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Planet Fitness corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Planet Fitness corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Planet Fitness corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Planet Fitness / PFIP, LLC.
113 Crosby Road
Suite 15
Dover, NH 03820
United States

Phone: 603-750-0001

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I am a member at you Brooklawn, N.J. Planet fitness and I would just like to address that in the past 4 months this gym has gone done hill with management. The last manager was unqualified and the gym was always dirty nd discusting. The new manager Glen is extremely unprofessional cursing to other employees in front of members one being myself and is very ignorant towards employees and members. Also I didn't appreciate that the manager Glen also brought in message therapist to give out free messages if it's not something they are going to do every month like they do pizza Monday. I would be greatly appreciate if this problem was looked into and something was done about this. Thank you so much for your time.

Anonymous 7/21/14 4:15PM

I'm a planet fitness member in Dallas, TX I'm paying the black membership which gives me the black room, massage and other stuff! Recently I been really pissed off I signed the contract with Farmers Branch Planet fitness in Texas because I didn't know of another one closer to me! I recently found another gym closer to me but I still can't go and work out because of a fee that I have! I have the money drafted from my card because I have other things going on and I will forget to pay if it wasn't drafted they are saying that my card was decline but my card had enough money! I called the gym and tried to talk to the manager and they said he wasn't there but to leave my name and number and they would call me back so I did.... 2 months passed and they still didn't call me so I call back after 2 months and speak to the manager he said that the only way they could waive my fee was if I got a bank statement and than come to the gym and fix it! I don't have time for that I work every single day and he said well than there's nothing to do to cancel the membership is almost $70 how ridiculous is that?! I been paying the past 4 months but still can't attend the gym because of a fee that I'm not responsible for! NEVER HAVE I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH A GYM!!!!

Abby 7/20/14 8:09AM

Unfortunately I attempted to join your facility last night and was told that my bank card was insufficient. I was told the bank card information would be sufficient if I applied online, the online application process did not allow me to complete my application. Also on your website is says credit cards can be used to join your facility. If this information is incorrect then please update it.

I still would very much like to join your gym at the promotional rates promised by your facility. Please assist me with this process


Joel Rector

Joel 7/17/14 8:42AM

Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank You for the opportunity for allowing me to explain whats going on at Dykeman Planet Fitness New york, New York 10034 I have been a member #34478 over several years. I reside in the Inwood section of Manhattan and I'm very active in the community. I'm currently a county commitee member as well as the president if the Inwood Tenants commitee board, Fresh youth Initiative Program menter volunnter. In February of 2014 I had major surgery on my knee. I bought the Medical Report to the Manager Mellonie at the time and she posted my personnal Medical report up on the bulletin board at the entrance of the lobby where my information was viewed by employees,members,and guest. Hippa Law Violation When i tried to reach the district Manager Mr. Marcio He nevered returned my phone calls and when he showed up at planet fitness he never spoke to me regarding the situation. I feel humiliated, disrespected and more importantly disappointed in the that the district Manager Marcio can be so unprofessional. I applied for a position at the Panet Fitness and was never given the opportunity for an interview but watched all hispanic come in get interviwed and hired no afro americans employed at this location. I find this to be a greater problem. The community is diversed and so should the work place. I had given my resume to the Manager just to be told that she hires her own. I again tried to reach the district manager and again he never responded. Should you need to contact me for additional information please call me at the following number (646)606-7292
Thank You and have a wonderful day!

Anonymous 7/15/14 8:48PM

Planet Fitness is just a big joke!!! Due to a pregnancy I wanted to put my membership on hold and they said they can not do it for more than 3 months... whaaaaat?@@?? then I just had to cancel, a couple of weeks later I saw they charged me another $39 "Annual Membership"!!!! then I call them, and even the corporate, to see what we can do about it and all of them were so rude and it turns out I should've cancelled a week earn't have to deal with them anymore, there is much better fitness centers out there!!! I hope you guys enjoy those $39!lier (by May25th). That is just ridiculous !!!! I'm really glad I don't have to deal with them anymore!!!

Member76969 6/27/14 8:52AM

The planet fitness in kankakee is the worst gym. I moved to colorado and sent them a letter ans a 50$ money order to cancel my account. Which they told me too. I got a call from them stating they recieved the letter and money and where cancling my account. I emptied my bank from back in illinois since i wasnt using it anymore and kept it open only for emergencies only. Within a month they took out 75$ and put me in debt with the bank. They refuse to put it back and they took out another 40$ after telling me they cancled my account after weeks of argueing and trying to get it figured out. They have done this to about 3 that i know.

Adrena Baker 6/16/14 3:05PM

I joined planet fitness location last year and when I saw that a new one opened in ridley, pa. I was charged the monthly fee of $19.99 and then add'l monthly fee of $20.05. Went to the ridley location and the manager refunded me the $19.99 and she told me that it would now be $20.05 (which was a 6 cent tax on the monthly fee) I was never told about it when I switched and feel that I should not be charged that at all. Please get back me on this matter

sc 6/12/14 8:39AM

I have been a member of PF in Toms River NJ on Fischer Blvd since it opened. Facility has been recently remodeled and looks great. The problem it is so hot and the air does not seem to circulate. The owner has another facility in Bricktown and that unit has big floor fans to circulate air. I have spoken several times to employees and it just falls on deaf ears. This is a major complaint I hear from other members. We were thinking about getting a petition signed. I hope you can look into this matter. I really do not want to cancel my membership along with my wife. Thanks

Anonymous 6/11/14 9:46AM

I joined planet fitness sometime in march, 2014 as a black card member. soon after that, I found out that a new branch was opening nearer to my home and with brand new equipment. I joined the great neck location on what I thought was the last day of this special membership. I soon found out the last day was not the last day and was still taking place. this new location was supposed to be opening beginning of I cancelled my membership at my original location and had to pay $58 cancellation of today, 6/9/14, this new location is still not opened and as of today will not be opened until 6/17.i was offered today when I called about opening date, that I could go to any planet fitness and pay $5.00 each visit.that is so ridiculous.planet fitness should be offering free services for those who signed up at this new location.i cancelled my original membership because it was just going to be a short time before the new gym opened as I was told.i am so annoyed because the reason for joining this gym is because I need to use weights for a surgery I recently If I had known I would have had to wait long for the new location to open, I never would have cancelled my membership in the first place.this is really not a very nice way of doing business. I would very much like to hear from someone concerning this matter. thank you for your time in this matter.

Anonymous 6/9/14 7:05PM

PF in Manchester NH South Willow location has only one set of 10# DBs. It had 3 sets but been missing 2/3rd for 3 months. I told managment a few months ago and not only did they know but said it has been even longer than that.

Dale 6/9/14 10:10AM

I have been trying to get the problems with the tanning bulbs not working at your Finneytown club for over a year now , Still not fixed !!!! I keep being told they will fix them & it doesn't get done . Very Frustrating !!!! Please Help with this ongoing problem !!!!!

Frustrated 6/4/14 9:50PM

I go to planetfitness in Newport ky and all of the girls at the front desk on 2nt shift are always rude and nasty to anyone over a size 4! It's like being in high school again! And the skinny popular girls run the front desk. And they always let there friends cut the line for the tanning bed making others wait 20 minutes past there time this has happened to me personally more than once.

I really can't stand coming here anymore

Jii595 6/3/14 7:28PM

Just letting you know that your company refused a ACTIVE returning military soldier from using your facility (with my pass) on the basis your company policy and insurance does not allow it. The why in the hell am I allowed to bring someone off the street with no training at all into your facilities? So I cancelled my membership after being charged 38 dollars because I missed the June 1st date. Oh yea, then the 58 dollars today to "buy out". By the way, I am also a disable American Veteran. I hope you enjoy my 97 dollars because you really need my "buy out" money more than I do

Perry Bair Ex552 6/3/14 2:35PM

I've been a member for two years and have been trying to cancel my membership since November and because I was enrolled another year I had a buy out so I waited. When April they said I can't do nothing till June. I was fine with this until today I was told I had until the 10th of the month to cancel, today I checked my bank account and they charged me $38 and bounced my account.
I know this may sound like nothing but when you live pay check to paycheck I can't afford this and a bounce fee on top. Never have been happy with the service and find the staff to be rude. All I want is my membership cancelled and this yearly fee back and its a problem.

Jessie 6/3/14 12:35PM

I have been getting calls on my business cell phone about billing errors from Planet Fitness, "JACK TAYLOR". Its a 888 number that isnt answered. This has been going on for 2 months and I cannot reach anyone at their corporate office. I have never even been in a Planet Fitness location and never will. These people have no business sense and by the reviews I read should not even be in business.

Pissed Off 6/2/14 12:11PM

I find it disturbing that Planet Fitness would allow misogynistic management practices, and hire someone to manage one of their facilities who employs harrassment and entrapment techniques. This is obviously a violation of federal and state labor laws!

lmmcc 6/2/14 11:56AM

Dear Management Of Planet Fitness
My Name Is Donna Catapano My No Is 126688 I Would Just Like To Take This Opportunity To Tell You That Your Staff At The Hicksville Ny Site Is Great They Make Me Feel Great About Myself I Have Lost 31.8 Lbs Going There I Maintained 12 Lbs But I Have Lost 20lbs In About 4 Months Going To Weight Watchers And Going To The Gym 7 Days Aweek And For About 1 To 2 Hours A Day Sometimes Twice. There Is About Two Or Three People Stand Out To Me That Go Out Of Theier Way To Help Me And They Are Engoli She Is The Personal Trainer Of The Gym And She Helps Me By Giving Me A List Of Exerciseing To Do Everyday I Got That From When I Did Desingn Your Own Program Class And Also She Helps Me Out To . Another Personis Ryan He Works Tehre Sat And Sun He Helps Me By Encouring Me Alot And The Girl Jessical Who Is In The Morning She Also Encouraging Me Alot I Would Just Like To Take His Opptunity To Thank You For Reading My Letter And For Such A Great Staff. Sincerely Donna Catapano

DCATTCAT 6/2/14 7:06AM

I joined the club last year. Ijust started going 2 weeks ago in winston salem, n.c. I only had 1 day of training, the girl that was training me had to have some surgery the next day. I have no help what so ever. Everybody stands behind the counter doing nothing. I asked this girl can someone come and show me how to work these machines over there? She stood right there behind the counter and said the 1 over there you do this with that 1 you do this and that 1 you do this.Can you believe this? The manager is the same way nobody wants to work. On the 30 min. 1 of them were training about 5 people, so she told me to start on 4, so when I got to the last 1 she said you are finished, I was not, I had not done 1, 2,3, yet. I just left and told the manager, he showed no concern at all. We need help in that building. The 5 she was traing, was not told to wipe the machines off when finish. I had to wipe every machine before and after use this morning. The manager is lazy and his helpers are lazy. The trainer that is out is the best. Her name is Jade.

