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Whirlpool corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Whirlpool corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Whirlpool corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Whirlpool Corporation
2000 N. M-63
Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692
United States

Phone: 269-923-5000

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Bad paint peeling and wearing off on all corners of refrigerator door after 3 years. Last two refrigerators I had for over 15 years, and never ever paint applied so thin it comes off when you rub it. Call service center has "Robotic programmed responses." Refrigerator made in Mexico! DONT' BUY WHIRLPOOL. Understandably I am just talking about paint, but what Home Chef wants to look at a rusting refrigerator. Whirlpool has my money, and I have a rusty 3 year old refrigerator. Check out twitter #whirlpool - I at least should get a response from corporate - Not holding my breath.

Annon in FL 8/20/14 9:50AM

French Door refrigerator freezer going up and service is a week away. Absurd!
Have a 3 year extended warranty. Must mean the customer waits three years for service! Will not buy another Whirlpool product. I want a new washer and dryer in
the near future. Are there any reputable company's left?

Linda 8/20/14 4:24AM

My refrigerator,model WRF990 SLAM02, is the most annoying appliance I have ever purchased. I have had it repaired twice and still ice is forming on the inside. I called August. 6 and have heard nothing about another attempt to repair it. I boight this thing in December. I know you are aware of this problem but it would appear that you are incapable of fixing it. I have had several Whirlpool appliances in the past and have never been treated so poorly as this time. I will not be purchasing another. Someone had better figure out a repair or a replacement is in order!

Sue 8/11/14 12:00PM

I am very disappointed with how the repair of my washer is going. It broke almost a month ago. My wife emailed the corporate office and asked them to help with the problem. They put us in touch with Elite Factory Service out of Marlton, NJ (I think). Tech came out to look at it and told us it was the motor and that we would have to pay for it. We called Whirlpool offices again saying we are not paying for it. A washer shouldn't break down in 1 1/2 years. They told us they would have Elite order the new motor and come out to install it. It's been over 2 weeks since the tech visit and our washer is still broken. I have called Elite and Whirlpool for a couple days now and no one is responding. I am done with Whirlpool and their repair service at Elite. I don't understand why they don't want to keep their customers happy. How hard is it to call and get things repaired. That's their job. No wonder so many people are not buying whirlpool.

Anonymous 7/23/14 7:02AM

Bought my washer 12/18/13 today is 6/19/2013 and I have no washer it is broken, I have been on the phone since 9:10am and it is now 3:40 to no satisfaction the soonest they can send someone to try and fix my NEW washer is July 2, 2014 I will never never never again buy Whirlpool again, after looking on internet I should have done my homewook beforehand, bet I do next time. Their customer service is sooooo bad.

vikki 6/19/14 12:42PM

So EXTREMELY disappointed with Whirlpool. I am exhausted, physically & mentally drained with the experience I am having with your Company. It's imperative that we have a washing machine that works in order for us to stay in our home. My partner had a massive heart attack & stroke and he is incontinent & we are not in a position to run to a Laundromat. I have therefore been hand washing bedding, towels & bed pads up to 3 hours a day & am not in good physically shape myself. As an older senior lady is has put me in a very distressed situation. Your Company should not be able to abuse people the way you do. I have been an Inglis customer for 50 years and purchased a whirlpool 2-1/2 years ago. I would never have thought you would ignore us the way you are & the time element you have dragged on with. It is a very sad day when consumers are thrown under the bus. Very serious business going on here!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is just going to go to your Customer Service, they already know of our woes, hopefully this will go to Management!!!!!!

Darlene 5/3/14 12:41PM

After reading all these complaints, I realize that I am not going to get anywhere with Whirlpool, except the run around. What a grave disappointment my Gold Series side by side refrigerator has been.

Going into the second week without the ice maker, same as the week before Christmas. Freezer forms ice and frost and leaks onto floor. New part came in today but it was the wrong one! Customer service promptly hung up on me last night, telling me to call back today. Found out it was a call center and the guy had finished his work day!

If I want a working refrigerator, I am going to have to go out and purchase another. I purchased a complete appliance package but the refrigerator has been problem after problem. Too bad Whirlpool no longer stands by its customers. Too bad Whirlpool no longer stands by its products.

