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Corporate Office Address:

Luxottica Retail North America, Inc.
4000 Luxottica Place
Mason, OH 45040
United States

Phone: 513-765-6000
Fax: 513-765-6249

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I have had a pair of glasses from LensCrafters since Jan of this year. Both lenses cracked outward from the bifocal top line. I was told it is not a defect, and was probably caused by heat. Maybe so, but would that mean that if I wore them in Alabama or somewhere down in the deep South, my lenses would automatically crack? It has not been that hot in Wisconsin this summer. The glasses and the case were never hot to the touch ever. Why would the lenses crack like that unless there was a defect or something wrong in the production of how the bifocals were made? I have had several pairs of glasses over the years and never had an issue like this.

cb91ke6 8/18/14 6:22PM

I bought a pair of reading glasses back in April. The store located in NYC on 5th Ave was at one time, where I bought several pairs of glasses. Today it is not managed well and the staff on their game. In fact, the experience I had in this store, continues to be the worst retail experience I have ever encountered.

The sales person helping was having issues from the beginning, helping me select the right pair, then finding my insurance information right through to my purchase. I had a line of credit but she was unable to access it. Finally I used my husbands credit, which after a belabored effort rang up successfully.

I received my bill and realized I was charged twice for this transaction. I contacted the store and I was told they would look into it. After numerous phone calls, each one with sincere apologies and a promise to either credit the account or mail us a check, nothing was ever done.

The manager supposedly had to make several calls to the home office to straighten this out, along with her regional manager. She called us back several times to inform us they were still working on correcting this.

I contacted the store again, only to be told that the manager now had to speak to the regional manager, after 3 weeks ago she called to let us know a check was in the mail.

I asked if it was possible to call him/her? She said that it was not possible but she would have him/her contact me. That was on Wednesday. No word from the regional manager.

Hopefully, there are some interested executives at the home office that can make this happen and credit my account!

cp313 8/9/14 10:22AM

Their eyeglass lens must be made by a child. They are the cheapest garbage I have ever bought. Cannot keep them clean and they distort vision. There should be a law! I tell everyone to stay away from this rip off business.

Disgusted 7/23/14 7:01AM

I purchased 2 pair of glasses in Racine, Wi. I was told they were making my lenses with everything I have had before. Unbeknown to me, they put on an anti-glare coating which I hate and added a 1-yr. warranty, which I wasn't asked about and don't want. I caught the warranty on my bill when I got home and they removed that charge. Thought there was nothing they could do about the coating, but I called them today. They are putting in new lenses without anti-glare AND giving me a refund of the amount of the coating. TOTALLY SATISFIED.

Anonymous 6/8/14 3:10PM

Dear Helen, Mgr of the Lenscrafters location in White Marsh, MD. I'd like to personally thank you for the worst customer experience I've ever had with Lenscrafters.

As I attempted to explain to you yesterday, I'm currently working through an issue with a detached retina that has rendered me completely blind in my left eye. I came in to get the right eye checked to see if they could provide me with ANY improvement to my vision.

I paid for an eye exam but when it came time to get a lens I was rudely told by the Manager of this location that I would have to purchase two lenses because Lenscrafters wouldn't do just one.

Again I tried to explain that I couldn't see ANYTHING out of my left eye so I couldn't understand why I would be charged $300 for two lenses, one of which would amount to a ground blank.

Then she tried to tell me that the doctor had prescribed a "Balanced" lense for the left eye ...... What the heck is that? I'm blind in that eye, what's to balance?

Helen, you are without a doubt the worst customer service person I've ever encountered. Your lack of compassion, lack of empathy and total disinterest in your customers health and well being goes a long way in telling me where and what the interests of the parent company are. It's a sad commentary.

So there I stood, no options and no sympathy from Helen. Lady you truly are a piece of work and I sincerely hope you never experience the pain and expense of having a detached retina. But if you do I would recommend you go to aome wgere other than youe own company for an affordable solution.

To the CEO of Lenscrafters, you've lost a customer who had been loyal for 20 years. It's sad to think that you and your company put profits ahead of compassion and understanding for your customers but such appears to be the case.

American greed is alive and well in the malls of America and particularly here at Lenscrafters.

Luckily I found a solution in a BIG BOX store that not only sold me the single lens I needed but also a new pair of frames to mount it in.....all for one third of what you wanted to charge me.

One Eyed Jack 5/29/14 7:53AM

Their refund policy should say...We'll refund you, BUT...we never have the cash in hand to pay you back even though you paid us cash. So you will have to wait until we are good and ready to send you a check back and good luck.

fed up 5/24/14 10:34AM

I've used Lens Crafters for over 15 years but after going to this last time I will never be back. I had 3 pair of glasses I bought less than 2 years ago. They needed a minor adjustment in the prescription. But when I told them I wanted to use my $350+ frames which originally totaled $1000 I was told the couldn't be used and I would need to purchase all new ones.Then was told that frames that frames needed to be replaced every two years. That was never the case before.I don't have a problem seeing with the original glasses but just to be sure went to another optometrist who said they were fine. Also one of the ear pies needed to be replaced which I was told by Lens Crafters could not be done. They either lied or are incompetent. It was done by another optometrists office.
LC is bogus in having one Spend money you don't need to for shoddy service. When I called corporate in Ohio I was given the same BS answer. I've told those I know, and I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. If you have a problem I suggest you do the same.

NHConstitutionalist 5/21/14 1:54PM

As a former businessman who knows the value of employees I want the management of Lenscrafters to know that they have a very special employee by the name of Irfan at the store in Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah.

If I owned a business today I would try to hire him. No matter what the business he would learn it fast, but his specialty is the attitude he has toward people.

He has gone the extra mile for me on two different occasions and it was obvious to me that he was making every effort to take care of my needs.

My glasses were bent from playing basketball, and they were a mess. Most salespeople would have told me to buy some new ones, but thinking of me he took the time to straighten them out and made them useable again.

He saved me an enormous cost for which I am grateful, and in doing so he earned a customer for life for me and my family.

When we need glasses we will be looking for Irfan at Lenscrafters.

And yes, our loyalty is with Irfan first, and Lenscrafter second. Your employees are your business.

Best wishes,

Joe Watts

Joe Watts 4/27/14 6:50PM

I went to the Moorestown office two weeks ago on a Friday. I picked up my glasses on Saturday. Monday, i went into wk had a real hard time with them: computer was hard to read an working as a dental assistant was even harder. I called an then went in: the lens off 3mm to me thats a lot. Now they had to sent away for my lens,it would take 2 weeks.Was not happy but what can i do. Now i received a call say that they came in scratched!!!! REALLY. i paid over $400.00 an still have nothing. Still waiting!!! I think a discount should happen. thank you

jr 4/25/14 4:11AM

Until two weeks ago I had never used a LensCrafters or one of their affiliated Optometrists. My usual practice was to rely on examination referrals by my family doctor, and then have glasses made where ever I could get the best deal.

My last pair of glasses, rimless tungsten frame wide aspect bifocals, cost me about $650.00 after insurance reduction at the optical department of one of the world's largest retailers. From the moment I first put them on I knew something was wrong. I went back twice only to be told "my eyes had to adjust." Well, they never did. For the next 16-months I went through life with my eyes swiveling like two ball bearings as I tried to first get and then keep things in focus. That ended last Friday.

The moment I slipped on my LensCrafters glasses my eye sight was clear, crisp and totally in focus. Wow!!!! I have never been as happy with a pair of glasses as I am with these amazing specs! Not only are my new LensCrafters' glasses the best I've ever had from a vision standpoint...I managed to buy two pair, both bifocals, one RayBan frames with clear lenses, and one Armani frames with dark tinted lenses after insurance and multiple pair discount for not much more than my one old awful glasses cost!

Nashvillemykl 4/21/14 4:22PM

I finally received my lens/frames this past Mid March. The whole order took over a month to complete. A little over a year ago I had the same prescription made. I got my frames/lens within 2 weeks. This time it took over a month. The order was entered multiple times. My lenses because of the high prescription took a while. That was okay. I have had eye problems all my life. So I didn't get too concerned when my lenses were taking a bit long.

My concern was the way the store manager handled my case with myself, and then my mother. When the store managers disrespects my mother. It really offends me. There was no need for this to have happened. Then the day I finally pick up my lenses, she calls my house number, telling my mother that I never gave them back the right glasses back. (I had already got on the train heading towards LIC) then the store managers called my mother 10 minutes later to tell me that it's ok, never mind she was confused, and had the incorrect glasses in her hand at the time. Ok.....

Now last week I received a post card from the actual store location at 2440 Broadway Upper West Side, 10024 New York. New York.

Stating that I have a standing appointment May 02, 2014 at 12:00pm

I would like to clarify. I am done with my order that I finally received after a month of waiting and multiple not so friendly phone calls,

Can you tell LensCrafters to take my name and information out of your system.

The Store Managers name is TAMEEKA. SHE was rude to not only MYSELF but to my MOTHER, This extraordinarily is unacceptable.

Your company needs to do some real intense customer service, personable lessons, and attitude adjustments. I am very disgusted with my overall experience with this company. Every time I complain, this matter is never taken care of . Who do I forward this to to have this put under TAMEEKAS record.

If you go to Yelp, you will find multiple complaints on TAMEEKA. Your company, should read them. Her bad reviews are on different websites too. I wish I had read them before I had spent a tom of money at a company, that obviously doesn't care about there customer..

Raven87nyc 4/16/14 7:00PM

I was harassed by the "store manager" Robert, so he said he was store manager in Fresno. He's not the store manager. This man is full of lies: said I would not be able to receive a new pair of glasses because I did not have "original receipt" when they can pull my name up with all purchasing data there and print out a statement to use to purchase a new pair of glasses. Followed me around store questioning what I was going to do now because I didn't have a receipt. This person went into a mad rage when he asked me, what do you think, Ms. Lupe. He shouted a his big man voice, 'THAT'S IT. YOU USED FOUL LANGUAGE. THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. YOU ARE TRESPASSING. LEAVE THIS STORE NOW BECAUSING I'M CALLING THE POLICE. ARE YOU LEAVING? ARE YOU LEAVING?" What a freak of a want to be manager.

Anonymous 4/4/14 4:01PM

I purchased glasses from lens crafters in Joliet illinois around June of 2012. I purchased the replacement plan, and used it in may/June of 2013. I was told after waiting a month for my glasses to be ready that I would have to purchase new lenses. I originally paid over 600 dollars for my glasses, frames and lenses, so I was upset I had to purchase another 300 dollar pair of lenses. After hours of talking with the associates I just went ahead and ordered new glasses. Paid for a warranty on both new lenses and new frames.

