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Wells Fargo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Wells Fargo & Company
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States

Phone: 866-878-5865

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Good Morning:

I Have Several Accounts With Your Bank As Well As My Husband And My Sons And Daughters. I Was At My Branch In Baymeadows In Jacksonville, Code 32256. ( Across From The Big Baptist Church). I Was In The Branch Last Friday Regarding My Account, An Older Black Woman Who Have Her Own Office Called Me Out Of My Name. The Black Woman Who Name I Can't Recall Right Now, Took Upon Herself To Make Me The Center Of Her Jocke. I Was At The Teller Window Regarding My Atm Card. The Young Lady Stated I Need To Talk To Customer Service Rep There. The Teller Then Saw The Older Black Woman Who Was Just Standing Around Decided I Will Be The Joke Of The Day. She Called Me Madea (tyler Perry Character) In Front Of Some Few Customers That Was In The Branch And Front Of Her Co Workers. She Told Me To Come Right This Way Madea. I'am Not No Man...born A Woman ..don't Look Nothing Like Madea. I Was Shocked And Hurt By This Comment. One Of Her Co Workers Who Came By Her Office While I Was In Her Office With My Back Turn Started Laughing...and She (older Black Woman Who Called Me Out Of My Name Started Laughing And Stated My Co Worker Is So Crazy.......i Started To Close My Accounts And Advise My Kids To Close There. I'am Bringing This To Your Attn So Your Employees Can Treat Me With Respect. I Have Never Disrespected Anyone At That Branch Or Any Other Branch. You Can Verified This By Asking Some Of Her Co Workers Who Were There. Unhappy Cusomter. My Phone# 904-244-2894. I Also Called The Customer Service And They Stated They Was Sorry That This Happen To Me. The Customer Service Rep Gave Me The District Mgr Name Which Marcus ? And Adrinao? ( Tried To Write The District Mgr Name Correctly..adrinao. Anyway I Just Wanted To Let You Know That I Was Hurt..and Will Not Be Going To That Branch Anymore.


Wells Fargo sent me a new, unsolicited, company credit card 15 months before my card was due for renewal. It has a chip in it that will enable certain types of people (criminals, government) to have access to all of my personal and financial information. When I contacted them about this, they said that since the card with the chip was already connected to my account, that I couldn't switch it back. None of the other company credit cards (2 of them) nor the company debit cards have been replaced with chips. When I did not activate the new card, they arbitrarily closed the old (good) card and activated the new one themselves. I have not used the new card and will not. We will be changing banks due to this, what I feel, is ethically questionable. I did not request it, do not want a card with a chip that someone could steal my personal information just by walking by me. Why did they only target this one card? we have 3 company credit cards, 2 company debit cards all connected to the same account. We also have 2 personal credit cards and 2 personal debit cards through Wells Fargo, but this will be changing as soon as we can switch things around, which we have already started the process. I feel that they should be held criminally and civilly responsible should our information be hacked or stolen. I will be contacting the Federal entities that have control of this bank.

renegadem 1/25/14 8:23AM

Ordinarily Wells fargo has great customer service, however much depends on the location and the branch manager. I travel a great deal for my company and I do not have time for inconsistent service, poor service or no service at all. Recently I went to the Tucson branch next to the UA medical center because I had a business meeting at UA at 5pm. It seemed to make sense I drop in to that branch to take care of my banking business. One college student (female) was at a window with a young man, another college student (female) was with a male trainee. When the first college student left the young man went to play with papers. I waited and waited while the young man appeared to NOT want to serve anyone else. I was the only one waiting in line. Granted I'm not a sexy young college girl but more the age of this boys grandmother but I was professionally dressed with a business schedule to keep. I had to get in my car and drive to your drive through so the young lady at the window could take care of my business. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That poor girl felt as though she had to apologize for his poor customer service. That is NOT acceptable. Shame on you for hiring these young boys who do not know what is real customer service.