Pam125 4/11/14 8:03PM

Rehabbed our kitchen and bought all whirlpool appliances. Seems to have been a mistake. Ice maker has never worked properly, now microwave doesn't work and it takes weeks to get the parts. We've had two service calls from A&E who decided they couldn't get here after we waited all day and after rescheduling twice. Then after complaining, we were sent to Maytag now who has made 3 repair visits and ice maker is still not working. Door doesn't hand properly on refrig, and it's off balance and leaning against wall. We bought in May, and have had less than quality use from our products. We'll be off warranty in three months and frankly if I'm in a financial position to do so, I'm thinking of selling off the new appliances as used and getting another brand. I expected better service and reliability from these products. Really have to think about Whirlpool's ability to stand by its products.

Anonymous 2/23/14 11:03AM

We would like to ask corporate to assist us. First, we're satisfied with a appliance that he purchase recently (through the Army & Air Force Exchange at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas) about couple of month ago. But, two weeks our grandsons came for a visit, well to make a long story short our grandson accidentally damage our dryer by dropping an object on top of it and places a large indent on it. So, what we would need assistance with is that we would like to rep!ace this dryer. Is it possible for corporate to assist us by replacing the dryer and give us an depreciation for the damage goods? Therefore, we would be liable for a portion of the entire cost of the dryer?

Anonymous 1/28/14 12:10PM

I have a problem with a service repair to my refrigerator.
In a nutshell, I have been without a refrigerator for 5 plus weeks and I am getting nowhere with trying to get it fixed. The repair services has been out to my house for 5 consecutive weeks and still I am without a working refrigerator.
I have a family of 6 and have had to put bins outside to work as my refrigerator.This is past ridiculous. Today I have decided to take matters into my own hands, I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, USA.Gov for consumers, 7 On your side ( a local news show) and I'm not finished.
Jeff Fettig,( CEO of Whirlpool) not that he would ever read this, but, you should be ashamed of how your customers are treated.

Mary 1/22/14 12:57PM

I bought my side by side refrigerator on 3-4-13 del. on 5-4-13. First repair on ice maker Aug.2,2013.Stopped working again onNov.14,2013. My hardwood floor under it is all coming up. Today Jan.19,2014 still waiting for door. I still have no ice and/or water.Refrigerator freezing anything towards the back of it.I had no ice or water for the holiday. I bought and paid for a new refrigerator and now have a refurbished refrigerator that is still not working.I am very unhappy with this refrigerator and Whirlpool.

Angela 1/19/14 8:28AM

Bought a Whirlpool range. After several years of use the sending unit gives me some default codes which I use and call up WHIRLPOOL CUSTOMER ASST NUMBER only to find out that the Whirlpool employee can't help with the codes at all?! What gives with that? CUSTOMER SERVICE? All he could do is forward my business on to another company? Now? I ask you, is that customer service, beyond the sale?! Don't let this happen to you! All is good until they have your money and the warranty expires. GOOD LUCK WHIRLPOOL. Can you say another brand name? I can.

Anonymous 12/10/13 12:14PM

On July18,2013 I purchased a Whirlpool side by side rfidge.
The amount was over 1000 dollars. The ice/water shoot has a leak causing ice/frost build up on the interior of the freezor door.
The service man was here 3 times. The second time he came with a fixit-it printout from Whirlpool. It didn't work. The final time he determined that I would need a new freezer door. The date of this writing is Novermber 11, 2013 and I still don't have a new door.
I cannot recommend this product to anyone because it is not a good design.

