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Virgin Mobile corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Virgin Mobile corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Virgin Mobile corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Virgin Mobile USA, Inc.

Virgin Mobile plc
10 Independence Blvd.
Warren, NJ 07059
United States

Phone: 908-607-4000

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I've been a virgin mobile customer for three years its been hell the last two years. Every time I top up I have all kinds of problems surfing the web or sending text messages but as soon as i cut on the wifi it works as if im paying wifi my money every month not to mention its $55.00 for unlimited everything which is absolutly to high for the lack of service ive been a loyal customer for three years with multiple problems and I have only been compisated once they trouble shoot my phone every month with no improvement where do I go from here?people if you want less stress use a different phone company than virgin mobile they do not value they're customers its sad.

grumpy 7/3/14 7:21AM

my comment is virgin mobile should be put out of business and made to give us back our mony . mine has been over a year. mary carr

Anonymous 6/7/14 10:39AM

My husband and I have been with Virgin Mobile for 7 years. We have never had trouble until now. I purchased a phone as a surprise gift to my husband and it has turned out to be a total nightmare. On March 24 we received the phone and it didn't work AT ALL (no sound, no picture). I called that same day and told customer support about it. The support tech told me to send it back in the envelope that came with the phone. I asked if he meant the envelope that goes to the recycling center in KY and he said Yes, the envelope that came with the phone. I verified this with the agent twice because it just didn't seem right, and he confirmed that was the right thing to do. So I wrote the RMA# on the envelope in permanent marker and the next morning my husband put the phone it in a USPS dropbox on his way to work. When I received the replacement phone later that day (Mar. 25th), I noticed that there was a special envelope along with the new phone. I immediately knew the agent told me to use the wrong envelope so I called VM tech support again and told them what happened. They assured me it was ok and that they would take care of it. HA!!!!!!
May 7th my husband received a text messages on his phone informing him that his service was going to be suspended. I called VM tech support to find out what was going on. They said I hadn't sent the defective phone back, so they were going to turn off service. I explained the situation, the agent found the notes in their system and said the agent I talked to in March didn't assign a case # to the account. If an issue isn't given a Case #, it is like there isn't any issue! So this agent assigned a case # and said to call back the next couple days to check on the case. I do what she says and a couple days later I'm told that someone will call me back, I don't have to call back anymore. I should just wait 24-48 hours. (Just so everyone out their knows... if an agent tells you to wait 24-48 hours, it means "We aren't going to do anything except make you call back, speak to a different agent, repeat yourself 2-3 times and get tell you to wait 24-48 hours AGAIN!" It is a vicious cycle. Also, if someone says they are going to call you back, DON'T believe them. You are NOT going to get a call back - they are just trying to get rid of you!!)
Unfortunately, I was still an uneducated customer at that point and believed them.
Six days and numerous calls and time wasted later, I find out from another agent that the Case given to me was assigned the wrong code and I've been talking to the wrong team for the past 6 days. He assigns me a new cast # with a different code and says someone will call in 24-48 hours. Yep, I still believed them.
3 days later and no call back, I called in and found out that the case had been closed because they still hadn't tracked down the phone. Did anyone call to update me about this?? NO!! The new agent created a Follow Up case # and said that it is marked as Top Priority. I'm told that I have 2 options, 1) Wait until they find the phone, or 2) pay the $65 which is what the phone cost. Now I am livid!! Why in God's green earth would I pay for a phone that they sent us that didn't work in the first place and then told me to send back in the wrong envelope?? I get off the phone with that agent and call back in, the next agent seems to take me a bit more seriously and says she will have her supervisor call me back in 1 hour. HA HA HA HA Nope - no call back!!

It is a week and a half, over a dozen calls back to VM, 16 agents and too many hours on the phone to keep track of anymore, later; and we are still in the same status as we were a week and a half ago. The lack of knowledge, initiative, determination and time Virgin Mobile agent put-forth is beyond comprehension. The adamancy these scripted agents have about following processes and procedures to find a phone that doesnt work, and lack of empathy and consideration to reinstate our service - even though this entire situation was caused by numerous mistakes on Virgin Mobiles part - is unbelievable. It makes it very clear to my husband and I that a $65 phone that is useless is more important to Virgin Mobile that 2 loyal, long-term customers. Or should I say two 'former' customers. If this isn't resolved by Monday, we will be switching to a different cell provider!

XtremelyDisappointed 5/17/14 11:40PM

On my 5th replacement phone same problem they said it would be taking care of they will not call me back or fix my problem !!!

Anonymous 4/20/14 10:12AM

Bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Virgin through HSN on Nov 5, 2013, which was sold as a FIXED service plan [one of three choices] with unlimited data, text and [with] either 300, 1200 or unlimited minutes [depending on plan] WITHOUT any speed reductions EVER --- as part of the package deal.

But on March 18, 2014 [after the phone return policy was out of date] Virgin sent an official text message stating that upon using 2.5GB of data during a monthly billing cycle the speed would be dropped to 2G --- none of which was part of the sales pitch promise and deal of last year.


Thankfully, HSN agreed that the Virgin decision to defraud their customers was very wrong, and despite the return policy having been elapsed, opted anyway [to save face] to refund the cost of the phone and extended 3-year additional warranty coverage.

To emphasize how important this is, meaning to be sold one thing and to get something else, I urged the corporate management at HSN headquarters to reconsider ever selling products that utilize Virgin Mobile's false promises and hidden "fine print" that only appears AFTER they institute a system-wide major policy change that conflict with the original marketed parameters.

To make matters worse, there is really no one in charge at Virgin to which can make a decision to rectify the situation, let alone, grandfather in the arrangement made with tens of thousands of customers who are now going to learn the hard way: "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!"

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Virgin won't get that chance. This is a disreputable company that doesn't deserve anyone's business, let alone loyalty. Never again.

JAC 4/15/14 1:12PM

If you like the change of policy after the fact, then go with Virgin Mobile. Unlimited does not mean unlimited. If you like dealing with a "service rep" from another country that does not speak English, then go with Virgin Mobile. One word describes their company, LIARS!

NoMoreVirginMobile 4/15/14 12:27PM

Don't even think that going to the Head Office will do anything. Doesn't matter how long you've been with this company...they DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AT ALL! They care about getting their money, referring to "terms & conditions" and then telling you to have a "nice day". Hope you never deal with JON from head office in Ontario....he is horrible....


This is the worst company, I have not been able to resive are make calls are text since February 6th my first 3 calls were a joke they had me reset my phone but on my 4th call they tell me its there towers that they are upgrading them so the reset was not nessary to reset my phone now there saying they will be up on the 27th but they will pay my next months bill witch makes no sence cuz I paid for this month witch I was not able to use so in the end I am still paying for the month there giving me. I will tell everyone I c that this company sucks don't get them there not good an any way

cynthia 2/24/14 7:00PM

Boy, this is a L O N G list of complaints. Join me up. This company, and Mr. Big Wig himself..smiles and all, is probably having a real laugh over our misfortunes. Yes, I'm battling them too. They won't win!
Anonymous from Canada.

