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Yahoo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Yahoo corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Yahoo corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
United States

Phone: 408-349-3300
Fax: 408-349-3301

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I have had nothing but frustration after frustration with Yahoo. Due to the problems with the new virus, I changed my password and when I needed to log in again, Yahoo would not accept the password which I had just changed to and then, after several tries, IT LOCKED ME OUT FOR 24 HOURS!
WHAT THE heck KIND OF OPERATION IS THIS? This has ALWAYS happened when Yahoo decides that I should sign in again after a few weeks. I'd rather pay money to have something I can trust. I will be leaving Yahoo and having another second e-mail. My Comcast account has never given me problems EVER. I just get so much e-mail that I divide it up. Computers are ruining the world. You can never talk to a PERSON EVER!

malitotucson 4/10/14 2:30PM

DR. Oz advertisment, I saw on yahoo news page an article about a diet pill that claims to take off 7 lbs in one week, I think it's a shame Yahoo is promoting this product. Dr Oz. saya after each and every show that he dosen't promote ANY product and if his name appears on something it's a SCAM. Does Yahoo even look at the things that are posted on it's site? I tired of people getting ripped off please take this off.

STOP RIP OFFS 2/19/14 6:51AM

I am disgusted with Yahoo. Ever since they transitioned to a "better" email format, it has been problematic. The format of the pages keep changing.

Right now I have been on the phone for 45 minutes, waiting for a customer service representative. Disgraceful!

The latest version prevents me from consistently getting attachments, deleting pictures when I want to print or forward an email, not having the names pop up when I type in a few letters in the "to" location bar, websites not going through as links, and not having access to Bold, Italics, font size or color...most frustrating!

Lorrie 2/18/14 8:27AM

I have been on hold on my cellphone for one hour and thirty minutes. And Yahoo called me back and said I was number 1, next in line. This is terrible service. in fact it is no service! Yahoo owes me two hours of my time. I can get yahoo on my cellphone and ipad but not on my Mac Book Pro. The first two items are on one contract and the Macbook Pro is on another contract., And do not send me to ATT. I am not changing my password becuase it won't work on my oomputer.

There is no excuse for this long a wait on the phone.

judydc123 2/13/14 3:56PM

I seem to be having the same issues as everyone else...this is ridiculous...WORST CUSTOMER SVC. I have ever seen....and I am a customer service rep...If it persists I will be pulling my email and going elsewhere...just sucks as I have a ton of emails...very important emails that I am waiting on.

Anonymous 2/6/14 12:05PM

If you have a problem with Yahoo there is no way to get help. You cannot reach them by phone. I even called their direct line and live 25 miles away. All I want to do is them to verify my email so I can use it but they are not.

sharontex 1/28/14 3:11PM

I have been locked out 3x this month. There is ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE HELP. I was on hold for over 1 1/2 hours and finally hung up. Had to wait 24 hours ton try gain. I can't stand it!!

helend 1/25/14 5:27PM

I Have Been On The Phone Waiting For Customer Service For 30 Minutes. This Is Not Good Customer Service. A Person Could Very Easilly Switch Companys. Please Get A Grip On Your Business.

Anonymous 1/22/14 12:18PM

They are locking people out. Who knows who's going through our information, emails, phones, what else. Aren't we paying for tax services and the jobs of many of these people. Wow yahoo goes crazy...I think it's the new and bad CEO she's ruining a good company, very sad to see.

yogurt 1/11/14 10:31AM

I have had the same email for years and years, now all of the sudden it tell me my password is wrong.. I am currently awaiting emails from colleges and I can't open the damn thing.. I've been calling for weekes, on hold for over 1 hour 1 day.. Only to get hung up on.. I'm so upset. I need to know what is going on,! Don't email me cause can't oped my email thanks to you! Wth! It asks me a security question, where did I meet my spouse... I don't have a spouse! Please help

Kim_mih 1/7/14 7:40AM

Filters still don't work, its been forever, if you want people to have yahoo email, you need to get busy & fix it so it works. Calendars don't send reminders. Yahoo used to be a good email to have. I have been with yahoo a lone time. This is the worst I seen it. Since you updated yahoo it send emails that I don't even want on my computer, I filter them to send them to spam they come back. I never ever visit such sites. I don't mind change if it works. This new yahoo does not work. Try fixing it or go back to the old yahoo until you get it working properly.

