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United Airlines corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the United Airlines corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the United Airlines corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
United Continental Holdings, Inc.
77 W. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Phone: 312-997-8000

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Is UNITED AIRLINES going out of business ? I was told by some other person waiting for a United flight that this is how things are now flying United Airlines. Just be thankful that they let you fly on their planes. I tried to speak top someone on the phone about a situation that the online information did not cover. The corporate phone number insisted I had to have an extension to be connected to anyone. If you do not have an extension they politely end the recorded phone call. I finally entered "0" for the extension and got the operator. That sent me to another recorded multiple choice option. The option I chose sent me to someone in the Philippines. They wasted my time and could not help me and told me I had to fill out the form online and hope for the best. WILL NOT FLY UNITED AIRLINE AGAIN !!!

[email protected] 6/26/14 1:27PM

So I called up United to get my 12 yr daughter a flight, got the flight and we asked for a chaperone... he said that we could have one for her to just call 24 hours ahead of time to reserve one and it would be $150 so when I called to get the chaperone they told me that they don't do that unless its a non-stop flight...what sense does that make? A chaperone is there for getting them from point A to point B. I even asked if when she got off the plane, could someone at least walk her to the Gate and they said no. After being on the phone for 3 hours with these people the only thing that was accomplished is now I have to drive 6 hours away to New Jersey and pick her up at the airport there. It is not our fault that they screwed up and they should have still honored it. Luckily I didn't already pay for the chaperone because I porobably wouldn't have gotten my money back. Needless to say, I am a very pissed parent. And I told them that I will not use them again. Am I wrong?

chelled1 6/19/14 11:16AM

Just another horrible experience with UAL. They do not give a dam about Priority Access, none the less Economy Passengers. UAl has proved a great point-BIGGER is not better. Got to the airport in Newark on June 9, 2014, TSA Security Point for United Premier Access is CLOSED! Great service-it sucks! So much for the joke of Premier Access. Gotta love how rude the United Employees are. Our flight was canceled due to .." Flight Crew Time Limits Exceeded..." No compensation was ever mentioned to us-not to mention that we were told by United Customer Service in Terminal C to go down to baggage claim to get our bags-only when we arrive, we are told that our Priority Luggage is in a bin, so it would need to be delivered the following day. Not One Employee of UAL has any knowledge of what the hell is going is all a BIG LIE! Now there is no way to speak with a live body in refunds---it is all done via email to a big deep black hole, whereby no one ever gets back to you.

I sincerely hope UAL goes out of business. They really do suck.

Joe 6/10/14 1:23PM

Made a fairly straightforward on-line reservation, albeit from Australia. However, website did currency conversion, including a voucher certificate I was redeeming for part of the cost. Rest on a credit card ($360.61 AUSD). Worked splendidly, received reservation back with amount charged in AUSD to credit card correct. Checked credit card, and same amount charged. All good.
Three days later receive an email with my ticket and an ADDITIONAL charge of $423.71...for...the same ticket. An obvious error, so called United to gave the erroneous second billing cancelled/refunded. Thence began the nightmare of United Airlines. They ABSOLUTELY insisted the first billing had never occurred (despite my provision of transaction codes with their vendor ID for the exact amount of the ticket-$360.61- on the exact day the reservation was made!) The reason for the second billing was that their web site had apparently screwed up a currency they just billed me AGAIN for the higher amount! After (I kid you not) 90 min. going round and round while United decided whether they would in their beneficence refund me the difference between the 360 and 423, but not the whole 423, all the while absolutely denying any initial 360 charge took place 3 days earlier! Not there, didn't happen. Then suggesting it did happen, BUT THEY DIDN'T DO IT (see vendor code above). Dystopia Airlines.
This absolute freak show gets even better. After having to let the representative (of what I don't know) go after the second > 10 min on hold while they decide the fate of refunding me about $61, what do I get in my email inbox? Yet another confirmatory reservation email, dated from three days earlier, confirming my purchase at that time....for $360.61!
After hours and hours between Dystopia and my credit card bank, the former finally decided to rescind the original charge (which recall they insisted over and over never occurred), not the second, and refund me the difference (the about $61). Could that be a more bass-ackwards way of doing it? Rather than just wiping the second erroneous billing? And guess what? I STILL haven't got the latter $61.
I want to emphasize here, in every single interaction with this airline regarding this issue, the entire tenor of United Airlines was that this was MY problem. They had done NOTHING incorrect and were graciously refunding the difference.
I cannot express the degree of dystopian double-speak I endured. Night was day, black was white, that which was proven, simply wasn't. It was (and is) singularly the most bizarre, hideously awful customer service experience I have ever experienced. Double-charging a client, after the fact, for more that they had agreed to, with no notice, then absolutely denying a documented transaction actually took place?? Obviously they have some issues in a few areas.
And guess what their feedback mechanism was? Contact the airline customer feedback sinkhole of never-never form responses and corporate fluff.
I will never, ever, EVER transact with these clowns again. How a perhaps understandable issue with their IT or website could get entirely laid at the feet of the customer, then basically making a fraudulent claim denying they'd received money from me and double billing. Seriously, could a transaction get ANY worse?

Jaime 6/6/14 11:16PM

Hooray! Just read in the paper that United is going to strictly enforce carry on limits along with no more "free" checking of oversize bags on the jetway.

Now if they would only start charging airfares based on weight.

Premier Charter Member 3/5/14 6:34AM

I have been attempting to book a rental car for 2/21 with mileage points and cash all day today on line. The website is down and the person I spoke to does not know when it will be up again.
Both my boss, a premier UA member and myself fly UA exclusively. I am extremely disappointed and frustrated that I am unable to make a reservation on line and the customer service reps cannot help me.
I was a Continental frequent flyer and received much better service from them.
I called the Corp. Office and requested Thomas O'Toole's number but the operator will not give out that information. As SVP of Marketing and Loyalty I think he should be aware of the frustration of long time customers. As a former Continental executive, Jeff Smisek, should also be aware of the slip in service.

Anonymous 2/19/14 2:25PM

I canceled my tickets 2 1/2 months ahead of flight. I only had tickets about a week and United requested I return the tickets for a refund. I did as they requested. I have tracking numbers that do not work. I keep getting the run around and the phone number United gave gets you no where. I keep filling out the refund request to no avail. This is Feb. 2014 and still no word. I plan a trip to Germany in May and I certainly will not use this Airline. I can certainly XXX this airline out on my future trips and I fly quite a lot.

Anonymous 2/19/14 1:13PM

Day one , the flight was cancelled due to mechanical Problem. Sent home but did not realize that the reissue ticket was ECONOMY CLASS.

Day two : Flight cancelled due to WEATHER

Day three: Counter agent did not check my ticket, I was boarded GROUP C instead of priority boarding...I was told there are no first class seat in the plane, as the plane is a commuter flight. No service until half way through the flight.

Day three: Wheelchair person left me half way through next to an elevator in the middle of corridor, went down took a bus to a terminal stop, took elevator up and had to seek help to reach counter for Delhi fight there I was asked to wait in tine for boarding which would be according to the posted and delineated rows, waited for a while and at the arrival of new personnel at the counter and sought further clarification to my status, I was told to wait till called to board, which was after every one boarded from the economy Class...

Day Four: In Delhi there was no wheelchair and I did not know which carousel has the luggage because it was not announced, I had to look up all the carousals at the airport to find the luggage. There was no issue walking through the customs.

Two days before leaving Delhi I requested to change because I was sick and vomiting all day and night, I was told that flight change included $50 plus $600 + fare change even though my flight from Norfolk was changed three times, however, I could not change a flight a day or two even when I was sick and vomiting all day

Leaving Delhi: The wheel chair person helped me walk through all documentations and formalities. I was sick and lay down in the plane....ate nothing all the way to NJ

New Jersey: Wheel chair was available, had to pay $5 for the luggage cart. I was wheeled to counter 103 from where the flight to Norfolk was to board. At the counter the girl did not ask to see the ticket and when I asked that I have a privilege if a lounge, she told me to wait till the service counter opens next door at 6pm. I told her, I will be in Norfok by then, she just shook her head and said sorry...I asked where I can get a cup of coffee and she just pointed me to Starbucks three shops down on the other side. I was sick and tired and had to walk slowly to Starbucks to get the coffee. When the counter for boarding opened, I was boarded with line because there was no priority boarding....

