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Vizio corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Vizio corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Vizio corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
39 Tesla
Irvine, CA 92618
United States

Phone: 949-428-2525

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Purchased a 65" vizio smart tv feb 2013 december 2013 the tv did not cut on it would cut on and freeze at the V screne. Contacted customer support for them to try numerous things and then offered me my money back if I could furnish the receipt. Lucky for me I keep these things, but I did not want my money back i wanted my television, so after pitching a fit for a hour they offered me the 70" vizio smart tv, I accepted and waited almost two weeks to recieve it. I received it and aside from the stand being pretty loose i liked the tv up until 8/2014 when it begin giving problems again. now this tv will not stay connected to the internet, stays on 30-45 minutes and then shuts off, contacted customer service to be told its out of warranty and I was never offered a extended warranty so here i sit with a tv 7 months old with problems that i will have to pay to get fixed. Mind you this tv is in my living room in which noone is barely in, because we all have tv in our rooms. So for 7 month old tv it has maybe 2-3 months air time. Very upset and I am seeking a attorney against them

Anonymous 8/17/14 1:56PM

I bought a VIZIO television from Walmart September 2013.
Eight month later I could not hear the sound for a loud
buzzing. I called Vizio and was told to send it back to
Avatek. I used the box it was purchased in and packed it
very securely using the foam on the sided that came with it. I packed it really good to not to move. I called to
check the status a week later and was told by one Customer
service person that it was cracked. I asked for the supervisor and was told it was shattered. I asked for Corporate number but no one knew it. As it stands I have
bought a TV that went bad after a few months and a big company as Vizio is would prefer to lose a customer than o
replace it. I will never ever purchased a Vizio TV. The Rep gives you this sad story how sorry they are and they understand, but there is nothing they can do. I am sure they see how many unhappy customers they have by the reviews. So Sad.Vi

Vizio 7/28/14 5:56PM

My wife Erika and I purchased a an E Series 32" LED HDTV for our sons Christmas. We placed it in our master closet for when her parents movie out we could then hook up the Tv. Now with our first time opening the box we discovered the Tv has been cracked behind the Tv panel (which has been stated by your cusstomer service reps). We first went to Walmart and they only have a 90 return policy which is now voided. Hence the reasoning for contacting You. Vizio States that it is not a manufacturer problem and will not fix the situation. And stated to call the extended warrant company and they fix the product because we did not physically damage it. For a company that claims "they take great pride in American based support", will not even back up their own product. Very disappointed in Vizeo and warranties and extended warranties. WE Both HAVE HEARD SO MUCH HOW GOOD VIZIO IS WITH BACKING UP THEIRPRODUCT. Now with our first purchase of a Vizio product and experience, We will definitely not be purchasing another Vizio product in our lifetime!!!! Samsung, LG, Sony customers we will remain.

disappointed first time costomer 7/27/14 11:55AM

Hello i purchased vizio e601i a3 60 in tv and after multiple tries with vizio tecs nothing will fix my wi fi it has great signal but no download speed i paid for a smart tv and it does not even work i had several comcast tecs come to my house at my expense and everything is working on there end they even gave me a brand new router and still nothing now lately the tv pic just shuts off but has volume all i want is a model tv that works please help as it took me over a year to save this money for my family to buy a big screen tv and the tv is not even a year old thank u and look forward to your reply

matt 6/6/14 7:29PM

Tami Treece
I bought a vizio tv 60" it quit working 3 months later and your subcontracted tv repair service sucks. I have spoken to vizio customer service Sam he said it would be a priority to fix it. A month later still no repair man. I have a huge paper weight. Ur service department is non existent and u can not control a subcontractor. We asked for a new tv and come get this one so we can watch tv while u sort out your tech department problems. Your company reps refuse to place me in contact with a supervisor. We want a working tv. Don't care how u make that happen, but it has been way too long without it, and we have waited on technicians that don't show up. My name is Stefni Cassidy look it up....I have called numerous times and am tired.
11 minutes ago

Anonymous 5/13/14 11:58AM

I purchased a Flat screen in 2009. The Item has stopped functioning and is out of any kind of warranty. I feel that a product such as this should certainly last longer and it is unreasonable to expect one to replace this product every 5 years. I would appreciate a reply and a possible recourse. I had purchased a Vizio because I had believed it was a good product, but I feel my belief was incorrect. I am looking forward to your reply

Jean 3/1/14 1:29PM

Bought a Vizio Smart tv in June 2013. As of February 2014, not working. It will take 5-9 days to get someone to fix it. A tv less than a year old shouldn't need to be fixed, it should be replaced by a new one. After being in contact with a technician, the problem was worse. Mr. Wang should be ashamed of the product he is selling. If anyone is looking to buy a tv, they should stay away from Vizio. They don't care about their customers. They just take your money and run.

ripped off 2/17/14 7:24PM

I had submitted a claim with Vizio for my 60 inch TV. I paid a pretty penny for it and was assured Vizio was a reliable, honest and had great customer service. Well, unfortunately it seems that this information is WRONG! I submitted a insurance claim in late December and was told I would be receiving a NEW replacement television delivered to my door within 7 to 13 business days. After several phone calls in December and January AND different stories about the status of the delivery and location of the TV. I was promised a delivery date of January 22, 2014. I am still waiting to receive my TV as of today Feb 3rd. Apparently, Vizio and the shipping company are both incapable of finding the missing 60 inch TV. After several calls and complaints to both Vizio and the Freight Co. I was given a delivery date and time.. well, I took a day off of work to be there to FINALLY receive my tv and nothing arrived!! I called both Vizio and the shipper and both placed blamed on each other and once again was told that they would be 'finding' the tv and immediately have it delivered. As of today, Vizio now claims the tv was LOST somehow and they have graciously started a new claim for a REFURBISHED TV and I will be waiting another 7-13 business days... BUT another promise from VIZIO that they will do 'what they can' to ensure I receive the tv 'in a timely manner. I asked for the phone number to the corporate office and was told that I had nothing to worry about, the television was on it's way.

