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Allstate corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Allstate corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Allstate corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
The Allstate Corporation
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
United States

Phone: 847-402-5000
Fax: 866-532-3029

Allstate Corporate Office Comments

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I have a home and auto policy with allstate. Both my auto and home policy is paid in full. I was contacted by my agent who told me I owe premium because they got my zip code wrong which is a lie. they have sent me all my bills to my home address with the correct zip code. remember I have both auto and home policy which has the same address. I asked why as I gave the correct address and zip code, she tells me they have the home address as just where the car is garaged and not as my residence. i'm about to refer this case to my attorney. again my policy is paid in full and they want more money from me stating I gave them the wrong zip code. This is non-sense as ive had crazy issues with customer service and me being iver charged

craig 2/9/14 7:32AM

Dear Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II & Mr. Matthew E. Winter,
Thank you so much for your kindly help. Without your help, I think I would still get stuck with this small claim case.

Thank you again. I do appreciate your help. Have a great day.

Chien Lai

TradeAntique 10/15/13 12:34PM

Dear Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II & Mr. Matthew E. Winter,

I am very sorry to bother you like this. I know your time is very valuable. But, you can see from this case and know how other people may feel about your company when they contact All State about the same situations.

I am writing to you in regards to my claim number: 0300172426
This case is just a tiny little case (under $1000). But, you can see how your company employees handling this tiny case.

I know each case is different no matter how big or small. But, it is a protential oppertunity to grap a market share from your competitors and become the #1 insurance company in the world.

Thank you so much for your precious time.

Chien Lai

Trade Antique 10/11/13 11:30AM

I have a very good driver record when I join allstate had no local agent I called asked for one I selected near my home it was done.I got anther used vehicle I called to added to my policy this agent he did signed to his location without my permission and pull my first vehicle from the agent I selected ,I went to the agent I selected I filled a form for agent change asked to be back to them been over a month no action happened.I been calling allstate asking for a gent change been told someone from the corporate will call you within two business days now it's week no call or action happened.I will take my business to anther auto-insurance company,who knows how to take better care of customer care(iwil not renew my policy or join allstate for ever).this happened in state of Virginia.your and now you greedy agent AT springfiled VA you are the looser for ever

Anonymous 10/7/13 8:36PM

I am NOT an Allstate customer and NOW I don't want to become one because your telemarketers don't want to acknowledge that my number is on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST. I have spoken to a supervisor about this an insists that all state is not calling me when I simply called the number back that was on my caller ID and ALL STATE was the name given when I called back. He insists on arguing with me about the matter. I'm going to put it very simply (I'm a simple kind of guy) If the calls persist,(Next call I get) you can get hold of your legal dept as I will have you served to be in court for harassment and any other legal charges that may apply since my number is listed with the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!!

N/A 7/30/13 1:35PM

Termination notice was made to my Allstate agent of which now after two-months claims not to had received any notification. Currently, Allstate is charging for past due balance despite my notification. This company has been negligent in dealing with notifications, providing insurance cards and/or good customer service.

mari 5/14/13 11:08AM

4 car accident. We were car 2. Car 1 and 2 told the Allstate investigator that car 2 stopped behind car 1 and car 3 rammed/rear ended car 2 which pushed car 2 into car 1. Car 3 told Allstate that car 2 hit car 1 first and made car 3 hit car 2. After 6 weeks Allstate decided to compensate car 2 with $500. Car 2 damages was over $4700.00. We are taking car 3 and 4 to small claims to pay damages. They lied to investigator, Allstate said there was police report, there is no police report. I have contacted them. Car 2 has the most damages, we believe that Allstate did not want to pay what is owed to us. We are very well known in the community and have family and friends who will cancel with Allstate after watching our financial stress and pain. We are not in good hands. We are sharing our story with politicians, musicians, actors and owners of large company. All we ask is that you paid for damage your driver did to us. Now you will lose out on large amounts of clients. You did not know who you were messing with.

Shelly 7/17/12 1:03PM

To Whom it May Concern:
I am a widow age 83. I have been an allstste customer for over 60 years,if you look at my acct you will see I was in good standing. I recently received a letter from your co ststing that I am no longer covered because i do not have allstste car insurance, can this be done I am checking further to see if this is allowed, i cannot afford to start with another co. My husband deceased 1975 which i then dropped the car insurance as i did not drive but continued with home owners policy. Hopefully you can assist me in this matter
Mrs. Madeline Gerrity 89ZabriskieStreet Jersey City,N.J. 07307

madeline 7/5/12 1:05PM

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