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Corporate Office Address:
Burger King

Burger King Holdings, Inc.
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
United States

Phone: 305-378-3000

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Hello my name is Terrell I'm a Germantown Employee at Burger king on county line rd. I Don't know who to get in contact with regarding my problems with my mangers and shift mangers The way I'm being talked about after I leave work is totally not fair for my manger to tell my other co workers that they're working on getting me fired is not okay I been working here going on 2 months now it all started after "Donna" the manger had to tell me tuck my shirt in my pants I will be honest she have had to tell me that a couple times.but I don't believe I should be being talked to any kind of way or discussed with other employees when I'm gone since this incident my hours went from 28 to 13 if you guys where to put a tape recorder some where in their hidden you will find on what really goes on because with cameras you can see but cannot hear and that's what you really need to do is listen how they talk to people I don't feel like I should constantly be threaten by being fired when I know I'm a very hard worker.. the mangers show alot of favoritism to the employees that they like all I asked was to be treated with respect & talked to like any other employee everyday I go to work I'm uncomfortable because I know I work my hardest & they are doing.anything to fire me I never been late never had any bad complaints I come to work do my job and I still have problems Rick talks to me disrespectful like he's any better then me always being sarcastic instead of talking to me like how he talks to everyone else. Donna told me next time I come to work without my shirt tucked in she will not let me work for the whole day. Remind you I was already clocked out leaving work so why should my shirt be tucked in when I'm off the clock? Every time the drive thru and front line is clear everyone goes outside for cigarette brake but when I asked Alicia could I take a cigarette brake she says know and if I do shes getting me fired this is what she told me yesterday night. Why am I the only one being told in every situation they will get me Fired its not about me asking for a cigarette brake I could accept she said know but why did she have to say she will get me fired Instead of just saying know. This job is being very rude and unfair to me and I haven't did anything wrong besides forgetting to tuck my shirt in a few times I don't feel like I should be getting fired for that or Nobody should be holding it over my head.. people come to work late don't finish they job all the way go on smoke brakes Go in the back talk on the phone eat do whatever but this one mistake I've made have everyone telling me they're gonna get me fired can someone please give me a call or e-mail me I really need to talk to cooperate office

TerrellB 5/25/14 8:56AM

I went to Burger King in South Dallas, TX. Store Number 2483. Our order was wrong and the cashier admittedly was new. But when we brought the food back to get the correct order, I was told if I wanted a different item I would have to pay for the item, even though I was bringing back the wrong order. So I asked Tino, the lead guy, for the manager's number and he didn't want to give it to me he said he was busy and to go online. I asked him to go to the back to get the number and he said he has customers. I reminded him I was a customer too. The lady behind me asked him to get the number and then he did. But he gave me a number with only 6 digits, not 7. I asked for a complete number and he told me to leave the store or he was calling the police. He actually called the police! When the police got there, they made him go get me the number. This was the worst service I have ever had, and I a not exaggerating that fact.

Anonymous 5/4/14 12:46PM

The burger king in swann north Carolina is nasty and they have very rude employees and employees smoke weed and there is one employees there name Sierra Ortiz that is very rude and very nasty. looking she wears skin tight clothes and all over the guys there and smells like weed all the time ..she needs to be fired . 4/18/14 8:58PM

Thank you for taking the time for looking into this matter Iam very upset at the Manager first name ROSE she is very rude treat the people in this community very bad first I would like to tell you that the store should open up at 6am but a lot of the time it open late 15-20 minutes late so we go to McDonal she don't say thank you after we order our food never happy with us and we are they every morning to have breakfast. But today 3/25/14 I went to order something to eat and she told me that she is not serving me because I made a complaint about her to corporate she is a very bad employee for BK you need to check into this cause you will lose business cause I will tell the people in this community about this and its not fair to me so please check into this thank you

Deputydog 3/26/14 11:09PM

i was at bk in biloxi ms when a MANAGER verbally assaulted a black woman calling her the black word repetedly and thru chairs brokes her headset then turned on me cussing me locked me in burgerking and the workers were so scared they would not call POLICE FOR ME.i have EPILEPSY i had a sezure 20 mins later knocked my 2 front teeth out.. the told police if i came back she would apoligize.. i will never go to bk again

kim 2/9/14 9:07AM

I always used to go to Burger King befire I would go to McDonalds. Burger King sucks. The last time I got burger from the Pennsville location in South Jersey, I could not believe how small the burgers were. It wasn't hot and it was dry. Also they hired my son and he never gets any hours. 2 hrs? really what the frig is that for a week n then he was supposed to work Super Bowl Sunday and they called and said they were slow and that wasn't the first time either. It happened several times and then sending him home early within 2 hrs?!! Never go there again.