Anonymous 5/27/14 8:51PM

I Am A 4 Year Member Of Planet Fitness In Fort Myers,fl.i Workout 6 Days A Week. There Is A Negative Pattern Here As Follows.
3/4 Employees Doing Nothing Behind The Counter,when Towels Or Spray Bottles Empty.
3/4 Machines In Out Of Service Condition For More Than 2 Weeks.
Members Bring In 3/4 People And Train Them Loudly And Tying Up Machines For Hours.
None Of The Posted Rules Being Monitored.examples:
Members Working Out In Flip Flops Or Open Toes Footwear.
Jeans In Long Pants Fashion
Carry Gym Bags Around To All Machines.
Most Of This Takes Place When The Snow Birds Are In Season
I Guess They Dont Want To Up Set Them?
There Is Always A Lack Of Attention To All Of The Above.
I Have Discussed With Employees And The Manager.
Now I Feel Its Time To Let Hq Know!

Anonymous 5/17/14 8:56AM

I currently have been a member with planet fitness for 3 years now and have always been a happy customer but recently at the location I am going to ... Victor ny I am not satisfied with them. I pay the $20 for gym and tanning and everytime I go to tan the bulbs are out and they have not fixed them...

Anonymous 5/7/14 10:39AM

I'd like to recommend you guys getting rid of the torso twist machine. Please understand that any kind of torso twist even a stretch is horrible for your spine. Any REAL TRAINER knows this and hire a properly certified tanning consultant because your beds are absolutely disgusting. You should learn how to clean a bed and especially NEVER use paper towels to wipe them down.

nicole 5/1/14 8:09PM

I'm originally from Manchester West gym I went to cancel my membership at the Goffstown one. The employee told me I could and he'd fax over my information to my home gym saving me a trip and it'll get canceled. I have unknowingly been paying. The staff in Goffstown not only don't understand how to use a fax machine but aren't welcoming especially the late night staff. I do not recommend going there.

Anonymous 5/1/14 7:57PM

I belong to the Planet Fitness on Amity Road in New Haven, CT. I have been a member since they opened there, and before at a club in Shelton. I was to send Kudos to the new General Manager, Danielle. She has been there only about a month, but what a difference she makes. Suddenly, the club is friendlier, cleaner, more service oriented, and they LISTEN to us! Jackie, one of the assistants at the counter is (and has always been) fabulous too. There is a new full time trainer (Diane), who makes even doing an ab workout fun! Just wanted to make sure that Corporate new about this great club and the people who make it that way~!

fitgirll 4/30/14 2:15PM

I have been complaining about the audio equipment not working for the cardio machines at Planet Fitness on Carolina Beach Rd in Wilmington, NC since last year. Half don't work at all and the others are not coordinated with the video or only some of the stations work. There is no maintenance and apparently corporate Hqs. exercises no supervision. The staff indicates the audio will be replaced in the next few months. It hasn't worked for nearly a year. This is a disgrace. Nice staff personnel but lousy support for them from corporate Hqs.

Ron 4/28/14 7:28AM

I originally signed up for the club in Richmond, CA as a black card member on 4/28/13. I moved to Portland, OR so they said I could use a Gym transfer that that is not a problem. After several days and several attempts to do it online and getting nowhere a girl in the club said she knew how to do it. It turns out she had me sign another contract. I just tried to get out of my contract, because my 12 months is up. they are not letting me do it even though I have my original contract from California. Why would I have signed another one before my 1 in California is even up? This is absurd they want me to buy my way out, I don't think so.

I wouldn't recommend this gym to anyone. I used to like it but it's very ghetto.

nomorepf 4/19/14 9:46PM

At the gym in Kingston where I go they took out the free weights and balls and want you to work out where the body builders are there is no room they donot move and some one like me cannot lift those weigtsthey seem toforget abouty people like me

Anonymous 4/17/14 5:34PM

I signed cinnaminson new jersey Planet fitness. I was give my bank info. 15 day later when I try to get in, they said lost my info I will get my account again this time manager name Asia can't accept my info, I asked why she said need check, started argument. Because I said that's not my fault you lost my info etc...she embraced me front of my son and people..I complained store website.i guess she so upset to me later following me inside gym m 30 minutes work out she asked me start number 1 station which is right but again that tone and disrespectful me again I refused. Asia Said cancel my account

rude 4/16/14 12:31PM

I had to cancel my membership because it was to far away. Please open one in Battle Ground, Wa off of Scotton Way they just started building! Love to have a PFitness there. I would rejoin.

Anonymous 4/15/14 12:31AM

Planet Fitness in Elyria keeps charging me for a membership that I canceled. At no time did they tell me that I had to come in to sign a cancellation letter. Now they want me to pay and additional 62.00 for nothing. I have not step foot into the place in months and I never will again. I need this resolved immediately.

ex-customer 4/12/14 11:31AM

I recently recieved a membership to Planet Fitness in Stamford, Ct on Courtland Ave. A clean place with a very good staff. In the past 2 months, twice i have been robbed. The first time, my lock broken and wallet with credit cards, cash, ss # and my I-phone all taken from me. Another gentleman at the same time was reporting his things stolen from his locker. Thieves were using my credit cards before i even left the facility.Police report filed. Now again yesterday during a 30 minute workout, my locker was broken into and my brand new i-phone was stolen. I can't tell you enough on how i feel by the lack of security at this establishment, and lack of concern for thier clients.

disgruntled 4/9/14 1:46PM

I have been a member for about two years and I would like to say that it is nice that you provide pizza to the members once a month but I would like to suggest having salads at least every other month so other members can at least enjoy the benefits you provide as well. This would be a more healthier choice and help those that need to be in a low-cholesterol diet. In the long run, it would also be a cost saving for the company since salads are less expensive than pizza.

Anonymous 4/7/14 7:41PM

I have been a member for about two years and I would like to say that it is nice that you provide pizza to the members once a month but I would like to suggest having salads at least every other month so other members can at least enjoy the benefits you provide as well. This would be a more healthier choice and help those that need to be in a low-cholesterol diet. In the long run, it would also be a cost saving for the company since salads are less expensive than pizza.

Anonymous 4/7/14 7:41PM

I've been a member in Waterbury CT location and since a manager named Tom left last year it has turned horrible. The cleanliness is horrible...dirt and dust, garbage on the floor.Went in the tanning booth and they look as though no one has ever gone in to clean. What a disappointment it has turned into being a member there. A lot of people are talking about leaving because how dirty it is!! The health department should be notified it is that bad.

Anonymous 4/7/14 3:15PM

Planet Fitness is what we like to call a fad in the fitness industry. They ONLY thing that this gym has going for it is the price. When we buy services or goods as a consumer we often put up with poor customer service and other annoying factors because why??? WE are cheap and we get what we pay for. This gym is horrible all the way around up and down and the staff at my location in Salem Ma is the poorest mismanaged place I've ever been in we have had 7 different managers in 2 years. The place is a pig pen all the time and the staff is a bunch of high school and college kids who don't care, this is not a career job for them and they make $8hr. So lets all be adults here and ask ourselves this question. IF this wasn't a 10 a month membership would I stay . NOT A CAHANCE. So Planet Fitness good luck preying on the week economy and then providing us with gym we can afford but isn't your raving fans motto that your corporate suits preach to you to keep you motivated. Oh Yeah if Your are in the Salem Ma location do yourself a favor and stay away from the worst fitness trainer in the world her name is ILdi and she is rude rude rude to everyone she has had so many complaints about her attitude and overall bad vibe she giveoff to everyone. BE WARNED!!! NO FUN ZONE IN SALEM MA.

Fitness man 0815 4/4/14 3:11AM


I love my membership and the staff at my local Lake Forest Park, Wa Planet Fitness. I have observed that the staff are given no stools to sit during their long shifts while working at the counter. I have asked them why they aren't given stools to take a break on their feet. They said Corporate Office didn't supply them. I would encourage you to provide this simple nicety to great employees. Try standing on your feet behind a counter for 8 hours. It isn't easy. On top of that, several of the employees are very tall which means leaning over a low counter creates back issues. Every gym I have belonged to in the past 20 yrs. has provided a stool for their front desk employees. Please consider changing the policy on no stools. Thanks for your consideration.

Michelle 4/3/14 9:25AM

The worst ever remember your one year commitment has to be cancelled or they will keep billing your account! When you call there is no one in charge who can fix the problem. You need to physically go to the place and cancel you membership. But then is you read previous comments this does nothing either. So the best thing to do is advise your bank to refuse any withdrawals from planet fitness from your account. They don't cancelled for non payment they just keep taking money out. We have not used this gym since 2012 and they are still billing us for services that we never received.

Anonymous 3/20/14 7:31AM

Stay away from the one on telegraph road in taylor mi tried to cancel my membership and it is becoming a chore they are trying to get me for more money after i canceled saying that it never happened and now that the account is past due i have to pay it up before i can cancel again now i have to pay or let it keep going til they cancel me for non payment called corporate but it is a private club there is nothing they can do do your self a favor go down the road a mile and join another

Anonymous 3/6/14 12:56PM

I was accidentally chaged for two memberships at the Enfield, CT Planet Fitness although I never een walked in the gym. Somehow when I applied online to the East Granby Planet Fitness it signed me up for the Enfield gym. However I was told it was corrected. Long story short, 2 years later I am reviewing my bank statement and I realized they had still been sneaking money out my account for both gym. Enfield's manager refused to even help in this situation. They owe me about 300 dollars in memberships charges and refuse to refund me my money. I've wouldn't even know where to find the gym because I never been there. This gym and it's manager has horrible customer service and because of this exerience I would never recommend a planet fitness to anyone unless this situation is fixed.

