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US Cellular corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the US Cellular corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the US Cellular corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
United States Cellular Corporation
8410 W. Bryn Mawr
Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60631
United States

Phone: 773-399-8900
Fax: 773-399-8936

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It's really sad the direction U.S. Cellular has gone. I bought my first phone from US Cellular in 1992 - yes 22 years ago. I have strayed a few times, but basically been a customer much of that time. I will be honest, I stayed because of the exceptional customer service they used to have. While in a company store, the same store I shopped in 1992, I was lied to to the point it passed unethical conduct and possibilly entered the area of fraud. The salesman had run my credit, without even asking me, and put me in debt for over $1,400 without mentioning that to me even once. He was slick as a magician that has you looking at a shiny object in one hand while deception is going on with the other. He said he would sell me a new iPad for $50 and upgrade my phone for $100 - these charges ended up just being the sales tax on these two items. He said "it's too good to believe isn't it? and there are no strings attached at all", (except $1,400 indebtedness that was never mentioned). I would love to tell you they made things right, but they didn't. The sales manager was arrogant and basically what ever it took to sell phones was just alright with him and not once apologized or even tried to placate me. This confirmed that was the way the sales staff was trained not just a greedy bad apple in the bunch. Then I lost the plan I was on. After over 3 hours of phone calls and promises of plans that were later taken away. I have no idea what my plan is - and I am sure my next bill will be a nightmare to work through. I can't take this treatment any longer. I will be gone soon, now that I am just a number, but will remember the days when I wasn't.

Anonymous 7/30/14 11:44AM

I Am One Of The Lucky Former Customers Of Us Cellular Who Had My Cell Phone Turned Off Because Us Cellular Pulled Out Of The Chicago Area And Most Of Illinois. I Just Up-graded To A Smart Phone And A Wireless Modem, Now Usless. No Open Stores And No Response From Corporate. The Phone Is Totally Dead, So I Can Not Determine If There Is Any Personal Data That Was Transferred From My Old Phone. A $500. Phone, Now Worth $10.00 Or Try To Sell It Outright But Is The Phone Cleared??????? I Am Out About $300.00 And Lost The Awards Points. Their Notice To Customers Was A Lie. Sprint Will Not Honor Anything From U.s. Cellular As Promised By U.s.cellular. If This Is Not Dishonest, I Don't Know What Is??????

Anonymous 3/16/14 7:48PM

To whom this may concern. It is not my fault your company is losing business due to your very very poor customer service. and you can no longer afford to offer service in the southern illinois/st louis area. So why am I being charged an early term fee? This information was not communicated to your customer's. us cellular is an abosolute joke. poor customer service. Dont care about customer's. I would never recommend this service to anyone. You sold me to sprint I feel so relieved.

phoenix 2/6/14 2:34PM

There will be no resolve here either. Clearly this is just a place to vent our frustrations with US Cellular, but not actually a feedback page for US Cellular. In fact there is no feedback because no actual representative of US Cellular will ever read anything posted here, nor will they ever contact any person who has left a comment on this forum. This just speaks volumes about what an absolutely worthless company US Cellular really is. They literally laugh in the customer's face here, as they do when you make contact with them on the telephone. That is if you are lucky enough to get through to them, or if you have the patience to be put on hold for 3 hours. And if you do happen to get through, most likely your representative does not even speak English, and even if they do speak English you will soon realize that they are undoubtedly deaf and dumb. And for those of you looking to come on board as a new US Cellular customer, don't even bother because you will not be happy with the service, they will rip you off, and they will treat you in a very degrading and barbaric fashion. Find another carrier is my suggestion and spread the word to all of your family and friends.....US Cellular is the absolute worst of corporate America, and I will rejoice on the day they enter bankruptcy court and go under completely.

Starman 2/5/14 10:45AM

I have never been so screwed by a cell phone company as I have by us cellular. they are a rip off. I have been a customer for more than 12 years. customer service is rude, and doesn't have a clue. on October 6th I got new phones and changed to a business account I was double billed in October 2 bills that's right for the same number I have paid both and still have not got it resolved 3 hrs on the phone today only to be told I was right but they cannt find the contract it is in transit from were I dont no 5 months now and told by a billing specialist who says they have been looking for it for 5 months that they cannt credit me until they find it what a bunch of crap . any body who wants to start or knows of a class action law suit I want in.

mdolan 2/3/14 3:23PM

Twice now I have been billed for past due balances, when the bills have in fact been paid. When I have tried to call customer service, the hold time was well over 30 minutes both times. The agent at the local office agreed the past due charges were in error. He also explained the new billing system has caused the problem, and that they are trying to catch up on their billing. I questioned that because they are not giving me 30 days between payment, more like 20 days. I should not have to spend time trying to correct your companies mistakes. I am very dissatisfied with the customer service I have received, or not been receiving. The customer service associates are rude, argumentative, and not helpful at all, when you can get through. If this happens again, I will be switching to another carrier. I would not recommend US Cellular to anyone.

Anonymous 1/24/14 11:35AM

This company obviously does not train their staff. My bill was around $87 per month due to automatic bill payment and educator discount. They have now upped my bill to $102 per month, claiming that I went online and cancelled my discounts. Now who in their right mind would ever do that. Hold times have been well over an hour and once I went through my history, the calls have been conveniently dropped. I am going to contact my television station to see if they will take this on for me.

