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Walmart corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Walmart corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Walmart corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
702 Sw 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716
United States

Phone: 479-273-4000
Fax: 479-277-1830

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Been a customer with Walmart for many years. Just wanted to comment on a trip I had to two of your stores. First one is on Aloma Ave in Oviedo and the next is your Neighborhood Walmart on 434. This is in reference to your "price match" guarantee. Both stores refused ro match the lowest price on sales at cvs and walgreens. Not only would they not price match, they were extremely rude about it. Both your sales associates and management. Needless to say, I WILL NOT be shopping at any Walmart ever again. You need to better train staff to understand your own policies and stop hiring extremely rude staff! TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

Deenice 7/29/14 11:22AM

Walmart, Buffalo, MN . Today two days after fathers day 2014. First off our family of five spend most of our money at this Walmart, for mothers day our 15 year old buys mom a new phone, a Samsung Rush,not just for mothers day, she needed a new phone, she hd just been diagnost with congestive heart failier, and it was time she retired her antique boost phone, for one that could go online. This morning I got a less than favorable call from her cadiologist. This after noon her phone quit working. My could not find the recipt , we went directly to Walmart. "how long should a person risk being without a phone right after being told you had a heart attack, which would have been prior to mothers day, thats why she got a new phone. Now the day she given the bad news that she did indeed have a heat atteack , her life line dies, and Walmart says "just hook up any phone to a wall oulet and you can dial 911. AND refused to help out in any way. No the looked for a recepit using june 8,9,10,11,12. On the store computer finding zip. Thier comment go to you bank account and find the date you bought it. Completly happy to allow mom to leave without a phone. Here is a company that profits billions of dollars a year, refusing to exchange a phone bought the previous month, for a disabled woman who is dealing with just being diagnost with congestive heart failiur at 45 years old. Then on the day she is told she indeed did have a heart attack her new phone dies. When you treat solid customers like this, keep your profits, refuse to give to charities,

Zerk 6/17/14 10:07PM

I have been a Walmart customer for more than 15 years, but due to a very slipshod LOST & FOUND policy, no more. Here's my story: I lost an earring on a windy, cold day when leaving from the Plano Neighborhood Market #5657 at 3100 Custer Road in Plano, TX. I called the next day and left my name and number should it be found. Two days later, I went into the store with the other earring and asked Angela if anyone found it. She happily said "Yes" I saw that only yesterday, but when she went to look for it in the LOST & FOUND it was not there. Angela said she was leaving one day to go home and another customer had found my earring in the parking lot and gave it to her. Angela went back into the store (she said) and gave it to an associate to put in LOST & FOUND. So where was my earring? I waited a week and called the Store Manager, Macee. I explained the earrings were an anniversary gift from my husband and I would even pay a reward to get the missing earring back. I told her it was very 'odd' that it was there one day and gone the next. She said "we have better things to do than worry about a missing earring"! I was amazed she would say that. I gave her a week to ask her staff and try to find my earring. After another week passed, I phoned Macee. After questioning her staff, nobody knew what happened to the earring. She said it was an unfortunate accident. I do not believe it was thrown away. Especially after she said they had lots of things in LOST & FOUND including watches, wallets, etc. My earring could easily be made into a small pendant.

Is there a Walmart policy that protects customers' LOST & FOUND? Do they put it somewhere secure or just out in the open?

This experience makes me feel very uneasy about the honesty of 'someone' in this store. I spend close to $1000 each month on grocery and misc items for the house. I will be spending it elsewhere now.

Felicity 2/25/14 10:46AM

I used a gift card to purchase an item on 1/1/14 at the Indian Land SC store. I needed to return the item and did so on 1/7/14 ( this is an estimated date). The clerk said the refund would have to be back on the American Express card. My husband thought she meant our credit card so he said ok. Once he got home and I told him it was a gift card and not a credit card he said they told him there was no other option. I went back to the store to ask for a store credit. The customer service person called the CS Manager to come up. After I waited 15 minutes she finally showed up (Amy). She said hold on I will be right back. After 30 minutes and the customer service person repeatedly paging her she finally came back. She said we looked at the video and saw the cashier (From when I purchased the item) give you the gift card back. So if you threw it away there is nothing we can do. I said you should be able to cancel the credit to the gift card and issue me a store credit. She said no that she could not. I ask her why did she leave me standing for over 30 minutes to tell me she could not help me. She said I was "multi tasking" and had other customers to help. This is the 2nd time I have dealt with this person. She is extremely rude and not helpful at all. If this is how managers treat the customers why would the help act any differently?

carolinagirl 0916 1/13/14 2:38PM

I have been a Wal-Mart customer here in The Woodlands Texas since 2000. We do practically all of our grocery shopping at one of two stores locations. The majority of the time, I shop with my children and normally purchase either beer or wine along with our weekly food intake. Today, while shopping at your store located at highway 242 I was told that I could NOT purchase beer because I was in the company of my sixteen year old son. At first, I thought it might be a clerk problem so I requested a manager. He affirmed that it was "Company Policy" to not sell alcohol to adult in the presence of minors. I was obviously taken aback due to the fact that I had made such purchases at Wal-Mart stores throughout the previous 13 years.

Is this new corporate policy, profiling of customers with teenagers or simply the silly, illogical policy of a single store. I say silly and illogical because this is, after all, a family oriented store and you do sell wine and beer. Furthermore, I could have gone thru your automated lines and no one would have known that I was, in fact, accompanied by a teenager.

Now I am being told that Wal-Mart does not sell alcohol in the presence of minors. If that is truly the case, you should make a formal announcement to the entire country that Wal-Mart will not sell beer or wine to any person accompanied by a child least you be accused of false advertising.

I find it hard to believe that this could possibly be an actual policy. Think of the ramifications. Exactly how many shoppers shop with their children? Of those, how many purchase alcohol? Then ask yourself if they cannot purchase their alcohol at Wal-Mart, but can at Kroger, HEB, Randal's, etc., how many customers will you lose?