Anonymous 1/17/14 3:41PM

5 years ago I invested $5,000 with Wells Fargo in an investment IRA I had to leave it for a 5 year term. In that 5 years they charge me fees every year, they will charge me additional fee for closing it. They made money for 5 years and I will be lucky if I get $4,000. I filled out all the paper work and mailed it in 8 days later I called could not get any help so I called my local branch and they got hold of the investment group, that man told me if I went to my branch it could be done today NOT.the best my local banker could tell they left my money sit and do nothing. I have to go back on Monday to finally get my money put into my personal acct.. Trust me you would do better to close your eyes and pick a stock then trust wells Fargo's investment " professionals" they only make money for the bank. Even my banker today was disgusted with them.

Penapen 1/10/14 7:26PM

December 17th 2013.
Just got off phone after calling 4 times to resolve an issue with checking account. I called corporate customer service and being told that previous representatives guaranteed to fix an overdraft fee was not correct for them to say. after 12 years of banking they have forgotten about the customer and programmed to be guided by rules. No one would honor what I had been told. Where is the customer in CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 12/17/13 12:47PM

Just got off the phone with internet help at Wells Fargo. I was so un happy I asked to speak with a supervisor . This person was just as rude and I hung up to try and start again with hopes of a more professional person. Not so lucky. Three tries and was told what I should do is go in to speak with a banker because it would take too long to help me on the phone. Forgive me but I thought they were there to help. Please check into your internet phone staffing.

Anonymous 12/15/13 1:02PM

Working with Wells Fargo here in Rapid City South Dakota on a VA Home Loan. Figured since it was a VA loan things would go somewhat easy, or easier. Well, customer service is terrible, been 2 1/2 weeks and NOTHING seems to be getting done. Just get the run around when we finally do get a call back. I am so very disapointed in the service (or lack of) that we are getting! What can we do to get this loan moving so we can get in the house?

SouthDakota4 12/11/13 2:35PM

Called Wells Fargo tonight to dispute a charge on the credit card and they got on the phone with the merchant. The wells Fargo agent determined that he was not going to help us since it was a merchant problem and refused to help us. After jumping through hoops and calling back to dispute resolution supervisor we were told the case was closed! This is insanity for an an unauthorized charge and they take the side of merchants and not their clients and don't care about fraud and lie.

We will be looking to close our accounts and brokerage accounts since they don't care about heir clients.

hoppa 12/5/13 11:29PM

I'm writing to put in an outstanding service by one of your employee,s Walter who works out of the Tampa car loan office. If it wasn't for him and his patience in listining to my issues my dad would of had a huge problem with his car loan . But he gave us a reasonable term of paying our loan . He listened to our problems unlike a particular employee. I just want to say thank you for taking a huge burden off my dads problems. Thank you again Walter.

Gerard Murphy 10/18/13 12:36PM

"Please avoid using profanity."

Pretty difficult to do after getting up to 20 "debt collection" calls a week for two weeks every month. The issue: this bank insists that it has the right to harass its home mortgagors if they wait to pay within the two week grace period provided in the mortgage agreement they signed. If the bank had no intention of respecting the terms of the contract (a one-sided one at that), they shouldn't offer them as inducements to enter into the contract.

I had this experience once before when my bank (not WF) sold my loan to some bottom-feeding outfit in San Antonio, Texas (coincidence?). I asked the very rude caller not to call again, citing California debt collection law, and he never called again. WF does not care about the law and just keeps on calling.

I recently re-financed my home with another bank and I am starting to adjust to being treated as a valued customer instead of a deadbeat who has never missed a payment - not one.