Sherry Rayburn 1/4/14 10:21PM

How Can You E Mail Me With A Response To "how To Get Into My E Mail" If I Cannot Open It. I Have Called Many Times And Have Been Put On Hold, And No One Ever Comes To The Phone. You Sent Me A Code 3 X To Reset My Password, Then It Tells Me That I Cant Reset Online. Not Good. Im Still Trying To Get To My E Mails!!!

[email protected] 1/1/14 8:46PM

Yahoo has just lost me permanently as a user. This last stunt
of flashing my email box then popping up the notice" Oops, your session has expired. Sign in again" Then followed by the popped up notice that I needed to confirm my password periodically. Once all of that was done, then another flash image of my email and the irritating preceding messages repeat themselves. After 6 passes through this infuriating loop,I used Google to find this site. Judging from the list of complaints about Yahoo's poor service, I would be wasting my time trying to talk to a human being who will address my issue and correct it.

xepherwind 12/24/13 7:30AM

YAHOO HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! I tried calling a 1-800 number for customer care 6 times. Get a recording that says "your call is important to us..." and then someone disconnects the call! I finally called Sunnyvale/corporate and asked to speak to a human being about this situation. And was sent...yes, to ANOTHER recording of "your call is important to us..." Once I fix this situation, I will shop for another webhoster. This is just ridiculous. If you are a small business owner, avoid at ALL cost.

Anonymous 12/20/13 2:47PM

Hate your new format, why did you change ??? It stinks....We should have the right to stay with the old format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 12/19/13 8:32AM

Every is going wrong with my email.Yes like all of you,I have tried everything to get it fixed . This is going on now for 3 mo. Now I just want my personal info back and not deal with them any more! Sure glad I do not own any of their stocks!

Anonymous 12/17/13 3:04PM

Yahoo Is The Worst. I Encourage Business Owners Not To Use Yahoo With Web Hosting. They Have The Worst Customer Service Ever. I Have Been Trying To Get A Hold Of Someone For Over A Month. I've Received Emails From Customer Service Reps That They Would Call Me Back At A Certain Time But They Never Do.
Do Not Use Yahoo For Any Reason.

ROBERT 12/17/13 12:59PM

My yahoo email started giving me an invalid ID or password message on 12/11/13 early afternoon. On Friday I realized that it wasn't just me but a system wide failure by Yahoo. The "help" site says it will return info in 24 hours which we all now know is a lie. To make matters worse the "help" site keeps saying (with my incident #) that it will respond to me by email and lists the one I can't log in to. They completely ignore the alternant one I keep giving. Friends say they get a mailer daemon when they try to email me. I have a small business and this email is on all my company cards, etsy store... This shutdown is costing me money and damaging my small company. It is just insulting when Marissa Mayer says she is very sorry. She and the rest of the yahoo people should be held accountable. To post this comment Yahoo wants my non working email!

cmpsews 12/14/13 5:41PM

I have been locked out of my account for a period of 45 days.I never ever change email address and I really just don't appreciate the value I had with yahoo and all the sudden it has change.I have been a customer for a period of years.I have done everything to get a hold of you by sending emails and calling.I had my email hacked and that's terrible when your a normal person
counting on your documentation going through your yahoo account.I never change my account at all.But others can just lock your account with out even checking in with you.I would like to know why this has took place and I've been with you for years and didn't have any problems at all.So who do you have to speak to and know one answer your call or emails.This is illegal ,when someone hacks information from your account.I haven't change my yahoo at all. I did go in and try to see what took place.Can you have someone look into this area,because this is your staff looking over everything a customer is trying to find out,by not answering to anything.If I cant get in to my account,how can you say your sending information to and email and your account is locked.I do have value to my account and I do know it's been hacked.So please do try and figure this out.