Just went to the lens crafters in aurora il at the Fox valley mall, to have them adjusted. Only the second time they have been adjusted since purchased again in June of 2013. It took the lady almost an hour to adjust them and she broke the metal nose piece arm. Talked with the manager and she said they are not responsible for breaking them. She would not give me the name or number for anyone above her. This is crazy. I spent over 1000 dollars on these two pairs, with warranties and now I'm being told there's nothing they can do. They told me to drive to joliet to speak with them cause they were purchased there, but they are going to tell me they did not break them, and to go back to aurora. I am having surgery in 13 days. I need glasses to see. I'm legally blind. So to tell me they are not responsible for breaking my glasses is crazy. Something needs to be done. This is the worst customer service I have ever experience ever in my life.

wwarren 3/26/14 7:43PM

Never go to Lenscrafter in Tanforan shopping center located in San Bruno, California. They lie to their customers after they collect your money. I ordered glasses yesterday and was told they would we ready in 1 1/2 hours. I left the mall at 6:00 pm and called the store at 8:35pm and was told by the guy, Carl, who took my order, that the glasses would be ready in another 2 t 5 minutes. He said that they close at 9:00 and that I can pick the up if I get in before the close
Since I was not available before 9:00 I went to pick them up today at 12:30pm. I stood at the counter and was ignored by the lady there (Asian with long hair)- she was crouched under the counter for whatever reason. When she finally stood up, she looked bored and went looking in the drawers for my glasses
Lo and behold, she searched through several drawers and couldn't find them. She then ran over to a man, who I later found out was the manager, Brian Ilas, and he shrugs his shoulders. She then goes to another counter, not there, goes inside a door marked Lab and comes out empty handed and just stands there looking "ignorant." She doesn't tell me what is going on and another woman (short)comes over and didn't said anything. I ask where my glasses are - all paid for $547.49 - and finally the woman says they are not ready. Hello, by then it was OBVIOUS. I am angry since I was not called to say they weren't ready since I was assured they were over 15 hours ago. I ask why and was met with sullen silence - not professional at all. The manager hears all of this and not once did he get up and come over or try to do something to rectify the situation. I demand a refund and the second woman said okay and starts to do the paperwork
I ask why the glasses were not ready and angrily she said that there was damage on one of the lenses. When I asked how much longer to have them ready, she said maybe 2 hours. Hello, she meant that they never worked on my order. She did not apologize nor did she try to help. Next, the manager finally dragged himself over because he had to approve the refund. He was extremely rude. Didn't say anything and reluctantly gave out his name and information to file a complaint. Smelled bad also and needed to present himself better.

Anonymous 3/16/14 9:08PM

Never go to the Tyler Mall, Riverside Lenscrafters. They put my existing eyeglass lenses into new frames and damaged the lenses so badly I can't function normally with them. Then the manager, Gary Carleton, told me he would replace the lenses since they were damaged by the person there who put them into frames they didn't fit. When I asked for that in writing in case he wasn't there when I came back with my prescription, he gave me a printout that said "smudges in lenses, offered to remake them at a 50% discount" which is NOT TRUE. The 50% discount was never mentioned as that is the current discount they are providing to EVERYONE. I have to get new lenses made now ASAP that I didn't need before, and new frames. This is NOT RIGHT and Lenscrafters are DISHONEST and RUIN LENSES.

Lunarstruck 3/13/14 11:19PM

Never go to the Worcester greendale mall location.

I orderd my glasses on th2 27th of January, being told special orders take 10 business days. 10 business days later no call no email I call back, there going to take a little more time sir, I'm ok with this, a month in and I call again ( I'm the one who keeps calling) they don't have the frames so we will grab to overnight them to Ohio they will call me back and let me know. 1 week later I call again speak with store manager, he has no clue and tells me there is no order and the sales rep is off.

Ok time to call corporate, I speak with a rep I tell him were going to hit the 7 week mark, I give him a ll the info and the problem, I review a email back telling me

Hello Sean,

I have been able to speak to the store and I have been advised that your order would need to be started over. I was advised that the delays have come because of many issues with the ordering process from the lab. We are willing to refund half of your money if you would like for us to process your order. We expect that the order will take another month to complete. I am very sorry for this inconvenience. If you would like to be refunded or if you want to go through with the glasses, please let me know. Thank you.


Ok now I call and speak with the manager of customer service about the problem

If special orders take 10 business days why in hell am I waiting another month not 10 days. Now u would think I would be getting taken care off here or I don't know a regional manager might want to see why there store is failing. 7 +weeks already now another 4 (3 months total) what really sucks 10 years ago had them do my glasses took 3 days now I'm going to go out on a limb and say technology has made it easier so what's the deal. I'm mean does anyone care about doing there job anymore

Dark and fuzzy 3/12/14 9:25AM

I would like to thank Todd Snyderman GM of the store on 685 Market Street in San Francisco, along with Justin for their great customer service. They helped resolve an issue where no one was at fault.and did everything they could to make it right.In a world where good customer service is hard to find these guys are rare indeed.You can be sure I will always recommend LensCrafters to friends and family.

Tom H Phillps 2/26/14 5:15PM

To Whom it May Concern,

I just wanted to let you know of my Excellent experience at one of your stores, at The Avenue Webb Ginn located at The Shoppes. An associate named Michelle assisted my son and I in the purchase of contact lens, a pr of glasses and sunglasses. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and patient as we made our decisions and navigated insurance. I wish all companies can offer such professional service! Thank-you, J. Ehlen

jehlen 2/26/14 5:14AM

I have been trying to get two pair of glasses; reading glasses and sunglasses for ten months. They were so bad I went to and opthamologist and they redid the sunglasses. I was told I didn't need my bifocals for the sunglasses. When I first put them on I could not see the GPS in my car and could not figure out when to get off of a very busy highway. One of the other times Lens Crafter staff told me to go home and use the reading glasses for a week and they would be alright. They were never right.When I had my sunglasses redone by another doctor they were outraged when then heard what I had been told. They called Lens Crafters themselves and told them if they didn't take care of this problem they were going to report Lens Crafters. The manager of Lens Crafters told me to bring the reading glasses back for the third time and they would fix them. The other doctor told them how to fix the problem. The glasses were taken back again and they told me they would take care of the problem and reimbursed part of my money. This was January 10,14. When they had the glasses ready they called me and I went to the store and they were putting the len's in. Oops one of the len's chipped. Once again they had to make one of the len's.I had to go to the shopping center and thought I would stop at the store and the lens hadn't even been sent out. This was two weeks. I am now wearing a chipped lens and haven't heard from them since January 10th. I don't know what kind of operation you are running but as a registered nurse of 30 years I know if I took care of my patients like this I wouldn't be a nurse very long. I gaurantee you that I will contact every source I can to make it known what you have put me through. What does the statement tell me and everyone else when we are told not to use profanity? This is one sorry company and highly unethical. I will make sure everyone I come in contact with knows not to take their business to you. You are a disgrace to the medical profession. Two pair of glasses and over a THOUSAND dollars and I am walking around with a chipped lens

Patricia Willmoth RN

Patricia 2/3/14 8:50PM

Lenscrafters Northridge...what is this world coming to when a doctor's office loses its patients chart? that is exactly what they did. And they all seemed pretty amused by it all...smug-like and the chart never did turn up and my daughter is now wearing temporary contacts and they want us to come in and bring in the paperwork that I was just in for today. what clowns. never again. No heartfelt apology and just poor poor customer service. I've experienced this with them before but it had been awhile and they had available appointments so I took a chance. Never again. and then they have the audacity to send me a computer generated email thanking me for my business and that I should return? NEVER. DONE. I find it appalling that there are so many complaints about this particular store in Northridge and yet no one is investigating or doing anything about it. Again, what doctor's office loses its patients chart? Incredible.

Y 2/2/14 1:29AM

I had my sons glasses made at Lenscrafters in Orland Park,IL. Soon after, my son began experiencing daily headaches. I was told a period of adjustment should be expected. After one month and several migraine headaches, I returned to the prescribing dr. After an exam and a check of his new glasses, the dr. determined that Lenscrafters of Orland Park, made his glasses WRONG. They were actually completely opposite of what the dr. prescribed to treat his Astigmatism. They should have been 90 but were 180. I ordered new glasses (this time through the prescribing dr.) and returned the ones I bought from Lenscrafters of Orland Pk. When I went to return these glasses, I was still under the 90 day unconditional return policy yet I was questioned as to why I was returning them and when I told them about their error they questioned how I could know this (the DOCTOR told me) and then the sales girl went to double check the script in the lens while I waited, came back and told me I was wrong the glasses match the script in their computer. I had to then point out to her that I have the original script and Lenscrafters, ENTERED THE SCRIPT WRONG. Apparently that level of incompetence never occurred to her. I asked if I had been inconvenienced enough and were we finished, to which she replied 'Oh, I'm done with you, you can go." Real nice.

Anonymous 1/25/14 2:33PM

Wish I had never gone to lens crafters I had 2 prescription cards that will expire in a few days not a lot 39 on one 25 on other as there from last year money was taken on them I saiid I wanted to pay that and balance on Friday then I get call to say money has been refunded to cards which is no good to me as cards will expire so thanks lens crafters for loading me 64 dollars great customer service, ok the guy didn't know u can't do part payments but when aid take has been made maybe you should say we don't do this but we made a mistake, communication at your store could be good they called wanting payment for eye test that was done Sunday I was told pay when u come back in the girl doing reception with doctor didn't tell them that may have been to busy texting as that's was her main thing on Sunday

Ian 1/21/14 2:09PM

I just picked up my new $605.00 glasses from LensCrafters. I have been a LensCrafter customer for many, many years. I asked the service representative for a bottle of lens cleaner and a cloth so that I could clean my glasses. He told me he could sell me those items. I told him that I just paid $605.00 for one pair of glasses and that LensCrafters should provide me with cleaner and a soft cloth. The service representative spoke to his manager and she made me the magnificent offer of purchasing those items at a 20% discount. I informed the manager that if LensCrafters could not include a bottle of cleaner and a soft cloth at no additional charge, they would lose my business forever. They again offered to sell me the cleaner and soft cloth for 20% off. I am now a former LensCrafters customer. I will purchase my glasses from Kaiser Permanente where I have been a member for over 30 years.

[email protected] 1/17/14 2:59PM

I recently bought bifocals at your Garden State Plaza,Paramus, NJ mall. I was unable to clean the lens for sharper vision. There was a film on the lenses that was impossible to remove. I tried windex (a no, no from your mgr and staff), I tried soap and water, I tried a soft cloth, all to no success. I finally went to the store where I puchased the glasses and said no matter what i tried it was impossible to remove the film. The mgr took the glasses and used a prepared solution in a bottle to clean the lenses. I learned that nothing would clear the film for sharp vision, except the solution she used. Well, guess what, a customer needs to purchase this magic bottle of whatever it is. I commented that she must be kidding, she said no I would have to buy it. What a ripoff. My comment needless to say that I would never shop at a Lenscrafters again. Did not buy this so-called magic junk. The glasses cost me $200.00. Money which I cannot afford. Shame on you people. You chage enough for your stupid glasses. How cheap can you people get. I suspected the lenses were not quality plastic to begin with.

Anonymous 12/12/13 10:43AM

An interesting organization that seems to be filled with people that lie and intend to only defraud customers. To be avoided at all costs or you will regret dealing with any of their stores.

JPSammy 12/10/13 2:59PM

Tina at the AlaMoana store in Hawaii insisted I had to have a receipt when I returned my the 3 pairs of glasses I purchased with a check paid by the mother
because I couldn't cough up $1,148.52. She said it was policy but could not show me proof. She did not offer me the check until I asked her several questions which were also showed negligence of LensCrafter's employees and staff. She told me it would take about 7 business days to receive my check. When I called and spoke with someone from your office she told me 7-10 business days. Does everyone have a different copy of the store policies, rules, customer service, dress code, and code of ethics? I am definately not doing business with LensCrafter once I get my full refund.

X-Mas 2013 12/8/13 9:57AM

After buying glasses from Lenscrafters for years very unhappy with a purchase of reading and sunglasses purchase 9/27/13 The frames and glasses where 450.00 not counting the sunglasses another 350.00. I have never in the years I have bought glasses have ever bought a warranty on any glasses and still have them. Never had a problem' Now I have a pair of reading glasses that I took back 2 times to have screws tighten and the frames are now broke. When back to the store and the MGR was the one who sold both pairs and his answer was out of warranty (3 months) and now he wanted 182.00 for new frames. Was the best he could do. Told me if I didn't do that I would still have to pay for them and that he would just throw them away. Called Cust svc and the lady was very nice it came down to buy a warranty and co-pay for another 60.00. I have always done business with them and never had a problem there is more to this story. Mgr was rude and unwilling to work with me until I called customer svc. I also sent a message to corp. office. Very unhappy with them.