Anonymous 2/2/14 1:57PM

i would like to know if there in a burger king in Gainesville Georgia or one near dahlonoga Georgia.i am not from there but would be passing through and would like feedback asap thank you.

Anonymous 1/27/14 4:33AM

I am in the military and work at NAS JRB in Ft Worth TX. I tried to purchase breakfast for my office with each individuals debit card or cash. The manager told me that I could not do that with each debit card because they could be stolen. I suggested that was insane due to the fact I was in uniform and I do criminal would purchase one breakfast sandwich and leave but understood and left. My Co workers thought I made the story up and just didn't want to use the debit cards so one of them went right back up there with all the debit cards including mine and purchased the food with no problems. I called the manager and asked why she changed the policy so fast 5mins is not a long time and she hung up in my face when I has suggested maybe I was racially profiled. I will never eat there again and I will ask my colleges to never eat at that establishment also if burger king employees serve military members by the like common criminals

Unhappy Solider 1/8/14 8:58PM

i loved bk till i saw a manager take food out the trash an serve it out the window... i was disgusted,really" that could have been me! and at this store in mandeville la. 4520 on 22 this lady in the back making the food never washed when she came back from the restroom... she started making food,i walked out never againe i said! i think her name was brandy at least thats what they called her... i think she should be fired.

kate 1/8/14 4:31PM

Your resturant is the best the only problem is u don't have a store in montville CT. There is a store everywhere around my area but there.There is alot of property around here i think a BK. Would make a killing in my town because all we have for fast food is MC.DONALDS , and SUBWAY. Mohegan Sun Casino is in the area. So please think about this u would make a good choice. Thank u for your time. Thank u again!!.

jim babcock 12/1/13 7:39AM

At store #613 in Valrico Florida is a young lady named Brittney who is the, or one of the managers of this particular BK. Brittney is a very polite, kind, and very personable. If all employees of BK were like Brittney, that would be a wonderful asset to BK. Brittney, you are a wonderful person and a great asset to the Valrico Burger King. Keep up the good work. I hope someone in the BK business will acknowledge Brittney and reward her greatly........thanks Cindy

Cindy 11/29/13 3:22PM

Reading the other comments..I realize...No loss at all not being able to find a Burger King...Anywhere else would be a better place to eat is a safe bet...I think perhaps the fact that Burger Kings are a franchise and no-one Corporate cares to investigate the real problem...If you let literally anyone buy a franchise or you are not willing to back up Corporate are bound to go downhill...That is where Burger King has gone...Down Down and gone away...doubt they'll come back any time soon..Again...not really worth you money to check one out and your money for a "Real" Hamburger Shop...

Jim 11/23/13 7:54AM

I used to be literally a "Die Hard" Buger King fan....And then they started closing down all of the Burger Kings in my area ..Arlington, Texas...and so I had to drive to Mansfield Texas for a Burger...Noticing however to my regret that the quality was apologies..just now I am more conscious of the bread than the contents...something is wrong...
Eventually I moved across town...finally there is one near...but I have lost interest...All of the Burger places I have tried since have made me aware of what I was missing by being that "Die Hard" Burger King fan...And my thought is "IF" I were to again become a big fan...they'd only close again...I'm on to better things...Wish Buger King would quit sending me coupons..

Jim 11/23/13 7:47AM

Some times I really wonder if you're really saving anything when using a store coupon!!!Some kind of way the total just does'nt add up...check you reciepts!!! machines do mak mistakes

Anonymous 11/12/13 3:57PM

I had a very unpleasant experience at Ft Lauderdale location ( I don't know the process when hiring/promoting staff, however the manager on duty at this location, Kimberely treated me & my party w/such disrespect in front of her employees & then bad mouthed us to other clients, all because she didn't understand what we had ordered & when we clarified to her what we wanted she got verbally aggressive stating that she "bites" instead of "barking" when I expressed my concern for her unprofessionalism she told me if I had something to say I can fill out the survey online. So I am taking her advice and voicing my experience of this terrible experience and from what I see I am not alone with these feelings apparently there is an issue here.

mariscud 10/26/13 9:22PM

Worst service that any person shouldn't have to go though. This was in Lafayette There was 2 cars in front of me at 9:58 and I didn't get my food till 10:14pm. There was a black female taking cash and I told her this was horrible service and she never said thank you or sorry. I felt this was racist and the manager never said a word, and he was Black also and wouldn't give me Corp phone number. Burger King what are you going to do about? Very sad when you can't even get people that get pay and offer a decent service.

