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US Postal Service corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the US Postal Service corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the US Postal Service corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
United States Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plaza Sw
Washington, DC 20260
United States

Phone: 202-268-2500
Fax: 202-268-4860

US Postal Service Corporate Office Comments

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I use the post office in Covington, WA. In Jan. 2014 we had a change in management. Now our post office is not cleaned on a regular basis, the postal machine is "out of order" about 75% of the time, lines at the counter are long, and the manager "cannot deal" with complaints! I now equate going to the "post office" with the same feeling I would have as going for a "root canal". When I pay good money for postal service, I expect the management to return the same. How someone became manager without "customer service skills", and the attitude she has is beyond me.

aahum 7/3/14 9:56AM

Local PO forwarded my mail week early. Critical meds in danger of being shipped back. Am leaving for the forwarding address tomorrow. Local postmaster has been calling downtown Venice, Fla. for over 24 hours and only gets busy signals. I must have a telephone number that can be reached. This qualifies as an EMERGENCY. Please respond. Cannot get anywhere on the internet. PLEASE HELP!!

Anonymous 2/26/14 11:27AM

My name is Anna Waldman and I have lived in Kingston, TN. for over 8 years now. I sell Insurance and use the local post office quite frequently in Kingston under Post Master Troy. Their phone number is:

I find him to be very unresponsive. I spoke to him last summer about a mailbox that is in bad need of paint. He said he would get back to me and never did. I left two more messages for him.

In addtion the first few years I was here I complained about one of his desk people, Michael Jernigan. Who has continued to be rude and lacks customer service. I was in again yesterday or Monday the 10, of Feb. 2014 and asked help finding the correct box for priority mail. He was busy, but said he was the only one in and the Postmaster was on the phone. Within 2 minutes another postal worker came up from the back and I heard talking in the back as well. He could have asked for help and did not.

There is another guy named David, who is very friendly and even knows my name and a lady named Sheryl who is also very nice.

A customer came out of line to help me find an appropriate priority box as they were not kept in order.

There needs to be someone overseeing the P.O. as managment is not doing their job...

awaldman 2/11/14 9:06AM

My name is Oluwarotimi oludaisi, I am filling a complaint to corporate office directly, before I take a further step. I sent a package to my cousin from Indianapolis, Indiana at one of united post office branch located at new Augusta branch Indianapolis, Indiana 46268,their phone number is ,to Waco Texas on the 24thh of January 2014,the package was to delivered to Waco Texas on the 27th of January ,but my package was delivered to Ukiah California .I contacted the post office branch, I went there in person and I spoke with a clerk and she told me that a supervisor or a manager will contacted me on the issue, after many phone calls I made to them and they did not call me back ,and is showing that they lack of respect for me as customer and they lack customer service,and they did not showing any concerned about the issue at all. I decided to contacted consumer department in Indianapolis which I was able to spoke with Debbi ben and I narrated my issue and she did her best but no result came out from I need somebody to look into the matter before I take it further, I believed the new Augusta lack customer email address is thanks, Tim.

Anonymous 2/6/14 7:39PM

Hi im sorry to have to write this letter for I am not one to complain but I live at the 29671 zip code and get my mail in po bx 367 at the Pickens post office ive had this box for quite a few years and still getting mail that is addressed to the other box holder prior to me I have asked numerous times not to receive this mail in my box for I don't even no this person,they stated that they had a note on my box to that effect but I still get it almost every week and I have complained to them time after time,and its not junk mail that says to that person or the boxholder its addressed directly to that person along and that persons last name is (DEVICH)so now im asking you to please wake this postmaster up and put a stop to it thank you very much,,oops even though im complaining I want you to no that every person in that office has been very customer service kind

jimmy davis 2/5/14 5:32PM

I want to say what a great job the Postal Service does for me!I don't drive and really would be lost without it! The employees are always cheerful and willing to work hard! Have a Happy New Year!

