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Corporate Office Address:
Carfax, Inc.

R.L. Polk & Co.
5860 Trinity Pkwy Ste 600
Centreville, VA 20120
United States

Phone: 703-934-2664

Carfax Corporate Office Comments

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I went to trade my Camaro in for an upgrade and they had to run a Carfax check. In the report it said "Not Reported, Accident reported involving front or side impact with another motor vehicle Severe left front damage reported Airbags did not deploy." They have a date range between Jan. 2014 and March 2014 but not really sure. I am driving my vehicle to this day and my car has only been to the dealership for an oil change and tire service and to Discount Tires for two new tires. I have not had one accident in that car and I bought it new. My car has never seen a body shop Ever. I believe that Dealerships and Carfax is in cahoots with each other because they are the only ones who have my VIN number on file. NO ONE else has seen it. I am going to file a Class Action Lawsuit against this company and anybody involved in this fraudulent case. If anyone wants in on this and have had false reportings that you can prove please contact me at I am calling my Lawyers NOW...

Angel 7/3/14 8:41AM

Horrible experience with customer service. The report on my car inaccurately says the airbags were deployed in an accident. I sent them all sorts of documentation showing that they didn't but they refuse to fix it. My problem was referred to the "Manager of Data Escalation". What does it tell you when their data problems are so bad that they need a person who handles "escalations"? Just fix the data, then it doesn't have to escalate. Based on my experience, there is no reason to trust their data.

Fedup 5/30/14 9:13PM

I went to trade in my vehicle and learned that CARFAX had branded the title as "Salvage". The Carfax report indicated no airbag deployment, no major claims and no structural damage so how could it be a salvage vehicle. I've been emailing Matthew Leibrock with carfax everyday for two weeks and he refuses to correct the problem. I called the local DMV office twice and was told I have a clear title. Matthew refuses to take the time to correct the carfax problem and call the DMV. I've heard before that carfax sucks and has false information. Don't believe anything they report! Almost three weeks and still trying to correct this. Good luck trying to actually speak to representative. I've tried every number I could find.

P$##@D Off 4/17/14 7:53AM

On 2/23/14 I purchased a used car from Evolution Auto in Sanford Fl. I relied in part on the carfax which stated there were no major accidents on this 2002 Jaguar. After receiving repair/maintenance records on the car, I identified a major accident occurring at 71K miles(I bought when mileage was 75K). A 11/2011, $6300 Jaguar dealer accident repair bill/receipt was obtained from the prior owners records. Shady dealer refuses to take back car or refund any part of purchase price....HOW WAS SUCH A MAJOR ACCIDENT NOT INCLUDED IN THE CARFAX REPORT?????

William 3/12/14 9:27AM

I just heard back from carfax they removed false info. I'am very pleased to say they fixed the report so. Iam here to say that in this case they have cusomer service.

Roger 2/13/14 10:22PM

I recently did a vin check on my 1998 Cobra Mustang and found a entry that is false, The history shows a oil change that never took place in Dover Ohio. This entry shows the miles at 140,768 on 11/18/2013. The car hasen't left North Carolina since I bought it in 2007. I contacted the service center and gave them my vin # and Tag # and they have no record of it being there on 11/18/2031 or anytime that year. Futher more it was inspected in North Carolina on 8/26/2013 the miles on my inspection statement show 98,009. Now how can it be that in less than 2 months I put 42,759 miles on this car. NC dmv has all the records on this car since 2007. I went to the trouble to buy a AutoRcheck report and it doesnt have this on it. Please fix this I have a pending sale for car but have to have error fixed first. I'am giving you a chance to fix this so I can report that your a fair company unlike the post I have read. Thank You for your time. Roger

Roger 2/12/14 6:50PM

I purchased 5 report deal in late Aug/Sept. My sister in law was buying car then and I was planning to buy dec for me, so the reason we bought this. When I was going to check report,said my subscription expired??? I only used one report.
try to get support, that doesn't exist. I emailed on the help button twice as I need to get info asap as I'm buying cay today(or planning). No resonses from 2 reuest. Called corp #, hit operator, no answer. Went to chat, no one vail and this is at 1pm eastern, regular business hours. I used before, no problems. What happened.

What happened to service? 12/23/13 11:05AM

I am very disappointed with this customer service I've seen bad but this
takes the cake. I wasn't able to talk to a real representative and my question was so simple. My car fax report shows a incorrect odometer reading all's I need was a correction this company is costing people money and time .....please fix it!!!!

angry customer 11/25/13 8:56AM

Although This Company Gives Some Useful Information They Are Not Customer Service Oriented At All. Wrong Car/vin # Was Faxed To Me And When I Need To Speak To Someone About And What To Do To Correct It, I Keep Getting The Run Around And Transferred To Never, Neverland. Why!!!!!!! Do We Keep Patronizing Companys Like This?????? When Do We All Stand Together And Say Enough And See How Fast They Go Broke And Out Of Business Unless They Start Giving Good Customer Service After They Get Our Money.


Carfax's customer service leaves a little bit to be desired. The wrong mileage was entered from my state emissions station (they have admitted making a typing mistake), and it is almost impossible to get a human being on the telephone at Carfax to get it fixed!!!

Anonymous 4/23/13 11:16AM

i tryed to get a carfax to see the the previous owner. i payyed 39.00 to get this info and it is no where to be found my name is robert f bailey jr . it says money back garrentee so i want my money says it showed the perivious owners and when i payed it had none of this information

bobbydiamond427 3/8/13 1:52PM

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