Anonymous 10/18/13 7:38PM

To whom it may concern:
I recently went in to your store and was very uncomfortable. I was very disappointed and I felt uncomfortable. I would like to see when you next remodel for the tables to accommodate a person that is not SMALL! I realize that is the common ground but not everyone is in a size 10. I realize that this may go in one ear and out the other but please remember God created different sizes. Thank you.

Tina 10/17/13 3:29PM

would like to add a second comment to my bad oatmeal experience. It was soooo tasty looking as pictured on the menu. I got about 3 teaspoons for 2.80 and some dried fruit in a packet to put on top. The girl at the counter yelled back to one of the guys" Hey where's the oatmeal?' They put something in a 2oz. cup and she barely ran luke warm water over it. We were traveling so I went in to get it, but my husband drove away and what a surprise when I took off the lid.Hard, cold, and gross, I could have sworn they served me plaster of paris, LOL, this is no joke, and the mgr. said he ate some that morning. Looks like I got his left overs from 3 months ago. This was 3 springs dr. in Weirton, will stick with McDonald's hope all the BK's close as most of their food is nasty anyway.All corp. offered me was a whopper coupon and I hate those!!! Give me a Happy Meal coupon for Micky D's and I'll be happy Booger KING.

gerry 9/30/13 2:56PM

THE MGR. AT BK IN WEIRTON, WVA WOULD NOT GIVE ME THE PHONE NO. TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE WHEN I ASKED HIM SAT. SEPT. 28, 2013 about 9:30 am. I had to come home from a trip and find it myself on line. I think he should he fired as this is very poor service for the company. Also the phone no. on the receipt is out of service. I was offered a whopper coupon by mail and it will take 3 weeks to get here. Big deal. I plan to eat at McDonald's from now on. BK was just closer that day as I rarely to them. Don't eat the oatmeal, it looks like dog puke.

gerry 9/30/13 2:40PM

Customer Service at the SE Wyoming Blvd location in Casper, WY is horrible. Sean took our order and was acting like we were bothering him and giving us attitude and very rude. When I called to speak to the manager, it took about 12 rings before someone picked up. When I spoke with the manager, she was also rude and didn't want to be bothered. All she said is that I will talk to him and hung up. She sounded like a high school person. I won't return there ever!!!!

Burger King Customer Service Suc 7/24/13 11:14AM

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! This is for the Corporate website and I see that these situations are not being handled!! Burger King IF YOU CARE CORPORATE!!! I went on my lunch break to get something for everybody in my department 7/19/2013, all of us ended up with food poisoning. The whole department got sick! Very slow service, not enough people working there for a friday night, they were dropping everything on the floor. I pray to GOD our food wasn't dropped on the floor in the back. The grease for the fries and onion rings must have never been changed because ALL OF THE FRIES AND ONION RINGS tasted soooooooo horrible,most of us had to throw it away . The chicken sandwhiches and the burgers tasted like they rubber and the bacon on a couple of the burgers smelled like it came off of a dirty pigs ass. And half of the orders were wrong. BK get it together. I am about to contact the news that does the investigations into this because corporate needs to start taking action or you need to CLOSE YOUR DOORS!!!

GROSSED OUT 7/19/13 11:23PM

I can NOT depend on either of your TWO locations in Lawrenceville, Ga to be open as store hours advertised on your entrance door! I tried to visit both your locations on 7-10-2013 the first at 5:45 a.m. @ Pike Street Duluth Hwy Lawrenceville, Ga. The door sign says open at 5:30 A.M. I drove to drive through to have an employee altercation saying "WE'RE NOT OPEN YET" I can never depend on your 2 locations to be open and neither are you're big signs out by the hwy lighted in the early morning hrs when the locations are supposed to be open!

I drove across town to your second location on Hwy 20 pulled up to drive through at 6:00 A. M. straight up. The lettered advertisement out by the road said OPEN DURING REMODEL, only to get to drive through and signs posted everywhere on drive through and drive up window stating "CLOSED DURING REMODEL" No wonder the Golden Arches are eating your breakfast! Noone can depend on your locations being open when you say they are!!!!

Concerned Burger King patron!

