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MAACO corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the MAACO corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the MAACO corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
MAACO Franchising, Inc.
610 Freedom Business Center
Suite 200
King of Prussia, PA 19406
United States

Phone: 610-265-6606
Fax: 610-337-6113

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After having a poor job done on my 2007 envoy , I tried to talk to the owner at the Bethpage location , was met with hostility , and aggressiveness . Filing a complaint with Maaco was a complete joke . They care nothing about quality or customer satisfaction , or addressing complaints. The work was sub par at best . Street workers on the corner would have done a better job , and probably for less money.

Anonymous 7/23/14 5:44AM

This is what I sent: To whom this may concern

In regards of my complaint on 6/24/2014, I have yet to received a phone call regarding this matter. It was stated on last email sent on July 1st, 2014 that I would be receiving a phone call in this matter. I have not received a phone call and it is questionable if this matter is going to be handle properly. I am unsure of how important this is to you because emails are a simply way to temp fix or make the consumer feel as if it is being taken care of. I need more then just an email, as this is a solid complaint with legitimate facts to make have this taken care of. It has been more then enough time that I have been waiting to receive an phone call. Therefore If you hold behind your statements that is your goal or the quality of work, then I should receive a phone call with in a couple of days. If there is a policy or producer on handling complaints, it seems that it is not being followed. For the sake of customer service and the integrity of the franchise MACCO, this matter needs to be debt with. If not, I have a legal right to prove that MACCO was not incompliance of the statements and promises on these emails and website based on the work that was done to my car.

I have had a bad experience once a while ago through the same shop and I thought this time around it would be different. I am not intending to go through the legal aspect of it as I feel this matter should be able to be taken care of but consider what option will I have it this complaint does not get taken care of the right way.

Thank you

There customer services is a joke along with the promises/statements made by them. I hope that one day just like the crap they are, they can be flush down the toilet for good. They make strong statements and have no regard for the outcome. I hope one day that they have forced to give a reason why they lie, rip off customers and lack of workmanship in a court room.

jcatts 7/15/14 7:49AM

I just had my vehicle (1951 Chevy 5 window P/U) painted at the MACCO on HWY 5 in Marietta, GA. The estimate was done at their HWY 92 locaton in Woodstock, GA and was $2100.00. Upon taking the vehicle to the shop on HWY 5 I was told they could never do the job for the original estimated price. The new estimate was $3500.00.After a couple of weeks of back and forth we settled on $3100.00. When I picked up the vehicle they had not installed the drivers side window and knocked off $100.00. FInal cost $3000.00.
I have had several cars painted by MAACO with some success. This paint job was about a B- or a C. However, they had no attention to detail and overspray under the hood was TERRIBLE. I had some detailing (Special Breather,valve covers,wire bundles, tires, etc)done on the P/U. MAACO either totally painted or oversprayed to such a point that some items will have to be replaced and many detailing efforts will have to be reaccomplished. It appears that no effort was made to protect the engine compartment. Contact with the shop during the work was very difficult. Requests were seldom followed-up and virtually all were initiated by me. THEIR ATTENTION TO DETAIL DOES NOT EXIST! This 1951 5 window P/U will attract a lot of attention. I will pass on my concerns at every opportunity.

Quentin Thomas 7/8/14 10:23AM

The Office in Kennewick WA is advertising a 299 paint job you cannot get they are going to rip you off and charge extra for a truck (small) because it is bigger than a car. Not the truth we said no labor paint as is then they made a 375 labor charge for the truck anyway total 1184.70 I called to argue these practices to no avail. FALSE ADVERTISING Never go here

Ripoff 6/12/14 2:33PM

Your location in Roseville Mi has been running a LAST CHANCE sale ad for over a year.Doesn't seem right.

Anonymous 6/9/14 4:06PM

I drove over an hour to maaco because of the good comments I seen in reviews, It said on their website, we're open on Saturday's until noon. Well, after driving to that location, didn't show up on my gps so I called and I asked the guy about stopping in to geta quick estimate, he said "we're closed today" I said, it says you're open on Saturday's until noon and he replied well not this Saturday! Why are they answering at 9:35 am if they're not open?? Either my luck or they were in a hurry to close up and didn't want anymore customers.

vans62 5/24/14 10:08AM

as a previous employee at maaco. I worked for the maaco in aston p.a. Wilmington de, and lawnside n.j.. this is not an attack on these stores i'm just bringing to light the truth take it or leave it, their not painting my car. these three locations are owned by a man named frank castellino. he rips off customers on a regular basis. if you purchase a basecoat\clearcoat special the chances are it will be painted in single stage. let me explain single stage to you. single stage is basecoat and clearcoat mixed together. it's shot in 2 coats metallic colors can't be buffed so any flaws can't be fixed. maaco policy states their can be up to 9 defects per panel, that's a lot. before they have to fix it. most places will fix the job if a customer complains. single stage fades, chips lifts, and wrinkles very easily. it will last about 18 months. hence why they only give you a 1 year warranty. the offer a basecoat\clearcoat for around 800.00 it's a rip off. the quality of paint they use is junk. it's bottom of the barrel I paint cars and I wouldn't put it on my car, and i'm sorry to say I put it on other peoples car. they have a quality paint line but they only use it on their more expensive package. But the stores I've worked at won't actually buff your car even though you pay for it. they prey on your ignorance or lack of education in reference to paint. they win you lose.