Anonymous 2/3/14 4:55PM

My husband purchased a VIZIO 55" Class Razor LED™ Smart TV on April 1, 2013. Around December 9th, 2013, there was a software update and the TV crashed. Each time I called VIZIO customer service, I was given different responses as to what happened and what needs to be done to fix the TV. First, we were to leave the TV unplugged, and call in 3 to 5 days if the TV still won't turn on after plugging it back in. After 5 days, I called back, and was told that my TV should be pluggd in to receive the update. Wait another 3-5 days and call us if it doesn't work. The TV still didn't work, so I called VIZIO again, and they stated that the main component in the TV broke, and within 3 to 5 days, a company would call us to come and fix our TV. After 5 days, I called VIZIO, and was told that they would be contacting me shortly. After 8 days, I called VIZIO and asked for the number to call myself. VIZIO said that since it was the holidays, it may take longer. I demanded the number. When I called, the company stated that they could not produce the main piece needed, and why did VIZIO have you call us? I called VIZIO back, and THEN they told me that since so many pieces were ordered, the company cannot produce what is needed, and at this time VIZIO is offering a refund for the TV. VIZIO said a box would be mailed out to me, and then returned back to the company. After a week, once again I called VIZIO and was told that the box should be arriving within the next day or two. After 4 days, I called back and stated that I still have yet to receive a box, and was then told that since I still had my original box, no box was going to be mailed out to me. I asked to speak to a manager, and spoke with Harvey. He ate his peanuts (or something crunchy like that) while I heard his dog(s) bark in the background. I told him I was very upset, I keep getting the run around, and since the return was taking so long, I wanted a refund for the TV I was renting. He told me that, "the company is going above and beyond, returning my product to me for the full price I paid AND the sales tax!" What was I thinking?! "This company cannot refund you a TV you are renting, and that is your choice to rent a TV." It is, but if I was to total someone's car, and they rented a car to go wherever they needed, I would be responsible for their rental car. He gave me a number to call to have the TV picked up. I called and scheduled a return, at their earliest time, a week and a half later. My husband took the day off of work since we needed a 4 hour time frame. They claimed they came to our house (never knocked at the door or called when they arrived) and nobody was home, so now we need to schedule another pick-up for next week. I called them this morning, and she gave me the number for pick-up. Each time I called, I was offered $100 gift card for $1.95. I kept explaining to them that I just needed to schedule a pick up for my TV. I called the company back, and she told me that she would send them an e-mail to call me. I have yet to hear from them.
Overall, not only does VIZIO rate poorly on my scale, but even the companies that they use, are not customer friendly. I will never buy another VIZIO product.

Maitaiyah 1/29/14 11:30AM

Dear Sir (s)
I would appreciate at least a response from someone in your corporate location.

We researched, for a year or so as well as going by Consumer Guide recommendation for the VIZIO, LCD Flat Screen TV. We purchased this TV in 2008 or 2009. We paid over a $1,000 for the 47 inch TV. Much to my despair, this TV quit two days ag.

I'm very disappointed as the VIZIO was the most recommended brand which made our decision for a purchase. I've purchased many TV's and electronics in my years and have never been disappointed until now.

I would appreciate a response. At this point, I would never recommend VIZIO to another consumer nor purchase another product.

Thanks for your help and look forward to your response,

Vannette Chandler

Anonymous 1/29/14 9:16AM

Dear Mr. William Lang, Mr.Rob A Brinkman, Mr.Jeff Schindler.

I have just gone through the most outrageous customer service experience I have ever had in the last couple of hours, with the end game of it being a total run around.

Just short of calling me crazy! This CS (Customer Service) department needs a total over hull period. My experience started just before Christmas 2013, my unit ( tv) was purchase in Dec 26 2012,

I did not receive this Vizio until Jan 8 2013, when I took position from Walmart, at the store it was delivered too.

Just after Christmas Dec 26 2013, my unit a 55inch tv shut down. I called a service tech at Vizio and ask what I need to do, I was told to disconnect the power plug from the wall and hold in the Power button in for ten seconds to drain remaining power from the unit and the to re-plug it back in, it started right up! over the course of another week it did the same thing several times.

I contacted the company and was told it was not in warranty, Great! So I contact a local TV HD specialist in my area, who ask me to bring it in I did. Much to my surprise the unit didn't perform any way different than running normal.

I took it home several days later, and once again it worked fine for two days, I did not reset the unit at all and once again to my surprise it worked just fine and no problems again.