Smile06 12/27/13 3:33PM

I sent two Christmas packages for my children and grandchildren in Colorado and Montana. The one to Colorado was delivered to my son completely empty. No gifts just the box and an "I'm sorry". Now the Christmas package to our family in Montana is missing and they have no idea where that is. Both packages went to denver. Seems to be the common denominator. However I contacted everyone from the local post office to the corporate office in Washington, D.C. With absolutely no help. Yes I had insurance. Unfortunately I did not put enough on it having faith they would arrive safe. Also many of the items are irreplaceable. We work hard for our money. My husband is ill and I am the sole provider. This has put an emotional and financial strain on both of us. I am so frustrated. I will be contacting the media and making as much noise as I can until someone listens

Gepm 12/12/13 6:48PM

Why we have no faith in the postal service today. We some light fingered people working in the postal service today, who like to open and take out other peoples mail not only from the usa but also by airmail.
I hope the ones involved have a lousy christmas and new year the little gifts we should have got they mean a lot to me, so i hope some one will catch them and give them their best shot before their thieving little fingers get too hot.

poem to the light fingered posta 12/10/13 12:17PM

I sent a medium flat rate priority mail box that was damaged by the post office in shipping. I filled a claim in which I was sent a check for the amount of the items in the box. I thank you for this but I do have one question. Why do I have to still pay the postage if you destroyed the box I am paying you to deliver shouldn't the postage that I paid also be refunded.

Shipalot 11/2/13 7:33PM

I was just in a serious car accident which led my mother to get all of my mail because I signed my rights to her. So recently, she went to the post office store in Independence MO, and the guy named Nick i believe was very rude. So I called up there a week after when I could because my mailbox was jammed. He had an attitude with me also. And since that day which was three weeks ago, they haven't fixed my mailbox yet.

Bonnie 10/24/13 5:26PM

I went to the local Post Office in Sanford, NC to routinely mail a package and was treated very rudely by a postal clerk named Mary. I was attempting to return a book and was accused of sending other items using the book rate. I know this is a small problem, but it was very unpleasant. It was only resolved after the clerk beside her interceded on my behalf. It would be nice if employees were instructed in simple customer courtesy. Thank you.

Jane LaRue 10/23/13 6:47PM

this number disconnected me each time I used it!

Lynx 9/13/13 9:58AM

I just heard my boss in a discussion in his office with the USPS. The other person on the other end of the phone was clearly blaming him for the situation at hand. I work in a office in Akron Ohio and our mail arrives at different times because we have mail that goes in and out of our office at all times this was a huge ordeal! Some of our mail was sent & the other half lost? The lady driving the vehicle showed up by 4 on Friday and she had a major attitude with her finger pointing in the air while screaming at someone on her telephone. Then while on the phone I hear my boss in such distress and them blaming us for the mail being stolen on a Saturday? Which I know we are closed on the weekends & I watched her pick up the mail it could not be this lady was upset and doesn't do her job properly? No it must be us something needs to be done about this and I am ready to start a motion.

SusanWard1986 8/13/13 6:34AM

I do regular bussiness with the post office and have always had a very pleasant experience. I cannot say the same since the past week I have ordered 3 packages and never received them. When I called and asked about my packages the Supervisor Tamekia Howell said because its asking for 2 different signatures and would have to pay twice the cost. I could not understand what she was saying and she kept getting mad and raising her voice at me. Everytime I went to speak she would start rambling and would not let me speak, she was very rude and unprefessional to be a supervisor, I wouldn't even consider her to be my employee with the way she handled these situations. The last package I was needing she said it was being resent to sender and it wasn't even delivered to me. She stated that she already explained this to my boyfriend, husband or whatever he is to you! Could not believe she spoke to me like this. I would not have a supervisor speaking to customers like that. I never got my package and still don't understand what she was saying..

Anonymous 7/26/13 10:21AM

I live in Belton, MO. Every time I need to go there, it gives me shivers. I try to ship all my packages from home, and drop mail in the mailbox just not to see guy named Stan. He is persistently annoying me, creating unpleasant situation by verbal conduct. Once even he raised his voice at me in the front of my teenage son. I hear him talking to other women nicely, smiling and laughing, but when he sees me his face changes. I wish I don't have to go there, but if I have registered or insured mail, I have no choice. This been going on for over year now. Very first time he was nice, but I didn't have my wedding ring that time. Makes me think!!!