Mike 3/4/14 8:48AM

Because of a situation with a member wearing inappropriate and very sparse clothing a wonderful employee was fired. Fired. The member was so out of line that their membership was revoked. What happened to the back your employee policy. Corporate got this one wrong. We are getting a petition up to get this employee their job back. We are taking it to the media. So tired of valuable people treated infairly. 500 names and Planet Fitness numbers and counting. As soon as we reach 2000 we are going to the news media.

George73 3/3/14 4:14PM

I've been trying to transfer my membership from the Victor, NY location to the Webster, NY location for about a week now. In order to do this I've called around to both places and even went online to try and transfer it myself. The staff at both locations wasn't able to do it on their computers there, so when I tried to do it myself online it first said that there was no email attached to my membership and wouldn't let me log in. So I called the Victor, NY location and she put an email in, went back online, got a password change confirmation email and followed the instructions. Finally I thought I was getting somewhere....then I clicked the Transfer button and when I went to enter all of my information in again (name, address, phone #, etc) and clicked the NEXT kept going back to wanting me to enter my info in!!! Your website needs to be more user friendly and actually work!!! All of this for just wanting to transfer a memebership, its getting annoying!

Anonymous 2/25/14 8:01AM

People say you get what you pay for! $10 dollars a Month to go to a nasty Gym I rather pay the higher price like LA fitness stay away from PF in Glen Cove. I tried to cancel 3 times and each time they couldn't find me in there system. when they put my ID number in the system a white guys picture appeared. So after 3 tries I cancelled my credit card. when the bill came in the mail I took it there to cancel and now they tell me they can't cancel me because I have a $60 bal. WTF

OBIE 2/24/14 7:47AM

trying to join but they will only let you join if you have a checking account. Will not just take a credit card!!!!. The guy said if I wanted to join open a checking acct. I am going thru an issue where someone got my name. The attorney general office said it was best to close on my accounts. So in my eyes this is DISCRIMINATION. I have join another gym who does have a problem accepting the credit card.

Anonymous 2/23/14 11:19AM

We just received an email from our local PF office requesting payment -

My husband and I both dropped out because of the lack in professionalism and ineptness in the staff.

I called and asked to have them look up my record and he said you are all set - I said what does that mean ? he didn't answer me I asked to have him remove our name and told them that they were so inept it was a sin to be in business -

Do not ever enroll in PF or WOW - same experience.

Anonymous 2/20/14 9:41AM

I have been a member at the downtown Salt Lake City branch for a few years now and haven't had many problems until today. I contacted them because I lost my debit card and forgot to update my account when I got a new one so I logged in and clicked where it said "click here to pay balance." I did not receive a conformation so I called the gym. The guy who answered laughed at me and told me that it wasn't possible to pay the past due online. I told him it gave me the option to do so and he continued to laugh and be extremely rude! I was so disgusted with his horrible customer service I hung up on him. I checked the website and it does say that outstanding balances can be paid online but it will not be updated until the 10th. Clearly that guy needed some training and manors. I will be canceling my account on the 10th

Dissapointedclient 2/18/14 10:53AM

I am a club member of the Rocky Point, New York Planet Fitness. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the staff . Last week, there was an issue with smoke in the women's locker room. Staff member Romeo Soria, investigated the problem, called 911 and swiftly and calmly got all of the members out of the building. Romeo's training as a marine reservist and as an Eagle Scout was instrumental in his work ethic and knowledge to cope with the situation. Planet Fitness is fortunate to have such an experienced and capable young man on staff. Manager, Eric Apicella, has a wonderful staff. They are courteous, friendly and knowledge. In my experience, the club runs smoothly and efficiently.

[email protected] 2/17/14 11:02AM

the gym in glen cove should be closed it is a dirty mess and most machines do not work!!!!

Anonymous 2/15/14 4:56AM

they seem to only care about, accuring new clients. And as for the long term client, they dont seem intrested. I have been a member for about 4 yrs off and on, however. I have always been a black card holder, and have wanted to down grade to a white card $10.00 a month. Even though I have been paying 20.00 a month,and not using any of the 20. a month benefit. They will not allow me to down grade. I have spoken to a manager Fran and she states it's all because corporate will not allow, so they would rather lose a member than to help us out. Member at the Irving and golfcourse gym in albuquerque nm.

Pat Sanchez 2/12/14 11:12AM

Woodland Park, NJ. The staff works hard and is very pleasant. Always seems to be enough machines available no complaints there. My issue is more with some of the members that are blatantly outright rude. A gym is a not a place to scream "Hello Girlfriend" from across the gym. There are individuals constantly on their cell phones which is quite disruptive. There is (ONE) 10" X 10" sign on the wall that states "No Cell use in the Gym" I blame the staff for this issue-they seem to just ignore this obnoxious behavior and just refuse to address it. Why not have "Gym Etiquette" bulletins continually scrolling on one of the many TV screens in the gym; it might help send a message to the morons. Better yet have a siren blast off in front of the violator, just like you have when someone grunts too loud or drops weights.
My second gripe would be the absolute horrible music that is played; usually it is so loud you can't listen to a TV with your head set on. Does anyone truly believe the selection of songs is conducive to a work out? It's either "Gangsta Wrap" or "Country Western" this stuff really gets the body juices flowing. Come on PF folks-try being a customer for once, I'll bet you'll be quite shocked if you take a step back and analyze your product. Can't expect much for 10.00 but let's make it at least somewhat enjoyable for those of us that do want to have a satisfying workout-that's all we're asking for. Thanks.....

Jim Nasium 2/11/14 9:37PM

I have been a member at the Souderton PA location since it opened. Lately we have experienced an average of one day a week with no hot water. They place a sign by the shower. One day no sign at all. At this point you are already sweat covered when you find out. Wouldn't make sense to put the sign on the front door? Most of us that go in the morning have to go to work direct. On Friday, (2/7) the hot water was working but the ladies locker room was a mess. The last inspection on the sheet was 2 am, it was now 10 a, without a sign off for inspection. The guys tell me their lockers are disgusting.
The excuse for the weeks long delay in fixing the hot water was that the issue is with pipes on the roof. Come on!

Anonymous 2/9/14 6:23AM

I have been a member of Planet Fitness for over a year and overall my experience has been good. People at the Reaisterstown, Maryland, location are nice and friendly. One incident, however, made me concern today. All TV channels were pretty much working well and I like to watch Fox News, which was there since over a year ago. Today, however, I noticed that Fox News channel was changed to ESPN2, whereby all other channels remained the same. I asked a lady at the front desk and she stated that Fox News was changed per instruction from corporate and there was nothing they could do about it. This appears very strange to me and I would like for someone from Planet Fitness corporate to get in touch with me and possibly clarify why Fox News is singled out in this case.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan 2/6/14 5:05PM

My husband joined the TriCounty, Cincinnati, OH Planet Fitness a month ago and complains about the staff and how rude they are. Nobody has shown him how to use the equipment. Asked about the tv selection and nobody knows anything about channels. Really or do they just not want to be bothered. Sounds like they need someone in there that wants to work..... I do have one question. Why do you advertise $10 when you have nothing that is $10.....

Anonymous 2/3/14 9:58AM

Worst customer service I have ever encountered, a guy by the name of Hayden at your Mill Plain location in Vancouver, WA lied multiple times about a red light bed being used, only for me to walk over there and no one was in it. Then proceeded to tell me after he knew he was caught in a lie that "it is state requirement" that you have to have goggles for the red light bed. Also a lie. I own 7 tanning salons and know 100% for a fact that it is not a state requirement anywhere in the US to wear tanning goggles in the red light bed being as it does not emit any UVB rays. I asked for a managers number, and he told me he couldn't give it to me. So i proceeded to ask for the managers email. Couldn't give that to me either. So somewhere along the line either someone did not hire the right person or this kid hasn't been trained properly on customer service and regulations of the services you offer. I will not be signing up here, nor will I recommend this place to anyone of my friends or family

Anonymous 2/1/14 7:25PM

San Francisco club is poorly run. Manager (Stella) is condescending and disrespectful. Filthy compared to other locations. After repeated bad experiences and being treated like a third class citizen, I'm leaving this club.

Anonymous 1/30/14 8:08PM

in muskegon mi. r.j very rude person had a incident on 1/29/14 went in for a workout first thing can i take your pic. i had my pic. taken once didn't need it taken again second came from around the desk, and said it must didn't take so my friend said is their a problem, and i said no but this r.j. person got kind of rude and started telling my friend to leave this is his place,and he ended up calling the cops, and talking with my friend, but they said this is not the first time he has done this to ppl is he pristige i don't want to go some where and be uncomfortable i pay my money as well. sign anonymous

Anonymous 1/30/14 7:48AM

My parents recently signed up at the Planet Fitness in Bloomingdale, IL. I have gone to workout with them as a guest twice without any problem. Today when I went to workout with my mom, I was told that I either had to sign up for a membership or leave. I understand that this is Planet Fitness's policy and that the employees had made a mistake by letting me in as a guest (since my parents have white card memberships). The manager of the gym came over to speak with us and was extremely rude. I do not mind signing up for a membership if this is their policy but I would appreciate being treated with respect. The manager at this location has terrible customer service skills and made me feel very unwelcome. This is not the way to treat a new member! I know that everyone has bad days and I should not judge someone based on one interaction but I cannot help but think he is not adequate for his position. Planet Fitness claims it is a place where people should feel welcome and he does not share that vision.