Anonymous 2/22/14 1:20PM

Getting charged for missed calls how can you charge me for something I'm not usuong... Frauds been calling for over 5 months about this and still nothing all I get is someone will call you n never get a call.. your company is garbage, and as soon as I can switch I will.. thanks frauds

lilmomma 1/18/14 10:02AM

i was wondering who I can get help from , it has been 5 days of nonesense... Im finding out theres more people out here with the same problems through virgin mobile, they are fraud! and do nothing but give you the run around there are people on their 4th defected phone! Ive been burnt physically by 3 phones! i do not want a 4th one! please help heres my story!
VIRGIN MOBILE: I purchased a evo 4g 3d back in 2012, this was the first one, it was defected in the first week. I returned it for another one. about several months later my phone started having problems, the phone was overheating and dying in 2 hrs just like the last one! I mean so hot, it burns my cheeks and ears. I submitted a report to VM. Now since this was technically my 2nd evo 4g 3d i was iffy about getting another one. until I was informed VIA email that the phone was no longer in stock and to call to get an upgrade ect, and i thought to myself well, good, they are all defected. So, I call the number and get on the phone with a rep, he informs me hes sending me the same phone, I decide to agree. They send me a new phone (this is now my 3rd evo 4g 3d) in sept 2013. it is not only jan 2014 and the phone is overheating and dying in 2 hrs again. I was on the phone off and on with millions of reps and supervisors yesterday, please do not let their label supervisor fool you, they dont supervise anything nor do they know anything different from the reps. I finally lost it and most of my calls are me now outraged- they informed after 6 hrs of yelling holding hearing the same thing over and over that would send my case somewhere to be looked at, and i would be contacted- i was contacted this morning to hear the same words read off a card - and the same "we will give you 65.00" "your warranty is up" "we are sorry we understand" "you cannot get your money back" excuse me- If I purchased a defected phone and i inform the company and they inform me to send it in, and they send me a phone that is defected again- that means the issue was never resolved - who cares about the warranty- wheres my 300 dollars or my working phone. So I even suggested because with all the trouble i have gone through - and not getting anywhere that i would like the Samsung 111 galaxy its 350.00 i offered to pay the difference. OR I want my money back for my original defected phone i purchased as well as every month i paid, because whats the point of having a phone that overheats and dies in 2 hrs. these phones heat up so hot, i cannot hold it against my ear, if my children touch the phone they would be burnt. this is not a joke. Im not made of money I am a regular female 27 barely makes good money to support the life i have- 300 and still not a phone that works? then they have the nerve to tell me, they will send me a replacement of the same phone, no why? they are all defected. One of the reps this morning told me "well didnt you read the terms and conditions"- after i informed her of everything including a device physically harming me the customer ... I am a delightful person but this company just makes me scream. They have not documented that i was on the phone with them for 6 hrs yesterday. that i only made one call. to bad my phone records show other wise. at least the mins i was on the phone with them. I cannot even think straight anymore. I just want my hard earn money back - or a phone that works that is the price that i originally paid - and i would even pay the difference - it seems like a suitable solution.

I purchased 2 defective phones in store and the 3rd one was sent to me after i have an email stating it would no longer be sent! I want my money back at this point now, this is wrong! bad business practices. I was even hung up on by a so called manager! I want all my call records so you can see how it went from me trying to understand but no it wrong to I WANT MY MONEY BACK or a PHONE that works. Please point me in the right direction.

as of today I was told I was going to get a refund was soooo happy and understanding until the guy transferred my call, as if he did it on purpose i will be contacting my local police dept and obtaining my voice calls from this company- I was also contacted by sprint- regarding my phone, they said if injury was not present then why was i calling? um you contacted me obviously someone out there had a good heart and put my name through to them yet i didn't get anywhere. All I wanted was a working device. Ive been hung up on twice today...I have been nice and rude and obnoxious nothing gets you anywhere now all I WANT is my 300 dollars back for the original defective device i purchased so I can take my business else where- You know if I sold a broken anything to anyone twice, and then they returned it and i sent them another broken anything I WOULD BE HEARING FROM LAWYERS or even be threaten- and you all know this is true. there is no morals anymore. no hope. horrible business practices. I actually broke down and cried. I MEAN THIS RUN AROUND IS HORRIBLE. and i am not getting my money back that i deserve... its morally appalling .... 3rd world countries running a usa cust.serv getting paid what 3 bucks an hr THEY DO NOT CARE EITHER. im embarrassed by the last 20 callls ive made stooping down to a sour level, I NEED HELP and im not the only one,

sweetestgrileveruntilvirginmobil 1/14/14 10:59PM

I too have just had such a negative experience with Virgin Mobile......but heres the deal every one, we can complain all we want and get disgusted all we want and it wont make a damn bit of difference if we all don't hold Virgin Mobile accountable. These foreign call centers are part of the problem...they read from a script and are paid next to nothing which is why Virgin Mobile use them. This info needs to reach their corporate offices for starters. Also start filing actual complaints with your states attorney generals office......that will get their attention they have to respond. It doesn't cost you a thing, it just takes the time to file. The problem is everyone gets so fed up, they post here and give up... they don't want to waste anymore of their time, but if you have the time to post here.....then take this review or complaint and modify it to file an official complaint with your states attorney general office.

Anonymous 1/11/14 2:38PM

I am so frustrated with Virgin Mobile that I find it hard to put into words my contempt and disgust for their company, service and especially their customer service. My issues would fill up 10 pages, so will not elaborate. The inept call center (3 calls, 11 transfers, run around, inability to get anything straight)wrong order, etc. Finally got them to disconnect my service, I hope. Left $100 in account, don't care, not worth dealing with this company anymore. Have 2 phones that I wanted to return, but the process was so bad, I decided to throw them out, rather than return. ( Does that tell you how much I dislike the service and company). I urge everyone looking for new phone or service to go elsewhere. Save yourself aggravation.

AZRetiredSteve 12/16/13 11:46AM

right now I am not happy with your hotspot or phone internet since the 16th of last month I will get internet for about 4 hours in the morning then loose it I have been complaining about this I already called the better bessness today I am calling them back if this is not taking care today

tvman23 12/11/13 4:38AM

My wife and My self were having trouble with are Event phone. We were both told we are getting a Samsung Galaxy in replacement because they were out of stock on the event replacements. I got my galaxy in two days but they lied to my wife and sent an Event phone. We were told they didnt have events and my wife was very upset cause she called for a week to get the phone she was promised the Galaxy like mine.. To this day i have not activated my event because they never sent me a battery. But me and my wife are disappointed they threatened to cancel my wifes account for calling to much... I think the customer service is terrible and we are going to go to another servic. we have know choice... to many promises they make and lie to much..

descry82 12/10/13 11:57AM

I Am So Very Disappointed With The Service I Got With Virgin Mobile This Month From Virgin Mobile....i Paid My Bill As I Do Every Month That Was 35 A Month Plan....but They Told Me There Was Nomore 35 The Girl Told Me To Go To The Higher Plan And Tht Was The Best Plan They Had To Offer I Paid The 55 For The Month And Not Even 12 Hours Later I Supposly Maxxxxed Out The Wifi I Had Just Bought....i Was Like Wow...i Went From A Plan Of 35 With 3g/4g Unlimited To The 55 A Month And Its Gone In Less Then 12 Hours....but It Was The Best Package Deal They I Talk To The Manager And There Is Nothing They Can Do At All The Girl Never Even Told Me There Was Nomore Im Left Without 55 Dollars That I Thought I Was Gonna Use For The Month And It Didnt Even Last....very Dissappointedddd After Almost 2 Years Of Service With Them....