Anonymous 12/13/13 4:05PM

I Have Been Locked Out Of My Account For 3 Days Now. This Is Rediculous. The Phone Number Is A Complete Waste Of Time. "your Call Is Very Important To Us, Then Music For 3 Minutes, Then They Hang Up On You. What In The Hell Is Going On. This Is Killing My Small Business. I Don't Need Another Email, Idiots! That's The Whole Damn Problem. I "can Not Access My Email". This Is The Way You Treat Your Customers? This Is Absurd. I Am Literally On The Verge Of Loosing My Business Because Of This. I Have Been A Very Loyal Customer For At Least 8 Years Now And This Is The Way You Treat Your Customers?

[email protected] 12/13/13 1:40PM

I have not been able to sign in since Sunday. I have restmy password ,, deleted the account on my iPad, tried to add it back and I get nowhere. Also experienced hang ups multiple times. Poor customer service...

Patriciawands 12/13/13 7:02AM

Unable to access my yahoo account for two days. Am told my user id or password are incorrect and THEY ARE NOT. No response from phone calls to your customer service number which times out after 40 minutes. Recorded message repeated tells me to hold on, and how important my call is! Need to resolve this issue urgently so please contact me on the below address.

Anonymous 12/12/13 7:31PM

I have been trying to access my yahoo email since yesterday and keep getting the below message
"Scheduled Maintenance
We are undertaking some essential, but extensive maintenance to improve Yahoo! Mail. During the maintenance period, some users may experience problems accessing Yahoo! Mail.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Your account is in great shape and we are working to have it available again as quickly as possible. "

The customer service phone hangs up after 10 minutes or so and there is no phone number for any technical assistance?
I just need to know if this message is genuine.

anonymous 12/11/13 8:42AM

Yahoostinks. My e-mail has been down all day and there is no one to speak with. When I call the Yahoo number it hangs up on me. There is no excuse for this. My yahoo e-mail address is [email protected] Since I have no Yahoo thanks to technical difficulties I had to resort to gmail. This has got to stop I still have people that have my Yahoo address. immediately. There is no excuse for this. My husband's e-mail is existent. [email protected] is non-existent. The old way o doing things is better. I hate the new Yahoo. More difficult. I have to send 50 e-mails instead of one that I can send repeatedly.

Anonymous 12/10/13 7:20PM

I have been trying to reach ANYONE who can assist me since suddenly my password is not working. I reset it but I cannot get to it since I cannot get my mail. It appears based on the other comments the same thing is going on. I called the support line and after 23x - yes 23 times of calling and getting disconnected, I called the Corp Office. I explained I have sent an email and called 23x but was consistently hung up on. I was rudely transferred where I waited on line for 45 minutes and then AGAIN was disconnected. I have spent over 5 hrs on the phone trying to resolve this today with no help whatever so ever! I was horrified but the utter pathetic customer service Yahoo gives their customers. If this cannot get resolved tomorrow I will pull my account and share this experience with everyone I know.

Anonymous 12/10/13 6:39PM

yahoo is holding us hostage no service and want money to tell us what's wrong what's wrong is the service and ads preventing us to access our account, do you know a better server because the past 6 mo. or more you have interfered with my work is this a terrorist take over silently maybe!!!!Who knows what is happening Frustrations we put our trust in a service that is not reliable at least go back to previos program it was not so complicated and did not loose our emails ect..

frustration 12/6/13 9:37AM

Want to register my EXTREME displeasure with your new format. Who was the jeanieass that came up with this should be pushed out the front door! We want the old format back after you give this one the deep six.
GM Cave Creek, AZ

GM Cave Creek, AZ 12/5/13 9:33AM

Everyone I know that has a yahoo e-mail account hates your new e-mail format, bring back the old one.

Don 12/4/13 11:29AM

Your new e-mail system is terrible, PLEASE bring back the old classic one. I get multiple e-mails from the same people and since your new system consolidates all of them into one I am missing important messages all the time. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD E-MAIL FORMAT.