As I stated, I have been a customer for as long as you have had a store here in The Woodlands so hopefully, this is an isolated incident. If not, I think that is time for Wal-Mart to let the public know.

dn731 12/16/13 6:14PM

Waited over 1 1/2 hrs at store for a Script from pharmacy. Plus drove 30 miles away to get threes. Don't script would be ready when I got to store. It wasn't . Told another 15 min. , wasn't ready, then , then told another 1/2 hr. After 2 hrs in store still no script from pharmacy. Tired so I left. Won't go back there ever again. Will transfer all Rx's to CVS....

Anonymous 12/14/13 1:29PM

Look out! I was caught in a -30 below 0 weatther for four days,at Walmart the was mean and questioned my integrity, I made the mistake of calling the regional manager! The day after started having difficulty with Walmart refusing to sell merchandise to me! Then security never talked to me however friends with police now police are harassing me! Just for complaining Walmart is nazi, anti American! Corporation that uses police to harrass and they are getting pretty big! Walmart and ignorant security I did nothing but complain of a mean manager you shop at Walmart you strengthen nazis period I'm checking with an attorney they use vengeance

American 12/13/13 7:08PM

I bought an item online about two weeks ago. I received an email stating my item was at the store on a site to store shipment. First, I go to the site to store pick up and wait about 25 minutes for someone to help me. Once they do, they go the back for about 30 minutes and finally return to tell me they can not find my item. I call the customer service line and wait 34 minutes until someone comes on, and they call the store to help me. I spent over 1 and half hours on the phone with no resolution. Walmart ...I have nothing better to do than to wait in your stores and deal with incompetent employees or wait the phone to get the item I paid over $300 for found!!! Walmart employees are absolutely useless and I don't understand how they continue to stay in business! I guess it's our fault for continuing to go in and buy from get what you pay for.

Totally Tired of Walmart 12/10/13 7:42PM

I wanted you to know that a mystery shop is using you company to preview, thank you

[email protected] 12/9/13 11:27AM

Fedex, the Walmart shipper, won't deliver to residents of apartment complexes in at least part of the area of Houston.

It takes a fight to get a package.

I don't know how widespread this is, but both Walmart and the online consumers need to be alerted to this. It should be in big letters on the front page of the website and included in shipping info.

texmad 12/9/13 2:50AM

I am not as mad as everyone else seems to be, I was but it is my fault for shopping online I have not been treated well in the store why should online be any better? As a customer service rep I get it, but I never lied to my customers and I always do my best to make sure they are treated the way I want to be treated. But this past experience has had me in tears I only get paid every 2 weeks like every person I am on a budget, web site was messed up I had a duplicate order I only wanted to cancel one they cannot cancel orders then ups lost the order so I am still waiting 8 days later. good thing I got fast shipping I have been hung up on and everyone expecting me to understand ? I want them to go to get their check and them to be told well you get half and wait 2 weeks for the rest? If they do that too enough people imagine all the interest walmart makes? I don't like crowds but this has been so stressful I have spent more than 10hours calling being hung up on tracking .... next time I will pay extra I will not shop at walmart ever again just not worth it.!

Tears for Christmas 12/6/13 5:17PM

Model rockets, I had been buying my rockets and model parts for years at are local walmart! last summer I could not find them on the shelve? This was a teaching tool that I had been using to teach my summer school students for science 101 and a chance to get them out of the hot class room. so as I am planing for next summer I am just trying figure out if I need to order them in advance somewhere else. whats the problem?

Chuck 12/4/13 12:38PM

I ordered the Beatrix Girls for my grand daughters for Christmas. The reason they liked them was due to the instruments. Every site including yours showed the instruments. Guess what? They didn't come with the dolls. I went back and did some research and every placed else included them. Why didn't your company? Same price and everything. Disappointed unbelievingly . I really don't know at this point what to do. How do I explain this

Cheryl 12/3/13 4:27PM

Don't shop here. They Don't care left on hold 30 min.'s

chuck 11/29/13 7:18AM

WOW - I put 2 leapster leap pad 2's in my cart and then went to add accessories and when I went to pay the items were out of stock - really!!! When you put them in the cart it comes out of your inventory - WHAT A SCAM... Now I have cancelled my whole order and am done with online with Walmart - get it together - your online experience SUCKS!!!

katrina 11/22/13 7:20AM

I have a complaint and you can bet we wont shop walmart again,
We have shopped walmart for years ,my husband got up at 5 a.m this morning to be at walmart to get some 22 ammo and guess what ??? The employers was the first in line which meant the rest of the people that got up early to get some ammo didnt get what they was there for - but the walmart workers did and they didnt just buy one carton - they bought bunches which in turn left the rest as I said with out what they drove so far for , This is jackson ohio walmart store and rest assured we will travel from now on to get our groceries -plus at another store and it wont be Walmart i am dissapointed that the store doesnt have more compassion for their customers and care about them , there are others that are feeling the same way , you need to rearrange your rules or you will lose more then just the ones I know.Im sure this commment wont do any good but at least I feel better , thank you for your time even if you dont read this .

Anonymous 11/17/13 6:22AM

Store sucks and corporate number is even worse, you have to hold more than 5 minutes to speak your complaint, your 20 items or less lines are not even being used and unless you want to wait in a long slow line you have to use the self checkouts, they are fine if you only have canned goods with a bar code but if you have produce you need to drag someone down who is helping 5 other people with problems. This is not my idea of a good experience. I will not shop at walmart anymore!

Anonymous 11/14/13 2:05PM

November 12, 2013

My Husband & I recently purchased a fireplace log for our

fireplace. We brought home the box and there was no remote

to use for the logs. Following is Item. Total

amount paid was $71.97 including shipping & handling.

Order Number: 26779000078587

Please contact me at email address Please forward

Thank you for your assistance,

Gwen E. Williams

Gwen E. Williams 11/12/13 6:07PM

It always amazes me how it surprises people how awful walmart truly is. Every purchase you make there benefits the communist regime of China. Funny how the "communism" thing is not even given a second glance with this generation...when it was all the rage in the 80s with the Russians. Now the same doofuses that scream about Obama being a "socialist" give full support to one of the most ruthless regimes on this planet (walmart/china). Wise up America and shame on Bill Clinton for starting this mess :( Sam Walton would not be very proud of how the children are taking this company forward.....