LADYG 12/4/13 11:11PM

I have been trying to reach your Virgin Mobile Corporate Office in New Jersey, USA. For several days and contacting your 888- numbers trying to resolve my problem. I cant find my number that was to been to me at purchase of my opening and account with your company nor can they give me the name of my pet. However, this is point I want a refund for my prepaid monthly service because my phone is broken and I cant see the screen. I tryed to transfer payment to a new phone. They say I cant. My phone that my friend brought for me as a gift. Has left the country. I have no warranty, therefore want will do is send the phone to your Virgin Moble Rise by Kyocera dept with a tracking number. From all the notes on your branch in New jersey no one answer the message nor telephone. I willkeep a copy of this message so that I keep up with all my contacting to your company to get my refund or fix the phone so I can continue using it And that you credit me for the time I have been trying to get this matter solve.

d 11/19/13 3:46PM

Spoke to tech support at Virgin Mobile on October 9th about network connection failure. The woman told me she would call technical department about this issue and to call back in 5 days to see their reply.

Waited and called support on October 15th and spoke to Jay, a supervisor, in technical support - this guy had no clue what was causing my issue. He stated they needed 48 more hours to trouble shoot the problem and to call back to get an answer. Will call back on Friday.

Waited and called Tech Support on October 18th and spoke to Amira who told me the ticket was closed out and that the problem was my plan. She said the plan was discontinued and I would have to switch to a monthly plan in order to have internet access. I asked to speak to her supervisor for a better explanation so she transferred to a supervisor named Dexter. This guy stated the same thing as Amira and that I would not have internet access any longer but when I went on the internet and checked my plan information it stated: pay plan on the Virgin Mobile website, BASIC PHONE RATE 18¢/min ASIC TEXT RATE 15¢ each DATA RATE $1.50 /MB/day PICTURE MESSAGING 25¢. Confused, I requested to speak to his supervisor and was transferred to john. John looked at the issue again and referred my case to headquarters and he stated that I should have internet access and that the ticket was closed out erroneously with the wrong information; the issue has nothing to do with a wrong data plan. John is opening another ticket and escalating the issue to headquarters and he stated they would call me within five days with a real solution to this internet connection issue. I will wait five more days .

Called on October 24th. It took two tries to get the technical support department. The second try it took over an hour to get to a manager which I requested the first time I called in. I had to go through support to technical support, to a supervisor (John) and then to a manager named Rafael ID VV344632. I relayed the issue to Rafael on the issues I have been having with personnel and my network connection issue, wait times, and no call backs from employees as promised. He was apologetic but not really helpful. He stated the Network department will need even more time to work on my issue and that he would contact them and see where they are with a resolution. He promised to call back tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. with an update.

No call back so I called on October 25th and spoke to Roxy in the networking department and she said there is no networking issue, that this issue is an account issue. She stated my phone is not being charged 1.50 a megabyte and they need to turn on networking capability on my account. She referred me back to the main number and to call customer care - AGAIN!

October 25th (on the phone for over 2 hours). Spoke to Eric a manager in customer care who transferred to the rescue department....spoke to Keff...he transferred me over to Michael from technical support department. This guy was a joke. He stated they would troubleshoot this problem via the tower support and that he would coordinate with them to fix this issue and someone from his department would call me tomorrow. I was furious and stated this problem has been going on for over three weeks and that all these departments are incapable in handling my issue. I stated it was bull crap that this problem was not being resolved after three weeks and he gave me a warning about "swearing". I was even more furious at this point, I replied back that I am not a child and I do not need "warnings" about swearing and that I was probably older then he was and reiterated it was crap the way his company was treating me and that I would not stand for the poor customer service and run a-rounds any longer. He hang up on me......again, poor customer service. Called back and spoke to Richard from the technical support person and re-verified that I would get a call back tomorrow for my issue and he stated this issue was escalated. I then asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to Samantha. I advised her what Michael had done on the phone and that he hung up and gave poor customer service. She stated she would escalate this issue to his manager and take care of getting him trained on dealing with customers and that someone will call me
tomorrow on my issue....AGAIN!

Big surprise - No Call Back. Called on November 12th....spoke to a manager named Deanna who insisted my problem was a plan issue. Even though I explained that the previous people told me I should be grandfathered in and have all the services I was previously paying for, this woman stated I had to change plans or else. She went through the plans but there was no plan any where near as good at the one currently using. At that point, I pretty much told her that her company could stick it where the sun doesn't shine and that she was fired. Will be looking for another phone service after all this hassle.

Ldyheat 11/13/13 10:53AM

These people need to close their business immediately. I have tried to get an issue resolved with my network for over a month and have been transferred to every department to delay me because these people do not have a clue what they doing. I have been promised call back on numerous occasions and nothing. WORST customer service I have ever dealt with. These idiots can not find their way out of paper bag little lone fix an issue. They open a case and then close the issue a week later to make it look like it was fixed when it was not. Will not continue to use their crappy service any longer. And good luck trying to get an American in customer service. Their lines only go to the Philippines were they try to pass off American names to make you think they are talking to an American but the accent lets you know otherwise. Someone should be fired for allowing such incompetence to occur within a company.

Ldyheat 11/12/13 11:22AM

their employee tried to get me to buy a more expensive phone or she would not help me. I called back to complain and the supervisor told me to get a 4G phone they would be happy to transfer the numbers,

upset in PA 11/1/13 12:02PM

well back in august order a phone from virgin mobile, never received the phone and to date still no refund or the phone todays date 10/24/13. I've written them sent emails with my account number also proof from my bank account that the monies where taken out! They keep telling me their working on the problem. It would seem as if this company is not interested in returning my monies.

thomasmescia 10/24/13 7:59AM

got cell phone in may, 2006 in case of emergency. am senior citizen and do not use phone much. have accumulated over $400. virgin mobil will not take any more money and i was able to get free service until oct. 5th. in the meantime i got a free senior citizen phone with free minutes and don't need virgin mobile phone or minutes. they don't want to give me a refund and want me to buy another phone and put money on that or transfer money to a friend's account. what are my options?