Carmelo 11/11/13 10:02AM

Very Very Bad After sales service. A rep from their service provider Balaji from Noida visited us in the last days of Sept, 13. He changed the membrane of ROm but it was found to be defective by thier Rep himself. Assured to come back within 3-4 days. After repeated requests for more than a month I contacted their Whirlpool Gurgaon Office. In the conference call Mr.Yogesh of Balaji assured immediate action. Even after 5 days of assurance Nothing happened. Day before yesterday time was fixed for yesterday. Nobody turned up. Yesterday got a call from their rep feeling sorry & assured visit today at 10.30 in the morning. I got a call at 11.30 showing inability to visit. He said AAP KAA KAAM HO JAYEGA don't worry. I really fail to understand. By writing this I request Whirlpoor to please buy back the RO so that I can buy a fresh from the company who can provide us better after sales service. Here I must mention that a cheque for Rs.5,000 was given to Balaji for yearly maintenance which they claim was not encahsed. Because of server problem with the bank or because of any other reason not known to me, the cheque might have been returned but I am sure I have sufficient balance in my account. Thanks Sham Kumar

Anonymous 11/8/13 11:28PM

I bought a whirlpool washer last October. After a year of very little use (perhaps twenty washes) since I am not in New York often, it stopped working. It would not turn on. I called the store, Drimmers in Brooklyn, to ask what I should do, since I was under warranty with an additional three year warranty...they gave me Danmark repair to call, which I did. They came out a week later. They came out a second week. They came out a third week later. They came out two other times in the fourth week. They installed three new parts, none of which worked, and one of them replaced twice. Since it is now a month that I am without a washing machine and with an apparently fraudulent warranty, I still have no machine that works. I called Whirlpool technical support, spoke to Bridget, Eva, Jonathan, Carol and Sue (different calls, of course) who all told me that Danmark had to send them the information on their attempted repairs and tell them they couldn't fix it, and then they could send out another repair outfit for a second opinion. Yesterday Felix came from A and E factory service who, no surprise, couldn't fix it and is ordering a part (for the third time for this particular part) and will come back next week maybe, if the part comes in. I am, at this juncture, really angry and feel really cheated, and called Whirlpool technical support and asked them for the corporate phone number, which they wouldn't give me, so I said I would get it on the internet. Which I did. I called yesterday and spoke to
Tinika who said she would have a superior call me today. I mentioned to her that six calls from repair services must have cost Whirlpool at least eight hundred dollars...for nothing....and I paid a little more than half that for the machine originally. I think that's an incredibly stupid way to do business. And I also realized that these repair businesses don't want to fix a machine in one call.....they make their money on repeat visits, and that's what they are doing to Whirlpool. I hope someone wakes up there in the corporate offices.

kristina 11/1/13 7:09AM

I have tried everything I can to get someone to explain to me why the top of my Whirlpool dryer is gradually being taken over by rust. It started doing this less than two years ago. Our daughter died suddenly and I put off enquiring about this for obvious reasons. The rust has gradually crept over the top of the dryer. We tried using enamel paint to no avail. Lowe's told us that the warranty does not cover rust. We have had appliances for sixty years, beginning with a Bendix and have never encountered this problem before. It looks as if a coat of enamel was left off - and why the dryer? which never has wet items except in the drum. We purchased five Whirlpool appliances at the same time, dryer, washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and hot water heater. Only the dryer is rusting. If you can't do anything about this please let us know the best way to deal with it short of buying a new one.

Rusty Dryer 10/14/13 1:29PM

Bought washer dryer aid $2800 for the pair in 2006....the rubber sealant in the washer has about a one inch cut in rubber causing a leak...called whirlpool canada..where I bought it and all you get for costumer service is a lowly "supervisor ". Who gives you platitudes and lip service ...$2800 is not chump change for this "fix" this leak They are "willing" for $ can buy 4 car tires for $400...never never never agai while I entertain buying whirlpool...non existing customer service is just the same in canada..what company does anyone know that the buck stops at a lowly supervisor?????

Violet 10/9/13 3:10PM

Apparently I am not alone. I worked in and managed the service organization of one of the world's largest corporations for over 30 years. Hoping to find an American manufactured refrigerator to replace my very unsatisfactory GE I bought a KitchenAid five months ago. On September 13th, I became fed up with the dripping water and ice buildup in the refrigeration portion and had A&E Service, the provider of Whirlpool service for the Dallas area, into my home to fix it. The tech had to order parts. Today, 21 days later, the parts arrived at my home. It will still be 10 days before they will come back to install the parts. I have had standing water and ice buildup since before the original call. I expect there is black mold behind the ice maker. The service supervisor with whom I spoke told me that they were the only customer facing organization in Whirlpool and that my complaint would go into my record and not reviewed by anyone. Further, that there was no executive or senior management that would talk with me about my issues or their service in general. I cannot believe that quality is so lacking at Whirlpool. I guess that's why American industry has given up overall.