Sally 1/22/14 10:38PM

From the US Cellular retail store, to the US Cellular customer care representatives, right on down the the corporate office, I was greeted with arrogance, and a complete and total disregard for me as a new US Cellular customer. I ordered my phone last Thursday from my local US Cellular store and my phone has been ready for me to pick up since Friday morning. The problem is that the employees of this store are just downright rude, unhelpful, and unwilling to serve a customer who is clearly unhappy with the service so far. To top it off these employes just do not have a clue what to do next to activate my new phone and to complete the entire transaction. After 14 phone calls to the store and to customer service with no solution and still NO PHONE! It is clear to me now that US Cellular just does not care about taking care of their customer's and keeping them. Hey I tried! I tried to come aboard and was pushed off the boat at every attempt. Sad, just downright pathetic and sad
and here it is 4 business days later and I still do not have my phone? Seems like since I explained over a dozen times to customer service reps that it is impossible to deal with the jerks at my local US Cellular store, that they would have sent me a phone in the mail by now. But instead they just let a customer who signed up for the most expensive monthly plan, walk away never to be heard from again. Award winning customer service? You have got to be kidding me right? I have two words to describe the customer service for US Cellular......WORTHLESS, and BARBARIC! Good riddance US Cellular! My advice to other folks experiencing the same kind of problems and issues with US Cellular, MOVE ON! Find another carrier and stop wasting your time looking for a resolve. Not going to happen because they really DO NOT CARE!

Starman 1/14/14 6:59AM

I ordered two phones on Dec 29, 2013. I was told over the phone that they would be shipped out 2 Day Air. I also updated my address as sold my house Dec 26. One of the phones shipped out Ground service and was shipped to my old address. Thank goodness for UPS and their great customer service for making sure I received my phone that US Cellular shipped to the incorrect address. I have been on the phone 4 four times with customer service with no luck. I was just on hold bc the last agent I spoke with decided to transfer me to another dept and I was disconnected after being on the phone for 26 minutes. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks, Loyal Customer of 13 years (account holder of 4 lines). Also, the phone I ordered is available online (says nothing of being on backorder and it is now $100 cheaper than when I ordered and paid for it almost two weeks ago.)

Lacey 1/9/14 11:08AM

I have been on hold since 9:30 am today 1/3/14. trying to reach someone from US Cellular. I even tried the Corporate office and of course no one answered my call there either.
I am trying to clear up a bill that you keep sending me even though I am no longer a customer. YOU SOLD USD OUT to Sprint. I got another carrier on Oct. 24, 2013. PLEASE stop send me bills. I would never go back to US Cellular now since this experience with them. Up until this time I really liked US Cellular. NOT NOW!!!!

Anonymous 1/3/14 10:07AM

I am a longtime customer that has been severely disappointed by what is referred to as customer service. The people who are supposed to help are rude and insulting. I did not create the billing issues this company is experiencing. Does the CEO really believe that giving 5000 loyalty points can forgive them for poor service? IS THERE SOMEONE I CAN TALK TO THAT WANTS TO FIX THE PROBLEM?

Anonymous 1/1/14 12:34PM

US Cellular is HORRIBLE!!! If we weren't locked in, my family would switch immediately. It's bad enough that they double-billed our account for data....but on top of that, they were very rude and demeaning. ESPECIALLY "Mike" in one of the Wisconsin businesses (he wouldn't give me any kind of other identifier I'm sure because he knew how rude he was). Why can't people just do their jobs and treat people with an ounce of respect anymore.

Anna 1/1/14 11:29AM

It is very unsettling that you can be a loyal customer with a company for over 10 years and they are going to let your business walk away over a $40.00 phone upgrade. I had no idea that my phone was being upgraded on my husbands phone #, now he can't upgrade his phone (which is 5 yrs old) If this is how US Cellular does business I don't want to do business with them!

vzoucha 12/17/13 1:27PM

i had bad things go on ever since they did there up grade now being charged for dates early how can you charge me min for those dates when there not here yet. and my bill has been higher than ever called corprate office no reply back

Anonymous 12/16/13 10:55PM

They suck...double charge my credit card and delivered our phones to wrong address. Now they wont replace them, was there mistake. Then they want to charge me to replace phones they shipped to the wrong address. ..some company. I wont recommend this to anyone.

harkey 12/13/13 3:14AM

Service at us cellular stores, in particular the north side Sheboygan store, (location number 383) is terrible to say the least. We visited the store Thursday 12/5/13 at about 4pm, we waited 45 minutes while I observed 2 reps helping people, one person just taking names at the door and one person on the phone the entire time. We left and went to the south side store, waited another 30 minutes but finally got waited on but could not complete our transaction. Went back to the north side store on Friday 12/6/13 at 12:30 pm, waited another 40 minutes while 3 reps took care of people, the same girl taking names at the door (and that's all) and 2 people in customer service of which only one helped people. I'm sure had you had this experience you would think twice about going back or keeping the service. I'm happy with my phone service but extremely dissatisfied with customer service.

Butch 12/7/13 9:43AM

Let me start off by saying that my service was good until July of 2013 when they switched there billing process. Since then I have to call them every month about my bill that the due dates keeps changing. I received 1 disconnect notice even after calling them. I have never been late on paying my bill and since August every bill I received states I'm past due. The last bill I received states it was due on 12/4/13 I paid my bill on 11/30/13 and received a bill on 12/4/13 stating I'm past due and the bill is due on 12/20/13. I called customer service waited for them to call me back after 45 minutes received a call from somebody that barely spoke English. Was told the payment was not posted until after the bill was posted and not to worry about it, that the account was up to date. I asked them when my next bill would due, and was informed it would be do on 1/9/14, so I will be getting another past due notice because the new bill will be coming out before the last bill is even due. I understand there will be problem when they switched billing system, but they stated they would be working with you until they got everything fixed with there billing dept. I do not believe this is correct when they send out disconnect notices and bills stating you are past due all the time, and when you call customer service nothing changes. I also want to say that there new insurance pricing is a rip off. If you are charging $8.95 a month then charge anywhere from $100 to $175 copay if there is a problem with your phone is just ridiculous. I have been a customer with US Cellular for 15 years and never had a reason to switch provider until now. But if they do not get the billing and customer service issue fixed by January I will switch provider. There are many provider out there all offering the same services for the same price, and customer service is what normally set them apart. US Cellular customer service is the worst I have every had to deal with in last the 6 months.