Anonymous 12/4/13 10:46AM

Lens Crafters is no longer the good place it used to be. I had my own glasses and was charged $879.00 for 2 sets of lenses. I think this is a big rip off I had my own frames and I contacted customer service but all they do is give you a lot of BS!!!!!! They claim to be the best in the business that is such a joke. I will NEVER buy from them again!!!! I am purchasing 2 pairs for my children today but not from Lens Crafters.

UPSET 10/22/13 1:52PM

We went to the Tillman Eye Care Group in Denver, Colorado on October 18, 2013.
My husband is a Veteran and it is one of the approved eye centers for the VA. Before we made the appointment I called to ask the fee to add a contact lense exam to the appt which we would have to pay out of pocket. I was told by "Leo" that the cost would be $60.00. I even called back to double check. Imagine our surprise when after the appt we were blindsided with a $110.00 charge. We feel duped by LensCrafters. We live on Social Security and would never have gone there had we known that this would be the charge. We could have gotten the service cheaper elsewhere. Never were we told that the charge was $60.00 and up. This is false advertising and taking advantage of seniors and Veterans. We will never recommend LensCrafters to other Veterans, our family or friends. We feel very taken advantage of.

Nu2co1126 10/20/13 10:45AM

To Maribel Esquivel, Maricela Alvarez, and Lens Crafter at large

I am writing to you as an extremely disappointed and frustrated Lens Crafters customer regarding my poor customer service experience. I just spoke with David at your Huntington Beach location and asked for both your emails so I could email you personally, but he stated you both did not have emails (hard for me to believe), but this is why I am resorting to Yelp.

On 9/26/13, I came to your Huntington Beach branch and purchased new lenses at $288.99 from your store associate Malinda. This was the first time I had been to your location. My reason for choosing Lens Crafters was based on my first experience with the company approximately 7 years ago at your Montclair, CA, location where I purchased reading glasses and lenses and had NO issues with that pair over the course of 7 years. For your understanding, I had had an free eye exam at my health care provider on 9/26 and needed a new prescription, so I chose to purchase lenses from you based on my 7 years as a happy customer and your same-day, new lenses offer. To further note, over 7 years I've had adjustments at several Lens Crafter locations and NEVER had any issues.

When I came to your location, I purchased the new lenses from Malinda ( To note, she was great and very sweet!). I even asked Malinda "Do you think my glasses will be okay?" as I understood your company isn't liable for the frames breaking if new lenses are put in. Her response was "I think they'll be okay because they are plastic frames." I trusted her assessment.

I came back about an hour later to pick up my glasses. When I returned your store was completely understaffed and one of your female associates had to yell from her desk and ask a male associate to bring out my glasses. This man walked back and forth from a couple different rooms and finally emerged with my glasses and handed them to me. There was no mirror at the counter NOR was there an offer to have me take a look at whether or not my glasses were aligned. I had to ask him, "How do they look?" to which he said nothing and Malinda, who was with another customer, called out "they look great" so I left your location unassuming of any issues. However, when I get home, the glasses were crooked and drooping to the left.

I returned to your store a few days later (perhaps 10/1) to have the glasses aligned. The same female associated who had to yell from her desk a few days prior to have my glasses brought out was the one to help me. She took my glasses, attempted to straighten them, but they were not straightened. She was very adamant that they looked fine, but they were still crooked. Ultimately, she had to have Auto from the back of the store come and help me. To note, you had engineering issues going on and had me sitting next to a man on a later who had the ceiling tile removed and was fixing something. NOT safe NOR very professional to have this going on during business hours and to have a customer sitting so close. Finally, Auto was able to straighten the glasses, or so I thought.

By the next day, the glasses were again crooked; they had started drooping to the left. At this point, I was becoming frustrated and didn't have the time to go back in so I let a few days pass....

On 10/8 at 4:01am, I receive a generic email from Lens Crafters stating "We hope you are enjoying your new glasses ... if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. And remember, every purchase includes lifetime free cleanings and adjustments. We hope to see you again..." Nice email, but it would have been better if it were from from the store associates who actually helped, but I guess they didn't care OR they didn't have the time as they may have been understaffed AGAIN to follow up thoroughly... NOT very personalized NOR professional customer service....

On 10/8 at 8:57am, I responded to the email stating "I will come in today for an adjustment. My glasses are still drooping to the left."

On 10/8 at 11:39, I receive an email from "Butch" stating "It would seem that an adjustment may be necessary in order to solve your problem..."

On 10/8, I returned to the store and was again assisted by Malinda who adjusted the glasses till they were straightened. No construction going on this time... seems like things go better when Malinda is working


On 10/9, I went to put on my glasses and the left arm fell off.

On 10/13 at approximately 12:30pm, I returned to your store for the FOURTH time to have my glasses fixed. Joann first assisted me by telling me there was nothing she could do because my glasses weren't covered under warranty. I asked to speak with the store manager, but Joann stated she was not in. Maricela Alvarez, the licensed sales supervisor, spoke with me and told me there was nothing she could do based on the fact that my glasses weren't covered under warranty. She suggested that she could look around for another frame for me to purchase at a 50% discount, but when I said I wanted the same or similar frames to my glasses, she said she wouldn't be able to find my glasses because the product number on the inside of the arms was worn off (Of course it's worn off; the glasses are 7 years old and have been worn WITHOUT any issues over that span of time!). Furthermore, it is inaccurate that a national company of your caliber doesn't have the capability to reach out your vendors with a a description, picture, phone call, email, etc. to locate this specific pair of glasses or something similar. This was pure NEGLECT and lack of initiative to help. I asked for the store manager's phone number and left the store, as I wasn't receiving any quality help.

I called Maribel's phone number on her business card and it is the general store number and Joann, the same lady who was helping me answers the phone. Don't you think if I asked for the store manager's phone number that I would want her direct number? OR if she isn't going to be in that day, to let me know when she will be in and available? Again, another disappointment in customer service. I asked for corporate's phone number.

On 10/13 at 1:03pm, I called corporate and had a 16 minute phone call with a female associate who assured me that the manger of the Huntington Beach location would contact me within three days. I look forward to hearing from the manager within that time frame if not earlier.

I am extremely disappointed and disheartened with my choice to do business with the Huntington Beach Lens Crafters. I am asking you to please provide me, at no cost, replacement frames of the same style or something similar. I am asking you to look past your policy, and understand my plight as a customer of yours for 7 years, and to focus on doing what is right by the customer. I have trusted in your brand and your ethical business practices, but am very unimpressed at your company's inability to provide professional service, personalized follow up, and your complete NEGLECT to properly handle my lens replacement, thus leading to they breaking of my glasses even after I continued to express my concerns as there continuous need for adjustment. What could have been handled properly was not. Please don't ask me to pay another $200 - $300 for frames that were purchased from your company, functioned perfectly fine for 7 years, but were mishandled by your Huntington Beach team. PLEASE ADVISE.

jackpwilson 10/13/13 3:38PM

I am thoroughly disgusted with LensCrafters ! On Sept 18 I had my eyes examined by the on site DR. At the beginning of the exam, he informed me, I had cataracts in both eyes and needed lens replacement surgery. He proceeded with the exam, presented me with my prescription, which I took to the other side to be filled! They were unable to fill my prescription on site and it was sent out.
On Sept 26 I went to get my new glasses! The moment they were placed , I knew I had a problem! I was seeing double out of the top lens and unable to read from the reading chart! I was told to try wearing them the rest of the day and the next day and if I saw no improvement, to come back, which I did! The DR put the blame on me, the reason I couldn't see!!!!! He checked my eyes again, said the Rx was fine and that was it! It didn't seem to matter that I couldn't see! My vision is actually better in my 7 year old glasses!!! They REFUSED to take them back & REFUSED TO REFUND the cost to me! I am a senior citizen, living on a small fixed income. The cost of the visit was over half the amount of my Social Security monthly benefit!! The salesperson said, after my surgery they would replace the glasses for free!!!!!!! DO THEY THINK IM STUPID??? I am aware that MEDICARE WILL pay. for my glasses after surgery!!!!! I have reported this to you in good faith, that you will help resolve this situation !!! I will be reporting this to whatever Association the DR belongs to, as well as the local Better Business Bureau if I cannot get satisfaction! All I ask, is to be able to see !!!!!!

Nanawellie 10/3/13 2:34PM

I have been a customer with Len crafters for over 15 years in Pentagon Mall Arlington Virginia
Today was a very unpleasant day with the manager, Maurcee. She is a older white lady with a very nasty attitude,
the name maybe incorrect the hand writing is hard to read. I met many different people there over the years, but never like this person. Please re-think of this person as a manager. I had a problem that she was overly ugly with me, so I left with the same problem.

missy 10/2/13 12:43PM

The worst experience from start to finish I've ever had in the history of purchasing contact lenses at the Kennesaw, GA LensCrafters I've always worn permeable contact lenses and never had the problems I had dealing with LensCrafters. It took over 6 weeks and repeated visits to get a good fit and visioned pair, and now after wearing my gas permeable contacts for 7 1/2 months one partially dissenergrates overnight. I've only used the recommended solution by Bausch & Lomb for rigid gas permeable contacts.

I called today to now find out they only have a 90 day warranty and was told I would have to purchase a replacement lens for $165. Needless to say, I'm beyond dissatisfied. I graciously put up the poor customer service and unsatisfaction of this purchase. I now have to come out of my pocket to replace a poor product. This was my first and last time ever getting any prescription eyewear from this location or any LensCrafters..

Tracey L 10/2/13 10:54AM

Very unorganized! I cannot begin to tell you how unset I am. We (myself, adn the Health Insurance Company) were told by Lens Crafters that there was no such thing as a billing code. They want us to pay out of pocket, and said keep repeating that there was no such thing as a billing code, and they manager there as well had no clue. My son has Keratoconus, and his contacts are medically necessary.

laura 9/19/13 1:36PM


lensCrafters, Wellington Circle Plaza

Since 2003, I have used the services of this branch.

But, unfortunately, the level and quality of service here became unbearably bad.

For example, in the past, 2012 , they lost my order and within two months of my phone calls answered , that the order was sent to the factory for rework - 5 ( five! ) times sent - as I have described over the phone. When I broke down and went to the store, the glasses immediately found. They were lying there on one of the tables - I have seen it. Edges of the lenses were not polished at all, despite the fact that was paid off. But this I noticed later, at home.

This year, when I went to get my new order, I found that edges of the lenses were not polished at all, despite the fact that was paid off (again)

On my request to polish the edges of the lenses it was answered to me that this is impossible, but when I showed my glasses purchased in the same store two years earlier, polished to a shine with the edges (as it should be ), I promised to do so . It was on Saturday 09.07.2013, and today, 09.10.2013, I called and asked if my glasses are ready , and if I can pick them up. But for a long time they could not find my glasses, or maybe they were not ready ( I do not know , but I had to wait by the phone for a long time ). Finally, I was told that the glasses are ready and edges of lenses are polished nice, I can pick them up.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw this "polishing". At this I was told that better to do impossible.

When I once again showed his old glasses and asked why they cannot do as well as they did before, I was told that they have on the existing equipment cannot do this.

Finally, I have a refund (the money on the card till are not present) , and a discount coupon of $ 50 is not returned.

My glasses are not cheap, but expensive (before discount - $ 1,024.94) orders, and now I'm forced to look for a store to the services were not worse , than in this store until 2012.

Simon 9/15/13 5:27PM

Dont Waste your time In Hyannis, MA location. Awful service, Awful attention to detail and in the end, a VERY expensive pair of sun glasses that were altered by a staff member who thought he would like green lenses INSTEAD of the DARK gray that he ordered.

