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Today, I received a postal card from Safe-Link stating that I had not &quot;logged in&quot; for the month. I was given a set of instructions, one step required me to enter a 15 digit password, of which I have never been given or assigned. When the system refused my entering the 15 digit IMEI number, I called the toll free number provided. They referred me to another toll free number and them to yet another toll free number, which after 30 seconds reverted to a fast busy signal. I must conclude that the right hand knowest not what the left hand is doing. The entire system is INEPT and DYSFUNCTIONAL.<br /> <br /> TracFone -aka- known as SafeLink, when working, is a great service but their customer service is as screwed up as is our federal government. Do not expect any real customer service unless it is understood that the word &quot;service&quot; may only mean that you are being &quot;serviced&quot; <br /> <br /> The management of TracFone and SafeLink should hang heir heads in shame.
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