Norfolk: Wheelchair was waiting and took me to luggage carousel and helped me with my luggage and saw me off...she was very very helpful.

NOTE: I did not get the service I paid for. In most instances the United Airline employees were rude, did not bother to check the ticket or had me priority board or provided the services I was entitled to... I would like the airline to refund the fare or give me a voucher for a flight any where in USA valid for a year from the date of issue......

Mike 1/9/14 9:34AM

It is 12/23/13 I bought my friend a round trip ticket from sacto cali to huntsville al. when she was in the air going to houston fore a lay over the flight to Al was canceled.Reason given was there was no flight crew. This is unbelievable. We had a nice X-mas Eve dinner planned for her as well as other events. She now has to stay in a hotel in Houston where she knows nobody and can't get a flight out till 6:30 am, then she has to fly to N.C before finally coming to Al. This is not the first time United has changed things, Every time we have flown with United something in the flight always gets changed. I do expect to get a full refund for this problem! I will also never fly United nor will I recomend it to anybody.

Anonymous 12/24/13 12:03PM

12/22/13 Flight #4688 was 56 mins delayed and we were not informed of the "Air Traffic Control Delay", to miss connecting flight and to wait in line 2 1/2 hours to get RUDE staff to say oh well there is nothing we can do the next flight with an available seat is 12/23/13 at 7pm and they would not comp me with a room, another flight with another airline, or a refund. After speaking with 4 people the we were then offered a 9am flight but ticket was thrown to us by staff stating to her coworker "I don't have time for this my work shift is over." United has talked and treated me rudely and I will NEVER do business again. I asked for # to corporate and they declined to offer the #. and spoke to supervisor Tory as well as Ann was told once again the only thing they will do is offer a ticket for the next day. This has cause missed work, missed medical appointments, and lost of additional money due to non-communication for missed flight.

Mad Upset Taveler 12/22/13 10:58PM

It's 11:26 pm, our flight was to depart from LAX @ 10:30. We were told it was delayed 15 minutes . At 10:50 the girl came behind the counter, informed us the plane was here but no flight crew. One would be here at midnight and we could leave at 12:30. She told us another agent would be coming, picked up her purse and walked away. JUST LEFT !!!!
Was in hold to the airlines for 12 minutes before hanging up. Found a person from United walking by the terminal, tried to ask him questions . Told me he was the customer serve rep. RUDEST PERSON I EVER HAD THE MISFORTURE OF DEALING WITH !!! George , if that was his name , his name tag was backwards and he would not show me his name.
If he was my employee he would have been fired on the spot
So disappointed with United, would never recommend them to anyone. I have had delays before as we travel a lot, but never have I felt with such rude non caring persons . Even lied to me.
I will not be flying United again .

Anonymous 12/21/13 12:39AM

I used 75,000 mi to fly to newark from orlando on 11/31/13
and returned on 12/01/13. on 12/01, I was bumped from my
seat,F1, to economy plus because 2 people upgraded(4A &4B)at reservation desk. I was given $250 cert. Not good enough!!!. I'm not second class to be bumped because I used miles. I received 25500 miles back. I am 72 and found this insulting as I and my late husband are milage plus since 1991. I want all miles returned not the difference between first and economy plus. NF451131. I have already called milage plus twice, I don't want someone reading from a card to give me apologies. I want satisfaction!!!

Anonymous 12/9/13 7:08AM

i had a ticket from las vegas to bangkok and return. charged it on my credit card and paid the bill. when i went to the airport in bangkok i was told my return flight was cancelled due to corporate security. i asked what is that, united replied that is all i can tell you. i had to purchase a new ticket on delta and united will not give me an explanation as to what happened.

Anonymous 12/1/13 11:41AM

United Sucks! All I want to do is speak with soneone, anyone, from the United States. You can't! Period! End of story! No one from the corporate office will call you back. The people in China, India or the Phillipines are more than happy to talk to you. I thought I was being cool by telling United my daughter will miss one leg of her flight. No destination changes, no time changes, just going to miss the most expensive part of her flight. "Hey, United, you can rebook that seat!" NO. NOTHING LIKE IT! We were threatened with a $200 change fee and if we didn't want to pay that, she will not have her return flight. Great!!!!! customer service. Talk about a gun to the head.

PJ 11/26/13 3:09PM

my sister is dying of breast cancer and I flew my dad up to see her yesterday and he's not in good health either, my brother and sister-in-law flew up two days ago. My sister is in hospice and ready to pass so my brother changed his plane ticket to fly out Sunday the 17th instead of today Nov. 15th United charged him $75.00 to do so, I called to see about getting a flight change on the same flight for my dad so he could be with my brother because of his health and they wanted to charge him 200.00 plus 75.00, I explained what they did for my brother and they said they couldn't do it for my dad, and he was just changing from morning to night on the same day, Customer service is awful not to mention very rude I can see why United is rated #10, you really need to work on your customer service!!!!!!!

totally upset 11/15/13 9:05AM

I booked a flight for my wife and great grand-daughter a year ago and my granddaughter became ill. About two months ago, I contacted United and I was told that I had Until flight date one year ago. I have been told today that it expired in October which was purchase date. I will not fly united and I will be sending a letter to the editor. This was 1,200.00 dollars worth of tickets.

Anonymous 11/6/13 6:18PM

I Have Tried For The Last Two Days To Get Some Answers About My Flight. I Have Been On The Phone For Over Two Hours, Most Of The Time Geting Cut Off. I Have Even Called Your Corporate Office With Yet Another Recording, And No Call Back. What The Hell Is Wrong With You People! After This Next Flight,{ If I Get Any Answers}, You Will Be The Last Airline I Will Fly With. Tim Turner

Anonymous 10/10/13 2:04PM

Last seven flights with United have been a nightmare. One thing or another. Delays, cancellations, more delays, problems with jet maintenance that cause turnarounds. They are not the same since the merger. I pray every time I am forced to fly on United that it won't turn into some disruptive horrible trip that shaves off days from my business meeting or vacation. So far its has happened every time.

Caroline Jones 10/3/13 6:12AM

Poor customer service and misinformation.
I had to change a a FF ticket since I needed to put my Dad in hospice. I was told by a United representative Rachae (Agent # 5A) told me the full 75.00 fee would be refunded with a doctors note , the people at customer service at the airport in Huston also told me I would be refunded the full fee to either send in the doctors letter or submit on line, and then when I emailed stating I didn't get the correct refund, Margaret Wilkie said I should be getting the full 75.00 refund.
Yet now they state that there is a 50.00 processing fee.
Even though I feel a 50.00 fee to credit my credit card is ridiculous (there is no charge to Global or premier members to make changes to a destination even without a doctors note, and to change the date of travel greater than 21 days before travel is free for all FF); my issue is that I was told on multiple occasions the full 75.00 would be credited and I expect United to stand by their word.
Customer service simply sends you an scripted email and doesn't stand by thier word.
Southwest has great customer service and understands that things come up and do not penalize you. United obviously is just there to make money and does not care about the customer or standing by thier word.

liz 10/1/13 4:34PM

Recently flew from Newark, NJ to San Francisco CA on Sep. 15th Flt 1287. The flight attendant crew was the best crew I have flown with in a very long time. They were friendly,very helpful and seemed to enjoy their work. Rate them A+..