Tim 12/3/13 9:49AM

What part of COMMUNICATION does USCC not understand as of late? Their automated service where you talk to the computer is a huge pain. The computer either can't hear, can't process info, or can't process payment. Waiting for a live person is worse. Hey if a company wants bilingual employees for their Spanish speaking customers I have no issues whatsoever with that. But I do have lots of issues with customer service reps who can not speak nor understand even simple English when I have not requested a Spanish service rep. Five times last night I attempted to call and add money to my Pre-Pay account. Five times I got a service rep who could not speak English clearly enough to conduct a needed business transaction. Five times I tried to establish an online account instead. That too was dysfunctional and non accessible. Ever since the billing change over in the summer USCC customer service at their call centers has been a pathetic joke. Earlier today I realized that my phone was not working and I had to drive to a USCC store where a clerk was to pay the that money I tried to pay last night to keep my service going. Before I went to pre-pay last month I had been a contracted customer for about 12 years. I refuse to return to being under a contract under contract until USCC Corp gets their act together. The upgrades or whatever they want to call the recent changes STINK.

cuusteermur surveece 11/26/13 1:53PM

somehow what you have deem as service fails miserably, calling customer service I've been waiting for an hour today, yesterday put in for call-back at 6:30 in the evening and got a call at 7:35 this morning and still had to hold, why call back when no one is available. the first three months of my supposed service I received not one bill, then I received a bill for the entire amount plus some charges I knew nothing of, after contacting BBB, I got an email detailing how unknown charges would be removed and i'd be given time to pay. now the charges are back and now I have no ideal what my bill is suppose to be, looking for help, not a three hour wait!

Anonymous 11/13/13 5:18PM

Filed a complaint with the BBB. Not providing service I paid for and refusing to give me a refund.

Anonymous 9/30/13 9:29PM

Hello It's me again and I am informed that nothing has been resolved with the people that are having trouble activating there phone and the plans they have. Paying for service not recieved is not a good thing. I guess it may be required to take further action. and change service.

bev 9/30/13 4:26PM

Hello I am writing again about the service that is not being provided to customers. They promise that their plan and phone will be activated tomorrow. Old saying Tomorrow never comes. These people NEED their phones they have families they need to be able to care for and ocassions that arise that need imediate attention. Your ads should be pulled if you are not going to see that the message is true. I will write again untill the people are satisfied with this company. Or the better busines office.

bev 9/28/13 11:54AM

I know of several People that have been having problems with your cell phones and get no results when they have talked to the reps. Always protocal answers. Your advertisements show you are the best. I do not have a contract with you but wanted you to know there are problems.New phones and service are on the way to no avail.
Thanks hope this helps for better service for the ones I know

bev 9/27/13 3:02PM

It seems everyone takes the time to complain but seldom takes the time to thank someone for excellent service. I just wanted to let you know that I could not be more pleased with the service I received from you place of business in Jefferson City, Missouri. The person that took care of my problem was Steve Abbott. You have an excellent member of the U.S. Cellular team in Mr. Abbott. The problem with my phone was a technical one and actually quite minor; an "inconvenience" more than anything else. I explained what it was with Steve and he did whatever it was he did ... and he found the cause. He then give my phone to a person in the office that does the technical work and the two of them explained to me what was causing the problem. Steve told me "This is no problem to take care of Mr. Green. Can you leave your phone and come back in about a hour? We'll have it squared away for you by then and you shouldn't have anymore problems with it". And that's just what happened. I left it with them. Came back later. Picked up my phone and haven't had any problems with it since. While I was there I talk to Steve Abbott about a possible "up grade" in November. He was able to address every question I had about the different "ways to go" with the wide cross section of what is available now.
So that's it. I had a problem. U.S. Cellular took care of the problem and Steve Abbott is the one that saw it was done. (I am sorry to say I did not get the name of the tech guy that did the reprograming of my phone. Like Steve he was very helpful and it was obvious he truly wanted to help me. I really should have got his name as well).
U.S. Cellular has been my cell provider for many years. I have never had a single complaint about the service I have received from your company. As a matter of fact I have - over the years - told many friends to go with U.S. Cellular because of how pleased I have been with you. The way that Mr. Abbott and your service tech resolved my little problem with my phone is a perfect example of that fine service.
Thank you.
W.A. Green

billy3guns 9/24/13 9:21AM

I changed my plan and have been making my payments every month. I got a revised bill in the mail on sep 3rd and on the 4th I got a letter from a collection agency for the same bill. Us cellular couldn't do anything about it because it was already sold to collection. Fours hours on the phone with them they did apologize. Yet on my current bill the charged me 3 dollars per day for data that I never signed up for or used. Corporate office will not return my calls. I am not impressed with their business. I am having trouble getting a loan done because this is on my credit report!

Mo 9/15/13 5:56PM

If you think you are going to get assistance by calling this number you are in for a joke. Hold times over an hour come one can you hold that long, customer service, I left 24 messages and still no return. Rude staff and little support has lead me to another provider.