Let me explain why I WAS an employee and I'm not now. the owner bounced 3 of my pay checks. each time it cost me 300.00. I did work and wasn't paid for the jobs. I worked four days and they gave me a check for 180.00 after taxes 205.00 before. I was their painter. Lying is of no intrest to me. if I lie you won't believe anything I say. i'm only informing you so you can see why i'm doing what I'm doing. you can choose to go to maaco. in some cases it's worth it. who has the money to spend 3,000.00 on a paint job on a car worth 2k. I get it i'm just onforming you the consumer that if you wanna get your money worth go to a different location. if you have gone to these locations and you wanna know what is wrong with or will go wrong with your paint job email me at I will look at your car and see if their is something worth complaining about. i'm not interested in nit-picking that's not what this is about. it's about helping you get what you deserve and not what they think you deserve. if you want quality go to another maaco that's my advice take it or leave it.

hystrung032 5/19/14 5:25PM

The worst paint job I have ever seen ever I cannot belive this has even happin to me with 2 cars im so mad and feel like I was ripped off and so unprofessional with how it was done I mean you cant even call it a paint.job and body work at all

Anonymous 5/13/14 7:05PM

I have had an overall terrible experience with the Macco in Richmond, CA. I took my car in December of 2013 to get my drivers side mirror replaced. I knew that they would have to order mirror, paint it, and mount it. I was fine with that. In order to mount the mirror, my door panel needed to be removed. I don't use my trunk often, so a couple of months after I got my mirror replaced I tried to pop my trunk from inside my vehicle with the pop trunk button that is located on my drivers side door. I can't even push the button in to pop the trunk. The lady at Macco said that they aren't responsible for my trunk button and it is am electrical problem. I can see if I could actually press my button and my trunk not popping, it being an electrical problem. But I can't even press my trunk button, it's stuck. The problem is the placement of the door panel. I have never had any other auto body repairs to my car before, and my panel had never been removed before I took it to macco. But that is not all...Now the paint on my mirror that was replaced is peeling. The lady at macco said it's because of rocks hitting the mirror and they aren't responsible for touching it up. If rocks made you paint peel, then my whole car should be peeling. Terrible customer service, terrible prep work done by the technitia, terrible placement work, just an all around terrible experience. I would never go back there. I feel like Macco owes me. All I want is my mirror properly painted and my trunk button fixed. I'm a customer who paid for a service that was rushed and not properly done. Absolutely upset about everything.

L.Rose 5/12/14 10:14AM

Can someone call at:773-9573378 me and explain what Maaco did my car has not been repaired from their damage.

I used Maaco as my car repair place for an accident in which my driver side toward back of car was damage..I have a 99 Mercedes Benz C230. I "drove" my car to the shop in Chicago,Il on Harrison Street, again I drove my car their to the shop for repair. I had visit this location before to check on a paint job and didn't go thru due to price and all he(Paul) wanted to do so I place this on hold.

Was impress how he talk to me about how it would be after paint job but price was too much. Didn't do the paint job!

After the car was hit I thought of many placed to repair the car until I felt if I took it someone close I would get it back soon. I decided to go with Maaco fixing the car damage from the accident. I "drove" my car to Maaco to check out price and how long it would take.

2 weeks later I was advise car was done so I got drop off to the Maaco that was repairing damage.Get in my car and the car wouldn't drive out! "Upset" and "angry" as I was Maaco had no business going under the hood the damage wasn't there.

Maaco did something to my car today my car doesn't drive!

Pist I am.

Paul is the Mgr and his phone number cannot explain to me what they did to my car.

karod1002 4/14/14 8:24AM

my name is damian and this is my story . I took my sons car to get it painted at the maaco here in el mirage az and they painted it once and it was the worst paint job iv ever seen so they said they would paint it again to 2 week gone by and they called me and said it was finished , we got there to see it. It was covered with dust so we couldn't see it very well but it looked better and he said done wash it foe 3 days , so after 3 days we washed it and it still looked like bad ,we took it back and had to fight with the owner to get him to fix it he did agree to fix it but he said it would be 2 or 3 weeks before he could get to it, I said that we have already paid for it so we should not be put behind all the other cars that are coming in but he did so now its been 3 weeks he's had my car and it will be 2 more weeks before he will even start on it ! that's bull!!! 6 weeks or more for a paint job !!!and we didn't get the cheap job I paid 1400.00 dollars and all he had to do was paint it we did al the body work and removed everything !!!! never never go the maaco in el mirage az they are bad painters !!! and I called the corporate office a week ago and they told me they would get back to me !!!! funny I have not herd form them I guess that's why maaco paint cars bad because the corporate office don't care how the cars look and if the customers are happy its all about getting as much money from stupid people like us

damian 4/1/14 1:19AM

you get what you pay for they should not even be in business if that's the case they should have a sign out front that says hey you get what you pay for. 5 months after my father passed away only having the fresh paint job for a little over a year and the car was garaged the paint is now flaking off he paid for the extra warranty but since he passed away they will not honor it because they say its not transferable so I will have to do it my way and stand in for the company with a sign to let people know what a horrible job they do and to look at my car first and I will take away as much business as possible if they don't want to fix their mistake and I will make them lose more then it would cost them to just fix my car

kim 3/26/14 11:31AM

my name is Junior . I took my truck to your broad street rich. va store. It took your guy 6 weeks to paint my truck and 7 mounts for the paint to peel of . It cost me 1600.00 to do something I could have done myself. I talk to the lady that take calls week 5 . she in return talked to the owner of the shop an must had told him to get my truck done. now she wont call me back. There is a lot off bad work on my truck .