How can I restore my theme setting back to Yahoo's original theme setting?
I ended up changing to water scene because of a yahoo e-mail sent to me try try this.
I'm sorry I tried it. Now I want to go back to Yahoo's original theme setting.
I tried calling Yahoo on the phone 4 times and they keep hanging up before I even had a chance to talk to someone on the phone.
Who has time for this? Can you help me with this issue?
It is pretty bad when you have to spend over an hour to do this.
I can't believe I can't find help on yahoo mail.

Anonymous 11/18/13 2:11PM

they invade your privacy by deliberately blocking your account and claiming there is a security problem. they force you to change your pw even though you do not want to. i am now locked out with important emails now not accessible. yahoo does not have that right unless you have violated their terms and conditions.

Anonymous 11/7/13 10:10AM

article on your home page that is about schools are now paying corporation to spy on teens social activity was very offencive due to the language in the first few words which read i know teens can be difficult

graybone 10/29/13 3:15PM

With your new yahoo version, I sometimes delete a great number of emails...yet the mail box does not change to reflect my continues to read 99. Why?

Anonymous 10/29/13 11:07AM

I have used several different email providers. Loved the classic yahoo email. However to take that away and give me a very unwanted version of your 'new yahoo' email is reprehensible. I should have a choice. Maybe I still do...go to another provider. This new yahoo STINKS. Either tell me how to get the old one back or think about the people who will leave yahoo for this same reason. This is doing nothing for your image, and taking away free choice to have the old one is bad news!!!!

Anonymous 10/27/13 9:23AM

Congratulations! You have put so many ads on your website that you have rendered it unusable! If I read an article and click on the back arrow to return to the same section, I'm are ever-changing in the background. My laptop is less that one year old...I click on stories in the Sports section and nothing happens after 10, 20, 30 seconds etc. as the ads are still running. I know you need ad revenue to make a profit, but if your site is unusable, is it worth it. I've used your site several times a day for years, but you have made it so unuser-friendly it will no longer be my opening page.

Anonymous 9/14/13 8:32PM

I have used yahoo mail for over 20 years. That is ending today. I cannot even read my emails without ads popping up in the middle of my screen. The ads on the sides of the screen were annoying enough, but now I can even read your news page with out ads taking up all the space and there is no way to x out of them....You just lost a loyal customer. Wow...I hope the ads are paying you well, I will tell every one I know not to use your site. Bummer

[email protected] 9/5/13 5:43PM

Now I am getting sponsored messages in my email. Get it out of my email, that is spam. If you are going to put that trash at the top of my email I will find a different provider. How objectionable? About like robo-calls on my cell phone! END THIS SHODDY PRACTICE.

Joe 8/28/13 8:09PM

Sir,ma'am, I am writing from the Philippines. I am experiencing a problem when attempting to view Yahoo news articles. After clicking on the link I am returned an error notice, "server not found" with two options, Reload or More. I reload once, twice three times, only to get nothing but this error. Sometimes less frequently after clicking reload, it works and loads the originally requested news article. Please can you tell me why this is happening and when it can be fixed?

captivatingu2002 8/8/13 7:27PM

yahoo is not credible when it comes to customer service. they also have a t o s policy that if they held themselves to this standard they would look silly to say the least. they delete accounts based on cowardly and hypocritical assertions . they don't like other opinions when those are in contrast to theirs. they do have a hypocritical agenda but then this is yahoo. you can't expect anything more.

satch 7/29/13 8:08AM

It has now been 10 days and I can not contact Yahoo regarding not being able to sign into my email and I think the account has been hacked as friends are getting emails from my account that I did not send. Ten days morning, noon and night "due to unexpected high volume they will not be able to take my call". That alone is unacceptable! They want me to use the online help. It won't let me use it without signing in and not being able to sign in is the problem.

Anonymous 7/25/13 4:46PM

I hate the fact that Yahoo keeps cramming their "newest" version of yahoo mail down our throats. Now I am having to deal with their newest "basic" version and I hate it! When I go to delete e-mails I get a blank page that says server hangup. can no longer send or forward an e-mail by putting in the person's name in and having the e mail address filled in. No font, color, or stationery choices either...this is a total disaster....I want my Mail Classic back and they say it is no longer available; did they even bother to ask anyone if the wanted to keep the Mail Classic? Not to my knowledge. Bring it back. Quit forcing new formats in your Yahoo e mail users. This is very bad customer service. My neighbors who use Yahoo mail are also unhappy with this new Yahoo mail basic. It is very frustrating to deal with and I hate it!!