Concerned Burger King patron 7/10/13 3:46AM

I was injured at a Burger
King near Rockingham, NC due to the terrible condition of the parking lot. After filling out an accident report and two calls later, I have not received a single call back. Guess that means no one cares what happens to you at Burger King. After one hour of filling out forms and taking pictures, I finally got back on the road for my six hour drive with a bleeding leg. I called the general manager for the second time and he gave me the numer to call for insurance. Wonder why he didn't apologize for my injury! Pitiful management.

Khosey 7/2/13 5:11PM

Burger King is the worst place their food taste like garbage, it is right down NASTY. The workers are rude the food uneatable and the stench inside what can I say just plain nasty. I'am telling you run as far away from Burger King as you can get if you value your health.

Mary 6/27/13 8:15PM

I would like a call back from corporate regarding the rude obnoxious people working in mt Pocono pa and incompetent Of the help, but looking at the messages I don't believe you care enough to call back Never again will I go there! The manager doesn't even speak English!

Kath62 6/7/13 5:31PM

No fast food place has really done much to offer vegetarian food choices and finely Burger king takes a forward moving step and still can't get it right. After ordering hash browns and an orange juice I got to work to find two sanwhiches of kind in my bag. After work I went back to same place took the bag and reciept in and was told I could get an order of fries for my trouble? I said could I have a veggie burger in replacement instead....(and wasnt it BK that made this error?) anyway no I walked out with nothing not even my money, but did leave the two sandwiches there.....I will post this on some vegetarian web sites also....Thanks for trying to get our money BK ie. vegetarians...keep trying maybe you will get it right someday....

Veggie Guy 5/19/13 12:25PM

On April 20,2013 at 2:32 pm I placed an order of a Whopper
burger and a coke. After I finished drinking my coke, I removed the lid to get a refill. There was a fly in the bottom of my cup. I took it back to the cashier and he called the manager over. The manager looked into the cup and said that he would give another cup. He made no effort
to try and correct the situation. Before that happened, he
had a very loud argument with one of the workers in front of all the customers. (Burger King #3639) Sunrise Fl. 33313

Anonymous 5/15/13 9:09PM

I went to burger king drive thru at the 60107 location just to waste 1/2 hiur of my time and to eat a cold dinner, because the employees/manager screwed up my order #536 twice!!! I will no longer be going to BK and instead be heading to McDonald's in the future! Manager had a attitude and not caring to find out what happened to the order!!! He kept saying htey were busy!!!

picanic2 3/27/13 6:22PM

I no long enjoy going to the burger king on barrett pkwy across from car max. the waits are always long,there always out of what i would like,frys are almost always cold and the chicken seems to taste like the fry grease is dirty. they could do better

Mrs .smith4298 3/26/13 7:53AM

i have called guest relations more the a half a dozen times over the POOR SERVICE at the burger king on west 3rd st bloomington indiana. this morning at 645am at drivethru 2 cars and it took more then 4mins to get sandwich pulled up open it and it was wrong one!!!!!!! i had to get out of my car in snow and ice to go inside the girl didn't act like she even cared. she said she knew once i pulled away she put wrong sandwich in bag. not shocking since this happens ALL THE TIME THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nor does it do any good to contact customer service since they haven't had the next one higher then mgr call me. why don't u tell owner of franchise to get it together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's turning into a big joke or maybe the customer could just fix their own. all i had was a crosiant ham&cheese. i know i could do that!!!!!! ms odell u have my number bloomington indiana

Anonymous 3/25/13 6:48AM

I am severely dissappointed in my local Burger King. The last 10 times I have been there has been so many problems from taking 20 minutes for 2 burgers to forgetting to put all items in the bag in the drive thru. This is an ongoing problem with this specific location and I for one will not be back. What ever happened to great customer service? Please put someone that really cares in that location.

dissappointed73 3/24/13 10:34AM

Why Every Time I Go To Your Stores Do I Have Some Kind Of An Issue!! Today I Ordered A Whopper Jr Meal With No Lettuce And She Asked If I Wanted Cheese Which I Said No!! I Am Severely Lactose Intolerant!! I Get Home And What Do I Have But A Freakin' Plain Whopper Jr With Only Lettuce And Cheese Added. Checked The Ticket And It Reads What I Said, They Must Not Be Able To Read Because They Did Not Follow This Order At All. I Am Sick And Tired Of Paying For Things I Can Not Use And In This Case I Could Not Eat. Burger King Could Care Less As I Have Tried To Contact Numerous Times To The Issues I Have Had And Not One Time Has Anyone Returned My Call Or Email.