Anonymous 9/30/13 10:50AM

Please everyone, contact your Better Business Bureau in your state.
Also, contact the Attorney Generals Office in your state. The topic for cell phones is usually listed on the 1st page. It's a hot topic in the office of your Attorney General. They are trying to get laws passed. However,1st and foremost they are extremely helpful in resolving and contacting the company your having a problem with. They have access to numbers the general public does not have. The more complaints, copies of emails and overseas csr's names you have will help. It should be illegal what they are getting by with.Virgin Mobile customer service is far beyond awful.
DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAY. Even after you cancel, they still take money out of your account, even when you have confirmation from them that it's canceled from months prior.
IF YOU DON'T file a complaint to the correct people, you only have yourself to blame. Aren't you sick of beotching about this? I totally agree this is so far beyond frustrating. Then do something for pete sake.
I'm only here to offer some real help, so do not complain about spelling or puncuation......OK !!!

Lynnmarie 9/28/13 12:43PM

1st phone lasted 7 weeks 2nd phone lost all vacation pics replacement phone was a refurbish with porn on it lasted 4 weeks trying one more time

judy 9/26/13 2:02PM

WORST COMPANY EVER!!! WORST FOREIGN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Do not join virgin mobile. The customer service they've hired in costa rica, phillipines, colombia, india, and other lands abroad stinks. Half the time they send you from one csr to another. No one can give you a straight answer. Thats if you understand their broken english or thick accent. I could not find one csr that could give me a straight answer after calling 12, (yes i said 12), times. And when you ask them their name, some say they can't tell you their last name, while others give you theirs. If they are going to lie to you, atleast get the lies straight. I mean you Victor williams from colombia south america who was born in jamaica but has NO jamaican accent at all! This guy tells me his so called full name, and that if i need to talk to him, just give the operator his name and location. THIS WAS A LIE!! However, try to get any other csr from admitting that he lied, they give you a run around, hang up on you, or try to talk over you when you try to get a straight answer from them. If you are smart, go with any other phone company near you.

jwscotia518 9/19/13 10:32PM

They stink!!! Without my authorization they debited my bank account for monthly charges 2 days before they were due. had switched banks so only left enough to keep account open and was going to pay from new account. I thought it was strange when I got an email thanking me for my payment, then the nightmare begin. I call immediately. Not bad customer service until they tell me they are going to suspend my service until things get figured out. I went crazy. They make a mistake and now want to punish me further. After letting them know not at all acceptable they then want me to shut my own phone off until resolved. Are you kidding me. Take money you are not authorized to which caused account to be overdrawn thus a service charge and they want me to pay further by having no phone. What a scam. Called 9-2/9-3/9-4/& 9-5. Solution suppose to be they reverse charge to my account within 24/72 hours which grew into 7/10 business days and was even told at one point that since I had used some minutes no refund at all Are they crazy?? Yes used minutes to call them. The customer service got progressively worse. Last rep was so rude. I asked where their bank is and why it would take 7/10 days to refund and he dummied up. I am sure they are hoping I will go away but they don't know me. I am sure when I call tomorrow 9-9 I will hear another story. Where are the customer service reps located? Keep saying "not to worry" easy to say it's not your money, your phone, or your time. I so want this to be resolved. If anyone suggests Virgin RUN!!!!

Anonymous 9/8/13 5:08PM

My husband and I had Virgin Mobile phone service for 2 months and have spent the last THREE WEEKS with no service at all!!!!!!! I have called customer service 9 times and each time, I am told that they will write up a report and someone will call in 24-72 hours and guess what? no one ever calls and I have to call back and spend another 1-1/2 hours on the phone trying to AGAIN tell them the story. WOW, what horrible customer service. No customer should be without service for more that 24 hours, let alone 3 weeks. VERY, VERY POOR SERVICE!!!!!!

jme0508 9/3/13 2:47PM

My husband and myself have had virgin moble for over 5 years we bought a cell phone and used virgin moble we have a house phone this was for emergencys away from home all of a sudden my husband had to go to Florida and they shut his pjhone off and he had a lot of money on the account they said we hadnot put any money on it in the last 90 days so they shut it off so he had to put more money on it to use it so 1 month and a half later they shut it off again this time they said money has to go on it every 30 days the smallest amount of money on a card is 25.00 or 35.00 we are on soc. sec. so now they shut it off there is money on the phone and they will not give it back. Get this When they don't let you use your phone they still charge a monthly fee on your money We did no wrong they just took our money Bad Company ds.

Red 8/21/13 11:31AM

I hope everybody who has a complaint against Virgin Mobile is also notifying the Better Business Bureau. We need to find a way for this company to stop ripping people off.

Dislike Virgin Mobile 8/16/13 11:26AM

I have never dealt with a company as Virgin Mobile. I received my telephone in December 2012 and this is now August 14, 2013 and THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME MY PHONE HAS GONE DEAD!! Finding out from Virgin Mobile, it is at their end, nothing to do with me. I AM NOW WITHOUT A PHONE YET AGAIN because they are sending me my THIRD phone. I not only lost all my information for the fourth time, all my contacts, I am now without a phone again, waiting on the new one and yet I have to pay a full months service, not receiving a full month. I have called the corporate number numerous times (what a joke that is), having never received a call back. I would like to know how a company can take our money and they don't honor their service. I am taking this to a higher level as I speak. I am contacting every news station, radio station, newspaper and even the Today Show. Anyone who would like to back me up please email me at This is not a threat, it is a promise. Virgin Mobile DOES NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!!

Kristy 8/14/13 9:07AM

aLL DONE with vm........understand totally prev comments..... gave them chance after chance but this last week did it....been customer 7 yrs...means nothing to them w plenty of dicumentation as to my request...... Boost Mobile gains!!!!!!do not know how run business or tk care of good customers.....

suzanne 7/25/13 5:12PM

VIRGIN MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS DONE IT AGAIN! !!!!!!!! I called to make a pmt by phone on my phone and my daughter's phone. After I made my pmt the auto system told asked if I like to make a pmt to another phone line. I select the prompt it instructed me to and aftermaking the second pmt I realize that my phone had received two text messages regarding the pmt's. I call customer service and speak a rep who takes my info and request to transfer the second pmt to my daughter phone and she transfers me to Paul who after explaining the error to him he transfers me to Mark who tells me that I cant transfer my second pmt to my daughter's phone because she and I don't share the same address or last name.
Please somebody tell me what the hell that has to do with anything? I don't give a flying frog all I know is that I made two pmts and I want them to be applied to the correct accounts. What kind of policy stops you from paying on your account. I provided them with both pin# and address. So what her dad bought the phone where he lives and psys the bill but she lives with me and I also pay the bill sometime. Customer service was rude, disrepectful and of no help.