look at this 2/27/14 2:36PM

MAACO has been holding my car behind locked gate, having done no work on it. I want to take it somewhere else. Very bad business is MAACO. Dishonest and always trying to bump the price up after taking the car in. The MAACO in Santa Maria is telling me they no longer feel comfortable working on my car because they have a "hunch" the paint job will not satisfy me? These people make used car salesmen look like saints. Never use MAACO, they are dishonest.

gotaclue 1/11/14 1:28PM

The Maaco in Petersburg Va. has the worst service I ever experience. How in the hell you drive your vechile in for a simple paint job and end up getting it towed to another mechnic for damage they occur, and now trying not to accept any responcebility for there wrong doing. I drop my truck off on Dec 9., and had to come and pick it up on Dec, 20 with my gear shifter broke and half of my dash board hanging open. If this is the type of service you receive from this company I would advise everyone to stay clear of the Petersburg branch until they could work on there customer service, cause as of now they can't get another dime from me.

Anthony 12/23/13 8:51AM

Had my hood painted at Maaco in Charlotte, the job was great, no complaints. However, while my car was there, some sort of liquid got into my smart key causing my alarm to activate for no reason. Upon dealership inspection, found nec to replace smart key. Sent all information to Maaco HQ, they referred my complaint to office that did the paint job. I got a call, sarcastic as it could possibly be..with NO result as to an offer to refun the 300.00 I was out of..This is NOT the way to do business.

Hawkkman 12/11/13 7:13AM

i took my car on the November 16, 2014 now its December 4, 2013 and still have not gotten my car.

i took the cars their because of black Friday. everything they told me was a lie, both of my vehicles got painted half way, they sold me things i didn't need, they told me if i dont buy the extras my cars will not look good. so i had to purchase it under pressure. however the cars came out worst. its still in the shop. they told me if i want the whole car paint I have to pay them more

john 12/4/13 2:13PM

To Whom It May Concern:

I took my 1996 GMC Truck to Maaco Collision repair & Auto painting Center at:

Maaco Center

They are advertising a Maaco Modesto Black Friday Sale.

They are offer a 50% discount from the regular price of $599.95 on Urethane paint.

The salesperson told me that I would not like what I would get for the $300.00

I told him I didn't understand since according to them it would be a $600.00 paint job and the only reason it would cost me $300.00 was because it was on sale.

He told me that they don't make money by only getting $300.00.

I told him that the trucks paint was in good condition with the exception of a few area's that needed a touch up and I would be keeping the same color thus very little would need to be done.

He finally agreed to paint the truck for the $300.00 plus Tax.

I decided to have them paint my truck and left it with them November 25, 2013.

Today I was called and told the truck was ready for pick-up.

To my disbelieve, they have only painted the roof of the truck and refused to listen to me, and told me that for $300.00 that is all I get, and they don't want to talk about anything.

They claim I signed the work order and didn't write that the entire truck would be painted.

I didn't write the work order.

My #31828 repair order has written on it the following:

Surface repair....light chip & scratch repair.

Sealers.......Universal sealer

Paint services ....base coat/performance clear coat. Refinish roof, blend as needed.

Paint comments......color will not be perfect match... which I signed.

Nowhere is it stated that I would only have the top of the truck painted or that it would be a partial job.

Naturally, I feel I'm been violated, taken advantage of, ripped off.

Customer service they have none.

Moral judgment compass and ethics are not to be found. They are a franchise and privately owned and operated.

Anything you can do to remedy or add this to other possible complaints would be appreciated.

I would never recommend anyone to do any business with this

location that is dishonest to this customer.

Jaguar47 11/27/13 9:41PM

On Saturday, November 23, 2013, I went to pickup my 1996 Ford Explorer Sport in which the owner tried to charge me $300.00 for a lock that I didn't authorized. I went to a locksmith to key my car in which the original lock was working according to the locksmith. this incident occurred at 1913 Bladensburg Rd.NE in Washington DC. I told Earl the owner that I want the same lock put on the car but he put the same new lock on the cars. He said the price to put the door together was only $64.00. he also said that the price for putting a rear bumper feeler for my 1992 Lincoln Mark VII LSC was also $64.00. He tried to charge me $177.00 for the Lincoln Mark VII LSC Bumper Feeler. I gave him $300.00 in advance to complete a job for my 1998 Ford Taurus. I said apply that money toward the those two repairs. Also Maaco waited over three months to complete the job. Today I found out that the Maaco at this location does not have a license to paint any cars in Washington DC by DCRA. I would recommend nobody to do business with a company that is dishonest to the customer and is not registered to do business without a license.