Jim Krachenfels

Anonymous 9/22/13 10:11AM

Last Few Trips With United Have Been Delayed And The Excuses Are Getting Aggravating. Either The Plane Need Repair And This Trip, 9/12 Flight 251 Newark To Tampa Keeps Getting Delayed Because The Flight Crew Hasn't Arrived. The Connecting Flight Arrived From California Arrived, But The Flight Crew Didn't Arrive To Newark. Where The Hell Is The Flight Crew. Flight Was Scheduled To Take Off At 7:34 Pm And Is Now Delayed Until 11:00 Or At Least That Is What We Are Being Told. And Can't Get A Human Being To Speak To In Customer Service....still On Hold. United Should Give Credit To All The People Waiting To Take Off And It Better Take Off! Really Mad Because This Is Not The First Time This Has Happened. May Never Fly United Again...and You Guys Used To Be The Best!!!! Not Anymore. I Hope Someone Replies To Me, But I Don't Expect It!

Anonymous 9/12/13 7:44PM

I had to cancel a flight and was told no refund, but my money I paid with would be honored up to a year. My plans were for Labor Day weekend 2013, Today I called to use my money to plan a trip same location I was going to last month for the End of Oct. I to got foreigner on the phone asked if she was in the USA said no but worked for United Airlines....My original reservations contact was also foreigner not in the USA....I was told in addition to the money they are holding hostage I would need to pay an ADDITIONAL $200.00 ON TOP OF THE $507.18 THEY ERFUDED TO REFUND ME BEFORE Needless to say I went NUTS, which I am sure Anne Santos (supervisor) has very well documented (I hope she did) I asked to speak to he supervisor and was told she could not forward me to her boss or give me any information as to how to contact her, Gladys DeLacruz..(sounds American any way).....I am demanding my money back or replacement tickets for the amount I already paid, no one could tell me where to find the (POLICY) THAT STATED I WOULD HAVE TO ROBBED OF ADDITIONAL $200.00 YES I AM YELLING...BUT OF COURSE SOME TECH PERSON WILL PROBABLE DELETE THIS SO "NO ONE HIGHER UP GETS TO READ IT*****BUT HEY MAYBE THEY WILL GET A BONUS FOR

Anonymous 9/7/13 7:11PM

My husband and I had reservations for a 5:20pm flight from Ft.Lauderdale to Durango, Co, connecting through Denver, on July 22. I had checked in on-line and printed boarding tickets prior to leaving for the airport. Our son dropped us at curbside at approximately 4:25pm and we attempted to check 2 )prepaid) bags. The curb attendant said there was a system problem and directed us to go to Kiosk inside. The kiosk was giving problems, as well, so a desk agent, Sunny R. assisted by taking my preprinted boarding passes to a desk, printed new boarding passes and only 1 baggage tag. When I inquired about the 2nd tag, he advised me that I didn't need it because the bag # was already on the baggage tag. We proceeded to security area about 4:40, went past the first TSA agent who was talking to a friend and did not ask to see our passes. We stood in security line and when we got to the final TSA check, the agent informed me that I did not have the boarding pass for the first leg of the flight. Sunny had neglected to give us that pass, along with the bag tag he said I didn't need. By this time, it was 4:55, and I was getting nervous about missing the flight. I ran back upstairs and asked Sunny for my pass, which he claimed he had given to me and that it was a "security" breach. He went down to the first TSA checkpoint (which was unoccupied at that time), and miraculously "found" the boarding pass AND bag tag, stating, "someone must have found it on the floor!" Needless to say, we ran to the gate, arriving 2 minutes after the door was closed, and missed the flight. The sweet gate agent quickly looked for additional flights for us and found seats on an American flight out of Miami 3 hours later. She instructed us to return to "Sunny" to be re-ticketed. On our way back to the check-in desk, I asked the TSA agent who had turned in the "lost" boarding pass and bag tag, and she cheerfully replied, "Sunny brought them down and said someone would probably be looking for them." What a bald-faced incompetent liar he is! We did make the late flight in Miami, only to find no available hotel rooms in Denver, and ended up with a sleepless night on hard airport chair.

Barb P 8/19/13 6:23PM

Trying for days to reach a person, been on hold for hours. Just needed to check status of refund. Its been three weeks and no decision yet. Customer service is a nightmare, all they do is assign a number and refer you to another department that puts you again on hold. I have been unable to get any real speaking person on the telephone. Disappoined does anyone out there know a decent airline to use, this one is out forever.

Anonymous 8/8/13 11:20AM

I might be on the wrong site. Yesterday July 23rd, 2013

I was on flight from Boston Mass to Cleveland and then on to Grand Rapids Michigan flights number4753 and 4538 we

had a 4 hour layover in Boston and I put my tablet into

my carryon bag. When we boarded we were informed on both flights our bags wound not fit in the overhead and taken to put in cargo. today when I unpacked my tablet has a large crack on the screen. Please inform me if there is anything you can do for my cracked screen. My name is Eileen Chmielewski address: Thank you folr your consideration.

eileen m 7/24/13 1:19PM

My story is about UA flight 4337 from Wichita
KS to Ohare Chicago on 7/18/13
I was Pre-booked and obtained seat 2A I chose
That seat due to a knee injury and it allowed me since
It was on a ERJ 145 to stretch my leg.
As I was waiting to board I was called up to the counter
and told the seat was broken and had buckle issues
I informed the gentleman about my kneee and if he possibly had a isle seat
He said no all I have are windows and I was given 6A
I sat in 6A and to my astonishment the captain and another
Gentleman boarded they chatted and the unknown gentleman
Sat in my originally assigned seat and buckled up,wow I was
Pissed as there where other seats still available
Upon arrival and exiting the plane I seen a supervisor who punched
In my planes info and said yep we had a employee take that seat
Wow no apology,no explanation,nothing lied and mislead and kicked
Out a injured person so an employee could sit,how pathetic
I tried reaching corporate even a email no answer or reply

Shafted 7/22/13 10:54AM

A UNITED nightmare for my 14 year old! DON'T mess with a Mom but really DO NOT mess with a grandmother!! Evan left this morning-traveling to Carmel to spend time with friends that were kind enough to invite him for a wonderful getaway! He is flying alone for the first time from Houston to San Francisco with what was supposed to be a connecting flight 50 minutes later to Monterrey. He arrives in San Francisco at 11:30 am. Sounds good, right? No. United cancelled the connecting flight without any contact with us whatsoever- then rebooked him on a flight tomorrow morning at 7am!! Mom gave the trip to Evan via her miles ( premier access ) and luckily checked his flight status as I was en route home from dropping him off and saw the 2nd leg had been cancelled. So . . . first she checked the weather- beautiful! Then she phone United. When she inquired about the cancelled flight and asked why she hadn't gotten any notification of it whatsoever, she was told it was cancelled because of bad weather in San Francisco! " WRONG " , she said, " I am looking at the weather- would you like me to read it to you? " and the agents response was , "that's the information we were given. "ok" Mom says when is the next flight you can get him on? Remember- he is a 14 year old flying alone. The agent says he is rebooked tomorrow morning at 7am! Mom says that is totally unacceptable- he is a child. The agent says there is a 3:55 flight flight but it is booked. The only other flight today with availability is 11:55p.m. Unacceptable, she repeats. You need to speak with a supervisor. He puts her on hold for a bit , comes back and says, Sorry, the 11:55 is the only flight. There is the 3:55 flight but it is booked. She asks to speak with the supervisor herself telling him she has flown Continental for years and never encountered anything like this. Reluctantly, he puts her on hold , again. He then comes back and says, ok. He will be on the 3:55 flight. Mom asks how he will know that the flight has been cancelled? He says, "Well, I guess when he gets of the plane he can look at the monitor and he will see that the flight was cancelled and he can find his way to the ticket counter or find a kiosk and reprint his boarding pass- Really?? He's 14. Mom says, No. Unacceptable. I want an agent at the gate who will assist him in this process. You would have thought she asked him to rebuild a city all alone with his bare hands by the way he dragged his feet. Reluctantly, he agreed that he would. Do I believe him? Do I think that Evan will really be on that flight, IF they do not cancel it, too? Not a chance. Do I think there is a better chance they will either put him on the 11:55 tonight or the 7 am tomorrow? You bet. Solution? Our wonderful friend is driving into San Francisco to get Evan. Shame on you, United! Want the kicker? Half an hour after my Mom hung up with the agent, he sent her an email letting her know the flight was cancelled and he was rebooked on the 7 am flight tomorrow. No trust there. Please bring Continental back!