Cape Coddess 9/9/13 12:17PM

I bought a pair of glasses in the Merritt Square Mall location in Merritt Island, FL. They were just under $500 and I was having difficulty seeing clearly with them. Overall the staff there is not very attentive, they are rather dismissive. The woman who fit me was wonderful--Donna, and even better--the person who resolved the problem--Elaine. She is exceptional and should be commended for her perseverance and dedication to customer satisfaction.

ds 8/30/13 1:21PM

I went to a LensCrafters in 1402 butterfield rd, downers grove. The worst experience ever I am never dealing with LensCrafters again! When I walked in and told them I was returning a chanel glasses i had purchased, they made me have a seat for someone to help me. Basically no one wanted to take a return. They helped everyone else and I was sitting there for 20 mins until I got fed up. I called one of the girls to return this item right now. She comes over and tells me she will help me then during the return process, she asks the manager if they can return Chanel here and the manager said no. I'm like are u kidding me?! U ppl knew I was returning Chanel I made it pretty clear and u made me sit for 25 mins waiting for someone to return this item and no one mentioned I can't return Chanel here and u are now telling me this?! The manager then told me she didn't know what to tell me that I can't return this item here and she walked away. So rude. I had to take a taxi to another LensCrafters to return the item. I am done with LensCrafters

Syl 8/30/13 7:18AM

I went to have my eyes examined because they were irritating me. I went back to Lencrafter in East Point, Georgia off of Campcreek Parkway. I had gotten my eyes examined february 2012 and at that time i stated that my glasses were irritating my eyes, they told me it is a new prescription that feeling should subside. Well the past year my eyes have gotten worse and that is what prompted me to visit and get reexamined on August 20, 2013. I was told at that time by staff and the NEW doctor that the other doctor was let go because of several reasons and one reason giving wrong prescriptions. With that information, I talked with an attorney and they suggested that I call so LensCrafter could correct the error. I asked for them to replace my lens for no cost because it was them that gave me the wrong prescription. They stated it was after 90 days and they are not liable. That is inaccurate you are liable if YOUR doctor that you lease space too was providing wrong information. I paid for lenses based on what was given to me, I should not have to pay for new lenses, does not matter if it is over 90 days. I thought being a reputable company and my company refers us to use them that this would be fixed. Called and I was denied. I am writing this hope for a resolution in then venue, if not I will take my last exam from 2/2012 with the one on 8/2013 to my attorney and pursue at that time. I have already mentioned this to people at my work place.

Sheila 8/27/13 9:07AM

I visited the store in the Hamilton mall in NJ... The Management is so bad I can't believe.. this person manages a store at all all the help that was on the day I was in.. had no idea about any optical matters... it was a so called new retail manager.. she was worst then the manager... the store is a disgrace to all the Lenscrafters.. A girl Samantha well she might as well worked for the dr.. office because I had her help turned to ask a question and she was gone and it happened 2 times! The sales girl was in and out laughing with the lab and drs' office...I really think that someone else should be in charge of this store.. when i say no to something I do not need to be told I should have it.. I know what I want! This store was very good back in the day.. when I went in several times This same Manager has been there i won't deal with him.. he is horrible... 2 managers that have no optical.. knowledge how sad.. the store went down the drain!

Anonymous 8/26/13 12:04PM

I just found out the reason they are charging $100 with the warranty is because they have to make both lenses brand new, so they will be the same, because of the various lens coatings. So it is not like they are charging me $100 to just buff out a scratch.

Anonymous 8/23/13 11:36AM

My progressive lens film (from Lenscrafters) has many little cracking lines in it. The manager of Store 829/Karol Braz/Merritt Island, was extremely sarcastic and rude. She said: 1) MY fault - because I live in Florida. 2) I'm using them as sunglasses (I'm not/I'm indoors 8am-6pm M-F, have a medical condition I can't go out in the sun) and what difference does it make. Why would Lenscrafters sell defective material to ALL Floridians, 3) Lied when I asked to speak to the manager 4) when I asked for her business card she screamed "I'll give you hundreds of cards - I have a ton of cards". I answered calmly I only need one.
I was a manager for 30+ years, sent to many Management Training Schools, her tone, sarcasm and screaming is NO WAY to treat a long-time customer.

jmoody 8/23/13 10:50AM

I recently purchased reading glasses for my son at 1.25 strength at your Burnsville Center, Burnsville, MN location. I want to make you aware of the exceptional customer service that I received from Joey, store manager, Chris, title unknown, and Karen, title unknown. The glasses that I orginally purchased had chipped lenses and they were able to find replacement metal readers to complete the exchange. I will recommend your store to my family and friends following my very positive experience. Thank you again,

Colleen Paul 8/22/13 12:52PM

I am very unhappy with the Lens Crafters Store in The Westfield Culver City Mall(Fox Hills Mall), in Culver City, CA. I bought expensive glasses with all the coatings etc and now just 6 months later I have a scratch on the lens and I am being told they are scratch resistent not scratch proof and since I have the warranty they will replace the left lens that is scatched for $100.00. I will never buy Lens Crafter glasses again, unless something happens to help me change my mind. I have not talked to the Corporate Office yet, they are close. I may even complain to the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. But be warned......

Anonymous 8/20/13 3:01PM

I realize that the corporate office probably couldn't care less, but the Lenscrafters in Billings, MT is a disgrace. They have yet to receive my glasses going on 3 weeks. They keep telling me the lenses were done wrong, sent back, don wrong again, sent back.....I spent $900.00 for glasses and sunglasses. I guess I'm just out of luck, right?

John Jackson 8/20/13 9:25AM

Very frustrated with store #0676 (Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix). A refund of $360.57 has been due to me since 7/15/13, a "CSC" check was to be mailed. I am told that the check was mailed, but I did not receive it. A week ago home office was to verify the original check had not cleared your bank account. Still no word on that status, and when I can expect my refund. Colto Yost of the 0676 store has tried to get thsi expedited, but gets very little cooperation from headquarters. Can someone please help get this handled once and for all?


Anonymous 8/12/13 1:09PM

Visited the LensCrafters in Frederick, MD 8/12/2013. You had one person on duty. After waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes to buy a pair of glasses, I decided that I had wasted enough of my time. It's August. It's back to school time. You're having a big sale (50% of lenses) and you have one person manning the store. Not too bright quite frankly. In a tough economy and I come into your store ready to spend anywhere from $500-$1,000 and you force me to go elsewhere? Maybe business is that good for you.

Anonymous 8/12/13 9:28AM

I purchased a new pair of glasses in 2012. They were transitional lenses. The sales staff were rude and after two weeks, they never contacted me to let me know that my glasses were ready in rockaway,, new jersey. I stopped in to get them and the lenses popped right out. The sales person said they were fine. I insisted that they fix them which meant that I needed to wait another week. I got them back and the lenses popped out ever time I cleaned them. I didn't wear them and swore that I would never buy glasses there again. I love my eye doctor there so after my appointment this month I thought that I would try again. I purchased designer glasses with expenses lenses. I had seen on the website that they give an AARP discount. The manager said that they no longer offer the discount. Today on the radio I heard a segment through AARP, get glasses at LensCrafters with a discount. I called on my way home to see if the glasses were ready, 12 days after ordering them and got the response " I don't know we are very busy" really? Trying Costco next time....

Denise 8/8/13 1:56PM

To Whom It May Concern,
I am a regular customer of Lens Crafters in Rutland, Vermont. I purchased a pair of transition lenses for the first time. They seemed Ok but it was not summer when the sun is the brightest. Since I spend the winters in Florida, it is very sunny and I had to wear sun glasses over my transition lenses. When I inquired in Florida they told me the lenses we not dark enough ( they never said defective but I got the message). I approached my local store when I arrived home and never received a call back from the manager as I was promised,
I would like a pair of transitions that do not require another pair of sun glasses over them. Can you assist me.
Thank you for your help.

Anonymous 8/3/13 1:13PM

I purchased an expensive pair of Chanel glasses from the Ross Park Mall Location. They did not have the lenses. they agreed to send the frames to the Monroeville Mall location. When the glasses arrived I went in to have then fitted and the tec was so rude to me I just told them to keep them. They did not have enough cash so I would get a refund in 7 to 10 days. Good luck with that. I have contacted everyone at lenscrafters I could. It seems a man named Charlie is the only person in this organization that is allowed to refund cash payments. Well Charlie is an idiot . As soon as I get my refund, if I ever do I will go blind before I deal with them again.

Kitty 7/18/13 7:38AM

I went to lenscrafters in the Falls shopping center. When I entered the store the person who greeted me was very nice. When I picked out my glasses and sat down, she gave me a quote of 621.39 out of pocket for premiun vantage. I am a member of eyemed. she also offered 558.39 for standard vantage. When I questioned the co-pay schedule, Which I had in my hand, she told me that the info was just a guide. That those prices were not exact. I called eyemed corporate. I was told that this was a LIE. I was instructed to email you and that they would also file a complaint. The fee schedule in my eyemd package is clear. When I asked for an itimized detail of my purchase, she said it was a package. I was buying progressive and transition glasses. The frames were to be 109 out of pocket, so she was trying to charge me 450.00 dollars for lenses. This pricing was with my insurance. I felt like I was being pushed into undercoating from a used car salesman. I regret this since as a family we have had better treatment at lenscrafters. I hope you will investigate this mater, We will continue to take steps on our end to satisfy this insident.

Thank you a former customer.
Frank chiu

Anonymous 7/9/13 1:03PM

I just returned from Lenscrafters, walking out on the appointment when they wanted to charge an additional 99 to the eye exam for "contact fitting" when I have been wearing the same lenses for years and all I wanted was my prescription checked. It used to be a great, affordable, service-oriented company; it is now a money mill and with very little value for $. I will never return to LensCrafters again... nor will my daughter or her father. 3 more customers gone!

Anonymous 7/9/13 11:15AM

I bought a pair of new lenses and frames 1/2 years ago at Lenscrafters at the Esplanade Mall in Kenner,La.....I just went there to see if they would replace one 'arm' and screw lost...I don't use my glasses very often so it's kind of strange to lose the screw and arm together without any warning.. I was told bluntly that 'nothing can be done for me'....they don't have any arms.... I was shocked and very disappointed.

ksuy 7/7/13 2:17PM

I went to Lens crafters in Rochester MN and bought a pair of glasses about a year later I noticed that the bifocal
had a bubble in it and I couldn't see through it I was told that the coating had bubbled. And to bad for me.
I went to my eye Dr. and he looked at it and said that it was a cheap product they used and there was no coating on the lens to bubble. He said it was in the glass. I feel I was ripped off and will never go back to Lens Crafters. They do not stand behind the product they sell. NOT A GOOD DEAL

kjmgrm 7/1/13 6:36PM

I purchased frames,lens packages superview 1.67 SGP and scotchgard premium AR Sv. All for a price of $476.oo. The scotchgard is now peeling off so I went to LensCrafters Buckland Hills Mall location in Connecticut. The lab technician told me the scotchgard coating was a new technology and not completely tested before LensCrafters started using it. My only way of solving the problem was to buy new glasses. I think that I will go to the state attorney generals office instead.

Jack 7/1/13 5:52AM

Deceptive business practice! TOTAL SCAM! Was sold lens that were supposedly Essilor, which is what I have been wearing for years. Had lots of problems being able to see. Went to two separate optometrist who both verified the left lens was improperly installed and lens were a no name garbage brand and were not even an Essilor product! There is so much more that transpired but the bottom line is they LIED from start to finish and sold me lenses that were totally misrepresented! LENS CRAFTERS IS A TOTALLY SCAM WITH OUTRAGEOUSLY INFLATED PRICES! BUYER BEWARE!
M. Graham

Anonymous 6/27/13 10:14AM

Please be careful when buying from Lenscrafters ..The Quality of the lens are of poor and the service is the same.