Barbour3 11/25/13 8:36AM

I took my 2008 Honda Civic to Maaco in Oklahoma City on November 11. I had two issues. One was dents on the drivers side that I wanted popped out. The main issue was where I had damage on the drivers side, damage I got from parking too close to a post. I was told it would be ready on Friday. I called on Friday and was told it would not be ready until Tuesday or Wednesday the following week. They kept telling me they would call me which they never did. I had to call them.

Finally I went Tuesday to pay and get my car when I found scratches all over the driver side of the car. They said to bring it in and it would 1/2 day to fix. No one called and finally I called and they said it would be ready at 5:00p.m. I just left there after waiting for 30+ minutes when they told me it was inside and they could not open the door to get it out. I demanded my car and they finally brought it out. I should have had my car repaired by a place Honda recommended and I am sure sorry I didn't take their advice.

I would not recommend MAACO to anyone nor will I ever go back. 9 days without a car.

Kay Garrison 11/20/13 5:24PM

I took my 2004 Mazda 6 to the Maaco office in Newark, Delaware the staff was really nice however, I took my Mazda to Maaco because I had an issue with my door not opening from the inside or outside and so I took it in, they checked it, gave me a call told me what was wrong, gave me an estimate I said okay so the next day I go get my car I am greeted and taken care of by receptionist and I pay and am handed my keys. I get in my car and find this bond/glue like stuff on my door panel. So I go inside and ask to speak with someone. The man who I had originally spoke to came out to see what I was talking about and he says "Oh I am sorry I had forgot to mention that in order to get your door opened we had to make a small whole/crack to get the door opened." So he stated he didn't eve get to see what it looked like after it getting "patched" up. So he continues to say yeah we had to do it in order to get the door open there was no other way. So I said I brought it here because I thought you would have the tools to do the job I did not expect this. They could have altleast replaced the panel. Now I have to replace my door panel before it continues to crack I am very disappointed with the work I had done which cost me a few hundred dollars. Never again.

Anonymous 11/12/13 7:14PM

Do Not Take Your Car To The Maaco On North Congress In Delray Beach Florida. Every Single Employee Is Going To Steal Whatever You May Have Left In Your Car - From Baby Pictures To Tennis Rackets, Gps System, Phone Chargers, Loose Change. You Name It And They Will Steal It. Check To Make Sure You Leave With Yiour Spare Tire. That's Right!!! Anything Not Nailed Down Is Fair Game To These Dispicalbe People.

muphy 10/21/13 2:12PM

Not all Maaco's are the same, I just had my 91 Sonoma painted and I am very happy with the outcome. To Angela Price of Moreno Valley. Bruno is no longer there.
They gave me one price and I paid it when it was done.
I got an estimate from another Maaco in Riverside and they quoted me a price that was double of what I paid for the same paint job in Moreno Valley. My wife is going to have her car painted next week. When you purchase a cheap paint job, that is what you get.

Happy 10/20/13 8:07AM

I own and operate a auction in Lakeland Fl.On or about Sept Sept 20th,We took a 2004 Kia optima and a 1998 Dodge Dakota to Maaco at 2409 US 92 East 33801 in Lakeland Fl(Brian)Mgr or owner.He (Brian)said 1 week to 10 days and that was fine.And the next week i had a Neon that needed a fender blended in and took it to him also.So,3 days later,the blend job was done(Thats great).What about my Kia and Dakota(Brian).OHHH we have'nt got to them yet.So he gets the kia done today10/1/2013.The Dakota was still sitting in the same place we droped it off at.And the best part of it all.They were all draned of fuel.The Neon would'nt make it out of the parking lot,the Dakota had 3/4 of a tank and the kia had guage issue's.We always put fuel in every vehicle we take ANYWHERE.(Brian)went on the defencive rite away saying they have never had any problems.And in his next breath.(Well the neighbors have been having problems)And the other neighbor has had all the batterys stole.If (Brian)would have just said that in the 1st place.I would have been fine with that.So,I took my vehicles elsewhere.To bad Maaco,We spend over 50k a year in paint and body.And i will be contacting all the dealers in the area to let the know also.


Bei 10/1/13 1:02PM

I apologize to Mr. Rudy Melo!
I just posted bad comments about Maaco in Stanton
Yesterday but that was my mistake.
I took the my car beautifully done painting promosed time and body
Job with such a low price.
The manager(Rudy Melo) is professional and Mr. Mike was great
Service and paper work
I came here 8years ago and this is best experience ever.
I really appreciate and apologize , I was trying delete below bad comments
Yesterday posted but I couldn't.
Please delete yesterday one and remain today one.
Thank you so much!

Tom 9/21/13 1:05PM

Dear Maaco!

My repair order number is

I dropped off my car Maaco in Stanton CA

90680 this Wednesday 7:30am 9/18/14 for body repair and painting as I heard manager Mr. Rudy Melo mentioned to finish Saturday morning

9/21/13 when I visited there Tuesday .

When I dropped off car old gentleman print out order sheet he told me

Possibly earlier Friday evening

But I called Mr. Rude Melo today around 12:15pm to make sure.