Anonymous 7/18/13 10:57AM

YAHOO seems to epitomize the problems with today's techno world!! I have dialled the main # for yahoo and cannot get any help or a HUMAN BEING to offer a suggestion. Sad and sick!
My computer was hacked into and I need to get some emails for a law suit I am bringing !!
Can I get some help please!!

PSLJKTS 7/17/13 11:18AM

My alternate email is I have been locked out of my Yahoo acct for a week

I talked to one of your people for over 3 hung up on me when I told her that they wanted the answer to a test question that I cannot remember. The question was Where did you meet your husband? I am 75. I have had four husbands , all of whom are dead. They have I have had over 10 new passwords and cannot remember the last one. I am desperate to get into my account as all my business addresses are there and my mother has just died, You have the worst service of anyone I have ever known. Can you please help me? I am ddesperate.

saddleriverjean 6/25/13 10:26AM

I agree with complaints about the new Yahoo! mail. It is terrible. Unlike Yahoo email classic, which I have used for more years than I can remember, the new one consistently misses emails when doing a search, has no options for searching on different fields, does not have a column that allows users to see size or sort by size of message, and does not have color-coding for disposable email addresses. Yahoo! mail is losing more and more of the features that made it the best.

lswig 6/13/13 12:49PM

The past 3-4 days I have tried to sign in to my account and I keep getting a message that the Yahoo System does not recognize the device I am using. Then it ask to verify a security question which has long been forgotten. I keep input the correct I.D. and password, but the Yahoo system does not allow me access to my account. I have several important information on my account and would like to gain access again. Please Help!!!!!!!

George Muckle 6/12/13 10:35AM

Unfortunately you can complain all you want, but Yahoo does not respond.
This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered!
Yahoo should have responded to my last 3 posts, but they don't seem to care.
How can my husbands e-mail be deleted, w/o my doing it? That isn't the only problem.
You shouldn't force a new version on us and then not help us or have it improved before you do it!
Attention Yahoo, if you care, you will help us all!
You ask for my e-mail address and we give it to you, so why can't you e-mail us back?
Do you care if we start deleting our accounts, or not?

Anonymous 6/8/13 10:45AM

What is going on with this new Yahoo?

My husband Alan and I were very happy with the Yahoo Classic.

The reason we switched to the new Yahoo, was because we were told we would have no choice!

This new Yahoo is HORRIBLE!

You help page is no help at all.

You have not improved at all!

Yesterday, I noticed that my husband's e-mail was deleted, now other's missing.

Also, all my new e-mails are not showing as new. I missed an important e-mail.

We want back out Yahoo Classic! We had to do this once before.

We are ready to leave Yahoo, after using it for many years.

I googled Yahoo and there are lot's of complaints.

Give us back Yahoo Classic and don't tell us we Have to use your new Yahoo, until you improve.


Anonymous 6/6/13 7:41PM

Every phone number leads to automatic services.

whitmireck 6/3/13 10:53AM

When the new version of email became available,I chose NOT to download it. Then it was forced on me by Yahoo. I do not like it and want the older version back. How do I do that?? I have found the new version is inefficient,clumbsy,and lacking features that I liked.
Please Help!!!!

Anonymous 6/2/13 10:53AM

"Help"! For some strange reason, my password for my email address says "wrong password" when I have been using it for over a year. I cannot reach a LIVE person to take care of this problem. It is so important that I regain access to my email as I have many very important emails filed that I desperately need. I was caught in a vicious circle using the Yahoo online password problem solver with no answers to help me. It ends up taking me right back to the beginning of the site.
This is a damn shame that a company will do this to you without any warning. I have always trusted Yahoo that my
emails was safe. Now, I cannot get to my important emails--
I have been locked out of my email and it keeps asking me for answers to a secret question to a mail I opened over a decade ago. Please help me out cos I need to access my email urgently.