This is the second time I've had to write and its taking too much of my time when all I wanted was to pay both my accts. As I said before the owner I wont name him this time dont give a freak about his customers. As long as we contine to have his services he will contine to allow those in that other country who he is paying pennies on the dollar to speak to us any kind of way. While he just reviews his bank statement. Yeah. I couldn't find my last post from January 2013 but see that this is going to be every six month thing with the same terrible ass customer service. Shaking my mother freaking head. The day will come when the tables are turned and you will be the tail and we will be the head. I hope you get everything you give to your customer's who don't mean snap to you 100 times fold.

Thanks for the inconvenience. Sleep well.

Pissed the hell off 7/22/13 9:51PM

i stopped paying my insurance on my phone and the internet starting to not work . i called many times and just got transferred to different departments. i was promised they would call me back and they diddnt. i made a couple of attempts and just let it go . i waited a couple of months and called back to finish fixing the problem. it took a couple of days and they agreed to send me a new phone. the next day my other phone,with virgin mobile, internet stopped working. so i called them to trouble shot it and there service at the service center was down. i had to call back 2 hours later. they tried trouble shotting it and said that everything was ok on my phone and they would have to report it to someone else. they said that i would get called back 24v to 72 hours but ive been told that before. they said they would compensaite me for my time but they cant compansaite my frustration . they said they understand but really they dont. michael thompson

Anonymous 7/14/13 8:26AM

Run as fast as you can from any Virgin Mobile phone. I had one for 30 days and as soon as I topped off my card, I had no service in my residence. I took the phone back to the store for a refund. Nope, Virgin Mobile refused and said my service would be back up in 24 hours. Nope 12 days later no service, called their customer service center number so many times I lost count. They all had different stories and told so many lies it was disgusting. I spent hours on the phone with them....finally I went to the store and bought a phone with a different company. This company is a scam and definitely should be shut down. I will post my experience everywhere I can.

ohana6 7/9/13 9:25AM

Virgin mobile are a bunch of crooks they still wont refund my wife money its been a month do not get a phone with virgin mobile

Marcus 6/19/13 9:33AM

this company is a big bunch of thieves. they will not send me my refund. it has been over a month and i am still getting lies lies lies but not my refund. but i guess if they can live with it the good lord will help this 71 year old woman to live without it.what a disrespectful company.

mary 6/12/13 9:25PM

Virgin mobile is a rip off, they won't even answer there corporate office number I will be putting this company on blast on the news they need to be charged with fraud and I'm going to make sure that happens

samantha 5/29/13 6:40AM

virgin mobile is very deceitful have been trying to get my refund for at least a month now. i have been told so many lies.still dont have my refund only a lot of lies.

mary 5/23/13 1:07PM

I have been a customer for approx 7 or 8 years. A few weeks ago my phone stopped working so called tech support (joke)spent 2 to 3 hrs with them, couldn't solve my problem so was told I needed a new phone. Bought a new phone and called to activate it and after another 2-3 hrs with support due to the same problem I had with my old phone, was told some other dept. will call within 3 day. On day2 I call and spoke to another tech who had no ideas what he was doing just like the first 2. Told him I wanted to get a refund for the new phone, close my acct and be refunded for the money in my acct. Was told they couldn't do that. I am furious and have called the New York number, no answer so left a message. This company is pathetic. How they stay in business I will never know.

Diana 5/23/13 12:32PM

Our bank account was double charged and subsequently experienced an overdraft fee. The customer service at Virgin Mobile is LOUSY- no follow through when they say they are going to return phone calls. I have talked with 4 representatives with dates and times without success. Trying to get a supervisor took 35 minutes and still no resolution- AT&T here I come

Big Shot 5/11/13 12:28PM

Five months ago lost 3g internet access. They have mailed 3 phones now even changed phone number. Still doesn't work. My wife has same phone no problem. Have spent hours and hours on the phone with tech support in Manilla no help. They go over same routine to fix it every time. Waste of time. Call customer support will call back in 72 hours they never do. I don't know who to contact. Is there any corporate office in United States who can help.

not a happy camper 5/10/13 7:15PM

I gone but an htc evo the hot spot does not work in cannot get a new one and they want to send me a phone without a hotspot this sucks Virgin Mobile sucks and everybody there sucks nothing but liers in tech support and corporate willnot call back I have bin good customer for three years I would like to have my problem solved

george 5/6/13 10:41AM

I have several issues with this dishonest, deceptive company but my biggest issue with these crooks now is the fact that where I live in Greenville. SC is to have 4g service but guess what, they do not! To make matters even more aggervating I specifically bought an HTC EVO 3d 4g so that I could experience 4G and low and behold the phone uses Wimax technology

nisnielsen 5/3/13 10:30PM

worst service i have had with a cell phone. i can't get them to stop taking money out of my checking acct. looks like i'm gonna file a civil suit against them. I'd go somewhere else for a phone.

they can't stop 4/25/13 1:52PM

Updated to the 21st century with cell phone got the Android Chaser not real comp. savy but learning.My Wi Fi went down on the cell phone and trying to get it going again is a true test of my patience with the tech support people that don't listen then repeat the processes and send me to more advanced tech support group that keeps me on hold then tells me in 3-5 days they'll call me to make sure it's fixed.They never call and it's NOT fixed.Can we get real tech support with English speaking personnel in the U.S.of A.?????????????

Anonymous 4/11/13 6:44PM

I ordered a phone, didnt even activate it. I tried sending it back and it took them 2 weeks to give me a return number " their return number system was down". I sent it back and a month later I'm still waiting to be reimbursed. I was told they would look into it and and call me back within 48 hours. Never received a call. So I am currently on hold now for over 20 minutes after being transfered because a manager could not help me. He said it wasn't his department. They claim they never received my phone even though the post office verified it was delivered days after I mailed it out. Horrible company. I suggest going with any other company for cellphone service.

Kristi 4/8/13 7:46AM

I seriously hate this company havent even had my phone a month and doesnt even work anymore!!!!! All i want is my money back!! worst customer service ever they are no help!!

alisa 4/6/13 12:53PM

I haven't even started with this company and already hate the hel* out of them! First, i order a phone offline. the site says my order couldn't be processed, but THEN, i get a text from my card company, alerting me that they took the money out of my account, so i waited for 11 days and still no phone. so i call my card company to see if it was a mistake, but no, vm actually took the 75 bucks out of my account and get this... CHARGED ME TWICE!! I haven't even gotten one phone yet! So anyway, my card company directs me to vm's customer service and 1. i cant understand sh** they're saying, 2. she puts me on hold for fifteen minutes. 3. asks me for all this personal information 4. says they'd contact me within 24-72 hrs. its been eight days, and NOTHING! 5.wont send me a phone, but asked for my address, won't e-mail me, but asked for my e-mail. 3. asked me for another reachable phone number and hasnt attempted to call it either. They're a bunch of rude, snidey, lying pieces of sh** and deserve a special seat in hel*, might as well put a tack in that seat too, that way they feel a pain in their a**, just like what they've been to me. vm, you can keep your dam* phones and give me back my money, because i'm going to a different company! cheap plans/service and cheap representatives. i hope you run out of business and i'm telling everyone i know about this runaround bulls***, and i already know three people that will not go with your service because of all this s*** you're pulling. go get your greedy hands dirty from eating s***. and to anyone who's considering VM, please read every blog on this page. if i sound like i despise them to the fullest, my mission is complete, thank you all readers and please take this into consideration.

virgin mobile hater 4/5/13 8:21AM

I have been without my phone for over a week. My phone Chaser Model stopped working. I contact via email support and after several emails they said they would send a replacement phone. I thought that would be a gooc idea until I receive the phone. It was a different model that what I had, it came without a battery and charger. I saved all my emails and pulled up the most recent one and had a quick reply. They stated they would send the correct model. Later in the day I received an email telling me to contact customer service. I called them and was put on hold for want seemed to be forever. I was then transfered to tech service. After explaining to them twice as the call centers are in another country. I was told that the model Chaser was having problems and that the phone I receive is a better phone. I then asked them why wasn't a battery and charger sent for the new phone. I was told that I have to ask for it. How does Virgin Mobile think we are suppose to use the replacement with out a battery.