Ug3twh@tUp@y4 11/7/13 8:05AM

I have been going to the porter Walmart since it was built.they use to have fresh produce and meat and always fully stocked for over a year their produce is pretty much rotten and so is meat. Also I am a coupon er and bargain shopper I have a large family what I can save with coupons helps tremendously,Walmart use to be accommodating to couponers but over the last year are very rude!i have also noticed if a high dollar coupon comes out making an item free or possible overage they take off shelves and do not restock that item until coupon is expired y is that surely they realize they are not losing anything as they get reimbursed face value for coupons.they also try to say coupon for that item is not valid if a coupon reads"2.00 of Any Schick razor" it means any not the picture so y are they denying use of coupon! Their managers when called over try to argue and act as if u are stealing when u use coupons or even price matchups I spend a lot of money on my coupons because it saves more yet I am not allowed to use them at Walmart because managers do not want to learn how their own coupon policy works!!!i will not be going back to Walmart I'm sure they will lose a lot of business because 70 percent of people coupon these days if they do not restock their items and continue denying use of coupons to people! Don't even get me started on Wic and the way u get treated or the fact nothing is ever labeled for Wic items and nobody in the store has a clue what items are Wic I got told by a manager "I don't know just try that item until u get the right one"

Anonymous 11/5/13 2:04PM

my wife & I was doing our regular shopping at
walmart in Dawsonville wife had decided to buy few things out of bakery area .mistake that day.whoever the
workers are there need to clean up their mouth's.the two women workers were talking about how jay & barry get off
on each other. know they have sexs with each jay has no .........sense..talking about drazon lady.wishing jay would slip on banana bust his ass.
hoping he will get fired.the two were talking about who they wish was wife asked me to just go.we will not be back in that store again.

watching u 10/20/13 2:02PM

very concerned

this week my mom was shopping in walmart at Dawsonville ga mom tolded me she over heard 2 females that was working there talking about this boy my mom they hated him and was going to run him off or get him fired.was talking about how they had lied on him.but had not tolded a good enough one yet!!!!now that is SICK!!!!.mom said they were talking one way or another we are going to get him out here..she said his name was either barry or bryan.kepted talking how they maded them mom has cried and cried about mom said she called the store.took her 5 times to get through to talk to someone..2 people were rude in it.she finally got a lady tolded her about what she mom says I just feel they just mabe said she is old and did really nothing about this.have we gotten to the point in life we don't walmart so big they don't care....who keeps walmart going????CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!does walmart let this type crap go mom says if I can find out who he is I am going to say better get out of that store.demons are there.....God help this boy whoever he is.i hope he has maybe a boss who want let him go through hell for theses two say they will cause mom is 77 yrs old.never have I saw her so upset about a matter like this.God help that store in Dawsonville mom said she tolded lady she talked to she was using her sisters phone gave her email addresss.could the lady she talked to email my mom back if she really talked to anyone about the call

susie 10/20/13 8:36AM

I visit the Deland Florida Wal-Mart when ever it's feasible. I do not like sweating while in the store. Your air conditioner has been on the fritz for the last 6 months. Why don't you address this ? I'm sure and have heard that it has been brought to your attention but you don't seem to care.I bet your corporate office is nice and cool.....Let me tell you, the comfort and accesabilty to find a service representive is more important than your prices.....I will shop less or not at all at this store due to your lack of interest. By the way, I and many other's get tired of seeing "Made in China" on just about everything you sell. You have stores in America and discrase our country by not stocking "Made in America" items. You are to far up in the clouds to understand and all you care about is the dollar. That's the "only" made in America you care about......

Anonymous 10/3/13 3:30PM

I have to say walmart has the worst customer service . I placed an order online this order was debited from my account and was not delivered on the day promised instead I received an email the day after stating it had been cancel ; reason, because the claim that they thought the order was in bulk needless to say it was just one tv besides that they offered for me to pay for the item again plus rush shipping yet without them having return my money ??

airstr4 9/20/13 7:10AM

Hopefully I will never have to enter Walmart stores on a regular basis. It's a nightmare trying to find anything at all. It seems the marketing department thinks that to keep moving merchandize around will make the customer buy more. How wrong can they be. I was so frustrated the other night when I went in for just a few items. It took me 2 hours to finally make my purchases because I had to look around and hunt for everything I wanted. Needless to say there's never a clerk around when you want one to help you out. And as far as American made products, that's clearly another subject. Not an experience I want to repeat very often.

Anonymous 9/17/13 8:19PM

on 8/20/13 i was in the mount pocono,Pa store. i saw 3 teenage boys riding around in the store on the carts that are for people that need them because they have problems walking. i was in the store for about 1/2 hour. they were riding up and down the asiles and not one store emploree or managers did anything about it.

Anonymous 8/20/13 6:18AM

I was shopping at your Gurnee, Ill. store. I was second in a line, when a lady in front proceeded to use your match their price on about 20 items, including weighted product. Well 30 minutes later I finally checked out. I told the assistant manager of this store they owed me something off my purchase for such a long wait, Target has $3 off coupons for delaying customers. He informed me that Walmart doesn't do that. Well if you want to have a match their price guarantee and delay customers, I'll shop elsewhere. Here's a idea, why not just lower your prices and get rid of your price guarantee, the lines will move alot faster.

Bob 8/19/13 12:27AM

To whom it may concern

I'm a frequent customer at your Wal-Mart store in the Bay Shore mall, Eureka California and I fill the need to report an incident that happened on this evening.

While striving to pay for my merchandise in the 20 items or less line I was harassed by another customer who loudly and consistently accused me of having more than the 20 items in my cart.

I not only assured her that I had less than 20 items, when the cashier ask me was all the other merchandise in my basket paid for, I answered him yes, loudly enough so that the lady could hear me and I also told the lady standing behind me that if she had any further problems she needed to call the manager.

Well, someone did call the manager and when he came over I explained to him just as I had explained to your other customer, the lady who was standing directly behind me, I had less than 20 items.

I indeed thank him, the manager on duty for his very kind demeanor, soft spoken tone and for listening.

However, after leaving the store the customer that was standing behind the complaining customer, this man who wore a gray T shirt, causation male, approximately 5'6 in height that drove off in a Silver Chevy, verbally accosted me as I was putting my merchandise into the car.

His demeanor was intimidating so much so that I really wished security was near.