Fintex2001 5/28/13 7:06AM

"Help"! For some strange reason, my password for my email address says "wrong password" when I have been using it for over a year. I cannot reach a LIVE person to take care of this problem. It is so important that I regain access to my email as I have many very important emails filed that I desperately need. I was caught in a vicious circle using the Yahoo online password problem solver with no answers to help me. It ends up taking me right back to the beginning of the site. Wow....Can anyone help me??

Cheryl 5/15/13 5:06PM

The article that was published titled "The Hatred in the Heart of White America", written by Mona Charen on April 26,2013. This article is utilized in a way to incite racial violence. As the corporate office can see that this article received over 10,000 comments, which is unusual for one article. The First Amendment to the constitution does cover the right to freedom of speech, but does not cover hate language. The fact that Caucasian hate African is as far from the truth as it gets. Caucasian have as been the majority in America, since the foundation, and without their participation, African Americans would have never been freed from slavery or segregation. In fact, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded by three Caucasians. In fact, Lincoln was Caucasian and freed the slaves. In fact, many Caucasian participated in the March on Washington. In fact, many Caucasian were Freedom Riders. My concern is that this article should be removed, because it incites a racial war. The last thing that America needs is for the Caucasian people to be at war with African Americans. Not to mention, the article mentions the 16th Street Baptist Church, where Caucasian firefighters aided in the recovery efforts. In fact, the replacement glass for the church was paid in full, by the people of Birmingham, England, which I am sure were white. It is astonishing that Yahoo, would publish an article as offensive as this one. In addition, I do not believe Yahoo would like to incite a race war. Moreover, I am affliated with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and I personal know members of the 16th Street Baptist Church. The fact is that the article is far from the truth and is utilized to incite racial tension in America. It would be in Yahoo's best interest to remove the article and themselves from producing articles that incite racial tension in America.

amanda7545 4/28/13 8:23AM

I am unable to delete messages and it keeps giving me error messages - help!! I am new to windows 8

iowasue57 4/19/13 6:23AM

Hi Customer Service,

Thank you so much for your help. I am now able to sign in to my e-mail. YAHOO! I am soooo glad I was able to get through to you guys. However, it was a little headache but nevertheless I was able to connect to a LIVE person.

Thanks again!

boyshighfootball 3/25/13 1:05PM

does anyone know the email address of yahoo's customer service?

big m 3/15/13 10:48AM

this is the most worthless service - actually lack thereof - that i have ever encountered and it looks like no one at yahoo cares.. look at all of the comments on these pages... everyone is having problems with access and none of it has been resolved... take your acct to hotmail or gmail and save yourself a pile of frustration

janmorr45 3/14/13 1:33PM

I Have Been Billed For Wallet"yahoo For $1.00 For What Reason ? I Am Disputing It With My Card Company. What Is For ?

Anonymous 2/22/13 1:38PM

Yahoo has been providing the very best of e-mail services.However,recently there is a problem of accessing ones account.The verification codes either does not work or you wait,wait.....and it will not appear.You can not access your mail....its terrible, you loose so much.This is my greatest agony to date.Please assist me.

Thank you.

Iliyasu A. Sadiq 2/22/13 3:00AM

For years I have posted comments on Yahoo News. A couple of months ago, all of a sudden I can't post my comments on the News section, but I have no problem posting comments in other sections such as Hollywood stuff, and similar. I haven't posted bad language comments or horrible comments that can't be publicized. I asked about it by submitting a question in the ASK section and another yahoo user responded that that same happened to him, and that it was because Yahoo doesn't allow comments about News that Yahoo doesn't agree with. Is that true? I would appreciate if you tell me directly this is so, because I can't possibly believe Yahoo does this since that is a public comment forum, and everybody has a different opinion about the news they read. I have been a Yahoo user for a very long time, and I can't believe Yahoo decided arbitrarily that some of us don't have the right to express our opinions. That would be very short of discrimination.
Thank You for your time giving a response.