Bill Paoli 10/12/13 11:08PM

Well I Sure Hope Someone Can Help Me Because Your Doesn't Seem To Care To Much To Help Me I Have Been Asking For The Last Eight Months For Help And All They Say Is Thier Looking In To It.lisa Coxe Trust Advisor Said She Couldn't Help Me At All Even When I Gave Her All The Informtion She Had Asked For.m Problem Started With Claudine Bachelor When She Became The Trustee To My Wife Trust,i Asked Her To Find Out From The Notary To Show Her If My Wife Signed And Thumb Print Was In Her Book.well Guess What She Said She Couldn't Help Me.please Let Me Talk To Someone Who Will Let Me Send My Information To So They Can Help Me .thank You;thomas Bouchard.

tommy56 10/5/13 8:59PM

On today 09/09/2013 My wife and I visited Wells Fargo Branch on Dr. Hicks Blvd Florence, AL. As we began to sit
to make a $160,000 plus transaction my wife asked to use the bathroom. She was denied and had to leave the bank by car and drive else where in search of a rest room. I was told they had no rest room and only relieved themselves went they went to lunch. As my church's financial controller I have did banking with you in the past as well.

This denial of your restroom to my wife's urgent need is totally unacceptable. The humiliating act has caused her much distress. It will be very hard for me to look favorable on this bank again. We were customers not some
one who wandered in with no reason for being there!

denton192 9/11/13 8:51PM

I visited my local branch at Spring TX, 77379. I was told by the representative at a the drive thru because I am Hispanic she needed to see me, she made me step out my car and wave at her so she was satisfy before allowing me to withdraw my own money. I was very upset and obviously ask for the branch manager, the manager made her way out to the drive thru but in all honesty there was no ownership by the manager either. I have a very poor I am sorry and a quick statement by the manager "give us another chance, ill chat with my representative." I received poor customer service, no ownership of the incident, and it was clearly demonstrated that well's Fargo associates and company or racist.

Jay 9/7/13 12:42PM

I went to my branch in Egg Harbor City, NJ today and ask a teller to exchange my $5 damaged currency. I was told, no, that while the serial number at the bottom right of the currency if intact, the serial number on the upper left side is not in its entirety. I was told to send it to the Federal Reserve on my own and perhaps I might get a replacement. I was mad so I went to the branch manager. What the branch manager essentially did was ask the tellers what to do!

Extremely bad customer service!

I'm already thinking that I'll present the same $5 bill to the Bank of America branch manager acroos the street fro Well Fargo and ask the same question - as a potential customer.

In addition, after I researched what I should do with the bill, I found out that (1) the Bureau of Printing is where mutilated currency should be send, and not the Federal Reserve - again, very bad banking knowledge; and (2) the Bureau of Printing website defined that if more than 1/2 of the bill is intact, which is my case it is, then a bank should exchange it! This made even more fuming mad!!!

I hope a get a response from a Well Fargo higher up!

Marianito P. Roque

Anonymous 6/10/13 12:21PM

I've been with Wells Fargo since it's days of being Wachovia. What has happened at my branch office is bordering on ridiculous. I'm a drive-thru customer 99.5% of the time. For the last few weeks, there have only beenn 2 tellers. One for drive-thru and one inside. Do you know the wait that has been going on especially in drive-thru? Today is Friday, I had to go up and do personal and business deposits, again there are only 2 tellers. I have seen the branch manager just walking around. When I was a manager in retail, you were responsible to of help any where or any time. Whose idea is to only have 2 tellers? Is this good business sense? I doubt it. I would like to hear what Wells Fargo says about this.

Jcats26day 5/10/13 10:08AM

I'm sorry but I've already opened an account with bb&t due to the extremely dissatisfying customer service I received today from a co-worker of yours. The representative, Andrew Jacobs, rudely interrupted me, started getting an attitude as he spoke to me like I was an idiot, and embarrassed me because I didn't understand why I was told one thing then another. I have zero tolerance for poor customer service and I will be reporting him to upper management. I've been a member of Wells Fargo for about five years and now I can't believe that Wells Fargo, being so well known as they are, would hire such incompetent, sarcastic, and right out mean people to represent their name and establishment.

Joshuaww 4/6/13 12:10PM

I have been aWells customer for all of my life I am now 67...

Never again ...never again

I have in Bangkok,Thailand for more than 3 months and needed an ATM card replacement .

My last transaction was three weeks ago ...