Anonymous 10/4/13 5:38PM

We purchaesd a Whirlpool refrigerator in December and within 5 months it started leaking water. The first tech came to our home 5 months ago and it's still ongoing! They refuse to repace it saying it's repairable and they just need to order the part. They ordered the same part three times! Of course it's not going to work! Now the problems are "compounding themselves" according to the last technician and they want to order those failing parts too. This is outrageous. Has anyone had any success getting one of their products replaced?

Anonymous 9/13/13 2:42PM

I was just forced to sue Whirlpool in small claims action. They continuously pass the buck to the sub-contractior who makes their defective gas hot water heaters. They were involved in a massive class action suit settled in 2008 yet are still producing similar prodects with the same problems. Stay away from Whirlpool products. I am out over $850.00 in replacement costs plus damages including many weeks of cold showers for my family after the 2 year old product went out 6 times. They refuse to honor their warranty. They are arrogant and are a prime example of corporate greed gone amuck.

taxman 9/12/13 9:55AM

Bought a Whirpool stainless steel refrigerator with bottom drawer freezer 3 months ago. Since then we have put in 4 service calls on one problem. Waited many weeks for "the part". And, it has always made a loud humming noise and now the right door on the refrigerator is slipping down. We have called and are being told that unless the repair man deems the fridge "UNREPAIRABLE" we cannot get a replacement or a refund!!! Whirpool, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

Deb 9/9/13 1:19PM

Spent over $8,000 on Whirlpool Gold appliances plus a Cabrio Washer and Dryer. The "Gold" french door refrigerator has alraedy been replaced once, through the efforts of Lowes, after only 6 wweks. Now that refrigerator has multiple issues. The repair companies, 5 in total, over 7 service calls at 6 hour windows each have all informed us that the engineering of our "GOLD" refrigertor less much to be desired. Tried contacting Whirlpool Executives, that's a JOKE !!!


Frustrated 9/9/13 12:21PM

We purchased 3 Whirlpool Gold Appliances, stove, french door fridge and over the range microwave back in 4/2011. Since that time the fridge needed repair, the range needed repair and the microwave door had to be replace. Then the heating element in the microwave stopped working. We were just informed by WHIRLPOOL'S Extended service company (which Whirlpool sent us the information on) that the microwave is not worth fixing. So we paid $470.00 plus tax and delivery and now all they are giving us is $348.00. After speaking to a supervisor at Whirlpool who told me there is nothing that can be done for us because we have the extended warranty! But if we did not have the extended warranty we would of had options! 4 repairs on 3 appliances in a little over 2 1/2 years - sounds to me like there is something defected and you are covering it up. We spent good money on your brand and will never ever purchase another Whirlpool product and I will make sure to tell everyone we know about your lack of customer service. There is no way that the heating element should go bad in this amount of time, but what really gets me is your lack of customer service. The repair cost on the microwave was a total of $388.00 so why not keep a customer happy and fix it instead of giving them back $348.00? What is $40.00 to a company like Whirlpool.

charlene sidebotham 8/29/13 6:18AM

I contacted Whirlpool because of a dangerous problem with their new stove knobs turning on so easily when leaning over to clean the above microwave, etc. They sent a man from some company that told me I should use a stool every time I use the above stove microwave. I'm 5'4". I'm not that short. I burned my hair on the stove and the workers at my house accidentally turned it on while working near it. You barely touch it.I'm sure my grandsomn will be turning the knobs when he starts walking. Whirlpool Customer Service will not return my calls about this dangerous problem.

Anonymous 8/21/13 10:48AM

I took a day off work to have a whirlpool dishwasher installed and upon completion the dishwasher would not even come on. I called and talk to Emily and a person who said she was a supervisor (Crystal) with no satisfaction. If the product whirlpool is selling does not work there should be a comparable adjustment for the time and inconvenience. They offered me $75 and the time I will miss is three times that amount. I will also have to take another day off work to install another dishwasher because the company I bought it from did not have another in stock. If you want satisfaction do not use whirlpool.