Please note that the last time it went out, I heard a popping sound!. I ask the technician what he thought! all he could say was got me! Its working fine, And no not at any time was the unit every open! After he asked me.

Which now leads me to today, and the experience was something straight out of the horror movies of what not to do to customers.

I called the customer service # provided on the internet, and got a young lady who then refereed me to this wonderful company of abuse ITI, which then proceeded to tell me they could not help me unless I pay $275.00 and they will send a technician to me ? I said really all the way from California, I said all I like to do is ask you a question and once again he repeated his demand for $275.00 before he did anything.

Shortly after this conversation, I called back this number who I then spoke to Lance and got an

After specking and explaining to Lance, for a short time, He asked me to hold to speck to his supervisor, remember I was out of warranty. Lance, came back and inform me that they Vizio, was going to replace my unit and that I was going to get an e-mail and a customer Number.

I was to get a copy of my Purchase receipt from Walmart, and serial number and model etc, to show proof of purchase together, and they would notify me on the replacement I was told.

I got home pulled the records and e-mail it off to the customer service area, were I was asked to Email it. With in 10 min, I get a return email, and ask to contact them.

I called the 800 # they supplied and spoke to Monica, in South Dakota, who then tells me that they have no record of any conversation! That took place earlier? With Lance! And practically bullies me and in short just about calling me a liar and making me feel like I'm nuts.

I hung up and in less than 10 minutes, Josh her supervisor calls me back. Very nice fella, but I tried to explain what has gone on here, he then told me pretty much they would call their technical and warranty Department, and would request they take the unit back, and do repairs on it. But would need permission. All along I felt I was being railroad here. And told someone would call me with-in a couple of days.

The next thing I do was tried to call corporate Head Quarters! And back to SD, I'm routed on the phones back and being question by Isaac, and after going through the same ordeal with Isaac, I said I really wanted to telephone number to corporate HQ, he said he put me through and dial and here we go again .

Well enough is enough,

First of all I paid $700.00 for this TV. Not cheap but I thought I was buying quality!

"Let me say this! I own 3 other Vizio Tv's, of different sizes.

I have also recommended the purchase of Vizio, to many of my friends and clients who own Restaurants, Sports Bars, and Bars. For this TV brand.

Branding a product takes a lot of effort and time, and money it does not come cheap. What a Waste.

Having a customer service department that is less than genuine and sincere has something to be said as your front line of quality.

As a person who holds a MBA, your company needs to rethink all this Waste and BAD Marketing, coming from an area that should know better and from many dissatisfied customers.

Personally I would fire every one of them. I'm guessing Vizio farms out their customer service out, and we just happen to land in South Dakota.

What a waste of Money and all this Bad PR.

In the Restaurant business it takes a lot to bring in one customer and to lose them, it could happen in ten minutes with 100's. Just with bad reports!

One more thing! As I read the other comments over the Internet about Vizio, I say you have a major disconnect with customers. Now you have to work hundred times harder to have ex-customers to come back and please new one&

Now! I like to say thank you for listing and do hope this gets corrected and cleaned up. You have a creditability issue and its being destroyed by individuals who do not have the best interest at heart and understanding their positions, and by promises of individuals that represent your company with good intention gone badly for an easy way out.


Steven M

Dissatisfied Florida Customer 1/27/14 7:39PM

More run around from Vizio. After a coerced argument from Vizio's unfriendly costumer service department they told me it would be about 4-5 days for them to send a person out to repair my 9 month old tv that doesnt work. 2 days later their service department calls me back to apologize because the parts are on backorder and they have no idea how long it will take to get the part and then actually be able to make it to my house to repair the tv. have got to be kidding. It is acceptable for me to buy their product, have it 9 months til it randomly stops working and then tell me that it may take 4-6weeks for it to get fixed?
So I call them again and they offer to replace it for free...but its a scam too. Their offer is two I PAY TO SHIP IT TO THEM AT MY EXPENSE (I dont think thats right) and in turn they send me a new one...I would never trust such a shady company to actually send me a new sure I would never see it.
The 2nd option is they put a hold on my credit card and send me a new TV and I send the old one back with their prepaid shipping...I just dont trust them...they would probably charge my card and never send me the new one...or it would get "lost in shipping" and id get charged.
when I had problems with HP or Sony products in the past the sent me a new product with prepaid return shipping at no cost to me and no hold on my card...step up Vizio...the customer is always right and you and your "40 million Tv's sold" are corporate bullies ripping off middle class America...the ones that put you in buisiness...step up and back your product!!!!!!

sparky 1/25/14 4:05PM

I have a 32 inch vizio that doesnt work at all. Its 9 months old. Nothing but the run around from their service department and their customer service is rude and simply sucks. This tv is a piece of junk...wouldnt be so bad if someone would actually come and fix it! Its been over a week and all im told is lies and that the repair part is on backorder and they have no idea how long it will take to get it...probably never! Maybe the part is on backorder because so many tv's are broken within the first year. What degenerates do they have building these things. I actually hope they go out of buisiness and dont even care much about getting it fixed, they are so rude.
Most embarrassing U.S. company I have ever dealt with...wish I would have bought a foreign made tv. Wish someone had advise on how to get them to back up there product but from what ive read everyone is wondering the same thing

sparky 1/23/14 5:22PM

I am very disappointed with the response for the vizio web tv cam. Basically you are saying that no other camera will work and you no longer manufacture the correct one. Unacceptable. As stated, if I had known, I would have purchased another brand for around the same price.

