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Please find details for the corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Memory Lane, Inc.

United Online, Inc.
333 Elliott Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98119
United States

Phone: 206-301-5700 Corporate Office Comments

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We have cancelled out 3 times and they are still taking the money out of our account. When we try to get in we can't because we clsed it down so why are we still be charged?

Anonymous 2/21/14 7:01PM

To Whom It May Concern:

The beauty of the words you write on your own profile notes are great, but when they are accompanied by a colorful photo insert, they become more attractive and gravitational and more often than not, read.

Before the change, our written notes could be accompanied with a photo insert. Now, our own profile page is drab and its beauty is contingent on friends replying and inserting photos with their notes.

You attention to addressing this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Celesta Lampkins

Celesta 2/16/14 7:43AM

Because of a duplicate registration (of the free kind), I have been trying to cancel the second registration. I have followed the instructions to the "T" (repeatedly) and everything works until it's time to click on the "REMOVE REGISTRATION" command which does NOTHING!!! At first, I thought it was just some kind of malfunction today - BUT as I move from site to site trying to find a way to accomplish what should be a simple & quick process, I find, in reading complaints, that perhaps this command does not work by design because many others have had this same exact result! PLEASE REMOVE THE DUPLICATE REGISTRATION IMMEDIATELY - you should be able to easily identify which one it is, but just in case: it's the one where my name is all in caps and the last name is shown as part of my name twice. THANK-YOU.

Ragdoll Annie 2/15/14 5:22PM

The 1961 yearbook that you have posted on the Hampton High School site is not the correct yearbook. The year book that you have posted belongs to Northhampton High School in Northhampton PA not Hampton Twp. PA.

ebibham 2/6/14 8:35PM

I have continually been charged for this since 2010. Every year I have contacted then with no avail. They have given me confirmation numbers that they have canceled, but after four years they have not. I am still waiting on my refund and never received it. I'm going to my bank to put a stop payment for any future charges as this is ridicolous as I can't get this classmates to cancel and give me my refund. NEVER GO TO THEIR SITE, as you will never be able to cancel. .I have not accessed it in all these years and still I wil debit my account. Fraud as I will report to the BBB.

Anonymous 1/22/14 5:24PM

I was told that my subscription was renewed last month via e-mail. I had wanted to cancel my subscription but am not allowed to because they renewed it automatically in December but waited until January to let me know. They will not refund my money and now I have wait a whole year before it will be cancelled. Yes, I didn't read the fine print when I signed up--shame on me but they should have notified me in December so I could cancel in time --shame on them! I will NEVER use this web site again and will tell all my friends how i feel about it every chance i get.

Anonymous 1/17/14 8:18AM

I was charged on April 4,2013 $7.50. I authorized this charge.
On July 4, 2013 I was charged $15,00 I didn't authorize this charge.
On January 3 2014 I was charged another $15.00 I certainly didn't authorize this charge either. I am disputing the charge on January 3rd with my credit card company.
How often do you charge for membership.
I am going to cancel my membership today.

Grandma Judy 1/5/14 12:49PM

I have been trying to cancel a membership with I refuse to wait on the phone a zillion times. It is not used, at least my me, so I want the charges dropped and Discover card services notified. This is not on my list of priorities right now. I just want it gone. It is not in your companies interest to operate this way. Like I used to tell my students, people know people and they speak out. Thank you

lrtree 12/24/13 1:36PM

You cancel your membership and then they put you into their automatic renewal. We are $50 in the hole, but I think enough people lets FTC know about their practice by filing a complaint and perhaps things will change!

Anonymous 10/17/13 10:25AM

My checking account has been debited twice for a $15.00 charge once in July 2013 and again October 2013 for Lane? This was not authorized! I expect an immediate refund to my account. I have been a member for years and always thought this was a honest service. It appears from all the comments, that has something going on with it's bookkeeping department. If my account is not refunded promptly, I will notify my bank and cancel my membership.

Mike M. 10/4/13 10:37PM

I wish to cancel my subscription as of right now. I do not want to be charged for another year. I have tried to get in touch with 'anyone' but no one seems to be at their desk. Any suggestions?

Anonymous 10/3/13 11:51AM

I have never subscribed or said yes to ANT amount of money taken from account & it is happening. This is ridiculous. Can't wait to call my bank tomorrow..

Carolyn 9/15/13 4:34PM

I did not authorize you to take $59.00 from my credit card and wish to cancel my subscription. It is very bad business when you can take money without giveing me the option of renewing or cancelling. You cannot get thru on the phone to talk to a person or have an address to write to.

Geno 9/8/13 4:50PM

I too was charged $59 on my credit card which I did not authorize? what gives with classmates? Lots of pissed off people out there! Just like everyone else, Hungry sons of you know what! Give me my refund classmates!

Anonymous 9/6/13 3:19PM

I canceled my subscription 2 months ago and I am still being charged. I requested when I called my name be removed I see on my checking acct. for month that they took out $15.00 fee. I have called every number to cancel and am still be charged. This is very bad business ethics please remove me at once. I AM NO LONGER WANTING TO BE MEMBER!!! THANK YOU!!!