Anonymous 1/27/14 6:59PM

My husband signed up myself and him online before the Bloomingdale Il locations opened. When I went for the first time I asked if I could bring a guest no charge - the response from the worker was "sure". I then took my daughter 2 times with no incident - they looked up my number and told her to sign in. Today, I took my daughter and I was told that I am not allowed a guest with my membership. I said that I was unaware of that and could I sign up my daughter the next time I come in. The manager Ari Diaz was listening to the whole conversation (He is the General Manager) and started to walk away and ignore what was going on instead of speaking to me about the situation. Then, he proceeded to be extremely rude to both my daughter and myself and give us the Stare Down. I thought that Planet Fitness was trying to give a happy atmosphere! Not so much!

Denise 1/27/14 5:05PM

I am very upset with planet fitness on the southeast side on 118th st due to the fact there tanning beds have been breaking down since I joined in September !!I can't barely ever get to use one of the tanning due to them being over heated all the time !!Its just terrible it's one of the reason I joined is to workout and tan but I don't get to tan ....and the thing about it that really upsets me is that they won't get it fixed right !!!Im ready to drop my membership due to false advertisement unlimited tanning my foot it's a lie!!!!

Lilly 1/22/14 5:56PM

There is a so called wanna be full of himself "wanna be manager" named Nate in the Gainesville Georgia Planet Fitness. I really do not know how he came to be in management......No management skills....and very lazy and fake.My husband and myself are both professionals in the area and never complain but this one is overdue!He is a perfect example of why gyms !.come in and go out in this area.Enough of him!!!!

Anonymous 1/20/14 7:19PM

My husband has been a member of Planet Fitness for two years and now they tell us that his new membership must be paid for by deducting the $10 monthly fee from our checking account and that in June there will be a $29 fee deducted. I asked if we could pay for all 12 months and the June fee at one time on a credit card and was told that the credit card fee is $199 a year. So I asked if we could pay for $120 for 12 months and the $29 June fee now all at one time from our checking accounting. They would not accommodate us that way either. The problem here is a record keeping one. I now have to subtract the $10 monthly from checking, but more importantly I have to REMEMBER to subtract the $29 fee 6 months from now in June. I was told there would be no reminders. They do still take credit cards, as proven by the $199 membership fee, so why can't we use our card as we did for the previous year? This is rather ridiculous and a step back to the stone age. You would think that PF would make some accommodations for members whose credit cards were proven to be valid.

R. Schwartz 1/17/14 12:48PM

I was going to sign up with PF but after reading reviews there is no way!

C 1/15/14 8:01AM

Obviously there are a lot of "not so good" comments about Planet Fitness. My statement is with regard to the Bridgeport WV gym. My work pays for my Black Card Membership. If I do not go to the gym at least four times per month, I am charged $20 by my employer. Not a problem. However, I have gone to the gym and the desk personnel have been busy with a customer and have me sign my number on a piece of paper or someone will come up to the counter, write my number down and they have not credited my account. Not Cool...

TheRedhead! 1/14/14 12:33PM

Sept, 2013 I went to my Planet Fitness and told them that I was changing my checking account and I am here to fill out what ever papers needed to change the accounts I was paying for. I came to make the changes 25 days before the next auto payment came out of my checking.

It has been a mess since day one. You continued to charge the old checking account, Oct, over draft of $105.00, went in to the fitness place and they said they would fix it. Well you did it again in Nov, another $105.00 over draft. This time I was told by the person in charge that she would fix it. I even provided bank records to prove the case. Went back in again in Dec. No one knows anything about it. I am very concerned that:

1. My personal information has been breached

2. You have cost me $210.00 and you are ignoring me

3. Soon I need to contact others about unethical procedures

I hope this gets someones attention ,because you may have some serious problems at this location

problems1 1/9/14 5:55PM

I had to cancel my member ship because the Ocoee, Fl Manger Kelly is so rude. She has no respect for her members. I never felt so disrespected in my whole life. Don't use that Gym. They lie to me and cost me 70.00 extra $ ....

Tina 1/3/14 1:04PM

This company does not offer pre pay They want your checking account information wich you will be giving to somebody who does not even go through a background check wich means they can sell your info to a crook or be the crook are you comfortable with this??Tempe Arizona

Anonymous 1/3/14 9:33AM

I am from Illinois and visited Planet Fitness Mobile, Al on Jan. 1, 2014:2:30pm with a guest as I have a Black Card membership.

Jason Wadibia was working the desk and asked for my card number. I gave him the number and said I had a guest. He said a guest was not allowed because I was out of state but he would let the guest come just this one time. I told Mr Wadibia that I had no knowledge that my membership was not nation wide as advistised. He said he was the manager; this location did not allow guest of out of state oBlack Card Members and future guest of mine would not be allowed without purchasing a membership.

Please clarify the policy and if this is factuaI, I will cancel my newly acquired membership. If this is not factual, please investigate Mr Wabibia's motive and if this is a pattern to some and not all persons visiting this location.


Visitor From Illinois 1/2/14 12:35AM

I paid cash for 3 years and avoided all the crap, cash is always rules. I was not charged for a start up fee, nor will I be getting charged for my yearly renew fees, and there was another charge I was not going to have to pay, but I can't remember what that other charge was. they also gave me 2 extra months, which was a good deal, I thought. I've been going since 7-5-2012, and it's pretty good.

Bobby 12/18/13 8:58AM

I have been a member for about 5-6yrs and have worked for the company on and off for about 2yrs.I recently left the company because of manager issues and workers compensation issues! I've been a black card member since I joined and recently as off 12/13/2013 I've been banned by your manager Rodney at the philadelphia germantown location for no reason! I gind it hard to believe having a black card membership and a person can ban u gor personal issues! Does the gym belong to him or the company, his managment skills are horrible and his behavior is childish! I enjoyed working there but on many of occasions butt heads with him on how he talked to the staff and myself!

leon huggins 12/15/13 10:13AM

i want to make a complaint about your office or should I say club ,my member was 010143, I live in fl 6 months and ct 6 months.i diden,t want to renew my membership for the yr )(when my membership exspired) I did not get a notice to do so .I had no intention to renew, but they took 48 dollars out of my account any the said I did not do so . I have a bank statemen to prove they are saying I cancelled my checking account at the time ,which I did not. so they are sendin me this bill. iam not paying a dime. if anything you owe me 48 dollars.

bushwacker 12/4/13 8:48AM

I have been a member of PF in Rockford, IL for about a year. The day staff pretty much does nothing but play on their phones and lean on the counter. No rules are enforced. People sit on the machines talking on their phones while others wait. the circuit rooms, people just hog one or two machines and don't move when others are doing the circuit. People wear street clothes, throw their gym bags down in front of machines. I'ts a total joke. I went once at night, and it was totally different. the staff was engaged with the members, cleaning and making sure we had towels. A ton of my friends have joined Peak fitness where they have real personal training and classes. The Rockford PF is on it's 3rd trainer since I joined. He even wears street clothes. I'll be joining Peak as soon as my year is up.

serious about working out 11/18/13 6:45PM

I have been a member at planet fitness in Champaign since it opened. I cancelled my membership today due to the manager handling a situation wrong. When I asked for cooperate number she said she didn't have it. I finally got fed up with the lack of management and professionalism. I drive 40 miles from work to go there for what....... I'm now joining anytime fitness. Planet Fitness is cheap but you get what you pay for!

Anonymous 11/17/13 9:20AM

Bay Shore, New York PLANET FITNESS
I ask to have the TV turned on. There were 3 thatt were out. They said no problem. Didn't do crap. The girl was too busy on her cell phone texting.
Very dfew people were in the club since it was 10:15pm.

Ballbuster 11/14/13 7:40PM

After I was told to have a checking account to extract payments and could not pay with cash anymore they kicked me off, but still charged me being a non member anymore .

Jeff maximovich 11/10/13 3:28PM

Call corporate office left message with the person who answer the phone, that was 5 day ago no one contact me back. I also left the manager on belmont a message with my number and called numerous times and visited when he was support to be there but wasn't and no called back. The manager is never there at What the deal with that? I cancelled membership and there still charging me. No different then robbing me, cause that what's going on. The worst part it manager never there doesn't give me a call back and headquarters also doesn't give me a call back. There so easy to take your money but to cancel its a problem.

LR 10/27/13 9:09AM

Could someone in the office do a spell check before printing materials.
Every time I see the words "judgement" and "judgemental" spelled incorrectly, I cringe, and it is on all printed material and outside on a monster-sized banner.
Correct: judgment judgmental
No "e" after the "g"

cerkids 10/25/13 10:08PM

This week I have been trying to get incontact with the store manager Terry William at planet fitness on 5129 W. Belmont Ave. He is never there when I call never there when I stop in never there. What is the point of having a manager that's never there. Is he getting paid not to be there? Nobody there know nothing when I ask when will he be back. I call when his shift starts not there and when his shift end not there. This should be look into. I have a problem that can't even get fixed. I tell the peoples at the front desk my problem they can't help, if they are at the front desk they should help with anything if the manager is never going to be there. I canceled my membership on July 26, 2013 and I'm still getting charged. Why won't anybody help. It's the same as stealing.i want my money back.

LR 10/24/13 1:07PM

This week I have been trying to get incontact with the store manager Terry William at planet fitness on He is never there when I call never there when I stop in never there. What is the point of having a manager that's never there. Is he getting paid not to be there? Nobody there know nothing when I ask when will he be back. I call when his shift starts not there and when his shift end not there. This should be look into. I have a problem that can't even get fixed. I tell the peoples at the front desk my problem they can't help, if they are at the front desk they should help with anything if the manager is never going to be there. I canceled my membership on July 26, 2013 and I'm still getting charged. Why won't anybody help. It's the same as stealing.i want my money back.

LR 10/24/13 1:01PM

I was allowed to sign up with a debit card but was not allowed to pick up my member package with a debit card. Then I received two bills which tells me to pay for member services with a debit card and yet I am still not allowed to participate at the gym as a member. What is wrong with this company?

Nichole 10/16/13 8:44AM

Does anybody have an idea of WHY at Planet Fitness Ciudadela (San Juan, Puerto Rico) they DO NOT answer the phone?