Anonymous 6/18/13 4:19PM

Whilst on holiday in NY my sister required surgery for a broken hip. She had surgery on 8 June and flew back to UK on 11 June on 1955 flight to Edinburgh after being discharged from hosp at 1500 that day. I telephoned from the hosp and arranged assistance and was given a letter to upgrade for more leg room. I spoke to Damien who assured me this would be okay and because she had a medical condition whe would be accommodated. On arrival at Newark we did get the assistance but at the departure desk the lady refused to accommodate our request for more leg room despite being shown the hospital request letter- "because people had paid for them!!! My sister had to walk holding onto the seat headrests up to seat 26C, To add insult to injury just before take off the tannoy message intimated that if anyone wished to be upgraded to contact the cabin staff. My sister had to sit for 7 hrs approx unable to move or exercise her leg which was of paramount importance to prevent DVT. I am extremely angry with the treatment she received. A very sorry and unhelpful end to our unfortunate holiday.All other services and assistance were extremely helpful and I feel completely let down by this airline, May I also add that their were children seated in the extra leg room seats.

Christina Pearson 6/18/13 5:19AM

They are the worst they have ever been. Through there screwed up Mileage programs murger they screwed up my wifes birth date. Yes, United F'd it up not us and they can't fix it without us sending her passport of drivers license to a P.O. Box. Now talk about an opportunity for identity theft. Who in their right mind would send this type of information to a blind P.O. Box. After 30 years of loyalty.....well, it's all out the window now. This is not the first time they have blown it big for us in the past year. Three strikes and you are out United!!!! Again the worst airline in the world now. So, I'll also cut up my United credit card sice we will never fly United again. Never have these kinds of problems with Southwest Airlines!!!!!

TJC 6/11/13 7:32PM

THIS IS A COMPLIMENT TO ROSIE HERRERA SER/REC in IAH (Houston) who very graciously got my husband and I on a flight home to Denver last night (June 7, 2013). Our flight into Houston had been delayed due to weather and we were too late to make our original connection to Denver. We were told (at first) that we would have to spend the night in Houston (at our own expense) and fly out the next morning at 6:00 A.M. Rosie graciously continued to look and found 2 seats for us at 9:00 that night and got us on them. THANK YOU ROSE HERRERA. Please give this helpful, friendly employee a commendation.

Karen Mitchell

Anonymous 6/8/13 1:29PM

Customer service is terrible. English speaking problem. Couldn't give me corporate number. Was on hold for 38 minutes until I hung up.

THE REF 6/6/13 2:31PM

I had a very bad time with my flight with united airlines. My flight was delayed due to air traffic control then was out in a different flight which was delayed a swell. When I got to Chicago airport the represenvitive was very rude the workers threw my bag on the ground which broke my connecting flight was canceled due to the plane breaking I was then given a different seat in which I paid for a upgrade but did not get it when I asked the worker he was very rude and was told take the seat or don't fly. I left many msg at uniteds corporate office in which no one will return my call. DO NOT FLY UNITED very poor service

Art 5/28/13 8:10AM

I would like united to know that your customes service rep.cecilia lopez was a wonderful,an vary helpful person,in our familys time of need,again thank you Cecilia and united for caring so much.....james hurd

Anonymous 5/24/13 10:54AM

I Have Seen It All After Today I Am Not Impressed With The Behavior Of Your So Called Service Desk After Tonight You Supervisor That Was On Duty @ 7:38 Pm @ The Atlanta Base Was So Rude An Unhelpful I Did Not Know That The Service Desk For Us Airway Closes @ 7:30 So I Asked For Assistance From The United Airlines Check In Desk, An Was Totally Talked Down To Because I Did Not Realize That The Service Desk Of Us Airway Was Closed @ 7:30 Pm. I Usually Have Someone Check Me In From Home I Was Told That The Us Airway Site Was Down On The 16th Of May 2013 So No One Could Check Me In For My Flight With Us Airway. Because I Assumed I Was Checked In Only To Find Out I Was Not Checked In. Which Left Me No Way To Retrieve My Boarding Pass @ The Last Minute This Is When I Asked For The Assistance Of The United Check In Service Desk Your Supervisor Was More Than Rude Using Bad Language For This Reason I Am Contacting Your Office To Understand Who Does This Female Supervisor Think She Is Refusing To Give Her Name I Stated To Her I Would Be Contacting Your Office Us Airway Is Under The Umbrella Of United Airlines There For I Should Have Been Assisted An Given Some Compassion An Help The Customer Is All Ways Right That Goes In Any Category Of Business! If This Is The Kind Of Reputation United Has Be Damned With You United Airlines I Have Never Been Fond Of Your Airline An Wish To God That Continental Airlines Did Not Go Out Of Business. I Will Spread The Word About How Rude This Person Was Who Does Not Deserve Her Position With Your Company. I Will Avoid Your Airline @ All Cost I Ended Up Taking Air Tran Airlines An I Had The Most Hated Seating For A Last Minute Booking But There Is A God Because I Have A Handicap I Was Given A First Class Vacant Seat That Was Customer Service To The Tenth Power So United U Can Kick Rocks Because Every Dog Has Its Day An You An That Supervisor Beware.

Anonymous 5/17/13 9:44PM

Had to change my return flight from Las Vegas due to a death in my family. I was quoted a a charge of $150.00 as change fee and I was ok with that. When I looked up my credit card account tonight I noticed I was charged an additional $50.00 as well as $14.99. I was never told I would be charged these additionally fees and I feel robbed. United took it upon themselves to charge my card without my consent and I feel they stole from me. Had they been up front with me I cold have opted out or accepted.
I feel they make it so difficult to get a refund that they hope you just give up, but I won't go away! I think they took advantage of a person in a desperate situation.

Nancy 5/9/13 7:25PM

This was sent 2/22/2013. A response was never received. I have instructed my bank that this payment was for 'goods not delivered.' Please refund my money. Thank you. GD
Dear sirs,
Please check your records. I gave up my seat on this flight and wound up flying Delta back to Philadelphia, PA, via Atlanta. I prepaid the $25.00 charge for my 1 bag, and was
charged an additional $200.00 for being 23.5 pounds over the allowed weight. Since I did not use your carrier due to my generosity in giving up my seat (which I booked in December, 2012)
so a wife could travel with her husband, I would appreciate a REFUND of my $225.00. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.
Sincerely, Gail DeMarco

garl7 5/4/13 5:58AM

United Airlines is the worst airlines I've ever been on. Traveled first class with them a couple of months ago. There were only 12 seats in first class. By the time they got to me and my family of four at mealtime, the only option they had to offer us was fish! Since we did not want to eat fish on an airline, we were offered the same boxed lunch as the coach passangers because they ran out of other options. In addition, United Airlines seem to hire the most incompetent people they could find. Not one employee tried to help us in any way. When we told one of the agents that we would be late for our connecting flight because our flight arrived late, she just looked at us and said that we had to wait on line. Compared United Airlines to Delta a few months later. The Delta agent announced that anyone with a flight time within the next 1/2 hr should proceed to the front of the line. Because we were late for our connecting flight, we were put on a stand by flight. They couldn't even get that right. We were bumped off that flight because the agent at the gate was too busy flirting with one of the machanics and gave the seats away. She suggested that we, a family of four, should all take different flights home since that was our only option. We eventually had to rent a car and drive back home. It took us 12 hours to get home only to be told that our luggage came on the flight we were bumped off of and that we had to get it from the airport which was an hour away from where we live. When we finally got our bags, one was destroyed. They wouldn't even compensate us for our bag because it was over their $200 limit. How about giving me the $200 rather than nothing. I was reimbursed $61.47 for each ticket even though the flight was roughly $500 each. Shame on you United Airlines. This was the worst experience ever.