Peter 6/19/13 1:03PM

Laurie at LensCrafters in San Mateo gave a horrible customer experience. She managed to confuse my order entirely by misinforming me about my order and caused total chaos by improper research. They started the call by saying my paid for frames were out of stock and they would like to see new ones. She advised me to call back and speak to someone else because she was not able to help me or did not have access to. Sarcastic, rude, uninformed, and confuses the customer. A horrible experience. Talking over the customer does not help and transferring to another coworker when you ask for a manager is poor service. Do not buy from this store. The reviews were correct, unfortunately. Called at 8:30 pm on June 18, 2013. Finally, my frames are out of stock, she thinks. I had to call and follow up to find that out.

If you care at all about your brand, please contact me. All I ask is that you deliver what I ordered and paid for. I don't think that is unreasonable.

Anonymous 6/18/13 8:50PM

I waited in the waiting room for an hour before anyone acknowledged me, then it wasn't even a employee of LensCrafters that made the acknowledegent it was a customer! I will never never give my business to LC again. $900 later and still sitting here! LC corporate needs to hire more personal people! Frederick west view LC!

No more business from me 6/17/13 12:34PM

I have been waiting nearly four weeks for a pair of glasses at the Lenscrafters store in Champaign, IL. When I called today the manager (Wendy) said I was on a list to check to see about my glasses and she would call me. She didn't call. I have been going back and forth on this for nearly a month. She keeps offering to give me my money back. I suspect something is wrong, but she won't tell me. This place is poorly run. Customers wait forever and finally walk out. No one seems to be able to answer a question. Do you really want a franchise like this in your organization?

Anonymous 6/13/13 5:19PM

Bait and switch. I went into my local Lenscrafters store and asked a representative to give me an estimate for a new pair of progressive lens bifocals. I did not yet have a prescription, but I wanted to get a ballpark figure for glasses and the Lenscrafters website says that these estimates are available. I told the salesclerk I had a strong prescription so I wanted the lightest lens available, as well as an anti-reflective lens and the transition lens. She worked up an estimate that included the frame I picked out and it was about $640 -- a lot for someone who does not have eyeglass insurance. I went home to check the website and was thrilled to see that Lenscrafters was having a sale -- 30 percent off a complete pair of glasses, plus an additional $10 off because I was a AAA member. I estimated my total to be $438. When I got my prescription a few days later, I returned to the store, showed another salesclerk the estimate that I had received and asked if it would be 30 percent off. Even better, she said, we are now offering 40 percent off. So I had her write me up and measure my eyes. Lo and behold, when she tallied up the cost, even with the 40 percent discount, the cost was $510! Conveniently, neither she nor the manager could figure how the other salesclerk came up with the first figure. In short, I wasted more than hour between both trips with salesclerks who answered phones while trying to measure me for glasses. Don't waste your time with untrained salesclerks who lure you in with false numbers.

roseg 6/12/13 4:01PM

I was told by Lenscrafters that they were a certified Oakley delaership so i got some perscription glasses made. I told them I wanted to make sure i could change the lenses to regular when i was wearing contacts. They said this would not be a rpoblem but they would need my lens and frames to send to oakley. When i got the glasses back the sunglass lenses were missing and they have no idea where they are or how to get a replacement. I have asked them to go next door to the oakley store and buy it but they refuse too. The manager at the store keeps calling and saying to come in at this time or that time but then goes to lunch during our appointment time. This is at the parks mall in arlington. The other employees keep trying to put random lenses in my glasses and say the frame must be broken because they do not fit. I called oakley and got the SKU number to ask if they had that and lenscrafters told me they do not go by numbers just by what looks right. Very unprofessional store. They owe me $250.00 and refuse to help me

Anonymous 6/5/13 12:59PM

Okay you have insurance that you make us buy at the store for damage glasses lens or frames but you do no glasses falloff of faces as well so please tell me why that your insurance to cover lost frames and glasses I paid close to $900 for frames and glasses and for them to get lost broken or stolen I have no way to show you a lens or frame so just because I don't have that you will not replace my glasses so why have insurance Please explain???!!!!

Anonymous 5/31/13 11:40AM

General manager was a real pain in the ass. She has a very negative additude. She is not a happy person.i don't know if I will ever go back.she is running the store in shadow lake papillon ne. The feeling I also felt is that her fellow workers did not like her either.

Anonymous 5/30/13 4:45PM

We visited Lens Crafter recently located in south gate mall Edmonton, Alberta. Very rude customer service. The sales girl helping us called the Optician for taking the frame measurement. Their computer crashed. So she asked my daughter to move to a different table. The optician vanished from there and started helping new customer and so it the sales girl. She was roaming around in the store and chit chatting with other girls. They totally abandoned my daughter who was waiting with her frames on. When i went to ask why no body is helping , their response was " the optician is finishing off with other customer. How can you leave a client you are dealing with in the middle of taking their frame measurement??? We walked away. I forgot the prescription so i went back to get it. The sales girl gave it to me without a word and went back to her work. I asked the name of their manager and coincidently the manger was walking pass me and she was aware she was being pointed at, Her name is Amber. She looked at me and just walked away. How can a store have a great customer service when the manager herself is not trained to even welcome the customers. The golden rule to be successful in this competitive market is to ask for the business and appreciate when you have one. Lens crafter don't get this it seems!

Shreya 5/22/13 7:09PM

I Am an Australian who visited Lens Crafers at Ala Moana 4 weeks ago.
The staff were friendly and helpful, and although they promised to send my glasses after 2 weeks they came faithfully after 3 weeks. They are fabulous, I love them.

Nikki from Enquires was also helpful, friendly and timely.

Looking forward to my next trip to Waikiki for my next beautiful pair of glasses.

Jennifer 5/22/13 5:56PM

as a senoir/costomer and veteran...poor costomer replaced a lens that fell out and three days later the frame above the lens cracked..was told sorry your about 3/4 weeks over warranty period..$100.00 to fix/WHAT? two letters with no response!

Anonymous 5/15/13 5:50PM

Went to lens crafters in Garden State plaza paramus NJ on Monday May 13,2013 was there for over four hours and had the rudest service going. They totally kept ignoring me while I was waiting to get measured for 45 minutes. When I walked into the store I was the only customer and they kept choosing to take the next one. They were very rude. Sorry that I am not the young kids walking through the door. The funny part is the sick amount of money I paid them for bad bad service. I think I will start looking for a new place to get my glasses from now on.

Denise 5/15/13 12:37PM

I have been a customer for twenty five years. A few months ago I purchased two expensive frames with a new prescription plus new lens in two additional pairs. The cost was approximately 1200 dollars. My Rx was changed a week ago. I did not want new frames because the current ones are practically new and expensive. To have only the lens replaced without new frames was more expensive..1288,00. Could you please explain this?

Anonymous 5/14/13 4:18PM

I just had the worst experience with Lens crafters, I've been a customer since 1994, after today I'm done with Lens crafters..

evanglinda1 5/10/13 3:25PM

Very rude customer service on the phone in Montgomery, AL. Gary (the employee) called me kiddo (I'm 42!) and then after questioning why they wouldn't file my insurance, he hung up on me!! What happened to customer service and going above to help serve the customer! VERY DISRECTFUL!!

mwise 5/3/13 4:05PM

Terrible service- rejected final product after three attempts by the Florence Ky office to produce a pair of glasses according to specifications. Terrible.

Dissatisfied in Florence KY 4/28/13 4:53PM

I have been running around for a month trying to get a screw replace in a pair of Oakley glasses purchase at the LensCrafters in Cerritos California. I took the glasses in again two weeks ago and spoke to the General Manager Ruth Agatep, I told her staff had me running around from store to store to find the special screw. I call 7 different stores, and two other non LensCrafters stores, I also called Oakley to find out the glasses needed to be sent in from the store to be replaced. Two week later I heard nothing until I called today, I was told by Ruth that the glasses we fixed in house but the screw was a different color. When I ask when this was done she told me that the lab was in charge of it. I am truly disappointed with the service, and true lake of caring bay a General manager. Ruth you should ask for some training, stand up for yourself. I will never go back to LensCrafters again.

Daniel 4/27/13 3:38PM

I am very dissatisfied with my glasses!!! I went into your Montgomeryville store in Pennsylvania. Got my eyes examined and ordered glasses on March 14 2013. The BIGGEST MISTAKAE I ever made. When I ordered my glasses it was suppose to be 1 hour! I kept calling they acted like they did not know what I was talking about! They would not return my calls either. I called the manager Jim and he would not return my calls either! I finally got temporary lenses in my frames! And then 14 days later they called me and said they had my right lenses! I took the glasses back to the store to get the correct lenses in! But the store was in such disorder that no one would help me! I gave the girl at the counter my glasses in the case and all paper work and told her to get them fix! Three or four days later the store manager Jim called and said they were done! The lenses were not correct still after being told that this set of lenses would be better because they were anti glare.I only wore them five days since I picked them up from having the new lenses put in and on that fifth time the screw on the arm came out and they fell off my face and they got stepped on! I want a prepaid UPS label shipped to me to return the glasses! I will not deal with your worthless sales associates anymore! I want a full refund to me and my insurance company reimbursed! ASAP!!!

carl 4/24/13 3:53PM

Extemely upset with Visalia, California Lens Crafter's. I had contacts ordered and paid for over a month ago and they seem to only have the right eye. They refuse to call me back and can't give me a ship date. Today they said they would give me half of my order and supply me with a loaner lense until the rest of the order comes in. They changed my prescription in my left eye and didn't even tell me. I had visual problems all day and called them only to find out that they had changed it. Very upset!

renmor1 4/12/13 2:34PM

I walked into Lenscrafters in Burr Ridge, IL and asked the price of an eye exam to renew my contacts. They told me it would be $98. My son had previously been there for contacts and glasses and the exam was the same price but i wanted to make sure before I made an appointment. They were able to get me in right then. After the exam, the girl had picked out glasses for me even though I specifically told her that I would need contacts. I just brushed over that but when I checked out she tells me that my total is $184.00. Almost double than what she quoted less than an hour before. She apologizes for the miscommunication and tells me that she didn't know I would be having a contact fitting. Yes she did, clearly that was a lie. And FYI, there wasn't anything extra entailed for the contact lens. I've been wearing them for over 20 years and brought the box of my regular Acuvue with the size. The doctor gave me a pair of trial contacts, told me to wash my hands and put them in myself. That's worth additional $84?? When I got home my husband told me that I got scammed so I called the store, they pulled my son's account to confirm what he had been charged and told me it was up to the doctor and that they would call me back. When she called back, she said the doctor said due to the miscommunication would allow a $25 discount toward a pair of glasses. However, I WASN'T GETTING GLASSES!! After I told her I was calling corporate she offered to refund me $25 off my fitting. All I have to say is WOW, what a scam!! This was CLEARLY shady! If a customer asks for the price of an exam before making an appointment, they want the TRUTH! I felt like I was scammed and trapped after the exam was already performed. I'm hoping corporate can get my remainder refund for the exam. It is not fair.

Anonymous 4/5/13 6:49AM

I need to talk to a Customer Service person or the president of LensCrafters. I purchased my glasses and have taken them back 3 times and they are still not right. When you look to the side slightly everything is crooked. The person that fitted me of course is not there anylonger but the supervisor told me that she would only give me 50% to purchase another pair. These glasses still are WRONG. I had several surgeries during the time to bring them back so time elaspsed. I feel you need to redo my glasses and give me a different pair that the lenes will fit.

JR 4/5/13 5:40AM

my boyfriend paid extra for the transitions lenses because he wanted to be able to see properly while driving during the day. the girl that helped him said that they would tint to about a charcoal color in daylight. that would be great if they actually tinted. he took them back monday and a different girl said no they will not get that dark. they will have a very subtle tinit. its so subtle you cant see the difference. paid an extra $100 for something that doesn't work. friends i work with have gone to other eye places and they transitions get so dark i can't see their eyes. apparently lenscrafters is not that great of a place. they lost a return customer and a few new ones. i will no longer encourage people to go there. specifically the lenscrafters inside the west covina mall in southern california. the people are obviously liars that dont know what they are talking about.