Anonymous 10/14/13 5:19PM

I've been with pf for 4 month and I wish I would have read the reviews before i signed up w/ them I got a new debit card and they charged me a lete fee b/c I didnt get them my new info befor the 10th of the month hello dumbasses I didnt have it. So i tell them i want to cancel my account since I've recently moved out of state the corp office told me to send a certified letter to my gym location telling them to cancel my account. i did as told they calle me this morning and told me tht they aren't canceling my account until I pay them the $58 cancelation fee. If I dont pay them the fee they will continue to charge my old card and add late fees every month. This is completely illegal and corp is doing nothing about it.

SMB2005 10/11/13 10:21AM

I wish I had read these comments BEFORE I signed up for PF. I am moving out of state and there is not a PF where I am moving. The local gym as well as corporate are not willing to assist me at all. What I got from corporate was a threat of being sent to collections if I do not agree with their policies. I work in customer service and this is the worst customer service I have experienced.

Anonymous 10/10/13 11:45AM

I have been a member of the Planet Fitness in Middletown NY since they opened. When they first opened the lady who worked in the 30 minute workout was awesome. Ever since then the people that have worked in there continually show the people who to do the workout by showing them to go to machine 5 then 9 then 11 then 19. They NEVER show them the proper way to follow the numbers. Just last night I was in and ANNIE the new employee was showing 4 people how to do the workout and was doing it again. Telling them to just pick a machine to go to. Therefore when myself and another lady were doing the proper workout we had to ask the people to move because we were following the numbers and doing the workout the PROPER way, you know they way the rules are listed on the wall. It is SO frustrating to try to workout the proper way and have the employee telling people the wrong way to do the workout. This employee, ANNIE is new and she should be taught the proper way to run the 30 minute workout or she should not work there.

TNT10940 10/10/13 5:52AM

I had enrolled my 75 year old mother for the basic plan of 10.00 a month and 29.00 yearly fee. I called today to cancel her membership becuase she is now in a nursing home suffering from Advanced Alzheimer's. They charged her account yesterday 10/1/13 the 29.00 annual fee and I called today explaining her situation and that she has not been there in over a year due to health problems and to please reimburse her the 29.00. They refused and said there was nothing they can do and if they did it me they would have to do it for everyone who called looking for reimbursement! I even offered to send them a doctors note and they still refused. Very sad that our senior citezens are treated with no respect.

vsuzyq1 10/2/13 1:22PM

My husband and I both had black card membership but since we did not use the extra benefits for the black cards we downgraded to the regular membership. PF took their Black Card annual fee of $39 in June and they also took the regular annual fee of $29 in October so that now they $68 for this year's annual fee. They will not give us credit for the Black Card fee. This is double dipping!

grammyb702 10/1/13 8:36AM

I have been a member of Planet Fitness in Little Falls, NJ for a year and a half. The whole time their front door has been broken leaving it freezing in the winter and hot in the summer. I and other members complain about it all the time and everyone including management is disinterested. How could you have a business that leaves their front sliding door wide open?? In the winter it gets as cold as 50 degrees in there. I've even complained to corporate twice in the summer and all they say is that they can't force the gym to get the doors fixed!!! This is how they treat complaints?? Shame on you, Planet Fitness in Little Falls, NJ!!!

syoussef619 9/20/13 4:15AM

EVERY time I have used the tanning beds, I have had to wait for as long as 14 minutes for them to be turned on or I have had to call the front desk while standing naked in the tanning room to ask them to turn it on. I could hear employees in the hallway and I was yelling for someone to turn on booth 3. Today, I waited for 14 minutes before calling the front desk to ask that the bed be turned on, and waited another 6 minutes before I finally got dressed. As soon as I opened the door to leave, the bed was turned on. When I complained to the manager, he said "Well the booth is turned on now." And before I could respond he said "well you were yelling and cussing, etc" instead of addressing the issue with the employees who totally ignored me, leaving me to wait even after calling the front desk, he very rudely said "Goodbye" as I was leaving. This happens entirely too much and not only to myself, but to many others as well.

Anonymous 9/18/13 12:55PM

I am a member at planet fitness in Lexington Ky. I love it there, been going for about 6 months now. I know it is a judgement free place. But when someone pays to exercise and there is someone walking around the place all the time for exercise instead of using the treadmill and they are bothering you is that being a judgemental. I have told the people there that she follows us around and she is always in the way, why should I have to move so she can walk.? She also goes around the people using the weights, I have seen them getting angry too. Dropping the weights. Something should be done about her. please

lex.woman 9/17/13 7:07AM

I have a similar complaint as others regarding the 30 minute work out circuit. I don't know what more you can do to educate the members as to how this area of the gym is supposed to work. It is usually a segregated area, with lights, signs, and instructions, and still people use it without any consideration for those who want to do the routine as it is designed. I guess it's just human nature: some people follow the rules while others think the rules don't apply to them. I have had arguments with other members over this and I have had discussions with management who always apologize and promise to do better monitoring of the area. I don't fault the staff at all because the location of the 30 minute workout at the facilities I use are not is sight of the front desk. The staff can't see which members are abusing this area. I would recommend perhaps a camera monitoring the area so the staff can see what's going on from the front desk. I have also been advise by a manager to speak to them whenever someone does not follow the rules, but that really isn't my job as a member to report who is not using the 30 minute area appropriately. All I need is to have someone approach me and start yelling at me because I "told on them." This is really something you guys have to get a better handle on or just decide to do away with this feature. It is so incredibly annoying - and I feel bad for the staff because I don't know what more they can do, especially when they can't see the area from the front desk as it is often tucked away around a corner somewhere out of sight. I truly hope something can be done about it. Just so you know, the staff at both the facilities I use are excellent - always professional and polite - and like I say, I don't fault them at all. It has to do with how this feature is set up. Thanks.

Ron 9/16/13 3:49PM

I have tried to transfer my membership for 2 mos now online....the system doesn't work. When I called corporate to complain...the girl said she was not going to listen to me and hung up on me.....they will not let you speak to anyone else when you ask. the whole ordeal has been a nightmare. no one should have that much power over your account or membership status. I have canceled all payments to this company through my bank.they want you to switch your payment method from credit card to bank account, a breach of security is too easy that way......I am done with this company....member since 2007...they suck...and are totally unprofessional......this is my judgement in a judgement free zone.....

justme 9/13/13 2:18PM

I have had the worse experience ever. I am 58 years old. Decided to join your gym August 2013' I enjoy your circuit training. But every time I go everybody wants to stay on one machine. I have complained to the manager and they told me there is nothing they can do. So it is going to cost me to buy out of the contract

pcoffey 9/13/13 5:05AM

I have been a member since August 2010. Manchester, NH location today to renew my membership and take advantage of the $99.00 special. I was told the special expired 8/28/13 but the signs advertising the special were still up. It seems to me someone should have called a manager to override the computer and allow me to renew my membership with the $99.00 fee - as posted by the signs that were still up. I do not want to have the membership fee deducted monthly from my checking account. I prefer to pay the yearly fee upfront. If there is any way you can assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Mary Roberge

Anonymous 8/29/13 1:48PM

Hi I'm currently looking to join Planet Fitness but the only two in the Memphis, TN area is East Memphis (Winchester) & the Bartlett area. May I suggest the downtown area of Memphis, TN we only have two gyms here the YMCA and the French Riviera Spa which is too expensive and the two in Memphis, TN is too far for me to drive. I work in downtown Memphis but I live in Arkansas about 15 minutes from my job. I'm sure the downtown & midtown area would appreciate it. THANKS!!!

debradawash 8/24/13 2:43PM


I just wanted to take some time to comment on some amazing customer service I recieved from Planet Fitness Lead Opertaions Assistant, Sean Marshall.
I got a last minute deployment and was unable to square things away with my home gym in SC. I sent one email requesting information on what I needed to do in order to freeze/cancel my membership until my return; Sean took the time to work along with me and eliminated any stressors; His time and attention to my situation was such a relief and he truly represents this company and its standards.
Thank you Sean, your customer service was exceptional and speaks volumes about you as well as your company.

MaryB 8/21/13 12:54PM

Hi My Name is Roberta and I have been a faithful Northville, Michigan PF member for about 2 ½ years (visiting a minimum of 5 days a week) and prior to that I had come as a guest with a friend for about 4 months. What prompted me to join in addition to an overall healthy lifestyle was the welcoming friendly atmosphere and the staff's willingness to help with anything whenever they could. One of the Kindest, helpful people you had employed there was your manager Jeremy and I was very sad to see him leave the Northville facility, but hoped it was a better opportunity for him. However, since the addition of Dave Cross I feel the friendly atmosphere has changed, and not for the better. He has to be the rudest, most unfriendly person I have ever met. Two of my girlfriends have left and using a different facility because of him. My girlfriends comment was " we have been through 2 other managers so I know we will outlast him as well, but until that happens we will go somewhere else." I am so uncomfortable when I am there and he is also there, which is all the time. He even one day had the nerve to have me move off the treadmill I was on to wipe it down. I understand cleanliness but he could wait until I was done running. This week my son is here from South Carolina before he goes back to school and has come as my guest, he can't understand why this gentleman ( and I use this term loosely) seems so mad when we come in. Now I ask you is this the first impression you want your guests to feel? I too work with the public and would never dream of treating anyone like I have been treated, and I am sure he would not like his family members, or loved ones treated like he treats people. Anyway my son had worked out and left, when I had finished with my workout and I was leaving he started yelling at me, I was a little stunned since he was yelling loud enough that everyone was looking at me as if I had done something wrong. Only to find out he just said wanted to (I'm guessing) embarrass me or let everyone know he's the boss. He said in a very loud angry voice as he was getting ready to chase me outside like I had stolen something " Miss, I hope your guest has already left and is not still here". It has been a series of things like this that has prompted my email. After that my son (or anyone else that I know) would never want to join some place that would be so incredibly rude and unwelcoming. Why would anybody? I am considering working out at another facility until he is gone. It would not be as convenient and a further drive but well worth it to avoid such hostility. Working out should also be a form of stress release however I find myself on most days leaving more stressed. How many other people are going to leave or are considering Northville PF because of him? Everyone else there has been great and shouldn't have to suffer from one unhappy, rude person, for whatever his reason may be. I only hope he is not treating his colleagues the same way. I have never written an email like this but obviously felt strong enough to take the time to write this email today. Also I felt you should know what is going on instead of just leaving. I don't know what the solution is but I trust you will find a solution we can all live with. Thanks so much for your time.