My first request was sent to my home in Us mail after explaining I was in Thailand and needed it Fed exp delivery

Second request and agreed to send fed ex i called to know arrival three days it was explained that can not send fed Ex but only Us mail ..then phoned corporate office and they said yes they can send fed ex ..So another card ordered

Third request. After no delivery several days I called to ask why and was explained same mistake again was sent to Thailand by U s mail another card ordered

Fourth request Now I am waiting again

Bob 3/21/13 12:21AM

I am an AT&T customer and a Wells Fargo Customer. I have been both for over 10 years. While I will likely continue to be an AT&T customer for as long as they are around, I am now leaving Wells Fargo. Here's why:

When AT&T changed their policy on data plans, they did not send me some complicated legal document detailing the changes I would have to make in order to avoid extra charges; they grandfathered me in. My plan stayed the same, and while new customers have to follow the new rules, I follow the same rules that were in place when I signed up with them. This is how they treat their customers: with honor and loyalty. Not everyone is treated exactly the same, but everyone is treated fairly. They honor my original contract with them, and so they will keep my business.

When I signed up with Wells Fargo, I had a free checking account. Wells Fargo has changed my account type and the rules governing it more times than I can count. I currently have 9 accounts worth a total of over $20,000 with Wells Fargo, but they want to charge me a monthly service fee for not following their newest middle-of-the-game rules-change.

I first became aware of this new rules-change in November, 2012, when I was charged a $10 service fee. I called and had the fee waved, and they explained to me the newest rule requiring 10 purchases per month. I have followed that rule. Every month I make at least 10 purchases, and if I haven't met my required quota, I purchase individual songs from iTunes. So, naturally, I was shocked to see a $10 service fee on my account this month. I checked my account online and saw that Apple had combined my individual purchases into only a few transactions. This is similar to what Wells Fargo does with my "save as you go" transfers. It's supposed to be a dollar transferred for each purchase, but I often see 2, 3, or 4 dollar transfers. What was really shocking and extremely upsetting was calling Wells Fargo to explain this to them and being told they couldn't refund my service fee.

I talked to the manager at the Minnesota call center, Lea Eisenschenck, who coldly explained that the best she could do was refund half of my service fee. She claimed to be powerless because the system was set up in such a way that everyone would be treated fairly. When I corrected her and said that everyone would be treated the same, she didn't seem to understand. I tried to explain that there was nothing fair about cheating me out of my money when I have followed Wells Fargo's unfair middle-of-the-game rules-change, but, like a broken record, she continued to read her script. She refunded $5 and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I asked if I could speak to her superior, but apparently she's the top of the chain. Above her is an uncaring, impersonal computer program that won't allow two service-fee refunds for the same customer, regardless of the situation, and there is no one in the world with the power to override that system.

And this all-powerful computer has driven this customer and his family away. We will be going to a bank where people are in charge, and instead of middle-of-the-game rules-changes and "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do" we'll grant someone with some integrity and common sense the honor of holding our money. Wells Fargo has abused that privilege too many times.

I hope that Wells Fargo can figure out how to honor their loyal customers. But until they realize that treating people the same and treating people fairly are two different things, they will continue to fail.

elfinn 2/16/13 10:43AM

I am tired of the fees that Wells Fargo has charged me over the years. As a former employee of Wells Fargo and a loyal customer, I am sadly disappointed. Recently I made a purchase and went to transfer additional money to conver my purchase not only a second after I swiped my card to pay. WF had already transfered the funds from another account and charged me a fee of $12.50 to transfer MY money. I wouldn't be so irritated if it weren't for the fact that I was already in the process of transferring money. In fact there are many other banks who do not charge their customers for overdraft for anything under $20.00. Seeing as they are treating this service as an overdraft when it is indeed not.