Anonymous 9/6/13 6:45AM

I am requesting that you cancel my membership that I took on September 2,2013. I find the entire operation a disappointment and request that you credit my charge account for the amount of $7.50 and remove my name complete from you membership. I am upset and very discouraged.

artkinney 9/4/13 6:09PM

I cancelled my membership 3 years ago and again this past month I saw on my statement you charged me again. I have sent letters and made phone calls please do not charge me again. I have contacted my bank and I will be contacting an attorney today about this situation. I am not happy...

Anonymous 8/21/13 8:08AM

I did not authorize the $59 charge to my credit card. I did not provide with the credit card number and have no idea how you got it. Sees like has a serious problem going here!!!

Tom Fisher 8/16/13 5:06PM

I Have Been Charged $59.00 On My Checking Account And Do Not Want To Bea Part Of Classmates Memory Lane. If This Is Charged To My Account Again I Will Get A Lawyer. I Did Not Sign Up For This. Thank You Linda Gail Thomas


I sent a certified letter in April of 2013 stating that I wanted to cancel my membership. In Januuary when I reopened my Classmates account, I only wanted a 3 month membership and I did pay for that. However, even after having sent the certified letter in April telling you I need to cancel, Classmates had deducted $15.00 twice from my checking account: once in April and again in July. Why am I still paying for an account I no longer need? Due to financial strains, we had to disconnect our home computer along with the Internet service. ( I am accessing my email account here at the local library currently). I want a response on how you plan to rectify this. This is so frustrating!!
I will be checking my emails in a week to give you time to respond.

Anonymous 7/22/13 4:36PM

I was billed $59.00 without my permission. I have tried to contact classmates but could not reach them. I want to close my membership. I will not pay $59.00 for I do not have it.

Anonymous 7/20/13 7:34AM

Approximately 50 years I was I was separated from the fraternal side of my family due to a nasty divorce. In February of 2011 had a one week promotion where non-members could read the posting sent to them. I read:
From:Bernard Benson (view profile)
To:Heiman Martin
Sent:February 27, 2011 03:27:45 AM
Subject:Hi, from Bernard!

I'm looking for Martin Heiman who has a sister, Susan, mother, Bernice, father Edward. Originally from Philadelphia, then Los Angeles, and then to Florida. Last name was changed when Bernice re-married and the father adopted the children.
Could you be the Martin I'm looking for? If so, you are my nephew and Susan is my neice.
Please, I'd like to hear from you.

Marian & Bernie Benson

As a result of this posting and my response I was able to re-unite with an entire side of my family who said they had been looking for me for the past 50 years. Thanks Classmates

Martin Heiman 6/4/13 12:49PM

I have been a member for over two years and fully paid and now their computer will not allow me to sign in no matter what I do. I have reset a couple times and nothing works.

Fredrick Young 2/28/13 6:53AM

I was automatically billed for a renewal which I did not order. I phoned and my removal confirmation number is . I trust I will never see this fee on my credit card bill again.

cj 2/14/13 11:53AM

I NEVER subscribed to your services and only by scanning my bank account did I see an automatic charge of $59 to my account. I will be writing a letter to confirm my cancellation and expect a full refund. This is outrageous and your are perpetrating fraud and theft.

Furious in Texad 1/19/13 2:59PM

I paid for my subscription $59.00 for the year and I have not seen any e mails to me from If this is the way you do business I would like to cancel my subscription and send me the money back owes. I will also get in touch with my credit card. 1/11/13 1:07PM

You have billed my credit card without permission. In California, it is state law that you have to contact the customer before removing funds from their bank account. I only was a member for one year. I selected manual billing and somehow it was reverted to automatic. The credit card is one we don't use anymore and my email is an old account. I discovered today that you have billed me for five years and I did not notice because I assumed that you would have contacted me about removing my funds. You owe me almost $200. I am reporting you to the State Attorney's Office and to the Better Business Bureau. I am notifying my bank to cancel the payment they made to you on November 27, 2012.

Ripped off in the Golden State 12/1/12 4:34PM


Anonymous 11/15/12 2:24PM

I wish to cancel Classmates also anbd I believe I did not order it again in the first place 10/23/12 4:22PM

I wish to cancel my subscription immediately!I was billed $39.00 onmy Discover card, and refuted the bill. They tried to cancel to no avail, so I was rebilled. I no longer wish to be a member, nor do I accept a bill for 39.00.

Classmates Corporate Office 10/22/12 9:46AM

I am being billed $15.00 for a subscription that I canceled 3 months ago, I do not want to subscribe to Classmates Memory Lane anymore, so please cancel my subscription, My credit card company has been notified. Thank you

richardajones 10/21/12 5:15AM

As of 10/1/12 cancel my subscription IMMEDIATELY. Do not charge any renewal to my card, etc. Ihave e-mailed you before to cancel, never received any acknowledgement, nor was my membership stopped. Once again ,I wish to unsuscribe, now. I also want you to confirm this e-mail.

Anonymous 9/30/12 4:55PM

Please remove any listing of my name immediately:
Denyse Robinson (Florio)
Specifically on the Washington Irving High School site
New York City, NY

Anonymous 9/27/12 9:06PM

Please remove any listing of my name immediately:
Denyse Robinson (Florio)
Specifically on the Washington Irving High Scool site

Anonymous 9/27/12 9:04PM

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