He don't sure make it or not original date and time I am anindependent town car driver I have booked another clients Saturday afternoon and Sunday due to his me ntion.

So I need to pick up at least tomorrow by noon.

If I don't pick up the responsibility transfer to Mr. Rudy Melo.

Moreover he said to me "you can pick up the car today without completely job"

This is nonprofessional manager and he lied me as well.

Offer price was great but I need car tomorrow morning and I have to return my rental car tomorrow 9am or they going to charge one day fee again.

And please do the job greatly as well.

Thank you!


Tom 9/20/13 1:51PM

I was an employee at the bradenton fl branch maaco .
I was let go september 2013 . My problem is Richard Weisgold
branch owner is refusing to give me my last paycheck , he says
not till close of business the day of friday the 13th payday
but if im no longer employed there why should i have to wait.
Its my money i earned.

Anonymous 9/13/13 9:04AM

I took my car to I had full body paint job to my car , I notice that the right front fender did not have enough paint , and I Showed Brian Lebo, the fault and he will not compromise with me to fixed the problems . He was very rude and unfair. I been in this business for over 17yrs. And I have never encounter this problem. I have done business with them for a long time, I'm a regular customer. I very upset with the job they did. Very unhappy now I have to pay someone else if corporate doesn't get back to me.

Anonymous 9/13/13 5:09AM

Unfortunately I went there for the first time recently. THE WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! And my Suv still is NOT fixed correctly!!! NEVER use this company again nor will I send anyone there. Word of mouth goes far and my words will not be nice about this place!!!

Anonymous 9/12/13 5:47AM

Another day later maco of linden nj
Still no work done or moved car
I think it might be time for a class
Action sute anybody in headquarter
Care I think not

Martin Flynn 9/5/13 4:55PM

J Maco auto body of linden nj did a suck job
On my 1964 studebaker avanti and now will not
Not fix the fu they have had the car for
More than two weeks nothing done lawyer
Needed please help

Marty flynn 9/4/13 4:11PM

You already have records of my complaint as you did absolutely nothing to help me before so i'm wasting my time again trying to get you to do something about those CROOKS you have using your MAACO name on E. Francis Spokane WA. Please anyone reading this don't mistake the crooks at the down town MAACO who ripped me off for over a year for the QUALITY MAACO located in Spokane Valley, WA. The owner Mike is the biggest crook/LIAR I have ever dealt with in my entire life. My car was there for almost a year and they kept promising that it would be completed. They knew the car was for sale and they knew I needed to sell it after it was repaired. The blue book dropped by $4000 during the time it was there and not finished. I finally had to pick the car up after 10 months not completed. Not only did they waste almost a year of my time and RUIN my finances someone who works for them stole the brand new Michelin tires off of it. They stole my 18" rims and tires and replaced them with older Subaru wheels and cheap ass tires. They didn't even have the decency after ripping off my wheels and tires to put all the lugs back on my 2011 Subaru Outback. I can't believe MAACO INC would stand by and let someone using there name continue to rip consumers off and do nothing about it.

Everyone who is posting a complaint against MAACO on here is wasting their time. They won't even call me back


I recently had my my Classic car a 1962 Pontiac catalina conv Painted and had some body work done to it for which I paid $2000.00 and i was not totaly happy with the job the did because they painted over holes on the top of my two front fenders and the trunk so i don't think that they took much pride in there work and i did tell that i was able to pay more if i needed to.So now when take my car out people ask me who or where did you take your to and I tell them MAACO and they say that you did a CRAPPY Job.

Bettyboo1496 7/9/13 3:42PM

To Whom it May Concern:
I wish to submit a formal complaint with regards to the service and treatment that I received from Maaco, located 8383 S. South Chicago Ave., in Chicago, Illinois.
I took my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport to them on Monday, June 17, 2013, for a front bumper repair/replacement (car was damaged on front driver's side). Please note that I paid for all parts needed weeks prior to my bringing the car to Maaco. I was told that the repair time would take only three (3) days. Well, needless to say, after so many lies told, and so many broken promises, my car was in their possession for TWELVE DAYS!!! I went to pick up my car on Friday, June 28th (prior to me going on vacation). When I got to Maaco, they replaced the bumper with one that belongs on an "Eddie Bauer" version, as the Production Manager (Kevin Roper) tried to explain that my car had Eddie Bauer parts put on it by its previous owner. But besides that, when my car was brought out, it had the exact same cracked, broken head lights that it did when I brought it in, although I paid for all NEW parts! When I asked why the old head lights were on the car, Kevin explained that the wrong parts were sent, and he contacted his supplier to rush over the correct part, which wouldn't arrive until the following day (Saturday) or possibly the next Monday, July 1st. This made no sense to me, seeing that I paid for parts way in advance...they should have seen then that the parts were not correct and reordered them the first time that they came in. So, I explained to Kevin that I will bring the car back on Monday morning, as I was traveling on Tuesday out of town. Monday, I went back to Maaco, but to no avail. Kevin stated that the part was being shipped via FedEx and wouldn't arrive until Tuesday, July 2nd. I went back Tuesday morning...still no part! I went out of town, and returned to Maaco on Monday morning, July 8th. Kevin advised that the parts were there, but the employee who handles this task was not in. I asked when will he be arriving, and he told me that he didn't know. Kevin then made a phone call, which I assume was to the employee, to see where he was and when he would arrive. Kevin told me that the worker was due in 30 minutes, so I decided to wait for his arrival. I asked Kevin how long would this process take, and he said about another 30 minutes (although he previously told me before I went out of town 15 minutes...all I had to do was bring the car back and he'll get it done! That was a lie, obviously!). The worker then "supposedly" called, and was stuck in traffic. I left my car, went to work, and got it at the end of the day on July 8, 2013.
What frustrates me the most is that (a) I was told nothing but blatant lies; (b) Kevin NEVER called me when he said that he would to keep me abreast of what was going on; (c) I was charged for NEW PARTS, but was given used parts from some junk yard, and not refunded! There were several other "mishaps" as well, but time won't allow me to note them all. I am sorely disappointed in the service and treatment that I received from Maaco in Chicago, and after reading so many negative reviews from across the USA, I don't plan to take my car to any Maaco ever again! I do plan to submit this letter to the Better Business Bureau, with hope that some resolution will be made, as I am certain Maaco plans to do nothing about this matter!
Timothy Brown, an unhappy customer!