Sincerely Disappointed and Irate 2/12/13 8:40AM

Local offices have just posted a customer service ad permanently affixed to the wall as a motivational statement about their commitment to courtesy. Supposedly, Henry Wells himself said the one business rule he lives by is customer courtesy. Is it courteous to have 18 people waiting for a teller? Three people walked out after waiting more than 10 minutes inside the bank/ in line. This is the Wells Fargo branch on Sunset Ave. in Rocky Mount, NC. They don't really care about customer service. They have a young woman who greets customers as they come in, but can do nothing about their lousy service. They pose as if they want to take care of you, but don't know how to give good customer service. If they knew anything about customer courtesy or service, no one would have to wait 35 minutes to see a teller.

jjpedesk 2/9/13 5:47PM

Wells Fargo sure has some ineficient and rude employees. Michelle Kief at Wells Fargo Advisors, Naples, FL has cost us a loss of $350,000.00. As our financial advisor she phoned us and advised we sell some investments (at a loss) and purchase Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. She assured us we could not ever lose money as these securities were guaranteed by the government and also added the their interest rate was terrific. You guessed it, the very next day after purchase those securities collapsed. Have also had dealings with Deborah Kesterman at the Eagle Creek Branch of Wells Fargo. She too took advantage of us. She advised us to open a new checking account which would give us a better rate in our savings account. The new rate only lasted 3 months. Mrs. Kesterson never mentioned that to me. Have left message on her voice mail but she never has the courtesy to return my calls. When will the day come that we can once again trust any of Wells Fargo Employees?

weLLS 2/7/13 7:57AM

We need someone to talk with at a higher level in wells fargo that can get something done we had a preapproved loan to buy a house with wells fargo . the offe4r vwas made to the seller they accepted closing date was set for October 15th, 2012 and has been moved at least 5 times by the wells fargo loan office . we are simply asking for some help please

father of ruined christmas 12/21/12 9:14AM

I'm very disappointed in Wells Fargo for Closing my grandfather free checking account without even given me notice. I don't think this was fair and it sure doesn't help when you are on a fixed income. I was told by several bankers that they could open up a new account for me, but that I would need a $500 deposit and then need a direct deposit of $1500+ each month, otherwise I would get a service charge. I know it only took one lady to stop prayer in the schools. I wonder how many of you readers have had Grandfather accounts closed without your knowledge. I don't think this is fair, especially being I'm on a fixed income and never have that amount of money coming into my account. It seems to me that Wells Fargo doesn't care about the people on a fixed income, only the ones who have lots of money to invest in their bank. I have spent several days trying to get my account reopened, but was told I need to come into the branch where it was opened. When you are ill and taking medical treatments, which prevents you from traveling, how in the world can you come into the branch if you are 30 hours away. I just think that is the most unfair thing Wells Fargo could ask of you. The account shouldn't have been close in the first place. As soon as I started telling some of my friends what had happen, several of them told me they would never bank with Wells Fargo, because they knew friends which had similar problems to have to them, since Wells Fargo had taken over Wachovia. This to me has to be changed. God is always watching out for the poor people, it's just the people with all the money, forget that God is the one keeping the records not them. I am still trying to get my account reopened and I think what Wells Fargo did was sneakie and very inconsiderate of a long time customer. That is not the way you treat loyal long time customers, it's like Wells Fargo is trying to cause you to lose everything that you own, without even caring. If I ever I had a lot of money, now I would think about putting it in another bank to invest elsewhere. I don't feel Wells Fargo really cares about their life long customers, only those who have lots of money. But as the saying goes, here today and gone tomorrow. We don't know what God has in store for us. I do wish I had more money, but times are hard and being ill, with no family make things even harder.

A disappointed customer 12/7/12 10:27PM

Wells Fargo stinks. I had applied as a co-signor with my daughter for a student loan. There were a couple of issues in my past but those have been taken care of. Unfortuntatley they are still on my credit report. They are refusing to approve the loan with these on there. Even though they are showing paid / released. I even faxed a copy of my most recent credit report to them showig a 733 credit score along with the documentation showing those items as paid. Still refuse to approve. I was referred to them from USAA which I have been a long standign member. Word to the wise. If you need a student loan, dont go through them.