Anonymous 8/19/13 11:16AM

Purchased a Kenmore elite dryer and washer(both made by Whirlpool)in 2004. Had to replace control board on washer 1 year ago. Now control board in dryer is shot and have been told that it will take 4 months to get part. Asked if there was a recall and told no.I questioned if there are not parts around there must be a lot boards being replaced therefore a problem with board. No answer.

This is the last time buying a Whirlpool, Kenmore or Maytag product if this is the type of service I can expect. No answers from anyone. Whirlpool says you must call Kenmore, Kenmore says it's a Whirlpool problem. A big run around. Wonder if a Whirlpool executive would have to wait this long.

So what do I do. Buy a new dryer? Anyone with a suggestion?

Must say finally someone from whirlpool talking to me. Don't think anything will happen, but someone listening.

Skip 8/12/13 3:29PM

I bought a new Whirlpool washer and dryer less than one year ago. First the dryer went bad and after 3 services calls the motor was replaced. I lived with that. Now the washer stops in the middle of the spin cycle. 5 service calls and it is still not fixed. Waiting for service call number 6 so my entire washer can be rebuilt. No washer since mid July. The customer service rep said my washer won't be replaced, it has to be fixed. She offered me first 3 more months of warranty then 6 months. Ashley was her name and she said there was no one higher than her that I could talk to. I just want a working washer, I need help.

Denise 8/12/13 2:24PM

I Pruchased A Whirlpool Side By Side Refridgerator August 2010 It Has Not Been Three Years It Has Stop Cooling. The Refriderator That I Had Before I Purchased This Whirlpool It Lasted Over 12 Years. As A Singled Parent Hoping To Purchase An Appliance That Would Have Lasted As Long As The Other Refridgerator Did. I Will Not Purchase Another Whirlpool Appliance Or Product With The Name Whirlpool Labeled On It. Now I Have To Figure Out What To Do Next That Refridgerator Was A Big Purchase For Me.

SHY 8/8/13 4:02PM

I bought a cabrio washer and dryer in 2009. It's only been 4 yrs and the washer stop working in February 2013 and I had to pay 350.00. Today, the tub need to be replaced along with a few other things and this will cost over 600.00. Washer 4 years old and has cost 350.00 plus over 600.00. I spoke with whirlpool and was told there is nothing they can do. I asked if there was a recall on parts, they said no.
I don't understand how such an expensive washer can break down in such a short period of time and whirlpool wont help me replace it. This is not right.

Marie 7/29/13 3:14PM

I bought a Whirlpool washer from Menards a couple weeks ago & can't figure why it's 'energy efficient' because while it uses less water, it takes about an hour to do one load of regular clothes. It also won't put in just hot water-as to do whites; it mixes hot & cold, so I soak whites in a bucket. What a waste of my time! This washer replaced a 30 year old Maytag! Guess we buyers are the expendable ones.

map 7/15/13 9:17AM

I am so mad at whirlpool, my freezer I have had 9 months it was full of steaks and fish from Maine that I had shipped back when we were on vacation, now I can't get it fixed for a hole week and not happy with this. I also see that they are not paying for the food that spoiled NEVER will I buy a product from you again and I will tell every one the same thing, you think you could make this right but I guess all you think about is making money VERY UPSET!!!!!!!!!!

vickie 7/12/13 12:42PM

I don't have a complaint on whirlpool itself, but the delivery company who they have a contract with (JB HUNT) is just awful!!! I have ordered a washing maching with a pedestal and was scheduled to get that Friday. My window was from 12-4 and it was 5 for mins until 4pm!! I called to see if they were on their way and the lady tells me the driver spoke to husband to get a new route due to some branches being low?!?!? WHAT A LIE!! My husband was right next to me I then called the corporate office who told me they were running late only for them to NEVER SHOW UP!!! I missed a WHOLE work day just for them not to come!! I was so mad and called Monday to complain at first the lady seemed nice and understanding (Mary) is her name but then she just seemed bothered!! Like if she was bipolar!! I had to schedule them for Saturday since I was not able to miss another day for this only for them to come with ONLY THE WASHING MACHINE!! NO PEDESTAL!! Mind you I PAID to get this installed!! I am upset with JBHUNT and think whirlpool needs to change delivery companies this is just ridiculous!! I ordered the pedestal so I wouldn't have to bend down much since I am we'll over 55!! I will def be making a complaint Monday and will never order anything if they don't switch delivery companies!