Libtech50 4/5/13 6:36AM

Wish I'd read all the comments below before I attempted to replace my Virgin phone 4 weeks ago. I've been with virgin for TEN years and have been happy until the disasters of the last month. Lied to at least 3 times. Don't ever believe them when they say: overnight next day delivery (it was 7 days), delivery in 1-2 days(another 7 days), you will be called in 24-72 hours (it has been over a week). When I called after waiting 4 days for a technician to call and activate my phone, I was told they didn't know what the problem was and that it would take 8 - 11 days!!!!!!!! Now I'm trying to find out how to get my money back . . . . . . . . . . . .

Angry& will let people know 4/1/13 1:57PM

after I purchased my son's phone in 6/12 and tried to connect it to the prepaid contract thats where my trouble began.. I faithfully paid the account without hesitation but when I had to call them I was treated like a moron I was given the runaround and even belitted by their agents, needless to say 2 phones and 2 contracts later the problem was even worse... I have spoken to at least 100 advisor and my account was escalted 100 times over but problem was not fixed...they cancelled the account multiple times and on this last time when I called they wanted me to pay for a non working service. Enough is Enough I knew I should of went with my cell phone carrier... I just wanted to see if my son was going to be responsible for his cell phone and in the end I almost ended up in the hospital with a nervous breakdown..... unhappy and moving on in our search for a new phone for my son... problem with phone 6/12 till 2/13

bronxmama04 2/14/13 8:56PM

They lost my number that I had for last 8 years with different companies. The moment I switch to Virgin mobile MY hell starts.They simply canceled my account just out of nothing, without my permision. I spent at least 7 hours total on the phone with them , bounced for person to person , disconnected at least 5 times just when I become a problem. I have been told that they made a case to retrive my number and they will contact me in 72 hours...guess what.. never a call ...nothing . So I call again,just to find out that the case was created!!!!!!! It was 6 days ago , but they said it was today. I requested to speak with supervisor...after 10 min on hold got disconnected again

misia 2/14/13 4:13PM

They Shut My Phone Off With Out Warning, After I Talked To What Seems Like 1000 Customer Service Reps & Supervisors/ Only Be So Rudely Put On Hold..then After Being Put On Hold So Long & Noone Ever Getting Back On To Let Me Know Whats Goin On My Battery Dies..i Have Been A Customer Well Over 6 Years..bought The Htc Evo 4, Had Nothing But Issues With It..since I Had Just Purchased It They Sent Me A New Phone, With A Return Envelope For The Old One.{which Was My Idea To Return The Phone..they Never Even Asked For It Back..i Have The Original E-mail}.i Personally Dropped The Phone In The Local Postal Mailbox {after That I Had No Control As To Where It Went}..i Have Unused $$ On My Account So It Wasnt Enough To Top-up My Monthy Plan..i Was In The Hospital Having Back Surgery..wasnt Able To Get My Top Up I Figured The $$ Would Cover It Until I Got A Card..well It Didnt Let Me Make Any Calls Or Texts Even Though There Was $$ In My Account..they Didnt Give Me Warning..emailed Me..told Me They Were Going To Fix My Issue..then Being The Ignorant Sneaky Company They Are, Asked For My Pin#..waited Until I Topped- Up Then Cut Off My Service..i Had No Warning Of Service Interuption..after Talking To A Supervisor She Assured Me My Service Was In No Danger Of Interuption.."lies..all Lies"..well Last Night I Was On My Way To My Sisters Car Stalled..i Have 40 Staples In My Back..was Broke Down In The Middle Of Nowhere..had To Walk Almost 2 Miles In The Frigid Snowy Weather..fell & Ended Up Back In The Hospital..sat On The Phone With Ur Company Over 8 Hours {6 Of Which I Was On Hold} Only To Be Told Once Again It Will Be Taken Care Of & My Service Will Be Restored..its Now Almost 4 Days Later & Still No Service..thats Bs..i Returned The Phone..i Have No Use For A Phone That Didnt Work..& Come To Find Out..its Not The Phone..its The Company..your Company Has The Worst Customer Service..and Totally Ripped Me Off..i Spent A Fortune On My Htc Evo Top-ups & Still Have $$ On My Account..they Even Blocked Me From Loggin Into My Vm Account Online..this Is So Unfair..i Am A Disable Woman On A Fixed Income..thats Why I Chose Your Company..because Of The $35. Plan..& Now Im Stuck With A Phone That Cost Me A Fortune..that Just Got Topped Up & $$ On My Account..but Your Company Refuses To Help Me And Expects Me To Pay For A Phone I Dont Have..oh Did I Mention The Supervisor I Spoke To The Other Night Told Me That They Had The Phone & It Must Have Just Been The Timing That They Shut Off My Service Before They Relized They Had The Phone & My Service Will Be Returned Please Hang On & She Will Fix It..promised I Wouldnt Be On Hold Longer Than 10 Minutes..64 Minutes Later My Battery Dies..with No Resolution..i Call Yesterday & Today & The Ignorant Woman I Talked To Told Me I Have To Pay For The Other Phone.."i Dont Have The Other Phone".."your Company Does" {by The Way..i Got My Replacement Phone In The Middle Of December..why Did They Wait Til February To Do This.?}...this Is So Unfair..& This Is No Way To Run A Business Or Treat A Loyal Customer Of Over 6 Years.. If I Would Have Known My Service Was Interupted "by No Fault Of My Own"..i Would Have Never Left My Home With Out A Phone Incase Of An Emergeny..& Just My Luck..i Broke Down..not Knowin My Service Was Interupted I Was The Middle Of Nowhere..with No Phone Service..i Had To Walk Almost 2 Miles In The Frigid Snow With 40 Staples In My Back..which Landed Me In The Emergeny Department.!!!! Consequences..i Still Have No Service On My Phone That Was Pre-paid & Up To Date.!!!!