Anonymous 9/12/13 1:28PM

Very disapointed in customer service over the past few months. Everything from recieving impropper information on
data plans and usage,causing a big issue,to not recieving notifactions on usage until 2 weeks later after the fact. The information on the "my account site" (when you even can get one it)doesn't match or even come close to what they tell me when I call. There is a BIG differance between 6kb and 5G used! Yes it was the correct billing cycle. That is a small issue as to what I am dealing with now. Of course with this new upgrade you can not get on MY ACCOUNT 90% of the time and when you call you are on hold for 30 miniutes at least. Today I was able to get on my account and see my bill. I almost fainted. It was over $947.00 ( my bill is usually around $260.00) So I called to find out that a phone that I returned at the beginging of July, I was being billed for! I called on July 18th and was told the phone was there and just needed to be put into the systym. Now 6 weeks later I am billed for it. Its not their fault no one finished processing the return, Now they have to see if they can still find it. In the mean time I have to pay the bill or talk to financal servies to make payment arrangments or my phones could be shut off. I am very irrate! I returned the phone on time, I even called to verify it was received and now this. Six weeks after the phone was returned, it could be long gone, shoved or put somewhere. It was the fault of the warehouse at the time for not finishing the process not MINE. I was basically told "oh well". Pay the bill and IF we find it we will credit you back. I shouldn't have to pay for a phone that was properly return and they scwered up. I do not have that kinda of extra money, to just pay it. I have been a customer for 12 years, and referred many people to your company over the years. I feel the way they are handling this is wrong.

Tamiwey 9/4/13 2:47PM

I just wanted your company to know what assets you have in two employees at the 717 Louisville Road, Aloca, Tennessee location. I called the store with a ton of questions about adding new services. I had to pleasure and good fortune of getting Aaron Shorey, I believe the store manager. He was very patient and knowledgeable. He explained everything well and I hung up actually knowing what to expect from my service. He recommended that we speak with Vinnie Notaro in the store, and he was excellent. The new service addition was rather lengthy, but Vinnie was a delight to talk with and made the waiting a pleasant experience. He had us set up and taken care of as quick as he could, and showed us a few helpful tricks on our new phones. We have been long term customers with US Cellular and it is primarily for this reason. Quality consultants and service. Both these gentlemen took very good care of us, and we appreciate it so much.

Anonymous 9/4/13 9:52AM

I currentky went into the Sterling office #u327.. I will never go back there again! Every time I go into that store with questions or problems I am told sorry nothing we can do for you. I switched to us cellular in december and have had nothing but problems. My phone is constantly having issues and when I go in I am told there is nothing they can do for me and since its not time for my upgrade I basically have to deal with it..When I went in the other day there was a tall gentleman working and he looked right at me and then walked past me to help the person that came in behind me! I switched to us cellular because I had heard such great things about them from co-workers and I have regretted the switch ever since.. I called customer support one day and was on hold for over an hour and when the gentleman came on the line he told me you will have to call back tomorrow!! no apology for waiting nothing! I have had so many issues that when i go into the sterling store I get looks and see associates make comments to each other.. I have also heard from other people that they will not go back to that store because of the way they are treated. I am just frustrated with a company that I had heard nothing but good things about..

Anonymous 9/3/13 8:33AM

I've been a customer with you from day one and the time as come for you to get some more service reps. Each time I call in to get some help I set on hold for over 30 minutes.
All the money we pay for service maybe you should think of the customer and give us the service we need. We are paying enough for it.
As I write this note I've been on hold for over 30 minutes.
I don't see how your rated the best in customer service.

Mike 8/30/13 7:07AM

Dear Ms. Mary Dillon

On August 16, I visited the US Cellular store in LaVale, Maryland to pay my monthly cell phone bill. Due to issues unknown to me, there were no monthly invoices mailed to US Cellular customers during the month of July. Regardless of the fact that no bills were mailed, I still wanted to keep my account current by paying my monthly charge at the store.

The store representative was able to inform me that the payment for my family plan was $214.52, so I gave her my bank's VISA debit card. She swiped the card once and it appeared to not go through according to her. So, she swiped it 3 more times (a total of 4 attempts to debit my bank account for the charge of $214.52). The clerk then told me that "the computer would not let her pay my bill".

A day later, my wife informed me that there were four charges totaling $858.08 pending on our VISA checking card from US Cellular. I immediately went to the store and explained to the manager what had happen. The manager appeared to be cold and uncaring, basically saying there nothing she could do and she didn't understand why I was so upset.

I left the store and called 611. The call lasted for 3 hours trying to resolve this mess. I spoke to a US Cellular financial officer, who stated it will take 3 to 10 days to have the money placed back in my checking account.

I inquired as to what would happen if I have other outstanding checks on my checking account that could possibly bounce due to this fiasco. Who was going to pay for my checks bouncing and late fee from other payments? The financial officer directed me back to Customer service. It seemed nobody knew what to say or do. So I requested to speak to a supervisor and I made contact with a Daniel. Daniel basically blamed me for "letting" the store representaive swipe my card so many times. What was I supposed to do? Jump over the counter and snatch it from her hand??? She kept saying it wasn't going through. Then Daniel gave me the incredible advice that since I know what has occurred with US Cellular, I shouldn't write anymore checks or spend money from that account. Really?!?!?! I would have never figured that one out.

I am very disgusted by this whole situation. I have lost faith in US Cellular's service and their ability to resolve customer issues. This mess has left me wondering if I should leave USC all together and move on to a "pay as you go plan" or any other service provider.

I am not so patiently waiting for my money to be refunded to my checking account.

Delta0526 8/20/13 8:02PM

I recently signed up for the pre-paid cellular phone service - it took me 3 trips, but finally I succeeded, with the help of Wayne Mays and the trainer who was in from OK (even he had a hard time navigating the system).

I paid the first month by credit card, but was told I couldn't set up an automatic payment system, and that I should either come back to the store or call 611. After numerous calls and the constant answer that it would be at least a 30 minute wait, I went back into the store, where Sam Thiesen tried everything in the world to get it accomplished for me, all to no avail. She was great - helpful, friendly and professional, but she couldn't succeed either.