Coquito 1/18/13 6:49PM

Unsuccessful Login: Account Locked Temporarily.
This account is temporarily locked for 12 hours because of security concerns.
nothing my child name.......

wasim 1/18/13 5:05AM

I have been trying to get a email or phone number for Marissa Mayer or anyone else of board of directors about this matter. Help surport is not a oppion

gdowdy 12/14/12 10:36AM

I use finance to track my stocks but when I click to read some news about them you think it is a good idea to cover up a major portion with a popup ad. How DUMB is that?

dickvanmetre 11/21/12 10:51AM

I used to be able to email tech support about frquent bugs and problems in MyYahoo. Now I can no longer do that, though bugs persist. When I finally found a link to get some answers to my probmel, it turned out that they wanted 32 Euros for the anmswer! That is simply outrageous. The Currency Converter module in MyYahoo has been on the blink for more than two weeks. There is no way I can report that. Yahoo does not appear to give a damn!

Anonymous 11/15/12 7:44AM

I dont know if anyone will even get back with me or even if this will goto anyone that has to do with yahoo.
My wording now for yahoo is now YaJunk !!!
Up until now I have used happily Yahoos emailing service.
I have contacted all my contacts to let them know Im finished with yahoos emailing.
I deffinately am glad I never ever paid for the plus as I know it would have been a real rip off !!!
I went through all the helps to no working solutions to do the needed fixes.
There are several issues I was having.
Couldnt switch from new to classic no matter what I tried to do.
even as far as changing resolution screen and diasbling java etc. ( nothing worked )
I couldnt delete emails I wanted to rid because no check mark would be placed and when I clicked on to mark the email with a check
it would open the email ( glad fortunately it wasnt a virused or wormed email account but was one I trusted ).
I couldnt open the options tab as I moused over it and consistantely without stopping the curser showed it to be busy.
I couldnt open my contacts through the email client so had to use my messenger client instead to let all my friends now that
I have made the switch and to send any and all emails to my new email account.
This is just for starters as there were other issues I was having.
So after spending hours trying to fix this peice of mess that is now total trash of junk Im finished with it.
Its a done deal !!! Ive had enough !
At the bottom of the page we use to have an option to goto classic but it was removed ( A real bad move on yajunks part ).
I am now so disatisfied after all these years Im at my end with this.
For years I was happy with it but now its utterly pathetic !

mark_warriorforchrist 11/10/12 5:22AM

I have followed all instructions from the Yahoo website. I have been hung up on several times from their phone numbers. I have a problem with receiving mail from my dead husband. This is not new to them, as I have been trying to resolve it for quit some time.

My suggestion? Since I get one to two emails a DAY from him....why don't we ALL CALL YAHOO??

\some numbers - also - if they ask for a seven digit number - use , this worked for me, at least to leave a voice mail. I don't usually go this far with a company, but I have complied with every kind of form, procedure, information, fax, phone, etc, they have requested. All I know is that with my morning coffee, I always get a "Hello"!! from my Dead husband or similar.....that's pain, for over a year!!!!

I am not suggesting calling these numbers unless you lagitimatly have something to say to them...geeze...I have tried everything. It is time to cancel my account, move on to Gmail./

Anonymous 11/8/12 6:05PM

I keep certain info about stocks I own or want to buy on Yahoo. Yahoo is miscalculating "Annual Return". I called the Yahoo Help & Support number, was kept on the phone for about an hour. Alex promised to solve my problem but insisted on showing me how vulnerable my computer is to all sorts of viruses and other problems. He never answered my question or solved my probem. Instead he gave me another phone number to call where I could get the problem solved for $149. This is a ripoff. I agree with other comments on this page. Yahoo should be out of business. Its executives should be prosecuted. If any charge appears on any of my credit cards that is unauthorized I will make sure that Yahoo is sued for the maximum allowed.

John Wayne 11/6/12 3:51PM

I have been trying to erase yahoo from my home page for 2 hours today.There is NO ONE that I can contact that I can understand that you have available !!!!!!!!!I have redone my email password several times and i CANNOT GET In !!!!!!!!!!!! i DO NOT LIKE THE HOROSCOPE IN MY FACE ON YOUR NEW FACE PAGE AND I E-TRIED TO ELIMINATE IT AND THERE IS NO WAY TO DO IT OR GET ANY ACCEPTABLE HELP.YOU HAVE ALOT OF VERY DISSASTISFIED PEOPLE NOW.