Perez family 7/6/13 8:15AM

I purchased a Whirlpool gold series dishwasher less than 6

months ago.. It is the worse cleaning

dishwasher I have ever owned. It does not clean the dishes.

I have to wash or rinse them before I put them the dishwasher and then they still may not get clean. I brought it from Home Depot and I am still paying on it.

I would give it a 4 out of 10.

Vickie Joyner

Disatisfied 6/30/13 6:54PM

Bought a gold sites microwave Just over a year ago. .. installed it in june of
2012... Since then I have had to replace both light bulbs twice. . Sometimes when you would open the door the microwave would still run... lights would flicker .. been having chest pains and other health problems that can arise from a defective microwave that have leaks .. lowes said Im out of warranty since its older than a year. Not their problem.. considering contacting an attorney if nothing is done by Lowes or whirlpool

Christopher 5/31/13 5:24PM

We purchased our Sidekick Refrigerator (EL7ATRRMS07) in Dec 30, 2004. On Jan 9, 2007 the serviceman came out and had to replace the entire sealed compressor system (compressor, heat exchanger, and low side as the unit would not cool lower than 55 degrees). That is two years of use for a refrigerator that replaced one that was 25 years old and still working fine.

Now on May 8, 2013 the same thing has happened as the serviceman says that the sealed system has gone out again. This time it is not under warranty so it is not worth fixing and I should buy a new refrig. That is six years from the second system replacement and only 8 years of total life.

This is really unacceptable. We have always bought Kenmore or Whirlpool washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. as did our parents. I can assure you that we will never buy another Whirlpool product and will be advising our children and grandchildren not to buy them either.

This situation makes me sad, angry, frustrated, and dismayed that we can no longer manufacture or sell a quality product anymore in the USA. Even though most of your parts are probably made in Mexico or China, this does not excuse you from doing top line quality control when these parts get into the USA. And if 5 to 10 years is the maximum life expected from your products now, then you deserve to lose your loyal customers. This is too bad for the company, its employees, and your shareholders. But company deserves to struggle until it hopefully gets it direction back. Making huge profits and salaries by selling high priced but inferior products, while losing customer confidence, will not sustain the company. As a Management and Leadership Consultant I can only sadly say that you all have a lot of work ahead of you.

Warp44 5/10/13 2:46PM

1 had purchased one INOX400 refrigerator(chasis no-7381993) on 28th july 2007 from Tribhuvan enterprises-KHANPUR ,Delhi vide bill no-2015 dt. 28-07-2007 with paid extended warranty from Handa Referigeration ramesh ngr. delhi upto july 2014 .my several complaints since nov-2012 to help line and emails to helpdesk and senior officers of whirlpool in delhi/gurgaon resulted no results except excuses and threatenings ,abusive languages from their side .when i resisted , the area sales manager mr. chanderesh sent a mail to me that my ref. is irreparable and offered a 40% discount on any new fridge in replacement ,later mr. V.Singh offered 50% discount on MRP but no engineer was deputed to solve the issue of no cooling of my fridge.I have misplaced the bill but have provided all the details of the bill i.e name and adress of vender ,bill no with date of purchase and chasis no of fridge along with the copy of extended waranty upto july-2014.but nothing has been done till today and ref. is lying like a junk piece.Mr Singh has now dared me to go to consumer court to get my fridge repaired.Is all this is the part of customer services provided by whirlpool to shrink from their responsibilities or this is cheating tacticts adopted by co.The copy of bill may have been procured by whirlpool from its own dealer and might have not made this an execuse for not providing the customer services.

complaint 5/5/13 11:43PM

I purchased the top of the line maytag dishwasher a year ago this Jan. 31. I have had more than a dozen service calls on this dishwasher over the past year & it is still not fixed. Whirlpool does not want to do anything about the problem. All I want is a different dishwasher. I even said I would take a lower model, just to get it out of my house. It doesn't wash & dry the dishes like it should & it growls at you during the cycle constantly.