Anonymous 2/16/13 1:54PM

My experience with United Airlines was a flute! I have never been so humiliated in all of my years of flying! I had the worst experience with customer service in Houston, TX as well as over the phone! It was bad enough that flights were late leaving and landing due to the weather (which is understandable) but when my travel agent rebooked my flight, 10 minutes later United Airways canceled! And to top it all off, the agent inside of the airport was very rude to me and he lied as well! I was in the air from 6:20 AM Central Standard time until 7:52 Pacific Standard time! I never got on any of my scheduled flights and I was 8 hours late on my arrival! But to top it all off, I was checking in in the Las Vegas airport to depart back home on 01/25/13, and I found out that the agent in Houston had canceled my return flight back home!!! Are you really serious United? This incident has caused me a lot of body aches, heart aches, tears and rest! Again, this was the worst airline that I have ever flown!

Anonymous 2/6/13 11:39PM

My experience with UNITED is the worst I've ever had and I have not flown in years. I recall it being an enjoyable experience, today it's a joke, worse is their staff lies. Try to hunt down a phone number! It's their, but not so easy to find, then you get a Filipino that earns about 500 pesos a day about $11.00. Semi-fluent trained only to be polite and apologitic who refers you to useless ALEX, who's limited to repeating the same question to wear you down..

UNITED is by no means stupid in this regard... if their employees had to deals with real problems they would all seek less stressful jobs.

As a former Investment Advisor, the best way to send UNITED a message is sell their stock, use other providers and let them fly empty for a while...

fedup 1/29/13 7:13PM

I'm thrilled that United has decided that it will no longer transport primates destined to be used in laboratory experiments! Thank you for your empathy.

"Vivisection is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character. Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in laboratories and are called research" -George Bernard Shaw --

Suzann 1/8/13 10:36PM

Wow, I usually get dinner and drinks before I get screwed but not with United! Long story short on December 21, 2012 the ticketing agent for United refused to issue the boarding passes 1 hour and 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure. According to the Honolulu airport the cut off to print boarding passes is 45 minutes prior to departure or less. Clearly we met the time restraints to have the boarding passes printed, so why did the agent refuse? Hum... Since the initial complaint was filed customer service has come up with a laundry list of reasons. The only accurate thing on this list is that we had the dogs in the wrong area (baggage check) but just hours before the 1-800 number told us that is where we should check them in for boarding. We stood patiently for over 25 minutes while the rude agent was trying to contact the pet safety department. She must have been on hold because she never spoke to anyone on the phone and every time we tried to speak to her we got the "one more minute finger" followed by a shhhhh! This went on for so long that other baggage/ticketing agents were trying to help her. I only wish I had a dollar for every time other United agents came by and announced out loud that that flight was overbook. At 1 hour and 20 minutes a friend was there to take possession of the dogs and UNITED REFUSED TO PRINT THE TICKETS saying that the seats had already been given away! Let's see, holiday travel + overbooked flight = bumped. No vouchers offered and even after filing a complaint United still claims they did nothing wrong.
I am thankful for the safe travel all be it almost a day later! This is the second time I've had a problem with United recently. The last time in August 2012 involved changed military orders and I'm still waiting for a response from my online complaint. Don't worry I stopped holding my breath otherwise I'd be dead and you wouldn't be reading this rant!
Bottom line if they had offered us a small compensation and an apology we might have been disgruntled customers but due to the repulsive customer service we just plain disgruntled!
We travel from Orlando, Denver and Honolulu so you can see why United used to be our airline of choice. Regardless of the cost, layover or inconvenience United has collected their last dollar from me.
Honesty Accuracy and Accountability has been my New Year's resolution for many years running. I'd like to suggest that United get back to basics and find a way to fix the mess this merger created. Bigger is only better when it goes hand in hand with ethics.

Tammy 1/3/13 6:01PM

My name is Talitha Jackson, on 12/4/12 I booked a one-way flight for a minor child Aaron Taylor (13) to fly on 12/20/12 from Phoenix, AZ to Richmond, VA with the credit card of Alonzo Taylor. The mother of Aaron decided at the last moment that she did not want allow Aaron to come to Richmond. Aaron is a minor child and is never going to use this ticket before the end of 2012 or any time in the future of 2013 because of his mother. Therefore I am requesting that the ticket be transferred or credited to me Alonzo Taylor for future use since my credit card was used to purchase the ticket as I plan to travel in March of 2013. It is unfortunate that the mother of Aaron played games. I would appreciate your help with this matter as soon as possible. Flight Number: 1237, Flight Date: 12/20/2012.

I have kidney failure and I am on dialysis and want to use this credit for the ticket for I purchased for my grandson which is never going to be used by him toward my trip in March 2013 to see my family in Richmond, VA before I die. United Airlines denied my request and this is unfair as they are making a profit and I am at a financial loss. United Airlines can make an exception if they want to.

talithadj 12/30/12 9:44AM

UNBELIEVABLE This is your idea of customer care! Making someone miss a flight and then letting them sit in a hard chair all night while you change airlines and redirect them twice more before arriving at their destination and entire day and night late. Really? Sad. I cant get a hold of one single person in your"Customer Care" department and their someone sits waiting all night for their new flight due to your delay on the tarmac i am so dissapointed you should be shut down.

T 12/21/12 11:27PM

Refund has been requested, is requested, and will continue to be requested on non-used tickets. The Citi- credit card continues to reflect the charges. United Airlines cancelled the flight and thus the tickets were not used and will not be used.


1) Ticket Numbers for Gregorio Villalpando, Villalpando de Cruz Maria, and Jose Cruz Huerta

2)Airport request for refund and phone requests for credit refund for the tickets including later contacts with V078348 Tricia Nov. 25, 2012 and V012 Dushant Dec. 08, 2012

Flight scheduled to occur on 06.20.2012 was United Airlines cancelled. Due to this fact the tickets were not used. The travelers were to attend a funeral. They did not use the tickets due to the United Airlines cancelled flight. A credit refund has been requested several times. The request has been done since the air flight was cancelled.

No professional response has been received.

Credit refund to Citicard has been requested and will continue to be requested since the tickets will not be used.

Send credit refund for the above mentioned tickets to my Citi-card account. June to December 2012 credit requests must be accepted and the credit card must reflect the refund credits


Estela Peña 12/9/12 8:44PM

December 8, 2012

Dear United Airlines

Recently I travelled to Los Angeles on November 30, 2012 to attend a family wedding. My original flight was #41 leaving IAD at 5:29 pm on November 30 and arriving at LAX at 8:04 pm. I changed my flight paying $75.00 and took an earlier flight # 1632 on the same day at 3.56pm to LAX in the hope that I do not miss the ceremony. Flight #1632 was almost 1 hour late from IAD arrived in LAX after 7 pm. It jeopardized my plan totally. I missed the wedding ceremony. I am very unhappy about this.

I am asking United Airlines to refund $75.00. The reason for which I paid additional money did not serve its purpose. I am a loyal customer of the United Visa Mileage plus Visa Card holder and I deserve this fair treatment on behalf of the Airlines. An early response to my complain is appreciated.

Thank you.


Mrs. Rita Basu

Rita Basu 12/8/12 4:11PM

I am a United Plus Preferred Member! In June I booked two tickets Boston to Miami leaving on 11/7/2012 with a layover in Newark. The morning of 11/6/2012 United called to confirm the reservations and faxed our boarding passes. At 3:00 pm I received an electronic phone message saying the Newark flight was cancelled and was told to call United. I did so and was put on HOLD. While I was on hold I received another electronic call saying we had been rebooked for Saturday 11/10/2012 which was four (4) days later! This was unacceptable for us; as we would miss all 3 days of the event we were flying to attend.

I continued to attempt to call United and was put on hold for over ONE HOUR and 40 MINUTES. I was desparate but finally had to hang up at 4:35 as my battery had expired. United never answered my call.

I called a travel agent just before the office closed and was advised I would probably have to buy new tickets if we needed to be in Florida the next day. It cost an additional $342.60 to rebook each flight on AA for a total of $685.20 out of pocket (and unnecessary) expense.

