could email them and ask. As for TSA, I am not on any no fly list,=. In fact I have been in 14 different countries in the last 6 months. What a way to run an airline. I will never fly US Airways again!

Dan 4/25/13 9:41AM

I was overcharged by 3k. The phone reps told me why I scrolled over the seats to see if they were available, I was charged each time. Also due to my pet carrier, we had to move seats and I was again charged. My carrier was a standard and regulation approved carrier. I paid over 2400.00 plus pet fee. Then I was recharged over another 2000.00 without my approval. I want my money returned. I am a very easy going person, however, this experience changed my companies flying practices. I need it resolved.

Patricia 1/20/13 12:51AM

I have never been more upset with a service such as us airways. Not only did they steal 4k from my account, that was all I had. There were open seats and when I put the marker over it, I was charged each time. My name is patricia kane. I just want my money back that was stolen!!

Patricia 1/16/13 12:42AM

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