DAVID KNAPP85 10/17/12 2:14PM

I have been denied access to my email fior three days because i have forgotten my password. It;s all very catch 22. No password, no access to Yahoo. I have spent three straight days trying to find someone to help me with this. Customer care is the road to no where.
My life is being impacted. deadlines are being pased. I am being charged interest, all because Yahoo has stopped allowing me to see my emails.

marya 10/16/12 9:31AM

I have been denied access to my email fior three days because i have forgotten my password. It;s all very catch 22. No password, no access to Yahoo. I have spent three straight days trying to find someone to help me with this. Customer care is the road to no where.
My life is being impacted. deadlines are being pased. I am being charged interest, all because Yahoo has stopped allowing me to see my emails.

marya 10/16/12 9:31AM

I am disgusted with Yahoo!!! Someone hacked into my Yahoo account and sent out emails to my clients and friends. Have been with Yahoo since the beginning and now I cannot access my account without paying them to help me. I live in Silicon Valley so I know all about Yahoo. Had respect for them until today. Am a senior citizen and will likely be dead before I find Yahoo help without a cost.

Disgusted Yahoo Subscriber 10/15/12 4:23PM

You sent out invitations using my account to invite others to join yahoo. I did not authorize this. If I were going to invite people, let me at least choose my subjects. You sent them to my sons!!

HERB 10/14/12 9:50PM

I have been a long time Yahoo user, but I am disappointed by the seemingly one-sided news stories that appear on my homepage...that seem more favorable to Obama and negative toward Romney. I expect that Yahoo will be a trusted "news source" not promoting a certain side but rather presenting both sides fairly. It's your headlines that imply your one-sidedness and the choice of articles. There are so many other search engines to use and homepages to make, that Yahoo ought to strongly consider being a less biased outlet or you may lose some long-time independent users.

aloyaluser 9/26/12 8:19AM

I just saw the cover page for Yahoo! this morning and was astounded as I read (OK, so I actually didn't read them, just saw the prompt or headline) 15 stories that were positive about Obama and negative toward Mitt Romney. Not that I'm a huge Romney fan, but journalistically speaking, that is more than a little biased. You may point out the DNC closed last night,but I point out that when the RNC closed, there were far fewer Romney stories and some which were negative, meaning they were pro-Obama. Aren't you supposed to present a non-biased viewpoint, except in first-person editorials? Picture me thoroughly disgusted as an independent.

upsetvol 9/6/12 6:56AM

This is a damn shame that a company will do this to you without any warning. I have always trusted Yahoo that my
emails was safe. Now, I cannot get to my important emails--
and the new Yahoo mail is frustrating an ridiculous. I will be filing a better business report. I think it should be
us who decides whether we want Yahoo Classic or this new
ridiculous version.

Hershey4718 9/3/12 12:01PM

I am sick and tired of Michele Obama in a pop up on my pages asking me if I am going to support her phony husband. I cannot believe that you would support something so classless and un-presidential. I will change My Yahoo to something else!

patriciab 9/1/12 7:46AM

I never needed anything from yahoo but now that I need to talk to someone about account help there is no one and you little help center can kick rocks for all I care I will be taking my account to google.

jessica_perez_lomeli 7/31/12 6:50PM

Your company is going to be shut down - you've just locked people out of their very important Email accounts.

Anonymous 7/31/12 10:20AM

You have just stopped half your useage. Members of the US military will not be able to use your site. You may not view our private messages. You may be a private site, but I just band over 100 US sailors from using your site. They may have secure information within an email that your stupid SOBes are not in need of. Your company must be owned by Communists! No American would be stupid enough to demand to invade their customers privacy! I am going to advertise far and wide. No Military member will be able to use you. No Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine will visit even a web page by you. It will be known that your company are spying on US Government.

HMLoisRodriguez 7/31/12 10:19AM

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