Jan 13 11:50 AM

Thank you for your response. However, this is unacceptable. We have had vizio tv's for the last 4 years and purchased due to the fact they were made in the US. Have not had a problem with the tv's. We paid alot of money for the "smart" tv and if we had known about the problem with purchasing a tv webcam, we definately would have chosen another brand.

The camera is not available anywhere but occasionally on eBay and it's bidding over $200. Boo on Vizio for pulling the plug on the manufacturing of it's own proprietary equipment.

Stormi (VIZIO)

Jan 12 03:18 PM

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your recent inquiry with VIZIO. I would be more than happy to help you. Here at VIZIO we do offer best in class technical support.

You will need the VIZIO Skype camera, model XCV100. Currently this camera can only be found through popular online bidding sites.

Thanks and have a great day!


VIZIO -The Home of Entertainment Freedom for All


Jan 11 01:52 PM

Just before x-mas I purchased a smart tv thinking I could use skype on my tv, so therefore I paid more to have the smart tv...I was disappointed to learn that the your webcam is no longer available. After searching the internet I cannot find a compatible product. What's going on?


Anonymous 1/19/14 11:45AM

I bought a Vizio 65" LED Smart HDTV just prior to Christmas 2012. Just prior to Christmas 2013, I had technical issues with the tv, and contacted Customer Support. After trying a few things, I was told that a service call would be set up, and the company that handles the service calls would contact me in 3-5 business days, which pushed the scheduling of my service call until after Christmas. Not at all happy about that. A few days after Christmas, I receive a phone call from Customer Service, advising me that the service call was cancelled, YOUR Customer Service people were in error, and it should have been a replacement and not a service call. So I call Customer Service back, they confirm that it should have been a replacement and not a service call. However, due to the holidays, there are no more replacement tvs and now it is going to be a refund. I had to send a copy of an original store receipt to verify the purchase price, and then wait for a box to be sent to me to pack the tv for return.
I received the box on January 10, 2014, and packed the tv for return the same day. I then contacted Customer Support again to see what to do next, as there were no further instructions. CS told me info would be sent to the freight company and they would contact me in 1-2 business days. 3 business days later, I call CS again, wanting to know why the freight company had not called me. They gave me the number for the freight company, and when I called, they said they have no info on my case. So I call CS AGAIN, and I am told that 1-2 business day was impossible; that it takes at least 3-5 business days for the info to go from Vizio to the freight company, and then they would contact me for pick up. Also, since I called on a Friday, my information probably wasn't entered until Monday, an it would be 3-5 days from that Monday, which was January 13, 2014. I was also informed that the tv has to be shipped to California, and once it is received there, a refund check will be issued. When I stated to the CS rep that I would be out of a tv for another 3 weeks, she said "not necessarily".
So, since roughly December 21, 2013, I have been without a tv. I have been misinformed several times by your "Customer Service". I have a broken tv sitting in a box in my dining room, and will probably have it there for at least another week. And I still have not received a dime for all my trouble.
What I am trying to say is your "Customer Service" has to be one of the worst I have ever dealt with. Not only has this experience been terrible, but I will never purchase another Vizio product for as long as I am alive, and I will make sure anyone that asks me about Vizio will be told to stay away from anything you produce or sell.

Hopeless in Western PA 1/18/14 11:47AM

I'm sick and tired of getting the run-around with respect to an apparently defective router XWR100. I've called twice before with the same problem, each time requiring me to crawl underneath my desk to disconnect and reconnect cables and also make some sort of settings changes, and if the problem continued to return the router to Vizio for repair. Today, I called again after my weekly reboot of the router. I was asked to again disconnect ad reconnect cables and to make setting changes I refused and Vizio said they would accept the router for repair.

I will be mailing the router to Vizio's president.

joerez 1/13/14 12:05PM

Ihavejustgotten off the phone with vizio warranty everything this people are saying is 100 percent true I have never gotten more run around in my life. Send use photos I did send more photos I can't well then we can't help you. Josh is the biggest run around artist there is there operator 721. I will never buy a vizio again nor will I recommend them. As far as I'm concerned when a friend says there going to buy a tv my response from now on will be as long as its nota vizio. I will also be contacting the butter busniss bureau and Costco telling them what has happend. P.s. when I asked josh for his bosses name it was top secret he wouldn't give me his first name. All this could of been avoided if vizio stood by there warranty and send out a tech to look at my tv. I guess Im old school were a mans word it his bond.

[email protected] 1/6/14 11:08AM

I bought a vizio tv for Christmas.I picked it up on 12/03/12. wrapped it and opened it up on 25th.. (thats what it was purchased for) well tv went out on 12/13/13. Ten days after warranty. I was told i am stuck with a $400. tv they are going to do NOTHING. I saved for this tv for a year.(for i am disabled.) now I have NO tv. Home bound with NOTHING. I am now calling local news and having them report on this..... LETS SEE HOW FAST SALES GO DOWN NOW!!!!! VIZIO I have also complained at the BBB so bad marks all the way down. William Wang i hope you read this for the company you worked so hard for is going to lose.

