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Bass Pro Shops Corporate Office

Bass Pro Shops corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Bass Pro Shops corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Bass Pro Shops corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Bass Pro Shops
2500 East Kearney Street
Springfield, MO 65898
United States

Phone: 417-873-5000
Fax: 417-873-4672

Bass Pro Shops Corporate Office Comments

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I went to pro bass shop and fill a c/card today I was told I could use the 15% at the store or on line that's not true .very unhappy. I guess as long as they get you name on the dotted line that's all they care about

Anonymous 7/6/14 6:47PM

I went to bass pro shop in Orlando Fl to buy a cheap aluminum 10 foot boat and a 2.5 mercury motor for my 50 birthday which is the 24 June it was 499.00 for the boat and 800.00 for the motor to me that's 1299.00 plus tax to them the total added to up to 1800.00 that's a lot of tax after two hours they finally figured it out the new total 1432.73 sounds better right so now I give them my credit card and they charge it the man tells me my credit card was declined so I call my credit company they tell me it was charged so I look at the receipt and it says communication problem not declined so the machine was not printing receipts I put the salesman on the phone with the credit company and they confirmed it to him but since there receipt printer was not communicating they had no copy so they continued to tell me that they did not know what to do so I asked them to credit it back to the account and then I would purchase it again they would not do that either after talking to three incompetent associates that had no idea what they were doing I decided to talk to the mgr whose name was mike and he did not even care basically told us there was nothing he could do he was just the mod on duty why not just go to the office look up the transaction and see if it was completed, after that experience I just decided to leave only to receive a call after arriving at home that I was in deed telling the truth and that the sears lady on the phone was not lying about the debit so now I own a boat and motor that is at there store that I paid for and they would not let me take and for my birthday tomorrow I wont be fishing I am mad as Hell I don't shop Bass Pro Shops just thought it would be a quick painless trip to a shop everybody talks about wow April fools in June

pvelez4 6/23/14 4:56PM

anybody happen to no what bass pro shops had winners of the 2014 tundra that was given away this past Dec.

Irvin Dale Johnson 1/15/14 10:37AM

I purchased a Bluegreen Resort sampler package after being sold the initial visit from a rep at the Bass Pro in Independence, MO. I thought I could count on the validity of the program since Bass Pro was sponsoring it. However, I now find that I cannot book reservations at Big Cedar as the sales rep promised. Instead, upon contacting Bluegreen, I was told sorry, but you can't get your money back even though it sales pitch was deceitful. So I am out the cost of the package and cannot use the points I paid for. I am hoping Bass Pro can help me.

Pam 11/12/13 3:53PM

I've been trying to buy Camo Hunting cloths form Cabella's, And from BassProShops. We live 100 miles from Houston so I was trying through the Catloges I have. Called & your store in Peerland Tex had much of what I needed, The lady would put aside for me the size for me until I got there.
Today we arrived at your store in Peerland & let me tell you I was taken care of. This little lady knew all there was to know about your products. As a fact, It was hard for me belive she was just in Sales. I think she is the lead sales person in the Camo Dept at the Peerland store, Her name is,
& I made sure I got her name before the wife an I left your store . Miss.HEATHER GUSSOM / Hope it's right . Thanks & she is worth my time Jim Briggs

JIm 11/5/13 10:08PM

went yesterday to the Bolingbrook IL, location return some items bought online they would not take my items back at the store because I paid with paypal. Don't see how Bass Pro can offer paypal and not take items back. Isn't that their problem to worry about getting their money back from Paypal? Twice I've been to the customer service there and have been treated like crap. This Jill that I dealt with yesterday was a very crabby person not just to me because she was dealing with a DIFFICULT RETURN but to the three lines that were building up because she was so busy running around in circles. So she tells me to take it home and mail it back with copies of my receipts that she had scribbled notes all over. I buy alot from Bass Pro but I have to say this time is the last time. I just want my money back for what I bought.

lynn 10/20/13 3:11AM

purchased a 2013 Sun Tracker 250 XP3 Regency Tritoon boat. First time out on the lake the Fuel pump went out and had to be towed. Not a happy camper. Contacted store it was purchased and was passe around several times. Had it fixed on my own. The motor is a 250 Verado Super charged and the housing on the fuel pump is cracked. I was told i would have to haul it back to Baton Rouge or Shreveport. The problem is it does not tow well on the highway to begin with. It Sways badly after you reach the speed of 60 MPH. i drive a F350 4X4

Towers 6/10/13 4:49PM

Leave the little guy alone in fl. I live in springfield mo. I thinking of buying a boat in the spring from you.? Every body knows
Bass Pro logo.