So I'm writing you to first thank the manager for coming over and trying to defuse the negative incident and to ask, if you would assist further by placing more security personnel and/or cameras in and around your establishment.

It shouldn't matter that I'm legally blind, well seasoned in age, or black. I should have the right to shop in one of my most favorite store on the planet without being harassed or being made to fill threatened.


Anita Lacy

Ms Lacy 8/15/13 8:46PM

Please explain why hard working honest employees are being terminated at the Super Center in Santa Clarita, Ca. Yes you had a bunch of thieves working there (arrests have been made) and you terminated the innocent employee who reported this. This is WRONG and you know it. This employee should have been thanked and given a raise but instead was terminated! Please look into the hiring and terminating practices of employees you are very aware of that are HARD WORKERS, HONEST, DO WHAT IS ASKED OF THEM, SHOW UP ON TIME and WILL WORK OVERTIME. What has happened in Santa Clarita is Pathetic and POOR MANAGEMENT

tweetipi56 7/30/13 8:43AM

Hi im posting about store in memphis,tn i was a worker at this store for a little over a year ive had a couple write ups but nothing major everyone makes mistakes every now and then but since my termination date ive had 3 interviews and all of them was quite different. My last took the cake i was called to b a cake decorater when i came for the interview i wasnt treated right at all, i felt like itvwas a waste of my time because they didnt asked me questions it was more like hey youve worked here before you know the routine n the checked yhe boxes according to what made their job easier then i waited for the lady to come down and introduce her self n she never came down when personel called her to gst her to come back she stated over the speaker im not coming im busy so forget that she made appointments with a person for an interviw that wasnt important. Then i was told hey u still can do your second interview lol really so me determined to work i stayed for that second intserview only to sit n personell office and watch others get hired in n then be told 30 min later that hey shes not coming i cannt make her come theres nothing i can do but in three months u can b pulled again to work in another department sorry go home. After a almost two hours of waiting to get nothing. Then be called back to work over night as a cashier in electronic s. Got all the way to my third interview to never having a third onterview cus that person wasnt in i called back a day later to see what was tge hold up n was told hey sorry but were not hiring we are booked n dont do rehires company policy. Really how is that when i shop there more than twice a week n people i knew when i was there got fired for things way larger than being on sick leave like myself are back n are working. I feel like they have there picks which is cruel especially when u have a person whos willing to work n only want to support theee family like the next person this is crazy something need to be done about this problem.

mrs. understood 7/12/13 12:04PM

I am contacting you about the wonderful care I have received from your pharmacist Ram Karlapudi. I thought I must remind him of someone in his family because his concern seemed so genuine. I went out with friends for lunch and spoke of the wonderful care I had received from should have heard the buzz at the seems he gives that care to all the seniors....they knew him and spoke so highly of him. I thought someone should know of this valuable employee.

Nita Marie 7/7/13 10:13PM


I am really very upset with the recent online shopping experience that I had with Walmart.My experience totally nullifies Walmart as a customer centric store.I am in US for work and placed some order for home delivery through placing the order I had made sure that the expected delivery for all items is latest by July'4 as I am leaving on July'5.After making sure that the delivery dates are latest by July'4 I had placed my order.I tracked the online status and to my surprise most of the items are shipped and are getting delivered by July'5.Now as I said I don't stay in US and I have a flight to catch on July'5 early morning how on earth can I receive the package.I feel like I have been conned.Please return back my money if you can't have the delivery done latest by July'4.My order number isI really wished I had not ordered on

T 6/28/13 8:33PM

I work at wal-mart in lake jackson i been there for 17years i under stand that the saying is customers always right but that not no where near true . Becouse today 06/ 08/13 there was this customer that came up to me and told me that somebody spilled paint my daughter sliped and fall . I said can i get you mgr she you need to get over there and .c lean it up before somebody falls in it . I was going to but she kept arguing with me about it . I was just consurend about her daughter.

Anonymous 6/9/13 9:37PM

i am very disappointed in wallmart ,you had the best Manager on Whittlesey Blvd in Columbus Ga now you replaced him with someone else that does not do there JobI went there today the Parking Lot had garbage and Trash all over the Place the bathroom stunk inside the Place had boxes all over courtesy needs improvmend why when you have someone that does a good Job replace them with someone that does not"what is wrong with you Wallmart".

Anonymous 5/31/13 9:24AM

Why can I not find an email address for Walmart?? I need to email pictures of a damaged item that I had to pay full price for!!

Alma 5/29/13 9:36AM

I purchased some items that I gave as a gift on mothers day from the Walmart in Madison, Ms 39110. they didn't fit so I needed to exchange them for a bigger size, I didn't have my receipt but, I only wanted to exchange once again. I work retail so I know the procedures in getting a receipt for a customer if they ask which I did while present in the store. I was simply looked at as if I were crazy or something .if I had been a mystery shopper they failed.then I talked to one of the upper management who was suppose to find my receipt & contact me back well, I guess he hadn't found it yet after I had given him all the info he needto find it.

Anonymous 5/23/13 8:36AM

I have been a loyal Walmart customer for over 20 years. I am travelling now, and am currently in Mexico. Where I am currently visiting, the Walmart sells Smucker's products, but not their delicious peanut butter. I asked for 2 cases (24 18oz jars) of Smucker's NATURAL or ORGANIC peanut butter (whichever they could get), for which I had the cash in hand. On three subsequent visits, I was told that they "can't" get that here, because "nobody buys it". I buy it and had cash in hand. The last manager who told me this as named "Rebeca".
Could you please use your big corporate stick to persuade them to order this for me. Is this not the ESSENCE of "Customer Service"?

Anonymous 5/22/13 9:44AM

I will like to know if I purchase one of your foam 12" inch. Matress, you can delivered to the store in Michoacán México. And how much will coast me. Thank You, write me please. HE

Foam Matres 5/16/13 8:02AM

I went to Walmart on 5/10/13 to buy 3 Mothers Gift cards plus other items.The male cashier had a hard time in getting the cars to scan, he ask a lady maybe a supervision to help she tried a number it did not work and she said that she could not help for me pick another card and walk off. This was a very disappointed answer.I thought that one of the reason for a super Walmart was for the customers.