Tinafaulkerson 12/20/13 10:37AM

I purchased your 3d tv in February 2013 I've had it only 6 months and watching tv one night a big line went right down the middle of television. I called your customer service and reported it. They sent me a link to send pics . I sent the pics and they call me back to tell me it has damage and warrantee is voided. are you kidding me. The damm thing sits on the entertainment center for 6 months and watch tv and then this line appears one day?. Who damaged it? I sure as hell didn't and I spoke to your manager on customer service and she said there is nothing you can do? I'm appalled on how they reacted. The tv was working fine then stopped one day because you have a horrible product! I'm out 500 dollars of my hard earned money from your horrible product. It just me and my husband in the house no small children we are in our mid 30s and don't understand where you get off saying it's physically damaged when it worked for 6 months! This is the worst I have ever dealt with and spent my money. Now I have a television I cannot watch and I am out 500 dollars because of your garbage! You scam people with your warrantee bull! I am going to better business bureau about the customer service! Nothing you can do was what I was told Yet it was your product that was defected and you took off with our hard earned money! You forget we live in a world on social media and word gets around fast! This is one customer who already had opened another tv of yours and was sati sissies until I bought this POS! You lost 2 potential customers plus the few hundred friends we have on Facebook and Twitter! We are receiving amazing responses to what your company has done to not rectify this situation! Total disgust is my final comment to you!

Viziosucks3d 10/20/13 9:28PM

That in April of 2013 I bought a VIZIO sound bar that cost me over 25 bucks to send under our (warranty) but still had to pay to get my sound bar fixed? that I am sending a complaint? to Michigan Attorney General? office CP? and now! so that it junk and that It is just a sound bar that was a major waste of my money? and even having a vizio Flat screen tv that is HD never having a problem and your sound bar is now 2 times of sending it back to you? that maybe a complaint from my state and in CA they will also send a complaint from me has well?

Vizio sound bar 10/18/13 9:07AM

Vizio sucks!!!! Customer service is a joke!I purchase a Vizio CA24T and have had nothing but problems. I have had to return it twice, ordered a 34.00 usb recovery stick that doesn't even work. They sent it back with the same problems and an RT- 8server edition, telling me it was a limited edition, I wasn't supposed to have received that. However; they never replaced the computer just returned it with more problems!!! Now I talked to Guy employee number 723 on 08/22/2013, as well as Bobby, you would think that Vizio would have 1000's employees and you would never call & just only always get those 2 employees, he promised they would send out a box to and replace the computer Still have not received a box and here it is 09/01/2013. Then they tell me it will be 3 to 5 days after they receive it for me to get a new computer which is a crock. If you are like me you need your computer for everyday use. I also found they have my cell phones from Verizon routed through my computer. This is a civil case at the lease, also have my TV routed through the computer, when I try to setup my TV it always has lip sync which I guess I sync devices to it. Just off the wall Bull which I believe is never leaving FEDEX to be returned but I believe F.... workers are not returning it and giving it to Nick or Jessie or Adam that states he is a one man crusade hero. Adam grow guys need to grow up & get a life, UHm maybe work so you don't have sooooooooooooooo much free time on your hands trying to get others that are not doing anything to HURT you.they can take it to their favorite illegal IT man whom has been making hard credit checks through my computer. Also Dan and Dana H & Stan M , and Adam G had it connected from their PS3 player and then Randy Quinn took it over with his WII he purchased from Ruth. Do people not have lives? They need to stay off dr.... and get a life. They also had Jim S, computers hooked into mine. All this because this is a small town and the f.... station here is corrupt, by allowing them to take the computer and not allowing it to be returned to Vizio, has Vizio stated it was never returned to them before. Vizio you need to investigate this as it is giving you a BAD name. If you need to contact me about these rogues that giving you a bad name please feel free to cal me at

Tired-of-dumb-a.... 9/2/13 8:11AM

I agree VISIO Sucks. My TV lasted a year and a half. The mother board was replaced once and now it needs another one. They will not honor their product because it is over a year even though it's less than a year the first one was replaced. If you call you will get a message with a non-working number to call back. They will not stand behind their product and I will never purchase another VIZIO product. and advise others to stay away from this company.

Anonymous 8/30/13 8:42AM

I purchased a Vizio TV September, 2013 (this year). May, 2013 the TV stopped working. Vizio sent a local repair man to my house in Kenner, LA approx 10 days after my initial call. He came July 8 and on July 16 the TV stopped working again. I called and they are sending me a new TV however, it is probably a refurbished one. Also, they asked me to pack up the old tv--they evidently thought I kept that big box???? After I receive the tv they are sending I must return the broken tv within 7 days and if the tv is damaged (trash anyway) they will charge my credit card for the full amount I paid for the new TV.
This company sucks and if this transaction does not work out--they forget about facebook and twitter. Believe me, I will be on both advising everyone to NOT BUY A VIZIO TV