There were EMPTY seats on the American Airline flight. United could have EASILY rebooked us into those seats at no extra expense for us. In fact the agent at AA in Boston was very surprised that United had not done so.

IS THis is how a Priority membership works???? United Airlines should return the full $322.40 I originally paid for our United flights AS WELL AS $400 worth of travel vouchers to cover the money I was forced to pay for unanticipated AMERICAN AIRLINE flights to Miami.

Had we travelled on the day United rescheduled us we would have missed all four days of a family wedding celebration, including rehearsal dinner, a welcome party, 4 days with our children and their children for which we had rented a family condominium, AND the entire wedding!!!

Most of all, I am disappointed to find after 24 years of membership with United Airlines to be subjected to such angst, frustration and emotional trauma in spite of the new "United Plus Preferred membership" which is advertised as giving "Priority Status" to members.

MB 11/18/12 9:45PM

MY wife was ticketed on a non existing flight to connect with an international leg, all on United. When we arrived at the originating airport, we found out that the flight did not exist, seems never existed.. This happened in June 2012. She missed the international connection, and consequently an international medical conference. I have been getting the runaround since June,. The customer service person assigned to this case kept asking for more and more data (itinerary, ticket number, etc etc etc) probably in the hope that we would not have this data. Finally (she exhausted all possible requests?) she simply stopped responding all together. All I am asking for is an apology, but I suppose United can no longer extend such common courtesies. I in turn can no longer extend my business to them.

Irritated 11/5/12 2:19PM

I paid United Airlines $25.00 to check a bag from Des Moines, Iowa to Boise, Idaho. When I arrived in Boise my bag was missing. When I spoke to the baggage agent in Boise I was informed that my bag was still in Denver but would be delivered to my home that evening. When I went on line to track my bag I was sent to several different sites which all informed me that my bag was not in their system. When I called United Bagage tracking I was given another run around. You have failed to live up to your own customer service policy and have caused me a great deal of inconvience, not to mention the loss of all my clothes. I will never again fly United Airlines.

Anonymous 10/24/12 9:36PM

UA Flight 437 on 10/19/12 due to leave Houston at 2:48 p.m. and arrive at Los Angeles 4:24 p.m.

My husband & I boarded before 2 p.m. and sat is row 1 behind the first class galley. Shortly thereafter a repair crew entered apparently in response to a call from the flight attendant in charge about a problem with the jump seat. A delay ensued as seats were torn up to facilitate the repair. During the process the attendant was having a good time chatting with the captain and those involved in the repair all of whom were congregated in the galley area. Also conversation that could be overheard plus the fact that there was a vacant passenger seat across from us gave rise to wondering how serious the problem was and if an alternative could have avoided the delay.

Shortly before 4 p.m. (repairs had been completed but now there was a paperwork delay) I asked the attendant about the number of hours passengers could be held on the plane. The response was if we didn't like we could get off. When I explained this was not feasible as my husband had incurred a medical problem while away and we needed to get to L.A asap, she replied that everyone was anxious to get home. My husband also questioned the necessity of the repair and voices were raised.

Around 4:30 p.m. as the plane was being prepared for take off the gate agent came to our seats and said the flight attendant had ordered us off the plane and he was there to see to it UNLESS we agreed to not yell at her again. No attempt to find out the nature of problem was made before that pronouncement.

Any reputable company would invoke serious punitive measures against employees who treated customers in the manner. This kind of behavior needs to be addressed by authorities outside of United Airlines.

We finally arrived at the gate of LAX at 6:15 p.m. Some passengers missed connecting flights. My 78 year old husband was subsequently hospitalized.

apoc 10/21/12 9:51AM

On October 14 I called to make changes to my son's reservation which originally left on 17 October. We we were experiencing a family emergency and my son needed to be able to fly out on the 14th. After speaking to the agent I was informed there were no flights to Portland on the 14th but that he could book my sion on a flight on the 15th. I agreed to this and paid for all changes taxes and fees. Today we arrived at the airport and attempted to check in at which time we were told that my sons flight did not actually leave till the 16th. After being told by the counter agent there was nothing he could do we called United customer service and waited on hold sometime, Eventually the customer service agent got on the line and told us if i wanted to change to the flight i was actually supposed to be booked upon i would again be required to pay additional fees for changes even though it was the united agent who had made a mistake and booked the flight on the improper date. If this is how united corrects there mistakes and treats their customers I will definitely not be using their services again nor will I be recommending them to my friends family or coworkers!

Keelykr 10/15/12 1:41PM

I am schedule to fly to Washington, D.C. on 10-11-12 from John Wayne with a stop-over(3 hrs) in Denver then to Washington.I would be boarding the same plane to Washington. After I printed the boarding pass, I noticed that my seat had been moved from aisle 25D to F12 window. This reservation was made in May since I knew I was having back surgery and needed an aisle seat. I was shocked to see this change.Customer service said they could give me a middle seat.Not a solution.I know corporate office could care less. They already have my Money.

Anonymous 10/10/12 8:42PM

To whom it may concern: I was on a flt. to Chicago from LAX
on Monday 10/4/2012. After everyone was boarded and sitting in their seats a voice from the cockpit states that there will be a delay because after reading the service report of the plane the FAA would not be happy if he flew the plane. He then states they will be delayed because they need a replacement part but they don't have one and so they are going to go buy the part from another airline. Too much information to be giving to the passengers? I think so and as a passenger I became very concerned not only for myself but all the passengers. Thinking that someone servicing this aircraft would forgo the need and responsibility to make sure the aircraft was safe and sound. I will never fly on United Airlines again! I have made several attempts to contact United Airlines Customer Service with no response except for a very brief conversation with someone who would not identify her position with United. I will contact the FAA and see what their response is! I hope you will take note of this and make some changes in respect to plane maintenance and customer service!

A scared and frustrated passenge 10/4/12 11:23AM

This comment is to Jeff Miesk-subject-making an airline reservation on a weekend using frequent flyer miles-Im, should have know what was going to happen when I found out I would be talking to someone in the Philippians-my first problem-they could not find my milage account-that took three calls-the next problem was my pin number-they never did find that-communication was a problem during the entire time-after one and half hours on the phone,still no pin number-the man said we are closed-call back Monday-I did-taklked to Lyn1387 -english speaking-problem taken care of in 10min-getting that cheap labor rate is not the solution-pay a little more and move the operation back to the states-I to say the least was a very unhappy customer sunday-

Anonymous 10/2/12 1:03PM

I' had really bad experince with United Air line ,august 8-10 20012. I was charged for flights I did DID NOT,August 5th to las vegas and the flight I did schedule for orlando coming back to philadelphia was a disaster.go to the airport,, united send me to US air and US air send me back to untied on the 9th ,missed the flight i was to take home at 6 am , leave call a supervisor to get me aflight out next day .go back next day same thing Im upset in tears united was not trying to find out what was going on , so a supervisor from US air help me out she had to give a voucher to get back to the hotel and got me and my grandchildren home on US air, I the next day august the 11th ,and getting them up that both days was not easy .called since I been home and your customer service rep. did not ,i mean did not want to give me your numbers to or united air a rep.from my credit card gave it to me , and also said she has customers complain about the service from your reps. I just wanted a refund for the los vegas tickets that was chargerd on my credit card

gmom 9/21/12 11:42AM

It was a sad occasion when United and Continental merged. We flew Continental every chance we had because, the fares were very competitive, upgrades were reasonable and we were treated very well by the ground staff and the crew.
Our two experiences flying United (a round trip) after the merger were not what we expected. The cost of upgrading to 1st Class was almost four times the cost before the merger. The attention of the flight attendants has deteriorated. On our return trip we had to wait for the flight attendant to finish a casual conversation with a member of the flight crew before she turned her attention to the cabin. We were very disappointed and disatisfied with the degeneration of service flying Untied, especially because of the exorbitant increased cost of upgrading and the terrible service in 1st class.
This past July our daughter was scheduled to fly to Florida to spend some time with her ailing grandmother. Our daughter became ill a day or two before the flight and was advised by her doctor not to fly. We called the airline to cancel the flignt and were penalized more than half the price of the ticket. The worst part is that the agent never mentioned that if the flyer was ill, we could submit a doctor's note and the penalty would be reduced to much more reasonable $50 charge.
I discovered this while researching the issue since my mother-in-law is being charge the full fare on her credit card.
I also found out that United keeps the balance of the money as a credit towards a future flight. The customer service end of this airline has changed dramatically for the worse. Our past expriences dealing with Continental customer service always left us satisfied and fully informed.
Before the merger, it was easy to contact customer service by phone but that has changed. United does not provide any phone numbers, most likely because they know that their service is terrible and they want to avoid that type of interaction with their customers. Instead the airling forces customers to submit inquiries via email on the website.
We miss the reasonable charges and excellent service provided by Continental and abhor the deterioration of an airline we were happy to fly with. It appears that United management took control of the airline after the merger and are going to run United into bankruptcy and take Continental along for the ride. What a shame.