Timothy Brown 7/9/13 8:52AM

I took my car to Maaco to get repainted and to remove minor dents. The paint job was ordered on August 2012 the car was left to get the job done and it was promised in five days. The total of the bill for the job was $2612.86. I went to pick up my car five days later and was told that the car would not be ready for five more days because it wouldn't dry. Okay, it so happens that weeks goes by and they five a call that the car was ready, upon my arrival my car look as it was spray painted by a child with crayons with bubbles and all. This crazy, mine at time they offer to repaint my car again and offer a rental. I take the rental for another week goes by and then again go back and the paint that was presented was no better. At that point, I called and complaint to my credit card GE MAACO and they were favorable to Of course you might have guessed Maaco. I took car and no even we week later all the dents were back again. My car was repainted about Nine times to even look okay from far away with bubbles. I have never in my life have seen or experience such a unprofessional staff or job or customer service ever. All this is at the Maaco location located at the manager Andres Llanos they do not want to even want to answer the phone. After watching my cars paint fall in pieces of my car in disbelieve and calling them. Finally, my husband got a call back to bring the car a 10th time on the 10th month and guess what same surprise a five year guarantee out the window because dent and bubbles again. Also, car was promised in five days and kept it for nine no offer of a rental or compensation or even answer the phone. We also were advised by the location not bring back car to location and call corpate. Insane

Orravanlila 7/2/13 2:38PM

I had some dents repaired and a full paint job done at the Turnersville, NJ Maaco in February 2013. I noticed when picking the car up, the gap between the right quarter panel and bumper was filled with paint! I knew this would eventually cause cracking. I called Maaco back and told them about the situation and that I would bring it back to be looked at. They were fine with that and nice about it. It is now June 2013 and the seam has cracked and the door is peeling around the door handle. I have finally found time to take it back since I live 40 minutes away. the first guy comes out to look at it and agrees that it is the workmanship that is the problem and says he cannot make the decision to fix it and that he would get his boss. Skip comes out to look at my car.. walks away and comes back with a q tip looking stick and a small jug of "touchup paint". This man seriously took the paint and went right over the chips and cracks and said "it looks ok now". Its' a small area. It's fine." looks like it was touched up with nail polish! After explaining to him that that was not acceptable and putting paint over chipped and lifted paint is not fixing it, he told me, "If it chips again come back and ill fix it." He also felt the need to argue with me that the "old filler" in the seam was causing it to crack and that his guys did not put that there, that they would only use filler if they fixed a dent. He must of missed the part when I told him that I came in with a factory paint job and a DENT IN THAT AREA!!!.....THAT HIS GUYS FIXED!!!! So, I am now "waiting for it to chip again", so I can take it back. Never again.

sdbennie 6/26/13 6:58PM

It may be comforting to know that Maaco, in several states is now being investigated by several consumer agencies, and in some cases the states Attorney General' Office. There have been so many complaints filed recently, which is what has caused this action.

bossmalo 6/11/13 4:42PM

a friend of mine had me put on A body kit on a 2000 honda civic and taken it to maaco in modest on Kansas st where all they had to do was scuff tape primer and paint and get it back an it is a horrible job there are bubbles all over the place and spots with no pant an and no primer anywhere on the car then they try to blame me when they were nowhere near were I did work I took pictures of all the work that I did when trying to talk to the owner he told me he don't give about the work they did an told me you don't giveabout me and then flipped me the bird repeatedly and my friends Marine issue K bar with stolen out of his car while I was in there care

jcomrie 5/15/13 10:10PM

My husband brought my 2001 white SAAB convertible, mint condition, 43,000 miles, to a MAACO dealership at 3500 Prospect Ave., Naples, FL on 5/6/13.
He was quoted $300 to paint the bumper.
They painted it the WRONG shade of white; all the paint pitted; and they damaged my trunk. Apparently they didn't lift the trunk when they buffed the bumper and the trunk now has a long deep rough gauge running across the bottom of it. I'm sick over this.
When my husband called MAACO, the Manager, Bill Polidore could have cared less. He said "that's what you get for a deal". What deal?? He was quoted a price and that's what we paid.
I immediately stopped payment on the check. However, my problem now is......Not only does the bumper have to be re-painted but also the trunk. We feel compensation should be forthcoming from MAACO to have the trunk painted.
Waiting your reply before taking any further action.