Really??? I've been a US Cellular customer for a long time, and am really disappointed at the lack of preparation for the rollout of this new service. I'm sure I'm not the first to be frustrated and angry about this - you're doing yourself more harm than good the longer this continues, as I'm sure you're aware.

Anonymous 8/13/13 7:29AM

I have been with US Cellular for 10 years and I have never had the trouble that I am having right now. I tried to switch a number from a phone that had died and to one that works. This all started on July 31st and today is August 9th. And the number still has not been switched my son has been without a phone since then and my system is frozen the only thing I can do is make a payment. How hypocritical I can pay them but they can't fix my system. I wanted to email the CEO but how convenient I can't find his email address just an article about him and his family. Well Mr. CEO my family is suffering from your service. Did I mention my son starts college next week without a phone. And the customer service is a joke. They have no idea what they are found. I am seriously thinking about switching to another provider.

Sandy K 8/9/13 6:12AM

Customer service is AWFUL! The absolute worst! Had some issues with my Samsung Galaxy 3. Had it to the store at least 4 times and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Was instructed to contact customer service. Took over 35 minutes to just get a person. Then they had to transfer me to tech support. That was another 40 minutes. Just as we were about to finish, somehow the call was dropped. I called back. Same thing, 35 minutes to even get a live person then another 30 minutes to talk with the actual people who could help. Then there was a system error. They couldn't process the request. I was told I would receive a call back. Three days later, still no call. Again it took over an hour to talk with someone that was supposed to help BUT AGAIN system error. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Was told they would have to put in a request for that and it was a 24 hour turn around. Well it's more than 24 hours and guess what?!!!?? Still no call back! Checking out other carriers. The slogan, "Even Better" - even better my foot! The worst customer service ever!!!!!!!! A week now and still no resolution.

Malder 8/7/13 6:39PM

I have been with us cellular for over 20 years. Never late on my bill, ever. I left due to poor customer service. I have a credit due of $33.71. It shows a credit due. I have called them three times and they say it is in the mail. So I called them again and they hung up on me three times. I guess if everyone of us who complains needs to got to the attorney General office and complain. I can't beleive they are still in business, they treat their customers like scum on the bottom of a pond. What is wrong with this company. Reading all the complaints and seeing the comments is very concerning. I think they just stole my refund of $33.71. Lets see if they stole money from every customer, this would make them very RICH!!!!

Anonymous 8/2/13 3:44PM

My name is John and I live in rural NE Missouri, at the suggestion of several friend (I left AT&T had spotty service w/them - dropped calls-no reception)I transferred my carrier to US Cellular about two years ago getting the family plan, having four(4) phones with a $308.00 monthly bill. These phones were purchased locally. At the time of the purchase the store agent was informed the 3 of the phones will be used primarily in a city about 100 miles from our local area of purchase. The agent told us that would not be a problem the calls would just ping off of another carriers tower and there would be NO PROBLEM. Now we received notification that since US Cellular has sold their towers in the mid west St.Louis - Illinois area to Sprint (and got a damn good hefty price)we were notified that the 3 phones that are used primarily in the vacated area are no longer allowed on the family plan and will be cancelled off the family plan.

Upon contacting the local stores they say we are required to ping off od=f Cellular towers at least 50% of the time during a normal billing cycle NO WHERE IN OUR CONTRACT DOES IS STIPULATE THAT THE 3 PHONES USED IN THE NOw DEFUNKED ST. LOUIS REGIN WILL BE DROPPED FOR NOT USING 50% ARE MORE OF THE SCELLULAR TOWERS.

Calling US Cellular corporate office - well hell might as well P up a wet rope, Cannot get anyone to call back Nothing but voice mails - leave your name & Number. Cancelling US Cellular and going with a different carrier

John 7/29/13 12:05PM

US Cellular representatives have lied all day long (July 26, 2013) -

Month after month - nothing but excuses... This joke of a company, and their well-trained liars, have been saying "one more hour..." all day long. Now, (5:15 pm CST) the liars are saying that service may, or may not be restored today... because they are "up dating their BILLING system."

This should be easy, for me anyway... they have ONE LESS CUSTOMER to worry about tracking and telling lies to. Hopefully, everyone will follow and walk away from this sub-par (at best) excuse of a provider.

US CELL well trained liars 7/26/13 3:19PM

My phone broke today so I chose to buy a U.S. Cellular prepaid in order to stay in touch with my clients in the morning. Went to one store and bought the phone but they did not have any cards. Left that store and went across the city to other store to get the card. Went home and got online to activate the phone. Typed in my MEID number and scratched the card to get the number. However, according to the website and the customer service center the phone can not be activated for another 3 days due to an overhaul of their billing system. How a prepaid phone can not be activated due to a change in the billing system puzzles me. The best part about this is that since I scratched the card I am unable to return it to my place of purchase or even to U.S. Cellular themselves. Its really strange to me how I had to run around town just to purchase this companies products and once I did these products were not operational. Also, while not operational, I am still not able to receive a full refund. I have my normal service with another company and only purchased these prepaid products in order to communicate with my customers in the morning before I could get a replacement. This is my first taste of what U.S. Cellular has to offer to consumers and it is pretty sad. If this is the way that the company treats prepaid users then I feel for individuals or families that are bound by contract. The bottom line is that I purchased a product that was falsely advertised and now I am forced to stomach the debit. This is poor business and while I will never purchase anything from U.S. Cellular again, I will also inform family, friends, and all my clients of my experiences with this company. I invite a U.S. Cellular representative to contact me for further discussion on this matter also, as I would like to hear a much better explanation than I was given by the gentlemen in customer service with the thick far-eastern accent. Thank you and good day.