Anonymous 4/3/13 11:06AM

Hello. Yesterday I had cataract surgery, and today I needed a plain glass lens for the left side of my glasses. I called my local Lenscrafters (Eastland Mall, Columbus, OH) and the clerk said that Lenscrafters would insert the class. However, when I arrived, the manager told me that Lenscrafters would not do it for less than $100 due to "insurance liability." You know, you lost me 10 years ago because of your cheap screws that kept turning green. Now you've lost me for good (and everyone I know) because I drove right over the Eyemart, and Eyemart replaced the lense with the protective coating for under $30.

Bonnie 3/28/13 4:41PM

Worst experience - would not recommend Lens Crafters to anyone. The manager on duty at the KNoxville, TN Eastown Mall location (Judy) lied. She guaranteed my husband would have his glasses with 5-7 days this was on March 9th - it is now March 27th and I'm suppose to pick them up tomorrow. Horrible service!!

Anonymous 3/27/13 12:02PM

I just recieved the worst case ever of RACIAL INJUSTICE at Lens Crafters in Weberstown Mall Stockton CA. There was an African American Man in the store looking at glasses and they assumed he was stealing and the supervisor Chanelle ask around if that guy was with me. I am a african american mother and had me 3 daughters with me. When I approached her to let her know that I over heard her conversation she immediately tried to get upset with me saying I was assuming and that yes she thought he was with me. I had been in the store for 3 hours waiting for exams and presciptions to be filled. Oh and by the way paying $700.00 in cash for all the service. To be treated in a discriminatory way and then charged the way that I was oh yes you can bet that my lawyers is on this ASAP!

Racially Targeted 3/26/13 8:16PM

I have been dealing wit LensCrafters located at 88 Blanding Blvd., Jacksonvile, FL. Dr. Mack and her staff are outstanding people. I needed more help than they could give me however they didn't give up. They went the extra mile to get me the help I need for my low vision problem. I have no idea what their salry is but they are worth a big raise and notice by corporate office. Loris Moran, Middleburg, FL.

Rae Moran 3/25/13 12:16PM

How do you guys expect to stay in business, I went to Cerritos Mall Store Lenscrafters and Lakewood Mall locations, and wanted to look for new frames and no luck at getting an employee to help me or acknowledge that I was even in the store. I even asked for help. At both locations, so I will take my business elsewhere.
You need to give a class on customer service and or rehire the entire store.

Nichole Freer 3/21/13 4:57PM

First of all, I like Lenscrafters products and services. I have shopped Lensecrafters for many years... My experience today with your Lensecrafters store, Grand Central Mall location, Vienna, W. Va. was a waste of my time and gas money, as I live approximatelly 35 miles from this location. Time of questionable service was approx. 2:35 p.m. , March 18th, 2013. Asked dark haired attendant if I could order a replacement pair of glasses that I had recently broken ( Brooks Brothers BB 495t- gunmetal ). Attendants were eating St. Patricks cake they got from the bank across the hall ( overheard them talking about were the cake had come from ) and seemed to be enjoying it extremely. It seemed to bother her that I would interupt this indulgence. She took her cake and went thru a door to the back of shop and didn't return for at least 10 minutes. Upon returning she told me the eyeglasses had been discontinued... Called another Lensecrafter store location from website, and they said eyeglasses were avaliable...Whats the deal ?

" Let Them Eat Cake " 3/18/13 3:14PM

I just bought my eyeglasses from the lens Crafters and was not happy to see I. My receipt that I was charged for a premium package when I wasn't told that I was being charged for that! The doctor was the one who checked off this package without discussing anything about it. The least they could do is refund part of my money and harge me for the standard package and for
waiting for an hour for them. I was told that this package helps reduce smudges! Please! What a crock! It looks like I will be returning them and purchasing them elsewhere from now on. I have been going to LensCrafters for 15 years and his is what I get in return!

Not Cool LensCrafters 3/17/13 3:11PM

Dear Lenscrafters & EyeExam:

Once again, I must inform you of the wonderful customer service that is provided by Lenscrafters and EyeExam at the Westside Pavilion on Pico Boulevard.

Your employees are over and above, considering the multiple customers that pass through the front door and whom are helped. Jamie, Whitney and Zoreh are absolute saints and are, hopefully, recognized by you for their efficiency, patience, knowledge, calm demeanor, and humor. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Kalra are super.

But I don't know if you realize that the noticeable reduction in personnel or work hours is in grave detriment to retaining your customers. For example, I observed Ray simultaneously give an eye examination, answer customer calls and assist customers. Pretty amazing. I also watched customers leaving, because all personnel were being stretched to assist multiple people at once. What a shame.


Daffodile 3/15/13 5:27PM

The Lenscrafters at Clackamas Town Center in Portland Oregon. The store manager named Tabatha was very rude and unprofesional. She questioned my facts like I was stupid and refused to provide the answers I needed.

snoopy 3/15/13 3:32PM

I will never buy another pair of glasses from Lens Crafters.The last pair of glasses I purchased from Lens Crafters cost over $500.00, and was the worst pair of glasses I have ever purchased. When I picked the glasses up I told the lady they did not seem right,she said I have to get used to them.I never returned to the store, but I was not satisified.I just purchased a pair of glasses from wallmart 429.00 and they are great.I know I should have went back to the store and have them correct the glasses , but I was afraid they would make them worse.Thank You a dissatified customer.

Lester Kern 3/8/13 11:24AM

Customer Service at the Jefferson Mall Location Louisville Ky is horrible.

Very Unhappy 3/8/13 9:49AM

I am extremely dissapointed in the service I have received from your Lens Crafters store # 0429 in Memphis, TN and as a result of the shoddy work I am struggling to see.

J L Russell 3/8/13 9:47AM

Can someone in the eyeglass business make lenses and frames that interchange easily so that those of us who wear eyeglasses all the time have the same advantage as those who just wear readers. I am so jealous of those who just wear readers - I would love to have the different color and style choices and I know there are many of us "out here" who would spend the money to get the options at a lesser cost that having twenty different pairs of glasses. Whoever can make them would make a bundle!

mern 3/7/13 11:11AM

Just had a nasty person at desk refuse to check my sons last eye exam a second time because she gave me wrong info and wouldn't fax his script...I should've been irate but I held my calmness and asked her to please just verify the last exam she hung up on me not once but twice and when I finally got a nice person it turned out I was right the whole time and she faxed the script. The nasty person was Karen at the Ross park mall in Pittsburgh pa. She should be fired.

Never treated this way ever 3/2/13 12:39PM

I had eye exam on 1/29, picked up new glasses on 2/7, returned them on 2/12 because I couldn't see straight,re-examine needed, oops, Dr. made a mistake. New glasses came in 14 days later BUT had to be returned due to a broken lens! Now, here it is 2/27, and I still don't have a pair of glasses. There was never an apology, only rudeness because I kept calling as to where my glasses were. This is LensCrafters in Boardman, Ohio. I will never go to LensCrafters again and will be sure not to recommend them to anyone, EVER!

Irritated 2/27/13 6:40PM

To whom it may concern: I purchased a pair of glasses about 6 months ago and at first they were ok, but then later on they started to make my eyes water and when I went back to lense crafters they said because it was more then 90 days they couldn't do anything about it. So here I sit with a $449 pair of glasses that are of no use to me... You'd think if the prescription was wrong and it was there fault the would make it right.. where has the customer service gone??? Dissapointed in Merrill Wi

Merrill wi 2/26/13 1:28PM

The lenscrafters in the danbury fair mall in danbury ct. , is suffering from a complete lack of customer service. For the money that luxxotica gets for a pair of glasses(complete optical rape). They should be to afford to hire a manager that isn't a complete moron. Also maybe throw a few bucks at staff that doesn't hang up on loyal customers. I will never use another luxxotica product ever again. I will also do everything in my power to spread the word about the schleps and jerkoffs that operate th danbury ct store.

screwlenscrafters 2/17/13 2:31PM

Your store in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA is very unprofessional. The doctors office inside is the main issue.The staff never calls when contacts come in. I always have to call to check. I went back three times and still have contacts that I cannot see out of properly. I am waiting until my yearly appointment to go to another location.Staff does not update address or any other demographic information in the system. Horrible custmer service. I am a health care administrator and would not stand for any of this kind of service in my facility.

Still blind 2/12/13 9:07AM

I purchased two pair of glasses from your Coral Springs location on 1/28/13. I received my sunglasses on 2/4/13 and when my distance glasses did not arrive within 4 days of the sun glasses I called the store and was told that there was a problem. The lab in Knoxville, TN lost my frames and the store had to send out another frame. Today, 2/11/13 I received a phone call from the store manager, that the lab screwed up on the lenses and it would be another 10 days before I received my glasses. In all the years I have been dealing with Lens Crafters this has never happened. My suggestion, find another lab. Obiviously the people in Tennessee are overwhelmed and are hiring hacks and idiots to do their work. According to the people I have spoken to, this is a constant occurance with this particular lab. Go back to making the lenses in house.

Fed up in Coral SpringsQSYZ 2/11/13 9:46AM

I love your Customer Service in Myrtle Beach SC office. I was hesitant to return newly purchase sunglasses and I did and was treated so good ..They said "let's fix them"!!! Thank you, Thank you for standing my your promise to exchange or fix the problem within 90days ..I WILL BE A REPEAT CUSTOMER...

Anonymous 1/29/13 2:12PM

DO NOT EVER USE LENSCRAFTERS!!!!!!!!!! THEY SUCK. I bought a pair of glasses that had no-line bifocal, transitional, and scratch proof lens. I had purchased these 1 year and 3 weeks ago and the transitional lens are all spider scratched where it looks like a puzzle. I went to Lenscrafters in Carmel IN and was told that it was too bad and that I had to buy new lens. I went into the Lenscrafters with my daughter and spent $1100.00 for 2 pairs of glasses and a little over a year later they say "too bad". Not only is the lady at the Carmel IN office a rude person but she also kinda chcukled at me when I complained. If this is the kind of business that this corporation teaches and stands buy -- I hope you go out of business.

Anonymous 1/28/13 4:07PM

I am a very disappointed customer. I made an appointment for a child to get glasses.
I had two other children with me. I had to wait 15 minutes for a scheduled appointment. The women that examined her eyes was very nice and did a great job. When it came time to order the glasses I decided to go with transitional lenses and I asked the women how much and she said $49.00 dollars so I hesitated and then agreed.I decided to purchase an additional pair of glasses. The salesperson told me that one pair was covered. When it was time to pay she said that will be $290.99. I was tired at that point and gave her my debit card.
Now when I look back I feel like I was taken advantage of!
I will never go back to Lense Crafters again. I feel like I was taken advantage of!

Disappointed 1/24/13 9:57AM

Your Joplin Lenscrafters cannot get the job done! It has been over two weeks. They called last week to say my glasses were ready (after one whole week) only to find out that instead of regular tint they had made sunglasses. I called them today (one week later) and they hadn't even started on the re-do. I had cataract surgery and i NEED my new prescription. I am very disgusted with your Joplin outfit. I will not be a repeat customer and I will tell my friends about my experience.
Thank you!