Gail 7/18/13 7:06AM

We purchased a VIZIO TV for the New Year 2013 on Dec 30, 2012 and it was defective from the start. We called the support customer representative and two months later after several contacts with them they finally sent us a TV not new but a"refurbished TV" although we paid for a new TV. Well, needless to say, the refurbished model they sent us is also defective and we have been in telephone and email contacts with their support department for several months now and it is mid July 2013 to no avail. They are really useless or very well trained to give customers the run around. Today, finally fed up, my wife called and was told they had not received any of the photos requested by them showing the picture defects except one. My wife told them that was a lie as we had uploaded and sent them photos three times in the past months. We have to "Prove" to them that our TV is not working.. Their business practice and treatment of their customers is absolutely appalling and unacceptable. We have uploaded and sent pictures three times to them from three different computers. Their standard reply to our questions when we call is to please resend pictures as they did not receive them...nice run around. We are not asking for anything but what is rightfully ours ..we paid good money for this TV. We uploaded three pictures again today and resent them..we received the standard email note that in 24 hours
a confirmation will be sent to us...sure!!!! They advertise that they have a "Vizio support team highly trained and based in the United States". Well one thing is for sure---they are well trained to give people the run around and unacceptable service. I will never buy another VIZIO TV again. The unprofessional manner in which they treat their customers and lack of respect says it all.

TJ 7/13/13 3:38PM

You are all right Vizio TV suck. The absolutely worse TV I have ever had. Will never buy another one. Been waiting the whole month of June for a replacement TV and they refuse to deliever TV. Trying to get them to court.

Anonymous 6/26/13 3:08PM

I cannot believe having this TV for one year and it's trashed no sound, picture, and doesn't stay on. I was told it was the main board. I'm now waiting for the cost of the part to fix it the gentlemen said around $200 to $300 he has to check on it and call me back, he was polite, however I wonder how many people are having this problem being that he was so quick to determine what was wrong. I will be calling corporate and report to the BBB.

Sunshine63 6/3/13 6:54AM

please be advised I bought your 3d,dvd player and had nothing but problems form the get go. I hope you will respond to this cause I plan on getting to the highest corporate supervisor if this problem is not resolved!!!Your product should not go after a year and this will be handled accordingly!!!

cgalli09 5/8/13 4:21PM

vizio today has lost a complete family of clients....i have a 32 inch,,ans this tv has gone bizerk and even giving off high pitch sounds to the point of possible explosion....making this unit dangerous to my daughter,,i have decided to throw it out...i tried to speak to customer service and after speaking to a supervisor by the name of josh employee number 721..he basically told me this was not vizios problem,,to either fix it outside at my expense or i could purchase another unit from him at a discounted cost.he continued to say that vizio had over 50 million clients,,so i guess i mean nothing to vizio at this time,,and it made me feel like vizio did not care,,,i will never by a vizio tv for as long as i live and i want to say thanks to JOSH 721 for opening my eyes here i come

concerned father 4/15/13 6:51PM

Bought a Vizio E370VL TV and Vizio VBR120 Blu Ray player. from WallyWorld about a year ago. Both TV and BR player you have to unplugg and plug back in to get them to power up!!! TV will come on with sound only BR player does nothing. Vizio should be brought in front of a congressional hearing..... oh..... nevermind. That won't do any good. VIZIO = J U N K ! ! !

TShaw 3/31/13 5:30PM

Purchased a M650VSE Smart t.v. from Wal Mart on 01/18/13 with the expectation of being able to stream Netfix via wifi as advertised. Just six weeks later, when attempting to connect to Netflix, I kept getting an error message "unbale to connect to Netflix, code UI-400". I called Netflix who advised me there were "issues" with the Vizio firmware V2.31.447 and Netflix had received NUMEROUS complaints. I called Vizio customer support about 11 times (Case #3307793) and was told it was a Netflix issue at first. Then Vizio told me the firmware issue could be fixed in 20 minutes... or two hours... or eight hours... or two days... or one week. In the past week, I had probably rested the t.v. back to factory defaults 8 times which is very time consuming with no results. Finally, I got the AT&T DSL customer support tech to make a conference call with Vizio. After ONE WEEK of trying to resolve this issue, purchasing TWO modems/routers, a new DSL filter and a 20' Ethernet cable, Vizio customer support then admitted there was an issue with the Vizio firmware causing this problem. However, they had no idea WHEN it would or could be fixed.
I left a polite comment on the Vizio FB page asking when the firmware update would be downloaded. My comment was promptly deleted. I posted another polite comment on the Vizio FB page which was also promptly deleted. Using the Vizio FB page, I messaged Vizio asking the same question. I was contacted by "Evan" who also admitted there was a firmware issue causing Netflix not to load. However, he had no idea when the firmware fix would be available for download. I replied to "Evan" that if Vizio already knew there was a firmware issue, why didn't customer support simply tell me that a week ago which would have saved me much time, effort and money to be needlessly spent. Evan avoided answering that question.
All of this comes down to one word. INTEGRITY! Since Vizio knew there was a firmware issue, why lie to the customer only to be caught later in the lie? Why delete polite comments on the Vizio FB page? The integrity of a Corporation is truly what makes the company. In this case, Vizio has violated what any reasonable person would consider to be a company with INTEGRITY.
I look forward to hearing from a corporate official regarding this matter. That is, if anyone on the corporate staff cares about the companies integrity.

Integrity 3/8/13 8:03AM

WARNING People buy vizio due to a low price, but it's not worth it if they don't work and the supposed customer service lies to you, which is what happened to me. I am now paying twice what I paid for my original spend the money upfront and get a quality product to begin with and not have the nightmare of dealing with a company who would rather lie than do the right thing.