Disgusted 3/14/13 11:08AM

i bought a refrigerator from p.c richards maytag,4 repair was taken back.i purchased a whirlpool 4 repair men.replaced had to pay more money.4 repairmen.replaced same make and model.replaced for more money by kenmore and still doesn't work right.freezing up in the refrigerator compartment.had to take all things off the refrigerator,clear out the hall,having my house man working extra,not too mention all the food,vegetables and fruit being destroyed from the cell destruction from the cold,not too mention the time on the telephone.the money lost in rotten food.extra time for my houseman.then i bought a double oven range.never used the oven.when i went to use the oven top or bottom,they don't work.when i purchased this from lowes it was in warrant something was wrong with the front burner knob it came in damaged.whirlpool would not replace it.the knob would cost25.00 even though the range was in warrant.if whirlpool doesn't do the right thing by taking this range back.i will have to go to court.i was told the problem was the computer chips were manufactured incorrectly,they come from the far east.there are many brands made by whirlpool,i wonder??????? ps.i am a senior citizen with health issues, and this was a horrible experience.also taking the refrigerators in and out broke my porch light and scraped my walls.

[email protected] 2/23/13 12:59PM

we bought a whirlpool he dryer a little over a year ago. The bearings went out and we have been getting the runaround for over a month tro try and get it repaired. Oh yes they took our money but no repairs. Wow some customer service. We will never buy another whirlpool of any kind. Walmart is tops in my book.

Anonymous 2/15/13 7:33PM

Bought a new stainless steel whirlpool 3 years ago. It was top of the line,pull out bottom freezer,side by side doors,we payed 100.00 dollars for extended service contract.(5 years) We lost our receipt,called the service dept they said it would take 2 weeks to retreive our information in files,we waited 3 weeks called them back all service management people told us unless we could give them an exact date of purchase they would not honor our extended service contract. I can't belive they can't find any kind of proof of any kind of receipt or delivery papers . Best to buy your appliences at a small dealer who will be able to retreive your paper work. Would not buy anything from Whirpool or Lowes again.

Moby 2/6/13 2:14PM

Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum washer. Within 1 year the store had to replace the washer 2 times and then the third time the lid would not close and the washer just stopped. THree times within a year, loose bolts and screws, leaking water, lid that would not close,power just stopped working . It is 2 of us ,children grown, SAVE YOUR MONEY.... the reviews must be by paid semployees. It is unreliable, has poor workmanship , cheap parts and I think the high price is by over paid union employees who don't care. Do yourself a favor by NOT MADE IN AMERICA unless you have the money and time to waste. Now within a year I have to pay another $1000 for a washer that was hardly used.

janl 1/16/13 4:49PM

Hi this is George from GSR Travels in India at Tamil Nadu in Chennai. We are Logistics operator (service provider) we are with you more than 8 years, we have seen your Advertisements saying about Quality perfection and durable. But we are suffered a lot being a vendor with you, we didn't receive payment properly our payment is more than Rs.7 lakhs no proper answer from local office, many times we contact Noida office at there also no proper reply, we don't knew how to get our payment my

request 12/28/12 12:33AM


LAM 11/26/12 7:55PM

i bought washer 1 1/2 years ago cost me 250 dollars to fix wirlpool wont help with cost

glassknob76 11/13/12 3:58PM

I have had a side by side Whirlpool refrigrator for 2 years and I just discovered it was leaking water because the partition on the side of the refrigrator was soaking up the water. I called and was told Whirlpool's technition had to determine if was a factor defect before Whirlpool would pay anything. It was a factory defect determined by Whirlpool's technition but Whirlpool wouldn't accept responsibality because it wasn't still under warrenty.
First why wasn't I told right off Whirlpool wouldn't be responsible after the first year so I could have had a local technition try to fix it instead of telling me Whirlpool would have to determine if it was a factory defect when they weren't going to fix it ? Second I can't believe I have a refrigirator 2 years old that I've already paid $225 to fix the refrigirator( too much freon, causing condensation dripping on floor), and now second time out by technition told that it would cost as much to completely fix the factory defect(still some condensation leaking onfloor)as it would to replace the refigrator. Right not I am not happy with Whirlpool Corp.