curlyblu918 3/20/13 11:07AM

My Boyfriend And I Went To Burger King On 1/6/12 At 3930 South Salina St In Syracuse Ny. We Walked Into The Foyer And Noticed An Awful Stench As We Entered In The Restaurant The Smell Became Much More Nasty. My Boyfriend Asked What Is That Horrible Smell And The Manager Was Standing There And Said That It Was From All The Water In The Mats. The Assistant Manager Had To Make A Comment And Say Don't Come In Here And Talk About My Place Like That. We Decided To Leave As The Smell Was Making Us Sick And Felt Very Uncomfortable Eating There As We Felt That They Would Put Something Into Our Food.

Anonymous 1/9/13 8:25AM

just ordered original chicken sandwich, half of which had no dressing---not first time this has happened, also employees extremely slow, resraurant not so clean, and after reading these comments I think I won't eat there anymore----Ellwood City, Pa.

Anonymous 1/3/13 12:14PM

Friday, November 2, 2012 at BK 2055. 750 Landowne Street in Peterborough, Ontario at 4:03 PM we ordered two kids meals, one hamburger and one chicken tenders. Three hours later I am still nauseated from the old greased used to prepare the food. The nuggets were appreciated by my Saint Bernard who isn't too fussy, however, the rancid taste has lingered. It is disappointing and after reading all the negative responses I will have to add that I too, will not go to another Burger King outlet.

nana 11/2/12 4:52PM

Texarkana AR,Please learn to get in touch with your un happy customer's.I know you may be busy and your job is not easy.But the people that running your store's are running them in the ground.Please speak with manger at richmond rd store about cheating the customer's out of whats on there burger and try to lie to them and tell them something other than fact's again being snide why doing this.You will lose business from us of texarkana if this continues and something is not done.Bad enough we are over charged with what is priced little lone bad attitude's and being lied to.

Anonymous 10/15/12 3:23PM

Texakana AR.Cold burgers and snide White shirt manger's some one need's to check temps on burger's and attitude's a this store.Tell you know if you got a problem best to take it to a lower in charge here.The white shirt's act if they are to good to help you.I mean imagine that I run a burger king for a career so i'm better than you."REALLY"Best advise, do your job so i can,have my visit my way thank you.It is the people that comes to your store that pay's you your check!Not the check fairy!!So climb off your horse and roll your sleeve's up and put on a smile.And that's all i the customer ask is you do your JOB!WITH OUT BEING SNIDE!

Anonymous 10/15/12 3:13PM

I was at the BK in El Centro,CA on Dogwood Ave and the place was dirty. There was soda spilled on the floor, flies everywhere, the employees were a mess and the manager was the only one taking orders (this was at around 12:30), needless to say there was ao g wait. This place is disgusting and the customer service was awful. There was a sign stating that there was a charge for sauces (really??????).

Anonymous 8/23/12 8:10PM

hellow i had visited a burger king in timple terrace i been going there a long time they never wear gloves all way slow the manager there do not care what thay do the store never clean. the manager there gave me his name johnny banks. help please i love this burger king.

kim89 8/13/12 8:53AM

I was traveling on my way home to Maryland from Atlanta, Ga. My family and I decided to stop and get something to eat. We went to a Burger King in Rock Hill,SC on a cherry Rd. because BK were selling chicken sandwhices for a $1.00 when my wife opened her sandwhich, which is something that she does when we buy fast food, she found little brown bugs in her lettuce. I had my whole family throw there food away. If my family and I had not already been back on the road traveling I would have turned around and took those sandwhichs back and requested for my money back. There was bugs in the lettuce that was on our sandwhichs and the Manager took our order and gave very poor customer service for him to be a General Manager.

Anonymous 6/29/12 7:10PM

Anonymous 6/30/12 8:07PM

On friday June 29, 2012 me and my cousin went to Burger King on cherry rd. in Rock hill, SC and as we were waiting in line to order our food we noticed a young man in the kitchen area of the store doing what we believe to be cleanig the lettuce but, what shocked us is that he had a big tray full of lettuce sitting on a dirty nasty a@#*@#$% garbage can. me and my cousin walked out of the store and said that we will never eat at burger king ever again. How can an employee call themself washing lettuce and have lettuce sitting on a nasty AZZ looking garbage can and expect for someone to want to eat from there.

Anonymous 6/30/12 8:05PM

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