Anonymous 8/14/13 6:51AM

I was a member in the Lawton, Oklahoma and me and some of my friends will be pulling our memberships due to the fact that the general manager from Wichita Falls, Texas came in and fired the manager, she was a good manager and ya'll made a big mistake firing her. Don't want to be a part of your gym anymore, and my friends also.

okie 7/31/13 2:59PM

I wish I would have read comments before signing up with PF
They are absolutely correct in their negative comments. PF is a money hungry organization, once they get your credit card info, you are screwed. Manager will never call you back, staff is poorly trained. I was a member in Chandler, AZ.

angie 7/12/13 12:06AM

We cancelled our membership to Planet Fitness and joined Evolution Fitness. We have been members at P.F. for 2 1/2 years. My wife has misshapen (sp?) feet and she has to wear sandles. After 2 1/2 years we were just today told she couldn't wear them. No exceptions. Funny, we've seen people break other "rules" and nothing is done about it. Sounds like the manager is on a power trip. The previous manager never said a word to us. We, as well as other people have asked for a rowing machine. We were told it was a corporate decision. I always thought the customer was right. It does no harm to corporate to install a rowing machine, and it pleases the customers (who pay the bills). The combination of circumstances has made membership less than enjoyable. If rules are in place they should be universally enforced. If not, that is hypocritical. We are looking forward to a true "judgment free" experience at Evolution Fitness.

Tom R. 7/8/13 8:29PM

JUDGEMENT FREE? HA!!! That's all your staff does is pass judgement without knowing facts. Today I was informed by Planet Fitness that Sarah...Manager cancelled my membership without prior notice at the Kokomo, Indiana location. Get this...due to grunting when lifting weights...These people have no clue what they are doing. Majority of staff have never touched a weight in their lives yet they attempt to pass judgment on those who work out to stay healthy. Many clown around flirting with members and throwing tootsie rolls to pretty girls. This place is terrible. Staff is ignorant and overlooks dangerous situations where new members walk between machines while in use creating safety hazards yet they are concerned with grunting. WOW. How ridiculous is that? And the grunting is not that loud. I have full knowledge on how to work out safely from classes taken in college. Furthermore my son attends Purdue and is obtaining his degree in Kinesiology who I train with regularly. We are doing everything RIGHT! I always seem to be the only one staff picks on regularly. Is this discrimination or an attempt to impress female members as a display of power? The approaches have always been extremely rude in every instance. Staffing has no clue how to speak to members. Furthermore, the staffs concerns of my grunting were thoroughly discussed when I signed up. I explained that though I'm not big, I lift hard and I openly admitted to grunting at times when exercising. I specifically asked if this would be a problem. I was informed it would not. Was this a dishonest ploy to get me to sign up? I have experienced heart issues in the past. My doctor state that unless I did something about my health soon, I would die. This was in 2003. Since then I have exercise to save my life. My doctor has seen my health improve and stated I must continue doing as I am doing. So I continue to lift hard. I have lost 100 pounds, I no longer require insulin for my diabetes and body aches and pains have diminished. This was also discussed with the regional manager. I explained my circumstances and she was fine with it. Yet staff at your Kokomo location seems to complain about everything....even the odor from muscle ointments such as ben gay. This location is doomed to failure unless corrective action is taken. Your gym is great, equipment is great, convenience is great.....your staff is terrible.

Judged in a judgement free zone 6/25/13 5:25PM

I have had such a bad experience at my home location. The gym has become very dirty over the past few months and the front desk staff are very unmotivated. It seems as though the staff do not do much to help maintain the cleanliness of the workout area. I use to like being a member, now I'm debating if I should even have a membership at all. Just thought you might like the feedback for improvement purposes.

CBT 6/22/13 12:23PM

Hello. I have a very important thing to suggest to you. I have heard that you are building a new gym on route 44 in Smithfield Rhode Island. I am hoping and would definatly join your gym if you could possibly offer Spin Classes. Right now I travel quite a distance from my home to Gold's Gym because they offer spin classes in their memberships. They are very popular especially with the middle aged people who no longer run but want to lose weight with high intensity cardio. The classes are very popular and gold's gym offers them 5 days per week. I would not mind even paying a higher membership at your gym to use the spin classes as you are so much closer to my residence. So I just thought to offer you a great suggestion that you could keep in mind or you may have a problem competing with Gold's gym. thank you

jewel 6/13/13 10:12AM

these people are theifs they have tried to steal hundreds of dollars from me luckly my bank caught them and now are pursueing criminal charges against there company. Take my words of advise DO NOT USE THEM THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU.

FUPF 6/10/13 9:42AM

I want to bring to your attention the great jobs that the following employees are doing at the Tilghman Street PF. They are Eric, Tom, Jordan, Xander and Maggie. They are constantly working, helping customers and above everything else they do, they have a positive attitude and go out of their way to make sure the customers are completely satisfied. I have been a member in many gyms and these employees are without the best of the best.

Jon Knepper

ETACUDE 6/7/13 6:31AM

I have a membership at the centereach location in ny. I go to gym twice a day an everyone who is employed there is awesome except Sean. He is there at night he is very unprofessional an rude to all members. He has no customer service skills an I have complained along with other members about his behavior and no one did a thing. My 5 friends that I referred there and I are leaning towards LA Fitness.

Gymbuff 6/6/13 8:11PM

They would not let my niece out of her contract in NY. Although the manager is aware and saw for himself that the trainers would show up late and/or cancel three weeks in a row. I plan on asking IRS and Consumer Affairs to look into there practice. OBVIOUSLY, PLANET FITNESS NEEDS TO SHAPE UP. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. One more thing, we have contacted BBB.

YouShouldCloseDown 6/3/13 5:19PM

My husband received Military orders to a town where a Planet Fitness is not located. I contacted my local office to cancel the membership and was told I had to physically go to the location to cancel or send a certified letter to cancel. I drove on a Sunday and hour out of my way to a location in Nashville with my member card and was told they were unable to find my account. Cleary they can see I haven't been to Planet Fitness in months and they are still charging me. I cannot get to the post office during the hours they are open to send a certified letter because I go to school 8 hours a day. Also, I feel as if I should not have to pay to cancel my membership. I contacted Corporate in NH and Krissy answered the phone and I explained to her that I understand the monthly fees up until now, but to charge me the yearly membership fee when I've requested to have it cancelled prior is not logical or fair. She laughed at me and told me there was nothing that could be done about it. When I asked to speak with someone else, she refused to let me speak with anyone and when I told her I would call back she said it would be a waste of my time and that she wouldn't answer. I will be contacting the better business bureau and continue to escalate this up. I also plan on cancelling my bank account that the automatic payment comes out of just to prove my point. Horrible customer service to the Military and customers they've had for years. I was planning on going back to Planet Fitness when we relocated to another area, but not now or ever again.

Charissa 5/28/13 3:59PM

good morining I have been going to planet fitness for three months now the one on white planes in the Bronx I'm a black card memeber and I have yet to recieve my gym bag which of cause is already paid for and all they can say is we are still waitning for the shipment, really? I also take classes and one of the class is abs which use to be held down stairs and for some unexplained reason we have to do them upstirs which is in a very small area and very uncomfortable when so many people working out.

Anonymous 5/23/13 6:38AM

.My husband and I have belonged to the Bayonne ,NJ, Planet Fitness for a few years. Because I was ill about a year ago, I have been to the gym very very few times in the last year. I happily pay my dues and never complain but today I was seriously embarrassed when I was told that I could not bring my friend, a potential new member, to the gym.I truly was humiliated and left to drive my friend home. I am sure she now has very negative feelings about Planet Fitness. What I expected to be a very positive experience for both of us turned out to be just the opposite. I never asked to bring a guest before , I am extremely disappointed in your policy and truly think you should revisit it-even for once a month or minimum once a year!

One good point is that Osvaldo-Ozzy- has been a gem . Whenever I ask a question or need help he has been wonderful-very very helpful.

Phyllis Garelick 4/22/13 7:50PM

To Whom This May Cocern,

I am an active member of Planet Fitness, I am writing to inform you how disappointed I am with your organization..I went recently and asked if Planet Fitness would donate a $10.00 gift cirtificate ..My niece was just diagnosed with ALS, the family is in dire straights trying to get the home wheel chair ready . Cheryl is 37 yrs.old. I realize you don't owe me anything, but, with the volumn of people you get in daily, I was stunned when I was told you refused. A donation to raise money to any benefit is tax deductable to you ..

In the past month I've had 3 people join your organization, I will not be re-newing nor will I be promoting Planet Fitness..

I was told by the manager that you give to these type benfits all the time, I would like to know what your reasoning is to deny a $10.00 gift certificate.

Shame on you , I hope you never have to watch a loved one deteriorate in front of you and have no power to stop it..

Member 9178 Worcester Ma

disappointed 4/18/13 2:41PM

I contacted my local Planet Fitness to find out why they are taking an extra $10 from account. I talked with the person who answered the phone and she couldn't answer my question so she said she was going to have me talk with her manager. I was on hold for 5 minutes before the "manager" finally picked up. She was of no help. She said the my bank was not honoring the withdrawl from my account yet they take $30 out of my account every month. She said that because they had to take it out as a charge instead of whatever she called it that I was being charged $10 extra. This has been going on for a year. REALLY...You have my credit card info that is the only way you can take money out of my account. Maybe the Planet Fitness should have contacted my to let me know they no longer use credit cards and that they needed a check. I am not a mind reader and I should NOT be charged the extra $10 because your customers service SUCKS!!! I have cancelled my account and I will make sure that EVERYONE know that Planet Fitness will bilk your checking account if you join. WORST PLACE TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 3/28/13 3:57PM

I was making automatic payment by deductions from my credit card. Then the credit card company changed my number, with no notice to me. When I contacted the Rotterdam NY office to give them the new number, they said now they only took payments by deductions from your checking account. I went on the PF web site in April or May and entered payment info. After a few months, I realized no deductions were being made. In January I again went on the site, and attempted to pay the balance and again entire payment information. A page on the site noted my payments. Then I went to the Portland ME PF to work out and was told my membership had been cancelled. They didn't let me work out while the confusion was cleared up. I wrote a letter to the manager of the Rotterdam NY location looking to make the outstanding payments, with credit for the time I haven't been able to use the club. I have no response. They could care less evidently.