MAY102013 5/12/13 11:13AM

4/29/2013 I called/visited several Walmarts looking for a specific product. It was an XXL19 Junior crocheted vest. I was on hold and checked with twice when there was no answer from that dept. A manager came on identifying herself as such. (sorry didn't catch the name but it was about 11am.) She told me she knew exactly what I was talking about but they did not carry XL or XXL. Knowing this to be a new item I figured they might indeed have it so I cantinued to drive over there suspecting she was too lazy to check. They had BOTH XL and XXL.

Anonymous 4/29/13 11:59AM

I would like compliment the Pearland Walmart Pharmacy. I find pharmacists in general to be people oriented with their customer service and so very true of the pharmacist at this particular location. I am very impressed with the team of pharmacy cashiers who assist customers in various ways.

Anonymous 4/29/13 11:50AM

This is in reference to Walmart Store #5356 in Blairsville, PA. This is one of the worst Walmart Stores I have encountered. I shop at the Latrobe, PA or Greensburg, PA stores. There employess walk around this store as if you should be lucky they work there. The Aisles to check out are hilarious, you have maybe 3-4 lanes open when it is the busiest time of the day. Do they realize that people work for a living as well. When the Lane says 10 items or less they need to tell people, that is what that stands for, those that work for a living, not these people that have all the time in the world to spend in a SuperCenter. Secondly, their Deli Personal are as friendly as a wall, they bypass you as if you are not there. I have asked for a certain amount of different items, and they never ever listen to you and then say oh I did not hear you. Yes they heard you, just too stupid to realize. You have a woman that walks around with a microphone in her ear, I believe she is some type of Supervisor, she is as worthless as they come. She just smiles at you and keeps on moving. Time for Management and take charge of this store, and get rid of the riff raff that they hire.

Not important 4/16/13 12:55PM

Walmart store # 2134 Charlotte NC. My wallet was stolen this week and inside was my two debit/credit cards. The criminals went to Walmart and charged almost $300 worth of stuff by choosing the credit option on the pin pad. They at first tried $484.83 but it did not go through. So they retried and it accepted at $284.71. I went to the branch where it occurred to ask how this happened with no ID. The manager responded with " Walmart as a whole does not have a policy mandating to check ID's on credit purchases no matter how little or big, so there is nothing we can do." I responded that if you guys are going to cater to criminals like that then I have spent my last dime here. Their response was " Im sorry you feel that way, have a great day." I am asking that everyone who feels the same boycott walmart until they change the policy.

Tim 4/11/13 6:12AM

I have had the same experience with empty shelves, more times lately than I can count. One ploy that I have seen is that the regular item that I purchase isn't on the shelf, but a Wal-Mart brand of the same item is there, instead. The "regular-item" space on the shelf is empty. An example of this is that I used to buy Crystal Light Lemonade Singles, for $1.99 per box. Wal-Mart upped the price to $2.48, then removed the name brand, and left that space empty, and put in their own brand of the drink, right next to the empty space. I tried the Wal-Mart brand, it was undrinkable. I won't buy it, again. This has been going on for several months, now. Empty shelves have become the norm at our local Wal-Mart. In fact, I was there today, and there were even more items not on the shelves that I used to buy. While the closest Target to me is about 30 miles, I would now rather shop there, than to deal with Wal-Mart. And, by the way, the store was absolutely packed with customers, and there were only two registers open--just one more reason to start looking for alternative retailers.

queenofpollock 3/27/13 8:07AM

I am handicapped, you only have 5 electic carts in your store in Villa Park, Illinois. Every tim. I go there I have to wait for someone to return the cart.gogo Sometimes one of the carts is out of order.

The reason I shop at Walmart is because of the electric carts. There are baby boomers who need these carts.

Maybe I ought to shop at Target; they have many more carts for their shoppers.

Mary V Payne

Anonymous 3/17/13 10:19PM

For the second time in 2 years my Amex card # has been stolen from the system and used to purchase items. Thanks to Amex these transactions got caught and I was advised. Amex told me they had multiple calls from other customers about illegal transactions on I cancelled my account and suggest others do the same. Obviously their security is terrible and has not gotten any better since they were hacked last year.

blinder1952 3/7/13 3:24PM

WAUSEON, OHIO has the worst customer service ever. We will never shop in your store again. I'd rather pay a little more somewhere else NEVER AGAIN

LLM 2/24/13 12:28PM

I placed an order for $98.04 and was supposed to get free
shipping after $45.00. They charged me $10.91 for shipping.
Either someone solves this problemor this will be my last order
with wal mart. I've looked all over for a phone number to talk
to a human and can;t find one. Everything is on line and
everyone doesn't understand all the on line stuff. Better get
me an answer soon or you will never get an order from me again.
I am thoroughly fed up with this one line where you can't talk
to a human. I first triednall the stores to get the products I
wanted but nobody has them. Please HELP!

Anonymous 2/22/13 2:22PM

Naugatuck, CT is the worst customer service I have experienced at a walmart. The register crashed during the check out process. I had already slid my card and was charged. The manager told me there was nothing he could do. I'm out 50 bucks. No help. I wont be back.

Anonymous 2/19/13 12:49PM

I have been a loyal associate for about 13 years, and have ran many many depts. When I started with Walmart in 2000 I felt like I was part of a family, as time has gone on I have seen the Company focus more on the dollor and less and less on the individual. I have been cursed at, stabbed, shot at and degrated for this company. I have worked for the first 10 yrs of my career without a problem, only to become an Assistant and see the bad side. I was trained to treat people like cattle, and make the most profit for the least loss, if there is 80% turnover then that comes with it. I was told to be firm fair and consistant but when I was coached and threatned everyday and nobody eles was, there was no fair or consistant just firm.

aaron 2/15/13 2:52PM

The circular bag system is a royal pain. I am sick and tired of driving 15 miles to get the items that are still on that stupid wheel. I could bring a couple of boxes and take everything out of the bags and check it off on my receipt in the parking lot. You need a better system of baging. I paid my Walmart card in full this morning and I won't be back. You need better service at Minot, ND Store not another store. Last week my check for payment wouldn't got through your system, so I was told I didn't have and account and my money in may account. After about 15 minutes it finally took my check. I am fed up.