Anonymous 2/4/13 9:21AM

I Have Never Received Customer Service This Bad. What A Shame. If The Complaints And Comments Before Mine Went Unanswered Then Im Not Going To Expect Minds To. But Maybe Mr. Richard B. Dont Care About His Consumers. But We Would Get His Attention If We Decided To Choose Another Service. Cause Right Now His Pockets Is Too Fat He Cant Hear Us. But He Keep Letting These Complaints Go Unanswered His Pockets Gone Start To Deflate.
Im Giving Corporate 24 Hours To Contact Me And Two Minutes Before That Im On Fb Instgram And All The Other Social Media Sites Telling My Story. Oh Yeah They Got The Right One Now Baby Let Me Tell You. One Important Thing About Business Is" Word Of Mouth Is Everything".

Anonymous 1/22/13 10:04PM

I have been with VM for a yr. and up until today I was ok with them,my problem started when my original motorola truimph was stolen ever since tha the replacement phones have been crappy dropped calls,the volume is not working,sends my calls to vmail,my internet won't come up and recently the four buttons in front have frozen.they sent a phone to replace that got it today and it has to go back because it's volume is messed up have to turn speaker on to talk and than customer service can't eve n hear me me spent three hrs on the phone this morning to request another other then truimph told them it must have a 4.1 or greater screen because that's why I purchased this one they said no problem we will send a opitmus elite came to work to check out that phone online since no internet and it has a 3.5 screen called back and said cancel the order because I will ship it back when it comes claimed they couldn't than the guy tells me he has to trouble shoot my phone I told him they did that during the three hrs I was online,said he still had to do it I asked what's the purpose in you'll making notes if you'll gonna do the samething behind each other,anyway once he was done he determined my phone was messed up and that they would send me another truimph I would not recommend this phone to anyone so far I have had at least 6 of this same phone,all I asked was an upgrade 4.1 or grter and phone that would really work they tell me I can buy the samsung galaxy I paid $279 for this phone if I pay $279 again it will not be with vmobile or one of their phones that's $458 total,it will be with straight talk. today I learned they do not care about losing loyal customers, it's strictly money.

Gloriab 1/21/13 7:52PM

I have been with virgin mobile for a while. I was fine with the service until last year. I had gotten a replacement phone and since then it has been hell. It started when I wasn't able to receive calls. Spent at least two hours a day on the phone with customer service who didn't speak good English. Finally got a replacement phone, then another and the phone is not working again. I tried to communicate with these people that I need another phone, but a different phone and the supervisor was very rude, telling me a bunch if bull just to get me off the phone. Virgin mobile is the worst phone company ever!!! Corporate won't answer phone

Yolette 1/17/13 8:49AM

I wish I there was a number to the corporate office. The team I spoke to from the help line told me there was no number to the office, then hung up. After hours and hours and days and days of tryign to get in contact with someone who actually knew what he was talking about I was beyond frustrated at that point. Virgin needs better customer service and people who know how to troubleshoot!

elynn1 1/10/13 6:54AM

Have applied for Assurance phone three times since May.Applied in November 2012 also send copy of lease because I am a new tenate in this apartment. Was informed in Nov. twice that application was approved. Now twice was told it would be shipped by Fedxwould email tracking mo response.Today was told application ic pending.A secind phone call the same day is they have no information on my application need to do another one.What is going on with Assueance Wireless?Was also told they had no Cooperate number or email address

Anonymous 1/8/13 4:45PM

worst customer service ever
cant understand them
they keep hanging up and not willing to help me
sent me what was supposed to be a refur4bished phone but it wasnt it was a phone with this girl that could of been no older than 18 nude pictures and personal info on it

(thats illegal fyi virgin mobile)

what a shame and a waste of money i dont recomend anyone to ever get there service go to metro pcs or another provider that values there customers

the corperate number wont even call me back what a shame

unhappy customer 1/8/13 4:09PM

I have been with virgin mobile for almost two years now. I recently registered my debit card to automatically pay my bill due to a promotion offering 5 dollars off when you register a card. After about 3 months of not receiving this discount I called the customer service line to inquire as to why. I was informed that it was only for iphones. I requested my card be taken off file since the only reason I registered it in the first place was for the promotion. I woke up yesterday morning to a text message from my bank stating that my account had been overdrawn and I was being charged a 35 dollar overdraft fee. Virgin mobile has automatically withdrawn my payment causing my account to overdraw. This is the second time they have done this to me. The first time it happened I was compensated and treated with much respect when dealing with the matter but when I called yesterday to resolve this issue I was treated horrible and disrespected by the agent on the phone and then by the manager that I requested to speak to. I have worked in the customer service field for over a decade and couldn't even imagine treating anyone as poorly as I was treated. The manager ended up hanging up on me. I proceeded to call back and luckily reached a different desk and spoke with three agents who were nothing but friendly and as helpful as they could be. The agents that I spoke with informed me that there was nothing that they could do for me because I had already used over that amount of data I was allowed to use if they were going to refund my money. I can completely understand the reasoning behind this explanation but seeing that they drew the payment out of my account without my authorization in the first place should make that reason void. Remember, this is now the second time they have done this resulting in overdraft fees charged to me. I am going to write a letter to the corporate office expressing my discontent with the agents that I spoke with and inform them that ultimately hiring agents like that will lose them multiple customers in the long run. I can honestly say that I have referred this company to almost all of my friends and even those I am just meeting because of how cheap and, up until now, how problem free they are. It goes without saying that I will no longer be recommending, using, or letting my friends or family use this company's service any longer unless in some way this problem is resolved beyond satisfaction.

Anonymous 12/4/12 9:58PM

I on December(2nd)2012 have recently purchased a $55 dollar top up card for my phone and have yet to recieve service i called the (care center) and they gave me the run around,finally i requested a refund or transfer of funds and they sent me here!!! Ive been a customer with VM for a few yrs now b ut have never been so dissapointed in service,i ask that u please resolve this matter or lose me and my family as customers. thank you

collar82 12/4/12 12:12PM

I bought a MiFi device from Best Buy and I have "tried" to get it to work now many times. I've called in many times and not only do i get placed on hold for 45 minutes to hours upon hours but I'm spoke to in a rude manner and when I'm told that Im being transferred..I'm then hung up on! I've received the run around about how we should trouble shoot everything and then after months of this I tell your crappy customer service that I'm done with this problem. The customer service rep.. Me was her name (yeah right!) tells me that "She can have virgin mobile to ship me out another one. Then I'm told that..oh well your warranty is now up so we can't actually ship it out! You will have to purchase another one." I was like what?!?! So I decide that I need one pretty bad due to traveling all the time, so I go and buy ANOTHER ONE!!!!! After 3 weeks it starts acting up! I call in AGAIN! So I call back in to go through the trouble shooting again and then it works for 20 mins and it quit working again! I call back and I go through the run around and then I go through being hung up on twice! Then I'm told that now I'm past my 30 day warranty to get a new replacement. So I end up with someone else's broke crap. I try to make it work and it won't and so I call back again! I'm told another one will be sent out to me. I get the other one weeks later and it's JUST A BOX!! I call back and go through the same phone routine and when I get to the supervisor he tells me he will ship me another one out ASAP..1 week goes by and I get nothing! I call back and I'm told an investigation has been completed and it was stated that they shipped one out to me. I explain it was only a box. The guy places me on hold and then hangs up on me!! So I've had enough and I'm seeking out my legal options. Anyone else who is having the same problems feel free to message me and to get in on this. The more the better. This company needs to shut their doors since they do not want to help out customers and treat them right AND not rip the customers off. You can reach at:
Lets stop this nightmare together! Joy