ClaudeRaines 9/16/12 9:44AM

Once again United has been a great disappointment.... Overly priced plane tickets, Disturbing fees on bags where with they will definitely lose. Always late flights with no excuses, No customer service and self righteous staff. Expected bankruptcy soon will be PRICELESS. I can't wait for the day. We will finally be rid of the worst airline in history. How do you go from being one of the most prestigious airlines to all Hell, I have to fly United...

Spoken from the heart
A customer

adelashment 9/14/12 10:55AM

here we are on day 5 of trying to locate lost luggage due to UNITED retagging my bag with someone else name on it. they are giving us the runaround and doing nothing. tells us to file a calim that can take up to 12 weeks to process. have lost work gear and not to mention time. OH get this a baggage specialist tells us to file a claim with our HOME OWNERS Insurance!!!!!!!! They guarenteed my bag would be at my final destination. What a joke this is becoming. How can they rate themselves #1 in luggage Unlost. give me a break anyone have a COE # or email to get a hold of?

UNHAPPY 8/30/12 7:00PM

On July 4th my daughter flew from Milwaukee to Chicago. She inadvertently left her new Kindle Fire on the plane; when she got to her next check-in the flight crew was located and stated they had found the kindle and it was in their possession. My daughter was given incorrect information to go pick up the kindle and by the time someone could give her correct information she had to board her next flight. The staff told her not to worry, that she could pick it up on her return trip; they refused to forward it to her destination. When she attempted to reclaim the item on her return she was informed she would have to file a claim and was given an email address. Needless to say, it has been 7 weeks and still no Kindle. We have made numerous phone calls, sent numerous emails and are just being given the run-around. As I see it there are only 4 scenarios; (1) someone on the flight crew appropriated the kindle, (2) whoever the flight crew gave it to appropriated the kindle, (3) someone in the lost and found appropriated the kindle or (4) United staff lost the kindle and are unwilling to admit to the loss. With one exception, the United personnel have been less than helpful and today the "supervisor" was downright rude. United used to be a great airline - in my opinion, they don't even qualify in the top 100 anymore. They have no "Customer Service" - they just have people who do not speak English telling you that they are sorry - that is right, they are a very SORRY bunch of people. I will never fly United - I do believe I would rather walk than give the company a dime of my hard earned money - they are a pathetic use of the air we breathe.

elle299 8/25/12 9:34AM

As if United hasn't already racked up an indescribably long list of very legitimate complaints thus far, now United and its dysfunctional flight crews have actually managed to become hostile to children left in their supervision as well! Has stupidity actually become a prerequisite for employment at United Airlines? Could the flight crew that recently terrorized two kids traveling alone on a flight returning home to their mom after visiting their dad in another state not manage to find three functioning brain cells between them to discern a humane as well as efficient way to deal with the fear these two little boys felt after hearing from a cockpit announcement by the Captain that the plane had suffered some sort of engine problem and would have to return to the airport from which it had departed? These little boys did exactly what anyone, child or adult, would have done upon hearing such news. They called their family (in this case, their mom) to express their fear and seek comforting reassurance. The flight crews response to these two little boys' apprehension... the grab them by their little arms, bully them, tell them that they "were in so much trouble" and top it off by threatening them with the prospect of being banned from ever being able to fly again... for life!

Nice going, United. Way to show what a classy operation you people run. As stated by your spokesperson, the rules are the rules. Similar phrases and rationales have undoubtedly been spoken to justify other indefensible behavior throughout history (slavery and the Nazi extermination of millions come to mind)
Must make your collective moms just so darn proud.

Mr. Jeffery Smisek, you may be some kind of hot-shot corporate whiz kid, but I truly feel sorry for your kids, if the treatment of the two children mentioned above is any indication of either your common sense or your parenting skills. You are the CEO, which means the buck for this one stops right on your undoubtedly over-sized and over-priced CEO desk. Shame on you and your entire operation.

Since United clearly appears to have no problem whatsoever given passengers the rough-end of business, I for one feel quite comfortable in assuring you that United will NOT be getting any of my business in the future. And the answer to your customer service question is, I would be extremely unlikely to recommend United Airlines to anyone else.

Anonymous 8/21/12 9:14PM

Well, since I can't reach them - I guess we will have to go to small claims' court. I hope many of you will take this approach. I don't care if it was just for $25.00 on your bag and they lost your bag (common experience) They don't even reimburse you the money. They say, they can't even even track an airline ticket code. I sure hope the Judge has flown the unfriendly skies... maybe he will have a little understanding for the horrific "service" this airline offers. I'll see someone from UA in court. Caroline Bond

Caroline 8/17/12 3:27PM

The biggest mistake ever was the combining of United and Continental...United is proving on a daily basis to be the WORST airline ever, before I would never fly any airline except Continental, but American is rapidly becoming my airline of choice, and that's not saying a lot about United. United does everything they can to screw you out of every penny and make easy travel impossible...even now tyring to use my well paid for miles, they are screwing us find the reasonable mile on the way out and the highest on the way back...and what's the deal with all these have to spend the night on a return flight...or flying people all over the country to get back from a direct route? the best one yet, leaving Nassau to return to Houston and they fly you to Toronto?? What is going on here??? I've been screwed out of money on canceled flights, overbooked flights, and everything was a HUGH mistake for Continental to combine with United, any other airline would have been best....I will begin to start driving to San Antonio or someother airport to catch a different airline that does not serve out area...I'm done with need to leave my email address, they will not respond to message as they did not when I attempted to recover lost fare on a flight that I was screwed out on a business class seat and they bumped me to coach...

ada 8/15/12 5:50AM


ANONYMOUS 8/13/12 9:24AM

Further to our Memphis saga - we woke up this morning a few hours before we check out to return home to discover a message - united at Memphis international had decided that we might need our luggage so that they could charge us the baggage fee again - after all we couldn't have possibly needed our luggage during our stay - beware of Bags, Inc. the delivery service used by united at Memphis international as it appears they only deliver when they get around to it. Also, beware of the info included in the airlines "delayed baggage info" as they certainly do not make any effort to call you once a day to keep you updated on their progress - and should it really take five days to trace baggage that they handled - what a joke the operation and united is.