Margie 5/9/13 5:05PM

I took my truck to Macco for a paint job at the Murfreesboro Tn location left it for 4 days picked it up and it had paint on the trim,trash in the paint and 3 runs.Took it back left it for 5 more days they said it was ready picked it up,this time it still has trash in the paint and 2 more runs.O did I mention it has a dent in the door that was not there when I took it in.I want amy truck fixed,and not at this location.Macco advertizes profesional work I have yet to see it dilivered.

mad 4/8/13 7:24PM

I recently turned in my truck to get touch up paint on fender which the paint was taken off by another vehicle,they charged me $627.00 for that one spot when i went to pick up my vehicle they was over spray on my windshield on my hood and other parts of my truck. the area where it was damage got painted but when you look at there work u could tell where the tape was at cause you could see the outline. I went back to Maaco and told them about and they said they would buff it out. I turned in my truck 2 days ago to get it rebuff called them to find out why its taking so long to buff it out find out that when they where buffing it out the paint came off now how does paint come off when you buffing it now they have to repaint my truck this Maaco is located in Killeen, TX

Anonymous 4/4/13 12:50PM

I got a estimate from MAACO to paint my back bumper, fix the front door pen, back door, armrest, and front bumper trey of which I supplied all the parts for my S500 Benz 2/28/2013. When I got home I received a call from the manager Ali saying my bumper had a hold in it so he couldn't paint. I told the Manager Ali ok, I will send my brother to pick up my car I will buy a bumper, and will bring the car back for it to be painted. When my brother went to pick up car which MAACO had done no work on the manager Ali charge him the amount he gave me an estimate for doing the work. I called Ali and said I looked at my bank account and I noticed you charged me for work to my car you haven't done. He said when you drop off the car we will do the work. I dropped the car off with the replacement bumper and on 3/3/2013 and 3/5/2013 Ali called me and said my car was ready, I went to pick it up and the bumper was painted so I got in it and notice my back window tint where they fixed my door handle was torn, and they did no other work to my car the front piece was missing, so I left my car at MAACO so they could fix it Ali told me the part was painted I can come pick it up it want take but a second to snap the front piece back in. But when I came to pick up my car Ali was at lunch which is assistant Tammy I think her name is said he would be back in 30 mins which turned in to an 1hr so I asked her can she just give me my key so I can take my call and go? She said she could he has to do it. So I asked her could she call him I have already paid for the work so I can go I have to be somewhere at 2:30pm at the time it was 1:00pm and she told me she could call him because she do not have his number. I said you do not have his cellphone number to call him so he can tell you I paid already and I can go? And she replied no. I had to wait another 30min, and still today 3/14/2013 Ali the manager at MAACO still have repaired my car. I will talk with corporate and if this problem is not resolved immediately I will file a lawsuit against MAACO, this MAACO is located in Houston, TX on old Spanish Trail.

hebrew 3/14/13 3:48PM

I went to Maaco in Merced California. The staff seemed friendly enough, but the receptionist, Becky, said it would be a couple more days because my paint was hard to match. She also mentioned that I had a dead battery. A dead battery in a new car I drove in? She said the car had to be jumped. When I went to pick it up it had no power steering. I could not even the drive home. Mind you, these people knew I lived 50 miles away and did not even think to mention that I had no power steering. Luckily, I had someone with me and we limped it around the corner to a chevy dealer. The chevy dealer charged me $105 to tell me the power steering fuse was burnt out. I spent 5 hours waiting with my dog in the car too. I have a heart condition and diabetes and got very sick from being in the sun all day. I called Maaco when I got home and told Denver, the person who worked on my vehicle, what happened. He was surprised when I told him Becky said they jumped my vehicle and claimed he never heard of a fuse to the power steering. He was the one who mentioned it may be a fuse because he knew it could happen from jumping it. I just cannot believe they would push my vehicle onto the street knowing I was going to be stranded and then act like they did not know it was not drivable. Denver acted like he was in a hurry to get off the phone with me and never called me back as promised. It would not have done any good anyway becaue all he did was deny responsibility for the damage. I will be contacting corporate and the better business bureau about this operation and if that does not work then small claims court.

patti 3/12/13 5:23AM

I had my car painted at macco located in newbedford ma. Was warned to have it done at the fall river location, now I see why. The cost was originally $500 they had made a unauthorized repair so the total was over $350 more. Beyond that the paint was all over the Toyota sign as well as head lights and that was how the owner Rudy Expected me to take it home in such awful condition. Two months later I go to get the car and the Toyota sign chrome is mostly rubbed off down to plastic the headlights as well with the lights cracked and extremely fogged both of these errors look non repairable and need to be replaced due to poor work. Also there are rust and paint all over the car you can see we're the tape was. Rudy said they will clean it up it's not promising and he told me to come back in a week I said no this should be properly painted he said it was in that condition although it was not and I strongly stated that it was not and the problem needs to be properly fixed. I can see that Rudy is not going to fix his problem.And I will have to keep going back to the shop to have these errors due to poor work fixed properly. Worst mistake I made was I had paid the bill before looking at the car, also when I returned to pick up the car months later after the sign and lights need replacement looks non repairable from paint remover got major attitude and was told that's how it was originally. I'm extremely sorry I did not go to the other macco.