Anonymous 1/23/13 11:16AM

I am very upset about the services at Lens crafters Harper Woods , Michigan . My daughter got her checked on 1-11-13 . I was told they would put a rush on her galsses due her eyes are very bad . I have called almost everyday . Some of the sale people who took my calls where very short , maybe because I called so many times . I called this afternoon , and was told . You were on the list to be called . The lens got broke in the lab and its going to a delay in getting her glasses . I wish I would have never went there . I don't like the fact that glasses must be paid in full in order to even get glasses start . Smaller eye glass and even larger places will let you pay half to get glasses started and the rest when you pick them up . My insurance pays a good amount also . I was going to make appointment to have my eyes checked and purchase glasses . But I will never go to any Lens Crafters . I will never recommend Lens Crafters to anyone . If I am asked about Lens Crafters , I will tell anyone and everyone to stay FAR , FAR AWAY . I also was going to pay for the extra insurance , but I will not be giving another penny to Lens Crafters . I sholud have recieved a telephone first thing this morning . But no I had to call to check on the glasses and that is when I was informed that it will now takmore days . I AM VERY , VERY UNHAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANDREA GRIER 1/22/13 10:51AM

How can you afford to continue loosing business like this? The horrible customer service I got was enough to send me packing to another store the next time I need glasses, because I had to wait for 3 hours to get waited on after my exam. Now, when I call to find out if my glasses are ready I get disconected or the person answering just forgets the call. I've been waiting for two weeks for my glasses, and I have a feeling that they are not the correct perscription because my perscription has never been so high as 175. If that be the case, I will be returning them and insist on a full refund. Lenscrafters used to be a great place to get glasses. Do yourselves a favor and hire some competent people. What happened? Do your customers mean nothing to you anymore?

miffed 1/11/13 10:38AM

As a long time customer (years)of Lenscrafters in the Catawba Valley Mall, Hickory NC I cannot tell you of the frustration experienced in my last two visits. Someone replaced all the competent, experienced long serving staff with people who absolutely had no idea what they were doing. After getting my glasses (two trips to get the prescription right), I went back a couple of months later to have someone adjust the nose piece. After waiting an hour, I was told by the lady who served me that she had not been trained in that aspect of her job. I was just incredulous! She spent 50 minutes with a person getting their order and prescrfiption ready for the techs. The tech had to finally become involved to end this. Several customers left (there were only two people working for Lenscrafters). I just said, this is my very last visit to Lenscrafters and took my maladjusted glasses and left. Never again will I enter that store.

Anonymous 12/22/12 6:33AM

What a rip off this place is...I went in to get glasses because I was tired of buying readers at the pharmacy and I needed to get a stronger strength. I didn't know which strength I was using. I had the exam at the store and picked out frames. They talked me into the lens which are three lens in one but I couldn't wear them so I went back for just a single lens prescription. Between the lens, the frames and the exam it cost almost $500...after wearing them for a few months they started to really hurt my eyes. Every night my eyes would burn. I went back to see if perhaps they were too strong. I brought with me my $10 readers to compare. It seems my readers from the drug store were only a #2 strength. The $500. glasses that I cannot wear are a #2.5.......They never told me that I really didn't need prescription glasses at all. All I needed to do was go up another strength in the cheap readers. I was past my 90 day warranty even though I paid extra for a years warranty (that's only for damage) so I'm stuck with an expensive pair of nothing but reading glasses that I can't use. I just ordered new readers online from and paid $20. plus $2.00 shipping...they work like a charm....Don't be cheated by this company if you really don't need prescription glasses...

Sue in Atlanta 12/10/12 6:54PM

I have never been treated so rudely in my life. What happened to customer service? I will never enter a LensCrafters store again and will tell everyone I know about my very bad experience.

Anonymous 12/3/12 11:38AM

I recently bought a pair of glasses at lens crafters with high index plastic and the "transitional" lenses. The glasses' frames and lenses together cost about $500. I am perfectly happy with them. That's not my complaint.

I wanted a pair of round "John Lennon" type frames. Lens crafters didn't have any so I ordered a pair online-no big deal. But when I took the frames in to get EXACTLY THE SAME LENSES they wanted to charge me $605.41 JUST FOR THE LENSES. I was shocked.

I ask them how just getting the lenses could be over $100 more than the lenses AND the frames. I was told it was due to a "discount" getting the two together. I talked to a manager about the madness and nothing changed.

Hey-it's a free country. They can charge what they want. I also CAN GO ELSEWHERE.

I walked across the mall to a place called Vision Works and got the exact same lenses-high index plastic, transition, ect-at under half the price. Even with some sort of polish and anti glare add ons the cost was under $300.

I no longer will be a customer of Lens Crafters and I will tell everyone I know to avoid that rip off joint.

overcharged 11/28/12 6:39PM

I am not surprised to see that I am not the only one that has had problems with Lens Crafters. I purchased a pair of progressives a month ago. They could not put the anti-glare on the glasses there, it would be 10 business days for that. They did not have the brown tent for the transition it would have to be sent out for that. My next issue with the glasses was I was never able to get them clean. I had to purchase a cleansing cloth from them, after paying $500.00 plus for the glasses they can't even provide you with a cleansing cloth. Well this cleansing cloth had a defect and scratched the glasses badly. Then the next issue was I have two starts at the start of the progressive in the inner part of the lens. Which interferes with my vision a great deal. So, I took the glasses back to then and ask if they could check them. Oh, yes we can. Well for have the price I already paid, so for another $250.00 plus they could fix. I was outraged. Well they did not know what the other Lens Crafters did and was unsure of how to proceed other than charging me for more lenses. I asked about my 90 day return policy. Oh, well yes you could do that. So when I told her I wanted to return then and be refunded for my glasses. Oh, well we do not have the money to return to you in the store. She called another store in the same city, Baton Rouge, La. They did not have the money either. Well she said just come back and check on another day to see if we have it. Called another Lens Crafters and they do not have the money to refund me. What a ripe off this company is. I am going to report to BBB if not resolved this week. I need glasses and need my money refunded to go to Wal Mart and a good pair of glasses made with the anti glare, scratch protection and $200.00 cheaper. So unhappy and will never go to Lens Crafters again.

Anonymous 11/26/12 9:21PM

I got the Lenscrafters Credit Card sponsored by General Electric. Huge mistake. Lenscrafters opened 2 credit cards, then put my payments on the card they closed, reported me to the credit bureau for 2 late payments that I did make and I am now having trouble within my 90 days period returning the glasses as they don't know which card to credit my return to although 1 account they supposedly closed.


Me 11/26/12 6:41PM

Lenscrafters..Why do I have trouble ordering glasses with your company?Is it the help" I have wasted again a month when the glasses finally came it was all wrong..I did this once before and had the same problem about a year and half ago,I am spending over $500,00 each time and then I have to get credit back to my account.Why cant't your employees get this right?

Anonymous 11/26/12 10:36AM

Was visiting Clarksville IN recently on a work trip and went into local LensCrafters and was greeted and helped by Shannnon that quavery helpful. She called doctor as my bifocal prescription was not on paper copy and got it straightened out- I ordered glasses via phone a few days later and asked them to shop to my home in Arkansas - followed up today (10 days later) and they had arrived today and I asked they be expedited to my home as she was unclear on whether to mail! Again not sure why the confusion but she was adamant about not being able to do anything about expedited shipping even though it was past deadline on when tet were supposed to arrive! My wish is u give your employees to ability to make a decision on when its the right thing to do for customer due to not meeting customers expectation

KC 11/21/12 1:18PM

My husband and I went into the Lenscrafter store located in Salt Lake City, Utah Downtown and ordered two (2) pair of glasses - one pair of regular glasses and one pair of reading glasses. We were promised the reading glasses the next day but when we called, the glasses were not ready to be picked up. Upon waiting another day, a call was placed to the store to see what was going on and was informed that the machine was down and they did not know when the glasses would be ready. This is the reading glasses only. We were informed when the order was placed that the regular pair of glasses would take about 7 -10 days which we understood.
When speaking to the Store Manager, I was informed that he would give up $100 back if the reading glasses were not ready by 5 pm that day and he would call and let me know and then, he would like into providing us another refund because of the inconvenience and time it was taking. Call was placed to me at 4:48 pm to inform me that the reading glasses were ready for pick up but when confronted about the refund due to the inconvenience, the Store Manager back out on any money back. At that point in time, my husband and I proceeded to go to the store to pick up the reading glasses and talk with the Retail Manager about what she could do. Retail Manager declined any refund of any kind. I made the decision to cancel the entire order and request full refund. From my experience, I am very unhappy with the service and the breach of promise which was provided to me when requesting compensation for the inconvenience.

Harris 11/7/12 9:20PM

I am very disappointed in the Lens Crafters in Albany Georgia.
I have been trying to get a replacement pair of glasses for 4 weeks, the manager Candance has repeated given me incorrect info. I called Corp. Customer Service and spoke with DeWan. He had spoke with Candance and was told I had been left a message 2 weeks ago to come in.
I called Candance and she stated she had been out 2 weeks because of an accident and that Sherri had called me. this was not so, I know I spoke to Candance a week ago. I went into the store today and told them Candance said I had to come in. No one knew why I had to come in. I did speak with Sherri and told her what I had been told yesterday by Candance. I told Sherri I knew what she told me two weeks ago, prior to her going on a trip. Candance has not been truthful during this whole time and it appears to me she is putting this all off on Sherri. Sherri has helped me several times and has done exactly what she told me she would do. There is some major issues with the Manager there, for her to tell me she had , had an accident and had not been to work for 2 weeks and that Sherri called me , to tell me to come in 2 weeks ago. some one needs to see what is going on at that store because management is not good.

dianne 11/1/12 9:45AM

I was in car accident and my glasses broke. I called Lens Crafters in Norridge Illinois to fax over my script because I had to get new glasses and my insurance was not going to pay again since I just purchased them in March. So I looked around for cheap frames and lenses. I called and spoke to Barbra and she said give me a minute and I'll fax it over. 40 minutes later I called back and Marie answered and I explained that I have been waiting 40 minutes and Barbra has not sent it. Marie was nice enough to pull it and fax it over. BUT I know I wear bi-focals and it was a plain script. I called back and spoke spoke to Marie again and told her the script she had faxed over was not for bi-focals. I know I wear bi-focals. She looked again and sure enough it was for bi-focals. She stated that it was hard to see and re-faxed it again. I had given the first script to the lady at Costco and she wrote it up and I paid for it. When she was going over the charges, I questioned the bi-focals because I was not charged. I gave her the broken glasses that I got from Lens Crafters and asked if I had bi-focals. She checked and said yes. So everything had to be re-done. If I didn't catch it I would have had glasses that would not of helped me at all. The customer service and the lack of attention to what they are doing makes me question as to if they know what they are doing. I paid a lot for my glasses from them and after going to Costco I realized that the glasses I get from Lens Crafters cost a ton more then the ones from Costco ( same designer) cost me half without insurance. You need to teach your associates customer service because if they didn't screw up I would of went back to Lens Crafters when my insurance kicked in again. No way now. I feel they are incompetent.
I have the 2 sheets

Complaint 10/18/12 2:13PM

As an advocate of great customer service of which I am often proud to share with others, I am saddened by the lack of it at the Penn Sq., Oklahoma City location of LensCrafters! I can't remember the last time I've seen such a flagrant disregard of human kindness much less professionalism! Tim is the person who ultimately was assigned to assist me. Originally Eric whom I now understand is that store's manager first helped me however it felt as if I just wasn't abke to close a deal fast enough, so he moved on to other business. Once I selected a frame, this Tim that was quick jump in to be a more aggressive "closer" was putting the sale in the computer before I was asked about my choice on any of their lens or additional options and proceeded to select only the highest premium lenses as well as warrantees and other add-ons that I had not even been aware of! When I questioned the sale price which seemed unreel, he became very agitated and rude! He also kept digging for more of my personal information like date of birth and social security number as well as home address and email etc. and yet I continued to explain that it was my husband's name on our insurance. He alreadyhad that information and proceeded to make a note of mine information separately anyway. When I continued to press and ask why was this necessary also, he became more hateful which is when I called my husband and told the sales person I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything because what he was saying didn't line up with my insurance and I didn't like his condescending tone at me and him being so unprofessional was not okay. Then finally this Eric guy came over and whispered to him to go help another customer. They left me sitting with no explanation and I finally left. I later called the customer service department at the LensCrafters corporate. Offices and after trying to explain My circumstances, frustration, and concern for my personal information being violated, I was on hold for an extended time, until ultimately disconnected. Therefore I'm leaving this comment as another opportunity to file this grievance and secure my personal information!