Jeslive 2/27/13 11:59AM

Vizio Cheezio same thing I will never ever purchase a vizio product again in my life and I hope you will stay away as well. Customer service JD power award JD better take another look at this companies customer service. I was advised that their so called CERTIFIED Tv's were not refurbushed but new over stocked Tv's being returned to Vizio then sold as Certified. Its a buch of Sh-t. They sold me a floor modle as certified not refurbushed. To me its just a fancy word for refurbushed and its all BS to me. Never again.

Vizio customer service sucks 2/7/13 6:02PM

I just purchased a 70 inch Vizio tv, and when we got it home we could not figure how to find the web browser as shown at the store. After calling Vizio to ask how to do it we learned that we needed to purchase another item, the Co Star to be able to do so. Since we just registered the new tv we were entited to 10% off as noted by the registration card in the box. Vizio personnel informed us that it is not an accessory. We looked on their site, and it lists the Co Star as the first item under accessories. After a week of phone calls, they told me that the Co Star IS an accessory and would call me back after getting the code number. I was told it would take 1 to 2 days. Obviously since this note is here, they never called back. After another long phone call, I was told I am wrong! I will NEVER buy another Vizio product!!!!!!!
Money Hungry Corporate SCUM

anonymous 2/1/13 12:10PM

OK, let me try it here, I placed a comment on FB and of course you deleted it!
My parents purchased a brand new Vizio TV E422AR the end of July. The beginning of January it just wouldn't turn on so we called your customer service, he had us unplug it and plug it back in, we did, same results! So he said that he would put in a service request and it might take up to 5 working days. OK, so we waited, heard nothing.... so I called on the 15th @ 9:00 am and spoke with Cindy (481), I told her we hadn't heard from anyone and wanted an update. She seemed perplexed that no one had contacted us and put me on hold. When she got back she said that HD repair was not in the office at that time and she would get back with me.
I called back @ 9:50 am and spoke with Frank (901)he said that the part was back ordered and he wasn't sure when it would be in. I asked him if I could have HD repairs number to call them, which he gave me and then proceeded to tell me that they were in Boca!!! I am in the Orlando area (I can't believe that you don't have someone more centrally located!)
We have not heard anything so I called back today (1-17-13)and spoke with Trish, she informed me that the part is still on back order and she was not sure when it would be available. She said that she could give me a "refurbished" TV if I didn't want to wait for the part. Refurbished? The TV we bought was a NEW one......Unbelievable! Then she proceeds to tell me that it will take about 10 to 13 business days before we even get it! So much for paying for cable!!!
I know that this is a luxury item and its not a do or die item but come on, no TV for a month?
If we wanted a refurbished TV we could have gone to the TV supply store and bought a used one there and much cheaper than what we paid for this Vizio for.
I can't believe you won the JD Powers award for 2012!!!!

Cathy Mountford-Uresti 1/17/13 11:05AM

Vizio has proven to be a poor product choice and I will not make the mistake again

ihatevizio 1/14/13 8:56PM

Earlier this month I spent 50 minutes on the phone with a tech support person who was not familiar with assisting a customer because he was constantly putting me on hold. After 50 minutes he tells me "there is not nothing wrong with your TV". I told him there is and he restated - 4 times "there is nothing wrong with your TV". My ability to retain information and function as a human being was disrepected by this "tech". Later in the week I spent another hour on the phone with a different Vizio tech support person to attempt to resolve the distorted images in our TV screen. After 55 minutes the tech support person we spoke with let me know she was going to transfer me to another department for a repairman to be scheduled to look at the TV.
The individual I was transferred to let me know the only way a repair person could be scheduled to come to our home is if the customer assists Vizio by taking pictures of the TV screen showing the distortion in the screen. First of all, the "customer" has done all the assisting to this point. We had to move our TV from where it was located to access the back of it to unplug our cable box and plug cables directly to the TV, turning the TV on and off, pushing power button, going through the menu screen, switching remotes, auto channel scanning and then having to reset the TV the way it was originally. I have never been able to take a picture from the TV without flashback. The support person made the statement "we do it all the time". Then why doesn't that person come to our home and take the picture if she is so familiar with how to do it???? I can't believe we paid $1,300 for a Vizio TV and cannot have a repairman come to our home to resolve this issue. We have followed the guidelines on the phone with the tech support people but to be asked to take pictures of our TV screen as well as the TV is like telling us we are liars and you are a liar until you prove yourself innocent. If this is modern technology and the way Vizio does business there will be no more Vizio products in our home. I am contacting Better Business Bureau so this can be documented because I am so thoroughly upset over the way this has been handled. We are not asking for anything except what is rightfully ours. We paid good money for a TV which we do not want to get worse. The TV is only 4 months old and if this problem continues the TV could be severely damaged. We paid for the extended warranty in case something should happen but we certainly didn't expect this conduct from Vizio.