Anonymous 2/7/13 1:42PM

I just had a walmart gas station employee yell at me. No im not exgerating. Call me stupid pretty much because I had a problem w the pump and insult me in front of other customers. And then tell me she didn't care that id have to drag my baby out in the rain that it wasn't her problem. I called and filed a complaint immediately. I'm tired of this kind of thing here at the Walmart on Kimberly rd in Davenport IOWA!!!!!! I will not be back.

Anonymous 1/30/13 12:49PM

Why can't Walmart stock more gluten free products such as UDI gluten free bread products. Your stores stock less than ten gluten free items. Get with the program.

Anonymous 1/24/13 5:07PM

I heard on he news about you buying American made products. It's about time somebody did! I went there about a week ago & was going to buy a bunch of clothes. There was absolutely nothing made in America. I walked away buying nothing & absolutely disgusted!! No wonder there are no jobs here! It's not only clothes, but electronics, you name it, you can't find anything whatsoever made here! The products made in other countries are cheap crap as a rule , & probably use child/& or child labor! I would pay more for American products. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket, due to the current administration. & it will only get worse unless company's like you start to turn it around. Thank you for doing the right thing! Hopefully you will start buying American soon. I'm sorely in need of clothes. But I'm protesting in my own way, buy trying not to buy foreign products. It's darn near impossible though!
Thank you for reading this, & go for it! We need American products!

Anonymous 1/15/13 8:03PM

Hi, I have always enjoyed shopping @ your Walmart store 2135,until recently,a few weeks ago, I was shopping @ your store, and one of your store assistant manager was outside the store with an associate,a young white, wavy hair girl,they looked not too professional outside of the store, they both walked in from what appeared to be a break together,did not look professional, a bit too friendly. For a man in his position, anyway, I asked him if he knew where an item was,and he completely ignored me because he was too busy talking to this young associate,she had on a white coating that said Walmart Photo on it,his name was Rich,it said on his name tag,I was very dissatisfied with the way I was treated by him. And I have always enjoyed shopping there, until now,wasn't good customer service by Rich, Thank goodness I ran into Kevin, the other more professional assistant manager he was very helpful, he should become store manager one day,thanks for your professional help Kevin great job.

Anonymous 1/8/13 7:15AM

Re: Give Sheryl a raise!

Yesterday on 1/4/13 my Husband and I visited your store #4332 at 8990 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819. When we walked into the store we were delighted to see an electric cart for my husband to ride as he has problems walking. Your store was clean, bright and inviting.

It was still raining lightly when we left Wal-Mart about 4:10 pm. Your employee Sheryl came walking out of the store and graciously asked if my husband was finished with the electric cart? She courteously suggested she walk out with us and bring the cart back to the store for another customer. Sheryl was polite and to our surprise she packed our purchases into the car trunk for us.

Our only regret is that we don't have more people like Sheryl at our Wal-Mart in the Sanford store #0857.

Anonymous 1/5/13 8:24AM

The store in Tunkhannock PA, is got to be one of the worst for several reasons. Always, and I mean always, a long line to wait in. Usually only two or three check outs are open no matter what time of the day or night. Always stock in the isle so there is never enough room to move around. With all the shale fracking in our area, the money flows pretty good around here and Walmart knows we will continue to shop where the prices are the best, because come on folks, times are tough and we try to save where we can. But as far as this store getting high marks for quick service and help that really cares, you guys get a big fat F on your report card. Wish you would have never can here to this little town, we would have survived without you. Thanks for nothing but frustration.

MadTunkhannockMom 12/30/12 6:52PM

who do i contact for help with Walmartone sight.

needhelp 12/28/12 2:21PM

I ordered the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim cell phone online, and picked it up today at the store today. When activation was attempted, Straight Talk says they have no record of the serial number, and it must be returned to the store. When I returned to the store they said that they cannot do anything because the package was opened, and it was ordered online. Please help me!

crobinson 12/28/12 1:01PM

On 11/26 I did two seperrate orders for tires. Two for my car, and four for my sister (x-mas present) Mine came as promised on 12/02. Sister's were supposed to be in also. Waited 'till 12/4. They cancelled the order and had me re-order. Thank God I had enough money in my account to re-order, because it takes them 4 days to get your money back. Promised 12/12 to 12/18. No tires! Nobody at can even tell me where they are. They had me call fed-ex twice, with a wayyyyyyyyy to short tracking number. I tell them each time it needs to be 18 digits, and they tell me "it is a good fed-ex tracking number." THEY ARE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love getting no results after 1 1/2 hours on the phone, playing their wild goose chase. And, why in the hell am I the one calling Fed-Ex? I am cancelling again, apologizing to my sister that her Christmas present is going to be late, and re-ordering tires from a company that can get the frigging things to me!!!!! AMATEURS, MICKEY MOUSE, KEYSTONE, UNEDUCATED, CLUELESS PEOPLE!!!!

Kevin 12/19/12 3:36AM

Employee Compliment: I hope this does not fall on deaf ears. On Sundays we visit the Walmart-Mountain Island in Charlotte, NC. There is a cashier that we met early on in our viists. She is the reason that we continue to go to this Walmart and at the time we go. Her name is Jeanne Efaw. she is always at the same register and if she is not there when I go in the store, I leave and come back the next week. As I understand she works part-time. I am very confident that when I check out there will be no erros in my bill. She is always, so friendly and now calls us by name. I have noticed that a lot of customers wait in her line and have heard comments that they will always wait in her line. Just so it is clear, I do not know Jeanne Efaw, and after many months asked her name. I am not one to comment on things like this, but she goes above and beyond. I for one, would have never thought that a cashier could make such a difference. If you could get her full time, she would be an asset.

Anonymous 12/15/12 4:40PM

Rudest people I have ever met work for Walmart.
Was looking at Christmas cards with my 11 year old yesterday, my child is standing right next to me when an employee named Buster, walked up to him and started chewing him out for looking at the cards! I said ,"excuse me, what is he doing wrong?" "If you have a problem with him you need to take it up with me, I am standing right here with him." This man actually cussed at me and then walked off. Of course you can NEVER actually find someone who cares or is willing to help at any Walmart, so this issue has not been addressed, and probably won't be.

no longer a customet 12/9/12 7:51AM

mistreated AT WALMART VESTAL NY,On black friday early afternoon.