Mary Ann 11/6/12 2:14PM

My mother bought a white whirlpool fridge and the paint on the doors has turned blackish and tacky and looks like it has been burned. It started happening when the fridge was only a year or two old and now it is absolutely disgusting. Not having any luck contacting anyone who will do anything about this, my mother is 85 years old and has to reply on others helping her to sort things like this out for her. I have taken photos on my phone and am happy to email them, I can't believe the poor quality of this product. Help rectify this situation for her please.

Rhonda 11/5/12 7:22PM


REALLYMAD 9/27/12 3:13AM

My mom purchased an Amana washer,dryer fridg,and stove made by Whirlpool from Brands mart in florida. She has recently retired and purchased a home. She had the washer for two months( model nwt4500xq} and it flooded her home twice. Service man came to repair 3 times following and they refused to replace . She sent pics and forms to be reimbursed for damages, requested replacement washer and still has not received either to date .Its been almost a year. In the mean time she has had her intelligence insulted many times . Repairmen have told her its normal that machine only fills with 4 inches of water to wash and rinse. Mom is elderly and it takes her 3 wash and rinse cyles to clean one small load of wash. Which results in her doing laundry all day almost everyday . My Mom, Sister and myself have spoke with custoner service repeatedly. They are insulting ,condisending,rude,and liars with no straight forward answers . I will be placing a utube video on the internet for all to see . I will also be informing all of my neices and nephews via email who just happen to work in retail at the moment. Sears ,PC Richards ,Homedepot,and Bestbuy .I will also be spreading the news on twitter, facebook and my work place which is all across america .So with that being said MR Whirlpool who does not stand behind his product. If you think the economy has put a hurtin on you . Just watch and see what the internet does to you .Thank you all for your time

Anonymous 9/20/12 7:46PM

Bought a Whirlpool Microwave over the range, model # GMH3204XVS-3 from Lowes for $369. Look at the customer comments, many folks, me included had the heating element die at just under or over 12 months. Over $300 to repair. Cost $369!!. Whirlpool products are terrible. Dont ever buy their microwaves.

neverbuywhirpoolagain 8/13/12 8:45PM

Bought a Water Heater 2 weeks ago and won't give hot water. Had service guy out to replace thermostate, still wont heat. Try to ask to give me a aurthzation code to take this one back and replace with another one, Whirlpool wont do that. This is my first and last time that I will ever, ever buy this brand again.

Spark 7/14/12 9:02AM

I had purchased a Whirlpool refrigator, professional 410 ltrs. This was delivered on 23rd MAy'12. The service engineer came to install the same and detected defects.

The body of the refrigator had dent anr scatches.
Immediately a complaint was logged with their dealer , and we were told that the same would be replaced in 7 to 10 days time. As usual it was not done and since then I started following up with their service engineer Mr Ambica Tripathi, Mob No. 9214351721, till date every time I called up he had only 1 reply that is there is no stock and the stock will take 7 days to arrive, but as on date nothing has happened. This person even does not give any email id to lodge a complaint.

simmi 7/11/12 11:18PM

i have purchased a whirlpool RO and i would like to take the AMC anf get change the filters & membrane i have registerd my service request on 22nd june 2012 and my service request No. is JP 0612009263 and it was assued that the service engineer will contact us within 24 Hours but after passing 15 days time no service engineer has contacted me till date ,and when am am calling on the customer care No. 60008558 no one is responding on this number one time one person has piced up the phone and kept me on hold for 15 minutes and after that phone was disconnected and after that no one is picking my phone.

Anonymous 7/6/12 2:17AM

I bought a maytag ref. In march 2012 .Worst mistake of my life. Can not talk to any one that can or will make a decision. On my bad decision.

unsatifed 7/5/12 11:48AM

I bought a maytag ref. In march 2012 .Worst mistake of my life. Can not talk to any one that can or will make a decision. On my bad decision.

unsatifed 7/5/12 11:47AM

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