Upset 10/4/12 3:14PM

I had my car painted at macco located in newbedford ma. Was warned to have it done at the fall river location, now I see why. The cost was originally $500 they had made a unauthorized repair so the total was over $350 more. Beyond that the paint was all over the Toyota sign as well as head lights and that was how the owner Rudy Expected me to take it home in such awful condition. Two months later I go to get the car and the Toyota sign chrome is mostly rubbed off down to plastic the headlights as well with the lights cracked and extremely fogged both of these errors look non repairable and need to be replaced due to poor work. Also there are rust and paint all over the car you can see we're the tape was. Rudy said they will clean it up it's not promising and he told me to come back in a week I said no this should be properly painted he said it was in that condition although it was not and I strongly stated that it was not and the problem needs to be properly fixed. I can see that Rudy is not going to fix his problem.And I will have to keep going back to the shop to have these errors due to poor work fixed properly. Worst mistake I made was I had paid the bill before looking at the car, also when I returned to pick up the car months later after the sign and lights need replacement looks non repairable from paint remover got major attitude and was told that's how it was originally. I'm extremely sorry I did not go to the other macco.

Upset 10/4/12 2:23PM

Had a minor repair and paint work done at MAACO at 1250 Cesar E. Chavez avenue Pontiac, mi 48340. Let me warn you do not take anything there for reapirs or paint. They gave me an estimate of $700.00 changed the estimate to 1075.00 after starting the work and at time of pick up tried to change it one more tie to $1800.00. Dishonest!! Buyer Beware!!

MAACO 666 10/3/12 11:57AM

Hello, I wanted to add a horror story about Macco. I bought a Mercedes Benz 2 weeks ago and the car needed a paint job. I brought my car to Macco and was please with the conversations we had regarding my paint job. I was instructed to "Not" wash my car for 1 week. The car is black so it was pretty dirty. Today I dropped my car off to be buffed and cleaned. The Manager "Bruno"? told me he was behind and to come back at 2:45pm. Before I got there he called me and stated he had to go and could he leave my keys on the tire????I told him if he left my keys on the tire, he would have a problem. I get there and the car was dirty and he place blue tape on the weather strips to glue them back together. I told him this was unexceptable and he told me this was not a car wash and he had to go. His girlfriend and his baby was waiting for him in the car. My thoughts were they had to wait because he had a job to finish. He told me goodbye and started to walk away. I told him I was going to call Headquarters and he said "Do what you have to do".

Now to the paint job. I had to pull tape off of my car in different places. The hood has a bubble patch on it, the trunk has ripples of paint on it, the entire car has bubble pops on it. It was not preped properly and I have primer on my tinted windows. The primer was so bad my entire car on the inside was "Gray" I wiped it myself. The floor mats I had to give to him because the primer person wore his shoes and killed the front floor mats. The Manager "Bruno" asked me to give him the mats and he would clean them...he did. That was the only thing I'm happy with.

I came in for a $299.00 special but after "Bruno" finished adding body work and "Supply Fees" the total came to 911.32.

I want my car repainted but not at this location. Also "Bruno" left a Customer standing in front of the shop as he drove off with his girlfriend and child....Fire Him!

Angela Price
Moreno Valley CA

Angela Price 9/15/12 7:02PM

I am a career auto body tech. I went to work for Maaco realizing that this is a production paint shop and not the normal I-CAR certified shop I am accustomed to. What I found once I was there was horrifying. The owner of the Manassas VA Maaco would not do the repairs according to insurance company estimates. He would put junk yard parts and after market junk on cars and pocket the full amounts allowed on the insurance company estimates and checks; made out to Maaco. He would pull in customers by telling them they could keep their deductible payments and he would kick back to them 200.00 if they would just be quiet about it. The owner would receive the full amount from the insurance estimate and then make a duplicate work order for much less in order to cheat his technicians of the labor required to repair the cars. The result was unsafe and bad work done on cars. Unsafe work. I had to leave Maaco because I couldn't bear the thought of some young mother putting her children into one of these cars that was slapped together in order for the Pakistani owner of Maaco Manassas to profit through Insurance Fraud.
Roy Palumbo
Manassas VA

Anonymous 8/31/12 1:05PM

Maaco at 2500 34th street north painted my van. It had mistakes that they said they would correct. I took the van home and discovered tools missing from the van. I tried to notify the mgr but he was always unavailable. I finally just left a message. He then returned my call by voice message saying he does not believe his workers stole anything. I returned to Maaco to have the paint mistakes corrected and was told by 'Rick' that I was not welcome at this store anymore and he will call the police if I show up there again.
This was unwarranted and simply a way to not correct poor workmanship. I was warned not to patronize this establishment and I guess they were correct. I will go out of my way to spread the word that this is not a reputable company.


Rod Rossignol

Anonymous 7/31/12 4:04PM

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