Anonymous 2/20/13 9:06AM

I live near Long Beach,Ca and the problem was that our mailbox was knocked down but was fixed but relocated on the wall in front insead of on the sidewalk with a post and the post office didn't like the relocation of the mailbox so they don't let the mailman deliver the mail so I went in person to get it and the dumbass named Robert won't release the mail cause his surperviser or H.B.I.C told him not to release the mail to any tenants from anyone from that townhouse untill its put back on the sidewalk.

NotHappy 2/14/13 9:00AM

Hello my complaint with the USPS is that I mailed out my college application on January 3. My deadline to get into school is now two weeks away and it is still not delivered. It is supposed to go to Topeka Kansas from where I live in PA. I have a tracking number on my package other wise I still would not know where my application was. I first started calling January 10 to see why it was not delivered yet I found out that it has sat in Chicago Illinois from January 4 until the 12. That is 8 days! From Chicago it was sent back to PA for some reason not determined yet and has now sat in a PA postal office for the last five days. I still do not have my application back nor is it going to Kansas. It is just sitting in the office. I have contacted the customer service agency four times they have not gotten back to me or helped me with my issue. They just give me another number to call or say that someone will call me back. My future is currently on hold and I may not get into school just because the USPS cannot deliver a package that I paid good money for. So far they have failed if and when I get my application back I will now have to overnight it just to make my deadline. Because I have no faith in them to get my package back I am currently redoing my entire application which took me a month to put together it now has to be redone by the end of the week.

I would like you to get better customer service and make tracking a device actually useful and there is no reason for a package to sit in a office for more than two days!
Thanks for misplacing my future USPS!

Anonymous 1/15/13 4:16PM

I always order items on line that will deliver UPS as the Post Office has a different address for me. I have all my mail sent to my Corp office as I travel so they can overnight it to me. I did not know that UPS has an arrangement with the US Postal Service where UPS takes the box to t a local USPS office and they do the final delivery. Two gifts I bought and through were being delivered by UPS to my home were sent to the USPS office and never arrived. When I reviewed the tracking it said the boxes were at my local post office for 10 days and then sent to a station to send back to the sender. The tracking said it attempted delivery to my address on file (that would be my Corp office in a completely other state!!). Why would they not deliver it to the address o nt eh box from UPS. I have a home office and was working out of my home for the 3 weeks prior to Christmas. I received many UPS boxes - just not the two that the USPS was supposed to deliver.
If they tried to deliver to my home I have no idea when as I was at my home all the time. My office looks right out on the front porch.

Anonymous 12/22/12 3:46PM

As of 5:00 pm on Wednesday on October 17 th I had not received my mail and my neighbor had not received his mail either. I called the post office in my area, asking why the mail carrier had not delivered my mail knowing I had mail coming today. The person I spoke with said "well if you didn't get your mail then you had no mail and the carrier had already finished his delivery and gone. I kept telling this woman, mam the mail carrier has not been here today. She insisted I was wrong. Well about 5:30 pm the mail carrier showed up. I called this woman back and asked her why would she lie to me and before I could get anything else from her she hung up on me. Ok now I am not happy. I called this woman back several times and tried to find out why she would lie and just get an apology. She hung up on me every time. I told her, that I will be speaking to her supervisor tomorrow. She says she is the supervisor. Of course this woman would not give a name. This is unacceptable how this woman handled this situation!!. This woman needs to take a class how to speak to people. I will be contacting corporate office again tomorrow.

US Post office

Anonymous 10/17/12 4:19PM

We are getting our mails from different tenants in the building. They are so nice to come and drop them off to our office. Now, we were able to figure out why we're not getting our mails which most of them are checks. for this reason, we charged our tenants late fee for not receiving checks on time and sometimes we don't get them.

The postman is not paying attention to our addresses. He's been putting our mails to different suites in the building.

Our mailing address is:

6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 270
Los Angeles CA 90048

Anonymous 8/7/12 3:02PM

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