Ty Shep 7/23/13 9:21PM

I have been a customer for 11 years,I have never had any problems until now. 2 years ago a very nice customer service represenitive offered me and my family a Data Base plane with each of us only paying 80.00 a month, I took the deal never had any problems or questions about my bill until now, why now you ask?? well I pay my bill on the 16th of the month 2 days later I am informed via text that I have already used up 75% of my minutes! What??? how can that be I have just paid my bill 2 days ago and with this Data base plan that should not be.. Is this problem because Sprint is now taking over,My bill came to almost 400.00!! rediculous everytime I call someone everyone has a different story nobaody seems to know what they are doing there! Then the kicker was on June 6th of this year my Mother passed away and I went to call family members to notify them of this devistating news my phone was shut off!! I could not believe this, US Cellular told me it was becaus I owed 90.00 and it was after hours so I had no live person to speak with I payed my Bill because I needed my phone after we buried my Mother I called US Cellular and went to pay my bill on the 16th of June 2013 2 days after I am sorry to say that after 11 years of service I changed phone service, The bill was paid in full but today July 5th I recieved another almost 400.00 bill! enough is enough with this Company already.. Also in April I called US Cellular to notify the company that on April 18th of this year My Father passed away who was the name holder on the account, with no sympathy the woman like oh well would you like to pay your bill today?? Something really needs to be done about this problem with your company and your billing employee's need to get their act together! I paid my bill in full in June so I consider my payment in full because in June I changed companies if I no longer have your service how can I possibly owe you this $$ for what was not even my quoted Data Base plan! I am a very disappointed loyal X customer~

Distgusted 7/5/13 12:09PM

My name is Renita Wynn I've been a loyal customer for over 2 1/2 years and my phone have never been turned off I always paid my bill after its due and its never been a problem until today my bill is 7 days late and my phone is turned off and I call customer service and was very disrespected and he rudely hung up on me .I'm seriously thinking of changing companies because of the attitude and disrepect. I have always paid my bill the same way for the 2 1/2 years of being a customer. Is this the way you treat your loyal customers .. As long as u been a customer I have never had any problems with ys cellular . I talked to a nice lady at the corporate explain things to me but I'm still upset about the customer service repts that gung up on me and didn't address my issue . I feel that if me paying my bill late was an issue why it took almost 3 years to address it . Even though I went green I never get a text nor email when my bill is due on time . I really loved my phone carrier but is really thinking of changing companies because of the attitude the way my phone was turned off . Like I said before I never had any problems with us cellular I hate that Im going through this today I guess all good things comes to an end ..

msbubbleboo 7/5/13 7:29AM

All who have been affected by the sell out of US Cellular in the IL locations. Be very careful...their info they have listed in their notification letter is very deceptive. I even called the local store to get clarification before I made the switch to Sprint. US Cellular is STILL charging you a cancellation fee unless you wait for the confirmation letter afterwards to confirm the sale is final. If you have already switched, I suggest you continue to take measure to address the deceptive practice they are using. Their customer service was great until this issue happened. It appears now that most of the employees are out of a job, they totally are not showing the same level of care or appreciation regarding the level of customer service they are providing at the end stage of the game. I have other local US Cellular friends in the same boat. We do intend on addressing the issue on a higher level.

deceived customer 5/6/13 11:58AM

I just wanted to pass along a compliment and let you know how pleased I am with my US Cellular service. My husband broke his phone so I had to buy another. I was helped by a Mr. James Folan at the Wisconsin Rapids store and I just wanted to tell corporate that this young man deserves recognition as does this store. I have always been helped with friendly service. Just thought I'd send along something positive. people always complain and moan but very few every make a call to say "good job" or "thank you".

Mrs Grif 4/28/13 6:35PM

My question is will this rural Cell company be out of business (sold or in Chapter 13) in 2yrs or 3.

The way they treat customers, the trading of future business potential for short term gain.

To permanently leave the largest cities they operate in and retreat to Oklahoma, Iowa and Nebraska means they are desparate.

No one with a brain runs a business like this.

If you own stock in USC you can wait to sell and loose a lot of money if you want to but not me, I'm out.

Dissatisfied 4/25/13 6:51AM

Hi we have been us cellular customers for 12 years we just left your sterling illinois location very unhappy customers!!! we are ready to go to straight talk, my son recieved a new phone maybe 4 months ago used points to get the phone but had to pay a 30.00 activation fee less than two months later he dropped the phone broke the screen paid 30.00 to have that fixed are fault no problem got the phone back and nobody could hear him talk, they did somthing to the phone while trying to fix it so when i got back from vacation took the phone back out there told them it wasnt fixed and suddenly it was moisture damaged there is no moisture danage they did somthing to the new phone now we are charged another 20.00 for them looking at it when they damaged it the phone had no hearing problem going on until we got it back, the girl says we have phones for 20.00 we dont want another phone we want this phone replaced or we will soon no longer be us cellular customers its a bunch of crap!!!!so we have spent 80.00 on a phone that was suppose to be free with points would appreciate someone getting back to us on this matter very unhappy right now!!!!!

Anonymous 3/6/13 9:48AM

I called US CELLULAR customer service about billing issues. First issue I was charged for a phone I returned for 458.41 and that money was taken out of my bank through my visa number. Secondly I had a credit with tax of 84.10 but instead of it being credited it was mistakenly added to my bill. A customer service rep by the name of Ms. Lonnie did not only listen to the issues but instead argued with me in a very rude tone of voice. She was defending the transaction and refusing to see there was error- I suppose assuming that their could not be a mistake in the system. The rep supervisor I finally got to speak with named Trina was very kind and eventually helpful and seen the mistake in the bill. However, Ms. Lonnie was not only talking over the top of me, raising her voice but making comments such as- I HAVE TOLD YOU 8 TIMES! I knew how many times she had repeated her self but it still did not make sense and couldn't because it was wrong. Ms. Lonnie is either poor at customer service skills or not properly trained or both. I spent HOURS dealing with this issue still not sure how and when I will be credited my 542.51. I have requested it to be returned to my bank and not a credit on my bill as I am undecided about keeping my US CELLULAR service.