Tim8806 3/8/13 10:58AM

Just got off the phone with Becky at the Planet Fitness Corporate Office. She told me she is in "Operations" and that there is no "Customer Service" Personnel or Department. I have a question and the club refers me to Corporate who then (Becky) says to contact the club. (She was upset that the club staff told me to call Corp.) NOT helpful at all! Unbelievable to me that a business in this day and age would close the door to its customers like this! I like the club I go to - clean and nice (new) but the people that work there are mixed - some very nice and quite a few completely indifferent. I know they are looking to hire a new manager - hope that works out well! In the mean time, Planet Fitness, listen to customers!!

AnalystGirl 3/5/13 12:26PM

After spending several months fighting bogus charges after cancelling a membership including: spending hours on the phone, getting a run around from a manager that dodged any interactions with me- denied ever receiving any of my emails- phone calls with request to call back, staff hanging up on me and calling me racial slurs (ie. those spics never want to pay) before placing me on hold on the phone. Finally I got in contact with Michael J Mullen, the regional manager for Planet Fitness, he assured me that everything would be taken care of. The irony is that after all this, Michael refused to close out all of the bill, leaving a sum of money owed which he refuses to reveal was calculated. After having a question about how my complaints of mistreatment was handled and how the bill was calculated Michael J Mullen provided a irrelevant response to several emails that spelled out what information I would like from him.
After hearing about my experience, my caucasian, life long friend contacted the same Planet Fitness location that I had difficulty with. How was he treated? He received a full refund for the account he cancelled but continued to receive bills for. I spent several months insisting the charges be dropped, their response included a reduced bill that has no clear method of calculation, and a response like he was doing me a favor. Dealing with Planet Fitness, specifically the Centereach NY location and the regional manager, Michael J Mullen has been a very eye opening experience. Has anyone has similar experiences, I have been in touch with the attorney generals office if any body else has had problems I encourage you to do the same.

PFracist 2/24/13 4:42PM

My name is Jeff Perry 3447 been racially profile by the staff member and manager at planet fitness in Clifton new Jersey because I stayed to long on the stepper equipment to long mean while no one
Law with the exception of a White Lady and a Latino men Esch pneu Münsingen Therese OEM business Here Come a staff member and told me to leave because I should followed the 30 minutes rule ...why is it he only approach us the minority and bypassed the white lady and for the manager to literally say he care more about the 5000 customer he have rather than solving this is a also to us the black and latino community that join this gym..I already cancel this membership obviously racists in Clifton new Jersey is still strong..shame on you planet fitness...

the voice of the people 2/21/13 9:05AM

i was not happy after just three weeks of joinning your club,and having brooken my leg three years ago and still recovering,doing what I stil able to do the waterford mich days manager,informed me that i was not doing the circuit
right by not using the stair steps i infromed him of my enjury,and that my foot and leg mite not hold up to that kind of work out, he said that if i did not,confrom he would cancel my membership.i said that i would just stand instead of stepping,but still do not like his attitude

redvov 2/6/13 5:02PM

I live in Mt Pocono Pa. I see commercials all the time about planet fitness and would be eager to try this gym, however, there isn't a gym around me, I feel that it is getting more and more busier around this area and
Not only myself but planet fitness would benefit from having a gym near here, also having hardly any competition. Thank you for reading and hopefully I can get one up here for everyone else that sees those commercials an think the same thing!! Have a great day!!

Peaclovsci 2/6/13 1:31PM

I want to acknowledge a great trainer at the homestead Florida location his name is Brandon and he is awesome! Because of Brandon I have seen a difference in my workouts and my tolerance. I hope Brandon never leaves. Thanks again Brandon for all of your hard work, I know I am not the only customer that feels this way.

Rosy 1/17/13 5:16PM

I have been going to workout gyms since the early 90's. Due to financial situations I now face I had to dumb down my membership at join this rather below average club. There are no free weights, or even soap or shampoo in the showers.

But worst of all is a situation I experienced the other day that totally has ruined them in my eyes. This event happened at the club in Morton Grove Illinois. I forgot to wipe one of the machines down after using it. This crazy woman, a patron, starts yelling and screaming at me for like five minutes because I forgot to wipe a machine down. It took forever for one of the workers to finally show up and get her to leave me alone. (She literally had me pinned in on a machine I was using. Being a guy in this day and age I didn't know how to respond. If it had been a guy freaking out on me like this we would have been stepping outside...that's how bad it was. I am someone who has not been in a fight in over 20 years.) Then the worker has the audacity to tell me to stay away from this woman. This woman came up to me. This was AFTER the woman screamed at me so loud that the whole club could hear. I was like "SHE CAME UP TO ME AND WOULDN'T GO AWAY. YOU TELL ME TO LEAVE HER ALONE WHEN SHE HAS BEEN HARASSING ME?" Shortly after this finally seemed to end the club manager comes up to me and says that it is their policy that we wipe the machines down. I seriously thought I was in a seinfeld episode. To say that I was the only one EVER to forget to wipe a machine down would be a bold faced lie. I wanted to punch this guy in the face. (I am a man of peace, so for me to get this mad takes a whole lot of people acting like idiots around me.)I asked him if this insane woman was the owner or ceo and he said no. So I said why are you bothering me with this junk again? What about her yelling so loudly at me that EVERYONE in the club could hear and nobody would do anything for me? He said he had talked to her as well about her behavior. Look I made a mistake in forgetting to wipe a stupid machine down, but to be publically humiliated not just by the patron, but by two planet fitness employees is beyond unacceptable. Then for me to be made to look like I am the bad guy here is beyond stupidity on their part. Forget them, forget this club. I plan on filing a complaint with their corporate headquarters.

Mad Matt 1/16/13 4:01PM

Went to Planet Fitness today to check it out. When getting down to business with the cost, she tells me that there is a "maintenance fee" of $39 year! That cost is $3.25 per month fee added on to the monthly fee!

I have lived on the East Coast & West Coast and I have been to many gyms and clubs, and have NEVER experienced this gouging. This is a ridiculous fee! And because of this fee, I will NOT be joining Planet Fitness!

"Why would you sneak this in as a yearly fee?" I asked her. And she said "it is a corporate rule." And I told her "because of this 'corporate rule', I will not be joining here. And you can tell your owner this."

Your establishment is NOTHING special. No trainers. No classes (at this gym). Just cardio machines and weights. I can spend my money elsewhere and get more for less.

You lost a client because of this "maintenance fee", so feel proud of that when you are watching your logo on The Biggest Loser.

Jburn 1/16/13 2:24PM

Not satisfied with this company or the service. The website for Portsmouth, VA to join isn't not properly accepting memberships. Error message says page not found after completing all of the steps. That gym location was no help, said "I Don't Know and try again later". The corporate office said to call back and ask for gym manager. Why do I have to jump through hoops to get this service? Not worth it already. So thanks for nothing PF.

Annoyed 1/8/13 9:34AM

My 2 daughter's joined the Planet Fitness last year and surprised me with a membership, we went in one time and canceled or should i say try'ed to cancel our membership, that same month, we payed the 19.99 each for that month, they decided that they where taking the yearly fee out and my daughter stoped payment before they could take it out so they sent each of us a bill for 78.00 we refused to pay finally they sent us a letter and said they waived the money we owe, that we owe them nothing zilch, i just went to rejoin myself again and the manager Alisa Rife was real nasty and told me that I owe them money I told her I had gotten the letter saying I owed them nothing and she said that they wouldn't have sent me the letter so i went home and found the letter that they waived and they said it expired how can you waive a fee and then try to get it when you rejoin so i canceled my membership again so I better not be charged cause didn't even get to join and I will tell all my friends and relatives not to join it's a scam!!!

Ron 1/4/13 12:27PM

My Nameis Marva Anderson,member nu is November 1st2011.i went to the gym on Silver Hill rd inSeatpleasant Md to ca my sons membership for lack omy f attendance.Mark an Austin Phillips nu are 10945 an10946,to my surprise they only ca one membership.i was very disappointed that they were still debiting my acct.the person that i spoke to was not there.i told them that i have free gym privledge n my neighborhood so i would like to ca my membership.i was told that it was to late because the bank had already debit my acct.please help me resolve this issue.

corporate office 1/1/13 2:05PM

I was wondering when Planet Fitness was planning to provide proper support,training areas (in stores) and the equipment necessary for body weight training people that take their fitness pursuits a little further then the already great setting allows. You have no real pull up bar area available in you facilities, no weighted medicine balls, gym rings or other related fitness devices for people that use BWT principles for a healthy life style. If your marketing people were pursuing this form of fitness in the franchises your enrollment/membership would increase by ten to fifteen percent. It is the new/old form of fitness training and is here to stay. Placing a resources computer in all locations with complete fitness routines, theory and other related resources would totally step up everyones personal fitness goals. Masters Trainers Certified (NFPT)

BWT Guy 12/30/12 6:25AM

A soldier home on leave for Christmas went to Planet Fitness in Waterford, Mi asking to work out one time. He was told that he needed to buy a month membership for 39 dollars or pay 20 dollars for one day.
Is this how you Thank a soldier fighting for your freedoms and rights?

ska 12/23/12 12:14PM

All I want to do is cancel my membership. It apparently takes a act of god to do so. Either go in person or a notorized letter. It takes a few clicks to join, so why cant i cancel with a few clicks.All you have to do is add a cancel form when you sign in. Fill it out and submit it.
Why do i have to jump through hoops for these lazy people.

jlh050965 12/16/12 10:26AM

I am one of the memebers of the GYM in 1775 South Ave, SI,NY 10314. There is no cleaness in the GYM. Dirty locker room and lockers, equipments, dirty toilets and floor etc. We complained several times about it. But the staff are deaf and blind. So we fed up. Let the staff go and visit other clubs and see how they are running.