bob 1/12/13 5:09AM

Don't shop there. They are trying to run out the local
sports shop, The Simple Life Outfitters in Valrico, Fl (close to Tampa). Before building a store there, they are filing a patent lawsuit on there logo which does not look any thing like Simple Lifes, except a bass. Corporate GREED. Boycott BASS PRO and it's GREEDY CORPORATION.
They are trying to run him out with having to pay attorney's fees. 1/10/13 8:15PM

It really messed up my day,thanks a lot,,,was shopping in the discounted area of store,found boat battery chargers marked down,about 5,,,24volt and one 12volt,,,all was marked the same,,so I grabbed the 12 volt one,only to be told it was marked at the wrong price,,thanks a lot for getting me excited and then crushing me,,,didn't feel like buying anything after that so put every thing down and left,,,don't know when I will be back...if ever.

christoph 1/10/13 1:48PM

i use the bass pro shop in ontario california . this is the second time i have tryed to purchase a fire arm the problem is not enough people to service the buyers if you could only provied seating for the long wait some of us seniors cant stand that long i went in around 1100 oclock and was ticket 87 and they were calling ticket 20 i have waited for hours to try and trade with you so i guess i will buy my guns and ammo somewere else it took 4 hrs the last time i purchased fire arm from this store

drc 12/28/12 8:34PM

I will no longer be going to Bass Pro , I will no longer be purchasing Bass Pro Gift Cards for family members as well as I will no longer eat at any Bass Pro Restaurants. Today I go into the store and Speak with Jeff (Customer Service Manager). Jeff lied over the phone to me about information, In your Archery Department a Lead name Bobby lied to me over the phone, The manager over Archery was rude. I have spent a lot of money as well as my family at your place. I bought a $700 crossbow from your location and as I was hunting today it broke. Even though it was a manufacture defect I contacted Bass Pro and Bobby said that if I could find the receipt they would replace it or I could go through Horton. I then called and spoke with Jeff who stated that he looked through all of my receipts and could not find a bow I had bought. I gave him the date, amount, and reward account number. He stated he just saw a bunch a fishing equipment purchased. I informed him I am a hunter not a fishermen and I would not have spent $761 in his store in October for Fish equipment when that is deer season. I asked Jeff if I came down there would he print the receipt because that was impossible for me to buy fishing equipment when I new for a fact I bought the bow. When I got to bass pro Jeff stated he could not print a receipt and that I had to call 1800BASSPRO. I called them right there and they said they could not help me. Jeff was rude through this entire issue and seemed like I was bothering him and not taking ownership of my problem but just blowing me off. Your manager in the Archery Department was rude, starred at me with a blank stare, and did not want to help me either. All I have done was listen to all of your employees, followed there direction and it has not gotten me anywhere but to the point of no longer coming to your store. Jeff stated that Bass Pro only guarantees there own merchandise and does not back other products. So if I understand him correctly as I asked and he stated yes; BASSPRO does not back anything they sell unless it is a bass pro product. BASS PRO sells items they do not back and screw people over. Jeff made several comments that were rude and to sum it up he acted like it was my problem and to deal with it and he wanted know part. He did not want to help me and stated that it is Saturday and they were busy and would be better if I came back. I AM A CUSTOMER AND SPEND A LOT OF MONEY THERE AND I NOW KNOW THAT THE ONLY TIME YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL HELP IS IF I AM SPENDING MONEY.

madavis22 10/13/12 3:53PM

I went to Bass Pro in Fairfield,OH on Oct 01 2012 to buy binoculars. Not only did I not buy anything I was not even waited on for the full 45 minutes that I stood at the counter. If they had been busy I might have understood but I was not the only customer to leave in disgust that day. I asked one salesman if he could let me look at a Steiner Predator set he told me to wait my turn, when told I had been there for 30 minutes already and thought my turn had come he walked into back room and did not return. As of 1245pm on Oct 01 2012 I will not return either! I told my wife not to buy me anything else from any of your stores. I may not be the most patient man alive but Ghandi would be upset at this store. This was not the first time this occurred but it will be the last. This is the only department at this store that treats customers this way but one bad apple did ruin this store! Thank you for listening and hopefully someone will take notice and make corrections as needed.

JRP 10/2/12 9:55AM


BOOSKY 8/2/12 3:02PM

As I have been a customer for more years than I can remember I have a complaint. I have purchased Tornado lures since they came out and now Im having problems with the blade and clacker coming off.If I dont make sure the ring is tight where they fasten after several fish they will drop in the water.I wish I could buy the blade and clacker combo and then I could reconnect them.When this happens you are out your purchase price. Maybe the producer now should pay more attention.I hope this will be help other people who fish the Tornado as its my go to lure.Im 84 and not some kid talking thru his hat,and if I remember to check the gap then I dont lose anyblades.Im complaining because I dont have a lot of money to waste on carelessness. Sincerely,Allen S. Gale

Stormy 7/17/12 12:48PM

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