Anonymous 8/13/12 8:55AM

bgarnett.... August 12th, 2012

United very dysfunctional, especially at Memphis
Arrived at Memphis on schedule at 5:58 PM Thursday. No signage as to which carousel to pick up luggage. Had to ask, nobody seemed to know. Found other passengers from our flight at carousel 3c, still no sign. Other passengers got bags after about 30 minutes. Ours did not arrive. Found the united baggage office, totally locked and unstaffed thought the sign said it should have been open at that hour. Went up to united ticket counter where the two united employees loudly argued about who was going to help me. After much sighing about how busy they were, one finally came down to the baggage room, the expressed annoyance that I had bothered her when my bag wasnt in there, as if I should have known. A delayed baggage brochure was passed to me, and she abruptly left, despite my asking for assistance in figuring out the process, was told "we are too busy" just call the number on the form. My wife and I made 5 calls over the next 24 hours, each time to be told that the bag had arrived in Memphis on a later flight and would be delivered to our hotel. Each time when we asked the call center to confirm directly with the united staff when the bag would be sent, we were advised that nobody would answer the phone at united in Memphis.
Still we have no luggage, after 3 days of waiting. Seems that the call center may be in India, in all we spoke to Shawhee, Bhanu, Faisal, Niharika, and supervisor Bhupen, same unhelpful response from each, though every one of them indicated that the bag was arrived in Memphis, but that they could only send a message, as the phone was not being answered. They refused to give used the phone number. We later managed to find a local number throught the airport operator. Someone answered at united luggage, and immediately transferred me to another line which did not get answered. Very frustrating experience, which the hotel staff were completely unsurprised by When we mentioned the airline involved. Our ticket costs were $1602 for the round trip, then united has the audacity to charge the extra $27 for a baggage fee, for which we have nothing to show. This airline approach to customer service is irresponsible. We've now had to incur laundry and new clothing costs, plus costs of roaming long distance on our phones due to the very long hold times during our many calls. Many hours of our time have been wasted.
Leaving for home tomorrow without luggage - definitely will encourage my friends and business associates to boycott united.

Anonymous 8/12/12 10:36PM


ANONYMOUS 8/11/12 7:58AM

The General manager from United called me on 8/6/2012 his name is Enin he was really rude and when I tried to answer he told me to shut up he would not let me talk he talked over me and down to me I am 62 years old I have never been talked to that way by some one that in charge of an AIRLINE!! He said he was going to ban me from all Airlines from ever flying any puppies out. When I called him to ask his name he was rude again said I was harrassing him! Why is it Cargo or Petsafe have never heard of this Enin? There was not profanity like he said he told me he was a vegetarian I said what the hell does that have to do with my dog? He said the dog had slime all over him and he was about dead fleas flying all over everyone. When I went to pick the dog up at the vet that was an out and out lie. The puppy was clean and wagging his tail and barked all the way home. He told me the vet said the dog was about dead. Another lie the vet gave him a health certificate. It was a 3 hour trip for me each way and $100 worth of fuel and then to have someone that rude to me!I am sure I will find another airline to do business with since I am banned from yours. And I will tell everyone I know how I was treated. I called United they gave me a email to lodge complaint was sent back as failure why am I not surprised what a way to run an airline. Their phones are being answered in INDA HOW AMERICAN!!

Anonymous 8/6/12 8:39PM


I am very frustrated with calls being intercepted in India and Phillipines. I am being told that there is no higher position who can hear my request in English.This is my plight:I frequently receive featured specials online from United. I booked a round trip flight to San Fran in July @$593. Today I receive another featured special which advertised my previous flight, same dates and time for $398. To add to my agitation, I already had to spend an additional $150 as I changed my return date yet I accepted that as my penalty for not getting it right the first time! At 70 years old, I would respectfully ask to be reimbursed the difference between the two special offers.

Barbara 7/31/12 8:15AM

I am writing this on behalf of my son and his wife, who are extremely frustrated. They flew on United Airlines to and from Hawaii the beginning of June, 2012. After they got off of their plane in California, they immediately realized that they left their camera bag under the seat in front of them. They immediately went back to the gate and was told that the plane had already been taken to the hanger, so, they were somewhat relieved that it had not left for another flight, thinking that would make it easier for them to get their camera back. They then filled out all the required forms, giving the seat number where the camera was located and a detaile description of the camera bag and all the contents. Since then, they have called numerous 1-800 numbers, talked to numerous computers, and one person, who assured them that "they would hear from someone about this within 48 hours" (which was at least one week ago). They are finding out that it is impossible to contact or speak to any live person with United about this. If anyone can give me any suggestion on what next step they can take, I would really appreciate it!

Marley 7/30/12 5:26AM

My husband and I have logged about 7-8 million miles-obviously seasoned travelers. We have not flown United in years and now I remember why. I have been trying to call and reach a United States representative, who might actually be able to answer rudimentary questions(9-10 times since June 20th). I have an elderly father who is trying to visit me in Milwaukee before he passes away--that is his wish. United Express is the only direct flight and am stuck with them. I have called United REPEATEDLY to request wheelchair service, to no avail; does United Express have a jetway or stairs?(which he cannot get up) Can I get a pass to sit with him at the gate on the way home? Not one person in India has been able to assist me. We have flown him with us on American and a HUGE gratitude to Southwest for the way they treat the handicapped(my husband)military personal. My Dad is a WWII Vet. and was on a SW flight with me. When they landed in Cleveland, they asked for everyones attention and said "we have in our front seat Mr.xxxxxx, one of our last Greatest Generations heroes. The entire plane broke out in applause and while he sat in his wheelchair on the way out, almost every person stopped and thanked him for our freedom. United Airlines, now that is a lesson for you in customer service! Please put some US rep's on the phones to answer ADA and basis human rights questions. Thank you.

frustrated 7/28/12 6:13AM

I am just appalled that United Airlines would have employed such individuals who kicked Sarge (a certified Service Dog) on two separate occasions between the dates of July 15-17th. Jim was given Sarge for his help in getting around safely. I feel a PUBLIC apology from United Airlines to Jim and Sarge should be done immediately. The individuals who kicked Sarge should be fired immediately. Refresher courses on the proper/humane handling of ALL handicaped people including their DOG companions should be set uo now for ALL employees addressing both VERBAL abuse as well as physical abuse. These servicemen served this country so that we could be alive and free.

Butterfly 7/23/12 8:38AM

UA 89 delayed by 201 min due to their mantainance issue at Newark. Who response for passanagers who make connection at the destination of Beijing but less then 1 hour now

Anonymous 7/16/12 1:35AM

On 7/7/12 I flew from Houston TX to Dallas TX it being a one hour and 13 mintue trip. NOT. I was to leave at 3:43 pm. The plane I was to leave on the door would not open. We were told to go to another gate at 4:15 pm. Loaded the plane at 4:45 pm and sat on the runway over an hour because Dallas said we could not land. My son was in Dallas waiting on me at the airport and said planes were coming in and out. We got in the air finally and at 8:30 pm was told we could not land in Dallas again due to weather. My son again said it was not raining. We were told we were going to have to land in Oklahoma and then abouot 30 minutes later we were told we could go on to Dallas. We finally arrived in Dallas about 8:45. No water, drinks or anything was offered to us. Oh wait a bag of stale pretezels was given to us around 7:30 pm. I am very dissapointed in United. My ticket number was CM3EM3, flight no. 391Y. My rewards no. is ES388063. I would appreciate some kind of compensation for all the trouble you put my family thru and myself and all other passengers.

Anonymous 7/11/12 4:59AM

I provided United with a issue I had on Flight 832 from Cancun to Washington Dulles which happened on 18 Jun 12. I started off with letting United know of the problem via a survey that was sent to me by United and I asked for a response which I did not get. I then sent a e-mail to the Mileage Plus folks at United. A United employee named Himanshu responded and asked for more information which I provided. Then different United employee named Melanie Beaudin responded and said United apologized but never told me what would be done to stop this from happening to others. I then sent Ms. Beaudin a response asking if she considered the case closed which I did not. I still have not heard back from her. I will be glad to send you the e-mail string that I have regarding this issue if so please let me know where to forward it. The only case number I have is KMM4897621V3673LOKM. I watch the opening statement on the video made by United each time I fly and have come to enjoy top shelf treatment which is the reason that I only use United. The treatment I got regarding Flt 832 on 18 June from Cancun was unacceptable and has caused me a great deal of problems with my family and future travel. Can you help??

Vic 7/11/12 4:08AM

You need to have a phone # and MORE live people to help. My frustration at going around and around with your web site was a real downer. "Alex" your automatic respond program can't answer more complex and irregular questions. I realize you don't want to have to have a lot of real people, but isn't customer service and satisfaction your primary objective to set you apart from the other airlines? Travel is stressful enough with all the changes regarding baggage, liquids, security, why make it more stressful to just get some help? Post a phone!

sdb 7/7/12 8:52AM

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