Anonymous 12/14/12 7:56AM

My husband considered joining your gym because it was close and I had to insist that he choose another gym. Why? Because your commercials are offensive and are the epitome of irony. You market your franchise as a judgment free zone and then judge others who train differently than the style that you promote. Showing muscular males as being stupid? Showing female body builders as being unattractive and unfeminine?

When your company uses the tag line "your gym, not theirs" who exactly are you marketing your services to? The commercials plainly show who you mean by "theirs"; However you don't show who you are targeting when you say "your" gym? I would guess that is because Planet Fitness ingeniously targets the group of people that want to say they belong to a gym without actually doing the work needed to get fit.

Pizza nights? Cupcake parties? Really? Why not install self -serve ice cream Sundae bars too? Not allowing sounds of exertion? Why not just limit the weights to 10 pounds or program the treadmills to only go 3 miles an hour? A rule that states "don't be smelly"? Do you allow sweating?

The saying "If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you're not working out hard enough" has a lot of truth to it. I pay more than $10 a month and I have to drive a little further, but I am proud to be a member of a gym that actually promotes fitness.

Wolf 12/13/12 10:02PM

Planet Fitness min Newburgh, NY did the same thing as another persons comment, except I have all the signed paperwork to receive my refund for a membership fee I was wrongly charged b/c I cancelled my subscription. Though I havew been there 3 times since and every time its an excuse!! I've been waiting more than a month for a check that's supposed to have been in the mail in 3-5 days. (MORE THAN # SEPERATE TIMES) THEY SUCK!!!!!

they suck 12/13/12 7:29AM

Planer fitness elyria Ohio.. love the gym staff is rude and judgemental for a non jug mental facility one employee decided to yell at me during my work out for not going in order on the machines.. but did not ask about my side of the story the girl that complained about me not going in order was also not order I was on machine one and she tried to take my friends machine 2. Then she decided to go to machine 3 and apparently then complain to staff when she was then in my way being she was on my next machine so as a adult I skiped the machine and went to.a empty machine but I guess that was wrong of me to go out of order but unprofessional of the staff to yell at me In front of the whole gym this was truley embarrising.
Planet fitness needs to consult there staff on there attitude and professionalism.! In addition my friend was with my as a witness to all of this.. and she will never go back there with me as a guest because of the embarreament

Anonymous 11/29/12 9:50PM

I had started a membership in Langhorne, Pa but i live in Trenton, NJ, but there wasn't a Club in Trenton. Well about 2 months into my membership they opened one in Ewing, NJ which is right around the corner from my house. So i go into that Club and tell them that I would like to transfer my membership to them and i gave them my information from Langhorne, PA. Well the following month, i not only get billed Ewing but Langhorne as well and they said that they will not change it. And now as luck would have it, my ms has flared up again and i can't go to neither one of them but yet I am still paying $20 for both of them per month. What do i do and i can't get anybody on the phone.

What a racket 11/19/12 1:03PM

I am very disappointed with this company. I have been trying to cancel my membership with Planet Fitness. It is terrible that an email and physically going into the establishment is not good enough to cancel. I have written now twice and you are still taking out my account.

To have a business like this and can never speak to anyone in the cooperate office is unbelievable. I have explained why I want out, however you all have never explained why you are still taking 10.00 out of my account.

Anonymous 11/17/12 1:07PM

I just cancelled my membership with the Planet Fitness location in Norfolk, Virginia. I tried to cancel months ago but was told I had put it in writing, but as a full time student, worker and single mom of 3, it slipped my mind until I got a bill about the $39 annual fee. They've been charging me $10/mo for nothing but I still ha to pay the annual fee today in order to cancel it, or they would've continued to charge me $10/mo. I called corporate and the woman I spoke with there very flippantly simply said she couldn't do anything about it! I'm extremely PISSED OFF and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau because Planet Fitness is nothing but a bunch of scam artists!!

Tonya G-T 11/8/12 12:14PM

10/29/12...My husband and I also belonged to Planet Fitness in Burton, MI and have had difficulty in cancelling our membership. In July I sent the certified letter as it stated in the bright pink letter we received, confirmed that they received the letter. We were then told they couldn't cancel it because we still owed them money. I went in to the facility to pay the amount owed and cancel the membership. They actually had to make copies of the letters and certified mail receipt because they couldn't find the ones sent to them.Of course this was after the 10th but I was told by the staff member helping me I wouldn't be charged anymore. On Saturday, October 27th, we received two more bright pink letters in the mail telling us we owed them more money. I took copies of all of my receipts with me. Danielle, the manager, said the account was cancelled in the system and I asked why I received the letters. I was told it was becasuse I came in after the 10th and my contract clearly stated that and since I signed it there was nothing she could do...she just kept saying I signed the cancellation contract-therefore I owed them the money. As I was paying the amount they said I owed I asked for the owner's information and she said she wasn't allowed to give that out. I asked for corporate's phone # and she told me to look it up on the internet. I then spoke with the General Manager, Matt, all he kept saying was he was sorry and that all he could do would be take it off my bill if I came back in to sign up---that will NEVER happen. I will never recommend planet fitness to ANYONE. Most companies will try to do something to keep the clients and customers happy - NOT PLANET FITNESS -they just want your money and that's it. As another writer stated - I will be contacting the better business bureau and the Attorney General. I followed all of their rules and was still penalized...What a SCAM...also I noticed while I was waiting for Danielle to pull my records that laying face up on the counter were folders with, what I suppose are new clients papework, that had the names and blank checks or deposit slips with their account and routing numbers on them---VERY, VERY unprofessional and unsecure. Glad I didn't renew and give them my new credit card #...

scrapbook girl 10/29/12 3:06PM

Planet Fitness in the Greenbelt area recently opened. Excited about the new opening and thoroughly pissed that I was told I could not wear a scarf during my workout by the manager. When asked the manager why, she stated she did not know, but I could not wear it. What type of idiot does not explained corporate policies if you are a manager of the establishment. This is a total bust since its my religious right to cover my head.

annoyed 10/15/12 10:48AM

I am a college student away from home and I didnâ??t have time to visit my Planet Fitness before leaving for school. So when I asked to cancel my subscription I was told to write a letter and mail it in before the next month payment, so I did. Along with never getting a call that my subscription was cancelled I was charged a yearly fee for the following year that I will not be attending at planet fitness. When I called the Planet Fitness I was answered by a rude man that said that since I didnâ??t mail in the letter before September 25th I was charged the yearly fee. Yet no one had to decide to give me this information when I first asked to cancel my subscription. I am very upset and I canâ??t even get a cooperate number or a manager to talk to me. I will never go to planet fitness again and I will tell my friends and family the same.

Kabrit106 10/4/12 10:06AM

two of my family members and I have had a membership at the Planet Fitness in Taylor, Michigan since Jan of 2012. We signed up and they took the money out of our checking account no problem. Then all of a suddend they stopped and sent me billing on pink paper which I paid when I asked about this I was told they were changing there way of billing, no problem, the next thin I know they weere not doing this and I got a text, so I went in and paid the account up in Aug of this year, and gave them a cxled check from the same checking account, no problem they have been taking the money out on a monthly basis for all three memberships which totals $30.00 a month. My son goes in to work out and is told that money is owed on the account, they are showing my account as being paid, but not his or my husbabnds, I tried to fix this with a phone call, and I was told I had to come in to take care of this, so I go in fed up with this location and try to cxl out all of the accounts and I am told by the assistant manger that I have to talk to the manager, because it is showing money owed, I tried to explain to him that it has been paid and I just wish to cxl and join up with a more reptuable gym than this. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and I have contacted our states attorney general offices. I just want to cxl the accounts and if it show I owe money you need to do an internal audit in your company because it seems like someone is dipping the till, and I am wondering how many other customers have been affected by this bad business pratice.

sheila66 10/4/12 5:05AM

I decided to join Planet Fitness when you started the $99 for the year campaign. I joined the Wilmington DE Justinson St site on Aug. 27th 2012.
Because of traveling for my job I didn't start working out until the week of Sept 16th. I went in at 5:45 a.m. twice that week with no problems. Fast forward to the next week I was geared up and ready to workout on Thursday, Sept 27th @ 7:45 p.m. and was stopped cold at the door. Apparently there is a no head scarf policy at Planet Fitness which I was not aware of because no one said a thing to me the week previously. I was turned away at the door and was quite annoyed because of it. When I demanded a refund I was told that I needed to speak with the General Manager Shaun Thomas who was not on duty at the time. I called bright and early Friday, Sept 28th to speak with Shaun and he informed me that was the policy and he was very apologetic about it, for me to come down and we could fill out the needed paperwork to get my refund in motion. He also suggested I call the corporate offices to make them aware that they are about to loose a member who because of their silly policy is not allowed to workout there. Otherwise I have no complaints about PF, it was convenient, clean, close to my home and the hours worked with my schedule. However the whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth and I wish to terminate my membership immediately!!

Disgusted 9/28/12 9:18AM

Me and my boyfriend have had memberships to pf for 1 yr now, in wilmington De at the rivcerfront location. I have no complaints. however I would like to suggest that you program a more diverse selection of music into your station, as you have a very diverse membership family, and all should be considered, Play the music you've been playing but add some R&B, gospel,jazz,latin salsa, Rap. this way everyone feels as though they are valued as a member. Thank you in advance for your attention. P.S I did speak with your regional manager Mark on 9/12/12 wednsday, He suggested that I voiced my concerns in this manner.

planet finess 9/13/12 5:16AM

i have a membership at the planet fitness in burton mi. was liking working out there. but guess new manager had them take the 65ib,70lb,75ib, dumbells out. wich pissed me and a few people off. now i wish i could get out of my contract with them. once it up me or any one i know will not go there

chuckyd 8/8/12 3:10PM

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