Wednesday Night I went to the customer service desk to check my flyer I had,

for some things I had on layaway at Walmart.

I asked the head ceo at walmart if they will price match the flyer I had.

She doubled checked with the manager Micah.She said.on that night.

She told me yes they will price match it for me after reviewing my flyer and layaway slip.

she had told me to come back the next morning when walmarts layaway opened at 9:am to

pick up my layaway & to price match it.So we did that.

THEN AFTER WAITING 3, 1/3 Hours in layway line it was our turn.

They canceled out my layaway because the cashier didn't know how to price adjust the layaway.

we was told we would receive our layaway fee back plus the price adjust.Then the assistant manager"Anthony"came back to layaway.

He said he wasn't going to price match the the flyer ad I had for $99.

I asked him why when the head ceo approved it last night with the manager.

I had asked him if there was any way he could call him to ask him.He said he wasn't

freaking calling the manager he said who had worked 14 hours last night.I said well who do we talk

to then about this he told me to get my phone & call the cooperate office and the them myself or go some

where's else to get the item.When I had it on layaway that they just canceled and tried to

do a price match adjusted price for me.He said the most he can do was give me my canceled layaway fee

that they canceled out trying to figure out how to price adjust the flyer ad.

& he said he could do the higher priced match out of the two I had one 1 $99 and 1 for $179 when the items

I had on layaway was $249 each

a piece.He started to raise his voice and get close to my face while being loud and

I started to cry. My boy friend spoke up & had said you don't have to treat her that way.

The ass. manager said he doesn't have the time for this.for us to call cooperate or find the items else wheres cheaper.

Or to come back & take it up with the head manager the following day.

So I lost out on my layaway fees & the price match of the $99.

While we were cashing out the 2 items we had to re buy due to them canceling the layaway.

I over heard him telling the cashier not to accept price

matching so the lady in the next check out line in layaway was told they

do not price match sears or kmart sorry.I was humiliated & embarrassed with

the assistant manager yelling at us telling us to shop else wheres then, & us

& losing out on our layaway fees.My boyfriend lost almost 4 hours of work because the

layaway personal couldn't figure out how to price match it in the cash registers,&

with the ass.manager Anthony cursing & yelling at us.

I don't think I ever can walk into walmart and spend my money at your stores again.

I understand during the holidays it's busy however the way he was

raising his voice and cursing & telling us to shop else where's then.I think someone should make this right. This is not right for an assistant manager Anthony vestal, NY WALMART to mistreat people this way.

1978tunk 11/24/12 11:19PM

I called the walmart in Buda,tx. to see how many of the vizio "60" inch t.v.'s they had. The saleslady tells me to hurry down. I travel 20 miles and waste 30 minutes in the electronics department to find the t.v.'s were in the garden department. I did not get a ticket after standing in line. The salesman then tells me I can get a raincheck at the service department. I go to the service department and a saleslady rudely tells me there is no rainchecks. I scramble to locate another store. After 15 minutes on the phone I finally get through to the store in Lockhart. I want to know if it is worth my time to try and drive down there. The lady tells me on the phone that they are very buisy and no one can help me. Has your service gone down that bad. I remember working for walmart as a kid and the customer always came first. One would have been fired.

Very Upset 11/22/12 8:59PM

I have been a 12yr employee of the Chiefland, FL Walmart (#1297) and for the most part, it has been a very positive experience. I enjoy the people I work with and the customers but I do have something to ask. Why is is that mgmt will call you on anything you do wrong but when a customer goes to them with a customer service compliment, even calling higher mgt, they NEVER mention that to you? Just sayin'!!!

Anonymous 11/22/12 4:31PM

The Wal Mart Store in Live Oak,Fl. was out of frozen Turkey Breasts on Monday afternoon (11/19/12), that's unbelievable !! Had to get my Turkey Breast at Winn Dixie's

sweetie 11/20/12 7:31AM

the new great value toilet paper is horrible. i have been on facebook to get the 1000.00 gift card with your logo on it and its false advertising

lisa 11/19/12 5:38PM

I bought a Kodak printer at Walmart on Corridor G. in South Charleston, WV, 11-05-12. Could not get it to work, printed one page and then an error message came up, all day I tried to get printer to work, it never worked. Went back to store, Saturday 11-17-12, went to customer service a young lady at the service desk, was very rude and had a smart mouth. I misplaced my receipt, but I had my statement from my debit card, which showed the transaction. They also comfirmed the sale on the computer, they would not refund my money, they would only exchange, or give me a gift card. I had already purchased another printer and did not want to exchange. i also did not want a gift card. They got there money and I wanted my money back. A gift card can only be used at Walmart. I am done with Walmart and will never shop there again, and I am terminating my Sam's Account as well.

bll 11/18/12 8:37AM

I visited the Walmart in Sandusky, OH, Friday Nov 2 2010 and again Friday, Nov.9 2010. I went to the ladies room on both shopping trips. The restrooms were disgusting to say the least. This has been the case on several other visits to Walmart restroom at the same location. There was toilet tissue all over the floor, toilets were filthy ( several had feces all over the seat) and some were not flushed even though they are supposed to flush automatically and the odor made your nose burn and your eyes water.. These restrooms should be condemned !!! I am contacting the health department to look into this matter. Utterly disgusting and unsanitary... Rest assured I will follow through with this matter until it is resolved as this is uncalled for.. Thank you

Anonymous 11/9/12 10:47PM

I am 76 years old and today was the first time anyone refused a check from me. It was very embarassing. I was in the Raleigh, NC store #4484, 8000 Town Dr. Raleigh, NC. Store manager Tori Cason. I was checking out and the clerk asked to see driver license. Because my name on the driver license was not exactly like the name on the check, they would not accept it. Would like to add that I have been shopping this store ever since it opened. Also, prior to this, was shopping the store in Wake Forest, NC. In other words, been shopping Wal Mart ever since they opened a store in the Raleigh area. My license has not changed, neither has my checking account.

My husband and I had talked about going back to the Wake Forest store, because the the one on Town Dr. is never stocked. It seems now we will have to, or just quit Walmart completely. There are other grocery stores. You do have some competition. What happens when your customer service is so bad that everyone quits shopping your stores. Can't wait for that day.