No More Vizio 11/20/12 9:46AM

I purchased a Vizeo Sound Bar, model VHT510, in February of 2011. The first unit failed and a replacement rebuilt unit was sent to me. We've had the second unit less than a year and it has failed. I've contacted tech support numerous times and you will find a case under my name and address-Douglas Loewenstein, 998 Fairwood Terr NW, Acworth, Ga 30101 phone Since the warranty reverts to the original purchase date, I have been advised that nothing can be done because the warranty has expired. I own 3 Vizeo television sets and have been very satisfied with your prouct but the fact that the sound bar has failed twice makes me believe that your quality control is no longer superior and my next purchase for a larger set will probably not be a Vizeo.

Thank you for your time.

Doug Loewenstein

dbl4488 10/19/12 12:14PM

I had bought a Vizio modle # XVT473SV and I also have a black screen after less then 1 1/2 years of use. $1300 for a giant paperweight. I won't make that mistake again. This is why manufacturing in the U.S. is dying.

Anonymous 10/6/12 5:45PM

my 42" lcd led hdtv model m420nv is less than 2 years old. i have lost 2 hdmi ports and now the vizio logo is backwards on the screen- after 2 attempts at trouble-shooting,I asked for the # of the on-site repair team. one company wanted $250 to repair the backwards logo and the other company wanted $275. i called best buy and was told they cannot repair vizio tv's because they cannot get the parts. it is an exclusive with wal-mart. i now have a tv that does not work and it is less than 2 years old. DO NOT BUY A VIZIO TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another very upset customer 10/6/12 4:29PM

Vizio tablet is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont waste your money!!!!!!!!!!! And their customer service & supervisors SUCK!!!!!! They refuse to give you a corporate number to call....I'll never waste my money on a VIZIO product again.

Very Upset Customer 10/6/12 1:56PM

you can not call the ceo of vizio are e mail him why not because you paid for the tv aready and when you call this number 949 428 2525 they say he not in his office and they dont have a phone number from phone or a e mail for him so be careful of what buy

kelly 10/2/12 10:47AM

Within the past 4 months my wife and I have purchased a new 65" flat screen Vizio TV, a Vizeo Bluray player, and a 5.1 Vizio soundbar.

The TV and Bluray player have performed perfectly, as had the sound bar until two days ago.

I contacted Vizio Customer Service and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was located in AMERICA (S. Dakota), and even better, I could actually understand the Customer Service folks I spoke to.

My problem was resolved with no difficulty, and the whole experience was a pleasant one.

Thank You Vizio for keeping your service customer locations in AMERICA..

And thank you as well for having such nice customer relations folks, doing a wonderful job, there in South Dakota representing Vizeo extremely well.

Thanks Again!

Jesse 9/16/12 7:27AM

I have been trying to get my tv fixed for several months. I get a black screen , audio continues... I have talked to several customer service people. Each time I am required to do more "troubleshooting". I am so tired of troubleshooting. I want someone to fix my television. I had promises of someone coming to fix my tv. just to have a phone call telling me more troubleshooting is necessary.

marlene 9/6/12 11:23AM

I have VIZIO model M420NV and I purchased in 9-2011 at Walmart. I have no sound and no HD1&HD2. I have had a Charter tech out and he brought a new box and he said that my HD was not working on the TV.

Anonymous 8/25/12 9:31AM

I have 3 Vizio TV's, two which have failed (a 66% failure rate) one of which is my a VIZIO 55" 3D HD TV, which is still under warranty (by three weeks) and they refuse to fix it. Support is worthless you submit a request and you get a bounce back says "if we do not hear from you in 168 hours we will consider the matter "resolved". And trying calling their Corporate HQ in Irvine and ask to talk to someone who cab resolve the issues and all you get is "No I will not transfer you".

Anonymous 8/8/12 12:41PM

On July 25th I called vizio because my tablet had a faulty charging port. I was told to take 3 pics and send via email. I called and spoke to raymond who told me i had two choices. 1st was to do a AR which meant I would receive a new tablet and then send in my old one. 2nd I could send my old one (SR)and then vizio would send me a new one. he said the AR was faster and all I had to do was give him my debit card # which I did. He assured me no charges would come off my card it was just for security purposes. He then sold me an extended warranty. When I got off the phone we checked the card and both both charges $198 for the tablet and $18.99 for the warranty were taken off our card. We are both disabled and this card is for food and household necessities and now we have no money. We called back to vizio and spoke to Greg who apologized and said Raymond was wrong and never should have taken a debit card. He cancelled the AR and said the money was still pending and would be back on our card. He then set us up on an SR. We called the warranty company and they cancelled the warranty and refunded our money immediately and the money was put back on our card within 24 hours. We called today to vizio and asked where our money was and we were told it would take at least 10 more business days. We asked to speak to a supervisor and were connected to Chris an Executive Resolution rep. He was rude, uncaring and dismissive and refused to let me speak to anyone above him to help us get our money back. We called again hoping to reach someone else and we got PK (?). she was worse to talk to then Chris and said both of them were capable of resolving whatever issues there were and that this is the way it was and we just had to live with it. They were saying it was Western Union holding the money but we spoke to Western Union who checked and said that they money is still showing pending by Vizio and hasnt been released. We have contacted the Better Business Bureau regarding this matter and can only hope they can help us resolve this issue. Vizio reps repeatedly told us it was their error yet they wont release our money. I have tracked the broken tablet and it should reach Vizio tomorrow. I dont think we have been unreasonable we are just desperate to get our money back which was taken in error.

Anonymous 7/27/12 2:12PM

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