LaRinda 2/28/13 1:02PM

I called your customer service this afternoon at about 5:54 PM to find out if my bill was correct because I think I made the payment last month and it should been $87.00 for the current cycle. First of all I had to wait quite long to talk to a customer service and listen to your add over and over. finally when a lady by the name Gene picked up the phone asked a few questions and started bombarding me about payment and how I am going to do it without proper greeting and and asking me why I called for. I had to ask her to slow down and use appropriate behavior to talk to a customer who is also a senior citizen. She did not stop, started arguing and putting words into my mouth. I asked her again to pay attention to what I had to say but she kept treating me like a 2nd grade citizen. At that point I asked her to let me speak to her supervisor. She said why you want to speak to a supervisor, I replied, I have make a complaint about your bad attitude, she said I will connect you to someone. I said no, I only want to speak to your manger. She insisted that she will only connect to someone a level up. Because of my bad past experience I did not want to speak to anybody else and I told her about it. But she seem determined to annoy me and not to connect to a manger or take a message for a manger in case if a manager is not available. While I was talking she HUNG UP ON ME. It is shame.

After half an hour I called again. This time a man (Aron) picked the phone, I explained him the situation and requested me to connect to manager or take a message for him or her. He repeated the same story. I guess the first lady (Gene) who is egoistic and does not believe in respecting customers, smiling on phone and listen to what the customer has to say first, might have already written a negative note against me to cover her own bad behavior. That is why the second rep continued the same attitude to cover her up. I wish your company should have been more interested in training and teaching ethics to your employees instead of raising them to act like used car salesmen. I will suggest yo listen to my conversation with first and 2nd csr. I think it is time to change the company

Muzaffar 2/26/13 6:27PM

I really hate your new automated system for paying your bill. It won't accept my account # no matter if I say it or key it in. I have been paying by phone for years and now they have made it so I can't. I have to use my land line to call because I don't get very good reception on the cell phone. I have to walk out to street about 500 feet to get clear reception. Also they don't recognize that number. Waiting for what seems like forever for an agent is unacceptable.I am very unhappy. Go back to previous automated system!

Donna 2/11/13 9:18AM

Our firm completed remodeling of your Mason City Ia. facility in July 2012, On time as specified. As of this date Jan.25,2013 no payments have been received as promised. Numerous E-mails and phone calls to Mr. Jeff Dibacco go unanswered or contain idle promises. If this is not cleared up immediately we will be forced to file with our attorney and the court system, causing needles expense for all of us. Please forward this to to somebody that will take care of it.

Anonymous 1/25/13 12:32PM

I have been with US Cellular ro over 10 years, so when it came time to connect my laptop I went to the local store and the local Reps were wonderful to hook me up with a HOT SPOT which I really like. HOWEVER, YOU HAD TO KNOW THIS WAS COMING.
Why can you NOT send one bill. This is just too crazy, I can assure you that your competition is not so antiquated. Hello, this is NOT better. Hello, is anyone listenint?

Anonymous 1/21/13 9:58AM

I bought my phone in Carthage, MO. I have recently moved to Spokane,WA and it seems that there are no U S Cellular towers here. I have been having dropped calls and today I have NO phone service.
Would you please help me....Kathy

Anonymous 12/28/12 11:36AM

I am starting to thing that nobody in corprate reads these or really cares because I wrote a post on 12-2-12 and have not heard a work from anybody about anything if anyone can tell me what I may have to do to get an answer please let me know Thanks FRANK

Frank 12/16/12 4:38PM

My 8month old phone died this Sat. I took to US Cell store, they had to send in for repair. They attempted to transfer my contacts and images to the loaner phone THEY gave me, were unable to do so. When I got home, I decided to see if any of my images transferred, I was horrified to find the 1st image on the LOANER phone was pornograhic image of a females vagina! I have contacted the store, customer service, and corporate office, none of them seem to think this is a problem. What if a child opened this, or I opened this in front of a child? UNACCEPTABLE, all I wanted was a different phone to use, and US Cell couldn't do that.

Anonymous 12/11/12 2:57PM


MARILYN 12/10/12 3:02PM

I called the 611 line the monday before black friday to see if there were any sales coming up on the gal s III because of problems with my phone i was told not that they know of that my best bet would be to chek online so i did and nothing so i was in town a few days later and stopped by US cell and asked them the same ? and they said the same to check on line or maybe something my happen on cyber monday so I waited the weekend and got back online monday and sure enougth the gal s III was on sale 16 gb 149.99 and 32gb 179.99 which wasnt bad but what i dont get from having my own bussiness is why they could not have told my instead had me jumping through hoops with me knowing they had to have all there new price tags promotion items in the back as they are telling me this and to top it all off they want me to pay them 30.00 dollar for a service that I already have just because it is industry standard well thanks big money u almost have me ready to look in to prepaid.....your 30.00 dollar activation fee is a double dip to a lot of us that wants to upgrade

frank 12/2/12 5:36PM

U.S Cellular,

June 2012, in Peru Indiana, I joined us Cellular which was a big big mistake, I wasn't told about being billed two bills in advance. as I asked about the bill I was told that was standard practice, I wasn't told up front. the store rep argue straght up me and I was wrong,I was told I was just trying to get out of paying,I'd called the cust service dept to voice my concerned, I was than told I didn't pay at 1st, than as I really startded to inquire about this than I was told about the month and pro rated bill it being standard practice, every single bill seems l I have been billed extra,not as I was told it would be, this is the top of the ice, there is alot more I feel I have be not treated like a cust, but someone you can steal money from, lie to,and bully \, this has been one of the biggest mistakes going with U.S Cellular