Joy 11/30/12 6:36PM

I have been a customer of Virgin Mobile for at least 3 or 4 years and I have never had such poor customer service. I have been told many different things by 10 or more different people (not a lie either) and I still have no solution. I was told one thing and now no one wants to honor what was said. My phone conservation was sent to head quarters to listen to what was said, they are not really giving me an answer to my problem. Was told that if I did not hear from them to call back, I told the one supervisor that I wanted them to call me directly, and guess I was not clear enough by giving them my number and telling to leave a message if I didn't answer, they decided to call a phone that does not work half the time. Then they are tell me that they can not do anything until the phone gets topped up and then they can send me a replacement phone but then they are saying that they already sent me a replacement so they can not send me another one.. which is it top up and send me one or you cant because you already sent one.. Why would I top up a phone that does not work. Why would I want them to send me another phone that 2 of them have given us the same problem. I would really like to speak to someone from head quarters, not just get an email. When I get an email from you I will send my phone number through an email. I like my plan through Virgin mobile, I would hate to have to go to a different service because no one wants to fix my problem...Until I hear from you..

lauralb93 11/21/12 10:03PM


NETTE 11/18/12 8:25PM

Your Intercepter telephone is a terrible phone. iI have been a custumer for six years and I am a very unhappy customer. Your office hours are till 5 easyern time , yet no one was there. my number is please return my call i made to your office.

Anonymous 11/16/12 2:35PM

I also had a phone that broke. I was directed by a website link to purchase another phone. I purchased the HTC EVO and was told that I could no longer use the $25 a month beyond talk plan because the beyond talk phone is only programmed for three rates. I will not allow myself to be treated poorly because I have been a loyal customer. I have had multiple cell providers and have never been told that I have to pay more money when I was grandfathered on an old plan and wanted to purchase another phone. I spoke with a couple of people in the Philippines who who were clueless with regards to my points and told me that I could phone the California office but I kept getting hung up on at the phone prompts. This service has been horrible.

I had a higher opinion of Virgin Mobile, but now I see that it is another company outsourcing jobs to the Philippines. American money is ok to take but we are not
good enough to obtain service in America. I had to leave a message at the corporate office and will see if they grace me with a phone call.

Anonymous 11/15/12 4:12PM

This is by far the worst customer service EVER! At first I thought it was just my family and I being a bit harsh on VM's customer service staff but as I read on I am very sure of our decision to never deal with this company again. They really need to go out of business! They know how to rip people off for sure. Take your money but give you the run around when its time to refund your money. It has been over three months and all we get is bunch of lies about when the refund will be credited to our account. I an going to let everyone I know and don't know to never do business with Vigin Mobile ever!!!!!

Anonymous 11/3/12 9:36PM

I wrote you a letter last week re: my Marble being turn off for weeks.My trouble started when I received an e-mail to update my credit card info. I did and found your customer service is now off shore (shame on you) and incompetent to boot! I top every 90 days. When I called to update my credit card info, I was told to call back after the new date became valid???What??? Also I was told I had to top up again at the end of August, even though I had topped up in July. I believe I should be topped up to Dec. I am very frustrated and worried about having no phone through no fault of my own!!! PLEASE!

Frustrated consumer 10/28/12 7:06PM

very , very difficult to contact. Their Assurance Wireless government service calls have somehow been rerouted to our company's marketing line. No one in Assurance has returned calls or found a resolution.
It's terrible how all these callers are being given bogus 1888/66 numbers to call.

Anonymous 10/4/12 1:52PM

i had to return a phone and now i cant get my refund. i have called several times and get conflicting dates as to my refund. called corporate and get voicemail and no return call. filed a claim with bbb. the fcc needs to investigate thier practices and all customers need to drop them. they are liars and thieves.

dsm1234 9/28/12 6:38AM

Hi I am writing this due to how poorly i was treated. I had a Motorola Triumph that I bought back in April of 2012. This past week it broke so I brought it back to Best Buy where I had bought it. They told me they no longer sold Motorola Triumphs due to the fact that they have been having problems with them and that they could replace it with an HTC EVO. I told them that was ok because I had no other option, so as the worker there activated my new HTC EVO he told me that I was unable to stay on my $25/month plan because you guys changed the policy. As I called one of your live advisors the first guy told me I was unable to go back to my $25/month plan because I had recieved a new phone. That is not my fault that my phone decided not to work anymore and that Best Buy is watching out for their loyal customers and not sell a phone that is going to have problems. As the first guy transfered me to another advisor she was giving me an additude and I do not appreciate that. Also I am letting you guys know that you are losing a very loyal customer that has been with Virgin Mobile for almost 10 years. I refuse for my family and I to be treated this way by a company for being so loyal. I'm sure a new company would be happy to assist us and recieve our hard earned money every month.

Anonymous 9/26/12 1:23PM

I have been a customer for 3 yrs this is the worst sevice ever nobody knows what they talking about everyone is telling me diff things they have no ideal what they are talking about!Now they wont refund my 130$ that they had promised me!Iwould really like a return call or email because they will not let me speak to anyone higher then the managers that are there and they are very rude.Thanks

dez 9/25/12 7:21PM

I have been a dedicateder for over 5 years. They changed my phone number without my without my authorization, passcode and secret question changed without my authorization. They are refusing to return my original phone number, theres over 200 people that need to be informed they refuse to reinstate my phone number. I'm under court orders to have that old phone number. This does not seem to be in issue for them. I'm currently very unsatisfied with the server.

JollyDragon 9/12/12 2:20PM

I have been a dedicateder for over 5 years. They changed my phone number without my without my authorization, passcode and secret question changed without my authorization. They are refusing to return my original phone number, theres over 200 people that need to be informed they refuse to reinstate my phone number. I'm under court orders to have that old phone number. This does not seem to be in issue for them. I'm currently very unsatisfied with the server.

JollyDragon 9/12/12 2:17PM

ive been trying to reach Brian manager of tech support emp id #22464655 and that #is no longer in use. ive called virgin mobile and emailed them also and i called assurance wireless 5 times and noone wants to help. i have questions about my lg 200 phone and Brian told me i can call him any time. i am really upset that noone can give me this info. i am asking for his new contact #. cust serv tried transferring and i rec the same message. please call me at 718 8213475 with his number. thank you Linda

Anonymous 7/30/12 3:25PM

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