Anonymous 10/15/12 2:20PM

I have spent two days with the lens crafters in winter garden Florida the staff was nasty and the frames were all wrong and the prescriptions were wrong we had lenses exposed from the top and were told that how it goes they then said they would repair and left the glass on desk overnight blaming each other for not placing in tray correctly I will never go back or recommend the service was terrible along with they need lessons in customer service

Michelle Ramirez 10/15/12 9:39AM

My family went to Lens Crafters in Hawthorne Mall (Vernon Hills, IL) last Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012. we had a very poor customer service from one of their associates there named Tiffany. First of, she was not even trying to inform us on how we can apply our eye insurance.and when I asked her a question, all she just anwered back was yes and no, no explanation at all. She was not very helpful in findingwhatwe need and she evenlet us wait forso long and when she come back to help us, she justend up uselesss at all because you can't get any helpful information or suggestions from her. I End up just returning the glassessI ordered that day because I felt like she just not willing to give me the help I need with my insurance. It seems like just because I'm applying it to my insurance and paying the whole amount, The associates didnt pay more attention on the infromation I need. I tried to get help from the manager in charge that day, And I got the same attitude from him. not only they letme and my family wait for so long, they also made us feel discriminated for trying to use most of our insurance coverage.

Sheng 10/8/12 10:53AM

I called your store in the Provo South Towne Mall this morning to ask if I could get a nonprescription glass in my readers and my sunglasses. The girl on the phone said yes I could. We drove the 60 miles and handed them to the man who offered to help us. When we came back to pick them up, the readers were fine, but the sunglasses had a plain, untinted lense in them. I told the clerk I had specifically asked for a tinted lense in my sunglasses and he replied "It must have slipped my mind." In six steps to the lab? Who would put a clear lense in sunglasses? Surely the lab tech could see that wasn't right. What kind of employees do you have?

Anonymous 10/5/12 7:47PM

On September 23, 2012, I went to the Del Amo LensCrafters store number 5713. I purchased a pair eye glasses and a pair of sunglasses. I was told that the sunglasses were going to be ready the next day. I arrived at the store at 11:00 a.m. only to be told that the sunglasses would be ready at 12. Arriving at the store at 12, I was told the lab tech didn't show up for work and they would be ready the next day. I called the store the next day, the lab tech (Eric) told me that no one told him to do the sunglasses. I was told that they would call me the next day, no one called me so I called them. Now I'm being told that they don't have the lens they will call me tomorrow, I hope so. LensCrafters didn't waste time taking my money but I'm having a hard time getting my sunglasses or good customer service. Day 4 and waiting.

Anonymous 9/26/12 8:47PM

I work for Humana Insurance. I have noticed some difficulty with small print and went to your Arizona Mills Location today. I informed the DR, DR Irene, that I was CHOOSING, (which is the patients right), to have my eyes dialated or photographed. He informed me that he legally -could not take the liability and that it was his way or no way. He refused to perform a basic eye exam. I have spoke with legal counsel here at Humana and understand that Neither DR Irene nor Lenscrafters can require that the patient have their eyes dialated. Just a way to make more money I suppose. I have rferred this to my own legal counsel now. Judith Ryan

Anonymous 9/24/12 4:50PM

I purchase glasses from ur company back in July had a problem and I thought it was resolve

Bought glasses in July had a problem not getting my receipt and the lenses from the frame the popped out to replace with prescription lenses. That was resolve, I did receive in mail because I live about an hour and half from Campaign Illinois I live in Kankakee, Illinois
The problem is when I got the envelope withe receipt and lenses it was hand written with the employee name and address for the return address I thought this was strange it should have been lenscrafter return address not the employee of lenscrafter.In all honesty I thought this was unprofessional I feel my privacy has been jeopardized.

handwritten 8/23/12 9:19AM

I purchase glasses from ur company back in July had a problem and I thought it was resolve

Bought glasses in July had a problem not getting my receipt and the lenses from the frame the popped out to replace with prescription lenses. That was resolve, I did receive in mail because I live about an hour and half from Campaign Illinois I live in Kankakee, Illinois
The problem is when I got the envelope withe receipt and lenses it was hand written with the employee name and address for the return address I thought this was strange it should have been lenscrafter return address not the employee of lenscrafter.In all honesty I thought this was unprofessional I feel my privacy has been jeopardized.

handwritten 8/23/12 9:19AM

Store #0220
I placed an order For a frame at store 0220. I have been calling back at least 10 times to check on it's status, no one seems to have an answer, there is one employee his name is Mark, has answered the phone call twice, each time he did not deliver the customer service in his professional manner. I'm sure lens crafter is a big name in the industry and I have had excellence service at different location. I am very disappointed with the customer service at this particular location.

Anonymous 8/23/12 8:56AM

I had bought a pair of Flak Jacket Oakley Sunglasses Prescription I had spent 469.00 on the lenses and the frames. two weeks after I had bought them I noticed a big scratch on the top of the right lens. I went into the store in St Cloud Minnesota, to buy them and I got the 1 year protection plan on them the sales manager told me how to clean them, and I said, "Can you use regular windex on them?" His words was, "Yes you can use anything on them with the polarized lenses." So I got the lens replaced. Had to pay 25 dollars for a copay, and I was never informed of that when I got the warranty. Also the employee who put in the new order for the lenses was a new employee. She stated, "That you will get your lens replaced within 1 hour. I said, "Okay Fine." Now being that the lens I have has a strong prism in it. The Lab manager who I don't remember the name of was telling me that it will take 7-10 business days to get it replaced. Now I am getting two different answers from two different people. And why should I have to pay the co-pay by getting the runaround from Lenscrafters and not getting the correct information on how to clean and getting proper warranty information. This is not the end of my problem with lenscrafters. On 08/13/12. Today I had noticed a big scratch in the middle of the lens again. So I went back to Lenscrafters to have them look at the lens to see if it was a scratch on it and sure it was. So the new employee who I also don't know the name of took my sunglasses in the back of the Lab to have the lab tech. look at them. I had seen her pull out the lens of the flak jacket and I heard the lens drop to the floor. and she picked the items up quickly, then she came out on the sales floor and asked me, "Did you break off this nose piece?" I said,"What are you talking about?" She said," That I don't know what happend but, when I pulled the lens out the nose piece came out and this fell off. This employee was trying to get out of what she did, because I know of another store in this mall that sells the same item and I asked the salesman at that store, "If the frames are dropped to the nose pieces break like that?" He said, "No those frames are very strong and it would take a lot of force to break them." I agreed. So the employee at Lenscrafters broke my frames. I know she did and she lied to me. And I she also said that I would get my frames replaced within and hour. But, I had to pay another 25.00 copay on the lenses. which I understood at the time. Then I asked the new employee if I could speak to the lab manager and she came out and she states that you have been in here several times to get your lens replaced and she rudely in her tone of voice said, "That you need I stop spending your money on your sunglasses, because sunglasses scratch all the time and you are wasting my time and yours as well. I was pretty upset because I had spent over 1000 dollars to them for regular Oakley's and the flak jackets. And I explained to the lab manager that I never pull my lenses out of the flak jackets because why when I don't have any other frames to switch them out. So wrapping this up in a nutshell I am going to file a complaint with the corporate office to see if I can get some type of compensation, for the inconvenience and as well of the lack of knowledge and the rude employees of that store and poor customer service. At this time I would not recommend this store to any Patient that is going to get prescription glasses, Because they will break your frames and give you wrong information.

Oakleyman12 8/13/12 8:39PM

LensCrafters West Farms Mall Farmington,Ct. I have never been in a store with such poor customer relations. Store manager Crystal Sullivan is VERY rude ! Seems she was upset because she had to come to work on a Saturday. And with a crowded store to have the sales people Ask "who is next" Really ??? The the customers look at one another. Lost repairs. I saw one customer that had brought her glases in to have a screw installed on 8/9/12 she was told to leave them. Then on Saturday 8/11/12 when she went to pick them up store personnel could not find them she was very upset ( I was standing next to her) When they were found and the sales associate opened the case a screw fell out and she said "they were never fixed" at that point she said she would NEVER come back to LensCrafters again as will I.

Jim 8/11/12 4:15PM

I paid for prescriptions that didn't work. Starting in late August 2011 or it could have been early September, I had what I thought was a thorough and excellent exam. Two weeks later, I discovered that I couldn't wear the glasses because they made me dizzy; it wasn't a question of whether I wasn't used to progressive lenses because I have been wearing progressives for a long time. So I went back to Lenscrafters and was offered another eye exam, which led to a different prescription than the first. I thought this was strange since my eyes have not changed much in years, even with peripheral cataracts that have not gotten worse (i.e., no cloudiness as yet). Two weeks later, I went to pick up the glasses, which worked much better but something was still wrong with the prescription. I had to leave the glasses with Lenscrafters for a month because my husband and I were going on our first vacation in two years. When we returned in late October, I had an exam by my ophthalmologist; his prescription was much like what I normally get each year, and drastically different from what I got from Lenscrafters. I had the prescription filled and found the glasses were great but soon realized that the bifocal part didn't work. In fact, I misjudged a curb when stepping off it - never had happened before with my previous glasses - and fell into a major intersection, was bruised but luckily not hit by a car. I went back to Lenscrafters and the person there tried to show me hold to read with them. I was given the impression that nothing was wrong with the glasses. So, for months I fretted about my vision. A few months ago, I went into a different Lenscrafters location and was told the prescription had been filled correctly, EXCEPT that most of the bifocal area had been cropped. I went back to the original location and the glasses were finally fixed correctly. What is really appalling is that even though I contacted the online customer service and had a dialogue, I felt like I was communicating with a sounding board. I guess Lenscrafters no longer cares if I am a valued customer. I never even received an "we are so sorry" comment. Nada. My next step is going to be more public.

Anonymous 7/22/12 11:04AM

I purchased 2 pair of frames and lenses and one pair of lenses for myself and one pair of lenses for my husband on July 2. I had to make a return trip for one pair of frames and lenses and the lenses for my husband that day. On July 7, I received a voice mail that my lenses had arrived. I went in July 9 and asked if they knew when my other pair of frames and lenses would come in. They did not and i would have to come back in about an hour for my lenses (in my frames) which I did. I then received a call July 10 that my frames and lnses were in. My husband was going to have new lenses put in two other pair of frames but he refuses to go back to Lenscrafters now.

I am writing to tell you this because I have never seen such an inefficient and ineffective office before and I have done business with this particular office in the past. Customers have to wait an inordinate amount of time; customers wanting to purchase glasses are given better service than customers picking up glasses but only slightly. Visiting this office brings to mind the old saying that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I still need to collect my last pair of frames and glasses because I have been there twice today and waited for over 15 minutes each time and not a single employee acknowledged my presence and I had other errands that I needed to perform. Once I have collected my last pair of frames and lenses, I will not return to Lenscrafters in Fresno. Surely losing customers cannot be considered good business, especially in these poor economic times

Anonymous 7/11/12 4:08PM

I returned sunglasses on 4/30/2012 and waited 58 minutes because only the manager could do returns. I am AMAZED that this is the way your company handles there customers. The Lenscrafters I went to is 2278 Cobblestone Village in St. Augustine Fla my receipt number is #613538670 store number #22787

showard92 7/5/12 2:24PM

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