unhappy 10/21/12 9:09AM

I need to take this time to recognize one of your agents Kim Juarez and the persistence she demonstrated in getting my account with US cellular. Many people these days do not surprise me on the lack of importance when it comes to job performance and customer relations. I am however pleasantly surprised from time to time and this is one of those times that an employee stands out. Kim Juarez, an agent that works for Kris's Connections in Shenandoah Iowa, made sure that all of my need where meet only by overcoming the typical close-minded mentality you find oh so often these days and pushed through all the "it can't be done" and made it happen. I work for a multi-billion dollar global company and in our business "it can't be done" you will never hear because our competitors wait for just that opportunity. I can assure you, without Ms. Juarez's persistence and diligence going the extra mile, I would have taken our business elsewhere. I also would like you to know that as long as Ms. Juarez is in charge of my account, I can feel confident that additional lines added will be dealt with the highest level of professionalism and a sense of urgency. Ms. Juarez should be commended as she has proven to me to be a vital asset to US Cellular.

Houghton Intl. 10/18/12 7:16AM

On October the 12th, 2012 I went to US cellular to get information on wireless service for my daughters laptop. I wanted to have something for my daughter becuase she is on social security and need the internet as an outlet. I told the young man who was the salesman that I did not understand how it worked and the terms 1gb and two gb were unfamiliar to me as it applied to lap top usage. He assured me I could purchase what I wanted and then add on another gb if she used more data then I expected. I said if this dosent work out am I stuck with a two year contract and a modem I didnt need. He assured me I had thirty days to cancel my contract and 14 days to return the modem. I took the chance and signed up for the wireless service. I also purchased the insurance becuase i believe it is a wise investment.
We took the modem home and installed it on the lap top. It was extremely slow the computer kept saying there was a problem and it would close down. After restarting the computer it would go for a while and then shut down again. It just wasnt fitting our needs nor was it what I had expected. I called the store where it was purchased and was assured that I could return the modem with no problem.
On Tuesday December 16th 2012 I went to the store and the girl was rude, told me I had damaged the device and I was going to have to pay 150.00 for the device and 150.00 for the contract. The device did not appear to have any damage it was just like it was when I bought it. I called customer service and was told if the sales girl deemed it unacceptable then there was nothing I could about it. I told her it looked fine to me. She said if you cancel your contract you phone will be shut off also. I said my phone is not with US cellular it was with T-mobile.
I returned home and called us cellular and was told by customer service that she would call the manager and arrange for a meeting the next day. The next day december 17 the customer service representative called me and told me she had spoke with the manager and to go to the store so she could see the modem.When I got to the store the same sales girl was there and she pointed her finger at me and said I am not going to look at the modem and neither is the manager and besides she has left the store. I said I had made arrangements to meet her through the customer service department. She got mad and called a sales men over he looked the device over and didnt see anything, she came over and said look there is a nick. He looked and said oh look there is a microscopic scratch you can not see with the naked eye. I said I dont see it, so he tells me to rub my nail over it and feel a scratch. I said it looks exactly like it did when I bought it I just want to give it back, cancel my contract and get out of the store. He said but it comes out of our paychecks, I said what? he repeats it comes out of our pay checks. I am sorry if the company takes the money from their employees but this is becoming a night mare. I am so sorry I ever went to US cellular. I asked for a copy of my contract and the salesgirl said if you want a form to file an insurance claim you cant have one. I said no I want a copy of my contract.
I called US cellular when I got home and told the customer service agent what had happened. I told her even if the modem was damaged ( which it wasnt) I had purchased insurance. She told me I had cancelled my contract I said yes after they refused the modem. She said well your insurance was cancelled also I am like but after they refused the modem. she says well you have to go back to the store and have the manager talk to customer service over the phone togeather, I told then she refused to talk to me and was mad becuase I called customer service while in the store. I dont feel like I need to be put through the embarrassment of having to face the sales girl or confront the manager again. It is not right that I have to go through it again.

Anonymous 10/17/12 7:43PM

I have been with us cellular for years, and until now, with the help of an ex boyfriend, i wont recommend us cellular to anyone. Employees only want to sell, they are ignorant to the fact that there are malicious people out there who want to harm you by tampering/downloading spyware on your/us cellulars' phones. And none of us cellulars' employees can help you, because they have no training, no knowledge of such situations. I was almost killed in a domestic violence situation, and thank god i didnt have this service. You see the perpetrator had downloaded some program on my phone and was able to control it. Most of the time at home the phone was inoperable, so i would have never been able to use it to call for help. I tried for several months asking for help prior to the day that it happened. No thanks US Cellular, I am happy for coverage, I am happy about price, Did you know that we should be able to feel safe as well, Us Cellular? Your security sucks, your knowledge sucks,..I never thought i would fall victim to stalking, domestic violence, hacked phones, but you being my provider, when i needed your help, i should have been helped with the utmost respect. You will be hearing from me again as my bill is on its way and i am not paying what you want me to pay.

Anonymous 10/12/12 6:30PM

My boyfriend Dr. Martin French and I have been using your services for the last 10 years. We are extremely happy with US Cellular! On July 20th we both decided to get your latest Samsung phone. We paid three hundred each but since we didn't know if we would keep this one or choose another one as allowed in the first 15 days, we had not issued the phones yet. As we were leaving your store my son dropped it,so we went back in to the store to see if you could give us an exchange (the face cracked)I was told that nothing could be done. I completely understand as this was not your fault but an accident on our part. I'm writing to you in hopes that you might be able to bend this policy a bit. I'm just looking to get another of the same phones. Is there anything that you could do for me? Sincerely, Amiee White

Amiee White 7/24/12 11:45AM

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