Mary E.Duke 10/27/12 8:34AM

To Wal-mart's corporate or anyone in charge of rehiring. My name is Alfred DeJohn Haley,I was an employee at a Walmart store located in Monroe,Louisiana. The address is 2701 Louisville Avenue,71201. I had been a loyal employee with them from 02/03/05 to 02/03/08. I was involuntarily terminated by Billy Storm for 'his' reason being that I had predated cleaning logbooks until the year 2009 with my thought of being with the company for life and the only one doing what was required from the logbooks. There was a lawsuit filed on Walmart's behalf from the incident. A settlement was reached. But,due to a discrepency found from my younger brother Michael Haley using my high school creditials without my consent or knowledge in the year 2002,I didn't get the full settlement and I can no longer reapply for a job at 'any' Walmart. I have been calling to see if I can get the hiring process out of the red. I really loved my position and the benefits that came along with it. So,I'm inquiring about having the application process cleared up so I can reapply for another position at Walmart.

Alfred Haley 10/25/12 11:35AM

Just found out that WALMART OWNERS MAKE 100 BILLION A YEAR !!!! and they pay slave wages to americans and also just discovered that walmart owners are the largest contributers to privatizing schools in america.
This is the foundation of the destruction of our great america. Sam walton would fire all his relatives if he were alive to see the way they have abused his great work.
Rich scum that care about nothing but money seem to think that they will prevail and they have another think coming.
Its time that ALL the employees of walmart walk off the job at the same time.
my family has discussed the matter at length(37 members) and we have shopped at walmart generationally since it opened and we are all together in deciding that we will no longer shop at walmart AT ALL!!!!

its time for action 10/10/12 4:27PM

You need to stop selling live fish. You can't seem to employee people who know anything about them and it is cruel and inhumane to the fish. I see customers who can't have their kids whatching fish eating eachother because your lazy employees don't feed them. It's unethical to charge people for starving fish. The fish arrive some what healthy and them in a week they begin eating eachother while still alive. Another week goes by and they have fungus all over their bodies and the dead fish from last week have not been removed. It is heart breaking to watch a living thing suffer for so long and have no choice but be forced to eat eachother because no one is feeding them. No employee, or manager knew who took care of the fish. A manager said "no one feeds the fish they just eat eachother." You pay idiots like that? You need to stop killing the fish. It is sick and cruel and you can't hire any one smart enough to feed a living thing. You freaks at corporate get a kick out of killing these fish don't you?

lizzybordon 10/3/12 10:07PM

Sept. 27, 2012 I just returned from store 2058, Raleigh, NC. I called the store but nobody picked up. I tried again but nobody picked up. So I went online and tried customer service and then was transferred tp electric payments and a nice lady there gave me ANOTHER number and said to ask for the district manager for store 2058. There I talked to Gisela who had a nice phone manner and suggested I return to the store! I do not have a car and it is a long taxi ride. So Gisela said the manager would call me. Store 2058 was not busy today and the customer service manager sould not be found when I was in the store!
All this was because I was overcharged for 3 items! When this happens at Harris Teeter, no problem. I guess you get what you pay for. Meaning items are more expensive at Harris Teetr but customer Service is far superior!

Duchess 919 9/27/12 2:13PM

The store in Raynham, Ma. needs the carts cleaned, fixed,and need to be tended to . It is awful for a company to let the carts be in such bad condition . They need to be fixed more than whenever they are done.

Anonymous 9/21/12 4:24AM

I have tried for 4 days now to get an e-gift card for my daughter's birthday. Your customer service reps all give me an different explanation on why it's not being processed even though you have my money.
Instead of trying to explain the problem they are quick to say 'just cancel'.
I have done bussiness with Wal-Mart for years and I can say this is the worst service I have ever had.
The products you are offering now are seem to be deterioating with quality as is your staff to deal with this.

Anonymous 9/12/12 1:42PM

I just wanted to let you know that the Walmart in Marion,North Carolina is terrible.The associates are not friendly and you can never find anyone if you need help with anything.The shelves are empty all the time.They never have anything in stock when I go to get some of the simpliest things.I work in retail and have for 25 years,so I know how things should be and should not be. I went there today for shampoo and condtioner and of course once again out of stock.They had 3 lanes open and the lines were backed up so far.That is ridiclious.

Anonymous 9/12/12 1:34PM

Dear Walmart,



Please consider! There is an abandoned K Mart property with a huge parking lot on the corner of Hwy 7 and Cty Rd 101 in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

The renovated Eden Prairie Walmart SUCKS!! TOO SMALL!!
Visual and size potential at this location would do a fabulous business. Compete with Target & Cub--YOU WIN!

Please consider!!

Anonymous 9/3/12 4:45PM

Went to our local Walmart store to buy a 32 inch TV. They had one on display --Sanyo # 32242 Led TV price was Rollback to $228 from $288. They said they did not have one in stock. They called the Hermitage store and they had the item but would not sell for the rollback price. Most stores if they don't have and another of their stores have same item, you can get it for that price. I was very upset with your policy on this. Thought you should honor the same price. This is not good customer service. You match other stores price but not your own. That's ridiculous.

John & Deloris Genareo 9/3/12 4:45PM

Don't purchase anything online from walmart especially online gaming cards from walmart they send a code by email and its not valid then they tell ya to call xbox live and xbox tells ya to call where ya originally bought the card I purchased a run around and a hassle that one person shoves off to another my son received half a birthday present and now has to wait on the rest, because walmart instead of sending a online card as it shows when ordering sends and email with a code that don't work. I should of purchased it elsewhere never had a problem anywhere else my family and friends will not be shopping at walmart and I will be spreading the word if they don't make this right .....must be how they sell things cheap cause they screw people out of things purchased I have been dealing with this for weeks now and nothing .........

Angie 8/28/12 5:41PM

Hello I contacted two stores in southern California inquiring about model rockets whis I saw online two clerks knew nothing about this product the second store sporting goods never picked up the ringing phone upon calling the manager to find out why sporting goods never picked up, he left me on hold for over five minuets.
I guess when your volume is as larg as walmarts you corporation cares not about a sale thight might introduce a teenager into a possable life long hobby such as launching model rockets.
I wish to whole heartedly thank Walmart for not caring.

Dissatisfied 8/28/12 3:56PM

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