hacked off in texas 12/7/12 10:35AM

I had a Wachovia account for years never one issue until Wells Fargo bought them out. I have had multiple issues and everytime I get a rude employee in their call center. Why with sooo many complaints against them nothing is being done. I have filed 2 complaints about my last issue with the BBB and cfpb, I don't think they care about happy customers, as long as they can keep ripping us all off

Anonymous 12/4/12 6:39AM

I've been banking with Wells Fargo for 30 years. I have several accounts set up with them. I was recently a victim of theft. Wells Fargo theft department found a loophole in "their policy" to justify denying my claim. I had $1500 taken out of my account due to theft. Wells Fargo is thanking me for my long time comitment as a customer by denying my claim. Horrible business tactics.

Apparently, if my nieve 14 year old daughter gets coned into releasing a pin# to a dilinquent con artist, this make it okay for the thief to steal $1500 from me.
This kid left his house key at my home and trusted that I would give it back to him.
If I play it as Wells Fargo puts it... I must have permission to go into his home and take whatever I want.... ??? Seems wrong, doesn't it. I have 4 accounts with Wells Fargo, and am closing them all up. I have other accounts at Us Bank. I will give them all my business instead. Appearantly, Wells Fargo does not deem me as a valued customer, otherwise they would have credited the minor amount of $1500, instead of loosing a long time customer.

rita voss 11/17/12 3:59PM

Ever since my kids were little (they're 18 & 20, now), they each had an investment account w/ W.F., managed by the man who had managed my ex-wife's & my account as well. That particular employee of yours - John Packard - did a fantastic job handling our investments w/ W.F.
But unfortunately, the management of our investments got transferred to be managed another employee - Edgar Webster. Ever since then, I've had nothing but trouble. Every other day, since desiring to set up an account for my son to have on his own (since he's now 18 and does not need to have a custodial account), it's been one headache after another. I have had to waste all kinds of air time on my phone, fax papers after printing off e-mails, again and again and again, due to things that STILL need to be done to set up this account for my son.
I'm not a broker by any means, but I KNOW that it's NOT THAT complicated. What I want to know is WHAT'S GOING ON THERE AT WELLS FARGO? Is your office falling apart? Help!

Regor 10/31/12 1:26PM

Wells Fargo lies. They lie about any thing in order to get a sale. They are the worst bank in the world! Never bank with them!

unsatisfied customer 10/30/12 9:22AM

My daughter has auto draft from her Wells Fargo acct to pay my Member One Visa. In October the auto payment came out and two manual payments came out a week later. My daughter called and they were very rude and refused to help her. Wells Fargo California customer support told her it was her fault and tough luck. Luckly my credit union reversed the payments and gave it back to my daughter. I found out later she was not the only person that experienced this.

DJ 10/26/12 9:06AM

wells and fargo is worthless, if you fell like you need to open a account at this bank, DONT. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY CALLING IT OVER DRAFT FEES.wells and fargo must be desperate for money.

newrickster 10/18/12 6:54AM

I am very disappointed with Wells Fargo. I ask to change my due date on our home mortgage and was told that I would have to re-finance to do that. Why is it that other creditors are willing to work with their customers but Wells Fargo is not. I spoke with a customer service rep by the name of Erica Flores and she gave me the same answer. When I ask to speak with her supervior Jason McDaniel she informed me that she would send an e-mail to Jason and ask him to call me. I ask for his phone number and was told that she could not give it out. What's funny is that we did change our second mortage due date with just a phone call. When will Wells Fargo start working with their customers.

Unhappy in Florida 10/12/12 3:30PM

Iam writing to let you know of a very fine young man you have working at the San Leandro Wells Fargo Branch. His name is Deaundre Smith. I had a bad experience with a Wells fargo employee a few years ago that left me with a rather bad feeling, bad enough that I sent a letter to the Corporate office and was phoned with a request for more information and a kind apology. Mr Smith has left me with a much better feeling about Wells Fargo Bank. Thanks to a kind young man who truly does his job. Kind regards,
Lori Lasack

Anonymous 10/9/12 7:34AM

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